Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 06, 1881, Page 7, Image 7

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QIO , bet , Oth nnd 10th Streets.
One copy Uonr , in aJ < ancoi > ofttmld,510.W )
0 month * " ' . . . . p.o
Siiioiitln " . . . . n.oo
Loa\o Omaha No. i through pasjoiucr , 11
n. tn. No. 4 , Oakland pa cnjrer , SCOa. : in.
Arrive Omaha No. 1 , through | tv enger , 2 0
p. m. So , 3 , Oakland ] vx < < 4ciivur , fiSO : p. in.
U. , B. & O. a. in. 3:10 : p. m.
C. A N. W. , n a. in , 3:40 : p. in.1
C. , I ! . I. k P. , I ) a. in. 3 : < 0 p. In ,
K , C. , M. J. & C. U. , S a in. C.30 ; | x. m , ArrUe
at 11 , txiuh at < i-5 : a. m. and 7:45 : a. in.
wiar OR notrriiwrats.
B. & M. In Kcb. , TlirmiRli Rvpross , 8:3S : x m.
11. t II. Ltnuoln FreiirhU 7:00 p. in.
U. I' KtprcM , 12:16 : p. m.
0. : It. V. Inr tln.-oln , 10:10 : a. in.
) . A II. V. for Otccola , 0:40 : a. in.
U. P. freight No. 6 , B : 0 a. in ,
U. P. freight No. 9 , fc:15ft : in.
17. P. ( roUht No. 7 , 0:10 : p. m. emigrant.
U. I' , frclirht No. 11 B:26 _ : p. m.
U. I ) , li ( ) . , 6:00 ,1. ir. . 7:25 p in.
C. ft N. W. , H : < fi a. Hi. 7:23 ji. in.
C. R. I.&l',0l5a. : m. 11:05 : p. in.
K. C. , St. Joe & 0 I ) . , 7ilOa. m. 0:15 : p.m.
W. , St. L. & P. , I6Vi : a. in. 4:20 : p. m.
O. & It. V. from Lincoln 12:12 : p. m.
U. I1. Kxnrcf * 3:25 p. in.
U & M. In Ncli. , Tluiimrh Express 4:16 : p. IP
B. & M. Lincoln Freight 8:3.1 : 0. m.
U. P. Freight No. 10-1140 p. in.
No. 0 J'J5 : p. in. Emigrant.
No. S 10M : p. m.
Vn 12 11:35 : n. m.
0. & II. V. mixed , ar. 4:35 : p. in.
' Nebraska Dhlslon of tno St. Paul i Sioux City
No. 2 teiuci Omaha So. in ,
No. 4 leaxcs Omaha 1.60 p. in
No. 1 arriveiat Uin.ih.iat 4IO : : p. in.
No. 3 luriiei at Onnha at 10:45 : a. in.
T.cave Omaha nt S:0fl : , 0:00 : and 11:00 : a. m.
1:00J:00 : : , 3.00 , 4:00 : , 6:00 : nnd 0:00 : p. in.
L.n\e Council DIuiniat 8:2 : , 0:25 : , 11:26 : a. m
l. < 5 , 2:25 : , S:25 : , 4:23 : t:2i : nnd 0:25 : p.m.
Sundajs The dun my k.up-i Omaha at 0:00
nd 11:00 : a. m.j 2:0d : , ll : > 0 and 6:00 : p. m , LMA 01
Cvitioll ISInlTi at : and 11:25 : a. m. ; 2:25 , 4:25 :
and & :25 : p. m ,
Opunlnnnncl Closing of Malls.
n. m. p. in , a. m. p. in
Cliimtfo & N. W . It.iitf 0:30 : 4:30 2:40 :
Chicago , R. I. i PaclHc. 11:00 : 0:00 : 4:30 : 2:40 :
Cliii-njfo , B. & > > . ll.CO 11.00 4:30 : 2:40 :
12:30 : 4:30 : 2:40 :
S io ut Citv anil Pacific. . 11:00 : 4:30 :
Unlo'i Pacitic . 5.00 11:10 :
Om.iha&U. Y . 4.00 11:10
B. AM. In Ncli . 4:00 : & 40 5:30 :
4:30 : 7:30
Local muN ( nr Stall of lowi leave but once a
day , \i < : 4:30 : a , m.
A Lincoln -Mail U also npenoil at 10CO n. lu.
Olllce open Sundays from 12 m. to 1 p. in.
Business Directory.
Abstract and Real tstnto.
JOHN L. McOAdUK , orposito I'ost Oillc-c.
W. R. BAUTLETT 317 South 13th Street
Kooin 14 Crci-hton Bltck.
A. T. tAHGE Jr. . Room 2. Cielsihton Block.
Boots and Shoes.
'Fine Boots and Shoes , A ( food assortment ol
homo work on hand , corner 12th and Hamcy.
THOS. EIUCKSON , S E. cor. 16th and Douglas.
035 10th street , manufactures to order good work *
t ( air prices. Repairing ( brio.
Bed Springs.
J. F. LARRIMF.R JIanutacturcr. J617 Doui'lasst.
Books , News and Stationery.
J. I. FKUEHAUF 1015 Farnham Street.
Butter and Eggs.
HcSIIAKE & SCHUOEDEll , the oldest B. and K ,
house in Nebraska cstalillfchod 1870 Omaha.
. MU3. A. RYAN ,
southwest corner ICthaml Doiijre.
H st UoarJ for the Money.
BitlsfaUioii Guaranteed.
Ueala at all Hours.
Board by the l ) y , Week or Month.
Good Terms ( or Cash.
Ftmil'hnil linnma Supplied.
Road Wagons.
WAI SNYHEIl , 14th and Hartley Streets.
JOHN BAUMER 1314 Farnham Street.
H. BEPTHOLD , JUes and Mttal.
Lumbtr , Lime and Cement.
FOSTER & GRAY corner tlth and Douglas Sis.
Lamps and alassware.
J. BONNER 12W I)3u Lis St. Good Variety.
Merchant Tailor * .
Ono of our most popular Merchant Tailors Is re-
cci\ ins the latest designs ( or Spriiijf and Summer
Goods ( or gentlemen a wear. Stylish , durable ,
and prices low ns over 21513th bet. Uoutr.bFarn.
JIRS. 0. A. HINDER , Wholesale ami Retail , Fan
cy Uoods in great \ariety , Zephyrs , Card Boards ,
Hosiery , Glo\cs , Corsets , ic. Cheapest House In
the West , 1'urcliasera save 30 per cent. Order
liv JIail. 115 Fifteenth Street.
JOHN WKARNR & SONS , cor. 14th & Jac' mii sti
( lour and Feed.
OMAHA CITY MII.US , Bth mid Farnham 8ts. ,
WeUhaiis Uros. , proprietors.
( Iroecrs.
Z. STEVENS , 21it between Cuming and Iznr
T. A. McSIIANE , Corn. 23d and Cumlng Street * ,
Hardwaie , Iron and Steel ,
UOLAN & LANG WORTHY , Wholesale , 110 and
112 IMIittrcU
A. HOLMES corner IWh and CallfornK
Harness. Snadles , &c ,
B. WKIST CO 13th St. bet FarnHarnev. .
CANFIEM ) HOUSE , Canflcld.Oth & Farnbam
UOHAN HOUSE , I' . II. Cary * , 013 Fnrnhani St.
RLAVEN'H HOTEL. I' . Sla\en , 10th fet.
Houthurn Hotel , Qua. Hamellth &\cnworth
Iron Fencing ,
The Western Cornice Works , Agents ( or the
Champion Iron Kenco &c. , hatoon hand all lilmls
o ( Fancy Iron 1'cnitg , Cresting , Fineals ,
ct. > . 1310 Do.k-0 Hrec.
Clothing Oouchtt
0 .SHAW will jiay highejt Cath price ( or second
band dothlnv. Corner 10th and Vuruham.
DR. PAUL , Williams' I'lock , Cor. 16th & Dodgo.
Drugs , Paints and Oils ,
Pharmacists , Flno > 'une Uoodf , Cor. IGth nd
DOUBIH ktrccts ,
W. J. WJIITEHOUf K , Wholesale & Ilctall , 10th st.
C. C. FIELP , M > 2 hortn Side Cumin * Street.
M. I'AItlt , lrtn'i'l ) t , lUtli and Howard Strccta.
Dry Goorl * Notions , Etc ,
Ki-w York l > rjr Ooodi Sxiro , 1310 and 1312 Forn-
turn itrtct.
U C. EnTOol.l i > l o bonU and ihoct
hurulture ,
A K. GIIOSS. New nd Secoml Hand Furniture
and Ktotu , 1114 IWUJIM. Illghut uuli price
pnlil ( or tuoond liana voo'ie.
J. ItONNKR 1309 Doarl * st. Fine cooJi , &c.
Planlnc Mill.
A , , manufacturer of suh , doori , Mlndt ,
nioldlngt , new tin , lulu ter , hand rails , fiirnlbliliif
H roll eaHln ; , 4c. , cor , DoJ e and Oth ttrceU.
J. ROSENFKTjT ) , S 10th St. , bet. Far. & Hot
A. Donahue , plant * , cut flowers , seeds , boquf ti
etc. N. W. tor. ifith tin I ] > ou < 0vi trccts.
Civil Engineers ind Surveyors.
ANDREW IIOSUWATKI' , Crelshlon Block
Town Stir\c > s , Grade nnd KcworaKO Sjstei 9 r
Uommlttlon Mrrchants.
JOHN a. WIIi 1.13,1(14 IK-klco Struct.
D Jl IIP.K.MER. For details
mcnt In Ihiilv andS reklv.
Cigars anil Toli.tcco ,
( VEST fc FRITSCDEI1. manuhclHrcrsol ,
nd Whole ale Hoalera In Toivxuvoi , 1805 Donjffos.
\V. F. LORENZKN nukliufictMrcr t.lllOtlittuxt.
Cornlco Works.
Cornlco Works , Mannfirliircn Iron
Cornice , Tin , Iron and Slate Hooillinr. Onlcra
from any lomllty proinith ] vMn'titnl In the best
manner. Factory and OIKco 1310 DodRO Street.
GMtnnlrcd Iron Cornices. ( Mndow C'np ? , etc. ,
mnnnf.uturcd ami put nn In any pint o ( the
ownirv. T. HlNIIOliii 4inililripcmh street
J. BONN ) ' . ) : 1309 Douelai street. Good line.
Clothing and KurnlshlnR Goods ,
OEO. II. I'UIKHSON. Also Hats , Caps , liootg ,
Shoes , Notions and Cutlery , SOI S. 10th etrcct.
Fence Works.
GUST , FRIES & CO. , 1213 llarnoy St. , Improt
ed Ito llo\crt , Iron at l Wood Tenet > , Ollico
Itnlllncx. Counters of Pine atid Walnut.
Retrlrerator * , Canficlil's Patent.
C. F. GOODMAN llth St. bet. Karn. A. lMrnc\
Show Case Manufactory , ,
0. J. WILDE ,
Manufacturer and DcMcr in all kinds of Sho\
C.UM , Upright Cases , a ' . , 1317 COKJ St/-
FRANK L. ar.RIIARD , proprietor Omah
Show Case iimntllaitnry , SIS South 10th streol
between I.catunuortli and Marcy. All tooil
warranted flrst-tlasa.
Stoves aim Tinware.
Dealer In Stoves and Tinnnrc , and Manufacture
of lin Roofs and all kinds of Building Work
Odd Fellow ' Block.
J. BONNER. 1309 Douclas St. Good and Cheap
J. EVANS , Wholesale and Retail Seed Drills and
Cultltaton.OdilFi'lIown Hall.
Physicians an I Surgeons.
W. S. GIBBS , M. D. , Ilxmi No 4 , Crolghtoi
Block , 15th Strrut.
P. S. LE1SKNRING , M. D. Matonlc Block.
0. L. HART , M. D. , F.f and Kar , opp. postoflic
Oi'iiiNt nnd Auri t. S. W IMh and Farnham Sts
Grand Central Gallon' ,
212 Sixteenth Street.
near Masonic Hall. First-class Work and Prompt
Plumbing , Gas and Steam Fitting.
P. W. TARPY & CO. . 218 12th St. , bet. Farnlmui
and Douglas. Worn promptly attended to.
D. riTXPATlUCK , lim DowUs Street.
Palntlnc and Paper
HENRY A. KOSTERS. 1412 Dodge btrect.
Phillip I.ans , 1320 Farnham st , , bet. 13th & 14th
Second Hand Store.
PERKINS & LEAR. 1416 DonclM St. , New and
Second Hand Furniture , Houtc Furnishing Goods ,
&c. , LouL'ht and sold on narrow tnan'Ina.
tialoons ,
In the new brick block on Doir/ins Strnct , has
just opened a most elegant llcca Hall.
Hot Lunch from 10 to 12
e\ cry day.
" Caledonia " J. FALCONER. 070 IGth Street.
CHAS. RIEWE , 1012 Farnham bet. 10th & lltl
1 > . PEMNER , 303 } Tenth street , between Farn
tiam and Harnev. Does coed ; and cheap work.
09 Cent Stores.
P. C. BACKUS. 1205 Farnham St. . Tancv floods
State of Nebraska , Dauglas County , sv
At n County Courf , held at thu County Court
Doom , in and ( or tald County , August 15th , A.
D ISl-l. 1'rescnt , HOWARD 11. SillTH , County
In the matter of the estate of Ferdinand Thum ,
deceased :
On reading and fllinp : the petition of Emilia
Thum , prajlng that the instrument , this day
filed and purporting to bo the last " 111 and testa-
men tot tlio said deceased , may bo proved , ap-
Droved , allowed , probated and recorded 09 the
net will and testament o ( said deceased , and
that administration of said estate may be grant
ed to said Emllio Thum , as executrix : I ; " *
ORDKRXD , That September 10th , A D. 1881 , at
10 o'clock a. in. Is assigned ( or hearing eaid peti
tion , u hen all perhOiiii Interested In said matter
nay appear at a County Court to bo held , In and
'or ' sold County , nnd how cause \\hythcpraycr
of petitioner should not bo grunted ; and that no-
Jco of pendency of fald petition and the hearing-
.hereof , be ghcn to all jiersonsiiitereHtcd In laid
natter , by publishing a copy of this order In Tim
OMAHA WKKKLV BtK , a ncniipapcr printed in said
County , ( orthrco succcsi\o weeks , prior to saU
Jay of hearing. HOWARD B. SMITH ,
[ A true copy. County Judge.
Physicians and Surgeons.
OttKK , Over Crnlck&hank , l.llh St. , llct.
Farnham and Douglas. u24-lm
Foundations of Success
The laws ot trade , legal ( onus , how to trnna-
ict business , Hiluabla tables , nodal etiquette
nrllamc'iitary usa o , how to conduct public IiusU
ion ; iii ( ait ft U a complete Outdo to Kwccsj ( or
ill fates. A family nuccHsity. Aililreag ( or clr-
lularannd pcdal turma AKUI10H I'UIJLISIUNO
O. . Rt.lxiulM. Mn
DexterL.Tlioinas&Bro ,
Pay Taxes , Rent Houses , Etc.
) ell at OHlcc , Room 8 , Crelghton Block0maha.
ai > 5-d
SO ?
217 and 210 North Main St. , St. LouU ,
Printers Stock.
3TCuh paid ( or Raga and Paper Stock , Sera
ron and MctaU.
Paper Stock Warclioiuce 12-20 to 1237 , North
Uth etrwl. _
Business College ,
QEO. R. IfATHBUN , Principal.
Creighton Block ,
I11AI1A , . . . NKLWASKA.
rarKend ( or Clrciihr. nov.2ftdiwtf
(0 , W , IKIANX. A. 0 ,
Attorneys-at-Law ,
JvZl'tf OMAHA ,
A IinrRo full Crop Promlsoil-
\VLoro tbo Oj-ntors Couto Fronx.
Nt\v York Trlbuno.
A Tnbune lopnrtcr rctfontly visitci
aotnu oyster tlualci-a to k : tru nbonl
tlio supply of oyslora for flu
coming season. Tlio wholesale deal
era occupy covered boats or Imrgoa ,
nbout twenty five of which nro modroil
ntoiiK the waterfront on M'est-at. ,
North of tlio lloboKen ferry , uiul
uluvon otliuis nro situated nt thu foot
of iJroomo-st. , Unst llivvr. Ononoof
these ci-afts nt the foot of Uroomo-st. ,
the vuporter obtained nn account of the
oyator trade from Alexander 1'Vazcr ' ,
nu oxtcnsivo dealer.
" \Voll , sir , " saU lie " from present
indicatioim you may oxpnct a large
supply for the coming season , cspeci-
nlly of lurgo oysters , such ns are con
sumed huio in the city. Thu prospect
looks very good , indeed. The oyntnra
aru growing tiuely , nnd few beds have
been molested by any of the oyster's
enemies. There have been n few des
troyed in Prince's Buy by the mussels
in id borers , nnd there hiivo been n
good many seed oysters killed by bor
ers in Orator Hay. But thesis depre
dations nro not very serious. Sen-
stars , or star fiah , have not given
much trouble of late , nnd I h.xvo not
heard of drumfish much since about
six years npo , when they destroyed
oysters worth § 50,000 in 1'rinco's Bay.
"Ovsters are received hero from
Port Washington and Glcnuwood , on
the East liiver ; Stamford nml Green
wich , Conn. ; Oyster Bay , Cow Bay ,
Kocknway and Blue Point , L. 1. ;
Princo's Bay , S. I. ; Kcyport , Perth
Amboynnd the Shrownbury River , N.
J. ; and also from the Dulawaio nnd
Ohcsaueako Bays and Norfolk , V .
All the oysters coming from the li .at
llivor and along the sound \vo call by
the gcnerul name of East Rivers , '
adding the name of the locality where
grown , ns Fort Washington East
Rivera. ' Moro oysters are being
raised up the East River and Soumf
every year. Five times ns many
come from there now ns did a few
years ago. They nro supplanting thu
Virginia oysters in popular favor.
East River oysteis are salt , whil
those from Piinco Bay nro what wo
call 'fresh.1 Tlio former have the best
llavor. Rockaways nnd Shruwsburys
nre of about the snmo quality as East
Rivers. What wo call 'sounds' nre
oysters taken from Nownrk Bay , when
nbout the si/.o of a dime or quarter
dollar , and planted. Blue Points nre
the favorite with connoisseurs , and
are noted for their sweet , rich flavor.
The grounds nro on the south side of
Long Island. Blue Points are not ns
salt as East Rivera. These uro the
bent which grow naturally and are not
"Tlio Virginia oysters are inferior
to those raised in this vicinity , and
will only bring 50 cents a bushul out
of the schooners , when East Rivers
command 51.50. There is ns much
difl'erenoo between Blue Points and
Virginias , as between a domestic and
a Ilnvnnna cigar. I can tell the local
ity whore the oysters have come from ,
if you should show mo ten different
kinds , just by looking at the sheila.
But they are really no varieties , r the
difference all depending on the locality
in which they are grown.A - mud bottom
tom oyster is darker and of "poorer
quality than one grown on hard bet
tom. A change from one kind of bottom
tom to the other scorns to make them
fat and better. Oysters will grow
plumber and rounder on n hard bet
tom. Growing in mud their shape is
elongated. If you look near the hinge
of the oyster's shell , you can see where
the iirst year's growth ended , and no-
: ice the growth in each year after.
Many seed oysters nro also raised nt
Now Haven , oyster shells being used
tor the spawn to adhere to. I plant
oysters in six different places Oys-
: ors begin to spawn nbout May 15'h ,
and nre about through by August 20th.
"They are , " continued Mr. Frazer ,
"about thirty-five wholesale oyster
dealers in this city , nnd only ten or
Ifteen of these are heavy planters.
We keep a number of shops , nnd em
ploy many men during the season ,
raying good hands 82 a day. Thu im
plements used are tongs , something
ike two iron rakes with their handles
linged , a broad iron rnko with curved
teeth , and a 'dredge1 or scraper , with
a wire or hemp netting to catch the
oysters. The boats usually go out
nnd back with a load by evening , in
imo for the next morning's trade.
Trucks then take the oysters wherever
wo have orders for them , nnd if any
are left over they are transferred to
Ilia barge , which is easily done us it
rides on a level with thu .sloop. "
"Who nre your best customers in
the city ? "
"Thu hotel usually ; some very un-
retentions ones use a large quantity
) f oysters. Then wo sell many to Ful-
.011 market dealers. These little oys-
cr nnd clam counters , which you BOO
on the street cornels , use more than
rou would think/ They nro our best
iiistomora in warm weather. From
May ta September almost all tlio sup-
ily comes from Princo's Bay and Key-
nirt. In the fall and winter they
iomo from Blue Point nndRockawny ,
ind East Rivera are in market all thu
Benson from September to May. , But
hen Homo resivaraiitu will ? ell you
my kind out of the same basket.
"Many oysters corno direct in
choonerA from Virginia in winter ,
klnny , too , nro opened there , and nro
old hero in p.iila , or by quart , Some-
imea ourEast River bodw get fro/.tm
) ver in the winter. Lu : > t winter there
voro eororal weeks when oyster boitn !
voro delayed.
"Tho oyster canning business is n
argo intoicst hero , as nyntcra nro
hipped all over thu country , cspe >
ially to the west. Virginia plants
IK ! Sounds are mostly used for thin
mrposo , jo they nro cheaper than the
nor flavcicd oysters. Few oysters
re put in kegs of late years , as cans
ircsorvo the flavor better. After the
ana are filled , they are nealcd and
nit in a box with ice pricked around
hem , if the weather in warm , but
lint is not neconsiiry in winter. It's
i big trade , this oyster business ,
hough I could not give u very exact
atinmto of it. "
"What ia the prospect for flipping
ystora to Europe ? "
" Wo could probably ship more
him we ahall luwu to send , Thu for-
ign market wante small oysters that
run from 1,000 to 1,500 in a kirro
There is going to bo a scarcity of sum
ones , ns our homo market is usin
smaller ones every year. O r oxpor
trade has giown up in the lait ROVO
years. Five years ago I sent wo
JOO.OOO oysters nnd r < cei\ed wor
that the market wns glutted , Nm
this mnrkut sometimes oxpnrts 4,001
barrels a week. Lost year < n-cr 70IKX
barrels were exported , nnd in the VLM
before about 02,000 barrolc. Thu Kn
glish nro not ns great oyster-oafors a
Americans. They like tl-.oir n.-.livo
oysters best , a * they hhvo . \ copporj
taste. Consequently AiniM.rou . oys
lers only bring nbout half us iinu'li a
English. Some of their ( ysti'is como
from Wales and aomo from Ireland
where a largo oyster bed had reeentlj
been discovered.
4 Our exports go mainly I" l.iver
eel nnd London. A few no to Paris
iVe send n good many to \\ales for
seed. They are laid on the shore
where ( hey nro covered at high tide
A law there prevents anyone fiomtak
ing up native oysters during three o ;
tno months of the year , and so tlu-j
take up the American stock durinj ,
three months. Oystora for export an
not opened , but packed as tightly as
possible in barrels , and headed up.
They would not keep if opened , unless
they were pickled. Blue Points are
the favorites m the foreign market
of the American oyaters. The law
forbids their being taken up before
September 15.
" The demr nd for clams is nt its
height when that for oysters doclinet ,
from May 1 to September 15. It has
been thu best season for clams in aov-
on years back. The best eliuiis come
from Little Neck and Cow Buy , those
from Fire Island and EIJC ; Harbor being -
ing inferior.
A prominent dealer in oysters at
Fulton Marko said recently : "There
never was a promise of a better season
than this. There is nothing to com
plain of in size or flavor. The
Shrowsburya and East Rivers wo find
more abundant than over before , and
the meat is firm and of n rich and del
icate llavor. Rockaways nro by some
thought bettor yet. The outlook for
our foreign trade with England nnd
Franco wns never bettor , there being
a constantly increasing demand. "
Ono denier at Fulton Market toqlcn
more gloomy view of the oyster trade.
Ilo thought the depredations by mus
sels and drills in Princo's Bay , the
high cost of oyster seed , nnd the in
creased amount of capital necessary in
the business would prevent , oysters
from selling nt very low prices.
"This is the lust dull week wo will
have in this business , " said Mr Porter
ter , a member of the firm uf J. W.
Boyle it Co. , wholesale dealois at the
foot of Broomo street , Ea t River.
"Tho trade will begin with a rush
September 1st. The better claw of
custom begins and closes very prompt
ly with the season , but the cheaper
class holds good the year round.
Many poisons think the sale of clams
exceed that of the oysters in the sum
mer months , but wo have sold 500
baskets of oysters on many days this
summer ; but wo did not begin to sell
as many clams Yes , there will bo a
largo crop , and ono of unusually finu
quality. Shrowsburys that were poor
last year at this time are now plump
ns one could wish , nnd if theykenp on
growing will have to burst tlio shells.
"Indications point to an active fall
trndo , and wo have sold twice ns many
in the past summer as in any summer
before. Wo plant oysters in nineteen
different places. Wo are now starting
a branch at Perth Amboy with a force
of 100 men to open the oysters. A
good nun will open 4,000 n day , and
is paid $1 per thousand. "
"Do you imagine thu public will get
the oysters nt much cheaper rates on
account of a plentiful crop ! "
"No , not much cheaper. You see ,
for fancy oysters , Shrowsburys , East
Rivers and Blue Points , wo have a
regular schedule of prices that wo
keep from year to year. It is a pre
carious crop. Some years ago wo
lost 30,000 bushels of Keyport that
wore smothered by being covered with
sand. Not long ago the ice carried
away thousands of bushels of oystoro
in the Rappahannock river. Our
beds sometimes get fro/.on over , and
wo have to keep flying around every
where to get a supply. Then there
are the mussels , drills , drumfish , and
sea-stars that swoop down upon the
beds like pirates occasionally. Even
should oyatcrc bo cheaper at whole
sale , the retailers and restaurants
would bo apt to keep up their regular
rates. Still , the fact of a good ciop
is good news to the public , ns they
will certainly not have to pay above
regular nrices , while there will bu
plenty for rich and poor , and the
Duality is fine.
"Southern oysters vary more in
price than thosu grown about hero , an
i dozen schooners , carrying from 4- ,
300 to (5,000 ( bushels may arrive almost
it oncu , when they will Bull down to
T > 0 cents a bushel. Tina ia a good
bianco fur poor people. Thu South
ern oysters , however , nre inferior , nnd
I do not call them fit for food uftor
being opened a fuw day * . They eomo
Trom the York River , the Roppuhon-
nock , Patuxont , Back Kivcr , Cherry-
done , Chineoleaguo Is and , and the
whole Chesapeake Bay is onu oyster
"Moro oystoiij are sold in B.dti-
nero than in any other city , but I
think New York consumes the most ,
I should say thia city used 50,000
baskets a Uay from September 1 to
January 1 , A basket holds from'150
Lo L'OO oystorH. After January 1 thu
ttmlo fnlln oil'nbout iv quarter. They
lull cheaper ntock in Baltimore , and
tell by thu gallon at prices from 00
! ents to § 1.25. Now York is gaining
m thu trade of Baltimore alone. Thu
lumand for Western shipments from
lere > vill be three times as great this
winter ns Just Hcnsoii. Western poo-
do nro getting educated to eat better
lystors than BaltimoiuHCiidii them.
Almost Grnzy.
How often do wo HOO the hnrdwoik-
ng father1 straining every nerve and
niiHclo , and doing his utmost to mip-
> ort his family. Imagine hi.'i feelingn
vht'ii returning homo from u hard
lay' * labor , to find his family prostrate
vith diboasu , coiiHcioiiH of unpaid doc-
on ' bills and debts on every hand.
t must hu enough to drive ono almost
: razy , All his unlmiipincHt could bu
.voided by using Electric Bittern ,
vliiuh expel every dinea o from the
ystem , bringing joy and happiness to
hotiHaiuhf , Hold at fifty cents a hut-
lo by Ibh & MoMahon. ( Jl )
The Corvlq of GiiuuUon County.
Iltiiur Trl .line.
It is a well known fact that th
northern division of Colorado , that i
to sty the Hcction of country hin
north of thu line of the South Pai
railway , hns in itself very siilllcicii
lignites to meet all the demand ? of if
population for item-ration ? , nnd pci
liap.i for centurion to como , includin
thu wants of the railways nnd th
mines for steam power. It h als
well understood that none of thos
coals , thus fnr mined , arc suitable fo
coking by any process in use west o
the Mississippi. Wo have the state
ment , however that a company ha
recently onjanifcod for the purpose o
coking them by means of the nonl ;
discovered Austrian method , which , i
is believed , will readily convert then
into coke , and which will be fully described
scribed when the plnnt is laid. While
nature has provided for all our want ,
in this direction most lavishly , otho
parts of thu state have been o'-oi
more abundantly favored. If tin
timber on the mountain sides ( since
the plains nro treeless ) were our onb
dependence for fuel , it would not enl >
lie very costly , but it would bo absolutely
lutoly exhausted in a century or so.
Indeed , within thu short period o :
settlement in the principal mining dis
tricts the greater pait of thu limber for
uiles nbout them has been destroyer
jy forest tires , or consumed by the
) eople. Were there not an inexhnus-
iblo supply of splendid carbon so
distributed throughout the hnbitnblu
) ortions of the state ns to be cheap ! }
) lnced within the reach of all , the
irospeet for the future would be al-
nest appalling.
Thu southern half of our great
commonwealth is equally well provi-
led for in the matter of < | imutity ,
vith the advnntngo of bettor quality ,
or much of thuuonl in that sect ion is
oadily convertible into coke. Thou-
audi of toim of this conuuiuliiy are
undo there for use in manufactories
if various kinds , but chiully for smelt
ng gold and silver ores. Yet in the
egion known ni thu Gunnison , ox-
( Hiding far beyond any lines of civil-
/ed settlement yet formed , them is
oal enough to supply the whole Amor-
can continent for centuries. Furtli-
rin'oru , it id of the finest bituminous
nd anthrnuito varieties. It is heliuv-
d that thu anthracite bedj of that re-
ion mo of equal , if not 'renter ux-
ent , than thudu qf Pennsylvania , nnd
lie bituminous liuiuh huger.
Thcao bituminous nnd anthracite
otnmtionB xtcnd from the eactern
lopes of Mounts Carbon nnd Whet
tone , in Gunnison county , north nnd
vest throughout thu greater part of
lint county nnd thu vast auction known
s the Ule Indian reservation. Tn
his region a large number of streams
joar the mime of Ooal creek. The
tithrncite bed's ' idturnato with the
> iHmiiiioUB nil over the country. The
> rincipal discoveries , however , are on
Jock creek , near its hu.d ; on some of
he tributaries of Slntc river , east of
lubycampj'on Anthracite river , south-
vest of Irwin , and on Anthracite
reek , west of Irwin , a distance of
bout sixteen miles. Semi-anthracite
s found on Coal crook , n branch of
\nthrncite. The bituminous vario-
ies are on Slate river ; on Coal crook ,
no of its branches ; on Ohio crjek ; on
2anon creek , a branch of Ohio ; on the
ewer portion of Coal creek , n branch
of Anthracite , and in the formation
) olow Anthracite , on the North Fork
f Guunisou river. These formations
lao extend north n"d west.
The anthracite veins nro from three
o Hoven feet in thickness , and thu
lituminoim from iivo lo eight feet.
STo extensive developments have oc-
urrcd , as there has been no marketer
or these products beyond thu needs
f the local population.
Both the South Pnrlc and Denver
t Rio Grande railways will inivurse
lie batter portions of theo enormous
oal fields , All except the anthracite
takes splendid coke , the beat thus fnr
iroduced from any four Colorado
oals , except possibly , those of the
outh park , nt Como. In the course
f time , as the country grows , as mil-
ays aru extended and tlio freights
hcapened , wu ahall bo shipping the
products of thuNO fields , anthracite
ind coke , not only to our own largo
jenters of population , but. to the tor-
fitories west and the Missouri and
Miesiusippi utates cast of Colorado.
rhore is no reason why we nhould not
n-entually compete with Pennsylvania
n thu Missouri mid Mississippi val-
Arrangements are in pi ogress for
hu construction of it Inrgu number of
looking ovens in thu ( iiimmon
lold.s , just as anon as the railways
diull bo completed to the first of the
; ories. Of course when anthracite
: an bo laid down in Denver for eight
to ten dollmy per ton , it will bu very
lurgoly preferred to the softer coals
for doimis'.ic use , and this supple
menting the manufacturing demand ,
will BOOH create a very heavy and
lirofitablo new trallio for the roadn.
[ < "oreacoiii { Ilicso events , many of our
local capitalist ) * , and of course the
railroad , nre saiming their attention
ictively to thu organisation of schemes
laving that end in view. It is clear
: o our mind , Innvuviir , that no pri-
, 'ao ( ventures , not connected with thu
railway companies either directly or
: > y iron clad con tract B for transput ta-
.ion , can HCCCUUI ! in competition with
inch po wet fill bodies who control the
Markets nnd the rondo to them. Jt ia
.he business of thcEo companies
o nmlu : nil the money they can ,
Every railroad man sees the tromuii-
lous ImrvoHtii obtainable from mining
ind Hhippini' coal from their own
> : mks , and it may bo set down as a
'act , that many tracts of choicest coal
amis weiu secured by them when
heir lines weru surveyed into ihat
jountry ,
In Good Spirits.
T. WalkiT , Cleveland , O. , wiltf : "For
lit ) hiht tweh'u months t Imvo Htilffrcd
vith hmihuKo nml general dublllty. ]
iiiMimcnctd tnkfnx Him lock IHood Hittci-H
ibout ttiv ui'ukH UK'S nml now Imvo K't'-it '
ileusuru in titatiiix Unit 1 Imvo rruovurud
ny appetite , my umipluxlim IUIH frown
inldy , nnd 1 fee ! huttvr altogether. " Piicu
M.OO , tiinl hiz 10 fi-ntH. HyifictHlw ) |
HetaskaLand Agency
606 Farnham Qt . Omaha , Nebr.ukn
0,00 ,
! ari.ully itlocUxl land In Maitcrn Nobrmka lot
ale. Urcut ILirtfuliib In lui ) > ro > nl ( anna , ami
) iiuliaclt/rujK.rty. |
> . F , 1 > AVIH. WWOTKIl ONVIir.ll ,
Latu LanJ tVni'r U. I1 , ii. _ , t.\ \ > Mill
ianufacturing Company ,
Finest giver Plated Spoons and forks.
The only nnd
original Ann of
is giving for instance
Rogers Bros.
stance a single
All otir Spoons ,
F o r k s n n d plated Spoon , a
Knives plated triplethiokno-
with the greatest
plate only on
of cnre. Each
the sect'io _ B
lob being hung
on a acalu while where expo d
being plated , to to wear , theruby
insure a full deposit
making a single
posit of silver on
plated Spoon
wear as long ana
We would call
a triple plated
especial attention
tion to our sec-
Rival. Orient Tiuuod.
All Orders In the West thoulil bo Addressed ta
L B. 11UBE
Wholesale Jeweles ,
HP ! V M
* * \ rf7
Onr hiiyor in now in the cnntcrn markets making important purchases of
'all and Winter Goods , and in order to make room , wo ofl'er our WHOLE
STOCK nt Lower prices . than was over before attumptud in Omaha.
I lot Black Casluiieres , all wool , 40 inolios wide , 50,05,75,85 , , ,
and 05 cents ,
1 Lot English Cashmeres , all colors , roducoil to 371-2 oonts ,
I Oaso Prints , now styles , 014 cents , , ; . , / ;
5 Bales Unbleached Muslins , H ' " " -
4 Cases Bleached Muslins. . , , - & ' , ' * ? '
6 Bales Bed Comforts and Blankets , * * - , - . * *
, * ! l
All at Manufacturers' Prices.
Ladies' and Ciont'a Merino Underwear , 50 , 05 , 75 cents ami 81.00 each. '
This department is worthy of special attention. Our stock is all now , and "
ur prices twenty per eont. lower limn any Shoo Store in Omaha.
Store open every evening till 0 Saturdays till 10.
P ; G. IMLAH , Manager ,
Leader of Popular Prices.
. _ , _ .L1 _ _ _
M. , ,
Suits ! All Styles I
Ik Largest Olothing House test of Chicago-
A Department for Children's Clothing.
Wo have now an'assortmont of Clothing of all kinds , Gent's
in and stock of Trunks , .t
furnishing Goods great variety , a heavy
Valises , Hats , Caps , &o. These goods are fresh , purchased from
ho manufacturers , and will bo sold at prices lower than ever
ofore made.
We Sell for Cash and Have but One Price.
A largo TAILORING PORCH is employed by us , and we in
SUITS TO ORDER on very abort notice.
o 4.x.ic * uSOKrca IEJZSDEJerst. .
301 and 1303 Farnham St. , cor. 13th
O. H. BALLOU , '
. .r .
Lath and Shingles , f
Yard and Office 15th and Cumings Street , two blocks
north of
jylo < ul > 3ai.