Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 13, 1880, Morning Edition, Image 4

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    HI *
Saturday Morning , Nov. 13
Paterson Bells coaL
' f Fredcnci Leading Sailer. o23-t
p rter is running the Omaha Ferrj i
-"Lubin's Lulk i erfume at Kuhn's on ! ;
'Arti Jes for decorating as Kuhn's
Just received at Base's ft fine lot
S louldcr Prices.
One drunk went up in default of § 3.1
S ciEts this morning.
'hippie , McMillan & Co. , the jew
on. 1122 Douglas ttrcet. o2Ctf
G love fitting Patterns at Bushman's.
The best cf meats at Bath & "While
K market , opposite the postoffice. 29-tf
. * . ' * Prairie Chickens , Quails and Geese I
tie millions at Mutz's fish market. It
Naiigation 1111 close before niau
* § ? . d ye of this weather continues.
( * . * Just received a lot of Peach Bio
1 ' I "potatoes , choice winter apple * , aud fres
butter and eggs , at William Gentleman1
* '
The funeral ten ices of the child <
> lr. and MB. George A. Hsaglaud , vl
ii&s place from thtir residence SaturJj
mtwning at 10 o'clock.
Call and get prices of all kinds of gn
cents , produce , &c. Apples and potato )
at low figtues. George Ucimrod , TJ. 1
block. nl2t5
% * Pending the completion of the Law
meat of the tew Trinity cathedral , mi
-p ji Will IKS' held en Sundays , at the rei
" aler ! > 'ho was suspend
-Engineer in' 0110 " 1 1 ,
on thedawof
. - , . . , Monday , .
.le : re of the committee on fire , AvS cn iiei
an examination last evening.
fwHev. . 11 II. E. Jameson has returnei
Ayin en-extended trip through the wester
* S\rt of tbe state , and will icmain in th
xxiiy lor a few days , preaching on Sabbat !
tbe Baptist church.
JB : < truing next at
- } . A limp explosion latt eveninginKe s
% ? beer garden on Thirteenth st.eet ke
ildiug on fiw. By prompt action 01
the bucket brigade the fira wa
inguished without doing a peat de/i c
.m.i e.
DANCING. LemieuxV select BOO
Vvbla , Brash's hall. Twelfth and Farnham
every Saturday etenicg. Good musi
liall , crowded with the best society
Strict -order anl decorum mainta'ned
- Xnjoymcnt for all who attend.
There will be a sf ccial communicatioi
' f-SU John's lodge , A. V. & A. M
tr-rnoirow ( Saturday , ) evening.for work ii
jhe M. M. degre' . "Vis ting brothers ar
cordially muted to attend. .By orde
atncs'B. Bmner , master.
The epizootic has attacked some of th
fi 10department horses and is rapidly be
7 Doming epidemic. Even the governmen
, mules are Hueezin ? and coughing. Ihel
] > nverhia1 cheek is shown in thus adoptini
i the fashioa > borore it is general among tin
mhyh-toned horse ? , who are certainly theii
In iha United States district courl
" \Veilncsd.yEmil Hoya wasindicted forper
uoiuting a re venue officer and obtaining S5 (
" from John Eiley , of Jackson , Djkotr
1t couaty , for a pretended violation of the
t that heobliterated the
cexcnue law , in
, stampson casks from which liquor hac
boeuaraan. Fall iwrticulars of thiscas <
have already been puUished in THE BEE
Ki/htiugcr , the St. Edwards man , was alsi
indicted , and two men were fined S10 ead
f > r cvaci.g the revenue laws.
. M' . J. H. Pierce has been engaged t <
* cluviss far THE HEE'S Illustrated Aunna
t Iteview , which will be published on Jan
wary 1st. Mr. Pierce will cll on 11 th
* * 'business ' men , and hopes to collect all ad
vertissnieats an I statistics as a ? po =
tV)5c , so there Tvill be no delay in the i-ub
xliitaiion. Mr. Pierce is well known ii
VOtntha , Jiis cxtenEive experience in tUi
work m the past has been a success. H
uill arrange everything cat s'actory to tb
advertisers In regard to pos'.tion and Rpac
- - if advertisement , tvhich * ariangement
WilUbe fully carried out by this company
Among the callers at THE BEE ofSc
4jxt-t evening were Captain G. H. Cragei
< ! f Co. G , Captain J.V. . Keller , of Co. I
Hul Lieutenants LeIIew and W. I )
"ounj , of Co. E , Sutton , Neb. , all o
tinnnnrerc from the convention of cum
6 missioned officers , which had jnst sdjotirn
t ! 1 at Liuoolo. Lieut J. S. I-eHew , wit ]
Captain S ott. of York , andLieut. H.V
Short , of Ke'pon , fora the eimmisaiun ap
p nnted by Governor Nance to as embl
January 13th and draft a bill to he passei
by the legislature , the object of which i
to put the organization on a better footing
The corners at the intersection o
Tenth and I'arnhun streets seem to havi
> b come quite popular as building places
_ First the B. & M. headquarters r.nd thei
Popple ton's fina block were locattd on op
_ tfMito corners-and now the third , that 01-
capiodliy Jnlmi Jloss' saloon and fron
there to THE BEE office , ii to be covere <
with a haudjoxo , three-story brick etnic
ture , 41 by 132 feet in size , to cost $21,000
Tlw ground was purchased of B. F. Smith
and the old buildings thereon will be re
ttmi ! < l immediately , the foundations lait
within thirty da B and the superstructure
Imill next ppring. A. L. Straug is the
purchaser aud bu'lder , and will occupy th (
entire building \\Sthhiso\vueRtabli hment ,
Arid-Lot chase after a criminal took
place Wednesday on Leavenworth ( .trect ,
an \ ( mm thence to the nail works and all
> v r the adjointng counlry. Sheriff Guy
went w ith oflic > r J. 0' Donohne to arrest a
n-xu mined Albert Kay , whom they found
maia'oouon Leaxenworth street. Bay
wont u , > t < i Blair last Saturday , and , it is
' okimed , forged a note for § 200 , which he
A'terward so'd for SIOO. After being ar-
rented he went along quietly to his tea d-
a hMibe to get his clothes , but while there
Dipped out , ran down through a cellar and
Wit to the street , the sheriff after him in
t pursuit. After calling him to stop ,
- tswere iired at him. but Btill hew
. " " iiad the sheriff nearly mn
t w c. "e fresl1 P111168 " J ° ined
nt on i _ "
7h .ou. hf11 1 a-Dl3
herehenow .
, * * aud the ma
tolgcd in the county jail , .
Do jour shopping at Kurtz's.
Frederick , Leading Hatter , hm just
received sonic eplcndtd hala at § 2.00
HIU ! § 2 SO save a dollar. "Winter
O pj fiOe. 75s and 51.00. a-m-w
IIosnc Has Removed
Imimraonuo stcck of "AETASoMrr.
tnrt" tcross tuo rtrc t , to the new
ilrfdk l uiMi-g next doorto Harris &
WI1W ! FURS ! ! FURS 111
Omolin Fur Manufactnrer ,
( I lliclitor , ia to be found op-
power Baxte :
Witar , In good repair
y far < # "
li * opotiod h nei
rw m 1214
t/if 1m
The First Oftlcia ! Trip Ov (
the Great Lumber
Line ,
The Excursionists Still Pou
in from the East.
"When heard from on Tuesday ev
jiing the fracklayera from tbo noi
end of ib.9 Omaha und St. Paul lii
had bat 1500 feet of iron to by. Tl
south track ging had received itc
* nd waa at vrcrk. On account of t ]
storm no track wnn put down " > 7educ
day. If a full day's work was got
Thursday the two ondaofthetracka
joined. Some ballasting about curt
will have to bo done before the trai
caa be much used , and it will bo tl
lirat of Decemberberore regular trail
are put on. Through pssaenger trail
between St. Paul and Omaha over U
now liua will not be put on btfo
President Porter and Manager Bii
hop are expected to arrive from S
Paul ( o day. They will return by tl
newly completed Nobraaia Iino3takii
a glance at the proposed Slorenca en
off by the way. The lice of this cu
off is located , and there remains oti
the order for ito building.
The construction of depots and ot
er buildings aloug thu line ia 'going e
actively , the depot in this city beii
framed and the rafters now going 1
The completion of this line will ac
greatly to Omaha'a business pie
Friday was the last day upcn whie
my great number of the land e :
jlorers froni the east are expected , i
; hose who come from points farthe
jaat are not more than three da ;
ride from' Omaha. Tha bulk of tl
passengers axpected in Friday are froi
BuffiloandwebternKew 5Torkand froi
Dvnada , 400 to 500 being cxpocte
: rom those sections. The trains wei
ill late again Friday , the llcck Islan
aot arriving until nearly noon , au
; he overland train not reaching th
lido of the river until nearly tw
/clock , and consequently making :
mpoBsiblo to get the figure
> f the third daytf trai
L Thursday's trams brougl
ilmost as many as thosa of Wednsi
lay , the majority beung from 0ii ! <
"iidiana and Michigan. In additio
o the regular trains a special was ser
louth ou the B. & M. last evening
mother of three coachea to Lincol
> ver the U. P. , and one of tw
: oaches went west over the inai
tne of the Union Pacine
) ver 600 were sent over the Unio
'acific alone. There was one car La
if Cauadi&ns for Plum Creek , wher
here is already quite a settlemen
rom Her Majesty's Domain. The B
t M. sent out three coaches loadei
rom Omaha and twenty-fira fion
? lattsmouth. Thursday and yoiterda ;
lave , while coldbeen clear and bsau
iful days , and euch as will assist ma
erislly ia giving tko excursionists i
; oed idea of the nature of Xebraska'
arming lands. There is no doubt bu
hat on the whole the Bcheme ha
isen a graud success , ai.c
h t the courteous concessions o
; ho passenger n ents of the easten
Oids to the land raut roads , ha
Dorno the desired fruits and tht.t th
portion tf the country whose growt !
ind properily they recognize as nee
jgsary to their own financial succef s
[ rill ba as creaJy ben fitied by thei
tosgnantmnus , though not entire !
unselfish , offer as they could possibl
lave desired. * ,
Go to BUSHMAN'S for NEC1
' Go to BUSHMAN'S for
DLOTH. - , ,
Go to BUSHMAN'S for anythin ,
n the ? DRY GOODS line.
If you intend to buy anpthing ii
lia line , goto BUSHMAN'S and gt
oriur ia-jAY.
100 dozen Hosiery.
100 dozen Hosiorj.
These seeds ; are special bargain
ind are worthy of an early inspec
Ion. - "
The beat line in the city at popula :
This stock is now complete and yet
re invited to call and examine.
See Ladies' vests at 50 cents.
See _ Ladles' ve TD cuits. " .
See Ladies' veils at Sl.'OO.
These goods are wortlnnore money ,
The Isrgest sssortmeut nnd some
boico now things , at" KURTZ'S
tore , Creighton Block. It
- *
Do your shopping at Kurtz's. t
io to H. Dohle & Co'sor nice fit.
ing shoos. Nevr stock of fine shoe :
f every description just in , at
H. DoQLE < S-Co.'s
* * t
Leading Shoe Store. " : * *
, 'nple , McMillcn & Obr'wil ;
As "W u. . rict 8tore iuOreightor
movfi to the - i hi 'month , the'j
ock on the 16ih 01 . tjler' ; un (
e offaring Bnythibgj-li - - * " * fpj
" ' make s.
foir cost , in rjrder"to' roon
krge invoice of jewelry , clockr ,
atchos , Ac. , A.C. Parlier nee"3icg
lything in this line Avill doiwell to
Only 2 out of a lot of 25 of those
elebrated Gold Coin Heating Stoves
jft , and the second lot just arrived.
t is no trouble to sell these beauties )
leotrieara so in convinced that thej
, re the best and cheapest in the mar
cet , and -will furnish -tnore'heal r
jurning 2 tens ofcoRl than any otEw
itovewJl in burning 3 tons. I wil
sell them on monthly payments witl
; oed security. W. F. STOIZEL ,
10th and Jackson Sts.
Work on the Sewer an
Water Works Booming -
_ ing-
Omaha's Unprecedented Pro ;
_ . parity.
f A
There is an immense amount
work going on in Omaha now in t !
waycf public improvements , backi
by private individuals and by the cit
Wctava from Uineto time alluded
'h.3 aizay ! i.a new busioesa bloc
and public buildings completed and
jouiempla'.ion , among the Litter beii
Boyd's new opera house and the cou
home , both of which will ba coi
pletod within the next year's lime.
along South Omaha Creek is ono
the most import mt undertakings
progress , and its benefit to the he 1
of the citizens living along the Ii :
of the old creek will be incalculabl
Under the supervision df Gen. G. I
O'Brien & Son , it is being push
along for all that i-i out. The portii
under Tenth street will soon bo fi
iahed if the weather is not t
unfavorable and the street once me
opened for public travel , and we ho
to bo gradt-d witliin the next twel
months. A largo forca of men is
work on the sen er , the brick for whi
are now bsing produced ia nuffici
quantities incur city. When t hit
exhausted a supply is ready at Coun
Bluffs. When North Omaha ere
and its death-breeding influences i
similarly dispaaed of , tha city's nn
tality reports will bo sensibly lessen *
The company is now pushing we
on. this institution io their best abi
ty , having gangs at work on hauh
pipaa and castings from the depot ai
distributing them ; on tha pumpi
wells and ioundations for the put
house aod on tLe reservoirs. One
the largest g-ingj of men and teai
that ever mada n start brcaki
ground was the ouo put on yesfi
lay inotnlug by Ln ko McDermott
DJ. , who have the contract fo buil
lag the four large settling reaervoi
For the water works company. The
reservoirs will ba completed in abe
iizty days , and will bo used for a (
tling thevrator bafore pamping i i
to the main reservoir on B iker's Hi
Yesterday a carload of Tspecial caf
ing for the waterworks arrived , ai
the work of pipe-laying ; vill now I
; in in a day or two. Pipe-laying h
Deen delayed on account of the no
irrival of these special casting-
joint ? , elbows , etc. Mr. Rutherfor
ho contractor , ia expected here t
lay , and he will immediately mal
irrangcmenta to proceed with tl
* ork. About sis miles of pipe ha' '
> een dishrtbntcu , and pipe cjiitiuu
; o srrive at the r ta cf ei .ht or U
arlo&Js a day Mr. J. J. L. C. Jov
> tt has beoa appointed supervisor i
Finest ever brought to Omahn , ai
A New York prici s. Don't fail to' 81
hem at P * " - ' ' nGlf
See new Dolnm s at Kurtz's.
Ne-.v Stock ,
! > : styles ,
Low Prices.
At H. UOIILE & Co.'s ,
* Los din ? Shoe Store.
We have rcceivud another largo ii
roice qf Dolmans , Cloaks , Ulsters an
rackets , all of which src of the m > i
usnablc pattern. An early Intpt
ion solicited.
. Eimball Esq. , has goue-i
lew York-
W. V. Morse aad wife left for Bostc
Korth , of Columbus
a town Ihursday.J
S. S. Stevens , cf the Eock Island , le ;
or Chicago Thursday.
H. G. Thurmau , law partner of Got
fauce , of Oiceol's Neb. , is in the city.
W. W. Bartlett was yesterday adtuittt
o practice in tha United States courts
R. E. Itingwalt , of the Umpire Lim
; as returned from the east with h
amily ,
Captain Keller and Lieuttuanta LoIIc
ad Young , of. company E , of Suttoa , ar
a the city . -
Frank Kennard and wife left' for the caj
isterdiy afternoon , to bs absent two c
iirce wcsks.
E. S. Matron , a Western Union ope :
tor , hasres'gned and will probahlyremdv
> 0 den to locate.
L. M. Ehem , of Omaha , WJB in thi
ulway center Thursday , haviag cor
rcr to meet.jua si ; < terin-law , _ n = s liar ;
oper , of Cedar Ea ids , who arrived o
19 5vorthwe tera train , bn . Mr
ihcem and wife. Nonpareil.
Judge George E. Cole , formerly govci
or of Wa hingtjn ) Tcrritory , aud no
ostrnast.r oJVD ° rtlaud , Oregon , pas'ei
jc day in ourcity on his way eat to Ne\
'oiE" lihe Judge w s highly elated oxe
le result'pf the presidential election , am
lid if itr hadn't been for the Llorcy ferry
ry , Oregon lAtuld ha\o given a clea
lousand majority for Garfield am
Died. 12 o'clock , Alra
loborts , wife of W. W. Hob arts
'nneral on Sunday , November I4tb
: om the residency ,
Jut Received ,
. /"largo nscorlnieut > "of nejvr Blvl ( <
ilaterettea for youths and men , a
* er'a Mammoth Clothing HouSS
* tn an ( * I"niham. 12 2
g j BOTra ! ! Sorrs ! ! !
We have made' considerable reduj
stuff suits. You ca :
on in all our
LVC money
Bonnet's Stoves miielf the nes
* '
" "
a the Slarket. - '
( tf
> opglas „
Pla G P > !
Gallfcrnia Pears , ,
P-Tana. O21-tt
" *
* * f
A Shot Tower to be Erecte
' - s
in Wilcox's Addition.
An Enterprise That Will Bei
For some time-past th'ere has bci
considerable talk of a new cnterpri
about to ba set on foot In our mid ;
but' at the request cf the parties i
terested ws have refrained until nc
from miking it public. Yesierda
however , the land upon which t !
buiidiu" are to be placed was pa
chased and wo le rn that ground TV
ho broken to-day , so that the
canie no further object in kecpii
tro matter from the public.
The enterprise is the erection of
sliot tovarfor thc-marufac'liro of t
article indicated , n all its vario
sizca and varieties. This i , it
claimed , a poini where euch en ins
tntiou would bo particularly succei
ful ovringio the facilities for obtain !
the lead from which the shot is ma
ufacturcd. An east'ern man , whc
name is Cotter or'Cartier'is at the IIP
of the enterprise , and is president
the company. Frelimin.irarticl
of"1 incorporation were drawn up 89
eral days a o to enable the cornpii
to go ahead with their plans , ahd i
understand that N. Shelton is seci
tsry and treasurer and S. 12. L c
nntiBger. Articles of incorporati
will probably bo filed to-day
the county clerk's office.
The ground purchased for the loc
tion of the tower consists of oightlo
nearly two acres , in Wilcox's atlditic
a ehort distance west of the wind-mi
near the stock yards , on thp old Be'
vue road. This ia convenient to t
White Lrad works and aho to the
P. trick. The buildings will rrybal
consist of a tovrcr.about ono huudr
feet high , furnace roojis lor me'tt
the leid , finishing rooms and ofli
Heavy founelationa are required'1
the tower and engine , and wo lea
thai theao will be put in at nncb n
in all prob < bjlit3' the remainder of t
works will not bo completed uc
spring. Thia is a big institution i
Omaha , and we hope TO seojt succe
to the extent that Ha owners c
Dolmam aud Cloaks.
* * f jw * T " > * ;
. The most complete .assortment $ i
"of New York" ! just received at
Board S3.50 at the Hudson Riv
Eoiue. ll-2t
M. L. Wagner
News has been received in this ci
of the death of M. L. Wagner , w
left this city and his duties here a f (
weeks since to make a visit to his c
homo in Warren county , Indiana , wi
the hujie of benefiting hla healt
His friends in Onmhn , and they a
many , were not sanguinft as to the i
suit and Jelt when they bade hi
good-bye that it waa forever. H
funeral took place on Monday last.
Marquis de Lafayette Wagner w
the son of General Geo. B. Wagne
.v distinguished and gallant soldier
Indiana , and a prominent man
shiping her political nflairs when (
P. Merion , her famous \Nar Go
trnor , was at the holm. After pis
ing the greater portion of his life
I'idiau ; , Wagner c mo to Omaha
JI irch , 187rfj and was employed for
time in the st'ato's'prison , af Lincol
ai-J subre-juently at the hcspital I
the inaaue. Etc , c.imeto Om
ha , in June , and accotped a positu
on The If e'ws , which he ? held until
suspended , in June lasr , and then a
copied a similar position ou The R
- What . we might say - of his g. * charact
ancl many noblojquelities , will be mo :
iittingly tpoken l > y thp friunds i
srhom they Tver e made known in le
than a tenth of the number of yea
the writer has kjjown him. Ho w. .
ilwnys the samo. UnsolCa'.i Io a faul
loyal to the death , enthusiastic i
ivhateyorlie undertook. Ho had tl
mrescrved confidence of a
were . ever connccte
him In business matters <
nherwise. "While others have wri
: cn their name higher in this roll i
[ ame there never WAS one who , had h
reached its utmost pinnacle , woul
lave used his power nnd influence lei
'or himselt aud more for thosu wh
jos ; ssed his regard. Ho has gone !
iis reward. Peace to his ashes.
Having connection wil
Me. G. J. Tajlor , 1 have removed in
ire insurance agency from the corne
> f 14th and Douglas to roomG , Crcigl
, ou block , and I would inform my ol
rionds and patron'flhat Fwill"niton
,3 heretofore to their interests as
ire underwriter. I offer the vei
test indemnity and will see to il
icrsonally ( fire insurance being , ID
ixclusive business ) that their interest
till be fully protected both as regard
ecnriiy against loss , and as regard
issiatance as may be required to ren
ler the indemnity promptly.nvailabk
Respectfulj } ' ,
n03 : SAM'L J. HOWKLL.
EiiRruvluss a
' '
* * "
' a V
- 1 v
Weol "of Prayer for Tonng Ien. "
The third week in November , c h
srved for several years aVaweeko
irayer for young men and YOUL-I
1't.n's Christian Associations , will be
s IitTs..toforo obiervcd by theassocia
ion and Christian people * of "Omah
nd thg worla over wherever there i
a. association. The meetings begi ;
n Sunder morning with sermons' t
ouns menand'ycmng pe . by somE
mPetinga will b
E our pastors , and
lQld each evening during t e veek a
he asiociation rooms. Qn Susda ;
tternoon the work of ttie internr.tlon
1 ctjmmitteo ofjheY. M. . C.y A. wile
> o presented by I he general secretary
Lnd also a few thoughts on the wor !
if ihe assocTatipn thevworid over.rMi
r."W. , Dea1 of ItpraVwill fie in th
: -ty the last half the week and assis
n the meetuiBV All are most cord
illy invited
A Female Foot-Pads Wh
Opens Her Lips Only to
Utter Oaths.
A Biunkea Derni-Rep on E <
Thursday , us Mr. W. C. R *
field , a compositor on THE BEE , w
on his way to his home over a mi
south of Farnhom , on Tenth stree
hia attention WEB attracted by the p
caliar actions of a wonian who walks
in front of him. She teemc-d'to 1
either drunk or crazy , and zigz ggi
back and forth -in her course
so that he was unab'e to p ass he
She kent this up until he could ube
bo bothered longer , aad turning
look ft her as he passed he saw th
ahe woie on her face a black mas
whicb effectually concealed her fe
turos. She followed him nearly her
before ho could get rid of her , siyii
all the time not ono wet
Liter in the evening , auoth
young man had a similar oxpcrien
with tha woman who , after carty !
on her foolishness for some tlfae turn
and taking him by the shoulder sa !
in broken German , * "How you like
if I kili .you , yon tarn s b
We have heard of no arreat in t
locality described , and supposa t
lunatic or whatever she is , mi
have made her escape.
Yesterday" woman who w
caught by Pat Lihey , cf the postoflii
in lib house ao no months ago , t
drunk for utterance , anl who claim
to ba a married woman from Lincol
was E03n-on lower 13th street terril
intoxicated. She fell down once
twice and the sidewalks were ell t
narrow for hor. She wore a lin
ulster and her hair was in a ve
biuged condition , ru was alio her h :
She had no mask on , however , a
probably was no.t the womau referr
to above.
ILuiil sowed
Kerr stock just
received t
Q. DOHLE & Co. ,
Leading Shoe Store.
ililltary blatters.
The latest orders issued from t
Headquarters of tha Department
the Platte , Fort Omaha , are dat
Novembai llth , and are aa follows :
A boird of survey , to consist
Major Marshal I. Ludington , quart )
'master , ch'ef quarttrmastor of the c
parlmant , Captain Cyrus L Rober
ITth'infantry , A. D. 0. , and Capta
Richards Birnett assistant surgeo
U. S A , will convene at thia pla
on the 12h day uf November , 18fc
at 2 o'clock p. in. , eras' sbon "Hiei
nfter as practicable , to examine t
condition of ono nulioad transit , f
which Captain W. S. Stanton , cor
of engineer. ? , U. S. A. , chief engine
officer of the department , is respom
blf , and to fix tha responsibility f
such damage to the transit aa may
found to exist.
The board will assess Ihe amount
bo refundeel to the United Stites i
account of such tUmayo.
Leave of ahsenco for ono mont
with pjrmissK > n to apply foranexte
sioii ut five months , is granted Caj
Wm C. Forbush , Fifth cavalry , Fo
Robinson , J\eb.
Leave of absorce for ono mont
with perum'ioH to apply for an exte
eion f f five monthc , id "ranted Maj
Edwin V. SumnC-r , Fifth cavalry , i <
Robinson , Neb.
A. general court martini ia hero' '
appointed to nirtitrti Fort SanderV
T.'on the 17th d.ty of Novembt
1880 , eras _ _ BLon ihcr.jafterjis prac
" "
oablo , for tho" trial cif such"prraone
ai may ho brought be-fore it
DKTJIL 1011 TUB i 00J.T.
Oaptaina Chaj. J. Von Herrman
Fourth iufai try ; Thos. F. Quin
Fourth in - tTtrJthn ; B Jojiusoi
Third cava'ry ' ; iirjt , Lieutcn iits Be
ler D. Pricu , Fourth infantry ; E
ward L Baik-y , F > urth infantry ; E
gar C. Ste > vcr , jr , Third cav-dlt
( Jeorao DocJd , Th'rd cavalr
Second Lieiuunnnls Francis 1
Bardie , third cavalry , Arthur <
Dncit , third cavalry ; Captain John !
Thompson , third cavalry , judge adv
cato. Xo other officers thai the
named can be assembled without mai
ifent injury to tbs service.
Upon the recommendations of tl
medtcsl director of the departraen
Acting Assistant Surgeon , R. ]
Grimes , U. S. A. , ia relieved from d' '
ty at Fort Sanders , \Vr T. , and will r
p > rt in person to the commanaini , ' of
cer , Fort HnD , Idaho , to relieve Ac
ing Assistant Surgeon S. S. Beyer , 1
S. A.'from duty as post surgeon.
Aclu.g Assistant Boyer upon beii
thus relieved , will report at th ?
headquarters for annulment of co
"Visit Ktirlz'a store.
Succssor3 to J. II THIELE ,
No. 1220 Douglas Street ,
TO LOAN At 8 percent Int
. < t , fi earns ol # 2000 and u
* ads for I to 5 years' time onfirst claisiinprc
dciH Ri l farm property. Apply at BKS !
iical Ksutfl and Loan Agency , Ijth and Dougl :
) ts. 273 exltf
OfFitr : OF CmCLERK. . V
OM4I1A. NOT. 8'.b , 1880. f
Sealed propo-als will ba recthtd by the ui
lerslsne.1 until 12 o'clock jjoon. on Tnjsds ;
November 15tb , A. V 18Sn..forfurriahlnj b i
ind soft c l lor use m tic ciij pfflcM and fl'
nn'il the 30th
lepai-tment from O'is date <
& ' | > o -il3 'hall stitc the price U
nch coal dcli-ere-l where orotred. and shs
nicunt of coHT. 1 twTlvU la rcasn-cd
r.r and'all t > 'ds ? - ' " . ,
3-iid posa shah b
En\clop-a conMinm ? pr
wtked "ProFossb for ro.nd .ddreaed t
iDdewhnwL Ji UcCAH 'J
Crncs pr Cur CtERK ,
Soiled proposals-trill be rcie ed by
IcreiTOcd uttH 12 * ! < > * Rcon > on t
ay of .Vovember , A. V IffiJ. lor gndlw H. :
. ! uirpnt lo tte oitabUahtd crMe-froin ' tr
MS ot 15lh rtwot to tra eaU lUo'oI 101
"et. Piosandspcclfl attons for slid -wot !
" ssallottierinfcrmition can be obtain-
A offi-e cf city engineer , mCrei hton Block.
Saidb-dj abUl Etato tha pr-ce par c- > tic j i
ordolrp - raid , sad ahaU ppecify het !
irtdi } tor earth removed ur canh paced c
"Proccsali for C r dla <
Svere i to nndirsienea al
, ,0tp-ei8d The aim oropcwd szr
rtheumiTtondlti * H SCCO"IIJT
r unt.1 ' luou-u" - -
- WL'Tte iJiat 13 rearreJ to reject :
sch - , .
' J _ pBTniT > T T-.V
" -
aS3'Waft *
ins tie ] Lxteat Home and Tel
thj Diy.
NOTICE Adv rtlmiin8nt3 To Let For 8s :
teat , Koscd , Wan * , Boarding &c. , wlj ! bo i
letted In these columns onca for IKS CKK'
per lln ; each EubseqnentlnaarUon.FrVE CES :
per llae. The flrrt Insertion no er lea tb
SO T.CA2T C1I t Law OSca
D. t.7HOKA3.Room8.CrgUhtouElo <
, i TO I.OAU 1109 Famham str
M . nov-22-ti
Dr. EJwaidfl Loan Agency.
To rent & fcmall hotuo Z (
W centra oi the ctty. Addresi 850-13 K , . I
TTT : i
V V Kbi 4P. : As pajmcut , Inetruotl
F-nt-clm nf'reucei
che jfully kivcu -
dres2 ImoiEdiitely KEV. JAVCEBttPo :
offi. .
TTTASIEC All Onuhi ti know Ihit I
VY Jtojit. - ! . Jonn Is the hixo.f Eefti
43 'f
JUelunes , oSIce on It th St.
! WANTED -By a ) onngsweii !
SITUATI01 . Address "Charle
mm aa cleric ia a store.
CrsJ-clsss girl for
hoimvrork. Oobd g and btoayc
TI aud 24tti S
ployment , Lorthojit conisr Uod e
Good barber to go to c nnt
\ YV Addicts t . W. Wclca , West f ont ! , Neb
Book Keepitg or copjin to
WASTED Address "Competent , "
oiHcc. & "
ANTED AII otnca boy. "Ihe BrAdatr
" SiS
Girl to do hrusflwiiik in § n
WANTED mttet be good waiher and ron
toily :
no otUr nefd apply. Wl at 813 South ISth
otstctt airs jrefered. Stnt priie a
ion. Ad rcss A. , 419 N. 18th : t. 30
2nvn to work In nurtcUard
Bus ro3J man wllh titan 3
WAXTaU J lars Young or ini < 'iU ' i
1 > clerrcd. J-pleiiJil open nv for right in
i'orpatticul rsa < idre iK E. O. , P. o Box.
Urnak > . ycbr.skj 8 t
r\ - NE. . cor. ISth .1 .1 I ol
" 8 ?
\ATANTFD A ! ousi-kcepsr. A | | i' } mr 1 !
\ \ and Hjrnej &u. 8
HENT 2 rooms fjrn.shd or u (
POR ' . 4tl IQth tt , niarHovjad. _ S J
TJlOtt KKNT V p'ca ant furnicd ( rou * ruc
1' Farutum St , Eouth side , bctn < : n Uth
17th ; fe-v d y boarders can bo ni uu met t
yj. 803. S.J
OR nEXr A II.CB furnUhtd room , nt 1 !
F Tarnham St. , above J9.h. ? 41
7OR ( REST Tha * excellent dnelllni houst
{ 1 E. corner o ( 221 cud Cilifornia * tree
We ! ! , ciatorn.nd b" ru. Alg ) for sale the c
pets , stove ? , furniture etc , for cash or 02 Ui
App'y to John Guild , 1905 FarnhaniSt. 83 !
KE > T rnc'llufrhou'e S. E cornfr
2WaiidEurtSt . Excellent burn , dte :
indcll ; r.ntchcap Alsofjr sale cheap , c
pc'.s fuirlture. etc. , for c.i h or 01 time : Ap ]
to C. A. Merrill , lfX > 5 Farnfcaui St. & 4 !
"T71 0R RENT Oojd It-jU'o and barn , loth t
Marry streets Inquire of Bildnin 5
TjlORRENT Rocn and lear > lsui'able for t
JD ptrsoa ? , h'atei ty rejister , at 275 dpi
. \veim S3
T71UHMSUKU Rtxitni for rent , at Doi
jj lluuse , opposite Eee i0i. e. S02
TnOURnvr Pis-o by ths month. Ap |
JJ at tha Metropolitan hotel. 7
TJ10R KENT A fnmishcd room , suitable
JLJ one or Uo gentlemen , 3. W. cor. IStb a
Howard Sta. 731
. . | 70R REST Cottage , on 5th and Pine SI
I1 now house , eight rootffs.on 53d a' d Taw ! :
Inquire J. P. hoe , B. E. Cor. 12th aad Fa
ham 69t
\ KENT Home aud lot in Snail's i
E\OR . , lu-ar nc17. . S. comll. Enquire
Room 6 , Creightou Clock. 68J
Itt T 2 furnished rooms over 1 !
FOR Exchange , ! ' . E. Cor. 10th u
Dodze etreets. 259-t
MILL FOR SALE-Chca ; . , 2 run
stoiies. rurifjer , c 1'lcnty water at < o
Lst > tae. , FI c Jcfbation for Arising or in
chant norK. 82.509 cash dotrn , bill ice onk
time. AdiJreis P. O. Box 240 , Scn-ard KcbS33
ORLE on KENT Ksilroad Kit !
F Houso. at Elm Crack , BcQalo County , >
u 3lca , tixtoen miles ucst oJKeirney Jnnctk
ou Ihe liua o ! the U P R. H. Posa'Siion giv
I mm dlatel ; Good reasons for Fi
pa ticulats then on applicitu n to Mrs. Ptri
on the uemUes , in per-on or hy mil' . 803
60UM ) Uiolce tiriCn. for 3&.o Apply to Thum
I Green &S < in , C'nuncil BluC ? , a. "flj
Q HOUSfcs And corn.r rail ot lot , hoiithe.
/V corner 4th and Caa3 Sts. , 7 roonn m eac
rent for $20 and & ! 5 enioi.ih I.EIIIS' In
ESTATE Aozhcr , 15th and Douglaa Sta. 670
IOP. SAliK Mixed paints , at A Hohne8,16
F and California hta. 015
71 r. bAlilv Co'.Wiwo-xl i-aauer of all sizes ,
- . 518
-pRAIS'ARD , Taxfadormist.corn
. l ) 3th and Howard St. , D'irhe
a apteijlty. 8J5-lm
fTIAKt-N CP 2 black colts , one 4 year
J. marc and ono 2 jear old horse c 1 , 3 mil
north -jn lliiuoaij bottom. GnTILIEBHEY
\ > . nil pen Novtmber 16th , cor. Famha
aJal'nthitb - ' llIoclc.
P-ippletou' 811-
T 14th und Jacksoa h > s
reduced tha of board from Sl.OO
to ? 3 75 , and d--y 'b'jaia from § 3.50
to ? 3 00. The tiousa is newly farnisho-l
f u I sp'endid boird ITIVPH. 81C-1S
Absolutely Pure ,
from Grapa Cream Tartar. "So oth
ircparaSon makes such li ht , flaky hot brexil
> r luxurious pastr > . Cau be eaten by ilypepti
yitliout fear of the lla resulting from heavy 1
bold enl > in c by all Grocers.
UT u PowpTRno. . K nrTorfc
can and s. sued issortment of
At * LOWER PIGURB than i
ny other shoo honso In the city ,
satisfaction g-wrinteed. Frlcatveryreaaci
Omcs or Crrr CIXEK , 1
ChtAHA , NEB , Nov. lOib , 1SSO. /
e-ie J proposals will be received , by tha m
lersl ied untl rne'day , Nov. S3d , 1SSO , f (
illln ? in tne oM creek , sonth ff Leavanwort
iirect 'ifiUeen 14tii a d ISth streets The woi
iflil be iliknr in dirt t- > kJ ucl (
ircordlc ; 'o instructions I om tt
: ity en--infcr cr Jig Sicpheoson , ibabrrcan i
be cornrr. ttcc on stre tj And grades , and si !
Elin ? w H b on th * propertr owned by the cil
to " it , ths streets and a leys in the vicinlt.
Bids sliafl sF-ec'fv ' tbe pri e per cibic yard fi
> uih amo'int of eanh as miy be ordered taui :
im < ertiyeofhat Uut&mount may be.
EnTelopeVcomwn'n ? raid bldathillbemarki
"BidslorO-admco-i Leavenworth street" ar
be delire-ed to the undersigned at a tin e m
later abjTefp" ciaed The right U refemd I
tne city counc 1 to jej-ct aiT and all > W .
n26t City Clerk.
ST. .
An OpportuDify is Now Offered to all Ladies West of New York
to Make Their Purchases from the Finest Line of
Ever showaia a retail store ; purchased for cash direct from French manu
facturers , and especially made and finished for the retail trade-
< & ?
In all numbers and all widths , commencing in 21 inch Cashmere finished
at $1,25 , up to the finest production of the celebrated
These Goods We Offer at
n inspection will well repay intending purchasers.
21 inch Brocades in bronze , garnet ) navy , brown , SJl.OO a yard , worth
2 1 Fine Black Brocade at $1.25 , worth $1,75.
24 inch , all Silk Brocades , 'at $2.00 , $2,25 , $3.00.
16 inch Silk Velvets at $1.00.r
19 inch Silk Velvets , at $1.50 , $1.75 , Skf.OO , $2.25 , $2 50 , $3.00.
23 inch Silk Velvets from $4 OO to $9.OO a yard
Silk Plushes in all Colors , all Shades.
In Garnet , Favy , Green , Prune , Gendarine , Etc ,
Black and Colored Cashmeres , all Wool , 45 cents.
Oui140 inch. Colored Cashmeres , 70 , worth 90 cents.
Our 40 inch , Colored Cashmeres , 80 , worth $ LOO.
Our 40 inch Shudda Cashmeres , 75 , worth $1.00.
All Retailed sit Xeiv York Prices.
Qualities equal , we are to-day selling goods cheaper than any house in
the west.
One price marked in plain figures.
3Jy I of Fall and Winter Clothing for Men's Youths' Boys' and
Children's Wear.
1001 Farnhain Street" " the requirements of Everybody.
BlOCK. the most varied and elegant ever displayed in the
our large display of Dress and Business Suits , Fall
Grand Weight Overcoats , Novelties in Furnishing Goods ,
Stylish Hats and Caps , Trunks , Valises , Califorfornia
Blankets and Overalls , &c. . &c.
buy one dollar's worth of Clothing until he has seen our
immense Stock and learned our Priced.
[ Safe , Cfcriain , Sure and Speedy.
'he only article knownthatWill
escretfQate\h\s \ disease
Genera I Agents ,
ATED ty obatructcd secretlor.3 , md to which
Udloaar3czpciaiysabjectair : ; * ays be "lie-
Heved , * nd their reccrrence prevented , by the
ueo ! TAHSA I'S ETrzaviscz-Tr SZLTZEH ArxsiEXT
Oval Brand
'JJJbLi-tu '
The sales n { tills "tinnJ" of Ovitcrn hare nownnt8trpp d all others. Yon cct more Ojrters U )
WEIuIIT AND MEASURE ID cina of this brand than > any other. D. P. HCKJlfcl , : , .
m General Wcitern Azent Ormlia.
Propose for the next ninety (90) ( ) days to sell then
entire stock of
Diamonds , Watches ,
Jewelry , Clocks.
Silver-Ware ,
; Pianos & Organ
it Manufacturing ; Prices , Which is from 15 to 20 per
cent , helow any Eastern Wholesale House ,
preparatory to moving into their
'STore/Oor. llth & Farnham
We Mean Business. Come and be Convinced.