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Saturday Morning , Dec. 18.
ratereon sells coaL
Far izinHrcomforta In capslrobcs , rj
nTfft , mvfflcngotofrcderid.JTatter.
Celluloid and DIatite Sets at Saxe's.
Holiday Goods at Kutn's.
' Market'
Choice meats , Bcsen's Fulton
Celluloid SetsatKulin's , drnggiit.
Holiday presents at Stxe's , druggist
\VMpple , McMillan & Co. , the jewel'
Block. o2C-tf
ere , Crcigbton
Glove fitting ratlern * at Bushman's. tl
SwiEs'Cheese , wholesale and retail , at
Caajmenzinil & McyerV , 207 cast ISlh'.St
Dolls at the 99 Cent Store.
_ The United States court has ad'
_ Christmas trees at 90 Cent Store ,
_ The public schools closa ono \reel
from to day.
The Parish school of St. Baraaba
closes to-day for the holidays , will
public exercises at 4 , 30 p. m.
The Union Pacfis band will dis
course music at the Concregationa
fair to be held at Masonic hall.
_ The masquerade at Metz's hall to
night is for the benefit of the poor
for whom a portion of the proceed
are to fnrnlah a good supper.
_ The management of the Acadenr
of Music has passed into the hands o
Mr. S. N. Aicalio , who acts as agon
for the proprietors , MOESH. Caldwtl
& Rediok. T
There will ba a meeting of Vest
Chapter No. G , 0. E. S. , to-da ;
( Saturday ) evening , for work and in
otallation of offices. By order of thi
W. M.
No 1 Euglno Company has votc <
u reward of § 2 for the volunteer fire
man wLo has the beat record for worl
at fires , during the next thirty daya
The foreman of the comply was ap
pointed judge.
DANCING Lemieux's dancini
school eocial at Standard Hall , Fit
teenth and Farnham , every Saturday
evening. None but the well beh.ivw
and respoctabla are admitted. Indie
* re respectfully invited. v
i The statement of The Herali
that the Y. M. 0. A. owi cd a lot 01
which the buildings occupied by Cbai
HiRgins' faro bank stands ia utterl ;
false. The Y. M. 0 A. used to owi
a lot on 13th street but never owne <
anything on Douglas street.
. Snow is reported on the S. C. c
P. road , and we will probably got
little here in time f or Chrlutnus sleigt
ing. The rain and sleet which bsga
fallling Thursday about 10 o'clock lit
covered the ground with a treacherot
substance pnd made walking extreme
* Owing to the continued storm <
"rain and sleet in Iowa , and to othc
causes , trains * : e all late Friday. TL
"Q" was an hour and a half late , th
Hock Itland four hours and the ovei
'land train delayed by thorn , tvro hour
find a half behind time leaving thi
city. The overland train from th
west was reported on time , howcvci
From our Lincoln exchanges w
loim that Mr. K. 0. L. Edholm , c
this city , who for two years past hn
been busily engaged in writing up th
western country , especially .Nebraska
his purchased a half interest in Th
Nebraska Staats-AnzaiKer , thrivln
German weekly published at the capi
tal. Mr. Edholm haa had considc :
nblo journalistic experience , and wit' '
liis acknowledged ability will make
valuable acquisition to ttic paper.
In the % United States com
Thursday Emil Hoya was sentence
to six months' imprisonmon
and to pay a fine of five hundre <
dollars. W. H. Reed , convicted i
making couu'erfoit money , was BPU
tonoed to imprisonniunt until Febri
ar v 1 , ] S81. Julius A. Bronson , c
Fort niobrara , pleaded guilty to null
ing liquor without posting the stamj :
and was fined $52 Bedford Kuchnoi
ot North Loup , pleaded guilty to sell
inp liquor without posting the fitam [
and was fined $10.
Of the actor who appears at th
Academy to-night , The Boston Dail
Advertiser s ys : "Mr. Mayo's Dav ;
Crockett really deserves both stud ;
and admiration. In it there is st > me
thing of .the highest artistic feeling -
perhaps of the highest artistic power
It is a good piece of nrtin ? in a hun
dred ways. It constantly reache :
, that all-golden qutlity which no sin-
qle word describes , but which come
from the actor's seeminjloss of aelf
consciousness. One coula reasonably
Jbelievo that the actor was Dav ]
Crockett and not that he was playnv
the part of Davy Or ckott.
California Honey by the gallon a
William Gentleman's , corner Sixteenth
toenth and Webster. 2t
By the people is what I want , am
i f it is not proven that the Hanniba
Eagle Mills Flour is as good a
any Winter Wheat Flour in this mat
feet , then 10,000 Eastern people di
not know how to enjoy good bread
.Only 53.35 per 100.
WANTED Ono or two mules t <
draw Whipple , McMillen & Co.'s nd
vortising wagon. Apply at the jewolr
ctore , Creighton block , 15th street.
Na parent having the welfare c
-hlliron at heart , should perrai
themselves to bo without Zclls condensed
donsed Cyclopedin. 10 Gt
Way Down.
JTxfra Selects , S5.
Standards , 25.
Medium , SO.
Every ono Guaranteed.
doc5-3t 1413 Douglas St.
Do not forget the largest and mos
reliable jewelry honse in Omaha
corner ThlrtcoathandDouglas streets
goods far bettor , and prices lower tha
the averrjtc. All Jeer < s marked i
plain figures , and received the ei
first premium * at the slate fair fo
superior vrorLu.anhip FIDO goodi
see our own importation of prccioo
stones , otc.etc.
Yours truly ,
th-sat A. B. HUBERMAXN.
Frederick , Leading Hatter , large
stock Cats. 14cod3t
Lots , Pftnns , Houses ted Lands. Lee
over BenuY n w column ot bargains on liFer
For lands , Lot * , Houses and Farm
cole over Bemis' new column on first pagi
An Incendiary's Worn.
The grocery , saloon and residence of
Philip Koch , at the southwest corner
10th and Castelar streets , Bowery Hil' ,
ware last night burned to the ground.
The fire was well advanced when the
engineers of the Union Pacific switch
engines in the Tenth street yards saw
the glare , and gave the alarm by
sounding their whistles and ringirg
their bells. Fire engines No. 2 and
3 and the hooks responded , going
down as for as the depot , but owing
to the distance , and the steep and
slippery roads , not any further.
This is the third time within a few
years that Mr. Koch has been burned
out , and indications all point
to the hand of an incendiary. The
house was in the form of a T , thi
top of whicu , the saloon and grocery ,
faced the rend , cud was 30 by 45 feet
in size , while the wing was 18 by 24 ,
and etill to the rear of this stood the
sameer kitchen , attached to the
tiouee , b\it not in nse at this sessar.
The family hud retired , and wore all
asleepwhen Mr. Koch was awakened bj
the barking of a little di'g. He wenl
out , but BIW nothing. A second time
the dog's barliiog called him out , MIC
this time he caw a email flame in thi
summer kitchen , which a momeni
later burst forth and spread with won *
derfnl rapidity to all portion ; of the
building. The [ family , who cccu
pied the wing , wcra awakened < ind es
capcd by an east , side door. Neigh
bora came to their assistance and <
small portion of the contents of thi
housewere , sa\e < 3. The flames , fannei
by a strong wind soon lev
elled the entire structure t <
the ground , no resistance boh f
possible. The family found refuge ii
a > < maU building adjoining the house
which escaped destruction , when
they are domiciled to-day. In addi
tion to the house , ealoon fixtures am
furniture a larce amctlnt of meats am
groceries , including seventy bushel
of potatoes , all stored in the cell ir
was a total loss , tha estimated amnun
of which is § 1,800 Fortunate ? :
there was no house within fifty yard
of Mr. Koch'e , and the hro was con
fined to the one piece of property
All the facts in the caee indicate tha
an incendiary fired the building.
Choice fresh Oysters direct fron
Baltimore at Wm , Gentleman's.
Five dollars reward will be paid fc
the return to Thfe BKE Office of
yellow lopaz watch guard charm ; lei
Tuesday evening , between corner c
21st and California and U. P. hest
Only S2.G5 per 100 Iba. , and don
you be deceivcdjit is Mann & Harrci
test Flour. WILLIS M. YATES.
The Legislative Contest.
The contested election case whic
astod all day Thursday and was n
ruined at 9 a re , yesterdayclosed at
o'clock this afternoon , with the test :
many of County Clerk Manchestei
By agreement of counsel two certinci
copies of the stenographic report c
the testimony and proceeding ?
will bo prepared and forwardci
to the secretary for use , ono in th
House , thtJ other in the Senate , tb
same testimony to be presented ii
each ciac. Tno ballot boxes and pap
ers were ecaled up and deposited ii
the Omaha National ba-k * subject tt
the order of the examining coutt
Some very interesting testimony wa
adduced to-day which for want c
space wo ere to reproduce , bu
will give to our readers in anothe
She Struck It R'ch. '
Aa a lady was passing the corner c
13th and Farnhsm street yesterday
she stopped at tha drug stor
of D. W. Saxef& Co. , and ther
found the finest line of holiday good
she had seen in HID city.
The first article which attracted he
attention wai a gentleman's mcrrocc
covered toilet and shaving aoi , rubba
lined and complete in every particular
with French plate glass mirror , ad
justiblo at any angle , "just the thin
for her husband , " she said , as fih
told the clerk to lay it aside for hei
Her attention was next called t <
the beautiful display of toilet ftt
which filled to overflowing the elc
gant black walnut shovr cases on th
west side of the store. She was a
first dazzled by the siht : which me
her gaze , but on recovering was show
some of the handsomest and mo.
elegantly finished set . Satin an
morrocco , lined with old gold , pink
bluomcrison and white silk and fillec
with the latest designs in celluloid am
diatito brushes , mirrors and comb ;
upright dressing nnd odor casea , com
bincd odor and jewel cases , covere
with silk , morrocco and velvet , con
tuning cut glsss bottles filled wit ;
choicest odore. Baby sets decorate
and painted by hand , children diatit
eeU , ladies work boxes , fans , ham
mirrors , card casoj , etc. , etc. , al
wore shown her by the obliging clerk
who took particular pains to point on
the beauty and usefulness of eacl
article , Passing to the other side o
the store she was shown the elegan
assortment of cut glass bottles , jus
received and being unpacked at th
time. She was struck with the beaut ;
and uniqueness of the designs and n
once selected a pair which were als
laid aside for her. The perfume
which filled a case twelve feet long
containing all the leading odcra in th
market , were next shown her en
were , after being tested , declared th
finest in the land. Next in orde
were the ladies' and cents leather nni
morrocc3 pocktt books , seal skin
alligator skin and bog sfcin lette
cases.Russia and morrocco card cases
cigarette cascs.photograph cases , etc.
many of which were lined with sati
and handsomely cocorated an
painted. She was "pnralized" at th
idea that any one should for a momei :
conceive the idea that they could d
as well anywhere else in the city , an
naked a BEE reporter who called in t
make a note of it
Beautiful Celluloid eels , morrocc
covered and lined with richly tujke
silk and satin , all shapes and Blzes :
C. F. Goodman's 16th street
store , corner Capital Avenue.
A Brilliant Success.
Masonic hall never looked eo well
nor contained a latger and happier
crowd than on Thursday at the
opening of the fair given by the Con
gregational ladies' society , of which
Mrs. 0. B. Rustln is the able chief
executive officer. Every available
portion of the largo room was filled
with booths contructed and decorat
ed to the very beat advantage and pre
sided over by a bevy of charming
young ladies. Brilliantly lighted ,
glowing with colors from the thous
ands ? of fancy articles displayed for
sale , fra ant with the breath of fresh
flowers and melodious with the hum
of voices and the munificent mu-
aic of the Union Pacific band ,
the visitor could imagine himself on
an enchanted ground. Ejpecially
complete and interesting was the de
partment of useful articles , all of
which werd manufactured within the
space of four weeks by the ladies of
the committee. To encircle the room
was to meet rare surprises on every
land. A sypsy fortune-teller , a mar
ket which advertised "Angel's Food , "
" lake " doll department
t genuine "fairy , a
ment that would drive the average lit
tle maid wild with delight , a spacious
and complete book department , three
jooths devoted to the display of fancy
article a flower stand , coffee , cake
, nd ice cream stands , oyater room and
) anquet room , all presided over
t > y ladies and gentlemen in
elaborate and significant costumes ,
were encountered onevery hand. The
most practical display cf the evening
was that of bread made by the young
tidies of the church , and entered f r
theprizj offered by the B. & M hey * ,
to the beat bread maker. "
California Pears , Plums , Grapes ,
otc. , at Tizard'a Palace. o21-tf
For Masquerade Costumes go to
Mrs. 0. C. Schaefftr , 1202 Harney
street , corner Twelfth. d7t2
It * ill not cost you HE CENT U
the Flour I sell is not what I repre
sent it to be. WILLIS M. YATES.
Elegant vases tastily ornamented ,
beautifully colered , latest ttyles ,
large variety , at C. F. Goodman's ICtli
street drug store. tl
Five thousand dollars worth ol
now articles suitable for Christmas
presents , Buch as Silk Handkerchiefs ,
Silk Ties , L co Ties , Linen Hand
kerchtefe , Lace Handkerchiefs , immense
menso lots of Nubias , Scarfs , Hoods
Jackets and Gloves. Also a fine lini
of Russia leather Puracs and Satchel
just arrived , at the Mechanics' Oni
Price Store , 408 S. Thirteenth Street
near Harney. All marked at pricei
that must be appreciated , even bj
the closest buyer.
A finl-class hotel in every respect , li
situa'c'l on the northwest cornet o
Thirteenth and Cipilol avenue. Thii
hehonso i = newly and elegantly fur
Dished throughout , rnd the tcble ant
bill of fare will compare favorably
with the best in the land. Give it i
rial. No runner at the Depot.
'Xt29-eod-tf !
The finest Christmas goods in Oma
| ha. Gold , Silrcr and Celluloid Sets
Odor Cases , Ladies' Purses , &c. Gal
early , as they nro going fast.
S. T. rnnonsoif & Co ,
decUtf T . Ifth nnd Douglas Sis ,
Mrs. Dent , 2I7-N. IGth St. , is HOP
prepared to do dress making on th <
shortest notice. Prices moderate.
ACK'S. G-tf
513 Fourteenth street , between Farn
ham and Douglas , for anything in th <
toy line. The largest and best selected
lected stock in the city.
t fcf If H. POHLMAN , Proprietor.
U. S. Grand Jurors for "Januar :
The following are the jurors drawi
for the January term of the Unite *
States courts , commencing at Lincoln
January 4 , 1881 : Wm. Talcott
Howard P. 0. . Nemaha county
Lewis L.oy. Stanton ; Wilson Majora
Peru ; Charles F. Walther , Ara oP ;
M. Gilbert , Sorrington P. O. , Rich
ardaon county ; Wilson M. Ma.ddox
Falls City ; Joseph May , Fremont
Charles P. Mathowson , Norfolk , J
K. Vandemark , Valparaiso ; Owei
Evans , Firth ; E. Jordan , Pawnee
Frank Sheldon , Lincoln ; A
F. Coon , David City ; Lawrence
renco Ryan , Falls City ; Jame
Allen , West Point ; Lot Brown , Ne
braska City ; Frank Pierce , Madison
Henry Bruno Clarksviller ; John F
Doud , Plattsmouth ; Thomas S. But
ler , Hivcrton ; J. B. Goshorn , Dikoti
City ; W. L McGowan , St. Derwln
John L. Taylor , Omaha ; Frank Ferguson
guson , Hnmbnldt ; A. G. Beeson , .Lin
coin ; George N. Crawford , Elkhorn
Thorn is McNeal , Lincoln ; George H
Jowett , Sidney ; S. S. Reynolds , Da
vid City ; George P. Armstrong
Omaha ; Job A. Dillon , Tecumseh
George Shook , Aspluwall ; John L
Stevens , St. Leroln ; W. H. Crook
Falls City ; James Stephenson , St
For Sale Six-horse power Baxte
engine and boiler , in good rcpali
Apply at BEE office. no4tf
Phillip Lang , the Farnham stree
boot and shoe dealer , wishes to inf on
his customers that he is still doin
business , and ready at any and al
times to see his friends and give ther
ains in boots , shoes am
clippers or any one in the city. H
tens u c nveuienced somewhat by th
recent fire , but did not lose any of hi
etock. He has some goods that wer
slightly damaged by the fire , which h
will sell at reduced prices. Give hir
a cell and he will give you good bai
dlCt2 1317 Farnham street.
FURS ! FURS ! ! FURS 111
Lidies' and gents' fur goods of every
ery description at the Fur Manufac
tory , opposite postoffico , Omaha. A" !
goods are warranted.
1001 S. S. S. 1001.
1001 Harney Street , Omaha , Neb.
I will open my new Livery and
Boarding Stables to the inspection o !
the public on Thursday , DECEMBER
23d , 1880. All interested in looking
at the best arranged and most com-
olete public stable in the United
States are invited to the
from 1 o'clock to 6 o'clock p. m.
Ladies are particularly invited.
WANTED Three tailors to call at
Metropolitan Hotel , before 12 M.
Saturday. Good wages and steady
work guaranteed. J. M. DEAN. .
SNOVTFLAKE patent flour equal to
Minnesota patents of sscond quality
and at leas cost ; warranted strictly ,
and price ojvly $4 00 per hundred.
Try It ; also Wculibunu's "SUPERLA
Fw > tm.
2-f Fleming & Co. , Grocers.
Remember that Whipple , McMillan
bCo. , the JewelersCreighton block ,
'ifteenth ' street , have a fine stock ol
old and Silver watches , Rings ,
Chains , and a splendid display of all
aids > . Jewelry and Holiday goods.
Odor cases , oder cases , beautifn
designs , pocket books , oard casaa and
a spfendid line of holiday presents a
3. F. Goodman's 16th street drm
tore. t
The Danish Dramatic society will
on Saturday .December 18,1880 , havi
thortor aud ball at Turner Hall
The pieces to bo performed are "Thi
Third" and "A Dangerous Commis
ion. ' , Tickets 50 cents. 17-2
J. L Nichol & Co. are selling coa
oil at 15c per gallon. dl6t3
Just received at THE BEE Jol
Rooms the nicest line of diminutlv
Paper and Envelopes and Cards , suit
able for Children's Birthday Parties
Call and gee them.
Meals at all hours at Tizzard's. t
Now Open.
They have one of the finest display
of Watches , Diamonds and Jowelr
ever brought to the city. They def
competition. People are cardially ir
vited to examine stock and prices.
Why ia it that Whipple , McMille
it Co. , the jewelers , Creighton Block
Fifteenth street , are having such
rushing trade ? Because they have th
best variety and the largest of holida ;
presents in the city.
Call at the BEE job rooms and ex
aminu something nice in the way o
Fine Papetries , suitable for Invita
ttons to weddings , balls , private mas
querade parties , sociables aud con
; erts.
J. F. Sawyer wishes to announce t
his friends and old customers that h
may be found , as heretofore , at 131
Farnham street , where ho will be gla
to show them the best selected atoc !
of Watches , Clocks , Jewelry , Spectacle
and Silverware at prices that def
competition. 1
Tlie Telegraph War.
The public is well aware that for
long time past a fight has been goin
on between the Atlantic & Pacific an
American Union telegraph companiet
which has resulted in a reduction c
tariffs from forty to fifty per cent , th
Western Union not oining in th
fight nor reducing their rates at al
Yesterday all weitern offices were ii
stracted to reduce their rates to tb
standard of other companies. Th
means a terrible struggle between th
different companies , of which the pul
lie generally will reap the benefit.
Where Western Union rates i
eastern points were § 1 , they are no
but GO cents. To St. Louis , Ohic ;
go , and other points east and soutl
where the rate was 50 cents , It is no
but 40 e' ts , and to Colorado painti
where the former tariff was $1 , tl ;
rate now is GO cents. The maximni
tariff of the Western Union to a
eastern and southern cities is now 6
It Is pretty generally understoo
that the Atlantic and Pacific Tel <
graph company contemplates puttie
in a system of wires for local convet
ience and district purposes. Thi
system , will be one of the latest in
provements in that branch of the sei
vice , and will be of great Important
and value , not only to the buaine :
men of our city , but to all classes t
onr citizens.
The Council Bluffs Nonpareil I
speaking of this subject and teli
graphic conveniences in that cit
says : "Manager Brown , of the Wes
ern Union Informs ns that the Wes
eru Union cow have seventeen win
running Into bis office with five moi
to come. The increase of wires wl
necessitate a mammoth now switc
board which is now being made i
New York. As soon as this ariivi
main line batteries will be put in !
the office at thisfplace and a largo pa
of the repeating business that is no
done at Omara will be here. "
With all duo respects to Manag <
Brown's statement , wo are satisfit
that while the wires actually run in
his office , they merely pass throuj
and are used for through business b
tween Omaha and points south , at
that while Council Bluffs is a very ir
portant office it can never rival Omal
as a repeating station , nor is an ? po
tinn of the repeating business to 1
transferred from this point to tba
Zella Condensed Cyclopedia.
An abridged library and univere
reference book , is at present beit
introduced to our citizens. It *
worthy.of your attention. 10-Gt
Gents' fine Furnishing Goods , i
the Omaha Shirt Factory. d5tf
Come and see them , just the thing f <
New Year , eight new designs at Grai
Central Gallery , 212 Sixteenth St.
' 13-eod-3t
A Fatal Plunge.
Yesterday a singular accident
occurred on the ice , below the U. P.
bridge , which resulted In the drown
lug of a team and the loss of the wagon
gen to which they wera attached. A
number of men and teams are en.
gaged in hauling and storing Ice from
that part of the Missouri , and during
the forenpon as ope of the teams , with
an empty wagon , was crossing the Ice ,
a wheel went into a rut or hele in the
frozen surface and threw the driver
off. The frightened team then ran
away and directed their course-down
stream to the edge of the Ice field , at
the rata of fifteen or twenty miles an
hour. Off this edge theyplunged at
full speed and the murky waters of the
big muddy closed ovdr them forever.
We were unable to obtain the name of
the owner of the team.
A' Fine line of samples of New
Year Cards at THE BEE Job Room.
Call in time and leave your orders.
Whipple , McMillen & Co. , the
jewelers , are still ahead and have just
opened another choice lot of elegant Creighton block , fifteenth
Always fresh Oysters at Tizzard'a.
A .Grave Joke ,
Late one night last week as a police
officer , who has been on the force less
than a year , was wending his vay
homeward ho overheard men talking
in an alley just ahead of him.
The "peeler" was on the alert in an
instant , and cautiously made his way
, o the entrance of the alley , and ac
.benight was dark easily crept with-
n hearing distance. The valiant
guardian of the peace soon heard
enough to satisfy him that on the
night following a body was to be
snatched from what was supposed to
30 its last resting place and brought
o the city , and left at a room already
prepared. After hearing this the
officer cautiously made his way to the
street and hurried homeward.
Next day he cdnfided the secret tt
a brother cop , and it was arranged
that the two ehonld proceed with ar
expressman and wa-.on to the city oJ
the dead and capture the exhumers
Accordingly a team wag engaged , am
as the night was favorable they start
ed about eleven o'clock. The gallan
officers reached Prospect Hill came
toryj and driving to a designated spo
stopped the team arid alighfod , order
ing the driver to remain wherahe wai
tint 1 further orders.
But we mudl liow le'ava our friendi
to the tender mercies of a grave yard
and the relentless fury of & nort !
wind for a while , and return to thi
city. On the day preceding the nigh
on which the two policemen ! visito <
the cemetary , a detective bad been in
formed that a gang of professiona
body snatchers were in our mldat
and that that night a body would b
taken from tbo cemetery , by the sami
parties who had furnished the "stltl1
tor the Medical Institute. The de
bectivo having thus obtained a clew
prepared to follow it up at once , am
before night had engaged two reliabli
men , with whom three hours nfte
dark ho proceeded to the burying
ground. They arrived in duo timi
and stationed themselves in differon
place ? , and awaited developments
They were fast becoming doubtful am
Impatient when the express wagoi
stopped as described above.
The two policemen , after recon
noitering , climbed over the fence am
stopped again to take in tha surround
ga. They were holding a whisperec
con&ulcation , wnon in the darknes
near them , fhey discovered the fern
of a man not more than half a ro <
distant , slowly moving away. Wha
to do they did not know , but it wa
evident that if anything was to b <
done it must be done quickly , or th
game would vanish in the gloom am
be out of their reach. At a givei
signal they bounded simuHaneonal ;
upon their victim and pinned him t
the ground. By placing the muzzl
of a revolver to hi ) temple they eaail ;
persuaded him to keep quiet and wer
about to manacle him when two othe
actors put in an appearance and a gen
eral hand to hand encounter ensued
Billies , boots and fistn were free !
used , but things soon became so bad
ly mixed that it was dangerous t
continue the tightfor every man look
ed the same and foe rould not be die
tingnished from friend. Sadden !
some one yelled. "Where's your lac
tern why don't you use It ? "
Hostilities suddenly ceased , and a ]
at once tour dark lanterns flashed up
on the scene of battle and five pistol
came to view , held by determine
hinds. Then'ihere was an awful still
ness followed by a season of unintei
rnptod swearing. Tlie. two officei
found that they had been poundin
cich other over the heads , and the d
tective saw that one of his select me
had been kicking him in the rib
while the other .had been trying t
It took fifteen minutes to espial
matters , but at last they came to a
understanding , and it was agreed tha
each one should have a ban
in essassinating the villain who ha
perpetrated the joke , should he eve
be found ; and it was further agree
that each of the five victims shoul
use their utmost endeavors in brine
ing the culprit , to justice. After plcl
inj up the hats and other loose arti
cles they climbed over the fence an
started for the wagon. "I'm gla
youipe got somethingJto ride in , " sai
the detective , addressing the peelers
"I'm entirely played. "
They stopped and hallooed for tb
driver , but recelred no answer. The
yelled themselves hoarse and looke
m all directions , but to no purpose
Finally they found the tracks of th
wagon and horse turned towards tow
and judging from the _ steps taken b
the horse he was doing his level besl
Towards dayllght hvo men migl
have been seen slinking through bac
alleys and unfrequented streets , an
ever since a strong odor of brimston
has pervaded the atmosphere alon
the route followed by the victimize
, -THURSDAY , December 33th.
Members of the 'Union Oatholi
Library ,
. 'One cf the mot mcccs'fulandpopuhrdomert
diam on the modern Stage. B ine
ririd picture of Eica ani.Poorin
Englih LUe Very
stron ?
Admission , Mccnts ; JIatinte for echool cb
drcu , Friday t 2 p. m. ; Admission 25 cent * .
( Tiffanys of the West , )
Have completed their pre
parations for the approaching
preaching Holidays , aud
suggest that an early ex
amination of their siock
will enable purchasers to
secure the choicest selecj
tions , and escape the
crowds unavoidable later
iit the moil ill.
Until Christmas , the es
tablishment will be kept
open in the evenings.
NOTICE Advertisements To Lot For S le'
Lost , found , Wnuta , Boirdlnz 4c. , will b in
serted in these commas once for TEN CENTS
per line ; each snbaeqndntlnBertion.FIVE CENTS
per lino. The Cist insertion cover lew than
tO MAH-C ll kt I w Office
MOHST 7HOtfAb.Kcom8.Cretgntonmcck
TO IiOAH 1109 Fambitn street.
MOHKT Ed arilfl Loan Agency. nuv-22-U
To rent a smal fnrniahcd house ,
WAStfiD pdrt o ! citj. Oood pike will
be paid. Address K. X. , Bee omej. 83-23
TXT ANTED Girl for general toustwort , 2ii5
VY California street. 133
IITUATION WAMED By young man in any
K i capacitv. town or country of good address.
Wages low HENRY KEKRIaOy , 'maha. fc6-17
f ] iRL WANTED * or general housework , at
\JC 335 Qarney street , one dooreait cf 16 h St.
i ED A first-class coat-maker ; steady
WAN and j.oOd waires guirtnteed.
JOHN MOItttlSOK , Lincoln , I < eb. 75-J8
A. good Rirl about H jears old ,
WANTED in taUng care of an infant , and
do errands. Kefercnces required. Apply at
li'5 Farnham street. tU-13
Second-hand Marble Mantle and
WANTED complete. Address "B. " 1S31. 48-16
MATE WANTED Addfets J. H. P. ,
ROOM office. 43-t *
-TTTANTEti A good house-keeper , 1100 Farn
W ham street , up ttaira. 32-tt
Tfl A TED Employment for horse and wagon ,
VV E. A. 1IAKR1S3 , 10th and Nicho'aa bta.
16 t
tWANTED AH Omaha know that the
WANTED Et. Jonn is the Kraoef Sewing
Machines , office on 1'th St. 841 H
RENT Furnished rooms with board
EOR tide 20th. bet. 6 lileigo and C 33 82 jj
RENT House in Shull's 2nd addition
FOR ' Mr month. W. SIMERAC , , roooj6 ;
' relah'onB'ocft. . _ _ , S95-U
RENT-A 'ur.iiahed , soUth fiont room ,
FOR at No 101' farnham St. 31.11
OR REST-Cottaie ; , on 5th and ,
FOR house , eight roomsonS3dacd CaiJata
Enquire J. P. Roe , 8. E. Cor. 12th and Farn
hani. _
RENT 2 furnished rooms over Mer
FOR - Exchange , N. E. Cor. 16th i anc
Drolee streets. _ -ftg > tt
OR SALE A fAROAIN A bui'din ' ? with
E ta'oon fixtures , furniture and block , on 10th
bt , opposite the U. P dept , for tale very cheap.
Or the fixture ) , furniture and nock will be sold
and building rented. Inquire of ED. KBEISS-
MAX. 79 If
OK SAIE Small tubular boiler and stack.
F Roddla & Thrall. 53-17
SALV Business house and grocery etocfc ,
Restaurant attached. Addrra R. Cbaffln ,
Aurora , Neb. 9-lm
OR SALE Two close carnages , at A. J.
Simpson's. 011-tf
TJ1 K bALK Cottonwood lumber of all Blw8 , t
I1 RKDMOND'S , SIxtsenth-st. 616-t
mAKEN DP 2 blaik colta , one 4 year old
I mare and one 2 } ear old horaa c It , 3 miles
north un Missouri bottom. OoTILIEu llfcYR.
852 ef5w
R. S. PEALS , of Council Blufft , Iowa , ts no
lonzer General Agent for the sale of HILL'S
FORSIj. We havliijj terminal * ! his agency for
good and sufficient ressims ; an'l ' we hereby
CAUTION the public iRainst bo nImposed up
on , by unMranulon * ra-n , who attempt to "palm
cfT a 8P RIOU3 work on them instead of
"Hill's Manual , " the boon they want or sub
scribed for. MOS PS WARREN & CO. , Publishers -
ers of 11 ill's lUniul , 103 State bt. , Chicago
Nov. 6th. 1880. 19-17
In North Omaha , a spotted calf abool
FOUND diys old. Owner cm hive
same by calling at North Western brewery ,
Cuming street , and paying for this notice. 21-1 ]
East India Pile Cnre. The
only specific for all forms ol
Files. In use in foreign coun.
tries for years , lately intro-
dnced into America. Warrant
ed to give instant relief and a
permanent cure guaranteed.
Sold by all druggists or mailed
free on receipt of price , 50
cents , bytlio | American agents ,
Richardson & Co. , Wholesale
Druggists , Saint Louis , 3Io.
guaranteed to give immediate
relief in all cases of Bilious
and Liver Complaints , Cos.
tiveness , Sick Headache , In.
digestion , and cleansing the
system of all impurities. Price
25 cents. All druggists sel ]
) r. Storm9
A Safe and Pleasant Remedy fo
HOARSENESS and Strengthen
Ing the Lungs.
Pride only 1O Ceirts -
S. P. MORSE & CO. ,
The people will it , and we are the servants of the people in supplying
them with Dry Goods at anti-monopoly Prices.
Enormous Reductions in Our
1500 yards of Brocade Mixed and -Plain Color
Dress Goods formerly sold , and well Worth 25c.
2500 yards of All-Wool Flannel and French
Suitings , Plaids , Brocades , Damasse , etc. , reduced
from 50c to 40c.
1000 "yaads All-Wool ( bear it in mind ) 42-inch
Momie Cloths , Silk and Wool Brocades Matta-
lasses , etc. , marked down from $1.25 to $1.00 a
At 75c , Dress Goods , Silk and Wool , formerly $1,25 and $1,50 a vard.
11 $1,00 , 11 " " " 1.75 and 2,00
" il ( ( ( ( (
2,00 , 4.00
We are opening Novelties daily , and Ladies will
do well to purchase now and avoid all rush.
$60,000. ELGUTTER'S ' $60,000.
$60,000. $60,000.
$60,000. $60,1
We make this month a specialty to close out our Desirable and seasonable goods at Lovr
Figures. Our immense stock of Winter clothing for Men's , Youth's , Boys' and Children's
wear , comprising Working , Business , and Dress Suits , in latest Patterns and Styles ? , Over
coats , Ulsters and Ulsteretts worked from the finest goods of woolens ; also a comp'ete ' . line of
Furnishing Goods , Novelties in Neckwear for tne Holidays. Hats , Oaps , Gloves , &c. , must
make way for our immense Spring stock of clothing. Well-known to the public that these
goods were the best selected stock ever broughtto this market.
$60,000. 1001 Farnham St. , Cor. 10th. $60,000.
Absolutely Pure ,
Made from Grape Cream Tartar. No other
preparation makea snch llzht , flaky hot breads ,
or luxurious paatry. Can be eaten by drg eptica
wltbont ( ear of the ilia resulting from he J In
digestible food.
Sold only in cans bv all Grocer ) .
Bar and Throat.
Office Over Kennard's Dmg Store ,
Corner.of 14th snd Douglas Sts.
Successors to J. H. OTIELE ,
No. 1220 Douglas Street ,
OmcK Jacob'a B ck , corar CapitolA.Y . tad
16th Street , Omaha , Keb.
Contains the Latest Home and Te
the D jr ,
The largest and best assortment of
Trunks and Valises in the West. Telescopic Cases
and Sample Trunks a Specialty.
H. H. MARHOFF , - - PROP. ,
117 14th St. . O Doors North or Douglas St.
Propose for the next ninety (90) ( ) days to sell their
entire stock of
Diamonds , Watches ,
Jewelry , Clocks ,
Silver-Ware ,
Pianos & Organ !
At Manufacturing Prices , Which is from 15 to 20 per
cent , below any Eastern Wholesale House ,
preparatory to moving into their
weN Store , Cor. Ilth & Farnham
We Mean Business. Come and be Convinced ,