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The Mountain-looted Metro
polis of Southern Utah.
Silver Reef Surrounded by
Bald Peaks and Pictur
esque Plateaus.
The Town and People , Mines
and Miners , Advantages
and Drawbacks.
Correspondence o * he Bee.
SILVER REEF , Utah , November 13 ,
1830. Enclosed by mountain scenery
of the wildest description , three hun
dred and fifty mil nth of Salt Lake
City , and nearly one hundred and
fifty miles distant from the terminus
of the Utah Southern railroad , is the
little city of Silvur Reef , the moun
tain-locked metropolis of sonthrrn
Utah and the possessor of a wealth of
bonanzas , the extent and richness of
which are as yet but beginning to be
brought to the knowledge of the out
side world. The camp is the most
picturesque in situation of any I have
visited in Utah. It lies on a high and
barren plateau , surrounded on all
hands by rupged masses of tumbled
lava , richly colored sandstones and
pine crested granite. Northward r'ae
the spurs of the Utah range cut and
gullied -Into grotesque and aombre
hurd masses ; to the south are the Red
and Vermillion cliffs , whoso faces
glow with the color of roses.and riling
above their summit , blue and bold in
the distance are seen the mountain
crests of Arizona.
Silver Reef has set at defiance all
the mining experts of the country.
Ore elsewhere is rarely found in sand
stone. In Silver Reef it is fo.ind in
its greatest quantities in this forma
tion. But the strata of almost every
formation in which mineral is discov
ered , lies in the mountains eurround-
Ing this little city , and a prospect hole
sunk in any direction is sure to strike
good rade ore. The foundations of
many of the houses are built of stone
asuaymg ten dollars to the ton , and
the dumps of the mines are filled vriih
waste , which , if nearer smelting and
refining works , would pay amply for
reduction. The wonderful rirityof
ores no less than the extent of the
ledges and veins , IB one of the most
remarkable features of the district of
which Silver Reef is the centre. Stl
ver Reef is bast reached by taking the
Utah Southern and its extension to
its terminus , and s'aging it from that
point over the intervening distance
Tht ride is long and uninteresting ,
especially at this season of the year.
The * own is clustered around the
mines , and presents , even in this sea-
eon of the year , a bustling and lively
appearance. A year ago a disastrous
fire swept away the larger portion of
the camp and consumed § 160,000
worth of property. But before the
ruins were cold , buildings were in
course of erection , and to-day the
camp presents a more substantial and
prosperous appearance than ever be
fore. There are two churches , a
Catholic and Krotestant , two schools ,
one conducted by the sisters of char
ity , a public hospital , an excellent
newspjper , The Silver Reef Minor , a
number of faro dens , several Chinese
laundries and a brass band. The
c nn is growing , and outfits prospect
ors for all the surrounding country ,
which is rapidly becoming honey
combed with the snafts of the indus
trious soakers after hidden wealth.
The first work on Silver IJeef mines
was begun fire years ago by a Sin
Francisco mining company , and the
early developments were so startlingly
rich that three others quickly follow
ed suit. Many of the claims and lo
cations made by other parties were
purchased in by these threp corpora
tions who , within the pait three years ,
have paid dividends amounting to
$200,000 , and now work three hun
dred miners night and day in bring
Ing to light'he hidden treasure which
lies embedded in the mountains of the
Reef. The camp possesses several de
cided advantages over that of Frisco
The rock is soft and water is plenty ,
the ores are easily treated , and if the
ore grade is no higher than those
of the more northern came , the sup
ply seems'practically cxhaustless. 'The
wages ot minors are higher than at
some other cimpj in tha territory ,
as much as § 3 a day being pid to or
dinary workmen in the slopes. Ex
perienced and cipabla minors draw , in
Borne instances , § 5 All thg compa
nies at Silver Rsef seem to bo ably
managed and heavily backed. The
mining machinery of the Stormont
mine is among the best in the terri
tory , and that of the other two is
hardly inferior. The supply of lum
ber , a very important necessity for
timbering m the slnfta , is practically
exhaustions , and the lumber and fuel
question is settled by the forests of
pine within almost a stone's throw of
the town. The Gaily output of ore
amounts to an average of § 10,000 a
day , aud the mines are not working to
one-half their capacity What the
possibilities of the district will be
firhon folly developed would be diffi
cult to estimate Silver seams every
hill , awaiting only the miners' pick
and the capitalists' assistance to bring
it to light The ores of Silver Reef
are a soft sandstone , easily mined and
worked. The silver is found in veins
or bodies , which vary in richness , of-
tan running up into the hundreds , but
averaging about § 40 a ton. The char
acter of the silver is chloride , and
easily reduced , so that the low grade
ores give a fair aud remunerative
The Barbee-Walker mine is situa
ted just on the margin of the camp
The property is owned and worked by
a Xow York company who , eiacs Us
acquirement , some six months ago ,
have paid dividends amounting to
§ 60,000 , equivalent to 24 per cent per
annum on the capital stock. A new
five s amp mill has recently been
erected. T.iis is placed directly at the
rauuth of the mine , and receives the
ore from the hoisting worka. Its
present daily capacity is thirty-five
tons , but two additional pans and a
settler are being added to the capacity
of the mill , which will increase the
output of bullion considerably. The
mine has been judiciously developed
and a fine body of ore has recently
been opened up in both the north and
south drifts. The present workings
easily supplies the amount of ore nec
essary to k ep the mill running.
The Stormont mine consists of sev
eral large claims which are producing
largely. The mill is run by water
power , is situated on the Virgin river ,
some five miles distant from the
claims , and is capable of crushing
seventy-five toes of ore daily. The
ore is hauled to the mill by teims un
der a regular contract price per
ton. All the Stormont claims
are being well developed and steadily
worked , and the proprietors are
among the heaviest bullion shippers
of the camp.
The Christy property is a consoli
dation of fifteen claims. Five if these
are now being worked with profit and
produce forty five ions daily ofgood
grade ore. The mill of the company
is situated about a mile from themine
and is in the town of Sliver Reef. It
runs five stampssix settlers and eight
fans , and turns out a goodly amount
of bullion which is principally shipped
to San Francisco.
The monthly output of bullion from
the camp has averaged § 100,000 a
month. There are scores of undeveloped -
oped claims around Silver Reefwhich ,
if worked would handsomely repay in
vestment. The trouble , as in all nevr
mining camps , is a lack of capital to
bring to the surface the ores hidden
within their boundaries. YIATOU.
Sin FracdEco Chroirclc.
The other morning two gentlemen
were looking out of" the window of a
house on Market street , when they
observed a cabbage roll off a market
wagon that was passing. Instantly
over a dozen well dressed and appar
ently sane persons began yelling after
the wagon as though the vegetable had
been a gold watch or a thousand dollar
bill The driver stopped about half a
square og , looked back at the cabbage ,
yawned and drove on.
"Whatan absurd fuss people In the
streej make over trifial occurences , "
said one ot the gentlemen. "Now ,
I'll bet a eilk hat that I could gat a
crowd of five hundred persons around
that cabbage inside of thirty minutes ,
and yet not loive this room. "
"I take the bet , " s id his friend ,
pulling out his watch. "Ara ready ? "
* Yes ; give the word. "
"It is now eleven-thirty. Go1 !
The proposer of the wager led his
friend to the window , threw up the
sash , and taking a cane pointed earn
estly at the mud-covered c\bbag3with
a terrified expression. Presently a
hack driver noticed the action and be
gan to stare at tha vegetable from the
curbstone ; then a oootblack stopped ;
then a billposter , a messenger boy ,
and a merchant.
"What's the matter , " inquired a
German , approaching tde innocent
base of his national dish.
"Don't touch it ! Look out there !
Stand bacL ! ' " shouted the gentleniin
at the window. At his horror , strick
en tones the crowd fell back precipi
tately and formed a dense circle
around the iurtocent cabbage. Hun
dreds came running up and the ex
citement increased rapidly.
"Look out there ! " frantically
screamed the better , waiving his cane.
"Take that dog away quick ! "
Several stones wtre thrown at a cur
that was sniffing around the cabbage.
'Take care ! " said a cir-driver to a
policeoian , who was shouldering his
way through the mass. "It's an in
fernal machine , nitro-glycenne or
something. "
Meanwhile the sidewalk was block
ed , the street became impassable ,
women screamed and rushed into the
shop ? , ani a store-keeper underneath
began to tie a bucket on one end of a
long pole with which topnur water on
the devilish invention. The cowd by
this time numbering over a thousand ,
the two gentlemen moved awiy from
the window and sat down. In a few
moments there was a hurried tap at
the door , and there appeared a man
who had been sent as a delegate from
the mass meeting outaHo.
"I should like toknowgentlemen , "
he s-iid , ' what the facts are ? "
"What facts ? "
"Why , what is there peculiar about
that cibbage out there ? "
"Nothint > in the v orld , " was the
soft reply , "except that it seems to bo
surrounded by about a thousand of
the bL'gost foola in town. Do any
thing cho for you ? "
The maa rdl icted a moment , said
he "guessed not , " and retired. Before -
fore ho handed in hh report , however ,
Captain Short's watch , hid dispersed
the mob , and clubbed two hundred
and eleven separate persons for crea
ting a disturbinca.
"The Trembler" Kind ot Corset
A correspondent of Tne Cincinnati
Enquirer siys : Anew coraotattracted
ray attention at the shop of a leading
manufacturer It wai like the ordi
nary article , except in one important
par icuHr. The breast was composed
of a lattice work , this part of it
covering two apertures in the other
wise staunch cirset , and forming a
loose auppoat for what was to go with
in. The curst-1 is in female slang call
ed t' > o "Trembler , " and the name in
dicates its artful purpose. Worn over
a dress waist that does not fit too tight
ly across the bust , it permits a little
unrestraint to the fhsh "inside , ami
the effect is siid to be quite enchant
ing to the male observer. This kind
of a corset has to be made carefully
to orier in order to obtain all its ad
vantages , for it should be exactly
adapted to the peculiarities of the
A Voracious Eat3r
London Telegraph.
A ramarkr.blo feat of eating and
drinking ag\iust time is reported by
the Hungarian presi , and said to have
been performed by a youthful
Maeyher residing in Grrsswardlen.
This surpassing frenchman made a
wager , and is said to have won it
with several minutes and an omcletto
to spare , that he would between the
hours of 9:30 p. m. and midnight ,
devour the following comestibles , it
beins ; clearly understood that there
should be a full pirticrj
of eich dish in succession ,
any two of wh'h portions
may be estimated as constituting a
hearty meal for a full-grown adult
blessed by nature with a lively appe
tite : Roast beef with psprika sauce
and polatoes ; a Viennese veal cutlet
with peas ; a fillet of veal with dump
lings ; grilled pork and pnmpkms ,
half a fowl fried in butter ; bubble and
tqueak ; a beef steak with poached
eggs ; fried calves' liver ; calves' brains
and kidneys ; pickled veal ; stewed
beef ; a broiled goose liver ,
and a fricasseed fowl with
carrots. He not only contrived to
stow away all the articles enumerated
in this comprehensive menu , washing
them down with two quarts of beer ,
four bottles of old wine , and three of
Ecrated water ; bat when he had clear
ed the last of his appointed dishes
the clock-dial then marking ten to 12
he asked for a three egg omelette ,
which vanished down his throat be-
ore the hour struck.
Sad Trials.
To begin Is aucht sadder could there be
a worse Bsheme ,
Jlight amid all of li e's joyous whirl.
Than tii notice one'a rival drive by with a
And beside him one's very best girl ?
Again Have you noticed the face she re
veals ,
( 'Tis too awful , we confess for ajoke ) &
The wumtn who fees her riv. l in se.ils
While she'a forced to wear that old cloak ?
Once more Do you mind what an awful
Is expressed , and how surplus talk
With the man win's asked , "Well , old
boy , take suthin' ?
What yes ? well , thin take a walk ? "
Titusvilb World
A clergyman , meeting an inebriated
neighbor , txclaiined , "drunk again ,
Wilkinsl" to which Wilkins , in a
semi-confidential tone , responded ,
"Shoam I , parson 1"
A new book is out entitled "Links
In Rebecca's Life. " Rebecca was
probably a s'Uisaae-maker's daughter.
What an eventful and mysterious life
she must have led !
"Why Are Wo Hero ? " was the sub
ject of a Council Bluffs clergyman's
sermon last Sunday morning. This
is indeed a hard question , with the
fare to Omaha down to 25 cents.
Thieves now invade church fairs
and steal watches in cara of young
ladies. Of course this is reprehensi
ble to the last degree , but at the same
time it is not altogether unpleasant to
know that the fair managers are not
permitted to entirely monopoliza the
robbery inseparable from buch instru
"What is hall ? " asked a Lutheran
Sunday school toicher of a boy in
class last Sunday. "A shirt with a
button off , mi'riin , " replied the b y.
"Explain yourself ; what do you mean ,
sir ? " demanded the metk sphitad but
surptised teacher. "Well , I hoard
my p * say to my mi the other morn
ing , whet , he put on a shirt with the
back button off , cell , thia is hell. '
That's all I know about it "
Fitting emblems are not always ap
preciated. The neighbors of a pier
fellow who died orostod a tombstone
to his memory , and had placed above
it the conventional white dove. The
widow looked at it through her tears
and said : "It was thoughtful tj put
it there. John was very fond of
gunning , and it is an especially fitting
emblem. "
"Think , " shudderingly moana a
Pacific coast paper , "of joining heart
and soul in a hallelujah chorus with
an antiqutted bnnuut six months old !
Tliero is s 'iusthin < ; shocking in the
very suggestion. " Isn't it sad that
in all the prophecies there is no s'ato-
mcnt that now robes will bo furnished
to the angels every day or two ?
They tell of a very cult ired divine
in B iston who , instead of Siy'ng :
"The collection will no r bo ukon
up , " impressively remarks : 'The ac
cuuiul.iti'm of moneys will now en-
suo. " But a Phsl idelphia clergymin ,
a great athieto and lover of spjrta ,
forgot himself once andstid : ' Qero
endeth the fir t inning Let usprav. "
I had not slept a good night's cloop
all winter until I used St. Jacobs
Oil , is the way Mr. P. A. Pmaley ,
Mulkcytown , LI , pu's it
Neuralgia , Sciatica , Lumbago ,
Backache , Soreness of the Chest ,
Gout , Quinsy , Sore Throat , Swell
ings and Sprains , Burns and
Scalds , General Bodily
Pains ,
Tooth , Ear and Headache , Frosted
feet and Ears , and all other
, Pains and Aches.
No Preparation on rartb eqnal ST. JACOIS OIL
a a safrurr. simple nd clirap External
Remedy. A trijl entail ? tint thf comparatittlj
trifling outlay of SO OnH. and every one suffer-
In ? with pain can hare cheap and pcsltivt proof
of its claims.
Directions In Eleren luguc .
[ aprepared to make Pant ; , Suits tind overcoats
to order. Prices , fit and workmanship .rjarantted
to suit
One Door West of Ornic Bhank'e.-
tf 5 fears befor
are not recommended as a remedy ' for
all the ills that flesh is heir to. " but in
affections of the Liver , and in iill Bilious
Complaints. Dyspepsia , and Sick Head
ache. or diseases of that character , they
stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can be used pre
paratory to , or after taking quinine. As
a simple purgative they are unequaled.
The genuine are never sugar-coated.
Each box has a red-wax seal on the lid ,
with the impresaion.McLANE'S LIV EK
PILL. Each wrapper bears the signa
tures of C. McLANEand FLEMISO Br.os.
% 3 Insist upon luivinp the genuine
pared b--
FLE31ING ROS. , Pittsburgh , Ta. ,
the market being full of imit.itions of
the name Jfcrniu' > spoiled differently ,
but same pronunciation.
Colds , Asthma , Croup ,
All diseases of the 'Ihroat. Lungs , ana
Pulmonary Organs.
Prepared fri tropicil
fruits nd plant * .
Is the Best and Most
Agreeable Preparation
in the World
Par Constipation , RlliotiHiiess ,
Hemlnclic , Torpid Liter , llem-
orrlioHIs , Indisposition , mid all
Disorders ariBiu r from an ob
structed state of tlic system.
Lndlcs and children , nnd tlioso nlio dlsliko
taking pills anil nnnwoiH are tsp < -
dally pleased with its agrrailile qualities.
TKOPir-FUl IT \XATIvr may be nswl
In all rases th it nn-d the aid oT n ptirK tlvi\
fatlnrtic. orapi-nnntmcdlolii'MindwliiIt' It pro
duces HIP > = an o rmlt as tln > ncents naniril. It is
ontlrply frpp fro 11 tinnsu il ol > | fH'tlons common
to Ilium. Facked'la bronzed tin boiea only.
Price 25 cts. Large boxes 6oc.
Before ' ANT KORII -
I'urchisine -o-CallcdJ
Band , or Appliance represented to cure Xcrvouj ,
Chronic and Specia UiseiPC' , send to the PCL
Street , San Francisco , Cal. , for tnc'r Free
Pamphlet and "The Electric Review , " and jou
will save time , lietlth and raniicy. The P. O.
Co arc the onlj dealers in Genuine Electric Ap-
pliancca on thcAnrrican Continent.
Wei Ic Meyer's
Cure $1.00.
ir. sVei Do Meyer's reraarkab'o success
In treating Catarrhal C. mplaint-1 , now juutifit5
him in redurin ? the price of IiU prcpara i n to
One Dollar. Wholisalo Drujfif s s and D. B
Deaej & Co , 13 lcy St. , W. Y. , will exchange
new -1 cnttamp for the C crt Cure , ni d jiay
$3.00 a dozen difference , until Fe'iiuarf lat.lSll.
a'wnys Cures nn > l never iliwap-
jioiut * . The nrnrlci'ii great Puin-
Rtjliovor for Mon nail Boast
Uannp , qniclc and rolin bio.
is not Xurcfl C. Children
grow lilt upon Mothers like ,
ur d Physicisi. = ) recommend
CASTOJ1LA. . It regulates the
Bowels , cures Wind , Colie ,
silhiys Fcrcrihucss , aud de
stroys Worms.
TARRH Cnro. a Comtitntionai
Antidote for this terrible mula-
tly , Tjy Absorption. The most
Important Disoovp y since Vac
cination. S tlior remedies may
relieve Catarrh , this euros at
any btago Loforov ConoamptioD
sots in. * *
M. K.
General Insurance Agent ,
PRPD . . Tg ;
PIiaNlX ASSUlu. . . , _ . . .f Lon
don , Cnli Assets ,107,12J
* ESTCUKsTEll. K. Y. . CnpiUI 1.000,00.
THE MKKCIIAN TS , of Ncn rk. S. J. , l.OCC.OO
GIRAHU FIKn.Philailclplib.Caclta ! . . 1,60 .Oflo
itil WC.i.0
FIKEin'VS FUND. California. . . SCO
SBHA IKFIREIJ.S f'O. , A < eetl. . . . ? 00CCC
AMI'.IUCAF CENTRAL , A wet * 300 ' ( f
3 iwt for nl Fllteonth & DonrlM St.
< T _ C. "V-A-IFOIR , ,
Capitol Ave , , Opp. Masonic Hall ,
OMAHA. - - - NEB
Cor. Randolph St. & 6th Ave. ,
Located In the business centre , convenient
to plact-a ot amusement EUcan-ly furniebeJ ,
containing all modem Improvements , pas3tn&cr &
elevator , &C. J. II. CUllillNoS , troprietor.
Council itlnfTs. lovrai
On line o Street Railway , Omnlbns * o and from
all trams. RATES Parlor floor , S3.00 per diy ;
second HOT 32 50 per day ; third floor , 32.00.
The beat furnished au > l mo"t tomniodiouK lionse
lu the ( ity. OKO. T. PHELPS Prop
Laramie , Wyoming.
The miner's resort , good accommodations ,
arge sample room , charec ? reasonable. Special
attention given to traveling men.
11-tf H. C HILLURD Proprietor.
Cheyenne , Wyoming.
FIrst-cbBS , Fine arpe Sample Rooms , ono
block from depot. Train' stop from 20 minutes
to 2 hours for dinner. Free Bna to and from
Depot. Kates 82.00 , $2.60 and | 3.00 , according-
to loom ; a'nyle meal 75 cents.
A. O. BALCOM , Proprietor.
W BORDKN. Cnlef Clerk. mlO-t
Sclniyler , Neb.
Flist claM Tloure , Good deals. Good Eeda
Airy Koom , and kind and acjommcdallnz
treatment. Tw > f < ioi\ sample rooms. Specia
attention pal I to commercial trafc'
S. MILLEE , Prop. ,
sli-tt Sctmyler , Neb.
Geo. P. Bemis
IBtk & DouglM Sts. , Omaha , Neb.
This tjjency does STBIOTLT bro&araice busli
noes. Does notspcculate , and therefore an } bar.
ealna ca Its books oi'jlcaarod to Its pitioi.e , In
stcsd of telnit tobbltd up by th o ascat ;
Jfo } lflS Fa.rnha.rn Street
Office Norf h Side opp. Grand Central Hotel.
Nebraska Land Agency.
1605 Farnham St. Omaha , Webr.
{ 00,000 ACRES carefully selected land In Eastern
Nebraska for s\\o ,
Great Iar : ahi3ln imprcvod farms , and Omaha
city property.
LV.fl landCom'rV. P. R. E 4p-teb7tf
Uyron Reed & Co. ,
Keep a complete abstract ot title to all Real
Estate In Omaha and Douglas County. mavltf
tesaagfes 5
fi * !
JD E3 J5T T I S T .
OFFISH : Jacob's B rk , con. < : r Capitol Ave and
loth Street. Omiha , Neh.
Connects With Street Cars
STREETS ( End of Red Line as follows :
630 , * 8:17andll:19a ra ,3:03,5:37 nd7Z > p.m.
7:16 am 0:16 a. m , and 12:45 p. m.
* 4CO B:15 nd8:15p. m.
The 8.17 a. m run.IcivinQmaha , and tha
1:00 p ra run , leaving Fort Omaha , arc uanally
loaded to full capacity with repnlir paosensen.
The 6:17 : a. m. ma will he mi-do from the post-
office , corner of DwU'e and 15th unrchta.
Ticket * can e procttred from street cardri-
era , or from drivers of hacks
Machine Works ,
J. Hammond , Prop , & Manner ,
Trie n-xii thorunch appolntc ' and cotnplste
lt colpe Shops and Foundry In tha t te
Co inca of orer dtacr'ptlon mnufacteJ
En ne , Pumpo and e > e'y class of ssachlnery
made to oruer.
oruer.peclal atten'tnn pren to
R'cll Ansmrs , Pulleys , Hangers ,
Shartiiijr.IJrid'io IronsCecr
' Untting , etc
PanatoraewirachlneryiTe chsnl I Drac ht
n ; , Models , etc. , neatly executed.
68 Harnov St. , Bet. 14th and 15th.
The Popular Clothim ? House oi *
Find , on account of the Season
so far advanced , and having
a very large Stock of
Suits , Overcoats and
Gents' Furnishing
Goods left ,
They J5ive
! U
1301 and 13013 Fariiliam St. , Corner 13th.
cr. s.
And Sole Aent foi
Haliet Davis & Co , , James & Holmstrom , andJ. & 0.
Fischer's Pianos , also Sole Agent for the Estey ,
Burdett , and the Fort Wayne Organ
Go's. Organs ,
1' deal in Fianoa and Organs exclusively. Have had yeara
experience in the Business , and handle only the Beat.
" = 0 . ,
D % ? a QUiiau-uaaKR
218 IGfh Street , City Hull Building Omaha , A'eb.
V PITCH. Tuner
Successors to Jas. K. Ish ,
08T ! ! < AftD
Dealers in Fine Imported
Extracts , Toilet Waters , Colognes , Soaps , Toilet Powders , &c.
A full line of Survicul Instrument * , rocket Cajc , Trnssi and SnpixxUTj. A'woiutely Pure
Drugs and Chemical * u ed in l > upeiuni . Prescription ! ! filled at any hour of the n.jht.
Jus. K. Jsli. Lawrence IHcIUahoii.
c * ritH > B 3 P 3 P S H 9 1 * K" I * * \ * " ! * * * .
MiiWAbKEfc BEt8 i
In Segs and Bottlea.
Special Figures to the Trsdo. Families Snppliwt tiz K Hwoiinbie
Prices. Office. 239 OonKJ < * * " * * Otnahn
The Genuine
The popular demand for the GKXUINE SINGER in 187'J ex ceded th it of
any previous j ear during the Quarter of a C'en nry in which thu "Old
lleliable" Machine hi * reen before the pnblic.
In 1878 we sold 356,422 Machines. In 1879 we sold 431,167
Machines Excess over any previous year 74,735 Machines.
Our sales last year were at the rate of over
1400 Sewing Machines a Day i
For every boslncw day lu the yeir.
yeir.The "Old Eeliabe"
That Every BEAD Singer is the Strongest ,
SimeSa - ing Maff&f JT \
cnLYl : , * U. Tradef WXA ples. the Most
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