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    VOL. X. OMAHA , NEBRASKA , EKIDAY , NOVEMBER 12 , 1880. 125.
Established 1871
Bryan , Term , Jnae 11,1579 ,
J.C. Richardson , 8t. Z.ouli-Dear Sln-
Siy bor , 3 jean old , had tercr even
other day. or every third day , for about
Cinchonldia , halaclnc , etc. , etc. , but the
boy mt worse nil the time. I reluctant ! ]
. < " t > my dniK store for youi
crifuKc.and 1 write Juit to f ay that h
iiovor had . Rymptom of fever after com-
inenolnK KebriruKe , to date , being Don
tnorn month ago. I feel that loneht to
- uch In behalf of Toormedlclne.
Am regular at . , but retired from
practice 3 years ago and devoUnc mj
time to drus : bH lne .
Very respectfully ,
StoeWoa.'Wo. , Ace. tsth , 18TO.
.T. O. Rlchanlson , St. I-onU-Dear Bin-
Clifford. ' * Febrifuge is the bolt thlnf fez
Chills and Fever that Tre taam err I
Siandlcd. There never hu b en a cut
that wo * XOT cannl by it that woi taken
according to direction * in thl part ol
tto country. Your * trnlv ,
< FROIfi
Chilli cothc , 3Io. , July 30,11879.
T. O. Richardson , St. LouU My Deal
Sir : Here 1 * somothlnR reliable ; It Ton
can make any use ot it pleat * Uo * o. We
3iavn sold hundreds of Dottles Kith Ilka
TCSBlta. Your friends.
Boyco Ostrander.
ThU Is to certify that I hafl the Fever
nnu Acme this summer find the use ol
one-thlnl of n bottln ot Clifford' * Febri
fuge promptly cured It. It U the speedi
est core I luvvo knqtro of.
7. S. Novelty Mf gr. Co. ,
Ken- York City , August Jf , 1878.
My Dear glr : roroverttroj-earmlhaTe
pnrmitnmtlr. I believe my cane would
1m v been fntnl hnd I not found thli as
1 did. Your * truly ,
ii. TV. root.
Manager " U. 8. N. XUf Co. "
RICHARDSON & CO. , - St.LouIfi.
OMtllA. Jfov. Cb , 18 0.f
jirc ] > r al ) will l > y Uie'un-
Uri < Un < l untJI 12 ii'dock nion. on Tuesday.
lMli , A. 1 > 1680. f..rfiiri > i hinir bard
-iil-Sr mo in the cl y offices and fl-B
il | a"mcnt Iron tl'is date uu'il tlio SUh ot
Jnn . "a. P. ngl.
Said hirts or ji-oposals hall ftato the price for
nun c > tl iKIivtJol ulcro nnicred , aud i-hill
n pure IthoLt n * ] > : ' to nny 'cSnlta
anuuni rf ro \ , 1 lie tl ht IB rcscncj to reject
K any xiui a't n < Us.
pM ( .jnUInlns s.H iir'posa'i ehali be
Prjiio all for t'l ' ! , > nii iidre-ged to
e i J. r. HcCART > EY.
" "S" ' . _ c-ltv Clerk.
> \j AtlA , Nov. Gth , IbSO. |
Fc1 J proposals wl 1 bo neohcd by the un-
tTu-duiicu until 32 nMock noon , on the 16th
3 r J > oM.lubir , A. ll. list , for erkdlnc H r-
nr Ditto * , iu the cH' b ii-livd rraio from the
ckl siJc of 15tli lrcct to ti-e east aide of JOth
btrvct. I' apsand hpedl .it ion 8 for Eild ork ,
' as > v j 1 xiLiili oil cr Infonuation can bo obtain d
? ' t Tifll otif citj cntintcr , in Crc'Khtpn Plock.
, SaUMdiBhnll slate ilto price per cubic > rd
TorOo i c mid naJintr. anil shall specify whcili-
crtidtjtorcarlbremoMdur carih placed on
eiiil B'rcct a niln
Cmclopcs contn'iilrp aid bids sball bo marked -
ed "Proposal" fet t i-adini Ilatney St. , " and be
tlclhoro > to iijcrli cd at * . da.t e not li'er thin
aboro fpeclO'd 1 he Hume < f a orcposed surc-
t/ under the usual conditions vball accompiny
ch b'd. 'lC6iil tlbrc8frvr < l ti reject any
andaUbMs J. F. lIlCAnT KT.
Ctn CLURK , \
CNAII i. N jv. 6ib , 1680. f
So lea proioials ] lllbe recrlml by tto un-
OetclcTcd until < 2 o'clock n un , < > n tbe 15th day
of hocmbtr , lt 0 , for curtinc i d cuttenng
Ilarnry ptrcct from I lit ) wisuiuf Ittlntreot
to the east lid of 10th M.r < ct TU b and rpjci *
flcatioi Bitndir wli'ci raid vmrV oliail be done
can be si en at pfiic : ul v U cn iucer , in CrcKn-
ton Block. T cHaid work 1 b- paid for in
Bpecial warran'8 dr n up in a un < ) to be lei icd
vpnn tVo jircpertj abntt'ii ? upon sa'd Improve-
Vids eball specify U c rrirr 1 1 < li lilt and still
"bo atcorapanl.d bi the ntnio i > p ! > od m-cty
under the U'UaUonditi.'ns Tfo civ council
rcscncs the rijut to reje" any and all bids.
En\olopci conUlnln. fit j mpi ali ehall bo
marked "Proposal * for Cnrbt . ' nnd Ontterinz
Hartley H. . " and b ? dcllrct ? t ha cndemgn-
od uot later than the fine abmc nv-ciflfd
J F. Vc'TXEY. .
_ City Clerk.
Weekly Line of Sieamships
Lcartn ; Jlcvr Toi k EcrjThumdij at 2p.m.
England , France and Germany.
For Paawgc apply to
Passcnpii ApcnU ,
nn ! l ulway.
powdered mica and wnKlMi
Composedlarj : lyof
ts the b t and cheapo lubricator in * e/ ; ;
but forms
Jt Utbebcst because it d < H not m ,
polished surface orcrtho axle , dolns
ihlphlv ol 'friction ' , it U the
w.y iUi a larco amount
tut haW tie
cheapest beciuso YOU
d .
quantity in growlus your wa n tbatyou wou
and theu run
2f any other axle crease made ,
; / your acon tniccaslonff. It RnswT 'J ? iv
" *
as well for Mill Ccarin ? , Threshing til1,4 ;
Busies , tc.a for waponScnd for rpckel
CjclopcdUot Thine * Wonto Knoiriitff. Mauea
free to any tddrces
Your Dealer For It I
MctaUc Cases , Coffins , Caskets , Shrouds , etc.
faro mStrce .10th and Uth , Omaha , Neb.
" Promptly Alt ?
The Patiiotic Yeomanry o
Ireland Obey the Tocsin
of Liberty.
Prompt at the Sigml of Alarms ,
Each Son of Erin Enshed
to Arms ,
Each Valley , Each Seques
tered Glen , Mustered Its
Little Horde of Men ,
Till at the Rendezvous Thej
Stood by Thousands ,
Prompt For
and Blood.
Special Dispatch to TUB Ert.
DUBLIN , November 12 , 1 a. m.
The tenants of Longford county , it
province of Leiuiter , have threatened
their landlords and their agents \ritb
death If they are required to p j
rents above Griffith's valuation. The
peasantry are gathering in great num
bera at Ballinrode. The Monaghau
and Colons , contingents of the expe
dition which is procccdingto thereliel
of Mr. Baycolt , at Loughmarsh , have
formed a junction , and will proceed
immediately to Cliremorrts. The
force of 150 infautty , with two rifled
cannon , and 150 ot the royal Irish
constabulary , acting as an escort foi
the Orangemen , arrived at Claremor-
ris yesterday afternoonand , proceeded
at once to march to Mr. Baycolt'e
residence at Loughmarsh. At Tallin-
rode a large detachment of police had
previouely been detailed to protect the
road the entire distance of twenty
miles , which was to be tramped by the
troops. The officers , under the di
rection of the government , had tried
in vain to procure conveyances to save
the men. the long and weary march ,
but all the car owners refused poai
lively all inducements to hire ont their
vehicles , paying it would be aa much
as their lives wero.worth to assist the
government in anyway. The Eighty-
fourth regiment and & detachment of
cavalry are expected to join the army
of protection nt Dollymouut , on the
Olaremorris road. The Ircal officers
wer busily engaged yesterday in pre
paring the workhouse as an infirmary
for the reception of the wounded , but
the government has strictly cautioned
officers and troops to exercise the
greatest possible forbearance , and not
by any means to fire upon the people
except under the moat critical circum-
stences. When the troons left Castle
Bar to reinforce the Claremorris con
tingent , tremendous excitement pre
vailed among the multitude , which
had assembled to witness their depar
ture. The inhabitants hooted 'at the
soldiers and police , and teeing tome
Orangemen among them , they shout
ed , "Down with the Orangemen , " and
it was only by strenuous exertions of
the officers in command , in hastening
the movements of the troops , that a
serious collision on the spot was pre
vented. Owing to the great excite
ment and the departure of a thousand
of the peasantry for Claremorris , the
nationalists have issued notices urging
the people to stay at home , and let
ihe government displiv its despotism
unheeded and unreaisted. More than
3000 troops aud police are now sta-
; ioned to protect the road between
Ballinrode and Olaremorris. The fear
s indulged iu in Dublin that the
trouble has only begun.
After a long argument the court of
the queen's bench yesterday granted
the application of the land _ leaguers'
counsel demanding full particulars of
he acts alleged to have been commit-
; ed by the traversers The particu
lars will be furnished on Monday.
The excitement throughout Ireland
ia intense , and it b feared that blood
shed is inevitable. Over 7000 troops
are now in the west.
Over thirty Orangemen arrived at
Ballinrode last evening , escorted by
bodies of infantry and cavalry.
Thousands of people are „ ar
riving almost hourly , and are very de-
iant. The Orangemen will attempt
lo gather Baycolt'a crops to day.
A later dispatch from Ballinrodo
says : There are now sixty Orangemen
hero. Their inarch from .Claromorris
was unmolested. Each Orangeman
carried a revolver in his pocket , but
otherwise they were unarmed , except
their spades , etc. , to bo used In their
work at Biycolt's farm. The militia
behaved very well. As they marched
along cries were raised by crowds at
different placos"They will never como
jack. " The whole route is patrolled
jy police and military.
A public meeting was hold at Cork
featerdayana asubscriptlon was open-
id for the defense of Mr.
? arnell and other land leaguers. The
ord lieutenadt of Ireland yesterday
received a deputation of Orangemen ,
[ n addressing them ho said that he
d precated the stirring up of religious
animosities , as the country was al
ready in a bad enough condition.
DDBLIN , November 12 1 a. m.
The action of the government in nid-
ng Mr. Baycolt , the agent of Lord
Ernet , against tbo land leaguers and
; heir sympathizers , has still further
embittered the quarrel between him
and them. It is said that some..of the
more violent or thoughtless o ! the
peasantry openly threaten that Bay
colt will not live until spring. In
structions have been given the com
manders of the forces which are now
passing into Ireland , that if the people
ple resort to arms , the military are to
ict as if in actual warfare. This adds
to the bitterness of the people , who
rcmemb- the terrible interpretation
that toi.iier English generals gave to
similar orders. It is hoped that no
collision will occur between the people
ple and the military sent to protect
Mr. Baycolt , but if the Orangemen
who have volunteered to assist him
Are permitted to interfere , It is scarce
ly possible that bloodshed will be
HOME , November 12,1 a. m. The
pope in receiving the Irish bishops
yesterday , said he sympithized with
and praised Ireland's fidelity to the
Roman church , and asked that the
priesfs and the people act nnitadly to
avoid a revolution. One of the bish
ops tcld the pope that the present
movement was not revoluttorary.
That the Irishmen were loyal , acd
wera merely fight ng out the great
question cons'itutUnally.
An Obstinate Hembar Causes a
Breeze in the French
: Assembly.
Great Interest Manifested in
the Coming Interna
tional Regatta.
Special aispitch to The Ike.
LoMMMf , November 11,10 p. m.
The final deposit of 200 m the inter
national cinglo tcull Yico between
Hanhm and TricUtt was posted yes
terday at the Star and Garter hotel ,
jmen'sNeffa holds the stakes , 400 ,
Iso the oportsmen'd champion ihal-
lenge cup , which Hanlamieposited to
await the result of the race , which ia
to ba at 10 a m. on the 15th. A num
ber of prominent oarsmen uero pres
ent , among them Robert Watson ,
James Riley , Joseph Go'lar and E.
Liycock. Hanlan and Trickett were
both present. James Ireland will act
as referee.
Special Dispatch to The Beo.
PARIS , November 12,1 a. m The
cabinet crisis hen resulted in the sort
of oJmpromisa that wna most gener
ally anticipated. The Ferry ministry ,
after a long and somewhat strong con
sultation with Pres'dent ' Grevy anil
M. Gambetta , have agreed to remain
in office , on condition that the cham
bers pass a vote of confidence. It is
regarded as more than probable that
the chambers will acquiesce , although
the vote of confidence must be per
functory , and its essential weakness as
an endorsement of the ministry is ap
parent. No better arrangement , how
ever , seems practicable , as the only
ministry which could succeed that of
M. Ferry would be one formed by M.
Gambetta , whose time has not , in his
own opinion , yet come.
M. Blauqul , the veteran agitator
and revolutionist , whose life has been
spent in rapid alternations between
imprisonment and liberty , has pub
lished his new pamphlet against
standing armies. It contains nothing
whateVer now upon the subject.
A later dispatch saya : The chamber
of deputies has , by a vote of 207
against 131 , pissed the order of the
day expressing confidence in the min
istry. This terminates the crisis.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
PARIS , November 12 1 a. m. M.
Baudray D'Asson , the Vendean legit
imist , although suspended on Tues
day for fifteen days , took his seat in
the chamber of deputies yesterday.
M. Gambetta , the president of the
chambers , requested him to withdraw ,
bat M. D'Asson refused. The legit
imist members , encouraging and sur
rounding him , prepared to defend
him. After much uproar , M. Gam
betta summoned the military , and
Col. Piu , with twenty soldiers , fought
their way through the legitimists , and
ciptured and carried out M. D'Asjon"
The soldiers were badly mauled by
the legitimist members , and the sit
ting was temporarily suspended.
Special Dispatches to Th Beo.
If , through her marriage , Lady
Ccutts loses her interest in the Coutta
bank , her income will not exceed
10,000 per annum. She has spant
nearly all the interest received upon
her money and in dividends from the
bank ,
There was a great demonstration of
Orangemen in Belfast list night , but
the meeting passed off quietly.
active anti-Jewish feeling
There is an -
ing now existing in many sections of
Germany , and it threatens to break
uut iu Berlin with increased bitter
The citizens of Bremen have pro
nounced against the incorporation of
the German customs union.
It is stated that the Albanian
; hiefs have consented to the surren-
3er of Dulcigno , and that' delegates
have arrived at Scutari to negotiate
Kelley , Iho bushranger , was hanged
it Melbourne , Australia , yesterday.
A dispatch from Simla confirms
; ho previous repoit that Ayonb Khan
s organizing an army at Herat.
Movements of tne Presldent-Eloct.
pedal dispatch to Tha Bee.
CLEVELAND , O. , November 12 , 1 a.
m. Geu. Garfield and wife had in-
ended having a gathering of friends
tt Mentor yesterday , on acconut of its
> eingthe twenty-second anniversary
of their marriage. Various matters
irevented it , however , and in the
ivening they attended , on Euclid av-
anue , In this city , the wedding of the
laughter of Mr. D. P. Ellis , a promi
nent railroad man and broker , to Mr.
Arthur Newberry , son of Prof. J. S.
Dewberry of the Columbia School of
Hines. The affair was a brilliant one ,
ind besides the president-elect and
wife , Gov. Foster , Mrs. Foster and
laughter and members of the govern
or's sta'ff were present. Gen. Gar-
5old , after consulting with Gov. Fos-
er yesterday decided that the old
Nineteenth district , including Ma-
noning inalcid of Portage county ,
hould elect the successor of Garfield
n the housa of representatives for the
anexpired term.
Sperltl Dispatch to Tut BEB
WASHiNaTONNovember 12 la. m.
For the Missouri valley clear cr
air weather , colder northwest winds ,
jtcady or higher barometer.
Pianttnsr a Celestial.
Spec al Dispatch to The Ba : .
CHICAGO , November 12 1 a. m.
Yee Men ? , the Chinaman who was
shot Sunday while pursuing two men
who had robbed his lanndrv , was
buried yesterday with Christian cer
emonies , from the Fourth Biptist
church , and the remains were interred
ia Rose Hill cemetery. He was a
member ol the Farwell hall Chinese
Sunday-school , but had not embraced
the Christian faith. About a dozen
Mongolians attended the funeral.
Yee Mong is one of tha very few Chi
namen whose countrymen have per
mitted to be buried according to the
American custom His bones will
probably not be taken back to China ,
Tthere be leaves anfe and
A Complete Exposure oj
the Chinese Letter
Gen. Hancock Denies That H (
Txf ressed an Opinioa on the
New York Vote.
Detectives Drop on a Crook
ed Mint and a Blind
Garfleld Vindicated.
SpaciM Dispatch to TUB BSB.
r-JXEW YORWN"n\britbcr 12 la. m.
' Thc sworn statements of Samuel S
Slorerand Samea O'Brien alias Llnd
say , alias Berry , Lhe perjurers in the
-Qarfiold Chinese lettoi
PhilpMoteyQarfiold . -
caie were raadopltbllc lazt oVenlng.
Samuel S. Morey states that he resides
iu Lawrence,4 Mas ? . ; was in straight
ened circumstancesj ha'd for three
years been trying to got his ponbion
restored. Last winl or be suffered EO-
Vctoly because he had no overcoataud
scarcely any shoes ; nothing in the
house to The overseer of the
poor for the city of Liwrenco granted
him § 20. Ho suffered from epileptic
g.Q. Who is 3Vtr. Glaikt A A. G.
Q. What's his business ? A. He
was with me yesterday ; keeps a pool
room in Lawrence. When this thing
came up he asked mo if I knew of
anybody by the name of Hi L. Morey.
I said I thought I did , and that ho was
an uncle of mine , bora in Andover ,
N. H. Later Mr. Olark asked me if
I would go on to Now York ; and said
that ho had received a telegram.
Finally I went up to Mr. Sanborn's of
fice , a lawyer in Lawrence. I told
them I did not want to got into any
scrape. They said there was no dan
ger of any scrape , and if I went my
expenses would ba mot , and I would
Le well paid. Mr. Clark urged me ,
and I said , "I will go for your sake. "
1 came on hero , and only la regard to
H. L. Mercy was my testimony false ; ,
uLo when I stated that I hud been of
fered glCOby a republican neb to come
on here and testify. My family record
H true , except in relation to H. L
Mcreywhom I don't know and never
Knew , and I know at the time it was a
f.iUo statement. I served through
the war in different capacities , until
August , 1805. Witness hero recount
ed his different experiences of the
army , and stated that he lost his pen
sion because of his absence in South
America ; that he was in stnvghtened
circumstances , and not wanting to see
bis wife suffer during thocoming win-
let , ho made the statement he did. He
dad been at The Trutn office a num
ber of times ; had seen and conversed
with Joseph Hart ; went with a man
there to the national democratic head
quarters , but it was late at night and
could not get in ; went next day , and
saw a mm whom he supposed was the
secretary , who gva him a check for
51000 ; took a carriage that day , which
wan Sunday , and went to Staten Is-
iixnd ; returned to this city , took super -
? or and went to the democratic head-
inarters , where bo remained all night.
Next morning ho went 'to The Truth
office , and from there to ti.e court
louse ; saw a lawyer ther ? , supposed
to ba Abe Hummel , Mr. flovre'a part
ner. Met Joseph Hart and told him
lie had a brother iu South America ,
[ lart said he thought ho was here now ,
itid that ho wrote this letter ; ho show
ed him a letter which ho thought was
written by his brother Frank. He
thought the name of the man who
give him the check was Smalley ;
went home to Lawrence week before
plcction , and Smalley gave him $100
for expanses. On Friday before elec
tion hu returned to Now York , and
was taken to a holel where be was
shown the register containing the en
try of H. L. Morey , and Hart asked
iiim what aort.of handwriting H. L.
Moroy's was. He said said that he
wrote a very bold hand , and that the
iama on the register was in his hand
writing. But as a matter of fact that
was not the handwriting of H. L.
Jnuies O'Brien , alias Robert Lind
say , says in h'a ' statement , that he in a
resident of Georgetown , D. 0. On
election day he went up to Baltimore
n the interest of the republican par-
; yto stop repeaters from Washington ?
when ho returned home in the eve-
ring ho received word from a man in
Dambarland that he had a job for him ;
, \ ent to Cumberland and was informed
; hat a man named Birmingham , a
loliccmai ) , had promised to get him a
j > b ; saw Birmingham in the evening.
Was offered SIOO by another man to
impersonate Robert Lindsey , whom ho
snid the democrats were hunting for.
[ hesitated a while and told them that
[ did net want to get into a scrape.
Finally after they offered me the
money in advance , I contested. '
Birmingham took me up to the depot ,
irhero ho introduced mo to a man
named Walton as Lindsey. I asked
Birnvngham privately if this man
Walton understood that my name was
not Lindaey , and ho said he did. Wai ;
Ion handed me a round trip ticket to
New York and § 10 , and gave me a
jopy of The Truth , so I could study
the Garfield letter. When I got to
New York I went to The Troth office ,
ivhero I was introduced to Hart , as
Lhidsey. Ho told me The Truth
would pay mo through Birmingham
it Cumberland. Hart told mo to
make up a atory about the working-
men's union so I could testify abcut
the mines. Hart said to mo next day
that he knew my name was not Lind-
; ey , and that he knew all about me.
Ho" and Post then cave me instructions
liow to testify about Ljun , and when
I was asked about the secret organ-
izition to sayl was bound by othnot
to divul o any secrets. They gave
mo a general plan of testimony , which
I tried to follow out on the witness
stand. The ten dollars Walton gave
me in Cumberland and the ten dollars
Hart gave mo in this city ii all the
money I have received. I never was
in Ljnn , Mass , never saw a man
named H. L Mory , nor the Morey
1-tter until it was shown me in court.
Never hearJ of the Morey-Garfield
loiter until I saw a printed copy of
it after I left Cumberland on the
road to New York.
The EaUroad War.
Special Diipatch to Tns liix.
CHICAGO , November 11 10 a. m.
Ruinora prevailed this morning of a
general cut in passenger ratej { o the
east. But a visit to the .ticket office confirm it. Agenti maintain
that their lowest rale i * 515. The report
port probably grew out of St. LjuL ,
di patch , stating that eastern lines
from that city had determined upon
low rates to the east to counteract the
effect of the Chicago & Southwestern
cut. The Burlington road joined the
soutwestern rate war this morning ,
selling to Kansas City for § 7.50.
Hancock's Dentil.
Special Dispatch to The fiec.
NEW YOKE , November 12 , 1 a. m
In an interview with Gdn. Hancock
On Governor's Island yesterday morn-
iug , tiie general doiiled tlirtt iho lettei
purporting to have been written by
him to an armv r fiber at Washington
touching the Hew York vote wsa written -
ten by himj and sairt that Ho was one
Of a few persons who could notdiacilia
the presidential electirn without indo'
liency. Ha also said if there was a
letter of that tenor in extence. per-
porting to bo from himjtjojjilht tbbi :
Crooked Vinegar
Special DBpatcl\ The B o.
CtKCunnfrt , November ll 10 p.
m Collector Amos Smith > last night
made a raid on the establishment oi
\V. Wilke , on Front street , this cltyj
purporting to be a vinegar factory.
Tlioy captured two stills , and the
hlen weru iu the cdt of making crook
ed whiekey when they seized the es
tablishment. Thojconcern was turn
ing out about $500 worth a day. The
property seized was valued at ? 3000.
Murder Trials.
fipecUl dispatch to TUB Bn
INDIANAPOLIS , November 12 1 a.
m. The suprbme court yesteriay af
ternoon reversed the decision of the
lower courts in the case of Mary A.
Brown vs. the state , convicted of the
mitrder of her husband , and the case
was remanded for new trial. Mrs.
Brown is confined to her bed at the
jail , and her attendants think she
grows weaker daily. In the case of
James Wade , convicted of the mur
der of his employer , the supreme court
has affirmed the decision of the lower
courts. Wade takes the matter very
coolly , sayin ? , "I can meet death like
a man , and will. "
The Sherman Letter.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
CALDWELL , 0. , November 11 10
p. m. Hon. J. | M. Dalzall , having
been shown the press comments of
yesterday on the publication of the
Sherman letter , said : "They are very
unfair to him. " Ho wrote Secretary
Sherman for a letter that should de
fine his position on the senatorial
question , adding that his friends in
Ohio desired to know just whore he
stood on the question. The secretary
replied very cordially in a note the
next day , which was published for the
information of his friends as a mani
festo of the intention of both parties ,
and there was no bad faith about it.
Capturing Counterfeiters.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
PHILADELPHIA , November 11 1 a.
m. Secret Service Agent Calkson ,
who , with hii.assistants , acting' under
ho uidera of Chief Brouks , madu a
descent on a * saloon at No. 12508
Salmon street yesterday morning , and
iroke up a counterfeit coin mill
which they found in full operation.
Two well known counterfeiters , An-
SrcwJ. Squibb and Wm. Welt , were
seen in the act of making counter-
'elt half and quarter dollars. They
( rere held in § 5000 bail to appear for
Special Dispatches to The Bee.
Brevet Brig. Gen. Bichard S. Sat-
: erlee , U. S. A. , died in New York
Wednesday evening , aged 80.
Epizootic prevails in Dallas , Texas ,
ind in several other cities adjacent.
( Dallas has already lost seventy horses ,
with two hundred cases sick.
The report of the commissioner of
iustoms from the last fiscal year shows
.ho total collections from customs to
have been § 188,378,611 55 , and the
jxpense ? from collecting the same ,
The total loss by the burn ing of the
Blair building on Randolph street ,
Wednesday night , occupied byDwight
Bros & Co. and Satnmons , Clark &
3o. , was § 112,000 Insured for
74,000. The Brings house was dam-
iged about § 1 000 , and the guests
greatly frightened.
Dp to a late hour yesterday after
noon no news was received indicating
hat Gillon , the Lewis street , New
York murderer , had been captured.
! t is believed that he jumped into the
Henry Freeman , of New York ,
: hief clerk iu the bureau of United
States steamboat inspectors , who was
irrested Wednesday , charged with em-
jozziitig some § 5730 of government
unda , was arraigned before United
States Commissioner Shield ] yesterday
md held in § 5,000 bonds.
A new station on the Chicago , Mil
waukee & St. Paul railroad , between
Slgiu aud Genoa , has been named
jlarfield , in honor of the president
The official canvais of the city vote
if San Francisco gives Garfield ,
.9,059 ; Hancock , 21,477 , which makes
lancock's plurality in the state 122.
ilosecrans beats Davis for congress
.509 votes. Judge Terry runs behind
JIB ticket 205.
Under the law passed by the last
lession of congress , the first consular
report has just been published , con-
mining a series of systematic corres-
rc'pondenca from the Uuited States
consuls all over the world. Tbera is
a great demand for them , and hereaf
ter thpy will be issued monthly.
A telegram from Kingston , Ont. ,
says the steamer "Kingsford , " a small
passenger boat , which left Oawepjo
Saturday for Bay Quint port , has not
since been heard of , and it is conclud
ed that she , too , has perished in the
lata terrible gale. _
Undoubtedly the best shirt In the
United States is manufactured at the
Omaha Shirt Factory. The superiority
of Material and workmanship , corn-
Dined with their great improvements ,
that is Reinforced fronts , Reinforced
backs and Reinforced sleeve1 * , makes
their shirt the most durable and best
fitting garment of the kind , ever
manufactured at the moderate price of
§ 1.50. Every shirt of our make is
guaranteed firsf-class and will refnnd
the money if found otherwise.
Wo make a specialty of all wool ,
Shaker , and Canton flannel , also
chemois underwear , made up with a
view to comfort , warmth and durabil
ity. To invalids and weak-lunged
persons we offer special inducements
in the manner these goods are made
for their protection.
The Basis sf the Proposed
Consolidation Private
ly Discussed.
The War of Western Eailroads
Believed to be Over.
Enormous Io crease in the Cost
and Volume of the
Postal Serv'ea.
A Wabasn
Special thfe Bee. * * ' -
INDIANAPOLIS , November' 11 , 4 p.
m. The Terra Haute Express says
It is now a settled fact that Terra
Halite iaio-Wje nether railroad , to
be knownla ffiiAttica , C/ovington"A
'Southern. Starting at Attics , it wil
follow the tow path of the old Wabaah
and Erie canal to this city , and wil
lie a branch and under the manage
ment of the Wnbash railroad. Forty
miles of the lines will be completec
within a few weeks.
Sp'dal biapalch W the Boo
NEW YORK , November ll 4 D. m.
A meeting of those * principally in
terested in the Union and Central
Pacific railways , was held horn Tues
day evening , and the subject of con
solidation of the ( two companies dis
cussed. A proposition was submitted
that the CeutralPacific railroad should
issue scrip to thejamount to 20 or 30
par cent , to the stockholders of the U.
Pi and that both companies should
then uniteon equal basis. No definite
action beyond this was taken. It is
understood another meeting will soon
be held.
A Big Depot.
Special Dispatch to The Bea
CHICAGO , November 11 1 p. m
A conference was held yesterday be
tween representatives of the Illinois
Central , Michigan Central , C. , B. &
Q. railroads and the city officials rela
tive to the purchase by the roads ot a
strip of property on the lake front ,
between Randolph and Monroe streets ,
on which it is proposed to erect one
of the finest depot buildings in the
world. It is understood that § 1.000-
000 was offered for the ground , but
the city did not give a positive an
Gould's LatestlQrab.
"pedal Dispatch to the Bee.
NEW YOBK , November 11 4 p. m.
Jay Gould has bought the South
Park and Pacific road , and it will
probably be included in his system of
roads. This road extends from Den
ver to Buena Vista , a distance of 135
miles and has a nine mile braucn from
Bear Creek Junction to Morrison.
The War Ended.
Special Dispatch to Turn Bu.
NEW YOKE , November 11 , 4 p. m.
Private telegrams wore received
hero last night fraui Chiiago , announ-
itng tliat a hiuifi Viarl hopn ruarlied tnr
the satisfactory settlement of the
troubles of the Southwestern , and it
nras stated that passenger rates would
probably be restored at once.
Postal Figures ,
pedal Dispatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , November 11. The
innual report of the Second Assistant
Postmaster-General Brady has been
lubmitted to the postmaster-general ,
[ t shows that the total cost for inland
transportation for the year ending
lune last.aggregates $18,607,706. The
railroud route shows nn increase of 59
in number and of 5329 miles in length.
The Star line routes have been in
creased 628 In number and 19,768 in
miles and $919,669 in cath. The total
: est of the Star servica aggregates
51,3'1,449. Gen. Brady , at length ,
lives the causes for the increase in
this service. They were in
jonaequenco of what maybe
bo called bard time estimates.
That is to say , the expense upon
irhichthoy were based had been that
} f a time of depresssion in all
branches of industry and traffic , and
: onsequently an era of that rigid economy
enemy in all directions of public ex
penditnres , but the beginning of the
pear 1879 , subsequent to the subtnis-
iion of these estimates , was marked
by an unexampled improvement in
jvery branch of business , and a great
low of emigration to the western and
louthwestern states and territories.
From this General Brady says the
increased service became necessary.
Fhe report has a chapter devoted to
the fast mail service to Havana. Gen.
Brady recommends1 the following ad
ditional clerical force : Six clerks of
the Ihird class , four of the second ,
ind seven of the first. Four at
51000 each and one laborer. He esti
mated for the Star service for the ensuing -
suing year , $826,000 , which is twelve
per .cent over the appropriation for
1881. For mill bags , he estimates
$20,000 $ and $50,000 for mail locks and
A Female Thief.
Special-Dispatch to Tbe Beo.
NEW YORK , November 11 4 p.
n. It is stated to day that Mrs. M.
E. Warren , the head of a ladies' min
ing and stock exchange up town , has
iisappeared. Many persons claim to
have been victimized by the absentee.
The ksseg of depositors , nearly all
female ? , are said to vary from $2,000
to $25.00 , some Of the hapless invest
ors being poor and hard working
( Tomen.
5 he Indiana Campaign.
3 cl l dispatch to The Bee.
INDIANAPOLIS , November 11 4 p.
m. It is rumored that E. B. Martin-
dale &Co. , who recently sold The
Journal to John C. New & Son for
$85,000 , have'oflered $100,000 for it.
The News want $110,000 for it. Were
It not for the senatorial contest the
sale could be effected , but New wants
The Journal to make his senatorial
campaign with , and unless Martindale
can get it in time to take part in the
race , his offer will not be pressed.
Political Thumpers.
Special Dispatch to The.Bee.
NEW YORK , November 11,4 p. m.
In Brooklyn , last evening , Deputy
Coroner James- Dunne , ex prize
fighter , attacked ex-District Attorney
Samuel D. Morris in a restaurant , and
after knocking him down severely
kicked him in the face and about the
shoulders. Morris had offended
Donne in a political circular this falL
St. Louis Live Stocz Market.
ST. Louis , Novemb.r 11.
Hogs Slow and lower ; Yorkers
and Baltimores , $4 304 40 ; mixec
packing , $425@4 45 ; butchers' to
fancy , $445@4 70 ; receipts , 8,400
heid ; shipment ! ) , 2,300 head.
James Kedpath lampoons a
Notorious Iiish Straddler.
O'Donnell , M. P. , Thirsting
for the Blood of the Fa
mous Scribe.
Additional Quantities of Arms
end Men Shipped to
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO. 'November ' 11 , 4p.m.
The Daily News' London special say :
Amoti" tha latest rumora la one that
Mr. James Itodpath , correspondent in
has'been challenged to fign't
O'Donnell. Ifierabor of "parliament for
Dangarvan. The cause of the diffi
culty ia as follows : A few weeks ago ,
Mr. O'Donnell , with Mr. Justin Mc
Carthy and others , made application
for admission to membership in the
land league. At yesterday's meeting
a letter was read from O'Donnell withdrawing -
drawing his application. The reasons
which prompted him to take
this atcp are said to bo that
at a recent meeting of the League ,
Mr. Redpath used language insulting
or uncomplimentary to the Queen.
Mr. O'Donnell is one of that class of
Irish politicians who endeavor to ride
two horses at the aatflo time. He
wants to be friendly with the govern
ment , and also keep pace with the
public sentiment at home. But the
government being the strongest and
likely to be of most benefit to him ,
ho naturally clings to it and
drops the people when It becomes
a question between the two
Mr. Redpath , filled with the belief
that Mr. Parnell and his cause are in
the right , contributed an article to a
Dublin paper , in which he very ef
fectually exposed Mr. O'Donnell'a
course , and lampooned that honorable
gentleman in true American style.
The result is said to bo a challenge.
Those who have known Redpath , be
lieves that he will give O'Donnell all
the satisfaction desired.
3p chl Dispatch to the BEX.
LONDON , November 11 4 p. m.
Late advices from Dublin say that in
tense feeling prevails in Clare Morris
isainst the Orangemen , and that in-
: endiary placards are numerously
Special Dlupatch to Tai CJE.
NEW YORK , November 11. 4. p.
rn. A special cablegram says : Mr.
Foster , chief secretary of Ireland ,
bad an interview in London , with
Mr. Childers , secretary of war , yea-
[ t is said the sending of a large force
of troops to Ireland to immediately
silence the Land League trouble baa
been agreed upon at the cabinet
meeting yesterday. Foreign affairs
* nd the Irish question was discussed.
The conclusion arrived at was con-
Furmable to Gladstone's speech of
Tuesday night at the lord mayor's
Special Dispatch to The Boa.
LONDON , November 11 4 p m. A
Paris special says there is much ex
citement in the city over the proceed
ings in the chambersj and the end of
: he present complications cannot be
foreseen. Numerous prominent men ,
ivho have heretofore acted with Gam-
setta , predict that the radical influence
ivill demand his co-operation in in
cased clerical aggressions. They
ilso believe that should the opposition
ihreaten the existence of Gambetta'a
nfluence , he is prepared to utter sinis
ter expressions advocating the main-
enance of tha unity of French power
n event of war with Germany , which
d ways unifies Frenchmen. Jules Simon
md others confirm this view.
New Yor Money and Stocks.
Money 4a5 ; exchange steady at SI 81j@4 83 } .
J. S e's-Sl . 1 04i U.S. 4'g . 1 10J
J. S. 6'a . 1 01 | CurrencyffB . 126
Dull ; advanced J to 1J p r cent.
y o . o-i M c . ica
ST. Y. C. . 1ST Lackawanna . 07 $
Srle . < 3 ] Hudson Canil . S8j
Picfcncd . 73J N J C . 76 |
8.1. . 120 M 4 E . 110
t/.S- . Ill KcadlnjT , . 61
tforthweaUm . H2J I M . 47g
Preferred . 1S6J N P . 2SJ
M . 47 Preferred . 57J
3hlo 35 L&N 173
Preferred 77 } Ni.C
it. Paul l(3i Ont k W.
Preferred 117 $ Sin Fran 40
5t. Joe 39 ; 0 P 85
Preferred 87 $ A&PTel 41
kYabuh 413 Alton ) ! 6f
Prefercd 75 CO C& 1 79 ?
9n ha 43 Cm Southern CC (
Preferred 834 BftQ 155 }
Union Pacific 94 } 1C 117 }
3L C. 4 ; I. C 19 | K. &T S3
Panama * . . 210
Chicago Produce Market.
CIIICAGO , November 1L
Wheat Opened 4c higher , and
closed with the advance lost ; No. 2
spring sold at § 105 © 1 OG | for Do-
somber , closing at § 1 04J for cash or
November ; § 1 051 05for Decem
ber ; $1 061 06 | for January.
Corn No 2 sold at 42J@42 | for
December , closing at 41gcr for casher
or November ; 42J@42c for Decem
ber ; 42c for January ; 47c for May.
Oats No. 2 sold at 30JS@31Jc for
cash31 ; @ 31fc for December , closing
at 30-jc for cash or November ; 3l c
For December ; 31jjc for January ; 36c
for May.
Rye Ic higher at 83 @ 84c for ciab ;
860 for January.
Barley Firm bui quiet ; No. 2 sold
at 83c fez caab , and 880 was bid fcr
Pork Mess , sold at $12 45@12 GOfer
for December ; $13 8514 02 for
January.closing at $13 nO@14 25 for
cash ; § 12 46@12 50 for November ;
S1240@1245 for December ; S1382A
@ 13 85 for January.
Lard Cloned at 28 17A for cssh ;
$8 12 < g8 15 for December ; § 8 15 ®
8 17J for January.
CnlcaRO Live Stocfc.
CHICAGO , November 11.
Hogs Active , and price * on heavy
grades 5c higher per 100 pounds ;
sales at $4 G0@4 75 for light pack
ing and shipping ; 84 55@4.90 foi
heavy packing , and $4 G0@4 90 foi
good to extra smooth heavy shipping
lots ; recepts , 43,000 he id.
Cattle The receipts were again lib.
A a
Cor. Douglas and I3th Sts. "
Gives Swat Bargains in Ladies' and Gents
All Kinds Of
We Guarantee The Best Goods For The Least Money.
Iron and'V/agon Stock ,
At Chicago Prices.
120 unil 1211 Ilaruey Street , Omnhn.
The br.cjl anil beat : swrtment of
Fnmks and Valises in the West. Telescopic Cases
and Sample Trunks a Specialty.
H. H. MABHOFF , - - - PROP. ,
_ 117 14th SU Doors North of Douglas St.
Gives universal Satisfaction and that it is stead
ily and rapidly increasing in public lavor.
The White Machine justly claims to be the
best made , the easiest running , the simplest in
construction and the most perfect Machine in
the market.
The White Co. employ as agents men of In
tegrity , and purchasers are always satisfied ,
because they find everything just as repres
Everybody should use this Machine. The
sales so far thia year are more than double
the corresponding time last year.
All orders addressed to the .Omaha Office
will be promptly filled.
Cor. Davenport and I.lth Sts. " Omaha. _
Having just opened an entirely new line of
NQ would ask the Merchants of Nebraska to inspect our 'Stock
eeling confident we can meet the wants of all in good Goods and
Jew Prices
Cor. 14th and'DodgclSts.
eral , bat owing to aome of the trains
arriving late and the stock not being
ed and watered , buyers did not leave
be building and a limited business
tras transacted ; up to 11 o'clock tha
only sales reported were nt § 8 40 ®
S 45 for choice smooth shipping
steers. Tnere was nothing done in
any other stock ; fresh receipts , 6,200
St. Loul3 Produce Market.
ST. Lou.'S , November 11
Flour Firm and about 5c higher ;
XX , S370S305 ; XXX , § 4 3504 40 ;
family , S-i 80@4 95 ; choice , 55 03 ®
5 25 ; fancy , § 5 35Q5 70.
Wheat Opened higher ; bat de
clined ; No. 2 red , § 1 03J for cash ;
$104@1 03i for November ; SI OOJ ®
1 054 for December ; SI 07JJ01 03J
for January ; SI llg@l 10 $ for Fob-
uary" ; No. 3 do , 99j@07jc ; No. 4
do , 94S@943c.
Corn Lawer at43jc for cash ; 43J@
42f c for November ; 4241 c for De
cember ; 42j@41.Jc for January ; 42g
@ 4lc for February ; 45g@45.jc for
May.Oats Low r at 33J32c for cash ;
Slcbid for November ; 3Uc bid for
December ; 3Gc for May.
BBye Easier at 87c.
Bjrley Firm aud slow at G0 < 39oc.
Batter Unchanged.
Ezgs Unchanged.
Whisky Steady at $1 10.
Bacon Doll at S3 40 < § 8 25(38 ( 50.
Pork Quiet at 814 00green ; hams ,
averaging 14 Ibi , 7c ; green clear ribs
salted on cars at K.inpaa City , Cjc.
Dry Salt Meats Quiet at § 4 CO ®
7 207 40.
Lard Quiet at $8 00 bid.
Receipts Flour 5,000 brls , wheat ,
61,000 bu ; corn f 3,000 bu ; oats ,
12,000 bu ; rye , 2,000 bu ; barley , 13-
000 bu.
Shipments Flour , 14,000 brls ;
wheat , 35,000 bu ; corn. 1,000 bu ;
New York Produce Mar ec.
NEW YORK , November 11.
Hour Without important change ;
moderate in the export and jobbing
trade ; receipts , 2,680 brh ; round
hoop Ohio , ? 4 10@5 50 ; choice do ,
S5 606 23 ; . uparfine western $3 90@
4 35common ; to good extr * do , § 4 65 ©
5 00 ; choice , do , do , S3 10 < 3G 50 ;
choica white wheat , do , § 4 75@4 95.
Butter Firm for choice grades ;
fair demand for Ohio at 14J@26c.
Egtjs Western firm at 22@25ic.
Wheat Closing easier for winter ;
Chicago , ? 1 18@1 20 ; Milwaukee ,
SI 21 ; No. 2 red winter , $1 20 for
Novembar ; $1 20 for December ; $1 21&
for January ; sales , 600,000 bu ,
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 at 60c ; ealei ,
Oats Firm.
Whisky Nominal.
Provisions Pork at 814 50 asked
for seller the jear ; 815 00 bid for
cash ; 15 00 asked for November ,
$13 0015 75 for December.
Lard S8 20 bid for cosh ; | 3 65V J
8 70 November ; $8 55 Dbfember ;
88 55Q8 5 i January ; 88 C08 65
February ; § 3 65 M > rch ; ? 8 55 seller
for the year.
cr. c.
Capitol Ave , , Opp. Masonic Hall ,
OMAHA. - - - NBK.
. - - .
Successors to J. II TII1EI.I1 ! .
No. 1220 Douglas Street ,
A T = r A
oclfc *
proposal * will be iecelr J br th-i
eJst hlj office until S o'clock p. a. .
-atuidiy , the tth day of December , 133' , lot
the pnnhanc of one buidred ml twentj-H i
thniranil dollar * of UouslM eoantr bond * lift-
cnbed u fc/lowj : On nan Jrwl and tw n J Ev
bomb of one Ihauzarul (1000) ( do bra e cb , it td
January 1st , 1881 , ami pajabla twent/ an
f rum date with Interest at ill pf cant , icr
annum , puy-iblj tetcl aano.lljr In too dty f N < *
Yo K.
S 'M bomli dtull be redeemable at the opt ! > n
ol the bnrd if chanty commlislon'rn t r-d !
ecu .ty , at tnc exnirttl m nt ten j afrom 10
data of nme , bnmo levy iliall be m de tt i 7
ay pait of tin prlnci | 1 of nla bondj n 1
after tha txpintfoii i > * ta ! < l ten jeais.
Inte eat < ilull be | "i I "D raid hontl * only fr a
ad alter the il tc f the r\h of same , on < iy
part the-e-jf , and fherecvi t ot tbetnoreythe 3
fore ralilb ndtto bcdo IvcreJ M fallo .
125,000 on the first day it Januar , 1831.
JSO.O o on tiie flrat d y of July , 1831.
f 0,000 on tno first dty of January. 1882 ,
ProponU will be fceive-l at the mme tl ta
for th-i pnrcbaM of gild J1J5.0CO of bomls. ii
entire amount to be deJlrere j Jinu-ry nt. If sU
Tnc boirJ of couity con-mis loners tvet
the rUht to rtject any or ul bidi da'e l
Nor. tttb , 133v.
County dorr.
week in y ar own town , lersi and
vn i * . . M >