Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 04, 1881, Page 7, Image 7

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010 harnnam , bet. Oth And 10th Streeti.
One copy 1 j car , In adance ( postpaid ) , , , , 4 . $10.30
0 months " g.O
8 months " " . . . . 3.00
two Omaha No. S through jwwcnitcr , 11
. m. No. 1 , Oakland pAMcnwcr , 8:80 : . m.
Arrho Omaha No. 1 , thro\i < ? h poMoiiRcr , Z:50 :
m , No , 3 , Oakland jvwcngor , 6JO : p , m ,
C. ( It. Q. 5 a. m. 3:40 : p. m.
C , & N. W.j 0 n. m. 3:10 : p. m.
C. , It. 1. & I' . . 0 R. m. 3:10 : p. m.
K. C. , St. J. 4 C. U. , S a m. 0 30 p. m. Arrive
St , Louis At 6:25 : a. m. and 7:46 : a. in.
B. & 51. In Nel ) . , Through Express , 8:35 : ft. m.
It. & M. Lincoln Freight. 7.00 p. m.
V , I1 Express , 12:16 : p. m.
O. & II. V. ( or Unjoin , 10:20 : n. m.
O. A It. V. for Ouceola. 0 : 0 a. m.
U. P. frclnht No. 6 , 6:30 : a. m.
U. P. freight No. 9 , 8:16 : n. m.
V. P. freight No. 7 , 6:10 : p. in. emigrant.
V , 1' . freU-ht No. 11 8:25 : p. m.
0. B. St Q. , 1:00 : a. in. 7:25 : p m.
C. & N. W. , 0:45 : n. m. 7:25 : p. m.
C. R. 1. & I' . , 0:45 : a. in. 9.05 p. m.
K. C. , St. Joe & 0 B. , 7:40 A. in. 0:45 : p. m.
W. , St. L. 4 P. , 10:55 : a. m. 4:25 : p. m.
0. & n. V. from Lincoln 12ia : p. m.
V. P. Express 3:25 : p. In.
D & M. In Neb. , Through Express 4:16 : p. m.
B. & M. Llnroln Frcljlit-SsSS A m.
U. P. Freight No. 10 1:40 : p. in.
No. 0 4:26 : p. m. Emigrant.
No. 8 10.50 p. m.
No 12 11:35 : A. m.
O. & R. V. mixed , nr. 4:35 : p. m.
Nebraska Dhlelon of tno St. Paul & Sioux City
No. 2 leaves Omaha S:30 : n. m.
No. 4 ICMCS Omaha 1.30 p. m
.Vo. 1 arrhisatOmahaat 6:30 : p. m.
No. S arrhca at Omaha at 10:50 : a. in.
Lo.av o Omaha At 8.00 , 9:00 : nnd 11:00 A. m. ;
1:00 2 00 , 3:00 : , 4:00 , 5.00 And 0.00 p. m.
Leave Council Bluffs At 8:25 : , 9:25 : , 11:26 : A.m. ;
1:26 : , 2.25 , 3:25 : , 4:26 6:25 : And 0:25 : p. m. Tlio dummy Ica\o3 Omaha At 9.00
nil 11.00 A. in. ; 2.00 , 4:00 : Anil 6 00 p. m. Leaves
Council Bluff * At 9:25 And 11:25 A. m. ; 2:26 : , 4:26 :
and 6:25 : . in.
_ _ _ _ _ _
Opening and doting of Mails.
A. m. p. m. A. m. p. m.
Chlcaro&N. W 11.00 9.SO 4:30 : 2:40 :
Chicago , n. I , & Pacific. 11:00 : 9.00 4:30 : 2:40 :
Chicago , B. & < J. . . , . .11:00 : 9.00 4:30 : 2:40 :
Wabath. 12.30 4:30 : 2:40 :
Bloux City mid Pacific. . 11:00 : 4:30 :
Union PAclflc 600 11:40 :
Dnwha&R. V 1:00 : 11:40 :
B.&JI. InNeu 4KK ) 8:40 : 6:30 :
Omaha & Northwestern. 4:30 : 7:30 :
Local mall * for State of Ion A leave but once A
xlay , viz : 4SOA : , m.
A Lincoln Mall is al o opened At 10:30 : A. m.
Otfico oven Sundays from 12 m. to 1 p. in.
Business Directory.
Abstract arid Real bstato.
JOHN L. JIcCAGUE , opposite Post Office.
W. R. BARTLETT 817 South 13th Street
Room 14. Crelghton Block.
A. T. LARGE Jr. . Room 2. Cielehton Block.
Boots and Shoes.
FIne Boota and Shoes. A stood assortment ol
bomo work on hand , corner 12th and Harney.
' TUOS. ERICKSON , S E. cor. ICth and Douglas.
605 10th street , manufactures to order good work
kt ( air prices. Repairing done.
Bed Springs.
J. F. LARRIMER Manufacturer. 1617 Dourtaaat.
Books , News and Stationery.
J. I. FRUEIIAUF 1015 Farnham Street.
Butter and Eggs.
McSIIANE & SCHROEDER , the oldest B. and' E.
bouse In Nebraska established 1875 Omaha.
B uthwest corner ICthand Dodge.
Best Board ( or the Money.
B tisfaction Guaranteed.
Mi ! s at all Hours.
Board by the Bay , Week or Month.
deed Terms ( or Cash.
FiirnUhtnl Unomg Supplied.
Carriage * and Road Wagons.
WM SJJYDER , 14th and Harney Streets.
JOHN BAUMER 1314 Farnham Street.
H. BERTHOLD , Raw and Matal.
Lumber , Lime and Cement.
FOSTER & ORY corner Bth and Douglas 8ts.
Lamps and Glassware.
J. BONNER 1300 Doualas St. Goort Variety.
Merchant Tailors.
One of our most popular Merchant Tailors Is re
ceiving the latest designs ( or Spring and Summer
Goods ( or gentlemen s wear. Stylish , durable ,
and prices low as ever 21613th bet. DOUC. & Farn.
MRS. C. A. RINGER , Wholesale and Retail , Fan
cy Goods In great xarlety , Zephyrs , Card Boards ,
Hosiery. Gloves , Corsets , 4c. Cheapest House In
the West. Purchasers sa\o SO per cent. Order
by Mall. 115 Fifteenth Street.
JOHN WEARNE & SONS , cor. 14th & Jackson sts
Hour and Feed ,
OMAHA CITY MILLS , 8th and Farnham Sts ,
Welshana Bros , , proprietors.
Z. STEVENS , 21st between Cumlng nnd Irar
T. A. McSIIANE , Corn. 23d and Cumlng Htrects.
Hardwaie , Iron and Steel.
OLAN & LANdWORTHY , Wholesale , 110 and
112 15th street
A HOLMES corner IBth anil California.
Harness , Saddles , &c ,
\ B. WEIST 20 18th St. bet Karn. & Harney ,
ANFIELD HOUSE , Goo. Canflcld,9th & Famhan :
DORAN HOUSE , P. H. Cary , 913 Farnham St
SLAVEN'S HOTEL. F. Slav en , 10th St.
Southern Hotel , Gus. Hamcl 8th Lcavcnuorth
S'/ ' / . Iron Fencing.
The Western Cornloo .Works , Agents for lie
Champion Iron Fence fcc. , have on hand all d
of Fancy Iron Fences , Crestlngs Flneals , Rollins !
etc. 1310 Dcxiiro Btree. a"
Clothing Bought.
0 .SHAW will pay highest Cash price ( or Becou
band clothlnr. Corner 10th and Farnham.
DR. PAUL , Williams' Block , Cor. 16th i Dodge.
Drugs , Paints and Oils.
KUHN & CO. ,
Ph rm cl6tg , FIne Vane Uoods , Cor. Uth i.nd
Doutrln btrceU
W. J. WHITEHOUrK , Wholesale & Retail ; 16th at
O.C. FIELD , 2022 Worth Sldo Cumlng Street
a. PARR , Druegl t. 10th and Howard Streets.
Dry Goods Notions , Etc.
New York Dry Goods Store , 1310 and 1312 Fan
him itrect.
t.0. Enewold also boots and hoea 7thAP clfl (
A T. GROSS , New nd Second Hand Furnltur
nd Btovcs , 1114 Douitiu. Highest caeu prlc
aid ( or second liana goooi.
BONNER 1808 DougU t. Fine goods , &
Planing Mill.
A. MOYER , manufacturer o ( ash , doort , bllndj
nioldlnci. newels , balusters , hand rails , ( urnlshln
Pawnbrokers ,
J ROSENFKLD.i 10th St. , bft. far. & JUr ,
A , Donghuo , plants , cut flovcr , fttrds , boqueU
( tc. N , W , cor. 10th nnl Dou Ki street * .
Civil Engineers nnd Surveyors ,
ANDREW ROSEWATEH , Crilghton Block ,
Tonn Stirvcjj , Grade and Sewcrairo Sstems &
Commission Merchants.
JOHN G , W1L Dodge Sticet
D It. DKKMK.R. For details co largo adurtUs-
mcnt In Dallv and WcckU.
Clear * and Tobacco.
WEST & FR1T9CIER ! , manufacturers of Clfirs ,
nd Wholesale Doalcw In Tobaccos. 130S Douglas.
W. f. LOHEN2EN manuracturcr (1410th street.
Oornlce Works ,
Western Cornlco Works , Manut.icturers Iron
Cornice , Tin , Iron nnd tilato Rootling , Outers
from any locality promptly executed In the best
manner. Factory nnd Ofllcc 1310 Dodge Street.
Oalvanlicd Iron Cornices , Window Caps , etc. ,
manufactured and put tip In any | nrt ot the
country. T. 8INHOLD 410 Thlrtuenth street
Crockery ,
1. BONNER 1309 Douzus street. Good line.
Clothing and Furnlihlng Goods.
OHO. H. 1'FTTKUSON , Also lints , Caps , Boots ,
Shod ) , Notions and Cutlery , SOI S. 10th street.
Fence Works.
OUST , FRIES & CO. , 1213 lUmcy St. , Improve ,
cd Ice Boxci , Iron nnd Wood Fences , Office
Railings. Counters ot Pine and Walnut.
Refrigerators , Canfleld's Patent.
C. F. GOODMAN llth St. bet. Farn. & llarnoy.
Show Case Manufactory , )
0. J. WILDE ,
Manufacturer nnd Dealer In all kinds ot Show
Cases , Upright Cases , It . . 1317 C&as St.
FRANK I. . GERHARD , proprietor Omaha
Show Case manufactory , SIS South I8th street ,
between Lcavcnvvorth nnd Marcy. All goods
warranted first-class.
Stoves and Tinware.
Dealer In Stares and Tinware , and Manufacturer
of Tin Roofa and nil kinds ot Building Work ,
Odd Fellows'Block.
J. BONNER. 1309 Douglas St. Good and Cheap.
J. EVANS , Wholesale and Retail Seed Drills and
Cultivators , Odd Fellows llall.
Physicians an ! Surgeons.
W. 8. GIBBS , M. D. , Raom No 4 , Crotghton
Block , 15th Street.
P. S. LEISENR1NG , M. D. Masonic Block.
C. L. HART , M. D. , Eye and Ear , opp. postofflte
Oculist and Aurtst. S. W I6th and Farnham Bts
Photographers ,
Grand Central Gollerr ,
212 Sixteenth Street.
near Masonic Hall. First-class Work and Prompt
ness guarantcop _
Plumbing , Gas and Steam Fitting ,
P. W. TARPY & CO. . 210 12th St. , bet Farnham
and Douglas. WorK promptly attended to.
D. F1TZPATRICK. 1409 Douglas Street.
Painting nnd Paper Hanging.
HENRY A. KOSTERS. 1412 Dodge Street.
Shoe Stores.
hllllp Lang , 1320 Farnham et , bet 13th & 14th.
Second Hand Store.
ERKINS & LEAR. 1410 Douglas St. . New and
econd Hand Furniture , House Furnishing Goods ,
c. , bought and sold on narrow man-ins.
n the new brick block on Douglas Street , has
just opened a most elegant Ikal Hall.
Hot Lunch from 10 to 12
ev cry day.
Caledonia " J FALCONER. 679 IGth Street.
HAS. RIEWE , 101 ! ! Farnham bet. 10th & lltd.
P. PEMNER , 303 } Tenth street , between Farn'
am and Hartley. Does good and cheap work ,
09 Cent Stores.
. 0. BACKUS , 1205 Farnham St , Fancy Goods
To Nervous Sufferers
Dr. J. B. Simpson's Specific
It Is n positive cure ( or Spermatoirhea , Seralna
Wcokness. Impotancy , and all diseases resulting
rom Self-Abuse , la Mental Anxiety , Losai
tcmory , Pains In the Back or Side , and diseases
' " that lead to
Insanity and
_ early grave
The Specific
Medicine Is
being used
with wonder
( ul success.
ent ( ree to all. Write ( or them and get toll par
Iculars. , ,
Price , Specific , (1.00 per package , or six pock'
gea for 5.00. Address all orders to
Nos. 104 and 108 Main St. Buffalo , N. Y.
Sold In Omaha by C. F. Goodman , J. W. Bell ,
. K Ishnnd ll drugglstseverywhere.
K SB-dawlv
& CO. ,
Sole Manufacturers. OMAHA.
217 and 219 North Main St. , St. Louts ,
Printers Stock
{ arCash paid ( or nags and Paper Stock , Sera
Iron and Met&ls.
Paper Stock .Warehouses 1229 to 1287 , Nortl
Ander's ' Select Dane
Prof , W , J ,
ing Academy ,
A. Hospe , Jr. Hall , 1510 Dodge St.
Class for ifcntlemen commenclnj ; Tuuday o cn
Inir Oct. 4. Class for ladle * coiumenctnir Thurs
davciciiliiL' , Oct. 0. Terms liberal. The cas
methodi 1 lia\o for teaching the Wcltz , Gilds
& .O. . I can iniarantoo perfect satisfaction i
mholars. For terms , if. , call at A. Hosmj , Jr
or address 1110 Capitol A\e. 17dlm
MraskaLand Agency
1606 Farnham 8t . Omaha , Nebra k
Care.ully eeloctoJ land In Eastern
tala , Great Harbin * In Unproted lariiu ,
Omaha city property.
L t Lan J Com'r U. P , a. . , ( # - [ btl
A Visit to Their Quarters itiSnu
Francisco Stores , Eestau-
rants and Theatres ,
AM Opium Joint-A Fnlufnl Soono
tJmlor rounil Brirber Honso
nnil Jo.ii Shop.
orrcspondcncc ot the Philadelphia 1'rcsi.
SAN FKANCisco , September 5. To
kivbw the Chinese olio should coino to
Snu Francisco. Their mnnbora , llioir
peculiarities , tlioir strength grow rap
idly upon the Bojournor. At first ho
1ms only nn occasional gliinpso of a
"Scrubber's" cue at the "I'alaco. "
Then Wing Hi or Kan Leo comes for
his clothes , catrios them away in two
blue bags swung over his shoulders ,
sprinkles thorn w ith water squirted from
his mouth in spray , and brings back
the ladies' ties as white as the driven
snow , but so still' that to bow to
friends across the dining room is an
impossibility. Then Ohoo-Loo ap
pears , who comes on regular mornings
to the ladies' rooms with his attractive
wares , and beguiles them into unlim
ited purchases ot fans , cupa and trays ,
fust because they can bo bought of
lint so much cheaper than nt the reg
ular shops. Then comes a visit to
China Town one of the "regulation"
things for all California tourists.
China Town consists of a rectangu
lar block , seven squares in lcn th by
two in breadth , near the business cen
tre of the city and only a few blocks
away from the palaces of its railway
kings. The blocks are cut up in sec
tions by narrow alloysand { the houses
are nearly all tall , decayed buildings ,
swarming with tenants , filled with
underground dens , and attics with
overhanging dormers , which shut out
the sunlight and all but a patch of blue
sky , which is nature's perpetual gitt
to this city. The streets are lined
with the stores of the Chinese mer
chants. Those stories contain many
choice things in tortoise ahull , carved
ivory , and enpesj but HUlo effort is
made in display goods in their limited
quarters , and the investigating turn of
mind and the "push" which are qual
ities of the average Eastern traveler
are serviceable. One alloy is devoted
to the opium "joints , " another is given
up to the market men , others are
monopolized by the most dissolute
classes. There are six restaurants and
two theatres in the quarter. Tlioir
plays are historical , frequently run
from noon of one day until noon of
the next , and a series runs through
two months. No reliance is
placed upon the setting , there being
no scenery and almost no stage furni
ture , and the slain man rises and
cooley walks oil' the stage while the
audience looks calmly on. One biiof
visit suflices the average white theatre
goer , and ho is glad to escape from
the close air of the theatre , heavy and
foul with opium smoke. If ho chooses ,
the doleful music of the stage still
ringing in his ears ho can adjourn tea
a restaurant in the vicinity and eat
cake , sweet-meats , and preserved
watermelon , and drink genuine Chi
nese tea served in Celestial stylo.
Did over a drive equal the one o
teok one sunny morning through
"Golden Gate Park , " over "Nob
Hill , " past the "Plaza" to China
Town ? And is it to bo wondered at
that after a dreamy morning at the
fascinating Cliff house we rubbed our
eyes to see if wo were really awake ?
Ev erything about us had an Orien
tal aspect. The shops had Chinese
signs. Chinese ware hung in the windows
dews or were shown on the sidewalks.
Chinese placards were on the walls.
The Chinese themselves were every
Wo were accompanied by a police
man , and our bewilderment was in
creased by seeing him suddenly dis
appear like a jack-in-the-box. Di
rectly his head and a beckoning hand
appeared , and , pinning our faith to
our guide , wo proparecl to descend ,
wo know not whither. Our faith was
rewarded by finding a flight of steps
leading to a dark passage opening
upon a covered court , surrounded by
galleries from which opened innum
erable auartmcnts. In one of
these wo found a woman "at
homo. " She was dressing hoi-
hair , which was glossy and most
profusely gummed. Here , thought
we , is found among this ancient people
ple the germ of bandoline. The wom
an showed us the little wooden pillow
upon which she slept , in shape very
like a dumbbell , anl when informed
that those who used thorn wore only
obliged to dress the hair once a week
their utility was apparent.
The court was evidently used as a
common kitchen. The stoves in use
were simply little sheet-iron boxes ,
containing a few coals and wit !
an arrangement for a skillet over the
fire. This is the only means many of
these poor creatures have of cookinf ,
their meals. To bo sure it Bimplificf
very much the process of getting dinner
nor , for the steve can bo put on a ta
bio or on the floor , or "laid on the
shelf , " as is most convenient , and one
cooking utensil serves for the rice ant
the numerous stows which they niakp
The Chineseaio very economical in
their food , as in everything else , usinj
parts of animals which pro discardet
in the markets and making , it is said
very palatable stows from thorn. But
after Boeing the process and the coob
wo had no desire to taste the dishes
Our repugnance was strengthened bi
a visit to ono of their market houses
whore everything , from chickens
wings to the thinnest fish,8coined , to be
"cut and dried" very much like the
customs and habits of the peopl
Our policeman next led us to an
"opium joint. " Wo shuddered awe
wo looked into the dark damp under
ground don , at the end of which w
could sco only the faintest glirnmo
of light. Uy the aid of a candle w
mudo our way across the place and t
the side of a man stretched upoi
matting and already half stupefied by
the opium ho was smoking
His wild bright eyes , an
his thin , haggard face told c
the terrible power of this vice , II
was , indeed , a frightful object , an
when the oflicor took his pipe for
moment , to show us its structure , h
followed it with his glaring eyes , as
his existence wore bound up in it. W
were glad to hasten away from thi
ad place , which at night would belied
lied with men , smoking ft way their
ves ; and , as wo drew loin ? brcathi of
! io pure , swcot nir outside , wo rcllcot.
d upon the responsibility of the Eng-
ih government that foiced thoopiiim
rado upon China.
Another underground room remain-
il to bo visited which , wo were told
y our escort , was sixty-seven foot
eng and nine feet wide. Into this
on this olllcor ono night chased a
lief , and , after arresting him , wont
ack and counted ninety-two sleeping
icn. There was not n window and
ut a single door to the apartment ,
nd the berths were ono above the
thor like the boxes of a poalofllco.
lo made a hasty computation which
lowed the number of cubic inches of
5r for each person very small.
Wo next looked into nn old decayed
uilding where , wo wore assured , four-
eon hundred Cinnamon lodged. Wo
xplored ono or two dark passages ,
rom ono of which n barking cur
usheel out , and wo begged to bo ox-
used from going further , assuring
ur guide that wo ntid faith enough to
ccept all his statements. NVo could
eve the Chinaman but not his dot , ' ,
Our next objective point was a bar
er shop whore a man's oars were
oing shavod. Our escort asked for
lie instrument , which was refused ,
'lion what a 13abel ensued. The
ther occupants of the shop all talked
t once , evidently to explain the po-
cuuaii's position. The result was
hat the instrument quickly found its
ay into his hands , illustrating
lie wholesome respect for law on-
ertained by this people. It proved to
o bo a little .sharp-pointed knife , which
s inserted for an almost incredible
iatanco in the ear. They have also
little knife somewhat similar for
leaning their tongues. It seemed
ery strange that this peculiar people ,
o filthy as most of them aie in
Eieir homos , should be so
astidious in those respects.
Vuly they "pay tithes of mint and
ummin and neglect the weightier
latters , " Wo were obliged to leave
lie man in the barber's chair to the
under mercies of the operator , al-
liough feeling some anxiety as to the
esult. The shades of nicht wore
ailing , and so , leaving the Joss-
ouso for a separate visit wo turn-
d our steps homeward , with hearts
addened and filled with pity for a
eoplo leading their own _ separate
lolatrous existence in the midst of a
Christian people. And wo wondered
' the true solution of the "Chinese
roblcm"wcro not the civilization and
'hristianization of those already
mong us , with the hope that the lit-
le leaven may leaven the whole lump.
E. M.
Robe HolTonstolu's Hor'so-
'rom ' the New Orleans Times.
"Now Oilcans vill bo a crcat blaco ,
lisdor Hotfonstein , " said Herman ,
'ven do railroads vill bo running hero
rom do Vest and odor parts uv do
ountry , von't it ? "
"Herman , don't dalk to me aboud
10 railroads , " replied HoHonstein , "it
nakcs mo dink uf do vay I half been
whittled by dem. Vonco I dink it
rould bo nice to hat a horse to drive
nit a buggy , und a man dolls mo dot
10 vill sell mo yon , und yo m.ido a
rado. Vat you dink , Herman , I gif
or do horse ? "
"I don't know , MisdortHoffon -
toin. " * 't
"Veil den , I vill doll you. I got
lim cheap. I gif dree dollars und a
I'icldlo. Afder I got ho horse I finds
lot ho haf do vorms und don't can do
loding but hang his under lip down ,
und sleep all do day. Vile I vas try-
tig to get do horse veil , do railroad
ars killed him. I makes oud my
claims against do railroad booplp , und
' . dels dom dot doy half killed my
> uggy horse und dot ho vas vert a
lundred dollars. Von uf do raihoad
men dell mo dot ho vill envestigate
lo matter , und to coino back do next
eek. Von I goes back I says 'I has
como around to got do money for my
lorso vat you kill mit do car. ' Vet
rou dink , Herman , do man says ? "
" 'Ve don't can pay you noding.
Vo haf shust found oud dat do killing
uf you your horse vas not an accident.
To vanted to committ suicide und got
on do drack und voitod for do drain to
run over him. Do law says you don't
can got damages trom a railroad under
deso circumstances ; dcreforo my dear
sir , your claim vas vort noting. My
; r-rra-cious , Herman , dink how I
a& swindled by do railroad , do infer-
ml monopoly ; but I got even with
dom any vay. I heard a man say dot
a railroad drain vould get sgared
und stop if day saw a rod light at
night , und I dink ofor vet ho
sajs. Veil , my house near vero
do railroad vas , und a blind
inulo vat don't belong to no von vas
loafing around. Afdor a vile I dinks
ot soincding , and I gets a rod lamp
von night und tics it mit do mule's
neck und dook him vcro do railroad
runs , I Icavo him My _ gr-r
cious , Herman , all dot night do
drains voa vislitig und sdopping und
putting do brakes on , und do gonduc-
tor ho swear at eforyding vile ho
snatches do lamp und makes do mule
o vay. Efery night for a gouplo uf
vceks I tics a red lamp mit do mule's
neck , und sends him up de railroad
drack. Ven ho hears do vistlo , und
do drain sdops ho knows ho vill got
beat mitsdicks if ho sdays dere , am'
runs avay. Dot mule afder a vile
learned his pisncss , und ho vould go
oud und pdop ofery drain vat run 01
do road. "
Mutton nnd Wool.
The following remarks are takoi
from the London Field of recent date
and will bo of interest to Amonciu
sheop-breedora and wool-groworH a
indicating the tendency of EniliHl {
llockmastors to depend more largely
upon the meat qualities of their sheep
and less upon the product of wool
profit in the latter being much loss o :
recent years , on account of the lurgi
receipts and excellent quality of foreign
oign fleeces. Noticing an importanl
sale of llanipsliiru-down sheep oy Mr ,
Morrison , of Fonthill House , Fisbury
\ViHa , the Field , after quoting sovera
high-priced individual sales , says :
Now that Iontr wool , oven when i
is of a lustrous character , is worth IK
more or less than 1 shilling pe :
pound , and dark-faced mutton keep S
at a high pricp , Lincolnnhiro and
Midland counties flockmastors are
turning their attention to the cultivation i.
vation ot u bettor clamjijf mutton than
it is known whito.fatdQ and long ;
wooled sheep produce , The demand
for Hants-down ram lambs haa there
fore increased during the last few
years. Thousand * have been sold annually -
nually for and in LincolnshireNorth
amptonshire , lluntingdonshiio and
Yorkshire. The numbers this year
will bo incieased , of which the above
prices are an indicatiiin , A point
about the Hampshire sheep is excep
tional. They are so largo and vigor
ous that ram Iambi are preferred for
use to yt'arling or older sheep. In
fact , unless in the case of an excep
tionally good ram , which proves him
self capable of leaving a strong stamp
of his own good qualities on his issue ,
a yearling or two-shear sheep is never
used oven by the flockmostors of Hants
and Wilts. Those ram lambs are now
in great demand , on account of the
great proportion of loan to fat they
produce. This is why they are so
suitable for crossing purposes with the
large Lincoln ewes , which possess a
largo portion of fat to loan , lly
the way , too , brown , black , or mottled -
tlod legs are thus produced ; butch
ers can leave a bit of skin on the legs
and shanks uf their sheep in the car
cass , and thus charge the
price of the best cross-breeds or
downs. Whether or nut there will be
a turn in the English wool trade , wo
have at present no moans of judging.
I3ut the increase in the produce of
the foreign wool-j/rowing countries
has been so great within a few years
that it seems to bo a better nrospcct
for England flockmastors to improve
the quality and price of mutton , rath
er than to look forward to an in-
increased profit by the growth of
wool This will be sulllciotitly evi
dent if the fact be recalled that the
wool importad from Australia , Now
Zealand , South America , and some
minor foreign countries amountodlast
year to the sum of upwards of twon-
ty-live million pounds sterling.
The Xiiolc OIiRorvntory.
) UcraR
Many of our readers have boon long
interested in the observatory to bo
built upon Mount Hamilton. They
have watched with eagerness the work
as it has progressed for many months
past. The progioss of the un
dertaking has been marked. Cap
tain Fraser has nut spent an idle mo
ment , but has been continually push
ing the work on to completion. The
visit to the site of the observatory by
a ft iend reveals to us the following
facts : The center of attraction is the
largo pier which is to hold the great
tolescopo. The work upon it is just
now about completed. The pier is
constructed of hard-burnt brick and
has a diameter of thirteen feet five
inches at the bottom , and tapering un
til it is eight feet acioss at the top.
Its foundation is solid , being laid in a
bed of solid rock four and ono
half feet below the surface of
the ground. It is held in its
cement. In building the tower or pier
more than fifty barrels of cement and
S0,000 brick were used. The sur
rounding walls for the dome are laid
and the masons arc at woilc on the
foundation for the transit house.
Captain Fraser is pushing the work on
quite rapidly , with the idea of com
pleting the buildings in October. The
pier and surrounding work now begin
to look indeed like the site of the
largest telescope on the continent ,
and it is expected by the 1st of Octo
ber the main structures will all bo up.
The blasting has been a long and
tcdiouH job , but now the summit of
the mount is as level as can bo made.
Sins of the Fathers Visited on the
Physicians say that scrofuloun ta'nt can
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you go through n thorough course of Htm-
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The "Sun" Cholera Medicine-
Journal of Commerce.
More than twenty years ago , when
it was found tliat prevention of chol
era was oasiorthan cure , a proscription
drawn up by eminent doctors was
published in the Sun , and it took the
name of the Sun cholera medicine.
Our contemporary never lent its
name to a bettor article. Wo have
scon it in constant use for nearly two
score years , and found it to bo the
best remedy for looseness of the
bowels over yet devised.
No ono who has this by him , and
takes it in time , will over have the
Wo commend it to all our Inonds.
Even when no cholera is anticipated ,
it is an excellent remedy for ordinary
ummor complaints , colic , diarrhea ,
dysentry , etc.
Take equal parts of tincture of
Cayenne popper , tinctuio opium
tincture of rhubarb , essence of pop
pernnnt , and spirits of camphor. Mix
well. Dose , fifteen to thirty drops in
a little cold water , according to ago
and violence of symptoms , repeated
every fifteen or twenty minutes until
i cliff is obtained.
Set Bnolc 42 Years.
"I was troubled for many years
with Kidney'Complaint , Gravel , Ac. ;
my blood became thin ; I was dull and
inactive ; could hardly crawl about ;
was an old , worn out man all over ;
could got nothing to help me , until I
got Hop I3ittor , and now I am a boy
again. My blood and kidneys are al1
right , and I am as active as a man o
30 , although I am 72 , and I bavo nu
doubt it will do as well for others o'
my ago. It is worth a trial. " ( Fath
or. ) Sunday Mercury. octl-15.
Axle Grease
Vttxl on Wacom. IluirglM , Ileapen , Threshers
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ue" '
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original firm of\ \
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Rogers Bros.
stance a single
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Forks and plated Spoon a
Knives plated triple thioknossof
with the greatest
plato only on
of caro. Each
the s o c t i o a
lot being hung
on a scale while where- expo d
being plated , to to wear , thereby
insure n full do.
making a single
posit of silver on
plated Spoon
them.Wo wear as long M
Wo would call
a triple plated
especial attention
tion to
our sec-
Rival. Orient- Tinned.
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