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What a New York Oar-Drivo :
V ' Has to Say About Them.
II' '
Qnolllnr ; Dlnortlorly Persons Eo
\ FJOIII the Ntw York Stir.
"Life on u nljrlit cnr 5s not so ilnl
and inonotoiiuiH n the avor.igo poraoi
would suppose , " wns the reply of i
driver on u Third nvcnuo street car t (
The Star rooortor laat night , who had
invited , conversation by asking the
knight of the lines and brake if he
did not "prefer driving by day. " Tht
car \vns n closed one , nnd na tie ) houi
wis ( juito Into , the man of news was
riding on the front platform , lotli t <
throw away a froshly-lightod cigar ,
"I hayo boon driving of night now foi
over ft vo years , " the driver went on ,
"and in that time I htivo contriver
to BCD about us much lifo in Chatham
street and the Uowory as the tivunigd
driver. Whoa , there ; can't you stand
up , you old bundle of bones ? " ho cried ,
rebuking one of the horaos which lost
its footing and came within an ace ol
slipping down on the paving stones nt
the Pearl atroot crossing "Every
thing ia so damp to-night that the
horsiss can scarcely keep their feet , "
ho continued. "And thia is a pool
team , too. The company always have
their boat stock on the day cars.
When a horao comes on the line fresh
from the country , ho ia full of lira and
pays no attention to the bell. J3y the
time ho has dragged a day-car , com
peting with tho'Elovatod , for a couple
ot yeras and sustained
ho is as still'as an old .man ; then ho ia
turned over to the night runs , when
the running time is lengthened from
ten to thirty minutes , and " "Going
up ? " " .Not this evening ; some other
evening ; good evening. The break
in the conversation was occasioned by
two young girls who were standim ;
alongside of the track , at the en
trance to the Bowery , ns though wait
ing for a car , and the driver chocked
the speed of his car as jio addressed
them. Their slangy .ansVor evidently
nettled him , for ho struck the pit
horse a stinging blow with his whip ,
and muttered something by way of
consolation , that the young women
were not good enough to ride in his
car. "You occasionally carry some
pretty rough passengsrs , do you not I
"Rough passengers'/ / Now you are
shouting The roughs only travel late
at night. In the early evening they
are quiet because they have not bo-
,001110 waked from atalo beer oc 'vil
lainous whisky , but , later in the night ,
when they are three sheets in the
wind , they as nastyaa rattlesnakes.
I carry all these low bummers , 'rope-
in , ' runners and 'heelers' for the
Chatham street and J3owery dives.
This trip is too early for thorn , but
when I leave the city hall on the next
Tun , a score of them will climb oft
board before I got to Grand street.
The majority of these hoodlums live
between Thirty-fifth and Fiftieth
.streets and above Ninetieth street on
the east side. They all know mo , and ,
as they never fad to greet mo when
getting on the car , I can say , without
tho. slightest exhibition of pride , that
1 am on speaking terms with some of
the most notorious
in Now York city. "Do they ever
make trouble on the trip ? " "Not as
a usual thing. They know ino and
understand that I know them and
would give them away to the police if
they ever got on my car the second
time. At times one will come aboard
a little drunker than usual , and pick a
.quarrel with some timid-looking re
spectable passenger. " "What course
do you pursue on such occasions ? "
"Well , it is a good deal like a play , i
rccogni/.o the offender as the heavy
villain , and myself as the avenger. I
stop the car , set up the brake , walk in-
aide and catch him by the throat.
The conductor comes to my assistance ,
and wo railroad the offender out of the
X .car quicker than a tonguoy woman
could say Jack Robinson. I never
warn them of what I am about , for
that might give them a clunce to draw
a knife. I tire thorn out first and lec
ture them after the car starts on.
About once a month one of this cla s ,
who is a stranger on the line , will try
to g6 for a watch or a pocket-book. If
either the conductor or I detect the
thief , we hail a policeman or else give
the rascal to understand that wo are on
the alert. I can always toll when a
job is put up to work a car. One fel
low will get on at a street crossing
and walk up to the upper end of
the car , a second will get on a half-
block further along , and the third
will bo at the next crossing. If moro
than three are travelling together , two
will get on together , say at the second
crossing. If the first man thinks
there will bo any difliculty , or that the
prospect is not worth the risk of detec
tion , ho will leave the car before they
all get on. Once aboard , they gather
about tK drunkonoBt or richest dress
ed passenger , and then if I or the con
ductor decline In interfere , they are
both conductor auu driver for tv time ,
The devices by which passengers maybe
bo robbed are many. A mock quarrel
can bo begun , and in the general sham
battle which OIIHUCS watch chains can
be snapped and their owners will not
r loss until the thieves have
loft the car. . Ono can got on the front
platform and one on the rear and keep
mysoV < and the conductor chatting
while their palls are free to
It was on this score that aomo years
ago placards wore put in each car
urging that assongors should not en
gage the conductor or driver in con-
'versation , and spotters were sent out
with many cars to aeo whether wo
were livim up to the rule which for
bid conversation. Sometimes a thief
will try to rob the conductor , but as a
usual thing the crooks know that the
man who works the alarm monitor haste
to account for every faro registered ,
and so are honorable enough to let
him alono. " "Do many women travel
on the night cars ? " "On this trip ,
jesj on the following trips ? " No. At
this season of the year a great num
ber are coming from Coney Wand and
Kockaway , and they save live cunts by
riding on the surface lino. Next- trip
the waiter-girls from the , concert sa
loons , ana the cooks and servant girls ,
who Imvo boon out for 'a time , '
will climb on at every block. Tlio
- this are piotty
-women on run respec
table , but occasionally they have takut :
too much boor. I hate n < lrunkon
man , but I novnr see a drunken
woman without n feeling coino ovoi
mo that I would like to ring her nook.
Intemperance ia growing among
women , too They start out by drink
ing n glans of beer 'before going to bed
of an evening , ami a * they cannot
begin to slantl as mucli liiiuor as n man
the tirst thing they know they nro
regular sots. A woman who likes
beer , and * fosters the dcsiro for it ,
speedily loses all claim to being a lady
A few nights ago a woman cot on who
was drcsfeod in black Bilk. She actually
were diamondc , nnd n watch nnd chain
thai must Imvo cost $ ; iOO. She WAS
very drunk , but nut on n haughty ail'
and assumed
A mti.vmnn iiE.vmxo.
She sat in the loft-hand upper cor
ner , and the car was pretty well
crowded. At Hester street an old
hug got on , Shn wns slouchily
dressed , and not quite bo drunk aa the
other woman. Hy thu side of the
nicely-dressed woman Ihoro wns about
four inches of unoccupied space , and
the new-comer attempted to wcdgo
hcraclf into it , Such a look of dis *
gust as she received I never saw bo
foro. Hockoning to the conductor , the
woman with the line clothes managed
to say : "Con duclor , rumovo this
vas ft-bond , ple.isoJ" "You dare
call ino nio , n lady a vagabond , you
drunken thing ! " cried the dilapidated-
looking feninlo , and , before anyone
could interfere , she flow in the
lino-looking woman's fnco und
almost scratched her eyes
out before wo could
interfere. As it was , the assaulted
woman wont into hysterics , had a
touch of the jim-jams , fainted and
converted the car into : i traveling hos
pital before wo got to St. Mark's place ,
whore she wished to get oil' , Very
frequently iho Bowery qirls who
travel on the late trips fight. They
always carry a heavy whisky glass in
their pockets , and a few of thorn carry
revolvers about the sio of good ton
cent cigar. Ono night I saw n Ger
man girl with a dagger. She belonged
in the Atlantic garden , .and was try
ing to kill a fellow who was making
love to a woman from ono of the
I3owery variety shows. She would
have stabbed him , too , had she not
dropped her dagger. It wns very
warm that night , and the front door
was open , and I , who had boon
quickly stopped in and put my foot on
the kuifo , blocking her game. The
fellow she wanted to stick turned white
as a sheet and hurriedly loft the car
with his serio-comic companion , The
Gorman girl never said a word until
the retreating couple turned into
Prince street , and then she said , ad
dressing mo , in a cool and decidedly
sweet voice : "Oblige mo by removing
your foot , Mr. Driver. " I was so
taken by surprise that I blubbered out
something , and stopped oll'tho dagger ,
and she thanked mo with her eyes ,
loaned forward , picked up the glitter-
inginstrument , wrapped her silk hand
kerchief about it , and then allowed
handkerchief and all to drop in her
lap. She loft the car at Sixteenth
street and wont up toward the West
minster hotel , and I'll wager a month's
salary to a bottle of soda that she will
ono day knife the chap whom she car
ries the dagger for " As the driver
concluded his story the car stopped at
the stables , and while a fresh team of
horses were being put on , the reporter
bade him good-night and returned
down town by way of tho'Elovated.
Smngglor * Fall Into a Trap.
New York Timca.
The custom house officers on the
lookout for smuggling have recently
been closely watching the movements
of certain vessels arriving at this port ,
and at midnight on Wednesday made
a "haul" which to no inconsiderable"
extent repaid them for their extra ac
tivity , The Havana line steamer
the City of Washington an
chorcd oil1 Quarantine , early
on Wednesday evening , to remain
there over night. Special Officers
S , D , Cook and M. J. Harrigan de
termined to closely watch her , and
when darkness sot in they lowed off
toward the vessel in a small boat. For
three or four hours or more they were
to3s < ? d about on the waves , discovering
nothing out of the usual order of
things , but just before midnight their
patient watch was rewarded. The
steamer's stern light was raised and
waved live times in quick succes
sion. Tlio ofllcora pulled to the steam
er. Harrigan handled the oars and
sat with his back to the vessel , while
Cronk forced his slouch hat well down
over his face , and further disguised
himself by tying a largo handkerchief
over the top of his head and down
under his chin , as if to hold his hat on
in the wind. When they reached tlio
vessel a voice from overhead said , in
half suppressed tones , "pull awuy and
como luck in fifteen minutes. " They
followed instructions without a word ,
and wore soon a half mile or more dis
tant. The fifteen minutes soon
elapsed , and then the light was
waved again , this time over the
vessel's side. The small boat again
pulled up beside the steamer. The
voice overhead was hoard again. "All
right ; hero goes , " and down to the
boat fell n bag at the end of a stout
ropo. The rope was loosened and an
other bag followed , then another and
anolhor , till live in all had been cast
down. "That's all , " called out the
voice , and the boat hurled toward
shore , to turn as soon as darkness hid
its track and make way to the hospital
ship. That reached the bags were
opened and the Havana cigars to the
number of 7,000 were discovered , all
nicely packed in pretty boxe * . The
eoizuro was made known yesterday at
the custom house , and an agent of the
steamship line was soon on hand for
particulars , and was not a little sur
prised when ho learned tlio story of
the interesting way in which the
smuggler * on his vessel had over
reached themselves and made delivery
to government ofllcors instead of to
confederates. The cigara have not
been appraised yet , but nn examina
tion proves that many are of extra
brands. The steamer will probably
have to pay a heavy line , there being
no evidence ! as to the identity of thu
persona who throw the cigars over
Dan'l Plank , of Brooklyn. Tloga county ,
'o. , describe * It tliun : " 1 rode thirty
iij'eu for a IxHtlo of TiioiiAH1 EC-I.KC.TJIIO
) IL , wliicli effected the wonderful cure of
crooked limb In nx application * ; it
proved worth mure tlmu gold to me. "
A City Exposed to Dostructiv
Poor Wntor Supply nnd Wrotoho
Flro Protection.
Xe.v York letter to rhihdo ! | > ! ih Kcctml.
The great lire at Vanderbilt'a horsi
car ntablus on Fourth avenue , aw
which made a ruin f Moroll's ' ulogan
storeago warehouse with its valuabl
contents , has called attention to th
liability of this well-built city to _
great down-town tire and the impossi
bility of checking the flames , In the
great fire of 1835 there was a smal
supply of water and only a volunteer
department ; before the conllagratioi
of 1848 Croton water had boon intro
duccd , but the mains were inadequate
In both cases buildings had to bo
torn down in order to check tlio llames
Many of our citizens imagine Urn
with the increase of Croton supply the
lower portion of the city is eompara
tivoly sufo ; but the fact is
there ia not a building below
Canal street whore thu water rises
higher than the basement. The neu
postoflloo water supply does not rise
higher than this , and yet it is built 01
the most favorably-situated ground it
the lower pait of the city. At thu
terminus of the horao cars , opposite
The llurald building , all the water for
the horses has to be brought from the
Antor , * ho w.itor hydrants not beint ,
available , llenco if there were a lire
in that vicinity the mains would nol
supply enough for a single engine. Ti
1843 thuso maina were wooden four-
inch mains , madu by boring logs ;
now they are only eighteen inches
when they ought to bo four feet ami
a hr.lf. Hero is whore the troubh
lies in the lack of a new aqueduct am
source of supply , which should supplement -
plement the Croton and render thu
How of the stream inexhaustible. In
nearly all down-town stores water if
pumped up to reservoirs on the rooi
or in the top story , and nearly all the
elevators are run by stoant , so thai
the drain upon the Croton is kept up
day and night.
Suppose that a fire breaks out in
any down town building. In point of
fact but a single stream can bo turned
upon it. The conilagration , oven in
an alleged lire-proof building , must
soon gain the mastery unless the
watchman or the first engine on the
ground can put it out while it .still re
quires only a few pails of water poured
on the tlamcB. If thia cannot bo done
it must spread until an entire section
of the most valuable portion of the
city is in flames , and it will not bo
chucked until dynamite is applied by
some lovel-huadud official , and a blocker
or two of vulu.tble buildings has been
laid even with the street. The talk
about lire-proof buildings is all non
sense. Take "Fort Sherman , " for
instance , at the head of Wall street ,
which will perpetuate for a few years
John Sherman's peculiar ideas and
methods in banking. Its massive
walls seem stout enough to withstand
the pressure of a dozen outside confla
grations , but within it is filled
with the most inflammable wood
work , which would speedily curl up
its iron girders , scale oil'its rod sand
stone battlements and leave it a smok
ing ruin. These are facts which are
undeniable , but which noj newspaper
in this city would dare to publish in
the plainness with which they are hero
set down. Seine of those papers have
their local habitation in buildings
which are professedly fire-proof , but
are only iron and atone tinder boxes ;
others tear to distress politicians by a
veritable allusion to the water supply ;
others , again , fear offending the Fire
Department or the financiers who are
erecting ten-story towers of peril. The
Fire Department is all right "tho
linest in the world , " of course but it
is not their fault that the water supply
is utterly insufficient for their nueda
nnd that the public ia kept in blissful
ignorance of the fact. Some day the
thoughtless public of Now York will
learn it to their sorrow and at a cost of
several hundred millions , possibly.
Meanwhile their ignorance is bliss and
saves them some little expense in the
: est of private watchmen.
It must not bo thought that there is
not a fire-proof building in Now York.
1'horo is ono , exactly ono , and no more.
The building in question is the Lennox
Library structure , at Fifth avenue
ind Seventieth street , opposite the
I'ark. It is literally founded on a
rock , being built without a cellar , on
i ledge of solid gneisi und trap. There
yaw no contract work about. Every-
; hing was done by day's work , and the
jricklayors , who were all carefully so-
octed , were allowed only to lay BO
nany bricks'a day. The result of Mr.
Lennox's conscientious care is not
inly ono of the handsomest buildings
n the city ( its outside walls are of line
vhito marble ) , but the only ono which
s absolutely fire-proof. Within its
iccuro walla are already placed a
ihoico collection of statuary and
mintings ( including "Milton Dictating
I'uradise Lost to his Daughtora" ) , and
lie libraries are olacing and catulogu-
ng the finest library in America , 'the
juildinu is bettor worth a vitiit than
my other in or about Central park.
Let us hope that when comuloted it
vill be thrown open to the public at
m hour when its treasures can bo
nado uao of by the general public ,
{ specially our workaday young moil
tnd women. The Astor library and
uost of' the others are closed during
ho only hours in which working poo-
do can visit them. If opened until a
oasonablo hour in the night , they
night possibly escape an accidental
ire which would bo fatal to the valua-
ilo contents of the buildings. As for
ho few libraries that are kept open to
tvening visitors , their available con-
cnts are mainly works of fiction ,
irou nio nick ; well , thcro ! H just ono retne-
ly that will cure you beyond poHfllbillty or
loubt. If it'n Liver or Kidnuy trouble ,
; onaiiinitiin | ( , Dynpepain. Debility ,
Health llcnewer" it your hope.
rl. Druggist Depot , C. V. Goodman ,
Baoklln'i Arnica Kalvo ,
The best salvo in the world for outs ,
jruises , sores , ulcers , salt rheum ,
over sores , totter , chapped hands ,
ihillblainsj corns and all kinds of
ikin eruptions. This ealvo is guar-
intcod to give perfect satisfaction in
ivory case or money refunded. Price ,
! 5o per box. For sale by
IHH & McSUiiox , Omaha.
An vnllowr ns n lotnon , ' oxprciiM th
hcttlut jauiiiikc hat wl In. The iioor , 111
n od llv-pr IIM turned 111.0 tlio "troddeiHipoi
worm , " and inserted her rl 'liK tno at once
Tftrrnnt's Soltsor Aperient ,
, illrcctlorn ; the jn
tctn In | iTO'cr lin | > o. ntnl won tliv Monin o
youth will return to the lu-cV nm ! lioalth 1x3 ro
utoroJ. No ini-JIcIno It licltcr for tlio
nj-stfm tliixn TA ASt'n8Ki.Tm Armiitsr.
80I.U 11V ALt 1 > UIKC.ISTS ,
_ _ Oalljr oo l ,
Wlioso complexion betrays
noMio humiliating imperl'ec-
lion , ivlioso mirror tells you
that von are 'i'luincd , Sallow
nnddlsilgured in coiiittcnnnco ,
or Imvo Eruptions , Itcdncss ,
Itoiiglincss or uwUiolosomo
tints of coniploxion say
use llngan's Magnolia Ualni.
It is u delicate , lmrmles ami
delightful article , producing
the most natural iind cntnuic-
ing tints , tlio iirliliciulity of
vvliich no observer can detect ,
and which soon becomes per
manent if tlio lluguolin Bului
Is judiciously used.
If TOU are o Jit youan > n
V nbU'4ne < ww1AC' 1 ' in of lev
oned by tlio ntmln iif
your duties HTOH ! IilHtit work , t < i Ttr
rtlmulant-innil u <
Hop Bittern. rhXxr a * Hop B
If you nn > younjt and E
dlsorctlon or duwlpnl jtluni if 3 * \i uie mnr-
licit or tInftlc , i > M or I
iKiorliraltli or Unwilvi I . [ tip on a bed of tick-
Less i-L-ly on H o p \ luittori ,
" TlloUMin(19 Uio nA-
AVlinprcr jrounro ,
fcol , nuallr J r u in sonio
nhtiwvcr you
m J Klclnoy
tlmt your
needs rlcaiuinu.tou- ' XdLicaFo tlmt mlKlit
tn ? or RtlinuUUntr , I
\fithoutnfojrffu iiir , I Uy tlmolr w > u (
tnko Hop / , . HopDIttora
Bltt.r. . M
pt/ala , D. I. 0.
crttruMi ahnnhito
i an
flatnt. ill iu ) e .
anil irrotMa.
of the itnmatlt , , HOP Mo euro for
Inirclt , blood drunkenness ,
liver use of upturn ,
You wilt DO tobndoo 0 * *
cured If you ure narcutlca.
Hop Blttors
simply Soldbydrnjt-
Xo , bcndlor
ply IT o n It and
, NEVER Circular.
low spirited try
Iti | t may unpurrrtM
life. It has
caved hun nocbMttrf H. T
dreds. A Toronto , Ont ,
West for beliiff the most direct , quickest , ind
wvfcst line connecting the prcat llctropolls , CHI-
! AQO , and the EAHTKHN , NORTII-EAHIBIU < , Bourn
nd SOUTH-EABTJIRN LiNhg , which terminate thorc ,
Ith KANSAS Cur , I.KAVKNWOHTU , Aicnisoti ,
3BNT11ES from which radiate
tmt penetrates the Continent from the lllnsourl
liver to thu Pacific Hlopo. The
s the only line from Chlur.go owning track Into
Cansaf , or which , hy Ito own road , reaches the
> olntaalK > onainc.J. Ifo TRASariuu BV CAimiAonl
Jo HiHHiNn COSNECTIONSI No huddllniT In 111-
entllatcil or unclcnn earn , aa every i > a3ungor la
-nrrlod In roomy , clean and vcntllalcd coachca
pen Fast Kxprum Trains.
DAT CAM of unrlialod ma nldccnce , PDLLHAN
'ALACK HLBKIMNO CAKI. and our own workl-fivnous
) INI.SI CAIIH , urjon which meals are Borvod of mi-
urittssod oxcollcnco , nt the low ruto of SnVRKTV-
INK CUNTS BACH , with ample tiino for hoaltbful
Through Cars hotwccn Chicago , Poorla , till
vaukco anil llisiourl Rl\or Polnta ; and close con
cctloni at all jwlnta of Intersection with other
We ticket ( do not forgot this ) directly to every
lace of Importance In Kansas. Nebraska , Black
Illls , Wyoming , Utah , Idaho , No\ada , California ,
recon , WaihinKtoa Torrltory , Colorado , ArUona
lid New Mexico.
Aa liberal arrargcmcnts rcar\l'lig ( \ baggage as
ny other line , and rates of fare aluayR al ow ns
nmpetltors , who furnish but a tttho oi tbo com-
Doss and tackle of enorturoen free.
TickoU. miiM and folders at all prlnclpa
fllcos In tlia United States and Canada.
Ice Prcs't & flen. Oon. Tkt aud Pasi'r Ai {
Manavcr. Chluurn Cftl < "urr > .
880. SHORTJ.INE. 1880.
ft , Joe &Couicil Bluffs
u run OMLY
Direct Line to ST , LOUIS
Prom Omaha and
o change of cars between Omaha and bi. i/mli ,
and but ono between OMAUA and
Daily Passenger Trains
Thli entire Una U equipped with Pallman'i
aluco Rlooplng Can , i'alaco Day Coachoa. Mlller'i
afety Platform and Coupler , and the celebrated
Vcatln house Air-brake.
2TBou that your ticket re d VIA nANHAB
oad , via Bt. Joseph and Ht. Louis.
Ticket * for Bale at all cou | > on Utlons la the
Vest. J. T , IIAUNARU ,
0. DA WEB , ( Jon. 8upt. , St. Joocph , Mo |
Qen. 1'aw. and Ticket Atft. , Ht. Joseph , Jlo.
ANUT llOKDRN , TlckU AKcut.
1020 Farnliam street.
A. D , lUMUun. General Aeont ,
Exnmltint Jon of Teaoborc-
I will bo prevent at my olllco In CrelKhton
ockon tlio first Haturdayof each month to x.
nine such applicant * M may dcblru to teach
the pul.lloxhools In Douglas county , cjuar-
rly examination tint Saturday In February ,
ay , Augiut and Noumber.
J.J roiKM ,
County Hunt , ubllo Instruction
tand3 ! om tl
uccosxor to J. H Thlelo ,
No , 180 DoDitlar * - . < V bt Neb , .
T X33C3E1
No 'Changing Cars
Where direct connection are niiutn with Thrnuifb
The Short Line via. Peoria
VII.I.K , nnd nil point * In the
Vhore direct connections are mvlo In tlio Union
Dei > ot with the Through Sleeping Cai
LlnraforALI. 1'OINTa
3 o TT-ac aac .
Rock Island.
The uiiiMitalcit Inducements offered by this line
o traveler * nml tourists arc iw follows :
The celebrated TUI.I.MAN (10-whpel ( ) PAI.A01C
LKEI'INO OAKS run only on this Una 0. , II.
lorton'n ltcclltihi Clmlra. No extra charge lor
attain Iteclliilm , ' Chain. Thofamoua G. , B. &
i. 1'alaro Dlnlnj , ' ( lvrn. Qonrcom Smoking Can
tted with rleipint hlK'h'lmekrd rattan roohing
lialrs , lor the exclutilv o line of Qrat-clam | vacn-
; ore.
ore.Stocl Track itnd superior equipment comblrM
1th their KMi'at through cnr nrniiciuont | , mtk <
its , RM\O all othen , the la > orlta route to tno
Kant , Houth and Southeast.
Try It , Mi < l you will flncl traveling * luxury In.
lead of a discomfort.
Through tliketHlo this colcbrntud Una far laic
tall olllccrt In the United State * and Canada.
All Information nhciut ratvs of faru , Bleeping
Car accommodations , Thno Tables , etc. , will bo
beertutly given hy appljhiK to
General Fatwonxcr Aircnt , Chicago.
OcnnrM JUnii'or CblCMto.
Sioux City & Pacific
Uuna n. Solid Trnln Through from
Conncil Bluil'a to fct. Paul
Without Change Tlmr , Only 17 Hours ,
> nd all polnta In Northern Iowa , lllnmwota anil
> akotn. Thla line la equipped with tbo Improved
VcBtlniihouBC Automatic Alr-lirako and UUler
'latform Coupler and OuHor ; nnd for
a unsurpassed. Pullman Paliro Bleeping Car
un throiiKh WITHOUT CHANOK between Kun
BOB City ami St. I'uul , vie. Council llluUs and
Sioux City.
Tralna lcnp Union Paclflc Tranufcr nt Coun-
11 HluIlH , at 7:35 ji. in. dally on ai rival of Kaunas
; ity , St. Joseph und Council lllulTd train from
lie South. Arriving nt Sioux City 11:30 : p. m. ,
rid at the Now Union Depot at St. Paul at 12:30 :
/tJTRemcmlicr / In taking the Hlnux City Itouto
output a 'lhrnmh 'Jrnln. Thehoriiwt ( l.lnu ,
lie Quickest Time nnd a Conifortablo Rlda In the
'hrouuh i nrs botw ceil
jtarSeo that your Tickets road \la the "Sioux
ty anil 1'riclflc llnlhoail. ' '
t-iipurlntvnik'nt. IOcn'1 1'ass. AKunt.
P. E. KOUINSON , Ass't Ocn'l I'IMH. A 't ,
MiHwurl Valley , Iowa.
J. II. O'HUYAN , SoiithwoKtcrn Aciit ( ,
Council UlufTj , lorta.
Des Moines , Iowa.
Manufacturers of SASH. DOORS , DLIND8 ,
Great rnlurtlon In Hank Countura , Plans lur-
Uhul.niid word fiirnlnliu'l In all Kinds of hard
rBoltvtorxl , CounturH llnlslioil In oil wliunilo-
ml. Shelving ol nil klnili fiirnlshuil nnd put
nto building ready for ( mint on short notlco
ir workmen uru the liimt mechanic * that can bo
irocurcd , ba\o monoby giving us your coo
Blairs , Newels and Balusters.
Oiirforeimin In this department was former ! )
( Ill l''robt Manufacturing Co , I Chicago ,
llu , nnd liis donu uoino of the flnctt Stair * ork
ntho Northnext
Ordurj by mull promptly attended to. R29-3ni
ProfcuHor Fluhcr , ( from St. Loulu ) Uanclnx Ac ,
Iviny , fjtnndard Hall , cor Fifteenth nnd r'arn-
mm , Tucsdiy e\enlna , Sutittmbcr Dili.
UlaxuoH for 1-adlcn and Oontlenicn comrncncln
'uuBday i\tiilnr ; September ( Jth ; clrtsntiw lor
Inuea nnd Morton ) , commencing Saturday after-
eon at 4 o'clock. Clnxacs for Kamlllcx , wlllliu
rrmiKud tn milt tlie honoroblu patrona. Also
talloc Jivntln ; ; tan be taught.
TerniH llberitl , und iicrfi'U s.itlHfucllon tn Bcliol-
n Ruarantued. 1'rliute imtructlom wll ictfr-
n at the Dancing Academy or at the nulUvnco
f th patronx.
I'rivato orders may bo loft atllai lluycrA
rnV ntSO-tf
For PurchaiB or Lome City Property ,
Healed nrojxmlH for the purchanu of , or the
caw of thu city property , known on tbo "Old
'cat House Orrjiind , " will kn receded by the un-
enlgntil until Tnrwlay , October ! ! 6tb , 1H81,12
. 'clock noon H ld ground contains ono aero of
and fully deHcrlbed tiy mctcn and bound * In the
ccd to the city. Thu council reserve ! the right
o reject uny aud all bldH.
J , J , L. 0. JKWKTT.
City Clerk ,
Orntha , 9ct , 18Ui , UH1. oclB-Ot
John G. Jacobs ,
( Formerly of OWiA Jacob * , )
o. 1417 Furoham St. , Old BtMid ol J cobOli.
CTOrdnr * ov Tolwraph Rollritwl S7-lv
TEC. 33
Corner 10th and Webster Sti.
'rceb Oyitcrs and ( lame constantly on hand tnd
served In tlio latent tt > lu ,
OS. 1 , OUUXtiON , i. O. 11VRT
Clarkson & Hunt ,
Sucoeofirn ( n Richard * & Hunt ,
B ) UthBttt t Om ha Nb
* > - I'rotuj Beyond nny rcMOtwhlo Question tlmt th
I's t > y nil ixtrts tlio b s. roivrt for you to take when Iravollng Ia ollhcr direction bctwccnT'
Chicago nnd all of the Principal Points In tlio WoJl , North and Northwest.
ap. TlicrilnrlpM Cltlcinf the \VMtnml Nortliwo t urn Htfttlortt'
nnth ironil. Its tlirouih ; trains iimko close couuccUotu with Uio trains ul all ruiU-owU a *
junctlou points.
: ffl < S fourormoro VutfiipmU
The Imperial Palace Dining Cars.
lloinc'mbcr to ask for Tickets via this roatt.foa stiro they reml over It , and toke none other.
lUKVIN UL'OUHT.acu'l ' MnuaBcr.CMcaKO. M. W. II. STLSSEir , Gcu'l 1'aas. Apetit , OUIcaue *
HARRY P. DUKL. Ticket A nt0. ; in N. W. Ralhvny. Hth and Fajnh m strcotn.
I ) . IX KIUIIALI. , AwOMAiit Ticket Acvnt U. k N. W. ilallmiy , 14th and Farnham itrooU
J. 11KLL. Ticket ARont C. & N. W. Railway , U. P. IV R. Depot.
BAMKST. CLAHK Orncrel Aircnt.
A large and varied stock of Sta
ple and Fancy
You will Save MONEY by buying
your DRY GOODS of
COS N. 16th Street , 2d door north of Oal E Side.
At Prices that Suit Any Customer Who Really Wishes a First-
Glaes Article.
STAR TINTED SPECTACLES Art alee Bold hy us. delusively
THE JEWELERS , Opposite the Post Office.
SUPERIOR v.:1. ; :
In 'Convenience ' ,
AND > ' t
-SOLD Bll-l.1"1"1 < ivjl '
Lang & Fotick.