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    f " t' ' FHE OMAHA DAILY BEE.
Assembling of the Now York Re
publican State Convantion
Yesterday Morning.
'Warnor Miller Bleoted Tempo
rary Chairman of the
Convention ,
"Which ia Considered a Vic
tory by the Anti-Oonk-
ling Delegates ,
.Senator Miller Makes a Ring
ing Spaeoh in the
Convention ,
.And Pays a Touching Tribute
to the Memory of tuo
Late President.
"The Mention of President Ar-
thur'a Name Received
With Applause.
Unseating of the Conkling
.Delegation Prom the First
Oneida District.
Chatmoey M Dopew Selected as
Permanent Chairman of
'the Convention'
NEW YOHK , October 5. The enor
mous crush of politicians made the
corridors of the Fifth Avenue hotel
impimsiiblc. The excitement was no *
great , except over thu chances for ad
mission , this being in unusual demand
and impossible to got. So badly had
the arrangements been made that
m many delegates had not got cards half
an hour before the convention met.
The state committee met in the par
lors of the Fifth Avenue hotel at 9 a.
in. There was a full attendance. Ex-
Senator Platt presided. At that hour
all hopes of any agreement
between the two factions had been
Abandoned , although there was less
feeling of hostility than at the meeting
of the compromise committee. When
it ended at 12:30 : this morning the
state c' mmittco had an entire stalwart
majority of 10 to 6 und proceeded to
make up the formal roll of the con
vention and of course held a secret
session. Those put on the roll were
understood to bo'almost or quite stal-
wajf ( Humor had it that "these changes
"lihd'iuako up of tLo roll would . ivo
the stalwarts a majority of the con
vention. This was denied by the out-
aide stalwarts and is not believed by
the half-breeds , who think- that the
election of the state committee will bo
fair in spite of the stalwart majority ,
and that the latter will do more har
moniously 'than was expected a few
hours ago. At 10:30 : a. m. the state
committee was still in secret session.
NEW YORK , October 5. 11 a. m.
Gen. Curtis , of St. Lawrence county ,
onttred a protest against the admis
sion of a certain delegation , but was' '
overruled and the roll call proceeded.
Senator Conkling's "namo was not
called as ono of the Oneida county
delegates , but that of his alternate.
NKW Yonic , October 5. The com
mittee htia adjourned after agreeing to
make ox-Congressman F. Hiscock
temporary chairman with the proba
bility that ho would be made perma
nent chairman. This was agreed to
by the whole 19 stalwarts , the half-
breeds voting , at Collector Robinson's
suggestion , forWarnorMiller. Sharpe ,
in the convention , will muko a speech
and nominate Hiscock for temporary
chairman. An amendment will be
made to put in Miller , and 'tho Jialf-
breeds expect to force this to a vote
and test the mutual strength.
Ex-Senator Platt called the con
vention to order at 11:10. : 1'rayor
was offered by Ilev , Dr. Hastings , of
the Forty-secona street Presbyterian
church. At 11:20 : the roll call was
ordered , and is now being called.
.Ex-Senator Platt refused peremptory
to nominates Senator Miller , and the
demand was insisted upon by the half-
NEW YOIIK , October 5 , 1JU45 a. m.
"Warnor Miller has just been elected
temporary ohairinan of the republi
can statu convention.
NEW YOIIK , OctoberD. There were
several verbal corrections made on the
list , and ono delegation asked that the
members not named who were seated
on the pla'Jorin should sit with the
delegates. Platt announced that all
delegates must take their places on
the floor , Speaker Sharpe then got
the floor and said ; "Pursuant to the
.action of the atato central committee
I nominate for the position of tempo
rary chairman Hon. Frank Hiscock. "
[ Applause. ]
Mr. Hiscock got the floor and wa
interrupted by Mr. Ponioroy , who de
manded the floor , which was given to
Hiscock. Ho said : "I must , Mr.
'President , peremptorily decline the
nomination. "
Sharpe Notwithstanding Hiscock
declines the temporary chairmanship
I must insist on my right to vote , for
which I call. [ Applause. ]
Pomoroy Understanding , as I do ,
that the nomination of Hiscock is
against his wishes and against his
consent , I nominate in his stead for
temporary chairman , Hon. Warnur
Miller. [ Prolonged applause ] .
On motion of lilm , the rules of thu
atato assembly were adopted us the
rules of the state convention ,
Tlio roll was then called. Hiscock
and Bliss , both supposed to bo clost >
to the president , further voted fuv
Miller. The vote then stood : Miller ,
208 ; Hiscbok.lDO. On a call for a
unanimous vote there woro'.afow soaU
tcriiig noes. Mr. Miller then took
the scat with cheers nnd began apeak-
> B.
Ho said that ho accepted the elec
tion as a testimonial of the regard of
the party to Garfh'ld , ( Cheers , )
upon whoso eulogy ho entered , nnd
xvns heartily applauded. With the
first mention of President Arthur's
name there was applause and ko was
eulogized as first nnd foremost in the
sympathy and support of the party ,
as ho had boon for many years. Wo
hide all old enmity of party and moot
hero to-day ns members of the repub
lican party of the United Statei.
[ Applause. ] Its record can never bo
effaced and if any party has n claim
on the confidence of the country it is
our own ; but if they fail to nporeciato
the issues of the hour they'will go
into the history of the country with
their predecessors. That is fur thu
party , largely by its action to-ilay. to
determine. At present tliOj
majority of tlio country is
unwilling to accept of tiny | other
part1 in power. The questions
of administrative reform , flhance ,
and internal improvements nr4 para
mount. The party still has till con-
fidunco of the country throu hout.
The party has scon that the h nesty
and integrity uf the country hai boo n
preserved. The present admii istnv-
tiou only comes to you in const uinco
with the views and work of t o last
fifteen years. Wo all know the esult
of the successful funding mov niont
and other propositions adopted > y the
recent republican admiuistri xtions ,
which havo'saved us $50,000,000 an
nually in interest , and now wnfwant
protection of homo industry und .home
labor , which is practically brought
about under the present laws ,
( Applause. ) and no philosophy
of free trade can overcome
them. Laboring men are better haid ,
better housed and better clothed than
those ot any other country. Of \ our
commerce 1 call say that supremacy
went from us with the war , but the
time has come for rebuilding it arid to
see American ships in every par.t of
the world. All the powers of ( the
government now rise from the gQiJoral
government and not from the stijtes.
Civil.sorvico reform has passed out of
the line of discussion and it is now
only a question of how it shall1 bo
done. It is a fixed fact and repudiates
the old democratic view of "to the
victors belong the spoils. " This is not
u government of oilico seckora. Mr.
Miller alluded to the manufacturing
facilities of the country ; to the cause
of education and the future of the
party , and , in conclusion , thaukcd thu
convention for the place given him ,
A temporary secretary was tlien
chosen and Senator Wooden moved
that the committee on credcntiaWro-
After a short explanation by Sharpe
in regard to the , meeting held last
night to secure n harmonious conven
tion , a n'ption to have tlio chair < /n- /
point was adopted with half a docn
scattering noes.
General Huatcd moved the appoint
ment of a committee on permanent
After a resolution to take a recess
to 'i p. in. had been made and with
drawn , the secretary announced the
committee appointed by the chairman.
NEW YOUK , October 5 2:30 : p. "m.
The republican state convention at
2:10 : p. in. took a recess until 7:30 :
p. m.
It was not until 8:05 o'clock that
the convention was called to order , the
delay being caused by the failure of
the committee on contested seats to
report before that time. Gco. Bliss
read the report. Among the delega
tions unseated by a vote of 12 to 4
were Koscoo Conkling and other sit
ting delegate * from the first Oneida
district , and the following were seated :
Samuel K Lowry and tellbw-contes-
tants by a unanimous voto. They al
lowed the George W. Curtis delegation
from Richmond county to retain their
seats and by n unanimous vote
decided against the admission of
the irregular delegations in New York
city. The committee concluded the
report by a resolution that all ques
tions of a reorganisation of the party ,
both in the city and other districts , bo
referred to thu HUte committee with
power to act in every case. Thin ,
after some discussion , ( vas not acted
upon , but was made a special order
for action after organization. The
balance of the report was unanimously
adopted. The sitting delegates who
were unseated by the report were
allowed to remain in the hall and take
seats upon the stage , nnd their va
cated seats in thu body of the
academy were taken posBcssion of
by the admitted contestants. This
done , ex-Speaker Husted , of the com
mittee on organization , reported that
the committee had agreed upon Hon.
Oliauncoy Jtt. Dopew as permanent
chairman. This report was adopted
unanimously , amid great applauso.
Senator Miller , the temporary chair
man , appointed Speaker Sharpe and
Theodore M. Pomeroy as an escort to
Dopew , and they accompanied him.
from his seat to the platform , where
his presence acain inspired loud ap
plause. Dopow thanked the conven
tion for the honor conferred upon
nim , and in a short speech outlined
what ho believed to bo the future pol
icy of the republican party upon ques
tions of national finance , honor , edu
cation and political economy , Ho
dealt upon the question of civil ser
vice reform , nnd said that recent
events had forced the question upon
the people. There was no further
escape jfroiii practical consideration
nnd proper settlement. The American
pcoplo would no longer tolerate such
an infamous political system as that
which made possible the assassination
of such n president as Uarfiold was.
The common pcoplo. who furnished
Garfield the republic , know now
where the cancer was in the body
politic. They would insist on its
complete removal. Dopow then paid
a Blowing tribute to the virtue ,
ability nnd patriotism of President
Arthur , and hoped that every repub
lican in the country would extend
him thu Biimo individual support
which they gave him when they voted
for him on the same electoral
ticket as Garfield. After the
conclusion of Dcpow's speech Hus-
ted offered a resolution that the re
publican party of Now York favor
fomnlo sufTrauo. Referred to the
committee on resolutions.
Wonc'EHTEit. Mass. , October 5.
The democrrtic .state convention was
called to order at 11:25 : this morning
by Col. Jonas II. French , of Glouces
ter , who was made tcmpoinry chairman - '
man , with the names of J. Donaghnr ,
of Boston , as temporary secretary ,
lion. Jnmes N. Hunmaii , of Pitts-
field , acted as permanent president
and S. N. Dyer , of Boston , ns per
manent secretary. Hon. Chas. A.
Thompson , of Gloucester , was nomin
ated unanimously aa n CAiididatu for
governor , and lion. James II. Carter ,
of Hnvcrhill , for Lioutenant-Gover-
nor ,
IIUUNSIDB'S succnssou.
Puovinr.Not : , K. T. , October 5 , On
the first joint ballot of the legislature
for United States senator to-day in
place of General Burnsldc , deceased ,
Nelson W. Aldrich was elected , ro-
ceivliiir 89 votes out of a total of 90.
Thomas A. Doyle received 4 vote.s ,
Getirue Jf. Brown 2 and A. H. Shef
field 1.
MILWAUKEE , October 5. N. 0.
Fratt , of Racine , thu nominee of the
democrats for governor , has finally
accepted. Col. Jacobs having posi
tively declined , the democratic
nomination for state treasurer , the
vacancy on the ticket , has been filled
with the name of Louis M. Fnlk , the
son of a brewer of this city.
National Aiuochtcd I'rcss. -
LOUISVILLE , October 5. The second
extra day of the Jockey club running
races had a good attendance , cleat
weather and fi no ti ack , The first race ,
of milo dash two-
n thrco-quartorj n , -
year olds , was won by J m Furrell ,
Perplex second , Wondover third.
Time , 1:18 : J.
The r.Hcond race , ono and u quarter
miles , was won by Suanninoa , Capo
Oleir second , Miss Mnloy third.
Time , 2:20 :
Third race , gentlemen's cupono and
pne-eight miles , for a pursu of $200 ,
was won by Mammonick , Pope Lee
second , Nich Cheek third. Time ,
2:07A. :
Thu fouith race , a milo dash , all
ages , was won by Belle of the High
lands , MiU'et/.ek second , Sportsman
third. Time , 1:49. :
The fifth race , a ilaso of one and
one-eighth milo , for a purse'of $250 ,
\\a won" by Fcllowplty , OakK-af' tKSrd ,
Morgan Belle third. Time , 2:00 : ? . .
Thin closes the season.
National Associated 1'rcss.
LOUISVILLE , October 5.Rev. . Stu
art Jtobinson , D. D. , late pastor of
the Second Presbyterian church , and
president of Polytechnic society of
Kentucky , died this morning , aged
CHICAGO , October G. Prof. Samuel
A. King , the turonaut , arrived from
Now York to-day. Ho will make a bal
loon ascension next Tuesday with six
MADISON , Wis. , October o. The first
frost of the season visited Madison
this morning. Tlio weather is clear
and cold ,
SritiNoriELD , 111. , October 5. Mrs.
Lincoln has determined to start for
St. Catherines , Canada , where she
will remain during a part of the win-
tur , and hopes to regain her former
Governor Cullom , with wife nnd
daughter , went east to-day to attend
the Yorktown centennial celebration.
National Associated 1'rcns ,
ROCHESTEK , Ind. , October C. S.
B. Baxter & Bios , , elevators wore
burned last night. Loss , 820,000 ;
mostly wheat
LIVEKI-OOL , O. , October C. A lire
broke out in Boyces foundry and machine -
chine whop which consumed the entire
building. Loss , $15,000 ; partly in
The William * Brother * .
Sruiuoi'iKU ) , ILL. , October D.
Governor Cullom has offered a reward
of 9500 for the capture of the notorious
rious Williams brothers , who recently
turned up in' Pike county , and killed
the sheriff of Calhoun county , who
attempted to capture them , besides
wounding two of the posse. Since
that time they have been roaming
around Calhoun county and have had
little trouble in avoiding capture.
They seem to obtain considerable aid
from citizens of Calhoun county , cith
er through fear or friendliness , and
their capture has been found thus far
to bo impossible. Ono of their recent
exploits was to ride into a small vil
lage saloon and order the drinks for
a crowd of loafers. The loafers
drank , but the desperadoes did not.
They promptly rode away and no ono
attempted tomoloat them. They are
heavily armed and carry a Henry rifle
and a powerful field glass , by the aid
of which they have boon able to de
tect pursuers long before they are dis
covered by the oflicors. Their capture
will bo a big feather in the cap of the
ollicor who effects it.
Wintry Weather.
MANCIIEHTEU , N. H. , October 5.
Wintry weather is prevailing hero ,
The ground is frozen and snow has
st might , good Sour Mash .Kentucky
Whiskies , call only for 0. Conrnd &
Co.'a MOBS Rose Bourbon or Gover
nor's Choice Ryo. Ask your grocer
for them.
Bratly , Fronoli aiid the Other
Star Route Swindlers Ad
mitted to Bail.
. Motion to Bo Made in a Day
or Two to Quash the
The Indictment Against Qui-
teau Eoinpf Prepared Ho
Will bo Arraicned To-
The Democratic Somitora to
Hold a Preliminary Cnu- .
cus Friday.
They Will bJndeavor to Elect n
President Pro Tern and a
Successor to Secre
tary Burch.
Will Not bo , a Candidate
for Secretary of/ the
Senate. *
BXiacolIoneona Items From tlio Na
tional Capital'
National Associated I'rcsu.
WASHINGTON , September 5. The
alleged filar routu conspirators , Gen.
Brady , J. JJ. French , S. P. .Brown
and Capt. W. H. Turner , appeared
before Judge Cox in the criminal
court this morning. Judge Cox fixed
bonds at § 0,500 in tlio cases of Brady
and Brown nnd. § 4,000 in the cases of
French and Turner , the lattoi being
merely clerks. Messrs. J. T. 01 in
stead , N. W. Fitzgerald , A. 1. 'Roach
and Lewis Gltpsamo wore accepted us
bondsmen for Gen. Brady , Mills Dean
for S. P. Brown , Messrs. 13. H.
Warner and W. H. Williams for J.
L. French , Joseph Tabor und John
son J. Humphreys for Capt. Turner.
Judge Cox informed the counsel for
Brady & Co. , that giving these bonds
did not deprive them of any interest
they had in the coso. Counsel for de
fendants claim the right to file any
motion without notice to the govern
ment , but will not object to , adequate
motion for argument of the same. A
motion to quash the indii-tmoiits. is
Washington Special to Cl.kaj ; Times.
riiKMiDENT Aimiun'a POLICY.
Secretary Kirkwood returned to
day , and is the only member of the
cabinet notv in the city. Ho does not
know yet whether Mr. Arthur will
need him in his cibinot , and like
most other people hero , docs not ex
pect to know until about the time the
senate meets , if then. Like all his
colleagues in Garfiold's cabinet , ex
cept MauVeigh , 1m will probably con
sent to stay without any great
amount of urging. The gossip of the
day indicates a growing impression
that Arthur will administer the gov
ernment on n policy purely his own ,
and to that end will cull about him u
cabinet : composed of men more in
sympathy with his views than those
who are at present at the head of the
several departments. But
in the near future. Having gene to
Now York , as is supposed , to har
monize , so far as possible , the warring
elements of the party there , it in ex
pected that ho will take care not to an
tagonize those ho in now anxious to
molify by making any wholesale
change. It seems to bo understood
that Grant will not give up his private
interests for any place in the cabinet ,
and as he has been spoken of chiefly
as the probablosucccssorof Mr. Blaine ,
it is not unlikely that the latter gen
tleman will lomain as long as he
wishes. How lonir ho may find it
pleasant to do BO , of course , is prob
lematical. A western member ot con
gress who hnu recently spent some
days in Now York says that state and
city will bring all the pressure pos-
iiiblo to boar to place u Now Yorker at
the head of
and this , lie added , will bo stoutly re
sisted by tRo otttiro west. There is a
strong sentiment hero in favor of the
retention of James in the postofQce.
The prosecutors of the star route cases
insist that their great reliance is in him
and if a change is inado it will greatly
endanger their chances of success.
Ho ia being quito warmly backed by
the press of the east and by many
politicians of influence , but it is quito
probable that the result of Wednes
day's convention in Now York will
have inoro to do with the settlement
of his coso than all other influences
combined. If the stalwarts are rough
ly handled , a < r it * now seems probable
they may bo , it is not improbable that
the victors , some of whom are now in
high federal position in New York ,
may bo made to
of tliu oppressor , just to keep them
from being puffed up with tlio vain
glory of earthly things. To do this ,
more changes uro likely to bo inado
huro than will otherwise bo thought
necessary. These changes , it is
thought , would include the retire
ment of Mr. James , in order that
Mr. Conkllnt. ' , or eotno New Yorker
who would bo satisfactory to him ,
might take control of the inoro power
ful machinery of thu roamiry , Presi
dent Arlhur'H friends'hero insist that
ha'will lopk' obovo , andj boypml all
personal consideration's ill'ulioonlug
Ilia adviaora , mid do what lib butter
judgment dictates will bo for thn in
terests of hia administration , Just at
present nobody scoma to pretend to
i'uens , who the now members will bo in
c.wo n swooping change is made ; but
everybody appears satisfied to think
President Arthur will do aa Tyler ,
FiHmnro , ai.d Johnson did bcforo
him ; mnko changes one at n time , as
good opportunities offer.
A I'ltOSI'KCT 01' nWI.lCT.
WASII INOTON , October 5 , On Friday
there will bo a preliminary consulta
tion among the democrat : ! as to the
course to bo purtuied when the xcnato
meotfl on Monday. As matters now
stand , the dcmocralH intend to elect a
president pro tern , and a .successor to
Secretary Burch before the new
ly-elected topublican Konatorx ate
sworn in , If this is attempted
( hum will , of course , bo trouble.
There uro said to bo demo-
cnvls.however , who quietly protor to
nmku some agreement with republi
cans in advance , if that can bo accom
plished. L'omtloton and Garland
liavu been mentioned as holding thuso
views , hut , when approached , they sny
they h\vo : not authorized any stnto-
immts of their opinions ! , and that they
will await their party caucus and ex
pect to toide by it. The president of
the sunato will lie so close to the pros-
idencyof the United Stales only ono
life intervening that both republi-
cunn and democrats are unxioim to
possess that ollico for their respective
party , and feel that it is worth n
The following Bonatorn are already
in the city : Johnston , Ing.ills , Harris ,
McMillan , Teller , Morgan , Garland
and Pngh.
It i.s curtain that Mr. Gorham , the
republican caucus nominee for secre
tary at the last aoviion , can not now
receive the muted vote of the repub
lican senators , and probably not half
of it. Riddloburgor , howuvor , would
be elected Heigi'.int-at-imns , if that
ollico fell to the republicans. There
iu no disposition to retreat from the
arrangement with Malione , who
will bo hero and certainly vote
with the republicans. 'It is concealed
by the republican senators hero that
they would concede all the minor
otliccs to the democrat ! ) in return for
the election of a republican presiding
ollicor In addition , they will agree
to the formation of the committees on
the basis of abaci ute equality of the
parties. It is positively assorted that
Davis will act with the republicans to
elect u presiding ollicor , should the
unsworn senators be admitted previous
to election.
The democratic senators have de
cided to hold their caucus next Fri
day evening ,
Director of the Mint Burchard hai
issued the following : The govern-
monk'JiMjixcd iH valuatipn fojc uuti-
lutc'a silver 'coIW , "otlior * lianf Ihu
market value of the silver they ci > n-
tnin. They are purchased at the mini
by weight as bullion , and the value
depends upon the price of silver.
President Arthur remained quietly
at his residence to-day and lias re
ceived no callers except' a few mem
bers of the house.
The white house is now closed to
every one. Tlio work of repair is go
ing on and Secretary Brown is still in
charge , though ho has had no com
munication with the president since
hin return.
Hon. John G. Thompson , sergeant-
at-arma of the house of representa
tives , stated to-day that under no con
sideration is ho or will lie. be a candi
date for the position of secretary of
the senate.
National Associated 1'iess.
WASHINGTON , nctobor 5. The in
dictment against Guitcau will not bu
completed before 4 p. m. It may be
presented to the grand jury this after
noon. District Attorney Corkhill
says that the assassin will not bo ar
raigned botoro to-morrow or next day.
National Axsociatvil 1'ruiM.
WASHINGTON , October 5. Captain
Howgato returned to the city
yesterday. Ho is to appear hoforo
Commissioner Bundy soon to answer
to a charge of defalcation of the * um
of $50,000.
lilair Politic * .
CorrcBXndcnco | ol Tliu Dee ,
U LAI it , October 4 , The political
excitement in this county culminated
to-day in the convention. There was
what is known as the "Hilton" candi
dates and the candidates of the other
element of thn republican party hero ,
known as "soreheads. " The latter
nominated a full ticket , not retaining
a single man with the exception of
the coroner. The following are the
candidates : Chris. Rathtnan , for
treasurer ; W. D. Gross , sheriff ; Thos.
Lippincott , clerk ; lionryllill , survey
or ; W. V. Miller , county superintend
ent ; H. O , Morse , commissioner. The
delegates to the state convention were
instructed for Hon. Samuel Maxwell.
Resolutions were adopted by the
convention for the bereaved family
of the late president , and expressing
confidence in his successor. JIix.
National Farmer * ' Alliance.
National AumdaUxl I'rosj.
CHICAGO , October D. The second
national convention of the Fanners'
Alliance was called to order this morn
ing in Jlerohoy hall by W. J. Fowler ,
of Now Yoik , the president. Prelim-
inaiy remarks wi-ru inado touching
upoji the object of ( ho alliance , such
ai lighting railroad und barbed wire
monopolies and crushing the spoils
Bvstum in politics , Secretary J , W.
VVilHon mnJo n report , showing that
there wuro 1,000 iilluncca organized ,
with a membership of 24,600. Thu
constitution was amended
National ANioclatol Prim.
LONDON , October fi. The asso
ciated chambers of congress have
nassed resolutions requesting the gov
ernment to negotiate with foreign
countries and with thu colonies for
cheaper telegraphic communication.
The resolution is thought to have been
inspired by the cable company , who
would not bo unwilling to .sell their
lines to the government , who would
then conduct , them an it docs land
lines as an adjunct to the postal ser
HOME , Oetobor 5. The Opinion of
thin city has published n remarkable
article concerning the interest ol
Italy in Kgypt and her relations with
other powers. It deplores England's
indilforoncQ towards Italy , and euvn
that Italian co-operation with Eng
land h Egypt might easily counteract
thu olfecta of French rivalry there.
North American Boo Konporf
National AHoclit l Prowl.
LKXIMITOS , Ky. , Oct. C. The
twelfth annual convention of thu
North American Boo Keepers' society
met this morning , Air. Allen , of
Kentucky , puuaiding. Report H from
all parts of tliu country indicate that
the honey yield this year is of excel
lent Duality , meeting with ready
sales. Thu average yield of surplus
lionoy is sovonty-livo pounds per hive.
The president's nddroas advocated leg
islation to prevent the adulteration i f
National Associated Press.
CITY OF MEXICO , October 5. The
body of Gen. Mariano Arista , ex-
nrcsidcnt of this republic , arrived at
Vera Cruz from Portugal , A con
gressional committee- this city for
Vern Cim to act as an escort in con-
vcyinii the body to this city where it
will Ho iu state for two days at the
eollpgo of mines , and will then bo
buried with military honors.
Hostilities Breaking Out Afresh
Trouble Anticipated.
PIIICACIO , October 5. A special
this morning from Tucson says : The
movement of the troops and the al
leged battles of yesterday and the
day before are anomalies in military
tactics. Our forces had the Indians
in the hills , on smooth plains and in
the rugged Graham mountains , but
up to this morning the result was six
teen citizens and soldiers killed and
seven missing , with , so far oil is known ,
not a single hostile brought down , al
though soldiers nro all around. The
Indians have steadily pursued their
march south without any detention
navtf wliui "StjpjfcijJt ? .b.'tvtho.wivysido , to
mlirdnr some pofcpTtrnvolor or H tat ion
keeper , and skifhiish with the sol
diers ; for the so-called battles amount
to nothing more than skirmishes. As
long as such brilliant efforts on the
part of the army continue
tho'idon ' of a general outbreak of the
Apaches is fearful to contemplate.
It is hoped that tlio change in com
manders will result in a change of
tactics , nnd if there is fighting done it
will bo well done. Col. Mackenzie
has the confidence of the people nnd
the reputation of being a good fighter.
Col. Mackenzie put Col. Biddlo under
arucst to-day and it looks as though
there were grounds for charges. Ad
vices from San Carlos state that there
is only one issue of Indian supplies
on hand and if morn do not arrive on
time trouble will follow. The Indians
are uneasy and restless. Nadoskn
claims that the white men have boon
stealing and robbing his cattle , and is
much dissatisfied. The agency In
dians are counted daily. Col. Carr
will follow with two hundred men and
will cross the Gild river five miles below -
low San Carlos to-night , so as to got
between the Indians * and the sub-
ngcncy , believing that George and
Bonito are still in that vicinity.
SAN FHANCISCO , October 6. Spe
cials from the Hcono of hostilities in
Arizona say there is danger that the
Chiricahuas , numbering ono hun
dred , will escape into Mexico. There
is nothing decisive in the engagement
at Dragoon mountains , as thu Indians
have a thorough knowledge of the
country formerly known as Coohiso's
stronghold. Indian Agent Tiffany
says that Col. Biddlo precipitated the
outbreak of thu Chiricahuas by forc
ing Chief George to leave the reserva
tion before the issue of rations ,
Foitof&oB Changes in Ncbrnnka-
The following are the postoflico
changes in Nebraska during the week
ending October 1 , 1881 , und fur
nished for the Omaha BEE by Win.
Van Vleck , of the postoflluo depart
Established Balrd , Nuekolls Co. ,
Robert M. Baird , postmaster. Craig ,
Burt Co. , Lewis E. Plumb , postmast
er. Minoola , Holt Co. , Andrew Little -
tlo postmaster.
Discontinued Hart , Holt Co.
Postmasters appointed Bedford ,
Numaha Co. , David M. Morris ,
Brady IslandLincoln Co. ; J. R. Hill.
Clear Creek , Saundcrs Co , , John M ,
Franco. Da vis vi He , Gasper Co , , Mrs.
Sarah E. Bryan. Dawsonville , Rich
ardson Co. , Stephen C. Burlow. .Dud
ley , Fillmore Co. , John W. Mullikon ,
Elton , Glister Co. , Edinan Hninant.
Friend , Saline Co. , D. F. Kroidlor.
MontKor , Merrick Co. , Walter HtUF.
Monroe , Platte Co , , Thos. 0. Kon-
nard. O'Kay , Platlo Co. , Robt. M.
Thurston. Roca , Lancaster Co , , Win.
Ranwardink. Rock Blull' , Casu Co. ,
Andrew J. Graves.
Ci carmakers' Union-
The cigarmakurs of the city have
juHorgani/.udn union , andalroiulyhiive
thirty mnmbera. Thu olllccrs of thu
society are : F , W. Schnldcr , presi
dent ; J. F , Johnson , vice-president ;
N. Philbriuk , recording secretary ; F.
11. Kneater , financial and correspond
ing secretary ; A. Schroeder , treasurer ,
and Guu , Millinusou , scrgcant-at-aruis.
Sallivan and Ryan Sign Articles
Agreeing to Fight Next
January ,
Arrival Yesterday of the
French Delegation to the
Yorktown Cele
They Will bo Tendered a For
mal "Reception To-day by
Governor Cornell.
A Virginia Bigamist With Sev
eral Aliases , Sentenced to
the Penitentiary.
King ICalnldin Iioava *
Yesterday En Route For
NKW YOUK , October 5. The
French delegation to the Yorktown
celebration arrived on the stcamor
Canada , to-day. Shortly uftor 0 : 0
o'clock , the commission appointed by
the governor to receive the visitors
boarded the steam man-of-war Ten
nessee and went down the lower bay
and escorted the Canada to the wharf
whore the French guests were taken.
on board a steam tug and landed at
pier No. G. Hero the carriages of the
commission were in waiting nnd
Co , D Seventh regiment , drawn up asa -
a guard of honor. They were driven
up Broadway to the Fifth Avenue
hotel , escorted by the Seventh regi
ment , headed by a section of mount
ed police. Numerous French flags
were presented along the route. The
procession and visitors were given a
hearty welcome. A formal reception
wi'l ' bo given the visitors by Governor
Cornell at the Fifth Avenue hotel to
morrow. _
National Asaoctatoil I'roiu.
NKW YOUK , October G. Sullivan
and Ryan signed articles at lltt : ) thin
afternoon to light within 100 miles of
Now Orleans on the second Tuesday
in January for § 2DOO u side.
National Associated 1'rcsa
RICHMOND , Vn. , October 5. Them.
Marian , alias Gen. Budlong , alias ,
Mofon'pjoadod.gullty rthis .n rmng ,
of bigamy and1 forgery-arid1'was.8on-\ \
toncod to ton years in the peniten
tiary , five years for each offense.
There is a charge of larceny still pending
ing against him. It is expected thai
ho will uload guilty' to this offense
Tlio dead body of a well dressed
man , aged about 115 , was found in the
river to-'day with his throat cut from
oar to car. The deceased had dark
hair , liuht mustache , scmo money in
the pockets and proved to bo George
Mclntosh , of Milwaukee , Wia
King Kalalcua Bound for Omaha.
National Asuofiatod Prcua ,
Ciiic-Ano , October 5. King Kala
lcua und suite arrived from Lexington ,
Ky. , this morning , and loft the city
this afternoon over the C. , U. & Q.
road for Omaha. >
Booomintr a City of Bridged.
National Aswxltkeil I'rcuw.
CINCINNATI , October fi. The Ohio
& Kentucky Central have determined '
to build another bridge across tliu
Ohio fiver between Cincinnati and
Covington. This will bo the third
railroad bridge and the fourth bridge
at this point. It is to bu completed
within two yearn.
Meeting of State Control Com
mittee * i
Special dispatch to Tim Il .
LINCOLN , October G. The state
central committee mot at the opera.
house this afternoon subject to call.
G. H. Thurwcll , of Hall , was elected
temporary chairman. The following
members were present : John 31. Man
chester , of Douglas ; Osborno , of No-
mahu , and George W. Collins , of
Buffalo , The convention , at 0 p. m.
are allowing the Boone county dele
gates to explain why their seats are
being contested.
Indications- , ,
National Anoclatod I'reu.
WASHINGTON , October 5. For UIB
upper lake regions ; Fair weather ,
south winds , lower barometer , sta
tionary or higher temperature. For
the upper Mississippi aud Missouri
valleys : Partly cloudy weather and
rain , south winds , lower barometer ,
stationary or higher temperature.
New York Poit Office-
Wm. II. Waroing , Esq. , assistant
goijoral superintendent , fid division
mailing and distributing department ,
Now York post oflico , in writing concerning -
corning St. Jacobs Oil , says : Tho.
reports from the several superintend
ents and clerks who have used the
Oil agrcu in praising it highly. It
has boon found I'Hicacioua in cuts ,
burns , soreness and stillness of thu
joints , and muscles , and affords a
ready relief for rheumatic complaints.
MRS. 0. F.'lUOKMAN ,
Just having returned from New York ,
will display the very latest ideas in
Millinery on Thursday evening , tho.
Cth mat. All are invited , . ' . " .
. . ' .u
Dougl'rirf ' St. llotrnl'Dof ' at
ocU-'Jt . .