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TOL.X. OMAHA , 1STEBEASKA , . SATURDAY. DECEMBER - * . 18 , 1880. 3STO 155.
Established 1871. MORNING \f EDITION , Price Five Cents
C-riFdSTMAS , 1880.
In each Department , we are
daily opening choice
Novelties for the Holidays
leather Goods , Belts ,
Pocket-Boots ,
. LiV " Card Cises.
" " J - * - * * -
Collar and
Cuff Boxes.
Ladies * Fine Shoes.
Gents * Christmas Slippers in
the Greatest Variety.
Chi ere a'a Shoes , fine , -warm
and Bubst-at-tlal.
The Largest and Finest As
sortment of
in RsasonsblePrices.
Coals Si K I'tidlcrs
3eut > Ii iti
or ladles' wear. Hur.dkorvhierj a d i Ticj
Silk. Ppmiiu Uce , Irdit , Mul and Cimlir'c.
Jill VTf jnr. .
ItibbonB , riiccs , O nips , Fr'.n-ci M < 1 Trim-
Napkins , Tow 1s , Tili'cand StinlCcner , Piano
Cover * a nil cs at iltractho
flue -rr.iintn\ui3
Hi V > lmcns
First q l
bs , "fins , I'lr.tcI'.ovK A 1 imw JcsVt s
An tlcRans linj r.t 0-i s' b etvi > Hi t ons
logs , biait Vina , cf , nl jirant il tint tMlity
Tlavclocks ( or J/v V . * < JJ-1 . 'nl'Vcn.
"KnH Uom'.H Kn I J < t .
A Jacket t si _ -wlnrli tn 1-e tcaon
old t J..01.
C'crslunvnat tc J ubias Sln s tc
at grcat'y reduced pr Ci .
A new loxoico ol Piibilii PaUcanpc i I'l
oriUo llolidtj trade.
" "
"OisttPobiilers ,
1422 and 1424 Dodge St.
- " = = = = =
Pift- % & FRAME ,
A. HOSPE , JR. ,
Pianos and Organs First Class
on Easy Monthly Payments ,
Sheet Music and Musi
cal Instruments.
PIKE srucu fit'
0 1 Painting , Enera > HUT' a t I r.mca
Ir r lnc4d [ in < > .
8slO Frames , 1 Inch , Walnut . lEc
30x12 " 1 " . jo
10x11 " 1 " " . SO
12x16 " " .
12x18 ] i . 5
16x20 " ] J " . 75
Hustle 8x10 Inme . 15
Ohroraos Iran < xl , mull , 25o ,
Cliroffiot ( rained , lar ; , 1 6.
Hngr vtnp from 50c upKarOs ,
Fhoto rapb f r nie Iron IN ; njiurji'a ,
Wlndo * ' Cor Jccj 75c window and iiwnrdjr | ,
laoibrciqulrjs s 00 per wmdoa l-Uiwards | ,
Cornice PolcsSr > Opcr iiiiIou inj ujmirds ,
VeU ct frames 2f.c eich tofi oo
Violin Stnrum Ut ,
\\o\\n \ \ \ 1 78. 2 SO , 3 ixl npw > nlf ,
Outtara 6 00 , 0 01. 7 00 ami upnid .
IJanjon 1 oa. 3 00 , 6 00 , and upwards ,
Acainlco-iifrom I 00 up , cheapest in city
Sendfo % amplin ard citn'ocne of raouldln-s
"AiiliaetmnMc. A. HOSPE. JR. ,
1618 DOL'I'B Sn. . next iloorto Harris and Fuhera
Friday and Si'urJ y. Do ; . 17 and 18 ,
and Saturday Mallaco , 2 r. M.
TuEmlncnt ictor ,
friday evoninK ana SatuiUj Matinee , produc
tion of BarJcy toniplera ! greatest pl j ,
MurJoci.8 WotM rouownod D ma ,
Both pl ys pro Jnofll hare with eUborate snn <
cry and cftecti.
Received seats for aay pcrtonrmnce for nil
at Max acyer & Bros' . Jc clr.v Kore , dccll-7
I have bridged the approaches to the rlrer
Icaopposlt cagi end Jones street m-kinc i
pl aant , toif aud Sife crossing at the nomina.
toll , vir :
Horseman , each 5c.
One worxc andlVa-jon lOc.
T\roll > racs&nd
* " rctiiri
sametlav lOc.
Foot-men Free.
or. JE& . E
h.1883. dlS 1m
' " " '
- - -
OO OS i >
Secretary Thompson Takes
a Formal Leave of the
Cabinet ,
The Senate Refuses to Concur
in the House Eesolution to
Adjourn Through the
Holidays ,
Bills on the Private Calemiar
Occupy the Attention of
the Lower-House.
Spedil Dispatch to The Ere.
WASIUSOTOIT , December 17.
After the chair had laid before the
senate eoine communications from the
secretary of war , transmitting reports
in relation to surveys Under the river
and harbor ectt and & . presentation of
a memorial , Mr. Davis ( \V. Ya. ) ro-
roted favorably the honso resolution
far a receea from December 22 , to
January 5.
Mr. Betfk hiid ihero were TOT a
larfte number of bi'h on Iho house
o&J'-jiJar ar..i & larga numbtr on the
calendar of tha senatu Tbero would
be fcrty odd daye for v ork after the
G.h of January. The csnttii bill wa
to bo acted on , and all the rppropria-
tion bills and many other imp urtni.t
mea'urt a which shi old bo disc-s Bed.
But little hsd been douu so far and
it seemed to him that evev thing should
not be left , to thq last. Mr. Windoin
would rccollecthow.toward the closw f
thelastcjngreBshohad , with himself ,
sat night alter n'ghtuut > l the sun ro-e ,
to carry through \that he cal'cd ' legis-
tion. If cjn rts ? adjourns now
measures- would have to be attached to
I hi ) appropriation bills , n < l tubaidies
c ell kinds would bu taukcd on them.
Mr. McPona'd favored as short a
rece for the holidays as w .s consis
tent vfith propriety.
The resolution was disaqreod to ,
Yeas 23 , nuya 31.
3Ir. Jones , of tffcr'.da , from the
committee on public buildings and
grounds , reported a bill appropriating
8250,000 for the construction of
custom house in pluco of the ooo re-
frilly destroyed by fire tu Puiuacala ,
Florida. Ttio bill was considered * nd
Mr. Wallace introduced a bill for
a uniform' . .syatem of binkruptcy ,
which was referred to the judiciary
A motion offered by Mr. Morgan ,
continuing the committee on the ro-
movsl of the northern Cheyonnca ,
wss concurred in.
Mr. Blaine offered a resolution ,
which was agreed to , directing the
judiciary committed to ftiqiavre into
tha propriety of increasing tno judges
of the supreme court to thirteen.
At the i spiratiou of the morning
hour , the eiVacatioiul bill cimo up i i
ref-alar ( rdcr. Among the nrnoud-
ucnlsmado was one by Mr. Motx-in
o amend the agricultural act , so 83
o authority each stntu and leirirury
; a ovablish in oaid college , schools for
ho instruction of females in euch
tranches of technical education as are
uitnblo to their sex. The bill was
hen paseed by a vote of 41 to G , and
at 6:15 : p. m. , tLo uenato adjouimd
until Monday.
Privilo business had precedence in
ho homo to-day , and it required a
, wo- thirds vote to Ret it aside and con-
ider other matters.
Mr. Forney , of Alabama , who lies
harge of the military academy nppro-
iriation bill , wanted to go on with it ,
> ut he waa antagonized by gentlemen
who wanted to consider private busi-
The private calendar is so large
hat unless the hour N which private
ills are entitled are devoted to it ,
much important legislation must bo
efcrrcd. As it is , not a tithe of what
a on the calendar can be pasted.
The house decided to proceed with
be private calendar , and accordingly
went into committe6"t > f the whole.
The house was engaged all the
fternoon in iho consideraion of pri-
ate bills , the majority of which were
or pensions. Fifteen bills were dis-
meed of , and an effort waa made to
idjonrn over till Monday , but was
oted down by a largo majority , so
hero will be a session to-morrow for
lusines ! , and it is possible the mill-
nry bill will be disposed of.
podd Plspitch to The Bee.
The action of the senate In refusing
0 concur in the house resolution
irovidinc for an adjournment over
he holidays , from the 23d Inat. to
anuarv 5th , crested considerable
The Smithsonian inststute has re-
eived from the Vienna academy the
announcement of the discovery , by
kl. Parmle at Copenhagen , on Decem-
> er 16 , at 9 o'clock , of a small bright
omet in 18 hours 49 minutes as-
censlor , and 10 degrees 30 minutes
north declination , with daily motion
1 5 minu'cs in right ascension and
tO.minutos north.
The vacancy in the committee on
wars and means , earned by the olec
ion of General Garfisld to tha presi
dency , has not yet been filled. It is
understood , however , thtt Speaker
ilandsll ha * decided to appoint Con
gressman McEinley , of Ohio , to the
vacancy , and it is believed Mr. Koefer
will succeed Mr. McXinley on the
judiciary committee.
Secretary Thompson yesterday took
official leave of the president and
merabors of the cabinet at the cabinet
'tioi' . Ho will to-day frznlly
traneft r the navy department to Sec
retary Komst'y. Mr. Thompson , dur
ing hie administration c f the navy de
partment , has caved upwards of sis
million dollars out of the naval affairs.
The Postal Guide , which
be issued by the postoffico dor/art
mentntter the first day of January
licit , will bo tha most complete num
ber in all its details that has yet been
published. Itwill conUin splendid
instruction ; frr p sinmters in regard
to the new 6yM em of deposits estab
lished under cratr No. 33 of the post. The guide will bi
nearly one-third larger than any pre <
dons number , aud besides a vas !
amount of postal Information , wWel
nill be of great service to the bnsine'i
world generally , there has been incor
porated. Into It a brief of all clrculari
issued for the guidance of postmasters
during the past year ,
The national board
bt tra-Je - re
mained in Session '
until 1 o'clock yes
terday afternoon , and then adjourned
to meet in Washington next Decem *
ber. General satisfaction u expressed
by the delegates v/ilh tbo meeting this
year and the result reached. Lwt
evening Senator Beck , Congressman
Kesgan.Dr. Billincs , president of the
national board of health , and other
prominent gentlemen , were guet3 of
the board at a banquet given at Wil-
lard's hotel.
Thcra will be a temporary allevia
tion of the demand for money in Wall
street , New iTorlt , aftet the first of
January i Many letters have been re
ceived hero during the past week
making inquiries the amount of
money which released * by
the treasurer at trie end or. the year.
Requests have alao ben made the de
partment to anticipate prepayment of
the January interest , so the temporary
ry stringency of the money market
would be relieved.
Tea Persons lose Their Lives in
the Burning of the Great
Wall Paper Faoloryi
And Half a Million Dollars
Goes up in Fire and
Gen. Sherman Dislikes the Idea
of Grant Being Made Cap
The Baltimore and Ohio Bail-
road Solves its Transporta
tion Problem.
. Fire in Buffalo.
Special DiSpTtch to Tbft Se .
Bbmi.0 , N. Y. , December 18 1
a. m. A big fire began here at six
o'clock last evening in W. H. Bridge
i ; Son's wall paper factory , inflicting
grdrttdamage before it was extinguish-
re. The fire was discovered just ba-
fore work * as utopfced , and fifteen
minutes iAier the whole large fwe-
'Btory buildiun WHS n sheet of flames ,
and half an honr liter tha building
waslove , ! with Mio ground. The firm
employed eighty m i aad two hun
dred boys , and Iho factory was rn& of
the largest in the country , and the
only one ouUido of the wall paper
pool. In getting out , a boy named
John Griffin Jumped to the Street and
was killed. Another boy who jumped
had both arms and legs broken Ho
said thera vrero five turn and boya in
the/ building tlmtho kuuwofnhon ho
jumped , all of whom must have burn
ed to death. The losa of the Mims.
Bridge will amount to § 250,000 , and
is partially covered by ir.aur.vnce. The
building v/as v.ilaed > t SSOCOO. The
tUmta communicated to Maiming a
Queen City malt housp , a brick build
ing , valued at SiO.O O , which was
completuly destroyed. The enjjine
houto of Dro eteauier No. 10 .T.ia alao
destroyed. Several stores , with their
cintontr , svera more or kss damaged.
The majority of the boys who escaped
from the paper factory , got out with their shirts , trousers anc shoes
on. The boy who was killtd was
Moaes Malone , and IUB brother was
so badly injured that he wiil die. A
m < tn , whoso name hft not been learn
ed , jumped fiom a fifth-story window
and strack ou hh heid , fracturing his
skull , tnd died a few minutes later.
Four other mtn , employed in the
building , and two bremen arc missing ,
and it is thought they perished in the
Too Many Esth ! Privates.
Special Dtspitch to The Bee.
NFW YORK. December 17 10 p.
m. The following are abstracts from
the letter of Gen. Sherman to
William Scott , of this city , in regard
to the recommendation in the presi
dent's message to make Gen. Grant
captain-general :
"When Grant was nominated for
preaident the first time , ho volunteer
ed to me theopioion that whenhisterm
was out he would not desire to regain
command of the army , an it would be
unjust I have never heard him say
a word to indicate a change in that
opinion , and I do not baliovo he or
his friends suggested to the president
the idea of the captain generalcy or of
regaining a pi see on the army retired
list. There is no reason why presi
dents may be retired the same as
members of the supreme court. The
army service is embarrassed already
with too much rank for our .small
army. "
Stole a March.
Bpedil Dispatch to Tnn 12BS.
NEW YORK , December 18 1 a. m.
The- arrangement of Mr. A. 0.
Rose , general freight agent of the
Baltimore and Ohio ro.iJby which
four steamers have betn chartered to
carry the Baltimore and Ohio rail
road company's freight from this city
to BalHmnro has , in the opinion of
the Biltimoro officials , definitely
settled the difficulty between that
r < > ad and the Pennsylvania company.
There is nn apprehension at the com
pany's offices m this city that the
Philadelphin , Wilmington and B. lti-
more , or Pennsylvania roads wiil at
tempt to interfere wMi the transpor
tation of pissengars from New York
to the wtst
False Report.
8pctal Dispatch to The Bco
CUICAGO , Decambar 17 10 p. m.
Bishop Ircl.nd telegraphs from St.
Paul that the report of one Hutch in-
son to the Morris board of trade ,
about the terrible sofffrinx of the
Connemara colon s s , for ivant
cf fuel , food and clothing , jiro graatly
exaggerated , if not wholly false.
A Newspaper Sharper.
Bp-cltl Dlupitches to Tas B
OHICABO , Decenber 17,10 p. m.
Henry T. Gray , a clsimiua to be a re
porter cf the New York Herald , has
sncceedtd in victimizing tlsera Inmda ,
theatres and howls of this city , oa
quite an extensive scalp. Gray's tirst
ppesrance here vras in May last. Ht
brought credentials and pssily midt
the rcqu-uutuuci of lha netxpapei
fraternity , numbers o :
which Lo bscairo eo Intimate as U
borrow money. When he had rnr
the extreme length of his rope , anc
suspicion that be wia a deat
beat begen to dawn upon the report
era here , he left the city. He ira
beard of latfir { a St. Louis , where he
operated the aame scheme. A week
aao he returned to Chicago , pretended
to be assistant manager ef .Tho New
York Herald , r'ad aticcje'dEd injob-
ti ninrj ; frci acorsa to all the theatres
? .r. 1 frto passes on t-ll railroads. The
O.aud Pacific hotel placel a suite of
rooms at his disposal. If found he
will undoubtedly be roughly dealt
ReVenged Himself.
Spedal DispaWh to The Bc .
COIUMBUS , 0. , December i $ 1 a.
m James Srnithera , in reverga for
Andrew Fix's wrongful intimacy with
ha wife , burnt a barn of Fix's at
Albany , a village in thia county. He
wai convicted of araon , and was to
havobsen sentenced yesterday , but at
one o'clock he cut nis throat in the
county jailCnd immediately expired.
The Wrong Bottle *
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
LEON , la. , December"1 ! ? , 1 a. m
William Perdew , an old resident and
former merchant , went Thursday in
to the drufc store of Dr. H'ldreth , to
get a dram of. wh ? ky. The doctor
t/ild him to help himself , which Per-
dow did , but got the wrong bottle ,
and took poison. Returning to his
hotel , he wa < j immediately seized with
a piin in the stomach , and told the
landlord that ho believed he had made
a bad mistake at the drug store. He
at once became speechless and died
in two hours.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , December 17 , 1 a.
m. For the upper Mississippi and
lower Missouri valleys : Light
snow with partly cloudy wc-Uher ; ria-
iug , followed by falling barometer ;
stationary or lower temperature :
variable winds ,
8pedal Dispatches to The Bee.
James Garrigan , a builder from
Chicago , shot himself yeiterday in
Cincinnati , with suicidal intent , be
cause a young lady refused to marry
The barn of William Ewalt , on
Price's Hill , a suburb or Cincinnati ,
wai dfscovered to be on fire by Mrs.
Ewalt yestordav , and in endeavoring
to ave some of tha contents she was
caughtby ; the flames and burned to
James Zaeley. a conductor on the ,
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul rail
road , fell from the train while switch
ing at Elgin , 111. , yesterday , his body
was cut in two.
John Bock , ex-city treasurer cf
Buffalo , N. Y. , was yesterday ar
raigned for embezzling $10,030 of the
city's funds. There are six remaining -
ing indictments against htm.
The residence of Mrs. Aramelia
Mile-hell WES burned last night at
Nekton , Towa. She wa ? also burned.
Indications arc tlut the fire was
caused by the explosion of a kerosene
limp. Slio'was 85 years old.
Livi Petti none celebrated his 100th
birthdny in St. L'lufa yesterday , at
the m < rJon < } 3 of lib son-in-law , Capt.
Frank Burnett.
Maado Grander , la dangerously ill
at Hanibal , Mo. Q'ho company left
"or Decatur. 111. , yesterday , hut Miss
LxMUger could not accompany them.
It waa atated in Ghicjio ; yesterday
that Prof. Puion haj finally decided
positively that ho will accept the
Princeton professorship , and will
leave Chicag > for th it purpose at the
end of the present cdlef late year.
Another Mexican excursion is being
planned in Chici'r ; > , by arme of the
loaders in the excursion of last winder.
The committee of tha national bund
is preparing for another greit eaeng
orfcflt to bo held in Chicago next
siiLiuior , and have decided to call up
on rhe citizeui of Chicago for § 50,000
to cjmp'cto all local arrangements.
IheSan Francisco superior court
in the case of Onto has no jurisdiction
The case has been transferred to the courti.
CHICAGO , December 17. The Dally
News to-day editorally retracts the
charges against C. B. Farwell , mem
ber of congress elect , and his father ,
J. V. Farwell , for which they sued
The News , laying damages at § 50,000.
The suit vrill now be withdrawn.
NEW YORK , December 17 Edison
has been granted a permit to make an
experiment with his electric lighting
system in a district in the lower part
of the city. The time has been fixed
for making the experiment.
WASOINOTON , December 17. Gen
eral Sherman leaves Monday for New
York. Col. Bichard I. Dodt o , of the
twenty-third infantry , and Major J.
C. Tibbel , of of the second artillery ,
are to be trantferred to General Sher
man's staff.
CHICAGO , December 17. Vennor's
snow etorm begin at noon. His
prediction was that it would begin on
the 17th and continue until it is
eleven feet deep. Many believe it is
really coming.
Cheitlng1 the Law.
Special Dispatch to Tbo lice.
COLUMBCS , December 17 4 p. m.
Joseph Smithers , in revenue for
Andrew Fix's wrongful intimacy with
his wife , burnt a barn of Fix' * , at Al
bany village in this county. He waa
convicted of anon , : md was to have
been sentenced this afternoon at one
o'clock , but he cut his throat and expired -
pired instantly in his cell at the county
i est Laces.
Special dispatch to Tn Bis
NEW YORK , December 17 4 p. m.
The premises of Mr. Estovel , t
commission merchant of No 145 Fifth
avenue , were robbed list night ci
laces , packages of hosiery , upholaterj
trimmings and neck laces valued al
from § 5000 to $6000
Undoubtedly the beat shirt in tht
United States is manufactured at tin
Omaha Shirt Factory. The enperioritj
of Material and wo'ltmanihip , conr
oined with iheir great improvtiiientS ;
that Is Reinforced fronts , Ilelnforcec
backs and Ileiuforcod sleeves , maktr
their ahirt tbo most duwblo and bes
fitting garment of the kind , evei
manuL ctured s.1 the IA jderate price o
$1.50. Every shirt of our make i1
guaranteed first-class and will refunc
the money if found otherwise.
We innAe a specialty of nll'wool
Shaker , r.od Canton flannel , alei
chemoia u : > corwear , made up with ;
view to comfort , war'-i"Band dnr.ibil
ity. To invalids and woak-lungei
persona we ofler special inducement
in the manner these goods are mad
for their protection.
* _
fhe forte Seeks lo Divert At
tention From Greece by In
citing Mutiny in India ,
The French Ex-Minister of
War Gallantly Defended
by Marshal McMahdn ,
The Chilian General Concen
trating Hia Whole Arffiy
Before the Peruvian
The Queen Bequests Gladstone
to Tighten the Screwa on
An Unqueenly Bequest.
Hpecla Dispatch to Tha Bee.
NEW YohK , December 17 , 4p. ] m.
A London special eays it waa stated
there yesterday that the queen has
asked Gladstone to use coercion to
wards Ireland. This request of the
queen is attributed to the influence
of BeaconsBeldt
Discharged La jorerd.
Special Dispatch to The Ceo.
DUBLIN , December 17. 4 p. m.
Lard Kenmore , who has largo landed
oatatea in Kilhrney , has discharged
300 laborers for thdr coilnection with
the land league. Trouble is expected
to result ,
Special dispatch to The licS.
DoBLiN ; Decembsr 17 , 4 p. m.
The master of the Killmurray Har
riers has received notice from land
leaguers that they intend to Boycott.
Killmurray is a parish in , Munster ,
cdunty Clare , on Clanderaw bay. The
disturbances at Beir , a market town
in Munster , county Clare , continue.
Special Dispatch to Taittiu.
LoNtioir , December 18 1 a , m.
A sensation lias been created by the
rumor which has reached London that
the sultan U trying to divert the at
tention of Unglana from Greece and
her relations with Turkey , by at
tempting to arouse the native Indian
population in rebellion against the
queen , or rather the empress of India.
Turkish emissaries are kaowu to be
all over India , keeping sharp watch
everywhere for the interest of the
porte , and this ) rumor , therefore , has
sufficient ground to render its belief
quite easy and cause a good deal of
excitement hero.
Special Dispatches to TUB Bis.
PAjrA3tABBriniher 18 1 a. m.
Chili 13 arranging its forces so as to
concentrate them at a given time in
4 > e Peruvian capital , and close the
war with one mighty effort. Bag-
uedame having asked for 100,000 men ,
as a reserve for the south , proves his'
intention to bring every available
man to Lima. It is aaid thnt the Per
uvian army is iniriasing daily in num
bers. Several battalions have recent
ly arrived from the interior , one from
Ccnnmandla , after a march of 9CO
miles. The Chilian government hai
purchased the steamers "Chili' ' , and
"H.vytr1 from the PaciBo steam navi
gation company. The Pacific war la
occupying uub'ic at'eulim ' In the
Argentine Republic , and armed inter
venlion finda warm advocate' . The
long debated frontier quo t.on , it is
said , must bo settled witn Chili , and a
decree issued in October by the Ar
gentine government prohibiting , until
further ordered , Galling , or exporting
guano or phosphates , or killiug sea
birds in Pa'agonia jand the adjacent
coasts , point to a determination to
assort its sovereignty over these re
gions without debate. The first step
of the Argentine government will un
doubtedly bathe seizure of the Chilian
colony In the straits of Magellan , over
which it had long claimed jurisdiction.
This would of course be in the event
cf the Argentine government finding
itself compelled to give up hopes of a
peaceful solution of the difficulty.
Sp clU Dtepatch to the Bee ,
PABIS , Decomber18 * 1 a. m. The
evidence furnished yesterday by Mar
shal McMahon to tha parliamentary
committee investigating the Cissey af
fair was a disagreeable surprise to the
enemies'of the ex-minister of war. Mc
Mahon spoke of his old comrade in
the highest terms , and declared that
ho hid no knowledge of the scandal
ous offense imputed to him. They
hnd nothing to do , the marshal said ,
with his departure from tbo ministry
of war.
Special Dispatch to the Bin.
LONDON , December 18 1 a. m
The New York book trade berets
caxised a commotion among London
publishers by selling an American re
print of "Endymion , " Disraeli's last
novel , at 10 pence. The price charged
by English publishers is 31 shilling ! .
SpccU Dspatche8 to Tin BBS. .
The situation has been ao serious in
some parts of Ireland , that a night
military patrol has been called into
requisition , and the constabulary
force has been doubled.
Mr. Samuel Pltmsoll has been in
vited to stand again for parliament.
The Frenchjbark "Adolph" haa beer
totally wrecked on a reef about twenty'
five miles to the south of Valparaiso ,
Peru , whilst cnroute to that port fron
Bordeaux. She waa an Iron vessel.
The Muagrave milla at Leeds
England , were burned yestordaj
Mr. Hartland , a conservative , w !
yesterday declared to be a member o
the British house of commons fo
Evershsm. After tha last genera
election Mr. XUtclifF , liberal , was un
seated on the chirge of bribery.
The twentieth regiment , now ita
tinned at Mattabore , has been orderei
to proceed to Ireland.
The Orangemen broke up the Un <
meeting at Lonsjhgall , county Ara
maueh , Ireland , yeiterday.
? 'fr. Rogat , of ParU , who has take :
up the defense of M. P ochefort , ha
refused M , Reinach'a challenge.
M. G emr iu , the French states
man , will ahoftly retr : < j from politico
life. _ _ _
It is probable that an internatioiu
regatta will bo held in Vienna next
. The Duchess of Westminster ,
daughter of the second dnke of Suth
erland , and minister of the robes to
the queen , died at her residenca
at Bournemouth , England last eve
The Dutch chamber has voted
7,000 guilders for a new Arctic expe
rfew YorKJMoney and Stocks.
( WALL STRUT , December 17.
Money Steady at 3 per cent.
Exchange Steady ? nd higher at 31 79 j 01 82 }
O. 8. 6'S81 . 1 04 U. 8. t'a . 1 1 ! |
U. 8. b's. , . 1 04 } Correncyffg . 1 ? 9
o.a4'j . i nj us 6i'oo . Jusj
Following are .the 1 p. m. prices :
A iP . . „ . . ? 4 St. P.&O . 49
Ameilcau Un'on 6 } I. M. . ; . . J2
Canada Southern 740 lackawanna . 10J
CC'&Q . " } HndBoaCanil . 91 }
Northwrsura . 129 Adams . liSi
C. C. & I. C . 70. American . 4U
SUPiul . 1HJ Urio . -hi
B& Q . 17 4 bt. Joe Preferred. . OSJ
Alton . US } I C . 122
Reading , . 6H L. &N . 85
Oouha . Dlj L.8 . lli
CentralPaq . t9J M & E . 119J
UniouPaaflc . 107J K&T . 413
Manhattan . 3U NYC . 145 }
Pacific Mil . 525 W O . -
Wells , Far O . 1'3 $ Waliash . 43.
R.J . 135 Prefered . Si >
St. Joe . 471 O &W. . _ 31
Preferred . 9 NJ C . 70.
Olilo . 36 } 3
Chicago F'roduce Market.
CIIICAQO , Decembsr 1 ? .
Wheat Spring sold at SI OU for
December ; $1 Ol ® l 02 for Janu
ary ; § 102J1 03J for February ; S1 03 |
@ 1 03j for March ; ? l,08@l | 08 | for
May , closing at $ $ l 011 Olf for Do-
oember ; $1 011 02 for January }
SI 02gl 03 for February ; $1 03J@
1035 for March ; § i OSj@108jior
May ; No i : red winter Dedemhorsoli
t 99Jc ; January , § 1 OOJ1 00 . "
Corn 38go bid for Dr-camber ; 39J
< 3)39Jc ) for January ; 39g@39gc for
February ; 44j@44c for May ; 435 ®
43f c for June ; 44jc for July , { closing
Gits 31 jc for January ; 35335c |
for May ; Juneoffered at 3Gs , without
Rye 87@87cforDecemberor Jan
uary ; 88@88ic for February.
Barley Nominal at § 1 14 for De
cember 0 * JatirM ? ;
Pork Meas , December , offered at
* 11 90 ; January sold at . § 13 15 , clos
ing at 813 17A ; Februraf * .313 30 ®
13 35 ; March , $13 47A@13 50.
Lard December , offered at S3 52 ,
with 8 45 bid ; January sold atS8 5 4
@ 8 55 ; Febrnray , g8 G5@8 G7A ;
March , § 8 77i < s8 80.
Short Ribs Jauuary sold at $6 60
@ 6 62i ; February , § 6 75 < § 6 77 { March ,
? 8 87 < s8 90.
Whisky Lower at § 1 11.
Chicago Live Stock
OUICAOO , December 17.
Hogs Light grades were steady at
yesterday's figures ; sales were at $4 60
@ 4 60 for light packing ; $4 40 ®
4 55 for good to extra prime heavy
packing ; $4 G0@4 95 for good to
choice smooth heavy shipping grades ;
the market was s'.eidy and firm atthe
above figures ; Ciills sold at § 4 20 ®
4 30 for light ; fresh receipts , 28,000
head.Cattle Dull ; receipts , 3,800 head.
. _ f _ j
St. Loula Produce Alarset.
ST. Lonia , December 17.
Flour Firmer and unchanged.
Wheat Better and slow ; No. 2 red ,
SI 01J1 Oli for ewh ; gl 02 ® ! 02 J
forJanuiry ; $1 05@1 05 | for Feb
ruary ; 81 07g@l 08 for March ; No. 3
do 98g@98Sj ; No. 4 do 93s93ic. (
Corn Siaady and slow at 3lgo ! for
cash ; 39o for December ; 4c ( ' for
January ; 40c for February ; 41jc { for
March ; 42@42c for April ; 43i@43c
for May.
Oats Digher at 32@32jc for cash ;
36Jc for May.
Hyp Bolter at 85ic.
Barley Dull and unchanged.
Butter Lower ; creamery , 30334c ;
dairy , 22@27.
Eggs Lower ai 27c.
Whisky Steady at § 1 11.
Pork Better at $13 25 aaked fet
cash or December$13 ; 10 for January ;
§ 13 27 $ for February.
Dry Salts Meats Firmer at SO 55@
6 G0@6 75 for January ; clear , $6 76
@ 6 80 for cash ; G 95'for January.
Bacon Dull and unchanged.
Lard Higher at $8 40 aaked ; smal
lots sold at $8 25.
Receipts Flour , 7,000 bblswheai ;
12,000 bu. ; corn , 78,000 ; oats , ( i,000
rye , 1,000 ; barley , 9,000.
Shipments Flour , 6,000 brla
wheat , 13,000 bu ; corn , 35,000
oats , none ; rye , 1.000 ; barley , none
St. Louis Live stock Market.
ST. LODIS , December 17.
Hogs Active and higher ; Yorken
and'Bahimores , § 4 00@4 20 ; mixe <
packing , 84 3o@4 60 ; butchers' ti
'ancy , $4 654 85 ; receipts , 3,80
head ; elupments , 2,100.
New York Produce Market.
NEW YORK , December 1G.
Flour Strongly m buytra' favor
very moderate export and johbta ;
trade dem < vid ; round hoop Ohio
$4 40@5 50 ; choice do , $5 55@6 81
snperfino western , § 3 40 ® 5 00 : err
mon to gond extra do , $4 30g5 ( OC
choice do , $5 05@6 75 ; choice whit
wheat do , S510@600.
Butter Dull and declining ; Ohio
Eggs Western , firm at 2G@32 fo
fair to choice.
Wheat Dull and lower ; Chtcaer
$1 14@1 18 ; Milwaukpe , SI 19@1 2 (
No. 2 red winter , gl 19J ; sales 450 ,
000 bu.
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 , at 5858 t
Bales , 30.000 bu.
Oats Quiet.
Wh'sky Nominal.
Pork § 12 00@13 00 for cahS12 ; 8
@ 12 90 for December ; 813 30@14 3
for Febrnary.
Lird S8 80@8 90 for Decembei
? 8 87i@8 92J for January : S9COi
9 05 for February ; § 9 07 * < s9 10 f <
Match ; $9 159 20 for April ; ? 8 3
asked for buyer for the year.
A Heavy Robbery. v
Specal Dispatch to The Bee.
JEBSSY CITY , December 17 4 j
m. A man describing himself as I
W. Myew , of Atlanta , Ga , reports
to the police this morning that he ba
been robbed ot § 10,800. He said r
was a passenger in the sleeping coac
on the Washington express on tl
Pennsylvania railway , which arrive
thii morning. Ho had his money z
in notes and in a satchel , but wbc
he awoke this morning the Batch
had disappeared.Ball
Ball Ruin.
Special dltpatch to The Bee.
MOKESA , 111. , December 17. 4
m. The Denver express on the Sock
Island reid wjs thrown from the track
west of this stutionyesterday afternoon
bv the br ak'"ng of sn * xle of the ten
der. Two' cars were demolished and
others badly wrecked. Several pas
sengers were injured , the most serious
baing Mrs. Alexander Hntchi e ,
who , with her husband and five child
ren , were emigrating from Canada to
Saline , Kansas. The property damage
to the railroad is plac id at ? 5,000.
Official Report ot the State Conven
tion of Treasurers.
Pursuant to call the clerks and
treasurers of the state of Nebraska
met at Columbus on the 14th of De
cember , 1880.
Convention convened at the opera
house , and waa called to order by J.
jtauffer , of Platte county , and tne
ollowing members were found in at *
endance , to-wlt :
R. B. Tussey , J. R. Manchester ,
J. 0. Kerkow , John Petsra , S. P.
Jollman , J. A. Cook , Geo. H. For
ney , J. GrunkrJiDZ , J. N Wise , Wm.
jteefer , James Mortenaon , John
jipache , Thomas W. Whitman ,
J&yis , of Colfax , S. B. Camp ,
James Billing , George Cornelius ,
W. L. Whitmore , W. J. Paul.T. W.
3rew , Joseph Mackie , L. E. Cropsoy ,
X Helmer , R. D. Silvers , Jamea G.
Holden , J. R. R tcllff , T. W. Fritz ,
A. H. Gilmore , S. H. Cummins , John
lavla , O. Hedlund , John Stanffer , J.
iV. Early , C. H. Slocnm , 0. Duras ,
famej Ledwich , E E. Lyle , S. G.
Jhaney , Charles Porker , L. G. Johns ,
I. A. Babcock , P. Mortenson.
Permanent organizition was effect-
d by electing James Ledwich , of Sa-
ino county , chairman , and John Da
vis" , of Pawnee county , secretary ,
when the following resolution waa of-
ered and adopted as the aenso of the
meeting :
WHEREAS , Experience has demon-
trated the fast that terious defecU
mar the workings of odf most Impor-
, ant laws , more particularly the feT-
onue and road laws , to scch an extent
hat tiiej ore almost impracticable of
application' to the purposes for which
hey are framed ; and ,
WIIKKEAS , It is thought thai flotie
are better qualified to point out such
defeota or omissiona than the officera
who are charged with the execution
of these laws ; therefore ,
Resolved , That this convention of
clerks and treasurers adopt such meas
ures as may secure such reforms or
additional legislation as will give to
; he tax-payeM of the state the safest
and beat Jaws which the wiedom born
of experience may dictate.
Ou motion committee was ap
pointed on order of business , etc. ,
who submitted the following :
An executive committee of five ,
consisting of L. E. Cropsey , J. R.
Manchester , J. W. Earlr.L. G. Jones
and James Ledwich , and tnr _ the dis
cussion of the following subjects :
1. On revenue law.
2. Beads.
3. Blanks and forms.
4. Relating to district clerks.
5. County and city officers.
The report was adopted , and after a
ihorough exchange of views during
; he day , on motion , a vote ot thanks
was tendered Messrs. Early and
Stauffer and other otncara of Platte
county for courtesies extended to the
members of the convention.
On motion , the secretary was re
quested to furnish a copy of the pro
ceedings of thia convention to the
state papets.
On motion , at 10 o'clock p. m. , the
convention adjourned.
Xlie only ezlitlng remedy for OTery p -
cles ot Acute or Chronic DU aa ot
the Organs of Respiration ,
and on ob join to
ms nll-powerf ul Tesetablo prepora-
JL tlon oxpela from the lungs and air pas
sages , the mucu anil muco-pus produced
by pi'lmonary inflarnmatlon , heals the
irritated membrane * , and renorate *
every organ which utilizes the breath of
Life. It contains no stupefying potion ,
nnd Is in all reopects a hnnlthfal medi
cine. The rapidity and certainty with
J hch It
h astonishing. Its effects go deeper than
the mere symptoms of pulmonary dis
ease and discharges the cause from the
( yntrm. Free nnd painless expertora-
tlon is the mode by which it relieves the
lungs , chest nnd throat f ram thebnrdeni
Tvhlch oppress them ; thni arresting Cn -
sumptiuii and Dronchitis in the germ be.
fore ( hey reach the more dangeroni
stages. Tlie emaciated sufferer
Trlth the most terrible sconrge of onr ell.
mnte will flnd Fritsch's Prnssian Cousr.
Syi JIP a potent ally , and will assuredly
ivin the fight by adhering strictly totlili
treat medicine. The
in which it has been administered witT
fntiro success as a remedy for every va
riety of malady which affects the Ke-
rpirntory functions , amount to mori
nt the present date , andyotthe prepara
tion is only in the infancy of Its useful
ne s. The great defect of all Cougl
ICcmedlea hitherto introduced Is tha
they are simply expulsory. Hence thej
nre useless ; for unless the causes of tin
acrid serrrtlons which are coughed u ;
are rumotedand the ruptured , Inflame *
or maturated surfaces healed and re
stored to their natural tone , n cure I
Impossible. 1'rltsch's Prussian Coagl
Syrup accomplishes these objects. Tin
mucus and muco-pus which are the con
Kcquence ot I.nngiisea ! e , are thrown of
by it , while nt the same time it soothe"
and Invigorates the weakened tissues.
For coughs , colds , Influenza , bronchia
< llfflctiltles , tightness of the chest , hoane
ness , sore throat , trachitis , Intlamma
tion of the lanes , difficulty of breathing
pleurisy nnd all disorders of npulmonar ;
nature , it has never been equaled.
Sole asenB la America , BIOUBD90H * CO
EL Louis , Mo.
Morris Eljra'ter. p'aintlff , ti. B. Mnrrjy , Cr
name unknown , defendant -
Before Lather B. Wri < ht. Jaitlco of the Pea <
of Donglai County , JieVnika.
On the 1st diy ot Noremhor , A. D. 1830 , ml
Justice issued an Order of Attachment in U
aloro action for the sum of J16.5J.
Omaha NoTerabsr 27th , 1830.
Bnaos BWOM , but Attorney. & 27 i
and Kefail Manu ;
( ueturinjr
RQ .
ttoldand Silver Wiitchcs
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