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HBW'Hames Being Brought For-
yard For Oabinot Positions.
FrelinRhuyson Ooacoded to bo
the Coming Man For Sec
retary of State ,
Boutwell For Attorney-General
and Longatroot For Post
master-General ,
Other Cabinet Rumors The
Senate to Adjourn the Mid
dle 01 Next Week.
Windom Nominated by Accla
mation by the Minnesota
Interestin Developments in the
Ohristlancy Divorce Suit
_ ; Yesterday.
Giro' * 'Woman Accomplice Tolls
What She Know * Abaat the
National Associated Press.
WASHINGTON , October 20. Cab
inet makers are turning forward n few
now names. Ex-Senator Sargont , of
Colorado , , is now' strongly spoken offer
for a i place , probably the navy. Sev
eral telegram ) have born received
from prominent southern republicans
nnd especially from Louisiana , pro
testing against tho-retention of Secre
tary Hunt and recommending Gen.
Longstroet , who would'bo much more
acceptable to tho'republicans of the
south. If these are acted.on. Sargent is
thought to stand a good show fur the
navy , with Longstroot for postmaster-
general after James haa been retired.
Boutwell is still talked of for attor
ney-general , and Howe for the inte
rior ; His friends say he as sure of
place. Frolinghuysen's security as
secretary of state is conceded. Lin
coln is expected to remain , and it is
thought the president lias not settled
in his own mind the treasury prob
President Arthur is expected to
reach this city from Yorktown to
morrow morning. *
The senate will resume its session
at noon. No important nominations
arc expected before Saturday. It is
thought that the cabinet .nominations
will then bo sent in , though no sur-
pnse would bo occasioned by a delay
until Monday. The session of the
senate will close about the middle of ,
- nojct-MTooli. Whoever will bo named
for the now cabniet' will be promptly
confirmed There is no hitch over
any nominations in the senate except
in the case of Col. Dudley , and the
antagonism against him will not keep
the senate in protracted session over
his case. The democrats will make no
attempt to elect a secretary of the
senate , and the republicans are quite
willing to lot the matter go over until
next December. Among the vacancies
likely to be filled nro the governor
ship of Arizona , vice Fremont , ro-
sigtibd , aud first assistant postmaster
general , vice Tyner , about to resign.
WAHUINOTON , October 10. Hon.
John T. Lewis , candidate for liouten-
nnt-govornor on the readjustcr ticket
in Virginia , arrived in the city to
day. When asked what he thought
of the Mnhano-Early trouble , ho said.
"When I heard of it I laughed nt the
idea of Gon. fllahone fighting old
Jubil Early , a man who is old' ' and
decrepit.Thoro | havp.boen a number
of duels during this campaign. I
should not wonder if there wuro
several more before the campaign was
over. "
A well dressed man about ( JO years
of ago , appeared at 4ho treasury this
morning with § 17,149.20 in United
States G per cent , coupon bonds , ma
tured July 1st last. The stranger
gave his name as Jessie Baldwin , of
Ohio , nnd said ho wanted double eagle
gold pieces for his bonds. Efforts to
disuado him from his pur
pose were unavailing. Gold bonds
calling. for gold ho would
have. Ho demanded that oven the odd.
$0 CO should bo in gold , taking .there
for a § 5 , $2 50 nnd two 81 pieces. He
sat down in Assistant Treasurer Wy-
man's room nnd carefully counted the
gold and put it in a ca pot bag. Ho
could hardly lug the seventy or eighty I ]
pounds weight , and was given a po
lice officer to help him guard his treas
ure until ho could dispose of it or
take it homo.
The Georgia republican association
at a meeting to-night passed resolu
tions urging the appointment of Gun , IJ
Longstroot , of Georgia , to a cabinet 11 .
position ,
Sr. PAUL , October 20. At n caucus
of the republican members of the leg
islature 103 were present. The first
ballot for United Stages senator re-
Bulled : ) Windom 52 , Gilmnn 28 , Dunn
12 ; balance scattering. Windom was
then nominated by acclamation ,
ScovlUo's argument concerning witnesses -
nesses in Guitenu's case will bo heard
to-morrow , nnd counsel will bo ap
pointed to assist in the defense.
National Aiioclatod Pitta.
WABUINOTON , October 20. The
witness who was to show how Giro ,
Mrs , Chriatianpy's alleged paramour ,
manufactured evidence agonist her in
th'o suit for divorce , appeared hero in
conrt to-day 'in the person of Miss
May Oamborlftin , who says she is n
seamstress. She 1 < oks nothing Jiko
Mrs. Cliristiancy. She says nlui had
known Giro about three months in
Now York , when ho winhoil her to
help him out i.v an nlfnir in this city ,
which ho promised should not com
promise her m any way.
She aarcod ntid she arrived hero
Christmas morning with n friend
named Goodwin. Giro having pre
ceded her , mot them at the Baltimore
& Potomac depot , and they held n
lengthy conversation , in which the
program was mapped out , and ho wont
out and uhowcd Goodwin the route.
She pfoccodod to the corner of Third
and 0 streets , near the residence of
Mrs. Christiancy. In a few minutes
Giro approached in a carriage , and she
Walked toward1 * thu house. She met
him ns ho left the carriage , and to
gether they entered the hall of Mrs.
Christiancy's residence. After n hur
ried conversation , they came out to
gether nnd went to the St. James ho
tel , Hero they retired to n
room. In n little while Giro's
conduct became fnmiliar , nnd
she , resenting his advances , made him
angry and his talking was so loud
that it brought waiter to the door.
She declined to remain in the room
iiny longer , claiming that her part of
thu arrangement had bcun carried out
and she would go back to Now York.
Ho told her she was not yet through ,
gave her $50 and-said that to make
the plan complete she was ( u rotuni
to the house in a hack and would
meet her friend in the same spot
where she loft him and ho could re
turn with her. Shu rodu back to the
residence , lofc Iti'e carriage , entered
the vestibule , came out , walked to the
corner to meet Mr. Goodwin and to
gether they wont to the depot and
took the , next train for New York.
Mrs. Christiancy's .counsel claim that
this effectually disproves the charge of
adultery based on Mrs , Christiancy's
alleged visit to the St. James hotel
in company with Giro , on Christinas ,
National Associated 1'rraw ,
A NEflnO MUllDEnElt.
DALLAS , Tex. , October 20. Znch
Lindsay , a negro , accompanied by an
other negro , nnmo unknown , went
yesterday to the house ot Mr. Norvall ,
a well-to-do farmer , living about four
miles from MuKinnoy , and shot him
twice , from which ho died in n few
moments. Lindsay was captured , but
his accomplice escaped.
ATLANTA , Ga. , Ortober 0.-jA jury
in Carrollton have returned n verdict
of murder in the first degree against
William L. Moon , for the murder of
John B Ward last January , and sen
tenced to bo hanged.
CINCINNATI , October 20. The body
of a respectable looking man was
found on the Warsaw Pike this afternoon -
noon with a bullet hole in [ his head
and another through the hearj. A ,
piatcjl vriw lying by-niii-Jidi ) . Suppose '
cose of murder.
CHICAGO , October 20. John Brown ,
under arrest hero , was positively iden
tified this evening by a man named
Kennedy as having participated in the
robbery ten days since , at Cirlinvillo ,
when § 45,000 in gold was secured by
masked robbers.
JEIISEVVILLE , 111. , October 20.
Two men entered Dr. Wesley JJ"nrk &
Sons bank at Field on ycsturday , pre
sented revolvers at thu head of Dr :
Park , and compelled him to unlock
his safe and give them $3,500 in cash
when they vTent out into the street ,
mounted their horses and started oil'
Park followed them to the cU'or and
fired upon them , killing one of their
horses. The rider got on the hnrae
with his pal and thoj'rodo oil' together.
The names of the robbers iiro Charles
Clay and John Burrass.
STANFORD , Ky. , October 20. A
frightful accident occurred at Me-
Kinney , a neighboring station on the
Southern railway , yesterday. _ The
engineer of a construction train was
taking section hands to the Green
river tank to unload coal. The men
were seated on a flat car , which car
ried two tanks , and the locomotive - .
motive was backing. It is said
that the engineer was drunk and
ran the Hat with such force into
d gondola of coal that they were corn- ,
plotely telescoped , catching the men
igainst the tender , killing Chan. Rams-
ly , George Campbell , David Campbell
Mid John Alcott and John Whipploy ,
of Cleveland , Ohio , The bodies were
fearfully mangled and the scene was
axtremoly sickening. Two other men ,
riios. Smitli and Dock Xnno , were
badly hurt.
Koxloo's Horrioano-
National Associated Vies * .
MEXICO , October 20. The latest
report * about the Mazutlan hurricane
ihow that it swept across the whole
: ountry , doing much damage at
tfazatlan. A heavy rain inundated the
.ower portion of the city , sweeping
iway the wharves. The loss of life
ias been great but how
, great cannot i if
vet bo ascertained. The loss of the'
lailing vessel Col man has boon con-
irmeu. Sljo was wrecked four miles
) elow Mazatlan. The captain andrew
: row were saved.
The Diaria , the official government
> rgan , says no parties in the United
States or England arc authorized to
legotiato Mexico's English doht.
Grlsoom JBontou.
fatlonal Associated 1'rtni.
Nmv YOJIK , October 20. Terrence
Connolly , the noted faster of Newton ,
JUSHOX county , N , J , , this afternoon
ook u heavy dinner , the first solid
bed which has'passed his lips in 107
lays. Ho commenced to fast July 4 ,
or the benefit of his health , as ho was
lUfluring from consumption. lie
ihdins that his health has been im-
> roved by long abstinence from food.
An Impression Prevalent That
the English Land League is
to ho Ooorcod ,
The Lord Lieutenant Issues n
Proclamation Donounoiug
tbo League.
Archbishop Croko Writes a
Letter Disapproving the
League Manifesto.
i'ho Letter Considered a Very
Hard Pill For the Land
League to Swallow.
Opening of the Land Court in
Dublin Yesterday.
Miscellaneous Foreign NOWB-
National Associated Press.
DUBLIN , October 20. The Iris'
Times to-day urges Dublin merchant
to co-oporato in support of executiv
authority in Ireland. It rucommendi
a definite organization under the lord
lieutenant in each county.
LONDON , October 20. There is a
impression , apparently well founded
that the English land league is ulso tr
bo coerced. The information to thi
effect to-day is so direct and posi
that the English land league has bee
notified by its managers to search al
books , records and vouchers of n"
kinds relating to affairs relating to tli
The news from Ireland continues t
bo highly interesting. To-day add !
tional arrests have boon made. Mr
John Goodsoll , the ox-secretary of th
Limerick mechanics' institute , Mr ,
William Derris , the successor of Mr ,
Quinn as secretary of the league , am
Mr. Michael Power , a well-know ;
national leader , have been arrested to
day. The general opinion is thn
these arrests are vexatious and unjus
tifiable , even under the sweeping
authority of the coercion net.
It is rumored that the land leagu
will remove their headquarters to
Boulougno sur-mer if it finds it im
possible to remain at Dublin. Arch
bishop Croko has issued a pastora'
letter , in which ho repudiates th
manifesto of the land league and ad
vacates payment of rent. About twi
hundred tenants in Monagh paid thoi
rent , thus disregarding the prbhibitioi
of the league.
DUBLIN , October 20. The land
court opened to-day. There was
crowded attendance. Lord Justic
O'Hagan said that the court had de
cided on extreme rules of procedure ,
free from all technicalities. The fo
for entering the court would only b
a shilling ; so that nobody could havi
the excuse of not having advantage o
the land act. The would bo a simila
fee on giving notice of appeal , for th
present commissioners would do the !
best to make the act a success. Th
judge's statement was received will
Wm. Derris , who has been in charg
if the land league oflice since the ar
rest of Sexton , was arrested this morn
ing and convoyed to Dundalk.
DUBLIN , October 20.Tho lord
lieutenant has issued a proclamutioi
suppressing the land league proclama
tion. He declares that the land league
is an illegal and criminal organization
ind that all of its meetings shall be
lisporscd by forco.
Mr. Mitchell Henry , homo rule
number of parliament for county
3alway , has issued n circular to his
tenants pointing out that if any of
.lioni think they can got better homos
'rom the land court ho has neither
.ho power nor wish to prevent them ,
nit ho also points to the ! unqualified
owni'BS of the present rents and other
idvantagcs. Ho says he is willing to
illow n reduction of from 15 to 20
) er cent , on the half years rent due
n May last , but hereafter full rents
vould bo expected. lie says ho sup-
> oscs the rents will bo checifully paid ,
uul that the tenants will not , at the
ridding of faint ) friends and teachers ,
everso the relations which have hith-
irto existed , hut that they will main-
ain their self respect and character as
loncst men ,
DUBLIN , October 20. Archbishop'
Jroko has written a public letter en-
iroly disapproving of the land league
uamfcjto of "no rents. ' \ The follow-
na is the letter : .
TIIURLES , October 19. I have just >
cad , with the utmost pain and indeed
dth absolute dismay , the manifesto
iauod by the loading patriots incar-
eratcd in Kilmainham jail nnd pub-
jio land league rooms for the com
ely ploclaimod to the country from
littal of the pcoplo of this country ,
von under still more exciting and
ritical circumstances than the present , ;
3 the doctrine of non-payment of
pnt , but for n certain specified
imo. I must and do hereby enter
ly solemn protest. At no time an
nrolled member of the league , I have
oen a steadfast , uncompromising
upportor of its public policy of
lie whole , believing the sanio to be
lioroughly legal and calculated to
md to great national results. I am
rucisoly of the same opinion still ,
ut I have invariably stated that I
k > od out for fair rents and nothing
lore for the safe foothold of the ng-
cultural classes upon Irish soil , that
ley should bo wholesomely fed ,
fairly clothed nnd suitably lodged ,
and thatabsolute repudiation of rent ,
should it over find public expression
in Ireland , wquld moot with no
sympathy front mo. Such arc my
views. I regret to have been
obliged to say so much. I hold to
the origin * ! plalform of the Irish mi *
tional land longuo , Theru is no more
reason for abandoning it now tnan
when Davitt took posswwion of hi
cell in Portland or wno Dillon , witli
his 200 companions , worp committal
to jail. It was n Bufllciontly olast !
policy , it was n rightoou policy , tosto <
by experience mm result * , was a BUC
cessftil policy anJ it willed bishops
priests nnd laymen into one brother
hood. Anyhow , I thoroughly ho
llovcd in all its substantiiil liranchc
and I quito as firmly believe that th
policy now so impetuously recom
mended to the country instead , besides
sides , of being condemned on the
grounds of principle and. expediency ,
can load te nothing but dialntcgratioi
and defeat. ( Sianod ) i
Archbishop of C.tshcl.
The arch-bishop'B letter is the wors
blow which could bo struck at th
league at the present moment , for
is a blow from within not from with
out. Any ono who hoa'watchjd Arch
Bishop Croko'a attitudoffor the nasl
two years , his uncompromising iios
tility to landlordism , hi
antagonism to other bishops on tin
question of agitation , liis sympathy
with nationalism and his pursona
friendship for Dillon and sovcr.ilothoi
leaders of the movement , may under
stand how bravo is hia present actioi
and how much plain .ft Jiuust causi
him , Thoao who doubtcq it must be
convinced of it now. ' This last ac' '
will do more to turn the edge of th.
leaguers drawn sword than the gov
ernment could do in months. II
changes the face of affairs , completely
The majority of the priesthood wh
have followed him throughout wil
continue to follow him iJ nol BO boldly
yet with silent fidclity5ivhich wil"
bear sure frujt in individual parishes ,
It will make every farmer pause before
fore entering upon a HfoA nnd doatli
struggle. Ho will turn to/ the lane"
commission which is now-"in session
If the decisions of this tribunal an
within the bounds of fairness then
can bo no doubt of the result.
DUBLIN , Oclobor 20. The romnniv
of the executive committee of th
land league received the warning o
the issuance of the proclamation ii :
time to clear the Dublin oflico of al
their books and documents. Th
land league has issued , a , circular t
farmers , advising them to give bills o
sale upon their property , , to proven
landlords from seizing'it for rent
Five fresh arrests have been made in
MONTREAL , Canada , October 20.
A moss meeting was hold1 to-day o
the sympathizers of Parnell and th
Irish people. Resolutions Were posse *
condemning the BritishLrovornmen
for its recent action a ii"-PV , < l\o Ian
National Associated I'rcEa.
LONDON , October 20. The rocen
extraordinary gales which have prevailed
vailed throughout a large part of Eng
land and have done so much damage
are apparently being repeated to-day.
The reports from the coast and
southwestern counties speak of un
usually high winds and much destruc
tion of property.
ST. PETERSBURG , October 20.
Another great political trial is
pectod to take pliico hero in November
bor when forty members of terror wil
bo arraigned before a special court.
LONDON , October 20. A dispatch
from Tunis says that the state of th
country around Susa is unsatisfactory ,
The insurgents have carried ofF 4,000
sheep. Mehdia is threatened. All Boy
has been ordered to march from Mos
tour to Xiighonan.
A dispatch from Pioturmaritzbunt
says that the Natal legislative counci
has passed a resolution , of which no
tice had been given that Gen. Sir
Evelyn Wood , British high cqimnis-
donca. bo informed that the present
form of government is no longer suit
ed to Natal.
PARIS , October 20. M'llo. Grovy
is to mnrry M. Daniel Wilson , her
Other's old friend. It is a surprise
: o everybody , President ( Jrovy in
cluded , the groom and bride having
nado the engagement before commit
ng any ono olso. She is ! Ju , a Catho
io , intellectual , an amateur miisi
: ian , etc. , but not handsome , The
; room is 45 , rich and a Protestant.
Hie ceremony will bo pnvato , at the
Jlysoo , where there is tv private
PESTH October 20.--The
, - - Hunga
inn Budqet shows a deficiency of
Hi(105,542 ( florins , which is proposed
o bo made np by tax on petroleum ,
.ml the increase of the customs tnx
nd tax on spirits.
Kentucky Free Mn ou -
rational Aiaouluttcl 1'rcna.
LOUISVILLE , October 20. The Ken-
ucky lodge of Free Masons adjourned
his evening. The following officers
roro installed ; Grand masters , Win.
I. Moffort , of Louisville ; deputy
rand master , Dr. G. I ) . Ducknor , of
joxington ; grand senior warden ,
Andrew French , of Mount Sterling ;
rundjtrenaurer , jJohn II. Leathers , of
jouisvillo ; grand secretary. Hiram
jarnott , of Carlisle ; giana guard , '
'oseph 6. Davidson , of Louisville ,
King's Balloon-
atloiml Awoclatvd 1'ieu ,
WIH , , Ootobur 20.
balloon was soon ] by a little
irl hero on Friday evening , moving
orthwost. It was also scon by a boy
t Durand , Wisconsin , It was not
robably aeon at Detroit , Minnesota ,
a reported ,
11 " '
Yesterday itlie Closing Day of
the Yorktown Oelooration ,
A Brilliant and Imposing Mili
tary Display.
The Thirteen Original Btatos
Roproaontod in the Pro
The Procession Passes in Bo-
view Before the President
and Oabinot.
Scoiioa nnd Incidents The Presi
dent lionvoi For Waihiiitou. |
National AuoclnteJ Prrm
VORKTOWN , Va , October 20. The
steamer Charlestown , with thu Con
necticut troops on board , arrived hero
at 10 o'clock ' this morning. As her
pilot was unacquainted with the Yoik
river and harbor , ho anchored his ves
sel at the mouth of the river last
night until a pilot could bo secured to
bring him into port. The final cere
monies and grand military and naval
display are set for to-day. In antici
pation of the event everybody was
astir at daylight and the harbor was
a scone of lifo and oxcitomonl ,
with boat load after boat load of sail
ors and marines going ashore to par
ticipate in the ceremonies at the camp.
Soldiers were called out at 7 o'clock ,
and after having breakfast wore formed -
od in line , drilled and marched about
prior to taking part in the review.
The president and the foreign guests ,
together with all the dignitaries ana
many ladies , repaired to the camp in
boats and vessels early and took seats
on the grand stand. The guns of
the 'war vessels in harbor thundered
at intervals and 'the whole scene was
very animated. Very many specta
tors who had attended the hop last
night were forced to go to the camp
without having breakfasted , owing to
having overslept themselves , consequently
quently there was confusion in seat-
ingon the grand stand owing to late
arrivals. The body of troops when
formed in line numbered 15,000 and
there wore 150 sailors and marines.
The procession iormcd and moved at
10:50 : o'clock. The head started from
the Temple farm , where they rested
and marched over a route four miles
long , pasting the grand stand , on
which wore the president and cabinet ,
General Sherman nnd staff , and Gim-
orrl Hancock and staff , who wore
sealed and reviewed them. The day
was bright and the spectacle
imposing , the procession tnkmp an
hour and twenty minutes to pass a
given point. The line represented
the'army * nnd navy and the militia
and volunteer soldiery of Georgia ,
Now Jersey , Delaware , Pennsylvania ,
Massachusetts , Maryland , South Car
olina , Rhode Island , Vermont , Ken
tucky , Michigan and Connecticut. Tin
latter troops arrived on the ground
direct from the steamer , and reached
the farm Justin time to wheel int
line. They were received with th
wildest enthusiasm. Among tin
troops especially honored on thu marcl
were the Now Jersey , Maryland ,
South Carolina and Massachusetts
troops. The only colored troops ii
line were with the First Virginia regi
ment. The president and all officials
applauded loudly at times , and com-
Dlimented General Hancock for thu
magnificence of thu display. It was
the greatest event of the celebration ,
Thu naval ceremonies and the ru
view this afternoon will close the ceremonies
monies and the president nnd party
will leave to night.
YORKTOWN , October 20. The feature
turo of the day's events was the
grand review of the military by the
president and cabinet , Generals Sher
man and Hancock and their stalls and
distinguished guests. Early this
morning thousands repaired to thu
grand stand located on the outskirts
of thu camp and awaited the coining
of the procession. There was some
delay in consequence of the non-arriv
al of the Connecticut troops , but
General Hancock , after waiting half
an hour after the regular hour for all
delinquents to appear , finally con
cluded to Htart thu procession. In the
meantime the war ships in the Iiaibor
fired salutes and the batteries at the
camp added to thu thunder ,
Mi'l when thu crowd was assembled
along thu routu ovur which thu
procoenioii would pans thu scene was
of thu greatest enthusiasm. Thu day
was bright and fair and aided ma
terially in showing the troops to good
advantage. Shortly after 10 o'clock
thu strains of martial music gave notice -
tico to thu assemblage of the coming
procession. The route over which
the procession was to pass lay along
the borders of Temple farm and was a
circuit of about four miles. Gen.
Hancock , on horseback , headed thu
procession. His coming was gonurallj
hailed with cheers and when him
self and staff reached the head
the applause was deafening.
Glen. Hancock and staff fell out of line
when the grand stand was reached ,
ind dismounting took Heats on that
itructuro nnd reviewed the troops as
Lhey passed. The proccnsion passed
in the order named below , while a
jattcry on the right of the field fired
inpropriatu salutes : Thu Second ur-
illery band , four companies Of the
jccond United Statcn artillery as in-
'antry , four companies of the Third
Jailed States artillery as infantry ,
'our companies of thu First United
iluto.s infantry ; the marine b.ind , a
: orps of United States mnriuua , four
lompanics of sailors from thu United
States flagship FrunHin with picks
ind shovels , sixteen companies of ,
ailors from various ships in
ho harbor armed us' infantry ,
Jnitcdt States flagship Franklin
mm/Bailors ! , boys , from training ship
Iruggint ; Galling guns , band , ten
( mipaniea of veterans from thu sol
diers' homo at Hampton , Chatham
artillery of Georgia with two guns
captured from Cornwallis nt the Yorktown -
town nurromlor , band and drum corps ;
New Joraoy troops , ton companies ,
band nnd drum corps ; First Dolowaro
regiment , six companies infantry , bund
and drum corps ; Pennsylvania guard ,
twelve companies of infantry , band
nnd drum corps ; Ninch Massachusetts
rcpimcnt , cightcompnniesof infantry ,
band nnd drum corps ; First Maryland
brigade , twelve companief of infantry ,
band and drum corps ; Second Mary
land brigade , five companies of infan
try , b.ind ; South Carolina bri-
patio , ten companies of infantry , band ;
Third Now Hampshire regiment ,
three companies of infantry ; First
Virginia brigade hondud by Gen.
Fitzhugh Leo and staff nnd a mounted
body guard of sixty men , band ; Ca
dets of the Virginia militnry institute ,
eight eoniDaiiics of infantry , band and
drum corps ; firstcorpi , .Boston cndets ,
Gov. Long's escort , four companies of
infantry , band : First * Virginia regi
ment , six companies of infantry , first
battnllion lie-lit artillery of Virginia
armud ns infantry , three companies ,
band ; Third Virginia regiment , seven
comMiiiiS | ! of infantry , band ; Fourth
Virginia regiment , eight companies of
infantry , while and colored , Dods-
worth's Now York band ; Thirteenth
Now York ( Brooklyn ) regiment , Col.
Austin and stall' , honorary
members , eight companies of
infantry and drum corps ; Co. I ) , vet
erans , Buffalo , Now York ; rank lint ,
North Carolina brigade , four compa
nies of infantry , \Ya.shington light in
fantry , Charleston ; four companies of
infantry , Second North Carolina regi
ment , four companies of infantry nnd
band ; Second battalion Rhode Island
infantry , four companies nnd band ,
First Vermont infantry , three com
panies nnd bund , Kentucky infantry ,
tivo companies and bntia ; Second
Michigan regiment , six companies of
infantry , band asd drum corps , ' First
Connecticut regiment , tun companies
of infantry , Ponniniton battery
United Status artillery with ( our
pieces , Lieut , St. Clniro's bat
tery United States artillery ,
four piece" . Thee last two
namnd companies marched overland to
Yorktown and were cheered at every
point along the route. Thu Thiituentn
Brooklyn , the New Jersey troops nnd
the Ninth Massachusetts regiment
were loudly cheered on the march and
wuro declared rivals in the competition
for marching. Aftur the roviuw the
First Connecticut regiment marched
at once to the boat and left-for Charles
ton , South Carolina , when ) they will
be the guests of the Washington Light
Guards of that city. The latter com
mand Init on n boat for home imme
diately after the roviuw. The Georgia
nnd TUiodo Island troops also left for
home this afternoon.
Gov. Cornell entertained the presi
dent and state governors at dinner.
About 'the same time Gen. Hancock
gave a dinner to the army and navy
officers and officers ot the volunteer
companies. Both dinners wore large
ly attended nnd Wnro1 affairst ; < j ( great
brilliancy. This afternbon n nnvitl re
view took place under tro directiou of
Hoar Admiral Wyman , nnd was nu in
teresting event. The president nnd
party left hero for home to-night , nnd
though many persons still linger here
abouts the celebration is practically
Railroad Directors.
National Annotated Press.
CLKVKLAND , October 20. The new
board of directors of the Ohio railway
held a mooting this aftori < eon and rn
appointed the old directors of-thu 0.
0. , C. & I. , HB officers of the Ohio
railway , save the auditor , Alfred Ely ,
who was succeeded by P. A. Hewitt ,
local freight agent of the C. , C. , C.
& I. The following are the officers of
the Ohio railway : J. II. Dovcreaux ,
president ; S. Burke , vice-president ;
F. II. Short , assistant to the presi
dent ; E , B. ThomtH , general manager ;
A. J. Smitli , general passenger and
ticket agent ; 1' . A. Hewitt , auditor ;
S. II. Ynlo , purchasing ugont ; 0. B.
Skinner , traffic manager. The United
States Trust company of Now York
was made register of stocks. Samuel
Steven , of Cincinnati , general paison
ger nnd ticket ngonl of the 0. , II , &
D. , will turn ovur the business of the
office to A. J. Smith , and all the gen
eral ofliceis of the Ohio railway will
be located in Cleveland. Vandurbilt
loft for New York via the Now York ,
Pennsylvania & Ohio road at 2:35 :
o'clock p. m.
Natloiml-Aiaoilatuil I'rcsn.
CINCINNATI , O. , October 20. Enoch
McUruw , u weII known citizen nnd for
many yours chief of the fire depart
ment , died thin morning.
Forty men , who ciuno from the east
to work in the rolling mills , went to
work quietly this morning. Four mills
are now running. Two employ 11011
union iiion and thu oilier two work
under a special arrangement of the
umploycH part union and pait non
union. _
'Indiana Mnrderod.
Nation * ) Associated I'lift.
SL. PAUL , October 20. A telegram
received at Fort MisHoulu , snys that
incspcngere justj arrived nt the fort
report the murder of three Flathead
Indiana by citizens of Stuvonsvillo ,
thirty miles from thu fort. Chief
31mrlo has demanded that the inur-
lurcrj bo delivered to him for punish-
nunt and has sent runners to Jack's
igunoy for assistance to unablu him to
iiiforco his demand. There in great
jxoitenienl ut Stovonsvillo , and Maj.
Jordan 1ms two companies of the Third
nfantry ready to march to thu BCOIIU
n case thu civil authorities are unablu
.0 preserve peace.
While it is said that quiiiino is thu
; reat panacea against fever , nnd
itrungtlio'ns the system , wo know that
'Conrad's Budwuisor" will do this
-ory thing. Ask your druggist for it.
Atkinson & Co. took the premium
it the State Fair fur the beat uid ( moat
itylUh goods ; tht fintst and mpst nr-
istio work. Ladies , wo will make
-ou the lowest prices ,
Breaking of the Sny LQVOO a Few
Miles Below Quinoy ,
The Low Lands Flooded and a
Vast Amount of Proper
ty Destroyed ,
Hutdreds of Acrea of Wheat
Submerged Railroads
Under Water.
People FlooliiK From Their Homui
Thorn nt tlioMoroy
ol the Flood.
NutlonM Associated I'rcwi.
UliicAflo , October 20. A special
tin's moining from Quincy states that
the Sny levee has broken about two
miles nboio Scott's landing. The
exact location of the break cannot bo
determined up to this time bec.\ of
the alarm that prevails among the people
ple , who si'om to bo frantic nnd unn-
blo to pivo particulars Scott's land
ing is duo west from Ilockport four
miles , and the country between the
places is almost one cumploto slough
which will prove the rocepticlo for a
largo body of thu water , which is now
pouring in through the break ,
There was a largo ( quantity of water
in the Sny long before the bronk
occurred , nnd this is now rising with
great rapidity. The levee whore the
break occurred is lined with timber
on either sides , the neil being Randy
and of poor material for resistance.
As soon ns thu alarm was given the
people in thu vicinity began to seek
places of safety , and to drive their
stock to hii > h ground. The crevasse
in said to be two hundred feet wide
andcoimtnnlly increasing. AYord has
been aunt to nil inhabitants of the
valley to prepare for the wont. The
flood at this time will prove
more disastrous than the great flood of
last spring. The large corn crop on
the bottom lauds had not yet been secured -
cured , and hundreds of thousands of
bushels will be lost , and , to add to the
general Destruction , the rise has como
upon the people so suddenly and so
unexpectedly that the bottoms are still
full of cattle , horses and other live
stock. It will bo impossible to save
either the grain or the live stock , and
in many cases the farmers will loose
urcn their household effects.
Thu railroad freight houses and
other buildings along the lovou
front are entirely surrounded by water
nnd many of thu floors aru covered.
From Homo of them everything has
been removed. The island between
the bay and the river is completely
submerged with the exception of a
small slice of ground in the rear of
the marinn ways. The people living
on this island have nil been compelled ,
to leave ns the water * rose'so rapidly"
yesterday that it now covers the floors
of all buildings situated thero. Across
the river the low lands are all inun
dated to the LlulFrt , seven
miles from the river. Al
most all the inhabitants have
moved , many hogs and cattle have
been drowned , iiuu many troro killed
by railroad trains , thu animals going
on thu embankment , that being the
only ground that can be found above
water. Lone Tree Prairie , commenc
ing five miles north on the Missouri
side , is under water n distance of
twelve miles , the water being in some
places of it almost up to thu second
stories of thu houses. At ttio state
fish pond , tun miles south of Quincy ,
the situation in most alarming. Com-
inissionerBarllotthnsiiaL'd every elForl
to save the fish , but his work in but half .
completed. Thu water is within six
inches of thu top of the Sny levcu
near Stillwell's farm , at the head of
thu levee , and it was thought that
thu break must occur soon. Should
this taltu place over half n million na
tive fish and a thousand German corp
will bu carried awoy. The Warsaw
levee , above Quincy , which reclaims
seventeen thousand acres of land ,
bruku liwt evening. An immense vol
ume of water is now pouring through
the cruvassu and inpidly spreading
over thu country. Tnis is thu most
productive ] farming land in the state.
A largo portion of it wan sown
with winter wheat. This 1ms all boon
destroyed , and thu damage done to
farmers in the vicinity can hardly bo
estimated. Although the backwater
from thu troughs.nnd rnim had covered
a portion of thu tract , manyfamilieson
tliohiyhergroiinilhtillremained. When
the alarm reached them they left every
thing nnd fled to thu blulfc for safety.
Railroad property on the Missouri
side will suflur heavily , The tracks
of the St. Louis , Keokuk & North
western Railway are several feet under
water between Quincy and Keokuk.
BeUvcen Quinoy nnd Hannibal thu
tracks are also under water. There in
throe inches of water on the Quinoy ,
Missouri & Pacific division of thu
WnhaHh. The river nt this point is
now over seven miles wide.
Indication *
National Associated 1'rcHo.
WASHINGTON , D. 0 , , October 20 ,
For the Cupper Inkoa : Fair weather ,
Rputh winds , lower barometer , sta
tionary or higher temperature. For
the upper Mississippi valley : Fair
weather , south winds , falling followed
by rising barometer , stationary or
higher temperature. For the Mis-
Byuri valleys : Fair weather , variable
winds , fulling followed by rising
barometer , stationary or higher turn-
poraturo ,
National Carriage Builders.
National AenooatcU 1'rces ,
CINCINNATI , October 20. The car-
ringu buildurii' national association , nt
their business meeting to-day , decided
to meet next year nt Philadelphia.
The benefits growing out of the tech
nical Beliool were discussed ut length ,
nnd a subscription was started in ita
behalf , This evening a banquet wau '
held , nnd Governor Winter , General
Noyos , General Heckunloopor and
otlieia miulo speeches.