Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 13, 1880, Morning Edition, Image 1

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Established 1871. _ , * CORNING ! EDITION. Price Five Cents
Dodge and Fifteenth Sts.
4 Wo areKow Displaying an" Ele
gant line of Lidies'
of tba
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up to $40.QO.
r for a Child 2 years and
at Pleasing rriecs.
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tiug * from 0c up nlj ,
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and ihoat mudc , A. I1OSPK , JR.
Ib'a PoJgft St. . Omaha
i > rcpMa ] < will be rccclvad br the
icilathls office nntll S o'clock p. m.
Fatardiy , iho4th-d yof Dc mticr , l&jj , tor
theporcha c ot one" hundred nd tweiitj-Dre
thousand dollari of L'oul B connfv bonds des
cribed M fo'loxr * : ODD numircJ and t enty-fii e
bonds ot one thousand ( lOi/D ) do'Iars each , dated
January 1st , 1SS1 , and ] < a-ahlo twenty yean
from date vttli intcrnt at fix per cent , per
annum , payibb teml-aannJly in the city of New
I Said bondi shall ben dccmable at the option
1 V olxhe board of ccuntr corcnii-sion'rs of said
county , at the cxnirationof tcujcaig from the
datoof s ne , bntnoleyy ihallbe midc to pny
anypart-of ths principal , of e ia bonds until
after the expfaillon of taid ten jc rs-
Inte-ost < liall be p'M vu raid bondo oiHr from
and after the date < f the e&lo of fame , on any
part thereof , and ! hc recefyt cf IKcmonei there
fore , baldb ndi to be de'lvercd RS follows :
925.COO on the first day tf Januar. , 1SS1.
J50,0"0 on the first diy of July , 1831.
SO,000 on the first dty of January. 1SS2 , j
Froposali will be r.'ccireJ at the wne time
for the pnrebassof gild il 5.000 of IxjBds. the
entire amount to be delivered Jaauurr 1st , 1SSL
Tbeboanl of couity conimii-loncrs rcserre
he ri ht to reject any or all bids dated Omaha
Nor. Bth , ISSJ.
IfoTUtf County ClerE.
4 cr. c. * y A T ese ,
Capilol Ave , , Opp. Masonic Hall ,
OMAHA , - - - - - NEB ,
Pausing Be'o e the Shock that
is to Deide the Great
Graphic Description ofthe
Situation at Baycolt . . * !
Insinuations that Haycolt ' "Will
Not Live to Hear the Birds
Sing in the Spring. "
A Land "Agent in Limerick
Spcctal Dlsrstch to Tea Bcti
Loxno.v , November 131 a. m.
A dispatch from Balltnrobo says the
oxportitsou for the relief of Baycolt ,
slbLt inbitrjcks Thursday night , auej
j * * t 11 o'clock yesterday morning they
] stiutod for Loughmarsh house , under
I the tasie escort as Thursday night.
It xras again raining hard , and ngaln
they had to march , as no cars could
bo hired. There was very Ihtle cr
citeraent in town yesterday. The
Biejfo Is expected to Jait oii ht daj s.
LTho cxpsdition arrived at Jlr. Sny
colt's i > laceat a quarte paat-3 O'clCSWT
There was very little Incitement , and
KJ demonstr.yion of any kind. . The
agiicultural implements were loft at
Olareniorris in the nibt , as membars
of the expedition had not time to wait
to have them leaded on wagons ,
and a detachment of Hussars went to
Cldremorris after them yesterday
morning , and were expected to re
turn last night. The work of harvest
ing Mr. Baycolt'a crop will not bo be-
Kun until to-day. A correspondent
of The Daily News , telegraphing from
Ballinrobe , thus describes Mr. Bay
colt and his home : - The isolated
dwelling was a moro gloomy object
than tie landscape. It is dreary and
prieon like , as most of the Irish houa
es of its class , and Mr. Baycolt's habi
tation has thoroughly the look of a
place in which crimes had been , or ,
ts a native-in these parts suggested ,
ought to be c-immitted. Two dark
figures in the garb of the royal Irish
constabulary , occupied the front door
step , and others of their fellows kept
watch and ward over the stables and
grounds. .Nearly three weeks of
p-ucful excitement had made but
slight change in Mr. Biycolt's family.
His wife and daughter live under cir
cumstances which would drive many
people mad , and the combatkiv < . > land
agent and farmer himself maintains a
belligerent attitude. His head is
gray , and his slight figure bowed , but
by no means in submission. On the
contrary , never was Mr. Baycolt'a at
titude moro deSant. It is only by
skillful subterfuge that he cin gut a
lilri. w li < vl for Iiiaoulor , or n lo f
of broad for his inner man. _ Under
ground routes , which existed a fort
night ago , ire closed , and in fact all
communication is stopped , and the
hunted man is driven to the last ex-
trotnety. Not a aoul will ecll him &
sixpence worth of anything. Ho can
not even get a glass for his wfttch from
the watchmaker Thursday evening
the following loiter was handed Mr.
Baycolt by the tenants ot Lord E irne :
KILLMOHE , November 10.
To C. 0. Eajcolt , E q :
Sir. Iii accordance with the decis
ion made In Lord Erne's last letter to
us , we want you to appoint a day to
receive rents from the tensnis. A
reply is requested.
Mr. Biycolt's _ reply was he
would ba ready to receive rents at 10
o'clock Friday morning , an hour after
which time ho received the following
notice :
KILLMORK , November 12.
To O. C. Eatcjlt , Eiq :
'Tho tenants request an answer to
the following before they pay the rent :
First , don't you wish you may get
it ? Second , what day do you expect
the Or. ngemon , and how are they to
como ? Third , how are you going to
hook it ? Lot us know , BO that we may
see you off. Fourth , are you anyway
comfortable ? Don't be unessy in
your mind , wo will take care of your
self. Down with the landlords and
their agents. God save Ireland. _
Such communications as this are
agreeable and amusing enough when
addressed to a distant friend , but are
hardly so diverting when directed to
one's eclf. It is also disgusticg to
hear pcoplo say , when one passes ,
"He will not hear the birds sing in
tie spring. " Next toopcn and secret
enemies indiscreet friends are perhaps
the most d'saproeable of created bo-
ings. Unfortunately Mr. Biycolt ,
wuo'wantcd a tcoro at most of the
northern men to gat in his crops , has
been threatened with an invasion
from Ulster. The opposition of t ! e
government to such ulster measures ,
as Galwsy men callsd tbern yesterday ,
ha-i at least had the effect of moder
ating the peasantb' rancor. Of the
relief expedition , only fifty , with the
baggage and implements , are an
nounced as on thb march , but even
this number is a hideous infliction on
Mr. Baycolt. Ho has nowhere to
lodge them but in his barn , ( "and has
-assuredly nowhere withbut to feed
them , so his position , whether con
fronted either by friend or foe , is sim
ply overwhelming. -
Two hundred additional marines
have been ordered to Ireland.
The Orangemen and also the troops
will remain at Loughmarkten days.
Mr. Wheeler , a land agent in coun
ty Limerick , was shot dead yesterday.
Davitfs Doom.
Spedal Dbpatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , November 12 , 4 p. m.
A special cablegram siys Michael
Davitt , the Irish agitator , -who left
this country for Ireland last Wednes
day , will be arrested on _ hia landing at
Queenstown. "Violating his ticket-of-
leave will be charged against him.
Special Dispatch to" The Bee.
DUBLIN , November 12 4 p. m.
The Bsycolt relief expedition left
Billinrobe for Lough Mask , Mr. Bay
colt's farm , this mornin ? . They're-
mained at Ballinrobo over' night , aa
it wxs quite dark when the train , on
which they traveled , arrived , and n
heavy et"rm set m. The expedition
was protected by a large detachment
of troops. The people surrounded
their camp and hooted and yelled de
fiantly , but although the hostile
feeling exhibited yas ift'cnso , no violence
lence was offered. Officers of the
land league were present , and did
what they could to obstruct the.move . -
Jjnent wilhoutr ubjc ing themselves
J to arro t. 1 ho march to Luugh Mask
-i IhU-muraing will be ihruitgh'linps of
I hostile reople and through miles of
' dee < > nmd.
, t" " BRANDED.
A distwlch from Sliflo ep.ysn farmer
narned'Kfslehr.n v/hi'o '
, / working a
farm at th. t place , * from which bo
Jisi previously .buen evicted , was at-
tackid by a pirly of dhguisea mail
ana ! branded with a-rod hot iron and
Tfio ctiannel'fleelf frbln England'has
arrived at Qaeetisiowu. The latest
dispatch icpjriB everything quiet at
Ba'lfnrqba. ' People eeom to bo awed
at tiie cfrfngth of the military.
- * *
CHICAGO , November 12 4 p. m.
A London &pccal ta The Daily News ,
from ' Irelandtodayjs ' , of.
greatest anxiety is felt regarding tht >
situation at Boycott's farm. The Tel
egraph and Daily News issue snocial
editions , or xtraa as they would be
called in United States , giving lafcsV
dispitchos fromCavau'and BillinrobeJ
&nd they arc bought u asi quickiy and
devoured as ravenously as at any time
( luring theJRusso-Turkish war. The
Irish people in England are greatly
uxciteU overthe news , and
fearaaro entertained" 'that . near
ly sill Iarg ° English cities
willjba Ecrnea of serious riots , thould
th5 trouble at Uoycott's culminate In
& fi ht. Litgo bodies of troops are on
the way to Boycott's farm to d y , and
thousands of peasants , nearly all fully
armed , and all determined , are on the
road also.
if a collision is avoided , but the mili
tary have orders merely to preserve
order and protect the relief pirty , and
no trdublu , it is thought , will be provoked
voked by'lho soldiery. In the stale
trials at Dublin this morning , the
judges of the court of tha queen's
bench granted the traverers' applica
tion fnr further particulars respecting
acts alleged against them.
The rumor that Michael Divitt will
ba arrested upon his lauding at
Queenstown , has no foundation ? a
yut Ho may and probab'y will bo
r.rrested. but the government has not
authorized any action in the matter.
Special Disoatch to The Dee.
ST. PETEHSBURQ , November 12 10
p. m. All the nihilists tried for being -
ing implicated in plots against the life
of the czir have been found guilty.
Five were sentenced to death , and
eleven to hard labor in-tlie miuei , the
terms ranging from life to fifty years ,
fhreo of them , woman , were sen
tenced to fifteen years penal servi
tude. The court announced that it
would intercede for the mitigation of
the sentences iu the cases cf the wo-
tncii , p.rd in the case of one man con-
de Jincd toTlio mmoo.
Special Dispatch to The Ucc.
LONDON , November 12,10 p. in
The movement looking to the organ
ization of a now political party is bo-
iug made by Randolph Churchill ,
\Voh , Gjrst and others. It is to bo
known as the Voung England party.
I'he object h to recruit its ranks from
among those dhatFccted Tories who
are without party at the present time ,
for the reason that they will not join
the whigs under any circumstances.
News of a very interesting charac
ter has reached London society pa
pers concerning Mrs. Langtrey. It is
said that the event is expected in her
household shortly , which will bring
great jny to her thou ands of admir
ers. London society is thrilled over
the announcement. Mra. Langlroy re
tired to Jergey eoniB montns since.
The date of the expected event is not
Spcciil Dispatch to Ths C oo.
BREMEN , November 13 1 a. m.
The -North German Lloyds have en
gaged to convey three thousand Rou
manian Jews to Now York. The em
igrants are sick of their own country , '
and have bccn.enabled to seek fresh
home ] across the Atlantic by the lib
erality of their co-religionists in
France and Germany. The North
German Llods has undertaken to
find orthodox f aod for the emigrants
during the passsge. Their patrons
provide funds , not only for the pas
sage , but also for the purchase of
homes and farms in America.
Special Dispatches to Th Bee.
MrBandry D'Asaon.who was Thurs
day forcibly expelled from the French
chamber of deputies , and confined in
an adjacent room on account of his
continually refusing to leave the cham
ber afici the vote expelling him was
taken , was yesterday released after hav
ing promised to atiempt no further
action likely to create fresh disturb
The single scull match for 200 be
tween Layoock and Hawden , which
was to have been rowed to-day over
the Thames course , is declared off ,
and Hawden has' paid forfeit.
A Paris despatch says the Anglo-
American telegraph company's Brest
cable has broken.
The Albanian assembly requests
one month to consider the surrender
A dispatch from Lisbin Bays a
Portugues loan of 4,000,000 ponnds
sterling is announced.
Mormons in the South.
Special Dispatch to THE BZK.
CHATTANOOGA. November 13 , 1 a.
m. G. W. Ellege , of Alamcsa coun
ty , accompanied by Elder Cowels , of
of the Mormon faith , were in the city
yesterday. They left for Virginia
and will return here on the 18th , and
leave for Alamosa , with about fifty
converts. They report the emigrants
as pi ospsring in their new home. They
have guod schools , good churches , and
neirly all of them are Mormons. The
great majority of tho-n came from
north Georgia during the past three
years. Nearly four hundred from
north Georgia have located here.
The people of the colony oppose po
lygamy , and there is only one polygamist -
mist amcng them.
In R quarrel yesterday eveniug at
Tilmvi If , Pa , a notorious character
mined Scott McAlvey , shot and in
stantly killed a man named Dougher
ty. The murderer was rescued from
a mob and placed in jail.
Material Advance in East
ern "Freight Sales , :
Further Tnterea-ing Develop-
inents ExpeoteS ihthef
Mofey 'Lett&r Ch'sd , " ' :
And the Democratic ) " Commit
tee Try to Olear Them
selves of the Whole
The Alton Road Reduces Fare
to $7.
Special Dlejnich ( o the BKX.
NoRTii PLITTE , Nob.November 12.
The official canvass of the Twenty-
sixth senatorial district gives Snyder
1,807 , Valentine 1,389 , CiutcharSSl ,
Blighted Amoltlon.
CHICAGO , November 13 1 B. m.
A uovel suit was tried in the supreme
court yesterday. It appears that last
summer Carter H. Harrison , mayor of
Chicago , was n candidate for nomin-
t'on for vice-president on the demo
cratic ticket , and in , order to further
his interest ? , had a portrait and bio
graphy published in The Alliance , of
this city , agreeing to take 5,000 cop
ies. Suit was brought against J. 0.
Thompson , themaytr'a private secre
tary , to recover § 250 , the price agreed
upon for the papers , but it was de
cided in Thompson's favor , because
the mayor testified that he did not
agree to take the papers unless the
biography was written up satisfactorily
Gen. Drum's fJeDort.
Spcclxt Dlspatcb to Tim Bim.
WAs"iKGTONNovemberl3 la. m.
Adjutant General Drum made the
following report to Gen. Sherman
yesterday : Outot25OCOmon , 0,129 ,
very nearly ono-tihrdaie drawing in
creased pay for each live years of con
tinuous service. The reports of the
over-recurring conflicts with hostile
Indians exhibits gallant acts and sol
dier like endurance of hard
ships highly commendatory
to the troops. Gen. Dram opposes
the restoration by congress of officers
dismissed from the service , and rec
ommends that by statutory enactment
they be required to present their
claims to a board of officers and be
appointed by the president. There
has been great improvement in rifle
practice and it is earnestly recom
mended that the government offer a
military prize to the successful com
petitors , in which officers and men of
the army participate. The promotion
of enlisted men to second lieutenants
has been produclive ol great Rood.-
They Didn't Do It.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YOUK , November 13,1 a. m.
The executive committee of the na
tional democratic committee at its
final meeting last night , adopted the
folio fing :
The national democratic committee
make the following statement con
cerning the so-called Morey letter.
First Neither the committee nor
any B.ib-cooimittee thereof , have ever
taken any active part in reference to
said letter.
Second It was first called to the
attention of the chairman of the com
mittee on the night before Its publi
cation iu Tlft Truth , on the 20th of
Third That the chairman therefore
requested Mr. Suialley , a member of
the committee , to examine ho letter ,
but permission to do so was refused
at the office of The Truth.
Fourth That no member of the
committee ever saw the letter , or any
copy or portion thereof until its pub
lication , or was in any wise concerned
theraln , or give any advice In refer
ence thereto.
Fifth Thai Mr. Hart brought the
original letter to the headquarters on
the afternoon of October 20 , where It
was seen for the first time by any
member of the committee , and then
examined by several members of the
committee and other persons. All
those who were 'familiar with the |
handwriting of Gen. Garfield came to
the conclusion that the letter was
Sixth That the committee decided
to purchase a reasonable number of
electrotype pl tes of fac simile which
had already been prepared by The
Seventh No denial having
come from Gen. Garfield of the au
thenticity of the letter , notwithstand
ing the telegraphic demand by The
Now York Herald , the committee de
cided to give out the electrotype
plates , which was accordingly done.
The propriety of this action was not
doubted by the committee , as the let
ter seemed to be in harmony with
Gen. Garfield's views on the subject ,
as gathered from public records of un
doubted genuineness.
Eighth That a complete denial
was not published until four days af
ter the original publication in Tfaej
Truth , and this denial was nnsupport- .
ed by any other evidence. ' ' The com
mittee , in view of Gen. Garfield's con
nection with other scandals , attached
no weight to hia denial.
Ninth That , therefore , when the
evidence was offered -show that
Morey was , the real" person , and not a
myth , the committee called for its
production , as they were bound to do
in order to arrive at the truth , and
that if the letter had been forged or
any fraud committed in reference
thereto , or false evidencj given , it has
been done without the knowledge or
consent cf the committee or any mem
ber thereof. Finally the committee
approves of all honest meaaurej to
punish any and all persons who have
committed any violation of the lair ,
and have no interest in the matter
but to arrive at the truth of the afluir.
That there should be any doubt aa to.
the authenticity of the letter is largely
duo to the failure of Che prosecution
to put Gen. Garfield on the stand.
By order of the committee.
[ Signed ] W. H. BABNOM ,
The Perjury Case.
Special Dispatch to THB Bn.
NEW YOBK , November 13 1 a. m.
The confessions . made by S. S.
Morey and Jamea O'Brien , alias
Lindsay , alias B rry , formed the
chief to.ic ( of conversation in political
" *
circles yesterdcyand the general
opinion was that they had been juat-
ly dealt with in tha treatment thty
h d received. Their perjured tes'i-
mohy was denonnced on all sides , and
yet'their is no doubt that their full
confessions hive nblbsen given to the
public. The grand uty adjourned at
11 o'clock yesterday till Monday with
out reporting ny indictment to court.
It is hint d that several important ar
rests will , bo madb to-day , and the
supptsition is thfttt jrtaiii gentlemen
CDDncoted with the national democrat-
10 hoidrjuafiorS vfitl bo amoi % the
faumber' . S. S. Mory is to ba re-
B srred as a witness , aud it is not pos
sible that l.o is'rotatued to testifiy
ajainut O'Brien , f r he never saw or
heard of hitn till * ii met him hero in
t nrt. Theroia something transpiring
which no 'amount of persuasion would
induce Mr. BUs pr John I. Daveu-
'gnrt 10 diynluq Sflvorol strangers
have appearo'di flW the ccne > and are
k -pt busily engaged In conversation at
tha district-attorney's office. Inpir-
taat roveliltions are looked withiit the
Hext two days.
The decision of Judge Davia in the
Pbilp case is to bo given to-day , and
11 looked forward to with deep inter
Advance In Eastern Freight
SpocUl Dispatch to TUB Bis.
NEW YOUK , November 13 1 a. m.
The following was issued by Com
missioner Fink yesterday afternoon :
NKW YORK , November 12.
An advance of 5 cents per hundred
ponnds en grain , flour and all articles
'n the seventh and eighth classes not
idvanced on the first of November ,
will take effect on the 22d inst. This
makes thebatia on grain from Chicago
to New York 35 cents , and on provis
ions 40 cents , with the usual differ-
nces to Boston , Philadelphia and
[ Signed ] AiBEExFiNK ,
Chairman Joint Committee.
Massachusetts' Census.
Ipecial Dispatch to The Bee
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , November 12
.0 p. m. The count of the popula-
ion of Massachusetts has beeu com-
ileted by the census office. The total
lopalation of the stnta is 1,783,085 ,
f which 858,621 are male , 924.5G5
'emale , 1,339,970 native , 443,110
'oreign , 1,704,082 white , and 19,004
WasHiSGioNjNovomber 13 1. a. m.
For the upper Mississippi and
lower Missouri valley clear or partly
cloudy weather , winds mostly from
the northwest to the southwest ,
steady or higher barometer.
The Railroad War.
SpeclaljDispatch to The.Bec.
CHICAGO , November 12 10 p. m.
The Alton company to-day increased
its rates to Kansas City to § 15 and to
St. Louis to § 3. This stop is taken
becauno it was so hard pushed by trav
el that it could not furnish accommo
dations. The Wabash rate is § 4 to
Kansas City , and $1 to St. Louis. Its
trains are also crowded. The Itock
Island and Burlington rate to Kansas
" ' " " * * < * - ' -
. - - -
City" SV.
The Alton to-day cut tha rate from
Chicago to Oma from § 15.30 to $7.
Tricks of a Brace of Counterfeiters.
Spec at Dispatch to The Bee.
READING , Pa. , November 13 la.
m. Several years ago the Philadel
phia & Reading railroad company is-
xued a series of interest-bearing
wages certificates , which were paid to
employes , and were accepted by the
company in payment of freights , and
were also accepted everwhero in this
section by merchants in exchange for
goods. Three persons , Messrs. Hall ,
White and Walsh , residing in Jersey
City and New York , iu the early part
of last summer , it is believed , conspir
ed to forge and circulate counterfeit
ccrjificites , and came to this city wih
La largo amount of them , and began
operations. Their movements , how
ever , were shadowed from the time
they left New York up to the time
they arrived at the Philadtlphia &
Reading depot in this city. They had
with- them , when arrested , a satchel
containing § 7400 worth of counterfeit
scrip. The defense was that the lith
ographic atonts from which the coun
terfeits ware printed , and which were
found in Hall's residence , were placed
there unknown to Hall ; that Walsh ,
who brought the counterfeits from
New York to this city in a satchel ,
was entirely ignorant of what the
satchel contained , the packages having
been handed htm by Thomas Slattery ,
in New York , to take to the Reading
house , where ho would meet him
afterwards. Sbttery telegraphed to
Walsh to return them. He started ,
and WAS on-hts way back when arrest
ed. He denied ! having any acquain
tance with the other prisoners previ
ous to their arrest. ' 1 he chain of evi
dence of the commonwealth was most
complete , aud yesterday evening , at 7
o'clock , the jury returned a verdict of
guilty lor all three of the defendents
in the manner charged in the indict
ment. They were each sentenced to
pay a fine of § 100 , and imprisonment
at bard labor for two years.
Westward Bound.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , November 12 4 p. m.
There Is a great rush of land prospec
tors and buyers westward juit now.
They are mainly from the'Eastern '
and Middle states , and are the most
respectable and thrifty looking emi
grants that have ever gone west.
Kansas City reports 4,300 passing
through that city'on Wednesday , and
4,000 yesterday. Cheap fare is one
inducement in that direction.
A Costly Crop.
Bpocttl Dlipatch to Tin Sil.
VALTARISO , Ind. , Nov , 12 4 p. m.
John Dutton and Brainard Taft ,
farmers , quarreled about the division
of a crop of corn. Taft shot Dutton
dead and then gave himself up , claim
ing his victim farat drew a weapon.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YORK , November 12,4 p. m
Acting SuperintendentLoudon , of the
workhouse on Blackwell's , in East
River , last evening , ordered out the
workhouse boat to take himself , wife
and daughter over to the city. The
boat came Into collision with a large
barge and three of the four workhouse
rowers , Wm. Boyd , M. Flynn and J.
Little , wore drowned.
Lived in Too Mucn Style.
Special Dispatch to The Bee
CHICAGO , November 12 4 p. m.
W. 0. Ludgren , the trnstad book
keeper for the music house of Julius
Bauer & Co. , haa been discovered an
embezzler to the amount of over
§ 5000. He lived high and put on too
mueh style.
A Pair of Murderers Run for
Tall Timber.
D sperndoed.
dpectnl Dupitcl : M Tlio Lac.
CAMMO.IIE , C.m. , November 1" , 4
u. m. A. Mcilao , a well known farm
er , living between here aid S.trda ,
was found iu a ionco corner on the
road ) one hundred rods from'h's own
house , his throat having beeu cut
while ho iia1.returning from lisa un
cle's housii , near by. Ho lay blooding
and helplcsa through the night in
stofm of rbift t cd S-'ov. Hia dyiag
statement bad been taken by a isis !
trate , when the news came that two
men were recogn-'zed in Forest avenue ,
having committed iv bu'glary last
night , near by. They werp Dison and
Scotty two"notorious desperadoes who
do devilment for the fun of it , and
p.llage. Constable Pnillips got a
warwnt and with aaaialanca proceeded
to arrest them immeiiattly. On
makingnown f-eir business , thi
desperadoes pulled six shooters and
openel on the crowd , wounding buth
comtables , Phillips seriously if not fa
tally , in the neck alld arm. Several
bystahdd-s got little twinge ? ,
and in the excitcmsnt but'/
shoouats escaped to the
woods. A largo body of men are now
scouring the country afier the burg
Lus , who are believed to bo guilty of
killing McRae. The Michigan hue ij.
quite near by , but the arrest end pun'
ishraent of the villians is almost
sure. Although this is a
poor country for lynching the rule
may be departed from in th's instance.
Dreadful Disaster in a Coal
Mine in Canada.
Mine Disaster.
Special Dfepitch to TIic Bco.
HALIFAX , N. S. , November 12.
4p.m. A dispatch from Stulhrton
says a heavy explosion occurred in the
Ford pit of the Halifax Coal Mining
company , there this morning. Some
sixty persona pro missing. Tno ex
tent of damage cannot yet bo ascer
The following , ju t received , 13 au
thentic , and can bu roliud on :
STELLABTON , N. S. , November 12.
The Ford pit of the Halifax coal
mining company blasted at six o'clock
this morning. All who have come up
are likely to live. There is little erne
no hope of the thirty or thirty-five
that are down. The cause of the ex
plosion is unknown.
Another dispatch says that two hun
dred miners are imprisoned under the
ground. Eight have been taken out
dying. The mine is on fire.
Stellarton is a mining iown in the
county of Piuton. The inhabitants ,
arfftnostly Scotch highltuidera. given-j
to iron and coal mining. The county '
ia most populous , but contain ? rich
mines of coal and iron , the main coal
bink being 33 feet in thickness , with
24 feet o ! good COD ! .
STELLKUTON , N. S. , November 12
10 p. m. Mcssrj. Hudson , Greener ,
Simpson , Poole and thu other volun
teers have been down in the pit and
came up again. They found it im
possible to explore the south side for
any diatauco on account of the after
damp , there being no air on that s > de ,
as the doors had been blocked by the
blast. They found eomo bo'Hea but
could not identify them. All the
twenty-nine horses in the pit are
dead. Thirty miners remain in the
pit , and it will be impossible to get
there out alive. Six of tliO30 recov
ered are so badly injured that there ia
no hope of their recovery. The num
ber still'in the pit is said to bo 44 it
is feared another explosion will occur
to-night , when the pt : gathers gas
aain. Work is totally suspended in
all the collieries in the country , and
miners como to the scone of the acci-
dcut in great numbers , but are power
less to render .igiatanco on account of
the precarious condition of the pit.
It ia not known how the fira originat
ed , as DODO of the men from the side
where the accident occurred are alive
to tell the tale. Efforts will bo made
t > recover the bodies as soon as < t is
orsideredsafe. )
1 a. ra. A dispatch just received
from Stellarton says : List evening
three other parties went down in the
pit , but were obliged to return on ac
count of the foul gas , and nothing
further could ba done tor some hours.
At half past 4 o'clock hundreds , of
people from the surrounding towns
and vicinity had arrived. Over fifty
persons who had gone to work in the
mornittg have met a terrible death.
At 0 o'clock a party succeeded in get
ting 308 yards from the shaft , but had
to rush back. At the farthest point
reached , they found a third body , but
were obliged to leave it until morning.
They sent up the the three bodies
previously found , and identified the
other so that of McMillan. At six
o'clock this morning the. work of clar-
ing the debris will be commenced.
This will occupy some houra. Then
the search will be beann for the
bodies. Twenty-four of the victims
were married , and leave over a hun
dred children.
A Mysterious Find.
Special DIepatcb to the Bee.
NEW YOBK , November 12 4 p. in.
Employes of the Wrecking compa
ny who have been working several
weeks at Round Island , above Peeks-
kill , on Hudson river , searching for
the vessel which Captain Kidd com
manded during one of hn piratical
cruises , hive discovered a wreck of a
vessel one hundred feat long , contain
ing a large gun , buried forty feet deep
in the mud.
Special Dispatches to Tha Bee.
Samuel Aller , of Baltimore , color
ed , a hand on board the oyster
echooner "Louis J. Duncin , " was
struck on the head with a handspike
and killed and knocked overheard by
a shipmate , Edward Bruden , aho col
ored , as the vessel was entering the
harbor this morning.
It ia rumored that Gen. Grant will
be in ado president of the consolida
ted Mexican railroads.
A Houaton , Texas , apechl Bays a
fire broke cut in one of iho ctton
compresaera tbare yesterday , destroy
ing 200 bales of cotton and damaging
300 more. Total lota § 17,000 The
lira originated from a spark from
John Baird of the Sancelite , land
Hiiil icrrf company S.\u
dropped deed in the
Smallpox has almost
in San Francisco.
Thes'uD ' "Hohemn , " from Japan
to Sn F sn.iic' , was sJrippsd by a
g.ilo , on the 3rd of October , of all her
sail * , imd hur topmasts were blown
The funeral of Mi s M-ry Seigorson ,
fha wnnnn murdered in Jli'wlurk l-y
h r livir , .Ajuirovv J. Gtllor , list
\VoduesJay , took pl.ico yesterday
morning. A vast crowd was iu at
tendance , including iuuy political
mends of the lady's brother.
Lugo number.3 of fine cattle sro ar
riving m Chicago , for the anunil fit
atok show , which opens in Exposi
tion building iu that city next Mon
Detectives from Philadelphia ar
rived injChicago yesterday ! to take
bick Jamea McMaunu , the confessed
murderer of olio Kelly , a year ago in
inas city _
Noxv Torfc Money and Stocks-
WAI.L Srnnirr November 12.
Money-liTi ; eTchante slCJily it fl 31JQI851-
Stsa > y
U b tfi'Sl I C4 } U. S 4'3 1 K3
U. S. i'a..i 1 OjJ CnnrencyB's l 1C $
U. S. IJ'j 1 114
Dull ; decline 1 J@J per cen'I rrcovcrol | < 21J
per i eat , the former txtrema n Kculin ? . .
W V 07J Uckawanna 87 }
N" . Y.C. lOi ] HuJsoadruI SsJ
Grio ' 3 N J C 77
R. I. I2il M & K 110
, .8. 114 } KcndlDjr , 4 }
Northwfjtcrn 113 I II 47J
L'nifcrrcd 1.6J N P 29
P M its * Pro'erred 7-'J
Ohio ? 5 L& N 17J
Preferred 73 N&C 5S }
l 113 K. &T 3J
Preferred 117J U&llloO.
it. Joe 30 } A TeL G
Preferred. M OS . . . . : C6J
' \Vihosh 4' } Ont&W S5J
Picfered 753 B&Q U7
Onulia 4.1 } Alton KG
l'efe-rcd 84 A&fTcl
Union Paafli 03 $ OO 04 1 79J
C. C. & I. C 19i C 1 85
II C It8
Cblcatro Produce Market.
CHICAGO , November 12.
Wheat No. 2 spring fell
| @lciale3 wereatl 04S@105J for De
cember , closing at § 103j@l 03 for cash ;
§ 1 0311 01 for November ; SI 04 ]
for December ; 61 05J for January.
Corn Declined } @Ac , with sales at
41A41gc for November ; 41 © 42jc
for December ; closing at 41gc tor casher
or November ; 41J@42a for December ;
42 c for January4Gic ; for May.
Oats No. 2 , J@jc lower , with sales
at 30 Jc for cash or Novimbtr ; 30j@
30JcfnrDdcembercloaine,8C c for casher
or November ; 30c for December ;
31cfor January.
Rye Firmly hrldaad , No. 2 sold at
84c for ca h or November ; 8."io for
D.cembor ; 8G c for January.
Barley No. 2 aold at 90o for casher
or November ; S9c for December ; bat
was afterwards offered , at 88\3 for
Pork Mesa , fell 20c per brl , and
sales wera at $13 62J@13 90 for Jan
nary ; closing iit-f3 50@1425for
cash ; $12 1512 20 for November ;
S12 201223 for December ; § 13 02 J ®
13 Co for January.
Whisky 8111.
Lard Dolined 5c per 100 , and sold
it SS 108 ( 17 * for January ; closing
at 8 1038 12 $ tor cash ; 88 07i8 10
for November or December ; § 3 10 ®
8 12A for January.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
CuiCAGOjNovomber 11.
Hogs Active and steady for best ,
but quiet for other grades ; sales wcru
t 4 (504 ( 75 for lignt packing ;
§ 4 555 00 for rough to extra smooth
heavy packing ; 84 7505 00 for good
to extra smooth heavy shipping
gradua ; receipts , 5,800.
Cattle There waa active market
for cattle for shipping anil ether
grades , including Texan steers , stock-
era and good to extra steers for expor
tation ; buyers were out easily to-day
and purchased liberally of the above
qualities ; sales ranged f rom § 2 70 for
Texan steers ; 83 C0@355for good
stockers ; 84 40@4 50 for good ship
ping ; 84 G7 @ 5 70 for choice shipping
steer * ; $5 50@o75for good to extra
prime shipping beeres ; at the presant
writing the market is active with a
good prospect that the bulk of offer
ings will bo aold ; fresh receipts were
5,800 head ; sales , 637 head at the
above figures.
St. Louis Produce Marnet.
ST. LoTj s , November 12.
Flour Firm and about 5c higher ;
XX , S3 703 95 ; XXX , 84 354 40 ;
family , § 4 804 95 ; choice , § 505 ®
5 25 ; fancy , 85 355 70.
Wheat Lower , at 8103g@l 03 for
cashS103@l ; 04forNovemberSl ; 05J
1 05 for December ; 8107g@107@l 07
for January ; 8110l@l " 00 | for Feb-
nary ; No. 3 doj" 9999jjc ; No. 4
do , 'J41c.
Corn" Lower at 43c for cash ; 42 ®
42c for November ; 41 [ c for De
cember ; i 41Jc for January ; 41 |
for February ; 45J@45Jc for May.
Oats Low r at31J@31.Jc for cash ;
3lAc bid for November ; 31 Jc bid for
December ; 3Gj@37c for.May.
Rye Easier at 88c.
Barley Firm and aiow at G0 < 39oc.
Batter Unchanged.
Esgs Firm at 21c.
Whislvy Steady at 81 09.
Pork Dull ; jobbing at 814 CO.
Dry Salt Meats Quiet at 8-1 55@
7157 30.
Bacon Dull at 85 50@8 258 50.
Latd Quiet nt 88 00 bid.
Receipts Flour 8,000 brls , wheat ,
70,000 bu ; coru 34,000 bn ; oats ,
8,000 bu ; rye , 2,000 bn ; barley ,
6,000 bu.
Sh'pme'nte Flour , 11,000 brls ;
wheat , 55,000 bu ; corn , 121,000 bu ;
oats , 3,000 bu ; rye 1,000 bu ; barley
St. Louis Live Stoc-c Market.
ST. Looia , Novemb-.r 12"
Hogs Slow and lower ; Yorkers
and Baltimores , 84 45@4 55 ; mixed
( packing , 84504 55 ; butchers' to
[ fancy , 845034 80 ; receipts , 7,800
head ; shipments , 900 head.
New York Produce Marzet.
NEW YOBK , November 12.
Flour Without important change ;
moderate in the export and jobbing
trade ; receipts , 2,680 brie ; round
hoop Ohio , § 4 10(55 ( 50 ; choice do ,
§ 5 60Q6.25 ; superfine western S3 90@
4 35common ; to good extra do , 84 60 ©
5 GO ; choice , do , do , 85 10i ( 50 ;
choice white wheat , do , ? 4 754 95.
Butter Firm for choice grades ;
fair demand for Ohio at 14@26o.
E ? s Western firm at 22@25c.
Wheat Irregular for winter ;
Chicago , § 1 17@1 19 ; Milwaukee ,
Wlf fcV W f
Wholesale anil Retail Mann *
Gold and Silvrr Watches
and Jciro ry in the
Come and See Our Stock
as We Will Be Pleased
to Show Goods.
15th & Dcdee. Oppoaita PoatcHice.
Lic r otjfiiro AMU MAilc
iot doULd AWU NAiLo ,
Iron and Wagon Stock ,
At Chicao * Prices.
1209 aud 1211 liarney Street , Omaha.
< xtll--mo
Tire largest and heal assortment ot
Trunks and Valises in the West. Telescopic Cases
and Sample Trunks-a Specialty.
. . , . ,
in 14th St. . 3 Doors North of Denglas St. ' -
1 20 ; No. 2 red winter , SI 19 ;
November. 8118 (5110 ( ; December ,
§ 1 20 01 20 * ; aalea , 5 000 bu.
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 at 59Q59jc ;
satcj , 15,000.
Oats Firm.
Whisky Nominal.
Pork 81215 bidNovember , nom
inal ; 812 20 for December ; 812 12i
asked for the ye r813 G2J bid for
January ; 81. 15 for Foburary.
Lard S8 57 * for November88 ; 10
bid , 88 12 asked for.Tannary ; 88 20
bid for Febuary , § ! 2 221 a9ked for
the year.
Wo would not , by euticirg heading
and otlior devices lead you into read
ing of the virtues possessed by Pierce's
Celebrated Mudicmeo were it not that
vrenreawaro cf the forgetftilness of
people , and thut muai be our excuse ,
dear reader , for agMii toiling you that
Dr. Pierco's Golden Medical Discov
ery is without an eqiMl as a bloud-
puribor. It cares all humors from the
common blotch , pimple , or eruption ,
to' the worst scroful'i , fever , sore of
ulcer , Dr. Pterco'a Pellets are a
pleaaant , but efliciont cathartic. S"ld
by all druggists.
ST. Cr.oon HOUSE , Chicago , 111. ,
January 20,1870. Hon. II. V. Pierce ,
M. D. : Dear Doctor 1 have been
using your Golden Medical Discovery
and Pellets for liver complaint arid
general debility. It is impossible to
express the gratitude I fuel. It is
simply wr/nderful the effect your med
icines have had upon mo. I am in
every way a thousand per cent better.
I am yoiira gratefully ,
Undoubtedly the best shirt In the
United States is mniinfncturcd at th"e
Omaha Shirt Factory. The superiority
of Material aud workmanship , com-
nincd with their great improvements ,
that ia Reinforced front ) , -Reinforced
backs and Reinforced alcove ; ! , makes
their shirt the most durable < ind best
lilting garment of the kind , ever
manufactured at thn modernto pricoof
81.50. Every shirt of our make is
guaranteed first-class and will refund
the money if found otherwise.
We make a specialty of all wool ,
Shaker , and Canton flannel , also
chemois underwear , made up with a
view to comfort , warmth and durabil
ity. To invalids and weak-lunged .
persons wo offer special inducements
in the manner these goods arc made
for their protection.
n m gtreet.
If you have tried everything ehe ,
without receiving any benefit , call at
230 Dodge street , north side , between
13th and 14th , and see the agent for
IEO.IC Nichols' American Itemedy.
If you are troubled with fever ami at-tie. d umh
mu'uc , billioua fever , jmnuicc , dj pcraLt , or ny
tiistaae of the liver , tlooil or stomach , and wish
to get it well , try the new re ccdy , Vnl. Galj-
mctte'a French Liver Pad. Ask jour dra lst
for it , and take no other , and If lie has not trot
ItgendglSOinaletttr to the French I'M ! Co. ,
Tel lo. O. . ana receive me bv return maiL
In the matter of the estate of Crccenth ThJelc ,
deceased :
Xotlce is hereby trfvert , that the creditors o'
siid deceased , will meet the rxccutur of
eaid estate , before mo. County Ju > T e > of Donitis
Connly , Nebraska , at the County Court ICoom in
gaU Coauty , on tbeOth day of Dscemb.r , 13iOon
Ihs 9th day if February , legand ) on the 3lh
day of ApilJ , 1331 , at 10 o'clotk , a. m. , each
day , for the purpose of pre eotInT ihtlr claims
for examination , adjuj'.incnt and allowance.
Sis months are allowed frr creditors to preciit
their cI.-ujrH , and oue year for the cotor
to sctth said cstat ? , from the 3th day of
< > ctob r , ISSO.this notice wilt bo published In the
OXADA WEXKIT u , t r four weeks successively
prior to the 9th day of I > oierob r , 1833.
ocSOwlt County Judge
Star Wind Mill ,
. . , .
Correspondence solicited rom these needlnr
reliable Wind Mill hend for circu'ar nd prices
and riy information in rcgtxd to the Hill will b
cheerfully mralsbed. _
lit. It Is moro safe In Rale of wind , and In
he most tudden changes of the wind from any
direction , becauw the wheel Ijluit flat on th
tower Is always reid ? with Its edge to the wind ,
and allows the raneto sl" ? e'nr around , with.
out tnrnlnir. or striking the wheeU
2nd. It U a riful wheel having no movnb'o
joints to wear out , rust or creak in the win 1.
3rd. Ice nor licet haa no effect on U.
4th. It Io9t3 lea power from friction than
other Mill * . . . . .
Stb. It will run with ten win ! lhan ot er
V ( I IM
dth. Itlaevlly regulated to it will perform
any amount of ork required leas tnan i'f cap-xc-
7th. It has no pnlllm , gpilngs nor sliding heada
to reezo up In winter.
8th. It wl'l not pump wh-n ou" of gear.
Oth. It b well and heavily painted with thr
cca's ot the bent mint the rmrket can sfford.
10th. U U A pe'fcctielf-rciUlator.Mid wlllUlta
are of itself In heavy changable wind sto-ms
llth Itnsymetricalformbaperfrctornwrent
12th. lievft have heard of any blown do n art
yet when properly set up with a itxulatlnz vine ,
nor ever damageU it the least by tn wind.
I3tb. They are of good material and
llth. Alltbifls turned , boxes habited and alt
necessary parta douhlc nutted.
16th. It U moro siraplo , more compuct In con *
struction and trnn ifh w > h r Villa
vnt&w ?
MuLn i O 2ooottEurK BOOK. Seiu / < *
Sight. Yon double your tnonry. Address \'t. \
Chajn'a I'rinUnj UOUM , Ann Arbor , Mich
Oval Steel Tooth Harrow
Uannfactnred by
UA UR001 Je GKBB1.10S , ftmdu Ue , ( T. .
Write for pilcn. fxtat , Omaha , Aeb.
Vl/AMTCn 1 > * 1 Asrenta everywhere ese l
rlHM I LLI Tea , Coffee , Eakln ? Powder.
Flavoring Extracts , etc , by nmpl , to fimlll-j ,
Profit good. Outfit free. People's Tea Co. , n iz
020. St. Louis. Mo.
Orncs or Crrr Ctixic.
OMAIIA. Nor. 8ib , usn.
So led proposals nlll b received by tte . i.
deitlgpcduntil 12o'cock neon , on th 15ih > ) .r
of November , 1860 , or curbing ad jttitie i T
Uarney street from tlj ew 8t s'ae ' of KthM > t
to the east ! di of 10th street. Plan * and > n | -
flcatiocs undrr which ( aid work shall bo < 19
can be s. en at office of c tr ensrlneer. in Crel i-
ton Block. TSe said work will b * paid f , r 'n
special warren's drawn upon a fund to be e 'od
opjn the property abotln < upon aa'd Imuro a.
Mdii shall specify tte price 11 detail and s' ' . ,11
bUfCC0.panl"1.bjr lh,8 Iumo ° ' P "I * * * * > V
u onditiong The city eou cU
reserves the ilzht to reject any ami all Lid *
Envelopeconuinln'wll proposals shall Do
marked 'opoaaU for CurblDR Vnd
Haraey ft--and bj > delivered tothjnnder"
ed not later than the time aboTO i xdfled ti
Do3d81 F.McCAKTNEY ,
City Clerk ; ,