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Tuesday Morning , Ootobor 4.
For the occomodatlon of our mvtown
patrons arrangcmcntsbave been made with
Edholm & Krickson , jewelers , opposite the
pout office , Nvhcro advertisement * nnd
enters for the city delivery of Tun DEK
will bo received. Advertisement1) for the
evening must be handed In before 1:30 p.
. , Jor the morning edition before 8:30 :
p. TO. * cpt23-U _
Paltcnon Belli coal.
Donne. Reliable Ilntter ,
Frederick Leading Hatter.
Smoke SUrlton k Storm * , finest
Cigar , at Kulm's Drug Store only.
Soda Water , bettor than ever , nt
SAXC'S.Thd Lion continues to roar for Mooro'a
g&rneind Saddlery.
For riNB Commercial Job Printing ,
all nt Tine BKK Job room * .
The Glee chili metis this ct en-
ing nt Ho no"s music store.
The state convention of the Christian
church convenes hi Lincoln thin
Who pnys the highest price for Second
Hand Furniture ! Abrahams fit Lewi * ,
1121 lo Rliw atrcet. ncpl2w
William Cutler threatened to eternally
paralyze John Hogers. William will ap
pear before Jinlgc Beneke to-tiny.
Lost Bunch of key * . Finder will
please leave them at the delivery window
at the jKmtoffice nnd receive rcwnnl ,
Cabbage is retailing in t.o ! city at the
very high Tale of twenty-five cent * n head ,
nml Is not very good oven nt that price.
Five men went over the hill to the
countyjnllyBatcnlay. Three were charged
with Intoxication nnd two with disorderly
Mnj. James 1 * . Martin , asmirtunt adju
tant general U. S. A. , succeeds Col. Wil
liams as adjutant general of the depart-
jment-of the Matte.
J. F. Cootd , of Detroit , to whom was
given the contract for building the new
court house'telegraphs that he 5s ready
to accept at once.
A number of bad boys are in the
liabit of throwing stones nt the A. M. K.
church , Eighteenth nnd Webster streets ,
during the services. They nro warned to
be on the lookout for the police.
The meeting at the Christian church
is daily growing in interest. The house is
crowded nightly to henr the plain , instruc
tive preaching of Itcv. U. B. Tyler , lie
will preach every night this week.
Chas. Hnnley , for about thirteen
ears past in the olficc of the Kansas City
& St. .Too road nt Council BluHs , was
thrown out of employment by the recent
incorporation of thnt road with the C , , B.
& Q. On Saturday night he conned to
work for the K. 0. k St. Joe , nnd this
morning he accepted precisely the saino
position under the Union Pacific com
Ono hundred and fifty-nine beautiful
residence lots , located on Hamilton ttrcct ,
half way between the turn table of the
red street car line and the waterworks
reservoir and addition , and just west of
the convent of the Sisters Poor Claire In
Shinn'a addition. Prices range from $76
to S1CO each , nnd will bo Bold on easy
terms to those who will improve. Bemls'
real estate agency , Fifteenth and Douglas
Iiook Oat for Sudden Change *
of weather , and guard against them
by usinq ; Warner's Safe Kidney and
Liver Curo. octScodlw
Mrs. M. Donayan has gene on a visit to
licr old homo in St. Louis. MM. Donavan
lias for some time past been in poor health
nnd the attending physician prescribing n
change of air she concluded to pay n visit
to her friends of other days.
Dr. H. S. Lowrcy , a prominent dentist
from Scnccaville , Ohio , is in the city , n
guest of his uncle , Capt. Win. H. Ijains ,
clerk of the district court , The doctor
will probably decide to locate in this city ,
Father Damon will lecture in the
Church of the Holy Family tomorrow
row evening , taking for a subject ,
"Somo of the Popular Objections to
the Catholic Church. " This subject
cannot bo otherwise than instructive
and entertaining to an audionco.
The Traveler's Supply Box , a useful
contrivance for excursions ( ilshing expeditions
poditions and travelers in general ,
consists of four pint bottles of "Con
rad's Budwoisor , n tumbler and cork-
screw. Ask for thorn at your hotel or
grocor. oct3m&o
Fresh Venison just received at Har
ris & Fisher's.
Opening Ball-
Central hall , on Fourteenth street ,
between Douglas and Dodge streets ,
is to bo formerly opened upon its
completion by a ball given by the
Irish-American band , Thursday even
ing , October 13. The band nro n
worthy organization , and this ball will
doubtless bo an enjoyable nll'air.
"WINE OF OARDUI" makes rosy
ciireks nnd clear complexions ,
AtC. F. Goodman
Fresh Venison just received at liar-
Tie & Fithor'a.
Ph. Best Brewing Co. , Milwaukee
Export Boer. J. E. ULAKK ,
octS-101 Agent , Omaha.
FTOBOi Venison just'rocoivod nt Har
ris & Fisher's.
Frcah Oyetora and Game served in
the latent styles at J. E. Bradloy'o
llcslaurant. corner Sixteenth ant
Hubormann for immense stock.
Dozior. Weyl & Co.'a. crackers al
ways on hand ut J , I. Nichola' .
eywlto linnt ota fyr AKV I-UJU-OKB ,
atyl svmuouYor ivumiv ,
WM , FLKIII.NO & Co. . Ag'ta ,
A Very Successful Course of
Lectures Last Week.
The Iloman Cixtholio mission in
Holy Family church virtually closed
Inst evening with the papal bonccllc-
tion , the fulfillment , of the jubilee ,
nnd the obtninmont of a nlonary fn-
dulgonco by those who complied with
the requirements of the mission.
During the ten days of the mission ,
there were five services a. day , at most
of which instruction had boon given by
llov. Dr. Damon or some of his col
leagues. All the services were largely
attended , and many conversions were
made in the timo. llov. Fr. Shaflbl ,
pastor of the church , is ono of the
most energetic , indefatigabloj workers ,
observed in a variety of situations.
Ilcv. Fr. Damen , now of Chicago , is a
native of Belgium , nnd is about 70
years of nco , and has been on the mis
sion over 30 years , doing missionary
work in nil parts of North America.
Father Damon has a rich , po\yorful
attuned voice , excellent enunciation
and modulation , mid is frequently
quite dramatic in his descriptions and
relation of anecdotes and incidents.
The most marked lectures of his mis
sion were , "Penance" on Tuesday
evening , "The Catholic church the
only church of Christ , " on Friday
evening ; "Transubstantiation , " or
tlio Catholic doctrine of the real
presence of Christ , in the sacrament
of the nltar , on Sundy evening ,
nnd "Purgatory , " or the middle
stnto for nouls , on Monday
morning ; nnd the profession of faith ,
and renewal of Baptismal vows , last
evening. The evening lectures were
so packed , that largo congregations
listened outside the open windows.
Father Damon will lecture , this
evening , in the rock church , Seven
teenth nnd Izard streets , for the benefit -
fit of that edifice , which is consider
ably in dobt. His subject is n living
ono : "Tho popular Objections to ( ho
Roman Catholic church. " Objections
nro bandied on all hands , by Protest
ant and infidel ; and thoRov.Father will
endeavor to refute the principal ones.
This is decidedly his raciest lecture ,
full of anecdotes , experiences and
irgumonts. It will bo highly ontor-
: aining and instructive. It will
irovc , wo are told by these who
icard it in Chicago , to bo amusing ,
resoarchful and pleasing. There will
not bo a word said that the most fas
tidious non-Catholic ca.n take umbrage
at. All are cordially invited. Tick
ets can bo had at Mrs. MacDonagh's ,
1412 Douglas street , nt fifty cents.
The proceeds are to go to the church
fund , to help pay its dobt.
Caught in Shafting-
Fred Shrinrock. the oldest em
ployee nt the Glcncoo mills , 2212
[ ird street , was caught in the shaft-
lit ; nt that institution yesterday nf-
; ornoon and whirled about consider
ably before ho could bo rescued. His
right forearm was broken in two pla
ces and tno skin of his right nnd loft
sides badly bruisod. Ho is nointer -
tally injured and will rocovor.
"Th&'Kovoro ' House Councl Bluffs
is the best second-class hotel in the
west. " augl7-lm
The Opening of the October
The October term of the district
court opened yesterday with a very
full calendar. Judge Savage is pre
siding. The only business of moment
during the day was the swearing nnd
instructing of the grand jury , This
jury 1ms several matters of importance
before them besides numerous rumor
ed Slocumb violations. They contin
ued in session yesterday until 4 o'clock
nnd then adjourned until this morn-
inir without making any report. The
following are the grand jurymen :
A. R. Dufrono , W. R. Hart-
lott , Thomas J. Staloy , Thos. Me-
Oormick , Elijah Allen. Samuel E.
Rogers , P. 0. ( > ' . Krngskow , Adolph
Siefkin , Olios. Krugg , Gco. Thrall ,
Dnvid IS. Hume , Can Qrandpro , Her
man Gbisoko , Lewis Thomas , J. 8 ,
Woods and James Stephonson. Goo.
Tlicall was selected as foreman ,
A number of interesting civil suits
are to bo tried. Several arguments
were hoard yesterday on motions , but
no cases were opened.
Ministerial Association Matter * .
At n meeting of the Ministerial as
sociation , hold nt the First M. E.
church October a , the following was
unanimously adopted.
Wo , ns n body , have boon pained to
BOO the Sabbath breaking and the non-
enforcement of the laws of the state
in tlijn city by our city olllcinls.
Wo have , however , been pleased to
BOO the perceptible change for the past
five Sabbaths by the closing of many
places of business on Sunday , nnd
would ask that places of business of
all kinds bo closed horonftor on that
day in accordance with the law of this
state. Wo ask it for the moral ollgct
upon the young and also upon the cit
izens of this city.
Resolved , That wo , as a body , thank
the committee appointed by the tem
perance society for their efforts in securing -
curing the enforcement of the Sunday
law , and also for their work in the
temperance causa.
Resolved , That wo declare our pro
test against the liquor tralllo and believe -
liovo the law known as the Slocumb
law should bo strictly enforced by the
city authorities ,
Resolved , That our secretary , Rev ,
J. W. Shank , bo requested to have
thcso resolutions published in each ol
the daily papers ,
, , Tlio Gods Help
these who liolpthoniBolves , " and nature -
turo invariably helps these who take
Warner's Safe Kidney mid Liver Curo.
f _ _ J--lw
Child's Death.
Alittlo dtuiL'litdr of Mr. nnd Mrs.
J. 'J. Brown diodycstcrdaynftnrnoon ,
after a briet illnuss , The funeral oc
curs tO'ihorrow from the parents'
residence on Sherman nvonuo.
Snrlond Accident.
Sunday morning while Slcpi.'on
J. , the five year old son of Michael
Monny , was playing with n mule in n
yard adjoining l is father's residence
on South Thirteenth street ho met
with a serious accident. It ficoins
that as notgcnornlly expected of these
of his kind ho was n gentle fellow.
There won not as much kick about
him as usually falls to the lot of a
defeated candidate in a nominating
convention. So it was that little
Stephen Meany played with him fre
quently and , in fact , oftentimes rode
him around the yard. Yesterday ho
was acting the part of jockey , when
the mule suddenly halted nnd the Ir
was violently thrown to the groi\nd.
IIo was picked up iinmeJinUj.
ly , carried into the hou o Mu\
medical aid summoned. Do jtors 1'oa-
body nnd Chadwiok were Vioon in nt-
tendance , and on oxair.'mntion found
that the boy's ' right cellar bono ami
right arm wcro fractured , The broken
bones were set , and the little sufferer
mndo as comfortable as possible under
the circumstances. At last accounts
ho was doing well.
Col. Chase's Trip to Howard
and Sherman Counties.
Ono of THK BKE reporters inter
viewed Col. Chase yesterday in regard
to the crops in Howard and Sherman
counties , Nebraska , two hundred
miles west from hero , from which re
gion ho has just returned ,
The colonel says that the corn and
potato crops are especially good in all
that country. In Grcoloy and Valley
counties , also , the crops tire very
good ,
At St. Pau' ' , ° Howard county , last
Friday , ono hundred and seventy-five
wagon loads of wheat were sold in the
streets at $1.10 per bushel. On the
same day eighteen wagon loads of
potatoes , all bronght into St. Paul ,
froniGrooloy county , were Rold there
to the agent of an Omaha firm at 80
contu per bushel. When it is known
that two hundred bushels of potatoes
can bo raised on ono acre , this is a
good income when land sells at five
dollars per acre , and the best land in
the west at that.
The colonel says that St. Paul is
growing finely , it being the county
Boat of Howard county and that it al
ready has from GOO to 1,000 people.
He also said that on Saturday lie rode
in a top buggy behind a pair of bron
chos from the livery stable of Flem
ing fc Pass , St. Paul , to Loup City ,
Sherman county , thirty-six miles , and
returned to St. Paul by midnight , being -
ing a round trip of seventy-two miles
all without the least worry of the
team , the driver said. The country
between thcso two points , the
colonel describes asf'sploiidid. " Sot-
tiers or timber claims are numerous ,
and the whole route shows rapid de
velopment and first-class farming en
terprise1. The roads are of ton lined
with young trees.
Loup City , the county scat of
Sherman county , is thriving , and for
bho reason that Sherman county is
gladdened by plentiful crops. The
colonel thinks Sherman county is
bound tobccoino wealthy soon.
Now HOSB Carriage *
Chiot Galligan loft for St. Louis
last evening. Ho contemplates pur
chasing three now hose carts , which
will now become especially useful.
Possibly , before another year , Omaha
may have her glittering hose carriages
for dress parade.
Ask druggists for "Rough on UatK. " It.
clears out rats , jnicc , bed-bugs , leaches ,
vermin , files , ants , IrwectH. 15c per box.
"BLAOK-DKAUGHT" cures clyspep-
sin , indigestion and heartburn.
_ _ At C. F. Goodman.
On the Shoot.
A difficulty arose yesterday among
the Withnoll house help which might
have ended in a tragedy. A colored
waiter named Samuel Matthews , an
noyed ono of the girls until she throw
a cupful of dish-water at him , Ho
became intensely enraged and pulled
a revolver on her. Ono of the other
waiters struck Matthews' arm down as
ho was cocking the pistol , when the
latter dropped it and ran. Ho was
pursued and captured near the U. P.
bridge , after an exciting chase. Ho
will DO arraigned this morning.
St. JoiopVi Hotpltnl-
This charitable institution contin
ues crowded to the utmost extent.
Applications for admission are neces
sarily refused every day. Three pa
tients were turned away yqstorday
forenoon. A man died at the hos
pital yesterday of typhoid fever , The
aistora of charily are worked day and
night , and their force has been re
duced two by sickness. Ono sister
is quite dangerously ill with typhoid
fever , and another ono is prostrated
by 1-honmatism. There are at pres
ent twenty-four patients , which
makes 102 eared for since January 1.
Too much cannot bo said of the
oyor faithful wife and mother , con
stantly watching and caring for her
dear ones , never neglecting a single
duty in their behalf. When they uro
assailed by disease , and the system
should have n thorough cleansing , the
stomach and bowolu regulated , blood
purified , malarial poison exterminated ,
she must know that Elcctrio Bitters
are the o'nly sure romody. They ar
the bust nnd purest medicine in the
world , and only cost iiity cents. Sold
by Ish v MoMnhon. ( ) )
Take " "
- and you
will ucvtir IHJ bilious.
_ At 0. P. Oonilnnu's.
C. Speclii , the oornico man , and a
2,200 pound machine drop on his ( in-
gors yesterday , Amputation was not
necessary ,
Rats , mice , ants , flics vermin , mo-
Bnuitoes , insects , etc. , cleared out by
"Ryugh on Ratu. " 15c boxes at
druggists. (5) ( )
ft is Thought to Be Only
Malarial Complaint
Jpfc } has rrvcoiveil aercrrj letters -
tors regarding tl-.o prevailing disease
among horses which is known as
pink-oyo. " Several horses in this
city Irnvo. Qn affected , and a few in
Counc ! ; ( uiur8 , have died.
The veterinarians nscribo it to the
rjrolonrje < l summer and lack ol
frost , which conditions nro affect
ing humans ns well ns horses. Dr.
Bond , of the Chicago veterinary hos
pital , told n Times reporter that out
of the many cases which ho had
treated only two had proved fatal. In
fact , ho said there was no reason why
any of thorn should prove fatal if the
horses were given the needed rest
during the bau wcathor ? and attention
was paid to their feeding. Ho had
mado.many cures simply by changing
the fodder judiciously when the ani
mals showed that such a change wno
needed. The fatal cases wore thoss
where the animals had been kept at
work for several days alter the symp
toms bccamo aggravated. The doctor
said tlmt ho had about fifty cases on
hand nt present , but that they wore
all doing well. The disease was quite
prevalent , and lie thought alightly on
the increase , but ho had only heard of
a few deaths , nnd these where the ani
mals had boon neglected. There was
no cause for alarm in regard to
"pink-oyo , " as it is called. This
disnso had not made its nppoaraiico
in Chicago , and if it did it was
as easily cured as the present com
plaint. The impression has gene out
that this disease was "pink-eye , " but
this was n mistake. It was a very
simple malarial complaint , nnd ho
only found blindness to nccampany it
in the cases of animals lodged in dark
and unventilated underground stables.
The fumes of ammonia arising from
the manure nnd urine aggravated the
inflammation of the eyes which accom
panies the present disease , and
for n short time the horses are de
prived of their sight , which , however -
ever , is restored to thorn with their
health. Several veterinary surgeons
were also seen who attached more
importance to the disease than Dr.
Dond , and who seemed to im
press upon horse-owners the impor
tance of bringing their animals to the
doctor immediately. Each had his
own nostrum , the ingredients of which
ho jealously guarded from newspaper
curiosity. They reported n number
of deaths which the reporter was unable -
able to prove and said that they wore
caused the disease known "
by as "pink-
oyo. " They all seemed to decry
the patent medicines used
by their colleagues , nnd there was
much about the whole matter which
would lead ono t J attach some truth to
the rumor that they are in collusion
with thu teamsters in the recent rise
in the price of transportation. That
the disease exists to a considerable ex
tent there is no doubt , but that it'
generally proves fatal is misleading.
Balm in Giload.
There ia a balm in Gilcad to heal each gap
ing wound ;
In THOMAS' ELKCTUIO OIL , the remedy is
found ,
For internal and for outward use , you may
freely apply it ;
For all pain and inflammation , you should
not fail to try it.
It only costs a trifle , 'tis worth' its weight
in gold ,
And by every dealer in the land this rein-
ody ii i o'.d. _
KB .Peculiarities During the
Past Month.
The monthly report of L. M. Doy ,
the signal service oflicor nt this point ,
indicates that the prevailing wind for
September was fron\ the fcouth. The
grentcst velocity of the wind wna on
the 20th , when it was forty-two miles
an hour and prevailed from the
south. The overage daily velocity
was about 10.miles. . The number of
clear days during the month was
twelve ; the number of cloudy days
nine. Rain foil on fourteen days.
During the storm of the 28th and 20th
about 5J inches of rain fell. The
highest temperature indicated was on
the 4th , when the thormomotcr showed
nearly ninety-nino degrees. The lowest
temperature was on the IGth , when
the mercury dropped to thirty-six.
The mean temperature was about
sixty-six degrees. This is the highest
average with ono exception since 1873.
In that year it showed 00 C degrees ;
in 1874 , 03 ; in 187D , 02.9 ; in 1870 ,
00 ; in 1877 , CO.O ; in 1878 , C4.3 ; in
1879 , 02.9 ; in 1880 , 03.0.
The nvorngo rainfall has
boon much larger than in any
September since 1873. Last mouth
about 8.i ! ! ( inches full , while in the
same month in 1874 , 7.18 inches fell.
In September of last year only 2.19
inches fell aivd in the same month of
the previous year , 1.43.
California' * Now Senator ,
A special hotel car , with the letters
P. P. curiously entwined on the out
side , was attached to the Union IV
cifio train from the west yesterday.
It proved to bo Pullman's private cur ,
which contained California's junior
United States senator , Mr. Miller ,
and his family of six persons. The
car was attached , on the other side of
the river , to the east bound C. , 13. it
Q. train , in which it was safely con
voyed to Chicago.
Undoubtedly the best shirt in the
United States is manufactured at the
Omaha Shirt Factory. The superior
ity of material and workmanship ,
combined with their great improve
ments -that is , reinforced fronts , reinforced -
inforcod backs nnd ruinforcod sleeves
mnko their shirts the most dura
ble nnd best fitting garment of the
kind over manufactured at the mod
erate price of § 1.10. Every shirt of
our mnko is guaranteed first class , and
wo will refund the money if found
Wo make a specialty of nil wool
Shaker nnd Canton flannel , also cho-
mois underwear , made up with n view
to comfort , warmth ami durability ,
To-inyalids anil wenk-lungod persons
' wo oiler special inducements in the
'manner these goods are made for
their protection.
PH. GorniEiMKii ,
1207 Fnrnlnim Stroot.
.rriuiRitiR for their Reception.
At the Ministerial association meet
ing , held this morning , the appended
program was arranged in anticipation
of the nrrivnl of Whittle nnd McGran-
ahan , the revivalists ;
Saturday evening , union meeting al
the Y. M , C. A. , conducted by Rov. J.
\V , Shank ; Sunday , ' . ) n. in. , union
meeting nt Y. M. C. A , ; Sunday , 4 p.
m. , instead of Gospel meeting at Y ,
M. C , A. , union meeting at Conproga-
tional church ; Monday , 7:45 : , union
meeting at First M. E. church ,
conducted by Rev , J. W. Slow-
art ; Tuesday. 7:45. : union
mooting , probably at First M. E.
church ; Wednesday evening , regular
services ; Thursday , 7:45 : , union meet
ing nt Eighteenth utrcctM. E. church ,
conducted by Rov. J. W. Shank.
The devotional committco will doubt-
m&s arrange for daily morning or noon
Iccotingn to commence in a few days.
Attachment Suits Commenced
Against Irwin &
Two attachment suits were com
menced yesterday by O'Urien and
liartlott in behalf of W. J. Broatch
and Lawrence Duggnn against Irwin
Ellis , the hardware dealers , whoso
assignment in behalf of preferred
creditors was recently published. The
suits are begun to break the assign
ment and compel the equitable division
of Uio property of the firm anioni ; the
creditors. The complaints arc
based upon the allegations that the
assignment and the mortgages which
preceded it were fraudulent and made
for the purpose of cheating lawful
In the petition accompanying Dug-
gan's complaint it is alleged that EOV-
oral mortgages were executed to va
ripus parties , among whom Jennie
Dickinson , a confidential clerk , and
the attorneys of Irwin & Ellis figure
prominently , which aggregate in
amount more than $10,000. It is al
leged that this amount rnoro than
covers all of the property of the
mortgagors. Five minutes after the
mortgages were tiled in the clerk's
oftico an assignment is alleged to have
boon filed , made to A. E. Coggshall.
It is charged that this assiqneo is an
itinerant traveling man , wholly irre
sponsible and worthless ; that Cogg-
shall's ' name is signed by ono of Ir
win it Ellis' attorneys , to whom no
power of attorney had over been giv
en ; that the said assignee , Coggshall ,
never gave a bond and cannot give
ono of the proper amount ; and
that the assignment was never exe
cuted by Tnvin & Ellis and is consequently
quently null and void.
These allegations are likewise sot
Forth in the other petition in the
complaint by Broatch. Duggan's
claim is something over $300 , which
lie alleges to bo duo him for cartage
and payment of freight bills.
Ono of the parties to whom a mort
gage was given said last evening that
the indebtedness was a just ono and
that it had been secured in part by
both Irwin & Ellis' personal notes.
A trial of the attachment suits is lia
ble to introduce some nicy testimony
in court , and will attract considerable
Worthy ot Praise.
, As a rule wo'do ' not recommend pa
tent medicines , but when we know of
ono that really is a public benefactor ,
and does positively euro , than wo con
sider it our duty to impart that information
mation to all. Electric bitters are
truly a most valuable medicine , and
will surely euro Biliousness , Fever
and Ague , Stomach , Liver and Lidnoy
complaints , oven where all other rem
edies fail. Wo know whereof we
speak , and can freely recommend to
all. [ Ex. Sold at 60 cents a bottle
Ish & McMahon. (4) ( )
Ono organ for sale or rent cheap at
Edholm & Erickson's. Oct. 3-tf
WillisiYatcs bought two or three
car loads of Hour before the rise , and
is soiling it at low figures.
BAILEY Frank A. Bailey , son of
Anthony Bailey , aged five years and
eight months.
Funeral at" p. in. to-morrow from his
father's home , Eighteenth street near
Baumann'iJ brewery.
BUOWN October 2nd , 1881 , Lewis Peck
Brown , youngeat son of J. J. Brown and
JCura Brown , a ed two yearn , nine
months and four days.
Funeral October 4 , 1881 , at 10 o'clock
a. in ,
For the speedy euro ot Consump
tion and all diseases that lead to it ,
such aa stubborn coughs , neglected
Colds , Bronchitis , Hay Fever , Asth
ma , pain in the side and chest , dry
Imcking cough , tickling in thu throat
Hoarseness , Sere Throat , and all
chronic or lingering diseases of the
throat and lungs , Dr. King Now Dis
covery has no equal and has established
or itself iv world-wide reputation.
Many loading physicians recommend
and use itinthoir practice. The form
ula from which it is prepared is high
ly recommended by all medical jour
nals. The clergy and the press have
complimented it in the most glowing
terms. Go to your druggist and get a
kriai bottle free of cost , or a regular
sine for 81.00. For Sale by
d(5 ( ( IHH & MoMAiioy , Omaha.
NOTICE Advertisement To Loan , For Sale ,
Lott , Found , Wants , BoarJInir , tc. , will be Ill-
sorted lu these columns once for TEN CENTS
per line ; each itibscqueiit Insertion , FIVE CENTS
per lino. The Drat Insertion never less than
TO LOAN-Call at Law Otllce ol D.
MONEY Room 8. Crglirhton Block.
C\ A A A To loan at from 8 to 10 per cent.
< y < ) \ > . \l\\l on good real e latcseeurlty. by
lilt , ISAAC' EDWARDS , 1109 Farnham bt.
1) LOAN At 8 per cent In-
. . . . . tcrixt In Biimiof Si.&OO and
upviardu , for 8 to 5 yoaru , on tlnt-vlans city and
farm prom-ity , DKMU llKAL E TAri and LOAN
AOK.VCT , IKth and Doiulci 8t .
- | icriaut girl for gen
eral housework ; imall family , 181 : ) Woh.
first. i
iV Jnt-3 | ! * lt accountant In a railroad
ofllcc , ft . .enallon M book-keeper to em.
T , 3f , ? v fltnt" : ls competent and reliable.
Host of , oily furnished. Addro-a Itook-
KtSfcr , llco office. ICO-tf
W 'AN1KD A competent ilrv ( roodi talesman
ftt 40S 13th St. , near Hafncy. 101-4
A eood cook nnd a lionso jrlrl , I
n mall prhato family. The rook mint b
ft good laundrcsA. Apph at Wlthnol House
room 76. 168- *
t'urnlihed room * and board In
rrlvato family- for itcntkman. wile am
ono child. Address W. K , . , Care Booofllcc.
- finaha House B second cook
chambermaid and laundress. 1C3-3
WANTED-GliI at 10SO North 10th Hrcot
opposite J. J , Ire n. MIIS. J. M. COUN8
MAN. 104-U
V\rANTED-Oood cook at rc tnurant , No. 41
YV 10th St. , b t. llarncy nnd Howard SU
WANTI.D A younff man about 16 yearn o
RZO to do general store work. FUANK J
UAMClli. JSO-tf
WANTED-Situatlon In a prhato family as
cook or hoiiiO'Keeper , by a widow lady o
considerable c\pcrlencu. Address , M. E. C.
llcoolllco. 110-3 *
WANTED-A reliable man to attend/to
lionet , etc. Apply toOco. A.lloiKlaiu
foot of Douglass street , or at northwest wrno
of Slvtccnth tiiil St. Mv's oAcnue. U5-1
ANTED A dlsh-vcashcr at the Kmmc
| House. 140-3
. Three experienced men In i
WANTED. and clothing store. Good al
arypildaml permanent cmploj mcnt. SIus
speak EttglMi nnd German Apply by Ictte
and photograph , dating ngo , uhcthcr marrlci
or single , also hero last employed and lio\\
Ions. Wolbach Ilros. , Grand Island , Neb ,
Sept. 132-7
" \T ANTED Gentlemen and ladles toswon
VY dollnrby btivinghlKh linulo at Bootsam
Shoes of W. L. Kldd , Jacobs' biock , IMh St
Don't jou forget It. l'jy-4
WANTED A trusty ) ounp man ; state waifts
required. Address " 84 , " licoolllce. 120-t
WANTED A thoroughly experienced girl to
do general housework. To such gooi
waf s will bo paid. Apply between 2 and 4
o'clock p. m. , 2408 Dodge tit. 12l-tf
- , ono flut-class cent and
ono email jobmakcr ; work plenty. Stcadv
employment for good men. Wares high ant
cost of llIng moderate. Dcmer bill of pnccs
paid. Address Immediately , Jchn Kalrd , Her
chant Tailor , Laramie City , Wyoming Tcr. 125-4
WANTED By a , competent dress-maker to
uork In families by day or ucck ; can fur-
nlshaflrxt-cUss inachlnr. Call or address on
Monday , Oct. 2nd. at 1724 Webster street , be
twcen 17th and 18th. 129-5 *
WANTED-E\ery ono In the city to buj
Boot * and Shoes of W. L. Kidd , Jacobs
block , 15th street. Hcst grade of goods made bj
best manufacturers In United States. Prices
low cr than cer seen In Omaha before. 122-4
WANTED Situation by a young man of fa
lly , as clerk or book-keeper. Has had si
cral years c.\ 09 clerk In hotel. Cm glic
flret-closa reference. Address S. Ii , . The Uco
olllce. OS-tf
WANTED A couple good cylinder press
feeders. Can find steady employment at
this ofllcc. 27-tf
CarpentSH to build 25 cottages o
WANTED . I100GS & 1HLL. 47-2
" \TTANTED Manufacturing concern wants a
VV business man In Omaha and in every city
[ not already taken ) . A few hundred dollars no-
. esjary to pay for good * on dclhcry after orders
tiavo been secured tor the same ; $ t&0 per month
profit guaranteed. Tno most searching Investl-
-ation solicited. A. S. ARNOLD & CO. , 1293
Uroadwaj , New York. se21Bt
Good sccon.1 girl at ISIS Chicago
street. 44-tf
J-ANTED-HoUbekecjcr , 1100 Farnham St. ,
up stain. 30-tf
Girl at 2001 Dodge street.
. 070-tf
Respectable employment by hus
band and wife. Address P. P. C , , Bee Of
fice. 077-tf
WANTED To rent , by a newly married
counlc before Nov. 1st , a small cottage ,
centrally located. Address Hot m 14 , Cretghton
Block. DiU-tf
Funding bridge and school bond
WANTED Clark , BcUoMie. 26-tf
RENT A brick house , comer llth and
FOR . Enquire Gco. II. Peterson , near U.
P. depot. E102-W
FOR RENT House 3 rooms , closet and pan
try. two blocks south of bt. Mary's a\cnue
on Twcnty-tnlid street ; $10 per month. Van
Dorn. 16a 3 *
FOR KENT To gentlemen : A finely fnrnUhed
room wltn board at 1720 Cass street. Kn-
luirc at the Inusc or Y. M. C. A. rooms. 145-3 *
RENT Ono larto furnished room suita
ble for four men or for two , close to the
khops. Al o one suitable fora man and wife , or
; wo gentlemen. Apply at this olllce. 143-4 *
FOR WENT Nicely furnished front alcove
room ; also a smaller room , low prices ; brick
house. Cess St. , f > doors west of 20th St. 154 tf
FOR RENT Furnished room , with or without
board. Call with reference , C07J N. 17th
street. 142-3 *
FOR RENT A pleasant furnished room on
Farnham ctreet , between Sixteenth and
tic > cntcenth , at No. 309. 16U-3 *
RENT--Two nicely furnished rooms , Bit
ting and bedroom. 41714th St. . bet. Chi <
eugo and Cass. 141-3 *
rf > R RENT New 4-room house , South 17lh
street. J. L. WELSIIANS , at Union Kiev * ,
tor. 115-tf
EOR KENT Tno nlce'y furnished rooms. 120
_ I'arkwlld ayeuue , Sjuth _ Omaha. 117- _
FOl ! REfJT A house of 8 rooms and barn , In
good locality , at ? 35 per month. The house
elegantly furnished. Furniture can bo bought ,
iheaji. Inquire of ii. Elguttcr , S.V. . Cor. 10th
and Farnliain SU. 103 5 *
FOR HIIN'T A store In good locality , tutd for
grocery store for eight year ; suitable for
any Kind of business. Inquire N. E. corner 13th
and Dodjo. MRS. HIUEKE , 03 tf
RKNT J uit flnUhcd two first-class two-
ttorybrl-k house * , Sand 0 rooms , stable
and cemented collars ; $10 mouthy In advance.
U'.ll. BUSHMAN , S. E. corner 16th and Doug
las jits.
FOR KENT 2 furnished rooms over ilcj-
chanU * EicbanuN. | E. ccr. 16th and Dodge
l recta. 2S9-II
FOR RBNT-Onu room with board , 1808 Call
fornla street. 735-tl
Oil SALE-Dwelllng house and Ihe acres of
E land , with orchard and Unovanl , within H
nllci of rlty limits , In a favorite and rising local ,
tv. Also five acres adjoining the aboio.
These lands are bounded by publh road ,
are In excellent condition , and well sheltered
by grown timber. Will bo sold In one lot If wish
ed. 1'ilie moderate. JNO. L. McCAGUE , Ilcal
latate Agent , opiK)3lte pout olllce , Omaha , lij4 *
TjlOR SALE-Stock and llxtursa of millinery ,
r notion and lulr ttore , doing a good bulncsj.
ocatlon central ; ktore and dwelling together ,
rent iheaii , I wish torctlro from business. Ad !
drcfs A. B. , Post OIllcc , Omaha. 137.13
E6R SALE A Blx-hor c pOAcr engine with
eight-hone boiler , almost new. Kmiiilru at
Dolan A Langworth ) ' , Nos. 110 and 112 14th
tnct , Omaha. 1 ° 7.6
T > E IS has rattling long lists of house * , loU ,
lands and farms for sale Call and gel
OU HALE-Cheap , A No. 1 riding pony In
JJ good condition. J , | | . LINAHAN1. 705 8
2th bt. 143.0'
17011.SALE A beautiful etldcnco proiwrty of
O.1 ' . ' 0 acrei with commodious home , if-ht
acrosof orthard amUlnejard , Location tightly.
Only two and n half mile * from post office. Bargain -
gain ! JOHN L. MiOAO UE , Opp. ' . 0. 79 tf
. -l nrst class cnl.lntt fiwan. very
] } cheap : nearly new. Inqnlro Milton
& Son , 14th nnd Farnham St. _
R SATPVoiir acreof land nwiratcr
works rcocnolr , al ot n coltAgps on CApito-
ill. Add.ANDRE\\IlhVINS.lSOO | DoilRl' St
> nicK It SAl.h.
> 203-tf SAl.h.ESTAnHOOK ft COB.
8A' < E A tnull engine , H. W. Pnyno
FOR ' mike. In perfect osder. Inquire of II.
O. Clerk & Co. SO-tf
TTIOKSALB Lease and furniture of trst-clws |
X1 hotel In town ol 1300 Inhabitant * , In state
of Nobrukaj has 34 bctta ; the tr \ cling mnn > ro
sort. Inquire ft ! DEB office. SlS-tf
SALE Fine stock farm of 400 acres
FOIt house , cattle shod , orchard &c. , * ith
In M y reach of railroad. I'rlco , t < 600 , par
time at 6 % . JOHN L. JIcCAOUK , Opn. Post
Olllc * . fiM-tt
AND UANI ) Itcrou rents houses ,
HOUSES , hotels , farrr ots , lands , oftlccs
roomsetc , Beoltt r"g *
T OHSALE flood house with four rooms and-
Jj hall lot , No. 2018 Dodge between SBtli and
27th street. Good nvll and shade trees ; hou o In
jrood condition. Inquire on premises , S21-U
. And 1-rxrason repaired by II.
UiinnEM.AS and Famam its. "SOtf
NEW CITY MAl'S.250. See 1st page.
- the llth day of Al rii < t. 1SS1 ,
NOTIcn-On > a Green , left iny Vied and board ,
and I uHl not ho rc'iionslhlo ( ordolts of her con
traction. LOUIS H. UllKEN. 1S2-4'
J NSTRIJOTIOX-Mn.Cli'ui. Ilru7cllniDramatic
J Itcadcrnnil Tcnclvr of Elocution pupils re-
cencdnt residence , Xo. 651 ! 18th St. , mar Dodge.
CANVASS Tor book , > ou know ,
AGENTS sell "I.lfo of President Oirllcld , "
"Heroes of the I'lalna , " "Hordcr Outlaws , "
"Una of Dusllicss. " 1KA W\IjDKOX & CO. ,
St. I.oula , Mo. Fc2fxUwIui *
lloan pony. 3 whlto ICKS , bald face.
STltAYED thu head stall of n bridle and n rope
around her neck. Liberal rcnnrd will DO pild
for her return to C. Knutson , Chicago , between
24th and 25th Sti.
On Sunday night , September 2Jth ,
STOLEN wagon and harnu9 < from Jacob Smart
lour miles south of Dorchester , Neb. Descrip
tion : one light dun timro , ono dark dun nme
with black nunoaml tall , medium height , hen\y
built , In good flesh. Harness nearly new , ua oii
nearly new Whitewater male now axle In hind
wheel. A liberal reward will bo pnd for prop
erty , nnd reward Increased for capture of thief.
Addrcsi JAKE HMAUT ,
In care SUrotflcc , Dorchester , Neb.
B KM1S * HEAL ESTATE BOOM. bee Ibt page.
PRIVATE Greek and Latin. Prof. Henry W
Meek , 1207 Jackson St. 000-oc8
ALEli HAY At A. II. Sander's Feed Store ,
B 1013 llarncy St. alO-tf
TnURNISHED ROOMS-Ueasonablo rates at
Jj 1717 Cumlngs , bet. 17thand ISth street ? .
S1ALL AT MRS. B. E. CLARKE'S No. 1 Board
Ing IIcut9 , cor , 13th and Dodge bts. Bcdt
In thcltv filO-H
> 1st paje.
Jj Eliza tells past , present and future In lo\o
ind all alTairs. She rc\ cats the deepest secrets }
iliolicart. She possesses the magnetic powcrSi
fulfill all your wishes. Call at.Vo. 322 corner IGth
and Chicago street.
T1AKEN UP A red cow. Owner can ho the
I same by protin ; ? property and paying
charges. FRANCIS IIOIJIIUNS , Saundcrs and
Grace St ? . au24-cv wcd5t
Kerj body In Council lllulfs lo
WANTED THE HUB , 2(1 ( cents per week , do-
ivcrcd by carriers. Olhcu comer iiroailway and
Main , up btalrj , Council Bluffs. CtK-tf
To buy 100 tons 'broom corn.
WANTED address Council Bin IT J
Broom Factory , Council Bluffs , Iowa. CJ3-29tf
WANTED A good carpenter at onco. Ap
ply Mynstcr & Adams , Council Bluffs ,
Iowa. 059-29 *
A first-class broom tier. Mayne
WANTED Council Bluffs , Iowa. MX ) SO"
W ANTED A boy to do chores nt Mjnstera
Hshery , Council BluI ( . 001-28 *
Good girl for general housework.
WANTED Mynster , CouncilBluffs. 002-tf
"ITTANTED A situation by a first-class miller.
W Had 20 jcirs experience. Understands
old and new processes. Speaks Kngllsh and
German and acquainted with steam and water
) owcrs. Can gi\o the best of reference. Will
como on trial at any time. Address U.S. , Box
1511. Council Bluffs , la. ? 'iL-
WANTED ! ! * > a gentleman of experience and
business habiU , a position with a firm ,
cither as clerk or to tnu el. Reference glen. . I.
L. WATKINS , Council Bluffs. 042 29
r < ALL on or address Potter * Palmer , 40 South
kOth street Council Bluffs , Iowa , for rail-
oad tickets cast , west , north and south. Chicago
10.00 Round trip $19.00 Every ticket guar
anteed , and tickets bought , sold and exchanged
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ auifl7-ln
FOR SALE Old papers 40c per hundnd , at
The Bee ofllcc , Council Blulls. bc-27-lf
Two experienced book solicitors
WANTED and Utah. Addresi P. 0.
IPX 1214. Council Bluffs. Iowa. 1)00-21 ) *
To Contractors , Builders and
Property Owners.
Thd undersigned having been appointed agent
or the extensile Iron andwlro manufacturing
louses of E. T. Barnum , of Detroit , and the
( ussol Iron Foundry and Works at Toledo ,
) hlo , capacity of 60 tons dolly , is prepared to
urnlsh estimates and prices for iron columns ,
: e. , &e.t for store fronts , window caps and sills ,
hreshold plates , wrought iron beams and gird-
rs , hydraulic elevators , etaplo tittlngs , < pulleys ,
halting , &c. ; also Iron fences , cresting , win-
ow guards , ehuttcrs , stairs , balconies , settees ,
: halis , vases , acquarlums , fountains , summer
louses , lawn , garden and cemetery ornaments ,
ewer stands , grave guards , < tc. , &u. . In endless
aricty. Catalogues supplied on application.
Manufacturers' Agent , 22 Pearl street
oiiirlO-lm me Council BlulTa. Iowt <
T10NALIST , 498 Tenth StreetlieUeon Farnham
nd Homey. Will , with the aid of guardian
pints , obtain for any ono a glance at the past
.nd present , and on certain conditions In the fu >
uro. Boots and Shoes made to order. Perfect
atlsfactlon guaranteed. au20-lin
Absolutely Pure.
Made from Crape Crevn Tartar. No other
rpatlon makes such light , flaky hot bread * .
uL'rlo.u ? Partfy- pan he ratcn by Dvfix-ptlo
"mV feat0 | " ! elll > " "Ul'ti'lf ' ' from heavy ndl
cstlble food. Sold only In cans , bv all Uroccra