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Established 1871. MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
A Waterloo and Appomattox -
' tex lolled into One.
The Party of Slander and For
gery Hurled into the
Bowels of Oblivion.
The Vastness of the Republi
can Victory Overshadows
all Former Contests ,
A MagmQcent Vote ot Confi
dence in the ! Party of Peace
. ' and Plenty.
Eepublioans Gain a Total of
Eighteen" Congressmen and
Six Senators.
With Ruefnl Countenances
The Democrats Haul
Down their Bunting.
Republican Majority in Ne
braska Estimated at
BpacUl dlupatch to The Bee.
NEW YOKK , November 3 A great
deal of interest is felt hero over the
result of the mayoralty contest , be
cause of tbo sectarian issues raited.
Returns thus far complete , with the
exception of fifteen election districts ,
give Grace , Tanmany democrat ,
93,051 ' ; Down , republican , 96.758 ;
Grace's majouty , 1,303. Dohany ,
democrat , ii elected register by about
8,000 majority ; Truax , democrat , for
judge ot the superior court , claims
128,010 majority , with two election dis
tricts missing.
UEW YORK , Novembers. Kings
County complete gives Hancock 61-
323 ; Garliold. 51,115 ; Hancock'a ma
jority , 0,979. Weaver received 60
votes. " Rapallodemocratic candidate
for Juugo of the court of appeals , re-
cpived less than 7,000 majority.
Edgar itt. C-illou , for tlie supreme
court , has & majority of 23,000. All
democraticcandidateB for local ofiices
are elected with the exception of coun
ty auditor and controller Robinson
democratic congressman in the Second
According to returns received in
the c ty the congressional delegation
from the tate will stand thus : First
- < uferici j T. orry 'i > Tnt > ntuvimoontf' ! - *
Second , Wm. E. Robinson , democrat ;
Third , J. H Yatt Smith , democrat ;
Fourth , Archibald IHiis , democrat ;
Fifth , Benjamin Wood , democrat ;
Sixth , Samuel S. Cox , demo
crat ; Saventh , Pnillip H. Dugro ,
\ democrat ; Eighth , Anson G. McCook ,
republican ; Ninth , Fernando Wood ,
democrat ; Tenth , Atiram S. Hewitt ,
democrat ; Eleventh Devi P. Morton ,
republican ; Twelfth , Hutcbington ,
democrat ; Thirteenth , Ketchum , re
publican ; Fourteenth , Lewis Beach ,
democrat ; Fifteenth , Thomas Oonnoll ,
republican ; Sixteenth , M. N. Nolan ,
democrat ; Seventeenth , W. A.
Wood , democrat ; Eighteenth , John
Hammond , republican ; Nineteenth ,
Abraham K. Parker , r pabiigan.
Twentieth , Geo. West , republican ;
Twenty-First. Lsvius Jacobs Jr. , re
publican ; Twenty S'-.rtsond , Warner
Miller , republic ny Twenty-Third ,
Prescottrepublic ; Twenty-Fourth ,
Mason , ' republican ; Two ty Fifth ,
H'soock , republican ; T * m y-Sixtb ,
J. H. , republican ; Twenty-
Seventh , E. G. Lapluihi , republican ;
Twenty-Eighth , DwJght , republican ; .
Twciity-Nmth , Richardson , republi-
cay ; Thirtieth , John Van Vorheos ,
republican ; Thirtv-Firsi , Richard
Crewley , republican ; Thuty-Second ,
Jonathan Scovil'e ' , democrat ; Thirty-
Third , Tiarry Van Arniiu , republican.
According to the figures on which the
above is based , the dcU-s'tilion will
btrtnd 14 democrats and 1'J republicans ;
U democratic gain of 5.
BtJFFALONovomber 3 The election
of Scoville , democrat , foi ajngrosi , is
now conceded. The returns now in
are neaiiy complete , a-id give him
b majority which the rum intng dis
tricts cannot by any possibility over
come. The republicais oe to have
oecuwd most of the other unices.
r dUpatch tO'THB B
OotfMBUS , November 3 Thpro re
omploto returns from 38 counties , In
cluding the most populous ones.
Thirty-six counties show a republican
gain of 13,719 over Foster's vote in
1879. Two counties , Henry and
Mercer , show 300 democratic gain.
Thirty-five thousand is a safe estimate
of the total mnjority. The returns
cause great jollification at the state
haueo , where Gov. Foster and others
* CLEVELAND , November 3. Great
excitement over the result prevailed
among Gen. GarEeld's many friends
in Cleveland to day. Arrangements
have , been made for s ratification
meeting Thursday night , at which
President Hayes and President-elect
Garfield will bo present
Special Dkpateq to the Bee.
TAii.AHASKENcveHiber 3 Returns
by telegraph from mil points in the
State indicate a majority for Block-
hone , democratic candida.e for governor
' will be between
ernor , and Hancock's
2,000 and 3,000. Republican majori
ties in their strongest counties ara all
reduced. Finlcy , democrat congress
man , is electedby about l,500majori-
ty hi the Second district ; Davidson ,
democrat congressman , in the First
district is also elected. Legislature U
largely democratic.
i to Tarn BK.
DtTEcrr , November 3 , 4 p. m.
Estimates of the republican sUtecom-
jnittoo &ro that the state has go no
ob.iut 4000 republican majority.
PEWIT , November 3 Solidly re
publican by 40,000 majority. Every
republican congressman elected.
Legislature overwhelmingly republi
can as usuaL
pptdaf DJspaU * 'o tht BB.
3o'jfT9 > > Jftvember 3. - Return *
from all but eight towns in this state
give Garfield , 162,587 ; Hancock , 110-
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
VICKSBUBO , November 3. Lynch ,
republics , is elected by 1055 majori
ty , with six republican counties to
bear from.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
LODISVTLLE , November 3. The
only districtcarried by the republicans ,
the Ninth , is in the mountains , with
no telegraphic communication. II
will be several days before the returns
are in. So far as heard from John
Dwite , republican , Is probably elected
over Tom Turner , democrat. The
other nine districts re-elect the pres
ent democratic incumbeub. Ttji is
all that can bo heard from Kentucky
to-night. The republican-vote is large
everywhere in the state , 200 larger
thane verb afore.
Special Dispatch to Tbo Be .
MANCHESTER , November , 3. Re
turns thus far indicate that Garfield's
majority is between 3000 and 5000.
James , democratic candidate for gov
ernor , runs behind Hancock. - The
republicans have a majority in the
legislature on joint ballot.
Special Dispatch to Tn Bn.
NASHVILLE , . November 3. The
democratic executive committtee con
cede the election of Hawkins , repub
lican , for governor , by 7000.
Spec 1 Dbpatch to The Bee.
INDIANAPOLIS , November 3. From
the most reliable sources it is esti
mated that the state gives Garfield
8000 majority. The report that New
Jersey had gone democratic seemed to
revive the spirits of the party here.
The streets to-night present one mass
of predeslrisns , with tin horns and all
manner of instruments for making a
noise. Bonfires are burning in'differ
ent portions of the city.
Special Dispatch to TmiBK. '
CHICAGO , November 3 2 p. m.
Returns received from about 300
towns outside of Chicago show a net
republican gain of about 300. The
same vote in the balance of the state
will give Garfield about 44,000 plural
ity. Collnm for governor will Have
about 40,000. The republicans gam
one congressman in the Peoria dis
Iowa's plurality will be about 60,000.
SPRINGFIELD , November 3 4 p.
m. Gov. Cullom claims his election
by from 25,000 to 30,000 majority ,
and he and his friends put the state
at 35,000 for Garfield.
CHICAGO , November 3. With rue
ful countenances the democratic
managers , 4o-day pullqd down the
great banners , which were suspended
across Clarke and Madison' streets at
their headquarters , and the place was
locked up to ttwait other tenants. All
the Hancock and English flags and
signs about the streets suddenly dis
appeared , but republican banners still
' 1 ho count In this city will hardly
be complete to-night. There are 50
names on the ballot besides a congres
sional amendment voted on. There
has been considerable scratching , and
counting is slow work. The fact
that it is known to be all one sided
rendersjthe work less exciting.
Special DtepUch to The Beo.
WiwirNOTON , November 3. Mar
shall Jewell telegraphs from New
York to Mr. Hubbell that it is report
ed by Smith , of Wilmington , that
Houston , republican , is elected to
congress in Delaware , and that Sussex
county has elected the republican leg
islative ticket , which would insure a
republican senator in place of Bayard.
The election in this state resulted
in returning the full democratic legis
lative tickets , for Sussex and Kent
.counties , which insures the return of
Mr. Bayard to the United States sen
ate. New Castle county has been car
ried by the republicans by aboui 100 ,
electing the whole county ticket. Han
cock carries tbo state by about 1,000
Special Dbpatch to The lice.
SAN FRANCISCO , Nov. 3 Noon.
Oregon is republican by a small
majority. Nevada went democratic.
California is about four thousand re
publican , carrying a majority of as
semblymen aud Knight , Pacheco and
Page for congress. Davis Is probable
defeated , ai the canvass of half the
votes cast in the city show Rosecraus
seven hundred ahead , The city will
give a thousand or twelve hundred '
democratic majority. Alameda gives
twenty-one republican majority.
SAN FRANCISCO , November 3.
Latest returns from vote in this city
give Garfield 14,096 ; Hancock , 14 , .
784 ; Davis , 14,057 ; Rosocrans , 14- ,
578. This reduction of expected
democratic gains in the city makes
the state very close and doubtful.
Republican state committee estimate
a majority of a few hundred. The
democratic committee claim the state
without giving figures.
SAN FRANCISCO , November 3 4 p. '
m. The republican majority in CaU-
fornia will be about 4000 ; republicans
elect a majority of the state legisla
ture. Horace F. Page , R. , elected to
congress in the 2nd district ; Geo. A. ,
Kntght , R , in 3rd district ; R. Pach-
erd , R. , in 4th district.
Special dlipatcbea to The Bee.
"WHEELING , November 2 The re
publicans claim that it will take the
official count to decide the yoto for
congressman in the Wheeling dis
Special Dtepatch to Th * Bee.
LITTLE ROCK , November 3. The
result in the close congressional dis
tricts cannot as yet be determined.
The republicans have carried this
( Palaski ) county , both for Garfield
and Boles , congressional candidate , by
decided majority.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
DM MOINBSNovember 3. The ma
jorities on some congressmen ate now
stated to average as follows ; First
district , McCordi 2500 ; Second , Fir-
well. 3400 ; Third , Dpdeerafi ; 2503 ;
Fourth , Deering , 8000 ; Fifth , Thomp
son , 5000 ; Seventh , Kssson , 3500 ;
Eighth , Hepburn , 3000 ; Ninth , Car
penter , 9000 ; all republicans. In the
S.jxth district tott * , republican , hap
an apparent majority of about 100
The district is deemed very donbtful
es the fusion between the democrat
and greenbackers is strong. The In
dicatious are that the republican plu
raliiy over. Hancock will not fall be
low 70,000 , with about 50,000 m jnr
ity over all. Bspublican gains have
been large all over tbo state , surpris
vlng even the most sanguine.
p'.cial The Bee
TKESTON , N. J. , November 3. The
result on governor is still in doubt.
The republicans carrv the legislature ,
senators in Mercer , Morris and Ocean
counties. The lattir county elects a
full republican ticket. George A.
Holsey , of Newark , and George M.
Bobeson , are looming as candidates
for Unitud States senators.
NEW YOKE , November- .Sens-
tor Hobart Chapman , of the republi
can state committee of New Jersey ,
telegraphed as tollows :
JERSEY CITY , November 3.
Mr. Dorjcy , National KopubUcm Committee
Rooms :
Our electors are defeated by about
2,000. The governorship is in doubt ,
but Potts , republican , is probably de
feated by a very small majority. The
legislature stands eighteen republican
majority on joint ba'lot. '
NEWARK , November 3 In Now
Jersey , Ludlow , democrat , for gov
ernor , has upwards of 2,000 majority ,
and Hancock none. The republicans
concede the election of Ludlow , and
the _ congressional delegation will re
main as before , tha't is , 4 republicans
and 3 democrats. The republicano
will have a majority of 10 in the senate
and G in the house
, and will choose a
successor to Theo. F. Bandolph , pres
ent democratic United States senator.
apodal Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW ORLEANS , November 3.The
congressional elections in this state
flhow hat Mossre P. iL. Gibson , E.
John Ellis , E. W. Bobinson , J. Floyd
King and L , C. Blanchard , democrats
are elected. The third district is con
sidered donbtful , and Gen. Bollin , is
thought to have been defeated by
Darroll , republican , in this city. The
regular democratic candidates have
been defeated with the exception of
mayor. Many colored people voted
for'the regular ticket although there
was a full republican ticket in the
VIRGINIA , Nov. , November 3 4 p.
n. Democrats swaop the state. Be-
; urns show Hancock gets about 500
majority. A democratic congressman
and a supreme 'judge are elected ba-
rend a doubt. There is a democratic
majority of ten in the legislature.
Ipadal dispatch to The Bee.
BICHMOND , Va. , November 3 , 3 p.
m All indications point to utter rout
of Malone wing of debt paying denio-
: rats. Result thus far gives the regu-
ar democratic.ticket 31,944 , readjust
ees 6,411 , republican * 25,220. llaad-
uaters may get one congressman in
the Oih.
Ipecial Dispatches to Tim BE ; .
BAI/TIMORE , November 3 , 4 p. m.
[ t estimated that Hancock's major
ity in Maryland will be 18,000. In
this city it is 10,344. In Baltimore
county , 19,000. Five democratic con
gressmen are elected.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
PHILADELPHIAPa. , Novembers.
4 p. m. There was an aggregate vote
polled yesterday in Philadelphia of
173,000. The average republican ma
jority for the city and county officers"
was 20,000 , bnt Mr. Patterson , demo
crat , makes the most remarkable con
test , not only overcoming these
figures , but securing for himself a
majority of 14,466.
Special dispatch to TEH BEB.
CLEVELAND , November 3 A Men
t tor special says : It was early this
morning before anything came from
t the Pacific coast , for which Gon. Gar-
f Beld had expressed anxiety several
times during the night. The news
was most favorable. The scene by
this time became one never to bo for
P gotten. In a little sixteen by twenty
building sat the president-elect of the
grandest country under the sun , calm
ly reading dispatches that told of hh
elevation to the high position. His
little eon stood by his side at a desk
fingering telegraphic sheets , the sig
nificance of which ho had little idea.
Clustered around , full of deep satis
faction , and yet in nowise showing ex
citement , were the friends and neigh
bors of the min whoso steady , up
right progress they had watched with
'pride and affection. To one and all
he showed a magnanimity that made
them feel he was still one of themand
yet could not let them forget that he
was a man among men. At his left
elbow , by a table thrown together for
the occasion , sat the representatives
of the press , and at his right his con
fidential secretary , busy with two tele
graph operators. The present occu
pant of the Whits House telegraphed
his successor as follows :
My heartiest congr&tulatiors. God
bless you. B B. HAYES.
The following are among the most
important of the congratulatory tele
grams received by General Garfield to
day :
NEW YORK , November 3.
Hon Jas. GaTfleld :
lam too tired to talk , but not so fa
tigued that I cannot congratulate you
on your plorious victory. Your own
course has bean wonderfully wise for
yourself and comforting to your
friends. Gov. Jewell is radiant , and
deserves to bo.
LONDON , EKG. , November 3.
Minister Lowell and Secretary Hop
per send warmest congratulations.
LEXINGTON , Ky. , November 3.
The home of Henry Clay gives you
over 500 majority. None other than
native southern republicans can under
stand how grateful we are for the na
tlon's verdict. War. 0. GOODLOVE.
PARIS , Franco , .November 3
A thousand congratulations for my
country. NOYES.
Special Dispatch to Tha Bee.
CHICAGO , November 3 4 p. m.
A special from New York says Gen.
Hancock takes his defeat in a philo
sophical manner , and repeated that h < _
was perfectly content to abide by the
decision of the people. He had bu .
few callers. . I
YORK November 3 Laat
" * * " * * ! ,
night Gen. Hancock retired at an
early hour , having given explicit or
ders that ho should not bo disturbed
on account of any election dispatches
whatever. The' officers of his com
mand at headquarters watched the
bulletins , which grow hourly discour
aging for their chief long after he was
ailcsp. This morning Gen. Hancock
arose at an early hour and walked
over to his office where he spent a
abort time attondlcg to private buai
iiesa. He spent the day attending to
routiue duties , and received all viai-
to-s. No politicians of prominence
put in an appaarance , but a few per
sonal friends called and expressed
their condolence and regrets. Gen.
Hancock said to one visitor :
"I regret it more for the country
than I do for my own sake. "
"What do you think of the elec-
tioal1- ' -
"I can only repeat whatl have said
all along that I am willing to abide
by the decision of the people. Our
Country is a republic , and the major
ity must rule. There is no usa of
"Well , General , there is one great
consolation and that is , you will not
be hampered aud harrassed with the
cares and parplcxitics incident to the
presidency. "
Gen. Hancock laughed and said ,
"Well , gentlemen , 1 have my duties
to perfrom as commander of the mili
tary division of the Atlantic , and I
must not forgot that I have a large
amount of official work awaiting mo
at the present moment. "
tOn the Island everything weara the
'air of Sunday &tillus3 , only broken
by the practice shooting of squadmen
and officers.
Special Dispatch to the Beo.
CUICAGO , November 3 4 p. m.
The market opened with a decided
boom in almost ovary descrip
tion of product this morning. Wheat , ,
corn , oats , pork , and lard aVe higher.
Wheat going up on Deoembor options
to $1.05 , the highest figure yet
Republican Strongholds.
Special Dispatch ttt THE BzZ.
CHICAGO , November 3. The fol
lowing is a summary of the northwest
ern states , with approximate results !
Illinois Republican majority , 45- ,
000 ; republicans gain one congressman -
man , ana elect Cullum , republican ,
for governor , and the legislature will
bo republican. Iowa 700,000 repub
lican majority ; republicans gain one
congressman. Wisconsin Republi
cans majority 30,000 ; republicans
elect six congressmen , a gain of onej
legislature republican in both houses.
Nebraska 25,000 republican majori
ty. Minnesota 15,000 republican
majority , and all three republican
congressmen elected ; legislature
strongly republican , and will elect a
United States senator fiansas & ) , -
000 republican majority.
Present and Future.
SpecblDlgpatch to Tint U B.
_ m.
lromidont JIayod telegraph a. from
Fremont yesterday afternoon that he
should spend this afternoon with Gen.
and Mrs. Garfield at Men tor , expect
ing to bo at Cleveland to participate in
the demonstration of rejoicing in the
evening. Gen. Garfield telegraphed
last night it would probably bo im
possible for him to attend the Clove-
laud.mouting. The reason believed tobe
that ho modestly hesitates to put him
self forward in any way , especially so
ns to divide the honors that president
Hayes should receive.
Sjieclal Dispatch to The Boo.
NEW YORK , November 3. None of
the New York morning papera make
any claim to the election of Hancock.
All concede a republican victory.
ETCH The Truth , Haniock's most ar
dent admirer and supporter , has for a
heading in its election- news column ,
"Tho melancholy days of November
have come. "
The World contends that Garfield's
election is virtually the election of
Gen. Grant , but says it is in one sense
a mater of congratulation , and in an
other of condolence that the presiden
cy of Garfield , unlike that of Hayea ,
ha3 been secured , not by frauds of
politicians , so much as by the folly of
voters. The country will have time
enough , and wo fear reason enough , to
reflect on the canso of the defeat of
Gen. Hancock. This points out some
of the more obvious and general
causes. The tariff issue to a great ex
tent superseded the sectional issue in
the manufacturing districts of the
eastern states , but taking the coun
try through , it is evident the solid
south wcs a serious bugbear on which
the republicans most successfully re
ThoTimoB , after reviewing at length
the result of Tuesday , says : It can
hardly bo necessary to point out that
with its return to complete control of
the national government , the republi
can party will Cake upon itself great
responsibility. No party has ever
been more signally and completely
trusted. The momentous issues of
the pa t are decided. They will , in
j.he natural course of things , give
place to others perhaps not so well de
fined and of a less stirring nature , but
in their turn important and impera
tive. .
The Sun says : It appears at thfs
writing that if ono party has the solid
south , the other has the solid north.
The Sun concedes to Hancock all that
is spotless , bravo , incorruptible and
truly democratic , but argues that he
was not adapted to be the candidate
of the democratic partyfor the present.
It saya : "No man in the country was
adapted to that position under the cir
cumstances , save the statesman aLd
sago'who , four years ago , led the party
to glorious victory. When a party
opens its campaign by raising a white
flag , and beating a retreat , the pirty
shows itaolf worthy of defeat , such
defeat as has just overwhelmed the
democrats. There is one thing to be
said about Garfield.t Oakea Ames is
dead , and he can have t no more transactions -
actions with him. We will try to do
him justice. Wo will praise him if he
affords an opportunity. At the same
time wo will watch him as a man not
deserving such high trust should be
watched in the office of president. "
Special Dtepatch to The B o.
LONDOX , November 4 1 a. m.
The newspapers this morning de
vote considerable space to the presi
dential election in the United States.
The Times says the abatement of the
animosity on both sides in this elec
tion , permits the hope that very soon
the sectional division of the republic
will bo obliterated , and will be sup.
planted by a division of the parties
connoted with the slave system or the
civil war.
"The'Standard indicates that the entire -
tire southern cry will now be dropped ,
thus removing one of the gravest
dangers of Grant's policy.
In nn article on the results of the
election in the United State * , The
Lsndon Globe , an evening paper of
conservative view * , siya : "The solid
south card played by the democrats
has been trumped by something very
like a solid north. " The Globe adds
that for the first time in a long while ,
the legislative and executive branches
of the government will be in harmony.
Alluding to the probable prospective
republican majority in the senate and
house of congress , The Glebe con
cludes that but little tympathy will bo
felt abroad with the t/oaten party , as
by their own acts thiy showed that
they deserved to loaotao ejection. In
The Giobe'a opinion , the democrats
did not know their own minds on the
great questions ot state policy which
were at stake.
The St. James Cassette , edited by
Mr. ( Jreenwood , the former editor of
Thu Pall Mall Gazette , in his financial
article , says that Gen. Gar eld'a elec
tion cannot fail to have a highly bene
ficial effect in trade and business In the
United States. The result of the elec
tion shows that the policy of the republican - ,
publican paity is approved by the people
ple and business men , and tney can
reckon surely on a continuance of the
good order throughout the country ,
nnd the reduction of the public debt.
The Gaortte adds that one drawback
to the general effects of the tri
umph of the republican party at the
polls is that the policy of protection
cornea out of the struggle stronger
than ever. The Gczette adds , in en
deavoring to account for the sweeping
republican victory , that the democrats
had offended a powerful section of the
nation by their unscrupulous methods
of conducting the canvass. Accord
ing to The Gazette the republicans
cannot claim tc be a party without
fault , but it thinks that they have , on
the whole , displayed more dignity in
office and daring the campaign than
their opponents. It farther says that
Sen. Garfield may bo expected , owing
to the poccliar circumstances surround
ing his elevation to office , to show
more prudence , both as to hii official
acts and associates , than Gen. Grant
did in the same position , and that the
election would have had a more direct
Interest for England if , in the case of
Glen. Hancock s election , there had
been a probability of the adoption by
the government of the United States
of a free trade policy , bnt it is proba-
ile that protdctioii Would have been
is vigorously maintained by the dem
ocrats ai it will be upheld by the re-
niblicina ,
CHICAGO , November 3. The Inter-
) cean in Humming up the result of the
ulectipn , saysi "Every n < rthern state
except New Jersey is .republican bya-
good majority and Florida and Dela
ware are'reported In Jthe republican
ine. Illinois and a'l ' northwestsrn *
itatcs give increased' * republican ma-
oritibt , atod tholtac&icfctata * , ? > o far
M heard from , retain their republican
standing. In 1876i Chicago gave
Tildon a majority. The majority for
Garfield is about 5,000. Toe republi
can county tickotis undoubtedlyelect-
ed. Republican candidates for congress
t , second and third districts
have majorities as large as , or larger ,
than two years ago. Garfield has , at
least 222 electoral votes and there
will bo no dispute as to the result. The
majorities are overwhelming.
Editorially The Inter-Ocean re
flects : "What a defeat ! Tyranny and
cruelty , fraud and forgery , intimida
tion and violence , thus fall powerless
before the intelligence of a free pee
ple. Poor Hancock and English ,
vain figureheads of an unrighteous
cause , go down into the very bowels
of oblivion , while millions of eyes are
dry. There is reason to bo proud of
this country , more reason than ever
before since the armed rebellion was
met and overcome on southern fields. "
The Times la its summary , says
Girfiold and Arthur have secured 219
electoral votes. Now J ersey and Ne
vada being in doubt. .Hancock and
English have the "Solid South , " 138 ,
although Florida is claimed by the
republican national committee. Mich
igan claims 40,000 majority for Gar
field , and a solid congressional delegation
tion ; Nebraska , republican over 20-
000 , Valentino , republican , elected to
congress by a reduced majority ; Mis
souri , 35,000 majority for Hancock ,
and every democratic congressman
elected ; Indiana safe for about 8000
for Garfield.
The pith of the long editorial in
The Times is : Waterloo doesn't ex
press the democratic defeat. It was
Waterloo , Sadowa , and Sedan rolled
into one. The first and foremost
cause for the crushing defeat wai the
"solid south. " Second , cowardice of
the' democratic party displayed in
treating every great issue. Fourth ,
Bill English. Fifth , the 'let-well-
enough-alone' triumph of the repub
licans. Sixth , the official power of
the republicans and other influences
too numerous to mention. If the
crushing defeat which the democratic
party suitained yesterday shall result
in the total disintegration ot that par
ty , as it well may , and this final flight
of the democratic enemy bo ultimately
followed by the disbanding of the re-
.publican organization and the forma
tion of now parties on real and living
issues , the day will be counted one
of the moat fortunate in our history.
The Tribune editorially attributes
the republican victory in a large mea
sure to Gen. Grant. It says his brief
speeches wore directed to the business
and patriotic sentiment of the coun
try. His appearance in the campaign
was generous , courageous and mag
netic. [ The Tribune was anti-Grant
at the time of the convention. ] Iowa
his cast nearly 330,000 votes , and the
republican majority is placed at
70 000. Kasson , republican , has 3000
majority in the Seventh district.
Outts , republican , will succeed Weav
er in tbo Sixth. Illinois baa given
not less than 30,000 for Garfield.
Chicago is republican by 5000 and
Cook county by 7000. Wisconsin
may bo counted for the republicans by
30,000 majority. Deuster , democrat ,
is ro-elected to congress from the
Fourth district. _ Bonck , democrat , is
beaten in the Sixth by Gaentherc.
Bragg , in the Fifth , has a reduced ma
jority. Caswell carries tbo Second b ]
1000. Milwaukee elected the entire
county ticket. Madiaon gave Hancock
241 majority.
Parnell Prosecuted.
Special Diipstclt to Tbo Bee
DLBLIJT , November 3 10 p. m.
Summons wera yesterday served on
Messrs. Parnell , Sexton , Sullivan and
Eagan , to appear in the court of th
queen's bench inthis city on Friday to
answer to the indictment against them
for conspiracy against the government
in connection with the proceedings of
the land league. They have four days
to plead to fie indictrr nts , fcftor
which they will be put on trial.
DuBtiK , November 3 10 p. m.
Paruell is inclined to accept the crim
inal information lodge againn him
and other land league leaders , and
their indictment in a very jocose
way. In his comments upon them , ho
discnstes the impending prosecution
and says they will amount to nothing ,
and , that ho has no fear of the result ,
either to himself or to the others
named in the indictment. The police
are closely watching the land league
and Parnell's hotel. Information are
very full , containing nineteen counts ,
and chargfng in a general way of con
spiring against the government. The
prosecution will beconductedln Dub *
lin by the Right Hon. Hugh Law at
torney-general for Ireland , assisted
by the crown and treasury solicitor.
Speclil Dlapatchci to Th Beo.
It was reported yesterday morning
that Sir Win. Harcourt is to resign
his cabinet position of homo secretary ,
and will accept the speakornhip of
the house of commons , the present
speaker , Hon. H. W. Rand , being
New York Money and Stocks.
WALL STREST , November 3.
MONEY -1 par cent ; cxchxngo steady at
$1 82 ® I CO. .
U.S. 6's81 . 1 0 D.S.4'g . 1 OD
tJ.S. 5'a . 1 02J Currency 6'a. . 1 25
U.S.4JB . 110
Active and declined J@l } since the openinr ,
West.rn Union leading the list.
W U 93 M C ! 1053
NY 0 13 ; Lack F01
Eno Jlndson Cantl 8 I
Preferred 76i KJO 77J
Ijjf J..11G3 M & E. . . , .116 }
Nu jlltl Beoditlgr 48J
Preferred 133 } 1M t 01
PM 47 | NP SOi
O & M 36 Preferred 54
Preferred. 70 t&N 171 }
St P 105 | N&C 01 }
Preferred , . .119 SauFran _ 42J
at Joe 42 Preferred 53
Preferred 3 , B& Q .148
Wab-ah. . . , 45 ; D&Eio 0 74 }
Preferred 78 , 10 118 |
Omaha 45 ; Central P 81
Prafcricl 85 K&T 39
UP 04 CCC&I 82 }
U C&I C 10
Ohicatco Produce Market.
CHICAGO , November 3.
Wheat Active but weaker , closing
gc lower ; No. 2 spring wheat sold at
§ 1 03103 for November ; 8104 § @
1 04 | for December ) § OBJ@105J for
January ; No. 2 red winter , § 1 04J ®
1 05 for December.
Corn Quiet at 3939c for No
vember ; 4040cfor December ; 403
@ 40c for January ; 4545Jc for
May.Oats I
Oats Quiet at 28Jc for November ;
SOld for December ; 30fo for January ;
35jo for May.
iiye 82o bid for November ; 83c
Barley Quietest 84o bid for No
vember ; 8-lo for December.
Whisky 5111 ,
Pork Mess , active at $1260 for
November ; § 12 62i for December ;
§ 12 50 for the year ; $13 6o@13 72J
for January ; $13 75 for February.
Lard In good request at 88 lG ( @
8 15 for November ; $8 05 bid for De
cember ; § 8.Q2i@8 05 for the year ;
§ 8 108 12 for January.
Bacon Short ribs at $6 80 bid for
November ; § 6 6 iorDecOmbor ; § 0 80
or January.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
GuiOAooj November 3.
Hogs Receipts , 21,160.
Cattle There was a better feeling
n the market so far as good to choice
grades were concerned , buyers look
ing around to fill orders , and sales
made were at fully yesterday's prices ;
Texan steers and cows were in fair de
mand , and there Is good prospect that
nearly all ofterings of this description
f stock will be sold before the close ;
sales ranged from $212i@305 for
cows , bulls and Texan steera and from
§ 485 to 5 30 for choice to extra prime
.hipping . ; fresh receipts , 4360 head.
New York Produce Marked.
NEW YORK , November 3.
Flour Moderate export and homo
rade ; round hoop Ohio at $4 70@5 00 ;
choice do § 5 10@6 00 ; superfine wes-
orn , $3 85@4 25 ; common to good ex-
rado$465@475choicedodo ; , $480
@ 6 50 ; choice white wheat , do § 4 G5 ©
Wheat Shade stronger and fairly
active ; sales of 24,000 bu No. 1
white , November , § 1 16 @l 1C"
16,000 bu doDecomber , § 118 J@l 18
96,000 bu No. 2 red.November , § 118 |
© 1 19 ; 28,000 bu do , December ,
§ 120I@1 20 | ; 24,000bu do , January ,
§ 1 2l@l 22.
Corn 2@jjc better and quiet , mix
ed western spot , 54@56c ; do , future ,
Oata Steady ; western , 38s@44c.
Provisions Beef , quiet , and un
changed ; new plain mesa , $9 00 ; ex
tra do , $9 60@10 00.
Pork Dull and nominal ; spot
mess , $15 00.
Lard Stronger : steam rendered ,
§ 872i.
Butte * Firm and quiet ; Ohio ,
Eggs Firm at 21@23c for fair to
St. Louis Produce Market.
ST. Louis , November 3.
Flour Firmer and unchanged.
Wheat Higher and unsettled ;
No. 2 red , 1 02JQ1 , 02g for cash
S102j@l 02 | for November ; § 106 ®
105@106 for December ; § 1 08J@108 $
@ 1 07JO1 08jj < 3l 07 for January ;
S 1 09110J@1 10 § for February ;
No. 3 do9Gl < 397cNo. ; 4do , 9292 e
Corn Higher and slow ; 39jj@3Uic
for cash ; 39c for November ; 39i
for December ; 44c for may.
Oats Higher at 29 @ 29gc for cash
49 cfor November ; 35 for Decem
ber.Rye Drill at 83c bid.
Barley Steady , medium to fancy ,
60@95 < x
Butter Steady Dairy , 20@26.
Eggs Quiet at 20c.
Whisky Steady at 8110.
Pork Higher ; fobbing at $14 25 ,
Dry Salt Meat * Nominal.
Bacon Scarce at $512X < 38 75@9 OC
@ 910.
Lard Firmer at $8 00.
Receipts Flour 10,000 bbls , whea
164,000bucom 109,000 , buoata , 38,00 (
bu , rye 3,000 bu , barley 54,000.
Shipments Flour 26,000 bbls
wheat 59,000 bu.corn 10 000 bn , oats
20,000 bu , rye 2,000 , barley none.
St. Louis Live Stock Market
CHIOIQO , Noveoib-a 3.
Hogs-Active and
and Baltimore's , § 4 60@4 65 ; mixed
packiug. $4 4034 80 ; butchers' to
f ncy , $4 654 85 ; receipts , 6400 ;
BhipmactB , 500.
15th and Douglas Street.
Over 3,000 residence lots for late by thla agents
tsat pricesransfinsr from $25 to 92,000 each , and
located la every part of thedto , and in avery
direction from the Poatofflce , north , eist , south
or west , and varying In distance Irom one
block to one or two miles from same. Call and
examine oar liata
SeTeral choice lots In Griffln & Isaacs' addl
tlon , wcat of convent , between St. Miry's area
ae and Ilarney street $600 to 9300.
80 acres jest east of barracks nn Sannders St. ,
this la choice land and will be sold very cheap-
for cash in 6,10 or 20 acre lots ; now Is your time
to secure a bargain.
Choice lot at end ot street car tracks on Saunders -
dors street for $576.
Cholco lot.Tarnham and 21th streets , 00x132
oet for $1,600 will divide It.
Cheap lota In Credit Foncisr addition , south of
(7. ( P. depot-SlOO to 8300.
Forty lota on Park Avenue and Goorsria street ,
oa road to park , and near head of St. Mary'a
avenue , at from $125 to $300 each. Seven years
time at eight per cent interest to thoac who will
pat up Rood substantial buildings. Fur further
partloulars apply to.
Q.P. DEMIS.Aitent ,
Fifteenth and Douglas Streets.
A nice lot on Harne > and Twenty-flrat streets ,
for 62S.
Two choice Iota on 20th. near St. Mary's aven-
00 , 60x165 feet each , for $850 and $900.
Two choice lota near S3 < 1 and Clark streets , in
B. V. Smith's addition $300 and $350.
Fifty lota In Sh inn's first , second and third ad
dition * lorSlOO to $600 each.
Lot near 16th and Pierce , (460.
2 lota on Harner near 24th St. , 8600 each. 1
lot on 24th near Howard itreet , | 7oO.
40 lota in Grand View addition , south ol U. P
bridge and depot , from $15 to $ ' 00 each *
Ono acre , 117x370 fuel , oa 13th street , south
of Popplcton's new residence , for $2,000 , or will
divide into city plied Iota at from $350 to $500
Large number of beautiful resilience lots , lo
cated In thb new addition on Capitol Hill , be
tween 24th street on the cast , 26th on the west
Dodge street on the north and Farnham street
on the south , formerly owned by C. H. Down
and more recently Known aatlio 1'erkinalS acres.
Only 22 Iota have tbitt far been platted 14 on
Far n ham and 8 on Douglas street. These lots
are 60 to 66 feet in width mid 150 in depth. $1,000
for the choice. 6 years time , at 8 per cent In
terest to thoao who will bniid ROCK ! substantial
houses therein. Call and examine plat and get
15th and Douglas utreeta.
Over 200 hoowa and iota are offered for stl *
by this offlc. ) They art Scattered all over the
lty. Any location you dflilro. Prices
fron $300 tu $15,000 each.
3 coo > ) - > u * ami a akaap booms
Tintl ' 2th ctroots at a irr t sacrifice. Here Is
trramt bargain for aotno one. The proportjrmu t
bo gold inimedi ktely. Covers last qa rt r of
block. Call and examine thla without any delay-
OEO P. BEMIS , Agent.
16th and Douglas SU
A desirable lot near Cuming and Banndera
Streets , 91.COO.
The cheapest acre Iota In the cityol Onuii * ,
re thoae offered for sale by this agency ta Paik
Place and Lowe'a second addition , on Cnmingr ,
Hurt and California streets ; you can make no
mistake InpIcHnR up these bargains while you
have the cihanco. These lota are more than equal
In size to 4 full-sized city lota or a hilf block
-md it will bo but a very short time before ono-
"ftb part of one of these acre lots wfll sell for ai
nuch as wo offer a full acre to-day. They are
ocated a very short dlatance west of CrclRhton
Jollcgo. Prices ranjrinf from $150 to $200 pe'
crolot. Call immediately , and don't lose your
16th and Douglas Streets.
Nice lot on Sherman Avenue north of Nicholas
'Salt lot on Ca3Sbctwccn ISth and 14lh street i
2 nice lots In Hartman's addition , 8400 to JeOO.
targe number of acre lota In GIso'a addition in
forth Omaha , $1 * to $300 each.
Choice comer lot near 22nd nd California
Several good lots In Nelson's addition , 150 to
1350 each. i
Choice lot in Thomell's addition , $750.
Several large lota hi Birtlett'a addition , 1J
rods and 2J acrcacach. Prices $7CO to 92.000 I
Several choice lots In Bead's first addition ,
(275 ( to $850 each.
Acre lot on Sherman ayenue , (16th ( street ) ,
lonth of Poppleten's new residence , * or $1,100.
2 large Ir.ts near 18th and Clark streets , 60 1
130 feet Corner , $1,200 ; inside , $1,000.
SlargelotsonSbcimin avenue , (16lh ( ilrcct ) ,
Clark Stioet.8300 each
22 nice and cheap lota , very near to the busi
ness part of the dty , located a very few stops
south of the Convent and St. Mary's avcnaeand
just south of and adjoining the ground of James
M. Woolwotth and W' J. Council these are
cheap and very desirable , being so handy to bua-
Inefs pan of city , to new government depot , nail
works , white lead works , U. P. depot , stock
'aids , packing houses , etc. Call and tret plat
, nd full particulars. Price $275 to $350 and easy
eras to those who build.
GEO. P. BEH1S , Agent ,
15tb and Douslaa Sta.
8 choice residence lota on 24th street , between
Douglas and DoJiro streets ; J1.100 to $1,200 each
and long time to tbofo who will build
2choica corner lota near 21th and Fatnham
streata , 05x124 feet , $1,150 and $1,200. and very
eisy term ? to purchasers who will Improve.
Also 4 lota on 21th , between Farnbam and
Douglas s'reeU , 950 to $1,000 each and long
" 'IBM- '
JE2T250 of the best business lots in y o f
Omaha for sale , located on every benne street ,
{ 500 to $6,000 each.
jtSTAlso very valuable store i crtlca In al
most every business block { 5,000 to 915,000
40 c ho co residence lots in above addition , Im-
meliatcly north of and adjoining Popplctou'i
beautiful residence and grounds , and located on
ISth 19th and 20th streeta , $300 to $550 each and
very easy terms to those whowill build Call and
examine plat and get full particular * .
GEO. P. BEMI3 , Agent.
Beautiful building tite on Sherman avenue ,
16th 8treetbetwecn Poppleton and the Dodley-
[ jama property ; 2G3 feet cast frontage on the
avenue , by K'J fret In depth. Will divide ltmak-
'njrl32feetby339. Call and get full particulars.
An acre n 18th street , 101 feet east frontage
by 378 feet deep. This is Just south of the Kllza-
bcth ( Poppleton place. This la gilt-edite , call and
get price and terms of BEMI3 , Azcnt.
18 good lota , Just north of and adjoining E. T.
Smith's addition , and located bc'wecn 20th sml
Saunden streets , at reasonable prices and long
time to buyer who improva CEJII8. Azcnt.
53 lota In ITorbach'a first and second ad itlon
on IBth , 18th , 19th and 20th street * , between
Nicholas , Paul , Sherman and Clark street * , very
handy to U. P. Shops , smelting works , etc. ,
ranging in prices rotn from $200 to 91:100 each ,
wiuiring orjy email payment down and long
Ume at 7 percent interest to those who will im
prove. OEO. P. BEMIS ,
33 nice lot * In Parker's addition , between
Stundera and Pierce. King and Campbell's Sta. .
on Rlondo strei > t19 Iota with south fronts and
18 with north frontage , only 6 blocks north of
the turn-table ( end street-car track ) on Blunders
street. Veryl w prices ; $175 cash , or $200 on
longtime nd 8 per cent interest to ( nose who
will build.
23150 good farms for sale In Douglat , Sarpy ,
Washington , Burt , Dodge , Smarten ami Kistern
lerof counties.
J2TaOO,000 acres best selected lands In the
tate for sale by this agency. Call and get maps ,
irculars and full poiticnlars.
JtSTBemk' new map of Omaha , 60c and $1.60.
jCZTBemls * new pamphlet ( and map of the
lite entlttfd "tho outlook of Nebraska" for
ee distribution.
Geo. P. Benis'
Wholesale and Retail MaiiH , .
factarins !
doldand Silver Watches
and Jcive'ry- ( he
Cit } ' .
Come and See Our Stock
as We Will Be Pleased
to Show Goods.
IHtli & Dndgn. Oppoaito PostojSce *
Iron and Wagon Stock ,
At Chicago Prices.
1209 iintl 1311 Ilarney Street , Omaha.
The largest and bm assortment of
Trunks and Valises in the West. Telescopic Cases-
and Sample Trunks a Specialty.
ILrLMfinHOFF - - - PROP.
, . ,
117 14tIiSN. S Doors A'orth on > oilsrm St.
DISEASES ro i tk * SY&TXM.
J. O. RICHARDSON , Prop. ,
Gives universal Satisfaction and that it is stead
ily and rapidly increasing in public lavor.
The White Machine justly claims to he the
best made , the easiest running , the simplest in
construction and the most perfect Machine in
the market.
Tfae White Co. employ as agents men of in
tegrity , and purchasers are always satisfied ,
because they find everything just as repres
Everybody should use this Machine. The
sales so far this year are more than double
the corresponding time last year.
All orders addressed to the Omaha Office
will be promptly filled.
Cor. Uavciiport and ISlli StsOmaha. .
Has the exclusive sale of the
The Gold Coin is this season the favorite of Chicago , is prefer-
cd above a'l other Stoves , comes both plain and niJghly ornamented -
and flre-pot.That wilt out-wear
mented , has the new patent grate
half dozen of any other. The Gold Coin weighs nore by fifty ibs.
than aoy other Stove of its size in the market , aad la , therefore ,
more durable than any other Stove , is strictly warranted m every
r SSreqS
wituottt trouble. Cor. 10th Bjid Jw
' *