Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 24, 1880, Morning Edition, Image 4

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Wednesday Morning. Nov.
Taterson sells coaL
-WINTER CAPS , fifty btyJcs , "Cheape
hinder , " at rEEDEiucK , HATTEB.
Party Fans at Atkinson's.
See Polack'8 advertisement
Toilet pets , at the DOc Store.
-Apples cheap , at Buffet's. 23-2t
-IVrter ; s running the Omaha Terry.
-Lubin'sbulk perfume at Kuhn's oniy
Large variety of chest protectors a
KihnV.Hush in all the new shades a
Uuy your Thanksgiving poultry z.
23-2 *
Kuth's Oyoters received daily by ex
press , direct from Baltimore , at Buffet's ,
; S-2t
S2tWhipple , McMillan & Co. , the jewel
Block. o2G-tf
crs , Creighton ,
For lands , Lots , Houses and Farms
look over Bemis' new column on first pase
ATKIKSOX discounts any dver
tu jj price list in the uiillicery business
New Slock of Toilet Soaps and Per
tin-ries , at Saxe's , cor. 13th andFainhan
-Before buying your liats , caps act
fars , call at C. B. lc Great & . Co.'s. 20-L
-Swiss Cheese , \vholesale and retail , a
C launcnzind & Meyer'e , 207 cast 13th St
Obic fitting Pattern ? at Bushman's. tl
The best of meats at Bath &j White * !
market , opposite the pohtoffice. 29-tf
FRESH FISH every Thursday and
F iday at the Palace Market , 314
South I'ifteenth S'rc.t. w-s-tf
] > ots , Farms , House JIUM ! Lands. Lool
over Bemis' new column of "jargamson It
Hill and get pricea of all kinds of gro
cerles and npples and potatoes at low fig
tires. Oeorge HeimroJ , TJ. P. block.
Bath & White , opposite the post-
oTue , receive fresh fish every Thursday.
-All bojB fr m 9 to 1C years of ago
wishing employment , will probably receh e
the banie by calling at 14C5r Harney street.
An ice boat for use on Gut-Off-Lake is
bsing built for Postmaster Hall. It is
si nilar to the one alluded to by Jules
"Verne in his "Around the Woild iu Bishtj
-Tolice Judge Stcubcrg disposed ol
several f plaia druuks yesterday , in ap
proved blylc.
The officers of the Omaha Fire depart-
mut have received invitations to the 13th
Annual ball of Ifescue Engine Co. ICo. 3 ,
of Cjiincil Bluff , to occur Thankbsh ing
Mr. J. Budd , uf this city , and
Prjf. Saimiel Aughey , pf Lincoln , ate
To'ir ; ap toToRcaonPritlay next to ex.
-.mine the spccimeBiT'T' which ha\e
be-n ! i ovcred z.t that place.
- Keif. . Peters , a. J. , of CreigUon
College , left .Monday for Kew York ,
'icre , uith a largd number of Jesuits , he
> . - ' > part in mishiun about to be
will la- -Id cathedral of St Patrick's.
{ .iveu in the . that ho will return to
It is u t certain ,
Omaha. _ ,
-Ito-mte , at
rric f H li a of
celebrated crackers and juu
line of Ou.-
n the market. Also a choice
foraia canned goods ,
annual Thanksgiving High
- o
nn 1 piogrur- wcejvcd at
The notn w. ' .o .lquarlcre . yesterday
the Union Pacific . . tfl Osclen. cloudy ;
wcras follows : Oins.hath Platte 23 ,
thermometer , Omah-v 29 , No. " ' eyenne r
Sidney 18 and unow falling , Cu "lius
nnl briblc wind , Larainie fO , Jla .
"very cold , " Green Kiver 18 and Licti
\\lal , Exanaton 35 , Ogdeji.3S : .
lind Furnharn
-A runaway oa Donglas
s reats wai the sensation of Tuesday.
It wan ii.aufuratpl ; by a team belonging to
t'ts Merchants' Expre , but invoUcd a
lOTula- stampede l > cforo it was over. Cue
lady fainted in her carri.ige , which nar-
r wly escaped a collition with the nina-
ways. The damage done was inuch less
than might ha\e been expected.
-The following churches with their
, iastors , will meet in the Congregational
church ThursJay-at 11 a. m. fornThank -
jiing service : The Christian church , Con-
-rcsatioual , Flirt Methodist , Eighteenth
tre.t Methodist , United Prcsbytetianand
Emmanuel Lutheran. The sermon will
IKJ preached by Rev. Dr. Baughcr , o ! the
Lutheran church. Collection , for the
LaJi s'Eclirf society. The service * H1
ba of unusual ictercbt , and the pcopla are
cordially invited.
A repressntntive of THE BEE to-day *
caMcd on the o .terprinnz jewelry firm of
Whipplo , McMillen & Co. , in their < new
quirtars , Creighton Block , Fifteenth
t trect , a"d found everything in first-class
enl r. The store his been entirely refit-
fnl and paintcJ , and they laavo now one
of the best arranged salefc rooms in the
city. They have just receued and opened
a large aud ivoll se'ected stock of watches ,
( .locks and jewelry of < -ery description ,
wduding the lattbt improvement1 * and
rtyl'-s. ' Charley and Mac tlioraughly 1111-
( lorstand the business , and intend making
their house the leading establishment of
its kind iu the west
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
ATKINSON'S , the acknowledged
loading Millinery establishment , cor
ner of Dong'as end Thirteenth sta. ,
took the firat premium at the State
Fair , and don't you forget it.
New Ensr-ivinss at If ospe's.
Just opened nnother largo assort
ment "of. Ladies' UUters , Havclocks
nnd Jackets. [ n23-tu-th-sat ]
McDoKAtD & HARrasox.
Haven's Suow Flske Flour always
takes the premium wherever entered
in competition with other brands ,
Soil by FCK .CH & Co.
Selects . 40cents
Standards . SO '
Mediums . 25
Finest Oyaters m the market a
Little & Williams' .
The festival at Maaanio Ha :
Thanksgiving evening , is gotten o
entirely by the colored people.
I Haven's Snow Flake Flour , " , the ai
i knowledge * BOSS. _
Turkeys ai4 Chickens at Flen
To Bob the People of Dougks
County of Their Honestly
ElectedTJepresenta'ives. ' .
A Job Put Up by U. P. Cap
pers ,
Which Must Arouse the In
dignation of Decent Men
The people of this city and county
will be amazed to learn that & con
test is to bo mada for the seats of
Messrs. Doane and Howe , members-
elect of the senate , and Paxton and
McShane , members-sleet of the lowei
iouee. Nobody in this city has
dreamed that any question could pos
sibly beraised us to the election oi
these men. Not f one word has ap
peared in acy paper since the election
callint ; ihcir title to seats in the legis
lature in question. The machinerj
of counting and canvassing tha votea
was in the hands of men known to be
affiliated with the U. P. , and their do.
cision made after a good many re
counts in Ecme of the wards , and s
greet deal of scraping around foi
slavery votes WES accepted as finalj
oven by the organs of the monopoly.
Bat lo and behold ! last nigh * papere
were put into the hindu of Constable
llcgers by Coutant | and g J. Foa
serving notices upon Messrs Doane
and Howe , Paxton and
McShane , that their scab
in the legislature would be contested'
Such a high handed proceeding would
bring a blush of shame to the cheel ;
even of an insurance agent. That anj
muti that pretend to any decencj
would lend themselves in such t
scheme passes all comprehension , anc
we don't believe they nro the origina
tors of it. There is a liand pnliinj
tbo string of these political puppets
thai looks about the size o
the fist of John M. Thurston
that means that theL'nion Pacifii
proposes to rob the pa oplo of thi
county of their rightful representa
tives in the legislature anci foist upon
them men who never had 1 'ID shadov
of n claim to being elected.
The notices were all nerved ° y leaving
ing a copy at the residences of tn ° par
ties , Messrs. Doano and Howt
being out of the city and MA
being the last day upon which' 8UcIi
service could ba legally made. C' '
course the members-elect have tlictr
certificates already or can get them on
application , and they will bo entitled
; j their coats until ths contest is Eot-
The hope of the contestants and
their backers evidently is that
there will be enough U. P. men iu
he legislature to vote them out of
officsr whether they were rightfully
looted ! or not.
Jf you want solid or silver plate
ware so to "Whipplo , SIcMillen t Co. ,
.reighton Block , and got prices.
WJiy will mane people , who claim to
belong to the E. F.'s , persist in usin
an inferior g ratio of Flour , which
makes impalulable broad , when they
can buy HAVEN'S Ssow FLAKE , the
icsf in the market , at tha aamo price 1
\\'o give il up.
The largest and most complete assort
ment to bo found in the vrest , at ex
tremely low prices , just opened by
* u-th. at 1408 Farnham st.
special features in
We hftfrt h " goods , which TVO
ernis on Cannes * "commodating
hink are unusually x. t prices.
inu privileged. Call and g * . " * ner
iVill guarantee to save yon 1\ > . .
ont. FLKJIIXQ & Co. , Grocers.
150 Cloaks and Dolmans to be sold
it an immense reduction.
At Kuttz'es At Kurtz's 11
S 5.00 Cloaks for S 3.00
7.00 " " 6.CO
10.00 " " 750
15.00 " " 10.00
12.50 Dolmans for 9.00
" " 13.00
2500 " " 18.00
These Roods are as cheap as they
ire sold in any market , and we orly
nako the prices to close out , in order
, o make room for other goods.
n large quantities arriving daily.
Creighton Block.
White aa the driven snow , light as
iowny feathers , makes nutritious ,
palatable bread such as nourishes the
body , enriches the mind and comforts
the soul. Sold by
J. B. FRENCH & Co.
Oyaters in every style at Tizird's.
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
New Eiiffravinss at IIospc's ,
Banner's Stoves much the finest
in the Market Call and see. 1410
Dougla street. o22-t f
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
The Ladies of Trinity Mission
Guild , ( Epucapal ) , will fiivo a grand
entertainment for the benefit of the
Mission at Masbnic Hall , on Thanks
giving evening. The early part o ]
the evening will Da devoted to songs.
cas ys , reading , etc. Let everybodv
patronize them.
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
For Finest Cant-ies go to Tizird's
The Mumm llat , entirely new , fo
vonng gents just ont. Frederick , Hatter
Hugh Murphey's Descent Into
the Tenth Street Sewer.
Quite an accident occurred Mon
day at the new sewoc now in process
of construction across Tenth street.
The excavation is twenty-two fee
deep and the sides are planked up
with cross beams or braces supporting
them. The bottom of the sewer , o
brick , is below , and offers anything
but an easy reception to one BO un
lucky as to fall upon it
Mr. Hugh Marpby , the Sewer In
spsctorwa'j as usual about yesterdaj
attending to his dutyin the course o
which he started. * o walk across the
sever by means of one of the top
braces , of pine lumber abou
six inches square. In some
manner he slipped or lob
his balance , and there being nothing
to catch to fell through , acroEs
several braces beneath and finally up
on the brick floor below. The acci
dent was witnessed by quite a numbei
of the workmen , and not one o
them had an idea that he could es
cape without serious injuries even i :
ho was not Idllod. Strange to sajj
however , -when he was picked "up i :
was found that ho had sustained no
hurt more * er oas than [ a contusion
on the head , anil several bruises on
the loft limb. Howas able to be
about to-day with a cane , and is ap
parently far frcm a dangerous condi
tion. In view of the fact that he
weighs 207 pounds and that the fall
would hare killed 99 of 100 men ,
his escapa may bo regarded as mera
The finest ,
The greatest Variety ,
The most comple stock of
Fancy Groceries we have ever hac
Are now offered to the Thanksgiv
ing trade. Wm. Fleming & Co. ,
family groceries.
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ar >
knowledced BOSS.
There -will be a meeting of the tfire
Department Wednesday evening , No
vember 24 , 7:30 : o'clock.
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
For Oranges and Lemons go to
Tizird'a. t-w-t
Its excellence is attested by our irn-
.meuao .sales. J. B. FRENCH &Co. ,
Manufacturers' Agents.
If you want a watch repaired go to
"Whipple , McMillan & Co. , Creighton
Article * of iwrporation of the "Eurr
! Implement Cctt any' ' have been filed in
the offi Oof the county ckrk , the incorpo
rates being Daniel , Nathaniel , Josephine ,
D. V. and G. C. Burr. Toe new company
will have its headquarters in the city of
-Omaha , and the nature of the bntincss to
I w trausaeted 13 the buying , telling , ftoriog
a nd fox warding and dealing iu agricultural
n 3d farm implements , wagons and cu
rl Igcs. Tito authorized capital Block is
530,00.0 , in bhares of S100 each , S15.000 to
bo Buliscribedaml 5. 003 paid upbeforethe
artaclcs take effect. The indebtedness is
limited to 510,000 .lr two-thirds of the
subscribed strcb. The usual pro\ision
for election of officers
and so forth are
maiJe in the written articles of incorpora-
tiu 11.
Havi-ii'a Snow Flake Flour , the ac-
Mrs. Finlay P. Gridley is visiting her
relatives in this , city.
Mr. Francis Crouch , of Knightstown ,
IuJ. , and his son Low , of Grand Island ,
are visiting in the city.
Hon. C. S. Ayer , represuntative-elect
from Buffalo county , was in town Mon
Biihop Sharp , of the Latter Day Saints ,
passed ea tMcndaj.
on. H. D. Perky , formerly of Wahoo ,
* - * secreta-y of the BcL t railway
atn < m
Denver , is in the eitj
mipady , of After - . .
fter a spell of sickness.
G.W.E. ; Dorsey , of Frcmunt , wA
lie city yesterday.
Judge JohnD.Howc returned yesterday ,
Judge pe'o. W. Doane is attending court
i Sarpy county.
and family came in from
W. J. Cuddy
rrandMand Sunday. 5
Be * . Dr. McNamara , of Fremont ,
assed through the cityTuesday , returning
Dean Millspaush returned from St.
jouia yesterday.
A. A. 'Egbert , superintendent of the
Jolorado division , TJ. P. railroad , left at
icon Tuesday with his family for Denver ,
n the special car Nb.J.00.
Havou's Snow Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
California Pears , Plums , Grapes ,
jtc. , at Tizard's Palace. o21-tf
Haven's Sno * Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
Best Advertising.
One trial of Haven's Snow Flake
Flour Is all the advertising It requires.
People will Jiaw if , and it's no use trying -
ing to palm off any other brand with
the statement that "it's just as
good. " Sold by J. B. French & 0o
For Splendid Fies go to Tizird's
Havens Snow Flake Floor , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
The Danish society's first ball of this
season will take pbco Saturday night
November 27th at- Turner Hall.
Ticktts 75 cents , secured from the
* t-t-a
. - - -
_ _ _ _
Meals at all hours at lizard's
Palace. _ _ _ _
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ac-
Calilornia Flannel Underwear made
to order , in first-class style , at the
Omaha Shirt Factory , 120V , Faraham
street , batween 12th and 13th streets.
Haven's Snow Flake Flvur , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
Fresh Lobsters , Cla Smelts al
Thomas L. Kimball Appointee
Assistant General Manager
of the U. P.
The rumo which has prevailed foi
the past few days of an important
change in the Union Pacific manage
ment is confirmed to-day , by the Un
ion Pacific officials. The office of as
siatant general manager has been
created to relieve S. H. H. Clark , of
some of his duties , and Mr. Thomas
L. Kimball is appointed to the posi
tion , the letter authorizing the same
being issued to-day.
This practically makes Mr. Klmbal !
the head of the administration
as Mr. Ciark will be absent
for months to come , in hopas ol
benefiting his health. The appoint
ment is hailed with satisfaction by
officials and employes generally.
This leaves a vacancy in the office
of general passenger and ticket agent ,
which will be filled by appointmenl
by the new manager. It is not pre
suming too much to ssy that there is
no more popular gentleman mentioned
in this connection than Mr. Kiniball's
assistant , Mr. Chaa. Stobbins.
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
Oysters direct from Baltimore , at
Flemming's. -
If you want anything in the way ol
jewelry , go to Whipple , McMillen &
Co. , Creighton Block.
Havn's Snow Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
FURS ! FURS ! ! FURS ! ! !
The Omaha Fur Manufacturer ,
Henry G. Richtcr , la to be found op
posite the postoffica. n20-tf
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , } he ac
knowledged BOSS.
For Thanksgiving Oysters go to
Tizird's. t-w-t
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ac-
k towledged BOSS. |
Wno Was Ho ?
The quiet of Sunday last was dis
turbed slightly on Broadway during
the afternoon by a little pugilistic
demonstration between two members
of the "art preservative. " One of
the contestants came over from our
neighboring city , and was met at the
Globe office by an employe there who
claimed that he had written his wife an
inaultng letter. The Omaha visitor
soon left the office , not howeverwith
out having been threatened by
the other. When ho reached
the corner of Broadway and Fiflh
streets , he sent word to the insulted
typo that it wouid not bo healthy for
him to step out of the office. The
latter waltzed out at once and pro
ceeded ( o the corner of the two streets
drew a rawhide and struck the print
from the "opposite shore" several"
times over the head and shoulders.
The rawhide soon broke in two and
about the same time the Omaha visitor
jumped on a street car and departed
for bis home. Hostilities therefore
ceased. [ Nonpareil.
Great reduction in Ladies' Stuff
and Silk Suits at
tu-th-s 1408 Farnham St.
For Malaga Grapes go to lizard's.
Haven's Snow Flake Flour , the ac
knowledged BOSS.
"Speaking of Flour , " says Mrs.
Peterson , "wo have tried all kinds in
market , and none of them will begin
to make suchjnice , light , white bread
as HAVEN'S SNOW FLAKE. It is per
fectly splendid , and my neighbors who
lave tried it all agree with me in say-
ng that letter Flour never was made.
Sold by J. B. French & Co.
The Telegrapnei-8 Ball.
The grand hop o the "lightning
ierkers" this evening promises to
i "the event" of the season. Great
t parations have been'made fora
r3t class affair inill respects. Repre-
juta/ives of the c raft will be present
rom Si- Louis , fJhicago , Cincinnati ,
Jenver And ma'jy other cities , and
ho attendance will doubtless be larger
han that of any other gathering of the
: icd ever held in the city.
At the request of Col. Dickey , Gen-
ra\ " Manager Touzaltn , of the B. &
L aiM General Superintendent Tal-
tadge , ° * ke Missouri Pacific , have
iadly extended the courtesies
f their lines , and a special
ir will be * nn on Wednesday ,
irinsung somer thirty or more from
CaTOs City , St Joe , Atchison and
Jincoln. The boys area hardwork-
ng fraternity and c riainly deserve all
, he recreation they can get. We
irust their entertainment may prove a
neat signal success , and .indicationsat
present are that the affair will redound
jreatly to their credit and afford them
jjl the pleasure they anticipate.
Fcr Sale Six-horse power Baxter
engine and boiler , In good repair.
Apply at BEBofficn. no4tf
Through express Oysters at Flem-
mine's. _ _
* - Haven's Snow Flake. Flour , iha acknowledged -
knowledged BOSS.
A first-class hotel in every rcspe-ct , is
situated on the northwest corna * of
Thirteenth and Capitol avenue. Tuis
new house is newly and elegantly fur
nished throughout , and the table and
bill of faro will compare favorably
with the best in the land. Give it &
trial. No runner at the Depot.
For Choice Michiga.n Cider go to
Tizird'a. t-w-t
Finest ever brought to Omaha , and
at New York prices. Don't fail to see
A Horse Chained to a Stall
and the Barn Fired
Over His Head.
Rescued by a Heroic Hotel
About 10:30 : last night a son of Mr ,
D. A. McGnckin , who keeps a saloon
ou Tenth street , between Farnam and
Harney , went to the back door of the
place , and on opening it discovered
a small barn , just across the alley-way ,
in the rear of Poppleton's block , to been
on fire. Ho at once gave the alarm ,
and soon a number of persons came
to the spot , attracted by the loud cries
of fire , which were heard even at No.
3's engine house. An alarm was tent
in by telephone from THE BEE office ,
turned in from box 5 , corner 10th and
Farnam , and sounded by the cathe
dral bell all at once , BO that there waa
not much doubt as to the location of
the fire , which blazed out brightly
and illuminated the brick walla until
it looked like business , sure enough.
In the meantime , Mr. McGuckin
bad kicked the door of the barn in and
got out one of the two horses , while
George CanGeld and others got out the
second. The latter animal fell down ,
suffocated by the smoke , and'on try
ing to pull him out he was discovered
lobe chained to the stall by a chain
locked around his leg , He was freed
at last and saved by the skin of his
teeth. By this time the fire depart
ment was on hand , and in a few mo
ments got a stream on and extinguish
ed the flames , while the hooks did
iocd ; work in preventing the spread of
the fire to the adjoining building ; .
Nothing was damaged but. the small
barn aud a little hay and grain , tbo value nor exceeding SnO.
The origin of the fire is not known ,
but it was probably the work of
an incendiary , as the conditoln
of the liorsa would seem to
prove. The birn belonged to Adam
Soyder , the butcher , who also owned
one of the horses , while Mr. Mahler ,
the pawnbroker , owned the other. At
the time of the fire the snow was fall
ing quite thick , and with 'the lurid
glare of the flames falling through it ,
it looked like a ehower of flesh and
blood. The fire department made a
beautiful lun down Farnam. When
the alarm eouuded the doors of the
engine house flaw cpen like a flash ,
aud the way things were made to rush
around there was a caution.
Commissioners' Proceedings.
WEDNESDAY , November 17 , 1880.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and apnroved.
The following resolution * were
adopted :
Resolved , That the county treasurer
bo and hereby is dircctnd tu draw
from the general fund Slfl.OGandap
ply the same to the payment of the
delinquent personal tax of Goo. G.
Sharp , for the years 1877 , 1878 and
1879 for word on road.
Resolved , That the county treasurer
bo and hereby Ma directnd to draw
from the ditch fund S15.75 and apply
the same to the payment of the delin
quent ditch tax ou that part of the
southwest of the northwest not in
cluded in the town of Waterloo , in
10-15 10,14.84 acres , of John H. Lo
gan , for the year 1879 , for work on
The clerk was directed to advertise
for sealed proposalsto be received un
til Monday , for removing a quantity
of dirt from block 141 , Omaha.
The following accosts were allowed
From the general fund :
Fourteen persons , services aS Pel > t
jurors - 5cSJn
V H Thomas , work on road . . - W
Gee G Sharp , work on road. . . . . / * J °
M Rogers & Son , bal for repairs. . 1 ' < J
Chicago L Co , lumber J JeD
D K Coutant. insurance 't * ' J
MGMcKonn , insurance 25 rJ !
Murphy & Lovett , in'iurancj 25 ( X.
V Landergeen , printing 25 00
B Messenger , adverti ing 2 OD
Neb Watchman , advertising 40 00
H Sexauer , goods tor poor 8 10
T O Slatter , goods for poor 3 00
3 Leisge & Co. gelds for poor 1 00
U P 11 RCo. ticket forpauoer 5 85
Enropsan Hotel , meal * for" jurors 6 0)
Two persons , witness fees 10 00
Ferdinand Streitz , damages for
right of way. . . . 25 00
Pour peisons , workmen road 107 02
r 11 Johnson , cleaning ch mney. . . 8 00
Adjourned to Dec , 2nd. ,
Oonntv Clerk.
A Grand Raffle.
The biggesl thing of the season Is
, ho radio arranged to come off Christ
mas day at Mr. John Garber's saloon ,
Jo. 535 , Fiftctnth.street.
Mr. Garbe ? is the possessor of a
ino French Morgan , four-year-old
roadster , "Prince , " an animal sound
is a dollar in every respect and broken
o the eaddlo and to both single and
double harness. Ho is a prize for any
man and can bo seen any day
ay calling on the owner. The second
article of the lot x valuable talking
parrot , a rare bird of vary consider-
iblo value. Th& third is oabluot
organ , which will bea / delightful
Ohriamas present foe any family.
There are also two pit coons to be
raffled off , which will la given to the
party who makes the lowest throw.
The entire number oc tickets to be
sold is 100 at $5 eich , ind the dispo
sition of the prizes win be by throw
ing "kossulh" dice , he individual
making the highest thiow to tike the
lorse , the next highesttbe parrot and
soon. Competent , impartial judges
will be chosen and the riffle will occur
iiastated atGarbcr's plate , Dec. , 25th.
After the raffh an elegant supper will
be set up to thoee holding tickets and
the occasion w111 be made as pleasant
and profitable as one could desire.
The tickets will be placed on sale
at once , and any person may have the
privilege of seeing the articles and
judging for themselves at any time by
calling , on Mr. Garter. The public
wiil in the meantime bo kept fully
posted in regard to the affair.
Proposals for Flour.
05IA1IA , Neb. , Nov. , 13 , 1SS3. f
Sea'eJ proposes , in duplicate , subject to the
r. aal cotdiiicns , will be received at this offlre ,
until 12 o'clock noon , on December 17 , 1880 , t
which time Jtndclicc they wHbcopeuedln tb <
nresen'coot bidiera for tnralibing nd deliver
kigjit Jheratalitence warehouse , in this Hyol
T\rcnty.lourthou3ind (44,000) ( pounds flour , ir
ce\Ti strong tingle cotton sacks.
Tt be m do ftom No. 1 tptinj wheat , naJ
harfhalt soft , or Odusa , to be sweated1 befo
erind.'ng a1 mlied la m'llln ? to b <
hich ground. Sample ol flour V
be sen t In ith proposal ! , nd all to be dcUve :
cd on < orbefore JIBTUTJT 6 , 1831. The govern
mcnt serre3 the riShl to "J"4 " " ? cr " P10
t roposils can be obUinetl at this offict
i'i it/is * bi cncloscil In sealed envelope
0. S..U.8.A.
NOTICE AdTortlsemunta To Lot For Bale1
Loot , Found , Wants , Boirdln ? &c. , will ba In-
Krtad In these columns once for TEN CENTS
per line ; each gubgoqainttnsertlon.FIVE CENTS
per line. Tha first Insertion never lew than
TO LOAN At 8 per cent inter
< , cat , n sumac : 2000andup :
wards tor 1 to G gears' time on first clizs Impror
ed city and form property. Apply at BEMIS
Real Estate and Loan Agency , 15th and Douglas
ST XO MAN Call at L w Office
D. & . 'JHOMAS.RoomS.Crelghtoa Plock
ONKY TO LOAN 1109 Farnham street.
M Dr. Edwards Loan Agency. DOT-S2-U
ANEC A. gltl to do gcneial hnnstwork.
Enquire it 1214 Davenport ttrcet. 013-27
K the womin who broueht the
WANTED girl who could not speak English
will return , the lady will take bar. Coiner of
18'h and Capitcl avenue. 017-24
TXTATSTED To buy a good fresh cow or
V V one coming in soon. Inqnire of R.
W. Carpenter , at carpenter shop on Dong-
las between 8th and 9th streets. 015-24
TTTASTED A good record girl , with gocd
\V references , northwest corner ISth and
Capita avenue. Q3S-25
IIKL WANTED At FreJ. Deilona' , J23
f Thirteenth St. 910-tf
" \T7"AN ED 10 men who have some abl ity an
W salesmen to J 'in our fores ia Iowa and
Nebraska and introduce Dr. Iiaphey'u Family
Medical Book lien whohsvo not had experience
in the bunncgs will ba trained aud stute I in the
field. AVill guarantee good wages to energetic
men. Address for three diva E. B. Holland ,
Council Bludd , lowi , orVf. J , Holland & Co. ,
Chietgo. _ 893 g-t-t
Ten jcuijf ladies to travel with
WANTED . Address Manager , Bee ofllce.902U
By two entlcmen a comfortably
WANTED roiin or sni : of two rooms ;
n-.UPt be t etwccn 18th and Ziil and Farnhan <
and California Sts. Address B. & II. , cfflrc.
90S 21
JliTE WANTED AdJrcst A. Tt o ,
\VANTKD Cjok and do I' , r.u
and Capitol Avenue , 893-lf
A good plrl for { .oixscil hou-c
WANTED East Bide of 20th Bt. la , Chicago
and C.asg. _ _ C7-'V.
UErf f Unfarnlshcil roe : . : . iiuU lo f. i
EOK o persuas , 514 south 14tliE. . _ Ky3 :
By aoun ? man mtmtini a :
WANTED amannensH ur cprrea.Mi A'uui
clerk ; hai h d experience , in. a Iate la'lnad
office , and can furrish exccllens references Ad. .
drcsa Shorthand , Bee office. _ 830-23
rr.VO OENTLElirW desire room with or with
_ L out bo.ird ; locality must bu between 17tt
and 20th aud l > edge and Unas street ? . Ad.'re" '
C. , Bee olHco. _ gg ) 2 (
TED A co'd lady cooc : no othtr need
apply cor. lUa and Olarney , Farmers'
House.WANTED Ail Omaha know that tn <
WANTED St. Jonn is the Eiso cf Sewinf
Machines , office on If th St. _ 849-lf
"YTTAKTillJ 2msn to vork In raarketeardsn
VV north rnri of 18thct H. W. BAIL. 827-tl
"TJ"OR BENT. House , four rooms , south end
JC 10th stre t , SS.OJ per mouth. Enquire ol
J. L , McCaguo , rectato agent , oppos.te post-
offle. 013-eod-3t
E OR RENT Two neat new cottages ,
eight rooms each , with well and cis
terns corner Eleventh aud M.ison streets ,
one and one-half blocks from the railroad
depot. DAVIS & SNYDER ,
914-23 1505 Parnam Street.
"IT10R RENT A good" houco of 6 roonv'j , '
JD closets , about hal an acre ground , g 001
barn. Kent cheap to a good tenant , first h'jns
in the hill above uoalj's Soap Factory. 0 > 4-2
T710R KENT Hoosa in Shnli's Snd adJ Jtlon
JD 815 per month. Vf. SIMERAL , n
Creighton Block.
QTORE FOR RKNT Plrst floor and bajcmcnt
J3 Apply to GonM & Merrill , 1005 F rn ham St
801 jtf
" | j"OR RENT A furnished , south fiont room
J Inquire at No. 1012 Farnham St. I8t-t
TT10R REST That excellent dwcllin g Iiouao S
JD. E. corner ot 22J and Callforn ja streets
Well , cuiuii ii > nd barn. App'y ' to J jhn Guild
ICOaFarnhamSt. S3fl. |
REST E elllnghoue S. E. corner c
23dandfiurtSt9. Eicellcnt'oani , cistern
&nd well ; rentcheap. Apply to CV. A. Morrlll
-IiM > 5 FitrnhKm St. 840-t
_ _ _ eac-t
TjlOR RENT 2 lunilsljol rooms o t Mei
| J chants Exchange " , H. E. Cor. ICth am
Dodge etrcets. _ 089-tf
T710R SALE Two cloec carriage ? , at A. J
JD Simpsons. oil-tt
over BEMIS' new column pi bargalao on la
TjlOR SALE AND RENT F'or rent , a v ry de
JO Birablo corner store , at No. 804 10th St
Also for sale a lot 33x132 fee c adjoining the U
P. track , on Jones street , be tucen Oth and 10th
Inquire ot Ceo. II. Petoraoi i. 8Sl-t
FOR SALE A first-class hottl ami reslaur
ant hujlness , located jtuho bat part of th (
city , and Joir. < agoodbusijiesa. The proprieto
la called west to attend t < i raining interest , anc
must sell. Ipqu're ' at BKB office fOltf
O liOUSEu And corner nail ol lot , southcas
fy comer 14th and Cass&tg. , 7 ro-ams in each
rent for S20 and $25 pof month CKMIS' 1 KAI
ESTATE AoKSCt. 15th end Douglas Sts. 679-t
L oiorBEJffla' new column ot bargains on la
Pago.E I SALri Mixed paints , at A. Ilolmes,16tl
E and California bts. C15-t
Ul BALK- Cottonwood lum oer of ail Elzes.a
p ' HKPMOHD'8. Slxtaenth-a t , 518-t
- . -
OTRAYEU From 1412 Davi jnport street , on <
? 5 bla kmjreVW'11' saddle ma rks and slim tail
Any information iMflingtO ho r recovery will b <
suitably rewarded. _ 916-24
Uanjalns In Houses , Lotg , Farms ani
Lands , In his now c oluran on j'st page _
T OST Onornca r 13th street , Friday evening ,
Jj A cuff with bu tton mirked rustic letter S.
The finder will be 11 bera'ly ' rewarded by Having
them at this nfti co. _ _ _ 006-g
. REWARD -LOST On Sixteenth St. ,
between Dodge aud Paul BtreeU , oa Satur
day ovenjnelast , al'ap.robeof blaclc goj.t skin ,
trimmed wlta red fl annel. The finder will be
rewarded with & if ha returns it to ila.Tls &
Flrticr'g meat inaikot , on Dodge tit. _ 003-22
TTtSTlLAY NOTICE akcn up on. thej remises
JJJ of f-am'l J Bo roll , south of count , v farm ,
one sorrel mare poney , wi'h \ > blto face , also one
roan Bull _ 000-23
T > RAIVARD.Taxademit !
S JJ 13th and Howard St. , Ueerheid
a , upr iclalty. * 35-1m
Absolutely Pure ,
Mads from Grape CrcamTarUr. No othi (
preparation makes each light , fltky hot brewlb" "
or laxnrlous pastry. Can be eaten by dypeptlc
without fc r of the llj reaultin ? from heavy i
digestible food.
Bold only in c by all Grocers.
Bn _ u FOWDIR Co. N w Tojk
Ear and Throat.
Office Over Kennard's" Drug Store
Corner or 14tn ana Douglas Ste.
ox *
$2 TO $5 PER ACRE.
20,000 Acres
6 to 12 Miles from Omaha ,
$6 to $10 per Acre , on
Long Time and
Low Interest ,
Large tracts suitable fcr
Colonies in all the hest
Counties in the State ,
80,000 acres scattered
through Iowa.
A large number of Improved
Parms in Nebraska , many oi
them near Omaha , $12 to $40
per acre ,
An Immense List of
Consisting of Elegant Resi
dences ' from $3,000 to $20-
000. Many vacant lots in
the additions to Omaha
Hundreds of lots scattered
through the City. Houses and
Lots , Business Houses anc
Lots , and all kinds of Ci y
Real Estate.
We also have
on Improved Farms in Doug
las County , on 5 years time , at
1O percent , interest to all who
can show good titles.
Haps for Douglas and Sarpy
Counties for saJc ,
i beautiful lots fronting south In Iiaac &
Selden'aido. for 3160 half cub.
House and lot , ! 22d and Dodi ( . 3 3 ( XX )
House ami lot near Brownell Hall . 2100
Two new houses and full lot , rents for
WSOperjear . 4 nee
New brick house , 21x25. 1J story , 1th 3 '
lota. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , , , . 2 000
Home and lot Webster et . 1)500 )
Large houre and corner lot . 6000
Largo house full lot. California et . 4000
R wiilcnce and 4 full lots , St. llary-g ave. . B.COO
House and small lot , south of depot . 930
House and small lot , soutn of depot . 635
Residence propeity , Kountze and Kuth's
-.add , - . - . 6,500
Fine residence property . 10 000
House and lot , 22d and Uirncv . I'gon
House and lot , Nelson's addition . 2 700
House and lot Shinn's addition . ] eOO
Residence and corner lot _ . 3 005
Rciidenco ( coah ) . 7500
gesWedce . c',000
Kesidence . 5 600
IIouso and one-half lot . j esc
Three houses and corner lot . 7 500
Residence and comer lot . 7500
House and 60 feet front , I6th street . 3,700
Lario house nd corner lot . C.500
Residence and three lota . 6600
Two house and corner two-thirds of cor
ner lot . nee
Houss and small lot , Cas } street . 2,100
Hattse and lot , 27th n r Farnham . 1 OOT
Brick honso and comer lot . _ . 1,300
Small house and full lot , Camlngaat . 2350
House and lot , 23d street . 3 200
House and full lot , worth f 4,000 for . 6,500
Fine brick reildencc . 1,500
Brict residence . 6,650
House and corner lot . i 550
New two-story house and comer lot . 4 200
Residence and full lot , Famham si . a TOO
House and one acre , 18th street . s'ooo
House and half lot , 18th street . 2,200
House and lot , Shinn's addit'oo . 1 00
House and half lot , Casa street . I'joo
House and half lot , Caai Street . . . . . ' 1.450.
Finest residence lii the city . 16,000
Residence property. . . . „ . . . 17,000'
Rcslden e property . 17,600
Residence. . 5,600
[ louse and lot , Shinn's addition . 1,200
House and lot , Shmn'a addition . 1,500
Houseand lot , 2ftthaml Farnbam . 1,400
flouse and lot. 27th and Douglas . 375
[ louse and full lot , Izardst . 1.7EO
( few house and 11 lot . 2,200
Residence property . 7,500
Residence property , yerv fine . 13,600
Elouseand lot , llorbach'a addition . . . 1,500
Residence , Farnham st. . _ . 6,000
[ lonse nd \ lot 1 block from Court
House and i lot 1 block from Court
House. . . . 2,250
House and comer lot 2blocks from Court
House. . . . . . 2,400
flouso and J .t , Nicholas street . 1,000
House and 1 acre , GIses' ac'dition . f40
douse and iOt , llth street . 800
Large building and elx lots. 1 mile out. . . 4,000
House and lot on Davenport . 3,600
H cute and t lot , near depot . 1,500
House and J lot , near depot . 800
abuse and lot , South Arenas . . . 1,000
Hou e and lot , Shinn's addition . 1,900
Residence , Kountzo and Ruth's add . 2,000
Residence property , Kountie aod Bath's
addition . 5,000
Residence property , south part cf town. . 2,500
House and J lot , Webster tt . 2,700
Horse and S acres at Barracks . 7Cfl
House and lot , Armstrong's addlt'n . 1,000
House and lot , South 12 st . . . . . 650
House and lot , Kountze and Roth's ad
dltlon . 3,600
Residence and } lot. . . . . 2,700
House and lot , 16th et . 3,600
Boggs & Hill ,
1408 Fara , St. , Omaha , deb ,
immense Stock for
Fine Cnstom-3Iadc
Men's Suits ,
Boys1 Suits
Children's Suits.
ForMen ,
Boys , and
Child ren
Uiidcr-Wcar , Ifais and Caps ,
Trunks and Valises , at
Prices to Suit Ail.
Farnham Street , Near Fourteenth
The largest and best assortment of
Trunks and Valises in the West. Telescopic Cases
and Sample Trunks a Spedalfy.
. . , . ,
1IT llth St. , : Doors North of Douglas St.
Cigars from § 15.00 per 1000 upwards.
Tobacco , 25 cents i > cr pound upwards.
Pipes from 25 cents per dozen upwards *
Send for Price List , /
MAX MEYEK & CO. , Omaha , JTcb.
Fishing Tackle , luse ? Balls and a full line of
And Wholesale Dealers in CIGARS and CONFECTIONERY. During the
Fall and Winter we will handle CODNSELUES'S FRESH OYSTERS , whfch
are now the best In the market. A largo assortment of CANDY and SUGAR ,
TOYS for the Holiday trade.
GATZ & FEEE3IAN , 510 llth St. , Omaha.
Has the ezclusive sale of the
The Gold Coin isthis-eeason the favorite of Chicago , is prefer-
ed above all other Stoves , comes both plain atd hilghly orna
mented , has the ne w patent grate and flre-potthat will ont- wear
half dozen of uny other. Tha Gold Coin weighs rtore by fllty Ibs ,
than any other Stove of its size in the market , and is , therefore ,
more durable than any other Stove , is strictly warranted in every
respect , it requires no salesman to sail jr. asjcity reference sells itf
without trouble. Cor. 10th and Jackson.