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Established 1871
MORNING 9r EDITION. Price Five Cents
-f ,
15h ( and Bulimias Street.
Over S.OOO residence lots for gale by this Been -
tf at prleeer snnn ? from 825 to $2,500 each , and
CAtcdlnerorypart of thccito. and In ercrv
direction from the Fostofficc , north , ctst , south
vi t ! ' and Tlnir In distance from one
oJocx to one or two miles from same. Call and
examine our lists
Several choice lota In Griffin & Isaacs' addl
ra , .c t of '
comcut , between St. Mary's n > en
le and n rncy rtrcct 8000 to 8800.
W acres Just east of barracks on Sannders St. ,
vms Is choice land and will bo sold very cheap.
Tor cash in C , 10 or 20 acre lots ; now Is vonr time
to secure a bargain.
Choice lot at end of street car tracks on Saun-
dore street for ? i76.
Choice lot , Farnham and 21tU streets. 90x182
cet for Sl.SOO-w 111 dh Ide 1L
Cheap lots In Credit Fonder addition , south of
P. depot S100to8SOO.
Forty lots on Park Avenne and Georgia street
on road to park , nnd near head of St. Mary's
avenue , at from $125 lo 5300 each. Seven Tears
time at cU.-ht | r cent Interest to those who will
put up coed substantial buildings. pjr i artheF
partioularu aj > pl > to.
O. P. BEUIS , Ai-cnt. ]
r-celltn and Douglas
. . ,
A lot on . and
njce U.rncj T jnty-Orst atreets
ni aven
Klftx lots In ; . -'Ion SSW nd $350.
dltions fo" ohlnn " fln > second and third ad
rSt- ! < 109 to f300 rach.
J01' jcar 15th and PJerce , $150.
- lots on Harnev near 24th St. , { 600 each ,
lot on 21th near Howard street , $7oO.
O lots In Grnud Viewadditlon , south of O. J
"ridge and depot , from 816 to ? 00 each-
Ono acre , 117x270 feet , on 18th street , soc
of Popplcton'g new residence , for $2,000 , or TI
uinde into city sized lots at from KM ) toiof
Larjto nuniher of beautiful residence lots , io
cated inthiaiicvr addition on Capitol Hill , It
twccn 2 th street on the east , 2Cth on the w
Dod e street on the north end FamUam str
on the south , formerly owned by C. H Dowr
and more recent ! j known ag the Perkins 15 ncr '
Only 22 lota lia > e thui far been platt&l 11 0-3
Farnham and 8 on Douglas street. These loti
arc 50 to 56 f CCt In wiJth and 150 in depth. 81,00 (
for the chnlca. 6 } ein time , at 8 per cent hi
tcreelto thnac who will build peed substantla
houses tlicrc-a. C il and examine plat and ce1
full inforinition at
erMOMu Ja"
, .
bythlsofllcj They arc * caU.cred all over the
* cheap hoasei near J.ckson
. ut a f-511 < = ri3co. Here Is a
great l > arK In ror Homo one. The property must
be sold irarjl0jUteiy ( > (3 ( , , Jlst | , quirter o , a
oiock. 1 , 11 an < i examine thhj without any dclsy.
OEO P. BKM1S , Acent.
15th and Douglas SIB
A desirable lot near Cumlmr and Saundrrs
Streets , SI.COO.
The cheapest aero lots In the city of Omaha ,
re those offered for sale b3- this agency In Patk
Place and Lowe's Mcond addition , on Cuminc ,
Burl and California streets ; you can make no
mistake inpie.Mnirup these bargains while jou
have Vho chance. Tliese lots are more than equal
In size to 4 full-sired city lots or a half block
audit will bo but ix Tory short time before one-
flrtb part of one of these acre lots will sell for as
muchaswcotlcr a full acre to-day. They are
located a very short distance west of Crilghton
College. Prices ranrimr from 8160 to 8300 per
ere lot. Call Immediately , and don't lose your
liance , and get plat and full particulars of
GEO. P. BKM1S. Accnl ,
16th and Douglas Streets.
Nice lot on Sherman Avenne north of Nicholas :
treet , 81,400.
Half lot on Cas bctwoon ISth and 14th streete
2 nice Ios ! In Hartiuiirs addition , $400 to ? 800. ,
Large number of tcre lots In Qiao's addition In
Itorth Omaha , SJ S to f300 each.
Choice cortnii- lot near 22nd nd California ;
troets. 81,503.
8oeral jjood lots In Nelson's addition , 150 lo
f S50 cxh.
Choice lot In Thomcll's addition , 8760.
Several larpo Iota In Bartlrtt's addition , 1J
rods and2J acres each. Prices 8700 to 12.000
Several choice lots In Reals first addition.
J276 to 8S50 each.
Aero lot on Sherman avenue , (16th ( BtreeO ,
Boulh of Popplctou's new residence. ' or 81,100.
2 large lnl tusrlSlh ami Civ ! c otreels. eOt c
830 feet Corner , 81.200 ; inside. Cl.oyo. ci i
3 largo lots on Sheim n a euus , ( loth street ) '
Clark StieetrWO u-h 11
K [
22 nice and cheap lots , very n ar to the bun ! dif f
ne spart of the city , located acry few steps a
couth ot the Convent an J ft. Mary's avenae.and id
lust Couth of and
adjoining the ground of James
M.Voolworth and WJ. . Council these are
cheap and very desirable , being BO handy to bus
iness part of city , to new government depot , nail
works , white lead works , U. P. depot , stock SpT
y aids , packinghouses , etc Call and get plat T
and full particularx. Price 8276 to StSO and easy
orms to tbot > e nho build cr
GEO. P. nEWS , Agent , er
15th and Douglas Sts.
S choice residence lot * en S4'1 direct , bctAecn
Douglas and Dodge utrcels.t to f 1.2CO each tit
and long time to thofc who Hill build th
2 choice comer lots near 2th and Farnham thpr
strcots , 05x121 feet , 81.160 and $1,200. and very pr
e sy ternio to purchasers hol I improve. of
Also i lota on 21th , between r.trnham and
Douglas etreeU , 050 to ? lr 0 each and long to
time.CT250 co [
CT250 of the best business lot ! In ref conn
Omaha for sale , located on every ban nr street. nnTa
8500 to 86,000 cadi. Ta
valuable star cities In al
most ctery business block 15 000 to $16.000 '
40cho co rvntdeneo tots in strove addition , Im. lei >
moJIiatcly north of nnd aj'olnlng Poppletou's
t beautiful residence nnd grounds , and located on tr <
ISth 10th and 20th streets , $300 to 8550 each and trra
very easy terms to those who * ill build Call and ra
examine plat and get full particulars. rape
OEO. P. BESIIS , Agent.
Beautiful building dte on Sherman a\cnne , : ]
10th stroetbctwccn Popplcton and the Dudley * at t
I jams property ; 63 feet east frontage on the atal
aicnne , by SSO feet in depth. Will divide itm k-
inglS2feetbyXS9. Call and get full particulars. of F
An acre u ISth rtrcct , 101 feet east frontage of I
by S7S feet deep. This is Just south of the Kllra- iti
beth ( Poppleton place. This Is gilt-edge , call and itim
pet price and terms of BEMIS , Agent. m !
IS cowl lots. Just north of and adjoining K. V. an
Smith's addition , and located bc'wecn 20th and
nundcrs street * , at reasonable prices and long sci
luojto linycr who Improve BEUIS , Agent. aei
S3 lots la Horbach's first and second ad itlci
on 16th , ISth , 19th and 20th streets , betwc o du
Nicholas , Paul. Sherman and Clark streets , n tie
handy to O. P. Shop , smelting works , r tieT
ranging in prices rom from $200 to $1:100 c T
requiring onljr umall paj ment down and , ali [
time at 7 pr cent Interest to those who will ira- aliUi
ve. GEO. P. BEMIS ,
1 15th and Douglas Street. pu
S3 nice loU In Parkers addition , bctw , . a Trl ;
Smnders and Pierce. King and Campbell' * S en
on Blon&ostrcrt19lots with south fronts r
16 with north frontace , only 6 blocks north . CO !
the turn-table ( end street-car track ) on Saund . foi >
street. Very lew prices ; S176 cash , or 8200 < o als [
long time * nd S per cent Interest to those wh
3-150 good farms for sale In Douglas Sarpy de
ashlngton , Bnrt , Podge , Sinnders and Eistera
crof counties.
SSTSOO 000 acres best selected lands In the
ate for sale by this agency. Call and get maps , a
rculars and full paUiculars. , . .
* and SL50. fei
Bemlb new m p of Omaha , 60c
9BemIs' new pamphlet ( and map of the
tate entitled "tho outlook of Nebraska" for
distribution ro <
ee ,
Geo. P. Bern is' cit
loth & Douglas St. , lul cia
OMAHA , - - . - NS ?
The Doughty Pitz John
Porter Again Before
the Senate ,
Democrats in the House Protest
Against Admitting Garfield's
Successor ,
General Grant Visits Wash *
ington and is Given a
Grand Welcome.
Rumored That the President
Will Denounce DeLessepa
by a Special Message.
Special Dispatch to. The Bee
WASHINGTON , December 13 10 p.
m. Secretary Thompson this morn-
njj requested the president to name-
us successor to take effect Monday ,
the 20th inst. , as he wishes to leave
the department on that date. The
jresident , having accepted the resigns
tion of Hon. R. W. Thompson , and
he latter having requested to be re-
feved of his duties on the 20th inst. ,
-he president at 2 . .
p. in. to-day , des-
gnated the Hon. Alex. Ramsey , aec-
retaty of war , to act as secretary of
he navy in addition to his other du-
iea , from and after the 20th inst.
The attention of Secretary Thompson
raa to-day called to-a publication ,
purporting to give an account of an
interview between himself and Gen.
Grant in New York about the Panama
canal route , which was not at all a
pleasant one. Gen. Grant is stated to
have left Secretary Thompson with a
flea tn his ear. The secretary said
that the idea of Gen. Grant hunting
him up to induce him to abandon the
proposal with the French canal com
pany -was preposterous. Ho passed
Gen. Grant In the corridar of the
Fifth Avenue hotelj and merely greet
ed Mm ,
tvedal Dispatch to The Bee.
WASUINGTON , December 14,1 n. m.
Gen. Grant arrived yesterday after
noon at 4 o'clock
on the limited ex
press , and was received with a salute
of seven guni , by the National Vet
eran clubs of the Boys in Blue , who
escorted him to the residence of Gen.
Boal , on Pennsylvania avenne. The
streets along the line of procession
were packed with citizens , and the approaches
preaches to Gen. Beal's residence were
so thronged as to bo nearly impassi
ble. Owing to the pressure of pri
vate business , Gen. Grant will only
remain in the city three days , but ho
expects to return here about the mid
dle of February , when ho will return
until summer. A formal reception
will be held to-night at Masonic Tem
ple , under the auspices of the Boys in c
Blue , between the hours of 8 and 10
o'clock , which will afford ample oppor t
tunity for the general to moot his a
hosts of friends at the capitol , U
It was currently reported hero yes S
terday that the president was very t
much chagrined at the action of Sec 0t
retary Thompson. He is well aware t
that the wily Frenchman will make t
the most of what is apparently a sanc- 0
i-n by this government of his canal 0u
aroject , among European capitalists , u
tt was also stated that the president al
vas contemplating the propriety of alCl
lending a special to Cl
message con- Clt
ress again enunciating his views in t
jpposition to the construction of an "wt
nter-oceanic cinal on American ter t ;
ritory by a foreign corporation. A d
jill will be introduced u the house to- 8
lay to incorporate the Nicaraguan IIre [
anal company. * Gen. Grant will bo rest
lamed the . st
among corporators. stit
iVhilo Gen. Grant's visit to Washing itw
on was arranged before the canal ex ite.
ilement prevailed , it is known that e.
10 will hold several conferences with
untlemen interested in the project else
luring his stay hero. He is thorough- sefn
posted on the canal subject , and it fncl
intended that ho shall be rnadopres- clat
dent of the Nicaragua company. atS
HOUSE. _ S ;
peclal Dispatch to The Bee. * ' "
WASHINGTON , December 13 Mr.
'ownsend < , of Ohio , presented the credentials
rodontials of Ezra L5. Taylor as Gen-
ral Garfield's successor.
Mr. HurJ objected to the administra-
ion of the oath to the applicant , on , .
tie ground that ho was not elected c
roperly from the Nineteenth d' trict '
Ohio. Ho quoted the law of Ohio ,
show that the counties that now co
impose the Nineteenth district were la
nt the counties that hud elscted arar
aylor. -ar
McKinstry , in reply , argued that coba
'aylor's title to a scat was not ques- ba
onod by any ono in the Nineteenth io
strict , and ho contended that Tay- iopa
r was properly elected. pa
Mr. Butterworth , of Ohio , has in- na
reduced a bill to provide for cheaper ar
ites of postage. It authorizes the th
ostmaster-general to establish a new
ylo of postal card to bo transmitted ofm f
one cent each. He has introduced m <
bill to relieve soldiers of the charge or
desertion. It recites instances orby
many soldiers who served faithfully th
the late war , who left their com- at :
landbefore they were mustered out ,
ad it proposes to relieve all who Ca
jrved faithful , of the charge of do- sp
jrtion , provided they were with heir lat
smmand till the actual close of the latmi
ostllities. mi
Mr. McCoid , of Iowa , has Intro- thi
uced Into the house a joint reaolu- co
on compelling a state to maintain a
tp >
stem of free school education. It
so declares that no citizen of the
nited States , who has not attended no
ublic orprivata schools for five'years > deed
ho cannot read or write , shall be
alitled to vote , nor shall hs bo i.
untcd in the general enumeration
r representation. The amendment
so fixes ono day for all elections in sr *
ears when president and vice-presi-
ent are voted for. -
After the Taylor matter had been we
leposed of , the states were called and in ;
number of bills introduced and re- ho
irred. ES (
Mr. Lowe offered a resolution dl- cei
scting an Inquiry into the allegation BE
lat several states had deprived thair rif
tizens of tha right of suffrage. Tae tir
ates of Pennsylvania , Rhode Island , EC !
fassachusetts and Georgia , were es- to
scially mentioned. Objection -was Di
iade to the consideration of the rcro- mete
ition and it was referred to the judi- to >
ary committee. " Bi
Mr. Poehler , of Minnesota , of- tic
fered a resolution practically protect
ing a-rainst the theory of the German
government's viRWS with regard to
the treaty with that government , and
demanding its abrogation by the
United States.
Mr. Warner , of Ohio , Introduced n
bill to appoint a commission on the
tariff question.
The joint resolution In relation to
the electoral count came up. ,
Fernando Wood , chairman of the
ways and means committee , gave notice -
tico that after to-day he would de
mand the consideration ol the fund
ing bill
Mr. Becknell promised ho would
demand a rote aa soon as the debate
Mr. Conger intimated that the re
publicans would debate the question
at great length.
Mr. White , of Pennsylvania , made
a speech in opposition to the rule and
was followed by. Mr. Finley , of
Ohio , and Mr. Davis , of North Care
lina. Mr. Finley took the ground
that there was no use beginning tbo
fight unless it was proposed to keep it
up. He admitted Gen. Garfiold's
election , but said he would hold the
republicans responsible for any delay
in counting the vote.
A question arose between Mr. Da
vis , North Carolina , and Mr. Reed ,
of Maineln , wnich the whole question
of the late campaign was discussed.
Without disposing of the matter , the
house , at 5 p. m. , adjourned.
Senators Edmunds and Logan appeared - -
pearod in their e'eats for the first time
during the present session.
The usual number of memorials and
pstitions were presented and referred.
Whyte , from the committee on
printing , reported a house joint reso
lution that ono copy of The Congres
sional Record be sent to each of our
legation abroad. Passed.
Mr. Jones , of Florida , introduced a
bill for the construction of a public
building at Pensacola , Florida , to re
place the one just destroyed by fire.
Mr. Randolph succeeded in calling
up for consideration the bill for the
relief of Fitz John Porter , and oSorcd
his amendment , making him a colonel
on the retired list without ba".k pay.
Mr. Edmunds asked through how
many administrations the power to
appoint would run. If the present
executive failed to appoint , would the
president-elect appoint ? acd so on
through his successors for a series of
term ? . He moved an amendment
limiting the power to appoint to ono
year. Yeas 21Nays 33. Messrs. Davis
(111. ( ) and McDonald voted with the
republicans in the sffimative.
The substitute for the bill offered
that Porter had been dismissed from a ,
the army , and he was no more a part *
of the army than any other citizen.
Mr. JSdmuuds said con Teas could aa
well enact that the president is au
thorized t to reinstate David Davis E3 a
justice in the supreme court of the
DmtcJ 1 States -Hn could . .content ,
himiolf with pointing out the unconstitutional
stitutional features of the bill without tl :
at present going into the merits of the w
case. ] V
Mr. McDonald said the proposition tl
that the senate should set the action 81
of the court , martial aside was not a ol
new one. There were numerous pretf ;
cedents for it , and not only that of tl ;
Surgeon-General Hammond , whore g
the : ecntanco was set aside by a vote tc
of 55 to 1. Ho did i ot understand It
the ] constitutional provisions relating
to ( the confirmation and appointments
Df the president by the senate to ap Sp
ply to military appDintmonta ; that he SpTl
to civil Tl ?
understood it to apply solely TlL
Mr. Hereford said the ideas advan ta
ced by Mr. Carpanter were contrary cr
to ( the theory of the government ci
which made the military subordinate he
o ( civil authority. The power of par- vl
Ion invested in the president , related cowi
lolely ( to the sentence of civil courts , wi
fa man was sentenced by a court th
shot beintr in us
nartial to bo , congress
lession , and being the superior autho- ai
would have the to thin
ty , power say
that should bo in
vhether or not man innl
executed. nlall
Mr. Thurman said three better all
iflicers to examine the case than thoao m
ettled upon could not have been ru
ound , and their findings were so th
ilear and emphatic that he could not lil
oo how anybody could heaitato to
rant < the relief. Ho combatted the topu
dea that this was an exercise of the pu
lardon power. Oongress'has ' the power an
say who should and who should an
lot compose the army. It was no itsit ;
ixercise of the appointing power by sit
ongreesfor authorizing the president po
rithout confirmation , did not deprive th
lira of the power to nominate for con- ab
irmation another to the position. po
admitted Iho . of
Mr. Logan po.ver hii
ongrees to make rules and regn- tir
atlons for the government of the lai
rmy , but hold that after these rules th
nd regulations had been executed , it sit
ould not then set aside what had sitmt
leon done under its poaitve direc- mt
DH. Th
DH.Mr Thurm < vnjroad a number of acts
assed by congrces authorizing by IK
amos the restoration of officers to the th :
rmy , and in which the sentence of
ag ; <
bo court martial was set
Mr. Logan said , with the exception
the caio of Surgeon General Ham-
lend , which was passed without prop- asa
consideration , all the names cited tn <
Mr. Thurman | has been sent to Inj
10 < senate for the confirmation of rein- Cb
atemeut. by
ed l
A protracted argument bntweon rul
arpentor , McDonald and Eaton , tht
srung up as to the constitutihal ro-
itions of congress to the appointing
ewer , the second last named gentle- ]
len maintaining that appointments to wa
10 army did not come under the same DD
institutional provisions as applied chl
civil appointments. me
On motion of Mr. Davis , of lilt- pla
ois , the senate at 3:40 : p. m. went dis
ito executive session , and when the are
oors were again opened. Adjourn- oul
. me
in L
Challenge to American Riflemen
icdal Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORE , December 14 1 a. m.
-In relation to the contest for the
orld's championship in rifle shoot- wn
, a letter from the earl of Sten-
ope , representing the national rifle me
lociatlon of Great Britian , was re-
jived yesterday by Judge Gilder- str
eovc , president of the American
fie cssociation. It icqnests the na- m ;
rjal rifle association of America to
ud ever a team of eight gentlemen
represent this country in the Wim- jus
ledon camp meeting , which will com- ten
lenco on the second Monday in July , otl
compete with the teams of Great Spi
ritian and Ireland , for the interna- oil I ,
onal championship. for
The Sudden Return of the
Chief Secretary of Ire
land Causes a Sen *
The. British ' Cabinet Adopt
Pors'ter's Coercive
And Troops Will be Hurried
Into the Disturbed Dis
British Consuls Decline , and a
General Uneasiness Mani-
ifestedin Trade ,
. . . . . . . .
London Excited Over the
Threatening Attitude .As
sumed by the Govern
Affairs Approaching a Crisis.
Spedal Dispatches to The Beo.
LONDON , December 13,10 p. m.
The cao of Eev. Pelliam Dale , who
has been imprisoned for some time by
order of arches for nnritualistic prac
tice In the church of which hd was
rector , has resulted in his trial in the
court of the queen's bench , and in a
judgment In favor of the crown.
There was no question as to Mr.
Dale's guilt under the law , and the
judge In commenting on the case sus
tained the action of Lord Penance , oj5
the court of arches.
A 'Paris despatch says Baron
De Friodland and his wife have been
arrested. The latter , who is a daugh
ter of the Duke De Perslgning , grand
daughter of Princess DeLa Moscowa ,
god-daugbter.bfJex-EmpressEugeinejas .
charged with forging her grand
daughter's signature to acceptances
amounting to 198,000 fanes ,
Special Dispatch to The B o. S
LoNDONjDecembor 13 10 p. m.
It was announced yesterday that two A
additional regiments were demanded S
for ' use in Ireland. It is stated as a e
matter of fact that there are more da1
troops In'Ireland than there were at a1ri
Inkorman when the fate of the allies ri
In Crimea hung in the balance of that ria
sharply contested battle. c :
Consols have declined as a result of
he nervousness and uneasiness eveiy-
Many merchants and others express
the opinion that the government
ihould at once declare it a criminal [
TenBO for any person not in the mil-
ary or constabulary to carry arms in
hat country. More reflective per-
ions < ask how the government is going
o prevent it , except by declaring
Ireland in a state of rebellion.
peclal Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , December 13 10 p. m. Sp.
he sudden and unexpected arrival in Sp.m.
Jondon of Mr. Forster , chief secro-
ary for Ireland , from Dublin , hpi m.Hs
rented a great sensation in political
ircles. : Mr. Forstor is understood to pr
iavo returned from Ireland more con- " 3
inced than ever , if uosaible , that a '
ompromising and temporizing policy tei as
rill not be of the least avail to pacify
ha conntty. Ho is in favor of these rei
so of armed force , and that only as
means of upholding the authority of SP
he government. The cabinet meet-
g , which has been called for to- 1an
Ight , Is expected to bo an nnusu- an
lly important and stormy one. All fol >
lanner of sensational and exciting we
umora are in circulation regarding cle
he meeting and the line of policy an
ikely to be adopted. The opinion ioi.ri
ains ground that Gladstone will have .ri
abandon his policy of waiting to
nsh a land bill through parliament , Sjx
nd acquiesce in the warlike temper
ad propositions of Mr. Forster , who , m.
is understood , has placed the Irish m.we
ituation in so clear a light before a sb
ortion of his colleagues as to induce
3em to side with him. This Is prob- ate ;
bly true , and if ao , Mr. Gladstone's tal
oaition is as critical as it well can be ,
ad demands immediate decision on
a r
in part. Mr. Forstor insists that the ha
nao for half way measures with the
nid league is past ; that Ireland Is on quwa
10 , brink of revolution , and that the an
tuation will not permit the govern- Th
icint to await the .action of parlia- hii
lont. The opinion of The Times and hiima
ho Standard , and other lending jour- sui
ils , is that the gravity of afftirs in ne >
eland cannot be exaggerated , and wa
lat the worst indications of months lat
o are not to ho compared. int
-\fr. \ Parnell and his coadjutors are toBs
isumiug a more defiant attl- Bs
ide , and their bold act in demand- fire
from parliament the removal of na\ ,
bief Justice May from the bench , tov
means of a resolution to be adopf- stri
at the cuming meeting of the home bul
ila members in Dublin , demonstrates for
icir sense of the power they hold. iti
' is
Mr. Childers , secretary of state for Wil ;
ar , has been in consultation with tl-a
eke of Cambridge , commander-in- Bpci
lief of the army , regarding the best .
easures to he taken in reference to m.-
acing more military In the turbulent tiei
stricts of Ireland. The probabilities
that additional troops will be sent
an <
out at once. It is difficult for the yo ,
est conservative to say how civil war ing
Ireland is to be avoided. bu ;
LONDON , December 14 1 a. m. ha > ;
he cabinet is still m session , and the pic
lldeat rumors are flying about aa io me
hat is being said and done. The wh
aba at this time of night are full of ago
embers excitedly discussing the va- hei
ous stories as they come in. The
reel ? , in the neighborhood of the Spei
swspaper and telegraph offices , re-
ind one of war times. 1J
LATER The cabinet meeting has pla
ist ended after a protracted and in- tial
nsely exciting session. After the pui
her members had separated , Earl spr
jencer , lord president of the coun- wir
andMr. Forster remained closeted Ke
a long time. It is next to certain abl
that the coercive policy urged by Mr.
Foister fo Ireland , haa been adopt
ed by the cabinet.
Pavey and Herbert , the murderers ,
were hanged In Newgate prison , Lon
don , Monday morning. Pavey was
convicted of the murder of Ada Shep
herd , a girl ten years of age by cutting
her throat. T
i T4'Sad Job. - - \
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
OiTAWAitpnt. , December 13 10 p.
m. The Citizen , which is supposed
to be & government organ ) severely
criticized the Pacific railway bargain
this moiningY The details of the ar
rangements are not at all satisfactory ,
as the public were led to expect , from
ministerial .utterances. Syndicate is
considered to have the test of the
bargain. /
A Huge Assortment of News
from Various Quarters !
Jay Gould Creates a Klurry.
Special dispatch to TUB Bin
ST. Louis , December 13 10 p. m.
Jay Gould passed through here to
day. It was reported on 'change that
10 had bought a controlling interest
n the Iron Mountain railway. In
quiry elicits from President Allen the
statement that no sale is consummat
ed , but that a pooling combination
for i the settlement of business has
been formed. It is possible that
Gould will control the road soon.
The Phllp Forprery.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , December 13 10 p. m.
Judge Cowan , in the court of gen
eral sessions , to-day rendered a de
cision refusing to quash the indict
ment against the editors and publish
ers of The Truth in connection with
the Morey-Chincao letter case. The
case was transferred.
A Just Retribution.
Special D la patches to THE Bu.
BRAZIL , Ind. , December 13 10 p.
m. A halfbreed negro and Indian
named George Scott , out
raged Mrs. Allison , the wife of his em
ployer , at their farmhouse near here
some days since. He was captured
at Marion , Ind. , and brought back
here. Early Sunday morning , a
band of masked men took him from
the jail and hanged him. J
Special ] Dispatch tojTheJBeei
CHICAGO , December 13 , 10 p. m.
A. dispatch was received by Gen
Sheridan to-day , saying that the raid-
ara ; are still encamped north of the In-
iian territory line , .and the troopv
ibrcast of them in the Indian territo
ry. Payne himself has bean deposed
\Iaj. : Randall , with two companies of
avalry ; , will join Mason to-day near
EInnniwell , where the raiders are
srinped.Ona cavalry company occu
pies Oklahoma , and is scouting that :
lection to pick up any small parties
lomir.g from the direction of Texas
ir Arkansas. A Hunniwell special
ays advices from Washington urges
elay. The leaders are confident of
avorable legislation , and only the
lotspurs wish to push ahead , regard-
ass of a collision with the government
roops. The movement Is approaoh-
3g its climax , and there are indica-
ions of a fight or a foot race within
tie next iorty-alght hours.
Sherman Ahead ,
pedal . Dispatch to The Beo. m
CINCINNATI , 0. , December 14,1 a. atw .
. The Gazette this morning pub- w
shed six hundred interulows with pa
rominent republicans In every local-
y in the state , upon their choica for 01
tatted States senator. The result is
follows : For Shprraan , 431Fos- ; at
jr , 99 ; Matthews , 76 ; West , 24. The SI
jmaindor are scattering , Si
indications , Hat
joclsl Dlxpatch to Tax CBB.
WASHINOTOND. C. , December 14 at
a. m. For the upper Mississippi
id lower Missouri valleys : Rising
llowed by * falling barometer ; north- tb
eat , backing to south or west winds ; er
itar or partly cloudy in the latter
ad partly cloudy weather with occas- fn
inal rain or snow in the firmer dia- fn
ict , followed by falling temperature.
Shot IJead. >
ecial Dispatch to Tim Bin. th
SAN FRANCISCO , December 13,1 p. th
i.-Antoino Fischer , candidate on the
orklngmen'a ticket for supervisor , Io
lot Road Commissioner Beeratecher , ce
lat before midnight , Sunday. Beer- indii
echer's wound is not necessarily mor- dii
, though the bullet entered just co
nder the left nipple and probably hit | re
rib and glanced off. No hemorrhage Cc
13 occurred and the injured man was _ _
aite strong this morning. Fischer a
as a candidate for county recorder ,
id i was beaten by less than 200 votes ,
he disappointment seemed to sour i
im , and the loss of business am
ade him desperate. He threatened
licide early last night , then went ,
ar Beerstecher'a bouse and laid in O.U.l
ait for him. Beerstecher returning U.l
te , saw Fischer and invited him U.lS
to the house to take a' glass of ! n1 .
andy and a cigar. Fiacher appeared on i
accept the invitation , and as
jeratecher opened the gate , A .
ed at him with Am
a Car
vy revolver. Beerstecher jumped OC
wards a tree for shelter , but was N 1P
ruck hi his left breast by the second Bt
illot and then ran towards the corner BtR I
protection. Fischer ran off and TJ&
ia believed he has committed sui- CA
le. Beerstecher is a young vigor- 1'
man and it ia believed that he DU ;
11 recover from his wound. EnP
The Qeneseo Murder , at
ccial dispatch to Tux BEK. atLi
.GENESEO , HI. , December 13 4 p. Li
Suspicion rests only on two par-
for the horrible murder of Mr.
Mrs. Dilly , a respectable farmer
his wife , west of this city. Two
inng raftsmen , who bad been husk-
corn for Dilly , and had wanted to weDC '
the two watches , which were _ the
ily articles stolen , if ia thought may in ry ; <
committed the deed. Sumo ig
ve sea-
§ 1
cion also rests on Mrs. Dilly's for-
huaband , Albert Reynolds , from
iom she was divorced over six years
oand , who has made threats against er en
life. ;
Keene'a Stock Farm , 40
edal dispatch to The Bee. Ja
NEW YORK , December 13 4 p. m. 45
It is now known that Mr , Keene Jn
negotiating for a horse to take the Jnwi
ice of Blue Gown , but if the nego- wi
itions should bo successful the new 32
trchase would not be shipped until 32M
ring on account of the danger of a cei
nter voyage across the Atlantic , ceiFe
eene haa already a number of vain-
le brood mares , but has not yet se- ca :
cured a farm suitable for stock breed-
Ing. Ho has been looking recently at
some property In Virginia , and It has ,
been reported-that he had bought a
valuable farm in the Shenandoah val
Unfounded Char-Res.
Bpeclsl dlgpatch io The" Bea.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , December 13.
i p. m. Chirges .having been made
of mismanagement and Buffering In
the Connemara colony , Govern > r
Pillsbury has sent a committee headed
by Bishop Ireland to Investigate. It
says great difficulty was experienced
in getting the colonists to prepare for i
the cold weather , but that the ac
counts of suffering are greatly exag
gerated , as § 5,000 , donated by the
Irishmen of Minnesota , has been
judloioualy expended. 81,600 in
bringing them from Boston , $2,000
for their houses , 8600 for stoves , and
the remainder-for food , fuel- and do
mestic utensils , while large quantities
of flour , meal , potatoes , wool , etc ,
have been provided for them through
the exertions of Bishop Ireland.
Spedal Dispatch toThe * Bee.
WASHINGTON , December 13 4 p.
m. The president to-day nominated
! dgar S. Manton , of Illinois , to be
t consul general at St. Petersburg ,
Wolf-jang Schonle , of Ohio , as consul
at Bordeaux , John Hall , of Pennsyl
vania , to be marshal for the 12th dis
trict of Penna and a number of post
The Laws Demand.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
COVINGTON , Ky. , December IS-4
p. m Chinler and Smith , counter
feiters , were convicted in the U. S.
court this morning and sentenced to
five years each in the Sing Sing
prison. Six moenshiners were also
convicted and sentenced to $100 finu
and four months Imprisonment.
Six Firemen Burned to Death.
Specal Dispatch to The Beo.
CINCINNATI , 0. , December 13.
Shortly after five o'clock yesterday
evening the J. P. Gay company's
roofing material , lamp black and var
nish factory , situated on East Sixth
street , caught fire from ono of the
kilns , and in a few minutes had spread
through a large lumberyard , and three
fonr-storv brick buildings , a'l of which
are owned by J. P. Gay & Co. , but
two are occupied by the Crown Man
ufacluring company. The material
was very combustible and the fire
burned very fiercely for several hours.
When the flre was hottest , the ilunes )
burst into a building in which six
firemen were at work , and before as-
afcjtance could reach them , they were
all smothered to death.
" * Railroad Restriction.
Special Dlapaicn to ch lfa .
ANLANTA , Ga. , December 13 4 p.
m. The Georgia raikoad corx.uission ! ,
ilw/vya / severe on the roads , haa
Issued a circular , to go into the first of
February , which will cause great >
ironble. Passenger rates on first-class
roads are reduced to three cents , and
tn1 othBr to four cents. The
ommtssion has reduced freights
ind fares so much that an open war
ixists between them and the railroad P >
nagnates. The issue between them bi
s warmly discussed , and will be the 5 i
mncipal matter considered by the 5fii
lummor session of the legislature. A fiif
itrong appeal will be made to induce f [
ho commission to repeal the last ctr- dcw
sular , but they intend to stand to it.
2 :
Ipeclal Dispatches to The Bee. clt
P. T. Barnum , the veteran show- clW
nan , was much improved last night , W
.nd the critical point in his sickness wi
ras : stated by his physicians to be 1
The steamship "Persian Monarch , "
iverduo a week , arrived in New York
eatorday , and reported exceedingly $
tormy weather. The disabled White
Itar steamship "Republic" has been
Ighted from the mast at
! pilot Sandy 9
look , and is expected sometime to- 9bt
lay. None of the other belated bt
teamer have been heard from.
O'Leary has reached Chicago ahef
wo months absence. He attributed
ho poor work of the American walk- th
rs in England to the bad weather. thH
Rev. Hyatt Smith , congress-elect fri
rom Brooklyn , announced yesterday ofDi
rom the pulpit , that he would not Di )
Ive up his pulpit , but only enlarge It
y preaching sermons in congress
hrongh his works for the benefit of all en
ho country. enA
Charles Pelbam Clinton , the bogus
3rd ; with various aliases , who was ro-
antly arrestodon the charge of obtain- Ui
ig money under false pretenses was UiOi
iacharged f rom.the New York criminal of f
ourt yesterday , but was immediately oil
Barrested ; on a requisition of Gov. thi
Cornell. ha
New York Money nnd Stocks.
WALL STRK T , DecamberlS.
MONEY 6 per cent on cad ; exchange , dull
lower at 84 J9@4 82. thi
Steady. Sh
.3. 6'a , ' 81..1 29 U.S.4'g 1 131
,9.5'a 1 11J Currency6's. 1 021
S.4ja 1 llj vie
STOCKS The stock market la Irrcznlar and ity
the main tower , except in a few Instance * ,
American Union H t per cent , hither than po
Siturda > , hut nearly all otlicr stocks arc in i
Jlwcrcent. luner , foi
& P lei 343 LS 123 }
nU 72 M C 11CJ
S 7SJ N J C 'J > foiA
CC * I 831 Manhattan 33 }
W 152J N P 33
Preferred 133 Pref errad 63 } A
Paul -.IV } O AM 38
130 PM Hit
&Q 174 Reading '
Ion. . . . . . 139J 111
AO 23 Omaha
1'nferred 31 } Preferred SSJ Fr
ck 103J UP 107
tl& H S9J W U 82
18 46j Wabash 44 }
Preferred 78 } Preferred 8t
Joe 44J O&V 38
Preferred 95 CP „ . . 8JJ
N 84
Cnlcatw Produce Market.
CHICAGO , December 12.
Wheat No.28pringfeverish , closing
3lc lower than on Saturday ; tales
ere at and between 8103@104g for
'ecember ; $1 03 @ 1 Ooj } for Janu-
; $1 04g@l 06f for February , clos-
at § 1 03 | for cash or December
04 @ 104jor | January ; $1 05J@ BolP
05 § for February. P
Corn No. 2 , trifle firmer for pres at !
, but shade loner for future deliv-
ryNo. ; 2 sold at 40@40go for Jan-
ary ; 45@45jc { for May , closing at
for cash or December ; 40jc for
anuary ; 40ic for February ; 45J@ Tl
c for Slay ; 44 c for June ; 4oc for
Oats Opened higher , but closed
1th the advance lost ; sales were at
233Jc for for January ; 37 c for
ay , closlne at 32c for cash or De- Oi
jmber ; 32 c for January ; 33jc for
ebniary ; 36gc for May.
RyeNo. 2 , c better at 87is for
ish , and 88c bid for January.
Barley In demand to fill shorts ;
No. 2 closed with § 113 bid for cash ,
January or February.
Pork Products quiet and lower ;
mess pork , sold at $13 02i@1320 for
January , 813 20 for February , closing
at1180@13 00 for cih ; 811 75 ®
11 80 for December ; $13 12J@13 15
for Januiry ; § 13 CC | for Fe'brnary ;
813 45Q13 50 for March.
Lard Sold at 58 37J@8 45 for Jan
uary ; 58 508 GO for Mireli. cloni-g
at 58 35 < g8 37 * cash or December ;
? S 4268 45 for Januav- 5223 55
forFebrua'y ; S3G2il-3 " 65 for jJa c'l j
Whisky SI 12.
Chicago Live Stock Market
CIIICAOO , December 13.
Hogs Lirge supply , and under the
influence of bad weither for packing ,
the market ruled dull at oc lower than
on Saturday , sales being made at
at 4 05 for light packing$4 30@5 05
for common to assorted heavy packIng -
Ing ; ? 4 60@4 90 for good to shoice
smooth heavy shipping lots. Receipt ?
32,000 head.
Cattle Sales ranged from $2 400
3 35 for rows and butchers' steer ? ,
§ 280@3 10 for Texan steers ; 827r
for stoclcers ; § 4 3534 50 for fair to
good shipping steers ; 50 00 for extri
to prime lots of shipping beeves for
export. Receipts , 3.0CO head.
St. Louis Produce Market.
ST. Louis , December 13.
Flour Uncnanged.
Wheat Very un ettled and lower ;
No. 2 red winter , § 1 021 05 $ for
for cash ; $1 02jj for December ; SI 01
for January ; 51 08i@l 07A01 075 for
February ; 51 10J@1 09j@l 10 | for
March ; No. 3 do , 81 001 OOJ ; No.
4'do , 94c.
Corn Unsett'ed ; 42f 3 for cosh ; 43
@ 42j forDecember ; 42@41c for Jan-
nrv44c ; for February ; 42J@425c fo
March ; 42 c for April ; 44 ® 44ic for
Oats Slow ; 3433c for cash ; 3
bid for December , 33c for February.
Rye Dull at 85c bid.
Barley Fancy , 81 05.
Butter Dull ; dairy , 22@28c.
Errgs Unchanged.
Whisky-Quiet at 5112.
Pork Dull at 813 10 asked and
313 00 bid for January ; 513 15
bid for February.
Dry Salt Meats Nominal.
Bacon Dull at 55 5C7 755 90.
Lard Firm at S8 30 asked.
Receipts Flour , 90,000 bbh ;
wheat , 34,000 bu ; corn , 115,000 ;
at9 , 23,000 ; rye , 0,000 ; barley. 32-
Shipments Flour , 14.000 bbla.
* heat , 30,000 ; corn , 37,000 ; oats ,
r,000 , rye , none ; barley , none.
St. Louis Live Stock Market.
ST. Louis , December 13.
lifogs Slow and IovrerYorkers ; and
Baltimores , 54 35@4 60 ; mixed pack-
ng$435@4 60 ; butchers' to fancy ,
4 G5@4 80 ; receints , 9,200 head ;
hipmenca , 1,700 head.
New York Produce Market.
NEW YORK , December 13.
Flour Steady and moderate exert -
ort < and home trade ; receipts , 30,048
larrols ; round Inop Ohio , 84 8C ©
50 ; choice do. 55 55@G 55 ; super-
ine western - " 40@4 10 ; common to
oed extra do , $ t 60@5 00 ; choice ,
o , do , 510SG 75 ; Ohio white
rheat , So 10 < gG 00.
Batter Dull and weak ; Ohio 14 ®
:0c. {
Egos Firm at 2G@32c for fair to
hoice. w
Wheat Qulet0hlcago,8117119 ; ; cltj
Milwaukee , 81 20@1 21 ; No. 2 red tjIS
rlntor , 81 20 for January ; 81 25s © ISCO
25jj for February ; sales 500,000 bu. COE
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 , 50c ; sales , COC.
ifl.OOO bu. C.F
Whisky Nominal.
Pork -814 75 asked for February ;
512 : 00@13 25 for Daceraber. pi
Lird 88 82J@8 87i for December ; nl
8 87J@8 90 "for January ; 88 85 ©
OOJor February ; SO 05@9 11 for CO
Iarch89 ; 12J09 12 | for April ; 88 87 * COv
uyer for the year. 1
Death Record. '
DEBORA Wife of D. 0. Wilmot , at th
he residence of her diaghter Mrs. F.
. Goddard Funeral will takb p'-'ce
mm the residence , northeast corner
18th and Clark streets , Wednesday ,
ecember 15th , at 10 o'clock a. m.
For Sale Six-horse power Baxter
uglne and boiler , In good repair.
| BEE ofHpa. no4tf
Undoubtedly the best shirt in the
Fnited States is mannfactured at the
imaha Shirt Factory. The superiority
Material and workmanship , com-
iued with their great improvements ,
lat is Reinforced fronts , Reinforced
neks and Reinforced sleeves , maker
leir shirt the most durable and bea
tting garment of the kind , ever
lanufactured at the tajderate price of
1.50. Every shirt of our make is
jaranteed first-class and will refund
IB money if found otherwise.
Wo make a specialty of all wool ,
baker , and Canton flannel , also
icmois underwear , made up with a
lew to comfort , warmth and dnrabil-
. To invalids and weak-lunged
oranna wo offer special inducements '
the manner thesu goods are made
their protection.
riday and Saturday. Dec. 17 and 18 , am Lo
and Saturday Matinee , 2 P. M. th
Tie Eminent ictor ,
MR. FRANK MAYO. wrWi cit
b ? ,
riday evenin ? and Saturday Mr.tlneo , produc efar
tion of Uartley Compbell's greatest pUy , ar
Murdock.s World renowned Drama , Lt
Dth playa produced here with eUborato scen
ery and effects. BiJ.i .
Reserved seats for any performance for ul J.iKi
MarMeyeri Bros * . Jewelry store. dec 11-7 1 Ki "E ;
wl :
Gco.R. Ratlibnn , Principal.
Ireighton Block , - OMAHA
Send for Circular.
tt >
Wholesale ami Retail Mann
lactiiriiii ;
iiiul Silver IVatchcS
and Jew * ry in the
Come and See Our Stock
as We Will Be Pleased
to Show Goods.
liitli t Dn < l < i > . 1'oatnBico.
Southwest corner 16th and Dodge.
Has lately been leased by
Who has had years experience jn the hotfl and rostimtuant busi
ness , and will run a first-class houf e.
Board by the Day or Week , with Lodging or ivHIioitt.
Centrally Located ,
Iron and Wagon Stock ,
At Chicao Prices.
1209 and 1211 Harney Street , Omaha.
Notice is hereby piven that sealed li'a ?
ill be received at the office of the county
lerk of Furnas county , Nebraska , at
Itaver City , the county neat of said cnun-
f. r.p to the 3rd d y of January , A. IX
381 , at 12 o'clock il. of siul tUy , for tlia
instruction of a wagon brtdKe across the
'epnblican river , south of the town of
Umbridge , in Medicine CreeK precinct , in
'urn.13 county , Nebraska , said b'iilge to
e 40) ) feet in lenstli. I id < I rs are re-
uired to accompany their lids with
lana and specific.itious of the work , and
l-io with a bond in a Bum double the
count of th-t bid , conditioned for the
idiful execution of the contract. The
jtinty cominixtiioners of aid county of
'urnaa , reserve the right to reject any and
LI bids.
By order of the county commHsioners of
'irnas county , Nebraska. Dated at
Beaver City , I urnan county , Nel.raaka ,
10 19th day of November , A. D. 18SO.
L. KISSMAN , County Clerk.
3D E 1TTIS T ,
men : Jacob'r ) H dc , Capitol Ave. anil
16th Street. Omnhn , Nob.
-tsr-mfz-s = t. A g-gg : A ,
ERNST KREBS , Manager ,
Manufacturer of all kinds ol
-es St Bet. Oth a > J MV HVAIIA , HKD.
ISth and IGth. The Gnat Event ' tint
appearance Ia thin city ol
E. C. Ellis'
taken Hearts Combination I
lien will be produced the Grand Spectacular
and K-aliilte Drama , In fro Acts , iibpted
from the oeautifui play of the'a
CompifH , by K. C. El t , entitled
hlch haa met with each unqualified nuccev ,
id ucboumled enthn uum In Chicr u. St.
mis. New Yortc , ind all the cri < ci al c.tiea of
le country Entire n < w and beiu.hul acenery
rned by the ornMnVton io a special ar ,
artlm ; and not el effects , including "A Ship-
rectc on ths Reef.A Rain itorm of Keel
itcr"A Mill InFu'1 fperat ! n. " Sew cat-
urn and Hydraulic effects. Evcrrthinz trang-
ir til and made exprejaly for the great com *
nation. Ihedramatic company ' " comf-SMl
the very best talent In the Iramatic profow-Ion ,
number of wncm were in the original pr/ilac-
n of the piece in New York and Cniixuo.
ie manazement talce.jrea& ; pleasure In an-
randn ? that they fwve ernraifeif the er > I m
Mr. Frank E Pierce , who has mada t national
potation In the part < f "OLL > DKK S"OK.
rY"and who has nceived the bl hmt praire
tat the leading paper * could bestow. Mr. I'lerte
ill be ( npportcv * by the foi TOW n ; Iwliej a. d
mtlemen : U FS Klora .S' U > n Mrs Mary
ton , Ml Edith tlli * . Mr. W D Burtnn , Mr
illus Scott , Mr. J. Ray McCann and Wi liam
in ? . T. nenker , and the frr * t and only
3AKSV We challeiize the wo Id to produce
equal. U haa been the wonder and adraira-
m of coon'Iest thntian's ! , aid its cunning
itics. ai d winning miners have delimited all
ho have een it. The aienery carried by this
mpany waa pilnted exprnsi ) by ilennj.
rtfcnl&Tripp , of Mooley's Th-itre , Chkago.
itSTRescrred festa cm now be bad at Max
eyer&Bros. Itoextn charge for reerrinif
atj. E. C. ELLIS , Manager.
II. C. Fnta * , fleiieral Bualneg' A-tcnt. ll-4t
OJd Fellows' Block ,
rompt attention jivcn t or n by telegraph.
Cor. 15th Dod"e and Sts.
We are Now Displaying an Ele
gant line of Ladies *
of the
.i flood Clonk lor - - * 3.OO
A oo l rioak Tor - - ifcl.OO
A A'iccly Triuiincil Cloak $ I.SO
An AlWool < leak - - * > 00
A Nice One r or - - - & 7.5O
Something Fine at $10.00 and
up to $ iO.o < > .
for a Child 2 years and
at Pleasing Prices.
This is the Best Line o
Children's and losses' Cloaks
to be found in the city , and
our Prices are alv/ays the
Alt at
Immenc e Stock of
White & Colored Blankets
Grey Blankets from $1.50
White Blankets from f
to $12.00 per pair.
Our $2.00 White
are a Wonder at the
EX's vy
Cor. 15th