Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 28, 1881, Page 7, Image 7

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10 t-arnhmn , het. Oth and 10th BtreoU ,
One copy Ijrar , tn ruhnncclpcwtmld ) , , ,
6 months " . , . . " to
S months n . . . . jo ( !
l > v Oimtii No. 2 through riunenjrcr , 11
. m. No. 4 , Oakland pasfcnt.'cr , SSOn. in ,
Arrhe Oimha Xo. 1 , thrauish iwucngcr , SEO :
m. No , 8 , Oakland | > a. ingiT , 6:30 : j > . 11.
0. , 11. 4. Q. 5 . . m. 3:40 : p. m.
0. & X.v. . , o n. m. 3:49 : . tn.
C. , It. I , & i > o n. m. ! : : l5 p. m.
K. C. , St. J. i C. H. , 8 .1 ni. 41:30 : p. m. Atrlvo
St. UiUis ut 6:25 : .1 , in , Mid 7:45 : n , m ,
wmr on
U. 4 : XI. In JC b. , Through Kxprc-'K , 8:36 : , jn.
1) . fc II. Lincoln freight. 7:00 : it. tn.
U. P Kxj > rc , 12lfii. : m.
O. 6 It. V. for Lincoln , 10ro : n. ID.
O. A It. V. fqr Oaceola , 9:40 : n. in.
U. 1' . ( tejlit ! No. 6 , 6:30 : n. in.
U. P. IrcljSht No , B , S:1S : n. in.
M. 1' . fright No. 7 , CilO ji. in , emigrant.
U. 1 > . frci/ht No. 11 8:25 : p. in.
O. B. A ( J. , 6:00 : n. ir , . 7:25 p in.
O. & N. W. , QMS n. n. . 7:25 | i. m.
C. U. I.Al':45n ; : , m. ! ) :05p. m.
K. C. , St. Joe &U a , 7:40 : n. in. 6:15 : p. m.
W. , St. L. A 1' . , 10:15 : a. in. 4U5 : p. lu.
O. ft n. V. from Ln ! ln 12:12 : p. m.
V. I' . Kxpr" * 3:25 : P- '
B & II. In NcK , Through Express I'lS p. m
B. & It. Lincoln 1'rct-lit 8:35 a m.
U. P. Freight No. 10-1:40 : p. m.
No. ft1:25 : p. 1:1. Emigrant.
No. 8 10DO : p. m.
No 12-11:35 : n. m.
0. & It. V. mixed , or. 4:35 : p. m.
NcbrnekA Division ot tnu St. Paul & Sioux City
No. 2 leaves Omnhi 8:30 : a , in.
No. 4 Iciucn Onmhal.SO p. in
So. 1 nrrlt v at Umara at 6:30 : p. m.
No. 3 arrives at Omaha at 10:60 : n. m.
cause it. uLirrt.
Leave Ora&hJk nt 8:00 : , 0.00 and 11:00 : A. m. ;
7:00 : 2:00 , 3X1 : ( , 4:00 : , 5:00 : nnil C:00 : p. m.
Loa\o Council Ulutts at b:25 , 9:25 : , 11:25 : a. m. ;
l.-Sfi , 2:25 , 8:26 : , 4:25 : t:25 : anil 0:23 : p. in.
Sundays Tlio duirmy Icatcu Omaha at 11:00
nil 11:00 : a. m.J 2:00 , 4uO : nml 5:00 : p. m. Lca\ca
Council Kliilh at 0:25 : anil 11:25 : ft. lu. ; 2:25 , 4:25 :
* . - > and 5:2u : p. m. _
Ofjonlnn and Globing of Malli.
a. m. p , m. a. m. p. m.
Chicago & N. W . 11.00 0:30 : 4:30 : 2:40
CJiicajfo , K. I. & 1'acttlc 11:00 : 0.00 4:30 : 2:40 :
Chlcmrp. 1) ) . & y . 11:00 : ! > :00 : 4:30 : 2:10
Wabash . 12M : 4:30 : 2:40
Bloux flty and P.iciflc. . 11UO : 4:80 :
Union pjuine . 5:00 : 11:40 :
Dinaha ft. K. V . 4.00 11:10 :
D. & M. In ; Noli . 4:00 : 8:10 : 6:30 :
Omaha & Northwi-stoni. 4:30 : 7:30 :
Local mails for HUUo o ! Iowa leave but once a
y , viz : 4:30 : a , m.
A Lincoln SIM Is aUo cj > enud at 10:30 : a. m.
OlHco open Sundays from 12 in. to 1 p , m ,
TI10S. V HAM. P. M.
Business Directory.
Abstract ar d Real tstnto.
JOHN L. HcCAOUi : , opjioaito Post OQlco.
W. n. 13AUTLE1T 317 South 13th Street.
Koooi C'rclghton Block.
A. T. LAUGH Jr. . Room 2. Cicishton Block.
Boots and Shoes.
Flno Boots and Blioe ? . ABOOI ! assortment ol
homo work on hand , corner 12th and Harney.
THOS. EKltKSON , S E. cor. ICtli and Douglas.
805 10th street , manufactures to order good work
it fair prices. Repairing done.
Bed Springe.
i. f. LARRHIKR Manufacturer. 1617 Douplust.
Books , News and Stationery.
J. I. FRUEHAUF 1016 Farnhnm Street.
Butter and Eggs.
KcSITANE & SCHROEOER , the oldest B. and E.
bouse la Nelraska established 187D Omaha.
J1113. A. RYAN ,
toathtvest corner ICthand UoUgc.
Best Boanl for the Money.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Meals &t all Hours.
Board by the Day , Week or Month.
Good Terms lor Cash ,
v Furntuhnil'Hrinms S'H'pHeil. '
. UarrlaRes and Road Wacons.
WM SNYDER , llth nml Harney Streets.
JOHN BAUHEU 1SH Farnham Street.
H. BEnTIlOM ) , Uses and Mstal.
Lurnbjr , Lime and Cement.
KOSTER & GK.iY corner Uth and Ste.
Lamps and Classv/are.
J. BONb'ER 1300 Uouulas St. Geol Variety.
Merchant Tailors.
Ono of our moat popular Merchant Tailors Is re
ceiving the latest designs for Spring uml Snminor
Goods for ecntleinon'a wear. Stylish , durable ,
wid prices low 03 over 216 13th bet. DOIHT. & Varn.
MRS. 0. A. IlINflEIt , Wholosnlo and Retail , Fancy -
cy Goods in great taricty , Xcphyrs , Card Hoards ,
Hosiery , Gloits , Corxtts , &e. C'licapcjt Ilouso In
tliuVcit. . Turthi'icni sa > o SO per ceut. Order
by Mall. 115 niteentli Street.
JOHN WKAHNE & 130HS , cor. 14th & JacLson sts
Hour and Feed.
OMAHA CITY MILLS , 8th and Farnham 8to. ,
WelsKina llron. , proprietors.
Z. STEVENS , 21st between Cumin ? and Irar
T. A. McSHANK , Corn. 23d and Cumlng Htrceta.
Hardwaie , Iron and Steel.
. . . 3LAN & LANQWOimiYVholeoalc , 110 and
J V , 112 16th strf < t
at * A. HOLMES corner IBth and Cnllfornh.
Harriett. Saddles , &c.
B. WEIST 20 13th St. bet Farn. & Harnev. J.
ANKIELD HOUSE , Goo. Canflcld,0th & Farnhanj
DORAN HOUSE , P. H. Car ) ' , 012 Farnham St.
SLAVEN'S HOTEL. P. Sla\cn , 10th St. .
Southern Hotel , Gus. llamel Bth & Lea * enworth
Iron Fencmu-
The Western Cornlco WorX , Ajfonts for' the
Champion Iron Fence Ac , , lia\o on hand all klniln
of Fancy Iron Kcucci , Criitlngs , Flncals , lUllii ! | , " < ,
eto. 1310 Ocdiro etrte. ap2
Clothing Bought.
0 .SHAW will l > ay lilgliefct Cash price for second
hand clothinc. Corner 10th and I Farnham ,
DR. PAUL , Wllltims1 Ploclf , Cor. 16th & Doilge. 8
Drugi , Palntiand Ullt.
Pharmacists , Finn l'unc IJiwJs , Cor. Uth l.nd
Jouel btrccts.
W. J. WH JTEHOUf U , Wholesale & Retail , l th t.
0. C. FIELD , 2022 North Bide Cuuilnu Street. lii
M.'I'AUH , Druitifl t , 10th and Howard Strccta.
Dry Qoortt Notions , Etc. or
New York Dry Good * Store , 1310 and 1812 Farn-
ham struct ,
L. 0. Encwold nlao boot ! and thoci 7th j : Pacific. .
Hurulture ,
A K. DROSS , New nd Second Hand Furniture
nd Btotes. 1114 DougUa. Jllghut cash | > rlcu
bid for souind haim irou-n.
. BONNEll 1S03 Dou ? ! * 6t. Fine coo < l , 4c.
Planing Mill. tain
A. JIOVKK , manufacturer of w h , doorg , blind ) ,
molding , nowcili , baluster * , hand rails , furnishing 0.
well wulnff , &v , cor Uoi'x ' d Otu itr ts.
Pawnbroker ! .
J HOSKXFKLt } , 3 10th St. , bet. PAI. A liar.
A. ItotiNRhne , plants , cut flowers , tecdl > oqu U
otc. N , W. cor. inthanl Doui'loj dlicctn.
Civil Engineers nnd Surveyorj.
ANDUHW noSKWATOU , Crrlghton Wock ,
Tonn Sur\cyj , fl ratio an J Sc crtxtto Sj toii a
licrnmltalon Merclmnts.
JOHN o. win LIS.UH
0 II. VVnlcUllj fcolariro a cttlio
inent In Iv.xllv and Wroklv.
Clgart and Tobacco.
WF.ST ft FniTSCDKIl. manufacturer * ot
* nd Wliclcralo UmlcM lit Tohncccs. l.lOM
W. 1' , LOllhXXCN inanufacturir C1410thstreet.
Oornlco Works. .
Western Cornlco tVorls , llanuhctitrcrs Iron
Cornice , 11n , Iron and JMMo Uoofliti ! * , Orders
from any locality promptly rvecutod In the l > ctI
manner. Factory and Oll'c * 1310 Dcxl o Street.
OaUanlred Iron Cornlicj , Wlndow > Cap , etc. ,
manufactured aiul put up In any part ot the
cnunlry. T. SIN1IOI.U410 Thirteenth stiect
) , RONNF.R 1309 Dcmews street. Good lino.
Clothing and Kurnlshlng Ooodi.
OHO. II. PKTKUSON. Also Hats. OIJM , Ikxl ,
Shoes , Notions and Culler801 S. 10th street.
FencoWork .
QVfft , fMK3kCO. , 1213 llarncy St. , lrapro\c-
d Ice DOM'S , Iron and Wood Fences , Oillvo
Itnlllnirii , Counters of I'inoand Walnut
Rctrlgeratori , Cantleld's Patent.
C. F. COODSIAN llth SU liet. Farn. A llanioy.
, * BhowCaie Manufactory. ,
O. J. W1LDF ,
Manutarturcr anil Dc-iler In all Kinds of bliow
Cauea , Upright Ca cs. A . , 1317 C&u St.
FltANK I. . OF.nllAlin. proprietor Omshi
Show Case manufactory , S18 South 18th street ,
between\enworth and Marcy. All goad
\\arraiitcd lint-class.
Stoves * no Tinware.
Dealer In Stoves' nnd Tinnnro , and Manufacturer
of Tin Uoofa arid all kliidn of liuil.llng Work ,
Odd Fellows' Block.
J. BONNEU. 1309 Douclas St. Qood and Cheap.
Seeds ,
J. EVANS , Whole ! e and Retail Seed Drills and
Cultivators , Odd IVllowa Hall.
Physicians mi 1 Surgeons.
W. S. nmil3 , II. D. , lUom No * , Crclghton
Ulock , IGth Street.
P. S. LKISENIUNO , A. D. Masonic Block.
C. L. HART , M. 1) . , F.yc and Enr , opp. postottlco
Octillft and Aurlat. S. W 16th and Farnhara Stn
aiO. : HEYN. PliOP.
Gnud Central Gallorr ,
212 Sixteenth Street.
near Masonic Hall. Firat class Work and Prompt
Huso Ruamntoen
Plumblnp , Gaa and Steam Fitting.
P. W. TAUI'Y ii CO. . 21012th St. , het. r rnham
anil Douglas. Worn promptly attended to.
I ) . FITBPATIHCK. 1409 Doiwlis Street.
Palntlnff nnd Paper Hanging.
HENUY A. KOSfKllS. 1412Do > ! i'e Street.
Shoo Stores.
Phillip ; > , 1S20 Farnnam st. , bet. 13th & I4th.
Second Hand Storo.
PERKINS A LEAR. 1410 Douglas St. . New and
Second Hand Furniture. House l-'iirnlehhif Goods ,
ic. , boutrht and sold on narrow margins.
In tile neiv brick block on Douglas Street , hax
just opened a most elegant 1 ! > ej Ilr.ll.
Hot Lunch from 10 to 12
et cry day.
" Caleilonn " J FAI.CONEU. 070 16th Street.
CHAS. RIEWE , 101S Farnham bet 10th & 1JM.
P. PCMNER , S031 Tinth street , lietucun Farn-
ham anil llarncy. Ioc3 irood and cheap work.
39 Oent Stores.
P. C. BACKUS. 1205 Farnham St. . Fancy floods
ILER & CO. .
3olo Manufacturers. OM 4.HA.
To Nervojs 3ulterers T
Dr. J. B. Simpson's Specific a
It Is a posittiocure fcr Spermatoirhea , Sernlna
eoknes ? , IinpoUncy , and all cllee.iFus resulting
Irom Sclf-Alimo , an Mental Anxlcry , Ixtes
Memory , 1'ftlna In the Hick or Slile. and diseases
thr.t lead to
Consumption fr
Insanity and frP'
Thicarh'K'a' e P'
Thi e Specific
tledlcliia It
nlth wolidfr- Oi
lul mcccs.
_ _ raniphlcU rew.
ent free to all. Write for them and gut full par w.
tlculan. w.dt
1'rlcB , SiK-dflc , $1.00 per | ack.\iro , or > Ix jwek'
aceo for fo.OO , Addrrsn all onlcra to 01
Nog. 104 and 100 Main Bt. Buffalo , N , Y.
Sold In Omaha by C. F. Goodman , J. W. Bell , tilbi
. K lull , and nil druiwfeUeverywherc. bi
X.OT7XS tlim
217 anil 210 North Main . , Ht. Louis , sliWi
NKWS' , f r Art no IWIIAWINO
Printers Stock. hiB
ISTCash paid ( or lias * nnd Faj > cir Stock , Sera In
Iron and Jkt/ilj. \Vi
Paper Stock Warehouse * 122Q to 1237 , North to
Prof , W , J , Antler's ' Select Danc t-d
ing Academy ,
A. Hospe , Jr. Hall , ICIO Dodge 8t.
Class for Kcntlcmen commenclnif Tuesday even-
, Oct. 1 , Class for lullc * roiiiinencinir Thiiin-
darfnenliiL'.Oct.O. Tcnni liberal. The eau
inclhodi I have ( or teaching Iho Waltz , Glldd
. , I inn tftmranteo jivrfrrt fcatUfactlon o
bcholar4. for terms , ic. , cell at A. Hosne , Ji. ,
address 1110 Capitol A\o. 8l7dlm
MrashLand Agency
ISOC Farnham St. , . . . Omaha , Mebratka
Core.ully eclectcal land In Kantcrn Nobratkafor ple
, Great Ilar alnit In tuiprotci ) farms , anil
LateLauaConi'rU.P.Ii . . .Vfcutl
Burton , the San Junn Stage
Conch Robber.
How ho "Hold tip" Coaches Un
aided and Alono.
IntorostliiR Facts iu His Civrcor-
Kcincr Trllmnr , Sept. 2B.
II.V. . Iturtnn , the inoit daring
stage robber of the ninotcontli century -
tury , is now nn itnnnto of the county
jail , Imvint ; arrived them Inst cvoning
iiuilui' care of Deputy United States
Marshal Sim AV. Cnntril. liiirtoti
wns conviutocl in tl\o Unilctl States
court at Pueblo for the robbery of the
United Statoa mails between Del
isVrto and Alamos.i lant .Juno , uiul is
sentenced to a hfo's term n tlio poni-
tentiary. A reporter for The Tribune ,
huurini ; that Uurton would arrive on
Inst evening's Dcnvor & llio Gnmdu
train , boarded the outgoinj ; train ut
7tOnnd. : ! met him and his escort at
the car ahopj and was properly intro
duced to liim by Deputy Cantril.
They were sensed in the front pa-ssen-
Her car anil Durton was heavily and
aecnrely chained to the seats in order
to prevent any attempt nt an escape.
When the reporter appioachctl him
and asked if there was anythins ho
would like to have said in the
in regard to hia past career , ho replied
that there was nothing very important
in liis life which was worthy of par
ticulnr mention.
The reporter then naked him if ho
was a married man , to which ( mention
ho replied that ho wns not and never
liad been. Ilia father was killed bja
man fifteen years ago and his mother
now lives in Uastrop county , Tcxaa ,
and is in very easy circumstances.
When young liurton was only thir
teen years old his father was shot , and
ho then took a solemn oath that as
lie bccario of a o ho would kill the
perportrator of the deed , which oath
ho k'jpt and killed his man in the
same county where his mother now
resides. After killing him ho made
his escape , and in order to raise
money for the expense of defense in
the suit for that murder a crime ho
considers a just ono ho in 1877 rob
bed a stage near Waco , Texas , which
cent 'ncd uomo eight or uino men and
from whom ho secured about § 200 ,
and did the robbing in the daytime ,
alone and with nothing to assist him
but his trusty revolver.
His. next successful robbery was
nearEastrop , Texas , where ho secured
about § 175 in money from three men
who were in the coach. There was
one lady among the passengers , but
ho never robbed ladies or criuplus.
The third and fourth robbeiies of
his life were done during the month
of April , 1877 , near Austin , Texas ,
and only a few days after the ono com
mitted near Uastrop. Ho robbed two
stagecoaches inonoday. On the first
ono ho secured about § 3,000 from
seven men , but on thosccond ono that "
day ho was not so lucky , as from the
six men in the coach ho secured only
about § 300.
After this robbery he was arrested
and convicted , and sent for life to the
West Virginia penitentiary , but pro
per inilucnco was brought to bear on
President Hayes , and ho was pardoned
after serving three years and eight
months. After being released from
the pcntontiary ho returned to Texas ,
and was put under bonds for the mur
der of the slayer of his father. Ho *
then started out again robbing singes
to secure money for his defense and
made an unsuccessful attempt near
Gonzales , Texas , and followed the
stage for some distance with his revolver
ver cocked and pointing at the driver ,
but the driver did not st8p , and not
wishing to kill anyone ho let him go.
His next cfl'ort was between George
town and Lampasi , Texas , and was
more successful , although ho secured
only § 4D.
On the ! id of last Juno ho stopped a
coach which was tilled with passengers ,
near Gainsvillo , Texas , and robbed
them of about § 050 , Ho says for
this robbery two men have been ar
rested and are now in jail at Dallas ,
Texas , serving out their sentence , but
Burton declares they are innocent of
the crime , as he did it alone. Prom
Texas ho wont to Arkansas and com
mitted a robbery , and then came to
Colorado. In looks liurton is rather
above thoao who are commonly classed
as criminals , and looks moro like a
well-cducated and well-raised gentle
man. Ho is very jovial and fret ) to
talk , and is quitoontcrtaining to those
around him. *
Just before the prisoner was taken
From the Pueblo jail ho made a des-
por.ito attempt to gain hia liberty.
When the jailer lot liurton out of his
cell ho walked directly into the ] ail
oflica where Cantril was standing
ready to put the tthncklcfl on him , and
when within about two feet of him [
drew a toy pistol ( which ho had made
out of Rome 'cather ' that he took out
the Denver jail , and covered with
tin foil , making it resemble a 45 cali-
bro pistol ) and placed it over Deputy
Cantril's heart and ordered him to
throw up his hands , at the same time
making a dash for Canhil'e pistol. In
this instance Cantril's presence of [
mind stayed by him , and quicker than
Hush he jumped back and raising the
shackles which ho hud in his hands to
was about to deal Burton a heavy
blow on the head , when the latter
sprung backward nnd probably savt'-d
Ills life , fin Cantril no doubt would
liave broken his skull with the blow.
Burton's excuse for doinic so writ ) that
had been sentenced for lifo and he
was willing to run desperate chances
secure his escape. Had his bold at
tempt been a successful ono ho intend-
locking his guards in jail , secure
their arms and mount the first horse
which came in night and inside of ton a
minutes would have been beyond recapture -
capture , as under no circumstances
would ho have allowed the ollicora to
take him alive.
Burton last evening in talkinc to
The Tiibune reporter about this' little
escapade ' scorned to bo good naturcd in
about it , 'but was sorry lie did not
mnko it successful.
Burton , without doubt , to ono of
the most daring and dcsporalo stagu
robbura in the nineteenth century , and
less than ten years ) mn robbed
nine stages , including about fifty pee
, and securing something in the
neighborhood of § 10,000. Further
facts concerning this bold knight of
the road , obtained from Colonel I' . on
Cass Carpenter , will bo found upon nn
inside page of this issue ,
"From Fayelteville , Arkansas , ho
came direct to Colorado , where ho
landed 1 nt Pueblo Juno 1 ! , 1881.
From thcro ho went to South Arkan
sas ( Salida ) , thencoto Alnino , Pilkin.
Gunnison , Like City , Del Norto nnd
Alrimosn I , nt which latter place he
landed on the early morning of Juno
liii , 1831. Durinir the day ho hired a
horse from l\ \V. Johnson , livery
stable proprietor , to lido a short dis
tance into the counliy to look at
ranches , proposing to return about 10
o'clock p. m. , or , if not then , ho
would return some time the next day.
The 1 ptopriotor refused to let himhavo
1fi horse unless ho would deposit n for
fcit in case ho did not return the
horse , otc. This foifeit was fixed at
§ 80 , which ho deposited. Burton
reached the place where ho proposed
lo 'hold up' the coach about 4 o clock
in the afternoon. When ho left the
stable in Alamosa ho carried a
small bundle under his arm.
which consisted of the material
from which ho made the hooda with
which ho covered the eyes of the pas-
sensors as they came ono by one from
the conch. lie returned to Alamosa
about lifteon minutes ahead of the
coach which carried the passengers
( twelve in number ) that ho .had rob
bed. Ho boarded the saino Irani
with them , sat at the table with them
at breakfast , and listened , with com
posure , to tliu hair-litting stories told
by them of their wonderful escapes
the night bcforo , and how' they liad
'stood the robbers oil * by refusing to
alight from the coach , but hiding
themselves under the scats , etc. , etc.
Burton says they all got out , oven the
lady who was in the coach , and no ono
interposed any objection. In his own
language : 'They were the most do
cile , tractable lot of passengers that I
ever encountered , ' From the stage
load Burton says ho got about § X > 0 ,
although the passengers swearto a
much larger sum. At his trial ho wan
calm and confident , but not 'defiant , '
nt has been alleged. Burton know
that wo had sure proof against him in
that sack of ore , and admitted nsmuch
to mo , but ho hoped all the time that
wo could not trace thu ore directly to
"This , however , wo did. Had wo
failed in this case , I had warrant
in my pocket to servo on him , which
would have taken him to Arkansas
for trial.
'Tho case was regarded by the
authorities as a very important ono ,
and wo have worked incessantly upon
it in order to weave the chain of evidence
donco BO closely that no legal or other
technicality could bo pleaded in his
" \Vo have persistently fought
against taking Burton to Del Norto
for trial , for this reason : that wo know
we had a good case against him one
that would send him up for life ; and
also because wo believe in law rind
order It is better for Burton to
HIVO been tried , convicted and sen
tenced to the penitentiary for life
hail it would have been to take him
to Del Norto to bo hanged by vigi-
"The summary execution of Billy
Lolloy and brother did not servo to
iletoa Burton from committing a like
Dlfenso within a very few miles from
where they met their fate. I regard
Burton as the most daring , skillful ,
accomplished highwayman of whom
history gives an account. Ho is
neither brutal or uneducated , but
rather the reverse. If limits can bo
anything manly in robbing a stage
coach , probably Burton manifested
that trait , but had it been necessary
to shoot and kill the voiy persons to
ward whom ho acted so gentlemanly ,
ho would not have hesitated one mo-
ncnt. In his interview i\ith mo after
his conviction ho said that some of
the witnessed greatly exaggerated the
natter ; that ho did not get any such
sum of money as they alleged , and
that tluiy were the most thoroughly
frightened set of men that lie over
saw."When the verdict was rendered ho
betrayed no emotion whatever , and it
was not until after ho was remanded
to jail that ho showed any signs of
"Burton says ho never yet robbed a
woman or a cripple , nor a poor man if
ho know it , Ho realizes his situation
and regrets , or says ho does , that ho
was not sent to Del Norlo and han.g-
ed instead of being sent to the peni
tentiary for lifo. This maken four
mail robbers that wo have 'taken in'
sincu January last. Billy Lo Hey aiul
brother were captured in May lust ,
taken from the ollicials and hanged a
few days after. Dingman was captur
ed , tried and convicted last week and
sentenced lo the penitentiary for ten
yi'ni.s , and next comes Burton , aliai
Ham \Vhito \ , just sentenced for life.
Four , in eight months. "
Burton is now in the county pail
waiting transportation to LaramioCity ,
Wyoming , whoio ho will bo taken ,
with Dingman , at an early day. The
instofllco ollicials feel relieved.
Morning Nowspnpor Printer * .
The Now York Herald lately pub
lished article "Close "
an on Study ,
and how work aducts inon engaged in
the difluront trades , In it is the fol
lowing allusion to the composing
room , "There are not many aged
inntcrs. Now and then wo find a
compositor : who set typo on the first
editioi ) of The Herald , but ho is apt
bo n somber millionaire to whom
tlio pleasures of existence are vngue
ncbuho of ropoit , rarely the the thinga
appreciated. Printerii worl < at night.
That necessitate * * gas and frequent ad
journment to the nearest hoiiao of re
freshment. Printers are generally
thin , pale and fowl of tobacco. Their
nervous energy i given to the ser
vice of their employer , and Ihoy rely
lee often upon stimulants ranging
from cold tea to gin nnd milk , from
rum and gum to whisky straight , far
lictitioua atrenglh which waslca as
often as il m renewed. The
foremen complain of pains in
llio chest they bond over BO
much , I'roof-rcadera loao their
eyes 'and have busings in i their curs.
CompoBitorHgol floro ling ; ors anduricks
the back. "Strange as it may ap
pear , although they go lo bed very
late they are not always Into risen ) . \
But when they gel up their faculties
are Blcopy. They are liable to head-
ach ? , dyspepsia nnd weak backs. Their
physical fibre fails to keep paeo with
their activity. AH ycara go on they
degenerate from experts to mullii , and
then Ihoy have lo leave thfir nitn on
the daily press and seek employment
the loss exacting weeklies or trades
papers. There are ninny women type
setters , but ns they concrftlly marry
young , it is impossible to say what
effect the trade has on thorn. Ono of
the worst fontures of typo setting is
what is known as the wrist drop. A
man may bo driving away nt n great
rate , when , without warning , his
wrist will give way and his hand fall
helpless. In other words , ho'a 'lead
ed. All workers in metal are liable
to this curao , especially when they are
careless in their personal habits. Frui
quont , careful washing is absolutely
necessary , nnd when followed up is n
sure preventive. "
How \Vifo nnd Hunlirunl Were
Xtouuitol <
Fifteen years ago Thomas L. Patter
son , a'young ' man , was married to nn
estimable young lady of Wilmington ,
Del , , and removing to Baltimore , ho
W.IH employed in a mercantile estab
lishment. After n year or two of hap-
> y wedded life , Patterson fell into
mbitsof dissipation , nnd wns accused
of dishonesty by a follow clerk tocover
up his own misdeeds. Ilia protesta
tions ot honesty bcingdisboliovcd , Pat
terson II d , and his abandoned \\ifu
returnnd to her Wilmington homo
with her infant. Years rolled on
and nothing was heard of Pat
terson until a newspaper ropoited
that a man of thu same namu had
been found dead in n hotel of an in
terior Pennsylvania town. The re
mains were exhumed , and mistakenly
identiticd as Puttcrpon , wore interred
in Wilmington. Hia grave was
marked \\ith a tombstone , nnd thu
widow frequently ntiewcd tlowera up
on it in memory of tlio lover of her
youth. Recent disclosures provo that
the body recognised as his was that
of an enliro stranger. It appears
that Pnttcmm on Jeavim. Baltimore
went lo Texas nnd engaged in caltlo
raising , in which he was quite suc
cessful. Ho Bold out and engaged in
teaming across Nov.- Mexico , until he
had rccupoiatod in health nnd fortune
sutliciently to enable him once
more to claim hi : ) wife and
child. With ( hi/ , idea , ho wrote to
his wife and entrusted ( ho letter to n
messenger In carry to the nearest
postollico , which watt at no small dis
tance. For some reason the letter
was never mailed , or at least was
noyer received. Soon nfler ho was
captured in the Indhn raid , lost all
that ho possessed , and woi himself
taken prisioner. Making hia escape ,
ho returned to civilization penniless ,
broken in health and spirits , and felt
unwilling to again write to his wifo.
Finally , ho worked his way to the
homo of some old friends in Wiscon
sin , and was warmly nnd tenderly
cared for until , with renewed health ,
ho made another attempt to re
cover his wife and child , Ho lirst
wrote to an intimate friend living in
NVilmington , making inquiries about
his wife and child , Greatly surprised
at receiving a { otter from one supposed
to bo mouldering in the grave , the
friend answered the letter , giving the
information asked for and asking him
to write more fully. This Mr. Pat
terson promptly did , enclosing n long
letler lo hin exile. The friend then
communicated the startling news to
Mrs. Patterson and delivered the
letter from her husband. The cor
respondence resulted in preparing Iho
way for the reunion of the long sop-
orated family , and Mr. .Patterson's
circumstances now being such as to
justify the slop , ho will come on hero
in October to claim once more the
wife whoso joy that ho is nlivo equals
her gticf when she mourned him us
dead. Mr. T. L. Patterson is a broth
er of John 0. Pntlerfion , Unilcd
Stales dislrict attorney for Delaware
The Now Railroad
At the Grant locomotive-works at
1'atcrson , N. .1. , has just boon com
pleted another the hccond of the
Fontaine locomotive engines , They
are peculiarly constructed and can at
tain a great degree of speed , the lirst
having made ninety miles an hour.
The second machine ia lo bo tested on
Iho Now York , Lake Krio it Western
railroad for two weeks before it is
shipped to its destination. The pecu
liarity of Iho engine is that it has two
sots of driving wheels , one on top of
the other. The main driving
wheels in the Fontaine engines are to-
cuied to an elevated axle , above the
boiler , and running in boxca snppor-t
od l > y a suitably braced frame , the
cylinder and slides being net obliquely
and in a diagonal line to the axis of
the driving wheel. The driving wheels
are of the ucual construction , but do
not touch the raila.Resting on the
rails arj other driving wheels of llni
same size as the upper oneii , with
which there i.i a frictional contact.
There being no resistance , when mo
tion is communicated to Iho upper
wheels the same molionia transmitted
to tlioloweronusby friction. Tlio lower
wheels arj constructed with two trends ,
the poiiphury rc-sling on r.iild , and Iho
other supporting the upper wheels.
The upper wheels are 7 inches and
and the lower 70 inches in diameter.
To prevent slijipiM an air pump is
employed , which is operated with the
cab , and which acts on a system of
lovers , by means of which the friction-
tioiul contact between the upper and
lower drivers ia diminished or in
creased , ii.i occasion may require , with
out disturbing the bearing of the
lower wheels on the rails , The en
gine iaalno provided with an equal-
mug liuol : , HO us alwayu to preserve
the hcaiing on ( ho rail.
Tlio IhliiK desired found at Inst. Ask
diilXgUt for "j'.ouyli on JtnlH. " It clear *
out rutH , inter , ruauliuH , ( lien , b < l but ; * ; ITia
boxt'i ) , ( J )
FRJS Oi'rCOST. ' *
Bit. KiNfi'n Ni'.w DISUOVKHY for
Consumption , Coughs and Colds
Asthma , Bronchitis , otc. , in given
away in trial bottles free of cost to
the allliclud , If you have a bad
cough , cold , difficulty of breathing ,
hoarseness or any allection of llio
throat or lungs by all menus giro this
wonderful remedy a trial , AH yon
vuluo your existence you cannot
allbrd to let this opportunity pasts.
\Vo could not alibfcl , and wonh ! not
give this remedy away unless we
know it would accomplish what we
claim for it. Thousands of hopeless
cases have already been completely
cured by it. There is no medicine in
Iho world that will cure ono half the
canon that Dit , JCiNi'HNiwJiHcovinv : :
will cure , For sale by
0) ) IHII ifc JIuJlAiio.v , Omaha.
While our Work is better , our Prices are Lower
than all others.
S T - AT IE ! IF-A. X IR
I received all of the SIX FIRST PREMIUMS
offered for Competition in our line
Over All etitors. v l
For the Best Watch Work ,
For the Best Jewelry , ( own make. )
For the Best Engraving ,
For the Best Diamonds ( own1 importation )
Having lately enlarged my workshops and putting in now . .ltd improved machinery
chinory , I hope to still inorp improve the quality and' ' finish of our
ork and fill ordurs with more promptness than i * uouul.
My Motto has always boon and always will bo : "Firat to gain superior facill ,
tics and then advertise the fact not before no wild advertisements.
Some unprincipled tlcnlors being in the liabit of copying niy
iinnouncoiuunta , I would bog you , the render of this , to
' draw n line between such copied advert iaementa '
mid tltoao of Yours , very truly ,
The Reliable Jeweler , Omaha , Neb , ,
Sign of the Striking Town Clock. ,
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. n' )
P. G. IMLAH , Manager , ;
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