Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 28, 1881, Image 1

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Nol Lot onjjlarney street , near now court
house ; fcoOt > . i ? _
SVa Lot on Cons stroU near 22J , ? 2GOO.
No 3 Lot on ( ' .ilfornla struct near 22d , 41fiOO ,
No C Lot on limy Btroet nonr U. 1 * . dcnot ,
112001 - . ' Cttev
No 0 \ block In Shlnn'u 3d nddjllorTneAr Con-
< . enl , (350.
* .g. m No 8 Two lots on Decatur near CAinnbill St ,
® f700. '
> f No 10 JT3 lots ou , Colf.iT street near Hanscow
Park , at rciicii'Vlilo iiriooi.
"TOO clinlce residence lot * In Orcdlt Fonder Mid
OrauiUii'W additions n short lUsUnca * aiithu\ nl
U. I' , nnd 1 ! & M. dvjxits , licn from 100 uj <
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1 lots ou 21st , S2d , "M and Stmidcn Htrvo's ,
orlliof a > , ndjoiiun .U. V. Smith'a .idJltioii ,
* * * | ltX ) ; terms jk.-v-j * }
t * * N'on' ) Kull coriicrlot on Ioivlai ; strcit nc ir
10th , fSSXi * *
. No70 Comer COtllO fuetlot go , I ou l.-v3 near
rCnw Hth street , e 00. Xi W
No. 71 Three loU In Glsc a .iddltlon near Sauii-
7.3 Lot on Doiatnr street , iicnr Irene ShlnnV
No. 7fi 82x0(1 ( feet on Ptttine street near U. 1 *
Mid II. & M. dcpoti. { 300 1.
Nf > . 70 Splendid waroluiUEO lot 77xl3i feet Blh
etrcct near Jono-i , 3y X ) .
jS'o Ti ii lot * on Itirney ntruct near 19thW ) < 10
NoM Lot in GLso'n aJdltion near SuitiJcM
i'rcct , ? 3W.
No. SJ Lot In ONes' addition near Sauiulens
Btroet , yZM.
No t3 2 lota on 19th Dear 1'acinc and Nail
Virki , 51600.
N'jMV--Lot on Charles ttrcct near
. , 2fa57 Lot on Lanrnworth near 15th , 51.ICO.
Xooj Lot ou Uuldwcll street ncur S.uin < Krs
NCJ 81 Ixit on Chlcngo ncnr 22d trci'f , ? 1 00.
No 90 Lot on Illondo near Caiiibdl | ) street
t76. ' „ .
31 lot * in Mlllard * & Caldnell'i addition , .Slier-
mnn nvvnuo , IGth street , Kprinsr , Sirato i unit
Florence btrectx , ( TOO and iinranl | .
No.1'22 2 lnU on Isth street , iisar I'oppleton' *
Dew residence , 81UOO.
Nr 12J Lot 71x310 ( cot on Sherman ncnuo ,
Ifith Mrcct , 41100
No 121 b lots on Cellevuo street , near shot
toner , 650 to 875 each
No 125 Kull block on Clinton street , near
that toner , $30 to # 76 each.
No IS ! Lot on lith street , no3 whltulcad
works , $ V25
No ' .27 2 lots , Ul acres near head of St. llarj'M.
avenue , on road to 1'nrlc , S-WII.
Nn 1-J' ) I.o on California near CrcijhtoH Col-
ege , P.tr6. " " *
No l.W-1 lota near new government corral , 82J
x20"4iiercs each. WOO.
No 101 Lot in Oiao's addition on Cameron St.
. neirSuindcr-i , make an offer.
" . ii No. IGrt Lot In Ulic'n mldltlon on Casiiua St. ,
' ' near State , nukti an olttr.
Nu W2 Lot In Owc'saJdltlon on Casslue nctr
SiUi ler < , make an offer.
No 103 1 block In IIOd'B addition addition
near Om&hrt Darracks , make un offer.
No 104 71'tts In Henry & Shulton's ndditfon
ne r Mgh school , price rom 12Ciiiward. )
17H Lot on Pacific street , near Ifith , make an
otter.No 171 2 lots on WobHor street , near 2l t ,
both Siiji or 92000 far corner und $1800 for In-
\J& "tOIo.173 de. 4 10t on ' COBS near 1UU etrect. SIOCO ,
No ITS Lot on 'Sncrnun avenue ICtn etrcct
near Izard , 4ixlS2 , 814W ) .
No 177 3 lota In Qraiidviow. make an offer.
No ISO Lot In Smnn'a wldltlon on 1'ier St. ,
ear end street car track , J525.
No 131 T o lot * In Nelson's addition , 1 on
'aaho etreet , 1 on Center strict , near Cumin , ' ,
| 300 each ,
No IbS Two gilt cd o lots on Oass atrcct near
Ut. onacorncr,400 < )0. )
NoW5 Lot on S > , ward street , uear SaunJern ,
maku an ollir.
No ISO it lots on Howard atrcot , near Irene ,
maku un offer
V No ISO } , lot'on Davenport near 25th , $500.
No 187J , ' " ' on D' ' ' is' ° " ncar Cumins t. , f200.
Nn 1SSJ. Mock In Dojd's iidditlon.ncar Umah.t
barrncka , * 4DO.
NolMJ , J lot on riereo near Cth street , ? 559.
No , JJot on llth neir Farnlum , $2100
No 1'Jlt , 2 beautiful lotu In Shlnn'a addition ,
No 1D2J , 2 lots on 18th street near white lead
work * . .
No 11)31 , lot on SOth street near Sherman , $101) ,
No 10H , 2 lota on 22d street , near U. rl. , # 00tl.
No liXij , 3 bututlful 1 U on launders st , near
street car turn Ublu , $ l2 b.
No 1U > ) , lot on 16th near I'lcJCe t. WOO.
No 201 Lyt in Uido'o adihtlon on Cameron St. ,
near b.iuud , $ ZW.
No 2U2 l ot on Cameron street iioarSaundcra.
J900.NJ 2' Lot in Sldtm'a addition on Sauuders
itrcct , near street tar tur.i taiilu. $ S50.
No2'U ' Uiutif ul , lot In Nelaon'a a-lditlon , on
DUI.-lon street near Cnnilnn' , i5'J.
NJ. 205 Two lots on Cadtullar street , near 10th
1160.No 200 Two lota on Sixteenth street , near the
nail works , fir.00.
No 2iS ! One-half lot on California rtreet near
/ No 2"U Lot on 18th street near NkhoUs , ! 00.
No 210 Ixiton Capitol uienuu neat 'J3d , ) < l&0i ) .
Na 212 Lot 14 JxfJUU Icet on Colfax strict , near
HaiiAcom I'tiik , with liniiraicmcnu , t-70n.
No 213 I Two acres on Cumin , ; ttrttt , < flKW. (
No 215 One-half ai-ru on California , near Ken-
td\ strict , 150.
No 21U Itoautlful lot on Hamilton Btroet near
wrect car turn taule , S1000.
No 217 Lot on 23d street , near Clark , $500.
Afuwacrol'ts only remain unsold In "Park
lace" little weat of Crulj'hton ColleK't , pmwi
n"HK | don ) $275 to $3UUcaih and on c y terms.
Lota in Ilorbacn's 1st and 2d additions ; nUo
oU In I'arUcr'sShlnn's ; Nelaon's , Terrace's , B.
. Smith's. Hedlck's , and all the other addition *
any price and atuny terms.
Ten acres in the city limits on the rood to thu
rracks at 8376 per acre.
Feur beautiful riuldcnce lots In front of
Crelifhton College ; will cut them up to puit.
Nine ruoiilenio lota north of Crclxhton Collo'u
roundr ) , from 7UO to10W taih. .
Thirty resident lots In PurktVu addition , six
blocks north of the end of the strucs tir track
ou Saundcra street , 300 each , 810 down , balance
iult , at 8 jwr cent interest.
A few loU felt In Terrace addition on tha road
otho 1'ark , near head f St. Mary's ftvenuo,37yO
each , To thuso who will build a V1200 reildoncv ,
7years time atd u r cent Intcri
Lota In lake's addition at $3M to 350 each , 10
years thuo atO prrcout Interest , to thoau uho
'lltJoldTouiloy 'icr'i ' trart with houneand
all Inuiroreiuentii , adjolnlnif r ce course ami f lr
rroiinda1 forWuOO.
Tr cU Of J , in , 15 , 20 , 40 or 80 acres , with bull.
dlnifs and other Improvements and adjoining the
city , at all prices.
SSOOotthu bust residence lota In the city of
Omaha any location you doiire north , eat ! ,
nuth or west , and at bedrock prliis.
2'XJ choice hujInuM loU In all the principal bun-
ncui strevU In Ouialm , tarjln Irom OXlto
17000 each.
Two bundled housca and lota ran liiK frum
$00 to $15UUU , and located In crcry part of tlio
l.irtfo nurabor ot excellent arms In DougUa
Barpy .SaiinJcru , Dod u , WanhliiK'ton. Hurt , and
other ( 'oa 1 counties In lostcrn Netjr ka.
12,000 a-rt-a best landi In l > oufliia , 70U'acre
beat Undo In Harpy county , and hr'e tracts In
all the r-wtcrn tltr uf cnuntlcs. .
Uvcr ODO,00l ( ucruH of the boat Und In the Nt-
raaka for sale by this agency.
Vcr ) large amounts of suburban property In
ono U ) ten , twenty ami f ) rty acr piece * looted
within one to tlirtc , four or five mlloM of tliu
Oiitince borne very clioap plccwi.
NUH * Uapa of Omaha , by Uucrge i'
Bum ! * plain , unmounted maps 60 cvnts vuch ;
mounted , colored and with cloth bivck , II. 60
I louies , toros , hotels , UrmaIoUl andi. oilier
room * , etc. , to runt or lca. < c.
Taxiu iuld , runts collected , deal ) , mortip es ,
andall kliidiolaal uttute doiuiucuU mode out
on ihort uotln ) ,
Eeal Estate Exchange
15th and Douglas Street ,
Ho Explains tlio Oausos of the
Trouble Between Drs , Ham
ilton and Agnew anil
Himself ,
And Says That Blood PoiaonioR
Sot in About fcho First
Of / URUbt. '
The Garfleld Family Leave
Yesterdtiy Moruins for
Tlio Rnmor Doutod TUrxt nn At
tempt % vaMndo ia Stcrtl
Oaiflold'd I
Nalloml A ochti > il Trc s.
1)11. I10Y.STON TALKS. - .
Ci/r.vKL\Ni > , SScptombpr . A roj > -
rcsuiitntivu nf the N'.iiioiml Associated
Urosa to-night mot. Dr. Uoynton , who
is now ruiiiuiiiiiir ; liuro , thia being liis
old home , mid nekul him !
' 'Doctor , H it ( rno , us was t.itocl
in Tlio Now York .TnnCs , that whikx
at Llhcron Drs. Aguo\v and llaiuilton
remonstrated forgiving pub
licity to opinions , not in nccortlunca
with tlu-lr wn views rogirdinj ; the
president's case ? " ,
"There is int a word of truth in the
statemont. "
i'NVero your relations with the at
tending 'sur oou8 { cordittl or other
wise ? "
"Our personal relations were very
corrlwl. "
"In what respect did your p.piuions
differ froifl theirs5'
"I considered that nearly all of the
serious symptoms nnd complications
arising in the piodident's case after
uhout August 1st , wore duo to blood
poisonim ; , and that a serious lunc ;
trouble , duo also to blood poisoning ,
di'voloped prior to hia removal to
Washington. In these opinions I believe -
lievo Iho attending surgeons did not
concur. They attributed the cough
to a ftimplo bronchi. ) ! catarrh. "
"Did you witness the autopsy ? "
"I did. "
"In the light of the autopsy do you
consider the lung trouble was dun
to pjiumia and was of the nature of
inotostolio abscesses. "
"I do. When the lunjj tiasuo was
divided pus poured out in abundance ,
mainly from the minute bronchial
tubes , and tlioro ended in a marked
degree that peculiar congestion of tlio
capsules of tint lungs \vhichcon3titutes |
the lirat'stago in nntostolicab'ccB3.
ono of the moat common c6mplicationa
in pyromia and is essentially different
in iU nature fram an ordinary case of
bronchial pneumonia. "
"Wero theio any pus cavities in the
Iunjs ? "
"No , sir , there was not. In many
cases , no pus cavities are found in
metostoliuabccsscsof the lungs. In the
president's case there were no symp
toms during life indicating the
presence of pus cavities and I
so stated it at the time.
CLBVKLANW , September 27. The
aeus.itional stories telegraphed from
hero ro urJinir an attempt to steal the
romaiiia of the president are without
any foundation whatever. They wore
b.Hod upon the remarks of two
diunken nun , who attempted to post
themsdlvea as guardd at the cemetery ,
but wore promptly ejected by the
cemetery guard , who were posted
there. Tuo cemetery management
have made ample pro visions for guard
ing the tomb , and will continue their
guard over it. Many thousands of
persons visited the cemetery and cat
afalque to-duy. The pavilion and
c.ttiif.ilquo will remain in pouition
thirty days.
CLEVELAND , O. , September 27.
Mra. Oat field and her family left on a
special train for Mentor at 11:07 : this
mitfiiing. The run will occupy over
an hour , and ihoy are not ex
pected homo till 12aO. : Every
thing theio is in readiness for their
reception , the homo being precisely
an they left it on their departure for
Washington. The aged mother ac
companied the family this morning.
Slio-ia bearing up well under the sorrow
row , and appears mote herself than
three days ago. All the children were
with Mis. Oarfield on their departure ,
and will remain at Mentor some time
be fore leaving for school again , Col.
riouktvtill , General Swuim und Private
Secretary Drown accompanied the
p.nty to Mentor. They will go to
Washington in u tow days to aetilo up
attaini there. Mr. Brown , who had
been tendered the office of private nee-
'etary to President Arthur , will re
main in Washington only a short time ,
ruturning to Mentor to take charge of
the business affairs of Mrs Garlield ,
who considers him , from his long nnd
intimate relations with the General ,
beat tittiid for that position.
The departure of the family
wai very quiet' They were
driven to the depot in Jud o Mason's
c in i.ifo and quietly and quickly on *
lored thuir car. The train was n spe
cial ono , for the purpose of taking the
party home , The car the same
in whicli they came from Washington.
The crowds nro rapidly dhperatng ,
many thousands , however , having VH-
ited thu pavilion before goiiif , ' . It is
carefully guarded , to preserve it from
relic hunters.
WARIIINOTOK , September 27.The
war dopaitmcnt has received a dis
patch Irom Gun , Wilcox , dated Satur
day , September 24th , stating that the
liohtilc'3 have , after a Jong talk at the
San Carlos agency , 'concerning the
surrender , have gene into thu mouii-
mills , leaving the chiefs in the hands
of the troops. Fresh outbreaks nro
Artinaiis and laborers were hard at
wolk to-day at the executive man *
sion making the necessary rounira
and improvements in order to got the
premises in r ( it condition for the re
ception of tha president , lie has not
vet visited the house and it is not
kturn \vluui ho will take poasxeniou.
National AKOclatcd 1'rcwi.
LOUISVILLE , September 27 The
second day of the Jockey Club run
ning races wasr.iiny , which pivwntci !
a largo attund.mco. The first ruct ) , for
two year-old lilb'ea , three-fourths of a
mile , won by Kreneliic , Shy Fi
ona fticjnd , Sly Dance third. Time ,
Tuo second r.ico , for the St. Lo ? or
stakes , threo-ycai'-olds , two mile
dash , was won by Follow Pl y , Mogeia
second , IiiV.zieS third. Time iil : ! ) .
The third race , milo heats , Jack
Ilavcrly wpn Jitsl. heat and Adda MU-
on d * nnd thiid. Time 1 MGi
1:173 , lMi- : .
NKW YORK , Suntoinboi * 27. The
racing at 15riglifon ISoitch was conUn-
ued to-day. The liwt race , a milo
and n liulf , Soabivcis < ) stakes , \raa won
b'y Brambaluta , Kitty Olutk Bouond ,
Time , : W.
The second raeo , aoveiv furlongs ,
was won by Victor , Bride Oako eeo-
ond. Time , 1:30. :
The third Tace , a milo and a fur- , was won by Vagrant , Wood
craft second. Time , 2:11. :
The fourth rfico , a steeple chase ,
was won by King Dutchman , Major
Wheeler second : Time , 2:52 : ,
'riTT.snuito ' KAOEH.
PiTTsnuiio , Soptonibot27. . The
first event , a 2:30 : race , was won , by
Piincess , taking the second , third and
fourth halts * ; Captain Jack second.
Buffalo Girl took the first heat and
was disUncod in the cceond. Time ,
2:28 : , 2:30 : , 2tf2 , 2:33. :
The aououd event \VM the 2:23 : trot.
It was won by William H. in throe
straight * boats. Argonaut second.
Time , 2:28 : , 2:2fil : ) , 2:22.
BOSTON ; September 27. Bostons ,
2 ; Buflalos. 3.
WOKOHSTRK , September 27. Wor-
cesters , G ; Detroits , 11.
PROVIDENCE , Sopjombor 27. Prov-
iderico , G ; Clcvelands , 0 ,
TROY , September 27. Treys , 8 {
Chicagos , 10.
* . .ITHBI .OAR. v
The Charlotte regatta took place at
Lake Ontario to-day. Plaistod , Riley ,
Courtney and Lee participated in the
single sclull race , which was won by
Courtney. The race was a miserable
fizzle , in fact it docs not deserve to
bo called a race nt all.
Const Now * .
National Afi'-octatcd 1'reus.
SAN FIIANCISCO , September 27.
The allip Alice Buck , six months from
Now York , with railroad iron for the
Oregon railroad , was wrecked at Half
Moon Bay and went to pieces. Eleven
of the crow were lost.
E 11. Spraul , a tarm hand , working
for J. B. Espy , shot and killed James
S. Aiulroua at Orovjllu in mistake for
his employer , whoso murder ho had
resolved on for interference with his
marital rights.
S. C. Scovillo and D. W. Batch re
ceived fatal pistol shot wounds at a
meeting of stockholders of the Nev
ada & Oregon railroad hold at Keno ,
The meeting was called for ousting
some of the directors and a row fol
lowed when persons not holding stock
were ordered to retire ,
National Associated 1'rtss.
PLATTEVILLH , Wis. , September 27.
Miss Mary Kirkwoou , a house
keeper for a bachelor farmer named
Uuntington , was found last evening
lying across the table with her throat
out from car to oar and legs cut. She
will die. The affair is shrouded in
CHICAGO , September 27. Win.
Jordan , who attacked and Dourly
killed John Ruikoob , was arrested at
Mattison , thia county , to-day and
CHICAGO , September 27. In a
drunken melee at Hyde Park nvonuo
and Fifty-second street to-day , and
Mrs. Nate HaikiiiH , aged 40 , was shot
in the hip and will' die. Her hus
band was arrested.
Will Not Defend Gutteau.
Natlo-ul Awociatod 1'itiw.
CHICAGO , 111.September 27Hon. .
Emory A. Storru was asked this morn
ing if there was any truth in the ru
mor from Washington to the effect
that ho had been asked or would bo
assigned by the courts to defend
Guitoau , Ho replied that there was
not , and said : "I am beyond the
range of the courts of the District of
Columbia , and therefore they cannot
assign mo. No professional duty is
therefore imposed upon mo , and Jienco
under no circumstances and for no
consideration that I can imagine
would I entertain for a nccond the
iihia of defending that unmitigated
tnifjcreant. An attempt wan inauo to
see Mr , Qeorgo Scovillothu assassin's
brother-in-law , but ho in out of town.
i i
Mr Joseph Ltthrop , residing at
Suxenth unu Church streets , Wilming
ton , Dol. , sayn that ho had u very HO-
vero attack of rheumatism in the hlii.
Ho BIIlured ( no much that ho scarcely
could walk. Having purchased a bottle
tle of St. Jacobs Oil , buforo retiring
lie bathed his hip and repeated thu
act upon ariain the next morning ,
und in u day or two he wua aa well us
ho ever hud been.
. . .
finessing as to4lio Fatiiro Cabinet -
net Still Qobfgjbn at the
Capital , '
, V "f.
Attorney General MaoVongh
and Postmaster Qonornl
James to bo' Retained
For the Present ,
Senator Logau l ow Protni-
* " \a8
nontly Mentioned for the
Interior Dopftrtuiont.
The Trial by Co rb-Martial of
* / Sergeant MaaSn Post-
.From the National ( O.tpitnl.
\ - „
Katlotial A o t.itoJ I'rc
- -u HKTllllN OK TltA\uiui.-ir.i. .
rWASiUNbTOX , Sop nber 27.-All
rtho'inoinbora vof Ul yiibinoi except
Secrutiuics 3ilaino aii < iKitku'outl 10-
lui'jjed ' trafii ,
on n'/ipoctat to-day
rf'l'lic second seclib'fiTyf the funeral
'train , containing aoii6rs and mem-
bora of congress , arriveu ! hero to-nK-hl ;
nt 10:24 : o'clock. $
The , proaidoTit Bp'dnl n buty night
finishin ; ; up his private Dusinwn in con
nection with the law Jl m of w hich ho
is U niombor , and it vni between 4 nnd
5 o'clock when he rcl rjiod. lie was
awakened nt noon ttVid BOOH after
breakfasted. Duringtliu : afternoon a
reporter had nn intotv'iow with him ,
The president shookhands with the
reporter. Later ho ) Vus oakcd for
news : "VVoll , thia is'a poor place to
: omo for any thingof "tlL'it oharr.otor , "
the president unswored. "I have
nothing whatever to giro you , "
"When nro you , 'coiiig to leave the
city ? " / '
"I can't say. It will-bo some time ,
thoucli. " - .
"When aroyou oing to take fnnnal
possession of the yfhtfo'housc ' ? "
' 'Not until after the special session
adjourns. There will , bo itioro or less
for mo to look after every day , and my
present quarters will ba more conve
nient than the white -house. "
The chief executive ofliccr ia now
fairly installed at Senator Jones' resi
dence , whore a Buito 'nf rooms have
been handsomely fitted up for the
president.-One npa'rtjiJqnt , facing tlio
we t , i : lu9'privato 6fllf/o..aUd / 'adjoin-
tary , llrMteed , ihis latter being" used
as u reception room.
Assistant Secretary Fruden reruaina
in charge nt the white house. Tuo
papers nnd documents prepared nt the
white house will bo forwnrded to the
president by mail for approval , nnd
minutes of the business transacted by
the president will be sent to the white
The callers to-day were very fow.
Ono gentleman who called about noon
found the president nnd Senator Jones
conversing nbout the extra session.
The president expressed himself as
very much opposed to nny hitch in
organizing the next senate nnd the
selection of a vice president. The
nnmo of David Davis for vice presi
dent was mentioned during the con
versation nnd the president said he
thought Mr. D.xvia would (111 ( the olllco
satisfactorily. Secretaries Wiiidom ,
Lincoln , Hunt , nnd Postmaster-Gen
eral James and Attorney-General
MncVengh visited Senator Jones'
residence this afternoon and had
a consultation with the presi
dent. The consultation was not Ion ; , ' ,
and in reported to be unpleasant
throughout , The president intimated
that he stood greatly in need of information
mation and advise on government
an'aira from the cabinet , and again
expressed n deairo that there bo no
change in the personnel of the cabi
net at present. Secretary KirkwooJ
nnd wife are expected hero to-morrow.
The court-martial , , , which was to
have mot in this city to-morrow , to
try Sergeant Mason , has been post
poned. Possibly it may not bo hid
until after the Yorktown celebration.
Sergeant Mason's wife is now in the
eity nnd is frequently with her hus
band. The latter continues in good
health and is comfortably situated in
prison , lie atill asserts his intention
to lull Ouiteau if ho lias an opportu
WASHINGTON , September 27. Cabi
net gossip is unab.ttacl. The latest is
that Attorney-General MacVcaijIi und
Postmaster-General James will bo re
tained until after the Btar route prose
cutions nro ended , nnd the president
will insist that the government's c.iso
bo proceeded witli with the leait pos
sible dolay. This , it is held , in a wise
move , for the reason that if there
should bo a change of these oflio rs
and the prosecutions should fail , it
would bo attributed to laxity upon
thu part of the president of the now
administration. Gen. Urmly is now
in the city and is endeavoring to hai-
toil the proceedings for a trial. It is
said that oc-Govcrnor Morgan , of
New York , who appointed
Arthur his quartermaster-general during -
, ing the war , is to have thu treasury
dopailmont , It is generally conceded
that Now York will got thU portfo
lio. Senator Logan is talked of for
the interior department ( aa well UK
Senator Jones , lion. Emory A ,
Storrs iu reported aa MaoVoajrli'ti suc
cessor. It ia not improbable that
John lliiEsell Young will bo made
minister to Japan , if ho has not
changed his desire for the placo. Gen
eral Grant , it is said , asked the lute
president to maku this appointment.
While it is generally considered by
republicans that it is the first duty of
the new sonata to elect n presiding
oTiccr nnd secretary , yet the pccodont
nuybo found against the election df
the latter otliccr , in the fnct that when
tin United States supreme court was
orjainzed in 1700 , ono of the judge *
of the boi ; h kept the records for two
d VJ-B , until Tucker had been elected
ct irk. It is Raid that under thU prece
dent any meniliiir of the senate may
nt M recording olllcer , nnd it is also
s.iid that the chiuf clerk of thu senate
can loyally perform this duty. If thu
secretary is not elected before the new
onatorj , nil republicans , are euorn
it , tv contest will bo the result ,
for \\ilh a full body the Rumito will be
equally divided. With the aoimto
full it will not bo within the power of
any of the democrats to contiol com-
mltteos. The candidates for thu va-
cant. socrctardiip ) mo undomtoud to
bo Ool. L. J. Washington , ofVirgiuii ,
lion John G. ThnmpMin , of Ohio , H.
It. Kdmunmin , of TOUIIIHMIC , I. on.
Pierce , of Maryland , and Young , of
G unrein. These nro nil democrats.
The ciucun candidate of the republi-
c.\m is Ovo. B. ( lorham , of this cily.
Ho will iccoivu the support of thu
.V.vtlnnM Ai xKlwl I'rvM.
NKW YOHK , Soplembcr 27. E'l-
ward 0. McD-Miald , deputy sherill' ,
sent a number of tar b.irreU t ( < D.ily'tt
thoatic last night and threatened to
burn it if it wan opened tor porfoun-
ance.King Kulak ua left for Biltimiro
\nd the Biiuth l.iat night accompanied
by his tuliuuu.
Henry F.ito and Joseph Alston ,
Iwtli colored , had n pitohud fight last
night at Nuwiuk. F.ito was instantly
killed by a cut from ur.i7.or.
CyriMV. . Field reports the total
subscription of thu Garliuld fund till
noon to-day as Sil : ,017 & ! > .
N'atlonal A 90ttatoit 1'rtM
WASHINOTON , September 28 , la. in.
For the tq > per hijtoa : F.iir weather ,
preceded by rain in eastern portion ,
cold , northwest winds nnd higher bar-
onu'ter. Fur the upper Mississippi
and lower Missouri volleys : Fair
woathur , preceded by rain. In the
southern portion of the former dU-
tiict , falling , followed by rising tem
perature. In the latter district , sta
tionary or higher barometer , northerly
winds , becoming variable in thu latter
"What the Autopsy Shows-
Hartford Times.
The autopsy of the president's body
shows :
1. That the bullet passed slanting
inward on the right side of the buck
until it struck the eleventh rib.
2. That it fractured this eleventh
rib and then was itself turned slightly
and splintering off some flukes of bono
from it.
4. That it did not penetrate the
backbone or open thu tipinal marrow.
5. That it did not enter the abdom
inal cavity.
G. That after splintering off n few
chips front the thick surface of the
backbone it passed on about a linild'u
breadth to the left , and lay there ,
deep beneath the miucles , but not in
the abdominal cavity , or in direct
contact with any vital part.
7. That thu bounding back of the
fractured into its original place ob
scured the search niter the real track
of thu ball and prevented the subse
quent free exit of matter from that
The conclusions to bo drawn from
this are that at iirat there was a splin
tered rib -a common enough injury.
Then n chipping oil' from the thick
surface of the backbone a serious but
not directly grave accident. And ,
finally , u bullet imbedded in ilosli
H nn accessible though deep
From the outside that ia to say ,
where it might have been extracted
without great difliuul'y. Now ,
what follows ? Thu shock passes , and
nobody puts his finger into the wound
Lo probe it. Neither at first , which
was judicious , nor after the shock ,
which was , to Hay the least , very puz-
Kliiif. Nothing ia known ot the truck
of the wound , nor oven the broken
rib , whos' < fruginenin lie within half
an inch of the surface of the skin. At
last fever and other disturbances lead
to the discovery of an almost clo.sed
[ ins cavity ; it 11 opened , and the frac
tured rib is found. By this time the
matter , which could not flow out , has
burrowed n canal between the IIIUH-
cles , leading by natural gravita
tion downward , and , by the di
rection of the muucio * ) , for
ward. Thii ia at oncu seized upon
as the track cf the wound , und
washed out nnd disinfected , while the
ball and the slightly splintered back
bone , that manufacture all the pus ,
lie above nnd to ono side. Then an-
othnr circumstanceoccurs. . The mat
ter that burrows down and finds no
outlet in not all successfully washed
out. Homo of it is absorbed and taken
up , carried through the system by thu
absorbent vessels nnd the veins. It in
loft at various points and creates ub-
flCCBROfl. Aa n consequence wo have
the abscess of the parotid ulund ,
which WM discovuied nud
treated , being m > nr the
surface ; and we have the largo nbict'ss
under thu livnr , found in thu autopsy ,
uid the small abscess on the kidney. .
What happens next ? ThowonnUr.iuk | ,
.ho real one , with its sharp little Hjiliii-
.ers of b'liio half way and its encyst-
ng ball at thu other und , goes on sup-
limiting , rotting away its walls , in
.ho effort of nature to mnlto it laruo
enough to sweep out the foreign mib-
Htuiicea contained , At 'last , by
uhuiico it cata into an artery that
inppuna to liu there. Thu walla
nirat , the blood escapes , and , like thu
fiua previously , it findti no outlet to
iho sui face , but has to make its own
way. It burats through the porito-
notnu nnd flows into the ubdominiil
cavity. Now thu caou ia , It the
victim had been a drayman or a coal
lieaver the real path of the wound
would have been probed and the bul
let extracted the lirdt week of the pa
The Apaclio War Said to bo
About Ended ,
A Eisgrncofal Riot in Atlanta ,
Gn.Ln8t ( Night.
ThoWillinma Brothers Kill on
Illinois dhoriff This Tiuio.
ThoNowBrltUh Minister Sail * for
thoUuitod States.
End of the Aynolio
N'Atlonil Anoctatcil I'rcm.
SAN Kit vxoineo , Soplcinbcr 27.
Tito Apache war is prautically ended ,
us the chiufti are in custody and will
liu triiul by a military commission.
Them are only about thirty-live hos
tile nnt liroiight in.
Thu whaling huk Legal Toiulor re
ports the. balk Daniel Webster crush
ed in the ieo oil' point Barrow. All of
tbo crow escaped but one seaman ,
No uewa of the .leannuttu.
A DinRvncoful Riot-
National AKSodittod l'r .
AT n vrA , Oil. , Septembers ? . Dur
ing thu commemoration SUIT ices nt
Dogivo'a opera house hint tmining the
police .keeping buck the crowd wore
assaulted by a colored iti.iii , who was
soon joined by others , und u general
riot bccuno imminent. Twenty-Avu
thousand people liliod the street iiiulu
panic at once a truck them. A scene
of the wildest confusion at once onuucd
which resulted in thu crushing of
ninny woman und children. Thu po
licemen lined thuir clubs dexterously
and about twenty of the ring leadurtt
were arrested , They were followed
to the lock up und nn attempt was
made to rescue them , during which
many were wounded , the mob using
sticks and stoned. The otllcera hold
their tnvii nnd lluuiuli mutterinun were
kept up till niidniuht nothing further
ot u BL'iious nature occurred.
The Quiilneok-Sjirniguo Casa >
Nation > l Asiouiatcil I'ros-i.
Piiovinr.NUK , H. I. , September 27.
The Quidiiiiclc-Spnigiio ' 'asp cnme
up on udjounnnent this morning mid
the uouiibul for Trusroo Chati'uo de
manded that the opponent ! ) ( mould
elect whether to tiy equity or law
suits llrai. Thu court decided , niter
argument that auitB at law wore for
common debtSj und had no relation to
the pending issue. Qoiiui-ul Pryor
then began an argument on the
Quidncck compiny'o ctoiunrror. Trus
tee GKulfeuYi suit will continue two or
three 'days.
LONDON , September ! i . The Hon.
Lionel Snckvillo West , thu newly ap
pointed Minister .to Washington , has
Bailed for Now York. .
A dispatch from the Viceroy of In
dia B'iya the Ameer has occupied Can-
duliur. L'lio Qovornmunt lias left tliu
ftottleinont. The Boar convention de
clared against Gen Sic Evlyn Wood ,
who , it is expected , will make nn Ami
cable arrangement.
An impottunt engagement took
place Sutuulay , south of Susa , Tunis.
Thu Abrnba admit a loss of lifty killed
and many wounded The French
loss m unknown. Two important
tribes are willing to cngngo in the
holy war. Twenty-eight hundred
troops have omlmiked at Toulouse ,
for Tunis. At a meeting of seventeen
deputies of the extreme left at Louis
Diane's housu , it was decided to issue
a manifesto , pointing out thu gravity
of the state of tiling in Turn-- , and
Hiving the neccs'iity of promptly con
voking the chambers.
LONDON , September 2 ? . A dis
patch from Barcelona says thu inter
national socialist congress has as
sembled in that city with five hundred
delegates. It has approved the terms
of a manifesto , to be sent to all social
societies. A communication from a
number of Russians in London con
curs in the objects of the congress.
The president und uecretiuy of the
congress have been nrrcstod for ex
pressing approval of the proceeding
of thu iiiliilwtH. '
DUIIUN , September 27. Norton , a
land leaguer from G'-irlow county , an
nounced that. his hunting lands have
been poisoned.
LONDON , September 27. The trou
ble arising from the cotton corner has
not yet ended and a further stoppage
of the Oldlmm mills is announced.
DUIILJN , September 27 * The land
comminsion will liold meetings in
Dublin , Belfast and Qit'wuy. ' Mr.
Parnell , in fijieakiiiL ; at a land league
meeting in thii city to-day , denied
that any member had paid for parlia
ment ( lervicua
BUULIN , September 27. Six olll-
cor a of tlioPriiBaian army , all descend
ants ot It , iron Yon Stcubon , n.iilcd .
from Hamburg to attend ttio York-
lown centennial celebration.
The WllliuniB Brothnn Kill An
other Sheriff.
National Axsociatvil I'rcM.
Jfiii'OiYVii.M ; , 111. , September 27.
The killing of John Lammmsheriff of
Callioun county , 111. , by the notorious
outlaws known as the Williams broth
ers , for whom such n protracted dnurch
wai recently inaijo in the Knu O.ille
woods of NYhcoiiiin , i coiifirined by
thu Htato attorney at Ilarding , in Cal-
himn county. The ahooliiiK occurn.d
on Tax Ureek , where Alonzo und Ed.
Maxwell , alia ! ) thu Williams brothers ,
wore ovoi taken by a pursuing patty of
fittecn , headed by thu Hhoiill'ii of Pike
and Callioun counties. Ik'inq sur
rounded , the ontlawA sliot their way
out and cmipcd to thuIWhsouriahoru.
Two otliers in the nhoriir's posno wore
shot , but not fatally injure' .
is now being prosecutett in St. Charles
and Lincoln counties , Mo.
Ro4nraingFroiu thn Funiru ? .
.Vntlniml APiocl tcil Virtu.
PnTHiiuun , September 27. Tlio
tirnt si'ct.ion of the funeral Irnin , car
rying the cabinet , except Blaina and
Kiikwood , pass ml through this city at
1:10 : thi < i mnrnin < r. Chief Juctico
Waite , Admiral llognr * atid othcra
wore also on board. All wuro Meop-
ing. The ficcond noclion , carrying the
congressional committee , paused
through a fewhouri hitur.
Bnrtlcy Cnntpholl ill Tronblo.
tlonibl AMKK'i.itvil I'rcs .
PiTTsnunn , September 27. D irtloy
C.unpbell'H ' "iNFy fleraldino" combina
tion in playing in this city and Hart
ley ia in trouble. 3n ISO ! ) 13vrtloy ,
then poor , boriowed § , ' ! ( ) ( ) fiom D.iuiuL
Ferry , givinjt noli1 ? . Foriy dii d m
187-t nml his widow \\M \ \ obtained
judgment n.'ainst dunpbe ' 1 fur ( T 00.
Last year she attitched'aud gut $100
out of tlj.0 bos-ollicu. To-il.iy tinolhor
attachment wna issued for $100 with
inteiost , which was Rurvcil on Ihrtloy.
Ho ackmnvli'dgea the debt , and nffered
to comuromiso for ? nO ( ) , but thu
widow tolusud. Shu thre.ilcim tel
l > uah ini'ttoiR lo-moiToW. C.impbull'ai
couduct in this matter is cuutempti-
_ _
DKTUOIT , Soptethbor 27. The ac
cident by which a sleepint ; car plung
ed ofl * the transfer ferryboat at the
Canada Southern crossing below this
city lust night , has bt > cn gro.itly cx-
uugcrutcd in thu dispatches eoilb
abroad. No lives were loat nnd oven
the hand luggage has all been recov
ered by n diver who examined the car
This morning about 2 o'clock tho-
jlmpellor Jay Gould , downward bound ,
struck the Detroit tug boat Swan , just
elf MaUun , on the Detroit river , and.
cut her half in two. Tliu Swan in
stantly aunk. The schooner Maud
Martin , nlao in tow of the Swdn , was
seriously d.impgod. The Swan was
new this 8pringuiid i < owned by Oapt.
S. 13. Grnmmnnd , of Detroit , and was
waith ? 30,000. Notlivts were losfc.
Thu Gould injured but continued
on her trip. _
Ex-Proaldout Hnyna .011 Arthur.
ClmcbnJ spcilul lo The ( .luclmiMl Commercial.
During a convereatinn on the funer
al train yesterday ex-President Hayes
expressed .his ojiinion very fr.uinly in
regard to President Arthur. He Raid
that while , of course , ho belonged to
the Now York scho 1 of politics , ho ,
Ilayen , considered him decidety the
supoiior of his associates , and u man
of very decided character and. ability ,
und had no doubt that his administra
tion would command the confidence , / ,
, . *
? i t" i f 1 > M ?
of confidence in his capacity or abil
ity , but on a question of method in
reforming the civil aorvico. Ho said
lie was exceedingly anxious that Mr.
Arthur should adopt the plans and
rules dictated by the administration , ,
for lie wished to retain him. The
issues having been made , and Mr.
Aithur declining to yield the point of
difl'eronao. tlio alternative had to bo
mot , nii'l his removal was ordorcdbut
with extreme reluctance. Some ono
asked the ex-president if ho did not
think a rupture would occur sooner or
later between Arthur and Colliding.
Ho replied , "That would bo u God
send for Arthur. "
Army Mutters.
Leave of absences for a month ia
grunted to Lieutenant John Baxter ,
Jr.Ninth infantry , stationed nt Fork
MaKiniioy Capt. ,1. A. AugurFifth
Cavalry , Fort Laramic , is ullowo I to
bo off duty for the sumo length of
time. Lieutenant A. 0. Ducot , Jr. ,
Third cavalryhaa his leave of absence
extended for a weak.
AShortKoad to Health.
To r.ll who nru Hiifrering from boils , nl-
ccrx , BLTofula , carhunclux , ut- other obsti
nate dixvimvii of the Wood nnd skin , a.
courHO of Burdock'u JllooJ IHttuia will be
fiiund to lie a short road to hculth. Plica
$1 , trial HZU 10 centx. liocodlw
Coiioordia Stiftunct-Foit.
The thirteenth anniversary festival
of the Concordia society was celebra
ted by that society last evening at
Standard hall. Sixty couples were
present , and the occasion was of the
most select nature , Stcinhautor'a
orchestra furnished excellent musicv
A very enjoyable time was observed.
The following gentlemen were the '
committee on arrangements : H.
Schwabo , L. Itanpko , 0. 0 , SchiofTer ,
A. Dormaiin and Julius Meyer.
TJIBKK are many different Boers in
this market , and as the inferior arti
cle will cost us much as * the superior
Budwciser in freight , handling , etc. ,
it elands to reason that none other
than "Conrad's Budweiaer" nhould bo
used. m&o
i -
Saurer Plpev
About 300 feet of tiixtoon-inoh iron
pipe , intended for sewer purposes *
have arrived. The remaining 300
feet of the necessary COO feet of this
dinmeter is now on the way hero.
These pipes will bo laid at thu foot of
Furnlmm street to connect \yith and
seivo ua an outlet to the river.
TRUE TO ifim TllUST.
Too much cannot bo said of the
over faithful wife nnd mother , con-
fltantly watching nnd caring for her
dear ones , never neglecting u single
duty in their behalf. When they ore
assailed by disease , und the system
should have u thorough cleansing , the
Btomaoh and bowelB regulated , blood *
purified , malarial p < 'i6onexterniinatedt
bhu must know that Klectrio Bittem
are the only mire remedy. They or
the bust and purest medicine iu thu
world , and only cost fitty centa. Sold
by Ish & MoMiihon. (2) (
four a
dnv nuUcrt u happy Jiuuwhold.
At 0 , V. Goodman.