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Address Delivered at the No-
brnska State Fair.
A Rousing Spoooli On the Iitrln
IMUO * of the Day.
At tlio instance of Ilio mnnnqors
U. S. Senator Vnii Wyck on Wctlnos
day delivered the following nddrossn
the f.iir grounds in tliia city :
Thli should be not so much th
fanner's lioliilay , but rather the oc
occasion for conference ns to tin
manner of improviiit1 nil the imlua
trios of the land because only throng ]
tlio dovclopincnt of nil and the prosperity -
pority of oacli Is his own prosperity
secured. Not only to reason togotlt
or ivbsut the system of husbandry , fo
ho must learn that the best is tin
only kind which will bo found profit
able ; that weuda and corn cannot grow
on the satno soil during the satno mm
on ; that 100 .acres producing fiObush
cla pur ncro is fnr bettor than L'OO
acres producing 30 bushels per aero ,
That wheat in a largo portion of the
state should not bo grown boyoiu
homo supply , the uncertainty of the
crop and the largo outlay for necessa
ry imcliitioty leaving but little to the
producer. That the best grade of
stock on the farm and in the market
is that which is host cared for. The
severe winter and the equally severe
Bummer is teaching rather severely
the lessen , that cattle cannot subsist
without feed , and that less food wil
bo necessary \vhoro sheltered from
the allows nnd winds of winter. And
while discussing the treatment , feeding
ing , watering and salting the herds
nnd flocks , the growing wealth of this
growing state , it will not bo amiss to
know the mode of watering ether
stocks and salting mines with miner
als where none uxist. Every year ia
bearing its testimony to the truths of
the thousands gone before , that there
is no true excellence without labor ,
oitho'rin the field , the arts and sciences ,
the forum , tlio bench , or the pulpit.
That no addition is tnado to the actual
wealth of the world except by the
labor of hnnds. No pyramids in the
deserts , no cities on the plains nnd by
the sea , no mountains tunneled , no vnl-
loya filled , no aqueducts , no canals ,
no railroads , except by the toil of
muscle and norvo.
Goniua nnd brain have often come
to relieve much of the drudgery ; the
screw , the lover , the wedge , were the
first and simplest. Then tjtoam , elec
tricity , the printing press , the sowing
machine , and the thousands of con
trivances whereby labor is lessened
and often made pleasant. Yet , the
inventions of the past and present are
of no avail without the toil nnd weari
ness of laboring hands around and be
hind them.
Beyond all thoao matters of hus
bandry , stock-raising , machinery und
toil , are other questions equally im
portant and affecting the material in
terests of the farmer. I know many
are horrified at the thought of passing
beyond what they would like to make
the dead line botwcon labor in all its
ramifications and the privileges of
special interests acquired by charter
, or combination ; but many of the latter
have become BO grayling nnd njjgrt'ri-
flfvo _ thnt _ naif-protection forces the
cousidor.ition with the viaw of secur
ing justice to the comparative few , and :
equal justice to the toiling multitude.
If wo were only allowed to ascer
tain what county and whoso farm
made the greatest yield , whoao oroam- }
ory or dairy produced tlio best butter
and choose , which grade of cattle or (
Bwmo made most meat from an equal
quantity of grain , nnd by wny of
moral diversion , which horse , for no
sort of use to the horse or its
owner , could bo forced into the
greatest speed , or bo amused
with a balloon of huge proportions
demonstrating the folly and possibly
the injury and death of only ono man ,
while the balloons of conservative in
flationists , with pockets full of tracts ,
on stable currency ; yet hands pump
ing and mouths full of material to fill
balloons which impair the prosperity
of the nation. If this were the extent
of your mission then the chapter
might be brief , but the productions of
America are so extensive in the num
ber of persons engaged therein the
vast business interests they support ,
the nations of the old world tho/ are
helping to food , that it becomes im
portant wo should widen the vision.
Consider , at least , all matters con
nected with and depending upon agri
culture ,
Vast as nro the railroad interests
representing millions multiplied by
millions , aggregating moro than one-
eighth of the wealth of the nation ,
yet their real prosperity is dependent
upon the products of the soil. The
prospect of bountiful crops gives lifo
to their business , elevates stock. The
bull of Wall Btroot , borrowing tlio
name of tno lender of the herd , tosses
his head nnd booms , while tlio grass
hopper and chinch bug and drouth are
watched with solicitude , nnd their
coming depresses , only enlivening the
sluggish , torpid boar , nlso of Wall
street , who is hoping for crash nnd reverse -
verso that ho mar grow fat.
So , too , with the manufacturers and
merchants , bountiful harvests moan
nn increased demand anductivity in all
This nation has tided over its
greatest financial * difliculty nnd
achieved its greatest financial
victory , and resumption niado possi
ble pnly because our surplus produc
tions , needed abroad , called coin and ;
bullion from nearly all the nations of
Europe. From this stand point how
plain that there is necessarily no con
flict and should bo no antagonisms-
between any branch of labor nnd between -
twoon capital und labor. Although
this ia too often only sentiment and
after duo exhortation , the fact is :
apparent that from the natural bolig-
erenoy of. mankind the time for the
lying down of the lion and the lamb ,
or the bulls and the bears exists moro
Jn hope than realization.
From the early times this has boon
a vast huckstering , trnficking world ,
with individuals nnd nations each
Booking advancement nt the expense : >
of the othor. In tradn this has boon [
called competition ; in gorormontal :
affairs , ambition.
Jacob did it when ho watered stock ,
nnd to deceive Labun , hU father-in-
law , placed whoop-poles Jn die uuttora :
of the watering trmi li. So did I'ha-
aoh and Joseph when they sold corn at
famine prices in Egypt. From the
days of Cain nn apology for defraud
ing or over-reaching is over found in
the Hearties ? nnd criminal inquiry ,
"Am I my brother's keeper ? "
Siiico nations have been breaking
down the Chinese wall , which thorn-
sclvea had made in the guise of high
tnriff , and exchanging moro liberally
the productions of each , it bccomea
moro nenesiary to fitudy the changed
conditions ol trade nnd commerce.
Now channel ? and now industries
necessitate lien * modes of thought.
As well retain the tinder box , the
Hint lock , the battering ram as the
dogmas of political economists ot the
past century.
Tlio world luu advanced na much in
currency and finance ni in production
ind transportation.
An well cross the ocean by nail and
wind ni to insist that gold can bo the
imly circulating medium.
A century ago in transportation and
currency no otner factors were known ,
but the world's progress lias given amore
moro active power to propel and i
moro convenient medium of exchange
Natural philosophy may not change
now principles may bo evolved , bu' '
gravitation , light , lieat , the movcmon
of the heavenly bodies remain th
same ns in the ngo of Galileo , bu
political economy based upon and rep
resenting the most approved thcoriei
of the times when written , inns
change ns nations develop and ad
vance , and keep abreast of progress ii
manufactures , trade nnd commerce
The great economic writers of othc :
days should be gratefully remembered
but if living to-day many of their
would modify their own theories.
Wo should benefit by the change :
of our national experience.
A few years ago , in the flush
prosperity , when legal tenders wor
basis of currency , when its volunv
rathur than character made all indus
tries active nnd profitable , man.
prophesied disaster , which was a safi
thing to do , nnd tnndo paper mono }
the caus , nnd the only remedy a coii :
Jn duo time wo reached that point
soon Citmo another wild mania foi
speculation. The same conservative
philoauhcrs who had denounced papoi
money next said wo had too imicl
coin , whoii it was flowim. ' back upon
ua like the tide in exchange for the
cattle nnd grain of the west.
Then the same financial philoso
pliers , in order to inaugurate
another panic from which they
might increase their gains , insist that
money is op abundant , and silver
must bo eliminated from thocuironcy.
This was the same struggle of the few
against the many.
Then a portion of the press , con
troled in trade centers by the money
intercut , denounced the masses as sil
ver lunatics and denounced the silver
crazo. Congress stood firm and BUB
bined the people over the veto of a too
willing president.
Wo were assured in the raid ngninst
legal tenders that a hard money basis
tvould repress the spirit of gambling
md speculation , yet this nation never
witnesaed such dangerous criminal
xnd law violating speculation na since
1'lioae uamo philosophers who iuT-
nuno all knowledge and wisdom in fi
nancial _ concerns in their bankers'
convention , n few weeks ago , admit
ted thnt a largo hroportion of the bus
iness of the country , probably nine-
eon-twentieths , wna based upon pa-
ier nnd upon credit. When paper
ivaa based upon the credit and faith
if a nation of 00,000,000 people ,
Jieso men were instant in season and
ut of season prophesying evil. Now ,
ivhou it is based * upon tlio credit ot
peculators who , in a few years , or
months , may bo bankrupt , the air is
not BO full of warnings from that
iourco and the sentinels on the watch
towers are not prophets of disasters.
Very many of those financial phil-
3sophors , who often seek to put off
their notions ns embodiments of pat
riotism , nro loaning millions upon col
laterals of stocks and bonds ,
which thpy know nt the first
approach of danger will bo worthless
inftiiy of them fraudulently issued and
in violation of law , known to bo swin
dling , designing schemes to entrap
victims , which will prove a fraud upon
the banks and n still greater fraud
upon the masses.
The bankers are helping this dan-
porous inflation they are furnishing
the light air to blow those bubbles.
Without their aid the victims could
not obtain money for margins , and
without their assistance the Bchomcrs
who build now roads or rehabilitate
bankrupt ones with the open , notorious
rious intention to defraud by placing
two and often four dollars in stocks
and bonds on the market for every
dollar really expended , could not float
their worthless paper. *
Much indignation is manifested at
the same system in adulterating other
articles by making greasy oleomargo-
rino and calling it butter ; by mixing
glucose and white earth in sugar ; u
moderate sprinkling of corn juice in
boor , or water , sometimes strychnine ,
in whisky ; but the adulteration of
tiocla and bonds fourfold the vnluu of
the property , excites no alarm in the
minds of conservative bankers , or nt
least not to the extent of withholding
loans , thereby preventing this mad
career of villainy.
Thus wo BOO how important that
each industry should understand nnd
watch the other. Why not ? Who
ire more interested in n sound cur
rency and a stable credit than the
toilura on the land toilers every
where toilers in thoworksliops oilurs
m the prairioa ? When the crash
omci ! labor is injured and pow
erless to protect itself ,
The gruntncss of its numbers is n
louroo of weakness , The banking in
terest can easily assemble in national
jonyention nnd net in concert for a
iommon purpose. The great railroads ]
an bo represented in the smallest
mrlor nt Saratoga , HO few in numbers
ire the controling spirits. When {
jank or railroad presidents moot in
ionvention no outside interest at-
cinpta to checkmate their movements ,
tfo Jeremy Diddlors bold enough to
took to wool the oyoa of tlicao Bohoin- ;
ira. Who would hope that a national .
onvonlion of producers would uecom-
lish any practical benefit when a
ounty nnd stateorganization is sought ;
to bo controlled in other interests and
real antagonism to their own ?
If finance in n legitimate question to
bo considered , BO ia the moro imnor-
ant ono of transportation. All hu >
nan power , whether of wealth or of
itate , will bo exorcised at times arbi.
trarily. All people recognising thla
fact have restrained by law the nvnr-
ice , the greed and cruelty of money.
Tlio usurer has always been denounc
ed. The class of Shylocka with keen
acont for blood money , always descant
about the vahto of property , that
money like other property should rcg-
ulato their rate of interest
by supply nnd demand. In na-
sumcd superiority they deny the com
mon mind the right to discuss or even
consider so obtniso a nubiect ns
finance. They claim that shouldbo left
to the men who make it n lifo study.
So unrelenting nnd overbearing ia
the cent percent , that the usury laws
are fieqliontly violated , iron will
take the chance1) of the penalty , just
us Urn pirate on the ocean and the
smuggler in port.
Tulle about antagonism of capital
nnd labor ; talk about striken nnd com
munism. Docs the pulpit nnd press
ring out ita fearful anathemas upon
capital setting lawa nt defiance in ita
unholy greed to take the pound of
llcah , and if not held by the throat
would willingly take the drop of blood ?
The danger ia not that the farm era
and laborers will know too much in
problems of government. If the
masses are ignoranton these questions ,
that ignorance is a crime , and there
'a the danger.
Hero ia your mistake. You give
too little attention to finance , to trans
portation nnd politics. Give thoao
natters thought. Save n little time
from the plow and field to ntudy.
Keep your clijldron'in school. Don't
aond thorn with the herd as Boon na
.hoy can straddle the pony , or put
them to the plow ns BOOH ns they can
roach the handles. If you do , ether
interests will gut the hotter of you.
The struggle of this ngo is not with
nuaclo , oven on the field requir
ing muscle. You must have the brains
ns well aa the brawn.
You are educating the soil into' i
moro generous harvests ; you hnvo im
proved the grade of cattle ; oven
rounded out the form of the hog until
't is exciting the diplomatists of nil
iivilizod countries. Now do ns much
or yourself nnd children. Jftlurn-
, ion will give you better crops , bettor
lords , bettor markets , and in the
struggle with men who live nlono by ,
the brain , you can moot , if not on nn
oqunl field , at least not to n disadvan
Wo know the difficulties in the way
of education are somewhat npalling.
The father muat toil from early morn
to night , fall to procure broad for the
little ones , nnd then the little ones ;
must toil to help got money to pay
interest to save the homestead , to appease - :
pease the tax-gatherer.
Will you then tell mo. it ia wrong
for the state to interpose nnd protect
the tolling helpless laborer ? that it ;
shall insist that.inonoy , that corporate
wealth , thnt banks , that railroads ,
that telegraph lines shall pay their
just nnd full share of the taxea. Will
you toll mo that the stnto should not
compel the usurer to bo satisfied with
the legal rate of interest ? thnt rail
roads and telegraph companies should
not double and quadruple the stock
and bonds of ita roads und then insist
upon dividends for ita watered stock
and bonds.
Of late some railroad magnates ,
while denying or attempting to ignore
jhis species of legislation , no olnrft ring -
ing for national interference to pro
tect 0110 class of operators from the
shark-like propensity of another. It
scorns there ia much of human kind
in stock operators , the habit of de ;
vouring grows , after crunching nil
victims withing reach , they sometimes
turn nnd rend each othor. Some of
the lamb-like creatures desire con
gress to interfere and prevent their
destruction by the ravenous beasts >
that ( ok in the fold , claiming that no
obligfpns of honesty or honor can
hold awso men to n pool they have
voluntarily joined , nnd they demand )
thnt the occaaional outbreak of
competition merely for gambling pur i
noses shall bo throttled by congress.
This position is nt least n concession | ( V >
of the power of the people to regulate
and control. Thus the world mores.
Wo rojpico in the indication of lioal-
thy action from the moral standpoint.
The most wonderful stock operator
of the ago , Jay Gould , obtained not
long since a sprinkle of religion. It
was a strange , weird place to obtain
that commodity down in Missouri ,
at Kansas City. Kansas accounts for >
it that ho was so near the line of that
state , and the holy influences lapped
Missouri. Ho seemed then to bo re >
nouncing the allurements of Wall
street when ho said ho had already se
cured of wealth money enough to f
satisfy nil his reasonable wants ; that
his family was small and ha had suf
ficient for their maintenance ; that
henceforth ho would own , stock , and
bond , railroads purely for the
food of the country and love of the
pooplo. But ulas the return to Wall
street was too demoralizing. Ho fell >
from grace and wont on watering o
stocks moro vigorously than before. L
i'lion that other wonderful opera
tor , Vimdorbilt , when ho was away
from the gambling dons of Now York
City ho , too , had n twinge of con
science and Boomed reaching for the
anxious sent. Not so strange in his
rase , us ho could moro fully realize
the ileetncss of lifo when ho saw paWj
Mtutd ileetly dashing around the I Wj
track ; then away from the bulls nnd al
bears ho could enjoy tlio moro sooth '
iing society of horsomon. Possibly
the tranquil and sacred influences of CO
Chicago had a happy ofiect in eleva inj
ting the thoughts and heart sufliciont- an 1.0 .
ly long and high to bewail the wicked lei
ness of the ago when ho proclaimed 10 )
that the rockleasness and villainy of
the day in issuing stocks and bonds
was unparalleled that no road was
aver built or reorganized that did not ov
fraudulently issue four times the cost Bti
f its construction. de
Vandurbilt has returned to the east , du
but there is no record whether ho has 08 !
ono back to the abominations ho do- , sh
louncod. St (
But the good work goes on. The shan
Herald of Omaha , from which I am
ilways proud to quote. ( Has not our th
oodfriond Dr. Miller always insisted thwe
.hut it was the only religious paper in
by f
ho west ) has proclaimed the
irosont railroad building making
ho republic ono vnst credit mobllior , BTJB
by n construction company. An in- B
udo ring of the inoorporators contract BTJE
ivith themselves to defraud the future E
iwnors of the roados well as the pub ;
ic. That a now telegraph line was
irganized and a contract made with
Jicmeolvcs for construction at ? 300 Ejt
per mile , \ \ hen the nclual coat could
not exceed 8100 ,
The Herald asks what is "tho mat
ter , " nnd answeis "that the line is
built by subscriptions to capital stock ,
and the greater the coit the wider the
margin for stock opcmtions. "
The llcr.ild truthfully adds , "It
will surprise n great many people to
learn that some of the Inrgest railway
projects in tlio country hnvo been un
dertaken and carried to completion
without the expenditure of n dollar
of their own money by the oiigiunl
projectors nnd largust owners. This
ia done by stocking nnd bonding the
concern , to double the cost of con
struction , possibly thrco times the
cost. "
Speaking of CJould , the Herald says
among his wondoiful nchiovomenta
"Ilo purchased the Missouri Pacific
for ? rj,060,000. To realize handsome
ly on this venture ho issues $30,000- ,
000 worth of slock , § 25,000,000 of
which waa water. "
At another time , the Herald saya ,
"Tho Pullman I'nlaco Car company
hns-wmefod its stock $2.000,000 , , but
kcopa the price of bunks up just the
same. "
When these facts are boldly stated
by those who claim to know , I trust
wo may bo pardoned for an occasional
allusion , nnd that no taunn of hay
seed and demagogue may bo hurled nt
those who nro inclined to repeat the
same.With nil this evidence , will it bo
claimed that the state should not in
terpose to protect , not the gamblers
who are willing to buy and aoll worth
less stocks nnd bonds , but the peoplo.
There hna been added in valueless
stocks nnd bonds moro than the na
tional debt , on which is paid n greater
rate of interest.
It is always safe to do right. When
it was proposed by the Nebraska leg
islature i of 1878 to reduce the rate of
interest from 12 to 10 per cent. , the
representatives of the money interest
protested that loanable capital would
bo forced from the state , 1m t tlio legis
lature boldly acted , reduced the rate
nnd money came moro freely than bo-
foro. So in 1880 n bill was
introduced affecting slightly railroad
management , BO just that many of
the special advocates of railroad
interests voted for the measure
so equitably as to provoke no adverse
criticism , except it was suggested that
if any railroad legislation were had
no moro roads would bo built and
iafltorn capital bo banished. How
liflercnt the result. Never so many
niles built nnd projected ns during
no last year.
A fair , manly course on the part of
ho people and the legislature has in-
ipircd confidence on the part of oast-
irn operators. They know that a
itnto which has the manhood
o do justice by ita own
People , to capital and labor
equally , is a safe place to make invest-
nents whether in railroads , hotels ,
Manufactures or real estate. No in-
orest should bo BO gcneroua nnd con-
idorato to the people , for none had
icon BO aided. The nation , the
tatos , counties nnd precincts , hav.o
lonatcd in land subsidies , and money
ivon mortgaging the future , for gen-
iratious to till the treasuries of nul-
oad corporations.
The world has made progress in
nero liberal interchange of the pro-
luctwfia\ MilForotit nations nnd
mr own' notions in regard to
arid' must bo somewhat modified
n d the wise sayings of economic
rriters of a past ngo will not apply.
'ho old cry about competing with
laupqr labor in Eurouo , und that wo
hould have a market for our produce
irhoro our goods are manufactured
annot any longer strengthen the do-
nand for high tariff , because the ports
f the old world nro substantially
pen , and wo are feeding English
perativcs , nnd the price of our meats
tid grain ia fixed , not at New York
ut at Liverpool.
The great portion of tlio American
looplo bollovo in a judicious tariff ,
nit such modifications are demanded
s will accord with the changed and
ibaral advance of other nations. The
ights of the masses nro recognized in
England , why not in Amor-
cat Her people demanded
heap bread , and the obnoxious
orn laws were repealed. It is claim-
d wo can compote with foreign man-
ifacturea , then why so much tariff ?
lenator Miller , of Now York , with
few others enjoying by a tariff the
monopoly of wood pulp in inanu-
icturing paper says that ho can com-
oto with foroicrn paper. Then why a
arifT ? Ho also says ho can success-
uliy compote with England in Brazil ,
the government will subsidize a
tcnmship line and carry his gooda at .
mall cost. Can any ono to-day assert
rith reason that the present
Miff should bo continued on lumber '
hutting us out from tho' Canadian
Drests , The owners of our pineries
ave already bccomo millionaires.
ur pineries need no protection ; not
much as the farmers of Nebraska.
few weeks ago , the bulls of the
imbor market arbitrarily and with- r
ut any possible necessity added
iraity-fivo per cent to the price ,
Continued on third page.
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\lslblo thnt t un astonlriiod. I can now. though
01 > cnr80fni'c , do a fair and riasonabfc day's
work. "
C. niackct Robinson , proprietor of The Canada
I'rcsbj terlnn , Toronto , Out. , writes : "For years
I suffered prcatly from oft-recurring hcndacho. I
used jour IlunlocK Blood Hitter * with happiest
results , and t now- find injsclf lu better health
than for j ears jiast. " ,
Mrs. Wallace , IluITalo , N. Y , writes : ' 'Iliavo
mcd Burdock lllood Hitters for nervous and bit-
Iloui headaches , and can recommend It to an ) ono
rcqulrlntru iuro for bllllousness. "
Mrs. Ira Mullholland , Albany , N. Y , write * :
"For pev oral 3 cars I na\o suffered from ott-rccur-
rine billions headaches , djspcmln , and com.
plaints peculiar to my FOX. fcinco u lnc our
llunlock lllood Hitters 1 am entirely relieved. "
Price , 31.00 per Bottle ; Trial Dottles 10 Cts
FOSTER , MILBURN , & Co , , Props ,
Sold at wholesale by Ish k McMahon and C. F.
Goodman. je 27 eod-mo
There exists a means of securing -
curing a soft and brilliant
Complexion , no matter hoiv
poor it may naturally uc.
Hasan's Magnolia Ualiu is a
delicate auu harmless arti
cle , which instantly removes
Freckles , .Tan , Redness
Roughness , Eruptions , Vnl'
far Flushings , etc. , etc. So
elicato and natural are its
effects that its nso is ot ]
suspected oy anybody.
No lady has the right to
present a disfigured lace in
society when the Magnolia
Balm is sold by all druggists
lor 75 cents.
Though Shaken In Ever ' Joint
Ina liber with fuver and ague , or bilious rcmltt
cnt , the 8) Btcm may 3 ct bo freed from tno nm-
I'nant virus with Ilostctter'a Stomach Bitten ,
'rotcct the system apnlnut It with this buiufl-
rent antt-spaainoillc , which U furthermore n su-
iremc remedy for liver complaint , constipation ,
Ivspcpitla , debility , rhcuinatitm , kidney trou-
ilea and other ailments.
/tarForsaloliy / all Druggists and Dealers gen-
ou nct.ea
cnotl by the ( train of
your duties avoid nit-lit work , to rei
ituiiulnntaand UBO tore brain rterveand
Hop Bitters. wuto , u > Hop B.
If you nro younff Mid puttering from any In-
dlacrUiou or dliilpa tluni It you am mar-
Hod or elnsle , old or 7011111 ? . euuerlnir from
noor lioAHU or laiitruub [ UK on a bed of fclck <
uly OD Hop Blttoro.
Wioovcr jr uarc. h Tliouiuinds illo annually -
whenever you fctl nually from rouie
that your eyttcm form of Kidney
l M. iila ck-nnilnkt. ton- dlwaio tluit inlBlit
lax or itltuulntlntr ,
without fnfoxfn bja tlmuly utuof
tnlto Hop HopBlttero
vju'n , l.ltlnea O. I. O.
or ti rf nary cow-
U itMolute
tilafnt , dlicaio n
and IrrcaWl
of tliu ttomucn ,
haictli , blaoa , bio c u r u for
ueu of opium ,
You will be tobaoooi or
ctmxllf youuBC norcotlca.
Hop Bitters
wen k and plits. Evudfur
low spirited , try t'lreuUr.
iti It may iiop DITIUS
onvo your
life. It hns BTO CO. ,
onvocl hun nxkeilcr , 9. T >
dreds. Jl Toronto , Out.
17 and SID North Main Bt , 8t Louts ,
KWS , r rArtlio I
Drinters Stock.
fSTCuh ( aid for IUgi nd P p r Stock , Ben
on and lletaU.
r pot htock W rehou oi 1 29 to 1237 , North
Edward W. Simeral ,
Wo deairo to call the special attention of the trade to our
ologniit lines ( at BOTTOM PRICES ) of Underwear , Cardtean
Jackets and Scarfg , Buck Qloves , Ovorshirts , Overalls
Hosiery , &c. , now open. Wholesale only.
Corner Fourteenth and Dodge Sts.
The Only Exclusive Wholesale Drug House in Nebraska
jy 18 me
Oommissson Merchants ,
1121 Farnham St. , Omaha , Heb.
Consignments , made tig will retell o hronipt attention. Ucfcrcnccn : Stoto Bank. Oui&ha : Plat *
& Co , llaltlmore ; Peck * Uanshcr , Chlcaico ; 11. Wcrk & Co. , Cincinnati.
1308 and 1310 DOUGLAS STREET.
OliOC-A TRT A , , -
The only exclusive wholesale house in this line in the west.
. O.
1213 Farnham St. , Omaha , Neb.
GunsAm munition , Sporting Goods
MAX MEYER. & CO. , Omaha , Ne
The 1-argest Stock and Most Com
plete Assortment in
The West.
We Keep Everything in the Line of Carpets , Oil
cloths , Matting , Window-shades , Fixtures
and Lace Curtains.
1313 Farnham St. , Omaha.
Dealer in Hardware ,
Cooking Stoves
Jtove Sepairer , Job Worker aid lanufauturer
OOPJttVE. . XC3Crj DS OX *
fenth and Jacksc" Q * - - - Omaha , Neb