Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 10, 1881, Image 1

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    HE OMAHA * Y
No 1 L t on llirncy street , nwr nc < v cour
No a Lot on OVM street near S2 < 1 , 82SOO.
KoS Lot on CaltornU utrcct ncxir 22J.SIWW ,
No D Lot on Hare- street near U. t' . depot ,
No 0 1 block In Slit I m's 3J addition near Con
tut , SbK ) . , '
No 8 Two loti .on . Dooitur near Cninpucll SU ,
NolO-SloV on Colfnx ettcot ncir eon ' :
I'ark , nt roatonablo iiricvs. '
100 cliilco rcsiilcuco lotx In Credit roticlcr Ami
7. 1 * . anil 11. & II. iK > p.toptkcs fronr $1X ( > .np ;
ISIaU on 21 t. 22(1 , 23 J aivl Bitn.ilcn strrstH ,
north ol ami o-lJolumK > - V. bmitlfs addition ,
JlOO ; tcnna eo. > y
No 03 Full corner lot on Douglas utroot noai
10th , KSOO.
No TO Corner GO\HO feet lot on DdueLM near
aoixr Itth slro tJ100.
No. 71 Three lotjlii Ohe'iaddlUjn ncarSann-
dor street , dliNO
71 Lot nPocatur street , near Irene Shlnu'a
h'r. 7.S2xW Icct on Pacific street near U. , V
rti3. n , A M , depots , 5300J. , < . ,
No. 7 Splendid waVchouio lol TTxlSJ feck HU
* < tre t near Jones , JSSOO.
No 7 < J 3 loU on Hartley street near lOtli , J2000.
5To 8t Lot Id Ulse's addition near &
's'rccl , J600. '
No. 82 Lot In Olios' addition near Saunden
- rtrcct. J300.
No 832 Iota on' 10th near Pacific and Naif
No8d--Lot on Charles ilrcet near Saundej * .
4500.No 87 Ix > t on Lcmonworth nearlBth , $1,100.
No 83 Lot an Caldnull etrect near Sauudcrs
No 8 ! > Lot on Chicago near J'2d street , (1500.
No 90 Lot on IHonJo near Camubcll street
31 loU In Mlllttdi & CaldwcH'g addition , Blicr-
> mnnm nuo , lath street , .Spring , Hamtogn and
J'lorcnco strceU , 6700 and ujmards.
No 122 2 lota on ISth street , near Poppteton's
nov residence , SI COO.
Nc 123 Lot 71x310 feet on Sherman ( .venue ,
16th street , $1100
No 124 4 loU en Dollenio street , near shot
tower , SSOto i76'cnch.
No 125 Full block on Clinton utrcet , near
shit tower , ? SO to S75 each.
No led Lot on ISUi street , no = J white lead
works , 8325
, No ' .27 2 lots , Si acres near lirad of St. Mary's
avenue , on reid to Park , g.1500.
No 129 Lo on California near Crcljiitoii Ool-
ccc , 8375.
No lai ) I loU near new government corral , S2J
vt07J acres eacli. jatW.
No 101 Lot In ( lino's addition on Cameron St.
near SuundcrJ , uiako an oiler.
No. ItiO Lot In OUo's nddltlon on Cosjlua St. ,
near State , malu an offer.
No 102 Lot in OUa'sadditlon on Ca slm near
SaundeM , make an Oder.
No 10J t block In Royd's adilltlon addition
Dear Omaha UarracLs , make an offer.
Noldt-71oUln Henry b Shelton's addition
near hi h school , price from & 125Q upward.
170 Lot on I'adllc Etrcut , near IStli , inakc an
'tflor.No 171 2 lots on Webster street , near 21 t ,
* oth * JiwO or S2000 for corner and S18W ) for In-
da.No 17.1 i lot on Cnosncar Hth ktrcct , 51000
> No 176 Lot on Sncrman avenue Itth etrcct
Dear Izaril , 4U1B2 , Juno.
No 177 3 lots In GnndUow. inalc an offer.
No 180 Lot Irt Sainn's udditjpn on nr St. ,
JOT end streetcar track , S52S , ' * "
No 181 Two lots In Nelson's addillon , 1 on
dchjftreit , 1 on Center glrret ,
' ' '
' No li 3 Two gilt cilfo lots on Coaa street near
Slat , on a corner , feouo.
No ISO Lot on Htv.xrd street , ucar Saundera ,
mafco an offer.
No 180 3 lota an Seward street , near Irene ,
ruaKo an offer
No 183V , lot'on Davenport near 25th$500.
No lati , lot on Division near Cumins "t. , f200.
No 1SSJ , Mock in IJoyd's addition , near Omaha
'barracks. elM.
NolbOJ , 5 lot on Marco nearCth street , ? 5r > 0.
No 19iJ , J lot on llth near Farnliam , * 2100
No 101J , 2 beautiful lots In Shinn'a addition ,
No'l02J , 2 lota on ISth sticet near white lead
works , * 10JO.
No 193J , lot on 20th Htreet near Shernian , $100 ,
"No " 1 ! ) J , 2 lots on 2.M street , near L'lurU , # iOlJ. (
No lOUii U beautiful lots on bounders bt. near
rtruot car turn Uble , 1275.
No 109J , lot on I5tli iii-or I'icjco tt. S503.
No 2U1 Lot In Uisu's addition on Cameron st. ,
near Saundcre , V5UO.
No iOJ Lot on Cameron street ncarSauudcrs.
No 203 Lot in Shlnn'il addition on Baunders
otruet , near street car tnrii table , JS50.
No 2ul Ileuutiful lot in Nelson' * addition , 011
DIvLalon Btrccl near Cumliii , ' , Sa60.
No. 205 Tw o lots oi CaatelUr btrcct , near 10th
$160No 203 Two lots on Sixteenth street , near the
.onU uorka , Jldnu.
No2ki ( Oiio-liAllIot on California street mar
III 8700.
No 2u'J Lot on 18th Btreot near Nicholas , SOOO.
No 210 Lot on Capitol rucmio near 23dlEUO.
Na 212 Lot llrfxMJO lect on Colfax street , near
.nanseora I'ark , with Improvements , fc700. !
No 2ia Two acre * on Cumin : ; street , 1000.
No 216 Ono-haiJ oil CalTfornm , near Ken-
tned y struct , $350.
No 211 ! Ueautltul lot on Hamilton street- near
street car turn taolo , $1000.
No 217 Lot on 23d street , near Clark. ? 500.
A few acre lota only remain unsold In " 1'arK
Waco" llttlo vmt or Crel hton Collegt , prices
iranKliiK fiom 8276 to tfjOOvaih arid on easy terms.
Lots In Uorbacli's lut and 2d additions ; also
lota In 1''sShinn'fl ; Nelson's , Turracu's , K.
. Smith's. Uedlck's , and nil the other additions
any i > rlco an J at any terms.
Ten urns In thu city limits oa tlio road to the
barracks at $ a76 per acre.
I'eur bc.iutifnl refldenco lots In front of
CrclL'hton Collnfe ; will cut them iij to suit.
Nine residence lots iiortJi of Crdijlitoii College
grounds , from * 7UO toSll00 cacti.
Thirty ru-ldent lots In 1'arkcrt addition , nix
Woelis north of tlio end of the i-trccs car traek
on Saundcrs btreet.'fJOO oacli.SlO down , UaUnto
suit , at b per cent InUrost.
A Jew lots loft In Terrace addition on the road
to the Park , near head of St. II in's av enuu , 7v:0 :
each. To thosu who Mill build a. 1200 residence ,
yyearattmcatSri'r tint Intert
lx > tsin UUo's addition atJOt ( J$350cacli , 10
yeautliuo HO percent interest , to thosutlio
'lluio1dTouslcy4n. cro tract with "liouseand
ll Improvement * , adjoining ; race course and fair
grounds' forfcWOO.
Tracts of 6,111,16,10,10 orSOixcrcn , ulthbull-
< lln s and other liuprovtiucnUmul adjolnlny the
city , at all prices. , . , , . ,
3WXI ol the bust residence loti In tlio clt.v of
Omaha any location you desire north , cast ,
oouth or west , and at bed rocU prlctai.
250cholcobuilncu lota In all the principal bus-
DOSS strceta in Omaha , arylnjf horn 1100 to
47000 each.
Two hundred houses anj lots runi-ln ; ; from
COO to $16,000 , and located In every part of the
larje number of excellent arms In Douglas ,
fiarpy , Snundors , Uodgo , Waahliiu'ton. Hurt , and
other good counties In eastern Nebraska ,
12,000 ncrc.s best lands In Douglas , 7000 acres
boat lauds In Karpy county , and lar v tracts In
all thu eastern tier of countlci.
OverWO.OOO acres of th bout land In tlio No-
raaka for sale by this agency ,
Verj lareo amounts of suburban property In
ono to ten , twenty an. ) f jrty .acre plccen , located
within one to three , ' four or flvo miles o ( the
ostolllco somu very cheap pieces. .
NuwMapjof Omaha , published by ncargo 1 *
Ilcuili plain , unmounted maps 0 cents each ;
mounted , colored and with cloth back , 81.DO
IloustfVtorea , hotels , farms , lot , l ands. ollkus
rooniu.ctc , , to rent or leoso.
I'uxes iiafil , rents colloetcd , , mortiragcs ,
ind all kinds of rail eituto documents mailq out
en short notice.
Eeal Estate Exchange
15th and Douglas Street ,
OMAHA , - - . NEB
Encouraging Bulletins Oontinut
to Oomo From Elberon ,
A Cool Day and Eracijjj
eze Hondor the'Pot :
Very Comfortable.
His Condition the UXost Snilufno
tory of Any Time Since
Iho Khootlng.
OFKK'l.U ,
Loxn BnANcu , September l.Klbo- )
ron 8:2(0 : ( n. in. At tlio uxaiiiiiiation o
vtlio prcsijlont thin inorninj ; his torn
poraturo ww 1)8. ) f > , jiulso 105 , rcspir
utioii 17. Tlio contUtiuu ( if tlio pin-o
lid gland nndronuljV iiunroving
HJo vna somewhat wftljcfnl'duriu | hc
niplit bnl wni not restless mul sjopl
suHiciontly. The oncnuita nnd otiinii-
Imito have boon auspemlud during the
p.tat thirty-six lidtira. On the \vuilc )
the past twenty-four lioura give ovi-
diinco of 'favorubn ' proqrras.
( Signoc1 ! ) I * . 11. HAMILTON ,
D. W. Buss ,
The president's condition continues
fiTvorable. For hwniopiJ day nourish-
niont ho partook , aiiiouc other thiiiRa.
of wooilciick and inilk toaah. The
vroathor is muph cooler.
LONO DRANI II Elboron , Boptombot
0. At the examination of the pruai-
dent at 12 in. to-day , the tenip'oratiiro
was t(8.4 ( , pulse 100 , respiration 17.
At the evening dressing at 5UO p. m.
the temperature wns (18.8 ( " , pulse 1QO ,
respiration 18. It is" believed , with
out referring tp the records , that this
is the first day since the development
of Iho traumatic fever that i\\o \ \ tem
perature , pulse and respiration have
boon' so nearly normal and uniform
throughout the critirc day.
( Signed ) F. H. HAMILTON- .
The favorable condition Qf < hi }
r > resid6nt , according to all rqp rts ?
jontinues unallaypd to tin's * hour.
I'ho febrile riao is very slight ' thus
: ar.
The following yvas sent by Secretary
lllaino to Miniator Lowell , London.
' 'Tho medical rdportnro all favorable -
able to-day , at inormng , noon and
light : Tlio pi-esidont has not for
nany weeks done so well for so many
conservative hours. Ho hai had
vorj' little fever ; his respiration hag
) eon normal and his pulse has not ex
ceeded 100. Ho lias slept without
opiates and gained strength without
stimulant , liis lights are not so
roatfjil as could bo desired , but in
twenty-four hours "ho gets sufficient
TjOyi The weaUi'i-i cnntiniioj sultry
and oppressive. "ftiGcli iH"Kbpo < rff rom
the clear , bracing air hero at this
( Signed ) fir. UNI : , Secretary.
The cottages about Elberon aru all
closed for the night. The auent of
the National Associated Proas mot Dr.
Bliss out for his Gnal night smoke
and asked him the latest news from
the sick room. "All is iroing well , "
ho said. "The febrile rise had not
appeared when I came out. I parsed
my hand over his body and tlio skin
WAS still moist and cool. Lie has HK-jit
better thu far to night than dtiriiig
the early part of any night for a
week. "
The latest reports from the sick
room are favorable for a comfortable
night for the president. There has
been very little fever this evening.
LONO BIUNCII , September 0. The
weather is hazoy , with a promise of
rain. The air is cool and damp and
penetrates into the sleeping room ,
nnd a blazing fire was kindled in the
firo-placo. The restlessness ot the
early night , caused by eating too
much yesterday , passed oil' . The
ocean ia rolling high under his win
dows. Tliia morning and thu salt air
[ ; ivea a great appetite. Ho had his
breakfaut on woodcock ,
The morning report the physicians
regarded as satisfactory. The mem
bers of the cabinet and others about
the hotel say that everything proceeds
fully as well ai expected. Swaim denies -
nies the truth of the story of last
evening's vomiting , and nays that thu
president has had no stomach trouble
since reaching the shore. MuoVeagh
nays that all is well , hut wo must not
bo too sanguine for aiijther week or
The pulse at the noon dressing was
! )8 ) , temperature ! )8. ) > i , respiration 17.
Dr. Bliss says thu president's improve
ment has been fully maintained. The
president has signified his willingness
to sou any member of cabinet who de
sires to call and some of them will
probably see him this afternoon for
the first time since ho waa shot.
Low ! BIIANCH , Koptember'J , With
wind and weather in' his favor the
president has passed another good
day , and , according to all accounts ,
the improvement of yesterday has
been kept up , or , as Iho bulletins say ,
the case haa made favorable progress ,
Attorney-General MeVcagh urgues as
follows ; "Until the sopticiomic con
dition of the president's blood is fur
ther eliminated it will be invoosaiblo
to say that danger ia past. " ays hoVe :
" \Vo know tlmt thu heart in till right ,
and wo know the wound has begun to
show moro improvement. The parotid
tid gland is doing all that could bo
expected thus far , but it must bo re
membered that this gland ia
in direct communication with the
lungs and will have to bo very closely
watched. Thus far there has not been
thu slightest evidence of lung trouble
discovered , I only tear that trouble
would bo moro likely to come from
that direction than any other. Every
day that passes without uunh increases
the chances ngninat its coining ; but 1
can't believe that anything short of f
week of such good daya as yeslerdaj
and to-day has been enough to make
us sanguine of the president's rccov <
cry. Wo are all hopeful , nud the in
dications are well calculated , to make
us moro so. "
The members of the cabinet per
haps are moro encouraged to-day than
nt any time since the second relapse.
Secretary Blainu is not quite ao hope
ful ns some others. Ho says the case
has been BO complicated nnd the
friends of the president have so often
become almost confident of his arjeody
recovery and then been disappointed
that hu cannot bo assured of n con
tinuous happy voyngo by a day or two
of good sailing.
Ho admits that the present indica
tions nro very satisfactory , and no ono
ia tnoro anxious for the complete real
isation of the highest hopes than he
is. The very fact that the president
to-day signiliedm willingness to sou
the members of the cabinet who de
sired to call , was good evidence of
general improvement nnd was so ac
cepted by members of thu olHcial fam
ily , who for : t long week had not
spoken tohim.
TllH 1I1STOHY 01' TO-DAY ,
except in the matter of calls of Cabi
net oflicerti , has been an uneventful
one. Ihuro has been no such iluctu-
ntioiiB of the pulao or temperature
nnd no operation on the patient , nnd
nature has continued to assort herself
in the usual functions under such cir
cumstances. Drs. Bliss nnd Hamil
ton have devoted the greater nart of
their time to the president's imincdi-
ale comfort , and nurses liavo been as
siduous in their Attentions. Ono re
mains constantly a this' bedside , but
the fan docs not have to bo applied so
frequently. Old Ocean helps to fan
liint. To-day the breeze was shutout '
from the son , the 'side windows ad-
uniting oven n
in thu cottage fireplace nud added to
the comfort of the situation and estab
lished precaution against the effect ot
possibly colder weather. Mrs.G.irfiold (
spends several hours each day by her
lusband's bedside. She ia better sat
isfied now that there are fewer atten
dants around the sick bed for the sin
gle reason that the president seems
, o"liko it bettor.
WASHINGTON , September 1) ) . Secretary -
rotary Kirkwood returned hero from
Long Branch to-night , and expressed
ho belief that the president waa in 'a
'air way to recover. Ho remarked
h ; t ono of the beneficial effects of the
s oa-shoro is that the president main- '
ains whatever gain ho makes ; that
while in Waahingson whatever ho
gained in the cool hours of the night
Hid morning ho would loso-during the
icat of the day ; but with the bracing
itmosphoro ho now enjoys , ho holds
ast to every stop ho makes toward
Khodlvo ForooditD
the Cabinet-
National Associated 1'rout.
DANTZIC , September ! ) . Emperor
William is now hero , waiting thu nr-
ivnl of the czar , the lattera yacht
laying been delayed by a dense fog
vfiich nt present gives no promise of
> roaking way. The emperor will poat-
lone embarkation till to-moirow.
Bctir.i.v , September 9. So rapidly
ma the reconciliation between thn
government and Vatican advanced
hat it was lepoitcd to-day on good
luthority that it waa contemplated to
; oestablish the .Prussian legation at
, ho Vatican.
LONDON , September 9. At a largo
ncoting of thu Manchester spinners ,
lold to-dny , speeches were madu ad-
oeiting that the entire forcu stop
vorking for ono week in-order to
ounteract thu Liverpool cotton cOT
IC r.
PAULS , September 9. A dispatch
rom Cairo says that n revolution ia
mminont in E''ypt. l-'our thousand
oldjois , with thirty pieces of artillery ,
urroundcd the palace of the khodivu ,
vlien the leaders demanded the dis-
nissal of the ministry. Thu khodivu
cceded to their Demands , nnd the
niiiistry havu been diamicsed.
Owing to thu news f rom Egypt there
a great excitement on the Bourse this
There is a rumor that sovcro on-
.MgcmcntB have taken place between
ho French troops and Arabs at
vammotnot , the result of which is yet
unknown. Fin ther ad vices are awaited
vith great anxiety.
\n Express Train Thrown From
the Traolr nt Glandule , Ky-
latlanal Associated Prow.
LOUISVILLE , September 9. A train
n the Louisville & Nashville , due
icro nt 11:35 : to-niirht , waa ditched at
jlondule , south of Elizabothtown , Ky.
'ho engineer and fireman were killed.
A largo number of Knights Templar ,
vho had been in attendance nt thu
Irill nt the Bowling Green fair , wcro
on the train , and it is believed mnny
rere injured. A wrecking train haa
gone from hero.
G oiler nl Shorltlaii Home.
{ atlonal Associated I'reiw.
CIIIOAOO , September 9. General
jheridan and family have returned
ionic to-day from u summer sojourn
n Colorado.
Klpnapplng His Daughter.
Jatlonal AuocmteJ 1'rtaa.
LOUISVILLK , September 9. ThU
norning a man entered thu Fifth
vard school excitedly , called for n six-
ear-old gill named Thoinim , and car-
led her uway forcibly , saying tlmt ho
van her father , Tl'o teacher of that
room was a lady , and she and thu
school children followed the man to
.ho door , Buruaming and asking him
to release the struggling child , Ho
" *
- 4 A
put her into & bugg $ Kud drove ran
idly oil' . It ivn.i learned tlmt Thomas
fnmlly rotations haVe not boon pleas
nut , nud ho and his Nvifo have separ
of the Ponuoylrnnir
Ropnbllonn Cemroiitlosi.
IlAiuiiswmu , Pn. , September ! ) .
At the Itopublicau couVuntion nt Hnr-
riabuty , I'.x. , yesterday , the following
resolutions were adopted :
Resolved , Tlmt the republican par
ty of Pennsylvania is , in the most
hcnrty accord with the ndminUt ration
of President GArficltl , and while bint-
ing in the prayers of all good people
for his spocdy rocovpryfl pledges con
tinued fealty and most oclivo support
in prompt and counvgopus correct ! ju
of all government ab'nm3.Vo are in
favor of tiny p roporand woll-conaid-
ercd reform , either in'iho govotniiient
of thu nation , state sbi\.utuniciulit- | ,
The ndministra'.ion of ' .Prcsiidont Garfield -
field 1ms set a right oittmplu in thin
direction , and while firmly ml-
hering to the principles nnd
bettor practices of ( the
party which called it , into existence it
yet exists upon 'fnithfulneti and
honesty in every bralidh of the publ ic
service. The bullet of the assassin
should not interrupt ' tliia work. It
should bo pursued wlillo its a\ithor
lives and beyond his life , if through
incrcaaing-niisfortune ho ohould uu
taken away. I
Bosolved , That tm republican par
ty has ever boon progressive and re
formatory , nnd while1 realizing that
nothing in the government ; is wholly
right , wo desire to bo always brave
enough to sock ovoryavenuo , for pro
gress to the right , to.tho end tlmt all
our people may enjoy every incrunsing
blessing of good government.
Resolved , That to.prosidont .Tunica
A. .Garliold this toiidpr and lovinp ,
this struggling nnd snU'orincr , this pure
and bravo man , now become the bo-
lovcd of tins people and the admired
of all people wo tender for ourselves
and our constituents the assurance of
deep , heartfelt sympathy , , and keenly
ipprociating the value of such a life to
us country , wo express the prayerful
lope that ho may bo BOOH restored to
, hu discharge of the important duties
or which'Jio is remarkably qualified ,
uid from which , by u ncculintly in-
'amous crime and undeserved assault
'or the conscientious exorcise of
iroper executive power , ho has been
remporarily withdrawn.
Resolved , That in the ntatu as in
hu Nation the republican party is
committed to the course of economical
tnd honest administration. Wo de
mand all ncccssnry.l.'moans and the
enforcement of all laws intended to
irovent fraud and waste , and u o re *
niiro close and watchful guardianship
over all the multifarious interests
committed to the card of ' our organiza
tion. j <
Resolved , That inJuny revision of
our tariff ilofi8latiaW.4\Vhich } may bo
nado , carnjihall bolrpsn to discnmi-
uiloiin fnv'fir of ciitr > ; .lmu irjofl. there-
byyA lifaiSlafcrf ! ft WfeRff vrhiBJr . j
rapidly milking America a controlling
> ewer in finance as it already is an
istablishcd leader in political thought.
Bnrmim'a Clrotis Shoolc Uj > .
\ntlotial AysodMed 1'rum
GiiiG'Auo , September 0. The roar
end of one of Jiarnum's circus trains
vis run into this morning near
iloomington. The train menjiml the
animals were shook up pretty lively ,
nit noiio seriously hurt.
Lalco Stcnmor Wrecked-
National AcMiclntod I'icta.
CiiiOAfioScpteinbor 0. The steam
er Skylark , with $3,000 wortli of
Michigan fruit aboard , bound from
3enton harbor for Chicago , Htruck a
snail at St. Joseph yesterday and
unk. No lives were lost. The ves-
of was valued at $20,000.
) uo of the Gmig Captured nnd Ho
* iatlnn&1 Associated Trim.
KANSAS OJTV , Suptombor 0. Olms.
risk , a notorious character , was ar
rested ana brought to Indopondeneu
his evening. Sun Chapman has
quonlud mid implicates the whole
'ang involved , including John and
3111 Asbury , and a man mined Scott.
A young girl was in the gang dressed
n men'tj clothes. The party had a
skirmifih with a party of live suppojed
mtlawrt. One of the posse was
And Other Murdurorn Who Arc
Imprisoned nt Danilwooil-
t'atlonal AmocuteJ I'rcM.
Diuwvoon , D. 'J1. ' , September ! ) .
In the United States court yesterday
James Lci''hton was convicted of the
nurdor of "Ourtes Olive , on the 1'iorro
roud , in 187'J. ' Both were teauiBtors.
J'ho trial of the muidoror of Liouton-
int Cherry was bosun yesterday. The
.rial of Crow Dog fur the murder of
Spotted Tail goes over to the Janu-
iry term of court , owing to the ab
sence of witnessed for the defense ,
Viiiltini ; Soldiers' Homos
wocUtixl I'rLim.
CHICAGO , September ! ) . John M.
rainier , of Springfield , III. ; Gen. W.
McMnhon , of New York : Gen.
loliu A. Mattin , of Atchison ; Gen.
\V. B. Franklin , of Hartford ; Gen.
Charles W. Jtoborta , of Bailer , and
lion. It. II , Campbell , of Hartford ,
constituting the board of managers
> f the National Soldiers' Homos , were
n the city to-day , en route to vidit
the Western Soldiers' Homo. They
wont to Milwaukee ,
Quttcnu'ft Chech.
National AstotUtcJ I'rcm ,
WAHIII.VOTOK , September U , Tin
assassin Ouileau was forty yearn oh ]
yesterday. lie called the attention
of the guards to the fact and suggest
ed that it was the tight thing fui
presents to be nmdoon Buchoccasionx ,
Up to last accounts ho hud received
no presents ,
Railroad Train Thrown in
Ditch Near Loulmrtllo ,
Twelve Mon Instantly Killoc
and Many Seriously
Several Boilioi Still Finioiiod Uii <
dor the Crushed Timber * or
the Wroolc.
CINCINNATI , September ! ) .
accounts of n serious railroad accident
near Ijouisvillo , Ky. , on the Short
Line , wcro received lust night , but mi
particulars could bo had. Karly thin
morning the following dispatch wan
received from Anchorage , Ky. , which
iclls a horrible story :
AMMIOH.UU : , Ky. , September 1) ) .
The entire train of two coaches , bag-
jaxo car and engine , which left Louis
ville at n p. in. , is in a creek. It
stiuuk a cow about fifty feet from the
west end of the bridge , knocking it
down , and then fell about thirty feet
'rom llio track to Ihobedof the creek.
AH the train is a total
wreck. The list of killed is :
A stranger from California , Mr.
I'orry , n bookkeeper at ApplogatoX
on Second street , Louisville ; Colonel
Neil , of Sholbyvillo ; Oapt.Vm. .
Madden , marshal of Sholbyvillo ;
Walter Scarce , of Sholbyvillo , and n
Mr. Jones of Sholbyvillo. Charles
lluchanan , of Louisville , is also re
torted among the dead. There are
iuppnsod to bo two or three others
dead under the wreck.
Among the seriously injured are
Alex. Alford , a lawyer at ll.'J Fifth
street , Louisville. The fireman of
.ho engine , Mr. Gibson and others
ire more or less hurt. Uut few es
caped without any injury. Tlu con
ductor , Petry , Engineer Hoinmkcr
ind Baggagomastor ilumbertson are
lurt , but not seriously.
LOUISVIT.T.K , Ky. , September ! ) .
I'liu latest from the wicck at Anchor
age , on the Shelbyyillo branch of the
j. , C. it L , short line railroad , is that
ivo men are killed , as follows : Col ,
.fielding Neil , president of the Shelby-
illo branch ; 'NYui. Maddux , marshal
) f Sholbyvillo ; M.V. . Perry , book-
cooper of Applegatp & Co. , Louisville ;
iVailer Scoarce , a wealthy Block dealer
it Shelby ville , and Win. Jones , n shoe-
nnkor of Shclbyvillo.
Seriously injured ; Thos. Bucljanau ,
orrespondcnt of The Louisville Pust ;
\lox. H. Alford , lawyer al Louisville ,
in'd fireman Gibson. All are in a oril-
cal condition. All UK ) train men and
uost of the pnssengors are more or
ess injured , The accident was caused
> y a steer on the track. The Accident
occurred seventeen miles out of Lou-
svillo , The coroner has gone out to
v * rl'Uc'KI10Jr ! ( nnilnrouudcdfrom the
nilroad ncdiduiit" oiftlio'Sholbyvfilij1
road , were brought to this city this
norning on a special train. Among
ho injured in Mr. Alex. II. Alford ,
vho is snpponetf to bo fatally hurt ,
News from thu scene this morning in-
licateH that a number of pcrstins are
juried under tlio wreck. Five bodies
ire repoitud to luivo boon taken out
hiK morning , two of them women ,
L'ho accident was caused by running
ever a cow.
One cow wan HDOII by the engineer
is the train approached Floyd's Fork
n-idge. Another cow jumped on the
raclc. The engine struck it , cut oil"
ts fore legs and was tluiH derailed ,
striking the corner of the bridge and
) reaking doun the structure. The
vhole train , engine , baggngo car and
wo passenger ears , were budly wreck
Flyo Mon SV/UIIR Into Eternity
From Olio Scaffold-
l Awiai.latutl 1'rm.
Lirru : ItocK , Soptpmbcr ! ) . A
lospatch from Ft. Smith says that
Lat McGowen , Goo , W. Podgett and
JVm. T. Drown , white , and Amos and
\.bel Mauley , Indians , weroall hanged
Jiuro to-day on the same scall'uld. The
lion showed bravado to the last. The
execution was private but thoiiaandu
( f people were in town. The doomed
nun all slept well last night excent
\IcGo\ven \ , who was very icsllees. He
lang and jiraycd before goint : to bed
tut ate with n relish this morning.
They all scorned resigned to their
'ato and confessed their guilt , but
said their lives were threatened. The
Chock Indians professed innoconco.
I'ho ' three whites uaid they expected
: o go to another world. lirown faint
ed ulion taken into the sun , but soon
rccoveied and all showed wonderful
n-avery on the scaflbld. At 11:110 : a.
n , the drop foil.
Trade Roiamo-
National AdHoclatoU I'rew.
NKW YOUK , September 0. The fall
r.ido appears to bo onening up briskly
at almost all the leading distributive !
centers throughout the United States ,
lloports by telegraph to liraUs.trout'a
from thirty-five cities this week point
, o an early and general movement ol
nerclmndiHo. Boston , Now York ,
I'hiladelphia , Daltimoro , Chicago , St ,
Louis , St. Paul and Minneapolis , ad
vices warrant confidence in great com
mercial activity at these markets. At
sail FiMiicisco the farmers' ' associa
tions are taking measurca looking 4 <
holding back all wheat for fancy pri
ces , which they believe the shortuuc
in Kngland and the United States will
bring into existence. In the miutli
general business is reported good ,
though not up to the standard of a
year since , At the poinU
most ull'uctcd by the < lr >
weather. The drouth still continues ,
though at Homo points in South Carolina
lina and Kentucky local rains him
fallen. The manufacturingindusliici
of the country r.ontinuo ovorpruwdut
with work. Labor troubles in Nov
Orlcrttia have ocoupiort considerahli
attention. The number of failure
reported to Uradslrcot during tin
vrsek is smnller than during the preceding
ceding woelc , being seven ty-tlireo , 1
decrease cf forty-five. The middh
states had 15 , n decrease of t ) ; N'ow
Knglnnd J7 | an ineroaso of fl ; south'
orn stales lan ) Jncreaso of 4 ; western
states ! { , a docmuo of 1 ! ; Cnlifornm
and the Pacific coast stalcn ll > , n de
crease of 1 ! ) ; Catiai/A / and HIP prov
inces 8 , n deiireaso of ( ! ,
Only Two Hundred
tn bolHoitUo.
Natloiml A oclntol I'rv-w.
SAN FitANcisro , SoptotuborA ! )
cial from Fort Thoimw says that
hrco companieA of ioguli\rn arrived
it that post. Nothing is heard from
j'ort Apncho. It is boliurcd that only
'wo hundred Ap.tcho warriors are on
ho war patli. A count of the Li
lians at the Apache reservation will bo
nado nl once , .lull , the Ohmcahua
hief , reported miiiaing , is at thu
SAN i'HANuisco , September ! K
iDitoral Wilcox telegraphs that
eorgo's band of While mountain In-
lians , reported at the l > ila agoneyaro
ronortod out. General Carr says ho
vill resume the oHbnsivo as soon as
10 can find any hostilcs to strike.
The IHsbco stage wan robbed be-
IJisbco and Clmrloston , Ar'mi-
m. They got twenty-five hundred
lollars from the Wells-Fargo treasure
) OX. \
i'irst Case nt Key 'WcRi-Qnarnn-
tine Regulation *
I'atlotml Ansoclatctl 1'rrai ,
WASIIINOTON , D. C , . September 0.
The first csso of yellow fever has
icon reported to the Marino Hospital
rom Key West , Florida. One of the
ocal health oflicors was dismissed for
ironouucing it yellow foyer. Snbso-
uently a Marino Hospital surgeon
van ordered to investigate the case
ml ho placed the case beyond a doubt
f yellow fovor. The patient has since
Served Him Right-
Catloml AKHaoIitoil I'rren.
COI.U.MUUS , Ga. , September l > . In
Bradford county , Florida , Dan. F.
Vutsnn ravished his wifo'a uicco and
nt the girl's mother's bieast 6pen.
lo was pursued by a crowd and shot
> y his bi'otlujr-in-law , Sims , and other
ion and instantly killed.
MiiiuoROtn's Wheat Damaged.
'atlonal Associated I'nia.
Sr. I'AUL , Minn. , September 0.
'ho heavy rains in the early part of
lie week in northern Minnesota have
esultcd in tnoro or les& damage to
vheat. Some grain men place the
stimato as high as 10 per cent. The
; rcut mass of wheat was in stock : and
ma commenced hunting and nprout-
ug. The weather is now favorable
ind flinco the ntorm largo tracts of
and Imvobeon'plantcd for next year's
rop. _ _
Heavy Atlantic Galea.
rtWAsuiHnToij Ji.-J ) . , . teinjbor
The hurricnno wliidli'ia liow oirUJir-
olina count will probably inovo north
erly [ along the const , causing cast
{ ales and heavy rains. The entire
east north uf Charleston is cautioned.
Ft will probably not ad'oct the N.OW
England coast and North Cauc , bo-
'ore late to-night or to-morrow.
The Events Yostordiiy on Tnrf , Di-
umoud and Wnvo-
National Aasoclatcd 1'rcH.i.
NKW YOHK , September ' . ) . The
first race at Coney Ihland , seven fur
longs , was won by Jcssio K. , Clara
second ; time 11UA.
The second race , ono milo , wau won
by Hulodon , Droghedo second ; time
1:4-1. :
Thu thkd race , milo and a quarter ,
was won by Ella Warlield , Alary An
derson second ; time 'Jil'-'j.
The fourth race , milo and a , half ,
was won by Jessie D. , Surges second ;
tune 12:41. :
The fifth race , milo and a half , over
six hurdles , was won by Iko Ilonham ,
Dutchman second ; time 12:48 : .
TOHONTO , September 0. The heats
of the single scull professional nice
were rowed this morning. In
the first heat Ross came out first ,
with Tinoycko second. In the second
heat Couloy was ( list and Courtney
second. Luc came in first in third ,
with Huinm second.
Stcnnior Bfcvoivints-
Natloml Asswciatcil I'rubd ,
NKW YOUK , September 9. Ar
rived , Cundimd , Roller , Nodkar and
Hermann , from Dromon ; Nothorland ,
Antwerp ; City of Urussols , from Liv
erpool ; Alsutia , from London. x
DAI.TJMOIU : , Soptumber i ) Sailed ,
Branaich Muyor , for Dromon.
ANTWKIU' , Soptombcr U. Sailed ,
Plantin , for Now York.
Work of the Drought-
National Aniociatwl 1'iuw.
OiuoAdo , September 5) . The de
partment of iigriculturn at Springfield ,
has piepufd a Htatislical table , show
ing thu condition of thu corn crop in
the northern district of Illinois , on
the first of September , to bo OH per
cent , and again an average of 88 pur
cent on the first of Juno in the cen
tral division , 01 per cent on Septem
ber 1st , against 80 per r.ont on Juno
1st. The great falling oil' is attributed
almost wholly to the long continued
Another Wilaou Man.
National Awaciatctl I'ruM ,
DUIIUO.UH , In. , September 0. The
republicans of llaniin county havu
nominated Dr. J. 0. Cook for ri'pro-
suntativo , Ho was instructed for Wil
Thn Roiailt.
National AtftOchtuJ l'ri x
SAN FUANCI.SCO , September 0. The
democrats only elected the tax collect
or , surveyor and two uuporvisoni. All
the other olllcora wcro republicans , bj
from ii.nOO to 000 majority.
- *
Twelve Towns fit fifohigan Do-
fstroyod by tlitf Forest
FJamo ? ,
Pivo Hundred Victims' Known.
to Have Boon Ovortffkon
by Fiery Death ,
Bringing in Dead Bed ten , Clinrroil
and Uiu-ocoRuiznlilo , Crora
the Barnod Dlstriotd-
S'ntloiul ABWclntwl 1'ro" .
DKTUOIT , Mich. , Hcplombor' ) . Tha
ati-st iufornmtion from the forest fire
n Tuscola , Sanilao and Huron' c m-
iea provo tlmt the towns of Itndaxo ,
Verasim , Forest ll * y , Uichmondvillo ,
31mrlestoiit Andowon , Dickorsvillo-
Ilarnsonvillo and Sundnsky have been
olnlly deati-oyed , and Port llopo1
Milden and Ubloy jmrtly so. The-
iroaont estimate of lives lost is placed
it live hundred.
Near Milden in Sanalaa county
ever 1200 persons nre known to have
been burned to death.
The dead bodies , for the most part
tnrccognu.ible , are being brought
ntu Sandusky from all directions.
DntiiotTj SepteinberO. 'Specials to
Iho Evening News show tlmt the
crisis in Huron and Sanilac counties
iaa passed , but sickening details aru
itill coming hi. A dispatch from filar-
otto reports 21fr families burned out
lithe loweit estimate in the towns of
tlarlntto , Flynn , Arcylo , Evergreen ,
Moore , Lamottoand Elinor , and tliirty-
wo persons are known to bo dead ,
'ho fires in the burnt district aromost-
y subsiding and the inhabitants are
itting about the ashes of their homos ,
nany of thorn with their eyes burned
iiit and otherwise horribly disfigured ,
'hoy are disconsolate and almost bo-
eft of their sonso. Many persons are
till missing in the burned district ,
ind the exact loss of lifo cannot bo
cnown for nnmo days. It is stid that
27 dead bodies Imvo boon found in the
ountry between Hadiutu an 4 Port
Iopo _ .
It is impossible ) this early to ecouro
inything like n complete list of the
load. Hov. / . Gorovillo , pastor o
.ho First Baptist church in tliia city ,
vho was in Sanilao county at the time
if Iho lire , saw fourteen dead hodioa
> rought into Sand ! ! oaoh. They were
imply a blackened and shapelesa
miss , and in only a few canon could
ho ago or sex bo determined. In
oino places ho naw entire families ro-
iuccd to an unamtinguishablo heap ot
oastod and blackened blocks of ilcshl
Near Dockorvillo , Hov. W. A. Al-
iiu'lon found 10 dead bodies around
jcxington , these known to have per
illed are Humphrey , the stage driver ,
tlrs , Frank Dennison , child' and
tstor , Paul Wetzol , wife and five
hildren , Mrs. Strong and t ro chil-
Iron , George Krotch , Miohaol Welch ,
wife and tu > .djildron , PftitlYliteiV | )
ind live- children , "JUs. GibsonV 'aiid5
, wo sisters , >
In Paris townshij ) , John Flyto-
vagor and wife with their seven ehil-
i'on , and fifteen unknown porsoim
lorished as did also Morris CJitlbid ,
vifo and child , and the entire Day
iiinily of eight persons.
Fuller details and most appalling :
oports are expected IIH soon as the
oads are passable and moasengerd can
DitTiioiT , September J ) . The fires
are still burning in some of the larger
ampsof Sanilaccounty. There was rain
it Murquutt this moaning and that
village is out of danger. Trains are
low aunning regularly on the Port
luron. The Northwescorn News
says ; "From nil ever the state como
neasai'cs ot
of a substantial kind are being for
warded. Detroit has already sub
scribed about nine thousand dollam
and public meetings are beingheld to-
light. Grandll'ipids held a big meet
ing to-day. Jackson sends one thous-
ind dollars , and other towns in pro-
> ortion. A despatch from Care says
, lmt rain yesterday did , much good
and was hailed with joy by the strick
en people , Ileports coming ;
n allow that the facts are
MOHP iioititnii.n
.ban yet reported , and many have
suspended business to aid the nnfor-
.unates. Relief is contributed freely ,
) ut the outlook for the future is dark
ndood. Moat of those iiuurod were
n the Farmers' Mutual of * Tuscola ,
ianilao and Huron counties , and it is
'oared ' the company will bo nuublu to
i.iy moro than twenty cents on the
compared with the oceans yet needed.
A mooting of leading citi/.cim last
light decided to apply to the gov
ernor for relief. Port Austin , Port
Crescent and Grindstone City are
safe. The danger is ever , and no
nero damage is reported at Port
[ lope ,
A Conductor Killed-
S'itlonal AfcUidutwl I'ftsl.
Di'.ruoiT , Soptombor8. Conductor
W. M. Poarin , of the Grand llupida
& Indiana railroad , was instantly
killed by a suction of his own train
while coupling curs at Kulamazoo at
7 : ! > 0 o'clock thh forenoon. The body
was terribly mangled.
Bishop Hoiml's Funeral-
National A < x.-uil l I'riun ,
MILWAUKKK , September t ) . The
funeral of Archbishoj ) Huiini will hike
| incu | Saturday morning at 0 o'clock'
All the arrangements IMVO been nmdo
and it mil bo a largo and linprcB&ivo
J O.
Gotitly Does It. 'f"
lliiguno CVo , SWAII street , lluflalo ,
wiltvM : "I have used Hprin ; ; llos ! oin foi
< lydieiaia | | anil iiidlyentlDii , and liavu founcl
Ittdaut tvliulrublyns a t 'vntloap0rient mul
bloatl purltlcr. 1 counlderit uncqualcd.
You are tit llburty to mu my nuuu ; as iw
referencei'licts 50 cents , trial butUus 1U
CCUtH. ,