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Established 1871. MORNING EPJTION. Price Five Cents
Dodge and Fi teenth Sts.
[ We are Nc\7 Displaying an Ele
gant line of Ladies'
of the
fm irtii * /IJT * rti * " " S5 Cfcft
- ooil t'lwalc for - - $3.09
; ' .cty ! Trinimc-l Cloak $1.50
Ji U-tt'ctfl loalt - - $5.0J >
-MceCiu ; ur - - - $ T..l6
Somcthra ! ' Tine at $1O.OO and
l fo $4O.oO.
fJB ii.5
! \"S COATS ,
for a Child 2 years and
nt Pleasing' ' Prices.
This is the Best Line of
iJiildrcnS and Misses' Cloaks
.Oiind in the city , and
Prices are always the
lit c at
Iniruoupe Stock of
Jio ti Cdlorcd Blankets
-ey Blankets from $1.50
\3.00 per pair.
nitc BlanketSjfrom S2.00
gJ2.GO per pair.
Jar 552.00 White Blankets
a VTb der at the Price , '
and Dodge Sta. , - .
and Organs First Class eltc
5. Monthly Payments , tcca
\ > t Music and Musi- ca TV
l Instrampnts. TVTV'
riKBSfuCK C. st
. ' Si
_ an I'raioca at great
h rtdaccil prices. al
R , 1 fiicb. W ! nuU ifc alI
20 I-
SO hi
SOCO hiw
76 to
15 Bc
, eun'l , 5c , BcBI
, 1 56. BIat
' i from 15c upwards , atca
'ireJ 7f-c n n-itulow.nnd tipwanla caSi
,1 00r Imlo * > id upwirds ,
4Mnrrwiudoa ) | and upwards , ec
L V r > eh to5 00 ecP
W , 3 and up\vanlg , Pac
S W. 7 ( W and upwards , ac
rOO , C CO , end upwards , ackl
m 1 00 up. cl.cai it In city kla
ami citiUicuc of mon a
A.UOSPE..m. . tu
foSl Omaha tuhi
BONDS. tils
" - ( < srilnll bo reielvcd bv the tl
> ntdca until o'clock p. m. tlw
> \ Jay of UcMmbcr , 1SSJ , tor w
' . t ono limdreJ nd tu-cntf-flrc la
" " " , s countv bond dcs- laU
nnndnsl Mid Iwen'y-Sre
amnu (1000) dollars each , dated hi
SI , ana jnyable
twenty years ae
interest al tix cent ,
per per aeAl
oeoJ-aaiiUUly In tie city of New AlDi
tl ! borfdccmableat the option
crusty commlisionrrs ol said
vniratinn of ten ) ears from the icl
uolevv&ballbi mido to par
principal ofaila bonds oatL ui
. < > t tald ten years. go
* < M > n udd bond onlr fret in
t lalaof fame , on any hit
- -vctirt of the money there
* e ivcred as fallows : yo
ct Janu r > , 1SSL
> f July. 1831.
{ January. 1SS2 , ah
! at the rnme time th
. r5.000 of bonds , the
jcdJ au rylstlssL th
inmls-.ioncrs rejcrrc tl
. leM
County Clerc.
} l I & GO. F r <
' TniELE , u
\ \ TAILORS , 5o1
.ias Street , P1Ti
How a Phelps County Despsrado
Met His Fate.
Circumstances of the Killing
Wm. P. Miller , Three
Years Ago.
The Mystical Society of the
"Knights of the Black
Arrow. "
Excitement Over the Trial of
.the Alleged Murdejers--v * 1
The Verdict.
Correspondence of The Lt-c.
< \J.MA , Harfon Co. , Neb. , Nov. 19.
Yesterday the Phelps county mur
der trial , which czcites intense inter
est in this section , begun before Judge
Jaslin. It was three years ago that in
very sparsely settled portion of
Phelps county , this state , occurred
tne of the strangest tragedies that has
ever come within the notice of Nebrw :
fa courts. In the southwest corner
of this county is a beautiful and ro I
mantic stream known as Spring Creek ,
nd along its borders era excellent
farming lands , eettled by the first
families who pietccd its confines. The
first settlement established oh the
stream was known an the Rock Falls
neighborhood , made in 1872. In thii
settlement resided all the parties di-
rnctly interested tn the present trial or
having any direct knowledge of tfc'o
tragic end of Wm. P. Miller , one of
its original member's. Living as next
neighbors io Miller , were Samuel P.
Mxmer , Jacob Moser and James Swse-
zay , the three parties now being tried
on a charge of murder iu the first
degree. John Daggett , Samuel Sales
and Robert Doles , other members of
the settlement will hereafter be , tried
for murder in the second degree for
connection with this same tragedy , if
the prosecution succeed in attaching
guilt to the parties now on trial. .
The deceassd was killed July iOih ,
1877 , and the coroner's jury decided
that he came to his death by reason * of
being shot by these defendants , and
pronounced the act justifiable homi
cide. The reader will ascertain from
the evidence adduced why this case
ha * slumbered three years.
The prosecution is repiesented by
District Attorney Scho5oldassialedby
Gea. A. H. OoLnor , of Kearney , and bi
Woods , of Alma. The defense bim
embraces the following eminent legal so
lights : Hon. Jas. Laird , -Hastings : soar
J. W. Perry , of Bloomingten , and arbe
H. S. Kaley , of Red Cloud. bed
The court room is crowded with d
eager listeners , notwithstanding the lu
extreme cold weather. It is not im th
proper to say that many regard fo
the trial aa an unnecessary expense tii
upon Phelps county , and the result of sh
pent-op jealously and enmity. A ma shD
jority of the district bar is in attend LI
ance , expecting two controverted at
points in law to be decided dur
ing the trial : First , Whether in Ne Sp.
braska courts the character of a dead
-.nan can bo overhauled ; and second , be
Oia the defendant's sworn statements
before a coroner's jury be introduced ty
FK evidence against them , when on no
trial , charged with the murder of the th
man over whom that coroner's jury
were deliberating.
The evidence thus far elicited goes Sjx
to show that on the morning of July
19,1877 , Robert Dale , Samuel Dale ,
John Daggett , James Sweezpy , Jacob an ;
Mcser , aud'Samuel ' P. Moscr went sti
Into the harvest field of the latter to CO :
cut wheat. Wm. P. Miller came to an
the field from the direction of his Sb
home , passed salutations with Dag mi
gett , and then he spoke to Samuel P. en
Moser. He received from Moser a
letter to take to the mail carrier ,
and some change , and passed on en
InlJthc ] directionof Moaer'a house. yei
Nothing more was seen of him by the th
harvesters till between ten and tic
eleven o'clock , when Miller returned hi
the field from the north with a de
muzzle-loading rifle and a Spencer fat
carbine. The first man he came upon wl
was Robert Dale , who asked him
where he wai going armed in that en
style. Miller said , "I'm going to kill str
that d d Sweezey. " Approaching psi
Sweezey , Miller cocked his gun , took thief
lra , and said , "G d d n you , of
fpu've got to die. " Sweezey fell on fus
his knees and said , "Don't kill me ; the
what ! have I done ] " His answer was sul
pull the trigger and say , "You've
jot to die. " Sweezey was the sheriff , SOI
md told him to lay down his arms Fr
Mid give up to the law. Miller re- ed
cappsd the gun and again took aim.
Sweezey then begced for his life on
tccount of his wife ffand children.
Miller snapped this cap , and taking a
pin ! from hit shirt bosom , aud Laving sec yes
picked the tube of his gun , capped it att
igatn. Sweezey again fell upon his a
knees and begged for his life for the de
lake of his wito and children. Miller
turned the muzzle of the gun toward
him , picked up the carbine that lay at Me
foot , and ordered Sweezey to march Is i
n down the field , and ha would kill ]
them all together. ' When Daggett laii
ras met by this loving cupl < * on their hv
last promenade , he halted the team ,
ililler drew his gun as if to aim nt coi
lira , and Daggett jumpad from his <
teat and took refuge behind his team. me
Miller dodged back and forth to shoot dal
Daggett , keeping Sweezey a few feet rar
lUtant , and also in easy range. Sam- tie
P. Moser , who was near by , rin
and asked Miller , "What are you Int
joing to ehojt John for ? " Miller's
* 0 (
Inswcr was , "You g i d d gray- tie
Mired , Fir shoot ab
ou , " and turned his gun on him. At he
ibis juncture Robert Dale , who was a to
ihort distance north binding , realizing toun
that actual trouble had arisen with un
this desperado , "started to run from of
the field , and csrae in range of Mil in
ler's gun over Moser'a head , when nebo
Miller turned to shoot Moser. Miller bean >
ld , "You English , md
you'll not getaway , " and covered him. vc
The gun fired this time , shooting
Robert Dala in the knee , inflicting a
trifling wound. Aa the gun went off
Samuel Mcser jumped to pick up the
cwbine , which was lying at the des L
perado's feet , tat before he could md
raach it Miller grabbed it. and drop- > %
jing the riflefstrucfc at Mnser's head , or !
mt missed it , and hit him on the we
shoulder. Daggett had than reached"
Miller , and grabbing Irs whiskers
with one hand , and Siting him urtchr
the ear with tfco o bs-r , proso-ded to
help Mcser take the _ carbine from
him. lu the tussle thev t-ravr M her
on the pronnd , and Moaer < pt tlie
uun. A3 Mtllrr rosa Mcaer sh it him.
Miller grabb'd Ibn i fiV , andeikruDi ; ,
was apparently tiy ug to rs'oa-1 the
r'fl ? , sweating that he would kl' ' iham
all before sundown. Swetz y aa > n
called to hioi , tSDO , give up fo t ! e
law ; " and , EO cavity , ioak ihoc it-
bine and tried to cnamber another
cartridge , but it wou'd not t7 : > rk.
Jacob Mcser , who , whc-n the r.ffi' y
begun , ran from the lower pail of the
field to the house for the faaitly
( needle-gun , was just coming up , h&v-
i ing heard the reports of the guns and
j seeing his father /A1 ! at the iirst dis- _
charge , thousbtjib.fatherih'ad'tbe'c ! ?
'shot by Miller. As Miller was re
treating and trying to reload thu * ur ,
Jacob Moscr shot him with the ueede !
gun. Sweezey took the gun and p s-p
commanded him , "Givu up to the
law , bait ; " after sayiagv hich hsfirn
at Miller , who fell to the gicuJcTcu
expired in a few minutes.
Subsequently Sweeney , aotm. ; cu
coroner , there being wjue ia tliecoun- ,
ty ; summoned a coroner's juiy which
returned the vrd'-et i-lr.a : y a'ludcd
to , but which wc3 not allow fed to le
introduced as evidence ; i > the rout.
When the shooting w < .3 p O . ps k-g w s a candiuw a hill o.i ilu
WilliajEsbur rroa1 ] , nor by , > i
it were Royj.1 Cress ami FredS l zsr ,
who werd brought upon the atam tj
witnesses , and tlio testimony of Cci3 ;
proved un'n.cresting fatther
how the circnnnt-iacea attending Ho
daath of Jfil'er. It disclosed Ir.ns
ahortiiiy whythh CiEe3iver ftnuul tlj
way into Iho court I'crt'es , cieh nS !
to know , Ray thai Wr , Cress trod to
bo much devoled tcrJl
very to a dap S > ,
of Mr. Sweesay , aud to secure + hraJil-
ened the bringituj of tlii : c sinto
court. JTefras s-ho one of anumh /
who made up r purgj foJ tliu sBrv'Ctj
of private a'torrey to prosecute tha
caae. And Mr. Liirj , tlirou h f ore
very adroit questioning elicited do
fact that there was in existence w at
purported to bo a tosiety knowi ? .s
the "Knights of the Black Ani'w , "
which this witness had said Jso ould
bring down on the Moser sa tle-
ment and clean them ail Dut.
The witness disclaimed having mide
this threat in the words put to him
in the cross-examination , but iclnc-
tantly admitted having made such a
threat and aho having shown a letter
sent from some point north of the
Plaite river , signed by a myatri us
character and the drawing of a Mask
arrow. Through the testimony of hii
father , M. J. Crc s , the projrciui .
attempted to show that a rarsosriblo
view of the case was hat M.ller w.ia :
shot in cold blood without a STUggio
or cause.
Thus far no iuiportaut point an to <
cisbr.sbotndispu'ed , .
but theru may still bs on uitoiupt
made to impeach the tftima&y of
soniq jr rlLof tjio defendants , ana t
irpuments in the cr-sc tnay aol bej-u
before totaotimo lo-mnrfoir. Testi
mony sliowitiR that Miller wati a v < = ry
Jangerous and vicious man , and th.xt
had , in diver * limes nnd vlac.s ,
threatened the lives of 3eh cf th' < i.--
pndauts , waavoy volumincu1 ? . T s
iimony was also "ivtn ahonh'g ilia : be v
shot at cch of them , .lad.nHo at John at
Daggett and a daughter of Samuel P. t
Sroser"e at some of them OIILO and
others more than ones. t
Ipecltl . Dispatch to the L'tc.
ALMA , Harlan Co. , N"eb. , Nbvem-
er 22. The jury in the Phelps coun-
murder ciso returned a verdict of
lot guilty for Moscr and Sweescy ,
he accused.
Ipeclal Dispatches to Tha,3Jee.
Mrs. Bjrgaian , the Philadelphia
ady , who recently left her husband
nd friends and went to KW York , is
till there. Appaiently she h3 bo-
omo reconciled to her frlenca a nln.
md regrets the course she had taten ! ,
he is under no restraint. Dr. H m-
nond believes the trouble ia happily ( .
ind ( d.
Officer Drapar , of Detroit , w.-ilo
nde-vorins to to aircst sn evil doer ,
esterday morning , tras essaulted by of
hree young roughs. They were Dot
ing the best of him , when ho broke
! baton , aud an a list resort in the
lesporate , tight , ho fired his lavolvor ,
atally wounding one of the roughs ,
rhoso name is Albert Doir.
Yesterday morning , thirty printers , , 0.
ngagedon ] the Reading ( Pa. ) Eipjle , t\
truck on account of an attempt on tie ! \
rt of the proprietor ti give cases to
hreo young women. Upon doajsnu it
the compositors the propvieior re of
used to remove the females , and itb
lioiijiht the compoaitois wi'l ' have to
ubtnit or go out.
The failure of Sfinnel W. Steven-
, wholfsile deal r in tsas , at 102 m.
'ront street , Ne < Yeik , wrs
100,000 ; awets
John McGuirs , a miner , rcas killed
Union shaft , near Li Salle , I'l. ' ,
esterday mnmin Ha mistook the
ocond vein liniliii for the third. aiid
ttempting t" lesy cff vraa caught by e
i and wja crushed to
eath : instantly. tl
The repot i of the failure of the (
letropolitan bucket shop of Chicago , 16
Rev. A. G Byerf , the fambnachapfe
of the Ohio state penitentiary.
accepted the rame position in the
rsssichusctta pcaitontlaiy at Con-
Gen. John 0. New , of Indiana , is il
lentioued hero as a prominent candi- ilr *
ate for the position of secretary cf la
under Gen. Garfield's adnjiniatra- laar
Secretary Evarts returned to Wash-
ngton yesterday. He says that us
eon as he has earns further informi-
ion from the Chinese
bent the signinc of the now treaty ,
will give the full text of tha treaty stB
the press. t
The weather throughout Canada is j "
mprecsdeatodly cold for this ec on .
the year. There 13 good sleJghiag , cd Df
Montreal , and the tetmomfitrr nt „
loon rgj-'tred from 12 to 14 ticijroc ! >
olow the freezing point. The Siual *
hirbor are frozen over , and all
easels arc going into winter quarter * . on
irTdicztloas. i
iperitl D yilch to Tn ttra. O' '
WASHISGTOX , Ixovembsr 23 1 * f
a. m. For the-upper Misais > ippi E
lower Missouri valloj- , b--er Si
romettr , higher : cmperlure , sou h-
irly winds , claar or partly cl-uny < n
reather. * j
j Vanderbilt Says He is JSoi , Anis -
is < ng Jay Gould's
Interests ,
Gen. Gar-field Will Make a
Prospective Survey of *
the White House. - -
Unvei'mg ' of the Hamilton
Mohum ? nt in rTev/ York
' Centra ! Park.
T --a W * Jf-i >
SpBt&l Disp-tch to Ina Esa.
. " COLUMBUS , G.-i. , November23 1 a.
m.Oa ths phutalion of Dr. J. H.
D:4 : r , hf'ar Btll.vuo , ia Talbntt
coun'y , S'mnaon 0\Vcn , and. one
Se c2i-b3th cjlur dwero , gomblKg ,
wfit.t n"ln . .sciu.-iit 'ask plica Hbout
a p si 1 DjrSug 'Jia dillicuHy Se-icj
a > -dc\ Simpson on the luadvith an
ro : , spliiiiui ; h'.s skull between the
ey-3 so that hia bra'naprotrudui ' ! . The
woundrd uc ro in that condition
wv'ked t'roo urhs before ho died.
Gsn Mi'es' ' Msttod.
FI-MMIICK , D T , Novctnho ? 22
10 pt EJ.--SOB ; Mi-3 ! tczarfo tha
S oux qucsiion as substantially s.fcom-
? jrnpi-h--a ! It is
now a o.ucstion of
jpvejMiyg thoaa whom we have under
' . : > , mike them
ntroljsnd produce : * ] in
. ; * ot" dnst.-r.ver : ! . As to S.ttiua
w-.M rnd lih ou'.hxva , it is a quejlion
ci .i .oT. c7 bvt 7 ; < ? n two nations ,
VIL-jJl noi of xrar. Uh litest informs
ri oil 5a Ib"if. Sltt"vj B 1 ! 13 a hilf mila
noith of tha btiu.ic.iiy h&e nith about
S O fi.htirwon. . AJ i'o.-t Koigh
t-i.-re a : ) COO hoitilu luaiaav who
havo-surr. iidtivJ to Milps. la the
ci-'aut'-Ji" ha h s rtquirel them io
tutn over 403 fares aud praparo for a
crop next ao-son sufiicient to support
them fora year.
Visiting Washington. D-viich ; | to The liec.
CLKvntiNDj November 23 1 a. m.
President-sleet GarSeld and wife
left Cleveland last evening for Wash-
i-igton , in a sleeping and parlor coach ,
apeciaJly f.irnishei hy the Pennsylva
nia railroad company. They arrived
hert-ffom their Lnwnfisld homo in the
mom in-/ , accompanied by Gen. I. P.
McDowell snd w ft , snd Afajor B. D.
Keeleof IucDoweil'3 st O' , and three
' 'c" ! , who h.vl spent Suuoay at Mon
ti , " , proco3aail wt"jitvarJ e'i route to
Fiincsco Tui pr 's-deut-eleot
tc d'nnor ' at Uio Union depot , and
? t .t .t ' . i a few fiiends , A/ho r.s-
to meet him , that ho had do
. id vJt to go to Washington on the 9
. 'cluck evening train , instead of the
s.ftot noon train , 13 bad been publicly
ftnanuuced. It v/aa understot . thrl
Iiowi K jl UijlrAvcl q'niotly. "lie spent
inn ia nii-riii ; call ) on simu
; = , and . .lu. ( Jurfit'lrt did eomu
. .pin'T. . et ur ! supper at Hon.
: i s Slison' . , on Euclid avenue.
Thu prjjident-e.'ectdeolmed all offers
of elegant avenue equipaeMand rcda
io 1ho sb.tiou with Mrs. Garfield iu a
very ordinary hick , unaccompanied by
any of fhnje Cleveland niundj. At
the ! ' 3pot they eal. conversing togeth
er ti'l ' tbo train drew up , aud then en-
terc'l < their ap cial car and proceeded
on their jonr.iey. non. Amos Townsend -
send , t'f Cleveland , rnd one of Gar-
field'd piiva'o s-crefatir-a , were the
only other occupants cf the c r. Gen.
GarfielJ said to a reporter , "I expect :
to bo absentia Washington about :
week or tun days , and shall probably
return directly to Ohio. When I left
W-snington Li t June my house WBB
in bad condyion , and no one can re- :
ulo it bu ? ray \vlf6aud myself My
tr'p h-.a no political significance what"-
Vanaerbilt's Denial.
OlR ituh talcs Ice. !
YORK , Noveuibjr 2. 1 D. m. '
YV'C'J li. VaudcrbiU yesterday reit-
cratud ! .ii denial that Iho New York
'eotfsl aid : Like Shore roads were
on 3'ei ; in aii aU'ince with roads west
f Chic.rjo ; in opposition to Tilr.
Goala'a intrata. lie dae'in.d ' to ei-
prcs2ny op'r.ion aa tn howr theiamor
the g antic combination might
liav-j arisen A gentleman oscupymjr
conSdential rolativ js to his rjilror.d
compini-q says that so f as had come
tolns LnowltiJfie there had bueii no
meeting over ilia wirei between Mr.
Vauneraiit and rcpresantativea of the
. , IJ. & Q. , Atchiaon , Topeka & San-
tFe , and iuke Erie roads , and if
\ny nrran eaaont nf any sort had been
entered into by those readable thought
could only have bean come matter f
trifling importance.
Gov. "Wi'liams1 Kommns Lying in tl
Stats. w
lii Dispatch to The Uas. a
November 22 , 10 p. tc
. At noon to-day Iho procession tcSt
which accompanied the remains of Sttl
Gov. Williams , entered the court te
housa , whsre the body hy in state tew
until this evening , whence they were IK
remove , ! to tha rooms of the Washing- IKw
ten c'ub. Tue reiniit s in. a hand- w
sense HJstiOlic erg- with full giisg top , L
exoing ; ! o view the whole body. A at
p'.it- ' rla'o on the cover bears
tlu ia--tripiion , "JamcaD. Williauia ,
Jove.-t.or of Indiauo , born January mir
, 1808 Died Ivomaber 20 , 1880. "
Too body h l bcon imbalmed and the si
features pres-ni , n v r" lfo ] ika up-
pearancj. laortm r.s r-sc upon B ir
cstcfelquo ; atho maiucric < . -r cf the iru
court koutwit'i a Imr railing t - u
tendicg to . . o r-iatr well m eiiher di- c
raction , an-i tha bhak space batwaen t !
the stairways relieved by ele ant fa
ironical plants and flowers. " Quite n fae
large number of the business houses tate
ire handsomely dnipcd in mourning
aud soma cloied their duow. te
Statue to Hamilton. w
Special Dispatch to The Ete. isF
NEW Yonn , November 23 , 1 n. m. isfc
The ceremonies of unveiling the fce
statue , ia Central Perk , of Alexander fcp
Hamilton p ;
, postponed on Saturday
. . . on
' " ' IP.
accoun of tha storm , took plnce yes IP.P'
terday afternoon. President Welbn , P'bi
the park dcpr.tirnent , who . - bi
, in a brief edemas introduced J hn tctt
. Baai'-itpn , sin of the sta csuv.n , ttc
who. In ihtinr ternw c ;
: , preent-d jho
statute to the ' . ' C'-
ci'y. iLjvT C'copsr , C'si
' si
bs.w'if oft i > ciu-receT d t.e : iIft , , ,
and rasde sn rndrtca. Scretaiy of ' °
State. Wm. P Evarts , delivered the $ on the life and public teivices !
Htunilton. - , P3
Ecpors of the Pension Commissioner
Spec'-M Dntaioh to Tlic Bca. J t j
SV-ASHisoiON , November 23 , 1 a. i ft
nThe report of the commiss'oner ' , ' w
f itr = 'niE just
> published , shows m
that during the last fiscal year19Sl5
new pensions were allowed ; 1377pon- }
eiooB previously dropped , \7eta re
stored to the rolls , aud 12,876Jwere
dropped exclusive of nrreara.d | The
payments for the year amounted to
$37,016 185.89. Tfao payraentoJE ar-
TD rs commenced Miy , l879 , . nd In
1 " thai Tn'outh and June was pal [ , : out
839,331,861.32. The totaj
p'vl Tor iemiocs during thtffiscal
yo-rvrjg $57,020.90112. The'com-
ni-3tJiK-r ; oitimatis that it wijU-ie-
qt'ira " 9CCO CCO to p y pensioas'lor
tie current fUnl year. The coamis
tioncr r < irort ? hy
last year , to at&tHula'for the preeent
sacrot export-method of presenting the
evidence in pension cliims a pUhJpr1
taking -teatiinony by public pri ecK
ingi before offlcara of jhe governmeBt
Jnjtheinejgltbnfhood tlho claimant
and wStncssffl , cud urgea early legis
lation to accomplish tlrs purpose.
More _ About the Ponca Coal
aud Oil Strike Sketch of
Works ,
Siour City Joarnil , > or. 2) .
W. liuscj jrof the Ponca Journal ,
in the cily on his way to Portland-
ville , conflruis the reported Coding ol
patroltnim and Coal at Ponca. The
ccal taken out with the aantl plimp is
repotted of a good quality. Prof.
Aiuhoy , state geologiar- expected
on the ground early next week to ex-
dtniue the epacirneii and report on ite
ralue. Should the rcpor be favora
ble , it ii the purpose of the company
to increisa its capital stock and open
the mine. Several strong veins of
wa'or were struck in drilling the hole ,
and it is supposed the oxp.npo of sink
ing a working shaft will be heavy. It
had been planned to continue the hole
Chinaward several hundred feat , but
s"ifrii a depth of G02 feet was reached
the drill rod broke and at latest ec-
t.ouiits the tools wore still fast in the
hole. The original contract called for
COO feet of hole. The contractor ,
John Stough , is therefore in luck that
the contract was executed before the
breakage occurred.
The Ponca Journal of the 18th
inst. has the following sketch of the
coal company and facts regarding the
petroleum and coal finds :
It is with great pleasure and satis
faction that we are able to announce
that on last Friday afternoon , the
niinfirs engaged in boring for coal
struck at a depth of 580 feet , a layer of
coal four and a half feet thick. Thus
have the difficulties , discouragements
and labors of the Ponca coal company
been triumphantly crowned with sue-
cess. "
The Police coal company was or-
anizz < l ro-.rly three years ago. A
ycur ago they first commenced boring
fore -1 , and aftarniuch expense , the
hole ai a depth of 410 feet had to be
sb'adoiid < A fevr 'months since-
work was commenced to put down
new hole. Foitunately , this time , no
accidents occusrcd to stop the work ,
and now afca depth of 580 feet they
iiave solved the col problem for Ne §
braska and Dakota.
In sinking thh 580 foot hole , the
miners first struck rock at a depth of
about 100 fcot. Aftervards and be
fore the final strike , they passed bifc
through several byeis of coal , but fcfc
none of them of sufficient thickness fcfo
10 be of much value. > When down _ fo
about 450 feet they came to a deep fofo
crevco : in the rock , through which a bite
stream of water flowed with great
Force So great a pressure , indeed ,
hat the hole , hitherto clear of water
or a great distance , was filled nearly
tithe top. From this point downward
several more sublernneap water
courses were passed through , thus
orcing the water higher and higher
al the surface. But it was not water
which the minors were after , as this
country h already blessed sufficiently G
in that regard.
When down about 550 feet the
detected the smell of petro- to :
'erni , which as they proceeded on ,
rap"j y b.cnmo stronger. The drill Ut
when taken out was coated with oil
aud tha cable irai saturated with It.
L\ > r two mornings befcie striking
coal , Iho wr.ter in the hole was cov
ered to the dupth of ten inches with
oil , BO that it looked very much as
though an oil well would be the result
in a very short time. There can be
no doubt that when down between
550 feet aud the four and one-half
foot coal bed , one or more veins of
011 were tappad , but whether these
veins are largo or small , cannot be
told with certainty. Yet it
must be remembered that what
Ihtlo oil came on top had to
run the gauntlet for over 100 feet of
the numerous rapid underground
streams before mentioned , and unless
the supply of oil at the fountain head
was great indeed , it. Is wonderful that
any , of it was ever able to reach the
top at all. Wo believe that when they
struck oil , if tbo miners had stopped
there ; and tubed down to the oil so as
cnt off the torrents of water which N
vroro sweeping across the course of the 3 ,
hole for over a hundred feet , they wi
would have had a good paying oil 2
well. This was maintained by Mr. 10
Liwrenca , superintendent of the work ,
and was the belief of others whose
expcriente in the oil regions of Ptsnn- J
aylvan'a , entitles their opinions to 82
much respect. H
Immediately after passing this re-
< n of oil the miners , to the joy of ce
Mt-sors. Stough & Welty , the con cewi
tractors doing the work , and especial 2
to the joy of the members of the 2he
company , struck one of the grandest he
; ial beds in th& west. Indeed , it is heo
the only one of any value or size thus
far discovered in Nebraska or south n
ern Dakota. The specimens nf coal II
taken out show an excellent quality. IIYi
The next effort must be , as a mat
ter of coune , to get donn to the coal YiD
with a shaft. The distance , 580 feet , H
not eo great as to be discouraging. ar
Frequently a much thinner vein , at
four times that depth , has been open ar7C
and profitably worked. . The com 7C
pany haa several thousand acre * of 88
If.iid with which and 88ae
, the wonderful ae
prospects ' now opened up , there will ae1C
Uttla difficulty in obtainine capital 1CIE
develop their discoveries. Allow it
cost S25.000 before the company tnca
can commence taking out coal , the cain
coal , four and a hMf teet thick of a ? 7
single acre yields 7000 tons , and that
alone will repiy the amount , besides in
paying for the cost of mining it.
Wfcen one considers the Immense de
mand for fuel in Nebraska and Dakota
wl'1 be truly admitted th t this is
the grandest discovery ever made in
ths state. Coal stock , which a few
fecks ago was considered almost 81
worthless , is rapidly assuming a per 52
manent value , and is being gathered
in by thee who see a gocd round sum
to be made on the speculation. "
New York Money end Stocks.
WALL STRX T , November 22.
MONEY 6 per cent ; cxch njo steady at
Stead ; .
U.S. 8' * , ' 81. . 1 C U.5.1'a . 1 121
U.S. 6iJ . 1 Ol | Curcacj : G's. . 1 33
U.S. 418 . 1 1 J
STOCKS Actire ; anv.nccd 1JQ7 , reacted ii2
W D . K3 } NVC . 1 CJ
NJO . 8l N 3 C . fel
Ene . J5i MiE . HO !
Preferred . "Zd Hej
RI . . . . . . .12U 1 i
LS . iiDJ NP . < . < . 535
NW . 117 } Vrefu red . C-N
Preferred . " . .l 2l Hudson Omd . 9IJ
PM . < 8 UiuUtll'o . S"
Preferred. 120 } UStx 53
St Joe 44 } Am Kx 0 j
StJoopfd 04 B& Q l Tj
Wabash 433 K. k i1 41
Pilfer cd : nj So 73
Ornuba 45J A A 1' . 2
Preferred 3 { 111. 0 121J
U P HO C. C. C.k I S'j
CO&IC P" ) Lack i j
UO 1131
Chicago Produce Market.
CHICAGO , November 22.
Wheat Active and higher , under
the ball movement ; JXo. 2 spring 'd-
vanced 22a and aol i at 81 10J ©
112c furJanuiry , closing at. § 1107
for cash or Novi-mbi-r ; SI 11 © 1 ll |
for December ; § 112j@l 12J | tor Jan
uary * Si 13jjl 131 fur February.
Corn No. 2 is higher , with sil s
at 43i@44s for December ; 4849Jc
for May , closing at 43.j3 for cash or
November ; 43sfor December ; 44c
for January ; 4fljc fur May.
Oats Advanced ijjc ; aae * were
at325@33Jc for Dccjmbi.r ; 33J@33-c |
for January , closing at 32 0 for cisli ;
33@33Jc for December ; 33io for J.iu-
ary38@38Jcfor ; May.
live lA@2j lusher ; No. 2 sold at
88@88Jc fo'rcash ; 8'Ja frr Jauuerv.
Barley 2c de.irar ; No. 2 sold at
$100 for cash ; § 1 02 for Doctiuber ,
closing nt § 1 00@1 01 for De.'e bor.
Whisky $1 li.
Pork Mesa was 20S25c higher ,
closing at § 12 GCGS13 00 for cash ;
§ 12 55 tor Novembar or December ;
§ 12 50 for seller for year ; § 14 17i ©
1420 for January ; $1430@1432 for
Lard 30@35c higher par hundred ;
and closed at § 8 65 casher , November ;
$8 60@8 05 for December ; ? 8 CO for
seller for year ; S8 07i8 70 for Janu
ary ; § 8 77i@8 80 for .February.
Chicago Live Steel : Mat-net.
CHICAGO , November 22.
Hogs Good demand and steady for
best grades , but dull for common
light weights ; sales werd § > 50 ®
4 70 for light packing ; § 4 5035 00
for common to oitra smooth heavy
shipping grades.
Cattle Kecoipts 4500.
St. Louis Produce Market.
ST. Louis , November 22.
Flour Firm and lOc higher.
Wheat Higher , ' No. 2 red , S10SJ
@ 1 091 for cash ; § 1 081 10 for
December ; § 110jf112 § for January " ;
1 13J@1 151- for February ; No. 3
do , S107@107 .
Corn Cash , easier ; options , firm
at4443 c for caih ; 44io for Novem
ber ; 43s for December ; 43 @ 43c
for January ; 44 3 for February ; 47g3
for May.
Oats Firm and higher ; 32j333.c
for cash ; 32c for November ; 33jc
For December ; 34cbid January ; 38 c
bid May.
Rye Firm at 88c.
Barley Firm at 90c@Sl 10.
Lead Steady at § 1 OUc.
Butter Firm ; dairy , S032c ;
creamery , 32@34c.
Eggs Higher at 27c.
Whisky Higher at § 112.
Pork Firm and higher at § 14 00 ;
cash , nominal ; § 13 90 for January.
Dry Salt Meats Higher nt § 1 50 ©
90@7 10.
Bacon Firmer ; 85 50S8 00@8 50.
Lard Higher at § 8 50 ; nominal
or cash.
Receipts Flour , 8000bbls. ; wheat ,
65,000 bu.rcorn , 84OODtat3,10,000 ; ; ;
rye , 1000 ; barley , SOOO.
Shipments Flour , 21,000 brs ! ;
wheat , 10,000 bu ; corn , none ;
oats , 1000 bu ; rye , 10CO ; barley , 2000.
St. Louis Live stock Market.
Sr. Loois , November 22.
Hogs Slow and packers caking
concessions ; Yorkers and Balti-
morea , § 4 30@4 40 ; mixed packing ,
54 B0@4 C5 ; butchers' fo fancy ,
J4 70@4 75 ; receipts , 1,700 ; ship "
ments , 3,300.
Weekly Market Review.
OMAHA , November 23,1880.
Trade generally , wholesale and re
tail was much better during tbo past
week than for some time previous.
GKAIK Is moving quito lively , with
steady upward tendency. Wheat ,
No. 2 , 57 IDS and upwards , 89c ; No.
do , 78c ; rejected , 50c. Corn ,
western mixed , 23c. Oats , No. 2 ,
25c. Barley , No. 2 , COc ; extra No. , ' , ' ,
; ; No. 3 , 30c. Rye , No. 2 , 72o.
LIVE STOCK Fat steara 'are bring-
ng 83 00@3 25 ; fat cowa , § 2 75 ®
00. Sheep , native , § 3 00 ; western ,
375. Hogs , common , § 420 ; choice-
FKDIT Scarcely any green fruit ex-
ept applei are iu the market , which
quota as follows : Missouri , S2 15 ©
25 pirbbl ; Michigan , § 2 50@2 75.
PliODUCE Cabbage good round
leads per hundred , § 5 00. Pota-
ocs , C0@75c per bu. Cider , 12J@18c
ier gal. Butter , poor , 1012j , "com-
non 18@20c ; choice 21c. E.'g' , 2Cc ;
Jheeae , NeDnuka , choice , 14c ; New
fork , 13c. Lird , 7i@8c.
POULTRY Turkeys , dressed , 12Jc.
Docks , dre.JBd , lOo , Chickens ,
; . Geoje , 10@12c. Live chickens
ire quoted at § 2 00 , but no demand.
NAILS Carload lots , § 3 00.
HIDES AND TALLOW Green hides ,
7@7j green salt hide * , 9@9i ; green
ialtcatf , 10@14 ; diy flint , 15 . Dara-
sged stock two-thirds regular price ;
per cent , off for brands. Tallow ,
WOOD There i ? vorylittla wood in
Ihe market Oak and hickory fll in
carload lots readily at from G 253
00 ; cottonwcod , § 4 25@5 00.
HAY Bailed , § 9 00@11 00 per ton ;
bnlk , on wagon , $ G 50@7 25 ta
BUICK Common , § 8 00(3,9 ( , 00 ;
pressed , $19 00@20 00.
LEATBGB Shoemaker's ftock EOO
leather , oak tanned , 40@43 a per lb. ;
iiemlock tanned , 30@3t5 ; upper , c 'in-
mon , 24S28 ; unper , domestic ca.f ,
00@1 30 ; French calf , § 1 50 ®
10 ; domestic kip , 8031 10 ;
French kip , § 110@1 50.
The Balls and BEPB of Wall
Street Fighting for a
Deal ,
Home and Foreign Specula
tors Investing Heavily. - -
Navigation on the. Erie Ca af
Closed for the f :
Destructive fctornia on the At-
BulliDjr Stocks.
Special Dispatch to The JJo-1
NEW YOUK" November 22,4 p. m.
Tne hrgesi anil m st influentjul atock
t-.porations continue 'bullish un the
market. ' This week there n pr-rlujw
inoro inquiry for the YUcdeibilt so-
curitie * than for tlio n-ina-ndtr cf the
list , but all the i-estpru rail
ways have strong buyers. Tha Erie
railway buUs assart thai th ectouU
conaoHdatid bonds will scli t ? i. 10 in
January , and that' the c-nnwrn stink
will sell at CO cents te'oro the close
of the year. A p-it of 81,300,00
on the seconds waa cold on Jaatutd.iy
at pir , and for ninely tlacs at ouc pjr
cent. Mr. D. O. Mslta i ? 3:11 ! to have
been a largo buyer f L'JX ' Shore on
Saturday'ttp to1.10 Aixml. 30,000
abarca of the httur l : ri lu-en rueently
thippcd to Knrop' . ftlr. V.mdvrb lt'a
friaiids and r < * lttivts declare tbat Like
Shora and Michigan Oc tr ; l , after
paying a dividend of of four tor emit
each on February 1 , wll atu-rwards
pay a quarter dividend of ten per
cent , and that Jmt i < i tlteii :
will stll up to SI 40 UKM ye r
It is argued that the Lake S'luiu L
earning as ranch aa fie Central c >
p.iny , and is paying the same Mto f
dividend. Oeorao O KOvd oilers t. <
wa-'er § 50,000 that tlie Now York
Central will aell equal to ? ± 00 in 1881 ,
and thinks the Delaware , Lickawanna
& Western will s H up to $1.25 within
six months. It is s.iid Mr. Ongi-cd's
line of stocks show profits of over
(500,000 ( dollars within the past few
months , and he has not aold any of
Mioae of which he has bought for in
vestment. The Union Pnc fie people
talk bullish , and a prominent stock
holder oiFers to wager 100-Of 0 dollars
csh that the stock will Bell up to 150
dollars before it selli at 85 uollais
again. The Union Pacifies prcf ss
little fear of competition from Vun-
derbilt-Milla Trans-ConiiiteuUl oppo
sition roads.
Investing in AmoHrn.
iptciat Dispatch to'.lliu L = eo
NEW Yor.K , Novcmhor 'J'J i ji , in.
Messrs. Soligiltan it Go. rk port that
Amsterdam and Loinlmi : ro taking
American aecuritica freely , endvin
Paris a pool of specnl.\t"ra are buyin
up a block of 50OuO shares cf various
Closed for tlio Season.
Opcclai Disimtch to Tic ! Ike.
SYRACUSE , N. Y. , November 22.
4 p. m. The ica iu the Erie cauiil
here is ono inch and a half tlib ! : .
Boatmen think that thu canal 13 sure
ly closed for the season. Sixty
loaded boats are frozen in within the
city limits.
Special Dispatches to tlio I'ee.
ADRIAN , Mich. , Fovembdr 22. 4
p. m. The central building ot Adrian
College was burned yesterday. The
fire breaking out in the rooms of
ntudents while absenta t chiircli. Less ,
EVANSTON , Wis. , November 22. 4
p. m. Samroerracyer A" Uros. brew
ery burned Saturday night. Lcm ,
Her Father's Cruolty.
Special Dlbpatch to The Ia
CHICAGO , November 22 , 4 p. m.
Alice Selzman , . - . wayward < : irl cf 16 ,
who has been Bint-in m -nc--tt
at 2 per nighr , i-.n lim-d 100
oy Juatica Wallace tliu mi'rtnj ' , on
complaint of hu ? mother. IMH wa.
equivalent to six months in ihe Uoiiae
of the Good Shepherd. T ; o girl
iroke down , throw herself in her
mother's arms and saul all J h.i < l buen
driven from homo by her fithcr' ; <
cruelty. The line was r-jmirtcd rn
condition that sha an with hur mother.
Overdue Steamers.
"pecial Dispatch to Ttio D c.
Naw YOKE , November 22 , 4 p. m
Vessels arriving here report heavy
weather at sea , with terrible gales and
torras. The steamer "dtato of
Texas , " from Galvoaton , reports paas-
ng three wrecks. The overdue steam
ers , "Bristol" nnd "Anayrii , " have
not yet reached hure. There are ako
overdue here , the "Bristol , " of the
Jreat Western line , eight daya over-
lue , freight and pazaongers ; "flcnry
ildye" from Antwerp , eleven daya ;
ho "Abdial" from Marseilles , four-
cen days ; the "Denmark , " i-f Ihe
led Star Line , two cays ihe "
mer" from Antwerp , fonr tlaya : the
'Gloucester" from Bristi 1 , tn j di y. ,
ind the "Persian ? .Ii > ii rih" from
Slasgow , three.
A Question of Fe."S.
Sf ocbl dhratch tn Tiio Iee. !
CHICAGO , November 22 4 p. m
Wm. H. Cindan , a. lawyer of Chicaqo ,
iaa had Cbarloa N. McLn- > , a U r-
rer of Grand liapids , ar/ested fur tlie
embez'.ernenlf ' § .127 in cdU-cting
andappropriatina to his f vn uie t'la
above amoun' , bsirc a jit > jjiii'i >
gainst the propeller ' ' .fo'u. ' A Di.x , "
or sinking the bir o "Exprtsj. " '
McLaren is said to l > o x brother of
Jishop McLaren. It is said to bo
mainly a question of fees.
Buctet Shops Fail. ,
CHICAGO , Novemter 22 , 4 p. in.
The JJucket shop , known M tan ( Jtit
csgo Public Produce Exchange , sus
pended this ncoa under pressure of
advancing stocks. It LJ s-mi all
bucket shops here failed.
There is much ercttcment among
both Urge and small dealers about the
board of trade , over the suspension cf
the bucket shops. The produce ex
change was the largest concern of the
kind in tha city"having capital'of
8100,000. President L : ; EJ , ' an
nounced that ho l > st 5:37 : 000 in
Doxey's failure Saturday , iia tried
get 350,000 to tide OV-T f he diffi
culty , but could n"t. If3 hrWB [ tj
pay in fall. TheMetrop' Uftii is an
other bucket phop swamped.
The nepotof th * We-'er & A'lan-
tc railroad , nt Cfcram '
naar tbo famous battle troi. ; id "f tliat
name , burned S-'nday , an-I t ; , entire
contents destroyed.
in Hie .
Coma and See Our Stock ;
as WG Will Be Pleased1
to Show Goods.
, t Pot5m * . Opposite Ponti tike.
" ' O ? SJraS ! ? * liPP l l i
iron and V/agon Stock ,
Ai Chicago Prices.
12 9 'Ami IJJJJ
A Prominent Irish Com
moner Held for Libel
ing His Colleague.
Fifteen Thousand Welsh Miners
Protest Against the Nine-
IHonr System ,
The British Oabiaob Prepared
to Consider Irish Kepress-
ivo Measures.
Special Dispatch tit TBS tir * .
Iioyvox , November 23 , 1 a. ra.
The difficulty between Mr. A. 51.
Sullivan and Mr. I' . Callan , members
of parliament for tha south of Ire
land , appears to bo coming to a bead.
Thu facts are briefly theae : Soon after
the late general election a charge ap
peared in tbo Dublin papers that Mr.
Sullivan ; while professing to bo a
home ruler , n'id runningin that Inter
est , had accepted nv-ioy from the
tory government K promote his elec
tion. Tim ' /mrje was anonymous ,
and was quoted , it was bulioved , from
i leading journal , bat after aome
trouble , Air Sullivan trnce itu au-
thorabip to r fr. Cillan. He then un
dertook to make Mr. Callaif answer
for it in court , but tbo IpUfcr employed
oil manner i > f d rice jw ' delay th
matter HM ! atavo oll"P3ntt Indefi
nitely. Yesterday tha case came up in
lord juil&ment court at Guildhall , and
Sir Thomas Chimber ? , M. P. , record
er of London , in vury aax-erc terms ,
reproved Mr. Ca Ian for hia cour a in
systematically disobeying the court ,
nnd ordered him at once to find sure
ty for hia appearance on Wednesday ,
to answer to the charge of libel
against Mr. Sul'ivan. '
The court of the queen's bench ad
journed all business yesterday out of
rpspeot to the memory of the Iota
Chief Jt ? tico Cfclcburu. In moving
the adjournment , Mr. Pjwell , queen'tj
counsel , ou behilf of the bar , eulo
gized tha deceased and apoko appro
priately at sotnn length of the loss the
bench and tar bad amtained.
Mr. Labourh-iro has published a
lut'.erauppi-riiiH : the ministry iu their
efforts for equitable legislation In Ire
land. Tha tatterconeludes au folio wa :
"The IrinhshowiHi , and the London
nidicila Kdinit , .hat there ia a m > > -
mont when the radical * aro. prepared
to support tha government iir meas
ures uf reprrMiou. " "f'
Thtj Lon < l"i correpondarit of The
Manchester ( othr.Jinn attys it may bj
atatid with cunftJence that the cuoi
net's resolution to further prorogue
parliament till the 2d of December
fj&'A unanimnufi , end it must be dis
tinctly held ta imply th it ahould the
atate of Irol.m < i become rrorae , the
cobinot will bo prepared to consider
meiaures for reprefsion.
Michael Dvitt hew arrived in Dub
Iin from bin trip to America.
Tfie lindlcRis'iiK will apply to have
The Dublin Mail conimi'.tecl for con
tempt of court , for publishing articles
aud letters calcti' ' * dt > prejudice Mr *
ParneH'a trial.
A riot cccurrrrt at B llina yf'Usr-
day , occacioueti hy the police arresting
land for ' ub-
ing a leaguer catmog'au -
titruction. The p 1ioo chargfld the
ir.ob and eerontt rere batlfy wanted.
The Loud 'i > Hriortaman zars that
Ross wad oat of condition irhen he
Ic is romred that LrdOdoRnsell ( of Lr 1 Juan Euawll , and
Bngfi Ml At D- ba made * *
pacr. aud fik- SB the upper
A very . * " ! .1 'inui tlebato on tha
Bitli-Jewi Ii nr rji > l > f f wo waa Coritin-
ii9dinth > > fi..i : -i iti-'t yea'erdajT.
A tl 3Drtl' Cipe Town aays
Colunul Carro.t ; < iwf-ii d the Bt-
sutos on the t"i or Nv iuboTt e
iwig of the Ci > ' ' .i' ' lorutM V.-IM small
but the rabols ; > ! e v ! ' .
A dispatch it m O-u'lsff , Wales ,
aaya fifteen thoiua id tninnr : . of the
RhoudJa c.-llierj , m taf I'.mtjprid ,
yesterday , and pa s d re olutona in
favor cf the nine hoursy toin.
Iliota have occurred nt Scutari , and
it is believed there wia audioes light
ing in the vicinity of on
Sunday. li ia reported that Derviah
Paahn entered Dulctgno yesterday af
.The latest from Mount Vesuvius
is that he eruption ia endangering
the Yeeimua railroad.
Lsycock 1m offered Trickett as a
consolation , Inlf of the prize he won
at the international regatta.
Prince Bismarck fa f erloualy india-
i'ru'ain irlll hereafter suppress all
betting nt the race ccurao.
Negotiations f < > r an Anio { ! French
treaty of coinmerc. ) are progressing.
The n go'i ions for R similar treaty
with Spain ire f. c the present at a
A diapstch from Athens says the
Greek army of Epirus hac shifted its
r < mp nearer the position on the fron
Hanlou has offerei to row Laycock
in six weeks from dnto for 200 a aide
and a bat of 1000. Laycock has de
clined , aa he must return to Aujtralin.
at onco. Therefore the mitch is off.
New Tortc Produce llorket.
NEW YORK , November 22
Flour 10@15c batter and f.iirly
active ; round hoop Ohio at § 5 45
© 5 50 ; choice do S3 60@G 50 ;
ailportino western , § 3 9004 50 ; com
mon to good extra do1 00(35 ( 25 ;
choicedo , , do , f "O G L'u ; choice
white wheat , do SO 15(5)5 ( ) 50.
Wheat Aoiive , excited and fevet-
i h and 263highjr / ; * al w 8,000 bu. ,
No. 1 n-.l , N' vember , $1 28J ; sales
248,000 b : . : do , D cmiter , SJ1 28 | @
1 30 ; 8.iis 720 01,0 bu ; d i , January ,
31 30i@l IJIJ ; saha 1 ,000 bu. ;
do , February. 31 Ml ; siloa 10.000
bu. ; No 1 white , January , SI 275-
Egaa Western , keenly nt 23327a
for f. ir to choice.
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