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ParnolltliB , Great Irish A
tor , Arrested By Order
of the Government ,
The Cowardly Occupants o
ihe Castle Mortally Afraid
of His Speeches.
Unable to Oopo With TJnarmoc
Chief uains They Appeal
to the Dungeon.
The People Pushed to the
. Verge of Revolution by
the Event.
The loader Qni tly lumdod In Kil-
nmlnliau Jitll Mlnuto Dotaila
of the Arrot.
Rational Associated I'mw.
LONBON , October -23. Charles
Stownrt Parnell , tin Irish agitator ,
was arrested this morning by order o I
the government , undur the coercion
: ict. Thu news of his arrest has al
most stirred up a revolution in Ire
land. The arreat of Pnriicll was ac
complished by the government officers
at the King's Bridge railway station ,
.Ireland. The agitator at the tinio
was on the train , going to attend the
county Kildairo convention , whore lie
'had ' been advertised to deliver
an ad'tre'fs on the land act ,
and whore an immense concern ran
of the Irish people was to be ass em
bkil to receive him. It was well
known the character of the speech to
bo delivered by Mr. Piirnoll would bo
violent in the highest degree , and tliat
his party managers had made every
effort tti have assembled at the convention
vontion an audience that would bo in
p&rfect sympathy with his utterances.
It wai because of the fear o the re
sults that the'governmont was appealed
to by the loyalists to apply the coer
cion act to Psirnoll and that the Gov
ernment consented to the upplica
tion. It was intended to have the
arrest made quietly , but the news
of Parncll's advent to Kildaro had
been so well advertised by the land
league that crowds of sympathizers
were posted along the entire route and
at the railway 'stations were assembled
great thrones. The number of people
at the King's Bridge station -was great
and Air. Parnoll was practically in
the midst of an ovation when the gov
ernment officers , boarded the train.
The officers had not apparently antici
pated the presence of such a
throng and , being ( few , hesitated
to make the arrest , fearing
A report would ensue , but they had no
option in-the'mattor , as tbe order was
. - '
rthe titation. f popuJacSlittliu station
had not suspected the real reason for
the presence of the soldiers and sup
posed they were there merely to pto-
Borvo order. When the officers board
ed the train there was no movement
among the pejplo indicating that they
understood the solution of the affair.
It was 'not until Mi. Parnoll was act
ually under arrest that the truth
dawned upon the assemblage and
then n scene of the wildest disorder
The determination to order the ar
rest of Parnoll was arrived at during
the secret and prolonged session of
the cabinet hold yesterday. No indication -
cation of any kind was given that such
a step had been dccidud on. After
the session ended the public was given
to understand that while the ministers
of course had given some attention to
the condition of affairs in Ireland , yet
there had been a division upon the
question as to the best course to pur
sue , and that the most of the time
not consumed in the consideration of
the * Irish question had been used ar
ranging a final policy toward the
Transvaal. The resolution to arrest
Parnell was is this way kept entirely
a secret from the English and Irish
people , and BO profound A secret did
it remain no QUO knew of it boaidea
the cabinet until Secretary Forstor ,
who secretly left London immediately
after the cabinet adjourned , reached
Dublin at a very early hour this morn
ing , This ho did by special means of
travel. He at unco summoned the best
government detectives available ,
placed the warrant for the agitator's
-arrest in their hands , and giving thorn
the -fullest assurances of military sup
port and the amplest powers advisable ,
ordered them to perform the du y as
signed as speedily and secretly as pos-
diblo. Secretary Pointer thereupon
placed himself at once on the closest
communication with the military all
over Ireland , andit was not long
.after the detectives left the secretary
before ho had every member of the
British force in the island under the
most absolute orders. The cabinet
to day do not hesitate to say that they
believe the energetic measure will
have the ellcct of improving the polit
ical condition of affairs in Ireland , but
many who have paid much atten
tion to these affairs shako their
heads and say the olfect of
Purnell's arrest may be very
commendable but cannot now bo cal
culated with any certainty. Parnell
was taken to Kilmainham jail , the
prison which was prepared especially
for the prisoners arrested under the
coercion act and in which both Mr.
Dillon and Father Sheohy languished.
Ho offered no resistance. Ho was so
taken with surpriio when the officers
presented the warrant to him as to be
for a moment speechless and
powerless. The people at King's
Bridge station , when they saw
the Irish leader a prisoner in the
han da of the soldiery , were indignant
and disposed to tit once crush the
oiilcertj to death , but the power of the
government appeared so instanta
neously in the presence on the ground
of largo armed soldiery , who had OB-
capod notice before that a sort of
dreamy to'rror came over Jho people
They fell back , for a moment sub
dued , and Pnrndl was removm
without trouble. The now
spread all over Ireland witfr th
rapidjty of lightning , nnd everywhere
that it wont the populace turned enl ;
to find the British soldiery armed , an !
on duly abend of them. The power
of thu English go\eminent nnd the
utterly helpless condition of the IrNh
people in any scheme of common resistance
sistanco were never more terribly con
traatcd than in the necrccy , the and
denncss , the complete success of the.
arrest and the dazed helplessness will
which the Irish people Hero compollet
to learn of It in the proaonco of an
armed force that seemed in n momcni
to have swarmed all over the country
and taken complete possession.
Mr. Gladstone , on the invitation oj
the lord mayor , wont to the Guilt
hall to-day and tliBro received an address -
dross from the municipality. In re
ply lie said that Irish affairs were too
near and too pressing to bo. put backer
or neglected. The condition of Ire
laud was , without doubt , the most
serious , but in dealing with thin con
dition the government disclaimed al
partisanship. There was no issue be
tween political parties in England or
the question. The government had
sblnmn duties to discharge and it was
determined to perform them.
The first step which it had
taken toward1 * vindicating order
and the rights of propcity in Ireland
was the arrest ot Parnell which had
been made to-day. "Mr. Parnoll , "
said Mr. Gladstone , "from motives
which I do not challenge , has made
himself prominent by attempting to
destroy the authority of the law nnd
to substitute for it an anarchtal oppression -
prossion of the Irish people. I believe
that the Irish people wish to give the
land bill a fair trial and the govern
ment ia determined the people ate not
ip bo terrified out of their constitu
tional rights. " This declaration of
the intention of the government was
received with much applause by the
assemblage' which tilled the inag-
nificoi\t \ hall. M' . Gladstone closed
liis remarks by sayinc thai thu govern
ment intended to abide by the Trans
vaal convention , which the Boers hud
solemnly agreed to ratify. Upon
leaving Guild flail , Mr. "Gladstone
was greeted with vociferous cheers by
the crowds which lined the street , and
.hcso continued to be taken up by the
> oniilaco as he drove through tho- city ,
along the embankment and to West-
muster. The excitement in" the city
] y reason of the news from Ireland is
very great , and further is
waited for with great anxiety.
The warrant on which Parnoll was
arrested charges him with inciting
Ti'sh tenants to repudiate part obli
gations and refrain from applying to
ho legally constituted land commis
sion to fix rents.
Immediately after Parnell's ' arrest' '
kit impromptu.tneethu was held at
Morrison's hotel , Dubkn , which was
Pitted .over ; byjM hA'jWjpn.i
whn denounced ni strong terms * thu
Action of the government , amid the
applause of the crowd.
DUBLIN , October 13. - The city is
illed with soldiery and the city pre
sents the appearance of an urmed
: amp. The inland is in a state of fer *
ment. A popular indignation is
growing all over the country , and ip
low on the vorg * of revolution , and
copt from breaking out by the pres-
Jiico of extraordinary mil tary forces.
: he land league is now sitting in spe-
ial session , presided over by John
Dillon.It is rumored that the gov-
rnmcnt will take military possession
) f the land league headqu irtors , and
ireceod to extreme measures to sup
press the league. The league is pre
paring an appeal to Iiishmcn in
LONDON , October 13.-Tho latest
iccpunts show that Parnell was anost-
d in Morrison's hotel , Kind's Bridge
tation , Dublin , where ho had gone to
lo down and take a resb before taking
ho train to Kildaro canon. Ho wan
irrosted after the train reached the
tation , some of the detectives board -
ng it on the supposition that he was
eated aboard. Others of the force
ntered Morrison's hotel and found
Parnoll abed therein and placed him
inder arrest. The fact that the agitator
vas a prisoner did not appear until ho
flras out of the hotel and on the rail-
oad platform , where the guard sur-
punded him more closely. The en-
ire garrison of toldiera in Dublin
re now confined to their barracks in
rder to bo ready to march at any tno-
nent. The excitement continue to
ncreaso , but thus fur there has been
.0 outbreak. An impromptu moot-
hg was held at Morrison's hotel im-
lodiatoly after thu arrest , and Mr.
ohn Dillon , in a very impassioned
peech , denounced the government's
ctiou. An order for his arrest is mo
netarily expected. If any attempt
o execute it is made a deplorable
cene of'violence and bloodshed is
ure to follow ,
DUBLIN , October 13. Kilniuinhum
ail hospital is now full of troops , who
voro served with bill and cartridges.
LONDON , October 14. Sir Stafford
orthcote in speaking at Edinburgh
ast evening said it was a satisfaction
o arrest Parnell , but ho held thu
ovornment responsible for the state
f affairs loading to the arrest.
At a private meeting of the Irish
lombors of the homo of commons
eld in this city last evening a resolu-
ion was arranged which will bo pro-
icsed at a great _ meeting to bo held in
Dublin to-nhfht. Thu resolution is as
ollows : "Resolved , That no govern-
lent tuxes uro henceforward to be
uyabla throughout Ireland. "
BOSTON , October 13. P. A. Col-
ins , president ot the National Irish
and league , expresses great surprise
vor Paniell'tf urrost uud says in an
interview : "I did not suppo o GJad
tone would blunder ngm BO soon
Ho himself provoked Parncll's receni
utterances by speech. I trust the
Irish people to keep cool and then
Parnell will bo a greater force in jai
than free. I think there will bo IK
outbreak but the arrest will intensify
the land leaguu again , Our branch
will probably immediately nppoal to
America for aid.
BcFKAM ) , N. Y. , October 13. Rov.
Patrick Cronin , vice president of thu
American land league , snja n mass
meeting will bo held nt nn early dnto
to express indignation at the arrest of
Parnoll. Great excitement is mani
fested by leading Irishmen hero.
MANCHESTKK , N. II. , October 13.
The Manchester branch of thu land
jonguo held .1 largely attended meet
ing this evening Strong addresses
denouncing thu arrest of Paruell were
made. The follow-in ciblcgram was
read and forwarded by the secretary.
MANCIII-STKI : , October 13. Secre
tary Land League , Dublin : Parnell's
arr st can sea the utmost excitement
and awakens the memory of cen
turies of misgovornmcnt , Follow his
teaching , no surrender. Stand firm
Tor frco lands and homo government.
Wo are with you to the und.
President Land League.
National AkEod&tod Prrn.
LONDON , October 13 A Berlin
sorrespondcnt sayH a telegram from
it. Petersburg ! ! announces that the
Lluewian journals have rcceiuid iv cir
cular from the censor pr-jhibiting the
indications of any thing about the im
pending movements of the czar or any
of the imperial family.
Thu ameer in two well contoitod 011-
jngements 1ms defeated the force sunt
gainst him from Herat , although his
'orces wore commanded by "Russian
soldiers. The government of Herat
s now attempeing to muko terms of
> i-aco with the ameor. The latter
eems determined to push his present1
ad vantage.
A Rich Vein of Coal.
pcchl Dispatch to TliR HUB.
GiiAsn JuNimoNj Iowa , October
.3. The Grand Junction coul com-
tany finished sinking their shaft this
afternoon , and the indications are
hat they have thirty inches of very
superior coal , and , of course , the
stockholders are feeling jubilant and
anticipate a successful career with
hcfr enterprise. *
Snoceisfel Balloon Ascontlon.
National Associated Vna.
CHICAGO , October 13. The longi
alkea of balloon ascension was suc-
esafully made to-day from the "baso
' '
works' , nnd after u tedious preparation
> f the four anchors and other para-
mernalia of the balloon , Prof. Samuel
I King , tin ) luroiuut , suddenly drew
lis knife across the cable which held
ho struggling leviathan to the earth.
'ho rope -parted with a loud snap and
ho swept through the crowded park
nd sailed gracefully toward the
louds. Prof. King waa accompanied
> y Sergeant George Hasha on , n
Jnitcd States mgnal service ob-
ervcr , who carried a few
imple instruments \iith which to
nako baromotoric reading and to take
lie elevation , humidity , tempeiuhiro
nd to observe the clouds , und cur
rents and concral phenomenon.
.bout one thousand pounds of bag-
caga was carried in the car , consisting
f extra clothing , provisions , otc.
'ho start was made at 4:45 : and in
on minutes after considerable ballait
was thrown out the air hip had
ascended two miles , moving in a
outhwest direction under a stiff
> reezo At that point the upper air
urrent was entered and the speed
WUH somewhat slackened. In forty
linutos it disappeared from view in
no clouds.
Mexican Matter * .
atlonal Associated I'remi ,
CITV or MEXICO , October 13. A
omincrcial commission has boon ap-
> ointed by the Mexican government
or the purpose of considering the
onvcniencu and inconvenience of the
iresent treaty with the United States
nul the suggestion ot necessary mod-
icttions. _ They will study the qucs-
ion of'nalional jurisdiction in the
natter of n violationof a treaty. They
will also consider different mutton
> ertaining to customs and the advan-
ngcs of any union with the United
A sensational dispatch has been re-
oived from Masataland statini ; that
wo hundred Americans art * preparing
o invade the state of Sinalaa , nnd
liey are the advance guard of a ma-
audint ; expedition.
A dispatch from Monterey Bays that
ioavy rains have fallen for the past
ourteen hours , inundating thu city
nd rendering over two hundred fam-
ies homeless. Borne loss of life is
eported from other points of the
tato. The water is doing much dam-
go. The secretary of war has or-
ered a division ( if troops to ha sta-
ioned at Oaxis City on account of the
riport at Guatemala that a frontier
war is considered possible but not
> robable. *
_ _
Indication * .
itloiul Aiioclattd i'rena.
WASHINGTON , October 14. For ( hopper
ppor lake region : Partly cloudy
million and rain , cmi winds , sta-
ionary or lower barometer and torn-
) oratnro. For the upper Mississippi
nd Missouri valley : Partly cloudy
weather and rain , east to south wind' * ,
ewer barometer , stationary err
r tumni-raturo ,
Tronblo Aruone the Menuonitca.
letloual AiwoclatoJ 1'ieu.
OTTAWA , Out. , 'October 13. A dif-
culty having occurred but uon oouiu
on A portion of the Monno
nitct reservation in Manitoba , tha Do
minion ffovornment Ui r decided to
ujlow nedfortr to remain on the lam
on p.iymbntof1 93 per acre. A prom
incut Mennorilttt BO'tier Mja that the
Monrtonitci threaten to Jvmovo to Da
kota if payment ia cnforecil.
National Amocialod ITex * . *
CiiKuno , October 13. Lieiit , Wood
ward , of the Tenth cavalry , telegraphs
to military headquarters in this city
from Fort Quitmnn , Toxiis , that the
latest news from Nana'a Apaches ,
gathered from "Mexican1ttwircos , is
that they loft the Candolnria inoun-
tains and went to the Coralitns where
they were attacked by Col. Torrats
and' fifteen Indiana killed. From
there the Indians are rnpaHcd to have
cone west toward Lake Quomaii and
Florida mountains. v
A special from FortfKcogh says
Capt. anyder with throo'cwinpanioa of
mounted infantry has bean L searching
Tor ton days for a party of White hunt-
era reported slaughtering , largo quan
tities of buffalo near Hho source
of lied Water rivers , " mif lins been
unable to find them. * Iti.ia feared
Ihey would come in eollUion with
the Yunktonaia Indian ? , if the
slaughter ot bulialoa vna.ttfit stopped.
Booth' * Domeitie IJifc.
National Associated Trou. , ij
NKW YOKK , October . 'IS. A dra
matic journal prints lth . .fltnteinent
that Kdwin Booth ftnd"wlfo have
separated , the former coing to the
hotel Brunswick with/hiiV-daughter /
Edwina , nnd the latter to > private
house with her motheflHnd step
father , .T. H. MeVioker , who have
rented a place on Sixth nyonuo and
Fiftieth street. It is Raidjtbo estrange
ment hns grown for a yewj nnd ' cul
minated with thu discbvMMfi'that the
wife had willed to her mother prop
erty in Chicago deeded to1licr by Mr.
Booth n year ago. It ist&lso said
thcro has been oiitsidojgiutBrforcnco
in their family aflairs. | Mra. 35ooth
aulTers greatly , part of the\timn being
confined to her bed. Booth , Is looking
ill nnd careworn.
Fatal Polio :
National Aseod.itctl I'ross.
UANNIIIAL , Moy Oofojjor iy.
A c.iso of wholesale poisonitijjoccurred
icar hero yesterday. MiOnid .Mrs.
Binnn Westfall , thoirja'jaughter , , and a hired manifaine | ( un-
cnown ) being the victiwc. V All ate
oatmeal mush for brcakfaStMuieli wan
> repared by n negro cSSik. They
vcro almost iramcdiatcly Tiikcn sick ,
jut Mr. Westfall manageU to come
nto town for medical , ) In
he meantime Mrs. Wcstf dicd and
the others uro very sickl i'nyBicmiis
> renounce it arsenic ipqiMSiyifg. The
: ook did not oat ( ho ; ratith .and was
not affected. She had tronblii wilhibo
amily A short , time ago. SlK.Jias b'eeii
National Atsoclatod Prom.
" ' " ' " "
- -
lington , Cedar Rapids fc Northern
Toad was thrown from the track about
2 o'clock , n few miles south of this
place. Engineer William Hailey V-M
instantly killed , but nn one olsr in
jured. 'Ihe accident wan the work of
train wreckers , as the crow bar with
which the rail was removed vuia found
near by. Foot prints were also fcund
leading to the adjoing cornfield , where
u M agon of some kind had evidently
been concealed Detectives are after
the wreckers.
Gorman Society Parade.
National AmociaU
NEW YOHK , October 13. A grand
review and parade of German docieties
and several militia regiments was
given in Union square to-night in
honor of Iho arrival of descendants of
Stuben , who have boon specially sent
by the Gorman empire to the Yorktown -
town centennial. Mayor Grace pre
sided and delivered an address of wel
come. A number of Gorman , French
and American national hymns were
Bung by the German Hinging societies.
A parade nnd review followed , after
which the party started for Washing
. -
National Autocinted fteo. >
CmcAdo , October 13. The National
DiBtillprs and Spirit Dealers' associa
tion finished its session and adjourned
this afternoon. A banquet will be
given ihem thin evening , after which
the delegates will Rive the city.
CUIUAOO , October 13. The conven
tion of the Colored Baptists of the
northwest to-day dhcujsud the pro
ject of establishing u colored theolog
ical Hshool at Louisville.
A Big Hani by Bnrclan-
National AnHOilatod 1'rn * .
CJIICAMO , October 13. A special
from Carlinville , Ills. , says , The
honHo of Ezekivl Perrin , n wealthy
farmer living near there , wn entered
by burglars" Wednesday night , whp
secured 88,000 in gold. A singular
coincidence In that nil members of
Perrin'B family were bound and gauged
in identically the same manner an a
family named Fairbanks , near Turner
Junction , who were relieved at the
seme hour of 3000 in cash und $10,000
in government bonds ,
A Contradiction.
National Awoclutvd I'reiw ,
CIIICAOO , October 13. The Wash-
ton dispatch stating that the treasury
cattle commission had failed in its
purpose for lack of funds is emphatic
ally contradicted from the headquar
ters of the commission in Chicago. It
is meeting with hearty cooperation
tion on he part of thu local and state
nuthmities , and lias expended but a
small portion of the appropriation
placed at its disposal by tlio secretary
of the treasury.
Mrs. II. L. O'Ueilloy ' takoi great
pleasure in announcim. her association
with the ricknoulodged hmding Milli
nery KsUbliahment , ATKINSON , &
CO'S , and solicits the patronage of
her many fritmdi ,
The Time of 4 'S0Mto Iainly
Taken Up Y&\ *
Electing a Ik *
. 'hai
David Dftvia Elootod' w > *
Position by a Vo i > of
34 to 36. I
Senator Davis Makes a 6hort
Bpoeoh in.Accepting
the Position.
Batch of Norninatioi
Sent to the Sormto
Yesterday. \
Reception of tbo French and
Gorman Visitors to the
Yorktown Colo-
Wo Catlaot Nomluatlon * to be Sent
to the Senate at Prc
NUoniU Aiwoclatctl 1'ti' i.
WASAINQTON , Ootobur irj's It i
understood that Senator KTdmnnds
vill to-day offer a rcsiilutiun unseat
ng Bnyani and iloclaiiuq David Davis
irosiJinit pni turn. Thu policy thu
democrats will pursue is not known ,
although the contingency has been
disclisst > d in their caucua. Several
senators nn that wifle declares1 that
heir opposition will not be carrie
the extent of filibustering.
Senator Lamar offered n resolution
requesting the president , if it would
lot conflict with the public interests ,
o inform the senate whether any steps
lave been taken since the last session
o protect the rights of American citi
zens in the projected intcr-ocoanio
Anal across the isthmus of Panama.
Jaid over.
Edmunds culled up his .resolution ,
untinuing the committees. itct
Garland nlferoil an iunundmont re- ct
tricling the list to toll of tlfii loading tlct
ommittees. ct
A debate onsund. ' 81
OnTMr. Garland's amendment Da- DCH
id Davis voted no. DCP"
The amendment was rejected by a P" "
> arty vote. in
Edmunds' original resolution was in
lion agreed to.Yeas 07 , nays 35. \
Sonutor Lo ayi ofl'eroi a resolution si
hat David Davis bo declared 'presi
dent pirVteni of the senate. , 5
Senator Penclletpn demanded that
ho resoluiion lay over under the rulon. ti
' The Ho'nato ; then , u't 12:40 p. m. , oh w
motion of Seiiator Sherman , wont'into u' '
' rucutivei sHHslon
i *
' ' ' * i > <
'TJiuVohat'o m'executive aitssion con
firmed Hannibal Hamlin to bo minia-
ter to Spain. All other nominations tiidi
'were referred to committees. diA
In open session Senator Pendloton A :
withdrew his objection to the present
consideration of the resolution elect so
ing David Davis president of the sen soP1
ate and debute was begun thereon , P1Tl
Air. Jones , of Florida , being the first
. Mr. .Tones'
speaker. argument re IK
ceived no leply , and the vote was IKJ ]
tuken by ayes and nays. When Mr. II
.Bayard's imnio was called he said : sc
"I shall withhold my vote on this nu
question. I hive never attained of- nue
lloo by my own vote , and I shall not of
seek to remain by voting. , I am glad iv i
the vote in taken to-day. " When Mr.
Davis' name was called ho remained
silent. The vote stood : Ay OH 'M ,
nays 34. iv
Senator Harris being in the chair in
appointed Senators Bayard and An ino :
thony to escort thu president-elect to inU
the chair. U
Senator Davis on taking the chair re
spoke us follows : CD
SKNATOHH The honor which you th
have conferred cjmeB as did the neat
which I just occupied , without Holici-
t at ion on my part. If it carried with
it any pledge of party obligation I ofK
I could not accept the high position K
I do not consider it as a recognition of thin
any personal merit but rather as a
tribute to thu independent position in
which I have always occupied. I feel
grateful for this mark of your confi
dence and shall endeavor as a duty to
administer the trust with impartiality ui
and fidelity. Not having been trained ttH
in parliamentary practice I jjhall tii
hope for co-operation in this ro'pect. thtf
The Hunato will now come to order. tf
Edmunds said ho thought it not tic
only a duty but a pleasure to offer n trn
resolution that thu thanks of the sen n
ate bo tendered to lion. T. F. Bay
ard , the senator from Delaware , for
the dignity and impartial manner
with which ho has presided over this
body during the brief period which
he has occupied the chair.
Thu resolution wai agreed to. nc
On motion , Senators Logan and ncn
PcudleWn were appointed u commit 1C
tee to wait upon the president and in- 1Cu
for.n him that the senate had elected w <
Davis president pro torn. 1 ,
Senator Kellogg called up his resolution Ala
lution calling on the president tor in Au [
formation in regard to the first nnd Aa
Biibsequeiitoxtraditionof VinoinzoJRe- a
bnllo. The resolution was adopted.
Senator Voorheos offered a resolu
tion for thu strikinu of u gold medal
in commemoration of the services and la
nnd death of James A. Garfield. Re laH
ferred. Ii
After Homo uniinpoitunt buaincaH IiHI
the auimte , at 1)3 : ) p , in , adjourned. 1 ,
Thu following nomination' ) wore it
uunt to Iho Houalo thii morning , be 01U
ing nearly nil UIOHU officially uppoint- 01V
otl since- the lust saamon by the Into V
Proiidont Garliuld : Hiniiilnl Hum-
lin , of Mulnu , utnoy extraordinary
nnd minister plunopotonUary of the
Unite ! States toSplin ; WalterDlaino ,
ef Maine , tlitid nsaistant auurctary of
state ; Mark L. Hrciner , of Michigan ,
cuimil general of thu United Stuti'H at
Botlini Alex. Joiirdon , of PcnnByj-
vania , United Btatcs consul at Al
ders ; Eilmond Johnson , oftNow
Jersey , confcul at Piclon ;
Arthur A. Harrison , of Now
Jersey , consul nt Santa Andre ;
Winfioid Scott Bird , of Alabama , consul -
sul at LuiiRUeyuft ; Hobort V. Ilalloy ,
of Vermont , consul at Barbabo ; Taa.
W. Silcc , of Indiana , consul nt Capo
Town ; Henry S. Lasar , of Missouri ,
consul nt Port Stanley ; Alva S. Alex
niidor , of Indiana , fiftli auditor of the
troaiury ; Bon P. Di\vis , of Jtaiuiuhl-
Fotts. fourth auditor of the treasury ;
' -\coi > H Ely , of Now Hampshire ,
klor of the treasury ; Thomas M.
msrtiu _ tlf collector
0 Mississippi ,
.Brondito. 'f the aatr0t ! Of Vlcks-
t.f . oaitotni10. .xckin ot Wisconsin ,
.burg ; H. M. RW i revenue Third
diilector of intern * ,
district of Wisconsfll * * Crocker ,
I'ostmMturii-James M. 'niball ,
Ileou1 City , Mich. ; Kiovi J. X v ' .0
NorwnVi Mich. ; Charts E. Woatlnk. . . '
Mt. Pkwint , Mich. ; John Otto , Mt.
Olonicns ; . Mich. : CJiarK * M. Buckley ,
Montgomery , Ala. ; Jaco4 > X31assElm-
hurst , III. ; Lindsoy Well. ' ' ' , Piyry , In. ;
Mrsi Dollo M. Burcholl , vKt. Worth ,
; m\on t AgtoclAtai Trtw.
W'ABHINOTON , October 13. Ap ty
f ciY-izons of thu Ditrict , lieadoa y
tvo commissioners , wunt to BaltimoTO
inlay nnd escorted the French nn.d
Jcrmiui ; grunts of thu nation who ftro'
o parti eipato in the Yortctown cole-
ration. At the depot nn address oj , ' ,
elcomo vas made by Commissioner
lorgan rti ul responded to by. Montrey ,
Vench minister to the United States ,
'ho ' visitor.i > remained quietly nt the
.rlincton t bis evening. To-morrow
10 city wl/U / Jitrrnlly belong to tlio
Isitors. P. nblic departments will bo ,
osod at 110.01) ) ' , and soon after the i
nests will bo3eortod ! ' to the capitol
y the military ftrnl civic societies of t
ic District , w here they will be > i > o- tti
) ivod by the president of the United tifi
tales nnd a recot > 4ion will bo held. IV
> ] fi1
lorrow evening there will bo a grand <
Ititnination and itisplny of firoworlni ) . 1Vi
nd thu German utag'Jii * societies will , Vim
mdor the dcscoudantn of baroiT- Viti
tubon a seronaclo. tiM
Cabinet officers Htntod to-day that V
ley have reason to bvliovo that no .Ucl
ibinot nominations will bo sent to cl
10 senate until after tilu Yorktown
ilubra'ion. Ex-Senatwv Fnlinghuy-
in ( of Now .fersey , is decided on foe
icrotary of _ statoi and'oxScimtor
bwc , of Wiaconain , for some place , T
robubly the interior dopnrtnivut , hue
ithing olao is decided cm. Post-
aster General JamoH wilt remain
vhile and that will leavu'itr impos-
blo to fill the treasury from New
ork , hence it is considered ! not -ini-
rpbablo that WJndom will remain in
lice until ho is to take his proapeo-
vo seat in the senate December ,1st
id the whole Cabinet may remain i
ichange'd until'then : An evidence ,
10 cabinet will leave hero next Moil1
iy for Yorktown on the Tallapoosa. '
The result of to-day's session of the
nato is generally accepted as a com-
ete settlement of the present trouble.
liero are no caucuses in the fore
ound ; in fant there is no appuront ha
ied for one. Both 'sides still cling to an
ieir decision not to take the initiative ov
regard to thu election of u ba
cwtary this session ! There- now kn
cms to bo nothing to in- fn
rfero with the speedy disposition hi
the buBinufs of the suasion. Qavis hiGi
ill probably appoint senators to- , the an
spectivo vacancies left by his prcde- an
ssor. It is thought that all uxucu- seth
ire nominations will bo disposed of th
ithout conflict and the final adjourn- to
out take place in time for the eenu- lie
ra to go to the Yorktown colebra- lieTl
an. The democrats generally take it
avis' election philosophically. The itCtt
publicans feel that they hava uc CttW
impliyhod the object about which It
toy have little more to say. Itmi
The Garfield memorial asAociation be
the district of Columbia wlm prose - nrW
> so building a national hospital in W (
o diwrict ot' Columbia in the uamu pain
Garfield , to bo open to these need-
g itu aid und minister without re inOn
ad to class , castu of creed or color , On
ks insuod an nddroan appealing to the wi
inoroHity of everj-ono tor contriba- pi.ho .
JOHN , small and large , to enable the ho
socmtion to found mich nn inatitn- Tl
iii. To be in need of help will bo
0 only passport required to enter num
1 door und secure Ita aid. Coiitribu- m !
> m may bo sent to Hon. J. Gilfillun ,
eusurer of thu United States , Wash- tii
gton , D. 0. se
W <
CINCINNATI , O. , October 1& Comja
etc returim from the election of day jami
; fore yesterday in this county were th
it received until 9 o'clock this morn- I
g. They are pretty accurate , but
it official. The roporU give Foster's hi
ajonty 0,575 , and Judge Long- BO
: > rtli thu highcHt on thu state ticket , th
J)80. ) The hinlicH.votd cast WHH for in
eery , democrat , for common pleas inwl
dgo , Mutton , democrat , for probate ba
.dgo , JH elected by , y80 , Miller , bam
iinocrat , for county treasurer , hat * a or
ujority of 11,740 , Johnaon , for coin- hi
on plens judge and Devereaux for he
10 legislature uro also elected , thu is
Her having n majority ot 550 over isal
arlan , thu lowest on the republican alwl
cket. The ropnblicaim elect throu at
initom by majority ranging from tii
800 to 2f)00 , ; iiinu munibeiH to the ci :
iginlatiiro by about the namu nmjor- w
io.4. The only legial itivo eniuliilato
i the republican ticket not elected is
[ arlan , thu colored man , The re-
uLlia'ins elect three common pleas
iditH Miixwoll , Buohwalter and
onnor. Hill , lepublican , for eoir.'ly
him u mujoiity of 4U(10. (
0. , October 13.Olmir -
i in Nanh hi.i rotnnm from Boventy-
x cdiintiya , giyinx Fontor L'3,800
lujority. Th aunatoiio\v | attnul/i / , re >
publicans 22 , democrats 11. House ,
republican ! 70 , democrats 45.
O. Si M. Election.
NutlotvO Awociktcd 1'tcin
ClNCiNNAti , October 1J1. Before
Judge Harmon this morning the peti
tion to prevent UioGarrott party from
voting 7,200 nharei of hyp6thccatjd (
ulocks of the O. it M. railway nnd
certain bonds , was refused on the
ground that the matter was not properly -
ly before the court. The work of
amending thu petition WAS commenced
nnd another injunction will bo asked ,
but it is believed the parties will vote
the stock before further proceedings
can bo obtained. The election Is now
in progress.
INDIAKAVOLW , October l.l. In the
application for an injunction by the
Jay Gould party to enjoin the Garrett
party from voting curtain shares of
stock at the Ohio & Mississippi elec
tion at Cincinnati to-day , Judge
Urummond decided to tuko no action.
- " ' VCINNATI , October 13. - The Ohio
V- / * iopi election is now In pro-
it MIMW * . ' . -.ving filed ft protest
test , ( iOdtt . * . of Iho eloclion ,
against tliO l titj . ' -courts.
and will carry llio Hialtcr id tu , . .
Mr. Goald , Jr. , olforcd to voio tH
hypothecated stock , which wcro thd'
subject oi contest , bifl was refused.
The Gor U patty had already voted
0,000 share * ff t as 6on as Judge
Hannon refusli.w the injunction to
enjoin ,
The fight for the possession ot the
Jhio & Mississippi nttln y/ between
ho Gould and Uarrett imrties1 , hart'
created great interest Jioro , and
though the election in over the con-
l nt is nut ended , but morely'Jomoved
to iho courts. The Garrett piUty , ON
as Judge * Harmt.U . refuntul to
the injunction , openud the
voted the contiHtcd stock"
'H attorney could got a
on the iimondcd petltiop.
ilr. G'itJd offorcd to vote , haviiuin
lis poeienMon the ort innl certificates
if tht' etoak , l it the v.oto was rejected.
ho HtoekJiaviiHr bccit already voted
iy tlto oppuahnin. Protests were
led bv tlio Gould ; par\y against the
> \\lty \ oi''tluj olfction at , d the matter
ill bo font 3iod un ihv courts. The
oto re nl.Vdi in favor oi. the Balti-
lore Ji Ohio party and the Gould
cket wjxs dofcnod by alwiiit 24,000
lares. M'lio dbector ulottid are : J.
. DonaUlscn , of Dnltinu > ov Henry
enrson , af Toledo ; V. Jivta on , of
onisvillo and T. UVrrisoni C'nrrott ' ,
IBalliinoro. >
Hey Oaua9 Him t > Sic3r ; Up
Himself JWith'u ' , BntcUor
Knife ,
A dupcrnto itttoajib was n ia
rday by , Jim Wearer , to com * lit sui-
lo.He rushed . - , , „ x (
i n e m
' " '
itchoknifo in" h'iv hkiid ! '
on who had soon hin > draw the knife-
llowodv When Weaver rooohod tlie
ey hot bent down and ran th iknifo *
rough his leg. Ho then irodon .
BI in hia left wrist , then run the *
iifo through hio * arm nour
u shouluer. _ Tliei men who '
d followed him seized > pitch fork&
d attempted to disuRfehim.Vhon
or they approached he drove them ,
ck by menacing ttwm with' the
life. Five times he- forced bhoui.
jm him , nnd each ticu * . ho sobbed
meclf in the breast. Finally Jack
illigan grasped his fork as n club- ,
.d springing in , hit ) his arm _
d sent the knife flying. No-
oner had it ' left his hand
an he fell to the ground.1 A' .
lephono message was cent to the pee -
: o headquarters calling for a wagon ,
lis soon arrived ana ho was taken in >
to the jail. Dr. Leisonring wasu
lied and dressed the cuts. The
junds were not pronounced serimu.
is undoubtedly otvimz to the attack :
ido on him by the outsiders which
evented the cuts intho breast frank
ing serious. These in , the leg and
ins made before they reached him ,
> ro deepi and if itu a more vital. ,
rt would unquestionably have beau
rious. About U o'cloak a carriage ,
which if an a. negro woman nomwti
irrio Lfoper , who claimed to bo hut
fe , calludi at t ho jail. He woo.
iced in. it and taken to hia >
uno on Jackson street , between
lirtoeuth und Fouwoonth streets.
BKB reporter visited the house
out 8 o'clock , lust night nnd was ad
itted by Mrs. Leoper. A rumor
a afloat in that neighborhood
at ho had eitheo shot'nt him-
If or some one clso last night ,
three ropocta had been ,
stinctly heard. On qucationitigitlio
jman about this.she said : "Jim han.
id the jim-jams for the lost faw
> Hund.fa b niglii was watched by
a. About 2 o'clock I laid down on >
0 bud nnd went io sleep , nnd wheu
uwoko again , u hulf hour latbr ha
, d gone. I Bout a man out to look ,
m up. Soma one said they hadL
un him. running at full speed over-
e hills , headed south. I. heard noth-
g clsn of him until half past five >
ion I learned ho woe in tbo jail
dly hurt. " Sheelaiioud that bo hud
ndo no attempt cither to kill himself. '
any one clou lust night but said that
1 now insisted that ho had. Weaver
is been out of mil but four days nncL
considered a desperate character by
I who know him. To thu maishcl , .
lie asked him why ho hud mmlu tbo
tempt , he said : "Oh , I know my ?
inu will come some time , but it don tune
uno soon unough , BO I thought I'
ould Jiurry it.N
\Vm. T. FilloyK-q. , of
[ .ma , , attorney at law anil
idgo [ lolico court and county com-
lissioner , H.'iys that ho was restored
i purfituk health und activity by those
se of St. Jacob * Oil. Ho had tuf-
ircd with rhuiunatisin for yuaro in-
Htsuly , but by the recent uao < > f the
jiiicdy ho was , ua atatod , oomnlotgly
LiruJ , / '