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Established 1871. MORNING EDITION , Price Five Cents
Hew Tort Money and Stocks. '
WALL Srntrr , JaiiUiry 13.
MONEY 5(2 ( J p-r cenon call ; tichanpe ,
V. * > 8 * "SI . . . .101 { U.S. l-E 1 1SJ
V. S. 5'B . . . .I 018 CrfrttcyffB l 23
. . .I 12 | UrJCf.'SO
The lonowie ? w ere the i rices t 1 o.cIicV.
N W 133 $ Preferred 87J
Preterred 145J U I' JIM
* t tanl 123J Wabart 18 }
jWrc'crrcil .130 Preferred. 92 *
B& Q 177 O&W 43 |
C40 3 C A. A 1W
Del& H BOJ
25t Joe. . . . . . . . . . . . . - Lack 117
Preferred IOC
J C 1231 AmU . 85
LS 133J CanB , . * Sf
M..C * M4i
* 3i A7tP . : . 5
KT > < nf Am Fr . " . . 8i ;
SV C . - . 15l | C. t. & Q . J07
S. J. C. S3i Mn'nhitlao . 33
NP 31J Den A : RioO . 8SJ
Preferred . . .06s Ont&W . 30
Reading . . . tt , T &N . 82
ill * . . . rx ) } N.I' . . 8lJ
O &M. . . 4S3 Preferred . to
Ctncacco Produce Market.
OniCAOO , January 18.
Wheat No. 2 spring , January ,
56Jo bid ; February sold at 97 @ 97jjc ;
jMarch , BSj@98ic ; April , 9899c ;
May , S102J@102 | , closing at 97J ©
37gj for February ; 98J@98J Jor
Alarch ; 9890c for April ; SI 02f ®
1 02 ? for May.
Corn January , 3Ga bid and of
fered at 37c ; February ; 365S37c ;
March , 37J37gc ; May , 41J@41c ;
June , 4141jjc ; July , 41J@42c.
Oats January , 31c asked , 31Jc
bid ; Sljc asked ; March , 3li@31gc ;
May sold at 35i35gs ; June , 34gc
bid , and nflVred at 34gc.
Rye March sold at 89 jo ; closed at
SOc asked and 89Jc bid.
Pork Mess , February , 813 16 ®
13 17i ; March. S1330@13 32s ; April ,
$13 45@13 47 ; May , § 1S G0@13 G5 ,
cloning at inside price ? bid.
Lird February , f/8 778 80 ;
March , S8 87iS8 90 ; April , § 8 97 * ®
Short Ribs February , SG 75@G 77 ;
March , ? G 8036 87i ; April , SG 95 ®
700 Whisky $1 U.
Chicago L'.vo Stock ; Maricet.
CHICAGO , January 18.
Hogs U'ceipta 40,000.
G ittle lldCbipts were again rather
light , and as buyers were anxious to
purchase , thu market ruled moderate
ly acthu 4tid prices Crui ut yesterday's
. ngureo ; c * ! ' . ' * ranged ( rom S2 803 70
f. for c-iv ; $3 GO for feeders and from
$4 50S5 00 for good to ctioice smooth
. shipping btuers , nt preauut the mar
ket id fairly active , with a
that the bulk offoriags
receipt , 3GOO.
St. Lo ' ; .d "roduce Morsou
Sr. LOU-H , January 18.
Floar E isior. but LO lower.
Wheat No. 2 rod winter , SI 01 |
for cssh ; 51 01JJ31 01 * for January ;
$1 031 02g tor Febury ; * 1 ODg ®
1 04g for March ; $1 07il 063
for April ; § 1 08l@l 07J for M y ; No.
3 do , 95c ; No. 4 do , 89c bid.
Corn Lower at 39ic for cash ; 39g
@ 38c for January ; 3038c for Feb
ruary ; 39j39a Tor March ; 40@39c
for April ; 4lj8 > 403forMay.
Oats Higher at 32g32 Jo for cash ;
32g@32ic for January ; 33 0 for Fob-
roary ; y4cforMHrch. Firm at 87ic.
Barley Quiet ; ch'oice to fancy , 80c
© SI 00.
Butter Quiet ; dairy , 18@26c.
JSgga Steady at 303.
AVhisky Quiet nt 81 10.
Pork Quiet at § 13 25 asked for
cash ; ? 13 33 for March.
Dry Salt Meats Steady Bt S4 20a
4 25G 85@6 00@7 lO 15
Bacon Firm at520525@7 GO
* : jrm Bt 5s 80
rlocolpts Flour , 5,000 bbls ;
wheat , 11,000 bu ; corn , 13,000 ;
oats , 5,000 ; rye , none ; birley , 8,000.
Shipments Flour , 3,000' bbls ;
wheat , 4,000 bu ; corn , 1,000 ; oats ,
3,000 ; rye , 2,000 ; barley , none.
St. Louis Live Stocic Market.
Sr Louis , January 18.
Hogs Active aud better ; Yorkers
and Baltimorcs , $4 G0@4 80 ; packing
and Bostons , $4 70@4 75 ; butchers'
to fancy , 55 00@575 ; receipts , 4,200 ;
shipments , 5,200.
Hew YorK ITOCIUCO Market.
: * - W YOUK , January 18.
Flour In buyers' favor ; very moderate -
orate export and jibbtnc trade de
mand ; receipts , 28,811 bhls ; round
hoop Ohio , ? 4 255 00 ; choice
do , $5 10G 75 ; superfine wes
* * tern , § 3 253 75 ; common to
* * good extra do , $4 20@4 65 ;
choice do , doS4 706 75 ; choice white
wheat do , S500600.
Butter Firm ind good inquiry ;
Epga- Strong at 3738c for fair to
Wheat Quiet ; Ghlcago.Sl 12@l 16 ;
Milwaukee , $1 1G1 17 ; N" . 2 red irin-
ter , SI 17 for c h ; $1 18 for Febru
ary ; 1 19 | for March ; § 1 19J for
May ; sales , 450,000 bn.
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 , 57058 ; sales
00,000 bu.
Oats Quiet.
WhUky Quiet.
Pork $14 05@1430 for March.
Lard g9 40 asked for cash ; 59 32J
Mkedfor January ; 59 27j9 32J for
FelffuaTy ; 59 409 42J tor March ;
59 45@9 50 for April ; $9 62J9 55 for
May ; 59 2539 30 for seller for the
Indications ,
Special dispatch to TBI O .
WASHINGTON , January 19 1 a. m.
m. For the upper Mississippi and
lower Missouri valleys : Slowly rising
temper&tnnssloiTly falling barometer ,
variable winds , generally from south
and west , preceded by north to cast
winds in southern portions , and clearer
or partly cloudy weather , with local
rains in the Mississippi valley.
In Pontlac , Mich. , a young lady
called at the drug store of Messrs.
Wells & Co. , for a bottle of St.
Jacobs Oil , a few days ago. Being
asked how it was liked , she replied
that it had cured her mother of rheu
matism , and whenever any of the
family had an ache or pain St.
Jacobs Oil was immediately applied.
These gentlemen also say that St.
Jacobs Oil is the best Belling article
they have in their store.
Mr. BISenstcIn. Bo-ton , Uass. . write * : TOOT
Sprint ; EJossom hu cared met f Dyipeicta , cf
Ijur(4) ) j-can itandlnp. I bare regained tnj
normal appetite , can Bleep well and Itel lite a
cwjnan ,
A Merrymaking in New Mexico
Terminates in a Most
Bloody Bow.
A Boy in Galena Accidentally
Kills His Brother While
in Bed.
The Atlantic Oil Refln&ry at
Philadelphia Partially De-
Bfcroyedfj Ffre.
A Fated Oil Refinery.
Special Dtepauh to The Boa
PHILADELHIHA , Pa.v January 18
10 p. m. Tne inhabitants of the low
er part of this cily were startled from
their Meep about 2:20 : this morning ,
by a shock which filled them with dis
may and consternation. The fright
ful sound cime from Point Breeze ,
and was tlie remit of the explosion uf
one of the hugo oil tanks oil the property -
erty of the Atlantic refinery , the
same which was destroyed by fira at B
creat pecuniary IOSP , during July ,
1309. There wans twenty-five cr
thirty oil tanks standing within the
area , occupied by the Atlantic refining
company , having a capacity ranging
from five hundred to one thousand
gallons of oil. In the explo ion ihe
burning oil was ncattcrfld la every di-
reotion , and in an instant all the
country about was illuminated by the
dimes. The concussion waa Instan
taneous. The explosion shook the
houses and scattered windows witnin
a mile's BIVB. 0rinw to the frozen
condition of the earth , which , instead
of absorbing the burning oil , loft it
to roll on the surface , imminent
danger of a disastrous and iucalclica-
ble conflagration was instantly per
ceived by thoau reading in the vicin
ity. The attaches of the works > whose
homes are near by , set about making
arrangements for battling the flames.
Great sheets of fire rol'ed in every
direction in & serventlne course , lick *
ing up every combustible thing th/U
stood ia their path , and soon th Rtsat
woodou shd that hangs ov * * the river
front , and serve for a storehouse ,
were ablaze. this
By time several > a-
cinesof the fire
depirtauct were on.
the ground , and within two or three
minutes tug boat longing to the
LI ° .CK U.Q fury of the fliines , although
up to 10 o'clock none of the substan
tial buildings on the premises were
attacked by the destructive element.
Toward noon the fire was making its
way to several of the storehouses.
Pun On feunnera.
S pecl t to The Bee. "
MILWAUKEE , January 19 i a. in.
The national curling tournament be
gan yesterday , in the morning the
Milwaukee club competed with the
OhJcsgo club , and the latter w3
beaten by a score of 98 to 57. In the
afternoon the Chicago fclub was de
feated by the Portsgo"club. . Score ,
65 to 43 To-day a general cjntest
for the Gordon medal will occur , in
which Chicago will compote with
Toronto , and Milwaukee with Port
age. The Ice and weather aro. excel
lent There is immense enthusiasm
in favor of the games.
A Bloody &ow.
SpesUl Dispatch to The Bee.
DENVER. Col. , January 19 1 a. m
* A special from Las Vegas , N. M. ,
says : "At a ball given b > Mexicans
of LJS Mila , this county , Saturday
night , eight Americans attended. A
bitter feeling against the whites was
engendered among the native' , and lu
a few minutes a free-for-all fight took
place. The firing was quick and fatal.
"Doc" Hodges and Frank Smith , two
young Americans from Malsens and
Leviahe camps , were murdered ia
cold blood. Hodges was shot through
the head and once through the chest ,
and his body snatched by the infur
iated Mexicans , and the remains were
found Monday burned to a crisp.
Smith was seen to fall in the melee ,
and when his friends rallied , they
could not find him. Fearful that he
lud been killed outright , and the body
hidden , a diligent search was kept up
all day Monday. Early yesterday
morning a few unfaltering friends
found the remains. The corpse was
perforated with bullets , and the skull
crushed by heavy stones. One Mex
ican was killed , and several others
wounded. The indignation of the
tie-choppers of Glcrictha mountain
Is at fever heat , and war may result
between the two factions. "
A Martyred Youtb.
SpecUl Dlipiteh to The Bee
NEW YORK , January 19 1 a. m.
The supreme court decided adverse
ly against John Hope , the Manhat
tan b&nk burglar , who waa convicted
and sentenced to twenty yean in the
state prison. Hope , who is only
twenty-four years of age , claims ho Is
innocent , but he is offered up as a
sacrifice , because he wouldn't betray
hia father.
Snot Accidentally.
Special dispatch to TUB But.
GALXKA , HI. , January 18 10 p. m.
Yesterday morning in Guilford
township , George Ehredt , aged 17 ,
was shot dead by his younger brother
Fred , who , after coaxirg his brother
to get up , playfully picked up a rifle ,
threatening to shoot him if he did
not. Both boys supposed the weapon
was not loaded. Pulling the trigger ,
he sent the ball crashing into his
brother's brain. The father , rushing
into the zoom , found one son welter
ing in his blood , and the other stand
ing with a smoking rifle in his hand
transfixed with fright The coroner's
jury found a verdict of accidental
JJinr YORK , January 18 10 p. m
Daniel Ring , Stewart of the schooner
"Eleinor , " and one of the hands
n&med Bernhard , supposed to be Ger
man , drank together in a ealoon on
South street last night , and afterwards
returned to their vessel. They were
alone in the after galley , when Ber
nard was shot and killed by a ball
from a navy revolver in the hands of
Ring , who eaya the shooting was ac
Vennor and Hia Predictions.
Special dispatch to The Bo .
MOKTBRAI , January 19 1 a. m.
Vennor's predictions for the last two
quarters of the present month have
been fulfilled. He promised plenty
of snow and severe weather , which we
have had , and especially the latter
part His predictions for the last
tire quarter * of this month are as
follows : Middle of the month will
bring snow falls , which will terminate
in milder weather towards the end of
the third quarter. Thia thaw , which
will bo interrupted by a cold spell ,
will extend from about the 18th of
the month into February. The record
of the month will show it to have
been a sr-vereone , and the general con
ditions cf the weather will probably
remind us somewhat of real old-
fashioned winters.
Wnlttaker'a Court Martial.
Spedal Diapatch to The K *
NEVr YOKK , January 18 10 p. m.
A special order received at the army
headquarters from the war depart
ment , directsthat the court of inquiry ,
to investigate the cise of Cadet Whit-
taker , to assembly on Titesday next ,
Brigadier-General Miles is the pre-
ng officer , Xn\i \ Major A. B. Gard-
Judge-advocate cf the court.
Sinking Spinners.
Special Dlapatcli to The Bee.
FALL RIVER , Mass. , January 19
1 a. m. The spinners at Flint Mills
struck yesterday. A new aaont was
recently appointed at this mill , and
alec a new overseer at the mule room.
The new management is not ealUfac' '
tory to the splnnem , who & mplain of
nitny grievance' , such as poor mater
ial , slow speed and othocthinga which
operate so that on a mule of 1600
spindle * a spinner can earn but nine
dollars a week. A epgAial moating of
the nBsociation T held last night to
consider the oealmesnsef gaining the
restoration of the ten per cs-nt reduc
tion. In the circular ctll for a meetIng -
Ing the secretary ur ei harmony , and
the necessity of tminiuiuiug a bold
front as tfce only moans ot obtaining
thtsir rights. The meeting was char
acterized by a hotted discussion , and
it baing impossible to a ree upon any
course of action satisfactory to all
concerned , they adjourned to Sunday
3M | d l Dispatch to Tba Zlt.
yA8Ul etoN , Jartuary 18. fro
business was transacted by the senate
during the uiorning hotir.
A bill to aecbr'taln and settle iri-
vftte land olalma Instertiln states and
territonel , 'Sas ' called up by Mr , 3a-
m'unds , and. occupied the attention of
the senate until 1:30 : , when the Hol-
lidsy bill came up as the regular bus
iness ,
Mr. Cameron , of Wisconsin ) moVed
to insert $200.000 , which was in tarn
rejected yeas 26 , nays 28.
Mr. Teller proposed § 150,000 ,
which was Rejected without a division.
A yea and nay vote WAS then taken ,
and resulted in yeas 22 , nays 19.
Mr. Edmunds then offered an
amendment slightly changed in the
phraseology from the ono previously
rejected , sending- the case to the
court of claims It was rejected
yo 18. nays 32.
Tim bill as amended , givinif Holli-
day $100,000 was passed yeas 33 ,
nays 10.
Air. Coke made an effort to call up
the bill for the allotment or land in
severally to the Indiins , but was op
posed by Mr. Teller , on whoso motion
t le souato at 4:50 : p. m , adjourned
The Hull-Bisbee Florida contestad
seat case will be called up in a few
days. It is not considered probable
that Bisbee will carry his point , as
Hull has the sanction of most all In
fluential politicians of Florida.
The calendar of the house , as is
well known , is very much crowded ,
and there is but very alight prospects
of getting through. Many of the
bills , centainly the bills of the house
that have to go the senate , will have
but a slight chance , but there are on
the private calendar a number of sen
ate bills , and the affirmative action
of the house would pass these bllli.
Mr. Carlisle tried to-day to have an
order made for an evening session to
morrow to take up the senate bills on
the private calendar , and consider
Air. Coffroth ybjected because the
house , a few days ago , refused him an
avoniog session to consider pension
After discussion the question was
then taken on Mr. Carlisle's substi
tute for the fifth section , and it was
declared carried on a division of 09 to
97. Tellers were then demanded , and
it was again carried by a vote of 128
to 101. The vote excited a good deal
of interest.
Mr. Uadegraff , of Ohio , moved to
amend the title of the bill , to make it
road , "A bill to defeat refunding ; to
increase the amount of interest of the
public debt ; to contract the currency
and injure the public credit ; and to
depress the business indnstr'es ' ot the
country. "
This motion received 59 votes , and
there wore 11 against it.
The committco then rose , and the
bill as amended was reported to the
The previous question was seconded
so as to bring the matter up as unfin
ished business to-morrow. It is not
likely the yeas and nays will be called
on all the amendments.
The house adjourned at 5:20 : p. TO.
8p eUI Dispatch to TUB B i.
WASHINGTON , January 19 1 a. m.
The committee on foreign aff&ii-a
held a meeting yesterday , and gave a
hearing to W. H. Webb , of NQTT
York vs. the Panama ship canal
scheme , and its support of the policy
of the Monroe doctrince. He advo
cated the abrogation of the Clayton-
Bulwer treaty , as soon as the time
would permit , by the terms of said
treaty , and said that the Nicaraguan
canal could be buUt in four or five
years. He could build it in thia time ,
and if he should receive for doing so
$50,000,000 he could make himself
one or two millions a year. He
stated that it was an old policy of
Franco to build a canal to gradually
absorb the territory , and England
would favor any such scheme for the
same purpose , and with an ultimate
hope of gaining its ultimate control.
In his opinion , Nicaragua waa the
onlv spot on God's earth where a canal
could be bnllt. Ex-Secretary Thomp
son followed ic support of the Pana
ma ship canal. He reiterated his re
marks made Monday befpro the com
mittee of the inter-oceanic ship canal ,
and said that the French govef nme'j {
had disclaimed anything to do with jj
as a nation. "
Just received at THE r
Rooms the nicest line of
dimnuti7e ;
a rtWay Parties
Call and see them ,
The Boasted "Solid Sixty"
Dwindles to a Kespect-
able Rear Guard ,
Serious Disaffection Among
Paddock's Dragoons ,
Who Are Beginning to Flock to
, the Standard of the'Boy '
ftovernor , "
In the Vain Hope of Resisting
the Onslaught of the
dispatch to The Bee.
, Neb. , January 18 The
house concluded the consideration of
the Dally Carrigan contest at 5 p. ra. ,
and declared Daily entitled to repre
sent theForty ninth representative
distridt.5'udgo ' Cobb , nf the supreme
bench , administered to him the oath
of office. A vole on senator was
then taken , resulting as follows :
For Paddock Ay rB , B.tldwin ,
Bollu , Brown , Cook , Fillay , Freder
icks , Fried , Helms , Jackson of
Douglas , Kempton , King , TTyner ,
Lamb , McClure , McDougal , McKin-
non , Mickey , Mullen , Peterson , Put
ney , Reed , Schick , Scott , Sears , Sil-
rer , Wells , Wyatt.
For Van Wyck Bailey , Bick , Case ,
Howe , InughlinMoore of Otue , Pary
Hanaoin , Hoot , Sp'rlclr ,
FIT Weamr Bibcock , Cole , Dow-
Jy , Carroll , Gray , Heacock , Jackson ,
of Pawnee , Kaley , Kloopfel , Linu ,
For j'0at Houtettpr. Moore , of
York , Roberts , Sill , Wailing , Wilsey ,
Mr. Speaker-
ForDundy Bartlett.Broatch , Car
man , Dowhall , Palmer' , Royman ,
For JtaiiOn Abbott , Jensen , John
son , McOlure. Whedon , Graham ,
DK'For .
For Wakeloy Franz , Gates , Holl-
man , McShaue , Paston , Watts , Zeig-
For Mahtlorson Herman.
For fcalrd Jones.
For Ireland JjeHrhan
For Kiley Montgomery.
For Nance Cantlih.
In the snnato the Jones-Wells con
test terminated by < Beating Wells.
About G p. m. the sonatu voted for
Unired States senator , with the fol
lowing result :
For Paddock Baker , Evans , Ilir-
rington , Morse , Myers , Perkins ,
Smith , Turner , Wells , White , Zeh-
lung.For Van Wyck Cady.Taylor.Teffc.
For Post Burnc , of Vork , Dma-
For Dundy Daily , Ervin , Powers.
For Muson Gere Pierce.
For Weaver Coon , Turk , Wherry.
. .For Wakely Doaue , Graham ,
For Nance Burns , of Dodge.
ForTefft Van Wyck.
The following ia the summary of
the vote for senator.
Paddock 28
Van Wyck 11
Weaver 11
Post 7
Dandy 7
Mason 7
Wakeley 7
MaadeiBoa 1
Laird 1
Ireland 1
Kaley 1
Nance 1
Paddock 11
Van Wyck 3
Peat 2
Dnndy 3
Mason 15
Weaver 3
Wateley 3
Nance 1
Tefft 1
Special Dispatch to The Boe.
LINCOLN , Neb. , January 19 10 p.
m. The prevailing opinion to-night
is that the backbone of the Paddock
boom is broken. Paddock's boast
that ho would have forty-eight to fifty
votes on the first ballot , caused great
disappointment to Ira followers when
they found he fell below forty. Des
perate efforts are being made to-night
to secure additional votes for him on
the first joint ballot to-morrow , but
indicationsaro that ho will lose more
votes than he can gain. Thuraton
declared to-night thnt if Paddock fail ?
on the firat ballot to-morrow , hia fol
lowers must awing around to Nance.
This programme cannot be carried out
without Borioni loss , as many Paddock
men will never support Nance. The
field atill remains unorganized , but
confident of final victory when the
vote Is pooled. E. ROSEWATER.
Spodal Dispatch to The Bee
LONDON , January 19 , l n. m. The
weather is still very severe , and hur
ricanes and snow storms are reported
everywhere throughout England.
The aspect In London is almost un
precedented. A blinding snow storm
is prevailing , ascompanled by a high
wind. Several of the mail trains &re
snowed up , and numerous disasters
have _ occurred to shipping. The
Harwich life boat , while attempting
to rescue a , vessel , was capsized and
the crew perished.
Special Dtopitch to Ta fisi.
LOHDON , January 101 B. m. _
ifla .Uaily New ? yesterday raomln
commenting Dn Mr. Edwin BootL _
i Princess theatre last
' " ' ( Hello , " says : "We fear
Othello' will do little to ad-
1 .10 reputation he gained by his
Jieu1 and'The Fool's Ravenge. '
"e r .diled to win the free aymnathy of
n 8 audience for the nangs of jealousy
; ) r
> unfathomable remorse of the vie
tim ' ' ' "
The Morning Post says : "Thefew
good points in Mr. Booth's perform-
anass of 'Othello * did not avail to give
continuous interest to its rendering ,
lacking poetic imagination and gran
deur of pa ion. "
Bpedi Dispatches to Tn Bit
Forty of the members who voted in
the minority on Mr. Talon'a Hic-Uon
in the house of commons Isst night ,
for an adjournment of the debate on
the Irish question , were all home
The London correspondent of The
Edinburgh Scotsman says : The gov
ernment is fully aware of the existing
dangerous Fenian .conspiracy in the
large towns of England ;
Great Difficulty L'xperienced by
Farmers in Obtaining Coal.
Reprehensible Practice of the
Railroads in the Fuel
An Appeal to the Farmers to
Renew the War on
CorrcapcnOciicc of The Be- .
MADISON , Neb , January 15. Mad-
tion county , like all ihrta of the state ,
has experienced extremtly cold
weather , and iis severity has been felt
the more keenly on account of a scarc
ity of coal for two months. The
dgeni of the monopoly coal kings , at
whoae mercy we have been all winter ,
deals out his precious fuel fa as scanty
parcels as quartermaster sergeants did
provender for cavalry horses during
the war , and with n bout as much au
thority. There is nol a pound of coal
to bo bought in our town to-day , ex
cept anthracite.
Flow Ion ? railroad companies will
thus monopolize rights that belong to
individuals , and make shves of the
people irlio gave thorn their wealth ,
romaine to be scon , TIB ) B E has
struck the key note of the
great political issqus pf the future , by
publishing "Thurbor'a Thunderbolt , "
and Judge Black's loyal expcsa of the
wrongs of huartlujs corporations on
-ho burdened niasaea. The American
people are _ slow to wrath , bat the day
of rettibutidn is ntgb , and vroo tp that
cowardly journalise ofr sycophantifl
paliticimi who dllrca raUe his tcic's
igainst the freeman who rises to break
ils chaius Every merchant , farmer , '
iiechauic and laboring man ia the
UnitedtStatos , ought to road the arti
cles named , study them and digest
: heir truths , and then tnlk and vote
for hia rights , and demand of Ihe
politician who asks his support , a rigid
adherence tn his declaration of riilite.-
The Reagan bill , for the regu'ation '
of inter-state commerce , now pending
before congress , desarves the enpport
of the people from Maine to Califor
nia , and the repratentalivo or senator
who votes against it should be spotted
by his constituency for all time.
lam no prophet , but I will venture
that wo as a people , are Upon the eve
of one of the moot exciting campaigns
of our history , and one that is fraught
with graver consequences than the
issue of 1860.
The alow , but steady and sure , en
croachment on the birthright of
American individual citizens , by the
soulless corporation or monied asisto-
crat , will ere Ion ? ; meet with a deserv
ed repuleo , and that will only be the
commencement of hostilities. The re
action will be terrible , and prolonged
until all wrongs are righted and all
debts piid. I almost hear the signal
shots along the skirmish line of the
coming conflict. The legions are
massing , and when the word of com
mand is given , the enthralled millions
will march forth to victory.
The bloody c .nflict of twenty years
Jgo broke the fottera from four million
blacks. Since then the galling yoke
of slavery has bodu put upon the necks
of forty million whiten , and , strange to
say , has been borne without a murmur
until recently.
The people are generally becoming
aroused , and when the spirit of free
dom asserts itself , the opposition , be
whatsoever it may , will eave to suc
cumb. ti3t the time of deliveaanca
hasten on !
With best wishes for the success of
THE BEE , and all other public jonr- j
nals and persons who espouse the
cause of the wronged ruisaes , I am
Yours ,
Special DInutcbca to Tba Bc .
The Chicago Veteran club ia making
preparations to attend Garfield's inau
guration. It will go several hundred
strong. "
John G. Law , for the murder of his
wife on the 18th of September , at
Portland , Me. , Was put on trial yes
terday morning. A jury was empan
eled and argument heard.
A fire causing a loss of $15,000 oc
curred last evening on the premises
No. 81 , John etreet , New York , occu
pied by Joseph Menneadez , importer
of West Indian goods.
When near Wellsport , Canada , yes
terday noon , the express train on the
Canada Southern railway ran off the
track , and seven cars were overturned
and badly smashed. Ten persons
were injured , but none fatally. The
cause of the accident is attributed tea
a broken rail.
A syndicate of Canadian capitalists
has been formed for the purpose of
leasing the government railway from
Ottawa to Quebec.
George S. Marsh , the clerk who
embezzled § 5,000 from Hibhard ,
Spence & Co. , of Chicago , was arrested
last night at his father's residence , in
that city.
Contractors who have been actively
engaged during the past week in pre
paring for their operations , yesterday
commenced boring excavations for the
tunnel under the St. Lawrence river
af. Pochelaga , Canada.
Prof. John Bf. Cannon , of the Cin
cinnati gymnasium , has brought suit
against James Lundy , a well-known
photographer , to recover 820,000 damages -
ages , alleged to have been sustained
by a blow inflicted by the defendant.
Specal Dtepatch to Tbo Be .
DrxEorr , Mich. , January 18 10 p.
m The body of Jeremiah Sullivan
wai dug up by ghouls at Mt. Elliott
cemetery last night. No clue to the
body anatchera. Sullivan , an aged
carpenter , died suddenly Saturday
night. The coroner's jury found a
verdict of death from consumption ,
but some supposed that he wa pois
oner ] ,
A Miscular Minister Quiets a
Crowd of Disturbers in the
And the Way He Clubbed
them Was a Caution to
Labor Troubles Beginning ifi
Now York A Woman
hurnedin Detroit.
A Majority ot the House Mili
tary Committee Refuse to
Pension Grant.
A Muscular Kxhortor.
Special Dispatch to Tbo Bee.
CINCINNATI , January 14 4 p m.
Frank Oaborne disturbed the meeting
in Orange coun'y , Indiana , whenllov.
Potts was preaching. Potta had been
terribly annoyed in thu pome manner ,
many timra before by the same crowd ,
and , having armed himself with a
club , ho i.t hat ceased preaching ,
took his club , and marching to the
sent occupied by the disturber , mauled
fjaborne over the head till he wae
badly beaten , when the c owl res
cued liira. Too preachfiAna
and heavily fined , whn ho left the
Death by Drowning1.
SpeiUl dispatch to The Bee.
MORIUSCOWN , Teun. . January 18
4 p. m. Qrt-ei , Suponinj ; attempted
to croai the N llachucky rlvpr in a
wagon , having with him Jane McCur-
ry. Fanny Susoniug and An < K > r.ion
Hamilton. The wagon becoming un
coupled all were drowned escept
Green Susoning.
Labor Troubles.
Bp clal Dispatch * o thd BSft
Ns y YORK , January 18 4 p. m.
A strike Iid3 jua'i tnkun place at
Weber's piano factory and at Hurts
Bros , French & Co. , ? Jint & Co.'e
furniture factories. 700 men ' ; Te
stopped work. Fears are entertained
that there may bo a prolonged lock
out , Jt appears th t the hours of
so.110 of the workmen have been in-
C.reased without nil advance of pay.
The plaho rnert were t6 b& reduced 10
per cent. t '
Ignoranconnd Alcohol.
Special Dlapttch to Tun BXK.
DETROIT , M.ich. , January 18 4 p.
m. Yesterday noon a horrible acci
dent haipponed to Mrs. BueHner , wife
oi Adofph Buettner , n'oretary of the
German branch of the T Mi C. A.
who roEidfo in the northern purl of
the city. Mr * . Bupt'nrr had been
advised to take an alcuhuiic si-ci * ,
and , Ignorar.tly placing a saucer full
of alcohol on he floor , set fire to and
then atond over the s. ucpr weiring
her ordinary clothing. The frames
sot fire to her iitidergirmonts and in
a moment the unforHum'e woman was
a mass of .names. She was alonQ iu
the house but the neighbors heard her
screams and arrivcdbefore her clothes
had been entirely burned off. Mr .
Buettner is 23 years of age , and I in
a critical condition.
The Morning1 Hour.
Special Dispatch to Ihe Hoe.
WASUINOTON , January 18 , 4 p. m.
The president to-day approved the
act for tho. relief of tha Winnebago
Indians in Wisconsin and to aid them
to obtain subsistence by agricultural
pursuits and to promote their civil
The national bink notes received
for redemption yesterday amounted
to ? 4,200,000. Receipts of internal
revenue , § 23,911,385 ; customs , $61-
The house committee on elections
this forenoon , through Mr. Keifer , re
ported unanimously in the case , Bob-
bee vs Hull , in the second Florida
district , that the contestant is entitled
to the seat. It was laid over.
A majorily of the military commit
tee reported adversely on the bill to
place General U. S Grant on the re
tired liar. Mr. McCook presented a
minority report.
Senatorial Elections in the
Special Dispatches to Tin Bin
COLUMBUS. 0. , January 18 The
election of United senator began to
day. Senator Beer named John Sher
man. Seuator Harper named Thur-
man. A vote resulted , Sherman 20 ,
Thurraan 12.
, Mass. , January 18 In
the republican caucus to-day Senator
Dawes wan renpmlnated , after a
speech in opposition by T. W. Hig
ginson , end one in favor by State Sen
ator Rock. Dawe received 118 votes
out of a total of 162.
ALBANY , N. Y. , January 18. The
legislature to day nominated Thomas
C Platt for United States senator.
The vote was as follows : In the Jen-
ate , Thomas C. Platt , 25 ; Francis
Kemau. 6 , In the assembly , Platt ,
79 ; Kernan , 44. fbo reception of
General Grant will take place in the
assembly chamber to-morrow from
12:30 : to 3 p. m.
HARRISBURO , Pa , January 18 4 p.
m. The Grow phalanx to-day claim
at least 51 votea will stand solid for
Gow until they all hope of his elec
tion is gone. Their manifestion has
nerved up the wavering and put them
in better spirits. The leaders of the
bolters were up all night conntolling
and scores of private consultation
were had in Mr Crow's rooms
Should there ba no election to-day i
is very likely thit two caucuses wil
beheld to-night an Oliver caucu
and a Grow caucus.
TRENTON , N. J. , January 18.
George Ludlotr was inaugurated gov
ernor of New Jersey to-day in the
senate chamber. There was no ciyil
or military dieplay.
DOYER , Del. , January 18 10 p. m.
Senator Bayard was re-elelested ,
all the democrats voting for him and
the republicans voting for Anthony
AUGUSTA , Mo. , January 18 10 p.
m In the senate the vote for United
States senator stood , Hale 22 , Joseph
L. Smith 3 , Harris M. Plaiston l.cait
by Smith. In the house , Hale 84 ,
Smith 64. Three members were ab
sent. The election will be declared
INDIANiPOi.13 , Ind. , January 18
10 p. m. The time having arrivedfor
the election of a United States Sena
tor , by the Indiana legislature , the
three following candidates were nom
inated : Gen. Ben. Harrison , I. P.
Gray , and Gilbert Do Li Matyr. The
senate pare Gray 23 , Harrison 22 ,
Do La Matyr 2. The vote in the
house stood as follows : Harrison 67 ,
Gray 39 , De La Matyr 1. The result
will be announced to morrow.
MISNEAPOWS , Minn. , January 18
10 p. m. In the Minnesota legisla
ture to-day , both senate and house ,
nominated Hon. S. J. B. McMillan ,
to bo his own successor.
HARBISBDRO , Pa. , January 19 1
a. m. Hon. H. P. Oliver was nom
inated by the republicans ef the Penn
sylvania legislature for the United
States senate last evening.
MILWAUKEE , Wis. , January 19 1
a. m At a caucus of S wyer men t
Madiaon yesterday evenifg fifty-eight
members pledged themselves to sup
port Mr. Sawyer for the United States
senate. As fifty-five constitute a ma
jority of the majority of the republi
cans , the formal caucus to-day will
undoubtedly nominate Mr. Sawyer.
Tfiu' terminates the long and acrimon
ious struggle between "Boas" Keyes
and the northern Wisconsin million-
lire , which has exceeded In bitterness
even the famous campaigns of Hon.
Matt Carpenter.
Secretly Circulated Among
Paddock's Feeble
Followers ,
Promising Phineas , the Forger ,
Senator Conkling's Sap-
port for the Cabinet ,
In Which Event Lucrative
[ Offices Will be Lavished
Upon Paddock's Sup
.a Dying Man's j Desperate
Special Dispatch to the lice.
LINCOLN , January 18 4 p. m.
.After flibn ) tnrfiic ; all morning over
the Diily-Carrigan contedfths houie
adjourned at 12:30 : to meat agaiu at tf
p. m. The senate , after counting all
the vote of Saline cod'nty ic the Jones-
Wells ciae , votedJpadjourtA 2 p.
u , when the attorneys of each side
will be allowed ihirty minutes in
whijli to urtaeiit arguments.
The vote on senator cannot be
had before 4 o'clock. The antl-
'nddook men are still confident that
'dddock ' canuot by elected. A bold
ind cunning aahemo to trap unwary
members has come to light this after-
icon. A bogui letter , purporting to
fisre been written by Senator Conk-
ling , has been se retl ? circulated
, mong the members. This letter
iledgod Senator Conklin 'a support
for Hitchcock as aecretary Pf the ' ° -
.erior if he assists In eecnring Pao %
lock's ro-olectton. Gullible members
that Pad
ire confidentially assured
dock's re-election secures Hltch-
; ock'a appointment to the cabi
net beyond a doubt , and Hitchcock
iled es them the patronage of the In
dian bureau , land office and territorial
kppointment. This letter i § no doubt
a bold forgery like the letter of Presi
dent Perkina , of the Burlington rail-
oad , which was gotten up for Hitch-
jock for years ngo and circulated by
him amonjr members in 1877. No in-
dlllgont man would believe that
'nnkling ' ever wrote such a letter.
J. B. P.
East India Pile Cnre. The
only specific for all forms of
Piles. In use in foreign conn-
tries for years , lately intro
duced into America. Warrant
ed to give instant relief and a
permanent cure guaranteed.
Sold by all druggists or mailed
free on receipt of price , 50
cents , by'.the American agents ,
Eicliardson & Co. . Wholesale
Druggists , Saint Louis , Mo.
guaranteed to give immediate
relief in all cases of Bilious
and Liver Complaints , Gos-
tiTeness , Siclc Headache , Indigestion -
digestion , and cleansing the
system of all impurities. Price
25 cents. All druggists sol ]
Dr. Storm's
A Safe and Pleasant Remedy for
HOARSENESS and Strengthen
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Price only 1O Gents.
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Gives universal Satisfaction and that it is stead
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The White Machine lastly claims to be the
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construction and the most perfect Machine in
the market.
The XVhlto Co. employ as agents men of in
tegrity , and purchaoors are always satisfied ,
because they find everything juot ns repres
Everybody should use this Machine , The
oaten so far thia year are more than doubta
the corresponding time last year.
All orders addressed to the Omaha Office
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Iron and Wagon Stock ,
Ihe Best Assortment of
in the West.
At Chicago Pricey.
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Southwest corner 16th and Dodge.
Has lately been leased by
Who hoe had years experience in the hotel and restuaurantibusi- fc' '
ness , and will run a first-class house.
Board by the Day or Week , with Lodging or without.
Centrally Located.
M n icturer of ! l kind * of
Summer Bologna ( Gervelat Wurat ) a
Soecialtiy. Orders promptly filled.
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But at it Again.
. . . ,
Hardware ,
Stock Saddles , etc. ,
Now Eeady for Business.
Next .Door to Omaha Na
tional Hank , Donulas
SJ-After Jan. 5th , 1316 Douglas
St. , opposite Academy of Music.
( IccU-tf
PfiaiAsiso AVD DITOT C. 8. 7
OJUIM. NIB . Dec. 23th , 1330. )
Staled Proposals , in duplicate , mibjcrt to the
nmul con-'Itlona will In rccelted at ihU oTJco
until 12 o'doci loon on Februry 7th ,
188t at which time and flica they nill ! * open
ed In prraoncao'liKMeo , f r furnishing anj
delivery at the SabsUtcnccStorcbcuie ( Dew cor
Ono hundred and fifty (150) ( ) lurre's pork ,
men , to he dtliverrd by Mirch 15th , IbSl.
Twenty-Ore thoimnd (75.000) ( ) pon'id bacon ,
short , clear aMes. me-liam weiaht and thickness ,
picked in crate * , strap rd of about 220 pounds
bacon each , each piece rf bacon to bo covered
with cotton cloth. All to ha delivered l.y hr
March 15tb , 1881 ± . .
Two thousand ( J,00 > ) r nnd'breakfa t bacon
( thin breast * ) , ranvtised. and in latt d boxev ,
strapped , of about KO pound * breakfast bacon
each. To b delivered by March Utb , 181.
Thirty-two hnrdred ard f"rty ( t < > ) flic-
pound tin lard , ( pnre Inl ) tw ve tin. i CM * .
Stripped ; each tin mn t hold V 7 five
pound * n t f be icceoted : prlc-s n if '
not per pound to t > tat d. to be d . . ei ;
The Oo c'rnment reserves the right to reject
any or all proposilv.
! Blank propo-ilsandfdll information t'the
I mann r of bidding- , conditions o be obrcrredby
I bidden , and terms of onfrael ad ptjrment.
will bo farnishei onaprlisitioato IhUofflce.
Ko propva- will be considered unless accam *
ranitd by'th * "Printed Instructions V > Bid
den ' to be procured at this cffice.
Envelope 4 contalnliK propoeals ihi.ald be
mtrktd "Propo Is for Snbiiis ence Storre , " and
addressed to ths underpinned.
JilMt _ C 8..U.M A.
a week. | 12a day at borca easily mute ; taab
oatfit Inn Add re * Tree ? Co.PortlndUe
Any on bavins ; dead anlmala I wilt rcmovo
them free of chngo. Leave order * southeast
cam r of ITarney and llth St. . wconJ door. ?
U . CJ.
Capitol Ave , , Opp. Mwonlo Hall ,
A. S.
lil Tenth Street , - OUAHA , NEBRASKA
Offerlnz his gervlcea In all d'partmenta 'o
medicine 413 rorgeiy. both In general a
pedal rn" " ' acuU and chronic dlgeaMa. C
oe commit * ! ntht and itj , and will Tltita
a art of the city and mntr ° ° rivriol
One Week-Saturday Matmee.
Commencing MONDAY Jan. 17.
Appearance of Prof. J. M.
Great Wizard
In a choice selection of wonderful I'losfanr ,
gtartliiur tmwforraationa tail tewlMtrin ? feta
of Magic. At the cqo of flwh entertainment
100 nwfulanil costly present * will b clren * "
the aurllenco.
Ailral/fioo / aall rv ( itb preatnt of * naen
All teats down stairs , Me.
Rewired se t at If JX Jloysr Bros , without
rxtn cji rj .
No. 1220 Douglas Street ,
Ear and Throat.
Office Orar Kennard's ! Drug store
OOrner of I4tn snrt Dousrfas St * .