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The Omaha Bee , I
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E. RQ5EWATER , Editor.
Edwin TDnviR , Monneor of City
John H. Plerco Is In Chow ? of the Moll
CJrcuUion of T1IK DAILY BEE.
A. ILTitcli , correspondentunilsolicitor.
A M.IVATB dispatch from Nebraska
City4otho editor of TUB BEK nn
nounces the death of Senator Vat
Wyck's second and last child of diph.
The senator and Mrs. Van Wyck
wore called by telegraph from Was !
'ington n few days ago by the sudden
illness of their two children. They
.arrived at their homo only a few houra
before the death , of their youngest
child , a baby fourteen months old
The death of their oldest , a bright ,
gifted and genial girl , about nine
years old , followed yesterday.
This is a sad bereavement , in which
Senator and Mrs. Van Wyck have the
profoundest sympathy of the people
of this whole state. Their loss is deplorable
plorablo and irreparable , and only
those who have been aimilarlyafllicted
an comprehend the depth of their
unutterable sorrow.
Lot us hope they may find con
dolence for their grief in thercilection
that their cherubs are forever spared
all the ills humanity is heir to.
ALL good Irishmen now speak
IOWA is still busy counting up its
republican majority.
THE journeyman cabinet-makers at
Washington are ngain at sea.
AH A political sphinx President Ar
thur excels his illustrious predecessor ,
General Grant.
THE candidate is especially numer
ous at present and correspondingly
agreeable to voters.
THE Mississippi river does not not
propose to wait for the convention at
St. Louis. It is having a river boom
of its own.
TUB Now York Herald sagely ro
nu\rks that "tho democrats of Ohio
usually carry the state up to the night
"before election day. After that the
republicans carry it. "
BILL CHANDLER ia still on deck , but
ho cheerfully admits that ho doesn't
hope for any great things from the
pre'aont administration. Tlmtsolicitor
generalship has boon hung up to dry.
MB.WINDOM'H political future wil
bo settled on next Tuesday by the
Minnesota legislature , nnd the im
pression is that the ex-Bccrotary wil
bo returned to his old scat in the
QENEIUL EAULY wants to fight Sen
ator Maiiono A few morb duels like
those in which Itiddloborgor engage *
will do moro to destroy the c do than
all the pulpits and platforms in the
E.VEUY voter in Douglas county is
interested in the erection of a first
class fire proof court house , ea
poclally when the cost necessary to
build'sucli a structure will not ndd
dollar to his taxes.
A MAN may bo tv government swin
tiler , a horse thief or guilty of all the
crimes on the docket but if nny on
dares"to raise his volco against the
monopolies nil othpr crimes in Dr
Millers estimation sink into insigniiic
T&KiJTerald never advocates anybu
straight out ciomoenitio principles.-
Jferatil , f - .
The Herald , "never advocates'any
thing but ' straight Out , corporation pol
itics , b'o they democratic or ropubl'
' _
Ar the International Electric i exhibition
hibition America particularly distlii
guiahed herself. Gold medals of th
highest , classes were awarded to Edi
on and Brush for dynamo nmgnotii
machines , and other geld medals to
both the above named inventors for
olectri light. Edison cime out ahcac
t ot all c mpetftori , being the rocipioh
of five gold mcdal | , ,
When Andy Johnson was swinging
uonnd the circle ho inndo himself tlio
aughing stock of the whole country
> y closing nearly every spocck ho
rondo nt the utnlions along the route
with the sohimn injunction , " 1 leave
the constitution in your hands. "
Andy Johnson's legacy hni evidently
jccomo an heir-loom with the editor
of the Chicago Timt * . That pro
found expounder of t'nc constitution
lias just discovered nnolhcr marc's-
nest.When Mill the oflicinl term of
President Arthur legally expire
This silly conundrum , propounded to
himself by himself is nnsvvorod by the
man in whoso keeping the constitu
tion hns been placed , ns follows :
When will the lepnl term of Presi
dent Arthur legally oxpiro.
The onnctcd constitution declnrcs
with the utmost oxplicitncss that "ho
[ the president ] shnll hold his ollico
during the term of four years , "
The executive power shall bo vested
in n president. . . . lit thallhold
iffice dwrlny the term of four ycnr * .
Const. , Art , U , Sec.
This is all that can bo found in the
letter of the constitution relating to
the presidential term. It is nowhere
declared , or indiratod , at what date
the presidential term shall begin , oral
what date it shall end. The time of
his election , or his inauguiation , is
not fixed in that law. But it is de
clared in the most positive and explicit
language thnt "ho shall hold his oflico
during the term of four years. "
If wo nro to nccopt ns the law that
which thopositivo lottorof tholaw plain
ly means and imperatively declares , it
is perfectly certain thnt the legal term
of the present president will expire
( unless ho should bo removed by cas
ualty at an earlier time ) on the 20th
day of September , 1885 The exec
utive power wns vested in him , he
became the president on the 20th day
of September , 1881. "Ho shnll
hold his oflico during the term of four
years. " Therefore , "ho shall hold
his oflico during the term , " or period
of time , which will intervene between
the 20th of September , 1881 , and the
20th of September , 1885.
Such logic would make n horse
laugh. Even Andy Johnson who had
the constitution served up to him for
Breakfast , dinner and supper , never
sfruck the idea that his oflicial term ns
* "
president did not expire until four
from the 15th day of April ,
1805. If ho had , wo don't believe ho
would hnvo voluntarily vacated the
residential chair to Ulysses S. Grant
on the fourth of March , I860. By
reference to the onnctcd constitution
wo find article II , section G , ( vacancy
tcting president. )
"In case of the removal of the presi
dent from oflico , or his death , resig
nation or inability to discharge the
xnvors nnd duties of the said oflicc ,
, bo same shall devolve upon the vice-
president. "
Under this section of the constitu-
ian the vico-prcsidont is charged with
.ho performance of the duties dovolv-
ng upon the president during thopor-
od that the presidency remains vacant.
The vice-president acting ns presi
dent can in the very nature of tilings
only continue to exorcise the powers
of the chief executive until the suc
cessor to the president duly elected
shall assume the oflico. The cousti-
ution expressly proscribes the mode
of electing presidents through the
electoral college or by thehoueo of
representatives , leaving congress to
ix the day when presidential electors
shall bo voted for , nnd the day upon
which the president shnll enter upon
tiis oflico. Congress fixed the 4th day
of March ns the day upon which each
president begins his term , and the
constitution having limited the term
to four years from that day , no presi
dent can hold oflico n single hour be
yond this timo. Whether his
successor has qualified or not ,
the president cannot hold over bo-
ynnd the fourth day of March. It would
bo absurd to assume thnt the vice
or noting president cnn exercise presi
dential functions after the term for
which ho was oloctcd ns vice president
had expired. Suppose General Gnr-
field had lived until the third day of
March , 1885 , ono day before his term
expired , would any sane man contend
thnt Arthur's official term , beginning
on that day , would extend four
years beyond that time ? Would
not the successor of Gorfiold
elected by the pcoplo through
the electoral college , and so pro
claimed through congress became
president on the tiny following Ar
thur's induction to the vacancy made
by the death of Garfield ? but sup
pose that Garfield , re-elected for n
second term , with n now vice presi
dent , had died during the last month
of his first tonn , say on the 1st of
March , ' 1685 , who would bo president
nf tor Oarfiold's first term had expired ?
Would it bo Arthur , or the
man elected vice president with
Garfield for a second term. By
the magnificent logic of the
constitution expounder of the Chicago
Times , Arthur would in such case
continue ns president for four yours
from the first of March , 1885 , or
thrcu , years , eleven months nnd
twenty-six dnys after his own term as in
vice president had expired , and the
real vice president of the United
States would during nil that time remain -
main a cipherIt is hardly necessary
to pursue this subject furthqr than to
romiirk that the man who propounds
the constitutional conundrum nnd expounds -
pounds the constitution for thoOhicnpo
Timu is much better fitted for , pound
ing rock in some stone quarry.
Trw Mississippi Itiver Improvement
Convention which will bo hold t St.
Louis on the 20th day of the present
month promises to bo rui event of
unusual interest to the producers of
the west. The call for the mooting
was inndo in recognition of the general
dcsiro expressed by various commer
cial bodies for a thorough discussion
of this vital topic , looking to united
notion in placing its consideration bo-
tore Congress.
It cnnnot bo denied that the
question of most importance to
rosidcnts of ho west is that of
cheap transportation. Every oxpori-
mont made of late yenrs hns proved
thnt wntor transportation is n solution
of the problem which comes nearest to
n complete settlement of the question
nt issue. It is on this account thnt
the pcoplo of the west hnvo determin
ed to urge upon congress nn improvenl
mcnt of the great rivers without which
nny effective transportation cannot bo
secured. They point to the fnct thnt
with the area of tlio states nnd ter
ritories drained by the Mississippi
and its tributaries is produced 00 per
cent of the corn , 73 per cent of
the wheat , 83 per cent , of the oats , G3
per , cent , of the tobacco , 77 per cent ,
oj the cotton andtiG , percent , of the
value of the live hogs of the whole
country. The tide of population is
constantly pouring ever the borders ,
settling up the vacant lands , incrcns
ing the productiveness of its soil nnd
assisting to feed the world with its
surplus wealth. One-seventh of nil
the export trade of the country goes
to the ocean by way of the Mississippi
river , nt a cost of loss thnn one-third
of which it can bo carried by nny other
When such focts arc taken into consideration -
sideration , the great importance of
improving our waterways does not
need to bo argued. It does , how
ever , need to bo strongly urged upon
the attention of congress , and this is
the object of the coming convontion.
Every . state and territory on the great
basin of the Mississippi wilt bo ropro
scntod , and the result can hardly fail
to bo in the highest degree beneficial.
A number of writers are congrntu.
lating the country ever the departure
of uncouth western manners from the
white house. They inform the public
that since Buchanan left the prcsi
doncy the crtidetics nnd peculiarities
of western people hnvo been a coa
stant source of annoynnco to eastern
culture nt Washington , and dilate
upon the alleged fact that for over
twenty years no people of breeding
liavo occupied the white house. Linc
coin is pronounced as ungainly as
awkward. Andy Johncon is disC
missed as a man of vul
gar ideas nnd still moro
vulgar associates , nnd General Grant's
influence is declared'to have boon
most corrupting on Washington so
ciety , promoting a rngo for wealth and
shoddy displny , in which flattery wns
paid to the rich , no matter ho-v coarse
their manners. Under Mr. Hayes
wo nro told that a lack of social culti
vation and refined breeding was always
observable nt th.3 White House , while
nn approcintion of religious principles
nnd an ignorance of the ways of the
world were displayed which were
either amusing or disgusting. General
Garfield is not counted in this
estimate bccnueo ho was not president
long enough to make his mark social
Iy , and because Mrs. Garfield was so
unobtrusive , and so little inclined to
force her opinions upon visitors to
the White House , that her short stay
there will bo long remembered with
pleasure. But at lust a change is to
bo made , and General Arthur , n
gentleman of remarkably line nppear-
nnco , of polished mnnnors nnd of fa
miliarity with the well-educated society
ty of Now York , is to carry into the
White House a degree of social culti
vation which it has so lone ; lacked.
This charge of provincialism against
the west has been so often repeated
that it is becoming exceedingly wcari
Bomo. No ono doubta Mr. Arthur's
refinement , culture and gentlcmnnly
qualities but wo doubt very much
whether his predecessors- will suffer
much by comparison. A gentleman
is n gentleman the world ever , nnd the
standard of refinement in the west is
ns high ns that in the cast. Of course
the rules of society nro not identical
in the two sections but a comparison
is very often in favor of the
west. There is loss conventionality
moro originality nnd sparkle in con
versation and a greater amount of
hospitality than in the oast. West
ern society , it is true , docs not pea <
SOBS quito ns many apes of English
anobbory or languid low-nocked
women as in the cast , but it moro
thnn innkos up in ita deficiency by
mon and women who can express nn
emotion and advance nn idea outside
of the conventional rut. The fact is ,
thnt taking the same classes of society
both sections , for comparison , the
Western people nro the equals of
the Eastern in loth mind and man <
nors. Their country is too widely
traversed by railroads for provincial0'
ism , nnd their access to the world's
thought is us easy as thnt of their d
friends further cast. n
Wo do not believe that the white Ii
house hns suflorrod socially under its
occupancy by western presidents nnd
; hcir families and nny altcmpt to innko
such appear to bo the case can only
bo dictated by a snobbery which is
oven worse than honest awkwardness
or credulity.
TUB policy of every largo nnd
wealthy corporation is to ovndo bearing -
ing its share of the expenses ot the
government. While claiming protec
tion for its property nnd employes
ngninst the dangers which every gov
ernment is organized to ward offit , re
fuses to bear the proportion of taxn-
tion nnd shirks upon the shoulders of
the people , already heavily taxed by
its own operation , the debt which it
honestly owes to the state. Every
rnllroad in the west is an oxnmplo. In
sonio stntcs , notnbly Illinois and Wis
consin , the policy'of the railroad corpo
rations hns been checkmated by honest
nnd efficient railrond commissioners
nnd boards of equalization , but in
others , nmoiiR which Nebraska must
bo classed , the railroad * have found
pliant tools in the stnto government
and have snapped their fingers at the
complaints of the people.
Pennsylvania has lately nwnkoned
to the discovery that the Standard Oil
company hns swindled the stnto of nn
enormous nmount of taxes nnd is tak
ing stops to recover the debt by pro
cess of Inw. The plan adopted by the
corporation was to claim a resi
dence in Ohio nnd deny the
jurisdiction of Pennsylvania. By
collusion with the state officials , nnd ,
ns it is claimed , by the most bare
faced bribery , the Standard oil comtc
pnny succocded in eight years' time in
evading over $12,000,000 of taxes ,
Suit hns now been entered nt Hnrrisir
burg by the attorney general for $3-
000,000 taxes and ponnltics , nnd a
lively contest will result. The Stnndw
nrd company hns hired the ablest
counsel in the country and will con0
test the claim TS STw bitter end.
TUB rapid reconstruction of the
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul line
across Iowa assures Omaha of five
through lines to Chicago at no very
distant day. With the Burlington ,
Northwestern , Rock Island , Wabash
and St. Paul companies bidding for
the trans-Missouri traflic , there should
bo no danger of any further increase
in freight tariffs. A pool with five
roads composing its membership , will
bo a difficult combination to handle.
If the building of the St. Paul road
to the Missouri results in bridging
the 'Missouri ' at this point , Omaha
will have an additional cause for con
THE house of representatives has
long been recognized as the steppingstone
stone to senatorial dignity in this
country ( in n , inoro marked decree
than the commons in England is to
the house of lords. Eight members
of the last house nro now United
States senators' Messrs , Fryo and
Hnlo , of Maine ; Aldnch , of Rhode
Island ; Hawley , of Connecticut ; Lap-
ham nnd Miller , of Now York ;
Mitchell , of Pennsylvania , and Con
ger , cf Michigan.
TILE death of Governor Louis A.
Wiltz , who figured so prominently in
Louisiana politics during the reign oi
Kellogg and Packard , brings Samuel
D. McEnery , former claimant of Kol-
logg's scat in the senate , to the fronl
aa full fledged governor of the pelican
state. McEnory succeeds Wiltz by
virtue of being lieutenant-governor.
GEJI. TYNKU'S known sympathy
with the star route thieves compels a
change in the the first assistant post
master generalship. Judging from
the as.ociations and habits of Frank
Hatton , tfl'i is pressing forward for
Gen. Tynor's place , wo should
consider such a change like going
from the frying-pan into the lire.
ON Tuesday * COO cars of freight
wcro crossed over the Union Pacific
bridge from the transfer to Omaha.
This , at $10 a car , represents the 4
enormous sum of $5,000 for a single
day's business on the west bound *
freight on n haul of three miles , or an
annual toll of over $1C001000.
IT is sugsea'ed ' thnt Kansas bu
known ns the "Sunflower Stnto. "
Leaiinworth Times.
Never ! As long ns Omnha pos
sesses the Great American Sunflower
Nebraska will never permit nny ether
state to wear the laurels which belong
rightly to her.
KAHSON is still regarded as the most
available niun for the apuakorship of
the next house , nnd all the indication !
point to his selection for thnt respon
sible position.
In u Nntaliell.
w * MbMVUW * * ' CC
Lincoln Democrat.
Railroads are all right enough : the hi
people only find fault with their manctl
npomont when it becomes oppressive ;
nnd to deny the right of the legislature
to rogulnto their rules as public carriers -
riors , is the height of impudence.
But nsido from buing oppressive in its
rates , the railroad corporations of ftt
Nebraska nre , moreover , political sa
tyrants ; their will is to bo the law , or wi
elao down goes somobody'a head.
To this wo object oven more than we to
do to the rates , for it checkmates
all attempts to regulate such rates.
In ita capacity as a citizen , n cor
poration is , to all intents and pur
poses a tyrant ; it controls by the $25
bread mid butter uuaoion ; it tempts
, l t # > < a' , .J4 UtV
woak-mindrd souls , it encourages id-
lots in aspiring to ollicc , nnd it nns in
its service , BO to spcnk , nothing but I
slaves. That the time hns cotno to do
nwny witli such n sort of citizens , but
very few are bold enough to deny , nnd
.lirxt they shall bo done nwny with is
: ho will of ( ho pcoplo of NobrAftkn ,
ind the time to do it is nt the Novem-
lcr election of 1882. No republican
or no democrat should bo sent as n
delegate to nny convention , county or
state , unlusft ho is solid on that prop
osition ; thpro nro no two ways nbout
it , ono is either * for the corporations
nnd against the people , or for the
pcoplo nnd rgainst the monopo
ly rule of corporations. That is
just exactly the question , nothing
more , nothing less ; nnd the pnrtythat
shows its sincerity in this is the very
party thnt will win the fight , no innt-
tor how much in the minority that
party nmy be. J < 'or lot it not bo for
gotten that the farmers of Nebraska
tire on the watch , nnd wo ml vise them ,
through the atuto Alliance , not to
make any state or county nominations
for ollicca until the republican and
democratic parties luwo shown their
cards in their own atato and county
conventions. That will bo the mcaus
to force the two great particn in this
state to meet the issues , in their can
didates ns well as in tlioia platforms ; it
will , so to spcnk , act us n s.ifety ynlvo
to the loud puss which may bodoiected
in either party.
A waterspout killed sixty-five persons in
Algeria ,
Nearly 11,000,000 acres of public lands
were-disposed of last year.
Mrs. Garficld hati pent n subscription to
the fire sufferers.
The Boston police will wear bull's-eye
lanterns on their belts next year.
The grave of Earon Steuben ia in the
town oj Steuben , Oneida county , N. Y.
The people of Boston have not yet relln
quishcd the idea of holding ft world's fair
in , that city in lS85and they nro still mak
ing an effort to raise n guarantee fund ol
The duke of Sutherland is nt tlio head ol
a company of Englishmen , with . 2,500,000
who have bought CO square miles on the
St. Paul & Oinnha railroad , CO miles cast
Oj Sioux City , for a colony ; price , $103-
000. (
, , In the cotton mill of which Mr , Cross ,
M. P. , is the principal proprietor , at Bol-
ton , In s. thirty-foot lly-wlieel which runs a
belt at the of a mile a minute. On
the ends of tlio fingers of persons who
point ' at the belt pencils of electric light
are seen.
The two great American triumph ! ) of the
revolutionary war occurred in October.
The capture of General Burgoyno's entire
army nt Saratoga by General Gates was
concluded on October 17 , 1777. The glori
ous work at Yorktown was consummated
on October 19.
fill. John Walter , of The London
Times , who is imw thinking of turning
homevyard , has been so pleased with lib
American visit that he declares ho would
like to have his family live here Ion ; ;
enough to become thoroughly acquainted
with the people.
A crentlemnn who roncently rode
through ex-Senator Dorsey'n cattle-ranch
irm New Mexico says of it : "It is forty by
sixty miles in size , and has on it 28,000
headof < cattto an' ' ) 1,300 horses. The in
come from this place cannot be less than
ccSI 75,000 for the present season. "
SIa Mayor Nceney ; of Toronto , was charged
a a neighbor woman with bewitching ono
of her hens to "stop laying , " and Margaret
Hughes was charged by Mrs. Xidd with
bewitching < her cow. The charges were
brought in court , when it appeared that
the "hen" vvns not that kind and that the
cow had dwindled in milk subsequent to
banqueting upon four summer hats and
contents of an old straw mattress ,
Nn fewer than live "enterprising show
men' * have visited Cleveland' in the hope
of purchasing the funeral car which con
veyed the remains of President Garfield ,
and have offered very large prices for it
850,000 , it is said , in ono case. The per
sons in authority have refused even to lis
ten to such offers. The car ia to be en-
closed in a handsome case constructed in
large part of plate glass and preserved in
the cemetery.
Mra. Ida Lewia. of Newport , has just
received the gold msdal awarded to her by
congress for bravery in saving thirteen
lives at the peril of her own. The flatter
ing presentation speeches uttered by Lieu
tenant Chadvrick and ex-Governor Van
Zandt made the shy young woman so un
comfortable that the speakers desisted and
the little company gathered for the occa
sion at the Newport custom house proceed
ed to congratulate the nervous heroine.
Hubbell will invest § 2,400 in a now
Plum Creole has n population of five
hundred ,
Hichnrdson county has 0,000 children ol
school age.
Work has begun on the railroad machine
shops at Wymuro ,
Plows are trumps in Nance , and every
farmer holdn a full hand.
Humboldt contributed $33.25 to the
Garfield monument fund ,
John Bnur was run over and killed by a
runaway team nt Scribner.
The three national banks of Nebraska
City have § 500,000 on deposit.
Grceley Is the potato county of the state ;
4,000 bushels have already been marketed.
A great amount of hay has been spoiled
in Dixon county by thounusual amount ol
Huniboldt has already consumed 340,000
brick thin season , and the demand exceeds
ho supply.
A company with n capital of ? 50OOC
will build and operate a packing house at
Columbus , tl
The firn department of Lincoln resojvo "
to disband Nov. 1st unless furnished with
1,000 feet of hose ,
The Greenwood Kaglo is abroad in Ca s hibt
county gccklng public favor and journal-
TrainB are expected to run into Falls tliNi
City on the Miusouri Pacific by NiPi
the latter part of thin week. Pi
The people of Grcoloy will vote on a gr
proportion to fund the "county indebted. .
( SUU.OOO ) at 7 per cent. Ilc
The dipthhcrla at Jackson is reported m
under control , and the c IBCS that now ex-
irtt are in n fair way to recover.
Lincoln is a(11 ( Icted with a gang of young
snobs who loiter around the school buildIngs -
Ings and flirt with the girls during re-
An accident on the llepubllcan valley
branch of the Ii. & M , Jt. U. , last week ,
ditched fourteen cars of stock , killing forty
It. W. Patrick has purchased twenty-
eight quarter sections of land near the
Loup river in Merrick , for n block farm.
Price , $14,000.
A horse thief was captured on the car *
Columbus with tlio proceeds of several
sales in his pocket. The people of Albion
were after him ,
The Fremont News solicits Mibscriptiotw St
n fund to erect a monument over the
prnvu of Hun. Daniel Gantt , late chief jus In
tice of Nebraska. '
Thomas PI at ford , a short , humpbacked
man , aged 40 , took a French leave of the
people of fiewnrd , nnd his creditors offer
for bin nrrent.
Stuart Is one of the coming town * of
Northern Nebrnakn. It Inn \ Holt county ,
viul the Soulx City & I'ftcific rend Ii the
bails of the boom.
Seventy-five head of bccvef , seventy-
five nhcep , one InintlrcdhoRB , hf'y ' cahw
nnd poultry by the ton , is the weekly bill
of fnro of Llncohiitcit.
Every snlnon keeper 5n 1'lntto county ,
titlile of Columbus , was Indicted at tfio
liwt term of court. They wanted to do
Imtltuss under the old law ,
Visions of a bridge over the MNnouri
ri cr fill the mindi of tlio pcoplo of Ncra-
nlm City , caused by the appearance of a
railroad annoying pnrly in that Ucinity.
An cnterprislnf ; immlxr.'xnt from < ? cr-
many recently bought a farnt nehr West
Point , Block , implements anil nil , paying
for his imrclifVMc the neat sum of § 11,000
The grand jury of Dodge last week pro-
pcntcd a wholesale lot of indictments for
violation of the Slocumb law. The lletjis
Biippoceil to include every saloon keeper In
I'rcmont as well aa nt North licnd and
Scribner , who have been selling without
the high license
Tlio Discovery of Silk nnd Sntln-
From tlio Manclic te'r Times.
The discovery of silk is nttributod
to ono of the wives of the emperor of
China , lloang-ti , who reigned about
2,000 ycnrs before the Chistian oru ,
nnd since that time a special spot hns
been allotted in the gardens ot the
Chinese pnlaco to thocultivntion
of the mulberry tree nnd the keeping
of silk-worm. Persinn monks who
anne to Constantinople revealed to the
Emperor Justinian the secret of
the production of silk , nnd gave
him some silk-worms. 3 < "rom Greece
the nrt passed into Italy nt the end of
the thirteenth century. When the
Popes loft Romp to settle nt Avignon ,
Franco , they introduced into thnt
country the secret which hnd been
kept by the Italians , nnd Louis XI.
established nt Touts a mnnufnctory of
silk fabrics. Francis I. founded the
Lyons silk works , which to this day
hnvo kept the first rank. Henry II. ,
of Franco , were at'tho wedding of his
sister , the first pair of silk hose ever
The word "satin , " which in the ori
ginal wns npplicd to nil silk stuffs in
gonornl , has since the last century
been used to dcsignnto only tissues
which present n lustcrcd surface. Tno
discovery of this particular brilliant
stud'wns accidental. Octavio Mai ,
n silk weaver , finding business very
dull , and not knowing what to invent
to give n now impulse to the trade ,
was ono day pacing to nn
fro before his loom. Every
time ho pn.sacd the machine
with no definite object in view , ho
pulledlittlo , threads from the wnrpand
put them to his mouth , which soon af
ter ho spat out. Later on ho found
the little ball of silk on the floor of his
work-shop , and was attracted by the
brilliant appearance of the threads.
Ho repeated the experiment , and by
using certain mucilaginous prepara
tions succeeded in giving satin to the
A fortune inay be epent in using inef
fectual inedirincs , when by applying
Thomas' Kclectric Oil A speedy and econ
omical otire can be effected. In CUBB of
rheumatism , Lime b.ick , bodily ailment * ,
or pains of every description , it affords in
stant relief. 17 cod Iw
flADCICI n Agents w tinted for Life of
b/llirlCLU President airfield. A com
plete , faithful history from cradle to Kra\c , "by
the eminent blogripoer , Col. Conuell. Rooks
nil rendy for Jclucry. An elegantly illustrated
% olumc. Kndsrscil edition. terms.
A ent ? take orders for from 20 to 60 copies dally.
OuUolls any other bool : ten to'onc. Aguntd never
made money BO fast. The book tells Itself. Ex-
pcrlcnce not necessary. Failure unknown. All
make immense pronto. Private terms free.
acoiian STINSON & co. ,
ocCd&wlm Portland , Maine
Western Horse and Cattle In
surance Company ,
Capital , . . . 8100OOOOO
Insures Horsea , Mules and Cattle against low by
ftcolJent. decease or theft. 'Agencies ' In all coun
ties of the State. Send fortcirculars. eeZOwly
Election Proclamation on Court
House Appropriation *
At a session of tbo board of Countv Commis
sioners ot the county of Uduglas In the state of
No rosk , holaen ou the4th day of October , A.
D. 1BS1.
Thofollanlni ; action was taken by the board
with with respect to tbc construction of a Court
WIIKRHAB , Ovtlng to the enhanced value of
labor an'i material it Is imposnible to erect a
Court Houno eultablo for the purpose of said
county for the sum designated in the proclama
tion for the isjuo of l > onda for the construction of
n Court House , mibuiitted to the people Norcm
her 2nd,18SO ; and
WliRifjis , After twli-o thoroughly advertising
the matter the loucnt rcspon-lblc bid for the
conbtructlon of A Court Houno that would bo tire
pi oaf and such auto meet the needs of the cofln-
tv , amounts > o One Hundred and Ninety-tight
Tliousind Dollars ; and
\ViiKHEAK , The halance pf fundi ncccs ary to
construct a tmitalilo Court HottfC cnn bo supplied
ftom the , ; ciieril rotcnuo of the county without
any additional levy that now authorized by law ,
but the quuotion oj biich appropriation mint
tint bo aubmlttcd to the c.euoru of told count ) ;
therefore , It I
HKMOLVFD , That the follonlng projxisltlon bo
and the Bamo la hereby submitted to the qiull
fled electors of raid county of Douglax , to-\Ut :
bhall the count } ol Douglas bo authorized In
the jearlSfc2 , tj approprhto from the general
rove-riue of the said county for that jear out of
fund' * not otherulsa required for county pur
pose * , the sum of Twentj-flvo Thousand Uollam ,
and In the j ear 1SS3 , from the ret mme of that
jear out of funds not otherwise requlrod for
count ? purposed the further sum of 'Ittcnty-flvo
Tliouaimt Do lure to aid In tlio erection con
Btriicttoii and completion ol a Con t Itouso
building tu the city ol Omaha for county pur
llio form In which the above proposition f hall
lie riibmitted shall bo by ballot , upon which
ballot nhall be printed or written , or party printed
or written , the worda "For Court House Appro
pjatlon"or | ' 'Against Court House Approprla
tlon , " and nil ballotn east Imvlnc thureon tlio
words "To i Court House Appropriation , " shnll bo
dfemcd and taken to bo in favor of said proposl
tlon < , and nil ballots cat having thereon the
word * "A liiKt Couit HOIIBO Appropriation. "
shall > i ba deemed and taken to bu against sold
proposition ' , and it two thirds of tlia votes cast
lit the election hereinafter proIdcd I'l this behalf
half bo In fat or of the ubov o proposition , It snail
bt dccuicd and taken to bo carried.
Tlio Bald proportion phall be voted upon at
the general electl n to be held In the county of
Douglas , btato of Nebraska , on the btli day of
November , A. P. 1631 , at the following named
place *
Omaha Precinct No. one , (1) ( Felix Slav en' *
grocery ; Tenth street.
Omaha 1'rcclnet No. two , (2) ( ) at Jerry Jta-
Iionuy's gToceiy storv.
Oinalia I'reclnct No , throe , (3) ) Dr. 11 } do' * of *
lie , eor. Douglas and Twelfth streets.
Omaha 1'ieclnet We. four , (4) ( blicilft'a office
court house.
Omaha I'reelnct No. flte. (6) ( ) Holmes' hard'
arp store , Sixteenth and California streets.
Omaha Precinct No. six , ( ti ) No , 1 Kngtno '
House , Twentieth and Jiard btreets.
teratoj.'a 1'recinct School house near Orue-
pins'n ,
Florence Precinct Florence hotel.
Union 1'nclnet Inlngton tcliool houso.
Jefferson I'reclnct School house m district
No. 41 ,
Klkhorn Precinct Elkhorn school houso.
I'latto Valley I'reclnct School huuno at > Vatcr-
Chicago I'reclnct School house at Klkhorn
illation ,
Milliard Precinct Ulllard nchool house ,
JlcArdlo 1'rcclnct McArdlo school home.
Douglas Precinct House of J , C. Wllcox.
Weit Omaha 1'recinct bchool house near
Id en's.
And Mihleh election will lie opened at 8 o'clock
the morning1 and will continued 'open until 0
o'clock In the afternoon ot the Mine day.
11. I' . KN1011T ,
County ComralMlontrt.
County Clerk.
; ij u
Ever Offered
Required of Persons Desir-
in to Build.
ox *
S5TO : 810
Money Advanced
Assist Purchasers in Building.
We Now Offer For Sale
S5 Splendid
Located on 27th , 28th , 20th.
and 30th Streets , between
Parnham , Douglas and the pro
posed extension of Dodge St. , . ,
12 to 14 Blocks from Court .s'
House and Post Office , Alk jlr
PRICES ranging from '
$300 to $400
which is about Two-Thirds ofc
their Value , on Sm ll Monthly
Payment of $5 to $10.
Parties desiring to'Build and.
Improve Need Not Make any
Payment for one or two years ,
but can use all their Means foi
Persons having $100or$20Q
of their own , But not Enough
to Build such a house as they
want , can take a lot and ws
will Iioan them enough to com
plete their Building.
These lots nro Jocntod between the
city , within 12 minutes wallc of the
Business Center. Good Sitlownlks ex
tend the Entire Distnnco on Dodge
Street , nnd the lots cnn bo readied by
wny of cither Fnrnharn , Douglas oi
Dodge Streets , They lie in n pnrt ot
the city thnt is very Rnpidly Improv
ing nnd consequently Incronsing in
Value , nnd purchasers inny reasonably
hope to Double their Money within a
short time.
Some of tlio most Sightly Locations
in the city mny bo selected from those
lota , especially on 30th Stroot.
We will build houses on a Smnl
Cnsh Pnyment of & 150 or ? 200 , nnd
sell house nnd lot on small monthly
It is expected thnt theao lots'will bo.
rapidly sold on these liberal terma ,
nnd persona wishing to purchnso
should cnll nt our ollico nnd secure
their lots nt the earliest moment ,
Wo nro rondy to show those lota to nl
persons wishing to purchase ,
Estate Brokers , .
North Side of Parnham Street
Opp. Grand Central Hotel ,