Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 24, 1881, Image 1

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No 1 Lit on Iltirno- street , Dear now rout
No 2 Lot on Cv > 8 street near 22d , (2ROO.
No 3 Lot on Callornln Etrcct near 22 > l , 8100C
No 5 Lot on ll.\rcy street near U. 1' . depot
No 6 t block In Shlnu's 3d addition near Con
cnt , tSM.
No 8 Tire lots on Dccatur near Campbell St.
1700.No 10- lots nn Colt&x street near Hanicou
Park , nt reasonable prices ,
100 choice resilience lots In Credit Fonder an
Qr.vuh low additions a short tlUUvncc nouthcast o
U. 1 * . anil 11 & II. depots , prices from 100 up
13 loU on 21st. 22d , S8d and , S.vindcr itreots
1 north ol anil * adjolningy E. V. Hrmth's addition
(100 ; terms easy.
No 09 Ml corner lot on Douglas street nc
10th , 92500.
No 70 Corner (54x110 ( feet lot on Douglas nca
near llth street , S3100.
No. 71 Thrco loUIn Gist's addition near Satin
tiers street , $1000
75 Lot on Dccatur street , near Irene Shtnn'
Sd addition 8115.
No. 76 S2xOOfoot on Pacific street near U. 1' '
and 13. & M. depots , J300J.
No. 70 plcndtd warehouse lot 77x132 feet OU
Ucct near Jones , $3500.
No 73 3 lots on llarncy street near lOth.f 2000
No 81 Lot In Olso'ii addition near Saunder
e'rcct , * 500.
No. 82 Lot in UI ' addition near Saunder
4reet , 300.
No 832 lots on 19th near Pacific and Nal
jrks , $1600.
V No BOLot on Charles street Dear SaundeJi
No 87 Lot on Leavonworth near 15th , $1,100
No S3 Lot on C&ldwell street near Baunders
No 89 Ixjton Chicago near S2d street. (1GOO.
No 90 Lot oa Blonde near Campbell gtrcvt
31 lotslnWllardi&Caldwell'a addition , Sher
man avenue , IGUi street , Spring , Saratoga am
Florence streets , ( TOO and upwards ,
No 122 2 lota on 13th street , near Popplcton'
now residence , ilUOO.
Nc 123 Lot 71x310 feet on .Sherman avenue
ICth street , $1100
No 124 3 lots on Dcllovue street , near Blio
tower , $60 to $76'oaeh
No 125 Full block on Clinton street , nca
that tower , SCO to $75 each.
No 120 Lot on 18th street , no % nhltolcai
works , $525
No ' .27 2 lots , 31 acres near head of St.
avenue , on road to Park , $ if > 00.
No 129 Lo ou California near Crclghtou Col
ego. 6375. ,
No 130 1 lots near new government corral , S2i
x207i ncrc each. $300.
No 101 Lot in Glso'a addition on Cameron St
near SuundcM , make an offer.
No. 100 Lot In QUc's nJJltion on CassluaSt.
near State , make an oiler.
No 102 Lot In Giso'Btxldltlon on Coaalua ncn
Satindera , taako an oSttr.
No 1G3 I block In Boj-d's ddltton addlttoi
near Omaha DarracLo , make an offer. '
No 101 7 lots In Henry & Slielton's nddltloi
near hi0'h school , price fron > S1250upnard.
170 Lot on Pacific street , near 15th , make ai
offer.No 171 2 lota on Webster street , near 21st
both $33jO or 82000 ( er corner and $1800 for ill
de.No 173 } lot on Casancar llth street , 81000
No 175 Lot on Sherman avenue ICth strec
near Irani , 44x132 , 31400.
No 177 3 lota In Grandvlow. raukc an offer.
Nn 180 Lot in Sinnn's addition on Pier St.
e r end street car track , ? M5.
No 181 Two lots In Nelson's addition , 1 0
'daho street , 1 on Center btiect , near Cuuiiutr
1300 each.
No 183 Two gilt edge lots on Casa itreet nea
tilt , on a corner , 80000.
No 185 Lot on Sow ril street , uear Saundere
make an oBsr.
No 186 3 Iota on Seward street , near Irene
make an offer
No ISO } , Iotm Davenport near 25th , $500.
No 187i , lot on Division near Cumin ; ; t. . $200
No 188 } , block In Boyd's addition , near Ornate
-barracks. 8100.
No 1891 , t lot on Plerco near Oth street , 9550.
No 19uJ , t lot on llth near Kinihun , * v100 !
No 1911 , 2 bcautlfiU lots in Shlnn's addition
No 102 J , 2 lota on ISth street near wlilto lea
works , 81050.
No 193J , lot on 20th street near Sherman , $400
No II ) 1 } . 1 ! lota on 22d street , near Clark , 4X > ( I
No 100 } , 3 beautiful Iota on fcaunders at. ncai
itroct car tuni table , S127& .
No limj , lot on 15th near HeJce Kt. ? 500.
No 201 Lot In Giso's addition on Cameron tt.
near Saunders , 6500.
No 02 Lot on Cameron strcot near Saundurs
$900. >
$900.No 203 Lot In Shlnn'a addition on Sauudon
etrcct , near trc .t car turn table , $350.
No iW ! Ucuutlfiil lot in Nelson's addition , 01
Dii talon Gtrrel near Cumlng , . . . . .
No. 205 Two loto on Castdlar strcot , near lOtl
No'200 Two lots on Sixteenth street , near tlu
nail works , S1000.
No as Gnu-hall lot on California street ncai
NoSOO Lot n 18th street near Nicholas000
No 210 Lot on Capitol a > enuo near 2JdlSOO
Na 212 Lot 148x500 feet on Colfax street , ncoi
Hanscom Park , with Improxemcnts , $2700.
No 213 Two acres on Cumin * street , $1000.
No 216 One-half aero on California , near Kpn
No 210 taaut'iful lot on Hamilton street ncai
Mrcet car turn tanlo , $1000.
No 217 Lot on 23d street , near Clark. $500.
A few aero lota only remain unsold In 'Turk
laco" little west of Crclghton CollcRt , price *
ngrng fiom 8276to8300eathandon cany tcnus
Lots In llorbacn's let and 2d additions ; oho
oUIn 1'arkcr'sShlnn's ; NcUon'8 , Tcrracu'i , E.
. Smlth'B. Hcdlck'D. and all the other addltiom
any price and at any terms.
Ten acres in the city limits on the road to the
Four beautiful residence lota in front ol
Crelghton College ; will cut them up to mil.
Nine rosldcncu lots north of Crclghton Collect
roundi , from VidQ to$1000 each.
Tli rUrosldcnt lots In J'arlicr'B addition , six
blocks north of the end of tha strccs car track
ou Saundcrs Direct , 300 oach,810 down , baUnct
suit , at 8 per cent Interest.
A few lotJ left in Terrace addition on the road
o the Park , near head of St. Mary's avenue,87' < 0
each. To those who w ill build a $1200 residence ,
Tvuira time at 8 P'r cent Intcrt
Lots In Laku'ii addition it $3f.Jto ( ? 3M each , It
rearstlrao atO percent lutercit , to thot who
'Iho old Toualoy 40-acro tract with house and
All improvements , adjoining r > .co course and fair
ground * ' for S3000. . . . .
Tracts ot 6,10,16 , 20 , 40 or 80 acres , \vtthbull
dings and other Improvements and adjoining thi
city , at all prices.
3500 of tha but residence loti In the city o !
Omaha any location you dculro north , cait ,
south or went , and at bed rock prices.
2W choice Imilnciw lots In all the principal bus
ness street ! In Omaha , varying ( torn $500 to
Two lumdiod houscsrand lots ran-ring from
9,00 to { 16,000 , and located In erory part of tlu
city.Largo number ot excellent arms In Douglas
Sarpy , baundcrs , Dodge , Washington. Hurt , aud
other Rood counties In eastern Nebraska.
12.000 acres bent land ! in Douglas , 7000 acrct
beat laudi In Sarpy county , aud large tracts In
all the eastern tier of counties.
Over 1)00,000 ) acre * of Iho beat land In tlio Kc-
raska for gala by this agency.
Vcrj largo RtnounU of suburban property In
ono to ten , twenty anil f arty ACTO pieces , located
within one to tlirto , four or Ihe'uillui of the-
ostolHco some very cheap pieces.
New Maps of Omaha , published by George I'
Ccmts plain , unmounted inapa CO cents each ,
mounted , colored and with cloth back , fel.60
osch.Uou3C9 , torcs , hotels , farms , lots.l andl. offlco
roout > , etc. , to rent or lease.
Taxes paid , rents collected , deeds , mortgage ! ,
j.nd all kmdn of real cstato documenU niiuoout
on short notice.
Real Estate Exchange
15th and Douglaa Street ,
riie Boinains of the Dead Presi
dent Lying in tlio Rotunda ,
Funeral Services Over the
Gasket Prior to Leav
ing for Cleveland.1 !
Heavy Hearts and Down-Cast
Eyes Witness the IiK
pressive Rites ,
Ihe Bereaved Widow , the Be-
cipiout of . .Universal
The EJtineral'x Party SIutv.on .
to Cleveland at 5:81. :
Great Throngs of Sympathetic
People Crowd Around
the Train.
A Spirit of Universal Sensa'
tiveness Unprecedented
in This Country.
Cleveland Reception Commit
tee Moot the Funeral' Train
in Flttsturg'
National Associated Prows ,
WASHINGTON , Sept. 23. Ifotwitl
standing the care which was take :
yesterday to carefully sponge the fac
of the dead and by artificial means'b
preserve 'tho natural appearance a
far as possible , decomposition of th
remains has commenced. The casko
was immediately closed , but the pub
lie was allowed to continue lilin ;
through the rotunda. It was BOIII
time before the fact that the facewa /
not to bo scon bccaino known , bu
oven after the crowd hoar i
but very few droppodi ou of line
at present no decrease to any oxten
haa 'been noticed. The majority o
these who passed by the coflju seemot
really glad that the casket wa
closed. They had heard so much o
the terrible appearance of the faa
that they were glad of some excuse t
prevent them from having to endun
the bight. It is not believed that dc
composition will make any change i :
the present arrangements , tha jcC1--
being metalic and horrnotricallV sealed
never witnessed such n day as'this
The heat , which prevailed all day , hat
no apparent effect on the throng"wliicl
crowded the street. The trains nl
day huvo brought in vast numbers
The crowd which had been oil' fron
the entrance to the rotunda begat
noxfc to disperse and climb the dome
of ceremonies at the rotunda has beer
in regard to the music. Mrs. Garfielc
lias expressed tlio desire that then
should bo very little singing ; cense
fluently the program has been arranget
follows : First , hymn , "Asleep ir
Jesus , " Philharmonic choir ; second
reading of scriptures , Rev. J. E
Rankiu , of the First Conffrcgationa
church ; third , prayer , Rev. Isua <
Errett , of Cincinnati ; fourth , address
by llov. Fred. Power , pastor of the
Vermont Avenue Christian church
fifth , closing prayer , Rev. D ,
3. Butler , of the Luthorai
shurch. Unless Mrs. GarfieW
changes her mind before 2 o'clock slit
it the rotunda. It is not yet dofi
nitcly settled what ladies will.accom
panyHrs. Garfield on the train Miss
Mollie Garfield , Mr. Rockwell , Mist
Lulu Rockwell and Mrs. McVeagh ,
liowover , will go. President Arthui
ind ex-President Grant will rcmaii :
horo. Ex-President .Hayes will ac
: ompany the body. The justices ol
fto supreme court will go , occupying
icats in the congressional train.
. At 11 o'clock the doors of the ro
.tinda were closed. Thu coflln wae
then opened by Mr. Benedict , the un
lortaker , and it was obaorvcd that
; hero had been no change hi the state
) f the body. The particular object ol
ilpsing the rotunda at 11 o'clock wan
,6 allow Mra. Garlield nn opportunity
o sco the remains , she having ex
pressed a desire to visit the capital thin
morning. A little before half-past
11 ofyock. The two car-
iagea containing Mra. Garfield
md those accompanying hoi
Jrove up to the northeast cornel
jf the aonnto wing. The part )
ilightod and walked to the north en-
; ranco ' and by way of the private
ituir case to the vice president's room ,
riio rotunda having boon absolutely
eft the room and proceeded clown the
oug corridor to the rotunda in the
'allowing order. Scrgoant-at Arma
Jrighty , Gen.SwainondMra , Garficld ,
larry and Mollie Gmfmld and Lulu
ilockwoll , Col , Rockwell and Mrs.
itockwcl ) , Attornoy-Gonoral Mao-
/oagh and Mra. Bwami. Mrs. Gar-
ield walked with her face ( partly hid
> y the heavy black veil nho wore ,
lor features were partly disclosed by
ho veil being thrown aside. Her loft
irm waa resting on Gen. Swahn'u right
rm , and her right hand hold a
Hie other ladies of the party were
dso weeping. They wore dressed in
ho deepest black and the whelo pro-
casion was a eorrowful ono. The
ihildren were not weeping , but their
acoa showed plainly the grief tliuy
elt. The party remained m the ro-
, unda absolutely alone for about five
As the hour for the service dro
icar the alroots in the lower part ol
the city were tilled to overflowing.
The piazza of the rapitol was donficly
crowded by noon and these who had
tickets of admission could wilh diffi
culty roach the foot of the rotundn
slops. A stretched rene there kept
them back until 2 o'clock.
did not begin until U o'clock. ' Thost
rcprosenUng thti family , cabinet and
other officials cnmo in carriages bo
twcon 2 and 3 o'clock. The member ;
af the diplamatio corps were early in
their scatfl. The Chincsb minlstoi
was the first diplomat to come. The
diffluent organisations forming the s
cert gathered in front of the ca ito
at an early hour and the anxiou
crowd kept their places of observation ]
for five or six hours. The first society
to arrive Was the Boausnnt command'
ory ofc Baltimore. They did not ro
mum in the rotunda , but , filed past
the ciskct. . , Sir Knights Stephen.
LnVtohj 'Butler and Jennings placed
at'iKehh6ad of tho'catafalque a mog- |
niricontifottcip cjrjjss of,4.ivhitotlow. . ]
crS'irfio'UapalieSo : ! ! legation arrivedi
next , and then the holders of tickuts
were allowed. In less than ton min
utes ull seats not reserved were filled.
There has boon no additional drapinu
in the rqtunda , nor any flowers placedi
on the casket other than these already
was surrounded by the guard of
: ionor. At 2:30 crowds wore impa
tiently awaiting the arrival of the
president and party. Members of the
English , Turkish and Italian
legations and a delegation from tlio
Vermont Avenue Christian church
had at that time already taken the !
seats. Dr. Royburn was also present.
The judges of the supreme court
liavo also arrived and boon seated ,
Chief Justice yaito sitting on the
right and Justices Miller , Harland ]
and Mattcws sitting next to him in
the order named. At 2:40 : the repre
sentatives of the executive family and
clerical force entered in the following ]
order : Col. and Mrs. Corbin , 0. O.
Rockwell , Lr. Boynton , Private Sec
aetary Brown , Mr. Judd and Mr.
Warren Young , Mr. and Mrs. Prud-
din , Mr. Hickloy , Mr and Mrs. Bol-
way , Mrs. S. Dean , Mr Duke.
Rov. Isaac Errot , editor of The
Christian Staudird , offered the open
ing pruyor , few sentences of which
could be heard except by these in { he ]
immediate neighborhood of th <
speaker. Rev. T. D. Power thei
ascended the platform , which was at !
the head of the catafalque , and sppk
Bxtcmporaneouflly. At that tini
the rotunda was nearly fillei
with chiefs of the governmon
departments and army and navy ofii
L-eii , and the other members of thi
house and senate did not enter unti
the very last , having strartod in
body'from their respective chamber
it 2:45 p.ra. ThoPJiilharmonicohoi
entered together and were give !
scats. The ministers of the cit ;
shurchos also entered in a body.
entered with Secretary Blaine fol
lowed by the cabinet and ladies
Mrs. Garfield did not attend. Th <
services began promptly at 3 o'clock
ivith the hymn , "Asleep in Jeans. "
[ t was precisely 3 o'clock when th
iolectcd choir broke the silence whicl
prevailed and sang the opening an then
'Asleep in Jesus. " The tune was ar
ild ono and the singing made a dee ;
mprcssion upon the vast throng
, vhon Rev. Mr. Power stepped upoi
ho platform and in a clear voice un
lounced the reading of the scripture
jy Dr. Ranken. The latter , who it
jastor of the Congregational church
cad appropriate selections from tin
It took some time utter the cofiit
iad been taken down the stair case tc
.ho hearse for the procession to form
n. line andgot under way. The
nilitary wora drawn up at the parade
est on plazo and 'had been waiting
luring the services. The crowd was
mmensn and filled the porticos oHhe
: apitol as well as piazo and avenues
.t ' was about 7 p. m
rJion the * cortago gob fairly under
ray. It was extended from the capi-
ol to Four and one-half street about
half mile and was an imposing sight.
Pho soldiers marched with reversed
rms to the beat of mutiled drume
ml tho.sad refrain of bands. It was
ndor the command jof Major Gen
iral R. B. Ayres and march-
id on Pennsylvania avenue opposite
'Lxth dtrcct , and were drawn up in
no , facing Sixth street , forming an
dvanco guard , from the pressure of
ho immense throng that gathered at
hat point. The hearse waa drawn
iy six iron gray homos , each led by n
alored groom. Upon each aide of
' 10 hcarco marched the pall-bearers
ith the military officers on
ho right and naval officers
n the left. Thtf carriage
ontaining Rov. Dr. Power , wife and
amily followed , after which came the
arriages containing the foreign mill
iters , . Them came carriages with the
hysicians who attended .the late
residnnt , clergymen , friends and
olativcs , judges of the supreme court
nd senators and representatives. The
Irand Army of the Republic followed ,
inder AVm. Gibson , commander , and
ho Pennsylvania Republican associa
Ion ,
lith citizens and nlnuigcr.1 , brought
p the rear. Whilp the procession
ras moving , the mi nil to guua wore
red and the battery of artillery sto-
'oncd near the capitol. At the same
imp the bells in churches and fire
ngino houses were tolled. When
] io procession utartod every band in
lie entire line played the "Bwcot
Jyo and Byo" aiinultancoualy , with an
fleet both touching and beautiful ,
s nlroady stated the crowd
'hich witnessed the passage of the
ortegp was immense. It was a quiet
athoring and no pushing for places ,
t was almost an impossibility to push
no's way through it. The foot pas-
Miger to keep time with the dirges of
ands in his progress up the avenue ,
it was impossible to move quicker.
The windows wcro
ind the roofs were crowded , The
nearer the procosnion drew to Sixth
itreet the doimcr the croup w
Every approach to the TiaUiinoro
I'otomao depot , except by what the
remains were irt bo taken , WAR im
passable. Blonds had boon orcctoi
upon which the people stood all tin
moniing. Vehicles were pnckod there
tnd on the hcarso containinft he ro
maihs came along the nvcnuo from
every door from the cApitol to tlu
entrance to the donot cnmo out heads
uncovered. '
The Train's Biporlwe.
WASHINGTON , Soptombpr 23 5:13 :
p. M. The funornl thtiu ia jusb lcnv > j
ing the city. f
WILSONS , Mtf. , D-ilr. : M. Wo aw
just phasing thia station.Progress
ot Iho train good. JA .
HEX JIUOOK. * * § $ , . .
. SKA BnooKjG48' ) ; . M. The fun *
aniltrain nwmnr ititoijull speed. . No
indents rt.sA. " ' 1J" " - " '
Bounc , Md. | 5:03 p. m. Wo are
now running at tlu rate of forty milcc ,
tin hour. .
ODKNTON , Md. , 6-0-1 p. m. Wo tire
twenty-threo miles from Washington ;
tlio time to this place ia forty-three
minutes. > 7
WINANB , filG : p. m. The run from
Odenton was-iuauo in cloven minutes ,
mtl we are lese than nine miles from
STAONEHI G:22 : p. m. Wo nro due
at Baltimore nt 0:30 : p. ni.
FULLERTON JUNCTION , 0:27 : p. in.
A considerable number of pcoplo na
scmbled at , ' the depot to trout the
train as it passed.
.uAUJLuuviuj , 8t33. Wo have jus
irrivcd ntthorUnion depot and mad
our first slop. ' Wo will remain eve
ibont tou minutca.
MT. VPRNON It ia now 6:49. : p. m
\Vo left | Junction depot , Baltimore
\fc 0:44 : , passing from the Philadelphia
phia , Wiihiiin-jton & Bnltimoro rail
Tay io the Northern Central , en roul
'or Hurrifiburg.
MT. WASUINGTON Koachcd thi
station nt G5D ; p. m. Nothing of i i
occurred BO fur.
TINIOXIUM , Md. , Sept. 23. W
are now twelve miles from Baltimore
The run waa made in sixteen minutes
The delay of the train at Baltimore
was because of the enormous crowd o
people who , dosp'to ' nil the effbrtp-o
; ho railroad compnny'e omeiiilH , oj iyM
od upon the track outside of thu du
aot , makiiiy it impossible to proceed
i'ho train ollicialo , decided to maki
an official inspection of the whuol
runniug sear and take a fresh suppl ;
uf water. Except for the great crowi
no stop would have been made. I
was estimated that 100,000 poopl
ivero about the depot , and it w
stated that all the streets intho vicini
; y voro thronged. It was nuciiasar
to start the engine at the lowest possible
siblo pace , aud actually to push poole
> lo out of the way by the motion o
ho train.
GIKC01 ) ! .
. 7:17 : p. in.Tho Instfiv
nilcs wcro run in in seven minutes.
PAniiTON , 7:1'J. Wo aionow twcn
y-nino miles north of B.iltimoru.
NEW FKKEBOM , Ponn. Wo los
eight minutes between Parkton ant
Now Freedom. Wo are now thirty
nine miles miles north of Baltimore
The loss was occasioned by tukinp
water and climbing up grade.
GI.EN IIOCB : , Pa. The train inaxL
ono minute less than schedule time
between Hunovor Junction and this
point while cooling the engine.
YOUK , 8:33 : p. ra. Over 16.00C
people gathered hero to reot tlu
train us it passed , but wcro rai
through at n high rate of npocd in
order , if possible , to muko up the lost
HAHIUSDURG--Tho train did
- - not
oomo to a full ( stop at York , but stop
ped at York Haven for water. The
crpwd at that place wai very largo.
A. company of military faced
the train. The .train left
the Northern Central road
at Marysvillo without Bioppinir
and did not go to * Jlarriaburg at ull
and ran slowly through Bridgeport ,
which is just across the .river from
Uarrisburg and where a crowd wok
waiting. The bunks in both traiub
liavo been put up and most 01 the pas
iongors have retired , A note dropped
pod ut York from the forward section
ays Mrs , Qarflold and Mrs. Rock
well will sit up all night , Wo arc
now averaging ttrcnty-oight miles an
NEWI-OUT , 1230 ; p. m , Everything
in going well on board the train.
Most of these attending the party
Imyo retired for the night except the
watchers in the funeral.
McGARVEY , Pa. , 1:07 : a. m. At
Altoonn we changed engines and af
ter leaving that city , entered upon
thoPittsburg division , The clmngoof
engines was elFcctoJ in three minutes.
GIBSON , 2.-20 n. m. Tlioro wet
ton minutes in nil for change , The
train is now quite up to time.
aov , HELL
MAKCHEHTOB , N. IT. ( September 23.
Gov , Boll to-day issued a procla
mation recommending the observation
of Monday M n fast day in honor ol
_ _ _ _ _ _
Oincino , Sept. 23. The Tribune's
Washington special says : "llumora a *
to the concealment of essential facts
.it the autopsy at LOUR Branch have
been confirmed , at Icnst in part , by u
statement recently made by Dr. IJoyn-
ton. The elory is that the report of
the autopsy concealed miuiy .facts
irliich tended to even further discredit
the nttcmdinn surgeons. Thia is said
to bo particularly true as to proofs ol
extensive blood-poisoning nud the nb
3ccssc.i on the lungs. It has been
learned that when the knife struck
the lungH they were found to bo full
Wof pus , and the small pus points form
King th o m o tastal ic ixbhccsaus were clear ! j
( visible , Tlio bullet was not found un
jttil itvas discovered on a pluto among
Jtho entrails. Tlioso who had charge
lof the nulopiy nmdo their search foi
JLtho Lull along the line of the pus cav-
iity that Was called "the back of th
wound , " and it was evidently only b
Wiccidont that the real location of th
mail was at lost found ,
i Dr. Boynton ia reported as liavin.
Bjaid that the president might have
been saved by a different treatment
H The Times' Washington spocia
says : "General Swuim is so indi nan
lover the report of the autopsy thn
nothing will pro vent him telling tin
Itruo story to the public after Genera
Gnrfield is buried. It is claimed h
Khos already told the story to snvora
medical friends in this city , ono o
[ whom makes the following statement
I "In the first place , the post mor
torn aa attempted by this man Lain' '
Iwaa so unsatisfactory to Dr. Agnoy
that ho performed the lost part of i
himself. The physicians in charg *
Iwero urged very hard to send for cm
linont nathalogists not connected witl
Icho case two from Philadelphia anc
Htwo from Now York but they woulc
Knot do so , upon the plea that it wouli
reflect upon them after they made ai
( incision into the abdomen. The ;
broke open n tack from four t >
| dx inches long , containing a larp
Sunount of matter which ran into UK
bowels. Then they pursued th
licurch down Iho
Ibotwcon the musclo.i of the abdomoi
tnd the interior wall of the abdomen
for over an hour. Then they "tool
the intestines out and put them int <
\ wash bowl and then further pursue
their search for thobullot. Failin
to find it whcro they expected thot
looked for it in the intestines , , ant
found it in tha back part of the mas
i of the washbowl. It could no
mvo lain outside of the peritoroum
ulso how could they hav <
alcon it out with the intns
; inos. The ball burnt ; incystod , it coul
not have ruptured an artery. Thod
did not oxumino iho stomach ; the ;
did-not open any of the intestines
rjioy simply ) opened , ( hoBehest nn (
raised the lungs nnd
when eonio ono insisted upon thei
examination. They were not removed
but cut into , and as soon us they were
cut into the pus Mowed out freely line
copiously. They closed them up am
laid { hero was no laceration there
was no abscess thero. An abscess wa
'nuiid first in the loft kidney. Thev
said it woo not an abscess , but 01
reaching the ri ht kidney the ubaccs
v/aa BO largo that they were compollet
: o admit that there was an abscess
md Agnew , being asked if the lef
was not the same , answered : 'Yes
precisely.1 The wound waa not nee
3osarily a mortal ono. The track o
the bull had healed ; thu ball wet
encysted. Tlio vurtcbrio showed n
evidence hat it was injured , ca there
was nothing to indicate an injury o
, ho spinal cord at all , but there wen
argo abscesses in and about the live
'rom four to six inches long. The ;
nust have been the result of
brined soon after the shooting am
this blood , becoming putricd and dis
organized , the whole system beciun
> oinonod and was iho cause of these
Abscesses. If this blood had boot
withdrawn at the time there wonh
lave boon nothing to produce these
ibscusscs. That could huvo been dent
> y an aspirator. By the use of ai
rdinnry aspirator they could htivi
, old by the hardness and firmness o
ho part at the time that the clot o
} lood was there , You romomboi
durgeon General Wales , of the nuvi
nid it was thuro and mapped ou
ho size of it. It ia about ns consiston
or n physician to make his own pos
nortem oxnniinations as it is for neal
oal estuto agent to niitko surveys
'lio revelation of the post mortem
rvhon officially nmdo will create n greai
ensation in the medical world , "
HKNATB I'OJl TJIC lOlll OK Orf011EJl (
V Uonal AsiocJttcd 1'rojui.
WAsniNaroN , September 23. The
allowing has just bcoon issued
ho president :
WAHHINOTON , September 23. A
reclamation :
Whereas , objects of interest to the
[ Jnitcd States require that the senate
liould bo convened at an early day to
ecoivo and act upon such commuui-
: ationb as may bo made to it on ; llil
part of the executive. Now , there-
ore , I. Chester A. Arthur , president
> f the United States , have conslclcrod
t to bo my duty to issue
hia , my proclamation , doclar-
ng that an extraordinary occasion
equirca the senate of the United
States to convene for the transaction
f business at the capitol in the city
if Washington on Monday , the IGtliJ
! ay of October next , at noon on that
lay , of which all whp shall at that
line bo entitled to act as members of ]
hat body are hereby required to take ]
CUvon under my hand and the
oal of the United States , at Wash-
ngton , the 23d day of September , in
Iho year of our Lord ono thousand
[ eight hundred and o5ghtj--one , and o :
the independence of the United
ates the ono hundred and sixth.
( Signed ) CiinsrEi : A. ARTHUR.
By the President ,
Sncrotary of State.
CLEVELAND , 0. , Sept. 23. Motho :
[ Garfield listena carefully to every
thing that is said about the funcni
preparations , but is neither demon
jstrativo or tragic in hoi' grief , as sh
has been represented. . Last evening
ing she talked with ft Nationa1
Associated Proas repronentativc ii
ior quiet way. Her dee
iijriof id only equalled by th <
interest she manifested in nil that wn
kaid. Occasionally the mention
j&iomo little act of delicate courtesy on
the part of the pcnplo woilld toucli
her heart and a tear would glisten in
her eye. Everybody loves Grandm
iGnrilpld hero , and many are the ox
nrfeesiona of sympnthy tendered her
[ Naturally retiring , she seeks to hid
her grief. There Booms to bo no dan
'gor ' that the great affliction will un
balance her mind , for she seeks t
compose herself and bear thu tria
bravely ; yet the falling tears reveal
[ the anguish with ] ) which her hoar :
is rent. The president's siatois ari
[ made weak and nervous by the tcr
riblb news , following as it does in tin
in the wako of four other famil
doaths. Mrs. Trowbridge , atricko
with grief at the death of the r.resi
dent , is watching by the bedside of
dying granddaughter , the little chil
) f Mrs. Connor , who is prostrat
rvith quick consuinpUon and death i
'lourly expected ,
National Awoclatixl 1'rcn.
WASIIINOTON , Sept. 23. The dis
cnssion of the legal status of thu Gui
teau case continues , the best author
ties agreeing that the state of Nov
Jersey has no jurisdiction in the pro
niincs and that the assassin must b
ried for murder in thu district court
The assassin at the jail continues in
i nervous state. The least action o :
the guards of nn unusual character ex
cites distrust in Guitcau's mind. H
now watches the minutest action o
oven these ho formerly trusted ,
Moiicau Symbathy.
Correspondence ot Tlio lloo.
CITY OF MnxicOj Sept. 23 , .
meeting of the American Citizens' lo
Cation was hold here and resohitiom
jf sympathy with Mrs. Garfield and
the government were adopted. Th
foreign ministers will moot to-day I
lake action hi regard to Prcsiden
Uurfiold'a death. All the Mexicai
journals publish expressions of sym
National AMoctoteiU'ress. ' , r
LITTLE HOOK , Sept. 23. Apaaaci
ir train which left hero on the Ire
( fountain road at 8 o'clock last nigh
was boarded at Hope by throe yoi
non , who drew revolvers on the cor
ductor between Prcscott and Kensel
stations , and compelled him to a
the train. After robbing passingors
nf between $700 and § 800 they ontero
the express car , forced messenger t
open the sufo and robbed it of abou
? 30,000 , Before leaving the car the.
lirew back a package containing § 15 ,
300 , which they thought was valueless
AH three were young men less tha
21. None of them were masks of an ;
cind. They wcro allowed to quiet !
'eavo the train and escape.
Tlio Concrosftionnl Delegation-
S'atlonil Attodntod I'rubS.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 23. At
ncoting of the senate hold last oven
ng the following sanators were ap
minted committee to accompau
ho romaiim of the late president t
Jlovoland and attend the funeral there
jcimtorn Sherman , Bayard , Ingalls
? ugh , Blair , Cameron and Morgan.
From the house of representatives
Huckos , Kasson , Randall , Hiscnek
L'homaB , Shelby , and Townsend , 'o '
) hio. Fifty members of the hous
telegraphed their regrets that the ,
: ould not attend the funeral ,
Junior Garfiold'
fatlon&l Amoclatod t'rcu.
WIU.UMSTOWN , Mass. , Sept. 23 ,
Fames A , Garfield , jr. , is much botto
his morning and will leave for Men
or at 1:30 : this afternoon in compan.
vith his room mate , the son of Col
lockwoll , and a party of friends. Th
nemoriul services will bo held in th
Juipol on Monday.
Indication ! .
WAHJIINOTON , D. 0. , Sept. 23.
"or the Upper Lakes : Partly cloud ;
> r cloudy weather with rain , variabl
vinds , lower barometer , stationary or
iixhor temporaturo. For the Uppe
liasissippi and Lower Missouri val
oya : Partly cloudy weather , loca
aiiifl , falling followed by rising ba
ometor , rising followed by full in ;
fttloiial AuocIatoJ rrc j.
LONDON , Kept. 23. The meeting ol
moricans in Exeter hall to-morrow
or the purpose of expressing their
cntimoiitu concerning the death of
'resident Garfield promises to bo
very largo and imposing gathering.
All the 'nrrangoniontu for it are now
made. It will bo opened with prayer ,
Minister Lowell will bo the
chairman. There will bo
only six orators , it havin , .
boon thought best to confine the
peaking within these limits. Gen.
McUlollan , Conaul-Gnn. Morritt , Mr.
Shannon , Mr , J. 3. Morgan and
[ imhop Simpson will occupy seats on
the platform. The poet Tennyson ,
ind his grace , Dr. Tail , the arch-
-jiuhop of Canterbury , have written
otters to Mr , Lowell expressing thoii
sympathy with him and with his
oountrymeu in their present allUction
Hgilant Officials Make it Lively
for Michigan OonntBr-
Burning of nn Oil Town in "
New Joraoy A Fearful
acrlotu Dottrnoiion tiy
of Crops Mllli , Bnrni , nnil
Other Property *
s'atlanil Auwclattxt Prf M. l' , _ . J
DETROIT , Mich. , Sept. 23. Officers
hrmighout Michigan are now ongagoA
n breaking up HOvoral gangs of couu-
.crfoiters , who have been overflowing
.hoir respective localities with hall
lollars and 'dollars , Ono gang was
nillod near IMuakob , another in Ot- ' i
awa county , and last night mw'Bwar , < ! ' $ * '
3odfry was arrested near Vermont.
3o is acciiBcd of making a peculiarly
Jangorous fifty-cent com , which was
apidly becoming current in the In
Lightning -struck the pinning mOI
of Allen , liall & Co , , of Lansing , lost
light , and bunicd it to the ground.
Loss , § 25,000. The Lnko Shore &
Michigan Houthorn olnvator , adjacent ,
was also destroyed. Loss on eleva
tor ana. wheat over fO.OOO. The
ightning was unusually severe in the
: ontral and northorn-contral part of
the state , and many barns , crops , etc. ,
vero burned. '
PATKRHON , N. J. , Sept. 23.
bout 10:30 : this morning the east- ,
iranl bound oil 4&nk tram took fire ;
'roni some unknown eauso between
Sloatsborg and Sterling Junction.
Pile last report was received at 12
j'clock , nothing could bo learned bo-
: aiiBO the wires wcro all down , the ,
poles being burned. At that time tea <
" tank care were
A Royal Visitor- ,
tfattoiml Awaclatud Vtoaa. ,
NEW YORK , Soph 23. King Kal-
kaqua , of the Hawaii kingdom , and
suite , consisting of Gol. MauFarlune ,
lis aid-dc-camp , and Gol. Judd , s
chamberlain , arrived hero from Liver-
viol in the atoamship Celtic , of the
iVhilo Star line this morning. Thn
cing received news of the death of _
President Garfield at Sandy Hook
this morning and was qrcatly shocked.
Among his first acts upon landing waa
, o send a message of sympathy and
condolence to Mrs. Garfield , Ho will
remain in thia city until Monday , , i
when ho will proceed to-Hampton , ,
Va.'stopping a short time at Ifhia--
delphia , jBoltimoro and WashiriRtou. .
region , Kontutjy , and expect * to
for Honolulu or , Sau. Francisco 01
tboUt October V. ' " T"
Sallno County Fnir-
CorreopCDdcnco Of The llco ,
WILDER , Sept. 12. Yesterday war *
; ho flrat day of the Saline county
'air , which promise to ho n BUCOOSB'
n every rcnpeot , The hnlf-inilo fool ,
nice vrttB won by Goo. "W. llerkloy , oif"
Wilbor. The 200 yards race by Sey
mour Dix , of Wilbor , und tfio ahoot-
'ng prize ( glass balls ) by a team of
"ivo representing thu Wilbor sports
men club. D.
LONDON , Sept. 23. President's Ar
thur's inaugural address created a.
{ oed impression on the coutinuutal
A dispatch from Turban saya in
opening the Transvaal volksraad , the'
president Eaid : "Iho covention did
not satisfy the executive nnd would not
satisfy the volksraad and ho trusted
that England would consent ; to the
modifications of the convention.
N tlonalA 30flated 1'rcsn.
opENHAanN , September 23. A
violent gale prevailed on the 1'nltic
tun to-day and thirty nhips have boon
'ost on thoDanish coast.
VIUHNA , September 2'J. The Amor-
cans and Englishmen in this citjr
net at the Evangelical church last
veninp ; and passed resolutions of con-t
lolonco on the death of President
PAIUB , September 23. The Amori-
: ann in this city hold n meeting last
night and passed resolutions on tub /
leuth of President Qarfield.
CIIIUAOO , Bopt. 23. A terrific storta
ngml for an hour this afternoon. The
oof of the Ycddor at rent school wua
, oni off and considerable other dam-
go done.
DUIIUQUE , Sept. 23. Judgment hat
jecii attained by the Dublin uo lovcl'
nining company for § 100,000 ngainat
3cluli Chamberlain , ot the water > vorka
: ompr.ny.
OiiiL'Aao , Sept. 23. The wire fence ,
lompany has commenced suit against-
ho Washburn company to bo ronOveA
f paying license on barbed wire.
Cincinnati Floral Gift.
CINCINNATI , September 23. Tbo
Cincinnati florists this afternoon ship-
ted a carload of magnificent floral
mblcnia to Cleveland aa a tribute to i
ho dead president. They include n
Token column eight foot high , a largo
rch "Tho Gates '
representing Ajar/
heaf and sickle crosses , lyres and
ascs nil natural size. The author-
icn also Bend tlio city seal , four foot-
cross , un elegant place. They woroi
11 exhibited to-day at the exposition. .
Tlio Relief Fond.
atlonal Aeaoditcd Press ,
Nuw YORK , Sept. 23. The treas-
ror of the Michigan fire relief fuufl
aa reported. Up to S o'clock thia -
ftornoon the sum of $035,820 had
eon raised for the sufForera. $10-
00 was forwarded to-day , making a.
otal of f 583,000 tcut to Michigan. .