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Various Invents Now Ocourinf
ia That City ,
The Odds and Buds of the Now
in Brief Paragraphs.
It is generally conceded by Hit
fnrmorB of roltavvott.iinio county thn
there will bo- fully ns much corn -pu
upon tlio market next season ns cvei
before , for several roMOiiR. Mr
tlicro will bo lens fed lo stock , there
Icing nn unusual quantity of hnj
grown. Second , the cornstalks are in
better condition to food , Third , there
irill bo more care taken of tlic crop
As n general thing n good deal of con
cadi year is stacked in open cribs
consequently quite n quantity goes to
waste by moulding ; nml again , tlicro
-iron'l bn so much loft in piles on the
ground to rot. There will be no need
of the corn-growers keeping n bushel
to spoil , ns there will bo ft ready
demand next year for lown corn
The crop being , nn is well
iuown , short in southern Illinois nnd
Ivausas. The corn this season will bo
picked'-cleaner and better cared for
than ever before , nnd will find a rondy
market nt n fnir price.
It mny not bo gonornlly known thai
Judge Looborou's reporter , Mr. John
Glnrk , as well as the judge himself ,
ivas nn old soldier. 'Mr. Clark on-
iorod Iho nrmy ns n private and was
soon raised to the rank of captain ol
company H , 10th Iowa regiment , for
gallant nnd meritorious conduct on
the field at Champian Hill , whore he
was wounded four times. Mr. Clark
carries in his pocket , nnd has for thir
teen years , a piece of cue of his com
pany's banners that was shot out dur
ing that famous combat.
A young man from tlfo country
yesterday drove his team , containing
to his eye a precious cargo , up to the
court houso. JIo .scorned to bo in n
great hurry. Ho rushed in , and de
positing the requisite amount , de
manded a license. Tlio clerk exe
cuted the document and laid it on his
desk. The young man had stepped
to the door to keep nn eye on the girl
as ho flaw Ed Uowmnn coming across
the street. Ho rccntorcd the oflico
and picking up n paper , rushed out ,
gathered up the lines nnd oil' they
went to the esquire's. On arriving
tlicro ho handed'him ' the instrument ,
telling him ho was in n hurry , that
ho wanted to bo back at n. certain
time. The esquire opened tlio docu
- - r * ment and behold , it was blank. Ho
remarked to the young man to keep
cool and informed him that ho must
go back and have the paper filled out.
"Thoro hain't no use in that , jodgo ,
shove in the fillin" yorsolf and let us j
go , I'm in a awful hurry. " Not being
able to , got the squire to "shovo in the
fillin' " the younp man returned to the
court house , taking tbogirl with him.
"Very soon the "fillin" ' was supplied
and the whole business transacted to
the complete natisfaction of all con
A man. giving liia.iiaino ns Jolin
Wilson was arrested in n Main street
* saloon fqr rufllini' the collat of an-
iOthor nuin , , , . Jt looms they had bet on
the result of n game of pooliarid
r everything was ns' fair fis could bo
"madocin such : l coko. Wilson , it
sceriifl , won mid the otlier man hand
ed him 'S20 to pay liiq bill. .Not hav
ing Bufiibient inono io cliango the
. .billVilsan ibaid ! ho' would 'gd otlt and
bill changed. The man ob
jcctcd to'this , , and to nssuro liipi
th'at isvorytlung.rwas' nil' right.
Wilson took from his neck and yest
pocket \ gold watch.and J chain , ns se-
'curity ' that ho NvoUld 'return''with the
r'chanfo ( all right , f The man objoctpd ,
.claiming that the security was not
'sufficient'This ' , Wilson 'thought
' was a .direct challenge of his
good intentions and startud his ire ,
whereupon ho collared tlio man and
waa squeezing his shirt collar perhaps
tit'hlcr'than tlio lawwouldallow , when
chief .Fiyld stepped in nnd arrested
' both the participants.
A colored-individual from Chicago
named Alexander Hamilton knocked
his man down in front of his barber
uhop on Broadway last evening. Tlio
man knocked WHS a Jew , who keeps a
necond hand fuinituro store near the
nforcaaid Hamilton. A dispulo arose
over the ownership of n barber's chair.
The Jew berated the darkoy for not
paying for tlio chair that the darkey
had purchased from some man in
Omaha , as ho claimed , and hud a re
ceipt in his pocket to back up the as-
uortion. . The Jaw , after considerable
talk , let fall something that the
darkey construed to mean that ho was
a liar , This Alexander Hamilton ,
could not stand , and , without waiting
tor a challenge ( likp his name-sake ) ,
Ktruck hard from his shoulder and the
Jew fell. Several parties afterwards
jumped on to the durkoy and a gun-
oral fight ensued. Several urroats
wcro mndo.
THE JlLUri-8 IN B1UK1' .
Mr. and Mrs. F. 13. Hart nnd their
two daughters , Helen and Lucy ,
returned from Kxeelsior , Lake
Minnotonka , yesterday , where they
had boon on a briet visit for health
; md recreation. The captain looks
yory much'improved. '
llov. M , D. Collins , pastor of the
Methodist society in this city , has
# onu to Indiana to attend a session of
iho church conference. . Mr. Collins ,
wo understand , is well pleased with
liis people , and in return they are
well pleased with him. This chungr to
ing pastors at tlio will of u conference
in thu worst feature about the govern
ment of this church. Mr. Collins is a
oed speaker und on earnest worker ,
und wo deut BCD that nny good can bo
accomplished by making n change
Wo hope to sco him returned to th
Uroadwfiy church society.
S. I. King , altoinoy-at-law , o
Jx > ean , called at THK llr.r. odlco yes
Icrday. Mr. King says that the con
crop m Harrison county is fully up
the average.
W , A. Mynstcr returned fron
Omaha yesterday noon. Ho has chargi
of tlio fish department on the fni
grounds , and intends to erect the fines
aquarium over exhibited at nny Htati
fair in America. Over twp housaiu
vnriotlcH will bo on exhibition. Mr
Myimter says that the Omaha stat
fair it n grand success ,
Richard Stack , whncnmo very nc.n
being drowned in Indian creek am
who was rescued by Mr. Stewart , ant
afterward ji'aycd ' Biich n mean trick on
Chief Field , continued his drunk un
til ycaturdny. IIo wan then found on
Llio fiidmvalk ill front of Smith it Grit
tendon's , on Main street , in a beastlj
state of intoxication , by ollicer Slcrl
ing who lodged him in the cooler.
The circuit court has nearly rcnclici
the last case on the calendar.
Mrs. L. A , Horton has returned
'rom an extended visit in the cast.
Mrs. N. F. Stony ia homo again af
, cr a brief sojourn eastward.
I. S. Shropshire , an attorney of the
iJ. P. railway was in attendance on
ho circuit court yesterday.
Mrs. II. 1) ) . Stowo passed through
this city yesterday.
Theodore Tilton will lecture in
Council BluU's this fall.
Judge Paige will commence his fall
and wfiitcr campaign the 10th of thin
month in the northern part of the
stato. ,
Fred Spotman and family havogono
to Chicago on a visit.
Edwin Burbridgo , who once stumped
England to defeat Lord I3oaconsfiold
'or the house of commons ( so ha says ]
called nb TinHUB : oflico yesterday nnd
Tun Bun reporter would acknowl
cdgo receipt of a basket full of luscious
grapes fresh from the vineyard of A.
J. lionham.
There should bo n crossing put in
cading from the northwest corner of
3aylo's park to the Baptist church.
At the main street moat market
hey chop their meat by steam power ,
Mr. Jackson's "twin" house on the
corner of Fourth street and Willow
avenue is , under way nnd nearly
> oardcd in. These two houses make
i great dillorcnco in the appcarauco of
1ml locality.
A man named John Ililey under-
ook to run away with Maltby's do-
very wagon. Ilo was caught how-
ver , before ho had gene three blocks
ml was delivered over to Judge 33on-
The democratic county convention
ill have the benefit of the following
'oil known citiswnn of our city to aid
loin in selecting candidates for the
ariouo oflicos :
First Ward W. It. Vnughan , R.
lain , Joseph Ross , 0. D. Walters , 'f1.
iJ. Cavin , 0. Gciso , Thomas Carey , G ,
A. Holmes , C. E. Dawson and F. A.
The delegates were instructed to
otc for James O'Neill for shoriir.
Vm. Wilson was chosen committee-
Second Ward J. C. Bo Haven ,
Win. Patton , M. F. Rohror , J. AV.
likesoll , Win. Gronowug , James
ilithon , Peter Bochtclc , R. L. Hines ,
V. Sclmrtz , J. N. Casady , 0. E.
5tono , J , W. Crossland , Theodora
Voight , J. J. Lutz. Wni. Patton ,
member committee.
Third Ward Jno. Dohnny , Goo.
> laxsim , Max MohnEd. 33ritton , M.
Coating , H. Teller , J , 0. M organjB.
) onahou.
Fourth Ward O.R. Mitchell , Jno.
ay Frainoy , Thus. Sweeney , S. P.
lannon , Ed. A. Troutman , Jl. D.
.my , 0. P.fWicklmm , Olias. Graul ,
rrnnle Tr'imblo , ] 'at Guinudo ,
V. II. M. Pusoy , AV. 0.
amos , Jns. I'urtorliald , AVolls
3ook. E. Tioutiiian , comnnttcoman.
' (
Vo'notice among the list several now
) iics , including Hon. W. II. M.
'usoy and W. C. James. The others
ro pld-timoru , and understand the
lu'bincBs. It is said that Thomas
iuwman wanta to bo a candidate for
ihicf of the treasury department about
aamycli as Bunnutt docs , and for
about Iho same reason to save the
wrty. Well , ifhu runs there will
> o quito n fight before thd campaign
Monday cyonini ; , Rov. Father Me-
ilonomy united in marriage Mr. M ,
3. Rosoman nnd Miss Maggie Mur-
Jimmio O'Noil likes the smell of
the jail bettor than farming.
W. II. Vuughnn heads thu list of
delegates from this city. How would
W. 11. rtin for the assembly ? Worse
men than ho hnvo been there.
The council will nllaw the mayor
say § 100 ; ho pays 81) per month for
ollieo rent , or S'JU n year. Did it cost
him anything to get there ? Now , if
0. 11. Scott icceivos the money that
was given the lire boys , nnd Ynuxhnn
has to pay § 250 , why ho wouldn't
make enough out of the whole thing
to pay his way tp thu Omaha stnlotnir.
Our contompory stitcs that ono of
Council Ulull B shippers was paying
$1.120 cash for wheat at thu sumo
time quotes wheat in Chicago nt
$1,27 , leaving a margin of only seven
cents , although it costs nineteen cents
to put ic down in that city. Wo
don t sea how a shipper can stand
that. Our millora in this city , wo
understand , are governed wholly by u
Chicago , and always keep their pricca
within ton or twelvu cents of thu lat
ter market.
Ono of our fair committee whowent
to Dea Moines to attend to procuring
the next state fair here got n littto oil' .
It seems ho inhaled thu breath of
those who had indulged in the nrdent
until hu began to tcel something in his
own hoad. That was not just natural.
It worked its way into his arm and hu
struck sonio onu that was standing too
close to him. 1'orthis ho was urrnstod
but when it wao found that hu hailed
from thu lihilla ho was immediately
SIio Passed it Along.
> T Hcuil you my Untlinonlr.l in iclercnai
Hi'iuMi JIUMHOU , huviiit ; taken it for
lynpejiiila , ami receiving uliiiont Imniwllii
relief. 1 iiawiud It tu my neighbor , wiu
uelng It \ \ "Wtho iiatiio ro uUni
.Mll3 , J , W , LrtTKLT ,
U'codlw Klmirn , K. Y , "
1'rlco { X ) tcnU , trial buttlcn 10 cents.
Thorn UJL
The Noith Plalto Republican ha
Iho following in its last issue : W. A.
Pnxton has been Blinging money
nround somewhat lively of Into. Ho
has bought the Lning Urothurs' cattle
and ranches , Dattuti iV ; Dillon'
beeves nnd one or two small slock
men have also sold to him. A bar
gain is nlso on the lapis between Mr.
Taxton and Barton & Dillon , the
olFor at present by Mr. Pax ton boinj ,
8250,000 for nil that company's stock
and rapch property in this and ad
joining counties.
Moro Liquor Stiiin <
The absent mcmbuis of the commit
tee representing Iho temperance alii
nnco have returned and Monday holt
a > "cc'ting in the odico of 0. F. D.ivis.
They decided upon n certain line o :
action nnd will no longer bring suits
in Iho police court. Yesterday informa
tion was filed in the county coint before
fore Judge Chadwick against Messrs.
McNanmrn , 1 fornborgor , Kaufman ntiil
Gustavo Susscmnun and these cases
will bo pushed vigorously. .
PostoiHcn'Clningcs in
The followim ; nro the postolllco
changes in Nohraska during Iho week
ending September 10 , 1881 , and fur
nished for the Omaha Bnn by Win.
Ynn , Ylcck , of the postoflico depart
Discontinued Slocumb , Jefferson
Postmasters Appointed Michael
Coady , Fort Omaha , Douglas county.
Railroad Accident
A U. P. cattle train jumped the
Irack Monday night , on tlicotliersido ]
of Grand Island. The onginocr Jmd
joth firms broken and the fireman was
tilled. The brakesman was badly
A Testament Ro visor's Opinion.
The eminent author , Prof. A. C.
ICendrick , D. D. , LL. D. , who is
irufcssorof Hebrew , Latin and Greek
n the uuivei-sity ' of Rochester , nnd
was ono of the ro'visors of the Now
Testament , in general conversation
with a number of gentleman a short
, imo since , said : "I have received
'rom ' thu UBO of Warner's Safe Kid
loy and ' Liver euro very marked benefit -
ofit and'I can most cordially recom-
neiid it toothers. scptl2-cod w
Doano , the reliable Hatter ' , is ahead ,
lo sold moro men's and1 childrnns'
traw hats last summer than any two
mt stores in Omaha.
Why ? Why ? Why ? That's the
Well , I will toll you. Ho sold bot-
cr goods for less money. Ho intends
oiling his largo stock of men's ,
youths' , andchildrcns' fall and winter
; oods way down , so anybody can Wear
i good hat. Don't forget to call und
oo his line line of fall gobda just re
ceived. Comuono Como nil ! Doano ,
ho reliable hatter , is ready to show
rou Jiin goods. 218 Fourteenth street ,
mtwcon Farnham and Douglas.
Save money ; trade at Kurtz's.
Choice Oakaloosa Creamery Butter
t Win. Gentleman's. < scptl2-3t !
. . -
Strangers should buy their
it the Boston Store , 014 , CIO Tenth
treot , which is by far the
hoapcst and ino t popular house in
ho city. Ono price to nil. Sco nd-
urtiscmcnt on ilrst pagp , sopt'-5t )
Roso's ArUEmporium , ID 1(5 ( Dodge
trcet , has a special nalu of line en
gravings during fair'week. sopl2ib (
" ' * "
Turri scji6ol for tho" winter term
commences Tuesday , SoptoniUor lUtli.
< \ > r .particulars . .apply , to J. 'L , Fruo-
mtif's book store , I'arnham ' street.
Don't fail to oxaminu Whipplo &
UcMillon's ' largo stock of Jewelry ,
Silverware , etc. , Oroighton block , cor-
icr/lDth / and Douglas strodts. sopt-tf
See now goods at Kurtz's.
IjTow Crnnborrics at Win. Gontlc-
imn's. . ' sepUiMtt
Will visit Kurtz's stoio , Croighton
block. HoptltMt
Hundreds of thorn every hour in
lie day and night at thu fair grounds
n the nest of the jjlusi hen- hun
dreds of chicks kicking themselves
out of their shells for dear life. The
big nest containing 800 eggs at a time
will turn on a turn-tablu by an electric
engine of100 hcn-powcr , nmkimj 000
evolutions per minute , At two of
> ur exhibitions in Canada over I5,000 !
> coplo saw the Chicago glass lien ,
ho Marquis of Louie , governor-gen
eral of Canada , who lias a level head ,
iaid it was thu most intcrrcsting ex-
libition on the grounds. Wo expect
grand rush at tlio glava hen , und to
ivoid such , women and children should
early in the day.
At Bottom Prices , at Bushman's ,
Don't fail to see Hospe's Art and
Musio Hall.
Do your shopping at Kurlr.'s ,
Do not p y high nricaa for poor
foods. Call nnd tea IX niui the rolin
jlo hatter , un < buy ytmt Siats nnd
caisi ] L'lH Fourtoouui i.lfoct next
door to McNmnara It
It j > ays to Inulo
"Tlio Kovuro Uoimu tiuuuc4 llluH'w
H thu beet ftoctmd-cluB hotel in the
vest. " nuu'17-lm
1IOIIIIIK lines , Ilrokcra In nil liallroa ,
Tickets , Otnatin , Ncli. , offer Ticket * to tlio la ! t
until further notice , at llio following unliMrJ o
liow ltftt < i :
Chicago , * IO ; Hound Trip , S1P.W , 1he o r
limited HrH-Clam Ticket1) ) nml treed for rttittn
through tliojcnr , nmMla the Old 1'fll.iblo CM
raKo. llurllrigton A ( Julnc ) 1' Also , or
way lo
1st fln i
New York , 17 on.
Ilo-ton , 1800.
Kor particular * . \\rllcor jo direct to IIOIII1II
llltOH. , Ncalcra In deduced ( Into iilrna ! ! < ! nut ]
Slraimldp Tkkcta. too Truth St. , Onmlil , Ncli
Iliniciiilicr ( ho plaeo Thrio DOOM Norlli o
tin on I'nilflo Ilallrooil Ucpot , Kast SIJo of Tentl
Omaha , Augitiitl , 1831 nu2. > dawlrn
Proposal ! for Purchato of Lot 0 In Block M
and Part of Lot In Block 344 ,
Scalid pie ) > o alii | | | fa rccch cd liy the under
idKiiid until 12 o'clock noon , on tlio 17th iHj
of September , A. 1) . 1891 , for the purchase of 1 t
[ i M - lock II , M"1 nNo a ttrln of ground In 1 lock
IM-I 81 fret 1 street 13'
- , lulng fron ton w tcr by
fertdotp , ndloliiliijt ( Jasper K. ( Joit's property
HliN to tak-Miito I'oiuldirallo exMlnfj lca o .
KinulojM.i containing nild | ire | > o ils fdintl he
innrlitil " 1'ropos.iU for I'tirehvoot ! ' K"
j. j. i * a JHVCTT ,
City ( 'lirlc.
The partnership heretofore existing lietncri
M. W llnrtlitfn and Win , Umlmri , kno n an
.Mlhourl Valley Holler nml Muct Iron Work * , l
ill soltoil by nintualroiirciit , All Mils due the
Ilrin will lie cDlleitcd hy Mr. llnrtlitixn and all ac
tounU nffalitit the flnnill hu mm liy him.
m-nt WM. ( itisnunsr.
Jlti'lyaiid all others \\lioin It may con
'cm :
You \vlll tnl.o notleo tliit on the 7th d\y o
Xotumticr , 1878 , Mary A. Du ilnta | iurehiuod a !
tru.iircr'n sale for taxes for the 1877 , the w 1 o
lot ! l , hlo < I ; H , In the city of Omaha , said lot .v
taxed In tha nninu ol Hiijfh lilnsl.v and the time
of redemption hit expired , nnd that on thu 25tli
day of Notcniticr , IbSl , I uill nijily | to said trim *
orcr fora dcod to the aboto described runl estate
liy JAMI'.S V. MOIITOX , Attorney. nulO-w3t
Ho. 1508 Farnbnm Street ,
. -Tki viFe
Orcicit North slilo ouu drand Central Hotel.
Short Horn Cattle ,
CO. , IOWA ,
Wednesday and Thursday , Sept. 21 and 22 , 1SS1.
ComprMtiB the entire herds ot Dr. n. M.
Hoblns of Otecola , John Mcl'oiiough of W od
liurii. anil II. C. Higlcrof Oscooanl ] ; j draft fron
thu lierd of J. W. Hood of Woodburn , Clarl-o
County , IOM.I.
The offerings of thU mla mcliulc nncli jioiiular
strnlna ai Imported Coldla Diicnim , Duclics.s
UobO of Sharon Uctdcmona , Young Mary , Younjf
I'hylll * , Uamlirhv , I'omona , Uilbv , Whlto Hose ,
Acatlit , Adclald , Ainclin , Mundane , l'an y , nnd
Jtlicr Kood families , lirailcd liy as grand liu'oilinjr
tinlls ns can ho found In the Most. .Scvciity.fhc
cows and heifer * aid thlrty-fho choice younir
IndN. Khort Horns Mill lie sold first day ; HOXUII
ty-ll\o jrado cows ntid litlfcrs mid other btotk
ulll bo s Id oil thcHciond Jay.
Wocordlally limto the luihllu to attend our
nalo nndo jironilso Und attention and c\ait
ustlio to all.
Terms Hliernnnnonnecil ] ; In catalogue ulilcli
will bo sent on aiiplicatlon after August Kith , liy
addrculn cither of the lurtic.s , or the auctioneer
at DCS JloitiL-s. WM. Cou/Ar.n , Auctioneer.
JOHN MoUo.NOcan.
pc7 2t If. C. .Siatm.
Xti .
Davis & Snyder ,
1505 Fsirnlmm Street ,
and Homes in Nebraska.
17,000 Acres in Douglas Coun
ty , $5 to $10 Per Aero.
Terms f o SuitPurchasers.Long
Time and Low Interest.
Perfect Titles Cnarantccd
Dodge , Oolfaz , iiorco ? , Memoir ,
Hall , Sauuaors , Sutler ,
And Other Counties in the
Eastern Portion of Nebraska ,
for Sale.
Farms of All Sizes ,
From 40 to UIO acres , adapted to
Qniln ami Stock IltU me , to bo Sold at Low
I'l urcr , Mid on Loin : lime ,
State and County Maps for
So lidfor druu'srara-iH | , | > .TlodcBljOM ! thcStatx (
prlccjnnd nnniof laudi In nil localities , etc. ,
eta '
150r i
XJC JT . , 3JO3U
Edward W. Simeral ,
CJ1UAYIU ) Krom fclctf * btublo , nuha , nnu
J hluik mare , i-olor bomu\\hnt ( ailed , cllit or
iTno .vmrnolil.ueK'lis about ilmon hul dint , had
onsaduloiui'l lulillo , Arewurdvillln > paicHor. ier
eturn or Information Itadlnir to lur rove > ery.
V. IX OATUKY.Kort Cnlticun. Neh 71)3A ) > it
United States Depository ,
3E'3E3RS C'
Cor. ISfch and Farnam Sts.
suooEBSona TO KOUNTZE cnoTHEns. )
tUVLnillKJ ) ItWI.
Organltod AS a Notional Bank Aukiwt SO , 1S63.
, I'rc iaent.
i'DiUH ' Hoi'NTiK , VU-o Prtsldcnl.
II , W. YATW , Uadilrr.
A. J. I'ori'LirroN , Attorney.
t. Joiix A.
K. II. 1U1W , Awt. Casldor. [
This bank roceUe * Jcpoiltn without u-tjard to
lasuci time ccrttflcatrt bear leg Interest.
Brawi ilmlt * on San KnuicUico and prlnclnil
cities ol tha United States , nl o I/mdon , Dublin _
Kdlnburuh wid the 1'iluclial cltlos ol thocontl I-
nctit ol Kurojio.
SolU | sjeiiif < r tlikcU ( orcinlk'nnti l > y the In
luwi lluv , [ uiaylJtl
The lending Sclentlits of to-dny nijrco thn
moddlkui cH nro caused by disordered kldnoj
or liter. If , thrrcforo , the klclnus and Ihcr nn
kept In pcrfut ord r , perfect hrallh Mill both
result. 'Ihls Iruth liasnnly hcenlinown n khor
time nnd for j earn people tuffcrcd tjrtnt iicmij
without liclii ' ftljlo to find relief. Iho illi-ovcr ,
of Wnrntr's afo Klilmynnd l.hcr Cure nmrki i
a now era I' ( ho treatment of thcso tniulilci
M.iile Iron ) n flmplc tro ) leal lent of rare \.iluc. I
coriHIm Jmt the cU'Muills neitssary to nouns !
and Im Ijforato both ol thcro Kfcnt orpins , nut
nalt'lv ii'storo nnd kecii them In order. Ithn
Poiltlvo Remedy for nil thmllsc.T cs thatrau
jvilns In Ihu lower lurtof the body fnr Torpli
Llict llcadachci Jaundice Dlyylncsi llra\ ( .
l'o cr-AKIIC I.hcrnnd Urinary-Orgiu .
It l nn c\co'lcnt nndtafo rtniuly lor fennlc
diirlnK I'li'pniriuy. It will rnntrol Mcn truatloi
nnd In In 'nlunldu for Leucorrhaa or rail n f o
thoWoml ) ,
As a Ulood PiiriHcr It U iinoqunlcd , for It uirc
the oranna that im ) < o the blood.
This remedy , uldch has done xurhMiiulor
put up In the LAHUKST hlXICI ) HOT I I.K of nil }
medicine upon the market nnd Uxold by Drui ;
Kl ts and nil dealer * at SI.20 per bottle. To
Dinbotcs , cniiidrL for WAKNKi'8 SAI'B 1)IA
niTis : cuiii : . u u a i-osi ivi : iicmciiv.
H. H. WAnNEfl & CO. , Rochester , N. Y.
To Catharine Heddc , non-rcsldont defendant.
Yo i nro htroby notitltd that on the 2d day o
September , 1 1 , John Kcddo , pl.ilntlfT , filed Id
tltlon In the DUtrlct Court , within nndlo
County , Nebraska , ngalnst u as do
fcndant. the object and pr jcr of which pctltlo
Is , to ohtnin a decree of ilivorco from the boml
oljmatrlmoiiy lth jou for the following eau cs
to-uit : 1ft , habitual druiikcnncBi ! ; 2d , cxtrem
cruelty , nnd for jjencral relief.
You nro rupiired to nirnvtr t-nld i > ctltionoi
the 21th day olOLtobcr , 1S81.
Be7 M Attornoj-H for I'lalntlff. _
6000 Agents wanted to sell the Llfo of
Including : " ' " " ud aecurato aecount of his hrlc
but ctcntfid ndmlnUtratlon ; the conlk
with the "Stulnarts" headed by Conkllni ; ; thi
diabolical attcmtit to a3sas inato him , vlth ful
particulars of his case , one of thn most critlca
and remarkable on rteord. The ititcn-o Intcrcs
excited catibes thousands to detlre full pnrtl
culara , hence this book must tiell immensely
Tcnns liberal. Outnt , fflc. Cireulars free. All
dress HU11HARDBI1O ; ' . , Tubs. ,
niiio-tvlt Kan ns City , > ro.
Cxnmiuation of Toaoliors-
J will bo present nt my ollico in CreljjHtoi
block on the first SAturdayof tach month to * > \
amlnc sueli ni | > Hcnnt M may desire to tend
in the puhllo schools In Doughs vountv. Quar
terly examination first Saturday inTcbruurj
May , August and No > ember.
.1..J POINTS ,
County Supt. Fablic Instruction
Aus2Mstand2.semn ! it
PIPVPI CQ lamAfcntfr COLUillM/ '
UlU I ULl-O. nnd OTTO II < rCI.l'.S. Sen ,
three cent fctaTp forCatnloRiii
nnd price list containing tul
Pfiint-q.Oiln nml Qlas
1313 Farnham St. , OMAHA , NEB.
Body lirussela , S1.25 to 81.76 ; Tapestry Brus
sels , $1.15 to 31.35 ; 3-ply Carnct , S1.25 to 81.40 ;
llcst 2-ply In min , Sl.OO to 1.1S ; Cheap 2-ply
Ingrain , lOctoWic.
Mattings , Oil Cloth and Widow Shades
at Lowest Market Prices , '
Largest Stock nnd Lowest Pricct.
Samples furnished at yard-ra
Roar for Moore ( E )
AND Saddlery.
Ihn\o ndoiitod tlin Lion an a Trulo Wai k , ami
nil my poodt will l > o CTAMl'KIrith thu 1,10. %
and my NAMK on ttio ino. NO COODS AllK
The lient umtcrlnl la mud am ) thu rca't slJll'
.orkincri aru umnloyed , and at tlio lontst ti
onler a fa\nr by ccndlu for one.
The Oldest Ustar-lished
Caldwell , Hamilton & Co. ,
Business transected eauio as that of an l/icor <
wratcd oank.
AcoounU kept In currency or gold eubjcct to
li'lit chctlt M Ithout notlcn
Certificates ol deposit issued paj able In three ,
Ix and tweho naontln , bearliiif Interest , or on
demand without Interest.
Adancci made to cintoiucra on ftpi'KH ed BOCU-
ilon ( at market rates ol Interest.
Buy and Kcll golj , tills ol exchange , govern
ment , elate , county and city bonds.
Draw eight draU on Kill-land , Ireland , Scot-
and , and oil parts ol Europe.
Sell European irasago tickets.
BALK Alartotwostory Iramo gnlnileJ
} roof Hotel nnd onu ktory KltUien ; alw > ono
tory Invnie , utilngliid roof , hall room far ten vela
dance , nnd IKUII br o enough to hold Uvuitj
cnmt- All tltuited on c-orner of llroad and 4tli
trcct , 1'nmont , Ikxlgo Co. , Neb. For fuiilar
formation apply to O , U. THOMPSON ,
3'iS-to .jj rrcmont , IKxlKU C'o , , Nub.
- AND -
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oilier. OUT I'rutckthank , 1Mb St. ,
Farulium and Uoi'k'U * .
C. K. Merrill 33. it M. Land Agent
J. D. Bain & Co Lumber and Building Material
Rockhill it Birdsal Lumber itc-
Mrs. G. W. Howard , M. D Homoopathic'Pliysicinn
J. .1. Cox Station Agent , B. it M. R. R
F. Leo Forman . ' Superintendent City Schools
0. J. Scott Carpenter and Contractor
J. D : Bain it Co ' General Store-
Wolbach Bros . ' General Store
L. 0. Howard . , General Store
T. J Dowd Jeweler and Dealer in Sporting Goods
W. J. Turner Grain Dealer , Now Elevator
F. M. Davis ' . Grain Elovntoi-
N. II. Lewis . ' Blacksmith and wngonmnkcr.
W. II. Hammond ' . Metallic Collin , ( patented. )
C. W. Gardner City Meat Market
J. D. Hume : Agent for S. A. Morgan
W. T. Perry Hardware , Stoves and Tinware
Brown & Slant . ' Booksellers and Stationers
Gilchnst Bros ' Groceries , Flour , Crockery , itc.
O. J. Riley . - . . . . : Groceries and Provisions
Swopo Bros : ; . . . . .Furniture- Undertaking
L. A. Payne it Co > Bankers
D. T. Phillips i Grand Central Hotel
J. H. Spall'ord Metropolitan Hotel
Goo. W. Limbockor Clay County Journal
Louis Stein Farming Implements aud Tools
Washburii it Van Gildcn Flour Exchange
L. B. Peck Physician and Surgeon
® IF 35 IT 3
It always gives satisfaction , because it makes a.
superior article of Bread , and is the Cheap
est Flour in the market. Every sack
warranted to run alike or
money refunded.
W. M. YATES , Cash Grocer.
Tobacco from 25c. per pound upwards.
Pipes from 25c. per dozen upwards.
Cigars from $15.00 per 1,000 upwards.
At Prices that Suit Any Customer Who Really Wishes a Pirat-
Class Article.
STAR TINTED SPECTACLES Arc also eold culiinltcly
liy us.
THE JEWELERS , Opuosite the Post