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Established 1871. MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
loth and Douglas Street.
Orer 3,000 residence lots tortile by thlf agen
cy at prlreu&nirtn ; from 2b to J2.600 ewb , and
ocitodtoc-jryiurt of UncUo , " ! in every
direction from the Portofflca , north , etsl , onus
or wit , and varying in dittance Irom one
block to one or two miles from * * > \ ' ) _ Call and
examine oar lists.
Eercn ! choice lets in Griffin & Inact * add !
on. t of convent , between St. Uair'saran
Ue kt > 4 Barney rtn > ct 8000 to tSOe.
80 acre lust cast of Jwrrado on Saonden Bt ,
this Is ctofoo land asd will be sold very cbeap-
f or cash In 6. 10 or 0 acre loa ; now Is your time
to Recnre a bargain.
Choice lot at end of street car tricla on Bann-
dors street for (576.
Choice lot , Farnhun and 2Uh ttroeto , 90x13 !
ort for ei,500-will divide It.
Cl.cap 10t In Credit Fond&r addition , south of
Forty lota on Park Avenne and Georgia street ,
* on road to park , and near head of St. Mary's
avenue , at Ircm $125 to 8300 each. Seven rears
time at cfcht ) wr cent interest to the e who will
pat ap peed guUatantial buildii p. For farther
parUouUrs apply to.
O.P. BESnsA ( nt ,
Fifteenth and Doaglu Streets.
A nice lot on Hamey and Tft . ntyfint streets ,
Two tholes lots on SOth , near St. Mary's avcn-
bo. Mxl 65 feet each , for IS50 and PW.
Two cholc * lot * near 2JJ and I lark streets In
E V. Smith's aarlitlon-3nO and $350. '
lift ) loin In Shlnn'H first , second and third ad
ditions for 4100 to SfiOO each.
Lot iicar 1Mb and llerce , { 450.
ItoUonUUrnevnar lth St. , 800 each. I
lot on SUh TtHur Honard xtreot , (7oO.
tl lota in Grand View addition , south of U. P
* rliVe and dejxit , from ? 16 to f 00 each-
One acre , 117x370 feet , on IStb street , sontb
of Popplcton'uncwfrridcnco , for 12,000 , or will
divide into city sized lot * at from S50 to $500
Large nnnitmr of beautiful rexldence lots , la
cat l tnthtdiiew addition on Capitol Hill , be
twecii 24th street on tbe cast , 26th on the west
Dodo street on the north and Farnham strt t
ontlieion'h ' fonDprlyo ncd bj C. H D VQ *
and ni'iru recently known astlie I'erkluilj
Only"2lote liatetl'U Ur been i > latt d j | on
Farnham nU 8 on Douglas street. Tna 5 lots
f re 550 50 fet In width and 1BO Sr.depth. 11,000
for the cli'ilco. 6 years time , V. 8 per cent In-
lerentto thee who will build tuod substantial
"honfuthPrc-n. Call and examine plat and pet
Full InformAtiuu at v
15th and Donslig streets.
Over 20) liu es ami loti are offered for al
liy this o3lOT They are scattered all oter lie
rtty. Anylontlnn ynndoIr . Prices Varjin
Iron tSOO to gl&.ODO each.
2 1 ! " ° < } ' " ' " A"d 3 cheap honsei rc'.r Jackxon
cid ' 2'.h"rcvHit -reatiacrilce Here is a
pre t b 'ciln for orao oco. Tte property must
be sold nmnedl itely. Coveat ] a quarter of a
block. Call Mid examine .aj , without any del y.
O70 P. EKMIS , Airent.
l th and D.uK ba Sti
A Ucmr lje | lot near Cumlng and Samidrn
Streets , W. "oO.
"The rbofipoxt aero lota In the city oi Omaha ,
re those o3er d lot Bale by this agency In Paik
* ? ? Ucc and IjfTTff second addl'lon , on Cumlng ,
2nrtaiift California strceU ; you can mokt no
cnetatotnnUlda7npthrcebar ; ln * hl'e ' you
Itavylhe chance. These lota are mo-ethan eqnal
hi rtM to tull-Elzed city lot * or aliVlb'oik
Mil Uwill l > c but a very short time before one.
fifth put of one of these acre lota wll ! ec'J tor as
much as we offer a full aero to-day. They ure
locaU-il a very nhoit dvnce ! west of Cc iehton
College. Prices ranjrini : from tltO to 8S&0 p r
era lot. Call Immediatelv , anfdon't lose your
banco , and gel plat and full particulars of
OEO. P. BEM1S. Arent ,
15tV , and Douxlas Streets.
Nice lot on Sherms i Atenue north ot Nicholas
trcet , n.400.
Half lot on Cvstetwo < m ISA and Uth streets
2 nice lei in nartman's addition , $100 to 1600.
T rpe number of aero lots in Qiao's addition in
Z orth Omaha , fits to 8300 each.
Choke tamer lot near 22nd and California
"tmrta , $1N .
Several coed lots In Kelson's addition. 150 to
Choice lot In Thoraell's addition , 1750.
Several larce lots In Bartlett's addition , lj
K > d andSJ acres each. Prices $700 to $2,000
Several choice rots In Eeedi first addition.
J27S to $350 each.
Acre lot on Sherman ' avtnue , ( ! street\
BouthoIPopiileton's new resldcm * , ! or 11,100.
. nowl8Ul andCla'k streets , 80 1
830 feet Comer , n,20 ; inside , S1.000.
iT5rc ° J(2f ( ° "BbVm.n avenue , (16th ( street *
Clark '
, . S300 u.h
" 22 nice and cheap lots , very near to the bat
fceaspart of the city , located a very few steps
routh of the Convent and SL Muy's avenie.and
luit noutn of and adjoining the cround of James
W. Woolworth aid Vf' J. Council these ar *
cheap and very Jw'irablc , being so handy to bus
iness part of tity , to new srovrrnment depot , nail
works , white lead worVs , U. P. depot , stock
yards , packing houses , etc Call nd cet plat
and full particulars. Price S275 to $350 and easy
erms to those who build
OEO. P. BGU1S , Agent ,
15th and DomrlasSts.
3 choice rwldcnce lots en 2 < lli elrcct , between
Donclas and Dodce streets ; $1,100 to tfl.StO each
and lone time to thofe who will build
2 choice comer lots near Stthand Fatnham
trwts , 65x124 feet , $1,150 and ? IO)0. ) and very
ex y term ? to purchaners who wH improve.
Also lots on 21th , between Farnbam and
tkmfUe t'reeU , 050 to $1,000 each and long
JC3T250 of the bert business lots In v of
Omaha for sale , located on every bust or street.
f 600 to 88.000 each.
JGTAlso very valuable stoy cities In alt -
< t every business block 15 000 to $16,000
iOcno ce residence lots in above ailaltlon. 1m-
tneJlatcly north of and ad'olnlnjr Poppletou's
b uullful residence and ( rounds , and located on
ISth 18th and SOth streets , $200 to $550 each and
"very c y terms to thorn whowill build CUland
examine plat and get full particulars.
OEO. P. BEM1S , Azent ,
Beautiful building rite on Sherman avenm ,
18th 8troctVt wn Poppleton and the Dudley-
Ijams property ; 2G3 feet east frontage on the
avenue , by K > 9 fret In depth. Will divide ! tmak.
InlS2r CtbySS9. Call and t full particulars.
An acre n Ibth street , lOifeet east frontage
by S7S feet deep. This is just south of the Kliza-
b th ( Poppleton place. This is tflt-eire , call and
Cet price and terms of BEMIS , Arcnt.
IS rood lots , just north of and adjoining E. V.
Smith's addition , and located beiwecn 20th and
atmden streets , at reasonable prices and lone
me to barer who improve BE111S , Agent.
BS lots In Horhach's first and second ad Klon
ou IRth , 18th , 19th and 20th streets , between
Nicholas , Paul , Sherman and Clark streets , rcry
handy to U. P. Shops , smelting works , etc. ,
ranging In prices rom from $200 to $1:100 cath ,
r qulrlnc only tmall payment down and long
tim at 7 per cent Interest to those who will im
prove. GEO. P. BESIIS ,
15th and Douglas Street.
S3 nice lot * in Parkers addition , between
Blunders and Pierce. King and Campbell's Sis. ,
on Blon&o street ; IB lots with south fronts ami
18 with north f rontaze , only 6 blocks north o
the turn-table ( end street-car track ) on Saunder
treat. Very lev prices ; $178 caih , or $200 o °
long time And 8 per cent Interest to toOM wh
will build.
rariBO coed f arm ! for sale In Douglas Sarpy
Washington , Bart , Dodye , Saanden and Eastern
terot counties.
aTS--O.OOO acre * t > cst selected lands In the
tate for s lc by this asency. Call and ret maps ,
rcalan and full paiticnlars.
* yKctn ! ' > itwm pof Omahi , 60c and S1.60.
iTBeaij' ntw pamphlet ( and map of the
ut iUUM "tho outlook of Nebraska- for
W distribution.
Geo. P.
loth & Douglas St ,
, - -
The House Wrangling on the
Electoral Vote Resolu
Several Changes Likely to Oooar
" * On the United States Su
preme Bench ,
Reports and Communications
Occupying the Attention
of the Senate.
Attorney-General Doyens Will
Assume the- Judicial
Special Dtopatch to The -Bee.
WiSBbfaTOX , December 8 1 a. ta.
Justice Strong , of the Unite ! States
nprema. ceurt- yesterday prepirod
his resignation on account of ill health ,
and will hand it to Chief Justice
Watte at the aoulon'of the supreme
court to-day for transmission to the
president. Justice Bradley , who is
now assigned ( o the southern circuit ,
will take Justice Strong'c place in the
Pennsylvania and New Jersey circuit
courts. It is considered almost cer
tain that the vacancy on the supreme
court bench will be filled by the ap
pointment of Attorney-General Doy
ens. It is expected that there will be
two more vacancies on the supreme
bsnch soon.
WASHiKOTOK.December 7 10 p. m.
It ia reported here that Mr. Flood ,
the bonanza king of California , is to
be the democratic candidate for
United States senator before the Cali
fornia legislature.
Gon. O. 0. Howard is authority for
the statement that he is to be assign
ed for duty at West Point , vice Scho-
field , to be relieved ,
An order was Issued yesterday by
the president ) placing Gen. Lrwin
McDsweUttn the retired list.
flon. Archibald Campbell , of West
Virginia , It Is understood , will be an
applicant for the French mission under
Garneld. He prefers A position in the
Gen. John 0. New , of Indiana , who
is credited with the honor of having
planned and executed the republican
campaign in that state both in * Octo
ber ana November , is mentioned for
Gen. Garfield's cabinet. He is known
to be the choice of men who support
ed Grant at Chicago.
Special Dispatch to Tat n.
WABHINOTON , D. 0. , December 8
1 a. m.For the upper Mississippi
and lower Missouri valleys : Eising
barometer , stationary or lower tem
perature , easterly , preceded in former
district by southerly , winds , partly
cloudy weather and occasional enow.
WABHIKOTON , December 7 10 p.
m. Senators Eaton , Cameron ( Pa. ) ,
Raniorn , Booth , Withers , Platt and
Plumb ) who were absent at the open
ing of the session , were In their seats
when the senate was called to order.
The chair laid before the senate the
annual reports of the secretary of the
treasury , the attorney-general , post
master-general commissioner of
, agri
culture , public printer and sergeant- *
at- arms of the senate , and they were
ordered printed. Also a copy of the
manual revised in accordance with a
resolution of the last session.
Senators Teller and Hill introduced
sundry bills in relation to the dis
posal of the Ute Indian lands. Re
ferred to the committee on public
Senator McPherson introduced a
bill to regulate the appointment and
promotions in the staff of the marine
corps. Referred to the naval com
mittee ,
Senator Kirkwood called np the
house bill fixing the rate of duty on
barley and malt , which was made the
special order for this day at the last
eouiss , pending action.
Senator Kirkwood introduced a
resolution directing the committee on
naval affairs to inquire into the pro
priety of providing a pedestal for the
statue of Admiral Farragut , executed
by Yinnie Ream , in accordance with
a contract authorized by law , Re
ferred to the naval committee.
Senator Wallace introduced a reso
lution reviving the standing commit *
tee and continuing the following sa-
lect committees : The committee to "
investigate the accounts of the treas
ury department , the committee to
examine into the removal of the
northern Gheyennes , and the exodus
committee. The committee on elec
tion frauds was continned , to enable
it to submit a report.
Senator Jones presented the cre
dentials of Thomas C. Manning sen-
ator-elect from the state of Louisiana ,
to succeed Henry MSpofford. . Re
ferred to the committee on creden sitl
tials.After tlp
After the presentation of a nnmber p
of petitions , and introduction of sev 01R
eral bills and the reference of sundry R
executive-communications , the senate o
at 12:30 went into exkcutive session IcA
for the purpsae of referring to the IcCl
nominations sent In yesterday. In Cl
formation in regard to the Invasion 0
of the Indian territory was Md over , tl
Senator Johnson introduced ateso-
lutlon calling on the commissioner of
agriculture for Information in regard
to pheumonia and tha disease of
domestic animals , waa adopted.
The chair laid before tbe senate a
communication from th secretary of
war , recommending an appropriation
-of § 300,000 for a public builuing at
Fort Monroe for a guard house. Re
ferred to the committee of military
On a motion of Senator Wallace the
senate at 1:30 p. m. went into execu
tive session and referred the nomina
tions sent in by the president yester is
day , and at 1:45 adjourned.
WASHDfQToir , December 7 10 p. m.
After the journal of Monday had
been read and some preliminary busi
ness transacted , a number of proposi
tions were Introduced by unanimous
consent. Mr. Bawley was first recog
nized , and offered a bill to confirm the
action of the legislature of New York 7
and the committee filing the bounS
d'ary line between New York and
Connecticut , and asked that day be
aaaigned for its consideration.
Mr. Wood , chairman Of the
and means committee , objected to
"that , because he wanted no interfer
ence with the pending billthe passage
of whiah , he said , was an absolute ne
cessity at this session. His remarks
impressed the house with the fact that
the committee intended to press the
pending bill at this session. It was
finally agreed that the bill should come
np , the understanding being that it
would not involve much discussion.
A number of resolutions were
adopted , authorizing the public print
er to send , free of cost , a copy of the
congressional record to each of the
representatives of the United States ,
was -allowed.
A bill was introduced by Mr. Ward ,
of Pendsylvania , to authorize the ap
pointment of an assistant secretary of
On motion of Mr. Wood tha pend
ing bill was ordered to' be reprinted.
Then came up a number of proposi
tions , which were introduced by the
different members. ; For example ,
Mr. Gibbons ( La ) wanted * to make a
special order of the bill on the im
provement of the Mississippi river.
He was antagonized by Mr. Wood
with the pending bill , by Mr. Reaqan
with the inter-state commerce bill ,
and by other gentlemen , who insisted
that their special bilh should have
A number of members who failed
to respond to their names yesterday ,
appeared to-day. The most promi
nent among them , Mr. Atkinson ,
chairman of the appropriations
committee. His arrival will stir the
appropriations committee to work ,
nd it is expected that a aumber of
appropriation bills will be reported
before the usual Christmas recess.
The house has got into a wrangle
over the question of adopting a joint
resolution regarding the counting of
the elector * ! vote. T-he republicans
deny that it is a privilege , snd the
Democrats insist that it is. After it
'became manifest that the republicans
would accede to no terms as to the
electoral resolution , Mr. MoLane ap
pealed to Mr. Bicknell to withdraw
his motion and let tpe republican side
take the responsibility of wasting
time in delaying the passage of the
electoral count resolution.
Mr.fiicknell said ho was satisfied
that further debate on this question
would be a useless waste of time , am
in view of the manifestation of the
other side , he would withdraw hii
demand for the previous question.
Mr. Kiefer , of Ohio , wa * then rec
ognized , and made an hour's speech
in opposition to the joint resolution
His argument was that Ihero was no
necessity for it , as the constitution ,
in his opinion , settled the manner ii
which the vote should becounted.
Afthe conclusfon of his speech , Mr
White , of Pennsylvania , moved to
adjourn , which carried.
8p cU ! iJftptfi'uk to Tha Bee.
Mrs. Jane E. Giles , of Grand Rap
ids , Mich. , has gene east to claim
$20,000 found in the possession of her
husband , who died as a tramp , ai
Rhinebeck , N. Y.
a. Two young ladies residing near
ellefontaine , O. , attempted suicide
yesterday by taking largo doses ol
medicine. Both are at the point of
death and suffering severely. The af <
fair creates a sensation , as both be
long to fine families.
Sir Joha McDonald , the Canadian
premier , who has been ill for some
time bast , was able to * attend a cabi
net meeting yesterday.
Yesterday John Lyles , of Spar tans <
burg , S. 0 , shot his father-in-law
and two of his brothers-in-law in a
quarrel concerning the title to some
land. James Thomas , the third
brother-in-law , came np just as the
shooting .was finished , and demanded
of Lyles the canae. Lyles gave no an
swer , but began firing at Thomas ,
when the latter picked up a club and
killed the desperado.
John T. Card , a prominent citizen
of Toronto , Canada , eloped Monday
night with Mrs. Snider , the wife of
a wealthy farmer. Snider has been
in feeble health lor some time , and
Cord managed hia money matters.
Mrs. Snider is a handsome woman of
38 , while her paramour is over 60
and the father of ten children. Pre
vious to their departure they sold
$10,000 worth of Snider's property ,
and pocketed the proceeds.
The subscription books of the Uni '
versal company , of Paris , for the con
struction of the Panama canal , were
opened yesterday in New York , and
will be kept oren to-day and Thurs
day. Subscriptions were alow , but a
large number are expected by mail to- °
The New York grand jury yes.
terday brought indictments for man '
slaughter in connection with the
"Seawanhaka" disaster against seven
persons , among them Captain Smith , [
who nearly lost his life in his heroic
effort to save the steamer.
Another Inter-Oceanic Canal.
Special dispatch to The Be * . ;
WASHINGTON , December 7 , 4 p m. al
Congress will be asked within a few
days to incorporate an inter-oceanic
canal company.Tbis company will con
struct a canal via the Nicaraguan route
the act of incorporation has been pre
pared , the list of the corporators >
embrace many of the most wealthy '
gentlemen in this country. The schema
of Mr. Deleseps will not in the .j
least interfere with the rchemo of the ;
American company. The American
company have undoubted assurances
of all the money necessary to contract
the canal. A
Accepts With Tnanfee.
Special Dispatches to The B e.
WASHINGTON , . December 7. i p.
m. General Hazen telegraphs to the
war office ha ? accentance of tha posi
tion of the chief signal officer tendered
him by the president. A
telegram was sent this forenoon -
noon from the war office
to General Galveston , notifying him
that be had been pltcod on the retired
list. The arsenal here ia being Improved -
proved and fitted np aS permanent -
manent quarters for troops. It
to be made the quarters of the
Second arttlery now at Fort McKel-
log , Baltimore. Four companies of
the command will be brought here
under Col. R. Bay ars.
Escaping Prisoners.
Special dtopatch to Tin Bsi "
JEFFEESONVILLE , Ind. , December
4 p. m. Seven prisoners In the
Southern penitentiary escaped last
evening. They came from the foun
dry and scaled the wall between the
fire of the guards at the east end.
Six were recaptured.
A Brooklyn Newspaper Man
Supposed to be Philp's
Arrangements Completed in
New York for the Interna
tional Walking Match.
Failure of One of the Oldest
Wholesale Houses in
New York.
Important UobiSlon.
Bfwcial DItpatch to Tbe Bea
NEW YORK , December 8 1 a. m.
An important decision has been
rendered by Judges Sodgwlck and
Freedraan of the superior court of
this city , in connection "with the suit *
of the A. & P. telegraph company
against the Baltimore and Ohio rail
road company and the American
Union telegraph company , the effect
of which will bo to enable the A. < fc
P. company to compel an accounting
here , and to obtain redress in dam
ages for the action of the railroad
company in its unlawfully seizing the
Heavy * allure.
Special dtapatch to Tbe Bee.
NEW YOBS , December 8 1 a. m.
B. 6. Arnold & Sons , the largest
coffee dealers in the country , made
an assignment yesterday. This firm
were the largest operators in coffee in
the country , and was established In
1828. Their unsecured liabilities are
placed at $900,000. The failure is
attributed to vast speculations in coffee -
fee , and to the subsequent shrinkage
in that article. Their transactions
have been on the grandest scale , and
for the put few years they have tried
to control tbe coffee market of the
world. A clear explanation could
not be drawc. front the 8hle |
of the hous . * y . . - rnnAT.fBI3 i..i
, ,
m -M.VI xo .irna AUjjuibcu I&SM
that nineteen cars of ccffee ,
each holding twelve tons , had beet
secretly shipped to St. Louis.
The International Walking Match
Spec al DItpatch to Thb Sea.
NEW YOBK , December 8 1 a , m.
Arrangements werii completed yes
terday by Daniel d'Eeary for another
International walking contest to take
place in American institute , this city ,
next month. The conditions of the
contest are as follows : A belt valued
at 81,000 , which , after the first con
test , can be walked for in any. city in
thg world ; entrance fee , $100 , the
fall amount of which must bo depos
ited by the contestant , or their back
ers , at least one week before the
start ; 60 per cent , of the gross re
ceipts will be divided among the suc
cessful competitors , as follows : 40
per cent , to the first man , who also
takes the belt ; 3,0 per cent , to the
second ; 15 per cent to the third ; 10
per cent to the fourth , and 5 percent
to the fifth man. An extra prize of
§ 1,000 will be given to the winner ,
should he succeed in beating the rec
ord of 566 miles , recently made by
Rowell in England , and $100 will al
so be awarded to all contestants not
winning the prize , out who cover 480
milfls or over. . Prizes will also be
given to the man wearing the neatest
costume. The contest wilt commence
on January 24th , and terminate on
the 29th. Entries , which will be
limited , will be open for ono month ,
and are to be made to O'Leary , at
The Clipper office. Besides the prin
cipal pedestrians of this country , en
tries are expected to be made from
The backers of Fred. Krohno have
challenged Daniel O'Leary to a six
days1 fair toe-and-heel walking match
for § 5,000 with Krohnb. O'Leary
accepted the challenge and put np the
forfeit , which was promptly covered.
Philp's Accomplice.
Special Dispatch to Tha Bee.
NEW YORE , December 8 1 a. m.
The announcement made yesterday
that detectives had located in Brook
lyn one of the men who is supposed to
have had a hand in the preparation
of the Morey letter , created a great
sensation. The mysterious person
was said to have been connected with
an evening paper In Brooklyn , and
suspicion pointed to The Eagle. The
only resignation that his taken place it
from the staff of any Brooklyn paper
since the announcement of the discov
ery of the Money letter , was that of
Stanley Huntley from The Eaple.
Eluntley is a bright young man and a
versatile writer. He was an intimate
'riend of Philp , and among his nu
merous accomplishments i ] the art of
nutating the style of various writers.
t is known that he wrote to a certain
western paper implicating Philp , and
also that a sudden estrangement
sprung np between the two immedi
ately after. A detective employed in
he Moroy letter case , said yeateiday
that the opinion was held to by sever
prominent parties that both these
men are concerned iu the forgery. t
Examinations of the Morey letter , it
since its exhibition in court , by the
aid of the Drummoud light and a
owerfnl photographic apparatus-have
ed to some remarkable disclosures.
't appears that no less than three dif- [
erent natnsa have been written on
he envelope.
blngular Accident.
Special dispatch to.Tui Bis.
CHICAGO , December 7 8 a. m.
terrible accident occurred at 5:40
aat evening at the crossing of the
Michigan Central railroad on Thir
teenth street William F. Mackey , a
city politician , aged 66 years , was go
to his home by the dummy train on
this road , and stepped off at the cross
ing just as a freight train was backIng -
Ing down. The rear car ran over him ,
killint ; him instantly , and terribly
mangling the body. The car was
thrown from the track , and the con
ductor of the freight train , Robert to
fieaabin , happening to be on it at the
time.waa thrown beneath and crushed
to death. He was 25 years old.
Tardy Steamships.
Special Dispatch to Tbe Bee.
NEW YOBK , November S 3. a. m.
Great anxiety la now expressed for
the safety of the Anchor line steam
ship "Victoria , " which left London
November 13 , and has not since been
heard of. It was hoped the steamship
"City of New York , " which arrived
in this port yesterday , would have
aome definite information concerning
her , but her officers do not report hav
ing passed any steamer. The "Vic
toria" Is now twenty-four days out ,
and besides a valuable cargo and some
passengers , she has.the celebrated race
horse Bine Gown , recently purchased
by James R. Keene , on board.
DlBcaarKed for Doing His Duty.
pedal D&patch to To *
CHICAGO , December 7 10 p. m.
Frank Stewart , an engineer of the
Geneva lake express , who caused
Saturday's accident by stopping his
train to fix something about his loco
motive , has been discharged. He la
said to have been on 9.6 ! the most
trusty and sober engfe'eera on the
Northwestern road , andfmuch sympa
thy is felt for him , a * tfi& public" bd-
lieve the "engine was not safe , and if
he had not stopped , a much greater
accident might have happened.
Bpoclal Diip&tch'to Tha Bte.
DUBUN , December &v 1 a. m.
Notwithstanding the prohibitions by
the magistrates , tlrand league
mee'Ing ' at Brookbcrpngh , county
FerniBtiaujjh , yestcrdaas attended
by fully 000. The assemblage was
called upon to disperse , after which
the riot act was read , and the dragoons
were ordered to clear the field , which
was done , only threa persons who re
sisted being arrested. Messrs. Sulli
van , O'Kelley , and other members of
the land league , were present. It is
almost certain that * disturbances will
ooonr , as the Orangemen are deter
mined to prevent a meeting.
Special Diipatctes to Tu Bis.
It Is reported In political circles
that the powers are pressing Turkey
and Greece to abandon their warlike
attitude , and to accept overturesj to
ward an equitable settlement of the
boundary question.
Monderwert has been elected presi
dent of the republic of Switzerland.
It Is reported in London that Glad
stone is in ill health , which will cause
his retirement from the commons , and
that he will , after tfie Budget fa made
UDrfl : c Kn a peerage.
The international exhibition of elec
tricity will opsn in Paris on August 1 ,
1881 , and will close November 15th
following. Germany has signified its
Intention to participate.
The death Is announced of Gen.
Reffye , the inventor of the mitral-
Thirteefi million _ marka.haye al
ready been subscribed in Berlin for
the Panama canal shares.
Holland has renewed her efforts to
obtain an abolition of tha United
States differential duties and the sur
tax on duty merchandise. ,
The London Times yesterday , in re
ferring to the report of Secretary
Sherman , says : "The United States
finances may well excite the envy , not
only of England , but of all Europe. "
The land league have issued A man
ifesto to the Orangemen of Ulster ,
Ireland , to co-operate with them.
The village of FJaacb. In the valley
of vengadine , Switzerland , has bean
destroyed by firei
A Spicy Letter from "Mazeppa"
Concerning Her Recent En
gagement in Omaha.
COLUMBUS , Neb. , Dec. 4,1880.
To the E lltor of the Bee.
DEAU SIB : Will you please give
space in your valuable jeurnal to this
letter , so that I may be able to ex
plain to the public the cowardly treat
ment I have been subjected to at the
hands of Daniel A. Griffin , the so-
called manager of the Academy of
Music in your city.
'I came to Omaha under contract to
him to play an engagemeet of four
nights and one matinee , he to furnish
house , combination , .printing , etc. ,
and give me 25 per cent , of the gross
receipts. He falsely represented
that I was playing under the ana-
pices of the Grand Army of the Re
public , and that the seats wore selling
at $3 a piece. Such , being the case ,
would suit me very well to break
my jump to San Francieci , and prove
quite a remunerative engagement for
me.I arrived on last Sunday morning ,
according to contract , for rehearsal ,
when Mr. Griffin called on mo at the
Withnell house , and informed me
that the company he had selected to
support me were mostly church mem
bers , and consequently we would havn
to defer the rehearsals until Monday
morning. On going to the Academy
for rehearsal Monday morning , I
there learned that I waa to be sup
ported by the amateurs of Omaha , and
that their daily duties would not per
mit them to be present for rehearsals ,
thereupon Informed Mr. Griffin that
would be impossible to produce the
drama , when he volunteered to pay
the charges en my horse and traps ,
and give me forty per cent of the gross
receipts instead of twenty-five. After
had agreed to give the entertain
ment , but to postpone my opening un
til Tuesday night , my husband asked
how much paper he had put up , and
Griffin answered that the town had
been well billed. When , on going to
our hotel , a gentleman said our paper
was still in the express office , and that
Griffin had not taken any of it out.
When called to account about this , he
took the paper ont , and sent it to
Mr. Lyon , the bill-poster. Mr. Lyon
refused to put it up , stating that
Griffin had refused to pay him money
due , and that he would hold the pacer
until he was paid. The printer in The
Hera'd building also claimed that
Griffin was in bis debt , and refused
print any matter until ho was paid.
My husband , Mr. Pettil , explained to
the above gentlemen our dilemma ,
and finally prevailed on them to put
the paper out.
Teen came my straggle to rehearse
the drama with only half the com
pany present. God and myself only
knows what I endured during my ef
fort to acquaint them with the parti
they were to play. All present at the
attempted rehearsals seemed to fully
realize that I had been victimized by
Griffin , and were loud in their con
demnation of him , and more than
willing' to assist mo to the best of
their ability , for which I sincerely
thank each and every one of my sup
port.My second contract with Griffin
waa a verbal one , 'and , as I have al
ready explained , waa as far as I know ,
settled. But I was compelle < Mo dis
miss the auoience from the academy
Thursday evening , owing to Griffin
having failed to pay his orchestra.
Having no music , I could not giro the
On Friday morningTny husband be
gan negotiations with the officers of
the Union Pacific railroad to ship our
horse and traps to San Franciaco ,
which was consummated this morning.
Leaving my brother in charge of my
horse , "Jamea Melville , " to follow ua
at sis in the evening , we left at
1 § o'clock. To our great surprise
Mr. Stehbins telegraphed my husband
that my horse was attached by Mana
ger Griffin for 80 , but paid Griffin
would take 842 for his claim , and
ouch being the case , wo had better ra-
turn and protest the matter. I had
my baggage taken from the train , in
tending to return on the evening
freight , but a gentleman friend of
our * purauaded us to remain here ,
and telegraph the contemptible
scoundrel the amount named , and
proceed on our journey to-morrow , as
to go back would delay us , and our
contract in San Francisco wnuld
amount to nothing phonic ! we fail to
be there in time for proper r hearsals.
Griffin apent the early portion of last
evening in company with my husband
and never nnce mentioned hia inten
tion to attach my horse , but waited
until wo were powerless to do other
wise than succumb to his fraudulent
How it is that a gentleman like
Mr. John I. JRadick can have such a
contemptible miscreant in power In a
building owned b'y him , Is a perfect
enigm * to all who are conversant of
the.fact ; and right here let me say
thffC were not my affairs so complicat
ed I would make an example of this
cowardly rascal to so great an extent
that it would bo a Ion ? time ere he
would undertake to rob another wo
man as he has aon § me. God sparing
mo my life , on my- way home I will
make it q stop in maha to
cattle ihls matcsr to nly eH'ifo satis
faction , but fearing my many warm
friends may censure me tor being dis-
honeat and tricky , I ask you to pub
lish my statement in full , and will
deem it forever a lasting favor.
New York Money and Stocks.
WALL STOUT , December 7.
MONEY fl p < ! r cent. ; exchange , flfm at
$4 74i@l 82.GOVERNMENTS.
U.S. 6'8 , ' 81 . 1 0 U.S.4'8 . 1 11 |
U.S. 5'a . 1 Oil Currency ffs. . 1 X8
U.S. 4 } 8 . 1 1PJ
i STOCKS Moderately active , but declined } ®
2 ] per cent , recovering } @ 2J pir cent , tinco too
opening4 . i
W U . DO CO&IC . 191
NYC . 1421 M U . - . _ 112 |
Ena . 451 I * < * . .W ° I
Preferred . 73 llndson CanU.u. . 87
R 1 . 12JJ NJO . 172
NW . -.119 } M&E . JO
Preferred . 186 } Reading . 60 }
PM . 47 } 1M . 47 }
Ohio . 351 L&N . 82
St P . 10 § N&R . 71 |
Preferred . 119 O&W . 31 |
St Joe . 42 B& 0 . 172
Prefetred . 9t | A 4 P.
Wabnh . 42J C. C. C.t I
Preferred E3i 111. C 11TJ
Omaha 41) ) ! Alton 129
Preferred 183 } Panama. . . . . . . . . . . Jl
31- / . . . . . . " . AU . . . 62 }
LS . .118 * CP 83
NP S3J K &T 41
Preferred 63 j
Chicago Produce Market.
CHICAGO , December 7.
There was a steadier feeling in mar
kets for grain and hog products ; trad
ing , however , was only moderately
Wheat No. 2 spring , @ 3c better
for cash and December , but | ® | c low
er for long options ; sales were at
$1 05i@l 06 | for January , closing at
81 051 06 for cash or December ;
81 06g@106 | for January ; $1
I 07g for March.
Corn No. 2 , c higher , with sales
at 40j@40go for December ; 40g@40jo
for January ; 4og@46jc for May , clos
ing at 40o for cash or December ;
4lic for January ; 41c for February ;
46 jo for May.
Oats Steady ; NcJ. 2 sold at 32o
for cash ; 32g@32c for December ;
3233c for Janoary : 36g@37c for
May , closing at 32s for cash or De
cember ; 33c for January ; 37c for
May.Bye Strong and steady ; Nc. 2 ,
87c caih or December ; 88c for Janu
ary ; 89c for February.
Barley Little better than nominal
at 31 02 for No. 2 in store ; SI 03 for
Pork Mesi , 30@35o higher , with
sales at S13 00@13 25 for January ;
$13 10@13 624 for February , closin ?
at § 12 75@13 25 for cash ; § 11 76 ©
II 80 for Decamber ; § 13 35 for January -
uary ; § 13 47i@13 50 for February ;
$13 6213 65 for March.
Lard Advanced 15@20c per 100 ;
sales were at $8 30(38 ( 50 for January ;
S3 42J(38 ( 62 $ for February , closing at
? 8 40(58 ( 45 for ca h or December ;
$8 5Ug8 52 A fur Januarj ; $8
for February.
Whisky Firm at § 1 13.
Chicago Live Stock Market
CHICAGO , December 7.
Hogs 610c higher for best
tra ; < es , owing to the falling off in re
ceipts ; other descriptions were un-
chnnged ; ealea ranged at $4 404 60
light packing ; $4 25@4 85 for com
mon to good heavy packing ; § 4 50 ®
4 95 for good to choice smooth
heavy shipping lota. Becelpts , 20,000
Cattle $4 00@4 55 for cows ; bulls ,
§ 2 6033 00 ; receipts 3000.
St. Loula Produce Market.
ST. Louis , December 7-
Flnur Dull and Lower ; XX , 83 70
@ 3 90 ; XXX , ? 4 35@4 65 ; family ,
S470@4 90 ; choice to- fancy , $500 ®
Wheat Lower and unsettled ; No.
24-ed winter. $1 031 03 for cash ;
8103l@103 | for December ; 8105J ®
1 061 051 06J for January ;
$1 OSi@l 09J@1 081 09f for February
ruary ; $1 lli@l H@l 11J for March ;
No. 3 do , § 1 51@101J ; No. 4 do ,
Corn Lower at 42g42o | for caih ;
43j@42gc for December ; 41 @ 4l o
for January ; 4241fc for February ;
43@4143fc for March ; 44@43ofor
April ; 45@45 | for May.
Rye Slon at 88c.
Barley Strong Choice to fancy ,
$1001 20.
"Butter Dull and unchanged.
Egtra Steady at 29c.
Whisky Steady at SI 13.
Pork Firmer at § 13 25 asked for
cash and December ; $13 07i@13 15
for January.
Dry Salt Meats Held above buy
ers' views ; no sales.
Bacon Dull and unchanged.
Lard Firm at § 8 60.
Becelpts Flour , 4000 bbls ; wheat ,
13,000 bn ; corn , 29,000 ; oat , 1000 ;
rye , 1000 ; barley , 43,000.
Shipments Flour , 9000 bbls ;
wheat , 8000 ; corn , 13,000 ; eaU , 1000 ;
rye , 2000.
St. Louis Live Stock Market.
ST. Louis , December 7.
Hogs Steady ; Yorkers and Baltl-
morea , $4 004 20 ; mixed packing ,
$4 4034 60 ; butchers' to fancy , $4 65
© 4 80 ; receipts , 5800 head ; shipments
500 head.
New York Produce Market
KBW YORK , December 7-
Flour In buyers' favor ; light p
port and jobbing trade demand ; round
hoop Ohio , $4 85@5 50 ; choice do ,
$5 55G 85 ; superfine western , | 3 40
@ 410 ; common to good extra do ,
$4 50@5 00 ; choice , do , do , $5 05 ©
6 75 ; choice white wheat , do , | 5 103
600 ,
Butter Unchanged ; good demand
for choice Ohio at 1330c.
Eggs Firm at 26@31c for fair to
Wheat Chicago , 31 18@124 ; Mil-
wankee , $1 23@1 24 ; No. 1 and No. 2
red winter , $1 21122 ; sales , 700-
000 bu.
Coru Nominal ; No. 2 , 60o ; sales.
00,000 bu.
Oats Qolet.
Fork $1315 asked for December ;
915 00 asked for February.
Lord $8 809 00 for cash ; $8 77 $
< § 8 85 for December ; $8 92 @ 8 95 for
January ; $905 for February ; $9 10 ®
9 15 for March ; $9 20 for April ;
83 90@8 95 for buyer for the year.
The Hudson Eiver Tunnel Again
Caves in , But the Work
men Escape.
Terrible Accident on the
Rock Island Road Near
The Petrified Child Closely
Guarded in its Grave.
The Tunnel Qravfl.
Bpodal Dispatch to iha Bea
NEW YORK , December 7 i p. m.
Several months ago twenty wo work
men weto killed in the Hudson river
tunnel , and not many days ago the
last of the bodies waa recovered. It
is state'd to-day that the danger from
which the laborers in the tunnel fled
on Saturday night was not imaginary ,
but real. The shift at work at mid
night was warned by a sound , which
indicated the escape of compressed
air , that there waa danger , and
the men at once deserted their tools
and ran , and an instant later , the
heart of the wall of the south tunnel
caved in and the water rushed in vol
umes. The men reached the caaslon
in safety. The south tunnel was
flooded with water and work was res
ponded until' Snuday evening ,
when an effort waa made to
re-enter the tunnel but it
was unnco ° sifnl. The tunnel Is
still flooded , and until the leak can
be stopped it will remain full of
water. The tunnel officials deny that
there waa any sSrions break.
Boports are conflicting , one saying
only the mall car and one coach was
burned. Mail Agents Lyons and
Bollar belong to the St. Lonia divi
sion. Bellar was at one time well
known as the editor of The Bepnbli-
can , a newspaper at Weaton , Mo.
Nothiagis known of Lyons' history.
A Petrified Wonder.
Special Dispatch to TOT Bu.
7. 4 p. m. The petrified child of
this place a < .d the wonder of this sec
tion died on Saturday , and ita funeral
took place to-day. In death ai in
life the flesh on its body is hard
almost as stone. To the surprise of
every one the child lived in this con
dition nearly a year. The parents ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Krizel , are in
; reat distress for fear the body of the
child will now be stolen. It was de
posited in a strong vault which will be
tarefully guarded.
Burned to Death.
SpecUI Dispatches to Th Bee.
ATCHISOS , Kansas , December 7 4
p. m. The regular passenger train on
She Rock Island and Pacific rail road
which left this city at 6:45 last even
ing , was thrown from the track near
EJfjton junction twenty-three milea
From here , by a broken rail. The bag-
jage , mail and passenger coaches were
thrown down an embankment and
biumd. The mail agent , W. B.
Lyons , was burned to death and mail
agent A. Bellas , had his shoulder dis
located. Conductor WestfalPs ankle
was badly sprained. None of the pas *
sengers are reported hurt.
Railroad Accident.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
CHAIILESTON , W. V .December 7
4 p. m. The west bound express
train last evening mot with a damaging
accident at Coal Valley. One of the
large coal tipples over the road , had
become out of plumb BO as to strike
the aide of tha train , breaking all the
windows a ad severely cutting some of
the parsengers with broken glass.
No lives were lost.
Undoubtedly the best shirt In the
United States is manufactured at the
Omaha Shirt Factory. The superiority
of Material and workmanship , com-
oincd with their great improvements ,
that la Reinforced fronts , Reinforced
backs and Reinforced sleeves , makes
their shirt the most durable and beat
fitting garment of the kind'ever
manufactured at the moderate price of
$1.50. Every shirt of our make Is
guaranteed first-class and will refund
the money if found otherwise.
We make a specialty of all wool ,
Shaker , and Canton flannel , also
chemois underwear , made up with a
view to comfort , warmth and durabil
ity. To invalids and weak-lunged
persons we offer special inducements
in the manner these goods are made
for their protection.
a week in your own town. Terms icd
outfit free. Address H. H leU1& ! 0
JJ over EKMIS' new column of bargains on 1st
Pa c.
LP On Friday , December 2 , 1830 ,
TAKEN brindlocow. Medium flze. Own
er can have game by provln ? property ncl pay-
InSfebarrfea. JOUNBAOLEY ,
3 miles a. W from Omaha , Dnxer * School Dirt.
23-o nwn-St
A ,
37 JlORTEl X ,
IT * | ' ' \
. Douglas and 13th Sts/1 /
Gives Great Bargains in Ladies' and Gents
All Kinds Of
We Guarantee The Best Goods For The Least Money ,
And Wholesale Dealers in CIGARS ard CONFECTIONERY. During tha
Fall and Winter we will handle COCNSELMEN'S FRESH CYSTERS. which
are now the het in the market. A lugo assortment of CANDY acd SUGAR ,
TOYS for the Hcltfay trade.
GATZ & PKEEUIAN , 510 Iltli St. , Omaha.
Wholesale am ! Kctall Manul
Gold and Silver Watches
mid Jcwc'ry in theJJ
Come and See Our Stock
as We WiU Be Pleased
to Show Goods.
15th & Dodift. Opposite Poatoffice.
Propose for the next ninety (90) ( ) days to sell then
entire stock of
Diamonds , Watches ,
Jewelry , Clocks ,
Silver-Ware ,
Pianos & Organ
At Manufacturing Prices , Which is from 15 to 20 per
cent , helow any Eastern Wholesale House ,
preparatory to moving into their
weN Store , Cor. llth & Farnham
We Mean Business , Come and be Convinced ,