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    'iiitE-DAILY BEE.
Friday Morning/SNbv. 5.
Paterenn hells coal.
1'rttla id. Leading llaitcr. o23-lf
Sea Polack's advertisement.
Isaac Kicko * . American remedy.
1 * rtcr if running the Omaha Ferry.
- Luhinsbulk i-erfumeat Kuhn's only.
- Fiie King Engine Co. meets to-night.
- A newB'o.k of fine hacdkerchief es
tr u tat Saxe b.
Twelve care of block came iu to-day
from the west.
County court u in ses'.ion with Sfty-
four crises ou the dotket.
lor all the excitement of AVedtcsday
n A iuerc wa * > not a tingle cabe of am hi *
-\\'liH > ple , McMillan & Co. , the jewel
er , 1 ' 2J ! Douglas i-treet. 0J6tf
Gli-ve fittin. Patterns l Bushinau'b. tf
' 1 he best uf ir-caU : it 'Bath & "White's
uiai lei , oiipoate the iwstolnce. 29-tf
V-sth S : White , opposite the iwst-
cti o. eoive Lfreah fihh even * Thutbday.
For 1 xidn , Lots Houses and Parnis ,
1 , .k < re i Beiuis' new column on flrtt page.
'Jlie Garfield and Atthur Glee Club
v 1 _ ' > to Council Bluffs to-iislit to help
.l . if V.
A glance at the mortality report for
la 11 nmtii will show that it was a pretty
tn iie in every resp'ct.
- St. Jnlm's lodge , 1C" . 25 , A. F. & A.
M. , ra U instated commit ication this ,
Tn rby , evening.
lyi t . Farms. Houseiand Lands. I/wk
. . _ ! _
iv IBBM M.B.H m > -
oi i JJemis' u-w column of bargains on Ihl
'J'hs tbridge near the Korth Omaha
i - ion has' been repaired in accordance
w i i the nusgeitionof THE BUE.
iJiaaud Joiio Morris , with the "Mir-
" r H f frelaiul , " at llio > c
0,1 1 'riilny aiid Salurilay evenings.
ESIntbcdi' > trictcourlWcdncs.laylIio 3i < X !
i f Sextmcr vs. Grifiii , et al. , was on trial
hoi "renju y. Tuerewere no olbcr pro
ceed mgb.
-The news of the election of Garficld
, hr storied the business lx ouu There was
i -I ible nuinbcr of real estate trausfcre
InSarpy county T. P. Joue , republican -
can , * ! elected county commissioner by a
im it iniijerity , and Gates , deinocr.itic ,
\v , vlectad representative by about ICO
eon tty.
B , - 1 he Union Pacific Weduoday w.-t-Jtwo
' „ aii'l n half bourn behind time. The Nbrlh-
\vi.iernwastlo only train lliat waited ils
ni 11 tU The same train was reported [ four
A. regular meeting of the city cot ncil
'v.isWld last night. PrcHent 1'renident
' ! . . < . I an ! Councilmau Dailey , Dodge ,
JM , JloJdisandTliieman. Upon mo-
. , ii u < if Atr. UoJgi the council adjourned
toil , it Monday evening.
' 't. ' liiruabas church has purchased a
'i on V < SKIIII , which is quite as large as any
- inha city. ! l'Jio price paid ivas fl 00.
1 or nu is elegantly flnished ; in front is
' * ! ' r tucmoriul i > lat9 , with the nams of
2,1 , L Hue \VooJm in , wlio for so long 1
i lior deatti M as organist of St. Barnabas.
luwday evening last Mr. and Mrs.
" \ \ u. itnnvii celebrated their silver wed-
J i .A their rcbiilcm-c jn Sliinn'ssd tition.
T i Iimuo v.-asTilled witligue tsvliog :
mutot many useful aud co-illy presents ,
D i utg ua' indulged in after sujiper and
a ; -Mfal good I'mchad by all.
r-hftiles Whitaej' , James \Vhiln jand
Slo " .3Colan , Taylor , Devlin a'nl Dolan.
t ' > vo fonuer cx-mcinboro of thu Omaba
Vf" - < < iioiinl ba c lull team , and the latter
f.i"i us uhenhere in thei-ame line , came in
Jioin tlw co.tet Tuesday and remained over
Jn the olty until Wednesday. They aic jo-
iu In/me fo. the winter , and all expect to
liLiy agaia ne\tJ > easou.
\ocMr < 1iug to the following the I\o-
sc'jiuibinatiou ' has gone to pieces. The
GIiiu ti'tovv.i { ) H md of Moud y 8ays of
. tr wpe : "Trie com any disbanded here
iV n + i'liu tSU Louix , where they M ill
it. rr Bize in about two weeks. The tour
lJiroju Iov\a wan a pecuniary failure for
, , tl man Cement , the gifted star having
/ % ' ! eViileutly throngh sheer lackofce-
1 tto bccure a remunerative i atron-
--Uov. Dr. II. D. lisher , formerly of
til Firat L E. church of this city , aad
iu < o ivceiitly in charge of a congregation
at U Lake Cit- , has been appointed eu-
Jicn'itondeut of the American Bible a Bo-
i > u for the territories embracing Utah ,
Jtl - , Montana and New Mexlcn. Mr.
toi11 , hoaccompamedMe3sr. . Moodj
r 'v < - tukey out to Salt Lake , has been np
li i IJ ti Kiiccjed the doctor , whose prv-
u iu4i\Uho ! a source of ptide tohismany
iniUiu Omaha.
Do not fail to visit
e at
K < n enihsr 5Ui , Gth , Sth , 9lh , 10th ,
f 1 t ry companies and the Fire
irituont will visit the Fair during
v < ; k. Everybody will bo there.
w iiKrnings at IIospc's.
J Maurcr has opoucd his new
Bt ' a aud lunch room 1214 jFarnham
El , lf.tcElguM' - ' " ' " " 1m
Pears , Plums , Grapes ,
01 -ii Tizird's Palace. o21 If
' ' . J. W. Love , ol Xlattsuionlli , is in
< & > . If. Jcvvett left on the noon train
yt t i ' .lyforSidney.
y1 VwH Uylandcr came in from the eai-t
-layMrilhaiiartyof nine laud bujcib
i . Slaughter , of Kane couutyns
In , } "Wednesd-y night and returned
lie \ > utorday.
i. Melville C. Day. of St. LouY ,
I ni'icitor ' of the Missouri Pacific
iv , vr f in the city Wednesday.
T F. M. Soionon and wife * . o { Den-
vc uH eMu Mr. Al SoreDNjnis city
cd ' -if The ltepuolcan poiued through
th ' - ywl erday.i etui umc home from the
1. H. Tanduzen , a prominent tcle-
jrn > r , many years manager of the
IV" < TB Union Tclegiaph Office , at Cleve-
IAL II 1 now connected witB" the Atlantic
. ! fic lines , is io the city. .
os Gatub'e , general euperiuteadent
ol \Vontera Union "telegraph lines on
th . citic coastjisin the city. Mr. Gam-
< * at the oldest telesratihers in the
co -tiy.Tia ing coiislru.tcd the pioneer
lie 'f California. The late Edward
Or 'iion and _ Col. dowry constructed the"
T'E fcilflROl'i fwm the ML-souri river
! t Tke City , and Mr. Gamble built
th- nff from Salt J-olu ; io
Trying to Count Out the
Legally Elected Members
of the Legislature.
Doctoricg the Eeturns by the
Mott Brazen Fraud and
When the election closed on TUBE-
cUy tvemng tlio TJ. P. gargwith thor
r jpuUican brand , claimed to have car-
rledihocounty by the most overwhelm-
ij uwjorityfortheirwholeticketThey
averted boldly that they had carried
every ward except the Second
and Fifth by largo majorities.
T.icy c'airued over 400 raijority
f r Coutant and the rest of the ticket
iu the sixth alciia. Yhcn the returns
b-gui to coaie in yesterday afternoon
and the countingm the different wards
was drawing tj close , there was great
exittinout iu the Union Pacific ctmip.
Frank Walters , Windmill Baldwin ,
jiiUnt and tliu hangers on and strik
ers u ere rushing about at afearfulwte ,
g to and fro with very ling
farvs. A hr e concourse of U. P.
atnlc'a assembled in the First ward
and tricl to bulldoze the judges there
into cutting down the mijurityagaintt
tic Union Pacific candidates. There
was liaulin and tugging and
pulling at the second ward , and Has-
Cill was very badly out of humor. By
2 o'clock at night itvas pretty well
u dorctcod among the Union Pacific
men and at the Republican office
that at Je.iat live o-f their
ticket was beaten , Cunlaut , Locke ,
and the three lowest men on the leg
islative ticut. This morning the U.
P. sinkers went to work with the de
termination to upset the result of the
legitimate election. A new count waste
to bo Lad iu the First ward , with a
view no doubt to cutting
down the anti-monopoly majority.
Ruht ; hire let us say that in the first
ward the most infamous frauds were
perpetrated upon ignorant voters by
this gat-jj of ssoundrols. In the can
vas of the vote it was found that over
one hundred and fifty bogus demo
cratic tickets had been smuggl" ! in by
tie U. P. clan. Eich of these brgus
tickets had the entire republican Icg-
t.ckct printed in amoug the
democratic candidates without any
distinguishing mark. A largo majori
ty if these tickets were doubtKss
vo.ted by unsuspecting democriU who
supposed they were voting for the
democratic candidates.
The most infamous attempt to de
fraud tbo voters of this county is ,
however , being perpetrated wUh the
returns from Chicago precinct. A
tnsu by the name of Rohlfs , who was
one of the judges , cameii'jWedmsday
morning and brought the repc rt that
the fusion anti-monopoly ticket
had a small majority in that
precinct ivhcro over 150 voles hid
been cast. The relnrns from that
precinct , were not handed in to the
couuty clerk unt 1 12:30 to-day , and
-fcWa miwe artflifturmrt ! , It wTw only
the ballots , without uny accompany
ing documents. An hour previous to
this the U. P. c n < li < lairs were report
ing on the strc.ts tint Coutant and the
other U. P. candidates had 2i ) major
ity in Chicago precinct. Dovr c-uno
that change in the l&st twiiity-four
hours ? To a tuau up a tree it looks
very much as if the vote in Chicago
precinct had b en tampered with and
the rutuius doctored to suit the
emergency. The returns thus far
received show that the anli monppolv
republicans liavo polled over 100C
Aoics in llita county , and while GM-
ed ! carries the county by' 1200
majority , the U. P. republican leg-
iblativo ticket isbiatcn f < .r
the most part , if there is an
honest count and thn returns arc nol
tampered with. If it hadn't been for
the bogus tickets and the 300 or 400
democrats bought up with money ,
every one of the candidates on the.
anti-monopoly ticket would ba clecled.
Five dry goods Falesmen. Capable
men with references from past em-
plo3-crs can obtain permanent places.
LOST. Surgical Pocket Case
Finder vill please return to" Dr.
Parker , Tttolfthand Hamoy and get
Bonner's Stores much the finest
in the Market. " ' " J e. 1410
Douslas street. . o22-tf
At 1205 Douglas street , will be
offered for sale , at public auction ,
Saturday , November Cth , at 10 o'clock
A. jr. , all the stock and fixtures bc-
onging to the Gymnasium , including
abouhng alloy , pins , balls , ono nil-
tard table , lifting machine , a com-
ileto Lcno outfit ; also two bath tubs
with fixtures , tables and chairs with
other articles too numerous to , men-
u. iiov4-2t
Israel Loomis.
T' ' i funeral of the late Israel
J" la . ° .Jacfl yesterday jt
' "lo'O a. m. , from the residence on Cal-
fornia and Kineteenth streets , and
ho remains were taken to Vesta ,
Tohr.son ccunty , his former homo , on
the 9 o'clock B. & M. train , for in-
Sir. Liomls was the father of Mies
Loornis , of Brownell Hall , and came
to Omaha but a few weeks ego , after
the death of his wi e , which occurred
on Sept 22d.
. The deceased came to Nebraska
twenty-four years ago from Michigan
and made his home in Johnson coun
ty , where he owned a farm and al
ways took a prominent part jn politi
cal affairs , lie said to a reporter of
this piptr , who was introduced to
him a fosr days ago on the street and
had a long and interesting conversa
tion with him , that ho should never
have come to the city but for the loss
of his wife , that everything Igoked
strapgo to him hcra * wand' ho
did not know that ho would
over get accuttomcd to the
cn'aage/'althouijn / it seemed a pleasant
one under the circumstances. Ho was
then apparently in the " "enjoyment of
excellent health , notwithstanding the
weight of sixty-seven years. Satur
day moruin" ho was seized with an
apoplectic attack which resulted in a
complete paralys's ot the left s'.do , and
In a half comatose and Insensible con
dition from which ho never rallied.
Mr. Loomis has many friends
throughout the state * ho will learn ,
with regret , of his sudden demise.
7 t { received a car load of TEIME
MicJtiyan Winter Apples , llircc-luslid
&JHTC/S / , "HEN-RIOTS" jtrit nradc. Now
is the i'rnc io put In supply for ihc sea-
ton , Ihcy arc lilcly io be SOc maumi in
a few days. FLEMING & CO ,
uov3 Ut Grocers.
Sirs. M. Cox , Fushionablo Dress
Maker , S17 Fifteenth street , between
Davenport and Chicago.
Xew Encravings at HoSDc's ,
Bootblacks' Brotherhood.
Among the contributors to the Oma
ha Bootblacks' Brotherhood yesterday
were Judge Sivage , Georga Patto eon
and Beard Brothers. The former is
especially interested in this * effoit
to help forward the enterprise. The
people living in the vicinity of 1405
Harney street , the building occupied
by the association , have expressed
fears that the quint and safety of their
neighborhood will be disturbed , but
the boys siy they will prove a false
alarm , their predictions in that re-
Fresh Fish at Molz's Market.
For S.ile Six-horso power Baxter
engine Brd boiler , iu good repair.
Apply at BKE office. no-ttf
Attention , Company H.
All active members of tins company
arc requested to meet at Armory hall ,
corner of Tenth and Farnham streets ,
Thursday evening , November 4th , as
matters of special importance are to
bs presented.
The Weatber.
The weather reports yi s'erday show
that it is cloudy , with a strong north
west wini from Omaha to Cheyenne ,
with the thermometer ranging from 33"
at the former to 12 ° above at the latter
place. From Liramio to Eranston It
ia clear and calm , and a quarter of an
inch f.ill of snow is reported. At
Liramio the thermometer was 5 ° be
low at 5 o'clock this morning.
New Stcck
Hand-made Hhncs ,
in endless variety ,
just received ,
4-2t ' - .
- LsadiiiitShopS'o-e.
Mortality Eoport for October.
Trta city physician's report for the
mouth of October shows the following
figures :
To'al ' deaths from all causes .30 to
37 for the month of. Sapt. Of thia
ruiuber there viorouLiii the lot ward ;
G m the 2d , 2 in the 314 in I ho 4th ;
2 in the 5th ; 7 iu the 0 h2 ; in the hos
Three were urd r h < 3 ago of eco
year ; 4 , between 1 and 2 , 2 , between
2 and 3 ; 2 , between 1 and 5 ; 2 , be
tween 5and 10 ; 1 , be'Uuen lOand 20 ;
4 , between 20 and 30 , 4 , between 30
and 40 ; 3 , between -40 anil 50 ; 1 , be
tween 50 and CO ; 2 , between GO and
70 , and 2 over 70 years of age.
There was ono death each from
d plherin , croup , diarrhwa , dysentery ,
cancer , marasmup , hydrocuphialus ,
meningitis , gastritis , larangitis , con
gestive chills , consumption of the
bowels , old ago and btarvation , con
gestion of the brain , paralysis , soft-
enintj of the brain , .injury , ono not
reported. Five from malarial fevers ,
three from phthisis , two from pneu
monia , and two from convulsions.
Sex Male , 15 ; female , 15. Col
ored" , 'none ; married , toff ; single ,
Places of Interment Holy Sep-
nlchre , three ; Prospect Hill , twelve ;
Cassady'a , ono ; County , one ; German
C.vtholic , 1 ; Sautha-'s , seven ; ramoved
from city , five.
Births 22. White , 21 ; colored , 1.
Malr , 11 ; female , 11 ; still born , 1.
Annual death rate per 1,000 ,
The Nebraska State Bar Aescciation.
The adjourned"July meeting of the
association will take place at the Uni
ted States court room , Omaha , Wed
nesday evening , Nov. 10,1880.
There will bo an election of ah orator
tor for 1881 , balloting for new mem-
bars , reports of committees , and other
business of importance transacted.
C. F. MANDERbON , Pres.
D. G. HDLL , Sec'y. v
Hay -by the bale , ton or carload ;
also * the 'best Winter and 'Spring
Wheat Flour , Oats , corn , BrantFeed ,
Vegetables , etc.
B. B. WILEY & Co. ,
550 IGth St. , bot..Capttol avenue and
Dodge. l/ " \29Gt
v < -
'Talk about a rush , ofbusiness , you
ohould jnst look in at Atkinson's , the
acknowledged leading millinery cstab-
ishtneut. corner of DouglaF'and Thir-
ecnth streets. The ladies all seem
to understand that to sccuro'a really
lylish hat or bonnet , at reasonable
igurcs , they must go to Atkinson's ,
the o'lilylhst class4ixclnsivo < inillinery
establishment in the city. -
SUITSSUITS ! ! ! SUITS ! ! ! ,
Wo manufacture black cashmere
suits on short notice ; a large variety
of the beUxbrands to select from.
Black silk suits to order from the cel
ebrated "Guinet" and "Bonel"-
brands. Stuff suits ready made from
§ 5 00 upwards. We have made a re
duction of-twenty-five per cent , in
these goods. Hundreds to select
From and a perfect fit guaranteed in
every instance.
29 f-m-fh McDoxALD & HAKIUSON.
FURS ! FURS 1 ! FURS 11 !
Omahn Fur Manufacturer ,
Henry G. Richter , ia to be found op
posite the postoffico o2G-t
The City Ablaze With Light
andthe _ _ Citizens Fired
With Patriotic Fervor.
A Memorable Nighb in the
Gateway to the West.
Probably there never before was an
occasion of such general and enthusi
astic rejoicing over any event in
Omaha asWecnesd.-y witnessed in co- .
sequence of the successful iisuo of
the presidential campaign. It was like
Fourth of July , Washington's birth
day , St. Patrick's day , Christmas and
Thanksgiving combined , and republi
cans , without regard to age , sex , race ,
color or previous condition , were per
fectly wild with enthusiasm and joy.
At 7 o'clock the clans begun assem
bling in front , of the Academy of Mu
sic , where torches were to bo served
out. Huge bonfires were built at the
intersection of 13th and 1-lth streets
wijh.Douglas and beyond those a die-
play of fireworks was made by private
partft-3. The band of the Ninth regi
ment came down in full force and the
old reliable Union Pacific band graced
the occasion with their presence. At
7:20 : o'clock theprocession was formed
four deep along Douglas , right resting
on Fourteenth , the firat division
commanded by Col. E. F. Smytho
and headed by the Military Baud ;
the second division commanded by
Maj. Geo. S. Doane and led by the
Union Pacific band. All the torches
belonging to both parties were eerved
out and there not being enough ,
men fell into the ranks without them ,
until fully two thousand people wore
in line , when the march begun.
Al ihis time the street ; ] were densely
thronged with people , it was imposBi4
hie to press along the side-walks , and
the city had the aspect of having sev
eral Moody and Sankey congregations
turned loose on each block at ono
time. Ono continual cheer resounded
from ono end to the other of the line
of march , whilothe horrible noise of
tin horns almost drowned out the
magnificent music played by the
bauds. The Academy had been
thrown open in the meantime and
before 8 o'clock there was not a seat
left unoccupied and every inch of
standing room was taken.
The procession marched and countermarched
ter-marched throngh all the principal
streets , making an Imposing spectacle
aud ono calculated to arouse all the
patriotism possessed by the average
American citizen. New bonfires werr
kindled along the route until the city
was ono blaze of light , her streets a
flowing strei.m of fire and the heart
of every repnblicin an altar on wfc ch
burned such patriotism aa is always an
acceptable sacrifice totho , godof bat
tles and the prince of peace. It is
impossible to describe the joy mani
fested by all and ivhichf.ia evinced
by every one according to his or her
At length the procession hailedam3 _ _
a aina wnn a complement of
speakers was left at the Academy
after which a grand "overfl w'1 meet
iiii ; nas held r.t the democratic stnnd
on 14th street , kindly for the
occasion , in front and around which
no lesa than five thousand poisons as
sembled to Lear addrersis from vir-
iona prominent men from Omaha and
the state at large.
At the Academy the exercises of
the evening were exceedingly inter-
ojting. The Garfield and Arthur Glee
club was present and sung its most in
spiring songs , and tlie meeting was a
regular love feast , or "camp fire , "
would bo more appropriate to call it.
Five minute speeches were made by
Senator Saunders , Generals Mander-
son an J. Co win , Col. Smythe , Hon.
JohnL. Webster , Judges Hawes and
Peabody , Messrs. Kynor , Bartlctt ,
Cliase , Moores and others , and the
crowded galleries and auditorium re
mained in deepest attention to the
end of the meeting , except wlion'tho
roof was fairly raise'd bysomj remark
orpoint made which was considered
especially good.
The names of Lincoln , Grant ,
.Hayes and Garfield were cheered to
echo , but , especially , that of. the silent
hero of Appomattox and the New
York campaign elicited a storm ef ap
plause every time. . * . ,
on Fourtsenth street was a very en
thusiastic affair. The meeting was
called to order by W. H. H. Llewel
lyn , who called on Ool. Smytho to pre.
side. Five minute speeches we e
made by Col. Smythe , J. M. Taurs-
ton , C. A. Baldwin , C. J. Greene ,
Hon. J. L. Webster , and D. G. Hull ,
-Esq. , of Lincoln.
It was not nntil 11 o'clock that the
largest aud beat pleased audience that
ever gathered in the Academy , ad
journed to dream of future republican
The Swedish library will bo opened
Ftiday evening , at 8 o'clock , at their
rooms over Jacobs' clothing store ,
Farnham street.
N.'S. P. C. A.
A regular meeting of the Nebraska
Society for tbo Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals , will be held thia evening
at 7:30 : o'clcck. at thebjard of trade
The public are invited.
GKO L.-MILLER , President. *
WATSOX B. SMITH. Secretary :
Will open in Kennedy's new brick
building on Tenth street , between
Jackson and Jones , on Monday , NoVember -
Vember 1st , with a new , fresh , well
assorted stock of goods , which have
been purchased at recent trade sales
in Boston and New York for coin , and
will be offered at prices heretofore un
known in Omaha. Our aim shall
always'be'to , cater , for the popular
trade , and leave others to look after
the high toned.
- * Remember November 1st ,
Boston One Price Store ,
10th St. , bet. Jackson and Jones ,
oct27 tf *
The Way the-Returns of the
Voting Preciucts are
Coming in.
Since our report of yesterday , addi-
ditional returns have been received
though not yat by any means full and
complete. A revised count is in pro
gress in the First and Fourth wards
and a pHrtial recount In the Second
end is deaired by one of the candi
dates , . Mr. George Shields , who saya
ha has 21 votes more there than are
accorded him by the returns.
For this reason only the additional
returns received are given , and the
statement Jif the correct county
vote will bo given when it shall be ac
curately reported. The present
status of things can bo seen by refer
ence to another column.
Real Estate Transfers.
Fredk. B. Lowe to Wm.
seyi w. d. , lot 9 , blk. 4. Park Place ,
Omaha $300.
Thos. Bryant and wife to John A.
Cuppy : q. c. d. , e. A se. } stc 21 , tp.
1C , r. 11 , e. , $100.
Neils C. Neilson and wife to .Paul
Nehon : w. d. , s. i lot 4 , blk. 207 ,
Omaha § 350.
Mary Ann Elliott et al. to Kathari-
na Knollmuller : w. d. , lot 12 , blk. 5 ,
ShuU's2ndadd. . Omaha-8500.
C.Y. . Hamilton , trustee , to Smith
S. Caldwell : w. d. lots 1 , 2 , 3 , block
0 ; lots 1 , iJ , 3 , fi , block 5 ; lotsG , 7 , 8 ,
block 4 ; lots 7 , 8 , 9 , lj. { block 3 ; lots
9,10,11,12 , block 2 , Lake's addition
to Omaha SI.
Julius Rudowsky and wife to Fritz
Wohlers : w. d. n. i , a i , no. L etc.
30 , t. 15 , r. 12 e.-82400 !
W. J. Connell and wife to Clinton
Igss : w. d. lots ! , 2 , 3 and 4 , "Oak
Knoll" addition , Omaln : § 5UCO.
.benjamin E. Folsom , et al. , to An
drew J. Banscom : w. d. , lot 5 and
west i lot 6 , bl. 109 , Omalia § 5,000.
Joseph Barker , ot al. , to Andrew
Sorensen : w. d , , pirt s. o. j and s A ,
n. e. sec. 10.1.15 , r. 12 o. § 5,105.
Sainuel E Rogers to Eli l > . Wat
son : w. d. , lot 1 , " b11 \ , Improve
ment Association add. , Om.iha
§ 250.Nelson
Nelson P. Johnson to Bans Peter
Blomburg : w. d. , lot 5 , bl. 8 , E. V.
Smith's addition , Omaha 300.
The plat of Reservoir Addition to
the city of Omaha was filed.
Miss JMattio Rothschild , sister of
Mrs. A. 1'oldck , will give piano lea-
sons , commencing the 10th instant ,
at the residence. 403 Cass street , bo-
twecn IVentiulb and Twenty-first.
Those desiring instruction will please
call at onco. nov4tf
A first-class hotel in every respect , is
situated on the northwest corner of
Thirteenth and Capitol avenue. This
new house is newly and elrgntly fur-
nishtd throughout , and the table and
bill of faro will compare favorably
with the' bittt in the land. Give it a
trial. No runner at the Dopot.
FOR ALL AGES , at MoDoNAin &
- - -
Just rcceivad thia morning another
largo im-oiso of the choicest novelt'ea
in Uolunn , Cloaks , Jackels , Ulstera ,
Paletots and Hanolocks , ranging in
price to suit every class of purchai
ers. Call and see for yourslf. .
f-m-th McDos'AU ) & HAKUIS .
v If you have tried everything i-1-e ,
without receiving any benefit , call at
230 Dodge street , north side , between
13th and 14th , and see the agent for
Isaac Nichols' American Remedy ,
ol Geodlm
The very latest thing Jn Sewing
Machines , and wo dare say the b st ,
h now on sale and exhibition at th'e
nicely furnished oilice of Dow B. Col
by' 208 Sixteenth street , near Capitol
It has some decidedly new and de
sirable features , and from what we
have seen of it wo believe no ono can
afford to buy a sowing machine before
seeing tlie Royal St. John. nSw&f
Irish American Republican Club of
You are personally called on to
meet at the board of trade rooms this
evening , to endorse and ratify the
election of our next president and
vice president , James A. Garfield and
Chester A. Arthur , to whom-we offer
support andlifo if necessary in the ex
ecution of ch il law and liberty to all
men of whatever race or crto I they
hold. Fully aware of our own satis
fied condition , we implore and be
seech the continuation of the gre t
American fathers to remember our
suffering people In Ireland. There
fore we call on our countrymen to be
present that with a unanimous vo'ce
we may send forth an earnest appeal
to the throne where wo are confident
.of success.
P R. SULLIVAN , President.
CIIAS. HANLEY , Secretary.
Council Bluffs' Celebration.
The ropulicans ot Council Bluffa
will celebrate the victories of last
Tuesday this evening. A special
train will leave here at 6 o'clock , to
convey all desiring to participate in
the jollification.
A New Paper.
Saturday , November G , at noon , the
first'.n.uniber of the NationaWVoik-
man , will be issued in this city , price
five cents. The now paper is edited
by Samuel Sault , late editor of the
Cohoea Regulator. It will bo in the
truest and best sense a family paper.
Tfon'l fail tp read It. Eor sale by all
news dealers and at the office No. 316
12th street , between Farnham and
Harney street. Twenty boys wanted
to peddle it. Apply at the office.
Mr. HVH. Marhoff , late of Chica
go , has established a trunk factory at
117 North Fourteenth street. Tele
scopic case , sample , heavy traveling
trunks a specialty. The largest and
best assortment of trunks , bags and
hand satchels iu the city. Re
pairing in all ils branches promptly
attended to. Goods delivered to any
part of the city free of charge.
oc30 B-tu-th -
OJCC a wees in roar own totvu. " Icnm ad
lOUU outfit Ires. AddrewE. Htlletttft 0
cniapd. M
NOTICE Advertisements To Let For Bale *
Lost , Found , Wants , Uoiniln ? Ac. , will bo hi-
sorted lifthesa columns once for TEN CENTS
jerlln ; each ffubswjacntlnKrtlou.FIVS CENTS
per Una. The dm Insertion never lesa than
K AAATO LOAN At8 per cent intei
lUUUU cat , n sums of SJOOOand upwards -
wards for 1 to S years' time on first claaaimprov
ed city and ( arm property. Apuly at IJKMIS
Real Estate anil Loan Agency , 15th and Donglaa
ts. 278-codtf
OltST XO LOAH ( fall At bw O3co
D. L. VHOMA8. KoomS. TcUhton Block
TO IiOAil 1109 Farnham street.
Dr. EJnarAj Txxin
Aifcncy. nov-22-U
\VASrED-N. E. co13th -d Podse.
Silin lo-i Iiy nun < f six jcarg
WANTED [ iu gr corj store , or to url o
team. liJCHlnfertiicca giicn. Aililro s J. U. ,
Eee Ofl'o. . 7f 0 0
WAK'TKD AslotltboJ ; Oermali orSwe < le
preferred , to t kc care of ho-se and cow
ni'l ' work in" store AiMiaja with refvrtn'e.
"ile'chint , " Pwtoilice T91-S
A comt ctcnt man , ho is tlior-
WANTKD acquainted ill Kelratkk anil can
gucKsl of rilcrtnccj ; viuit sitna ion 03
travelling safeimsn AddK s " 0 " Toatolli c
'ANTcD A rtomtn cook , at the Hmraitt
house. 732 6
WTANTED Some ladi to en cr Into business
W Uli n respectable lady. AiMrcts E. P ,
Posloffuo , ( Itf. 7S7-4
By a jo ins widow , situttlim as
WANTED . Good liomo more an ob
ject than will's. AddreSJ J ! . C , care 15 I !
Johnson , Ora ha , Neb. 782 fi
: ANT D Girl to take tire of children , at
W 7CO s < . 10 h street. 734-1
V Ulclicn clrl , nt the Jlonitl
WANTED op-oaitc the Uee Oflicc. 77lMf
To contrict fur from 3 to 0 Ion'
1 straw pot nloath fm ono vcir.
7C9 4 J. H. jfc3ilAITF , Orrsln
Iinmedia'cly ' , to rent d . < t 111 '
liouso r suit of rooms ; mu-t bo i.i . a
| .icalll\i'ood ; ttutaatspromiit pay. Ji'ij-iirf .t
.41 > f
WANTED A Rood Iionse-keepir. .it Ilirt
1'irulutnsireet , upsUliB , Gil if
FJH IinXT New cottage , 5 room , c o ct ,
I'ay-window , foldins doora , largo oil r ,
ivuhiiuinpiu kitchen , coal nnl woou litu c ,
ev rj Ih n , ' c-mpli-tc ; full corner lot , t n Hamil
ton St. , Shlnn't ) AilJition , 3 blocks nest vtreet
car lino. Fquiro next door cast. 79--G
10RKE"r Pii o bj the montli.ply
at tin Metropolitan rotel. 790 If
POK KEtTT a n > era . furnished or unfur-
dished , 1 Sout'i ' IGtli street. 77i-4
EOR RE.NT A fnriiiahcd room , suitable for
one or Ino gentleman , ti. W. ccr. 16th and
Howard Sis. 731-tl
FOR KEXT-Cottasc , on Sth and Pine SU ,
noiv house , eight rooms.oiiiSda d TajsSts
Knquiro J. F. Hoc , f. E. Cor. litll and Farn
FOR liEMT Il.raoo and lot in Shrill's 2nd
add. , near now U. S. comll. Enquire at
Uoom C , Crelghton IJIock. 664-tf
T7OU KENT Finely furnished rooms at 1310
J } Davenport street , bet. 13th and llth St.
350 tf
FOR RENT 2 furnished rooms o > er Mer
chants Exchange , N. E. Cor. IGth and
Dodie etreets. 289 If
ovtr I ! Ell IS' new column of bargains on la
I CO.OOO choice brick for sale Apply to Thomas
L Green & Sons , Council Eluffi ) , 'a. 795-lf
OK SATA' Rhubarb Boots. 300 hills for
" pate at Chailton l > roj. , ICtli nd Davcui.on.
( \ HOUSES And cornsr hair ot lot , southeast
ni corner lltlnnd CasaSts. , 7 roomin eaeh ;
rent for $20 and S25 i or month HtMIs' 1 n t
ESTATB AOEMT , 15th and Doughs Sts. 679-tf
FOR SALS JIhcd p.ilnt3 , at A Holmca.lGth
and California - '
tits. 015-tf
JLJ IViritaiiia In HovHC'L
K fcALE CottonwotKl lumDcr of all sizesat
KKPWKWS. 510-t.
< ncr I'.KIUS new column of bargains on 1st
fllAKIJN IH'-Uat 1st , ono ay marc , oae Day
1 c > lt , three mo'itha ol , % \lute fctar In fore-
brail , nnl n.ic biy oier joirnli with s ar in
forclie id Owiicr 0.111 h vo samp i y calli g an 1
IUJIH , ' charx.H.y. . WOLESbhSKY , 1 mile N.
K. or ittncr's biick j.irl , North Onixha.
TAMES PLEVEN Keeps a short horn lull ,
tl at Hh and Farnhiin streets , fjr services ;
chargig , Jl 00. ISO K
Absolutely-Pure ,
Made from Grape Cream Tartar. No otbef
preparation makes such lizht , flaky hot bread' ,
or luxurious paetry. Can be eaten by ilypeptkE
without fear of the Ils resulting from he.i\y i
Sold only in c by all Orocera.
C'ouuccfs With Street Jsirs
STREETS ( End of Red Line aa follows :
820 , * S:17andl1:19a : m ,3:03.5:37and7S9p.m. :
7:15 a in. . 9:15 a. m , and 12:45 p. m.
1.00 , 6:15 : and 8:15 p. m
The 8:17 : a. m run , leaita * omMia , and the
4:00 : p. m rnn , leaving Fort Omaha , are usnally
loaded to full capatitv with rcpilar passengers.
The 6:17 : a. m. run will he made from the post-
office , corner of Dod e and 15th anrchto.
Tickcta c n be procured from street cardrlr-
ers , or from drliera of hackn.
llcctj the requirement ? nf the ritioail medical
phiioopby which at prcsznt pmails It Is a
perfectly purs vegetable remedy , tm'iracin ; the
three important properties of a prcv niivc , a
tonic , an < l in alM > r t\c. ! I : fortin-S the b-dy
againfadrscnc , invigorates an-1 re-v lal zsj tlie
torpid stomach and liver , nd effects a most
salutary chanee in the entire system , when in
a morbid condition.
fcr sale by all Drujjiitaand Deilera generally.
$2 TO $5 PER AGUE.
20,000 Acres
6 to 12 Miles from Omaha ,
$6 to $10Iper Acre , on
Long Time and
Low Interest ,
Large tracts suitable fcr
Colonies in all the best
Counties in the State ,
80,000 acres scattered
through Iowa.
A forgo number of Improved
Farms in Nebraska , many 01
them iiear Omaha , $12 to S40
per acre ,
An Immense List of
Consisting of Elegant Resi
dences from $3,000 to $20-
000. Many vacant lots in
the additions to Omaha.
Hundreds of lots scattered
through the City. Houses and
Lots , Business Houses and
Lots , and all kinds of Oily
Heal Estate.
We also have
on Improved Farms in Doug
las County , on 5 years time , at
10 percent , interest to all who
can show good titles.
Haps for Douglas and Sarpy
Counties for saJe ,
4 beautiful Iota fronting contli In Isaac &
Sddcn'a add. for $1(0 half cash.
House and lot , ' 2d and Di lie ; $ 3000
Hou-o and lot near Br iwnell Hall 2,100
Two DOW houjca and full lot , rentg for
$ l0pcrvcar 4 nee
New brick house , 21x25,1 $ story , with 3
lots _ 2,000
House andlot Websterjt . . 1,500
Large hou.earn ! corner lot 0,000
Large house full lot , California st 4,000
Residence and 4 full lots , St. Mary's are. . 5,000
House and email lot , south of depot 950
House and small lot , south of depot Oi5
HeaiJcnco property , Kountzo and Ruth's
add 5,600
Fins residence property 10,000
House and lot , 22d and Uarnor 1800
Hou'enncl lot , Nelson's addition 2,700
House and lot Shinn's add.tlon. . . . . ] , COO
lUflldtnce and corner lot 3,00.1
Residence ( cart ) ) 7COO
K ide lco 6,000
Residence 5,500
House and one-half lot l.WC
Three hou > ca and corner lot 7,500
Residence and comer lot 7,500
House and CO ( cct front , IGth street 3,7 < X
Lar e house ndcorner lot 0,500
Rtideucoand tbreelots e,500
Two house and corner two-thirds of cor
ner lot 1,100
Hotisa and small lot , Casi street 2,100
Hauseandlot , 27th near Farnham 1,001
Brick house and comer lot 1,300
Small hou > cand fulllot , Cumingsst 2 fO
House and lot , 23d street 3,200
House and full lot , worth 11,000 for 5,5oO residence 1,500
Brick residence 6,020
House and corner lot 1,550
New tno-story honse and coiner lot 4,100
Residence ana full lot , Farnham se 5 f.00
House and one acre , ISth street 3JOOO
Houio and half lot , 18th street 2,200
House and lot , Shinn's addlt ox 1 COO
Home and half lot , Cass strrct ijino
House and half lot , Casi Street 1,450
Residence and mo low , Capitol Hill 7,000
Elegant brick residercv 2 full lots 15,600
Finest residence in the city 16,000
Kcsilencc property 17,000
Kcsidcn o property 17,600
Residence 5,600
House and lot , Shinn's addition 1,200
House and lot , Fhhm's > dditlon 1,500
Home Mid tot , and Firnham 1,400
llocse and lot. 27th and Douglas $375
Honee and fnli lot , Izard et 1,70
New house and 1 } lot 2,200
Residence property 7,500
Residence properly , cr fine 13,500
H ou e and lot , Horbach's addition 1,500
Residence , Kirnham et 6,000
Ifonse and } lot 1 block from Court
House and i lot. 1 block from Court
Honao 2,250
Uoui-c and corner lot 2 blocks from Conrt _
House. . ' . „ 2,400
House and I t , Nicholas street i.rjoo
Hooscand 1 acreGlees' addition 60 !
House and lot , llth street 9oo
Lar.c buildinand six lota. 1 nilleont. . . 4COO
House and lot on Divcnport 3CW )
Houteand tlot , near depot 1,500
House and k lot , near depot 900
House and lot , South Avenue. . . . ' 1,000
Hou e and lot , Shinn's addition. . . . . . . . . . 1,900
Residence , Kountzo and llnth's add 2,600
Residence property , Kounuo rd Ruth'a
addition 6,000
Re idence prcpertv , south part if totrn. . 2,500
Houfcand J lot , Webster tt 2,700
Horse and 5 acres at tarracks 7CO
House and lot , Armstrong's addlt'n 1,000
Home and lot , South 12 st 650
Hou'eandlot , Eonntzo and Rnth'a ad
dltlon 3 00
Residence and \ \o\.i \ . - . 2.700
ITousa and lot , 16th st 3 tOO
Boggs & Hill ,
1408 Farn , St. , Omaha , tfeb ,
Immense Stock for
HI I BIB BfiaSTf" !
ALL AriD WsriltH
Tine GnstomOIadc
Men's Suits ,
Boys' Suits
Children's Suits.
a slta I
For Men ,
Boys , and
UntU'r-Wcar , Huts and Caps.
TninK'5 and Yalisi1 ? , at
Frifcs to Suit All.
- *
Farnham Street , Near Fourteenth
CO. ;
iiLD 1 lil
Oval Brand
The snlcsof this "brand" of Ovtters him rtowjo itstrlnpe , ! all others. Yon pet rn > rc 0 > rt rs
WEIGHT AND 11-\SUKE In cia of tbi3 brand-tlian . any othf r. D. D. ISlchl'r' ' . .
m General Western Agent , Cmana.
Cigars IVoni $15. 0 per 1000 upwards.
Tobacco , 25 ITHISwr \ pound upiranls.
Pipes from &J rents per do/en upwards.
Send for Price List.
mwf MAX MEl'IKS & CO. , Omalia , Neb.
iC j
l s
Fishing Tackle , 1 ase Balls and a full line of
And Wholesale Dealers in CIGARS and CONFEOTIONEf'.y. Durirth
Fall and Winter we will handle CODNSELMEN'S FRESCO ySTEHS. hjeh
are now the beat In the market. A largo assortment of CANDY ai.d SIOAH ,
TOYS for the Holiday trade.
fi.VTZ & FRES3IAX , .110 llth St. , Omnlia.
Has tha exclusive sale of the
The Gold Coin is this season the favorite of Chicago , is prefor-
cdab-ve all other Stoves comes both plain a-d hjlghly ornamented - ,
' and flre-poti hat win out-wear
mented , has the new patent gra'e -
half dozen of any other. The Goid Com weighs n-ora by fifty ibs.
than any other Stove of its size in the market , and is , thei eforo ,
more durable than any other Stove , is strictly -warranted in every
lespect , iorequiresno salesman to sell > tH " ' * T'TeCwA > n'JO sells it
without trouble. Cor. 10th and Jac * -
"hoae 1 xnu = " > "
toacli ate ;
may d the mlddla the foot of the he reru-