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Thursday Morning. Sopfc. 22.
Patterson Bftls coal.
Donne , Itclublc Halter.
Frederick Leading Hatter.
POO business lots Call on UcmK
New oranges nl A. H. Gladstone' ' * .
JOOO residence lots nomis , agent.
250 houses and lota Uemts' agency ,
Hcinls' rcnl estate boom. First pagtj
.V. W. Nason , Dentist , Jacob's block.
-Best line of Cigar * , nl Sato's.
Smoke Staritou A Slornn , finest
Cigar , at Kuhn's Drugstore only.
Soda Water , belter tlian oxer , al ;
Saxo's.Bends' new mnpof Omaha , 25 cent * .
200 farms and 000,000 acres of land
llomiss agent ,
A full assortment of pure California ]
wines at Gladstone's.
Wanted Good slout boy about 11 or !
Ifi year * old , Inquire at tint olllcc.
Tlicro is quite a demand in tlio city at ]
presenter brlcklaycn at ? IGO per day ,
/ Tlic water company Is now supplying
water to nbout 100 houses nnd dwellings.
Hereafter the fire department will nee .
tlio water company's fire hydrants.
Who pays the lilfdicit prlco for Second
Hand Furniture ? Abrahams & Lewis ,
1121 Douglas street. Bcpin-2\v ijby
I'rof. W. J. Anders' Dancing School '
begins October . See advertisement In '
another column. sopl'J-3t ' '
Most elegant new btylci of Ilatn , at
the Omaha Furicr , Henry G. lllcltter ,
IDlh nil set , o ] > p. posloffico. pcpllfi-tf [
Th" Lion continues to roar forMooroVj
. ' [ arnciinml Saddlery. I
1'or KINK Coniiuorclal Job Printing ,
all at Tun BSB Job rooms. [
Ulcyclo for Bale or trade for A horse.
C J. Canau.
Six persons who bad fractured the !
t Slocumb law wcro fined by Judge Dcnekr , [ in
yesterday to
To the farmers don't forget to call am '
BCO Doanc's fmo lot of hats and caps at ]
218 , 1 llh street.
or i
Nindcl & Krells , Practical Hatters. orHi
Wo sell hats and caps cheaper than any
bed else. You will find it to your ad
vantage to give us n call. scptl3-tf
Doano , the reliable hatter wants to the
HCO you nil to-day , eivlng away hats and the
caps at Doane's , remember 218 , 14th
The annual stale convention of the
Christian church will bo held at Lincoln , in
beginning on Tuesday , Oct. 4 , at 3 o'clock [ use
in the afternoon. Railroads will return' ' [
delegates at half fare. ( for
Max Meyer has inserted two nddi [ [
tiotinl dial plates for his Illuminated clock , '
and consequently the time can now he
learned at any hour of the day or night ]
from.threo sides of his building. oven
The commitUo which will attend to !
future ceremonies in connection with tlic , what
president's funeral is compo cil of Gen. C. :
F. Mnndcmon , Hon. J.O. Cowln , Hon. J , ! bold
W. Savage , J. Jl. Millard , Hon. John I. | pora ;
Hcdick , C. 13. Yost , C. S. Chase , P. 1' ' fame
Shelby nnd A. N. Ferguson. ! to
Itoyd's opera house will bo opened be ict
tween the 17tu and 24th of next month by Other to
the Fay Tumplcton opera company. The
performance will bo "Tho Mascot" Which
has been played extensively throughout audioii
the country during the summer. moral
if reil Dcllone , the contractor of the now ind
Douglas county court house , has had the univor
time for giving the indemnity bond ol p
$30,000 extended by the county commis
sioners until Saturday next. Mr. Dcllonc
feel.s confiJent that ho will bo ablu to fur ind
nish the requisite amount , ' loinlH
The land league held n regular meet nsistH
ing at Clark hall last evening , which wa , Ihveon
largely attended. Auproprinto rosolutiuns mint
of sorrow over the death of the president' ' '
wcro passed and the meeting adjourned. concoi
Probably the young man who talks so iishioi
loudly about the "theft" of the resolutions ! [ and
from a public mcelinjf forgets tlmt itwai Qrccin
ho himself who appropriated the funds o rubbisl
the Fremont firemen. which
Fall session begins Oct. 10 , 1881 and
Address , Q. B. AYIIKS , M. D. , See. too
\ , . o axiom
Bnokliu's Arnica Salve. pure
The best mdvo in the world for outs , Inches
bruises , Bores , ulcers , salt rheum , and
fever sores , totter , chapped hands which
chillblains- corns and nil kinds o : fully
akin eruptions. This salvo is guar
antvcd to give perfect satisfaction ii :
every case or money refunded. Price , Not
2Gc per box. For sale by seeth
IKH ct McMAirox , Omaha. non ,
In Mourninc * ufl'vring
Nearly all the roads between this iso of
city and Chicago noticeably the "Glorii
Northwestern have heavily draped -Phili
their engines , in observance of the
late national calamity. The patriotic
employes of the 0. , Ii & , Q. road nl The
this end of the line also
, , wear badges which
of mourning on their uniforms. artof
Late * Again.
The Union Pacific train from the dated
wrest has , seemingly , recommenced its lossongor
periodical attacks of being behind : ransfe
time. For several evenings it has the K.
boon from two to four hours late , and xfter
hut night did not arrive until after cilltlul
seven o'clock , All of the east bound general
trains went out except the 0 , , I ) , and roads ,
Q. , which waited for a load of through it the
passengers. The presence of a largo
crowd , however , at the transfer depot
last evening demonstrated that
, the The
overland train by no means furnishes the fol
the heaviest part of the travel cast death
from this city and Council I31ufui.
Will Hemaiu Here , her
The SoReborgor Weekly , which U Messrs
published in Oornmny , in u recent is 0. 0.
uiie contains a notice from ono of tlu Meyer
district courta of tlmtcountryndvisinj ,
llenry Vosa to call uround bcforo Oo
tober 4th and servo out his unoxpim' M r.
term of enlistment in the German lore ty
army. Mr. Yoss is nt prcsenl on a vi
an iircliilcct in this city anil to reim
does not fool that ho haa nny im . 'uiloring
portant business to call him back to street ,
Germany , stor sti
tical ta
Take "BLACK..DRAUOHT" and you lurionc
l < will never bo bilious , ingland.
At f , c. Ootulnna' * , u-day
Plenty of Uuttor 25c to 35o pci jive hi
pound nt AVm. Fleming a. Boi > 21-wA'n ) lease
Joios of the Company's -
gngotnont in Omaha.
A Bcrica of unfortunate nnd " '
forsccn circumslaiiccs have combined
to rob Miss Abbott's engagement
our city of the brilliancy nnd sticcossB'
which might otherwise have boon cx-ajJ
pccted. The trotino , taken M aw'10'0)B..i.c ' '
ivai n good one , the orchestra watlj
excellent and the continues f'l'bl'it '
up the standard of the bcstR
Aliss Abbott's voice , rcrnnI'3 <
lias never shown to bettor advantaaol
than during the present Booson , '
'iaa ' improved in quality nnd incroaed
n compass. In the merely ' "wlinni-jl
: al portions of her work Jliss Abbolll
lakes high rank. AVithin the boinuUB'
.if lier powers as a singer fllio has enm-H
tiloto control of har art. Her articii B
ation is oxcollcnt , her modiilatloiiH
idmirablo. She dings with nxpressioii
ind feeling , frequently attaining in
criso ( Iranialie power , She is not ,
lowovor , at her bent , in the high rog
lister whore licr note's nru ( > ften thiiiPriio
ind lacking 1 in liclniu.fs. ] Jut on tlie
wholi she moro than satisfied the v\-
icctations of our people , and may bcj
Icredil i ted with a , which if notffl
.is liiudly : applauded as at Denver WuS0urc !
not less appreciated. '
Tuv.iday'B porfonimnccs , notw
landing the gloom cast over our citj
Jby the nowH of the prcaidont'n lcathUxiiey |
were well attended. At the af ternoon
linntinco "Olivcliii" vra.t preaontcd and ;
'gave excellent satisfaction. The stngi'ln
setting Taa very good nnd bulk aolo-jDvncu
s and chorus sang their ] > aita wi'Jitt ]
iiii' ' and spirit worthy of higliMJocoi |
praise . .
The title lolo wns taken by Ji6syto |
llosuiiuiikl i , who gave u dashing im-M
personation : of the part , which watra
well received in Hpito of strong do-jQn
feels of i voice. The various (
iiumbcrs , many of which aio - [
to out people , were well rendered. IlJJnHl
there was a lack of enthusiasm , > iotodBlI1j ,
the audience , it must bo attributed ! _
circurnrtanccs which have causcd9llu
the closing of every other theatre inBt1m ]
the country < , and which 8houldjBmcn
have closed the tl ° .rsBlmm
r ( lie Academy of Music , $
tin evening Occclwa Love , a now
libretto adapted to Verdi's touching
opera of "Traviata" waa rendered withl$5Q. |
Miss Abbott as Cecelia. The plot oi'
play ia u compound of the plot of '
hankers Daughter with the < leatlilla |
scone from I Ctimillo very incongruouslyD , ,
attached. It in openly announced thatV$2
Abbott had scruples against act-Ht"10'n
the part of the abandoned ontjjjri \
original libretto and ( - ( ; ] |
of the makeshift of nouBgM1j ]
words wedded to music writtonBjrr
a far more artistic and poworfulljf
Jraiiin Prudery could , perhaps , dolL t
'nothing less , but vandalism certainly Hit t
could do no more. Tiio opera 8uf-ljynL |
forod greatly in consequence , and !
the gifted singer and nccom-l
plishcd actress , supported by a strong js
company , was powuilcss to redeem
must bo pronounced an artistic
failure Miss Abbott has inado n
attempt in her mutilation of an
which will live long after hoi
as a singer has censed tT.
bo 1 remembered. By the
she lays herself open ] last
criticism which she cannot escape. . .
and greater singers than Missl W
Abbot had taken the part of Fio.'rftoS vcr
without offcnso to the most rcfmodl '
ludionccs , or injury to their otvnlfor
nature. Other artists as pure , !
as respected as Miss Abbott i3Jti10
univoraally admitted to bo , have ro-B llio .
presented the suH'oring Camille in lholalt °
drama "which "La Traviata" is thcl '
musical expression. Art is artglntyri [
it i is a falsa modesty ivhichKtrcls
out thu grosser typclj
exhibited in
nature " " fifwitimc
that there is no diliurenco bo K )
them. From Miss Abbott's ! ! W
of view the exquisite form ofjjCanlieli
I'owon "Greek "
Slave" ought to bejjj |
toncoalcd in a princcsso robe of latcslgm ] '
, Sliakapuaro and lien Jonsonjft . 4 .
bo banished from our libraries ja Mr.
the beautiful conceptions of the v lay
cculptor carried oil' to the pldcd.
room or disguised ingarmontB | ,
would afford no opportunity for SNcbias
exercise of prurient ima i- vitli
. Miss Abbott is yonn | . . .
ambitious. She is llotJBir Mis3
young , however , to appreciate thogXork
, "To the pure , all things aroSw'"ter
, " nor will her ambition hnd itsRand
! oxcrciso in divorcing a drnmnS x.
music which art haa
wedded andjlp. i >
no man or woman can succoss-Blr
in ;
put asunder. '
Mtiity ,
Worthless Stuff. l ! ' Mrs.
so fast my friend ; if you couldff , L'er. , "
the strong , healthy , bloomingBf.7 ; her ,
women and children that havef in the
Raised from beds of sicknessA The
and almost death , by the ! rcintcr
Hop Hitters , you would xayl ilone
'Glorious and invaluable remedy.'i MiMilei
-Philadelphia Press. uoptlO B coln. ;
Contolldateil I , , Ml
Kansas City A St. Joe rondj ; kftcmoon .
has 1 end
always boon regarded as nB ,
of ihoO. , D. ifc Q. road , bullhornu
haa 1 been run under a diirorontjfor n
iiana-jonicnt , is now delinitely consol1C. .
with the G. . JJ. & Q. All VVyomli
and freight business is \ \Vithne
ransforrcd to the 0 , , U. & Q. and .
. 0. & HI. Joe-trains will hero Kay
run over the Q track from Coun- kindly :
UlulFs. W , J. Davenport is made W.
agent of the consolidated lum'u
and i L. N. KintHtation agent Oct.
: vry , arr
Foatlval Postponed. iu incm
Concordia society 1ms issued ng < talk
following : "On account of the
of the president the thirteenth !
mnivoraary festival of the Concordhil. When '
has been postponed until fur-l or IV
notice. " This is Bi ncd bxluiri'm.i
. II. Sohwabo , A. lornninn.thounl hrough
Schaofler , L. llaapko and Juliuslusln
. trial bol
Win. Meldrum , who nrrivcdS A mi
two months ago from Scotland * Hi St.
visit to his brother , haa decidedl 'oral
remain nnd enter into the Morohniill ubsori
business at 017 * north lJthovomni (
between California" and Wub-vt , the
streets. Mr. Meldrum h a pruo-l'a ' earm
tailor and 1ms had ycara of oxuf any
in the principal cities ofg ircBoni.
. His atockof clothes nrrivodl
, and nrnko a line display , JIoL
the gontlumon of Omaha to | "BL
him a call , aa ho knows ho cai ila ,
thorn i for alylo , price and fit.
K Air. Samuel Slienia , one of the gcn-
Itlotnon interested in the now Ilotcl
j.Millnrd , on tlio corner of TiiirtconUi
flicnli Dougloa streets , went coat yca-
Ifcrday on business connected with
"that miiistructure. ; . In Chicago ht
'Hro J procure the window lights whichW
] lire ! . . . to be of plate wlass , half InxcdJn
uifTi. . iron c.win3. They will bt
ihipXd ; { ] ! from Chicigo entire , rc.iciy to
Ibo ; . put in. Jfowill alao procure f
IDotioit the carvinifi and fttnir-ciwcs. * ]
jtvlilch | will bo of nofid walnut and oalc.
A double force of men are to lo putjB.
Ln ? the Jiotel next week and worliS"'cv"
Irushcd ) while the favorable wcatheilrcl',0
Bla | . ta. Should the winter not bo
Jsevcre , it is probable that the hololH1'
f , will . bo finithod and in runninu orderiffi1
Iby . the ' firat of May , 1 832. Mr. Hhoarai11
Istatca ) that the drawing of the hotclGJ'1"
in ' Jlax Moycr'a window doea not dojl' '
Jtho . Jiotel justice , nnd it waa rejected ! )
Iby the J company , who will soon havej
number of fmo Hthogniiha [ made.
' ?
The Congrogationalista WillE-lOO
B tublish Ono.
Tin mcmbcin of llio Congregational
church ] , held , : i meeting last night io
'onsuici' ( he advisability of cntablish-
ingaciotlior ehurch , to be. located in
the Boulhwcstern part of Iho city.
They decided to unduiiako the outer it
> nsi ! , and passed thu following luso-
lulions :
That \ this church now agree to advance -
vance | ] this work.
That ] the present committee on lots l >
bo continued , and such now commit-
rtct" ! appointed ai may seem necessary
co direct this enterprise ) .
Thcso ] , rcsolutlona wcro adopted. '
The committee selected aa follows :
On lota-W. J. Council , O. A.
Hoagland , David Cook and Mrs.
Utishdon. | ( On buildings Mrs. Lockt '
ind Mrs. Jtiiahdon , Messra. Jloaglandj
nd Gibson. To solicit Hubseriptions
-Mesara. , llondlcy , Locke , Ifoagland Ins
ind ( Connell. i A subscription was to
.hen opened and the following Kontlu-fijiipon
lien subscribed : Connell , $ ir > 0.J3urn-H.illego ]
mm , 8150 ; Locke , § 150 ; Hambold.HUtah
$100 ; Marshall , 8100 ; Foray the , SlOO'jgordmn
lannon , $50 ; Wolschons , § 25 ; Flom-ljtho
ng , $50 ; Xoheaska. § 50 ; ShcrrillKtho
50 ; Snow , 815 ; Hurlbut , H5 ; Olupp.Hjrailrori
L'ho liainos of several gontlomcn whoQtoii
iad ] promised ; to give wuro mcntioncdKS.
nd ] will increase this amount to overF
$2,000. ( The committee on subscript
ion meet to-morronr at 0 o'clock in
\jri Cornell's ' oflico , and will canvassL
ho city for subscriptions. The dc-l\Vhic
lign is , to establish a chinch to bo un-P
the j control of the homo church.I
at , the ( end of a year or six months !
has ] : increased sulliciently to warrantL
Iho [ ] memborj of the homo churchB .
ivint { ; in that vicinity will join it. B city x
"Tho Kovoro House Counci Bluffs
thobost second-class hotel in thcBnosfcrj
. Oiiflin has gone to Chica/o. fflmanco
jjM | Annlo Downs lea csforSt. Ixui 5 Jones
evening. in
. Ha
N. Nason , and family went to Texaswbut
the ! Wabash last evening. Badvisoi
Cape , llecse , the contractor in MissouriBr'u Kilil'
the'tJ. 1' . , Is in the city. ' Mr
Chas. Q. Freeman , late ticket auditor olK0 JHyoiinf/
lie ]
; |
H. & 3L goes to New York ycsterdajBUeon
ifter-noon. ' Hl'lio
J'Mwl Wright , advance agent of Mc-Etho ;
> it Heath's mammoth southern inin-llnan |
, Hjntlie i city. Bears ;
jj Hackclt , of Albion , is at thejpcu Hder ]
| Mr >
, A. Coggashal1 , of Si. Joe , is ui tluK.i
Janfield house. kgcauso. :
Mclntyrc and Heath's miiistrcl.H-Onia- not
organizatiun are at the Canflcld.
' C , O. Freeman left Omalin yestcr-SS
for Now York , where he formerly tc-jkJAshlan
. JAshlan
Judge < Kluey returned'last OToning to& ' " '
S'cbiaska : city , liii labor. ! in cuuncctionWrl" .
the state fair ha.inif ended. Btumon
Lizzie Isaacs is on her way to Nou !
and : Jersey City. Showillspend thett A
visiting friends In the latter cityjt)0
he |
the metropolis.
K. , Kyan and wife , of Ucatrice ; I'.Ba L now
IVurod , of Beatrice i John Heth , oflportion
, ! , , , and J. Allison , of Nebniskajprca"
are at the Metropolitan. Jwhilo
. HMessrs
M.I t ti n nr
' uutwj , of lEawllns , Wyomnigjjjs
Wj'3 | is
is . in the city. Slio ( s acconf ineiiflcc'tol ! |
. two daughters nhum she will | ' ] | isaary
convout of the S.icred Heait. ( "overn ;
following f , among other arrivals , arcjAnothc
oyintcred nt the Creighton house : A. I'.Ei'10 '
* , oflilair ; W. H. Van His * , oW'300' '
; Wade llunker and wife , of Liu- \
Dell McConuIek loft yeiterdu ) This
" for Chicago , whore Mio will at . Distance
nchool. She wai accompanied by Kproly
mother1 who visits friends ia Chicago ticularj
few d y . nessesi
Tee , an enterprising cattle dealer of ulatinn
, is In Omalia , ttaylng at the that
. Mr. Tee U a non of Ixrd Too , to : heal
England , but seeiin to tackio > cry dies
to I the western American life. > rove
W. Durand , advance agent for liar- mt to
big show which exhibits hero on i bottle
7tl ; , U In the city , making i > rclimln ion.
arrangemcuti. Mr. Durand is per
one of tlio bent known men In hl
, and In one of tlm most entertain- Alliiinc
talkcra in the buslufwi. illo's
[ looting
Sowing and Raaplng. iok Mi
a young lady huma jlioson
rich bachelor , * ho sown that t-lio nnj loved
When KoeiU of disease nrd ilautcd
, | if the
over Indulgence , you can prevent
end nil
{ ertaker - , '
irom a-npinj the bunollt b
' >
Bprlng Ulo som. Vrlco TiO cento ; im good
bottlen 10 cents. It
loot \
Tlio Hospital Committee.
meeting of the general committee
. Joseph's hospital and of the Then
committees appointed to solicit ion !
ubsoriptiona will bo held Thursday his (
, September 22 , at 7:150 : o'clock , n the
ollleo < of J. M. Wool worth. It on are
earnestly hoped that every momboi
ono of the committees will be
. J , M. WuoLwoiiTir , Use
Chairman ( Committee , domed
smoke ,
ind'c ! } , ston ! nnd heurtlnirn. ' AVINEOF
AtO. V. Ooodmtii
Iho Fair Mann-cera Out of
Pocket A Correotiou.
, , . ,
, , "Who , is ciiculating the rof/ort .
ho board will come out ahead on
fair ? " asked Treasurer liartmaii of njG
reprefiontativo . of Tin : HUB last oven-El'1111
nig , as the latter dropped in to coii-w
s'Mtnlfxtu . him upon the financial 8kil ) |
. : hat . had brought profit out of scoininpH
" ncvitable loss. When told that
report , { was a goncrall } ' credited nno ,
tooH'1 ! also appeared in an
mblication ' . ' , Mr. Harttnan said : "Itis
i . mistake. , The board hnd started out
} vith , $0,21)0 ) as a finking fund , and
' md succeeded in sinking a good slice
; if that . , owing to the advcrsu elements
luring ' the past weok. When the
rovPn arc all in wo may bo able to
jmnko a littlu butter show ill ! , ' , but at
jprcscnt it looks as if wo nro consider
lably behind. 1 1
It tuny bo mentioned that the item
'of f premiums alone fc $5,200 , of which
! I,1CO , was for speed purses nnd $2-
-100 for awards The total of ox- ;
penditurcs cannot therefore bo far
from § ! 10,000 to 12,000.
311 the complimentary resolution
pissed by the board on Tuesday night
in reference to buildings erected bjt
individual exhibitors on the grounds , ;
wmo were inadvertently omitted ,
among whom were the firm of Orchard
1'can , who wcro connected with
Dewey A Stone in building the handLvcru
sumo structure ! west of 'floral hall.
Fho oversight was unintentional and
woa exceedingly regretted by the
Rognlnr Army Notes ,
Lieut. Z.W. Torroy.of the Sixth in
fantry , now at Foil Cameron , Utah ,
ivill rejoin his company at Fort Doug- ,
A board of survey , to consist of
IC'apt. Thomas Uritton , Limit. D. I
Craft nnd i Lieut. John J. Shaw ; Sixth I
infantry , ia to convene at Fort Doug
, Utah , on Fiiday , the 'J8d ! instant , '
examine into , and rcpor
upon , the circumstances attending thcl
.illcgod < loss by fire , at Ogdcn City , '
Utah , on May L'U , of two boxes of
ordnance atoica , public property ofj
United States , while in transit by
Union Pacific and Central Pacific ]
railroads , to San Francisco , and con
signed and invoiced to Col. J. C. Kel-j
, assistant adjutant general , U.
A. .
Which an Aspiring Author
Wants Published. ling
A gifted joung gentleman of thisjdrcss
sends to Tin : BKI ; tor publicationKcornst
society romance , which , but for thcjromoi
shortness } of life and several other con-Bono
sidorations , might bo handed down toBwoma
posterity through these columns. Thclan
object the young author hadlmany
inflicting : his cll'usivo coiniuunica-Jacarli
upon the1 public is an impcnn-Siiavo
trablo mystery. The plot of the ro-HAn
manco is that a fellow named PoppcrWier
, cs ia kicking himself because ht-Hdumb
neglected . to marry a pretty waiter atlwhich
leading i hotel. Pepper was willingH
having consulted Ji friend ho wasBprceoi
idvisod to restrain himself which hcBthis ;
> It is afterward discovered , toNbccn
< Jones' intense disgust , that thejlinarrii
/ lady ia an heiresa in disgujsoBffith
May morning of whose life hasRFor
rendered sad by filial fickleness jjbut
author concludes by marryingllarco
pretty waiter to "a tall , hniidsomcBod
> who listens to her story withlrefusc
on his manly check. " Un-Hlmvo
the ! circumstances it is dif-KUotzk
to see why tlio author blamesHmothc
Jones , for fooling tough , for tojgondur
fair minded person ho has good lier
. It is hoped Mr. Jones will
kick him-self to death.
Scooped Tlioin Again.
The Union Pacific nine played at Tlio
Ishland yesterday-afternoon with the Win.
\shland club. Tlio game , was vcrj
ntercsling and exciting throughout ,
terminated in a victory foV thejjWrcssc
Pacific club by a score of 8 to U.Eof
Now Hose Company-
meeting , was held last evening in
Hascall school liouso for the pur-B fojow ] , .
of taking some stops to organized. . * {
hose company for the 8outlicrnl".8"
of the city. The meeting waaB'J10. '
c over by lienry EhrontordtBtnelr ,
I. ] Willis acted as secretary. Sdreadf
. John Hush , Van Dtisen , Wil-Bo.ur
Mills and Ehrenfordt , wore so-Bdc"'y
} as a committee to draft the Ilec-Bn
constitution nnd by-lawa Oarfiold
a permanent organization. pathy . '
meeting will bo hold atmc'101
same place Saturday evening atB
o'clock. ' | our ,
WOMAN'S ( ' TBUE FJUEND , lloyal
friend in need is a friend indeed , tended
none can deny , cspcciall when dent
is rendered when ono is
nfllictcd i with disease , more par-
iculiirjthose complainta nnd weak-
so common to our female pop- THE
. Kvory woman should know
Klectriu Bitters nro woman's true No
, and will positively restore her but
health ! , even when nil other roiue plo is
fail , A single trial will nhnvys oliino
our assorti n. The are pleas- ind
tlu t taste and only cost CO cents Ful ,
) Sold Ish & McMa-
by . , . - hundr
(1) ( ) [ and
MoArdlo Alliance. machine
MoAllDLK PllhCI.VUr , Sept , 18. D iKol ' m its ,
No. 102 MoAr-i Tlio
mot nt Mr. - ,
Bchool house on this date , ' ) ? 'ives : ! , ,
was called to order by Pat-
MoArdlo and Hans llasinus was cordially ?
cliairman pro tcni. It was
and carried that ull members i'unrai !
alli.inco bo requested to at- cases.
primaries for purposes of sop-
men selected.
was decided that the alliance Favors
Wedneday \ , Oct. 12.
( Honor. II. MKHMA.V.
\yiiolcanlo \ ]
A. F. * A. M.
will bo a apccial communica-
of St. John's lodgu No. 25 ,
Thursday ) evening for work Some
E. 1 A. dogroo. Visiting broth- i base
cordially invited. drug B
JAMKH 1) . Jiuu.VKit , Master. in out
Solomon's I Water White loo- ilrawei
Head Light Oil. No odor , no miall
and a beautiful flame. Try it. Irawoi
CARDUI" for Ladic .
* only. rt'i'i'o
At V. P. Ooocluiin. lher
A horse driven by N. Shelton ,
the water company , became frighluiici
git an engine near the railroad last
jvoning. The buggy waa pattiallj
yi Jjyciturncd and Mr. Slieltrm wa
pitched ' ' to the ground , when tin
Ih.alfifaM1 passed over his legs. Ono ol
thete'113 ' Icjjs ' is quito severely bruised ami
JJliu ! was to-day walking around with a
( limp ' ! in his gait.
| McnRorly Docorntoit.
Tt is n subject of general remark
thrffimt ( ] one of Iho most mcagcrly do-
jcornt buildings in the city is the
posl ollico building. As Una is a ifov- !
eminent building it waa thought that'
IOIMU Rpccial cll'ort would bo mada in i
that diction. As it is , merely n
narrow-strip of blnck cloth is utrolchoii
undcrnnath tha windows of the second
ind third slot ics.
Butchers His Mother-in-Lawi <
and Chokes His Wifo.
Outcome of n Money Quarrel. | i
Correipomlcnce of Tlio H c. '
Nob. , Sept. 21. Yes-
tcrday morning n young nun named I
Joseph Iloralolxky entered town
scorning terribly excited. Ilia clothes I' k
wcro muddy , torn and covered will A
blood , while his fnco and neck \\utc S
. > adly scratched , At the outskirts hi > '
dismounted from his horse , which had
evidently been rapidly lidden , andj
illowed it to wander nt.will. Ho walked ,
in the direction of tlio business centre
ind inquired the way to the jail. On | '
lus arrival there ho told the
story : "Mynamo is Joseph Heralctxky.
live ten nn'lca north of SchuylcrSflrrr
This morning I killed my wife andH
her mother. My wife I buried in a
wheat bin , and my mother-in-law ] g
covered with cornstalks in a field near
the barn. " The man's wild and dis-ilcth
urdored appearance proved that sino-T-rr i
thing serious had happened and hcM
was locked up in jail while the mar-
jhal and coroner wont to investigate.
They drove rapidly to his plaoo andB"Jl
proceeded to the barn , and from thog bin they pulled the corpse of : ij
young woman. Her throat bore thcl
mprints of her .slayer's lingers , while !
icr face looked aa though she htull
ilso been struck with his fist BOvcrail
Times Her hands , bloody and bruised , !
proved that she had resisted with all ! . ;
icr might her horrible death. Leav-l
ng the corpse lying on Iho floor they I -
Jturne with n shudder and procccdcdl-iroaii'v |
the cornfield near by. A piece of
dress protruded from among a pile of
cornstalks. The marshal proceeded to
remove those on top , at the depth ofl
foot ho exposed the face of an oldl |
woman. It was ghastly. Chopped with j
ax , and bearing the imprints ofj
uany blows from some blunt weapon , f
icarly severed from the body , it
mvo made the strongest sick at heart. ! W
aa and a broken gun lay undcrL
, covered with hair and blood thojl ]
Jumbly bore witness of the use toilrrrr
which they had been put. \V
The oronor cmpannolled a jury and Ircsi
rccoeded to take testimony. At
writing \ the following facts have ]
cen ascertained i ; HeralcUsky has " 3t.
named two months and has
his mother-in-law since then. \
a time they lived harmoniously , !
a short time since ho received a
sum i of money. This was claim-
in payment of his board bill
refused to give it , and since then they w
been 1 quarreling about it. Her- ]
tilotzky is quick tempered , and , as his' '
mother-in-law agKrpvated him bcyondguthst
endurance nnd his
, wife sided withEJTTfA1
, ho killed them both. w
" "MAN. ,
Nollgh News- | lWAf
NELJOH , Neb. , September 20. | j j
Hon. Judge Burns , the lIon.WyfJA
. Robertson , of Madison andH
Goner John Cowin , of Omaha , ad-lVV |
dressed n largo concourse of citixeiiBK ! "
Noligh who had assembled , on 'thcM ! V\
news of the terrible national sor-Ej lice. 1
. T. F , M erritt presented theJI'VAT"
following resolutiona : | | ; VeV' ' , That the citizens of NC-MCJAN.
' in common with the citizens oiHT7-v
United ' States , desire to oxpressHVV'c
most profound sorrow for thej"1
dreadful calamity which haa
, country ( in the sad death of ourB i \ ;
' beloved president. H W
Ilesolved , That wo tender to Mrs. H
" ° and family our sincere sym-Byy
in this their dark hour of af-Sof.tutc
. I s" !
Resolved . , That wo believe it to be |
imperative duty to pivo to Gon-l YY
Chester ( A. Arthur the samel
feeling f and support 'tis was ox- |
to our much lamented prcsi- |
, James A. Gariield. J. F. fll. Oet L ,
diplomas or premiums awarded , bet.
the universal verdict of the pee
that the WHITE is the boat ma- POIt
on exhibition , The work doiu ta ICth S ,
the ; samples shown wcro wonder
and to hear the exclamations ol POK
hundreds of ladies , "I have u White nd
would not exchange it for any W.M.
an et
inado , " was very gratifying
exhibitors. - FOlt
" \ Wiiito has the largest Kale , trccU.
the boat satisfaction , nnd is the FOIl
„ ( soiling machine inado. We
invite everybody to examine POIt
White before buyinjj , as wt
uarantco perfect satisfaction in all
Soliciting n lar o sliaro of youi I71OK
and thanking you for past 1 313fan ;
, I am
Respectfully yours , OIl
JOHN XKIIHUNO , Srtitt. on
and retail dealers in White
machines , Omaha , Neb. I7IOU 1 } fur
IX )
Not at All Greedy-
person , probably a boy , forced I ?
basement ) window in JCunnardIro.'s |
Btoro Tuesday night and gaining 1 ITIOU *
onttunco inado liis way up stairs. & Son ,
ho forced open the money
and extracted about 91.50 in EUW ; 1
chixngo. TJiero was in the of KIIANK
at the time besides thin money
$5 worth of ntumiw , but these 7710
left 1 untouched , Not : i single I'IHI. . uorli
article i in the store was stolen.
Gnrflcld Meraorinl Committee-
The eommitteo on the memorial
icrvicea fo bo hold 'nJ ' ho Academy ofl
Music Monday next did not meet ins
ovoninsc us expected. A meeting
called for to-nnjht nt GMI. Mnndor-8
ion's ofilco. Preparations are uoinfjjjp
made for appropriately elaborate ccro-lj
ni'inies of the most solemn clmr.ictor.Hp.
The Omaha glco club are preparingJ
3omo especially beautiful music. Thta
\crtdemy will bo draped and fcstooiicdH ,
both ' the stage and auditorium beingKj
.VOTlCE-Ailicrtlscmeni To Loin , KorS\lo [
r.oit , Found. Wants , Moinllnp. ic. , Mill lie In I
itteil In llicso columns once for TEN CUXTil
, > cr line ; each siilxcqticnt Insertion , FIVHCKNT ! I
lino. Tlio flmt Insertion no ct lens that
MOX1JY TO LOAX-cirknon 4 Hunt , 2IS S
14th Street.
. „ OXr.VTO I.OAN-l'all at UwOIIkoof I )
L > L I' . Thonm lioomR. Urdu-Moil lllrxk.
To natfiomSto10.rrtiiit |
on KOOI ! rral ettatcsccnrlty. Ij
1)11. ISAAC IHtt'AlIS ! , IIO'J farnham St.
O l.tAft--At )
- - 8 tier ccnlln
tcrost In euim of $ , f,00 J
ipnariU , for 3 to 6 yoin. on * city ntic ) ,
MH ) property. IIKUIS UKM I TATK and IA
\opAcr. ICth ami Itoustlsti SK 3
I'rAMKU Torc it cicely furnished roomsSj
V Inn prh afo residciic-c , convenient to tnciiC
AdJrcsi U. S. Kiiclnccri , Ceo olllco 2j 3 ! > V
\ \7 AN'Tr.U One lui-Roor tuo uiciliuiii i
roonii mltablo for ollice. Hooin 'tli ' uorthW
Ulit jucfcrrcd. AtUicxs 17. F. Uigiticcr * , ll eT
Illoc , 22-ln
WAM'KU Uojnkrd at 1403 L'ft.s St.
WAXT ; : - O or throu day boinlan hi
Jirlv Inquire 1U09 li\onpott |
W ANTKD An ixpcilcncci ! nnd trusty
for general liouscuorK , small family ; ISls
cr St. 65 21
AKTCD-Womin ; cook. To a
Vy io BioilHaye * will bu paid. Call nt N.
E- corner loth and lacnport. . f-a-2r
WANTED Four peed coat nnd pants mak-
crs ; must lu flrat-tla < 3 Arply nt 017i N.D
Iflth Sl . , bet. California and Webster
WANTKD i Fur sewer * , at Winter's , Opp.B--
rostonu-e. 1021 Op
WANTED-A girl , 14 f 10 Iiolp tel (
do houiework , B0g 15th St. , liol. Callfor-T
nla oml Wcl > atcr. <
WANTED A api.rentlco boy , about 18 j carsB
old. Apply ai thu Kxcclaior JlachliicT
Works. 60-tl
WANTED CarpentTj to build 25 cottascf on
contract. HOQliS&HlM72 < r
WANTED-ilanufactiuJne concern wants
buslnes < man In Onml.i. and In every cit.v i )
notnlrcaJy taktn ) . A fch hi'ndrcd riollaro ne
cs aryto jiay for jrnodioiidell Trynfto' orderfJ
tn\o been secured tor tlio suiie ; 8150 | ) er niontliB
profit iruarantccd. Tnc inoit he\rehitifr Invcsti
K-atlon solicited. A.S. AltNOLD & CO. , 12)33 !
Uroadwaj , Now York. ec21 t
W ASTED Good serena girl at ISIS Chlca-fo
street. 44-tf
WANTED- to do pcncral housework inS
family of tlircc ; no children. Waures $1 OCf
icrwek. Apply ISIS Doughs St. 43-22 * B
VXTANTED-A ( 'Ood plrl about 15 , to assist i
VY a store , il list come with good rcfercncc. |
Address Merthants , City. 39-tf
TyANTr-D-IIouBekcercr. 1109 Far'nSam St.,1
upstairs. 3tf '
'ANTED-Good second clrl at southwcstL .
corner ' 10th nnd Hurt St. 35-tt Bliicred
WANTED Situation by y " 'nj. man
to work at any respectable b \ \
A. , IlceoUco. VV
WANTED First-class barber , will guurantee !
fifteen dollars per Meek , 218 South 13thl
, bet. Farnhani and Douglas. 27-21 * W
\T7"ANTCI > A steady , competent girl for sec I
end uorK ; wngcsfrl perwceK , 3IHS. A
' 1'LL.TON. 25 21 W
wv Dliilns room plrl at Keinekc'ii !
Itcstau'ant , Utli and Jackson Sts. lil-ilj w
ANTED U'onnn cook at t c I > mct
House. 33 tf YV
WANTED Situation by a joimjf iran
store. Enquire at the Intelligence olHcera\V
St. , bet. Farnlmuiuiidllarncy. 50-21 Hold
ANTED-GIrl nt 100 North ICth
V opposite J. J. frov.n. MltS. J. JI. COUNS , \
. 070-tf [ com
ANTED A boy at Peterson's Clothing
Btorc , k04 S. 'Icnth St. A German prefer-
Mubtghe K < X I reference. OsK tf
a cither
ANlUD-Girl at 20 Dodfc'o itrcct. U
WANTfiO liinlng room gill , at the Doran CALIj
Huusu , opposite lice ottl.o. 074-tf ( | road
( tlO.OO
TT7"ANTED Itmpcctalilo employment by hus intied
baud and ife Address 1' . 1' . C , , lice Of
77-tf \Y
" ANTKD-Hv M. W. llarttcan , iiroprlctor o !
the llissourl Valley Holler \VorkH , Omaha box
, four IIrat class bollcr-makcm. No olher
apply. Jkst wasea i did. M. W. IIAK'II To
. 055.M
'ANTED To rent , by a ntnly married The
coiiole before Nov. 1st , a small tottaco tot
' * ' located , Address Uo in 14 , frelghton houses
\7ANTKD-fllrl at 1133 North IBth St. , 4th furnish
house ' north of brid/c. II. 11. IlllOOSI. 4c. ,
M8-tf threshold
; ers ,
\T7"ANTED Tno experienced cooks , six Iicfp shafting
, raand thirty tablu\\altcrn , durlnjfcck dow
fair. Enquire of I ) . T. MOUNT , chilis
tf ! < ] . ' Karnham bt. liouscs
VTirANTED Funding brldifn and school bonds. t arlcty.
U' f- Clark , lielleuic. SO-tf
T710UHEXT New cottage , 0 roomr ; Hamilton
St. , 2 blocks from Hr.ct cnr. Tovruiloii ED
1. f 20 a month lu advance. A , C , WAKE UAOIS'
43-2J T10NAI
1011IIEHT Two furuinhud rooms , No. I01V spirits
IliirtutJCft. 03-23' and
HK.NT A new cottac ° Hl ! tlirce rooms , satisfaction
Jntt flnUhed. Inquire on premises , DOth Ht. ,
Fariibam and Douglas. 0 tl
ItLNT Good home , 10 roomi ami COO
\\orthol fnriilturo Ilicro In far kilo Applj
T , Vetcnon , Estate Agent , h. E. Cor.
and Douglas St. OS4-tf
Ill-NT Jutt flnUhedtno flrst-clasi two
story lirhk houses , 8 and 0 rooms , stable
cemented cellars ; $40 mouth ) ' In advance.
11USHMAN , S. E. corner J&th and Doug
* . '
_ _
RENT C furnljliud rooma over Moj
clwu H'Ejct ban iru , N.E. ccr. lOlhand Dodgt
. 289-tf
IlENT-Onu room with board , 1E03 Call
foriiln etrecl. 7J5-tf
HENT Elegantfurnlthed rooms. Huitton
nl/Iu prices , brick house , 2013Con * St. C23 tl
< ? OR SALE.
RAI.K HousclioMooJl ( In flnt'class
rondltiun , cheap. Apply to L , II. ( Ireen ,
M. 48-2i *
KENT Two cottages , four rooms each ,
romtcenth ttrcct , Kiiijulro of Thou
_ -10-tI
ItllST 3 furnished orunfurnUhed room
hoii'ekecplii , , ' , 3 blocks from.po t olllec ;
North Iftth street. 42-22
OItSAI.K Agoo.1 hone. 'Iiiqulru atcu
York Hat Co. , 1003 Kari.lmu bt. 2S ! ! 1
HAI.K 1 flr t-clasj ralilnct nr ati. > crj
cheap ; nearly new , Inquire Milton Itogern
Utli and Kurnham St. : < 0 tf
HAI.E-Alwnt 300 inble jards of dltt ,
outhe.vt corner 20th and Cuni'iur. Inqu TO Made
SASdritOJI , J10 north lUtti strict. arpatlon
OOJ-tf uiurlous
1th out
HAI.K Tour acren ol land near water ; eillblo
* rrsvnolr , alw > two cottagva on Capitol
Add. ANI > KEWlUBVINtii30 ; < ) i > oUKlas tit
M 5 t'
A lirsc , commpdlou , now , twi > .
IB'f utor.vhome nlth well ; ( rood lota-Ion , near
uBrcrTii ' , full lot Itli trce , well , iMcrn. etc.
rerun rcnsonaVlc. Kniiilro | of I' . W. Ioc ! , lilnif
tit. it bit. Uliltrlciniiil Scward Sta. P27-2 .
| > i
03-l ( ron.
. . .
IfilOIl | SA'.E A wiill cnelno , aV. . Payne k
| L Hon milo. In perfect osdcr. InqulraofH.
" *
- - '
n- ; k Co ,
H IjlOll SAI.l' A * of
iun ponlc , IIUDTJ' ftnd hj\r-
JL iirsi ; biurcy ixniost new. Apply nt iho
| Caledonian _ Saloon , U. V. block , IClli ! > t. 704-tt
SF iOI ' ! SAI.B Lcaic and lurnltiiroof n 'Irst-ehgi '
hotel In n townoI 1JOO Inhabit/Hits , In Mate
J if NcbranU ; hii 24 bciN ; thfl trai cllna men's rc-
| rt. Inquire ntllKKoHko. SIS-tf
aBTTIOn 8AI.B of
Map Donjln and Ssrity ifluc-
jJJ tics. A. IIOSKWATKitwir.20Farnh mi.trcc j
Foil yAW -Kcat hou o and full lot , 12 Mock
from I' . 0. at fl)00. ) Jous I , . MCUACHIR ,
_ ? I2-tf Oj pl'ostomce. . _
FOIl SAM : I'lno ftoek fanu of 400 acres
' food Iioliie , cntllo licd , orchard ic. , with
n , ray reach of nllro d. Price , S4.,00 , par
i line . at 0 % . JOHN L. McCAQUK , Opn Post
AMI. . . ! .
JO.Mlio. litf
FOlt SALK Neat ( rood let nl
$ iibo. JOHN i * jicOAaui : Oj.p. v. o.
JirOtfria AND LAND llemis rent * hound ,
IIJI ntorcSy hotels , farir ota , land ? , olllccs
j.-ooing , etc1 , Sou Ut liayc
.I OIlSAr.E Good home \Utli four roomi nnd
jl1 hilf lot , Ko. L'J13 l)0l-e botuccn 3tli nnd
! 7tli strctt , Ooud ncll iind uliidu trcci ; house In
tvo < \ condition. Imjulro an premise * . ' 'il-tf
rTilllKEI.l.AS And llineois n-ieurLU by M.
U SCIILTT llth and Fnriiamsts. 7M
iiitn , nrcti't and Latin. I'rJt. Hunry W
ttMcck , 1207 Jaokson f.'t. ! > 00-of8
BAI.KI ) HAY At A. II. Jtiiider'n Feed Store ,
101J Harney St. sllMf
TTIfllNISlli : ! ) HOOMS-ncasoniblo mtcf nl
IJ 1717 Cunil.ien , bet. 17th nul Itth ttrcu - .
OUl tf
1 } . Eliza tells | , | resent and future In lore
ind all aHair-i. She rei oati the deepest secrets of
ho heart , bho pos siet tlic inafjiicllc iioncr to
fulfill nil > our H Wics Call nt No. 32. ! lorncr ICth
171INE HOUSi:1fO : KENT JJ0tp rt ot the city.
JJ 10 rooms , bath-ronm , watcr-tlosct. i-a fur
e , Ac. N. fthelton , 1513 FnrnhnmSt. 15-23
OMAHA IJIItD S rOUE Has for rale n1 !
of Foreign nnd Dnnicstlc lllrdi , also llinl
Knmiery Koods , at 10J South 10th St. , between
DouglarnnJ Dodge. nug20-3m.
- . , . , .
IROI'OSAM FOH HAY Hid ) will bo received
by tne imdcrsigncd until noon , S plo ber
(6th , 18S1 , for 20 tons of bay , to bo dcll\trcd to
ibo.Mall Carriers of the O.inhn po9tolllcc , the
ald h\v to bo blue stem , middling crarso nnd of
o > cry best quality. JOSEPH JIICIIEAI , ,
SeptlO-U2tiw > l 2t. Omaha 1'ostolllcc.
EillS hasratlllni ; Ion''Ii t9 of housca. lots
1 lands niid farms for sale Call ntid get
CALL A'i MH . I ! . K. CLAHKirs No. J
ln HOUDU , cor. 13th and Dodge Sts. Heat
the city. filO-tf
BE UEAUESTATE BOOM. bie 1st pago.
DEMIS1 NEW CITY MAl'S,2Sc.-See 1st paf o.
CIAKKX UP A ruil cow. Owner can hxo the
eanir b > pro\inx property olid lujlnif
hargci. FKANOJS UOBUI.NS , Saundcra and
Ciraio St . au21-cv wcdSt
l t poee.
WANTED E\crjbodv In Council HIufTs Io
. to take THK bEF , 20 cents per
Ihcred Iiy carriers. OHice corner ilroadway ixnd
, up ttalrs , Council JllulTa. B ( > 2-tt
\\rANTED-To buy 100 tons ( broom corn.
I'or particulars address Council liludd
Broom Factory , Council Bluffs , Iowa. 65S 20tf
ANTED A coed carpenter at onco. Ap
ply .M\ niter & Adam ? , Council Dlnffu.
ANTED A llret-flass broom tier. Mayno
Si Co. , Council Bluffs , Ioua. SCO SO *
'ANTED A boy to do chores at Jljnstorn
fishery , Council Uluff-i. Ofll-23 *
ITTANTED Good girl for penc
Alaiia Mynstcr , Council Dluffj. CC2 tf
A situation by a flrat-claas miller.
Had i 0 ] cirs experience. Undcntands
and now precedes. Slicaki Liili-li ! and
Jcrnian and aoiualntcclltli ttcnm and water
iiwcra. Can gl o the best of reference. Will
omcon trial at nny time. Address II. S , liox
, Council DlulTs , Ia. 60 23
WANTED I ) ! " accntlcman of experience nnd
Im ln s hablt-ip.i jiosition with a firm ,
as clerk or t tnneX Ho trcnce given. I.
U'AUKINS , Council lllufls. 012-29
on or address t'otlcr A I'ulnicr , 40 South
6th . btrcct Council Bluffs , ' Iowa , for rail-
tickets east , west , noithnndeoiith. Chicago
Hound tripS1D.OO E crv tlcUt guar-
, and tickets bouulit , sold and exchanged
WANTED Two experience ! book solicitors
for Colorado and Utah. AUdrcsn P. O.
121 , Council Bluffs. Io a. POO 21"
Contractors , Builders and
Property Owners.
undeiel ncd hiIng been apjKjIntcd agent
the extensive Iron and \\iro manufacturing
of U. T. Darnuni , of Detroit , and the
Iron Foundry and Works at Toledo ,
, capacity : of M tons dally , Is prcj-nrcd to
lih estimates and prices for Iron tolumns ,
Ac. , for etoro fronts , window caps and ellls ,
jilatcs. wrought Iron beams and gird
hjdraullc cicvatore , staple fittings , < iiullevs ,
, ic. ; also iron fences , cresting , win
guards , shutter * . Etalrii , lialconks , eettccs ,
, lajcs , auiiarium | | fountains , summer
, law n , garden and cemetery ornaments ,
stands , gra\osuanls , &c.&e. . In endlcu
. Cuuuoxucs supplied on application.
HtNHY II. llAUIty ,
Manufacturers' Agent , 22 Pearl street.
augIO-lm tno Council llluffs , Ioif '
TIO.VALlhT , 403Tenth Streetbetucea Farnham
inJIIa-ncy. Will , vtth the aid of guardian
, obtain for any ono a glance at tlm pott
present , and on certain conditions In the fu
Hoots and Shoes made to order. I'crfect
guaranteed. au20-lra
Absolutely Pure.
from Grape Cream Tartar , No other
make * such light , flaky hot breads.
iiastry. Can IHI eaten by Di ] > pUfl
fear of the ills remltlng from hcav y Indl
food. Hold only In cans , by all Grocer *
0. F. Goodman. * .