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Established 1871. MORNING 'EDITION. Price Five Cents
15th and Douglas Street
Over 8,030 residence lota foraale by this agen
Cjr at priceer inging from t2b to 92,500 each , ani
ocate din every part ot thodto , and In ever
direction from the Poetoffiw , north , etst , sontl
or west , and Taryinc in distance from on <
bl ock to one or two miles from same. Call ani
examine our lists.
Several choice lota In Griffin & baacs1 add
on , west of convent , between St. Uarv's arei
ne and Barney street $600 to $800.
80 acres just cast of barracks on Saandcrs St. choice land and will be Bold very cheap
for cash In 5,10 or SO acre lotc ; now Is your tlmi
to secure a bargain.
Choice lot at end ot street car track ! on Eaon
ders Btroet for $ 75.
Choice lot , Farnham and Sith Street * . 60x18
oet for $1,500 will divide It.
Cheap lot * In Credit Fondgr addition , sonth o
f. depot $100 to (300.
Forty Iota on Park Avenue and Georgia Btroet
on road to Bark , and near head of St. Mary *
avenue , at from $125 to $300 each. Seven year
time at elpht per cent interest to those who wll
put up ( rood substantial buildingi. For f urthe ;
partioPaara apply to.
O. P. BEMIS , Ajrent ,
Fifteenth and Douglas Streets.
A nice lot on Barney and T * jnty-firat streets
tor $ K6.
Two choice lota on 20th , near St. Mary's aven
ne , 50x165 feet each , for $ S50 and $900.
Two choice lota near 23d and Clark streets. It
E. V. Smith's addition $300 and 8350. /
Fifty lota In Shlnn'e first , second and third ad
iltlons for 8100 to $600 each.
Lot near 15th and Pierce , $450.
Iota on riarnev near Sith St. , $800 each. ]
lot on 24th near Howard street , S7oO.
< 0 lots In Grand View addition , south cf U. P
Wldge and depot , from $15 to $ 00 each-
One acre , 117x370 feet , on ISth street , sontl
ot Popploton's new residence , for $2,000 , or wll
divide Into city sized lots a : from $350 to $501
each. *
"Lor o number of beautiful residence lota , le
cated In this new addition on Capitol Hill , be
tween 24th street on the east , SGth on the wenDed
' Dod o street on the north and Famham street
'il on the south , formerly owned by C. H. Down
and more recently known an the Perkins 15 acre ?
Only " 2 lota have tlius far been platted 14 or
Farnham ami 3 on Douglas street. These loti
are 50 to 56 feet in width and 150 Indepth. $1,001
forth * choice. 5 years time , at 8 per cent In
tercet to thcwo who ill build Rood substantial
houses thcrc-n. Call and examine plat and ge'
fall information at *
15th andDonglag streets.
Over 200 houses and lots are offered for salt
bythisofllca They arc scattered all over the
city. Any location you desire. Prices varying
Iron $3i)0 to $16,000 each.
2 ( rood lots and S cheap houses near Jackson
tmd 'UthftrecUata Kreatsocriflce. Hereisa
pre t bargain for some one. The property must
bo sold innnedi itely. Covc-8 Just a quarter ot a
block. Call and cxamlno this without any delay.
OEO P. BEMI8 , Afcnt ,
16th and Douglas Sts
A desirable lot neat Cumini * and Saundrn
Streets , J1.CC.O.
The cheapest acre lota In the city of Omaha ,
re those offered for sale by this agency In Paik
Place and Lowe's second addition , on Cumlngr ,
Bart and California street" ; you can make no
mistake Inpltilnfr up these bargains while you
have the chance. These Iota are more than equal
In six * to 4 full-sired city lota or a half block
and It will bo but a very short time before one-
fifth part otone ot these acre lots will sell for as
much as we offer a full acre to-day. They are
located a vtry short distance west of Cr-ijrhton
College. Prices ranfrin ? from $150 to $300 per
ere lot. Call Immediately , and don't lose your
hance , aud ret nlat and full particulars ot
GEO. P. BEU1S , At-cnt ,
15th and Douglas Streets.
Vice lot on Sherman Avenue north ot Nicholas
troet , $1,400.
Half lot on Cass.between ISth and 14th streets
2 nice lots in Hartman's addition , $400 to $600.
Large number ot acre lota in Glse'B addition in
North Omaha , $125 to $300 each.
Choice corner lot near 22nd and California
Several cooJ loU In Nelson's addition , 150 to
$350 each.
Choice lot in Thornell's addition , $750.
Several large lota in Bartlett's addition , 1 }
rods and Si acres each. Prices $700 to $2,000
Several choice lota In Reeds first addition ,
| I75 to $850 each.
Acre lot on Sherman avenue , (16th street ) ,
oath of Popplcton's new residence/ $1,100.
2 lanrelnts near ISth andClatk streets , 001
830 feet Comer , $1,200 ; Inride , $1,000.
S lareo lots on Sherm i avenue , (16th street ) ,
Clark Street. 900 each
22 nice and cheap lota , very near to the bus
ness part of the city , located a very tew steps
outh ot the Convent and St. Mary's avcnae.and
lust south ot and adjoining the cround of Jamc *
it. Woolworth and W3. . Council these are
cheap and very desirable , being so handy to bus
iness part of city , to new government depot , nail
works , white lead works , U. P. depot , stock
yards , packing hwseg , etc. Call and get plat
and full particulars. Price $275 to $350 and easy
crms to those who build
GEO. P. BEM1S , Agent ,
15th and Douglas Sts.
S choice residence Iota en 24th street , between
fiouglas and Dodt-o streets$1.103 ; to $1,2CO each
and lone time to tbofe who will build
2 choice comer lots near SUhand Fainham
strata , 65x124 feet , $1.150 and $1,200. and very
wy terms to purchasers who will Improve.
- . Also 4 lota on 21th. between Farnham and
Douglas rreett , 850 to $1,000 each and long
time. *
43250 of the best business lota in y of
Omaha for sale , located on every bun nr street ,
$500 to $0,000 each , . ,
42TAleo very valuable stor crtiea in al
most every business block $5,000 to $16,000
40cno co residence lots In above addition , 1m-
tneJlately north of and ad'olnlng Poppleton's
beautiful residence and grounds , and located on
18th 10th and 20th streets , $300 to $550 each and
whowill build Gill and
Ten- easy terms to those
examine plat and pet f nil particulars.
Beautiful building site on Sherman avenue ,
16th streetVbctwccn Poppleton and the Dudley-
Hams property ; 2C3 feet cast frontage on the
avenue brsSaW in depth. Will divide | tmak-
Ing 132 feet by 8S9. Call and get full partlculara.
AT acre m 18th street , lot feet east frontage
by 378 feet deep. This is Just south of the Kllza-
beth { Poppleton place. This ia gUKsdce , call and
eet price and tcrins ot BEU1S , Agent.
IB peed lots. Just north ol and adjoining E. V.
Smith' * addition , and located beiween SOth and
anndcrs street * , at reasonable.prices . and long
me to buyer who improva BEU1S , Accnt.
6S lots In Horbach's first and second ad Ition
on 16th , 18th , 19th and SOth streets , between
Nicholas , Paul , Sherman and Clark streets , very
handy to iTr. Shops , smelting works , etc. ,
ranging in prtoos rom from $200 to $1:100 each ,
wqnlring only small payment down and long
Um at 7 per cent interest to thoee whoiw.ll im-
nrnvft GEU. f iittMLd ,
p 16th and Douglas Street.
58 nice loU la Parkers addition , between
Baundert and Pierce. King and CampbcllV Sts. .
on Blonio street ; 19 lota with south fronts ami
frontage only6blocks north o
16 with north ,
the turn-table ( end Btreefccar trtek ) on Sannder
street. Very lew prices ; $175 cash , or $200 oo
longtlmend8percent interest to those wh
will build. . _
CT160 good farms for sale In DongUs. Sarpy
Washington. Burt , Dodge , Saunders and Eastern
lerot counties. .
9-800,000 acra test selected land * in the
t for sale by this agency. Call and c t maps ,
cculars and full particulars.
X3rBcml ' new m p ot Omahl , 60c and $1.60.
tarBemls' new pamphlet ( and map ot the
Ute entitled "tho outlook ot Nebraska" for
ee distribution.
Geo. P. Bern is1
15th & Douglas St. ,
OMAHA , - - - NOT
The Leaders Consumi
Most of the Day in
Useless Sparring ,
MoCook's Bill to Place Gen
Grant on. the Eetired List
of the Army Likely to
Members in the House Warn
to their Work on the Blec
toral Count Bill
Secretary. Thompsofn Sayi
He Has Not Yet Accepted
De Lessep's Tempt
ing Offer.
Special dlf patch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , December 9 10 p ,
The announcement from Paris thai
Secrstary of the Navy Thompson had
accepted the chairmanship of the
Amercan branch of the Panama Canal
company , IB , to say the least , prema
ture. The secretary sajs that the
position has not been tendered to
him. He says a prominent party con
nected with the scheme in tbis coun
try , has made it known to him that
the chairmanship of the American
branch of the company would bo ten
dered to him , but the tender has not
yet been made. Therefore , he is not
prepared to ay what he shall do in
the premises. Jf he accepts it will
throw him out of the Indiana'aena-
torial race. The chairmanship would
undoubtedly be a life position , and at
an enormous salary. The same place
was offered to Gen. Grant , but he
could not accept it for the reason that
he did not wish to place himself in an
antagonistic attitude toward the pol
icy of his government on 'the canal
In speaking of the Pennsylvania
scaitorshlp last night Senator Wal
lace eald tnat he regarded Hon. G. A.
Gow as leading the contest. Yet , in
the event of any combinations that
would operate dieadvantageosly for
the ex-speaker , he thought his suc
cessor would probably be Hon. Thos.
BL Bayne , now representing the
Twenty-third Pennsylvania district in ,
congress. ( When reminded that it
bad been rumored here for some days
that Uov. Hoyt WES developing much
strength in the direction of the sena-
torship , he replied he did not think
the governor would enter the contest
at all , as the information received
from Harrishurg yesterday indicated
such a determinination.
No report has yet been made in the
colibrated Donnell-Washburn Minnesota
seta contest. A majority of the com
mittee is in favor of JVashburn , the
sitting member. In the case of Yates
vs. Martin , of the First North Carolina
lina district , no report has been made
by the committee. The case hai
been considered , and a majority are
in favor of Yates , the contestant.
There is alee a contest in the Second
North Carolina district , represented
by Ketchom O'Hare. The contestant
has not presented sufficient evidence
to convince the committee of the jus *
bice of his claim , and it will proba
bly never be acted upon. The ovi-
ience in the contest of Mackey against
D'Connor , of the Second South Carolina
lina district , has just been printed.
The committee has notified Mackey
jo file his brief. It is likely there
prill be two reports in the case , the
najority report favoring the sitting
The republican representatives and
lenators , In joint caucus last night ,
leclded unanimously to oppose the
Morgan rule by every parliamentary
levice. There was some difference of
ipinion in the caucus held Wednes-
lay night by republican representa-
ives on the question of filibustering
o defeat the Morgan resolution. The
ixponents of the extreme thory were
n a small minority , and they did not
eera to be very firmly grounded in
heir suggestions for conservative
ictlon. The fact that there was a dif-
erence of opinion , however , led
the call for 5 joint caucus.
Senator Blaine made a speech which
illcited great applause. It was argu-
nentative and stalwart in tone. Af-
er criticising the resolution , bo
poke of the old twenty-second joint
ale , which had been cited by the
lemocrata as a precedent for a new
ule , which they now proposed to
nact. Mr. Blaine denied that the
ild twenty-second joint rule was a
irecedent for anything. He claimed
hat the rule was rendered extinct ,
nd disposed of as a precedent by the
reation of the electoral commission
, tribunal In the creation of which
ioth democrats and republicans had a
iand. He mentioned that the pro-
oaod rule was dangerous , because it
ras at variance with the theory of the
ramers of the constitution , that con-
rees should not have power to elect a
toePoncas Judge Dundys Decision ,
f Mhlngton Special to The St. Louis Republican
The decision of Jndgo Dundy In
he case of the Poncas against the
iioor is somewhat of a curiosity In
ugml literature. The suit was brought
gainst the Sioux for certain lands
nd Islands lying within the state of
Nebraska , and judgment was given in
aver of the Poncas and ousting the
Sioux. The latter did not defend ,
tot knowing In fast that they were
ued. Process was served on Spotted
'ail last summer , but he did not
eid it , but threw It on the ground ,
ayinc he knew noihing about it. The
pvemment was not a party to the
nit and no one t.ppeared against the
ounsel for the Ponca ? . The result
ras that judgment went by default ,
ut it cow turns out that action was
rought out for lands never held or
lalmed by the defendant Sioux.
Then the reservation of the latter
ras set apart these islands within Ne-
raska were excluded. It was sup-
osod they still belonged to the Pon-
as under special treaty , giving them
be islands , and nobody has the
lightest objection to them having
'hat eome persons have deemed it
ecewary for them to sue for.
Something About Senatorships
rtihlngton Special to th GloDe-Deniocrat.
The attitude of Senator-elect Ma-
hone , of Virginia , is not the enl ;
doubtful thingin connection with th
next senate. The report now is tha
James 0. Flood , the richest , next t <
Mackey , of all the money operator
on the Pacific coast , has aspiration
for the United Statea senate. No
body in California knows what Flood'
politics are. He has sometimes givei
liberally to one party , and sometime
to another. It la now said that h
has proposed that they shall mak
him their nominee , and the leglsla
tare being BO close he hopes ( as th
report goes ) by the use of his mone ;
to secure his election His case i
much like Ms partner , Fair's , in Ne
vada. Fair .is not a democrat , al
though he will be elected by demo
craict votes. Nobody doubts his nsi
of money in the Nevada legislature
Indeed it is well known that the coli
is essential in that state for almos
any purpose. The -republicans ii
California are somewhat divided , fcn
all accounts from that state , inclndlnj
members and other persons of Intel
llgence ano * prominence , concede thi
election of Gen ; John J. Millar ,
He is a very rich man , and went t <
California jafter the war , fromIndi
ana. He was a very brave officer it
the war , and had one of his eyes she
out in battle. He has been collectoi
of the port of San Francisco , is a law
yer and an eloquent speaker. Ho if
universally respected for his ability
and moral character. He is at pres
ent the president of the Alaska Fui
company , and heavy dealer in min
ing stocks. A letter received hero bj
a former officer in one of the bonanza
firms' companies from Mr. Fair , dated
at Virginia City , says that he , having
set up the pins so as to elect himself ,
is not really indifferent as to * senatori
al honors , but that ho will come here
and do his very best for his state.
Fair is a man who will attend to his
bnsineis , and the newspapers will hot
be able to say of him , as they can
truthfully say of Sharon , that he has
not , during his six years' term In the
senate , occupied his seat for six con-
secvtivo days , and not thirty days al
The house committee on military
affairs will , on Tuesday next , consid
er Gen. McCook's bill to place Gen.
Grant npon the retired' list of the
Army. This bill has created coneld-
erable discussion among cenatora end
representatives , and some democrats
oppose the bill on the ground that
Grant took an active part in the re
cent presidential election. It is be
lieved , however , that enough demo
crats will unite with republicans to
secure a favorable consideration of the
| The credentials of Gen. Garfield as
senator-elect from Ohio are still among
the archives of the senate. It Is ex
pected though , that within a day or
two Gen. Garfield will , vby letter , re
quest the vice president to return the
same to him , so that he. may return
them , through the governor of Ohio ,
to the legislature. On returning the
credentlals.the general will also trana-
ralt a letter declining the senatorial
office to which he has been elected.
WASHINGTON , December 8. No
business of importance was transacted
this morning.
On motion of Mr. Davis (111. ( ) it
was ordered that when the sonata ad
journed to-day , it be tomeet on
After the presentation of petitions
ind the reference of a few bills , the
senate proceeded to the business on
the calendar under the Anthony rules.
The chair laid before the senate a
jommunicatlon from the secretary of
irar in-relation to the purchase of the
Dapers of the late rebel Generals
Bragg and Polk. The price asked is
510,000 , and the secretary raises the
question whether contributions from
inion officers , that had been gratul-
ioualy contributed , should be made in
aver of ex-confederate officers. The
Communication was sent to the com-
nittee on military affairs. , .
Mr. Withers Introduced a bill for
he termination of pension claims
igainst the United States. Referred
o the committee on pensions.
Mr. Garland offered a resolution in
truding the military committee to
nquire into the condition of the
government property at Little Bock ,
Lrk. Adopted.
Mr. Bnrnside has given notice that
, t the next meeting he would ask the
enate to proceed to the consideration
if the senate bill to establish an edu-
ational institution , and apply a por-
ion of the proceeds of public land
o public education.
The senate resumed the considera-
ion of the bill on the calendar , on
rhich no objections were made.
A bill granting a pension at the
ate of $20 per month to Mary A.
jord , widow of Captain Lor3 , of the
thirty-seventh Indiana regiment ,
rhich report had been made , caused a
irolonged debate , but the bill was
inally defeated by a vote of 43 to 15.
The chair laid before the senate a
ommunicatien from W. W. Corcoran ,
f the joint commission of the Wash-
igton monument , transmitting the
nnual report , and recommended an
ppropriatlon of § 200,000 for the con-
inuance of the work.
On motion of Mr. Paddock , the
ill for the sale of the remainder of
be Otoo and Missouri Indian reserva-
lens in Nebraska and Kansas was
Etken up and discussed.
The house passed a bill to authorize
he New York chamber of commerce
D place statuary in the sub-treasury
uilding hi that city.
Consideration of the joint rule on
be electoral count was then resumed.
Mr. McLain argued In favor of the
ale , and insisted that it was iu as-
ordance with the 12th article of the ,
The fortification bill , the first cf
be regular appropriation bills , wei re-
orted to-day , by Mr. Baker , of In-
lana. The bill makes the same SD-
ropriations as were contained in tra
ill last year , viz. : § 100,000 for 1-3-
iain of the armament of the sri
east defence , and § 50,000 for torpedo
ervlce. The only change from the
ut year's bill was a clause authorizing *
he secretary of war to change uuser-
iceable and unsuitable articles of power -
[ er and shot on hand for new powder ,
tc.An effort was made to increase the
ppropriatlon bill , but the com-
u'ttee would not allow it.
Mr. Kelley Jntrodnced a bill to re-
iort on banfchecks , medicines and
i&nk deposits.
Mr. McLane , after reading the fifth
rtlcle of the constitution , said it gave
n express grant to both houses of
ongress to count the votes : He
doubted whether many men on th
other side would take the position c
Mr. Robeson , that the power to cone
the votes is vested hi the vice preai
dent by the constitution. That the
ory has never been seriously accepts
In the history of this country , no
could the theory be accepted that congress
gross could constitute a tribunal t
count and declare , lhe result of th
electoral votes for president and. vie
president. Congress did once by lai
establish a tribunal , and the coun
made under would stand as a monn
ment of dlrgraco to that tribunal
Mr. McLane argued that It was eatab
liahed under pressure , because th
country had an executive who prop03
ed to use the army and the navy evei
to defeat the will of the people. I
was under such a pressure that th
gentlemen agreed to pass that law
But nearly all men of any distinctjoi
expressed the regret that-thcy , nyuli
be called on to vote for such a law es
tablishing such an exceptional prcce
dent , and authorized another body t
perform the duty which devolve !
npon the two houses of congress. A
a proof of that , the authority f thi
two houses to count the votes hat
heretofore been recognized. Mr
McLane's reference to the fact thS
Mr. Lincoln , ina managa tocong ; JBS
remonstrated opainst being ca1' '
upon to share the respousi
bility of declaring the result of a prea
idential election. That message wai
one of the acts which the gentlemai
from Now Jersey would like to wipi
out. Mr. McLane ma'de a long argu
ment to show that , under articli
twelve of the constitution the twc
houses counted the votes.
A long and tedious discussion en
sued as to the operation of the pro
posed joint rule. In reference to the
action upon'the vote of the statesthc
republicans contending that under the
proposed rule one house really determined -
mined the result in each state , while
the democrats argued that it required
the concurrent action of both house :
to recleve or reject a vote , and thai
they regarded it as the fairest solu
tion of the question.
Mr. Lapham , of Now York , ex
pressed the belief that the democrats
hcd some ulteiior' object , or thej
would not press this matterwith sucb
persistency. He gave notice that he
.would resort to all parltamentaryjex. <
peditions 'to defeat it. He insisted
on the rights of the vice-president tc
count the vote , claiming that no vice-
president would ever defeat the wl !
of the people. He did not regard il
as possible to count a fraudulent vote.
In the course of his remarks ho ra
fetred to the quotation by the demo
crats of Mr. Lincoln's message on this
subject.and intimated that they hr.d
uo right to quote Mr. Lincolnas the ;
had regarded him as a mere rail-split
Mr. Herbert , of Alabama , in reply ,
denied that there was the least oc
casion to impute ulterior or bad ob
jects to the democrats. He admitted
the election of Gen. Garfield , but said ;
the democrats twanted to establish
the fact that the vice-president should
not count the vote. Referring to Mr.
Lapham's remarks about .Mr. Lincoln ,
he claimed that no section of the
country had more reap jet'for Mr.
Lincoln's memory than the south ,
Mid they regarded his assassination aa
DUO of the greatest evils that could
lave bsfallon that section.
Mr. Nowberry , of Michigan , closed
; he day's debate , arguing in favor ce
; he right of the vico-president to count
.he vote , end at tne close of his
poecL , the house adjourned. ;
There is no telling how long the
lebate will run.
Mr. Wood tried again yesterday to
iring the house to an agreement with
eference to closing the discussion ,
lo wanted to know how many days
ho gentlemen on the other side pro-
losed to disturb the public bnalne.-n.
? o answer was vouchsafed.
ipocltl Dispatches to The Bee.
In the Bartree murder trial now in
irogress at Honcsdale , Pa. , the wit-
icsses for the defense all testified to
3artree's insanity. This is a turn for
rhich the prosecution were not pro-
tared , and may yet bo the cause of
tearing the celebrated murderer.
Thomas Muncher , who is charged
rith participating-in the murder of u
ireman named T. J. Ryan-at a sockl
iall given at Mualo hall , New York ,
ave himself up to the authorities.
The Mexican , at San
Vancisco , was continued till to-day ,
ndge Latimer taking the 'position
liatthe captain must recognize the
rrits from the state courts , but h
illlng to hear arguments. Judge
iitimer has been in consultation with
10 circuit judges , and the Mexican
iptain In consultation with Rear Ad-
ilral Stevens Cato was produced in
nut , by the sheriff , the prisoner bav-
\a \ been delivered to him by the Mex-
an consul.
In the case of the Italian , Orifio
[ agaro , who is charged of the mnr-
ar of his wife , in New York last
ano , the jury yesterday returned a
ardlct of guilty of murder In the
icond degree. When asked what lie
id to say , he remarked that he would
loner be hung than to be imprisoned
ir life. He was tentenced to Sine
ing for the remainder of his natural
[ e.
Th3 rapid rise In the Ohio river be-
ig about to catch the low.-land corn-
elds in the lower Ohio valley , all the
ands that can be hired are being put
j work gathering corn. Much of it
rill be lost.
Quite a number of monks , recently
spelled from Franco , have arrived at
lontreal , and are to settle on the
aminaux property , at Oks , and wJ1 !
o to farming there.
The National Railway Conductors'
xcursion , which raturned to Chicago
edncfday night from the five thou-
ind m'le ' trip to the Pacific coast ,
hank all hotel keepers on their r3iit3
x the couiteslea extended , and all
gree in saying It was the grandest
vent of their lives.
JACKSONVILLE , Fla. , December 9.
ious Tcckstaln , the crazy -man who
otcmitted the triple murder , near
! b = 3ter , has been consigned to the
Mrlawn asylum , for treatment.
NEW YORK , December 9. Immv
rants on the steamer "Switzerland , "
f the Red Star line tell a horrible
tory of their ill treatment on the voy-
ge across the Atlantic. The case is
eing investigated.
NEW YOKE , December 9 The An-
horline steamer "Victoria" Is now
leven days overdue. Five European
teameis have arrived within the past
trenty-four hours and others are
ourly expected. All report terrific
Outbreaks Increasing to at
* Alarming Exteut All
Over the Island.
Paraell to be Again Rioted foi
His Bemarks Favoring to
Ireland's SelfrGov-
Three Thousand Troops Will
. Guard the Landtords'
Meeting at Won J hanv
A Prominent Journalist Boy
cotted for His Ultra
Special Dispatch to The Beo.
LONDON , December 8,10 p. m.
The political air Is full of sensational
rumors of a split in the ministry oc
the policy to be pursued in regard tc
the situation in Ireland. The storj
chiefly current is that several members
of the cabinet are satisfied that a land
lord reform will not glvo peace to Ire
land , because the idea of Irish self-
government Is growing in the minds
of the Irish people , and hence it
would be useless to frame such a bill.
Others demand the immediate sup
pression of the disturbances io Ire
land by troops. Sober people , how
ever , do not hold a cabinet disruption
The conservatives- making the
most of the personal visit of Lord
Beaconsfield to the queen nt Windsor ,
and magnlty It into * political neces
sity. In government circles this idea
is divided , and Mr. Gladstone's
friends say Beaconsfield is merely
called , to Windsor to reeeivo a royal
compliment npon the success of his
Special Dispatch to The B e.
DUBLIN , December 10 1 a. m.
A-special last night from Monaghau
to The Dublin express , says the great
est excitement prevailed there. Lord
lloaamoro was accompaned7jby Lord
Mandeville , who will assist at the an
ti-land league meeting. Mandeville
telegraphed to hia agent at Porta-
down to send 1000 men to Scattstown
without delay. Another telegmm was
despatched to the district grand maa-
ter Orangeman , of Armagh , to send
1000 men. A similar telegram was
sent to Lord Crichton to send 1000
men from Fermanagh. These are cer
tain to arrive , and the number will be
mere than doubled by tnenfrom Mon
aghanandthe surrounding neighbor
hood. Th'o men will be suppliedywiih
aome means of defense. The most
active efforts are being made by the
constitutional party and the leagues
to make this last meeting a success.
The assemblages will be most formida
ble , and perhaps moat dangerous to
the peace , that nas been witnessed in
Ulster for some years , and if Ulster
landlords take pattern by the example
let them by Lords RoBsmore , Mande-
rllle and Crichton , leaguers would
lave little to say In Ulster.
The Cork grand jury has found true
) ills against Mr. Healy'M. P. , and
} riyate secretary to Mr. Parnell , and
\Ir. \ Walsh , of the Balls land league ,
in the charge of intimidating Corne-
lus Manning. The trial will probably
; ake place on Tuesday next.
Mr. Bnnce , a journalist of Bandon ,
ind a celebrated south of Ireland ag
Iculturiat and writer on the land
question , has been Boycotted.
An attempt was made to strangle
me Sullivan , a procesi server , near
5kibbereon. Lawlessness in Cork is
ncreasing to an alarming extent.
An immense land meeting was held
it Scattatown yesterday. There were
i thousand Orangemen prepared to
told a counter , demonstration , but
hey dispersed at the urgent entreat
23 of the authorities. The land
eagners had telegraphed to Dubliner
or military protection , and a sangnin-
ry conflict was barely avoided.
DUBLIN , December 7,10 p , m. It
i considered probable that a fresh In-
ictment will be prepared by the gov-
rnment against Mr. Parnell , based
pen certain utterances in his late
peech at Waterford. The portion
specially offensive was his Intimation
mt the land leage propoied to con-
nno Its organization until the Eng-
ah government is compelled to re-
are to Ireland the right of aelf-gov-
: nment.
Rep'orts from the north agree that
10 condition of things \ daily be-
jmlng more critical. The landlords
ve in constant terror , and cannot
mger rely upon the constables for
rotectlon , as the people have about
aased to fear them.
Notwithstanding the opposition of
10 Orangemen , the league is gaining
round in Ireland , and the probablli *
les are that the Oatholio and Protest-
nt farmers will unite in promo ting the
rejects of the league.
The prospect of securing the con-
ictJons of the leaguers at the coming
rial is not promising , and all the lets
D since the acquittal of the the edi-
Dr of The Sligo Champion.
DUBLIN , December 9 4 p. m.
'he feautures of the government land
ill , so far as the same have been made
ubllc , are generally admitted to be
atlsfactory to the people. The bill
leets the islient points raised by the
gitatora , and tt the same time is just
nd equitable to the landlords ,
'he prominent features are the
lansea securing fixity of ten-
ires and permitting free sale
f acquired rights. Meantime , Eng-
ish farmers are taking advantage of
he agitation to secure Increased priv <
leges for themselves. They demand
hat they shall have the same rights
s Irish tenants , and declare that
tnder the present conditions they are
inable to compete with the producers
f the United States.
p cUl Dispatches to Tni Bis.
David Gormely , tha Irish farmer ,
who Wednesday shot the bailiff , whil
the latter waa attending to executin
a decree against him has been arrester !
The government has ordered ac'ora
modotions for 160 soldiers to be prj
pared at BalHna , Ita'snd , where :
ltdy , and a Isnd owner , was re 3ntl ;
mobbed and assaulted on thestree'--
Ffty thousand sham ofPanrtr
Canal company stock have almd'
been subscribed for In Sp via.
John Kelly Comes Up Smilin ]
After the First Bound In
the New York Munici
pal Fight ,
Two More of the Overdui
Steamships Drop Anchor
in New York Bay.
Two Thousand Oklahoma Col
onists Will Enter the For
bidden Ground To-day.
Tne Oklahoma Wer.
Special Dispatches to Tha Boe.
ARKANSAS CITY , KM..December 9
10 p. m. A mass meeting of citlzsm
was held here last night. Over2COC
of the Oklahoma colonhts are encamped -
camped in this vicinity , and nearly all
were present. Speeches were npde
by Capt. Paine , Maj. BIoss , and oth
ers , and an address to the president
of the United Statea was read and
adopted. The address sayg It ia the
intention of the colonials to enter the
ceded lands of Indian Territory , aud
that in so doing they believe they are
committing no trespass on law. They
say they are confronted with govern
ment troops , who threaten their ox-
pnlsion , and appeal to the president to
order Gen. Pope to remove h'i sol-
diera. The addrers concludci ns fol-
lorfs : "We would deprecate a collision
wlih the federal troops. Wo ask that
we be not molested. Wo have fought
for the flag which we honor , and wo
ask the protection of the flas. "
Greit enthusiasm prevailed. United
Statea troops are pouring In at Caldwell -
well , but the colonists outnumber
them two to one. Capt. Paine h
camping with the boyj , and they will
move across the line to-night.
Opening of the Canadian Parliament.
Special Dlipatch to The Bee.
OTTAWA , December 9 , 10p.m.
The third session of the fourth Car > i-
dian parliament opened this after
noon , and the usual speech from the
throne was delivered by the governor-
general. He congratulated the coun
try on the bountiful harvests and re
turns of commercial prosperity , and
mentioned that the contract for the
construction and operation of the
Canada PaciGc railroad had been
made with men of high finarich
standing In Europe , the United State
and Canada. He said that steady
progress had been made in the con
itructioh of portions of' the road now
inder contract , there being 264 mile ?
: n operation , and that the Inter-Col
mfal road would this year be aelf-sm-
; alnlng. The message was principally
lovoted to matte of local Interest.
sighting theTammany Sachem.
: pec al Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YoRKjDecember 10 1 p. m.
Fhe excitement In political circles
tver the combination to confirm the
leads of departments to-day , at a
nee ting of the board of aldormancon-
Innes unabated. Yesterday the City
tail presented a lively appearance ,
nd all the prominent politicians ol
loth factions were dltcussing the
* tst information. The friends of
Jr. Kelly seemed In better j
ban on Wodnerday , and were wiling
o wager on even terms tb > t the cou-
ilnatlon had been broke ; . . The ; ? -
inblican leaders are not ; ? ? d over
ho combination , and held a caucus
esterday afternoon to decide whethr-
he combination will be kepi or not.
t is stated on very good authoi'/
hat Mayor Cooper will not include
mong bis nominations to-diy any
andidato for comptroller , out of
ourtssy to Mr. Kelly. The .rayor
as intimated that he will hold bark
jr a week or so , the nomination of a
andidate for comptroller. Then op-
osad to Mr. Kelly say that a com-
ination of some shape or other wiU
e formed , and will bo successfulnot- ,
ithstanding what Is said. The whole
ilng rests on the action of the re-
ublican caucus.
Sad Beceptlon.-
* dal Dispatch to The Bee.
DUBCQUE , December 10 , 1 a. m'
, . L. Bell , of the Gold Belt mining
> mpany , arrived here last evening
om California to find his family in
lourning , and his wife a corpse ;
rents unknown to him unt'l ho
tached his house and saw crape on j
IB door. 'She had committed suicide
st week while ho was on his vray
jme to pass the holidays.
indications ,
edal Dispatch to Tni BIB.
WASHINOTOND. 0. , December 10
a. m. For the upper Mississippi
id lower Missouri valleys : Clear
partly cloudy weather ; falling , fol-
iwed by rising barometer , with highc ?
imperatnre aud southerly winds.
Alter Many Days. ,
> edal Dispatch to Tni Bxx. j
NEW YOKK , December 10 1 a. m
-Intelligence of the safe arrival of the
icamships "Victoria" and "Valmer,1"
hlch are two weeks- overdue , was
lad tidings to many In this city yea-
jrday , who had friends on boe-d.
he vessels arrived off Saudy Hook at
p. m. , and will be towed no their
ockthis morniujr. The "VictorV
died from London November 13tb
ad encountered heavy weather. SI 3
> 11 in the with"Valmer , " from Havia
Ibvember llth , and M the latter v.a
adly disabled by storms took her in
aw , and when the heavy weather wai
ncountered the "Victoria" broke h7
udder post , and her machinery was
battered , but using the "Valmor" ? s
drag , she out rode the storms , and
ucceed in accomplishing the voyr e.
Iho celebrated race horse which
n board died November 29.
Twenty-six variety people who were
leiforming at the St. Louis Theater
'omiaue lost their wardrobes. The
heatre was formerly the property of
Jen De Bar , but is now owned by A.
J. Baker , of Philadelphia. It
ras accounted one of the historic
andmarfes of J3t. Louis. None of tha
kdjoining buildings were damaged.
Gen , Ord Forced From Ac
tive Service to Private
Forty-one .Years Sacrifice !
for Good Pay and His
Two Serions Accidents on th
Northwestern Eoad , Near
' L Bev y of' Frehch Innocent
Rescued from a St.
Louis "Wolf.
Special dispatch to Tm Bis.
CHICAGO , December 9 4 p. m.-
Two morer accidents have occurred 01
the Northwestern road. The Mayweed
wood accommodation train this morn
ing ran into a switch engine at th
Halsted street viaduct. Both engine
wore badly damaged. The Maywooi
engine was 'thrown from the track
Several passengers were injured anc
all badly scared.
The evening mail train from Genevi
Lake was thrown from the track nea :
that place by a broken rail , and al
except the engine precipitated fort }
feet down an embankment , turning
completely over. One car took fire ,
but it was extinguished. Three per
sons were seriously hurt , and nearly
all others on the train received slight
The "World's Fair.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , December 8 , 4 p. m.
Che world's fair commission has adop-
ed a report recommending the In-
wood site for the exhibition of 1883.
Cho site is about eight miles out on
he New York Central and Hudson
liver railroad and contains 250 acres.
Takes It Hard.
Special Dispatch to The IJec.
CHICAGO , December 9 , 4 p. m. A
San Antonio special says : "General
3. O. C. Ord , who has commanded
: hedepartmeut of Texas with head-
[ uartora in this city , since April llth ,
.875 , Tuesday .evening received noli-
ication by telegraphfrom the Presi
dent of his retirement. The General
will bo superceded by Gen C. C.
Augur , now commanding the depart
ment of the south with Headquarters
xt Newport Barracks , Kentucky.
3eneral D. S. Stanley arrives from
? ort Clark to-morrow to take
command pending the arrival of Gen.
Augur. Yesterday Gen. Ord refused
o sign any pipers , and the affairs of
lis office were turned over to Gen.
Shnrman. Adjutant General Vincent
icting for him. Gen Ord ia C2 years
of ago , and has served forty- ono aud
i half years. Ho seems to take
the change forced upon him very
hard and regrets are universal among
: he citizens because of the president's
ction , General Ord having endeared
iiimself to our entire people by his un-
leasing efforts in behalf of the inter-
jata of the vast region under his com-
Rescued from Sname !
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , December 9 4 p. m.
Che commissioners of charities have
ust rescued three immigrant girls from
, life of Immorality. Their names
, re Marie Arlgaasi , Louise Donati and
ilagdalena Blames. They are natives
if Paris , from 19 to 23 years of age ,
, nd are exceedingly pretty. They
rere engaged as domestics by a man
lamed Xavler Willern , a resident of
it. Ijpnie , who represented himself .is
iwner of a splendid new hotel in that
ity , aud who offered them easy werk
nd large wages , besides offering to
ay their fare to this country. They
"Pierre" and
rero passengers on the
fter their arrival were taken to a
Drench hotel on Wooster street. Dur-
ig the voyage , Willem dropped some
inta which were refused by the girls ,
rho were suspicions of hia { mentions
agarding them. At the boardinghouse
leir suspicious were confirmed ,
aquiry to the St. Louis police pro-
ounced the Willems hotel story a
oax , and the girls visited Castle Gar-
en and made complaint against Will-
in , stating that he had all their
othing locked up in his trunks and
ifused to give it up. A datective
ent to the Wooster street house and
icovered the clothing , but not until
a had been compelled to knock Will-
n down. A situation has now been
mnd in Now York for all three of
le girls.
t. Louisans Battling With the
Fiend in a Crowded
wclal Dispatch to the Hit.
ST. Loois , December9 2 p. m.
t twenty minutes before ono o'clock
ila afternoon there was a cry of fire
Q Pine street , opposite the Mor
dants Exchange. It was soon known
iat the * Tneater Comiqne on the
orth side of Pine street , between
bird and Fourth streets , was on fire ,
he alarm waa sounded , and in a few
linutea two engines arrived ,
ad were stationed on Fourth
; reet. These attracted a great crowd
ad the news spread that the theatre
as on fire , causing great excitement.
Q five minutes after the alarm waa
iven the stage and whole interior of
BO building was in flame.a Smoke
oured from tne upper windows on
* lne street in great volumes. The
jterlorwaa so filled with smoke that
oth'mg but a bright light to the
jft toward the stage could be seen.
Just then a young man emerged
rom the auditorium begrimed with
moke and greatly excited. This waa
lichard Shay , one ot the employes.
Ir. Smith , tha lessee , was in the
luilding , but did not seem to know
rhat to do. He was too much cxcit-
d to answer any questions. The fire-
nen got to work with two streams
, nd soon reduced the flames sufficient-
y to show where most of the fire waa.
iit that time the stage and scenery
rere all ablaze. Members of the com-
> any pressed their walkthrough the
Towd , eager to save what they could ,
> ut with the exception of one or two
ranks and some advertising material ,
ittle waa gotten out. In ten min-
ites after the firemen had got to work
; he whole interior was burning , mak-
Cor. Douglas and 13th Sts. .
Gives Great Bargains in ladies' and Gents4 *
All Kinds Of
We Guarantee The Best Goods For The Least Money.
feB P
Ing it almost certain that nothing of
value would bo left inside , and that
the whole building would be gutted.
The fire appears to have started under
the stage , and is doubtless owing to the
to some imperfection of the furnace ,
or possibly from carelessness. The
smoke was probably caused by the
scenery being permeated with so much
oil. Wet the lazJ. sign of a ilame waite
to be seen anywhere , nothing but
heavy volumes of smoke issuing from
every window and door. At
one o'clock the firemen Upon the
inside were forced to vacate and seek
the open air , pulling their hose after
them. At this hour , 1,30 p. m. , the
fire is still raging , and it looks as
though the building of the Globe-
Democrat , on one side of the Oomiquo ,
and the American Union telegraph
building situated on the other aide ,
would both go. The losa or insnrrnce
is not known as yet.
New Yorfe Money and Stocks.
WALL STKBIT , December 9.
MONET fl per cent. ; exchange , firm at
$4 79i@4 82J.
U. S. 6'g81 1 02 ? U.S. 4'a 1 18 $
U.S. 6'g 1 OH Currency 6'a. 1 11
U.8g 1 lf |
STOCKS The stock market this"morning was
Btror ; ? and active and higher. Prices Up to
this hour show an advance of } to 4 } per cent ,
13 comnared with ycsterdiy. Tne clcslnt ? prices
show the C. B. & Q. , the coal shares , Erie ,
Northwestern , St. Paul , and Rock bland on the
A. & P Tel 36) Amer Union 63
CanS 723 OCCI- 83 $
tf W U4 | CO&IO 20J
Preferred 110JJ C & P 113
H I.- . 126 Preferred _ 121
B&O. 177i Ohio 22J
Lack 1033 Preferred 31
PL Ex 5H StJoe J
[ , fcN 83 } Preferred 95
r.S 123 } M C
it 4T 43 ? N JC
UP 108 PM
Keacllng 50 ] Omaha 45
[ M 46 Preferred 88
> f P S3 } Wabnh 43J
Preferred 64 OM J2i
3P 81i W U WJJ
Chicago Produce Market.
OHICAOO , December 0.
Wheat No. 2 spring , g@ c lower ,
with sales at and between $1 02105
for January , closing at 81 02k for
: aah ; ? 1 02j for December ; ?
For January ; § 1 04 § for February.
Corn No 2 , \ @ a lower ; closing
39g39 c for cash or December ; 39g ©
39ii for January ; 4445c for May.
Oats J@lc lower ; No. 2 closing at
32c for cash ; 32j for December ; 32jjc
For January ; 3Gg@3GJc for May.
Rye Quiet at 87c for No. 2 in
Barley Quiet ; No. 2 in store , ? ! 03.
Pork Mess , 5c higher per bbl ,
closing at $11 75O13 25 for cash ;
811 75 for December ; § 13 25@13 27 $
for January ; $13 42J@13 45 for
Lard Closed at $8 37i@8 40 for
cash or December ; $8 458 47 * for
January ; ? 8 52 (3860 ( for February.
Whisky Firm at $113.
Chicago Live Stock Market
CHICAGO , December 9.
Hogs 5@10c higher ; moderately
activesalas were at ? 4 55@4 75
for light packing ; 84 60Q5 10 for
good to extra heavy packing ;
§ 4 C5@5 00 for good to : holce
heavy packing$4 C0@5 00 for good
to choice heavy shipping lots. Re
ceipts. 2.000 head.
'Cattle $2 40312J4 ( 20 for bntclv
era * steers ; receipts 3,900.
St. Loula Live Stock Market.
ST. Loois , December 9.
Hogs Higher ; light , $4 004 25 ;
mixed packing , § 4 504 75 ; butch
ers' to fancy , $4 80@5 00 ; receipts ,
1,000 head ; shipments , 1300 head.
New Tori : Produce Market.
NEW YOKK , December 9.
Flour Dull and strongly in buy
era * favor ; receipts , 23699 ; bbls
round hoop Ohio , $4 75@5 50 ; choio
do$5 55@6 Sojsuperfine western.33 4 <
@ 4 50 ; common to good extra do
$4 50@5 00 ; choice , do , do , ? 5 05i (
6 75 ; choice white wheat , do , ? 5 700
Butter Steady ; fair inquiry for
choice Ohio at 13@30.
E 2s Firm at 2G@31c for fair to
Wheat Quiet ; Chicago , $1 17 ©
1 19 ; Milwaukee , SI 20@1 21 ; No.
2 red winter , $1 19@1 19j ; sales
90,000 bu.
Corn Nomlnal ; No. 2 , 59-3 ; ta4M ,
" 00,000 bu.fc
Oats Quiet.
Whiskey Nominal.
St. Louis Produce Market.
ST. Louis , December 9.
Flonr Dull and lower.
Wheat Dull rind-lower ; No. 2 red
winter , $1 01.J@1 OOJ.
Corn Lower at 40c.
.Oats Firm and slow at 34o
Rye Dull at 84cbid.
Whisky Dull at SI 12.
Pork Dull at $13 25 aaked.
Dry Salt Meats Held above buy
ers' views ; nothing doing.
Bacon Dull at 85 25@7 76@7 90.
Lard Nominally $8 25.
Terrific Explosion * .
Special dispatch to Tha Bee.
NEW YORK , December 10 la. m.
Jreat excitement was caused at Hun-
ers Point at 1:30 : yesterday afternoon
> y the explosion of a still at tha
Brooklyn oil refinery on Newtown
creek. The surrounding neighborhood
waa greatly shaken up. Windows
wore broken for a long distance , and
ledestriana were lifted from their feat
> y the force of the shock. Fortu
nately , no one was hurt. The oil in
he still was Ignited. To prevent
onflagration the oil waa drawn off
rom the bottom , and allowed to run
nto the creek. The damage dona to
> roperty is very groat.
CHICAGO , December 10 1 a. m.
About 1:30 : yesterday afternoon an ex-
iloaion took place at the Union Lime
perks , corner of Nineteenth and
jincoln streets. John Mangb , board-
ng at 739 West Nineteenth streets ,
while engaged In the pump house , ia
making cartridges for blasting pur
poses , waa instantly killed by the ox-
iloalon of a powder can. Walter
Iall , another employe , wa badly in
ured about the head and neck , lie
s supposed to be fatally hurt. Win-
lows within two blocks of the place
wore shattered.
A Baa Neffro.
pedal dispatch to.Tlin Bis.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , December 10 I
a. m. Torn Harris , the negro who
murdered a colored girl named Nar-
clssa Roderick , in Illinois , nearly op-
losite this city , last summer , sad
rhich created such a feeling among
he negroes at that time , has been
captured , and will probably be hero
o-day , on his way to Illinois. A
arge reward was offered for his ap-
irehension. Unless he Is strongly
guarded when he crosses the river , it
s not improbable that the negroes
over there may take him oat and
string him up.
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids
will be received at the office of the county
clerk of , Knrnas county , Nebraska , at
Seaver City , the county seat cf said court-
; y. cp to the 3rd day of January , A. D.
1881 , at 12 o'clock II. of said day , for tha
construction of a wagon bridge across the
Republican river , south of the town of
Cambridge , in Medicine CreeJc precinct , in
FumaH connty , Nebraska , said bridge to
be 400 feet in length. Bidders are re
quired to accompany their bids with
plans and specifications of the work , and
also with . bond in a sum double thu
amount of tha bid , conditioned for the
faithful execution of the contract. The
county commLaionera of said county of
Fumas reserve the right to reject any and
all bids.
By order of the connty commiMioners ol
Foraaa county , Nebraska. Dated at
Beaver City. Kurnas county , Nebraska ,
tha 19th day of November , A. D. 1880.
L. Kc3KA.i , County Clerk.
dec3-lmd&w _ _
A. W. NASOff.
OmcK Jacob's B etc , eorn l CapltotlAT * . tml
ISth Street , Omaha , Nob.