Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 29, 1880, Morning Edition, Image 1

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Jfc' ' iel s K Sr
Established ! S7i.
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15th ami Douglas Street ,
Ov r S'JDO rrf Jeiicc lots for ( ale by this fen
Vf KI ; HRS an.rfiz ! njn $21 , to ? 2,600 cich , nd
o t d in flt-ety i > jrt \ > t ilio clto , and In every
< llmc ton from Hie Postofflce , north , etst , south
r tst , wid r rj-ne ! in distance from one
t io k to o-ie or two imics Iroai name. Call tnd
examine onrlbla
ScTcral choice lot In Griffin & IBMCS" d41
on , west of com * nt , bet Keen Kt. Mary's yen
ue and ilarney vtreet | k. < 00 to fbOO.
80 acres Jniit cist of barracks on S nnders St. ,
tltii I choice land and iil l > o void Mry cheap.
for cash In 6 , 10 or 20 sere lot ; now IB your time
to secure a btrya'.r.
Choice lot * t nstd of etrccl car track ! on Saun-
icn street for f 5T6.
Choice lot , Kirnhi'.n and 2ith etrccte , 90x138
eet for Sl.Bl-ft-will .ihle ! It.
Clicap lot in Credit Fondar addition. K > uth ol
J ? . depot ill * to J3CO.
FOI-J V > oj nn Pork -tre t , . w
b vei > > . at f r ia ? J5 to 00 ei = h. Seven \ rs
tlinit eWil r _ r cent lntr t to tlio-e wl.o ill
ratupeooJ , ii > ui tlat bnlliJi : - . Kr farther
0. P. r.KMIS.Asent ,
? l ! . ( > cctliiinJ lioajfl-is Strecto.
A nlco lot on n rnc tiP.J T ji.tyilrnt t Ireitp ,
tor ? C5
cli n foth. nc r St. j'fi aven
ue. . t > r fso-l a
T < Ji < - , in
K V Sipt .
Klftj ! jliiVn > * . first. Becund aivl tltlrd fcl-
< Jltlnii fwitl'iC t'liOOt cadi.
lx > t utrr it if sml Ill-rot , tIBS
? lots nn U ruv utir 4rh St J6 X > each. 1
lot on * ! ti ! t . "r Up-arJ = tre - * S7oO.
* .J 1-i.s In G ml Vi.j * ttd..itio-i , - > iith of 0.
Vri'lifo uti.l .lep'it , 'torni5 to i 00 CitV
Oii i'roli7KyrOf i' , oa lid. ftKs.1. unnth
of l'oi > j.ct ! : i l - 'v.dni ) * , t-yt 2.010 , or ! il
to 500
Lirirs BttM ir r j J nce low , Jo
V Ir thix .icw 3 ill , oil 0 | i I1 mil , bo
VI ,
Bodees'rcJt on tha H'fi5 V'n x ' .feet
I ' on th4 ko'ith formerly oir ? J > > 1 is f ) iwn
[ & -and mure recci'lv K-H T e s * iVrlf - In sce" .
-Only22lo'Ji hnvn * nn < > > > < v i , ljsi1 14 enTer
Far n ham and > j < m I > .O2ia * > Tor
are 50 to 5(1 ( fixt 1 Tt uiid 15n t : < bmi. Jl.itOO
forthedjn'cfl.cir im , il > ? < r rrtit iu-
terestto tlntfj tin < > nil ) tiuicJ ei i cU VHQtlal
'houses tu' ! n. Ci'l c.l eKaniln * .tl and git
l"i iii I * lo tsj *
Over S-11 Inuso a-nl lot < e o3vr S for 60o
by this oifii' * Toev nro-jfi'V ' ! el A ! of7 the
< -ity. AmlocUin'i j > I dc In PficaJ v T3 Inc
ron W30 to SI5.0X ) cah
2 rood Iut4 and 2 chei > Iio : B- 1 ear 5. - > on
nid " 2lli nrneli t a crcjt sacH ice. Hcio is a
pre t tur 'n lor homo ru Hio i.roi crtv must
block. CM and ezamino this
. . , . , , . .n.l . Donj lie SW
Btr"M CM.
* Hie c'neiiTcrt acre lnt In the city ol Omaha ,
T thote o7er d furule by thla ajency In Paik
'YUce and Lowe's second addition , on Cnmlnp ,
Bitrtand Callfnrn'a Flrect' : joiican make no
ml8taloiinir.l.ini ; up lliroe bat ins vliilf > on
Invetht chincc. Tliec lot * are more than equal
In site to 4 full-biztil city loU or u half block
and \rillliolmt a very short time before one-
flftli tvwt of o-'o cf th "e acre lots will uril fnr re
muciia oo.Tnr a full acreto ay. They are
located * A erjhoit lw na > west of Cr irhton
0 > IIese. Prices rancins Jtrom ? J60 to ? 30F ( j * r
crolot. Call Immedlatclr , and don't lose > our
banco , and ret plat and full particulars of
OEO. P. BEM1S. Acent ,
15lh aud Douglas Streets.
Nice lot i in bharuian A > enuo north of Kiiiolij
11 treet , $1,400.
Half lot on CiM.lctwocn ISth and 14lh streets
2 nice lots In nartman'g addition , $400 'j egQj
Larjc nnmhcr of aero lota In Qlse's -.aition " In
North Omaha , ? ll5 to WOO each.
Choice comer lot near 22nd Mj CalliomU
treets , { 1.500.
Several coed Iot i In Neyjn-0 ! ryjaiUwi. 160 to
SitfO each.
Choice lot In Thorno1. nddltftm , $760.
Several Urpo lots jn Bmiett's addition. IJ
rorlB and 2J acrtflmcli. IMcw 5700 to S2.000
lot n herman vt no. (10th ( etrest ) ,
cntli o , , * , , r-si iLtioe '
cto „ „ , or $1,100.
no.ir1Stli an 1 Clark streota , 00 1
J30 feet , 'jomer , 81.SOO , in 1 1 , ? l,00fl.
I lartr j ] ot on She-m n ax-cnac , (16th ( street ) ,
r.iark Street. 8900 eai h
82 nice and cheap lots , very tier to the baa
oer > apart of the city , Incited c. \ ry fewstopt
t'JMh of the Convent nn-1 t 1J irj 's avenac.and
Just south of and ad Jo nif.e t < - . - Tiund of Jaascs
M. Woolworth a-'d WJ. . Cor.tMMl these are
cheap and very io > lral > le , beiii .nndy to bus
iness part of ; ! ty , to new covruirt depot , nail
ll works , white load work * . P. r. dcnOt , stock
yards , pacWne bnuecs. etc Cjl ! nd eet pUt
nd full partlculani. 1 * e { 371 to KbO and easy
elms to those who cUd
OEO. I' . Bull's , A cnt ,
. .
B choice rratdcncelots on 24th ultect , between
Ooutrlas and Dixlrc Mree1af ; 1.109 1o I'l.ICO cocb
-and rene time to thofo who v\\ \ \ 1 >
2 choice corner lols near S'th'nd Fatnham
strwto , C5H24 feet , § 1,150 anl < l , " 0.and very
iiy t < irm to purchaser * ho wl 1 improre.
Also 4 lota on 24th , lurtueo-i Faniham and
Douglas s reeta , 030 to $ lCOt > each and long
C3T260 of the be < t btiRlncn lot ? in T of
Omaha for * Je , located onevtrybuji nr street ,
CTAlso very valuable stor crtlea In al
most every burlncei block (5000 to ? 16,000
40cbo ce rcs'dence lots In atiove addition , im *
tnellatcly north of and ad'olnlnc Poppletou's
beautiful residence and crounds , and located on
16th 10th and 20th street * , (300 to S550 each and
Teryeasy terms to those who will build Gill and
examine plat and ret full particulars.
GEO. P. BEMIS , Accnt.
Beautiful bnildinc site on Sherman arcnnc ,
16th Etrect ) , ' > ct > pco Popplcton and the Dudley-
llams prorcitj" 263 feet cast frontase on the
vennu. by 3fi ) fret In depth. Will dhlde Itmik.
lnRlS2fcetbySS9. Call nnd cet full particulars.
An acre m 16th street , 101 fret east frontage
* y S78 feet deep. This Li Just south of the KHta-
beth ( Popplcton place. Ths ! is pllt-olrc , call and
get price and terms of BEUIS , Arrnt.
18 peed lots , Just north of and adjoining K. V.
Smith's addition , and located between SOth and
annden streeM , at reasonable prices and long
me ro buyer ft Iio Improve BEillS , Accnt.
&S lota In Ilorbach's first and second ad Won
on 18th , 18th , 19th and 23th strcctt , between
Nicholas , Paul , She-man and Clark stieets , rery
handy to U. P. Shops , fmeltlnp w-orku , etc. ,
ranpncin pnces rora from S209 to * 1:1 00 each ,
reqnirini : only small payment down and lonp
tlmv at 7 rxr cent ictcrcs ; to those who will im
prove. GEO. P. BEMIS ,
16th and Douglas Sttett.
S3 nice lots in Parkers addition , bctu-ren
Blunders and Pierce. Kinc anJ CampbcllV Sts. .
on Blonc.o street ; 19 lots with south fronts and
18 with north fronUtre , only 6 blocks north
he turn-table ( end streetcar track ) on Sanudcr
twat. Very law prices ; $175 ca h , or SIOO enc
nc tlma * nd 8 per cent interest to toose irh
ill bnlld.
Z3T150 good farms far sale In Dooclas Sarpr
ihlnpton. Bnrt , Dod e , Saunders and Eosto r"
rot counties. u
r3-800,000 acrrt best selected lands in tli
teforsalebythlraceacy. CiU and cet maps ,
rcnlars and full paiticnUrs.
tfBtait' ' new oupot Omahi , COc and 5LBO.
jfarBemis' new pamphlet ( and map of the
tate entitled "tho outlook of Kebraska" for
ce distribution.
Geo. P. Bemis'
15th tfc Douglas St. ,
MATT A , - - - -
Conking Vindicated of
any Ooanection in the
Sprague Scandal ,
Quebec Alarmed Over the Sus-
pitious Movements of
Canadian Fenians ,
Ex-Gov. Scott , of Ohio , Found
Guilty of Murder in the
First Decree.
Big Demonatration 'Over the
Unveiling of the Kearney
Statue at Newark.
Congressman Voorhees , of
New Jersey , Indicted for
Embezzling 320,000.
The Spraarue Quarrel.
BpecM Dispatch to The Bee.
BnooKtYN , N. Y. , December 29 1
' m' ? ! :
f' 7neIJ-ODklyn Bogle last even-
.ngpuoiishea the follow-inz statement ,
made by Hon. Winchester Britton ,
Mrs. Sprague'a counsel , which will
ihrowsome new light upon the shotgun -
gun Interview which was eaid to have
taken place between Senator Conk-
ling and Governor Sprcgue :
Reporter Do you mean'that Mr.
u ? astatementa are correct as to
the celebrated Oanonchet affair ?
Mr. Britton Most certainly. The
sensational statements made through
the pre . are
wholly without founda
tion , and 1 had occasion , profession-
yy , to inquire into all the particulars
of thit nfl ir , and the whole story
published hed not oven a basis of
of trYith.
RYou do not mcin to say that
Senator Conlling was not there , and
that he was not driven away bv Gov
ernor Spragdu ?
Mr. B. Senator Conklmg was
° . and he left there , and that is
all there is of the published atate-
mente that U corroi-t. 1 mean to say
that there was no collision whatever ,
verbally oractunlly , botwasn lha sen
ator and the governor. The governor
fell into ODO of his charActeri < tic
frenzy Ms , &nd quarreled with Mrs.
fapwjae and a music tcscher about
'jo children's music Ifsson , and Sju-
ator Conklinit , vrho wa thora on the
governor's invitation , with stversl
other gueels , withdrew.
RHO T about the * hnt "in ]
Mr. B. Shot gnu ? Nonsense.
There no shot gun on the prem
R- How do yon suppose thi story
wascirciilatcd ?
Mr. B. By ths governor. He
strives to be a hero iu the newspapers.
He is struck through with a lore of
notoriety , and since thpn ho has per
sistently endeavored publicly to as
perse Sirs. Sprague whenever he could
manufacture an opportunity. I have
never been to Providonca that I have
not discovered evidence cf it. But
thia one-sided business
13 now at an
nnd. Heretofore she has had no
chance to speak , but now there will be
an opportunity to understand her side
of the case.
Cp Btated that tbo trial
would t- e place in February It wis
"suggested at first by the trlends of
both to tile a petition , charging only
neglect to stjpport.the governor agree
ing not to oppose , but it was of no
nVail. _ Mr. Sprague coull not toler
ate his conduce any longer , and a
record of his matrimonial enormities
was made and presented to tLo court.
Hnw she has borne with him so long
as she has is to mo n surprise , but she
is very much attached to her little
j rsand ] has endured much for them.
travelling Gen , Kearney'8 Statue.
Special Dispatch to The B e.
NEWAEK , N.J.Desembcr 20 1 a ,
m. The city wai gay yesterday after
noon with flags , banner * , etc. , draped
in honor of the unveiling of the status
erected to Gen. K' rney. Although
not regarded as holiday by
the people , a very lagd c ncourse as
sembled in the park d > spite * he cold ,
to witness the ceremony , but a still
larger number looked on the mili
tary proceseion as it passed along the
streets. Gen. Grant arrived at 11:30 :
and WES driven to the residence of ex-
Senator Frelinghuysen , where a lun
cheon had been prepared for him. As
the carriaga drove awny from the de
pot he was greeted with cheers. Gen.
Sherman was escorted to the mansion
of William A. Tighter , where ho wus
also entertained at luncheon. Geu.
McClellan arrived at noon , and was
entertained by Col. Wright. Tno
prrcsBsion formed at 2 o'clock , and
consisted of the national guard and
veterans of the Third army corps.
Gen. Kearney's sons were present.
The statue was unveiled as the proces
sion formed. It is a lifo-siza bronza ,
with head uncovered , sword in hand ,
and wearing a short cape , which he in
variably wore in battle. It is pedes
trian , and stands on a pedestal of
bronze , on the front panel of which
appear the following words : "Pnilip
Kearney , M jor-Genewl of United
States Volunteers , born Juno 2,1815.
Killed in buttla nt Chantilly , Va. ,
September 1 , 18C2" Oa the back
panel are the words : "Ereced by au
thority of the State of New Jersey ,
1880. " The bronze pedestal rents on
a base of Quincy granite , on which is
cut in relief the simple word ,
"Kearney. " After the unveiling of
the statue Hon. Courtland Parker de
livered an eulogy on the bravo and
noble soldier whose memory tha state
and nation honor , after which the
caremony closed. Generals Graat and
Sherman were loudly cheered. Gen.
McGleil&n left after the parade , and
Gen. Grant after the unveiling. Gen.
Sherman remained fir the collation ,
and in a speech s id he did not know
Gen. Kearney personally , but know of
him as a daring soldier , who r&criticcd
himselfin the causp , becoming a hero-
martvr. Gen. Sherman also aaid ho
was prond cf the army , and wanted
officers to be good men , not in the
way of piety , but moral men and good
fighters. Ex-Senator Freltnghuysen
and others spoke.
Gov. Scotf 3 Trial.
Spec al Dlfpatch to The Bee.
NAPOLEOX , O. , December 28 10 p.
m. The prtliminary examination of
Gov. Scott , for the killing of young
Drury , was resumed this morning.
The defendant's counsel aie making
strong efforts to show a bailable case.
The evidence is about the same aa be
fore the coroner , only more complete ,
showing the excited and remorseful
condition of Scott immediately after
the deed. Evidence WJB alsoprodnced
making Scott say , sometime ago , that
he would shoot dead any person who
would influence bis son to drink , or
sell him intoxicating drink.
LITER 'Squire Payton , before
whom ex-Gov. Scott was tried on the
charge of the murder of yonn-j Drury ,
pronounced the deed murder in tha
fiwt degree , and Scott was taken to
Defiance jail.
Family Tragedy.
Shrill Dispatch to The Bee.
GEOEOETOW.T , Ky.December29 1
a. m. A bloody tragedy was enacted
near White Sulphur Springs Satur
day night. A man named Theodore
Lee wls attacked by his thrpo brolh- , and a desperate struggle
ensued. Lee , drawing his revolver
shot Chris. Liweon , one of 1m assail
ants , through the heart , killing him
instantly. He himself was wounded
spnoualy , bnt may recover , The mo
tive for ( he assault is said to be a de
sire of the brothers-in-hw to
Lee's propsty through hia wife
Negotiating : a Surrender.
Special Dlapatch to The tee
CHICAGO , December 28 10 p. m.
A despatch from Fort Buford , D. T. ,
says Scout Allison has arrived there
with "Crow King" and "Cooper. "
two of Sitting Bull's leading P U , as
delegates to arrange definato end
agreeable terms of surrender. Sit
ting Bull is now atMilk river with
107 lodges and about 500 souls.
The trte Devils.
Special DIapitch to Tlio B * " .
DENVER , December 23 10 p. m.
Commissioner Meacham and all the
attaches of the Ute commission and
agency have arrived hero , and give an
interesting account 8 the payment of
the first Installment of the Ote money.
Soon after the Indians were paid otf ,
some designing white man , bsnt upon
starting the Utes to hostilitie , came
into cimp with the body of Johnson ,
and a scene of wild excitement follow
ed. Next morning the Indians ap
peared in warpilnt , with faces bronzed
and striped with heavy bUck marks
which means in Indian-English "fight
blood , kill heap , damn quick. "
Chief Sapavanard aaid to Mcacham ,
"Me want to talk. " Meacham wai
ernreu and would not talk without
the other white witnesses. Finally a
conference was arranged. S ipavanard
tai'l ' i hat lie understood now : that Ihoy
had their mooey thjr werb to be
tnovod to trtvr V/,3. < " , aa\m \ no
lea-3 '
yal'ey ; white man have moun
tains ; dig out old , filvcr ; Indian
keepvalleys. " Mcjclnm proceeded to
communicite their desire to Secretary
Schutz and the Indians somewhat
quieted , returned to camp , bnt their
Demonstrations were roneuredat night
and at d-iylight every xvhita man at
the agency for his Lcrjonalfcafnrjr ] Pft ,
end all reached Denver after many
Congressman Voorneea * Case.
Special Dwpatcli to The Bfe.
HACEEXSACK , N. J. , December 29
1 a. I'd Congressman Voorheea
was arraigned in the Bergen county
cnurt , at Hackensack , K J. , yester
day morning for trial on an indict
ment of cmbszziempnt , containing
four counts of 85,000 each from the
defunct first national bank of Hack
ensack , of which Voorhees was presi
dent. The defense asked for an ex
tension ot time , which was granted.
Judge Dixon hinges hU hopes of
clearing Congressman Voorhees on the
oecond count of Uio indictment on
tha ground that the taking of the
bonds undpr the laws of .Now Jersey
caunot be considered embezzlement.
Tha Cold Snap.
SpKiil Di-pitch t The nee.
CHICAGO , December 29 1 a. m.
The following is tha summary of
the present ' 'Manitob i wave" which
is sweeping east and southwest. The
government thermometer in this city
this morning marked 9 degrees below
zero , hut private thermometers indi
cated all the way from 16 to 13 below ,
and during tha night 28 degrees.
Yesterday ten ocgroes below \Tas the
average at Minneapolis and the mer
cury was 28 degrees below zaro. At
points mi the Winoua and St. Peter-
ratlrcml it ranged from 34 degrees ta
50 decrees below. The cold snap
was accompanied by strong northwest
wind , which badly driftei the snow
in tint region , caudng a blockade of
Mystsnous Daa ; h.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
NOUTU AUGUSTA , Ont. , December
29 1 a. m. A woman aged eighty-
six , living three miles from this village ,
with her son Wm. Harlan , an old
bachelor , was found lying dead and
frozen stiff in the barn yard yesterday
inuruing. She Tan clothed in her
night dress , and in her bare feet.
The body presented a horrible appear
ance , being mangled and cut in differ
ent parts. Blood stains were to be
seen around the barn where the
walked , and marks uf blood stained
hands on the logs where she tupport-
ed herself before she fell. What
tempted her to t leave the house ,
around which there ii no trace of
blood or evidence of anystru le hav
ing ensued , is a profound mystery.
The son is in the habit of imbibing
freely , and he Isy Intoxicated in the
house oc Christmas. The old woman
was much opposed to her son's habit
of spreeiug. Ho reports having
awoke early in the morning , and on
calling for his mother he received no
answer , when he began to search for
her , whichresulted , in finding her in
the state related.
'WASjru.aTON , December 25 , 1 a.
m. For the upper Mississippi and
ewer Missouri valleys : Northwest
to southwest winds ; very cold and
partly cloudy weather ; wind and oc
casional light snow followed by slovrlv
rising temperature and stationary o'r
slowly falling barometer.
Denouncing Kelly.
Special Dispatch to The Bee
NEW YORK , December 29 1 a. m.
A mass meeting of democrats who
ate in favtr > f reorganisation and
union in tha democratic party , was
hold list night at Conpor institute ,
4000 persons being present. Gener
ally speaking the proceedings were
hirmonious. Strong sentiment and
hostility was nnnifest-d towards
John Kelly.
YanRee Enterprise.
Sped * * , dispatch to ITie Bee.
HAXIFAI , N. S. , December29 la.
m. The iron deposit at Whycoco-
rnagb , Cape Breton , his been pur
chased by American capitalists , and
will be immediately opened up. The
mines are situated in the vicinity of
the famous Anistree oil wells , to de
velop which American companies with
§ 3,500,000 capital have been formed
within the past three months. This
district gives promise of being the
richest mineral and oil field in the
world. It has all been bought up by
Americans. It is thirty miles from
Fore Hinlkesburg , with which It wil >
be immediately connected by railroad.
Quebec Alarmed.
Special Dispatch'to The Bee
QUEBEC , Dumber 28 10 p. m.
The Evening Mtrcu y caya : Orders
were issued at the citadel on Saturday
to eerre rut to each man fifty rounds
of ball cartridge , to place tlnuolf ) sen
tries on the gitea and walls aud pull
iu the dww bridges All passes to
the men have been .cancelled , and no
man is allowed out after gun fire. The
gates are closed daily at 4 p m. It is
reported that an imperial government
spy was In the city last week , with
orders to ascertain the strength and
position of the Irish in Oanaha and
the United States , and the movements
of the laud leaguers. It ia said he
his left for Montreal on his way to
the states.
pxial Dispatch to The Bee
WASHINGTON , December 29 1 a.
m. The examination of the Ponca
Indians HaleESrF > Daweg and Kirk-
rrood , of the senate commission ; was
continued Until 5:30 last evening.
The questioning was directed to as
certain whether the Indians desired
to remain in the territory or had been
unduly influenced to * rnn what they
term "the great letter" of Octobar 25 ,
a kiug to remain. Nothing was
brought out to show that any influ
ence was used , the natives appearing
to have become tired of delay , im-
pjirecl health of their people , and
the superiority of lands m the new
reservation. To a direct question by
Mr. Dawoa whether they would be
willing to leave the graves of their
fa-herm , in Dakota , White Eac-lo re
plied that he would. Mr. Tibbies was
examined regarding his visit to the
Poncas , and his effort to induce them
to leave , and stated that he was sup
plied with funds by ( Xnaha associa
tions for the support of any Indians
that would leave , the object beiug to
make a OMB to tike tc
„ BUprirae
court. So f > - ,
rom throwing d > ubt on
the gonuinness of the Indians * desire
to remain , the examination demon
strated , that Whatever they may have
formerly desired , the preference is
now almoit or quite unanimous for the
Indian territory. Mr. Dawos seemed
to bo satisfied of this , for he remark
ed , after the examination was ever ,
"If the Poncas want to remain in the
Indian territory , I suppose wo must
lot thorn stay. "
6poc.'nl SbpalcliN to The Beo.
It is stated tint a company of New
York Capitalists hdvu bami furmucl for
the purpose of erecting a hotel in
Washi.ig'tm , which will bo in every
respacc worthy of the national capital.
While returning from an evening
school near Washington , Iid ; , John
WoodanitU , aged 17 , fatally stubbed
Marcus A. Br.itton , aged 21. Wood-
small escaped.
Catherine Driscol' ' , who was con
victed of manslaughter for killing the
child of Miry CredoD , at Maiden ,
Mass , was yesterday sentenced to
h'vo yeara * imprisonment in the house
of correction.
Anlndiiuapolia dispitcheays : Hon-
John C. Now is rapidly failing in
health. His condition is tha cause of
seriots alarm to his friends. He liai
been confined to his residence for the
last ten days.
Beviun Bros' . , lathe and finishing
shop : u.d iflioe , at East Hampton ,
Conn. , burned yi'slordiy. One hun
dred men are thrown out of work.
Luaa , S23.COO
Mr- . Bridget Irving , of Chicago ,
who was burned by her clothing
citching fire frnm H h htel lamp ,
which she dashed up n the floor white
intoxicated , died ut an early hour yei-
torday morning.
The indication ] nre that Assian Ray
ia elected to fill the vacancy in the
lower hon o of congress caused by the
death of E. W Fur , from the Third
NewELunpshird di9trictover , the dem
ocratic candidate by u Unje majority.
Testimony in tha Christiancy divorce
suit is taken with closed doors before
commissioner King in New York
A sensation was created In Montreal
on the fact becoming known that the
railwAy kings of New York and Chl-
ciao opposed the Northern Pacific ,
and are taking an active interest in the
Canadian Pacific railroad syndicate.
Herman Haarbleicher , a Chicago
board of trade man , was found dead
in hia bfd yesterday morning. It is
supposed he committed suicide , an
empty chlroform bottle being found
on the table. Ho had previously at
tempted to take his life.
The I linois club house , corner of
Madison street and Ashland avenue ,
Chicago , took fire about six o'clock
last evening , from an over heated
furnace. It was elegantly furnished.
The damage to carpets , upholstery
and interior fitting * is § 3000 : to the
building $1000.
The weather throughout Canada has
been intensely cold and stormy , ac-
compinied by blizzirds. The ther-
mornotor iu many places registered
22" to 24 ° below zero.
In the course of a quarrel last night
between James Jackson and Hugh
McCabe , at the residence of the form
er , in New York city , McCafae shot
Jackson in the left breast with a re
volver , and then made hia eecape.
The wounded man WES taken to a
hospitial and his injuries pronounced
dpecli Dispatches to Tns Baa.
Madame Grouf , who made the orig
inal charge against Marshal Cissey ,
has , since his acquitiilreaflirm9d the
truth of the actions.
The French arubissidor at Constan
tinople , has recommended the porte
to accept tha proposition of the po.v-
ers , and settle the great question
without wir or further diplomstic de-
Seven huadied Irish magistrates
have memorialized Mr. Gladstone in
favor of coercion.
Thereof of the church at Saillegal ,
in the department of Tarnel , Garonne ,
France , collapsed yesterday , during
service , and several person ] were in
stantly killed and fifty more or less
The land league profeuea to have
information of a deep laid landlords'
plut to excite the laborers ainet Ue ;
New Torfc Money and Stocks.
WALL Snurer , Deceml-er 9.
MONEY ' } per cuut and intertit ; e
Firm. _
U. fa 6'a ' 31 . 1 M | U. S. 4's . 1 :
U. S. 5's . i 0-3 Currencyfl'g . l SO
u.a.4i'i . i nj us 63so . 1025
AmU . 71 tS . 123
Can S 78 M&E J ? ' }
OCC ftl 9 ; K AT 46 ?
Manhattan cbj
St Paul 114 Uctropoli an. . . . ; jl.
HI 137 | NYC
0 k A 157J O
' ' ' ' ' '
Vnferred 2 8 Rtartlni'//.V/Bsf
r-ack 107 | Qulck llv r .t ' 3
Dtl H 9) ) | Preferred 63
Wellj Fargo 113 I II 5FJ
Erie - C | Om\ha 401
Preferred Dt | Prelerred ICO
St Joa 49 UP .4. . . j . . . ll3t
PrcforrBd 104 Vf U. 79J
1 C 120J WabaA 46
L6N 87J Preferred 8 *
O&W _ . 8J CP 95
N. P. S | N. J. 0. 8JJ
Preferred 67 II C 1278
onioasto Produce Market.
CHICAGO , December 28.
Wheat Wo. 2 sprlneclowerwlth | ;
sales at9Gj@98c for February jcloaing
at 959olc § for cash ; 95Jafor De
cember ; 95jjo for , January ;
96c for1 February ; 973 for
Corn No. 2 declined | @Ac ; sold at
36374c for January ; 4142fc for
M-iy ; closinc at 3Gc for cash3GJc ; for
December ; 3Co for January ; 36j for
February ; 4lc for May.
Oa's No. 2 @ia lower ; salei were
at 30@30ic for January ; 3435c
for Miy ; closing at 29c for cash ; 30c
for January ; SOjJo for February ; 34 §
© 34 | o for May.
II ) o Advanced lo and soli at 80c
for cash or Janniry ; 84 for February.
Barley No. 2 quiet at $1 07 in
Pork Mess , 2s@5c lower ; closing
at1125@1225 for. cash ; $12 35 for
Jannary$12 ; 52i@12 65 for Februar * :
$12 72 | for March.
Lird Deslined Soper hundred and
closed nt 8835 for cwh or December ;
S8 374@8 40 for January ;
S3 60@852 for February ; § 8 62 $
for March.
Whfky SI 11.
Chicago Live StociE MarUet
CIIICAO ) , December 28.
H gt Ac i-a a lit prices 5o
per 1001 i h. r ; < ( .l" were it tt55S476
for H j-t .a-jkian ; 84 55(35 ( 00 , ftino
rp.tcUn : > ; § 1 0034 95 for good
to oho oi hi .vy shipping 1 nn receipts
8,700 heed.'lf U ' ! > in's were lijhf ; sales
rang d from § 2 60 3 50 Jnr common
to g n-il cO * j ; and nt S4 bO for good ,
shipping a'cera ; receipts were 3,000
N , w Torn Produce
Ni\v : YORK. December 28
Flour \VLhoiit important tlnnge ;
veiy modenito export and
jobbing trido demand ; rnund
Ohio , § t 155 00 ; choice
d > . § 5 10@G 75 ; superfine nest-
em , § 3 003 75 ; common to peed
extra do , SI 00(34 ( 75 ; choice ,
do , d.i , S4 80SG . 75 ; choice while
wheat , go 00(30 ( 00.
Batter Du'l ' and unchanged ; Ohio ,
Ezzs Wostern'/firm ; 26 < § 32c for
fair to choice. N
Wheat Quiet ; ChicagoSI 12@116 ;
Milwaukee , 81 161 17 ; No. 2 red
wintpr , § 1 15J@1 15o for cash ;
311G fnrSDeciinbcr ; § 116 for Jan-
inryS118Vfdr ; Frfbriury ; § 1 20J ®
1 20V for iUuy : taies 70,000.
0 ' .s Quiet. .
Whisky Nominal.
Pork Xoninnl.
La-d ? 8 85@8 92'forca hpales at
58 858 ( 90 for December ; S 87i for
iiiinry ; § 9 00 for Ffbruiiy ;
59 05S9 10 for Mtrch ; 9 10@9 15
for April ; S 85 8 90 buytr for the
St. Lo .1) Produce Market.
ST Louis , Dosombar 28.
Flour Quiet nnd unchnngod.
Wheat LiTrer a'jd elow ; No. 2 red
winter , 9797o for ca h ;
9897J'3 for January ; 81 03l@
@ 1 00 | for February ; $1 04 | @
1 02f tor March ; No. 3 do , 94 ®
94c ; No. 4 do , 88c.
Corn Lower ; 39jc for cash ; 38 | @
38j for January ; 3J38c for Feb-
rury ; 40J@40c for April ; 41f@41ic
for May.
Oils Dull ; 29Jo for cish ; 35@35Jc
for May ;
Bye D-ill at 82o bid.
Barley Dull and unchanged.
Butter Dull ; dairy , 18@25.
Es ; Firm at g2@33 %
Whisky Steady.
Pork Higher , S12 75 asked for
cash ; sales , § 12 70 for February.
Dry Salt Meats Nominal.
Bacon Dull and unchanged.
Lird Firmer , no ealos.
Keceipts Flour , 2,000 bbls ; wheat
8,000 bu. ; corn , 17,000 ; oats , 1,000 ;
barley , 130,000.
Sh pments Flour , 7,000 brls ;
wheat , 4,000 bu ; corn , 21,000 ;
oats , 2000 ; rye , none ; barley , none.
St. Louts Live btock Market.
ST. Louis , December 28
Hogs Slow ; light , $4 10@4 30 ;
packing , § 1 35@4 50 ; butchers' to
fancy , $4 50@4 70 ; receipts , 750
head ; shipments , 1,000.
Hon. John B. Finch is in the city.
Councilman Hornberger is on the flick
Major J. H. O'Brien left jeslerday af
ternoon for Missouri.
IT. S. Senator Paddock has returned
ram Washington.
Hon. James E. Boyd ia confined to his
housa by pneumonia.
Prot IL E-neraDn and wife , of Lincoln ,
ara visiting in the city.
Mrs. Charles Kaufmann , wife of our
well-known councilman , ia reported quite
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Test have returned
from Chicago , tha occasion of their visit
there beinj * the marriage of Mr. E. T.
Surawalt to Misa Alice Mary Hilton.
Alex McCartney , an old Omaha boy ,
now of Chicago , was in the city Christ
mas , the guest of hia brother , J. F. Mc
Cartney , the city clerk. He left fothome
Mr. J.S. Kockenfield , of Maquan , Ills. ,
, ia v'siting in this city , whcro he wi 1 re-
I main duriug tie ! winter. Ho is the father
of Mr. T. l'.Hasten field aud Mw. ( Scorge
C. Bassett , of Omaha. !
Meal fldtato Transfers.
Anna M. G. McCormick and hus
band and Giortje T. Mills to Fritz
Clausen , v. il. w. s . J , Bee. 8,1.15 ,
north r. 11 , e. G'h principal mondial : ,
conialning 80 acres S800.
Same to John Anderson , w. d. o. A
S3 | , fioc. 3 , t. 15 , n. r 11 P. Gth
1 principal meridian , cuhttiuiug 80 j |
) - < v\
acres ya\nt ,
Wilson R.ynolds and 'fe to Peter
Diedrichsen , q. c. d. inr. } , se. j , t > CP-
1,1.16 r. 11 , e. Gill principal merid
ian 5280. '
Froin Elijah Bent to Geoi H.
Bog s and Low W. Hill ; w. d , a. w.
J sec. 8 , t. 16 , r. 12. S * " of s. w.
sac 3 , t. 16 , ii. of r. 11 , e"of the 6th
principal merldan , being 400 acres.
Unjted States to Henry Shals ; pat.j
F. w. j aec. 8 , t. id , r. 12 , iGO ffcros.
United Suites to John Manchester ;
pat , , u. w. J sic. 29 , t. 16 , r. 11 , 160
acni" .
United States to Jliirtin Reed ; pat. ,
s. w. i oc IJ , t. 16 , r. 11 , 160 acres.
Union Prtd ic ER. . C to A. O'f ,
q c. d. , a A so J , sec. 21 , tp. 1J ( , r.
Augustas Kiiintzi ot 1 to John
L Hill , w d. , a 1 .t 5 , block 8 ,
Kpnnlze & Ruth's audition , O.naha
§ 260.
State Bank of Nobrm'ja ' to John
Llndquest , w. d. , s A n 5 lot 4 , Hack
351 , Omah § 485
A. Roada to J. Mill ken , .q c. d. :
c. nw. J aec. G , T. 15. R. 10 , E
Jamea S. France to M. Franco : w.
d. , lota 5 and G , block 14 , Parker's
addition , Omaha SGOO.
John A. Horbach and w fe to 0. &
S. A. R. R. Co. : wd. lot 3 , block 155 ,
Omaha § 57.32.
December , 28th , Ry Albert , only
son of George and Ida Lawrence , aged
3 years and * fiiChihi :
Funeral from residence , corner 61
Twenty-second and Poppleton avenue ,
Wednesday , at 2 p. m.
One we loved has left our number ,
For the dirk" and silent tomb }
UloSail hid eyed in deathly slumber ,
Faded in his early bloom.
Undoubtedly tlio belt shirt In the
United Stilus ia ni nur.ctured : at the
Onwha Shirt Factory. The superiority
of Materinl and wnr' ' nnnship , com-
oindd with their j reat improvements ,
; hatia RointorCe'd fronts , Jlomforcea
cks and Reinforced alcoves , makea
; hpir ahirt the most durable and boat
titling garment of thn kind , ever
m innfactnred at the r * iderate price of
SI.50. Every shirt of onr uiako ia
.irantped first-claas and will refund
tno inni-cv if found ptJiurwJift.
\Ve make a Bpecnhy of Jill wool ,
'ike' ' , sin-l Giiitu > i fi.innel , alao
chemois umlcrnear , midu uj > with a
view to c iii'fort , warmth and durabil
ity. I'o MivalM ? HJul weak-lunged
persons wo oil'or gponal inducements
in the iiKxiuit-r these goods are made
[ or their protection.
| on-7P\rT > fim street.
Remarkable Increase In the Use of
Albany Eromng Journal.
A qtmrter of a century ago the use
of I'piutn in Albany was meagre as
compared with today. Taera were
atth ttime but about 350 pounds of
opium and 375 ounces of morphia sold
daring a year. Thou the population
was about 57,000 and the consump *
kion of opium about forty-three grains
per annum to every ii.lubitant , while
the rate of morphine was less than
three graina year to each person.
To-day , with the census showing our
city to contain more than 01,000 , the
annual Consumption of opium haa
crept uo to U500 pounds , and mor
phia to 5500 ounces. Thia large in
crease in ilia consumption of three
drugs cannot entirely be charged to
the growth of the city. Since 1855
the increase in the city's population
ai > been .50 , while the increase of the
Bale of opium during that time haa
been 900 percent. , andmorp'iia 1,100
per cent. , making a total i f these two
drugs of 2,0-0 per cent , iu a quarter
of a century , or 206 grains of opium
and 24 grams of morphine to every
inhabitant. Besides the vast quantity
of these drugs , between 400,000 and
500,000 morphia pills are sold
throughout the city in a year. Those
pills contain from one-tenth to one-
quitter of a grain of morphine
aoieco. Taking on an estimate 450-
000 pills aa the average annual con-
aumptkn , averaging , aay , one-sixth
of a grain apiece , would make the
morphine in them weigh 170 ounces.
Opium pills also have a large sale , but
not half so many are sold aa of the
It is estimated by men up in the
business that there nro GOO times aa
many rnorpHne pills sold aa any
other kind.
Uf thd ofJOO pounds of opium dia-
pcaed uf io this city annually , carefnl
inquiry made by a Journal reporter
reveals tha fact that fully one quarter
is consumed by people in its native
a'ata. The
remaining three-quarters
are used in making the different opi
ates , -he largest proportion being used
the preparation of laudanum. One
druggist stitos that where twenty-fiva
year * ago he made it by the gallon , he
noTT prepares it by the barrel. A
quarter of a century ago an opium-
eater was a rarity ; to-day the number
is large and on the increase. Fully
four-fifths of the opium-eaters are
women. These eaters eventually ex
hibit nervousness. The skin becomes
shriveled and the complexion assumes
a saffron hue. At times the eater has
cold sweats and nauseo , besides num
erous other kindred ills.
The publishers of THE OMAHA BEE ,
In order to encourage immigration to
Nebraska , invite all rjsideits of this
state , to send them names of parties
In the East to whom sample copies
of THE WEEKLY BEE , containing
compiled et.-itistica about Nebraska
netting forth her advantages for settlers
tlors , will be mailbd free. Send ad
dress in full including name , Pont-
Oflice , County and State. This offer
? rill be open from now until January
let. Direct letters or postal canio
with these names tr WEEKLY BEE ,
Omaha , Nebraska.
CP 2 black colU , one 4 je r old
J. no-re and one 2 j ear old bom c I' , 3 milea
north on Missouri bottom. GoTILIEB.Ht.YB.
8S2 e5w
The Land League of Ire
land Gomes into Court ,
To Defend the Causa of Human
liberty aud Home "Rule ,
Chief Justice May Retires
from the Bench.
The JUT Secured.
gpci-W DNpatch to 'I lie Eta.
Danujf , D'accinhor 28 i p. m.
The uno topic of ( liactr.S'.fin in politi
cal clubs is tlio trial of the indicted
agitators. The case is made up for
tha g > vemment , and the olBcerj and
witnesses are prepared. The facilities
for the press in court are meatjre , bnt
will bo extended to sccomrnodito the
largo number of rcporterr , who
will be present. Among the people
of Dublin in nenersl , there ia n j evi
dence of any unusual excitement. The
families of numerous landlords in the
iHsaffectftl dis.ricls , are removing to
tlngl nd t > r safety. Strong influences
are at work to iiuluco the paaan ry to
forego contributions to the Parnell de-
fuuae fund , whila aa mr.ny poor people
are on the brink of starvation.
Swrfal Dfeintcn to Tan Cat.
DOBLIX , December 28 4 p. m.
The areas tonaation of the hour in
thid ct'y is the trials of the leaders of
the land leaguers , which bag- * ! ! this
morning at 11 o'clcc'f. ' Although
uvery effort had been mnde to provide
adeqaata courts by extending the
spve , the court room i * crowded to
BulTucition. S ctUors are admitted
only by tickets ! , but tickets have been
distributed eofrtelythat there ia no
practical diminution of the attend
ance. The front row of
gallery , reserved for the la
dies , id occupied to . repletion
Justices May , Fitzgerald atid Barry
re presiding. The crown ia repre-
; uted by the attorney general , the
Bulici'or cener.1 , Ssi oant Heren ,
Measrj. Nr.ah , F. C. , Ross , * . ° - j
Murphy , F. 0 , and Porter , F. 0. ,
assisted by Mr. 0. Mallory , who has
the reputation of being one uf tha
ab'Qit criminal lawyers of the Irish
bar. The array of counsel for the de-
tensa tncl'idps the names of Messrs.
Francis McDonouqh , F. 0. , Simuvl
Walker , F. C , W. McLauijhlin F. C. ,
and Peter O'Brien , F. 0 , tssiBted by
by Messrs. Curran. Nolan , Adam ? ,
Dillon and A. M. Sullivan , M. P.
"Or South county. The most intense
interest in the conduct of these triula
prevails here and indeed through the
whole kingdom. Very few psople
have any confidence in a conviction ,
holding Kini to the theory of a dis
agreement of the jury. It i * freely
3'atfd in land league circles that
members t > t me present pnei ore ou
rigidly "Boycotted" that they are not
in a position to answer to their
names. 'fbS line of defense
which has been sketched by
Mr. Michael Davltt , who , more
than any other man , is authorized to
speak for the league , ia to deny the
league's responsibility for the recent
flgr riin outrages and to fortify their
denial by q'lo.tinij press statements ,
and to show further that , notwith
standing the sufferings and distress
through which Ireland has passed ,
the percentage of attacks upon indi
viduals is unustully amill. Is is un
derstood that m case of the convic
tion of the traveraers , their offices in
the league will bo at once filled by
competent men already selected.
Soon after tha openin. ' of the court ,
Justice May ar03a iii hia place and
read an address , in which he said that
afttr the iimconcFption which had
arisen as to what he had said on the
occosion ho WAS of the opinion that the
course of justice would be best served
if ho declined to take any part in the
trial. After the reading of the piper
Justice May left the court. This in-
cidentj which , theroia reason to sup-
pise , was not unexpected by his
colleagues , created a profound sensa
tion ainoiii ; the lawyers and specta
tors. For a moment there were
symptoms of applause on the part of
the friends of the traverses , bnt it
was promptly subdued by lh >
court. It is universally understoi d
that the misconception alluded to by
May , had reference to the interpreta
tion put npon a recent charga of
his to 'ho grand jury , in which
he took ground against the
League , and for which not only
members of the League , but many
leading liberals pablicly averred that
ho ought to be imprisoned for degra
dation and abuaeof his office. Hia
retirement gives great satisfaction to
the defense , who [ had anticipated a
stubborn and persistent influence
from him ia the prosecution by rulings
averse to their interests.
After the excitement and buzz of
conversation produced by this inci
dent had subsided , the jury panel was
cslle'J , and IS jurors answered to
their mines. Of these three were
excused on the ground of physical in
firmity. At this point the counsel for
tha traveraors claimed their right to
challenge six of the pinel. This pave
rise to an excited discussion , in wh ch
the attorney-general argued agiinst
the claim of the defense , and
intimated that if the latter
wera allowed challenges , they would
use them and tnus overthrow the pos
sibility of getting a j iry from the pre
sent panel. The court finally decided
the poin. . in f ivor of the defense , but
as the roll of jurors was continued
they only challenged two. The jury
was then sworn end the court ad
DDBLIN , December 29 1 a. m.
In the afternoon session of the lind
leaguers , the a'tonu-y general , in his
speech ft r the prosecution , maintain
ed that the tmversers w re guilty of
unuiistakeable conspiracy , and quoted
in ill utralion cf his remarks the
speeches of tha various traversera ,
dwfllin : ; more especially upon thrse
of Bnyton , Brennan , Dily and Par-
nell. Tne court room was filled as in
the morning , and crowds of people ,
who were unuble to obtain admission
tickets , gathered outside the court ,
commenting upon the scraps of infor-
ma'ion tht-y could get c ncerning the
proceedings. The police arrange-
menta to prevent disturbance are ex
cellent , and perfect order prevails. It
in expected that the attorney-general's
speech will not be concluded before
this evening. The trial excites but
indifferent attention in London , the
j public being more bent on enjoying
1 the holidays.
351 as s 3C. 23
Oor. Douglas and ISthlSts ,
Gives Great Bargains'in Ladies' and Gents
All Kinds Of
We Guarantee The Bent Goods For The Least Money ,
Gives universal Satisfaction and thatjt is stead
ily and rapidJy increasing in public lavor.
The White Machine jnstly claims to be the
best made , the easiest running , the simplest in
construction and the most perfect Machine in
the market.
The White Co. employ as agents men of in
tegrity , and purchasers are always satisfied ,
because they find everything just as repres
Everybody should use this Machine. The
sales so far this year are more than double
the Corresponding time lost yenr.
All orders add. sed to the [ Omaha Offlcel
will be promptly filled.
Oor. Havcnnort ami 1.1th SH. Onmhu.
And Whelp nJe Dealer in CIGATl * * ncl CONFROTIONEP.Y. During tha
Fall and Win'er wo will handle COUNSEUIEVd FRESH OYSTERS , which
„ _ * i i . . ] , . > r.orv..t A L ru. tK iri-inoat of C \ ! > IDY iiud SUGAR.
TOYS for the Hf IHny tride.
.ITZ & FftSKSIAJf , 510 1 1th St. , Omaha.
o tlSo < ] - < ni
T'le largest and brtii a ' rtment of
Trunks ami Valises in the West. Telescopic Cases
and Sample Trunks a Specialty.
H. H. , . ,
117 14th St. . Doors r Douglas St.
Fishing Tackle , Base Balls and a lull line of
I h ve bridged the approichcs to tha river ,
lea oppoBit * east end Jones street m > kln.f a
i Ia ant , easy and uf a croeain ; at the nominal
toll , viz :
II 'rscmnn , each . * > c.
Oau Horse aud Wauon Iflc.
Two Horses and Wagon 15c.
( . . . .t < return
same day lOc.
Foot-racn Free.
December 13th , 1880. d'3-lm
EKNST KREBS , Manager.
Manufacturer of tH kind * of
-V I 3ST IE" GIR .
/ ' St Bet. Oth a ' lut/t , niiAiiA , SUB
Oil Fellows' Block.
Prompt attention given t or I r by telranph
Saccsasors to J. n.
No. 122O Douglas Street ,
Ear and Throat.
OiSco Over Kennard'a Drusr Store ,
Corner of 14th .snd DouxUa Sts. ]
The Beat in t te Weat.
East India Pile Cure. The
only specific for all forms of
Piles. In use in foreign conn-
tries for years , lately intro
duced into America. Warrant
ed to giro instant relief and a
permanent euro guaranteed.
Sold by all druggists or mailed
free on receipt of price , 50
cents , by tlie American agents ,
Eichardson & Co. . Wholesale
Druggists , Saint Louis , Mo.
guaranteed to give immediate
relief in all cases of Bilious
and Liver Complaints , Costiveness -
tiveness , Sick Headache , In
digestion , and cleansing the
system of all impurities. Price
25 cents. All druggists sell
Dr. Storm's
ASafonnd Pleasant Remedy for
HOARSENESS and Strengthen
ing the Lungs.
Price only 10 Cents.