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Beoord of a Day's Doings in
Iowa's Western Metropolis ,
Ho is Preparing But Don't
Practice in Pull Dross.
The Board of Trade Will Drop
' Their
AllWhoDon'b , Pay
Duos ,
Tlio GIB olal Count nnd the Now in
noAiu > or THADK.
The Council Bluffs board of trade
mot in regular session on Monday
night , ' Ltonry Motcalf in the chair.
The Bccrctnry , E. II. Odull , submitted -
ted his report , which was read nnd
approved nnd ordered placed on file.
lr. A. B. McKuno , from the special
committee appointed to visit Chicago
nnd confer with the management of
Iho various -railroads , submitted an
oral report , with reference to what the
railroads would do towards building
iho projected levee. The report was
received and thocommittco continued.
The committee on the application of
Conrado Geiso reported favorably and 0
a ballot was taken , which resulted in ciAl
his being elected to a membership in AlW
nho 'b'o.ird. On motion ofV , C , W
James , the resignation of Jacob Wil
liams as one of the directors of the ' 81
board was accepted and Dr. A. 13. tlid
McKunco chosen to fill the vacancy. d
Dr. McKuno offered , the following : sp
"Resolved , Thatnli pcrsonsdplinqucnt cli
in the payment of their initiation cliwi
fees , bo again called upon by the sec- wi
.retary and requested to pay and on to
failure to do ao their names to up
dropped from the roll at the next cli
.meeting of the board. On motion of
Doctor Woodbury the resolution was
adopted. Jf. 0. ' Oriflin offered the
Jfollowing resolution : Itesdlycd , That weU
the executive committee ) bo instructed
to assess members pro rata BUfliciontly
indebtedness of Fil
to meet the 'present '
the board. Adopted. A. B. . McKuno ho
moved tliat a special committee of
five , composed of the following mom- isbr'i
bors"M. G. Griflin , T. J. Hart , H. br'i
E. J. Woodbury , T. L. Oavin and
Henry Motcalf , bo appointed to solicit anc
membership to the board ot trade. on
The board adjourned to meet on
Monday evening , October 2-lth. doc
Thd official count of the recent elec TH
tion is as follows : i doi
For" Governor Sherman , R. , 2,330 ; can
Kinno , D. , 1,988 ; Clark , Gbk. , 147 * canI
Shcrman'a majority over Kinno , 842 ; unl
ever all , 195. at
For Representatives' Soiffort , Hi , atHo
2,262 ; Clayton , B. , 2,130 ; Hemstod , , HoJ
D. , 1,898 ; Morgan , D. , 2,100 ; D. B. Ha <
Clark , Pro. , 122. SeiUert's majority cor
pvtFi Homstod , ' 304. Morgan's ma for
jority ever Clayton , 24. forI
'For ' Auditor Kirkland , R. , 2,489 ; '
Gardner D. ' . } Kirkland's ror
, , 1,80' ; ma
jority , 627. Bit
For , Treasurer Bonnet , R. , 2,553 ;
Bad6llbt , D. , 1870. , 'Bennett's ma- yroi
, -Fdr . Sheriff Guittar , R. . 2,139 , ; Ho
O/Nbili / ; D.2,108 , Guittar's majority
31.For tali
For Surveyor Denton , R. , 2,237 ; the ,
Brodbeck , D. , 2,048. , iJenton'a majority 803
jority ,
For Superintendent Miss Smith , ma
R. , 1,283 ; Cooper , D. , 2,380. Coop- maMe
r'H majority , 497. ho
For Coroner Faul , R. , 2337 ; Rick. her
ctts , D. , 1933. Paul's majority , 401. stii
For Supervisor Matlack , R. , 2088 ; ; '
Underwood , D. , 2,180. yndotwood's ofJol
majority , ,
W. A. Spcra , a farmer , who lives a tqc
short distance from this city , called at helot
THE' BEB office. According to his lot
own account of himHolf ho is a man of
moro than ordinary attention. 11 o is
ii newspaper man by trade , leaving
early in lifo entered upon James
Buchanan's old organ , the Lancaster
( Ponri)1 ) Intelligencer ; established in
the year 1780. Ho wasjthirtcen yoara roc :
'controlling editor of the Lancaster thi
Enquirer. Ho served four years in ing
the Union army , ' boirig with Soridan 1m1
when ho took liia > famous ride down cci
the Shonandonh valley. At that time mo
3lr , Spcra was major of the 117th 801
Ho to ab
Pennsylvania cavalry. npppara
bo a man of considerable intelligence ,
a ajflunch republican but not a stal
wart' . Ho thinks Conkling will bo ,1
thd next president if ho livca. Ho "V
cottlod in Pottawattamio county in flul
1878nnd believes that the state ' of foil
lowa'woa the original garden of' Eden. of
What Council .Bluffs needs is less free nettle
trado' advocates and more factories. tlo
' .fct Ho has no doubt in a few years wo ccr !
will bo the lending farming and man
ufacturing as well as the railroad ccri
centre , of the northwest. i
' The grounds and buildings about T
' the 'Rock-Island ' freight depot arc rap
idly assuming their former appearance - MC
anco , Nearly all the debris lias been
carted away. The famous liolo in the
ground has become a thing of the past ,
which fact is" regretted very much by
the traveling public. A now freight
Louse , 30x200 foot , will soon bo com
pleted 'near Jho.pito of the old ono , to
gether with an ice house , 20iOO feet ,
Bartlqt & Cuppy uro raising the walls lai
of the round IIOUBO , and noon no re- sol
juinderjof itlio great disaster will bo i.h
left- * excepting the yow . ' buildings , 11.1
-which will stand as u monument to
the fearful explosion which took place
on the 20th of Sjiptembor , tiat ] day of
national gloom 'and eadncss.
, It la rejiorjUid tliat , 'u n.otod astronomer - rp
mor obYorveu nof "lorigBirico u peculiar
shaped shadow pass ever the fuoo of
the inooiir YoJp'rcHtinio'Uhat . 'Pro- W ,
/easor Paige-will * claim that It "was a
piece " of the roof of the Tl "dynamite
Council Bluffa mud is sticky , A bo
yoiintf man caiigbt his ftiot'iif 'BOiiitf ' of Al
. . ) -yesterday , "AY ho BUijk ho called tot m
for llplp.A' gentleman wont to his yowe
' rescue ; ind' between the two' the matf we .
wuflaved. When ho got'oii the side- 1
ho remarked that ho was thank
ful ho was not in Omaha.
Thus far Iho season has been favor
able for stock. The rye and timothy
never looked bettor or furnished more
food for cattle. If cold wcathor keeps
ofl the amount it will require to got
the stock through the winter will bo
enough less to nearly compensate for
the shortness of the corn crop.
No farmer should neglect to provide
jor suflicicnt shelter. Tlio cold wcathor
is sure to como before long.
Tlio oflicial count shows that Mor
gan's majority over Clayton was only
twenty-lour , and any galoot can toll
where they came from.
There is ono thing about Morgpn
when ho gets homont least. That is a
good wife nnd she won't keep any of
his representative secrets , either.
Mrs. Morean wns awakened last night
by a noise in the next room , ro-
sbmbling n cross between a poll par-
rott mid a boar. She felt along the
bed nnd , finding the representative
missing nnd the noise still going on
in the next room , she stopped suftly
to the door. The first thing ho
heard " ' " ' " and
was 'oakerl" 'eakor , ,
finally , "Mr. SpoooeakorSho
opened the door and tlicro stood the
representative in his midnight nttiro
practicing for tlio lower housu.
Our county board of supervisors
mot in this city Monday to canvass
the vote cast at the recent election.
tlb tlV give the ollidiul count ; which will
bo observed to bo not much different
from the account given by Tim UKK
fiE The young Dane who died at the
Denmark hoimo , on Washington nv-
Jiiuo ! , was ah entire stranger in the
city , luiving arrived in this country
xbo'ut nix weeks ago. Ho was taken
with typhoid pneumonia nnd was sick
nily four days before ho died ,
Seventeen years ngo to-day Oon.
Sheridan inado h'ia. famous dash ever
ho old turnpike road in the Slionan-
leah valley , turning defeat into n
plendid victorv for the union army.
It' ' is eaid that thorp ii not a first
lass house vacant in this city at the tv
irosont time , and that people who )
rould gladly remain hero are obliged
H. Eiscmnn , of the well-known " . "
lothing lioiiso of Eisoman t Co , , oil
Iroadway , has roturncd'homo ' from nn
xtonsivo pleasure trip throughout the be
rcat. Ho visited the baby show in
rtah. (
Charles H. Forson 1ms gene to
itchburp , Mass. , on a visit to his '
DIJIO : and friends.
It ] is said that olio-half of The Glebe
mortgage for ere than it would R
'ing under Iho hammer.
Mr. E. K , Burch , ottornoy-at-law , JT
id wife , of Dunlap , are in this city
a visit to Mr. and Mra. Aylcsworth.
Ex-Boprcsontativo Carson says hoes
os not understand what thcso ns-
roids that have nppcnrcd lately in Bl
UK BKK mean. Ho asks why wo
in't spell his name in fullj Bo'--pooplo
n sea somothini ; bcaidos Tatars. " "
How can a meeting bo happy and
ihappy , pleasant and unpleasant , nil
the same time ? ask Morgan and
John R. Boll , of the firm of Boll &
all , grocora on upper Broadway ; 1ms
no to Col fax Springs to bo treated
B. H > , Baxter , editor .ot ThoMir- -
, Bourbon , Ind. , wat in Council :
luffs yesterday , ni the Pacific house.
J. A. .George , of Missouri Valley , i
us at tlio Pacific yesterday.
It looks quite natural to BOO Capt.
onry on our atroola , daily .again. Bl
Ileardon 1 , the unconquerable , was
knn from jail yesterday nnd , under gt >
o care of Ofllcor Morse , went in of f
arch of n justice to try him , but , in i
t finding ono disengaged , ho was ° i
arched down to the jail again.
'orso says ho is the easiest prisoner am
ever led around. hill
The ; celebrated glanders case is wh
ill engaging iho undivided attention cell ig
.Justice Abbott , Gcorgo H. Holmes , stn
3)111 ) Lindo nnd sixteen jnrymon. upi
hero is n full attendance from out tin
do each day. RoHocrnntz aaya if it
Linn \
i.ok $10 to euro such a , horse , unless inn
was an intimate friend ho would
him dio. .
Superintendent ! Enter , of the gas
Mnpa'ny , has n largo crow of men on-
igcd putting in now gas mains at the
inction of Bancroft and Broadway.
There were 202 car loads of stock
coivcd nt the union stock yards' in
iis city up to Monday night ; rcckon-
ig twenty head to tlio car , and wo
wo 'tho total number of cattle relived -
lived 4,040 , Sometimes there are
ere than twenty head in a car , and1
imotimos loss , but the , average .is
out twenty.
Palpitation of tlio Heart *
T. M. Might , Syracuse , "S' Y , , writes :
When I first commenced using your Bur-
3ck Illood BlttcrH I was troubled with
ittcriiif ; and palpitation of the heart. I
It weak nnd languid , with n numbnonn
the limbH. Biiico using , my heart linn
t troubled mo nnd the numbing Henna ,
on ia nil Kono. " 1'rlcti , Slj trial slzo , 10
nt . 10-cwllw
Tin UO T I'oruLiul Tui Bur
fHE thi
Bimi o SLr ? OlIDRVS foi
AND frt
* "
VaCIEOT & CH /J " 0 " HJ
U nuf ctnrfd Inflvoeliie , 4 , , 8 , 10 nd I an
U hag no ccarliu. llenio no noise
on lU work Okslly and quIcVly , md Beta tbe
tie l Kiiiuuit of. lult < r Iromiho milk or
m ; t miue from Die > out uli lumber. It
lUal klovter prlca than any other DraftlMi
iiurn < , Uond for dlKiluilvu clrcul&r j-.d prlc
t W tin '
. , POLAND & GWYEB , inl wl
Commission Merchants. im
pr tfafMlo j > f * ' rm Produce ; | 'otatoes , PoultVy ,
Duller , Kggt received and so'd on
coimnlwlon ,
t 'ash advnnccj made on conslgnmcnti ) .
' - 'and .Store , 1410 .Dodge Street.
Omalm , Neb. tCbtonUO
olng tlie Story of tlio Scriptures , by Iloy. Oeonrt
ilexandvr Crook , I ) . D , , lu uliupUi aiul attractive
uat'O ( of pld And > qu ir. Vrolusoly Ulustra- B
, nwklnfcVft njost liittresting mid Impressive
outh lUKiruitor. Kvtry parent will sucure thli
rork. rreachon. you should circulate It. I'ricr
3.00. Bend for circulars with extra terms.
J. II. CIIAMllKim & 00. bt. Louis Ito.
In the mutter of the tnt ot Ttltr J. Johmon ,
Notice Ii hereby piten thnt the creditor ! ol
ild flccc.i l , ll < niixttheMmlnhtrfttorolMlJ
I > tnl" , before me , County Judye of Doiiglm
County , Nctirnika , nt n Coiinly Court Itooin. In
MtdContity. on thoZUhdny ef NoicmWr , 18S1 ,
on the 24tti day of . nmnrv , 18S2 , nnd o i the
2lth day of M.irch , I8S2 , nt lu o'clock n. tn. mc'i
d y , tor the piirpjKo of presenting their cUlm
for cxMnlnMloti , fidjuntincnt nnd allo nnce
Six months arc llowB < l for creditor * to present
their clnlm , and oncj cAr for the n Jmlnlitrotor lo
fettle Mill l > tatc , from the 2ttli tlnv of f cptcm-
l r , 1841 , thli notice will t > o ptiMltheJ In Tin
OMAHA WHKKI.V HKII for four week * tucccH lvely ,
prior ta the 21th day of November , Ib81.
[ A true copy. ] A. II. till AUWICK ,
octmwit Cnnntv .Iiuk-d.
I'llOllATJNOTIK. : .
In the matter ot the Kttato of James H. 1th ,
Notice Ii hereby riven that the creditors ol
mid dcccMod , will meet the ivdmlnlntrlx of wild
tatntc , licforo me , County Jndga or Uoiijrlai
County , Ncbranka , at the County Court Itoom
In wild t'oulity , on th Olh dnyof DecemberISM ,
on the filh day of Frbiiiary , 1892 , nnd on theOlh
day of April , 1882 , at 10 o'clock ft < in. ctich day ,
for the piiriwsool pruscntlnc their clalmi lot ox-
amlnatlon , mljtiftmcnt ami allowance. Bin
montij arovllOMcd for creillton to prenent their
claimnnd ono year for the admlnlitratrlx to
nettle Mid estate , from tlio Oth dny of October ,
ISMllthlmiotlra will bo publldlicil In Tim OMAHA
WKFKI.T HRR for four wttkniiirccaaltcly , prior to
the oth day of December , 1831.
( A true copy.l A , M. OilADWtCK ,
oclDw4t Coiintv Jndiro ,
The IDomoorntio Cnndlilato for
County Treasurer.
Mrs. Linn 1'cters being first duly Hworn
dcposcH nnd n.ayK , uliu in well nceinnintecl
with ono Chris. Hnrtmnn , and tliat nn or
about tlio Int of July , 1877 , xnid Clirin.
Hnrtmnn I lien being tlio city treasurer of
Omnhn , Klio presented t K.ild Ifnrtmnn
M diich trcnjiurer , n city warrant amount
ing to tlio mini of S2. " .00 nndititercst in the
sum of 3-1.00. Alliant C.IVH Hnid warrant
was for work dcno on DID JJodgo street
grade. Affiant further nay * tliat eald
Ifaitman told alllant that mild warrant
wa nut worth inucli , aa it would not he
paid for BOVCII or eight yearn. Affiant
further aaya that nbout ono week afterwards -
wards , tlio s.lld Jlartman called nt alliant's
liarncn.4 store of Fnnilmtn fttrect , and in
formed her he could get n man to buy Raid
warrant. Thcruupon eaid Jfarttimn , him *
self , paid affiant the RUUI of 812.00 for nr.kl
A-nrrant. ARiantfurther H4ystliat durinc
Ing the eamo month of July , 1877 , Baid
rr nt was paid in full , to-wit : the sum
f 829.00
Alliant further Rayn she Bold Raid war
rant for 8I2.10 , relying entirely upon the
also ] nnd fraudulent reprenentatlon of
aid ' Hnrtinau.Alliant Baj'HHho was then ,
.ud la now a widow ,
HuliBcribcd in my prcs nco nnd Hworn to
icforo me thii 18th d y of October , 1881.
LimiKR R. Wuiniir ,
octlSeod-d Jnstico of tlio Peace.
HE DEHT CHANCE for a hrrnciw-nmkcr In
the Wist. In n good business town and a
'til settled country and iioharucjis-iuakcrp. In
ulr.oatlhlsoIico. ! d2t-wlt
leading and Elocution
Voice Training , Private Lessons and
SOU CMS Street , between 20th nnd Zlst. 1
JamAftentfr COLUMUIA "
and OTTO BH.rtJLES. Send
three cent etamp forCatalo ue
and prieo list * containing lull
N , I , D , SOLOMON ,
Paint * , Oila and Glrui
For Purchase or Lease City Property.
Scaled proposals' ( or the purchase of , or the
iso of the city .property , known as the "Old
nt HOUBO 0round , " will be received by the un
it-signed until Tuesday , October 25th , 1881,12
lock noon. Slid ground contains ono acre of
nd fully described by motes and boundi In tho.
icd to the city. The council rwervei the right
reject any and all bids.J. .
City Olrrk.
Omaha , Oct. 18th , 1E81. oclB-Ot
Levying tmpeclal tax1 for curbing and
uttering ( i'ftmham street from the center
10th : street to the cuater of 18th atreet ,
the'city I of Omaha.
Do it ordained by the city council of tbe
ty of Omaha. '
SUCTION 1. That a npcctal tax to the
mount of $3,207,00 three , < thousand two
undred and Boven dollars md hlxty cents ,
hlch beitiK tlio cost nndoxpenflo o { curb-
and guttering Knrnhamhtreet from the
Miter of Ifith ntreet to the center of 18th U
reet , ba , nnd tlio same is hereby levied
pen those lots that nro bounding or nbnt-
ng , paid improvement , according to Byron
eud'x ' map , which corresponds with A.
Jonen' limp , an the lirnt nnd origienl
mp nnd plot'of th < city of Omahn to wit :
Total § 3,20700
Sice2 Such xprcinl tax xlmll be tluo In .
lilrty (30) ( ) dnya from thu PIIHSHHO unit up-
iroval of thin ordinnnco ,
SKC. 3. Special ordinance No. 'J68. on. c , "
Itkul nn ortlinnnco levying n hpeclnl tax
curbing nml guttering Farnhain Btrect
rom the 1'iiHt curb of 15th Htrevt to the
enter of Ifa'th'Htrcut , in the dty of Omnhn ,
iul jiUo u epucial ordinance No.70 , en-
Hied mi ordinance ) appropriating money
illicit tlio pticiitl fundtopny for curbing
„ Kaniham Htroet from th
t curb of inth Htrtct to the center of
8th Htrcot , nru hfruby rojei lnd.
SKC. 4. TliU nrdlnance bhall take effect
nil bo ! u force from nnd after HA imnaugo ,
TIIOH. ] ( . PAII.KV ,
AtteBt : 1 Wt City Council ,
J. J. L. 0. JKWKTT , po
City Clerk.
Piuned Oct. 11,1881. sli
Approved Oct. 13,18fil.
, J. K. UOVD. Mayor. ilx :
'InonlKivo tax bccnmvH dellmiuunt on dt
12th day of November , 1881 , after
vlilch d.ito ten per cent , penalty nnd rll
utewst nt the jnto of ono per cent , pur
nonth , jinynblo In advance , will be ndded.
optlSdnt City Treasurer ,
A. G , TROUP ,
Real Estate Agency ,
J : "IN wtpnn ifttr ftu
Keep a ctroplet * bstraet of title to oil Iteil
iUto lu Omaha and Uouvlus countv. mavtf
The leading Scientist * of to-clny airea that
mo tdl < ; ac are canned by disordered kidneys
or liver. If , therefore , the kidney * and liver arc
kept In perfect onKr , perfect health will ho the
result. Thin tnith has f < nl'bepii known a short
time nml for JTCAM ptflplo imlTored crcnt agony
without bolus A''l ' ° ' ° "nj relief. Tlio < llnco\cry
of Warner's safe Kldnry ntiil Liver Cure mark * a
n now cm 11 the treatment of thcxo trouble * .
Jlndo from n nlnijilo troj Icol leaf of rare vnhic. It
coiitnlm Jiid Ihcflemcntiitieceisary to nourish
nn < l Invlfrorato Ixith ol thccu trcnt orpins , nnd
Rifely rehtoro ami keen them In order' . Ulan
'otltlve ' Remedy for nil the diicanca that CIUIKO
.mint In the lower part o ( the body for Torjild
Llicr Hcnil&clieii Jaunulco Dlulncni Oravcl
Fever- Ague Uicrnnd Urinary OrRnns.
It U an excellent nnd Kifo rcme < ly tor fcmalo
ilurlnit rrrirnanry. It will control Jlcn truatlon
nml l < In 'nluablo for Lcucorrhrea or Falling of
thu Womli , ,
An n Illood Purifier It l.i Unciiualeil , for It cilrea
Iho origins that innkc thei blood.
Tills remedy , uhlch hM done Rueh wonder' , la
put tip In the LAUOKST HIXIII ) 110TM.K of any
nicillclno upon the market , and In Hold by Drntr-
irlsts nnd all dealers at SI.20 per liottlo. For
ll.ilcle , ennulrt for WAUNHu'd SAl'r ! 1)IA <
HCTES CUKE. It I * n POal IIVU Hcmcdy.
H. H. WARNER & CO. , Rochester , N. Y.
falling euro
for Hcmliml
Wenknosn ,
Spf rnmtor-
rliea , Inipot'
cney , and all
bolf'Aliuiwa ; Lvm'ot Memory' , Unlicmal
tudo , Tain In the ll&ck , DlmncM of Vision , Pro
matura Old AK , nnd many other Dl-ca ? n that
load to Inunlt ; or Consuniptlou and a I'rtma-
turn Grave.
jtarFull portlcuUm In our pamnhlct , which
wn desire to send free by mall to every one.
taTTha Specific Medicine Ii sold by all drugo ; ' " ' *
at $1 per packigc , or 0 packaged for 95 , nr will
bo sent fre < ) ' by mall on receipt of the money , by
addressing THEOUAV ilKDlCINF. CO. ,
Iluffalo , N. Y.
For wile by C. F Goodman , oc7mo-cod
H a n d s o mest
For Sale by
521 South Tenth St.
United States Depository.
Cor. 13th and Farnam Sts.
rganlied H National Bank August 20 , 1683.
IIRMAN KoiTKii , President.
ADUI'HTCK Koi < Nnn..Vlco President.
' II. W. YATM , Cnshlor.
A. J. PorrLBTOX , Attorney.
JOHN A. CEEiunroN.
P. H. Divu , Aut. Cdthlor.
Thi l uk receives deposits without regard to
Issuis time ccrtlflratca bcarlnjf Interest.
Dtuwe < lralt on San Fiancuco and principal
Illcj uf the United Sjtatcs , also London , Dublin
Mlnl/iirL-hntiJ / tlio prlncli > al cltlen of thocontl
lent of KuroX ] ! .
Sflln piuwnnger tlckota for emigrants by the In
nan linn mnvM'.t
The Oldest
3adwell , Hamilton & Co , ,
Bnilncea tnnnctcd tame u that of an Incor-
> rated oank.
AcuounU kept In currency or gold lubjcct to
Ii-lit check without notlw.
Ccrtiflcates of deposit umied payable in three ,
and twcho months , rearing Interest , or on
lenund without Interest.
Advances made to customers on approved seen-
Itlen at market rated ol Interest.
Buy and Mil KoM , bills ol exchange , govera-
uent , state , county .and city bond * .
Dnyw slciit drafts on Enzland , Ireland , Scot-
and , and all parts ol Kurcpe ,
Sell Eurovan | passage tickets.
Corner 10th and Webster pis.
r'rrsli Oftteri and Oamo constantly on hand nd
served In iho lattkt ktylo. oWSui
C , F , Manderson ,
' ! F.rnbunBt , Omaha Nj
1319 Farnham Street.
We offer to-day the largest stock of Men's , Ladies'
and Children's Underwear in the State of Ne
braska. Moreover they were all bought for cash
in the cheapest market of the World , and as the
high road to success lays through the medium , of
a large assortment at low prices , we feel that we
are in a position to meet all wants at
And as special bargains we to-day open a case con
sisting of 60 dozen Ladies' fine Merino Vests and
Pants , at 45c each. These will be found fully
equal , to any 60 cents Vests ever offered. At
75c we offer a Merino Vest , Silk bound and very
fine , fully equal to the $1.00 Vest of a year ago ;
and at $1.00 and $1.25 we have very fine quality
in Lrdies' Underwear. Oartwright's and Warner's
best fine Ladies' Vests , ' $2.25. Scotch Cheviot
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Men's Heavy Wnite Merino Vests 75c , sold last year for $1.00. CART-
WRIGHT & WARNER'S Imported Scotch and other fine Shirts and Drawers ,
our own importations bought last Su aimer Very Low.
A largo proportion of our Underwear , Blankota and Woolen Hosiery were on hand at the time of our FIRE
LAST SPUING , as the season then was too far advanced to offer tliomj wo preforod to pack thorn , and consequently
quently offer them at at least 25 PER CENT LESS THAN WHOLESALE PRICES OF TO-DAY.
CO pairs 10-4 white blankets , $1.50. 75 pairs 11-4 white blankets , $2.00. 75 pairs 10-4 white blankota , § 3.00.
50 pairs 11-4 white blankets , § 3.50. 50 pairs 10-4 white blankets , § 4.50. 50 pairs 11-4 white blankets , § 5.00. 75
pairs 10 4 Tory fine white blankets weight expounds , atigG.50. 50 pairs ll-4samo quality , only weighing 8 pounds !
$7.00. 25 pairs 10-4 strictly -oil wool blankets , very fine and heavy , $9.00. 25 pairs same quality , § 10.00.
CALIFORNIA BLA.NKETS.25 11-4 California Blankota , $11.00 , ( Same sold last year at $14.00. ) 25 12-4 Cali'
foraia Blankota , $12.00. 20 13-4 California Blankets , $15.00. '
COLORED BLANKETS. 200 pairs cheap colored Blankets from $1.25to , $3.00 a pair. 75 pairs western
homo made Blankota , size , Gx7 feet , $4.00 . 75
grey a pair. pairs western home inado grey Blankets/size , Cx7 feet ,
weight , 71b , $0.00. 75 same quality , weight , 8ft , $7.00. 50 pairsll Scarlet all'wool western Blankets , $0.76.
Hotels , Boarding houses , and all using" quantities of , Blankets are especially invited to examine the above , by
far the best assorted , and cheapest stock in the western states.
Country orders will be filled with privilege of returning goods not Satisfactory.
' 1319 Farnham Street.
Established 11 Years ,
Aaeota Represented
882 , OOO.OOO.O.
Active Fire 'and Life
iranted. C. ! . TAYLOR & CO : '
benne and furniture IB insured with
0. T. TAYLOK & CO. ,
Oor 14tb and Dondas ,
Boar for Moores ( )
AND Saddlery.
I have adopted the Lion as a Trade Maik , and
limy goods'will be BTAMl'KD with the LION
Jiil my NAME on the same. NO GOODS AUE
"ho liost material la used and the rcoit skillet *
rorkmon are employed , and at the lowest cast
irico. Anyone wishing a price-list of good nil )
onfer a favor by sondluc ; for ono.
On the lOtli day of October. 1SS1 , at 2 p. in. ,
t F. U. JIortoiV | store , 111 ! ) Karnlmm itrcet.
malm City , Doiulas County. Nebraska , I will
vll at pu ) > ( lo auction personal pro | > orty bolon .
nj ; to Die uttate of Agnus J. Morrow , dvrvascd ,
iii-Iudlni ; Jewelry , books , vrockury , rilvcrware ,
uriilturt ) , housuhold goodi and otbcr proncity.
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oclfidSt Administrator of Said Kstaic ,
01. n. f , 0 , Ul'KT
Clarkson & Hunt ,
Buccesivn tn IllcharJs ii Hunt ,
- r
UtllKUf'k Om h Neb
J. B. Detwiler's
The Largest Stock and Most Com
plete Assortment in
The West.
"We Keep Everything in the Line of Cfarpots , Oil
cloths , Matting , Window-shades , Fixtures
and Lace Curtains.
"OPTFrn aat
1313 Farnham St. , Omaha.
Steam Puimps , Engine Trimmings ,
A. L. STRANG , 20 $ Farnarh St. , Omaha.