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Established 1871. MORNING EDITION , Price Five Cents
S !
Dodge and Fifteenth Sts.
We are Shn ? Displaying an Ele
gaatlhfe of Indies'
STVJ . , Oi
A Good 0 : OclVir , . . „ . „ „
tASooa j * ! ?
* A > Xiccly Trimr.ieif V-icah $ i,5fi
An Alyool i
AMcc One forte
to $ i
for a Child 2 yearo aud
ai , Pk&ssi ! ! < r i'rk'es. "
This is the Best Line of
Children's and Misses' Cloaks
to be found in the city , and
/our Prices arc always ihe
All e at
Stock of
While d rolorwi/iJ
jgGrey Blankets from SI.50
Jo S8.00 per pair. '
White Blankels from S2.00
< \ io SS2.00 per pair.
Oar 2.00 WMlo Blanke's
are a Wo. der at the Price ,
BKSV& rSttE'trtVE Vi ? .
Cor. 15th aiidDodEG Sta. ,
. , . ,
Ranos and Organs Fir t Class
on Easy Monthly Payments ,
Sheet Music aud Musi
cal Instrnnit ' * ,
OI FalnUnCT , Kncraviiies HII rrwwM ui ( .Trot
ty rcdjrcd prices.
ExlOFrames , 1 incli , U'nlmii , . . lEc
JOxli I " 20
lOxlJ " 1 " " 20"
12\16 " 1J " " W
12x18 " It " " 05
IGxSO " Ij " 75
IliuticSxlOfnmc 15
Chromoatrarrol , erna.11.2Sc ,
ClininiOEtramcd , laixe , 1 " 6.
tnpravlnsr ? from 50e np - nl ,
pU fnnicii from Itxmnranl * ,
Ou .ices 75ca vrtntlowimil jfiu
00 per wimlon snd up arii ,
Coraito foios SOl \vinJo * and tiin-ardj ) ,
Velvet frames 2t-c neb 1o5 00
Violin Strmn ll > c ,
Violin 1 76. S 50 , 3 and
Gnltars S CO , C 00 , " CO and upward" .
J5inji > s 1 00. 3 00 , 6 00. and upnuni' ,
Acconlcois from 1 00 up , chetptisl in city
Soinl fo * tniiitiUe ami citiloctio of
and elicit WQtic A.HOSniJR. ,
l..7f ( ( fit'i-o St _ Oun.a Kcl ) .
proposal * will be ioc : \ il i < \ the
rip cilthli onicecnul S V > < k p. ui.
eavu.Jo * 'he 4th 0 \ - > f D srmh-r , lss , tor
theparclwc ot ovc lu-rfrc-1 und twcitti-flic
cribeo as foJon K O nnndred and twcu'Si e
bonds of oue th nsiml f 10001 do I rs e ch , d ted
January Jrt ISSsl , slid payaWe twenty j rs
from date vntU interc-l at MX pc"- coat , rcr
annum , pajablshCtU iuiUmll } inlhcdtj vf > vw
S id l otiils sli\ll hs r decmable ct the opthni
of the hsard of c-tintj ponuubMon it it sud
couitv , at the cimrati "i ol ten jews 'r an i'
Uitc o'l tame , hut uolcATrtiaUlu m rte to p j
aaypitt of the p'Inei" I ) ts l < l IwudsI"
sftcrths cxpiriiioni > ft J'n > o rs
Into cat * h ll be p id t.u wud U > d nlv frati
nnd after the iUto < l Uicwlei-I me , on _ * >
part tberoef , aud MIC rccui t rf Uwnkonc ; !
lore fa ! < lb Jidt to he do ivcrrd ns r3lo ! s
t25.COO oa tl-o first day cf Januir , ISM.
850 00 on the first dtj of July , lisS : .
* )0CCO on tbe Crst diy of Januarj. 1 i * .
Prop saUGill be r-oel o4 at the ' mo. time
lorthoparciasof8Ud 5.0CO of bonds U-e
entire amount to l ddl ycd Juratrj 1st , lest.
Tnc board of cornrals loners reno
he rUht to rrjcct orallbUjda'ed Omaha
Kov. 9th , 1SSJ.
Jfo lltf Count j ClerK.
Sacecwors to J. U TIHEI.F
No. 1220 Douglas Street ,
AT = T A
ocl * ?
Gcnerel Sherman's Annual Hepori
SpuUl Dispatch" to Tna Ba.
WASHINGTON , D C. , November 1G
The annual report of Gancral Sher
man to t'no Secretary of War is givr i
to iha public to-day. After cllin ,
atttntiou to the several subcrdiuat
roporls , General Sherman asya , th
organization of the army providt-s fc
eleven goncril oflicora , 555 officer
and l,2feG enlisted men for the eea
1,989 officers and 24,214 enlisted mer
for tha line of the latter ; 094 are ds-
tai cd CB clerks or recruits unaiaignec
to n-gimnnts , reducing the possible
force for military cervica to 24,52 (
eclizted men. The actual force nius
at all iimenbo kept below that figure
and tbo must slvrays ba allosfod fo :
B-clr , detained service and other un
avoidablecausss , at least ten per c ° it )
eEilstcsi men. I , therefore
agrca with General Sheridan that Ihi
prray is too small in enlisted men ti
fulfill the heavy duties now impoacc
upon it , and it is overworked. ]
therefore renew my recommendation :
of lait that congress bo asked U
{ jive 25.000 enlisted men specifically
to troops or iho lina of the army am
to make seperato' provisions for the
'detachment of advance men , cngineoi
detachments , hospital stewards , corn-
in isary ecrgeants , West Point detach-
mente , detailed clerks , etc. , in the
s-une manner as his already baeu
done for the stj'nal corps. lu this
connection Iwill venture to call your
attention to the fac4 ihat the revised
statute ? , edition of 1S78 , section 1115 ,
chapter 1 , defining thu organization of
the army limits , the atretgth to ic
not more than 80,003 enlisted men ,
but subsequent appropriation bills by
provisions have limited espenditions
to 25,000 enlisted men. Still the le
gal strength ia 30.U.OO enlisted men ,
and that number is the lowest possi
ble number at Wliich we can maintain
the i resent organization tf forty rpg-
imentB in anything lika peed order ,
dircipline , etc. , and I infer this end
can be reached by economy , eimply
omitting the provisos in _ the next ap
propriation bill. The' combatant
force remains the same as it was last
year composed cf ten regiments oi
cavalry , Cvo artillery and twenty-five
of jnfantry. But under the provi
sional limit , 25,000 enlisted men , the
companies are too unall for proper
dtecipilino or economical service , jmd
I urn convinced that the proposed in
crease of enii3 ed men will double the
olliciency of the army and hardly be
"oh in annual expenditures. In this
connection 1 submit the report of Inspector
specter General Morey , whoso loti"
servica atul czparienca entitle
iis recommendations to meet
With respect. The prosperous
.iniu and uasy iiuancial condition of
.ho treasury may now enable congress
to provide armaments for the forts
which guard the chief harbors of the
country. Gen. Shermin call * atten-
ion to the reports of Gens. Shcridin ,
Jancock , McDo ellt snd the subor
dinate report of the de'pirhueat and
Is commanders. Speakjng ot the Pa-
cifu railcoad , Gen. Sherman saye ,
htso railroads have completely revo-
uliouizid our country in the past few
years and impose on the military an
entire change of policy. Hitherto
wo have been compelled to maintain
small posts along wagon and ttago
routes of travel. These arc no longer
needed , because no longer uoed , and
the settlements which grow up speed
ily along thesa railroads afford the
security necessary. In regard to our
sea coast forces Gen. Sherman says
they are superfluous , wo now have
fifty millions of people , and the idea
of any hostile forces landing on our
coast is timply preposterous. Yet
our sjreat commerce should bo made
EO s-fe that even an apprehension of
danger would not bo felt. Portland ,
Hojton , Newport , New York , Phila
delphia , Hampton Road.JPort Royal ,
Key West , Pensicola , Sin Diego ,
San Francisco and Port Towreend
should be properly fortified and gar-
rieonecl. All minor forts ehould be
Buld or abandoned. In reference to
the prejudice on account ot color
among c.idcts , ho says the prejudice
of color is thu most difficult thin < to
contend against. There _ is no more
auch prejudice at West point than in
the community at large , and the prac
tice of equality at West Point ia in
advance of the rest of the country.
To discriminate in favor of a colored
cadet , by reason of hie color , is as
much a violation of the 14th amend
ment as to discriminate sgaiust Mm.
The officers of the military academy
have authority to Ira impartial. _ _
Gen. Sherman saya , In his opinion ,
the rctjuiicuients of all enlisted men
of the 9th and 10th cavalry and 24th 5h : infantry should bo colored
moh , ' wbila the officers is white , n not
BOHjistcHt with the amendments re
ferred. All men should bo enlisted
' and assigned to -
Sfui'arc qualified reg-
btaents rcgardlcsi of color or previous
fogditiMi. Such has been the law
iliw ag § in the navy for years , and
the imny would soon grow accus
tomed to it.
The annual rcporls of Quartermas-
tcr-Goneral Itteigs , Inspector-General
Stafcy , Commissary-General Mac-
Judga Advocate iGoneral
ymaster-Gene al Brown ,
Barnea and Colonel
go of the publication of
of tbo rebellion , have
been submitted to ll.o secretary ol
gave a detailed .minute
of work during Hie last
BscSTjoar , but contain no recommendations - .
dations of general interest other than
thoyihave raado iu previous reports.
Special Dispatch to The Boa
WasiiiXGToXjTIovember 16 1. a. m.
For the upper Mississippi _ and
lower Misiouri valleys occasional
light snow , followed by clearing
weather , colder northwesterly winds
rising barometer.
Woodward's Oofalc tlon
illspilch to Tex BEE .
BOSTOS , November 1C , 1 a. m
The committee on city trea ury de
partment reported to the board of al
dermen to-day on the defalcation of
city clerk , John A. Woodward. To
tal amount of defalcation will amount
to nearly $90,000.
Eutlced Atvay.
Special Di atdi to Tux BIK.
NEW YOKK , November 16 , 1 a. m.
ilr. Durin ; : , a German surgeon
living in Willtamsburg , reported at
pilice headquartars t d y that" his
wife andfive | children had disappeared
unaccountably immedUroly pan their
arrival In this country. Mrs During
hai- with her neatly $7,000 , and her
hHsbndj3e3ieves she had been enlicai
awuy by a maa who hiL accomp&niei
her as a frjtni. Mr. During left Ger
many , and hiving eataHished himsel
. in baaincts hc.v , si-nt for hia family
She suld liar property and arnvec
hera on Septemb r 2d , accompamec
by a in a named Herman B.rber , i
. friend cf the family , but During die
not know of thuir arrival until twc
weeks ago. He has employed a de
Wood's Reception ,
Special dispatch to Tlid" Ike.
.KETV YOHK , Noombsr 1C , 1 a. m
This eveuingjninrloTr Weed waa tell'
dered a reception by the press club.
All literary men of uoto in the citj
vrera either present or Eert their re
grets. Thd room ? were elegantly dec-
orcted. Mr. Weed waa introduced
by Mr. J. Y r. Simontnu. The vener-
abls gentleman esprcEsed hia thanks
< &na > es'tcenrwer6 ! * dciivercd by several
members of the club. The reception
concluded with a banquet.
The Clilcago Espocition ,
Special Diepatch to Tlio Beo.
GnicAuo , Novomhor 1C la. rn.
There is a line display of fat cattle ,
horses , sheep and heirs at tha Expo-
si' ion and fat stock tlnw. It will re
main o'3un until Saturday evening.
Premiums for short-horn steers be
tween three and four yeirs old were
awarded this afternoon , the first prize
beiug to William Sanduaky , of Callin ,
ill. , for his steer "P.ooth of Vermillion -
lion , " weishuig 2,350 pounds ; thonoc-
end to Colonel J. A. Gillette , of Elk-
hart , 111. , for his steci "Gallom , "
weighing 2,21o pounds.
Gratified Hanlon
Special DiSjralcIi 14) Tile Eco
LOMIIK , November 1C 1 a. m.
H-tnlon is much gratified at the re
ceipt of numerous telegrams from
America and Canada , including one
from the Marquis of Lome. The people
ple of Adelaide. Sydney and Mel
bourne sat up until the result of tha
race reached Australia , which was at
midnight. The anti podoans were
mcch disappointed and lost heavily ,
as they though't Truckett iras certain
to win.
Garfleld's Plurality m Oregon ,
Spoil- ! Dispatch to lD BE.I.
SAN Fit \NCISCO , November 15.
Garfield's plurality in Oregon is G41.
Thomas Brcit has boon elected dele
gate from Washington Territory.
Shot into Eternity.
SpccUI Jiutcli | toTlic Btc.
ST. LODJS , November 15 James
T , FJannigan , a saloon keeper , corner
of Monlgomery and Broadway , last
night about midnight shot two broth
ers named David H. and Daniel
McLaughlin. The two last named
did not bear a very good reputation ,
and entered Ffannigan's with a
parly of friends. It appears they
bad some beer and the barkeeper
turned around to fill another order
when he claims Iho party started to-
w&rd the door. Fiaunipan , the own
er of the taloon , called iVm back ,
md ho claims that MeLu hlitt turaed
iround with a knife in his hand , and
io , fearing for his life , pulled a re
volver. He iired and the hsll en-
ered the left breast , and McLaughlin
ell over o 3 the floor dead. Dan Me-
[ jiuchlm turned nround to assist his
Brother and was shot in the back near
ho spine. The pilice in searching
, ho McLiughlins could find uo knives.
? linnigan was at once arrested. He
jears a very oderous reputation , hav-
ng been the proprietor cf several
ow dnco houses Ho came here
rom Cincinnati about six yean ago.
Jan'McLiughlin , the wounded man ,
was taken to the city hospital and died
htra this morning The sister of
he dead men was horrified to learn
of the death of both her brothers ,
icr only relatives. Flannigan does
lot deny the shooting. An inquest
will be held on the bodies to-morrow.
Gcod an Ills Word.
S ] > cchl Dispatc'n toTlie lice
DETKOIT , November 1C 1 a. m.
lenry Boara , a prominent young man
of Grand Hapids , sent n note to his
athor Saturday sajiiig that ho pro-
> osed to kill himself , and that his
> ody would be found iu the Fuller
Street Cemetery. Ho was as good as
lis word and shot himself through
he heart.
St. Louis Census
poclal ( Hep-itch to 1 lie Die.
ST. Louis , November 1C 1 a. m.
Jho special census taking of this city
s nearly concluded , and will probably
ive a populition of ySO.OOO. The
egular census as it now stands credits
5t. Louis with a population of about
333,000. Citizens do not feel repaid
for the extra trouble and heavy ex
pense of thu now census.
At it Jt. gain
Special Dispatch to Tl.o IJcc.
CUIOAOO , November 10 1 a. m.
To-day both the Wabaeh and Alton
ofliccs were 'crowded with people.
The Alton rates were , to St. Louis
52 ; Omaha , § 7 ; Kansas City , § 4 ,
No change from last week's rates to
intermediate points. In the w indow
of the Alton ticket office is n cartoon ,
representing five men. One of the
men is .a whale ; he is marked "Chi
cage & Alton. " Another has one
leg , and is labelled "C. B. &Q"
Anotherjias one log and one arm , and
is labelled "Illinois Central. " An
other has two ariin and one leg , and
is labeled "RockWand. " Tbo Wabash -
bash is represented by n much used
up personage with no lissbs what
ever. The Wabisli road continued
eellinc St. Lsuistickfts at SI ; Omaha ,
? G ; Kansas City , 81. It continues
the caricature of the race in which
the \Vabash is ahead , and the Alton
blown and distanced away behind.
To-morrow She general managers
meetazatn , but no one predicts what
they will do.-
Gen Gai-fleld's 49ili Blrtndav ,
Spc-nal Dispatch U > The Ucc.
CLKVKLANU. Novembor-JG la. m.
There- were no callers of note at
Mentor to-day , aside from iho promi
nent Pennsylvania railroad officers.
In the forenoon of Thursday Presi
dent elect Garfield will take lea with
the pupiU of Lake Eric Female Sem-
incry at Psinesvillc. Friday he will
celubiaie Lis 49th birthday anniver
sary and the birthday of his uncle ,
ThomsGarfield , by ptyinga visit to
the latter in the 18-h ward of Cleve
land , and within & week or ten days
he will go to Washington to ssttle up
hia personal r-fla'rs , attending to noth
ing but private business.
Invasion of Cannaa.
Kjwclal Dispatch to Tba Ue
QCEBEC , November 1G 1 a. m.
The military authorities are receiving
10,030 stand of arms here. There IB
now more than 2,000,000 rounds o
ammunition in the citadel magazine
It wai rumored here to-day that thi
is owing to the inflammatory speechai
made at the late land league in Ber
lin , where it was stated tht the firs :
blow struck by the British govern
ment in Ireland wou'd ' be followed bj
the invasion of Canada.
Bier Money.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
TOKONTO , Ont , November 16 1 a
in Is is estimated that the Canadians
have made a "quarter million dollan
on Hanlon's success. Congratulatory
mossjgos were sent by the Marquie
of Lome , Mayor of Toronto and a
host cf others.
Railroad Officials.
Special Dispatch to the Bee.
CHICAGO , November 16 1 a. m.-
Weather moderated and snow falling.
rMostpof the ground'ia nicBly coverea
The officials of the Pennsylvania rail
road , on their tour of .general inspec
tion , will arrive here to morrow morn
ing and stop at tlie Grand Pacific
hotel. A special object of their visit
here will be the inspection of the new
Fort Wayne and Union depot. The }
CO from here to Indianapolis ant
St. Louis , thence to Cincinnati.
A Denver Blaze.
Special Dispatch to TDK BKS.
DENVER , November 16 1 a. m.
A fire in the Windscr hotel this morn
ing caused the loss of $25,000 before
it was extinguished. Much of the
damage was by water. Origiu of the
the fire is unknown.
Coinage Regulation.
Special Dispatch to The B e.
WASHINGTON , November 16,1 a. m.
One of the first bills to bo introduc ?
cd into Congress after it meets is a bill
abolishing what is known as the mint
furnace of the treasury department ,
and the transfer of the statistical portion
tion thereof to the bureau of statis
tics , and that which pertains to coin
age to the treasury of the United
States. This action , besides causing
a large saving to the government , will
put the regulation of the coinage of
the government where it properly be
longs. A bill looking to thii end has
already been prepared , and it ia said
to have received the sanction of the
Tno Wheat Crop.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , D. 0. November 15
p. m. The returns of
Novemmber 1st to this department ,
show an increase in'lhe wheat crop
of tHe United States of 31,000,000
bushels since 1879. The yield per
acre is somewhat less , but the increase
in Arizona more than counterbalanced
the loss of the yield in the states of
Minnesota and California. The yield
per acre as well aa the acerage shows
an increase.
Small-Fox's Snare.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
QUDBKC , November 15 4 p. m.
Small-pox is committing dreadful rav
ages among the Canadian Indian * ,
who people the scanty and widely
separated settlements on the north
shore'of the Gulf of St. LVwretice.
Information just received by the gov
ernment reports that they are dying
by hundredo , A panic has seized the
survivors , and they flee from the dead
and dying , leaving the former unbnr-
ied and the latter uncared for , to seek
refuge in the woods , where the trails
are lined with corpses.
A Western Blizzard.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , November 16 4 p. m.
After two or three days ot very bard
freezing weather , a regular blizzard
set iu this morning. It is snowing and
drifting , but the snow is not heavy
enough yet to do much damage. Far
mers have suffered greatly by freezing
of their potatoes , apples , turnips , etc. ,
that were not jet-housed for the win
An Old Project Revived.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , November 16 4 p. m.
It is given out that the time-honored
project of connecting the great lakes
and the Mississippi river by means of
a ship canal , will be renewed in the
next congress. It Is estimated that
some $15,000,000 will be necessary to
complete the plan.
Deadly Dlptheria.
Epoclal Dispatch to The Hoe.
BROOKLXN , N. Y. November 16
4 p. m. There wore one hundred and
thirty-nine esses of diptheria in this
city last week , making 248 that have
been reported this month. Eighteen
new case's were reported
yesterday , and of the 17 reported
on Friday , six were fatal.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
BURLINGTON , Iowa. , Nov. 15 4p.
m. Miss Jennie Spencer , aged 23 , a
well known brigh and fascinating
young lady , hanged herself yesterday
in her father's cellar. Uning a slender
piece of rope from a bale of hay.
Backed His Opinion.
Special Dispatch to'The Bee.
CHICAGO , November 15 4 p. m.
R. Cnmmings , a well known railway
man from Chicago , is said to have won
$50,000 on the election , and has given
his sister , Mrs. Hallsy , of Pekin ,
Illinois , a check for half tte amount.
Inter-Ocean" Bureau.
Mr. J. W. Bobbins , of The Chicago
cage Inter-Ocean editorial staff , ar
rived in this oUy Saturday. Ho comes
for the purpose of opening at this
pcint a general western bureau , for
correspondence , etc. , in the Interest
of his paper. He has not yet located
his office. We welcome him to the
gateway of the great west.
Bonner's Stoves much the finest
in the Market.n" " * TO. 1416
Douglas street ' o22-tf
Undoubtedly the best ahlrt In the
United States is manufactured at the
Omaha Shirt Factory. The superiority
of Material and workmanship , com-
oined with their great improvements ,
that is Reinforced fronts , Reinforced
backs and Reinforced sleeves , makes
their shirt the most durable and best
fitting garment of the kind , ever
manufactured at the moderate price of
$1.50. Every shirt of our make is
guaranteed first-class and will refund
the money if found otherwise.
We make a specialty of all wool ,
Shaker , and Canton flannel , also
chemois underwear , made up with a
view to comfort , warmth and durabil
ity. To invalids and weak-lunged
persons wo offer special inducements
in the manner these goods are made
for their protection.
The Australian Amateur tfadlj
Beatea on the Thames
Hanlan's Skull Crownec
With the Final Wreath of
t Victory.
Triokett's Backers Suddenlj
Reduced to a Poverty
, ; Point
15 4 p. m.
Hanlan anc
THckett , for 200 and the champion
ship , was rowed on time this morning
and resulted in aa easy victory foi
Hanlan. The morning opened inaua
picionsly , the weather being murk ]
and showery , which kept many people
away who would have otherwise lincc
the river bank. The water was
smooth , however , and no accident
occurred to mar or dalay the pro
gramme. The excitement of bottinp
men all through the forenoon was in
tense , and odds on Hanlou jumped
from the 6 to 7 of the night before tc
7 to 5 , or at most 2 to 1 Despite the
cold weather , there were large crowds
at both , starting and finishing
points , and at all the
available shelter along the
course. London had gotten itself quite
excited over the event , and Saturday
and yesterday scarcely anything else
was talked about in public places.
Among the Thames water men , the
fueling in the city was with Manlon ,
and his easy triumph was accepted al
most as a matter of course. The atart
was made from the Star and Garter
pier just above Putney bridge. Han
lan , as ho sat in the boat , had that air
of self-satisfaction and confidence
which a long series of victories , has
impressed jipon his countenance , while
Trickett was evidently nervous , and ,
although he sat well and handled the
oars cleverly enough , a certain
hollowness about the eyes and the
tightly-drawn lipa , told the story of
an anxious and probably a sleepless
uight. His backers and a few of the
crowd cheered him , and when the
word to go was given he had recovered
his old-time determined look , and
pulled away with his peculiar shash-
ing stroke. Hanlon's appearance on
the water was the signal for cheers
both loud and deep , which , however ,
did not seem to affect him. He pro
ceeded to business with the most ad
mirable coolness , and calmly awaited
the starter's signal When
the signal came , both men caught
water on the instant and went abreast
for the entire first mile. When that
point had lean passed the prow of
Hanlan's boat began to project ahead
of Trickett's. The difference was
not noticeable for almost two thirds
of the next mile and only when Ham-
mersmUh Urldga had been reached
w a it clear that Hanlan had obtained
a good lead. A grand cheer greeted
trim , then , and as an acknowledge
ment he pnt a little extra force into
ils strokes and Trickett was left be-
lind. The race was now practically
decided and Trickett lost courage.
Ban Ian then increased * his
ead steadily and' after he
iad completed hli second mile , he had
a mere walk over. The distance be
tween him and Trickett widened more
and more , and at the three mile point
10 stopped his oars and waved his
landerchief overiis head in a spirit
of bravado. The # reat single scull
match had been lost and won , and
rowing over the fourth mile was a
matter of amusement. Hanlan was
; tie favorite until last week when
Trickett shot ahead owing it is
said to his Australian friends pooling
; o give him this preliminary encour
agement. On Saturday night , how-
iver , the odde given changed , it ba
ng reported that Hanlan's Canadian
lackers had drawn heavily on a To
ronto bank to sunport his reputation.
The amount of money said to have
changed bands hero in consequence of
.ho . result , is something unprecedented
n the sporting world. Millions an
talked of quite freely.
Special dlapatcb. to The Bee.
NEW YORK , November 15 1 a. m.
Pools on the Hanlon-Th'ckett race
mowed a remarkable evenness up to
the close of bolting , in Twenty-eghth
ind Barclay streets Saturday night
nd yesterday morning , just before
he announcement of the result , the
pagers stood about 100 on Hanlon to
30 on Tricket. On Tuesday , when
.ho pools were opened , Hanlon was
.ho . favorite at two to one , but on the
innonncement of the arrival in Lon-
Ion of half a million dollars from
iuatralia toback Trickett , betting
hen turned , and wagers were about
wen. .This was on Friday , and on
Saturday $25,000 was sent to Toronto
o back Hanlon , and this turned the
ide in his favor. This position was
ran maintafned in the pools in Lon-
[ on and New York until the decision
) f the race. All betting men agree
hat there never was a boat race on
ffhich so much money changed hands
n this city , in piols and private bets ,
is on this contest Mr. Lovett , of
his city , an old Australian , alone
leld bets to the amount of § 300,000
id himself backed Trickett to a
arge amount. A few weeks ago
Englishmen arriued here represent-
tig gentlemen who accompanied
FrlcketlTfrom Australia to London.
They left 825,000 in Mr. Lovett's
lands- and large amounts in Pitts-
> urg , Philadelphia and Montreal.
Private bets , the extent of which can
only be guessed at , reaches a very
arge amount , altogether , at the very
oweat estimate , the wagers in this
: ity and Brooklyn are estimated to
each a quarter of a million dollars.
Some of authorities declare their be-
ief that it will exceed a million
LONDON , November 16 , Newspa-
> era this morning consider Hanlon's
rictory as a triumph of skill over
strength , and pra se his grace and
sprightlinees. Hanlon declares he
will participate in the international
race unless he is ill.
Cnlcago Produce Market.
CHICAGO , November 15.
Wheat No. 2 spring advanced | @ 1
md sold at $1 061 C6 December ,
closing at $1 Oof cash nr November ;
81 06 | December ; $1 08J January.
Corn Advaeced j@J with sales at
41i@42j November , nd 42jj@42 De
cember ; closing at 42J@42 | cash ; 42J
November ; 4242 | December ; 42g < §
42 | January ; 47@47J May.
Oats Were j@J butter , and No.
2 closed at 31 cash or November ; 31 |
December ; 31f January and 30 M.iy.
Rye Quiet. No 2 sold a * 84 nd
was saleabla rt 85 for December.
Barley Was quiet. No. 2 sold at
87A@88 cish * nd 88 December.
Whisky Firm , ateady.
Mesa Pork Sold at $12 15 ® 12 30
November and § 13 52J13 67i Janu
ary ; § 13 50@14 25 c ih ; 812 20@12 25
November ; § 3 G0@13 G2 January.
Inrd Sold at $8 07 $ November
and ? S07J@8 12 Jt " January j closing at
§ 8 05@S 07 | own"or Novcmb-.r ; § 8 05
December ; § 8 OG8 10 January.
and Stocks.
WALII SruBKT November 15.
Money 1 ; exchange weakat8 81J@483 } .
Steady. *
U.S ffa-Sl . 104J U.S. 4'g . I 10J
U. S. 6'a . I Oil Currencyffs . i S7
V. a 4 } ' * . 112 }
Moderately active and advanced | @ 1J per
cent. , Reading J to j.
W U . 9JO Omaha . 43
N. T. a . 137J Preferred . 83
Erie . 2J Union Paafls . 90
Erefem-J . 73 Am Express . Gl
R.1 . 1 'J ' O.C.&I.C - 2
L.3. . 114 M C . US
Northwestern . 112 } Lacka wanna . OS
Preferred . 1S7J Hudson C n * ) . . . . 8
Pll . 47 NJC . 791
OHIO . 35 L * E . 116 }
Preferred . 7i Kraidlnff , . 47J
BUPanl . 103 } III . 4
Preferred . 117 * N P . 3U
St. Joe . 40 } Preferred . 67 }
Preferred . S9 L& N . 172 ,
Wahash . 41 ? K. &T . 40
Prcfered . 75J I ) & Uio 0 . 80 }
OntftW . 25 } Alton . 1S31
B&Q . 158 A&PTel . 40
Chicago Live Scock Market.
CaicAooNovomber 15.
Hogs Moderately active and un
changed. Sales were at § 4 574 75
for light packing and shipping , § 4 50
@ 4 80 for heavy packing and § 4 Go ®
4 87 $ fir good to extra smooth heavy
shipping. Lots received , 43,500.
Cattle Shipping steers sold at
§ 4154GO for fair to choice lots ;
there was a large supply of calves
from different eastern points , but bulk
will be spippod wool on owners ac
count. City butcher * were not pur
chasing up to 11 o'clock. First re
ceipts were 3,520 head ,
St. Louis Produce MarKet.
ST. LOUJS , November 15.
Flour Better for best grades ;
choice $5@5 20 ; fancy 5 355 GO ;
Wheat Higher. No. 2 red , § 1 04
© 1 04 J cash ; S10GJ , $1 OGg@10G De
cember ; $1 08al 08 * ' January ; 81 11J
HlJallOf Febrna'ry ; No. 3 red ,
$1 00al 00 | November.
Corn Higher at 31a31g cash ; 31g
a31 & November ; 31 $ December.
Bye Quiet at 8Gc.
Barley Firm and slow at G0@95c.
Butter Steady. Dairy 20a2G.
Eggs Higher at 22o.
Whisky Steady at $1 09.
Pork Dull ; jobbing at S14 00.
Dry Salt Meats Lower at § 4 55@
6 90 , 7 05@7 20.
Bacon Lower. Clear ribs at $8 15
@ 820 ; sides $8 35@8 40.
Lard Quiet at $8 00.
Receipts Flour 1,000 brls , wheat ,
99,000 bu ; corn 94,000 bu ; oats ,
2,000 bu ; rye , 1,000 bu ; barley ,
31,000 bu. .
Shipments Flour , 2,000 brls ;
wheat , 10,000 bu ; corn , 4,000 bu ;
oats , 2,000 bu ; rye , 1,000 bu ; barley
St. Louis Live Stocz Market.
ST. Louis , Novembr 16.
Hogs Active and better ; Yorkers
Baltimores , $4 404 55 ; mixed pack
ing , $4 40@4 GO ; butcher'a to fancy ,
$4 G5@4 80. Eeceipts , 11,200 ; ship
ments , 6,000.
New York Produce Market.
NEW YORK , November 15 ,
Flour Moderate. Export and
iocte trade inquiry receipts 40 qrbbla ;
round hoop Ohio 85 10a5 50 ; choice
do $5 GOaG 25 ; superfine n cstera ,
? 3 90a4 35 ; common to good extra ,
? 4 80a5 10 ; choice , $5 15iG 50 ; choice
white wheat , $4 75a4 95.
Butter Steady and quiet ; Ohio ,
Esters Western quiet and firm at
Wheat Quiet ; Chicago , Si 17 ®
1 19 ; Milwaukee , 1 20 ; No. 2 red
winter , $1 20 ; Sales 40,000 bus.
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 at o8c. Sales
175,000 bus.
Oats Quiet.
Whisky Nominal.
Pork $1450 bid cash ; 14 75
asked November ; 814 55al4 G5 De
cember. I
Lard 88 628 59J November.
Sales ot ? 8 45 December ; $8 474a8 50
Sanuary ; § 8 52js857i February ;
S3 57a8 GO seller March ; 88 54a8 47 i
seller year ; 88 70 asked buyer the
year. _ _ _
Weekly Market Review.
OMAHA , November 10 , 1880.
Owing to the unsettled condition of
the weather the market the past week
iaa been unsteady ; however at he
opening of this week we quote prices
which can be relied upon for the next
few days. The following are the
prices paid by retailers :
PKODUCE Cabbage good sound
leads per hundred , 85.00. Onions
per bbl. $3 75@4 00 ; potatoes , car
load lota , 50@GOc ; cider 87 50 per
cask ; butter , poor , 18o , common 20c ,
choice 24c ; cheese , Nebraska , 14c ;
eggs are scarce at 22c ; lard , 80 per Ib.
POULTRY Live chickens per doz. ,
$2 2582 50 ; dressed per Ib. 8c ;
dncka , dressed , 7@8c ; turkeys , 10
© lie.
FBUIT Good winter apples are
plenty and selling at $2 25@2 50 per
bbl. ; lemons , 86 00 per case.
HIDES AND TALLOW Green hides ,
77i ; green ealt hides , 9 < g9J ; green
saltcaif. 10@14 ; dry flin , 15. Dam
aged stock two-thirds regular price ;
10 per cent , off for brands. Tallow ,
WOOD Hard wood sells readily
from ? G 25S87 00 ; soft , $4 0085 00
per cord.
HAT Bailed , 810 00 per ton ; in
bulk , 86 757 25.
BRICK In kiln , scarce ; common ,
$8 00@8900 ; pressed , 820 00.
NAILS S3 15.
'GRAIN Wheat , No. 2 , 8Gc : No. 3 ,
77c ; rejected , 58c. Corn , western
mixed , 27c. Oats , 2527c. Barley ,
No. 2 , 60 ; extra No. 3 , 40 ; rejected ,
30. . Rye , No. 2 , 72.
LIVE STOCK Fat steers are bring
ing 83 503 75 ; fat cows and heif
ers , $275 ® J2 85 ; she p , 83 75. Hogs
are DOW in good demand and bring
from 84 00@S4 30.
LEATHER ; Shoemaker's Stock Sole
leather , oak tanned , 40@43j : per Ib. ;
hemlock tanned , 30@3G ; upper , com
mon , 24@28 ; uoper , doraestc ra'f ,
81 CO@1 30 ; French cjlf , $1 50 ©
§ 2 10 ; domestic k p , 80S1 10 ;
French kip , § 1 10 ? l 50.
HAIWI&S STUCK Ko 1 ' : ik tabued ,
43@45 ; No. 2 o k Sinned , 4I&I3 ;
No. 1 hemlock . . . iS lO ; N J. 2
homlcck tanned , ! ! 7fei9. !
PuiLiDELl'HIA , Nov. 11 , 1SSO.
Daring the past two months the
mercantile community ha bcn "real
ly exercised o\cr 'lu c'cctlon just
passed , as it was fear d the result
might bring about a clun o in tliu
financial and commercial policy of
the government , ttij uncei Unity had
a tendency to chuck business opera
tions , as consumers yont.ruly ] pre
ferred to "InoviT cautiously unTrTtho"
question of chingo or no chnugo was
settled. The decision is in favor of
no change , and the coiiEcqucnco has
been to give a now impjtna to trade.
Values are hardening , ami there ia no
doubt but a fair ptlvnncc on mist arti
cles will bosecnrcd , but wo doa'tlook
for a great chingu in pricey , as the
country at largo has bjen taught the
lesson that "booina" do not pay , and
prudent merchants wili bo s Uislieil to
keep their goods moving , and not hold
for large profits which they may nccr
Wool , which would probably have
been affected moat uy n change in the
tariff shows a marked improvement
and prices of most grades are from
2c. to 3c. per pound highur than a
month ago. Fine lloccca ! iuo ; ad
vanced most , and choice XX is sell
ing at 47c. and 48c. X at 4Jc. ( to
47c. Medium combing and deUino
has been nominally advanced to 5Dc
and 54c , but buyers are reluctant to
pay these figures , and so for sales have
not boon made at over . " > 2Jc. Medium
clothing is in more "itqnes" , ana
choice parcels are now held at 49c and
50c. Fine delaino 1m said freely at
48c. , but the best lota are now firmly
held at49c. . and 50c. Low combing
and quarter-blood nre in somewhat
better demand , but prices do not chow
any very material change.
Choice unwashed is becoming
scarce , and now that prices arc ad
vancing it will receive more attention
from manufacturers ; for when the
market is declining preference ia s un
to be given to washed wool , but when
the tendency is upward nioru comM
eration is given to cheaper stock ,
hence at such times Biles of unwashed
are frequently made at figures beyond
its relative valus.
The transactions in tub washed
have been light , as most of tliu wool
offering is of too wide a grade io suit
buyers at present. They are willing
to pay 50 and olc. for uniform lots ,
but pass by average parcels.
Pulled has been in better request ,
and can be quoted at 2 to 3c. nor
pound higher than a month og < > , the
better grades being in. moat demand.
Colorado fleeces have received more
attention , but sales have been re
stricted by the small stocks oilering
The medium grades have sold beat ,
and wo quote choice at from 32 to
33c. , according to condition. Kov
Mexico wool which Ima been neglected -
glected for so long a period has cold
very freely during the pjst two
weeks , and stocks are greatly reduced
Prices do not show any material
change , but it is highly satisfactory
that buyers have commenced to tal.c
hold , and if the general market con
tinues as strong as it ha * been during
the post few days some improvement
can bo safely counted on. Fall
wools are commencing to r.rrivoinn
small way , and wo quote : Average ,
part improved , at from 21 to .2:5.- : . ;
all improved , 25 to oOc , according to
Ohio , Penn. and West Virgin ! ;
XX and above , 47l8c. ; X , 4 < © 17c. ;
medium , 4U@50c. ; quarter blood ,
42@44c. ; common , cots and nnriy ,
3032c. ; medium combing and clo-
lalne , 52i@53c. ; line delaine , 49 ®
50c. ; low combing , 43Q45a.
New York , Michigan , Wisconsin ,
Indiana and \Veatcrn : XX , 43 ® I5c. ;
X , 4243s. ; medium , 4i@13c ( , ; quar
ter blood , 42@43c ; common , cots and
hurry , G0@32c. ; medium combing
and delaine , 51@52c. ; line delaino ,
4648c. ; low combing 42@43c.
Tub Washed : Choice medium ,
4851c. ; average 4G17c. ; low and
inferior , 3540c.
Choice Unwashed : Fine , 27@30o. ;
medium , 35@38c. ; quarter blood , 31
® 33c. ; common , cots and burry , 22 ®
24c. ; medium combing , SC jOS ; . ;
low , 32a34cr
Average Unwashed : Fine , 22a
25c ; medidm , 3ia35c. ; quarter
blood , 30a32c. ; common , cots and
burry , 20a22c. ; medium combing , 31
a3Go. ; low , 31a32c.
Kansas and Far Western wools from
2 to 5c lower than average unv/aalicd ,
according to condition.
Pulled : Extra , 3.Ta40c. ; fiuo
super , 42a45c. ; super , 30 35c. ; coarse ,
20a21c. ; black , 20a30c.
Black from 5 to lOc. below the
above quotations.
Colorado and Western TCinsaa :
Medium and fine choice , 32a.3c ; av
erage , 28a30j. ; quarter blood , 5j.i ! (
27c. : 24a25c. ; common , 22a23c. ; 20a
21c. ; black , 21a22c. ; 19j20c.
St. Paul & Siouz Gity
The Old Reliable Kiou * City Route I
And ill points In Northern Juwz , Jllncrrota and
IHkota. Ihl * line la erpilpivsl mtli ti < rlm-
proTed Weatlnzbonse Automatic Air Erabciard
Miller Platform Conoler zed Duffer. And I ? i
U nraorpiwed. . Elc int Drerfn ? luxim
Sleeplnz Caraowncd and controlled by the cart
piny , ran Throazh Without Chinee t > ctncen
Unio Pacific Transfer Depot , Council ,
and St. Paul. Trains leave ths Union I'.vdflc
Transfer Depot at Council ElufTd , at 6:1B p m. ,
reaching Slonz City at 10:20 p. m. , and t. Paul
at 11SJ5 . ta , making
Returning , leave St. Paul at 327 p. m , ar.
rivli ? at Slonx City at 1:15 s m. . and Union
Pacific Trunfer Depot , Conncll 3U50
a. m. Be sure that your tickets read vii "U , C.
* P.B.R. " F.C.HILI5 ,
Superintendent , IHavrart Vailfcv , IOTIS ,
P. E. BOBINSON , Aw't Oen I Para. Asctt.
J. H. O-nRYAX ,
an4 Pa-cn r Ascnt.
C'onr.cil Blcffg
U/AMTCn l * > c lAzents everywhere to eei
U nil I CU Tea , Coffee , Katie ? Powder.
Flavorinff Extracts , etc , by timpte , to f tnIU } < .
Profit good. Outfit free. People's T * Co. , Has
6020 , St. Lonla , Mo.
. LJ JUkllrUJLa . .Kjj JL1
sUc ami Kctnil IHnui ;
ftoltinud Silver V
juid tJmc'ry in the
Coine and Sec Our Stock
as We Will Be Pleased
to Show Goods.
I" * h ADoflr'p Opposite I'tistolSce *
Iron and V/agon Stock ,
M Chit'tiijo Trices.
.UK ! ISII llimwy Street , Omaha.
in the matter of the < r l3le"f CrcicnUi Thick ,
ilcccafnl :
Nutico Is IiiTcln tlic cre < Iit > M r
Silil ilccca t J. \ itl iiir't the fYC < ifnr of
gaitl estate , l f re me. Cuiintv Ju < ! ! ; o Of Dim , . ! i
rnfct -t tin * < ' Kni in
CountyNet > > i , Onintv nrt - ni
gsul Comifj.on tlieOfh .lay if Deti-mh r , 1 0i > i >
f.1io 'Mi ilav tf Febtiu > , ISJI."iil oci tli Olli
iHv ot April , 1381 , at 10 < ! h , .1. m. , < r
iHy , for the firp1 * * of prwentm. ; llmr iliirm
for cxanuii-vtioii , mijinl ITK.-M' anil ili ! > wiiR.e.
bLTniontlfj jrc alluwed for to jre-cnt
their chimj , ami one year for the e citnr
tu Settle sahl etbtte , from tiio ! h ilav of
Octolier. ISiO.tlnnnri < v wilt lie iMiMniittl iu the
Ow * WrrKijt BRK , fur four weeks U' ccti e ! >
prior la the IXIi ilai of l > e-omli r. 'S--0
WM.O. UAii'nroionKxv ,
ocSQnrlt County Jikli ; ' )
Oval StcoJ To tli ! ! rrou
1 by
Ufri ( SR001 ii GklUflMrf1 , 1'on.ilu Aar , IFw.
Write for pii"T Aren't. ' QUIII.I , Neb.
bUU _ _
Orncic nr I'ttr rrRK , )
osuHt , Sov. sth , tbao. f
Scaled pr.p'isaU ill ! receiv > l by the un
dcr&unul until 12 'tlnch noon , on Tiics-lay ,
Novctnhcr ISIb , A. l > ! > , forfori whiiii bird
and soft c > R ! fur n e in the ! * > nd fl-o
iloi'i'tiJior.t from th date on'il tbe 3Cth of
Juii , A. D. lcat.
SM bH > w p' > i x k hirtl t t the price fur
ssch coil dclivcre-1 vihera ordered , and b ll
mnnaii'1 price without refpect toany ' 'eKnltw
amount ( f coal. J ha right h ) rworvrl to reject
an } n J all t/Nls. . . . .
Knvelope ) ujritaiuun ; mi'l i 'j | > 3 t mail be
marked I'r.ipiiiah for r * l , ' mil aildre-mcil t
undcM'sned. J. F. XtUAHT KY ,
no > fiO "City Clerk
r mem or Cirr Cuaat , >
( AIM , Nov. Cili , i iO. t
fcilc' propo- will heiecdvoa b/ the ui"
( Jersi , nt'l ui.iil.IJ o'rl'xk noon , on the lj rt
day of Xovcmbtr , A. 1 > . 18 . for ijr dins ll r
ncy street tu the eouMkbui sra e from tt a
wetslieof ISthrtres. to t > - BM gi'la uf 10th
street. rainanrt i > e < iiV atio'u * tor § aW work ,
Z3 wo 1 < s 11 inf rrmtnu can te obtain , d
tt fffle f eit > em. inter. IT Creighton Klock.
Said bidi sbill 9 ate the i - ' < ! per ' tic Japl
for ( Jntng ( - W i3t.\ne \ , ana hal specify he > h-
cr Lid It tor earth remottd or rth p.acetl on
Bit ! e'.rtot at till at ;
Er.veloiHM coitworrt ; ! ! M U hall be imtk-
ed "Profwal * lot' rwlhiz Ha ne/st. . wl re
dclivere i t.i "iiUcntinvni M a dtivnncbter than
aboro ep.ciHtd Thentroout a mvp-neil aj/r-
ty uml rthcumMcuDtHiioiaahalt acnrutiinv
tvchbd Tnc li bt B reaervnl ti r j < xt i )
snd a'.l h ih J. f. McCARTs KY ,
jufito _ _ C ty Ctaik. _
JU ! ' > > rzalnj in UaaaK , " Lotn , fttmt mJ
Lan h , in hia new eel torn an lt mce
rnAKKM IT 2 .l rk a.lto.nno 1 jesr old
X n ro mi-1 one - > ear old bi > t - < , I , J rail s
cortli on Jlfcwouii bottom CoT I M K > llf.'i K.
LOruvcr nEtllS' new column of baririp * - > n \
age _
LOAS Ata per cent fntei
, , n
ardj for 1 ti > G years' time on Ont eUftiraf
eucitau.l farm property. Apply at RSillS
It-si Kttaie ami Loan Agency , 15 tk and Dou < t *
'j. . VSmHt
B W etdnnn ef , r.a.7-.ii on l t
Cures nnil Jtovor
jjniiits. TlioworlilNcrontPiiiii ;
R * > liovcr for BSiiu ami
Ciioup , quick niitl
is not If.irefl c. Children
gruw Cab upon , ! rother * like ,
ai-il PIij.siciJi.ii rccotiitiKMiil
CASTOKIA. It -jitlntosl Jic
lioxvuls , cures Wind Colic ,
allays Fcvcri.slmess , and. tle-
. * lrojs AVomrs.
TARI1H Cnco. n. Cnnstltnthm-il
Ajitidoto lur thti torrlblo zunln-
ily , "by Ahsorptiou. The inn * * ,
Jjnportnnt Diicovevy sincfj Vnr-
ti-s.itioit * Othrr romcilloi msty
relieve Catnrrli. thi cnro n *
any stage before Consumption
WAXTKDto K' ' ' Pr CJM !
YMidouM-ywtr m.jnrAdJrcii
Printing Iluude , Ann Arbor , 1 ! . h
OiWKOrCir. I
OXAIM.ov. . 8tb , 1
, will IM. rccisf I 1 v t > i
hi aotil J2 cfe nek ' r i t s I 1- ,
f > uramb > r , ] tMf < rci > r ne .
Ifamoy mre < r fr w the w s s t r | 1
to trw t * of l < Hh st-f f i K av'
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ton F'oefc ' T f M v fr' i c rs-1 i
jp < - ( - > I w rr nls drawn anD a 'in : ! < ' -
apou the prorertjr abutting n ion o u Ir [
Uklt 9l ! ! spca.fy the pnc In detail i.
taacm | nit. < l tn the n.oioof proposed ju
andcrihjji-ailiouditioux T o t.'v <
re < er ji th riuht to rejean' < - j " bl I
nuHrad ProrxwalB for Curbinr ; "and Cartel
ffira ; t . "and IM diP.itr-f ! t- the nder.l )
d THf l ter tlwn Mi t r < b <
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