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Yesterday's Events ill Iowa'
Western Metropolis ,
Continuation of tbo Unitoc
States Court.
Several Interesting Cases Trioc
Fen email , Fiok-Upi txnil nnd Qon
oral Items of Interest-
Vauglmn , Chapman & Co. , liavi
been squat on again by quito n re
Bpcctablo majority. Bring out your
Herdic coaches , ring the bolls , wo arc
coining to the front as a first-class
city. No more shall wo bo in the
dark ns to where , oh where , do out
little thousands go. The mayor car
bo elected attain , if ho gets vote.-
enough , and then ho will have more
power than is vested in him now.
i'at Lacy is mad , but Judge James is
right after him with the ghost of city
orders discounted 20 per cent. The
business men are on top at the pres
ent time. Council Bluffs will bo a
city of the first class and the first city
in the state.
Judge Lewis' docket this term dis
closes forty-three cases for defrauding
Uncle Sam out of his revenue and sir
cases for passing counterfeit money.
The case of the United States vs.
J. D. Walter , on charge of defrauding
the revenue , was tried by jury.
The prisoner was found guilty and
fined $100 nnd costs.
The case of the United States vs.
Samuel Prescott , for defrauding the
revenue , was tried by jury. Verdict ,
guilty. Ho was sentenced to Fort
Madison pcnitiary for the term of two
years and six months.
The case of the United States vs.
George Morris was called and the defendant -
fondant admitted to bail in $1,000.
The celebrated damage suit against
the 0. , B' & Q. railroad company
that has been dragging its weary
length before Judge Love in tha
United States court tor several days ,
was concluded about fifteen minutes of
ten yesterday forenoon. The jury
came in at 4:30 : o'clock with a $50 ver
dict for plaintiff. This cose grow out
of an accident that occurred some
time ago at Hillsdale , a station on the
line of the road east of Glonwood. A
construction train was coming west.
On one of the fiat cars was loaded
what is called a switch rod. It ap
pears there were stakes or other at
tachments to prevent , under certain
circumstances , the rod sliding off. At
the time of the accident ono of the
employes of the road , Wells Hanson ,
was seated on the fiat car next
to the rear oj the ono which was load
ed , with the switch rod in question. It
seems that at this point in the road
there is a descending grade for some
distance , and that the train jolted the
iron rod of the car , and it struck
against the leg of Hanson and broke
It. Hanson brought suit against the
company for. 910,000 damages. The
judge's charge was quito lengthy. Tlio
following well-known attorneys ap
peared on behalf of the rail
road company : Hon. H , H. Trutn-
bull , Hon. M. Blithe general solicitor
for the company , and McPhcrson , attorney -
tornoy general of the state. The de
fendant , Hanson , was represented by
J. W. Botholomow , of Dos Moines ,
assisted by Sapp and Lyman , of this
city.Judgo Lease reached the criminal
cases yesterday. A jury was called
and quito a number were disposed of
by consent.
The case of the United States vs.
"William R. Smith for passing coun
terfeit money , was called in court
yesterday. Smith retracted his nlea
of not guilty and pleaded guilty. The
court sentenced him to imprisonment
for the term of four years at Fort
M , M. Miller , recently in the cm-
-ploy of the Chicago & Northwestern
railroad company unceremoniously
skipped the town Friday morning
leaving a wife and child in doubt as to
his whereabouts. Ho stated to ono of
his co-employes that the marriage boll
of late hadn't rung just to suit him.
Ho was employed as a switchman in
the yard and waa considered sober and
industrious ,
The following communications have
rocnntly passed between "W. H. Mo-
ginncss and some of his comrades :
COUNCIL BUJWH , September 27.
To W , H. Mcginness , Hazolldoll ,
. Iowa :
Wo , your soldier friends and com
rades , respectfully ask you to withdraw
your nanio as an independent candid
ate for sheriff of Pottuwattamio
county , Iowa. Ourjroasons therefore
are as follows : Wju , the undersigned ,
irero for you firatmst 'and all the
time in assisting and trying to got you
the nomination , and you were de
feated in the convention against our
express wishes. . HwLpur wishes boon
consulted , as tl y' kould have boon ,
you would to-day bo the soldier nonii-
noo'of the republican party for sheriff.
Hoping you will consult our wishes ,
wo remain your friends and comrades.
( Signed ) , John Lindt ,
, Ilobert Boocroft ,
' "t \ A. Austin ,
0. H. Harrison ,
< ' . Goo. B. Niles ,
W. H. Campbell ,
J. P. Williams ,
f ' * ' Eugano Casey ,
Louis Sovereign.
* ' THE JtEi'LY.
HAZEC.DCLI. , September 28,1881 ,
Mr , John Lindt and others
Gentlemen : Your letter of the
27tli instant was handed to mo this
morning by a friuiid , and its con.
tents have boon carefully , and I think
honestly considered. In allowing my
immo to bo published as an independ
ent candidate for sheriff of Pottuwat-
omio county , I will nay that it was
through the urgent untrcatioa of my
many warm and personal friends that
I did so ; and now that my soldier
friends and comrades request my with
drawal from the canvass , I will do BO ,
with the understanding , however , that
it is under protest and contrary to my
rctil Bonso of duty to my friends IUN
tlio coed of the party in future.
( Signed ) W. II. MnoiNNnss.
Miss Lmua Cole loft this inoriiin
to Attend the school at low ;
J. M. Cnmpboll , Sioux City , is ii
Council Binds on business.
Congressman . P. Itipburn \ vain
in Council lllufla on business bofori
tlio U. S. court.
Smith McPhorsonj attornoy-gcn
oral , arrived in Council Blull's yesterday
day , just in time , as the coutrt hat
reached the criminal caucs.
3Iiss Morgan , ono of Frocdmnn'i
young lady clerks , is confined by ill
ness nt her residence on Washingtot
Miss Smith , daughter of Smith tin
senior member of the firm of Smith A
Norton , is lying quite ill at her fath
er's residence on Washington avenue
A. T. Flickongor nnd wife lefi
Council Bluffs on a brief visit to thcii
friends and relatives at Independence ;
Iowa ,
AV. S. Amcnt , of the firm of Ainciil
it Sims , lias gene to Dunlap , IFnrri <
son county , on business connected
with their law firm.
Judge J. Qt Day , of the S. J.
court , was in the city yesterday.
Big Bill Bates , check clerk down at
ttio transfer , finding that it was cost
ing him too much for shoo leather ,
made a vow that ho would save up
some money and buy a horse , and aet
up a temporary vehicle , The day ar
rived for him to make the purchase ,
but being a little short to
buy a real horse ho took what
ho had purchased a genuine jack asa
with anti-monopoly proclivities , con
sequently ho was ashamed to have a
railroad check clerk through the main
Hlrocts to the dcpel } and when Bill
wanted to take that way the j. a.
wanted to take the other , so they had
it for awhile. Finally Bill gave in
uid now they can begin any morning ,
taking a back street for the transfer.
Jccasionally Bill calls for his friend ,
Dharloy Proctor , and when they meet
it Charley'shouse , and are fairly un-
! or way , headed for the transfer ,
ho i , a. laughs as his whillllc-trco
voula break. Ride down , boys , nnd
ubscribo for TJIK BEE. Wo will
hrow in a copy for the j. a. free
; ratis.
The Right Sort of General.
Jacob Smith , Clinton street , Buffalo
iyn ho has used Spring Ulos iu in his
jrnily as a general mcdtcinfc for cases of
idlgestlon , biliousness , bowel and kidney
omplaints and disorder ) ) arising front ini-
uritles of tlio blood. Ho speaks highly
f its efficacy. Trice CO cents , trial bottles
0 cento. cojlw
low Senator Gordon and His As-
oolatcs Got Rich A Railroad -
road Scheme-
'cw Orleans Plcnjninc.
For the term in the United States
anato. beginning March 4 , 1870 , the
ncumbont , chosen by the people of
loorgia , through their hearts and Icg-
ilators , was a man who had been
rounded in battle eight times. Ho
ommandod a wing of Gen. Leo's
rmy at the close of the war. Ho was
captain , a major , a lieutonant-
olonol , a colonel , a brigadier-general ,
major general , and a corps com-
landor. Ho was a member of the
ational democratic convention in
8G8 from Georgia , and also in 1872 ,
nd a presidential elector for the state
t largo in 1808 , and also in 1872.
lo took'his seat in the United States
onata March 4 , 1873 , and his second
orm would not have expired till
wolyo years from that date , and no
lan living is authorized to say that
is third term would have ended bo-
ore March 4 , 1891.
Senator Gordon found that the
leeds of his family were greater than
ho calls of his ambition , andho throw
way almost a whole term in the sen
se , and a marvelous popularity in
Joorgia. When people asked the
oason , ho said ho had to make moro
lonoy , and ho thought ho could make
HG.OOO a year.
That man is now a millionaire. Ho
ins not only made himself a million-
ire ; ho has also made his two broth-
rs millionairosand ho has made Gov.
'olquitt ' , of Georgia , a millionaire ,
'hoy are four millionaires now.
Gordon has organized the Georgia
'acifio railroad and sold it to tlio
lichmond & Danville Extension corn-
any ( that isto the Pennsylvania poo-
lowho own the road from Richmond
0 Atlanta ) for $700,000 cash and a
ortain amount of stock. Besides this ,
lie presidency of the Georgia Pacific
omains in Gen. Gordon's hands , and
lie cosh lias been paid , and the Gor-
ons and Colquitt own § 1,000,000 In
lie Richmond andDanvillo Extension
ompany , and will have two and ono-
alf times that amount of stock in the
loorgia Pacific. Gon. Gordon will
amain president of the Georgia Pa-
tfic. Maj , E. C. Gordon is president
f two roads belonging to the company
1 Mississippi , the charters of which
xtcnd from Birmingham , Ala. , to
ho Mississippi river. Mr. W. S.
lordon is b director in the Richmond
; Danville extension company , and is
Iso raising a company to build a rail-
aad in Florida.
The Louisville & Nashville road , at
bout the time of Gordon's rcsignu-
Ion , was * beginning to got a foothold
i Georgia , where it has now intrench-
d itself on the Western & Atlantic
rom Chattanooga to Atlanta , the
ioorgia from Atlanta to Augusta , and
lie Central from Atlanta to Savannah
9 thoroughly that it will need all the
owore of the powerful Georgia rail-
uad commissioners to hold it in
hock. Just then , however , it was
ot very strong in Georgia , and was
mtching every point with jealous
yes. Seeing an opportunity to secure
Fie services of n popular Georgia
jwyor , it eagerly retained Gordon as
no of its counsel. In order to hold
lie entrance to Atlanta it bought the
leorgia Western charter from Atlanta
a Birmingham. After its great vie-
urios in Georgia it did not need oith-
r Gordon or the Georgia Western ,
nd it gave Gordon the Great Western
barter , probably to got rid of him ,
'his was Gordon's nest egg.
The three Gordons and their gover-
or now sot themselves to raise a coin-
any to build from Atlanta to the
lississippi river. They obtained con-
itionully over 100,000 acres of coal
Jiids , granted on condition the road
rus finished. These lands were worth
couple of millions , but of course
they will not bo worth a <
Georgia Pacific until the road Ha con
pletou. They also secure valunbl
charters in Mississippi nnd tlio rig ]
of way for over n hundred miles.
With this stock in trade , the rci
was easy. The Richmond t D.invill
Extension company will build thread
road as soon as possible nnd turn i
over to the Georgia Pacific railroa
company , which , like many anot'ic
name of railroads in the south , wi
mean the Pennsylvania railroadTh
road is sure to bo built , and it will b
of very great service to Atlanta
Birmingham , Columbus and th
other places through which it wi !
pass on its way to the Mississippi
The wealth of the three Gordons nm
Gov. Colquitt cannot fairly bo esti
mated to-day at less than n millioi
apiece. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Bogus CorUflontcn.
It is no vile drugged stuff , protand
ing td bo made of wonderful foreigi
roots , barks , &c , and puffed up b ;
long bogus Certificated or prctcndei
miraculous cures , but a simple , pure
effective medicine , made of wol
known valuable remedies , that fur
nishes its own certificates by its cures
Wo refer to Hop Bitters , the piiros
and best of medicines. ' Republican ,
octl-li )
Business 'College ' ,
QCO. n. RATHQUN , Principal.
Creighton Block ,
XarScnJ for Clrcul r. nov,2ktvvt !
108. R. CLARKBOM , J , 0 , 11CXT
Clarkson & Hunt ,
Success' * fn nichartls & Hunt ,
SI I4l 8trivt Om h > NMi
An ordinance establishing the grade o (
! 0th street from St. Mnry'd avenue south
.it the Union Pacific railroad track.
Be it ordained by the city council of the
: ity of Omnha ,
SECTION 1. The grade of 20th street from
it , Mary's avenuu south to the Union
'acifio railroad track shall boas follows :
Jodnning with the cant and west curbi
if 20th street at their intersection with tbo
oittb curb of St. Mary's avenue at an cle-
ati'm of 120 feet nnd 123 feet respectively
A established , thence south on mid curb
inos by uniform ascent to a point on eaicl
iiirb duo west of a point 157 feet south of
lie southeast corner of 20th street and St.
H ry'H avenue to an elevation of 127 feet ,
hence south by uniform ascent to an ele-
'ation of 103 feet on the north curb of
jeavenworth street , thence to an elevation
if 100 fuet at tbo south curb of
Jeavonwortli street , thence south to a
loint 22" feet south of tbo south line of
[ jcavcnworth street to nn elevation of 170
cet on the cast and 172 feet on tlio weak
mrb of Twentieth street ; thence south 76
cct to an elevation of 1C ! ) feet on the cast
, nd 171 feet on the west curb of Twentieth
trcct ; thence south to a common elevation
f 141.G feet nt the north curb of Mason
trcet ; thence to an elevation of 139 feet
t the south curb of Mason street ; thence
0 an elevation of 120 feet at a point 250
cct south of the south line of Mason
trect ; thence to an elevation of OS feet at
lie north curb of 1'icrco street ; thence to
n elevation of JO feet at the south curb ;
hence to an elevation of 83 feet at point
50 feet south of the fouth line of Pierce
treet ; thence south 800 feet to an eleva-
ion of 70 feet ; thence to an elevation of
j feet at the railroad track.
Sec. 2. This ordinance shall take effect
nd bo in force from and after its passage.
Prest. City Council , pro tern.
Attest : J. J. L. C. JEWETT ,
City Clerk.
Passed September 20,1881.
Approved September 27,1881.
ap302t J. E. Bovu.iMnyor.
ropoiala forPnrobaie of City Lot ,
Sealed proposals will be received by the
ndersigned until 12 o'clock noon , Tnura-
ay , October ( ith , 1881 , for the purchase of
-ot 5 , in Block lH. ! " Bids to take into
onsideration existing , leases. Envelopes
ontainliiK said proposals shall bo marked
Proposals for purchase of lot. " The
Ight is reserved to reject any and all bids ,
J. J. L. 0. JEWETT , .
sept20-l City Clerk.
and Sexual Philosophy.
roluwiy 1 iluitrttcd , 1 be mcit Importint and
! tboolc published. Every Umlly want * It.
xtrxordlnary inducements offered Acentd.
Address Ao * rsTuBMBiiiNO Uo. . St. Loula. Ho
1313 Farnham St. , OMAHA , NEB.
Body Bruucli. 11.25 to 81.76 ; Tapestry Urui-
: ! , 81.1G to 81.85 ; S-ply Curpct , J1.28 to $1.40 ;
o t 2-ply Ingrain , 1.CO to 81.16 ; Cheap 8-ply
iffreln , 40o to < J6c.
tattings , Oil Cloth and Widow Shades
at Lowest Market Prices ,
argest Stock and Lowest Prices ,
Samples furnished at yard-ra
Dexter L. Thomas ,
(0. W. WANK. A. C. CAUniLb
Xttorneys-at-Law ,
jygl'tt OMAllAj
Examination of Toaohori-
1 will bo jirctcnt at my olllco in Crclghton
lock on tbo tint Saturday of each month ta x.
nine uch niMillcaiUH ta m y ilcslro to tvnch
i tlio public ( cliaoli In Uouulu county. Quar-
irly cxanilnatton nrtt Saturday in February ,
ay , Augutt and No > tmber.
County Suiit. Public Instruction
tata ot Nebraska , DaugluCounty , HI :
, t a County Court , held t the County Court
Room , In and ( or said County , on thu lUt ! day
of September , A. 0. 1S1 , 1'rcseiit , A. U.
OHAUWICK , CountvJud * . ,
In tha matter ol the aHontlou ot Jennie E ,
olycr , a minor ,
On reading and flllns the petition ol Amos
idilary Coljcr. praying that their tald child
lay bo adopted by Kdnard and JIary K. Stow rd
nd that they \oluntarily and freely vho up the
utoJy ana carp ol kald child , aim alia the poti
on ot lUlnard and Mary I' , K toward ihowlmr
ut they ulbh ta adopt the said ulillJ.
OBI > KKKU , That October ItUi , A. D. 1881 , at
ocloik a. in. Unsunned tor licarlui ; said iwtl-
on , when all irMii i Interoitod In < ald matter
my appear at a County Court to bahcld , In and
ir > ald Countyand khow uiiuo nhythopra > cr
I petitioner nhould not bo grunted ; and that no-
cu ol nendcii ey of t hwald petition an J the hearing
icrcof , bo irlicn lo all persona Interettcd In ald
utter , by publishing a copy ot tliU order In'l'iii
siAiiA lUitv llK , a nowuwper printed in Ald
ounty , tor three luccowlto vcoki , prior to taU
y ol hearing. A. M , C1IAUW1CK ,
[ A true copy ) County Judfo. (
C. R Manderson ,
' "
't , Omahi.N"
The lending Sclcntltti ol to-dny ajreo tha
most tllwswcn are cnu'cil uy illsordcrcu kidney
or liter. If , therefore , tlio kldncvn ami Ihcr nr
Kept In perfect order , perfect licnlth will bo th
result. Thli truth tiMonlyliecnkncmn n shot
time ami for 3 c.arn people differed went ajron ,
without liclnjf able to find relief , Thcill co\cr ;
of Warner's bafo Kidney and Mvcr Cure mnrku i
n now era in the treatment of thc'a trouble *
Made from n simple lea ! of rare vnlue , I
contains Just the clement ! decenary to nourH
ami ImUorato both ot these irrcnt orirui * . aiji
safely restore nnd keep them In order , it In
Positive Remedy for nil the discuses that enu
twins In the loner jnrt of the liody for Torpli
Liter Headache * Jaundice Dlrzinct ? Grate
KcvcrAtO'O Ui or ami Urinary Organ * .
It la an excellent and Kifc remedy for female
ilurlnj ; Pregnancy. It will control Jlcnitruatloi
nnd Is In 'alu.tbl for Lcucorrhaa or railing. o
the Womb ;
As n fllooil Purifier It li tin equaled , for it cure
the organs that infil > c the blood.
This rcmeilv , which hns done oucli wonder. ' , I
put up In the I.AIIGUST HIXCD llOTtLK of anj
medicine upon the market , nnd ID sold hy Drmr-
uhtsnndnll ilcalcn at SI. 25 per bottle , I'o
Diabetes , enmilrt for WAH.NT.H'S SAl'K D1A
1JETES CUItl U 18 n POSI 1 1VE Itemcely.
H. H. WAITER & CO. , Rocheitcr , N. Y.
fclQ.tu-tlmat-ly _
To Catharine I'.cdde , non-rciklcut defendant ,
Yon nru hereby notified that o a the 2d day ol
September , IbSl , John Ucildc , plalutllT. filed hli
petition In the District Cqjb , uithlnandloi
loui.i ] County , Nebraska , against 3011 a < < ilc
Icndant.'tho object and praj cr of which petition
Is , to obtain a dcerco of ilHorco from the bondi
otjniatrlmony with jou for the following causes ,
to-wlt : 1st , haliltual drunkenness ; Sd , extreme
cruelty , nnd for Kencral relief ,
You nre reiulrc | > l to answer raid petition on
the 21tH day of October , 1SS1.
soTtvtit Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Des Moines , Iowa ,
Manufacturer * of SASH , DOORS , DLINDS ,
O rent reduction In Bank Counters , Plans fur-
nlihed , and word furnished in all Mud * of harder
or soft wood. Counters finished In oil when de
sired. Shehln of all kinds furnished , and put
Into building ready for paint on short notice
Our workmen nre the best mechanics that can lie
procured. Sate moBey by giving us your con
Stairs , Newels and Balusters.
Our foreman in this department was foraierly
ulth Frost Manufacturing Co , fchtcairo ,
[ Us , and has done sonic of the flnot Stair Aork
in the Northwest
Orders by mall promptly attended to. 1 20-3m
SIcn ° ' ability , to represent
CHAMBERS' Dictlonnry of Uni-
icreal Knowledge . Complete Cyclopedia of
Every Day Wants.
This Is the Most Useful and Compact Literary
\chlevcinent of the Age. It has no competitors.
Wo want competent Solrcltors. No peddlers
iced apply Circulars , Divine full dcsriptlon ,
lent on application. J. II. CHAMBERS ,
St. Louis , Mo. , Chicago , 111. , Atlanta , O
scSm&o d&wlra
Special attention pUnn to collections in Butler
thi Vastest Belllnir Book ot the Age I
Foundations or Success.
The Uwt of lr d , lej ? l forms , how to tr n -
ict bminess , valuable Ubles , tocUl etiquette ,
) uUuncut , rr UMge , how to conduct public
mMnets ; In l ct It Is coranlot * duldo to Sue-
for all eUssei. A family otcessiiv. Addresi
'or ' droulan and special t rmg , AKOliOR PUB-
O. . Bt Louis. Mo.
Professor Fisher , ( from St. Louis ) Danclnp Ac-
idem } ' , Standard Hall , cor. Fifteenth and F ora-
tarn , Tuesday evening , September 6th.
Classes for Ladles and Gentlemen commencing
Pucsday bvonlng Sejitcmbcr Cth ; classes : ) for
Jlsscsand Masters , commencing Saturday after-
loon at 4 o'clock. Clauses for Families , will bo
irrangcd to suit the honorable patrons. Also
mllet dancing can bo taught.
Tcrmj liberal , and perfect satisfaction to schol-
irs guaranteed. 1'rlvato Instructions wll 'loglr-
; n at the Dancing Academy or at the residence
if the patrons.
I'rhato orders may bo left at Mo * Meyer &
fit you nre
F man of lev
en il by the strain of terntoUlnnoTeri. . . _
your tlutltl avoid nlKht work , to re -
( tliDuhnUand uie tore brain nerve and
Hop Bitter * . Iwute , UM > Hop B.
I suffering from any In-
dUcrcUolnreor 1& 1 | > 1 Itlont li you are roar *
riod or tingle , old or I vouciT * sufferlnjr from
poorhe&ltU or languish I IK on a b d of lick-
new , rely on Hop ) liner * .
at * annually
Whoever 7on are. Tbouunai
whenever you feel nually from tome
Hut your yrt u I form of Kidney
needs eleawlnir. ton- ' pdlicaM tlmt nuElit
Inff or stimulating , I uteoi
without Intoxicating , k by a timely
take HOP HopBlttera
Bitter * .
Have yon dv *
ptiula , ktdntVI D. I. O.
orumtaru o > nl I Is an nbsoluU.
plaint , rt co > o | and Irretljia-
HOP bio euro for
6f > irrlf , blood , drunkenness.
lluje of opium ,
Tou will be tobacco.or
cureillfyouuM | [ narcotics.
Hop Bitter *
( rl tn. SiaJfor
lovf nlr weixU nlriteittry end NEVER llClrcular.
ui It may I uar nrrrus
nvo your FAIL BTQ CO.
lire. It tin *
envcci hun wkt.Ur.N. T ,
droda. I iTorotilo.Ort.
- -
Physicians and Surgeons ,
Orncr , Over Crulckshank , 16th St. , Bet.
i'arnhatn and Douglas. a''Mm
Foundations of Success
The law sol trade , legal forms , how to tram *
ct business , raluaulo tables , social etiquette
nrllamcntary usage , how to conduct public bus ) .
icss ; In ( act It Is a complete Quldo to Bucccu for
11 cases. A family necessity. Addrcis ( or clr-
ulars and special terms ANCUOK I'UIJLISIIINO
! 0. . Kt.Loiiiii. Ua. _
il Estate Agency
Keep a coini > U'to abstract of tltlo to all lloal
Intati ) In Onuha and loir/las county. mavtf
W , d , CONNELL ,
Orrici Front Kooius ( un stairs ) In llantoom's
icw trick builtlluf , N. w. corner Fltccnth ad
atnham Streets ,
l -
1319 Farnham Street.
This quality usually sells everywhere at $1.50.
k ,
No Samples Mailed ; order what you want , we guar
antee Satisfaction.
Kid Glove Sale ! ,
Best Quality Fisk , Clark and Flagg Gloves , 3-But-
ton , 75 cents.
Best Qual % Fisk , Clark and Flagg Gloves , 4-But-
Satin and Gros Grain , all Nos. , 9 to 40 , 10 cents.
s. IP. : MOIRSE : &D oo. ,
. 1319 Farnham Street.
United States Depository
Oor. 13th and Farnatn Sta.
Organized as ft National Bank August SO , 1S6S
omczsa jam P CTOM :
ACOUSTDB KorarzK.VIco President.
H. W. YATKS , Cashier.
A. J. PorrLiTOK , Attorney.
F. H. DAVIS , Asat Guhler
Thl bank receives deposits without regard tc
Issues time certificates bearing Interest.
Draws drafts on San Francisco and principal
cities of the United States , also London , Dublin.
Edinburgh and the principal cities of tbo contl
nent of Europe.
Sells passenger tickets for emigrants by the ID
man Hue _ mavldtf
The Oldest Established
Caldwell , Hamilton & Co. ,
Bustnea transacted same aa that ot an Incor
porated oank.
Account ! kept In currency or gold subject to
slfht check without notice.
Certificates of deposit asued payable In three ,
six and twelve months , jearlog Interest , or on
demand without interest.
Advances made to customers on approved Secu
rities at market rates of interest.
Duy and nell gold , bills ot exchange , govern
ment , state , county and city bonds.
Draw sight unfts on England , Ireland , Scot
land , and all parts of Europe.
Sell European paHKage tickets.
State of Nebraska , Douglas County , s ;
At a County Court , held at the County Court
Itoom , in and for bald County , August let , A.
1) . Ibfll. Present , HOWAUD a SMITH ,
County Judgo.
In the matter ol the estate of Joseph II. Nel
son , deceased ;
On reading and filing the petition of Martha
S. Nelson , praying tiiat the Instrument , pur
porting to bo a duly authenticated copy of the
ast Mill and tcbtament of tald deceased , and of
the probate thereof , by the Circuit Court of
Fountain County , State of Indiana , and this day
filed In this Court , may bo allowed and recorded ,
as the last will and testament of Bald Joseph II ,
Kelfcon , deceased , In and for the SUto of Ne
braska ,
Ordered , That August 27th , A , D. 1631 , at 10
o'clock a , in. , Is assigned for hearing sold petition ,
when all persons Interested In eatd matter may
appear at a County Court to be held , In and for
said County , and thow cause why the prajcr of
pctitionershould not be granted ; and that notice
of the pendency of Raid petition and the hearing
thereof , bo ghcn to all persons Interested In naid
matter , bv publishing a copy of thU oiderlnTim
OMAIU WKKKLY UKK , a e\\ai > apcr printed in cald
County , fortlirco succciulru ccLs , prior to told
day ot hearing ,
( A true copy , ] HOWARD D. SMITH ,
aug0-u3t County Judc ,
In the matter of tha Estate ol I'crdlnand Ilium ,
Xotlco is hereby gl\cn that the creditors of
stld dcieahcd , IH mctt the executrix of eald
Estate , before me , County Judge of Douglas
County , Nebraska , at a County Court Room , In
laid County , on thu 12th day of Not ember , 1BS1 ,
on thu l.lh day of January , ISS'J , and on the
12th day of March , 1SJ2. at lu o'clock a , in. each
day , for the pursue of presenting their claims
for uxumlnatlou , adjustment and ullownnce.
Six months arc allotted for creditor ! to present
thtlr claims , and ono year for the uxccutrix to
settle said lUtntc , from the 12th day of 8cptcm-
Iwr , IbJl , thU notice will bo published in Tim
OMAHA WEEKLY HER for four necks uccci iu ! y ,
prior to thu 12th day of Not ember , 1681.
cepSl-wSt County Jucl.-c.
Double Strength White Lime
Lumber , Lath , Shingles ,
Thirteenth and California Streets , OMAHA , - - - NEB.
Omaha , Collins
Cheyenne , . Colorado
Fall and Winter
Hats , Gaps , Trunks , Valises.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Prices to Suit al
Special Attention
Is Once More Called to the Fact that
Rank foremost in the West in Asso rtment and
Prices of
Furnishing Goods
Hats and Caps.
Wo nro prepared to meet the demands of the trade in regard to Latest Styles
and Patterns. .Fine Merchant Tailoring in Connection ,
M. HELLMAN & CO , , v
300 to 312 13th St. , Corner Farnham ,