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\l \
2TO M9
established 1871 MORNING EDITION. Price Five C en
Dodge and Fifteenth Ste.
-We are Ifow Displaying an Ele
gant line of Ladies'
of the
A Good Cloak for - - $3.0C
A Good Cloak for . . $3.0
A Xicely Trimmed Cloak $4.50
An All-Wool Cloak - - S5.00
A Xice One /or - . . $7.50
Sonicthine Fine at $1O.OO and
UP to $40.00.
CL ? ? * nd EOLMONS ,
for a Child 2 years and
at , Pleasing Prices.
This is the Best Line o
Children's and Misses' Cloaks
\o be found in ihe city , and
our Prices are always the
H03D3 ,
All at
Immense Stock of
Whlfc & Colored Blankets
Grey Blankets from $1.50
White Blankets from $2,00
to $12.00 per pair.
JOur S2.00 White-Blankets
"are-atWocfler at the Price.
Cor. 15th and Dodge Sts. ,
fT *
" "
A. HOSPE , JR. ,
Pianos and Organs First Glass
on Easy Monthly Payments ,
Sheet Music and Musi
cal Instrumpnts ,
0 1 Paintings , Engravings and 1- rimes at great
ly reduced prices.
xlO Frames , llnch , Walnut. lie
10x12 " 1 ' " 20
10x1 * 1 " 20
12x18 " 1J " 60
12x18 " 1 * " " 65
16x20 1' 1 } ' 75
Rustic 8x10 f rame . 15
Chromes trained , emill , 5c ,
airomoElramod , lane , 1 5.
Kngravings from BOe upwards ,
rhotopn.oh frames from 16c upwards ,
Jvlndq. * Cor-ices 75c a window and upwards
' " " . .irequir.s 8 00pcr indow and upwards ,
p rnico PotcsS SO per window and upwards ,
"civet frames S5c nch toS 00
Violin Strincs Ibc ,
\1olins 1 76 , 2 50 , 3 and upwards ,
OuiUrs S 00 , 6 00 , 7 00 and upwards.
Banjos 1 00 , 3 00 , 6 00 , and upward ! ,
Acconleois from 1 00 up , cheapest in city
Send for umplca and citalocne of mouldlnje
and sheet muJc. A.HOSPE.JR. ,
reSt. . DCitdoortonirriaand Fisher's
Omaba NfK
Xotice is hereby given that sealed bids
will be received at the office of the comity
clerk of Kurnas county , Nebraska , at
Beaver City , the county seat of said coun
ty , up to ihe 3rd dor of January , A. D.
1881 , at 12 oVock il. of said day , for the
construction of a wagon bridge across the
Republican river , eouth of ihe town of
Cambridge , in Medicine CreeK precinct , in
Purnna county , Nebraska , said btidge to
be40J feet ia lenctH. Bidders are re
quired to accomjiany their liids with
plane ar > d specifications of the work , and
also with a bond in a sum doable the
amount of th bid , conditioned for ihe
faithful exeviition of the contract. The
county commissioners of said county of
Furnas reserve the right to reject any and
all bids. . .
By order of the county comnmsioners of
Pumas county , Nebraska. Dated at
Beaver City. Kurnas coun'y , Nebraska ,
the 19th day of Vovember. A. D. ISS'L
L. KECSJIAX , County Clerk.
A. W.
OrncKJaeoV U ckcorL. > rCapltoliATe. and
IRth Street , Om h . SeK
EMST XEEBS , Manager.
Manutactui er ol aU Idndi ot
St , Set. Sth and IQtk , OJK4&4 , 3SB ,
Members of Both Sidei
Caucusing for the Con
trol of the House ,
Appropriation for a Southen
Steamship Mail Service
Likely to Pass.
The Yorktown Centennia
Commission Want an Ap
propriation of 8100,000
The American Canal Oompanj
Preparing to Give De Lea-
seps a Whirl ,
Murderous Moonshiners.
Spodil Dispatch to Tni Bw.
WASHINGTON , December 10 , 10 p ,
m. Mr. P , H. Bowling , revenue
agent , telegraphs to the commissionei
of internal revenue , from Huntsville ,
Alabama , as follows : Yesterday af
ternoon , in Marshall county , about
twenty milea from Huntsville , John
B. Hardie and Bassett Young , dep
uty United States mnrahals , in com
pany with Deputy Revenue Collector
Horace J. Borne , with a warrant
against J. Culbert , David Lemons ,
James Cisco and Joseph Cisco , for
illicit distilling , came upon the de
fendants within a half a mile of the
dlstlltery , and after making inquiry
as to the names of the disMllers , Mr.
Hardie said , "I have " and before
he could say a word further , ho was
shot by Jeff Cnlberfc In the head , the
shot killing him Instantly. Six shot *
were then fired at Bone , who then es
caped with a slight wound. Young ,
who -was with the horsess about half a
mile off , was unharmed. The mar
shal , James Sloan , is organizing a
good torce to arrest the parties , and
will do all he can to bring them to
justice. I shall accompany the force.
On receipt of the above , the fol
lowing telegram was sent :
WASHINGTON , D. C. , December 10 ,
P.H. Dowlin ? , HunkviUa A abam :
Your toltjjram received. I wish
the meat energetic measures taken Ao
bring to punishment the parties CD-
jaged ; n the resistance of the deputy
° Ciiector3 and marshals , resulting m
the murder of John B. Hardio. Take
steps to Inve every illicit distiller ar-
retted. If the marshal's force is in
sufficient , employ more men.
[ Signed ] GUEEN B. RADII.
Similar instructions have been sent
from the department of justice to the
judicial officers. The whole matt"r
has been laid before the presidan y-
who approves of the most rigerocs
measures for vindicating tho.Haw ar
punishing those who violated'it. The
department of justice and bureau c"
internal revenue , are in perfect ac
cord In their plans for raiding the
illicit distillers and other law
SpecUI dispatch ta 71 Jee ! _
_ _ WaS5aircTOjTj-Poainber 10 10 p.
In the committee of the whole , on
the private calendar , Mr. Sparks pre
siding , twelve bills were disposed of ,
and the action of the committee was
mbsequently confirmed by the house.
This vas a pretty good day's work ,
wbea compared with what was done
onprivate bill days last session. But
it need not give all on the calendar
hope of success. There are over a
1000 bills on it , and there will not be
more than nine or ten more private
bill days during the session. After
the private bills had baen disposed of ,
Mr. Blount submitted a motion to ad
journ over until Monday. Several
members wanted a session to-morrow ,
for debate on the electoral joint rule ,
but that required unanimous consent ,
and It was objected to. It required a
majority vote to adjourn over , and
those who wanted a session for debate
withheld their vote. A roll call , how
ever , compelled members to vote.
The house , at 45 p. m. , by a large
majority , adjourned until Monday.
The second number of the reports
from our consuls of the commerce and
trade of the United States in their
consular districts , has just been issued
by the department of state. It Is a
pamphlet of 200 pages , and contains
about fifty reports. Copies of the
present number will be forwarded by
the department of state to the princi
pal trade journals , chambers of com
merce , boards of trade , agricultural
ind trade societies of the United
States , In the hope that these Impor
tant reports may be brought to the
immediate attention of all those Inter-
sated in the development of our
lorae Industries and our foreign trade.
Xccordlng to the provisions of the act
f congress providing for these pub-
ications , the public at large can se-
: ure copies at twenty-five cents per
iopy , which merely covets the expense
> f printing. It is expected and re
quested by the department that the
jress of the United States , which has
lone so much to foster and develop
mr foreign trade , will draw the at-
entlon of its readers to such reports
to them.
is may be of Interest
A large amount ot private caucus-
ng occurred on the democratic side
if the house yesterday. The action
if the republican joint caucus last
( vening In deciding to oppose by fill-
mstering tactics , if necessary , the
jissage of the Morgan joint rule , has
nade it nece sary for the democrats
o agree upnn some policy regarding
he future of the measure. It may
> e necessary to call a caucus to con-
tderthe matter , but seviral of the
eaders said yesterdsy that they hoped
o bo able to come to an understand-
ng without goi"g into a caucus. Tlu
lueatioa which conflicts the majority
n the house is , whether the minority
ihall be allowed to shape the course of
egisl&tiun by dictating terms to the
najority , or"to insist upon the right
jf the will of the maiority to rule ,
jven if important public business has
: o be neglected. There is a difference
} f opinion among democrats as to the
proper course to be pursued under the
: ircumstances. Some advocate * 3
immediate acceptance of the challei" '
thrown down by the republicans , ai
declare their willingness to fight ov r
the resolution till the 4th of Marc i.
if , by so doing , not a single nppropzia
lion Is made. There Is another and
an apparently larger number who ad
vise that the resolution be laid aside ,
from time to time , temporarily , while
the appropriation and lefundlng bill
are considered , but that It be brough
up and pressed at every spare oppor
tunlty. Others recommend that th (
resolution be laid aside forever , am
the regular work of the session b <
transacted with all expedition. li
the resolution Is dropped , it will un
doubtedly be caused by the democrats.
No immediate necessity for its adop
tion exists , as there can be no dlaputt
over Garfield's election. If the reso
lution was adopted it would be wlthir
the power of the next house of repre
sentatlves , which is republican , to IB-
peal the rule. There may possibly bt
a few days filibustering before the
resolution is laid aside , but Mr. At-
kinsjchairman of the committee on ap
propriationa , ssyg he intends to try tc
pass three of the bills next week.
' .Tho democrats have seldom been able
to count a quorum of their own mem
bers since the Forty-sixth congress
met , and it la not likely that they will
have that pleasure this session.
Speaker Randall said yesterday tHt
he would entertain uo proposition
likely to delay the appropriation bills ,
and that as soon as these bills , or any
one of them , are ready , he would use
every means In his power to carry them
Special DI patch to The lisa.
WASHiSGidN , December 11 , 1 a.
m. An attempt will be made at the
present session of congress to subsi
dize lines of American steamers to
run to South America and Brazilian
ports. There is not sufficient time
before the 4th of March to pass a sep
arate bill for that purpose , even if a
majority of both houses was commit
ted to Its support. When the post-
office appropriation bill comes before
the house an amendment will be
moved from the committee on post-
offices and post routes , granting a cer
tain extra compensation to American
lines of steamers for carrying the
mails between the United States and
Brazil , and ports of the west Inuiaa
The proposed amendment has not yet
been framed , and the amount of
pay proposed to be given per mile Is
not known to the friends of the sub
sidy scheme.
There has .been a change of senti
ment among certsiu members who
have heretofore opposed everything
iii the shape of public grants to pri-
vata enterprises. The vast increase
within the past twelve months of the
number of British ships trading ai
ports of the United States , has opened
the eyes of the legislature as to the
necessity for improving the Ameri
can carrying trade.
A private conference of gentlemen
interested in the inter-ocean canal
project , was held at the reaidence.of a
gentleman of this city last night. The
object of the meeting was the inter
change of opinion regarding th& feasi
bility of organizing a company to
construct a Canal over the Nicaragua
route. It will be remembered that
hst winter Mr. Meneral , of the navy ,
obtained a leave to go to Nicaragua.
He was sent thereto represent a num
ber of wealthy citizens who desired
to obtain from the Nicaragua gove i-
ment a concession of right of way ror
the ehln canal-thro aH-lro'Nic7rn' IX
route. He was successful in hisTnis-
slon and obtained a concession. While
the fact that the concession had to bo
obtained was made public , the names
of the gentlemen to whom the graut
had" been given were kept secret.
It is now known that among the gen
tlemen named in the concession are
Admiral Ammen , Gen. E. F. Bpale ,
ex-minister to Austria , U. S. Grant ,
Jr. , W. R. Garrison , of New York ;
George W. Riggs , the Washington
banker , Howard W. Potter , of Brown
Bros. & Co. , New York , William H.
Barnum , of Connecticut , and Edwin
M. Clyraos , of Pennsylvania. Gen.
Grant is interested in the schemeand
if the comnany is organized he will bo
made president. The publication of
the prospectus of M. De Lesseps' com
pany had caused the Nicaragua people
ple to move more rapidly In the mat
ter than they had intended. While
nothing definite was determined on at
the meeting last night , there is every
probability that the Nicaragua com
pany will soon be organized , and be
come a powerful rival of M. De Lea-
Members of the Yorktown centen
nial commission , composed of cno
member appointed by the governor of
jach state , and a selection from the
two houses of ccngress of a member of
2ach of the original thirteen state ? ,
held a joint conference ] in the serato
( ring of the capitol yesterday morn
ing , Senator JoTinson , of Virginia ,
presiding. After a general discussion
if the subject , the arrangement of tha
letails was referred to sub-commlt-
: ees of each of the bodies in joint BOB-
tion. A general desire was expressed ,
sspeclally by the general commission ,
hat the appropriation by congress to
ild the celebration should be increas-
sd from § 20,000 to $100,000 , and thai
k liberal appropriation should b&
nade by the several states for the
inrpose. There was considerable dis-
: usslon as to the period to be covered
> y the ceremonies. It was stated by
everal that in their views the partic-
pation by the general government ,
inght not to exc ; ed two days. The
ession of the sub-committee is likely
o be a protracted one , and much will
hen doubtless bo left to be perfected
> y other meetings.
pedal Dispatch e3 to Tux BIX.
Gen. Sherman soys all thostatements
mblished up to the present time ,
bout his intention of retiring from
he command of the army , are manu-
actured of whole cloth. He says he
IRS not authorized anyone to act for
ilm in the matter.
Miss Margaret Worth , daughter of
Jen. Worth , who distinguished him-
elf by his services in Mexico , was
esterday aonointed to a position in
he census office.
A communication was presented to.
ho house from Gambecta , of the
Trench republic , asking an Inter-
ihange of documents between the
Trench and American republics.
It is reported that Gen. Alfred
Perry Is to be appointed superlntend-
mt of the military academy at West
Point , and Gen. Miles will succeed
ferry in command of the department
if Dakota. Gen. Terry is not * prad-
into of the Academy. Gen. Howard
rill return to his command and set-
Jo his business. Afterward , coming
igaln to Washington , it Is said , he Is
booked for an eastern command.
jpecUl Dbp&tcb to Tai n.
. C. , December 11
1 a. m. For the upper Mfssisaipp
and lower Missouri valleys : Lowe ;
barometer with higher temperatura
tnro , southerly winds , clear or partly
cloudy weather.
Curious Kinks of a Usefu !
But Unreliable Instru
Do Razors Get Tired ?
"Dar ain't In'tal'iin' ' '
no use 'bout it ,
a raz r'n a peculiar thiUj , ' ' aaid a sa
ble barber who was loaning against
the iron railing in front of the Wabash
ticket office to a BEE reporter , yester
day morning. "Dar's no 'countin' '
for their kinks. "
"Kinks ? Do razors have kinks ? "
queriei the Ignorant writer.
l'There now ! As if you hadn't
heard of the goiii'a on of a razor. 1
tell you , feoss , there ain't no man can
come up to a razor In pure out and
out cussedness. You never know
what they ro goln' to do next. I've
strapped razors for nigh twenty year
and haven't more'n half got 'quaintod
with their orneriness. Didti't you
ever hear of a razor getting 'tired ? ' "
"A razor getting 'tired ! ' Why of
course a razor can't get tired. What
makes you think so ? "
"A don't think so , I know so. A
razor's just like a mule. It'll go so
far and no furder. You can't make It ,
nohow. I've strapped razors aa sharp
as you could get 'era ; honed 'em and
rough strapped 'em , and smooth strap
ped 'em until they'd shave the furz
off a baby's cheek ; then commenced
to shave some gemtnen , got half
through , and there ihey warn't no
good in the world. Coiildn't use 'em
nohow. " They'd draw bluort every
"What was the matter with them1 ?
"Nothing , only they get 'tired.
When a raz > r once gets 'tired,1 boss
'tirodj' and has to be humored
there ain't no uae in fooling with 'eftr-
any longer. You kin ntrop 'em anc
strop 'em , and it don't do no good.
You can't get no eduwe on 'em gond for
nothin' . The other day Frank Moores
came down into the shop .nd called
for a shave. I picked out mj-best ra
zor , stropped it up , lathered him until
he looked aa if he had f.illon iuto
ano r bank , and got to work. I asked
him did it hurt , and he snid no. In
leas than a minute after he give a yell
and riz from the chair. That razor
had got 'tired , ' and I had to throw it
isida and take up another. Any harbor
tfill tell you that a razor gets
; ired , and has to ba humor-
id jess like a child. There ain't no
lae in guttm' hot at 'em. It comes
latural to razora , and they all have
heir kinks. "
"What do you do with a razor when _
t gets tirei * ! !
? VNotmffch , razors too expensive
: o throw away. I just wrap it up In
L rag and lay it behind the hand-glass
mtil it gets oyer it. It may take a
veek and it may take a month. The
inly way to find out is just to try it ,
md if the man hollers , why that ra
; or ain't had 'nough rest , i hat's all.
Sometimes you kin pick it up an hour
ifterwards , and it's all right. Don't
leed no honing or stropping , nor
jothing ; goes right on as if there
ladn'tbeen nothig' the matter with
t all , and sometimes it ain't no use to
eel with it for a month , and you jess
taveto lot it lay. "
"Doesn't it depend on the make of
he razor and their temper ? "
"Don't make no difference what
: ind. A Wade & Butcher razor is
ust as liable to'get out of whack as the
ueanest American make. Temper ?
: don't knows about the temper 'cept
hat a razor sometimes has the worst
emper yon ever see. Some razors
'ou ' can't shave fast with to save your
ife. They'll drag and drag along ,
kip hairs , carve pimples and act like
,11 possessed , and the very next man
'ou shave they'll work like a charm ,
.nd never give no cause for complaint
ihaves often growl at the barber and
hlnk he don't know his business
rhen it's no fault of his that the
azor "pulls"lt's only a kink of the
azor. Thero'a no depending on a
azor. Iv'e seen razors that would
have the face just as nice and easy
, s a person could ask and just as soon
a they struck the chin you'd have to
hrow 'cm aside. It warn't no use
ooling with 'em. Ask any barber
bout a razor and he'll tell you they're
he bother of hla life and ain't no
nero to be depended on than a bogus
iilf dollar on the sidewalk on April
Tools day.
The Negro Exodus ,
pedal Dispatches to The Bee.
CHICAGO , December 11 1 a. m.
iov. St. John , of Kansas , lectured
aat night at arwell hall on the
outhern exodus. He said that from
.877 , when the exodus begvi , to the
tresent , GO.OCO had left the south.
) f these , 400,000 had settled in Kan-
as , and the remainder in adjoning
tates. The cause of their leaving
he south wai the swindling outrage *
ind ganeral bad treatment of their old
nasters. It would continue as long
.3 they cannot get fair treatment in
ho south. In Kansas , only about
5000 had been spent in assisting
; he poor negro immigrants. Thay
inly needed H little he p at the outset ,
.nd then they were able to take care
if themselves.
A Dark Day.
pec al Dispatch to The Bea.
CINCINNATI , 0 , December 10 10
i. m To-day was ono of the darkest
lays ever known here. At eleven
' 'clock this morning the darkness w s
Imost as deoHQ as at night. G sjets
n the city were everywhere lighted ,
.nd the city assumed the appearance
if being under cover of night.
Court House Burned.
pedal dispatch to The Bee.
CINCINNATI , O. , December 10 10
. m. Tha court house at Anderson ,
kladtaon county , Indiana , was burned
o the ground at 3 o'clock this morn-
ng , with all the court records , legal
locnmenta , court papers , etc. The
louse was forty years old.
Six more of thn overdue steamers
irrlved In New York yesterday , and
; he others are expected momentarily.
Eeport Denied That Glad-
stone's Cabinet is About
to Dissolve.
The British Government Does
% Not Accept Secretar7 Evarta1
I Solution of the Fishery
* Dispute.
* * -
if . * - „ * . -
'Prince Leopold Renounces
His Right to the Throne
of Roumania.
Special Dispatch to The EeB.
LONDON , December 10,10 p. m.
The rumors of the disaffection in the
British cabinet are entirely Sensation
al and Unfounded. They were origin
ated as a hoax by "Jingo" correspon
dents of the principal press , no two
of whom agree as to the names of the
members said to bo about to succeed
the outgoing members.
Prince Leopold , of Huhenzollern ,
has renounced his right of succession
to the throne of Roumania in favor of
hia oldest aon , Prince William August
Charles , a lad of sixteen years.
Special dispatCh to THK.BKK.
DUBLIN , December 10 , 1 a. m.
Ooffoy , the man charged with shoot
ing the bailiff at New Pallos , was yes
terday acquitted of the charge in the
Cork assizes. Judge Fitzgerald , who
presided , had previously received a
letter threatening that ho would be
shot in open court if the prisoner was
Special dispatch to Tn BiS
LONDON , i5edembor 11 , i a. m.
The Gazatta yesterday published a
letter from E irl Granville to United
States Minister Lowell , dated Octo
ber 27 , in which ho says her majesty's
government cannot admit the accur-
racy of the opinion that fishing rights
are to be exercised whohy free from
tlie regulation of the atatea and New
Foundland , but if any uch local
statutes could ba shown io be incon
sistent ; with the stipulations , or even
the spirit of the treaty of Washington ,
they would not fea within the cate
gory of those reasonable regulations
by which Americans in common with
British fishermen ought to bo bound.
Special Dispatches to Tils BIX.
The Dublin land leaguers have re
quested the lord mayor to call a meet-
ng to protest against Chief Justice
Slav's speech during the land league
It it understood in Ireland that
andlords wrl pn-puse a b 11 of their
> wn on the assembling of parl'ament.
It is now rumored ihrouchautLoiiz-
, ure betweouibe quefin and Princess
joniae. Most Carious reasons are giv-
in for this royaVj > .mily trouble.
A D"Win epRcIal contains the fol-
owing ra < ' > r : Parnellis to be special
y trie fo his speech at Waterford
nst before receiving the freedom of
ho city.
New York Money and Stocks.
WALL STRKST , December 10.
HONEY 6 per cent on cail ; exchange un
cttled o ? < 81@4 82.
r. S. 6's , ' 81 . 1 OJJ U.3.4's . 1 13J
f.S. 6'a . 1 01J CuirencyO'a. . 1 03
r.S.4Js . 1 llj
STOCKS The stock market this mornln ; : was
ctlvo and irr.effular but Btrortr , with an ad-
ancoof JSSpjr cent , the It W. U. Towards
eon prices bejan to decline , the bnotations
howinsc a decline of J@l per cent , lead by the
! . & Q , Northwestern , C , C. & I. , A. P. , St
oe. Lake Miore , K : &T. and N. Y. C.
P Tel . 35 N J C . 78
Chicago Produce Market.
CHICAGO , December 10.
Wheat Feverish and | c lower ;
To. 2 spring , sold at § 1 OlgOl 03f
or January , closing at 81 Olf for
ash or December ; § 1 02i for Jan-
iary ; § 1 03J for February.
Corn CLaed o lower for May ,
rith sales at 44i@45j , closing at 44f
H4c : December closed at 39J ; Jan-
iary , 30c
Oats J@ic higher ; No. | 2 closing at
i2Jc for cash or December ; 32g@32Jo
or January36f ; c for May.
Rye Sold at 86 @ 87c for No. 2 in
ar and round lota.
Barley Stronger ah3 * a demander
or shorts ; No. sold at § 1 06@1 07 for
Pork Mess , higher for immedate ,
nit .long futures closed at $12 00 ®
3 15 for cish ; § 11 9011 95 for
) ccembor ; § 13 20 for January ; § 13 35
or February ; § 13 50@13 62 $ for
Lird 2\goc ( lower ; closing at
:8 : 37i@8 40-for cash or December ;
! 8 42 | < 38 45 for January ; § 8 55 for
Whisky Lower at § 112.
Chicago Live Stock Market
CHICAGO , December 10.
Hogs Fairly active for light and
leavy choice lots on packing and ship-
ling account and prices were steady ;
he low grades were dull ; silos were
, t 24 50@4 75 for good to choice
ight packing ; $4 40g5 10 for fair
0 extra prime heivy packing ; $450 ®
1 05 for good to choice smooth heavy
.hipping . lots. Receipts , 28,000 head.
Cattle Dull ; receipts , 4,000 head ,
St. Louis Produce Market.
ST. Louis , December 10.
Flour Doll nud Unchanged.
Wheat Opened lower and declined ,
jut closed higher ; No. 2 red winter ,
1 001 01 for cash or December ;
tl 03i@l 02 @ 1OSgfor January ; gl 06 |
L Ob'@l 07J1 OGgforKebraaryjSl 08g
§ 1 09@1 08 | < § 1 09J@1 08 § for March ;
So. 3 do , 9'J(399X ( ; ' 4 UP , 93@94c.
C-rn H ghrr at 41J@4lJc forcaah ;
U @ 41c for December4041 ; Jo for
January ; 41@41 c ftr February ; 42c
for March ; 4343Jc for April ;
44c for May.
Oats Hi her at 34c for c 'h ; 35 $
@ 35 o for January ; 37J for My.
Rye Firmer at SoAcbid.
Barley Unchanged"
Butter Unchanged.
Ezgs Unchanged.
Whisky-Steadyat $112.
Pork Dull at $13 25 aaked for
cash or Dec niberS13 ; 20 for January.
Dry S tit Meats Firmer and held
at $4 204 3036 C5SC70G ] SO@C 90.
Bacon Dull nt S3 257 75@8 00.
Lard Held h gher at $8 40 asked
Receipts Flour. ? 000 bbls ; whwst ,
24OCObu ; corn. lUtOOfl ; csU. 7000 ;
rye , iOUO ; barley , 9,000 *
Shipments Flour , 9000 bbh
whea 7,000 ; corn , 35,000 ; oata 3,000 ,
rye , 1,000 ; barley , 21,000.
St. Louis Live Stock Markat.
ST. Louis , December 10.
Hogs Active ; Yorkers and Ealti-
mores , $4 004 25 ; mixed packing ,
$4 0034 50 ; butchera1 to fancy ,
$4 805 90 ; receipts , 5800 head ;
ihipmenca , 00 hoid.
New York Produce Marked
NEW YORK , December 10.
Flour In buyers' favor ; H ht job
bing trade ; receipts. 00,212 bbla ;
round hoop Ohio , 4 70@5 50 ; choice
do , § 5 55G 85superfino ; we3ternS3 30
© 4 00 ; common to good extra do ,
54 40@4 45Vchoice , dOj do , go 00 ®
3 75 ; choice white wheat , do. $3 10 ®
5 GO ,
Butter Unchanged , with fair demand
mand ; Ohio at 14@30.
Eg a Firm at 2031c for fair to
Wheat Quiet ; Chicago , St 17 ®
1 19 ; Milwaukee , SI 20@1 21 ; No.
2 red winter , 81 20@1 20 * ; sales
750,000 bu.
Co-n Dull ; No. 2 , 5858\c ; aalei.
60,000 bu.
Outs -White. No. 1 , 40c ; No 2 ,
ol ; No. 3 33 < c ; mixed , No. 1,45c ;
No 2 do , 44i@44fc ; No. 3 , do,43ic.
Pork S13 25 fur Dcember$14 ; 00
G14 59 for February.
Lard S8 75@8 95 for cash ; § S 80 ©
800@ 92J for January ; § 9 10 for
Frthrti > ry : 69 15ij8 ( 20 for March ;
S920@927 for April § 8903897 *
buyer for the year.
Special Dispatches to The Bee.
William Grey , convicted of the
murder of Thomas Mulligan , was exe
cuted at Quebec yesterday morning.
He protested hia innocence to the
The Chicago coal exchange has ad
yanced the price of anthracite coal
from 87 50 to 88.
Moses Justice and Anderson Glenn ,
of Cairo , 111. , both colored rousta
bouts , quarreled last evening about a
yellow girl Glenn plunged his knife
aeven times into Justice's breiat , kill
ing him. Glenn is under arrest.
The scindal caao of Rev. H. 0.
Fatea vs. Swirtwant , which haa been
an triil at D'xon ' , 111 , oyer a week ,
ind aroused much bad bliQ , tcrmin-
ited yesterday with a verdfct in favor
Df Swirtw-uit.
P. T. Barnum' * illness haa become
10 serious as to.c use hia frieuoa v
It 14 officially stated ihat th'c New
fork coal cnmpaniea ca'rao Co au-agree-
nent Thurdiy night for 1881.
It was officially stated yesterday
; hat the Amnricsn aubscript'on to the
Panama cinal project now amounts to
John Hanselmann , an employe at
Fleiachman'a distillery , at R'veraide ,
D. , while making a crossing there ,
vn struck by the 7 o'clock fust mail
jxpress , on the I. C. & L. railroad ,
reaterday morning , and initaatly
ailed. Deceased has a wife and chil-
Iren living m Germany.
A police officer , of Milwaukee ,
lamed Augustus Miller , haa just fal-
pn h 'r ' to 845,000 in real estate and
? 15,000ca < h by the death of a wealthy
e'ative ' of Cincinnati.
Bur l irs raided the town of Erin ,
Cenn. , between midnight and day-
ight ast night. They broke in half a
lozen atoras and secured about 85000
Chey are supposed to bo the gang who
lava been terrorizng northern Gecr-
; iafor the laat eighteen months , and
lave completely evaded the officers of
.he . law.
The prosecution In the Bartree
nurder trial at Honesdalo , Pa. , have
lucceeded in proving that insanity ex-
ated solely on the female side of the
amily for several generations , and
hat not ono inatanco could be
bund of insanity on the male side.
Che defense were electrified yesterday
> y the testimony of William Young ,
me of their witnesses , when ho said
hat the murderer wag of perfectly
ionnd mind on the day of the murder.
Threatened Indian War.
Ipecial Dispatch to Tan Bis.
CHICAGO , December 11 1 a. m.
The party of five Cheyenne river
JIoux arrived at the Grand Pacific heel -
el at 11 o'clock laat night , on their
vay to Waahlngton. They are all
shiefs of the different tribes , their
lames being Blue Coat , Little-No-
Eeart , White Swan , Rattling Rib ,
ind Four. Bear. They are accompan-
ed by Apent Leonard Live and an in-
: erpreter , William Fielding. The ob
ject of the visit is to make complaint
, o the government about Red Cloud
ind Spotted Tail having given the
Chicago , Milwaukee & St. P.ial road
; he rigat of way through the Sioux
reservation , from Fort Pierre to the
Black Hills without the right to do s- > .
A. psrty of Lower Brulo Sioux wora
: o meet thia band of Cheyennea in
Chicago , but their head chief was ac-
: idonlly shot joat before leaving
Drew Creek agency , and they will
probably not arrive before this even
ing. Tney nro in charge of Agent
Dtughorty , ani come via Sioux City.
The Sioux of the river agencies claim
that the Spotted Tail and Red Cloud
Sioux parted with all their rights to
the rest of the reservation when Shey
: eded the Black Hilla to the gov-
arnment in 1875. The Lower Brule
Sioux are heading their movements
igainat the authority of Spotted Tail ,
who has been regarded as the head
chief of all the Sioux binds. Spot
ted Tail , during his recent visit to the
Lower Brule , eaid he and Red Cloud
wanted tha railroad andwouldhaveit ;
that the river Sioux had only gronnd
enough to stand on , and that if they
were allowed a part of the right of
way money , it waa only a matter of
favor , and beciusa they were Sioux.
Red Cloud and himse.f would bring
4000 fighting men into the flald. They
had never allowed the gr at fa her to
dictate to them , and would not listen
to the Sioux of the river agencies , If
they talked big , the river Sioux can
can bring 3500 fighting men , if neces-
anry , bnt they are scattered along the
Missouri almost from Fort Randall to
They Gather on the JBordei
Four Hundred
Fully Armed and Equipped foi
a Winter's Campaign.
Fifty sMHtton-oenKrs" Requir
ed to Support the Na
tion's Pensioners.
A Determined Darkey Dies in
Defense of
Tha Mills of Cipher Alley Grind
-Slo-w , But They Pulverized
On to OKlohnmn.
Special Dispatch to The EM.
ARKANSAS CITY , ICs. , December 10.
4 p m. Payne's colony , which have
been coni regated hero for several
days , have moved out. The members
are now at the territory lino. They
i\ro fully armed and over four hun
dred strong. Lieutenant Masson , of
the fourth cavalry , escorted them out.
It is understood ho will order them
to halt and form a line across the
road The colonists have realizad
that they will not be arrested. It ia
probnble that there will bo a conflict.
Guilty ,
special DUpatch to The Ute.
CHICAGO , December 10 , 4 p. m.
Clio jury in tbu criminal court , in the
: aseof Dr. Charles E.\rl ] , after being
nit since 4 p. m. Wednesday , return-
id this morning with a verdict , pro
nouncing Dr. Earll guilty of the mur-
lerof Etta Carl , in attempting topro-
luco an abortion and fixing his pun-
shmont at five years in the penlton-
[ pedal Dbpr.tch to Ton 118.
WASHINGTON , December 10 4 p. in.
The pension appropriation bill , the
econd uf the regular series , w. re-
orled this morning by Mr. Hubbell ,
tf Michigan. It aporopriatp1" the sum
if fifty million of dollars wliirh was the
ull amount recoramei dtd. The esti-
nate of for the cur-
ent fiscal year , vraa $32,401,000 , but
he committee says it estimate * that
, further appropriation of 817,000,000
nil ba needed for tha current year.
i"ho appropriation committee inaert
ho following clause recommended by
ho commiwtoncrof pensions. "The
caruad pjn ! on dua to Indian pen-
loners , shsll in the discretion of the
otnini sioiicT3 boDiidin installments. "
Killoa oy Moopaniners.
pcchl Dispatch to the Hee.
< - , . , . , . 4i
i. UiiiU.d . .
ohn Hviieras killed yesterday in
larshal ! i.ountr , Alawow. Deputy
'ollector ' Horace Borne was with him
bthotimn Saveral buckshot struck
lardie , killirg biminsUntly. Berne
as slightly injured.
Defending Hla 'Wlfo.
racial dispatch to The lice.
ROCK ISLAND , Ark. , December 10
p m Deputy Constables Henry
id Solomon Redick , last night went
ine miles into the country to arrest
10 wife of Joseph Nance. The latter
a ne ro. Ho swore ihey could take
is wife only over hla dead body. A
sht ensued , and ho was shot and mer-
slly wounded by the constables.
Ksiley Dethroned.
Mclal dhpatch to The Eee.
NEW YORK , December 10 , 4 p. m.
layer Cooper has sent tn the boird
f aldermen , now in special meeting at
ity li'ill , the name of Alderman Al-
in Campbell for compfroller In place
f JohnKe'ley Tf-e nuarii are fili-
uaterin- ; . > the nomination , which
as caused a ureat < ! ! "f excitement.
LATKK Allen Campbell was con-
irmud comptroller , in place cf Jnhn
[ elly , by a vote of 13 to 9. Four
'ammany ' , 5 Irving Hall and 4 repub-
can aldermen voted in the atfirma-
ve and 5 Tammr.ny , 2 Irving Hall
ad 2 republicans in the negative.
Versnlieg Destroyed.
pccial Dispatch to The Ece.
FRANKFORT Ky. , Decnmbcr 10 4
. m. Private advices from Versallea ,
[ y. , say a moat disastrous fira oc-
arred there thig morning , dostroy-
ig a large part of the town. Seven-
ion buildings were burned including
tores and dwelling houses in the
cart of the town. _
rearful Frequency of Deadly
Explosions in Wales.
toother Long Liafc of Victims.
pedal Dispatch to The Bee.
LoifDoy. December 10 4 p. m.
in explosion which was felt for miles
round , occurred thi ? morning at the
team colli"ry , at Perry-Craig. Not
; sa than ouo hundred miners are be-
eved to have been killed outright in
he mine. The colliery in
rhich thia last disaster has
ftken place adjoins the Dianas
olhery , where the unrecover-
d bodies of the men killed in the ex-
lusion of January 1878 , still re-
lain. A terrible state of excitement
revails , and all the pathetic and hor-
owing scenes inseparable from such
ccideuta. No further details have
een received up to the of send-
ng this diapitch.
A dispatch from Cardiff , Wales ,
ays a great explosion occurred th ! < *
naming at the Penygraiu new ccllory
n Khandda valley. It IB believed
hat eighty-seven p raons are
: illed. An expl < ring party
liscovered sixteen corpes.jSearch is
mpeded by after-damp aim debris.
Che pit is about a mile from the scene
if the great explosion in tha Dinas
lolliery in the same valley January
.3 , 1878 , when about sixty peraona
oat their lives.
District Court.
The following proceedings were
lad yesterday in the district court ,
the Hon. John B. Barno3 , presiding :
Wood va. Nicholas et al. ; default
ttottfanti S
in fn' ! { }
Come ami See Oil' ' ' Oockl
at We. . Wffl Be Pieced
Io Show Goods.
ITrth t % , t > pposit
Iron and Wagon Stock ,
At Oikao
. or.
208 and ISH larit T Sfreri , Ouialiu.
Pf-FRITSCH'S-viJ . _
"iHI"l- ' " - " I na-Mini I nani " i" .iJ i |
i-all and Winter we will handle CGUSfSELMEN'S FRESH OYSTERS , which
re now the bent In the market. A higo assortment of CANDY and SUGAR ,
'OYS for the Holiday trade.
GATZ & VKXEXAX , 510 ilth St. , Oinalia.
and judgmentsel aside aa to defendant
Stubin , with leave to answer' In-
Baker vs. Seherb , et 1. ; confirma
tion and a ward of execution for de
ficiency aet aside and defendants
ordered to show oauae by Saturday
morning next why the sata should
nol be confirmed.
Shuitz vs. Hoist ; leave to file nn-
awor inatantor and reply in two days
Hi 'gina va. Beala ; decree ,
Mericlovj. Maricle ; decree allow
ing temporary alimony.
The court adjourned uatll 9:30 :
o'clock thia morning.
Imprisoned in a Bagnio.
Special Dispatch to The B .
NEW YoEK.December H-pl am. .
Capt. Clmchy yesterday forsnooe
arrested Annie Hanntz , alisa Annie
Harrison , keeper cf i bagnio m EtMt
Twenty9cond afreet , on a warrant
issued ou th * > affidavit of Msry E.
Collingsworth , of White Mill , Pit. ,
who waa found in her hntua by the
police on Wednesday night last. Cii
Wednesday Superintendent Walling
received a communication from tha
father of the girl , who ia enanged in a
glass-blowint ; factory in White Mills ,
which stated : Five months ag' she
had been lured from her Home , and
he had information that she waa for
cibly detained in a house of ill fame ,
on Twenty-second street , th number
of which ho did not know. The aopt.
referred the matter to Capt. Clinchy ,
giving him a photograph of th girl
which the lather had sent. The cap
tain , accompanied by deteetivw , wwit
to a number of houies , and found iHe
object of their search. Oa Boeing
thtjm the girl burst into team , and
said that she had ben confined with
in doors for five months and guarded.
Yesterday Mary was tskn bfore Jua-
tice Bixby , in the Yorkville polke
court , where she made an affidavit
against Annie Ilauntz , for keeping a
disorderly house , and h r arrwt fol
lowed. According to Mary'a story ,
she was on a visit to coma friends io
Brooklyn , and was lured w y by w
man mined Fr i ch LOOM , who took
her t the home of Annie Uaantz , re
ceiving from 'the kUtor $ C for so do-
icg. She hid cot been allowed to
wri'e to her frienda or go out of doors
white there. She told a terrible tale
of wickedueas that went on in thii
hoosw. Annie Hanntz waa hold In
11000 ball for trial , and the girl was
sent io the houao of detention aa "v
Undoubtedly the bestahlrtln the
United Statea ! a manufactured at tie
Oinaha Shirt F ory. The superior/ !
of Material anu workmanship , com-
DJned with their great Improvements ,
that ta Reinforced fronts , Reinforced
bucks and Reinforced sleeves , makes
their shirt the moat durable and beat
fitting garment of the kind , ever
manufactured at the Soderat& price cf
$1.50. Every shirt of our make ia
guaranteed first-class and will refund
the money if found otherwise.
We make a specialty of all wool.
Shaker , and Canton flannel , al >
chamois underwear , made up with a
view to oomfort , warmth and durabil
ity. To Invalids and weak-lunged
persona we offer apodal indacemor.'s
in the manner these goods are made
for their protection.
In th nkttw ot the ntete of Crectntia Thtt'.t ,
Xotfee to hereby zton , that the creditors o <
mM itocuMd , will mnt the ex'mtoi cf
bl nil lii. twlwaDM. Oanty Jut'ze ' of Dou ; it
Conn y.Kibnwka , at the County Court Room tn
! Coonfy , on the9th day of December , I'&
the Mb < tev f t Pebnmry , 1881 , and on tha 9lh
> ' 97 ot April. tv4t , at 10 o'clotlf , a.m..ea h
> tv , ( or the f nri' < t l prwwetin ? their ( 211:11
FT oxuninatKiM , ! Un tm nt and oiitiwuice.
| T RMmMt * we allo e I fer erdltoni to prcwr
ieir eMm , aad ou ynt forUe c r
o Mttl * Mkl eUte , 'mm the 9th ( Uv (
Oetolwr. tSHO thto notice will be published ti
HJ.T KM , tor roar w ka jaccewi , '
ixior to the 9th ctov ot Dwewnber , igM >
C antyJja
* LOAN At 8 per cent li. ' t
t , n nia > of J20CO n < J r-
nl tar 1 to6 year * ' thaeonflntcUuuimp-
odeltraad farm property. Apuly at BE11I3
Re l jMttteaorfLaanAxeoey , ISthiou Douz\l !
.te. 278HUf
BEHI8 lna h Houses Low , Firms nd
Uwi-li . In hh iww column on lit page
IP On Friday , December 2 , 18SO
JL on-red brlmil cow. Jledlum slza O n
r on have sara * by pmyin ? property and pty
tnachM ! < 9. JOhN BAGLEY ,
3mU 89. W fr mOnaba , Drexel'a School DIst.