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Reports From Franoklyn Cot
tage are More Favor
able ,
Its Suffering Inmate Sloops
Well and Eats a Hearty
Broo.kf.ast ,
Which Consisted of Turtle
Soup , Milk Porridjje ,
Toast and Tea.
Ho Enjoys a Visit Prom and
a Pleasant Confab with
Postmaster James.
The Parotid Swelling Report
ed to be Almost "En
tirely Cured.
Hia Pnlso IIOHS Froqnont'Hnd Tom-
.pcraituro and Respiration
More Normal-
National AseocUted Press.
LONO BBANCH , September 12. Dr.
Agnew , immediately after the morn
ing dressing , spoke freely and cheer
fully about the president's condition ,
this morning , regarding it as favor
able. Ho said : "The president is
much better this morning than ho was
last night. Ho has slept better than
for some time , and rested very well
indeed. Thu affection of the lung is
less troublesome than it has boon since
ho'was in Washington. His temper
ature has fallen , as has also his pulse
and respiration , and the condition is
.much improved. " Attorney General
MacYoagh was cheerful , and spoke
strongly. He said : "I have seen Dr.
Agnew and Dr. Bliss , and both tell
mo that the president passed the night
in comfort , and sound and
Ho awakened less frequently , and
when ho did awaken seemed refreshed
and stronger. At no time did ho re
main awaku longer than was neces
sary for him to take refreshments.
His condition this morning is better
than it was yef.torday , and better than
on Saturday. This every way im
proved ; ho is bright and cheerful , and
has an appetite , and ate a good break
fast. I am assured that the long af
fection is much better less serious
and gradually passing away. From
what attending surgeons tell
me I believe we are warranted in
, / taking a morp cheerful and hopeful
view of ttio"case. " - -
watched with the president the first
part of the night and says to-day the
president is a great deal butter and
slept soundly , awakening as unfre- '
/quent intervals. The lung trouble
/ has been misunderstood , and is not as
ecrious as represented , but temporary
\und passim ; away better now than
when patient was removed from
Washington. This trouble is purely
local and not spreading nor necessari
ly serious. No Indication that lung
trouble aiiscs from pus cavity or from
blood poisoning but may bo duo to
bad condition of the blood , but not
pyamia. Ho suffers no pain.from it ,
and coughed less last night. Ho has
passed safely over yesterday's depres
General Swann , who succeeded Col.
llockwell at the bedside , says sub I
stantially the same as Col. Rockwell ,
and that the president took nourish
ment and relished it ; that yustcroay's
depression was merely ono of ex
pected developments. The case is
bettor now than before it. This
f * morning ho is bright , cheerful and
alert and hungry. The breakfast con
sisted of turtlu soup , porridgu , milk ,
toast and tea. Thu bulletin this morn M
ing produced tl s ;
on the public and renewed hopes. ti
Early this morning it was very dark tiE
and gloomy , but towards 9 a. m. the ! > '
sun came out and the day h now tv
bright and pleasant. Ex-Collector tvOl
Murphy , in behalf of Gen. Grant and st
himself , was ono of the first visitors at to
Secretary Brown's oflico this morning. I"
Dr. Bliss nays : "Tho president is
, . much hotter and
f. to-day , stronger ,
f * Hja pulse was 100 at noon , tempuia- sn
turo normal for him , and respiration CO
down again to 18 , The lung trouble fill
is undo ? control. It is not an abscess 08D
scess ; it is nothing more than local
globular inflaiiiation , nnd lias passc.d in hi :
the worst , It culminated laijfc night inmi
and then came to a head , and is now mite
not troublesomp , and improving. It tomi
gives thu president no pain and it is miA ]
rather a source of discomfort nor
anxiety. towi
the president easily removed from his joi
throat , by raising a hacking cough , to
familiar to persons suffering toV
from a loosening cold , the asl
purulent mucus matter which had aslNi
accumulated during the night. This
phloquum was accumulated readily de
without nausea , and thrown off with foi
out strain or annoyance. His ability CO ]
to do this is attributed entirely to an Hi
increase in strength , and his mastery lik
of this trouble , especially in u tin
acmi-roclining position , is most coi
remarked phlequem. It is also present all
smaller quitntites than for
m some vai
yiimo past , and only troubles him at wli
, /intorvals of two or three hours during alii
-f wllHul"noun ) > Last from 1015 ; ! ( Uli
until SI o'clock thla morning , ho La
neither coughed nor spit. by
LONG BUANOH , September 12. Co
Postmaster General Jaines , according Vftl :
to appointment , called on the presi ( lit
dent at ! > :4G : , The president was UIK
awnko and alert lie recognized sin
the postmaster general the moment res
lie entered and said in a good , round gee
voice ; ilu i
"How are you , Mr. James ? " fou
"Very well , I thank you , " replied grc
the cabinet ollicor , "and I am very ros
glnd to scu you looking ao well , Mr.
President. "
The president smiled with an ex
pression of great satisfaction. Mr.
James then approached the bedside.
The president easily raised his arm
clean from the bed , and shook hands
with a long and hearty grasp , which
James describes as warm And aston
ishingly strong. So steady and pow
erful was the president' * grip tlmt
Postmaster James Bays ho was
amazed ,
The President "Tako a chair and
sit down hero. I wish to talk with
you. "
Gen. James "Oh , no , Mr. Presi
dent , thank you ; I would prefer to
stand , and as I cannot really remain
any length of timo. I will not sit
down as I fear I should find myself
yielding to thu temptation io remain
beyond my K train time , which is at
hand. "
The President "Well Mr.
, . Post
master General , how have the affairs
in your department , been Eoing on ? ' "
Postmaster Gunorul "Very well
indeed. The attorney general and
myself have established a regular sys
tem of civil service which is doing
well , and everything is moving along
smoothly. Wo have mado' no ap-
pointmontti or removals. "
' "Tis well " said
, the president ,
smiling with pleasure ; " and how
much have you saved the country ? "
Postmaster General "Thus far there
has been savo'd iu the postal depart
ment about $1,500,000 , and the sys
tem and economy through which this
has been accomplished is established
now. "
President "Is it on n permanent
basin , and will saving go on ) " und the
president elevated his eyes and look
ed the cabinet official full in the face.
Postmaster-General " Yea , Mr.
President , the system is established.
It will last and will continue to oper
ate in the future as well as thus far. "
' I am very glad to hear you say so.
It is well , indeed , Mr James , " and
then withdrew. Ho had been re
quested by the surgeons to refrain
from allowing conversation with the
president to turn much on the depart
ment talk , and not allow it to go HO
far as to unduly excite the president's
stamps the report published this morning - i
ing concerning the funding of § 201 , 1
000,000 worth of United States bonds , i
is false and without foundation.
The cabinet members ' and wives | ]
leave Now York on a special trainat ,
10:30 : to-morrow morning for the
Mountain House , White Mountains , I <
by way of Springfield , Mass. , and the I i
Connecticut river. Postmaster Gen
eral James has already loft hero. Sec
retaries Lincoln , Hunt and Windom
ECO to Npw Yoik this evening. Mac-
Veagh and Blaine remain hero over
night , and will go or stay , according
to the condition of the prcwji , , , .
The JAUer Is now- resting , nd evury-
: hing is favorable.
The president has experienced since
; ho issue of the morning bulletin a
'urther amelioration of the symptoms.
So has been able to take an ample
imount of food without discomfort
ind has had several refreshing naps.
U the noon examination the tomper-
ituro was 09 5-10 , pulse IOC , respira-
ion 20. At 5:30 : the tempera turo
vas 08 C-10 , pulse 100 , respor.ition 18.
Signed ) D. W. BLISS ,
D. II. An.NEW. ' v
1 > H. AONKW
amo out of Franklyn Cottage imme-
lintcly after Uio issuance of the oven-
ng bulletins , and his demeanor was
nusually cheerful. Ho said : "Tho
resident's condition ia very much
lore favor.iblc. I can soy no more
urn that , no matter how much I may
ilk. " Dr. Agnew has informed Dr.
thss that the president's condition is
Lich that he deems it un-
cccssnry to remain with the
atient until the return of Dr.
fiunilton to-morrow ovcjiing. Ho
lid ho felt justified in going to PJiil-
Jelphia on the first train Tuesday
lorning , and did not think it neces-
iry to even delay his departure until
10 morning dressing. Ho would ,
lerofore , go away on the very earliest
ain , as Dr. Hamilton will not reach
Iboron until to-morrow evening the
resident will bo practically left over
rnlvu hours under the care of but
10 attending physician. Tins is a fo
riking feature Of the president's case tc
"day , and ib i.s admitted that thence til ,
nco the president was shot that his
million has been such as to warrant
ch a peculiar departure from the
tublishcd custom. The fuel that
r Agncw haa concluded to go , and
11 avowed tha above reason for dog -
g HO , at the present time , is com-
fntod on as specially significant. At-
rnoy General MacVoagh is the only
ember of the cabinet hero to-light.
11 the others have gone :
Now York , Mr. lllaoVuugh
11 , if no unfavorable change
the president's condition , probably
in the cabinet party in Now York
morrow and go with them to the
hito mountains , Dr. Bliss wan rv
ked to-night by a reporter of the
itional Associated Press if the do- 101 ,
rturo of cabinet officials had been
cided upon as the result of any rv
nml conference the fro
on president s
iiclition with the attending surgeons , Ph
3 replied , slowly : "No , I wouldn't tre
0 to state it just that way , because ]
3y were /satisfied / that the president's 101
nditioii at present was such as to
ow them to go away for a brief 1
cation , They feel assured from rivi
iot they know of the actual stuto of bin
ii ira that the prospect was favorable. ]
jiifjli to justify a brief absonco. Fa
st night and Sta
to-day are admitted
Dra , Agnew , Bliss and Boynton ,
1. lluckwoll , ( Jon. Sivaim , and Pii-
o Secretary Brown to have been Nat !
) best period of rest , refreshment
1 actual gain the president hat had Tin
cp July 2d. To-night ho is nuv
ting quietly and the Bur An
ma say ho is perceptibly improving ; liiu
enjoys occasional naps and pro- sav
ind sleep. His sleep , of late , has wrc
ally changed in character , The Am
und wakefulnesa winch ing
until his removal , and for two or three
days after that marred hia sloop , has
entirely disappeared , and when ho
closes his eyes now ho falls into a deep
'ranquil sleep.
has almost entirely disappeared , with
all it * attending symptoms. Hardly
any perceptible pus now comes from
that affection. All the incisions but
the latest made have actually healed ,
and the lost has so far healed that it
will bo closed up naturally.
The attending physicians believe that
by Wednesday morning every trace
of the parotid trouble will have en
tirely disappeared. The wound is
healing now with very perceptible
rapiditygmnulation being strong and
healthy. From the point of the entry
of the bullet to its present location is
a distance of about nineteen inches.
The last incision made in
tercepted the channel made by
the ball at a point six inches
from the mouth of the wound. The
most reliable nnd pliable catheter in
thu possession of the surgeons was
this afternoon carefully inserted and
used for the purpose of definitely as
certaining if the ball was fully encys
ted. Examination was
Dr. Bliss told n reporter that E
at this examination the cath
eter could not bo inserted beyond
nine inches , at which distance it met
a solid obstruction of completed gran-
ilation. That is , the wound is to-night
healed up solidly for three and one-
half inches from the furthest point
the catholor cosily reached some time
ago. The solid growth from the ball
outward is three and one-half inches.
Thcro is ono and one-half inches in
the healing process in the path of the
bullet wound since Saturday morning ,
a remarkable gain and the greatest
made in the entire illness of the pres
ident , and ono indication ot the recent
progress made by the patient. The
channel of the wound for the entire
distance of the nine inches is still
open , ia
nnd is perfectly lubricated by a natu
ral flow of pus in the proper quan
tity. The rib tnat was shattered by the
bullet has boon carefully watched.
I'he shattered bono could bo plainly
seen und studied as long as it re
mained bare , through the last incis
ion. To-day's examination showed
that the other rib at that
point is now covered by a
icalthyand solid granulation ,
rf full half an inch in depth. The
jxact quantity of stimulants adminis-
.cred to tlo ( president , after
ias been admitted by Dr. Bliss to
reporter. Every four hour.s the prcsi-
lent is given , by a auppority process ,
vhat is equivalent to two grains of
niinino. Up to this reading there
ma boon given him in tlio fbm o ?
jrandy punch , made with milk , throe
oaspoonfulls of the oldest
ind finest brandy obtainable.
Svcry three hours hereafter the
lame quantity in the same form will
jo given every few hours. This form
if stimulant is relished greatly by the
ircaident and haa a good effect upon
lim. Dr. Bliss to-night gave the fol-
owing as the latest explanation of the
"The mucupulont matter which the
( resident has been lately ejecting
ras duo to bronchial affection entirely ,
'hat affection advanced downward
intil it got below the pharynx , and the
undent matter was raised thence ,
fo pus of any kind has been is-
ued since at all. In these expect
ations the president has thrown
If with the mucupulunco some
us , but only what got
ito the mouth from the parotid ;
II else was not pus. If there wns a
us cavity on thu lungs or an abscess
hat would como from io would cor-
linly bo pus. It could bo noth-
ig else ; but no pus has como
p from that direction. When
o loft Washington wo came prepared
) treat the lung affection for what-
ror it should prove to bo. "
The following was cabled at 10 p. m. :
DWELL , Minister , London : In thu
woiico of Mr. Blaine , thu attending
lysiciuns have requested mo to in-
rm you of the president's condition ,
o has during the day eaten sufllciont
od with relish , and enjoyed , at in-
rvals , restingsleoj ) . His wound nnd
o inciuions mudo by the surgeons all
ok hotter. The parotid gland him
ascd suppuration and may be consid-
ed us substantially well. Ho has en
hibitcd more- than hh IMUII ! cheer- enT
hies.-i of spirits. His temperature T
d respiration are now normal , I'.nd fif
3 pulse is less frequent and firmer fiffi
in at the same Innu lust evening ,
withstanding those favorable syni | > -
us , the condition of thu lower part
thu light-hint'will continue to bo be
i in roe of anxiety for BOIIIU dayu to pc
no. ( Signed ) MACfViAaii. : th
Oceau Wows-
lonr.I Aewxlito J I'rcss.
YOIIK , September J2. Ar- tit
ed : Callin , from Liverpool , tai
\NTWKur , September 12. Arrived :
h , Belgian and Now York. is
[ jivKitrooL , September 12. Ar- isan
ed : City of Montroaljand ttriltanic ,
in New York ; Lord Gough , from str
iladolphia and Mahan from
, Mon- an
al.IAVIIK tie
IAVIIK , September 12. Sailed :
h , St. Laurent , for Now York. Ar-
oil : Franco , from Now York. coi
'LVMOUTH , September 12. Arid - Tu
id ' : : Cambria , Now York for Ham- TuI I
CONDON , September 12. Arrived : me
mco , from Now Yoik Sailed ; 8V1
to of Georgia , for Now York. I tin , .
th :
Au Ocouii Brawl.
0111 !
onal Aiwoclatuil I'rcw. tit !
! AN FjtANCifcUo , September 12 , mi
i Gaelic , from liong Kong , brings ati
ra of a sevcru galu at Shanghai. tlu
niu S. Hull , American , Barken- am
) , iu a total wreck ; thu crow wuru tlu
ed. The Abcrdoniaii
was also as
ickod. Eight of thu crow of thu Imi
lorica wuro picked up by Fish- J
Junk. fro
A Committee of Port Huron
Citizens Visit the Burnt
District of Michigan ,
Their Report of the Distress
Prevalent , With an Ap
peal for Kolief.
POUT HUUON , Mich. , September 12.
To Itlio Amorioan pcoplo : AVe all
have to-night returned from the buntf
district of Huron and Sanilac coun
ties ; wo havu seen the burnt , disfig
ured and writhing bodies of niPil ,
women and children. Rough board
colliiiSgContaining the dead , followed to
the gnivo by a few blinded ,
despairing relatives ; crowds of
hult-starvud people at some sta
tions , asking broad for their families
and neighbors. Wo heard of more
than 200 victims already buried and
more charred and bloated bodies
daily discovered. Already morothan
1,600 families arc found to bo utterly
destitute and houseless. They huddle
in bams , in school houses and _ their
neighbors' houses , scorched , blinded ,
hopeless. Some still wander half
crazed around the ruins of their
habitations , vainly seeking their lost
home in speechless agony , and wring
ing their hands and refuse to bo com
forted , Moro than ten thousand people
ple , who , only ono week ago occupied
happy comfortable homos , ere to-day
houseless , homeless sufferers. They
arc hungry and almost naked when
found , and are in such great numbers
and so widely scattered that our best
efforts and greatest resources fail to
supply their immediate wants. With
out speedy aid many will pariah and
many will suffer and become exiles.
Our pcoplo will do their utmost for
their relief , but all our resources
would fail to moot their necessities.
Wo appeal to the charity and gener
osity of the American people. Send
help without delay. ( Signed ) ,
E. 0. Carleton , mayor of Port' '
Huron and chairman of the relief com
mittee ; Wm. Hartsull , John Sanborn ,
Olios. A. Ward , Omar D. Conner ,
Ohas. B. Peck ; Peter B. Sanborn , of ;
the abovo. Gen. Hartsuff is postmas
ter at Port Huron , Ward and Peter
B. Snnford arc merchant" , Conger it *
United States senator.
The "Work ot Satan-
National Associated Frees.
Poi'DLAit BLUFFS , Mo. , September
12. The news is brought here of two-
fearful .murders in Stoddard county.
Amassy Spyder was killed by John
Harper , jfifive miles north-e"as't\jjir !
at a horse race and was concerning a
woman in the neighborhood.
The other occurred at Es
sex last night. A crowd of men
had been to Bloomficld as
witnesses before the grand jury , in
which was a man by the name of Bar
ker and ono named McKinnoy. Bar
ker remarked that a certain man in
the neighborhood was trying to have
everybody indicted , when McKinney
; avu him the lie and rushed on him
rt'ilh a knife , without warning , and
itruck Barker in the heart , killing
liiu instantly. McKinncy made his
3altnnn lii His Coll-Ho Bonds His
Knees in Supplication and
National Associated I'rcso.
WANHIKOTON' , September 12. Gui-
can passed a sleepless night and was
eon by the truards to pray at infer-
uls and this morning was ina wrolclicd
omlition. Ho was not removed to ,
nether cell during the night , although
hat was decided on lost evening. An
rdor to that effect was issued , but
f forwards countermanded. Ho was
Bsured that the shooting was purely
ccidental. Sergeant Mason , who
red the shot , still remains in the
uard house at the arsenal. Ho will
oprosecutod by the civil authorities
> r assault , after which ho will bo
assed through the hands of court
Old World Notes.
itional Assodatix ! Press.
LONDON , September 12. A terrible
Ramify was caused byj ; land-slide at
1m , Canton Glarns , Switzerland ,
wo hundred persons were killedand
'ty houses demolished. Elm in a
iriah villlage , having u population of
,000 , nnd celebrated for ita Sulphur
Very elaborate precautions have
ion taken for tho. uroMurv.ition of
ace in Limerick , it is rumnrud , for
u coining races before forbid'Jun by
c proclaiming district under coer-
Jn , .
Constant earthquake shocks con-
mo at Ilhoi , Poraia. The inhabi-
nts arn in 11 state of pitiful terror.
Thu Vienna chamber of commerce
agitatiw io duty on foreign cotton
d woolen goods ,
The English gunboat Berlin , which
uok the rocks on the Irish coast , Na
ived at Gahvay in n sinking condi-
n ,
1'lip insurgent Arabs of Africa have II
npollcd all the inhabitants of Dye- yc
rida and
, near
ins , to flco from their homos. heM
SALUUTTA , September 12. At n fir
icting of a committee of tno tea di
idicato a report wai made , stating
it n beginning had boon made in
J shipment of tea to America ami
it promised contributions would
blu the syndicate to atoadily con- Tr
mo operations ; that it was dotur- .1.
lied to follow up the oper- . .1..Iu
ona of the ayndk-alo , and tlmt Oc
) ngonts in thu United States
il Cunadu would nparo no efforts In
) attempt to establish n tradu there
aticccssfiil as Auatralia'a lulvonturo
I proven to bo , UI1
I'.UUH , Soptumber 12 , A dispatch pr
m Tunis announced tlmt Premier do
Murtah has offered his resignation on
the ground of ill health. Haiti foil on
Saturday , showing that the hot season
is ended , and it is therefore ex
pected that the French will
aoon begin operations in the inte
rior. Troops inarching on Kaironan
will bo supplied with provisions from
Susa. where the commissariat is or
dered to collect provisions for twenty
thousand men within a fortnight. A
small detachment of troops are taking
up a position around Tunis. It is ox-
peeled they will simultaneously oc
cupy the forts at the suvural city gales.
UAI.ITTA , September 12. A very
large numbur of Arabs are collecting
on thu road to Kariuimn ,
LO.NIION , September 12. Advices
from India statu thu ameer , with hia
army , camped on Saturday about uight
miles southeast of Candaharand firing
was hoard in thu direction of Camla-
har up to noon of that day , and from
daylight up toI o'clock Sunday aftur-
noon. Access to Candahar is closed
and no further particulars are obtain
In thu Chinnury sculling races to
day , the Secor match was won by
Iloyd , with Lurgan second and How-
dor third.
The Treasury Cnttlo Commission
National Auociatnl 1'rcws.
GmuAao , 111. , September 12. The
Treasury Cattlu Commission now in
vestigating pleuro-pnoumoma in thu
west , has submitted a series ot resolu
tions to Gov. Cullom , setting forth
that , is from ono to two hundred
calx03 are daily received in Chicago
from infected districts in thu Eastern
.states , atops should bo taken to pro
hibit the sale and distribution of these
calves in Illinois and other western
states now free from all traces of thu
disease. The communication also
sots forth that the calves come
from Now York , Pennsylvania ,
Now Jersey , Maryland , Virginia , in
each of which pleuro-piioumonia is
known to exist , and from this point
the possibly infected calves are scat
tered over thin .state and Ohio , Indi
ana , Iowa. Misscsota , Nebraska , Kan
sas and Missouri. It is suggested to
the governor that ho schedule the
states known to contain diseased
liordsj and prohibit the indiscriminate
bringing of cattlu westward from these
states. Prohibition need not be madu
absolute , as provisions may bo madu
for thu admission of cattlu from the
Iinbor Troubles-
National Associated Press
NKW OninANS , LA. , Sept. 12. The
funeral yesterday of James Hawkins ,
the negro striker , killed by a police
man , was the largest known since the
war. All thu labor organizations ,
white and black , turned out. Several
brass bands played dirges in the lino.
Every man in the line was armed ,
apprehending an attack , but none oc-
* iuri'ed. The closo.imuy sf. HMQI-O a ( j3 ,
Irish laborers which this stnko has
caused issomothingunprocedentedand
marvelous. The mayor last night or
dered the entire police forcu io report
at daylight to day , in anticipation of
trouble when thu wharves' are cleared ,
the strikero are still determined that
to cotton shall bo taken from the
presses and none stowed on ship-
boar d. i There will doubtless bo a col
lision between strikers and officers-
during the day.
Bad Fire at Filtsbnrg-
National Associated Press.
PiTTsnuiio , September 12. A de
structive fire broke out about 12
o'clock this morning in Siomans &
Anderson Steel Works , in the upper
part of the city. Two furnaces and
ono moltcrworo completely destroyed ,
nnd onu furnace was badly injured.
The total loss is estimated at § 00,000.
Owing to thu scarcity of water it was
ivith great difficulty that thu rest of
the building was saved. A large
lumber of men are thrown out of
vork by the disaster. Thu origin of
ho lira is not positively known , but
t is supposed to have started in onu
if the furnaces.
For Sporting Men.
fatlonal Associated Press.
NEW YOHK , September 12. The
irot race to-day , threo-ijuartor milo ,
van won by Reform Billy , II. Morsu
econd ; finio , 1:20. :
Second race , milo and one-eighth ,
fas won by Gov. Hampton , Enrisk-
llon second ; time , 2:00. : ;
The third race , mile und one-half ,
, 'ris won by Bernardino , Ingoinartiec-
nd ; time , 2:1-1 : ,
The fourth race , short ntcoplo chase ,
'as ' won hy Eunice , Kitty Clark nee-
nd ; time , 2:25. : ; '
atlotml Atsocutucl 1'rois. "
NKW VOIIK , September 12. Chicaa
os , 9 ; Metropolitan : ) , C. u
Xn.rarv.o Tiy Cold Wanthor. An uditLil : I'rum.
Four SUITJ/Y , September 12. Dur-
the "norther" that
ig prevailed hero
.fit week n large number of cattlu
ore frozen to death. Of a herd of
X ) , twelve miles from hero , nearly
)0 ) cattlu and 3 head of homes wuru
st. Another struck us Saturday ,
hermomotor at 0 o'clock , 4-1.
| >
Doubly Fata ] Accident.
' "
I'f CSS.
Ala. , September 12. In
urry county lust night Mr. S. F.
untloy'fl daughter , Anna , agud four
lira , accidentally knocked a lamp off f
o table , which instantly enveloped ftli
ir in flumes , Thu oldest sinter , COra
in Iioln her also took
ury , trying to , ra
u , Both woru badly burned and 'J'l
or '
To bo
tlonal Associated Pros
JoNHHMOHO , Go. , Soptoinbor 12.
mi 'lotto , negro , who killed Col. JI.
Mooru a year ago , was sontuncod by Na
nlgo Willyor to-day to bo hanged NaAi
itoboi-21 , Ai
Theodora Coolt. CIlwl
tlonal Associatul Prctu. til
CINCINNATI , Soptoinbor 12. It is tilm
nounced that Theodora Cook will ho th
csiduntof the Southern railroad im- te
r the Wolfl'c-Erlangor leasu , an
A Solflior Makes an Unsuccessful -
ful Attempt to Shoot
In Oonacqxionco of Which the
Latter Fools Uneasy.
nnd "Wretched.
1,000 Rifles Have been Sent
to Arizona by Request
of the Governor.
JudftonVhoolor , xrko WltnoRned
the Assnsslnatlou of the Pres
ident , MnkoH Afildnvit-
National Auroclatnl Prc" .
\VAHIUNITON , Soptcmber 12. No
demand tins been made upon thu mil
itary authorities forSurguant Mason ,
the soldier who .attempted last night to
shoot Guitcau , nnd who is still con
fined at the arsenal.
said this afternoon that ho had re
ceived no oflicial knowledge ot the af
fair , and did not intend
to take any action until such
information was given him. On the
other hand , the war department elli
cials say they havu nothing whatever
to do with the matter , -jind if
Col. Corkhill makes requisition for
the man ho can got him without any
opposition from the war department.
The attempted shooting has of course
been the talk of the city to-day , and
naturally all sympathy in on the side
of thu soldier. At thu White House
some of thu employes regretted Ma
son's failure , but the rust woru moru
guardud in their expressions. This
afternoon Guitoau was placed in anew
now cell , tlu } location of which is a
n profound secret. At thu timu he
was fired at ho was lying down , and
thu ball passed directly overhis shoul
der Thu picturu which the ball struck
in the pocket of hia coat , hangint ;
on thu wall , was a photograph of him
self. Ho had passed a night of tnrror.
Hu did not occupy his bud the whole
night , but lay in an outstretched posi
tion on thu floor and at times was
very flighty. Ho frequently cried put
for thu Lord to havu mercy upon him.
At ono time ho was heard calling on
God to B.iyo him. As onu of thu
guards was passing his cull door
about daylight this morning
ho heard him say : "Oh God ! why
did I shoot the poor president ? Bo
merciful to me , a poor , miserable as
sassin the assassin of thu president
of a great country. I could not holi >
' "r * " " ' * > >
compelled to fire thu fatal shot. Oh *
Lord , if I was only out of my misery !
Tuke'ino , now , O Lord ; take mo ,
now. During this prayer hn wept
The question has been raised here
whether Guiteau can bp tried fur
murder should thu president die at
Elboron. In a legal aspect the case pre
sented would bo simply that of a per
son who ha * received a mortal wound
in the District of Columbia , from the
effect f which hia death had
taken place elsewhere , and under
these circumstances the court of the
district would not have jurisdiction
of thu offense as homicide , but would
bo homicide to thu consideration of
the assault merely with disposition ,
which , as hold by strong legal author
ity , and by thu common law of thu Dis
trict of Columbia , scunm to preclude
thu conviction of Guiteau for murder ,
now that I ho president haa been ru
moved to Long Branch.
Judson M. Whcolor , of Fortress
Monroe , Virginia , a witness of the
issassination of the president by
juituau , arrived in this city to-day
ind madu affidavit of what ho saw.
lid not appear in thu criminal court I
o-day. His whoroaboutH are -
Arms wcro Hunt to Arizona at Goy-
srnor Fremont's request to-day in
ill , 1,000 rifles , 500 being the quota
luu thu territory , and f)00 advanced.
L'hoy will be forwarded to such points
a thu governor Boleotu.
"Tensed" to Poath-
'atlatml AHIOLI.-UU ! ] 'rcu.
HtuiTrow , Ind. , September 12.
5 < 1 ward Heclce , of Buuiiii Vitita , a
'illago eaat of liere , gave n gold watch
o hia girl. Shu subsuquunlly "went
ok on him. " Thu boys teased him ,
nd bin sunuilivo nature caused him to
ttixck Dr. Frank Arthur , In thu
leleo the doctor bled him to such an
xtunt that ho died from depletion.
DCTHorr , Mich. , September IU
luring thu storm Saturday eveniii' , '
iu schoonerD.ivul / DOWH and K.
'mis collided in passing between Pu-
10 island and Dtimly light. Thu Ninm
ink in tun * fathoms water ; thu DOWH
aground or sunk on Pulou ruef. The
ig Mayfloworntnmdud on Colchester
Scullu aud Sonllora-
itional ANsoclntod I'nra. 11
TOIIONTO , Sept. 12. The final heat j ,
ir single sculls was rowed at 7 o'clock c , ,
iis morning , in accordance with thu „
inditions of Saturday's postponed f ,
cu , and was won byVallaco \ Hoss.
tin men camu in in thu following
'dor : First , Itoss ; HCCOIU ! , Coiinel-
; third , courtney ; fourth , Hiimm ,
id fifth , Tonoyeuko ,
Importaut DlKoovorloa.
tlonal AuaoUatvU l'rc ,
Ciry OP MIIXICO , Sopteiiibur 12 ,
.Iditional and important arcluulogi-
1 di covurie have been madu hero ,
liiah will likuly attract wldu intercut
Europe , an well UH America Work-
en engaged in digging in front of
u old cathedral unearthed mass inn-
rial of various nortH , mostly stone ,
id comparatively well preserved ,
Pro\mrltiR For n Strilco.
Nttlontl Anocteted
LANCAHTEII , O. , September 12. The
minors in Hocking Valley are making
preparations for a big strike next
Thursday , demanding $1 per ton.
They are now getting 80 cents. The
demands are not likely to bo acceded
to. Not less than three thousand
minors will quit work.
Horrililo Lake Disaster Off the
Ooast of Frankfort , Mioli ,
The Steamer Columbia Poun
ders and Several Persons
Known to Have Per
Foarlul Gntnntroplio. A
O , Suptumbor 12. A special
from Frankfort , Mich. , says ; The
steamer Columbia of thu Northeastern
line , foundered elf Frankfort early
Sunday morning , and fifteen persona
wore drowned. Among the number
missing are Capt. Malcom , Second-
Mate lloburt Malcom , First Engineer
Wm , Crosby , Second Engineer" Wm.
Moflin , Fireman Ohas. Bunton , Win.
Shannon , Harriet Simmons , Misn
Fitzgerald ; also a passenger , said to
bo from Chicago , and seven others.
names unknown. The bodies of the
captain , first and oecond engineer ,
Miss Fitzgerald and a young man ,
unknown , have como ashore. The
steamer was bound from Chicago to
Colling wood , Canada , laden ffith grain.
She shifted her cargo about fifteen
minutes after. The passengers and
crow got away from the steamer in
small boats , but the boat containing
thu captain and engineer was capsized.
The saved wuro John Moore , Joseph
Wright , Daniel McFco , James Bakie ,
John Fnizan , Thomas Lee and Frank
Indication * .
Rational Associated Prrsj.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 12. For the
lower lakes ; Fair wuather , south to
west winds ; falling , followed by rising
bfiromotur ; stationary or hiyher tem
perature. For thu upper lake region :
Fair weather , winds veering to cooler
westerly , higher barometer. For the
upper Mississippi and lower Missouri
valleys : Fair weather : southwest ,
veering to northerly winds ; higher
barometer , and stationary or lower
temperature. The rivers will remain
nearly stationary.
The Chicago Boys-
C. F. Spencer , L. M Smith and C.
F. Hutchinson , who have been in
Omaha for a short time return to
- ' - , '
T" i < -Spy'lTi
fice in Chicago. W. E. Ti'co , formerly - - * * ? '
ly of Philadelphia , and Mr. Huoy re
main hero. Last night the telegraph
boys of the city took the visitors ,
around , showing them the sights and.
introducing thorn to the elephant and'
several other animals. The boys had !
a rollicking good timo.
Mr. liigrnni in Kentucky.
The following is from the Shelby
Sentinel , published in Shulbyvillu ,
Ky. , thu former homo of Rev. Mr.
Ingram : "Eld. .1. W. Ingrain , of
Omaha , formerly pastor in charge at
tins place , preached at thu Christian
church last Sunday. Hit ) sermon was
onu of great power and beauty , tcc'iu- '
ing with religious thought and in
struction. Hu had just closed a very
successful meeting at Alton , Andur- .
eon county , at which forty-six per
sona were added to thu church. Eld ,
Ingram ia a shining light in the
church , and his alylo of oratory and
niutho t of presenting religious truths
nlways attract attention. "
OMAHA , Sept. 12. 1 wish to re
turn my sincere thankr ) to those
friends who assisted in removing my
'urnituro during the lire on thu 4th
nst. W , B. Mussini ,
lit Ifi Capitol avenue.
Mr. Thomas Tormy , Suott Station ,
Putnam county , W. Ya. , in u late
ommimieation tluu refold to his ex-
( uriuncu with thu Great Gorman Kom-
idy : Whan I received St. Jacobs
) il , I was in bud with the rhcuina-
ism , and now I am walking about the
oem with u canu , and bufoiu I got it
could not bo moved in my bed. To-
lay , however , [ w nt to the stable.
Of all medicines advertised to cure
ny iiltection of thu Throat , Cheat or
jiii's ) , , wo know of none wu can rcc-
luniend BO highly an Du. IviNd'rtNKW
) LSIOVJHY : for Consumption Coughs ,
'olds , Asthma , Bronchitis liny Fu-
cr , HoarHone&s , Tickling in thu
'hruat , loss of voice , utc. This mud-
; inu douH positively euro , and that
rhuro everything ulsu has failed. No
ledieino can show one-half so many
ositivo and permanent cures as have
Iready buon ell'ected by this truly
ondurful romedy. For Asthma and
Ironchitis it is a purlect specific , cur-
ig thu very worat casus in thu ahort-
it timu i > ossiblu , Wu say by all
leans givu it a trial , Trial bottles
t'u , Kugularuii'.u 81.00. Fomiloby
( lJ y ISH it MoMAHON , Omaha.
Corner Seventh und Pacific
reotH , will , after two weeks , occupy
is now storoon thu corner of Otnning
id K.uiniteia atroots , and on account
' thnt will close out hia entno atook
' Dry Goods , Boots and Shoos at
-ices regardless of coat. scnU-Ut
Turn ftchool for thu winter term
muiiL'iicen Tuusday , September lUth ,
or partiuuluis apply to J , L. Fruo-
Mi's book store , Furnhain street.