Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 29, 1881, Image 1

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No 1 Lot on llarncy ttrcct , near nc\r court
feouio , Si&W.
No S Lot on Caw gtroct near 22d , fJSOO.
No3-Loton California street near SSJ , fU. _
No 6 LotonMarcy street near U. I1 , depot
No 0 } block In Shlnn'a 3d addition near Con
out , ? 8 0. i
No 8 Two lota on Dccatur near Campbell St
NolO-Slot * on Colfax street near llanecom
Park , at rcanonablo prices i
100 choice naldcncu lotIn Credit Ponelor an
Grand * lownddltlous ft short distance southeast o
U. P. mid B. & M. depot * , prices from 8100 up
Mr art ) 4.
18 lots on 21 t. 22.1 . , 23d and founders street * ,
northo ( and adjoining E. V. Smith's addition
tioo ; terras n y
. , Ko O.i rull corner lot on DougUt street noa
- lOih , KeflO. - *
No 70 Corner ( WxllO ftetloton Douglas noa
rear llth street$3100.
No. 71 Thrao lotoln Ulsc's addition ncarSaun
dew street , $1000
73 Iiot on Decatur street , near Irouo Shlnn *
2do.iditio.isur. .
No. 75 82xC < J foot on Pacific street near U. P
and B. & M. depot * , ? 300J.
No. 70 Splendid waruhousc lot 77x132 feel Ot
Street near Joneu , # 3500.
No 78 3 lots on Itarnoy street near I9th2000
No 81 Lot In Olsc'a addition near Saundrra
t'rect , $500.
No. 82 Lot In UUcs * addition near Saundui
rtrcet , (309.
Ko 83-2 lots on 19th near Pacific and Nal
wks , 81 GOO.
NoSO--Lot on Cliarlca street near SjunJeJs
No 87 Lot on Lcavcnworth near ICth , $1,109
- _ No Si Lot on Caldncll street near Saunders
No 83 Lot on Chicago near 22d street , $1500.
No DO Lot on Blonde near Campbell street
31 lota InMillards & Caldwcll'a addition , Sher
manavcnuo , ICth Btrcot , Spring , Saratoga an *
Vloronco streets , 9700 and upwards.
No 122 S lota on llith street , near Poppletou'
u w residence , 81000.
No 123 Lot 71x310 ( cci on Sherman avenue
ICth street , 1100
No 124 8 lota on Bcllovue street , near she
tower , 350 to 875"each
No 125 Full block on Clinton street , t
hat tower , $50 to < 75 each.
No 128 Lot on 18th street , noJ white lead
works , $52&
No ' .27 2 Iota , 3 ] acre * near head of St. Mary'
avenue , on road to Park , $2500.
No 129 Lo on California near Crelghtoa Col
ejre , * 375.
No ISO t lots near new government corral , S2 <
x 67 } acres each , { 300.
No 101 Lot In Glee's addition on Cameron St
ear ftaunders , inako an offer.
No. 160-Lot In aiafi'a addition on Casslus St.
Bear State , make an offer.
No 102 Lot In Oi'e'a addition on Casaliu noai
. Batmders , make an offer.
No 1U 1 Mack In Bojd'a addition addition
ear Omaha Barracks , make an offer.
No 104 7 lots in Henry & Shclton'a addition
ear high school , price from $1250 upward.
170 Lot on Pacific street , near 16th , make an
No 171 2 lota on Webster street , near 21st
both jaikO or 2000 for corner und J1SOO for in
Ko 173 } lot on Cam near 14th street , 91000.
No 175 Lot on Sherman atenuu ICth etrec !
near bard , 44x132 , 81400.
No 177 3 lota In Grondi low. make an offer.
No ISO Lot In Shlnn'a addition on Pier St.
our end street car track , 8525.
No 1S1 Two lota In Nelson's addition , 1 on
"aaho street , 1 on Center street , near Cumlng
1300 each.
No 1S3 Two jfllt edge lota on Cess street near
Slat , on a corner , $0000.
No 185 Lot on Howard street , near Batindcrs
nake an offer.
No 18 * 3 lots an Scward street , neir Irene
nako an offer
No ISO ) , lot'on Das enport near 26th , $500 ,
No 137V , lot on Division near Ginning xt. , 1200.
No 188J , block In Boyd'a additlon ncar Oinalu
tarrock , $400.
NolSU ] , } lot on Pierre near Gth street. $550.
No IflilV , I lot on llth near Farnliam , $2100
No 191 J , 2 beautiful lota In Shinn's addition
No 192 } , 2 lota on 18th Btrcot near white leac
works , 81050.
No 193 } , lot on 20th street near Sherman , (400 ,
No 194) ) , 2 lota on 22d direct , near Clark , SjiKK ) .
No 1WJ , 3 beautiful lots on Saundcra at. near
Itreet car turn table , $1276.
No 109 ] , lot on 16th near Pituco St. $ ,100.
No 201 Lot In Olio'a addition on Cumeron st ,
near Saundcn , i > 500 ,
No 202 Lot on Cameron street near founders.
$000.No 203 T/ot In Shlnn'a addition on Saunder *
Kroot , near street car turn table , $850.
No 204 Beautiful lot in Nclxon'a addition , on
Pirisian street near Cumin ; , t'850.
No. 206 Two low on CoutoIUr street , near 10th
tl50.No 200 Two lots on Sixteenth street , near the
nail works , glGOO.
No 20& One-half lot on CallforuU street near
, * 700.
No S99 Lot on 18th street near NIchoUs , $600.
No"210 Lot on Capitol aiemio near 23dyl500.
Na 212 Lot 148x500 feet on Colfax street , near
Hatiocom Park , with lmpro\oiuents , 2700.
No 213 Two acres on Cumin * street , { 1000.
No 216 One-half acre OH California , near Ken
cdy street , 350.
No 21tt Beautiful lot on Hamilton street near
SJroot car turn taole , 11000.
No 217 Lot on 23d street , nearCUrk. liOO.
A few acre lota only remain unsold in "Park
tace" little wwt ot Crclghton Cello t , prices
ngjnpr fiom | 276to fiOOeoch and on easy terms.
LWsJn Ilorbavb's 1st and 2d additions ; alt > o
eta In Parker'nShlnn's ; Nulson's , Terrace's , E.
. Smith's. JUxllck'd , and all the other additions
any price and at any tenna.
Ten acres ! the city IlmlU on the road to the
arracka at 837S per acre.
Kaur beautiful residence lota In front of
CreUrhton College ; will cut them up to eult.
Nine resldonco lots north of Crelghton * College
rounds , from $700 toSHXX ) each.
Thirty resident lots In lUrkor'a addition , sit
blocks north of the cnJ of thu Ntrcou car truck
on Saundcn street , $300 each , 110 down , balance
suit , at 8 per cunt interest.
A lew lots left In Tcrrauo addition on tha road
otho Park , near head of St. M.iry'd avfiiuc$7 > ! 0
each. To tbo-w who will build a 8TJOO rcsldenco ,
7years time at 8 p r cent Intert
Lotd In Uko'aaddition at giSOto $ S50 wch , 10
yearn time at 0 1 T cent intercut , to thono wbo
'llio old Tousley 40-acro tract with homo and
all Improvements , adjoining race tourw and fair
ground * ' Jor SOOO.
Tracts of S.10,15 , 20 , 40 or 80 acre * , with bull-
i\DS \ and other improvement ! and adjoining the
ity , at oil prices.
8500 of the beat rcsldenco lota In the city of
Omaha any location you dotlre north , t-aat ,
ooutli or west , and nt bud rock prices.
jbOcholcebailncos lots In all the principal bus-
otxM BtreeU in Omaha , rau > iiiff from (500 to
47000 cuch.
Two bundled houu * and loU rangmg from
(00 to $15,000 , and locaUxl In orery part of the
Larso number of excellent arms In Douglas
Barpy fijunJcrs , Dodge , Washington. liurt , and
Other pol count ! ? * In eastern Nehrobka.
12,000 ai-rcs beet landi in Douglas , 7000 acre *
best Undu In ftarpy county , and largo tracU In
all the oattern tier of counties.
Over OQO/XX ) acres of the bent laud in the Ne-
raska for sala by thli agency.
Ycrj largo amounta at suburban property in
no to ten , twenty an i f jrty aero pleoea , located
\rithln one to three , four or fhe miles oUho
oatotllco wnio > cry cheap plecoa. .
h'o.vlUpiof Ouuha , publUhcd b/.Georfo P
B uik plain , unmounted map * DO cejiU each ;
BiouukJ , coloiixl and with cloth back , 81.C.O
llou f.ttorei , hotels , farmilot9l andi. ofllcoa
rooms , etc. . to runt or lease.
Taxes mid , rents collected , dccdj , mortgages ,
&Ddallklndaofrual estate documents uiadoout
en short notlru.
Heal Estate Exchange
15th nud Douglno Street ,
Multitudes of Rumors as to the
Personnel of the Neit Cabinet
Plying About the
Capital ,
Bx-A-ttorney-QonoralTaft Now
Talked of for Ono of the
All the Cabinet Officers in Their
Respective Departments
Yesterday Morning.
The President Will Not Fill
the Supreme Court Va
cancy Until the Beg-
ular Session.
The Quean Bends a Letter of
SynJpa'hy'to the "Wife an'd
Mother of the Late
Accompanying it With a t
for a Photograph of Gorfield- Associated Tret *
WASHINGTON , Ssptomber 28. Th
following was received to-day :
LONDON , September 28 , 1SS1.
To nialno , Scciotary , Washington :
Havoroceivou the following telegram
gram from the queen :
"Wouldyou express my sincere con
dolonco" to the late president's mothc
and inquire after her health as well as
after Mrs. Garfield's. " Her majesty
adds : "Should be thankful if you
would procure mo a good photograpl :
ofGpn. Garfiold. "
( Signed ) LOWKI.L , Minister.
The following answer was sent :
WA.SUINOTON , Sept. 28,1861. )
'to Lowell , Minister , tomlon :
Your telegram expressing the com
passion of the queen for the mother
of the late president was duly for
warded to Mrs. Garfield at Mentor ,
0. I have just received the follow
ing reply : "Pleaso request Minister
Lowell to express to her majesty , the
queen , the grateful acknowledgements
of the mother of Gen. Gariiold and
my ownfor the tender , womanly sym
pathy she has boon pleased to send.
Also that her majesty's wish will bo
complied with at an early day.
Later callers on the president to
day were Secretary Windom and
Postmaster-General James. Both of
; hem had some official business to
transact and ono of thorn stated after
the interview that no reference was
nado with regard to their retention
> r the giving up of their portfolios.
While no definite information is ob-
ainablo directly there are multitudes
of rumors as to changes in the cabinet.
The friends of Secretary Lincoln seem
to think that his stalwart
action will secure his roton-
ion. Ex-Attorney General Taft
s mentioned for ono of the portfolios.
JudgoFolgerandGroonB. _ Raumcom- ,
nissioncr of internal revenue , are
) oth mentioned as the probable socro-
ury of the treasury. Senator Jones ,
of Nevada , would get the treasury
portfolio but for the fact that a dom-
icrut would probably succeed him in
he senate. President Arthur keeps
ils own counsel. Ho is now ready to
ranact business at his room on Capi-
ol hill. There is n telephone in the
IOUBO which can be connected with
ill other departments. Thus far ho
not boon oilico-seok-
tas annoyed by - -
ira. Those who ought to know say
ho president will not appoint u judge
of the supreme court until after con
gress meats in regular session , Tlio
ippointmont wiil probably go to the
astern states.
Col. Corkhill , district attorney , said
o-day that ho could see no insupor-
blo objection to Guitoau'sindictment ,
rial , conviction and hanging hero at
lie utmost within a few weeks , Had
lie grand jury not been adjourned
Juiteau might have by thia time been
ndictod. Whether ho can bo tried
nd convicted in the District can only
> o definitely and finally determined
> y pursuing the regular utopu required
> y law and bringing the question to
10 attention of the court. This ques-
on can only bo raised by a plea to the
uriadictionof thocourtandif itshould
> o decided that Guiteau cannot bo
ried in thia district it will be time
uough to consider whether ho can be
amoved to Now Jersey and tried un-
or the law there. Other lawyers
imminent in jurisprudence hero say
lore is no chance for the assassin to
Cocapo by legal quibble , for if ho
lould fail to bo convicted in the dis-
rict there is no law to prevent his
> oing tried again in Now Jersey ,
iuitoau would rather the case would
ot bo called for trial until ho can
wnlk up Pennsylvania avenue to the
ourt house to bo tried without molest-
tion , Ho scorns nomowhat disap- '
> ointod at not receiving a prompt ro
ily from his brother-in-law , Scovillo ,
xnd regrets what lie said about Storrs.
WASIIINOTOX , September 28. Sec-
ary Lincoln will to-morrow take hia
amily to Ilyo Ueacli for a few dayu.
Secretary Hunt will to-morrow start
n a tour of inspection , Ho will lirat
nspect the navy yards at Brooklyn ,
Newport and Charlestown , and nossi-
) ly Portsmouth , resting awhile at
ach place , returning hero in time for .
10 opening of the special session of
; the sonata.
Gen. McDowell officially telegraphs :
10 war department of the death at
> kland , Cat. , September 27th , of
Cati. Thomas Drury , Second infantry.
President Arthur remained all
morning at Senator Jones' residence.
Kimr Kalakua "called on the presi
dent at noon , accompanied by several
members of hia suite. ,
ATLANTA , Go. , September 28. A
dispatch just received gives the terrible -
riblo details of the sinking of a ferry
boat that plies between the Isle of
IIopo and the Skidaway islands.
Twelve persons , ( colorodton of them
women , were drowned. The people
were taking market products to Sav
annah. Collins were tnkon from Sav
annah and all were buried yesterday.
NKW YOHK , September 28. The
steamer Anchoria which arrived to
day from Glasgow reports that on the
20th inst. she came in collision with a
small vessel supposed to bo a briqan-
tine , and as far as can bo ascertained
sunk her and all on board. Every
thing was done by those on the steam
ship to save the crow of the stranger
but without avail.
Reunion of x-Gnf leratM-
NillolUl Anoctttod i'rcM. ' ,
Si.Louis , September 28. A special
from Moborly , Mo. , says ; The city i
crowded to ovcrilowing to witness th
reunion of ex-confederates. Tnri
thousand veterans formed in line an
marched to the fair grounds , when
ex. Governor Reynolds delivered a
addrcai. At the nicotine ; apcnnatien
organization was effected.
Old Hundred.
National AmoclatcJ 1'rru.
BLOOMINOTON , Ind. , Sopterabor 28 ,
The celebration of Undo Jimm ;
Park's celebration at Elliotsvillo wa'
the occasion of the largest crowd eye :
assembled in Monroe county , being
variously estimated at from 8,00b t <
12,000 people.
Iho Garfield Fond.
National Associated Tress.
NE\V Yoiu , September 28. Th
sum of $2,200 was received to-day
toward the Garfield fund , making th
grand total 6323,457.80.
President Arthur to Vigorouslj
Prosecute the Thiovee.
No Moray to lie Shown the Men. who
RoVbod the Government.
Washington Speilal to The Philadelphia Press.
The death of the president has not
put an end to the star-route prosecu
tions. This fact has already boon announced
nouncod , but there is more involved
in it than appears upon the surface.
Mr. George Bliss ia hard at work pre
paring the evidence that the detect
ives have arranged , getting it into
form for presentation to the grand
jury , and briefing it in order that the
law questions as well as the questions
cf fact sliall bo properly supported and
brought out. Thcro is probably a
great surprise in aero for Messrs.
Brady , Dorsoy ot id onmo
genus. President Arthur , accord
ing to Mr. Bliss , is determined
to pursue the investigation and the
thieves as vigorously as Mr. Garfield
ever did or ever would have done.
There is no mercy to bo shown to the
men who have robbed the govornmont.
The evidence now in the possession
of the poatoftico authorities and of the
department of justice is of the most
convincing character. Some of it
amounta to absolute proof oftho guilt
of some men who have hitherto held
very high official positions ,
The star-route people have boon
raising their crests of lato. Mr.
Brady has again begun to make hia
appearance on the public streets and
in the hotels , and some of the gentle
men of moat doubtful reputation have
boon hoard to say that Mr. MacYovh
and Mr. James will soon take their
departure from the cabinet. They
will probably wako up some mornincr
to find themselves mistaken. They
are counting on the friendship of a
man who has bcon thoroughly con
vinced of their guilt. To assort
that the president will order the dis
continuance of route investi
gations , and that ho will accept the '
resignations of men who are familiar
with every step that has thus far been
taken in their developments , is to as
sort that ho is prepared to bo an ac
complice of Mr. Dorsoy and Mr.
Brady. That might not acorn a very
culpable thing to the who
would bo benofittod , but it would un -
doubtedly strike Mr. Arthur's mind
somewhat differently. They and the
public can rest assured that the new
president has no tenderness for crimi
nals. Certainly not so much
is to risk for them the
reputation of himself , and his
idniinistnUion. It is somewhat in
this way that Mr. Bliss talks oi the
: asca in which ho is now engaged and ,
to assist him in which ho has some of
the bout legal talent in the country ,
[ t is a mistake that Mr. Bliss was re
tained ill the case because of his personal -
sonal friendship with Mr. Arthur. It
iu true that ho wis not retained until
ii short time before tlio death of Pres
ident Garfield , but ho was approached
m the subject and coiiHultea with bo-
'ore the president was shot.
Tlio determination by Mr. Arthur , ,
ui I have said , has a deeper Bignift-
anc : than appears on the surface. It
iiieana that neither Mr. MaoVcagh nor
Mr. James will loaro the cabinet , so >
long , at least , us they can bo of Bor
neo in this direction. The cases will
bo pushed to trial utf speedily as pos-
liblt ) , in order to make available all
the testimony now in the hands of the
jjliciula as well as to ivo Mr. James
.ho opportunity to retire from office ,
IB ho deuiiea. Ho haa hold his posi
tion merely to finbh hia work on those
osea , and ijien that m over ho will
iccept a bank prymtlencyinNowYork ,
which is now huld open for him. .
Yarlons Oonvontions Holfl in Dif
ferent Parts of the Ooimtry
Tosterday ,
Wisconsin and Pennsylvania
Democrats N6minnto
The Oldest Senator Will Prob
ably Call the l xtra Ses
sion to Order.
Political No o § .
Katlonit Associated [ ress. .
BLOOMINOTON . 111. , September 28
Soimtor D.vvid Dd ui hiw just returned
turned fro' * the oas j" In nu inte
view this nftornoon Kiv'stntod Hiat'lh
senator holding the olttodt coinnuBsio
will probably call the sonnto to orde
al the oxtm eoaaiou , October lOtli
Ho hnd no idea which party yyoul
control the organisation of the aennt
UTICA , N. Y. , September 28. Scr
ator Jouea , of Nevada , readied Utici
this nftornoon and proceeded to tl <
restdonco of Senator Conkhng. J
conference is being hold.
SAN FRANCISCO , September 28.
A Virginia City dispatch says tha
Senator Fair has paired with Senate
Platt , of Oonuocticut , und will not
MILWAUKEE , September 28. Th
democratic atato convoutiou to-da
made nominations as follows : Fo
governor , N.D. . Frate , of llicine
lieutenant governor , W. S. Anderson
of La Crosse ; secretary of state
MichaelJohnson ; , treasurer , W. II
Jacobs , of Milwaukee ; attorney ijon
oral , \V. J. Bripgs ; superintendent o
instruction , Ilobt. Graham , of Wiuno
bngo ; railroad commissioner , Ambrose
broso Iloffnian ; inauranco cominis
sionor , Louis Keillor , of Munitowoc
St. PAUL , September 28. The republican
publican siato convention to-day nom
mated : For governor , Gen. L. Hub' '
bard ; for supreme court judges , Chas ,
Viindeburgh , D. A. Dickinson ; foi
railroad commissioner , Gen. J. II ,
Baker. The lieutenant governor , secretary
rotary of state , treasurer and audito ;
wore ronominated.
WiLLiAMsvonT , Pa. , September 28
The state democratic ccmvontioi :
met hero this morning for the purpose
of nominating a candidate for state
treasurer. At 12 o'clock the body
was "called , to order in the academy of
music by Chairman Dill. Prayer
was offered by Rev. Caleb U. Wright.
After the roll had boon completed ,
Mr. Hinzol woa elected temporary
chairman and will probably bo con
tinued permanently. Mr. Hinzol ,
on taking the chair , assured the con
vention that ho would be fnir mid
impartial , and made a fooling allusion
to the national sorrow , and paid a high
tribute to the late President G.trtleld
and ailinnod that democrats ovary
where lamented hia death. Ho de
clared against monopolies and ar
raigned the republican party for faitli-
lessncss to its trust. Ho predicted
that the day of deliverance of Penn
sylvania was near at hand , through a
diHcrent political creed from addition ,
division and silence. Honzcl's speech
was greeted with applause. At 1:10 :
the convention adjourned until 3
o'clock , after agreeing to take up nom
inations atid platform , upon reassem
bling , leaving the party rules for nub
sequent action.
The resolutions adopted declare
igainst : Third terms ; against troops
fit the polls ; against appropriation of
public money for any purpose but the
support of the ( jovornment , and
igainat class legislation. They favor
constitutional currency of gold and
silver and of paper convertible into
win ; repudiation and coalition with
repudiators tire condemned. The re
publican administration in denounced
for wasting millions of dollars by re
'usiutf to redeem the rate of interest
iemandod by the democrats ; the un-
taltering prosecution of thoBtur route
thieves is demanded. The republican
itatp administration is charged with
laving encouraged and shielded the
ipoilatlon of the state treasury and
-ho use of the public fund.
Death of a Council Bluffs Lady.
Ipeclal dlioatdi to Till UKK ;
COUNCIL BLUKFS , September 28.
Mrs. Lanborsolmmor , aged 05 yearn ,
vas found dpad near her residence , on
Upper Broadway , about half-nasfc 5
'clock lost o/omiitf. She is supposed
o have fullou in a fit.
Roman Cutliollo Boiiovolcat
, tiooletjr ,
fatloiul AwocJi'etl 1'rowi ,
CiNciN.vAif , fjoptombor 28. The
Central Upn.iui Catholic Benevolent
locicty of the United States closed ' .
heir tu'untJxth ! annual session in
3ovngU ! > n , Ky. , last night. The fol- '
owing ( jlliwi1w ) lo elected , for the
iiisuing year1 K , G. Spohnhorst , of
3t. I/mis , pr < } bideut ; Peter Strack , of
ow York , li 'Ht vice-prosidont ; rhom-
is Beaten , ol C'ovington , Ky , , second
fioo-preshltn' ; Alfred Stookol. of
Hilwaukfn , rocoidtng secretary ; The- ,
dru Fulilij ; , of St. Louis , financial
icacturyj exiviitivo commUtoo , J.
H. lJ. it , jf Newport , Ky. , John )
Vi-m.-md , of St. houia , K. F. Brink-
nan , of Ten v Himtu , Ind. ; treasurer ,
John LudgM , of Kyansvillo , Ind ,
I'lio next i M ) itiiuj will bo held in
HilT\iilL'0. Then are thirty-two so-
lol'wn in tl [ ( intud States , ropru-
iontijij ; % fi < j momluTB , with n capi-
ul of ? vlO'iai' , H7. A widow * und or-
iliniii ) inhuraii'-o f'tn'l vroa created at
.liu Howiou t duy , 3,487 persona
wore relieved during the year to the
amount of § 70,9O.GO ! ) , and 817,038 1)0 )
was paid to widows. There wore 320
deaths in the society during the year.
A Ship * Crow Donortfl *
NfttlonM AwocUlol I'rcs * .
SAN FUANOIHCO , September 28.
The Pacific MM Company's steamer ,
City of Hio Do Janeiro , which ar
rived from Now York to-day , reports
thaUho British ship Hivcr Gmigci is in
Manzonillo waiting fora crew , eight
men having deserted , stealing the
ships boats to carry them turay.
National AmacUted t'reM.
JKUOMK PARK , N. Y. , Soptom
her 28. The second day of the preliminary
liminary autumn meeting of th
American jockey club waa hot with th
attendance fair. The first race , three
year-olds and upwards , mile and
furlong , was won by Sly , Check
mate auuond , Forida third. Time
" 5lj. !
The second raca , maidonn of a
itgus , thrco quarters of n mile , wa
won by lU icido , Itoska second
Clarcnco third. Time , i:18j.
Tlio third race , all ngcs , mile and
half , wjw won by Thora , Fair Coun
second , Monitor third. Time , 2IJ9J :
Tlie fourth race , u handicap sweej
stakes , all aijus , three-quarters of
liulo , WHH won by Spark , Pilgrimng
second , Sir \Vnlter third. Time , 1:20 :
The fifth race , n selling handicap
all aqua , ono mile , was won by Mara
then , Clarence second , Duke of Mont
rose third. Time , 1:15J. :
The sixth race , a handicap hurdle
all ages , milo and three-quarters , eve
icvon hurdles , was won by Day Star
Ingomar fiocond. Time , ; i:29. :
LOUISVILLE , September 28. The
: hird day of tho'Jockoy club runniii |
races opened to-day with a fair track
A slight flurry of rain made the at
ondiuico light. The first race was
for two-year-old colts , throe-quarters
of a mile. It was won by Lost Cause
Jaunter second , Minstrel third. Time
1:21. :
The second race , n handicap for al
ages , mile and n half dash , was won
by Annie 0. , Edison second , Guy
third. Time 2:47. :
The third race , a purse dash , ono
mile , was won by Hello of the High
lands , Pope Lee second , Eloxor third. .
Time 1:41) : .
The fourth race , a Rolling purse , nil
ages , ono and a quarter mile dubh
was won by Juniata , Mata orda second
end , Fatinitai third. Time 2:16. :
PROVIDENCE , September- . Providence
idenco , 3 ; Buffalos , 7.
TROY , September 28. Troya , 8
4 ; DotroiU , 2.
BOSTON , September 28. Bostons
10 ; Clevolands , 3.
WORCP.BTER , September 28. Wor-
ccstors , C ; Chicagos , 7.
Neligli Notts.
porri-spondcnco ol Tim live.
NELKJII , September 20. T'je citi
zens of Noligh responded to the call
of Governor Nanco and Presi
dent Chester A. Arthur , to moot for
the purpose of holding religious exer
cises in regard to our great uflliction ,
mot to-day at 10 a. in. The Hon. F.
H. Trowbridgo was elected chairman ,
and J. F. Morrilt , secretary. The
Hov. S. Barrows , of Oscoohi , made a
yory impressive prayer , after which
the choir rendered some very excel
lent and appropriate music. The
following persons made very appro
priate remarks. The Hov. S.
Barrows , the Ilov. Woodruff ,
of New York , the Ilov.
Carton , of Noligh , the Kov. Griflin , of
Cedar , F. H. Trowbridgo , F. F. Mor
ritt , Charles Fisher and Wilgock , of
Noligh. The committee on rocolu-
ttons consisted of G. G. Holmes ,
H. 0. Eldndo and Win. Lambert.
The following resolutions were
adopted , viz :
Resolved , That in the death of
James A. Gurilcld , wo as n people ,
liavo loat ono of the noblest men ,
whom it has pleased Divine Provi
dence to place at the huad of this na
Itasolvcd , That wo extend to the
bereaved widow , children and
mother pur profound aympa
thy in this , their darkest hour of
Resolved , That wo offer to his ex
cellency , Chester A. Arthur , our cor
dial support in his office , which ho on-
torcd under such trying circumstances.
"Lo roi cat mori ; Vivo lo roy. " The
president is dead ; the nation liven. (
Resolved , That wo appreciate the
honorable and patriotic Hplrit of i'rca-
idiint 'Arthur in retaining the mem
bers of thu cabinet in the uorvicus to
which they have been culled , and that
we feel it our duty to HUhlain him in
lim o/fbrtn to Kovorn ihia nation in
After fiomo other services thy moot
ing adjourned.T.
T. F. MKHUITT , Hoc'y.
A Short Kofid to Health.
To all who ore nuffi-riii ; ' , from lioils , til-
.erf , BcroCuJa , c.ulmuclui , of oilier ul > nti-
mto dldoaiiuK of tliu liloud and ulilii , a
puruo of Durtlock'a JIIouil Itltturfi will be
'omul to ho u nhort routl to heulth. 1'rlcu
M , triul the 10 ccuH , 25codlw
Wo will match thu stallion "Socurir
iy" to trot tlio stallion "Alarm" or
ha stallion "B\iiini" : for $260 a sidu ,
joat threa in hvo lo harneas , iu Beat-
ice , and should oithur of the owners
f the ubnvo liurnes ocetipt thiu dial-
ongo wt v ill ho ready to accept tlio
lame , DAVIS A LAUD.
BHATIIK t , Hi-pt. 2H , ' 81.
All coimnumcitioiiK addro so'l ( > o
no will he piomutly aiiHwercd ,
E. F , JIYM.
WINEOFOARDUI" four tlww a
by a Jmppy household.
At n , V. '
Fatal Attack on a Process Server
in Ireland ,
Evictions Still Going on in
That Country ,
The O. B , & Q. to Extend the
O. & B. V , Railroad in
Sale of Canadian Paoiflo Rail
road Lauds Yesterday.
A. Now Horeo Disease Appears
in Chicago.
AMl.iganriTrnin Robber Sontonood
to Twonty-Hvo Yearn in tlio
Nivtloiul AMociatnl I'rcm.
LONIKUT , Sept. 28. A destructive
tire is now raging in Moscow , It be
gun hist uight in the merchant'R bazar
and has already destroyed twenty
HOME , Sept. 28. The destruction
caused by the earthquake on Abruzzo
fur exceeds anything indicated by the
first reports. The archbishop of
Chieti appeals piteously for help. Ho
s.iys the disaster is only comparable
to that of Casamacciola. Over 1,000
houses are uninhabitable and the re
mainder are more or loss fissured.
Four-liftha of tlio population are
LONIWN , September 28. The
Standard this morning says in its ii-
imnciul article : "Tho revived interest
in the confederate sterling loan was a
novel feature yesterday. Largo
amounts were taken for Amsterdam
at ten shillings.
BnuuK , September 28. Herr
Krupp , of Essen , has accepted a con
tract for the exportation of 2COO tons
of steel rails to the United States ,
LO.VDON , September 28. Another
case of what in feared is a fatal attack
upon a process server has occurred at
Bajly Bonnon , County Krig. .Simi
lar violent attacks on evicting parties
of police are continually reported.
Boycotting , according to the letters
publiahcd ill tllQ papers , has increased.
KOMK , Septombor28' Cardinal
Kdward Borromo , who was raised tea
a cardinalato in March , I8G8 , Iff re
ported to bo dying. Cardinal Vin
cent Morottia , who was created cardi-
nalJunoSSd , 1877 , in also seriously
LONDON , September 28. William
Walter Chclps , according to telegraph
dispatches , ha * asked to bo relieved
of the yionna mission and to Imvo his
succession appointed without delay.
National Aiworiated I'rcm.
CHICAGO , Septombor28. Thostock-
holders of the Chicago , Burlington &
Quincy railroad mot to-day in this
city. The company is under agreement
with the Republican Valley railroad
company to aid the latter iu building
a certain extension of its road in
eastern Nebraska , the construction of
seventy milts of which is now wefl
ndvancod. It is also under an
Aft/cement , subject to the ap
proval of tlio stockholders , to
furnish part of the means to enable
the Republican Valley railroad com
pany to ox toad its line to Denver , as
it is thought to bo desirable ultimately
to consolidate the Chicago , Burling
ton ifc-Quincyand the Republican Vat
ley properties. It is proposed to hold
the securities of the latter in trust and
to issue the securities of the Chicago ,
Burlington & Quincy Company to rep
resent them. The proposal outlined
above ia to bo acted upon by the stock
holders. At the meeting to-day thu
proxies already submitted insure the
satisfaction of the proposal.
WINNEPKO , September 28. The
Canadian Pacific railway company be- ;
; 'nn the BO. o of lands on the linn of ,
the road yesterday. Upward of 20- ,
300 acres were sold and there are
drcady file applications for 1)00,000
Oimuoo , September 28. A special
noeling of Chicago , Burlington &
3 < rinoy stockholders was hold to-day.
\ good attendance was present. Hon.
Talin Van Nortwlck occupied the
jliuir. Tlio meeting was culled for the
purpose of acting upon the circular (
recently issued by thu company in re
lation Iho Republican Y.illoy railroad
xmipany ot Nebraska. Tlio proposal ,
is set forth in the circular , is that the
Hurlinglon road issue 97,8)5,000 ! ) of 4
icr cent , bonds to aid the Republican
Vnlluy road in constructing its lines :
Jiroitgh to Denver , the Chicago , Bur-
ingtoti it Quincy to hold the socuri-
lies of the Ropuolican Valley road in
rust. The propositions were all rati-
led by a thruo-fourths vote.
GmuAno , September 28. The hoar-
ng of n motion to appoint a receiver
or the Ohio & Mississippi railroad
lompany wan hiiforo Juogo Drum'
nond , of the United States district
iourt , to-day. Aruumonta were pro-
ontod favoring tlio appointment of
tfr. Pfobody , rlio prcaunt Kuperin-
endont in lluintuioatof the Haiti-
nero it Oliin railroad company , and
ilso in favor of BJp , AroLam , of the
Cincinnati Kiiqniror , in tlui iiitorcatof ;
Fay Gould. Continued until to-mor-
, Tonn. , Snptcmbqr 28-
The Atkins , father and son , Ktivo been-
Bontonccd lo bo liaugcd for the mur
der of the wife and child of the latter. ,
KA.NSAH Cirr , Soptombor28. Ww.
Ryan was convicted at Independences
to-day of complicity in the Glondato-
train robbery , on Iho Chicago & Al
ton road , in October , 1870. Thojury
assessed the penalty at twonty-nya-
vcara in the pomiontiary. Threats
have boon made that his friends wilt
release him , but thus fur there has
bcon no trouble. The officers an >
fully prepared for any outbreak. .
Ryan was brought to this city to
night for safe keeping.
A Now Hone Dlnon * -
Nutlon&l AwocUtod 1'rctw ,
CIIICAOO , September 28. "Pink-
pyo"thonowhorsodiseaso , issprcading-
in this city. Nearly every largo stabio
in the city is sulforiiig from its raviv-
gcs. Eight horses iu the fire depart
ment are down with it. The oxprosa
companies and the street car lines n11
report animals suffering from thocom- <
pltxint. The disease tirst makes 'it *
appearance in a running at the eyes ,
the horses feel dumpish and the logo ,
swell. In many instances the discaso
has proved fatal. It is something now
to the veterinary surgeons.
Sovonty-Fivo Hour Walk-
Nation * ! AiaocUted Vita.
Nr.w YOUK , September 28. At A
o'clock to night ilarrimati und Kroliik
commenced n sovonty-fiva hour walk
for a purse 7f $2,000. The first mile-
was made in nine minutos'nnd twenty-
Ire seconds , and the Grat five milca
n forty-nine minutes. At thu end of
the first hour Harriraau had covereit
six miles and was leading by about
200 yards.
tatloiul Araoclatol 1'rcM
WABHIN TON , September 28. .
Indications for thu upper lake region :
[ ncroasuig cloudiness audmin ; oaster-
y winds , low barometer and higher
temperature. For the upper MiB m-
sippi and lower Missouri valleys :
Warmer , cloudy or partly cloudy
weather , with ram ; southerly winds
and lower barometer.
The Georgia Exposition.
National AnocUtcd 1'rcua ,
ATWNTA , Ga. , September 28. Tlio'/
[ ) rogramforthocoromonicsat the open
ing of the exposition on Wednesday .
; ho Dth of next month , has bcon coin-
Dieted. The ceremonies will bo exceed
ingly impressive. A' largo number of
representative citizens' from every part ?
of the United States "havo accopteil
invitations to participate. Full par
ticulars will bo'given to the prcsii 'jui
a day or so. Most ot the buildjnjja.
are limshod , and "tliif exhibitors are
rapidly getting Uiolr displays in shape.
Atlanta ia fast filling up with visitors.
Thursday , October 27th , boon decided
npoii for govornor'a day.
Cinolnaatl'i Memorial Day.
ifttlonalAwoclatod PrcM.
CINCINNATI , Sop'tombcr 28. Fri
day , September SO , will bo celebrated
n the public schools of thii city as
jarfield memorial day. A movement
las boon started to erect a Garflolii
ind Lincoln monument on the square ?
n this city adjoining that ornamented
> y the Davidson fountain. JohtL
Hatch contributes $500 to start it on
condition that the work bo done by av.
Cincinnati artist.
They Will Oomo Prom the
West and Visit Omaha ,
On Saturday of thin week an un
precedented number of railroad offi
cials from all over the country will
visit Omaha. There is a whole train
load of them. The general passen
ger agents' convention in St. Louis ,
was n very interesting meeting andE
was largely attendud. After its ad
journment nearly all of the agents ac
cepted an invitation extended then *
by the western railroad , and a special
train was put at their scrvico , They
wont to Kansas City , tlienco to Den
ver , and have boon spending several
days in Colorado. On Friday morn
ing next they leave Denver for Oma
ha and are expected to arrive about
Saturday noon.
Preparations of a somewhat el aba- .
rate nature uro being made for thuif
rccoption. They will first dine at the
Union Pacific- hotel and then return hh
Omaha to view the city. Carriage *
will bo provided to convey them to-
the principal points of interest , and u .
number of citizens are arranging to '
uxtond them still further courtesies. e'a
The locomotive of the special train ,
will be left here , and the coaches at
tached to the C. B. & Q. train bound
for Chicago. The "Q. " otliciols IWVOL
"thrown" themselves to prepare ui *
. specially elaborate bill of tare for the
meals to bo served up between Coun
cil Bluffs and Chicago. Davenport ,
the ubiquitous and genial , will per
sonally look after the guests'interest * ,
ind tlio cuisine will bo under the
diargo of that star among dining car
onduotors , Frank Drury. From tha
time the officials who represent road *
jast , west , north and south-striko
Dmaha until they reach Chicago , they
nay bo assured of an enjoyable timo.
Too much cannot bo aii of the
ivor faithful wife and mother , con-
itantly watching and caring for hoe-
lour ones , novov neglecting a singlo-
luty in their behalf. When they urn
umailed by diioaso , and the systam
ihould have a thorough cleansing , the-
itomaoh und bowel * roguhjtod , blood ;
luritlod , maluritil ponton exterminated ,
the must know that Eleotrio Bittora
tro the only sure remedy. TJwy or < (
ho best and purest medicine iu tha
vorld , und only cot Ulty ccutn. Sold
jy Ish * McMahon. (2) ( ) .