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xc. x : x. x .A. 33 x.
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GATZ & FREEMAN , 510 llth St. , Omaha.
_ _ L * U Ut
Some Lively Work Antici
pated in Congress
this Week.
The Timidity of the Democrats
Inspires the Eepublican Mi
nority With Courage ,
Two Revenue Officers Killed
by Southern Moon
The Oklahoma Land Jumpers
Bun Against an UgJly
An Illinois Farmer and His
, ( Wife Foully Murdered in
Their Bed.
The Egyptian Obelisk Will be
Unveiled in New York on
Washington's Birthday.
Killed in Their Bed.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
GENESEO , 111. , December 13,1 a.
m. Saturday morning this commun
ity was startled by the report that
Thos. Dilly and wife , living ten mJlo
southeast of this city , had been mur
dered in their bed. Officers wentti
the scene of the tragedy .vd found Mr
Dilly dead , and Ms wito fatally in
jured HPv > ilioi in f > .s tighteyi ;
and Msrfr'e \ fkn.a \ ? i-actii'-O'i , ! nr
slin vrnf o' ' > or vie mangled , her firaitu
ruiiiiin.-iii ! ' , i : tfi pillow Thp tnm-
ily h "J b > i -tii Lvn-In-I'vtj'-iu
u..d che inur-U ' , r inuideia , h ;
? ecreti d th niselva ii ) the house. < uul
HS soon us D' 'j ! i-'d ' is fanriily Ve-
turnt'd , the foul iec.d w. . c niuiitteu
Mra. Dilly wa hf.nten over the no ( (
ai d breast wuii shovel handle , auo
was terrible ti > lo ! . u . S.o cannot
live. Th-iir I nhineive y.-ar old
irl , whi > t'lcpt in . 'he nuxc room , sa
a nidil light alnuip in .nerpmnts'
ro'jtu iid go to ibu oim-au , ht.t think
ing is waa her f ' , nht ; lay duni :
p.nd fell asleep. Soon after aho was
warned by thu grunt- < if d r m 't'i
i- ' , and c.illed to her , bur- received i"
reply. Sae then went intoth < r - nana
ana found them as stateu. S'iu
dressed herself and her two youngwr
brothers and went three-quarters of a
mile for assistance. Mr. Dilly was a
prosperous farmer. No clue to the
perpetrators can be assigned. Con
siderable jewelry was in the bureau ,
bnt only two watches were stolen ,
while Mr. Dilly's pants laid beside
the bed with the money in the pockets
Ca Unot Speculations.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , December 12 10 p. m.
A private letter was received here
yestetday from a confidential friend
of Gen. Garfield , in Washington. He
eays a western man will be made eec-
jetary of the treasury , and that
James P. Wilson , of Iowa , Is the
most probable man for the place.
Also that Senator Blaine has been of
fered his choice of the cabinet posi
tions , and will be given to February
1st to decide , and that he will proba
bly take the secretary of state , while
Levi P. Morton will probably be
made secretary of the navy. The
southern or democratic states will
probably be represented in the cab
inet by Ohauncy I. Filley , of St.
Louis , as postmaster general. It has
been decided to give the Pacific coast
a representative in the cabinet , and
Senator Booth will probably be the
Marine Mishaps.
Special Dispatch to The'Beo.
NEW YOKE , December 13 1 a. m.
The steamship "Mosel , " of the
North German Lloyd line , from
Bremen , arrived in port on Sunday ,
after a perilous voyage. She brought
500 passengers. Oil December 10 ,
late in the evening , the steamer sight
ed a vessel flying signals of distress ,
and bore down for her. The vessel
proved to be a White Star steamer
disabled. Her captain requested the
"Mosel" to tow his vessel into New
York , which was about GOO miles.
The cap ain of the "Mosel" said in
reply that the "Mosel" had only si.f-
fic ent capacity to maku thu trip her
self , and would consequently bu un
able to render any assistance. As it
was growing dark , the steamers were
drifting apart , the "Mosel" told the
disabled steamer to send a boat.
After waiting till it had grown dark ,
and seeing nothing of the expected
boat , the "Mosel" put upon her
course for New York , lu-wing the dis
abled steamer behind. The disabled
steamer is known to be the White
Star steamer "Republic. " Officers of
the "Mospl" art , very reticent in giv
ing information on the subject , and
profess not to know the uaino of the
steamer abandoned , and information
and name of the steamer was accident-
ly obtained from members of the crewr.
There will probably be an investiga
tion of the conduct of the " .Mosel"
captaiu. The extent of the "Repub-
licV mbhap is not knownthough she
is described by seaman of the "Mo
sel" as wallowing apparently helpless
in the heavy sea with only a few sails
set. She carries
a number of pas-
sengera. She is a stout ship , and lit
tle apprehension is felt as to her safety.
The "Faradav , " Captain Maypee ,
arrived here Sunday in a disabled
condition , after a singularly stormy
passage. On December 10th the shaft
of her port propeller broke off outside
of ; he stern , carrying with it the
screw. The vessel has two propellers
and was enabled to make port stem
foremost with the remaining screw.
She parsed on her voyage two wrecked
and abandoned batks. In the pres
ent dearth of the cable laying busi- §
ness , the "Faraday" will go into the
trans-Atlantic trade , and has been
specially fitted for grain and beef car
rying. She is the largest ship in the
trade. Her recenc voyage was one
successions of storms , which kept her
twenty days at sea.
The "City of Richmond , " of the
Inman line , arrived Sunday with 800
saloon and a number of steerage pas
sengers. The last three days of her
trip she was driven tow.uda New
York before a gale at the rate ot
seventeen miles an hour , and was
thus enabled to make port ahead oJ
Two More Revenue Officers Killed.
Special Dispatch to The Bee
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , December 12 10
p. m. A dispatch from Nashville to
The Commercial says : Capt. J. M.
Davis , deputy collector , was killed by
moonshiners in the eastern part of
Putnam county. He , with G. W.
Campbell , was sitting on a log writ
ing , when , a moonshiner took np a
gun , atrikisgigajnpbell on the .head ,
and then ran away. He soon returned
with other moonshiners and shot
Davis , killing him instantly. Camp
bell escaped. DAVIS was a faithful
officer , and had killed several moon ;
shiners for resisting arrest.
WASHINGTON , December 12 10 p.
m. Commirsioner Rauni received a
telegrem yesterday from Atlanta , Ga. ,
stating that Deputy Collector Wilcox
was shot through the body Friday
night while seizing an illicit distillery.
Two men were afterwards arrested
and the distiller ; destroyed.
The Obelisk.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , December 13 la. m.
Lieu'on ut Commander Gorringe is
Rte-dily | ashing the Egyptian obeJiak
M > . ; i > .i td ( site for its erection in Cen-
t-il p rx It is intended that the ob-
. ik : will ie placed in its upright posi
r . > : ihiuii February 22 , and the cere-
iii. mes f its unveiling will take place
mi T-I. nfr. moon of the22d , which day
'i-i n obn ved as a holiday , will be
: oi. < > ' ii by the presence of nearly
. .inr e .r-i.-ary of the First and Second
end i'vjii' < aa of the National Guard ,
. . . ii"i ly all the Masonic lodges ,
< : iiuii.iidt : as and chapters from this
. . : ! m.n ; c Mes throughout the United
St tuj , t o her with representatives
fr m ma y thools , colleges and uni-
! > l > ! ' iai t o Bee.
w.Asuix.r < > ' * UeceraberlS la.m.
1 i. . li 1-0 house will succeed
.urn g'M IC which begins to-ouy
< < re , i t : .1 the tangle caused by
It- n. . of the republican joint
. , in , t the Morgan resolution.
'l'-j tig c not to fight is the qnes-
neil > . < mted to the democrats , and
a i , r son ! it looks very much as
though the battle would occur. It is
probable that a caucus will be neces
sary to ascertain the-sentiment of the
democratic members regarding the
Morgan resolution. If they are to
insist upon their rghts as a majority
to decide what legislation shall be
had , concerted and harmonious action
ia necessary. If they yield to ihe de
mand of the republicans , that the
Morgan resolution shall be thrown
into the waste basket , they will un
doubtedly desire to back down in
good form , and without an excess of
debate. If it were not for the fact
that the present session such a
short one , and the list in which the
democrats will be in the majority for
at least tvro yeira , n desperate fight
would bo made on the issue raised by
the republicans. The fsar of an ex
tra session , from some inexplicable
reason , also eeems * o bear strong upon
the democrats Another argument
which many democrats are using , as
an excuse for avoiding apolitical con
test now , is the amount of important
public business which is of greater
moment to democratic interests than
a fi.'ht upon a question which pos
sesses no importance.
Mr. Atkin will endeavor to-day to
call up the fortification appropriation
bill and pass it. The military acide-
my and pension bills will be r ady for
action as soon as the fortification bill
is disp' sed of. The rpfuudmg bi Iwlll
then come up to contest precedence
with the Morgan rule , which Judge
Becknell desires to press for immedi
ate action , as the resolution has been
decided to be a question of privilege.
It will * ake precedence of the refund
ing bill , and then a dreary debate or
tedious spell of filibustering may be
anticipated. Not a few of the demo
crats have been
highly indignant over
the policy adopted by thu republicans.
Special Dispatch to Tiio Ecu.
CHICAGO , December 13 , 1 a. m.
The following di patch , from Gen.
Pope to Gen. Sheridan , aivea ; the la
test regarding the Oklahoma raid ,
from a military point of view :
FORT LEAVENWORTH , Kas. , Dec. 11.
Payne and his followers , of whom
there are perhaps two hundred , with
sixty or seventy wagons , made no at
tempt yesterday to crobs thB Indian
territory line , south of Arkansas City ,
in the face of the cavalry company ,
but broke camp and moved westward
along and north of thn line to a point
sixteen miles v.est of ArKacsaa City ,
where they are now camoed The
cavaly company marched abreast ot
them and camped opposite to them.
Payne and his cen . made many >
threats , but so far have not attempted
to enter the territory. S'ltne email
parties are said to have gone in at
several points" Capt. Randall was
ordered to move grndually forward
nsamst Payne to Arkansas City , and
also Liautenant Caldwell with three
c".valiy companies. Ho wasatOkla-
homo , ninety miles south of Arkanaaa
City , and will pick up en route any
gtnall p rtv that may hava rntered.
[ Signed ] JOHN POPE.
Ashes of Roaea.
Special Dispatch to The Bee
HDDSOX N. Y. December
, , 12 1 a.
m. Jay Gould's coupervatory , t his §
countryseat here , was burned yester
day morning. It was the most mag
nificent structure of the kind in the
United States. Estimated loss ,
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , December 13 1 a. m.
The current reports that the marriagw
of Mr. Bartlett and the Baroness
BurdetteCouttswill net take plac , are
wholly unfounded. Baroness Bur-
dette'Coutts" intimate friends say shu
is fully resolved to complete the alii
ance , regardless of her pecuniary loss.
j Preparations for moving from her
present home , which is the property
of the Coutts Bank , have alro'dy ad
vanced. It ia privately hinted thai
the wedding will occur next week.
The Baroness lately told a peer that
the judicial decision on her money
matters may eventually come before
him , being resolved , although indif
ferent to wealth , to maintain what
she believes to be her rights , and
leave the proceedings to the house of
lords for final decision. It is esti
" mated that , her regaining yearly In-
"come/after an adve'rse decision , would
be § 200,000.
special Dispatches to TUB Em.
A dispatch received here Saturday
evening report * the health of the Mar.
quis of Ripen , Viceroy or India ,
4. despatch from Paris reports that
M.Baudry D'Asson will institute law
proceedings against M. Gambetta
for the former's arrest.
Parnell has received a threatening
letter warning him , under the penalty
of death , not to speak at the
Pomeroy land meeting.
The London Times ascribes the
misery in Ireland to the lord lieuten
ant , and calls for his removal.
The rumor that Bartholomy St.
Hilare will tender his resgination
to the French cabinet , ia denied.
M. Cassagnac and Mitchell wilt not
fight a duel in Paris , as reported.
The British government haa ordered
two more regiments to Ireland.
M. Gambetta Sunday distributed
to the Polytre home association the
prizes , and in his speech said that the
reactionists.caused him no alarm now.
The pope has transferred Bishop
Hogan to Kansas , and Bishop Feo-
ban to Chicago. Bishop Carrigan
has been appointed coadjutor to
Cardinal McClosky.
Special Dispatches to The Bee.
F. L. Almy , a book-keeper in the
wholesale grocery house of E. S.
Smith & Co. , of Boston , confessed
that he had embezzled over five thou
sand dollars of the firm's money. He
was just married a short time agoand
the whereabouts of his young wife at
present ia not known. High life is
the cause of the trouble.
The handsome § 70,000 residence of
J. S. Jenkins , considered the finest in
Baltimore , was totally destroyed by
fire , between five and six o'clock Sun
day morning. The fire is thought to
have originated from the fire-place.
Two negroes , who were sleeping In
one of the npper stories , finding their
escape cut off by the stairway , jumped
from a dormer window , ana were
Engineer Bontly , of the Erie rail
road , was caught between two cars at
Buffalo , Saturday nighr , and instantly
killed , his head being completely sev
ered from his body.
P. T. Birnum is rapidly improving.
Two negro children at Memphis ,
Tann. , were burned to death this
morning. Their parents locked them
in the room and went to work.
Stella Schwab , of Baltfmore , aged
two roasted alive this morn
ing by the bursting of a stove.
E. W. Fuller , of Columbus , 0. ,
attempted so drive a buggy , occupied
by himself and lady , across the rail
road track , on Friday night in front
of an express train. Result , the lady
has a broken shoulder blade and Ful
ler is uninjured.
Bouj.imin J. Wagner , a Pottsville ,
P . , farmer , was frozen to death Fri
day in his wagon when within sight of
At Minneapolis , John Riley , accus
ed of the attempted assassination of
Judge Page , was bound over for trial
this morning in the sum of $6000.
The extensive saw factory ot Rich
ardson Bros , at Newark , N. J. , was
burned 10 the ground this morning.
One hundred and
eighty hands are
thrown out oi employment. Loss ,
§ 70,000.
The New York bank statement for
the week is favorable.
An express and nuil train on the
Louisville short line caught tire from
o stove this morning , and the express
and mail car wete completely de-
stoyed. Loss , § 50,000.
A row occurred kit
night in a negro
gambling den on Fourth aveiue , Chicago
cage , over a game of "craps. " Aiie-
named S n Cole who
gro , was only a
spectator , was fa'ally shot.
Oapt. James A. Wiae , tht } well-
known sttMnibort owner , waa knocked
down and robbed in Cincinnati last
night , and is lying in a dangerous
Secretary of Nary Thompson has
accepted the position o tiered him by
he Panama cinal company.
All but ti7u of tha overdue steamers
have arrived in Now York.
Chicago Produce Market.
CHICAGO. December 11.
Wheat No. 2 upring wheat ad-
vuncua If c for present and 2c for
January and Fibcnary delivery ; sales
ere January $1 041 flag for Feb
ruary , closing at § 1 05i for cash ,
SI 02j for January ; § 1 05105f for
February No. 2. at
Corn | @Jc higher , with sales at
3939Jc for cash ; 40@40Jc for Jan
uary ; 55@45 c for May , closing at I e
38 * ror cash. |
pats jj < gic better , with sales at 3
32J@32fc for cash ; 32g@32gc for Jan
uary ; 3Gg@37o for May , closing at
32c for cash ; 32j < § 32Jc for January ,
and 36g@37 for May.
Rye | c high r ; Nn. 2 sold for 8 3
for cash , and 87is ' bid for January.
Barley Adva'nced 2@3c ; No. 2
sold at 8110 'or cwh ; SI 09@110 for
Janiwy , closing with § 110 bid cash
for January.
Pork Products easier ; mess pork
5@7ic per bbl. lower ; salea at $1310
© 13 II * " for.January , closioi at $11 80
© 1113"for cosh ; § 11 80@11 90 for De
cember ; $13 12@13 15 for January ;
$13 3013 32 f .r February ; $1345
© 13 50 for March.
Lard 2tc lower for January ; sold
at $8 40S8 50 ; market closed $3 35 ®
8 37 cash for December.
Whisky § 112.
Chicago Llye Stock Market
CHICAGO , December 11.
Hogs 510cper 100 lower ; sales
at $4 55@4 75 for light packing , and
$4 404 70 for fairJlo extra prima a *
sorted -heavy packing ; $4 604 65
for good to : hoice heavy shipping lots.
Receipts , 26,000 head.
Cattle Siles ranged from $2 25 ®
3 20 for feeders , and $2 40@3 35 for
rows and butchers' stores. Receipts ,
1,200 head. _
New York Produce Market.
NEW YORK. December 11.
Floor Quwt , without change ;
$4 755 50 ; choice $5 55@6 85super
fine western,83 30@4 00 ; common to
good extra do , $4 404 95 ; choice ,
do , do , $5 00@6 75 ; choice white
wheat , $5 105 60.
Batter Quipt ; Ohio 14@30c.
Egss Strong at 26@32c for fair
to choice western.
Wheat Firm ; Chicago , $1 20 ;
Milwaukee , $1 21 ; No. 2 red winter ,
$1 22@1 2lj for cash ; $127 § for
January ; $1 26 | for February ; sales
60,000 bn.
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 , 59c ; salei ,
50,000 bu.
Whisky Nominal.
Pork $15 00 for January ; © 15 00
for Febrnary.
Lird $8 80@8 85J for December ;
$8 92J@8 95 for January ; $9 05 ®
9 07 * for February ; $9 Hi for
March ; $9 22i for April ; $8 95 buyer
for the year.
St. Louis Produce Market.
ST. Louis , December 11.
Flour Uncnanged.
Wheat Opened higher , declined
but closed higher than at nteiting ;
No. 2 red winter.Sl 02@1 011 02 *
for cash ; $10501 04i@l 05i for January
uary ; $1 08 for February ; $ ! lOj ®
1 10i@l " 10J for March ; No. 3 do ,
100"No. 4 do , 94c.
Corn Higher at42j42c for cash ;
42J@43c for December ; 4l | for Janu
ary ; 4142Jc fc r February ; 43c for
Oats Slow ; 33 @ 34c for January.
Rye Slow at 854.C.
Barley Unchanged.
Bntter Dull ; dairy , 22@28c.
Whisky Steadyi t 81 13.
Pork Dull at $1325 asked for
cash ; $13 10 bid for January ; $13 20
bid for February.
Dry Silt Meats Quiet at $4 1&
4 20@4 604 6o6 80@6 85.
Bacon Dull and unchanged.
Lard NominM ; $8 25
Receipts Flour , 40,000 bbls ;
wheat , 18,000 bu ; coru , 108,000 ;
oats , 160,000rye ; , 1,000 ; barley , 17-
Shipments Flour , 130,000 bbh.
wheat , 100,000 ; corn , 34,000 ; oats ,
49,000 , r > e , 10,000 ; barley , 1,000.
St. Louis Live Stock Market.
ST. Louis , December 11.
Hogs Quiet ; Yorkers and Blti-
murea , 84 104 25 ; mixed packing ,
$4 404 75- butchers' to fancy ,
$4 75@4 85 ; receinta , 0,800 head ;
shipment , 2,000 he d.
A rich and beautiful assortment of
silk lined Russia leather goods , con
sisting of jewel caskets , ladies' and
genfsioilot cases , writing dcaks , odor
ewes , handkerchief and glove boxes ,
ladies' fancy work boxes , etc. Iih &
McMahon , druggists , 1321 Farnham
street ? d9-tf
Just received at THE BEE Job
Rooma the nicest line of diminutive
Paper and Envelopes aod Cards , suit
able for Children's Birthday Parties.
Call and see them.
American Watches. At the lowest
possible figures at John B-vumor's.
Zells Condensed Cyclopedia.
An abridged library and universal
reference book , ia at present being
introduced to our citizens. It ia
worthy of your attention. 10-Ct
E. F. OOOJKl ,
, , ' ,
Odd Fellows' Block. *
Prompt attention riven t ' > rl. n by t l vraDh.
Friday and Saturday. Dec. 17 and 18 ,
and Siturd < iy Matinee , 2 p. M. of
The Eminent ictor ,
rriday evening and Saturday Matinee , produc
tion of Hartley Compbell's greatest pby ,
llunlock,3 World-renowned Drama ,
Both plays produced here with el iborite scen
ery and effecta.
Reserved eeatu for any performance for Bale
Max ileyer k Ktoi' jewelry store. decll-7t
mAKFJT OP On Friday , D cembert2 , 1830
I on reJ brlodlacotr. Jledlam size Own
can have sam ? by proving propertv and pay
injcharges. JOuN BAOLG\ ,
miles S. W ram Omaha , Drexel's School DIst.
23-e msn-St
< n > 7na week. J12a day at bcme easily madee
0) lioutfit free.Add reeSiTrae & Co.Portlnd.M
Absolutely Pure. !
Made from Drape Cream Tartar. N'o other
preparation makes men llht , flaky hot breads ,
or luxurious pastry. 'Can be eaten by dyspeptics
without fear of the ills resulting from henry Indigestible -
digestible food.
* Sold only In cans by all Grocers.
Successors to J. II TUIELE ,
No. 1220 Douglas Street ,
IB. .
Bar and Throat.
Office Over Kennard's Drug Store ,
Corner of 14th nncl Douglas Sts.
ti3 Tenth Stieet , - OMAHA , NEBRASKA
'Cprlt. Us icrvlcea In all depcnni'uta o
.nediclne act' surgery , both In neiicial an
peclal practice acute and chronic diseases. Ca
be consn'trd nlr1nd day , ni > wi'lrista A1
p ri of thv . ! tj " . onoatv oa recallot ltta
CPC t ( DOD r a.iy at home. b'impUa w t
2 > I ! ' " ' - > Alr > ! tln on * Co
Portland , Me
Notice w hereby given that Denied
will be received at the ofEce of the county
clerk of Furnas county , Nebnwka , at
Beaver City , the county seat of said coun
ty. up to the 3rd d y of January , A. D.
1881 , at 12 o'clock M. of s id diy , for tha
construction of a wagon bridge across the
Republican river , south of the town of
Cambridge , in Medicine CreeK precinct , in
Pumas county , Nebraska , said bridge to
be 40J feet in length. Bidders are re
quired to accompany their > > id3 with
plans and specifications of the work , and
also with A bond in a sum double the
amount of thj bid , conditioned for tha
faithful execution of the cont-act. The
county commissioners of said county of
Fnrnas reserve the right to reject any and
all bids.
By order of the county cnmmi'gioners of
Fnrnas county , Nebraska. Dated at
Beaver City , -urnas county , Netmska ,
the 19th day of November. A. D. 18Vf.
L. KINSMAN , County Clerk.
A. W. MSOtf.
Jisjb's K ck. con.or Capitol 4va. inrl
< th Street. Onu > hi . NeV
VJHE8AB W08--S 1
EE'vST KKEBS , Manager.
Ma'.ufac'urer of ( ill kliila of
J ffg g { Bet. Oth and intk. "VAHf ,
ISthanllCth. The On at Even' t first
appearance In this city of
E. C. Ellis'
Oaken Hearts ( JoinbinatiMi !
When will bo produced the Grand Sprctaiular
and Itcalbti : : Drarna , 111 Five Acta adapted
from tha beautiful play of t.e Manei'
Compm , by E. C. Ellis , until led
which baa met wit mih unqualified bucci .
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the very beat talent in the dramatic profeniin ,
number ot whom were in the trri al produc
tion of the piece in ACW York od Cbisi o.
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Mr K'ankfc Pierce , who hai madkn 'lonal
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e itlemen : M.ta Flora > eton "n. JJary
li ton , M. Edtth JIU Jfr. W. D Carjon , Vr.
Julius Scolt , Mr. J. ttaMcCan - and William
Klny. T. uenxar , and tl.e grc t and only
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Pctf r ! & Trip ? , of Hooley'a Theatre , Chicago.
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T. 6. HITCHCOCK , M. D. S. ,
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