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President Arthnr Appoints Sfcra-
ham as Postmaster at
Lynchlmrg , Va ,
Official Notice of His Appoint
inent Sent to PostmnBter-
. Uonoral James.
Extensive Changes BoinR Mad
in the Into ior of the
White House.
Mourning Paper and Bvelopo
Ueod by the President f jr
Official Business.
Congressman Hiscook'o Chances
cos for the Speakership
CongreFsmanKasson Conceded
to be the Leading Man
For That Position.
Clark , the Miisonrl Oanorosiman
Applied for a Divorce.
National Assocmtod 1'rcMfl.
WASHINGTON , October 31. Tin
star rout i ; cases were called in tin
criminal court thia morning. Distric
Attorney Corkhill , of the counsel fo ;
the government , asked'forun adjourn
men. until Thursday , upontho groum
that Assistant Col. Cook wns absent
Col. Totten , for the defense , said thn
the accused wore ready to go on , bui
were willing to accede to the reques
provided that no further delay woul (
T5a asked for on Thursdny , nnd on thn
consideration postponement was
WASUINOTON , October 31. A man
about 40 years of age , well dressed ,
went to the white house this morning
asked for President Arthur and pro
edited the following letter of intro'
duction :
"JohnVolinc : You are hereby in
formed that Dr. John Noettling ii
lawfully elected president of thoUnitec
States und occupies the white house
ovcry day. ( Signed )
"AunonTY GOD.
This letter the man said , was com
municated by the Holy Ubost. Ser
gcant Dtiiisumn , recognizing in the
stranger a crank , arrested him. The
lunatic made a desperate resistance
. mid drew ttjovolrer onthw sergeant
buc was overpowered and lodged ii
the station houso. There ho said ho
wns from Colesvillo- , Snyder county
Pa. That ho went to the white house
three weeks ago to get the correc
election returns which ho now wantcc
for the purpose of ascertaining if the
man God said was elected wna really
WASHINGTON , October 31. The
nominations for postmasters in the fol
lowing towns were not acted on by
the senate : Sherman , Tex. ; Anham ,
Tex ; Montgomery , Ala. ; Bethlehem ,
Pa. ; Jackson , Miss.j South Pueblo ,
4 Col. ; lynchburg , Vn. ; Suffolk , Va. ;
Nashville , Tonn. ; Memphis , Tonn.
.Teirorson City , Mo. ; Donaldson
villo , La.
The secretrfry of the navy has issued
n circular calling attention to
the navy regulations prohibiting offi
ccts from soliciting influence for par
ticular assignment. Hereafter all
applications for assignment to duty
must be .nado to thu secretary of the
Official notification of the appoint
ment of Clifford Stniham as postmaster
tor at Lynchburfc , Va , in place of
Wilson , msponded , was sent to Post-
master-Gonera ! James this afternoon
by the president. Among the other
Appointments of postmasters were scv-
ural postmasters nominated by , Prtsi
dent Garfield.
The trial of Guiteiiu is positively
fixed for two weeks from to-day. Sco-
villo and Robinson have issued sub-
popnas for twenty witnesses , and it is
said they will ask thu court for more.
Guitcau is devoting himself to writ
ing. Ho Htill recoivrs a great many
letters. Among those to-day was ono
from Sergiaut John MUJOII , who ra
cently shot nt him. ' MHSOII is trying
the crazy dodge'and writes in that
atrain , ns shown by the following ex
tract :
"I BOB that your trial is to como offer
or to commence on November 14th.
Thnt'a giving you a chance to gi'ow
and got a now suit of clothes
from Uoaton , Then you will
look bettor than you do now. You
ought not to have called upon these
soldiers to keep the mob away. The ? )
is no mob in Washington that would
hurt you , yet there are some that
would like to BOO you killed and they
have not the grit to try. Your re
moving the president has made some
oxtr. work to irnny and some Invu
undo money by it. Well , I must tell
you that your shot last July haa made
men pray that .never prayed before. "
WASIIINOTON , October 31. Exten
sive , change ! ! nro being made in the
interior arrangements of the white
houso. Heretofore the army of callers
on the president have swarmed around
the door of the president' * private
ofltco and filled the corridors and
lull * . If the attention of the doorkeeper -
keeper was distracted for a moment ,
and the president's door ahould open ,
one of thu hangers-on outside could
dart in. Several times men have
forced themselves into the presence
once of the president , and have
also boon an nnhoynnco by loaf
jng nround the door. II is th
intention to have everything done inn
moro orderly manner. The larg
room in the front of the house , whor
Col. Crook nnd Mr. Morton had desks
ia now being fitted up exclusively fo
availing room , nnd scats will bo pro
yidod hero , nnd visitors will bo showi
into this room , nnd from there sent
in their cards and wait until the president
idont wishes to BOO them. The wid
corridor has been partitioned ofr , th
partition being partly of glass am
parly of wood , and the room thu
formed on the east side will bo
The telegraph and telephone instru
monta have bcon moved into the roon
on the northeast corner , which was
used by the Gnrfiold boys ns a study
The now room formed from the cor
rider will give the clerical force add ! space , which is much needed
and besides the entire presidential office
fico will be in n connected series o
rooms. All the rooms uro beiiif ,
cleaned nnd brightened up , now pa
per being put on the walls where
needed , and the furniture being re
varnished and upholstered.
The pnpor and envelopes used it
the official business of the prosiden
are very deeply edged in black , nnd
instead of the wonted heading , "Ex
ccutivo Mansion"thoro are the words
' 'Office of the President of the Unitei
Statcb. Official. "
This heading .will be retained ns
moro appropriate than the former.
Communications in icg.ird to receptions
tions , social and private matters como
from the executive mansion , but pub
lie business from the office of th
The private part of the house is also
being overhauled. The president is
not expected to occupy the house til"
"WASHINGTON , October 31. The
supporters of Mr. Hiscock's candi
dacy for the speaker-ship are consid
erably discouraged , in view of the
fact that Now York has now two
places in the cabinet.gjTho opponents
of Hiscock naturally nro taking ad
vantage of this fact t6 urge that inas
much ns New York has the
piesidency , the two department
which have very much moro
patronage than all the other depart
ments combined ( the treasury and the
[ )03toflice ) , the mission to Franco ,
AiiA some of Iho most important bu
reau offices , and a great many other
important places in the homo and for
eign service , it will bo asking too
much for Now York to present a can
didate for speaker. There is a marked
indisposition among public men to
permit any state to succncd
onio ,
In the" matter of nfiftiSpbly of offico-
liolding and patronage , 'Consequently ,
tlio friends' the western candidates
for speaker are becoming inoro aggres
sive. Mr. Kasson has been hero a
low days , and , while ho makes no
boasts , it is very evident that the tide
is turning in his favor. Of his quail
Ications tor the position no ono has
ever ventured to suggest a doubt.
Ilio greatest difficulty which ho has
encountered in his canvass is the fact
: hat ho haa not bcon a member of the
ist two congresses , and for that ro.v
son has not a personal acquaintance
with some of the younger men in con-
; ross.
since his return to this country , how
ever , has improved his opportunities ,
tnd that argument is n much less in-
luential ono than it was three months
ago. It is too early as yet to compare
the strength of the different candi-
lates by any roster of votes which
hey claim. Keifor , of Ohio , insists
hat ho has moro pledged votes than
tuyone , but it is quite certain that ho
l-iims some members who it is known
will vote for Kasson. There uro at
east two members of the Ohio dole-
; ation who are disposed to vote for
Jiscock , of Now York , instead of
tcifer , of their own state.
WASHINGTON , 13. 0. October 31.
The wife of Gen. John 13. Clark ,
nombor of congress from Missouri ,
ias boon served in this eity with the
: opy of tlio petition for a divorce
led by Gon. Clurk'a counsel in the
ircuit court. The petition Beta forth
hat on the 10th day of November ,
880 , in the city of Wuiihington ,
3lark and defendant were married
nd lived together until the 15th of
lay of October , 1881 ; that plaintiff
aithfully conducted himself , nnd with
idelity performed all the dutioi of a
uisbjnd , treating dufendont with re-
poet , kindness and affection , doing
11 in his power and menus
0 render her condition comfortable ,
nd happy , but that defendant ,
nmiudful of her duties and oblign-
ions as the wife of plaintiff , has ,
.uring suid marrirtgo , offered such in
dignities to plaintiff ai to render his
ondition intolerable ; that plaintiff
tatod at the time of nid marriage
10 was the father of four children by
former maJmge , and these children
ivoro all under age and dependent
pen him ; that he was , and at theme
mo of said marriage and is now , a
lombor of congress , and that within
short time after his marriage with
ofendant , who exhibited towards
ilnintiff and mid children , especial-
y towards the oMuit daughter ,
amed Gussie , a spirit of unkindness ,
linruprescnting to plaintiff the conduct
f his children and treating them with
mrnhnuBs ; would exhibit a moit vio-
ont tornpor ; she would abuao thorn
nd plaintiff in the grossest lanpiugu
1 the presence of hia children , which
underod his homo unfit fur them and
place of misery for himself. At
10 residence of hia father in Howard
ounty , Mo. , nho cauuod him much
aortification by continued outbreak *
f temper. She desired him to exude -
udo hi * daughter Gussie from the
house , nnd because ho wouldn't do st
threatened to abandon his bed nut :
board. Within the last few weeks
defendant has conducted herself both
in public and private so as to bring
plnmtifT into scandal and to mnko him
and his domestic affair ] thu sub
ject of Borious comment. In this
that the defendant clandestinely , nnd
without his knowledge or consent ,
did repeatedly , nlono nnd in company
of men of her acquaintanceship an
unknown tT plniiitilf , outer public rent -
t nil rant R nnd saloons in Wnshinglon
and drink intoxicating liquors to ex
cess. Tlio plaintiff also avora thattho
defendant * , i B ho recently discovered ,
wna in the rnwt of taking opium to
excess , nnd that upon a recent occa
sion she returned to the house under
thu influence of intoxicating liquors ,
nnd in the presence of li's ' daughter
Gussio undo aii unseemly exhibition
of herself , spurning his request to ru-
tire to her room and trampling
on his feelings in utter abandon.
While thus intoxicatnd she rcvortei
to her dislike for plaintiff and his
children , especially Gussio , whom she
rushed upon with threatening furj
necessitating his interference. Alst
that defendant's violence attraotoc
the attention of the neighbors so th.i
ho wna compelled to send his dauchtor
Gussio to the family of Senator Vest ,
of Missouri , and . he , in utter dis-
pair of the ponduct nnd reformation ol
defendant , and out of self respect , felt
constrained to quit her sociably , which
ho did then and there.
Teutonic Tonrlstt.
National AsttoctaUtl Prean. '
CHICAGO , October 31. The Von
Stoubcn p.trty , thirty-fivo in number ,
were formerly welcomed to the citj
this morning by Mayor Harrison at
the Grand Pacific hotel. His speech
was replied by Mr. Walker Blnino ,
after which the aldermen , city officials
and citizen's committee , were intro
duced to the guests. All then en
tered carriages nnd wore driven around
"tho city.
CHIUAOO , October 31. The von
Stouboii party , the Germans guests
of the nation , arrived last night from
St. Louis. To-day a grand reception
was given them at the Grand Pacific
hotel. They visited the board of trade ,
stock ynrds and parks. This evening
the Gorman societies gave them a
serenade nnd reception. Speeches
were made by Baron Stoubon , Walker
Blaine , Mayor Harrison and otliers , ,
They leave to-morrow morning tor
Niagara , where they will remain ono
day. Thence to 'Boston , Now York
and Philadelphia. A telegram was
received from Hon. Horatio Seymour ,
asking the party to visit Steubonville ,
N. Y. , where General von Steuben
died. ,
Atlanta Cotton Exposition.
Natlon&l AraocUtod Prow.
ATLANTA , Ga. , October 31. A
special from Washington to-d y says
the invitation.of of the executive com
mittee of , , the cotton exposition to
"President Arthur nnd cabinet , "Vice
President Davis and members of the
senate to attend the exposition in a
body after adjournment , was1 fa
vorably received , nnd the im
pression 13 that the president , with
the members of the cabinet nnd the
senate , will visit the exposition in 'a '
body , immediijtoly upon the adjourn
ment 6f the senate. Gen. Grant , ox-
Senator Conkling , nnd other promt
nont parties will also bo prevailed
upon to como. Arrangements nro
now being madofor the transportation
of the visitors and their friend ; " .
These distinguished persons will bo
guests of the city of Atlanta , and ,
should nothing happen to prevent
their coming , Atlanta will give thorn a
warm Georgia welcome.
Identified ns Ono of the Willlnmn
National Associated I'I-CHH.
MILWAUKEE. October 31. An ex
citing scene was witnessed in the jail
to-oay when four men from Popin and
Dunn counties , Wis. , arrived to iden
tify Win. Kuhj as tlio notorious out-
Liw , Lon Williams. Ono the party
wns Coleman , brother of the sheriff
murdered by Williams , and wnen the
prisoner was brought forth Coleman -
man jumped to his foot exclaiming ,
"My God ! yon are the man who mur-
lored my brother. " Coleman drew a
large navy revolver and levelled it at
[ ho prisoner , but the deputy sher
iff restrained him from shooting.
The four men positively identify the
prisoner as Lon Williams , tha author
jf scores of crimes in Wisconsin , II-
inois , Missouri and Iowa. It is said
; hat the priaonor'b friends will try a
writ of habeas corpus to-morrow.
Brewery Blaze.
National Awodntcd I'rcen
, Stnten Island , October 31.
The immense brewery of Messrs.
Meyer & Bachninn took fire at about
a quarter-past 10 o'clock this morn-
tig from some unexplained cause.
The fire spread with fearful rapidity ,
and the building was soon atotal ruin.
A great panic existed among the n-
ookors from the possible explosion of
omo of the boilers. The streets were
eon olearpd by the authorities , how-
over. It is computed that four hun-
Irod men arc thrown out ol employ
ment and the loss ia estimated al
Order of 'Arrett Revoked-
National Anaoclattd I'nta ,
COLUMBUS , Ohio , October 31.
Judge Green this morning revoked
ho order of arrest made against J.
I. Doveroaux and Stevenson Burke ,
> f Cleveland , and issued nn order for
hem to appear on Saturday , No vern
ier Oth , and show cause why they
hould not bo attached for contempt ,
I'his is exactly what had been done
teforo the arrest proceedings were
_ _ _
Clio Grand Trunk Advance * Rater.
National Atnociittod I'ttiu
CHICAGO , October 31 , The Grand
Trunk road advanced
its eastern pa-
ongor rates this mornini ; to the bl
owing figure * ; Boston 810 , with a
ebito of 88,75 Now
; York 815 , ro-
> ate $8.75 ; Buffalo 810 , without re-
bate. The Grand Trunk has always
naintainod a differential rate of § 2
ess than that charged by moro direct
eastern roads , nnd ns the Vnndorbilt
roads now charge n not rate to lioiton
of S10.S25 , nnd to Now York of f ! 1.1 > 5 ,
it can consistently charge $7.if ! > to
Boston and $0.25 to Now York , ns
thereby its rates nro still 93 lower
thin competing lines.
National Awoc'atod Vrtos.
LONDON , October 31. 'Iho nrrcsl
of members of the land IC.TJUO con
tinues all over Ireland , nnd no do the
riots nqniust the service of writs of
ejectment. At C.istlo Doriuot thu
mob became so moderate und kulthit
it moved on the police b.itrnclca and
smashed all the windows. Through
out England the Irishmen nro unani
mous in voting against every
candid n , to in municipal elections/
VIIJSNA , Oct. 31. What is believed -
liovod to the greatest political trial In
history takes place early in Novem
ber. Some foity of the most piomi-
nont under arrest , uill
bo tried , chief among whom is Trig
onal. He nnd snmo others have fig
ured prominently in all thn lecunt
plots of the revolutionists , nnd ho and
liis immediate confederates were ac
tively concerned in the nlot which
culminated in the assassination of
Alexander II. The trial will bo con
ducted in profound sccrocy mid the
world will only know of the main ro
suit when sentence haa been pro
nounced upon them. The Russian
revolutionists are busy in their move
ments about the empire , which forpbodo
sorao evil stroke. "The loader * never
have been BO busy in printing and cir
culating documents , in holding secret
meetings and dispatching trusty 11101-
aengera on m ) sterious journeys. The
people feel , from what they nee of
these mysterious nnd effcctivo move-
monta , that preparations i nro being
made to strike some terrible blow , but
whoro. it will full none but , the inside
Naders of the revolutionary party can
over surmise. What addto the fool
ing of common terror istho , action of
the government of Russia. It Iris
ordered that largo bodies of troops
shall be in readiness to 'not , at a mo
ment's notice in every la'rgo city of
Russia especially St. Petersburg.
Wont the Younger Boys Pnrdopotl-
National Amoclivteil Proas.'f 'f
STILT.WATEII , Minn. October 31.
Major Young and Mra. Sophia ) ,
undo and aunt of the > notorious
Younger Brothers uro here taking
the initiatory steps to bring the mat
ter of the boys' p-vrdon to the atten
tion of the legislature oh an appeal
from Governor fillsbury , Who has ro-
fiuod to exercise executive clemeucy.
The petitioners are wealthy residents
of the Pacific slope 'and are opoiiding
nionoy feely in thnir cause , but as thu
pardoning power is vested ' absolutely
and only in the governor 'it do'es nut
hppear now they can ncccunplish this
object through'lho lej if > ) li\.We. \
Elootrlo Brief * .
National Aiociated I'ruw.
MILWAUKEE , October 31. Burglars
entered the residence of Jacob * Bald
win at an early hour this morning ,
when ho shot ono with a revolver.
KHOKU.K , Ta. , October 31. The
river is stationary. Boats visited the
supmcned ; city of Alexandria to-day.
Work of repairing Indian Grave levee
begins to-morrow.
MILWAOKEK , October 31. Ono
hundred cigar-makers mot to-day nnd
resolved to atrko to-morrow if their
demands for an advance of $1 per
thousand are refused.
NEW YOIIK , October 31. We.ither
to-day strange for this time of the
year being very summery , the thermometer
momotor marking 73' ut 3:30 : p. m ,
and 07 ° at midnight.
RICHMOND , Va. , October 31. The
striking conl miners at C.innellton ,
W. V . , have just received a. notice
from the company that they must resume -
sumo work Tuesday or bo 'discharged.
ST. JOHN , N. B. , October 30.
A severe storm pnwiilod on Wednes
day and Thursday in Norchumborland
Btr.iits. Ono schooner w.iu wrvcktd
and several dimaged in Summorflido
harbor. On Woilm-hdiy MIX inches of
snow full nt Summcnido.
CHICAGO , October 31. The Baron
yon Stoubon party arrived thin even
ing from St. Louis , and nro quartered
at thu "Grand Pacific hotel.
ATLANTA , On. , October 31. This
will bo an important week for the ox-
position. To-day Edward Atkinson
armed with a party of cotton mill
proprietors representing § 45,000,000
capital and 50.000 upindlcB. Hon. G.
Ii. Loring , United States commis
sioner of agriculture , will bo-here.
ELOIN , Ills. , Oct. 31. Small pox is
in this city. One death occurred
yesterday , and two cases developed.
The schools are closed.
CHICAGO , Oct. 31. Anton Gundor-
ton , ntted eighteen , WAS killed to-day
by n blow from a billiard cuu in the
liandfl of Gilbert Arguut.
ATHKNH , Ga. , Oct. 31. The eteam
aw mill of Siko it Knight , three
miles from Hnwkinsvillo , wan de
stroyed by fire last nipht with 0,000 ,
foot of lumber Loss , § 20,000.
CIIICADO , Octobrr 31. The now
'ast train on the PeniiBylvania road
called "Limited Express , commenced
running to-day , leaving ut 3:30. : It
nukes the trip to Now York in
wenty-six hours , ton hours lesa than
The eastern pasisongor rates hnvo
lot boon changed since Sunday , and
ho Giand Trunk continues to under
sell all the other roads ,
Iowa' * Oulcinl Voto.
DKH MoiNKHj Oct 31. The official
vote of the entire tate gives Sherman ,
republic'in , 133,310 ; Kinnu , demo
crat , 73,397 ; Clark , greonbackor , 28 , .
123 ; Sherman's majority , 09,020.
I'ho vote in 1880 was : Garfield , 183-
001 ; HancocL , 105,845 ; Weaver ,
groeubacker , 32,327.
Later Particulars of tlio Bank
Suspension at Newark ,
N , J , , Yesterday ,
The Eoflcionoy Expected to
Reach Botwoon$2,000,000
and $3,000,000.
The Caehior's Spocnlutions on
Wall Street the Cauao
of thrt Fniluro.
A Negro in South fnroliuu Re
prieved by the Governor
Niao Times.
Ho is Finally Granted a Now
Trial and Acquitted.
Discovery of Extensive CUeok
in Topeka ,
Sentence of aMiMonrl Mnrdoror >
Other Criminal Intolllnonoo.
Nation * ! Associated 1'rcM.
NEW YonK , October 31. It is
rumored from Newark , N. J. , Urn t the
Mechanic.1) National Bank hna nua-
ponded and that 0110 of tlio ollicors is
a defaulter to the nmount of $200,000.
NEWARK , N. J. , October 31. The
doors of the Mechanic's
were not ooncd ] for business this
morning. Tlio announcement that
the bank had nuspomlqJ How like
wild-lire , and the excitement among
the depositor. * is intense. The amount
( if the shortuiro is reported to bo from
8200,000 to 82iiO,000. Tlio president
is Joseph A. Hnlsoy , and the cimliiur
Oscar L. Baldwin. The state b.uik ex
aminer c.imo to the city Friday , exam
ined the State bank , and then
announced his intention of examining
the Mechanic's bank to-day. When
Baldwin learned of thU , ho is said to
liavo called a meeting of the board of
directors and announced to them that
the bank could not. stand an oxaminn-
liun. The directors offered to niako
up 8500,000 , but were informed Unit
$500,000 would not cover the defi
ciency. The bank people are very
reticent , but it is understood tliat
B.tidwin haa boun placed under nr-
NKWAKK , N. J. , October 31. The
Mechanics National Bunk won former
ly one of tlio moat prosperous in the
city and its suspension causes \yhntwaB
deecribud by ono of the depositors ns
"an eartliquako. " Oacar L. Baldwin ,
the cashier , made a full report of itn
condition yesterday at the special meet
ing of the directors called by him and
the directors decided to suspend busi
ness at onco. Tlio bank ia closed to
all comers and the ofliciuls refuse to
siva any information except that the
bank is ruined ; that Baldwin hadbeen
arrested and tlio Government exam
iners sent for. The following in the
October statement :
Liabilities -
apitnl Htoolc . Sr.00,009
SiimluH . 400,000
Undivided profits . CS29,47-l
Nntional i nnknatcH outntand-
Dividends unpaid . 3,002
DepoHits . 2,417,215 , %
Certified clierki . 03,407
Cftshicr'n checks . 7'ICU
Duo othfr Nation * ! banks. . . . 13lfji3 !
Due Statu banka . 70,912 ,
Total . 811,107,302.39
It is probably impossible to pay the
depositor moro than forty' pur cent.
The failure is reported to have been
caused by an attempt to support sev
eral business iirms , whoso papur was
held for enormous amounts. The
above mentioned comprise aovorul of
the largest busineca houaea in tlio
NEWARK , N. J. , October 31. The
amount of ono firm's obligations to the
busted bank are stated ut $700,000.
The city of Newark will bo a loser ,
the acquuduct bo'tnl hourd having
boon n depositor to the extent of fl20-
000 and tlio city treasurer to tlio
amount of $135,000. It ia not definite
ly known what deposition haa boon
made of the lost funds. The following
is the hoird of directors ; Joseph A.
Hnlfoy. president ; Oscar L. Baldwin ,
cashier ; director. ' , Stephen A. Con-
diet , George A. llalsey , Lewis 0.
Grover , ' James F. Bond , Wrn. Clarke ,
Jon. H. Dorsoy , flenryO. Howell , Jo .
Heustor Hii'.dwin ' The cashier wan ar-
Burnett while he wan in bed , whvro
ho still lies , complutnly prostrated.
Ho in fluid to have confessed at n
mouting of the directors yesterday
1 hut ho had boon robbing the bank
from timu to time during the past
throe years , and it is stated that dur
ing that time lie had boon ( peculating
in Wall Rtrout. District Attorney
Ki'aabey says the books hurothow that
the Mechanics' National bank , of
Now York , owes the broken b.vnk
92,000,000 , whereas , ho say , the
real amount , as the government and
bunk authorities beli vo , is only
ubuut $200,000 , the dilforuico having
boon used by Baldwin to coyer up his
deficiency. Baldwin , in his confi-n-
flion , exonerates all others but himself
from blamo. Tliu arrest w.ia made on
the uflidavita of Keasboy and the di
rectors of the bank. The following
notice is posted on the bunk door :
"Closed in connouenuu ( ] of ntito- ;
nionts alluding the bunk nindu by thu
cashier ycnterday , which uro now un
dergoing investigation. "
The bank a lock up to the last piiid
il per cent. , and was quoted ut 185 ,
A prominent manufacturing linn is
eportod Huepondod on account of the
tank's failure , and several other firms
are expected to follow ,
NKW YOKK , October 31. Benjamin
i ) . ' Buennan , president of the Muchuu-
ic's nntiunnl buik of this city , through
which the broken bunk of Newark did
its Now York business , discussing the
failure with r. reporter of the National
Associated 1'rosi , made the following
statement : Wo ewe them nothing.
They ewe us over $200,000. Wo have
paper winch wo cashed for thorn , in
the nature of bills receivable , to the
full amount of their indebtedness.
The Newark bank did a general dis
counting business , nnd the papiTo
cashed for them they hnd cashed for
thnircuslomois. Most , if not all of
it is duo yet nnd the examinations
ahow that il is probably all good ,
that is , wo caii , wo believe , collect nil
wo loaned on it from the makers of
the paper. How is it po'siblo for the
cashier of a bank in n pl.ico us small
as Nownrk , to ombo/.r.lo us much w
$2,000,1)00 , nnd not bo found for Ihroo
.ir * , you ask. It in not nt nil. lie
didn't ' do anything of the kind. See
hove. The capital of iho bank is
$500,000 , its surplus H-IIUO $175,000
itn deposits about $2,000.000. Ho
would have had to stenl ail the cap-
ibl , nil thu surplus nnd over a million
from the deposits. It couldn't -bo
done and it was not done. How did
the thing happen , you ask. Well ( hey
have hcondningwlmt they ought not to
have done. What makes mo say this is
that for n long time the btnklms been
hard up , and bard up in the midst of
Iho best of times and with a deposit
of $2,000,000. If they were doing
tight they should not have been ho
hurd up that they had to como over
hero constantly for help. Wo asked
Fink it Hatch this morning if Baldwin
had boon speculating and they paid
not to their knowloduo. No ono hero
looms to have suspected that ho had
iieon , and if ho had , ns ho said , used
$2,000,000 in speculation in this atroot
iho fact could not linvo been concealed.
The * peculation wns not hero , or at
least nil of it was not. Our cashier is
over now making an investigation , nnd
what I aay is based on what he hna
Toportud thus fur.
NKVAUK , N. ,1. , October 31. The
failure of the Merchant national
Innk , which waiuinnouncod to-day , is
the greatest disaster of the kind 'that
over happened in this city The bank
was nupposod to bu ono of the strong
est in the city , nnd li.ul the unlimited
confidouco of business num. Stock
nold a few days ago nt $1.87. The pres
ident nnd directors are among the
foremost business men , and it wait the
depository of trust funds , business
tirnm nnd the city nnd county futulp.
Tlio bank building is located on Broad
street near Alnrket , nnd next door to
Iho b.tnk of which Ilcdden , now in
the utiito prison fur embezzlement , was
c-ishior. The Innk has for yean * been
nmnnuod by thu defaulting cashier ,
Oscar L. Baldwin , m the president ,
Joseph A. ITalsoy , has long since re
tired from active business. Mr. Hnl-
soy is near eighty yoava old nnd fonblo.
The paying tullrr is a brother of tlio
casliier. Undoubtedly several of the
beat business firms of this city nro in-
vnlvodr and porhiips eomo in Now
York. The oflicern of the bank am
these engaged in the investigation nro
very reticent , but the facts cannel
bo conceidod but n few hours
longer. The defalcation is for
moro than 82,000,000 and may bo
over $3,000,000 , white the contingent
failures and losses cannot can ai yet
be only surmised. The board of di
rectors included : George A. Ilnlsoy ,
member of the republican national
committee nnd a prominent politician ]
Lewis 0. Grover , president of the
Mutual Hoiioi'it Life Immranco com
pany ; William Clnrk , head of Clark's
111 r end works ; .Joseph 11 dialer , a
wealthy brewer ; Col. Wright , ft mil
lionaire , flnn of the l.ito United Status
Senator Wright ; Stephen II. Condict
and many others. Baldwin , the de
faulting cashier , is n son of Cnlob
Baldwin , nnd entered Iho bank im n
boy. Ho was Hindu ns.si3taut cashier
in 1852 , and about nine yc'irs later
was promoted to the place ho lias since
occupied. Ho was n prominent mem
ber of society and nn active
church member , nnd while the
bclla of the church of which
ho was a member were calling
people to worship yesterday , Baldwin ,
with pallid face nnd ittronming cyen.
won before the board of directors' '
special mooting a few hundred ynrds
nwny confeasing that ho had ombc/-
xlod ever $2,000,000 , His n-l.itivos
nnd friends include some of the most
prominent pi'oplo in Now York His
salary as cashier wns $7,000 From
the special meeting Unldwin wont to
his homo comph'trly prostrated , re
tiring to bud , v.'horo ho was arrested
a few hours later upon the following
nlljdavilii bufoju Unitad Slatt-s Com
missioner Kenaby :
Anthony Q. Ivcasly , ot full age ,
being duly aworn , naith ; Tlmt ho is
an attorney of the United SUten for
the district of Now Jersey ; that on
thin day ho has been informed by
James F. Bond , one of the directors
of the Mechanics National Bank of
Newark , Now Jersey , and acting no a
member of the committee appointed
by the board of dirtctorn of niid
bank , that Oacnr L. Baldwin , cashier
of tnul bank , has , from time to time ,
during B rorul yeiira , absconded iho
funds Hiid credit : ) of said bunk and by
nuch misapplication has cnustd thu
IOHS of over $2,000,000 , with intent to
injure and dofr.uul Biiid bank ami the
creditors and stockholders thereof ;
hat taid Baldwin , an oflicor of raid
bank , is guilty of n violation of sec
tion fi,20'J of the revised etatuto of
tlio United States and prayn that he
may bo apprehended and dealt with
ucvcording to law.
The other officers and directors of
the bank too1 ( oath to the same ell'ect.
Slnco B.ildwin'a arrest under the
Imrgo of the United Slates marshal
10 has boon confined to his bed.
Baldwin wns reputed to bo n Wall
street speculator , Ho also loaned
inonoy in largo nniounta to business
UrniH , onoof the latter being 0 , Nu-
; ; ont & Co , , extensive morocco niiuiu-
acturera. Several \ > : wkn und firms
will bo tempornrily umbarinssed by
, ho lack of funds deposited in
ho Mochaniu'u bank to meet
current demand. Several corporations
uid declared dividenda , payable at
.hia bank , and the money hud been
deposited to mi'iit ' them. They are
now , of course , nonpayable. B.Ud-
win's confession was precipitated by
the nrrivnl of the government bank
examiner , whoso investigation Bald
win knew would disclose the true atnto
of affairs. The examiner bcpan work
this morning. The Mechanics' hank
was chartered in 1831 nnd organized
as n national bank in 18U5. A great
leal of blame is attnchcd to the di
rectors for lack of caution nnd disrc-
ard of rosponsibility. The nwoni
statement , issued October 1st , showed
implo surplus , as follows :
niul dincounts . $ lnOilf ! > 0 ! < 0
i.imls to pccuro circtilatiun , . . r > 00OCO.O < )
) no from approved rcscrvo
nRcnts. . . . . 1 , l2tl.4S9.40
) uu from other ? C.itionl
banks . 152,317.015
) IHI from ( .Into 1 iinkn and
lU-nl ti tftto furniture * and
fixtures . , 'J.,000.00
Current repentc * and tnxct
paid -l.aV.U2
ClieokH and other cnsh ItcinH. Onf > l9,30 !
Kvcliati ci for clenrtni ; huusa ) > 9
Hills of ntlior Xntlontl liaaku 3IW.J.M
Fractional currency , Includ-
in > T nleicoN Sfir.WJ
Specie , including gold trean-
urynotiM 'J9MO.Wi ;
I.eeul tender notm 1f > 'JO.-ll !
Kc'UMiipUon fund with
United States tu-amiry , 5
percent l'2r.GO.OO
Dnu from United States
treasury otlu r thnn 5 pi *
cout redemption fund 4,500.00
Total . 54,107,802.39 ,
Capital xtock paid hi . $ 500,000.00
Surplu fund . 40,000.00
Itlicr umtivlded profits . 02,294.74
Xatiimal bank uotea out-
. 4tO,100.00
DIviileiulH uiiiaid | . 3,902.00
tiuHvlilual ( lcponlti miliject
to checks . 2 417,215.9(5 (
Cert ! lied checks . 03,407.15
Caxhior'a check * imlntniuHtiK 7,300.08
Due other Nntional bankn. . . 134,542.77
Duo Htatu banks , and bankura 70,912.70
Total $1,107,802.30
The Mutual Benefit insurance com-
iaii3T had on deposit a considerable
iinount , but not enough to cause scr- '
otia einbntr.issment. E.ich stock *
liidder of the bank is liali'o tobolosont
for ] Kir value of stock , and will lese
in addition the entire stock itself.
National Aworlatetl I'nws.
Ho J.I , A , Mo. , October 31. Sontonoo
of death was piuuiod on Gco. Boluinnan ,
the Pool Hollow cave murdoior , on
Saturday. Ho was tried the first of
the week ut an adjourned teun of the
I'hulps county circuit court , Judeo C.
0. Bland prodding , nnd on Wednes
day the jury found him guilty of mur
der in the fust degree. His attorney
immediately moved for a new trial ,
based on col tain rulings of Iho coutt ,
which wns 'argued to-dny. After
an able itppcal on behalf of the defend
ant , the judge overruled thamotioimml
Kontuncod the criminal to bo hanged
on December , 23d , 1881. The pris "
oner took the ordeal lather coolly ,
merely nodding his head , hut his wife
and brother were paruly/.od with grief.
While the sherilfVIB removing him
back to jail she clung to her husband
with heroic devotion , and her fobs
and moans were really torriblo. Be
fore ho left trio court room ho eiuned
nn affidavit appealing to the supreme )
court without nhowing nervousness.
It is the generally expressed opinion
here that the aontoiico is a juat one.
S. C. , Oatobc-r 31. To
day in the court of general Hcasioim at
Abbeville , one of the mott celebrated
murder categ in thnciiminal record in
this itato culminated in the acquittal
of thu deceased. On the 20th of December -
comber , 1877 , George Franklin and
his sister Drucolla Franklin , living
about ton miles fiom Abbeville court
house , were brtitnll } ' murdered while
at cupper nnd their house robbed.
Suspicion attached to nn old
coNred man named Jeff David ,
who liyed on the place , and ho
was arrested , Ho Hon tried in April ,
1878 , convicted > f minder , nnd aon-
tcntcd to bo handed on the 17th of
May following. The futal day ar
rived , and the condemned man was
led forth to the EC : Hold , the rope was
adjuhtud , .and the blnck cap drawn
over InB face. After the attending
ininiHtor luid bidden tl.o doomed man
farewell , nnd jiiHt ns ( lie nhuriff wna
about to spring the trigger which , in
another instant , would hnvo launched
Jeff David's BIIII ! into eternity , a mes
senger boy milled LH'a'hh'mly ' into
the jail-yard with ad'MfitIi ' : : which
proved to bo n lopnovo f r the cou-
donincd man Irom Guv Hninpii n.
Thin unuxpoctcd | oilpoiiemnnt of Iho
execution caused fiulingsof the n.ojt
inteiiKO bittuiniba nniong the p'jni-
hico , who firmly believed in the uil-
prii's guilt Thrusts of lynching wuio
freely made , nnd BO strong was public
sonfiinuiit iigaiiitt tlio prisoner tiiat ho
was Hi'iit to the penitentiary at Co
lumbia for safe keeping. After inef
fectual efforts on the part of counsel to
ecuro n new trial another duy was set
for the execution. Again David stood
upon the gallowa ready to diu , and
ugnin nt the last moment came n IDCB-
Bngo from the uovernor giving liiin anew
now leiiso of life. But it is almost im-
, ) ) isibo ! to follow the courto of this
remarkable case through all ita intri-
caciiH. Suflico to eay that nine times
did D.widB zealous counsel vainly
attempt to secure their client a
low trial , Nine timed was n day of
execution fixed , and nine times was
the unfortunate man reprieved by
Jovornqr Hampton. Simpson , Jctor
and Hiigood , Inn counsel , not discom
fited , how ever , by all these adverse
circumstances , made tlio tenth motion
jeforo the circuit court in Juno lasi
'or a new trial , and this time their ef-
'orts were euccessfnl. The second
rial commenced on Tliundny inom-
ng , and ended to-day at 12 o'clock ia4
the manner above atatod.
IiiuooJn'u Health Zmprovine *
> ditlcn l AnwclatvJ I'lfttu.
Si > niK FiKi.Dl III. , October 31.
k'iida ol Mm. Abraham Lincoln m
this city have rucuirod information of
in iinprovi'inunt in that land's health.
5)10 ) is under treatment in a watet
euro catub'.lahiuvut in New York city ,