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JLl W JL ± T.
. Price Five Cents
Philp , the Forger , in a Per
ilous Predicament
Dowe and - Vindicated
-rom the Charge of Party
NQ Further Trouble Antici-
pated-pn the Ute Res
Contributions to the Calender
* ' "
> i
of Cnme From all Parts
of the . *
- s- . Country.
THe Garflold Letter Caeo.
BpecUl dlsiuK'li lo Til it Kit
Nnw YOKK , October 30 1 a. m.
Tiio examination in the case of Ken-
ward Ph-lp , forlibt-lingGen. Gzrfiold ,
by forging the Chinese letter , was re-
Biimod yesterday morning before Jud o
Noah Davis in the supreme court ,
and the court room was packed to suf
focation. The proceedings were
opened by. ilr. Ball , who asked Josh
Hart , the publisher of The Truth , to
take the stand. Mr. Howe produced
thejonvclopo which tha court yester
day directed Mr. Hart to urcduca , and
the latter was declared free from con
tempt of court.
A S. South worth , an expert , thought
that characteristics of the Morjy let
ter and a latter of 1'hilp's were similar
enough to enable him to form the
opinion that they we're in the same
" \Vm. E. Hogan , and the expert gave
the eaoiu testimony as South-
Adam Lcct was called , and said ho
formerly Ixkd charge of the Brooklyn
department of Too New York Tribune
and waY assisted by 1'hilp ; was fam
iliar with his handwriiing : was of the
opinion that the Morey letter was
written by Philp.
Court then adjqnrnod until 2 p. m.
During the njceas the court room
was cleared of spjctotors.
Several experts were examined and
tojtified.thatlhey thought the Morey
letter hadboeu ; tampered with before
it had ° been brought into court , aa it tiki
did not correspond with the .photo ki
graph copy in several particulars. A tbW
stamp detective from the Jfow York W
postoffice testified that the envelop3 in
gave evidence of erasures having bean cc
made. After a long discussion by the Bt ;
lawyers the coutt he
adjourned un
til to-day , Judge iav taking possession - ,
sion of both letter and envelope. j Sp
Thofollowlng is the affidavit of Olara j SpT
S. Morey , of Lynn , mother of H. L. T ]
Morey : "I. the undersigned , Chra 01
S. Morey , of the cilv of Lvnn. m , < v ,
of Eox , and commonwealth of Mas- th
sarhuscttR , on oath do depose and toy BO :
that I have lived in Lynn for from th
/ * . B * ton to fourteen years , and that my al ;
son , H. L. Morey , has visited me fre th
quently from time to time , until the lo *
past eleven months , and that since tic
then I know nothing of his where lyi
aboutB. Wiuiesi ray hand and seal in
this twlmty-flixth day of October , A. of
D.1880 in
( Signed CLARA S. MOREY. heda
Weaver Vindicated.
8poc jLl Dispatch to The Bco. th
iNUiANArons , October 30 1 a. m.
Stephen D. Dillaye publishes a let
ter in reply to a note from Hon. Jas th ,
Buchanan , asking if ho was the Au that
thor of a loiter recently made public atat
by Dyer D. Lura , referring to General CO
Weaver as a traitor to the national COw
causo. Mr. D.ilaye says that the let tti
ter was written under a misrepresen ttip <
tation of fata irhili he was euffjriug to
from great nervous prostration , and at
that Hjnly the g rbled < XTACIS wore
pnblishcj. That ho no * hi loves he
was imposed upon , and re. : e s 'hat he
did \Voavcr any in JIM -c llo now
bclioves him to havu been n l ue and
honorable patrijt.
Loyal DJWO
8 | < eclal DlspHcti to DID lice.
BOSTON ) Oclobjr IV ) 1 a m. Tn
response to an m < ] iti i f'um Ch-irloi
A. Hovoy , e.rota y f\ \ t o tia-ii-nal
prnhibiur-.iiijt. coiuautt , ! ui f .illow-
ing distich W.-.B rc > ! t rday :
PORTLAND , M . , * ' t . - irJs ) .
There "s m trut - iatvr in the
Report that I have in anj < jy changed
lay views on pr.ilnbi i n mmy tola-
tion to the prolu'.u'i" \ < m y , to
which I am thoroughly t'lu and Joy-
* 1. JL have never tiwnrvjil in t m lea t
from that line of c mlu : . ia t ie right
nnd best. NHAL UOWE.
Bornbardt Indlspj ? d.
Special Dbpatch to The Uw. .
NEW YORK , October 30 1 * m
Hllo. Bsrnhsrdt , as an mvtrMblo con
Bequence with people u i.ccustomcd
to traveling on the ocean , 's ' MilTcritig
from lightness of Uic head Shu has (
rested but poorly nice her arrival ,
but her f extraordinary power of en
durance has gone far towards keeping
her uut of bed. Yesterday afternoon
ehe attended the pl y at Booth's.
Diabolical Murdor.
BpeclU dlfpatcb to The Uee.
LA CUUIK , Quebec. October 30 , 1
a. m. Amost _ diabolical murder was
perpetrated In Grundel about thirty-
eight miles from hora , in the fall of
the year,1875 , and has just leaked
out. - Three persons , father , mother
and sou , have been arrested , charged
with having committed the crimo.
The son , Jean B. Narbonne , having
sonfeased to having shot his brother ,
Alex. Harhonne , but in extenuation ;
plead that ho was urged to do it by
his step-mother ; that he borrowed a
gun from a neighbor , and after shoot
ing his brother , ho broke the gun over
hta head. He subsequenly dragged
the body out of the bouse some dis
tance therefrom , and covered it' with
/ brush , but afterwards buried It'a short
' distance from the house. He said the
deceased man had some money , nnd
thostepmothcr was anxious to get hold
of it , and it had been uudo up between
him and her to kill Alex. Narbonne.
First poison was mixed in a cup and :
left on the stove for Alex , to drink that
nlpht , but ho not having drank the
po'sona resort was had to tnootinghim ,
asthe most expeditious way of cetting
ridofhim. The prisoners were commit
ted to await trial at the next assizes ,
A Hard Crowd.
Eredal DbroUto to The Bo
MAKTVILLE , Mo.,0ctober29 10 p.
m. The preliminary trial of Albert
Talbott , charged with the murder of
his father , Pr. P. H. Talbott , on the
18th of September , and Mrs. Talbott
her EQO Ed , and their hirc man
Henry Wyolh , who were arrested as
accumuJico terminated last night.
TOO Talbott bovs and Wyelh were
OCtind over trithcuf. bail , and Mrs.
Belle T.ilbolt hul.l in $1COO bail to
await trial at the coming turm of the
circuit court. Detective Brighton ,
who worked up tha care , tcstined that
he , disguised as a laborer , got ( ho
confidence of the Talbott boys , who
hired him to kill Wyeth , alleging that
ho was In the secret of their father's
death , and they feared he would re
veal the same ; and further , that he
had entered into an agreement with
the two Tnlbott boys to rcb trains ,
mails and banks. This evidence was
corroborated by "Wilfred Mitchell ,
brother in-law of the deceased , who
also testified that Wyeth bad told him
that ha had killed William L Sauu-
ders , who was found dead in thh city
iMt aprjnjr urKler > aUKptcioij'i circurnij
stances"and. . tabbed him > f $ lo5T |
Wyeth also confessed to Sheriff Lock |
that Ed T..liott eh t his father , and
that the Talbot1. boys moulded the
two-ounce bullet which was shot
through the bidy of their father.
The Talbatt boya fitato that the hitcd
man , Wyeth , murJerod their father
and assert their innoconco.
Grim Justice.
5j > cclal dlf patch to The Eco.
LIBERTY" , Vo. , October 30 1 a. m.
Peter Wright , colored , was hanged
icro yesterday fur the murder of
! l 'bcrt M. Mauphin , white , in June ,
L870. The execution was in accord-
mcc with the Virginia law , which is
trictly private , with the exception of
ho necseeery cllicem , miard , ministers
, nd representatives of ihe prew. Ho
nade no confession. In 1879 Peter
Vright formed a contract with C. M.
ilaupin by which , " in consideration wf
lis labor , ho should have one-half of
ha crop grown , and one-half of the
iroccods of the wood cut upon a cer-
aiu part of Maupin'a land , each to
urnlsh ono horse for working pur-
loses for the first six months. Wright
ut and hauled wood uud sold it , ucg-
jcting his crop of corn and tobacco.
> n the 28th of Juno Maupinventto
rhero Wright was hauling and told
im if ho diu not work his crop as it
liould be , he would hire some ono
Iso to do it and pay him out of his
roceeds of the rrop , and that he
ad not accounted for any monny relived -
lived for the wood sold. Wright
lid tint ho intended to continue as
0 had begun until the last stick of
oed wai hauled away. An allorca-
an followed , in which Maupin was
necked down , and Wright was In
ie act of jumping on his head , when
T. Maupin's son Robert rait in and
torfered. This greatly
1 the negro , who Seized a wagon
andard and struck the boy on the
iad with it , killing him instantly.
Tne Ute Affair.
erfil Dispatch W Tun DEI. 11
WASHINGTON , October 30 1 a. m. 11it
10 war office has received from Maj. itw. .
Hey , of the Nineteenth infantry , of
, .n i t , ' " - . * vi
o killing of the Ute Indian , Jobn-
n , and the subsequent lynching of e\
0 murderer by the Indians. The ebt
itoment made by Captain Pollock.of btV
a Twenty-third infantry , is as fol- tt
we : "I believe that whatever dispo- ttcJ
m was made of the prisoner by the cJtl
nchera was done quickly. The man tlcc
chargeof the train told mo ho was one ccsi
his men. Ho said Cllno was home sicc
about an hour after starting , whereas ccSI
1 did not get back until the next SIM SIR
y. The Indian , Johnson had been M
aployed by Ool. Mackenzie during fcOI
e summer , and was considered a OI
liot and peacaible man. Most prob- 111
> ly ho was shot , as the capture ot fcfc 111fc
e prisoner occurred about 11 a. m. , fc
tout thirty miles from the agency , fck
id at 5 o'clock the same evening k
ime of the Indiana engaged in it
ere at the agoncy. Since the affair
ie Indians hava bean as cffliet and
saceable as at any time. They seem
i bo perfectly contented anisatisfied ,
id there is no excitement about the
; ency. I found no excitement il ! I
tme down the road in the vicinity of
agouche , and that was bieod cntire-
' upon the report of the case made
f Jackson , the man who had charge
E the train in which the diflicnlt > oc-
irred. I am well satisfied that there
ill bo no further trouble unless H
lould bo brought about by aggres-
on upon the Indians by the whites.
? e cannot look upon the matter oth-
rwiaa than a wanton and unprovoked
mrder of the Indian by a reckless ,
ilf-drunkon teamster , and that the
ito of the man was a clear case of
inching , which , as much as it is to bo
cplored , is not an uncommon occur-
jiico throughout the country and in
10 midst of civilization and oulight-
umcnt. " Major Offley , In forward-
ig the report , eays in conclusion that
10 man Jackson , who was In charge
f tbo train , has told different stories
bout the affair. Ho told mo that the
tidians did not fire at his party. To
then ho said they shot twice. He
as claimed relationship of nearly
rory kind to the man who was killed.
ol'apso ' of the Chinese Letter Boom.
pedal Dispatch to Tni Bu. a
NEW YORK , October 30 1 a. m.
ecretary Sherman visited the rooms
f the republican national committee
t noon yesterday and hold a , long
ousultation with ex Governor Jewell ,
lol. Hooker said , "Wo have sent
thographic copies of Garfield's let-
ST of denial to all parts of the conu-
ry , and the telegraph is spreading
tie news of the alleged forgery in every
ity from the cast to Sn Francisco
Ve have already received assurances i
rom managers in all the Pacific
lope states and territories , that the
mly effect of the letter has been to
[ isgust many democrats. The litho-
raphic copies'of the forged letter were
eceived in California on the same
lay of the dispatch.s announcing the
.rrest of Philp w ° rc sent , and the let-
cr has fallen flat , though some of the
ollowera of Kearney tried to circulate
t , but his pirty has gone to pieces ,
ind California is as tnrely ours as
) hio is.
Shipping News ,
ipeclal dispatch to TUB Bit
NEW YORK , October 30 , 1 a. m.
LiVERrooL Arrived "Olympin"
ind "Egypt" from New York ; and the
'Parthca" from Boston.
. QCEESSTOWN Sailed , "City of
Richmond , " from New York.
Guisdow Sailed , "State of Ala
bama" from New York.
PXYMOCIII Arrived. ' Silesia"
From New York for Himburg.
Special dispatch to tbo Bee
WASHINGTON , October 30 1 a. m.
lor upper Mississippi and lower
Missouri valleys clear or pattly cloudy
weather , colder northwesterly winds
and higher barometer.
I Enforcement of the Decrees I
Against Beligious Societies
Still Continues in
Affairs Daily Growing Worse
in the British Cape
THEM our.
Special Dispatch to The Bco.
PAIUK , October 20 , 10 pj m. The
enforcement ; of ihof , decrees against
Iho roligjyij . .eoHctiosslillcon'.iaues
lo3ayThe police a' . Pcrfi nnn and
Mars jillos forced thn doors of the
Cipuchiu houses at HIOSP places , amid
scones of grcit excitement. Many
( J.itholic residents hid assembled in
front of tliu monaatorioJ , and when
the policu begu to force their way iu *
to thu hnnsea , they resisted. The
Jlatquis of Ooricolia was prominent
hi resisting the policonnd wai rr .stcd
HS was also the editor of The Lo
Citoyen , a Crttholie p pir at Marseil
i to The Bco.
LONDON , October 20 10 p. m
Pao rumor that Ool. Clark 1m ? had "a
ight with the native iusiirgchla at
STatal , IIIB boon Confirmed by the
[ ratifying intelligence that the force
inder hia command had won a decis--
vo victory , after a conlcst nf two
inurfc. 'IHore was considerable skir-
nijhmg , during which both flanks of
3ol. Clark's commaudjwerejthroa-ened.
i. desperate charge vras' made , in
diich the provincial troops carried
iverythinir before them. The rabo'i"
lave been everywhere repUlacSi with
ho single exception of the recent dia
ller to the yoemanry , and Malitmg
ias been relieved with but slight loss
o provincial forces. The llaautos ,
11 the other haild admit
) a lots of 300
ion killed ahd many more wouudud. ai
idditional details have also been
eived from Capo Town of the recent tfcat
prising of the ttibes which joined the at
tasutoa in the rebellion. Tne trtnch- in
rous rebels , while profCaallig loyalty , inT ]
iirronhded the Europeans and mur-
orcd then. The Moges his , who
ere captured by them , wore eubmit- t
: d to special tortures before bciug tM
illed. The natives meanwhile
cxo- m <
iting a War dinco. Tht horrors of IK
10 massacre have only found partial IKwi
iliof in tha public mind by the grate- at :
11 and unexpestoduees of Col. Clark's rii
ictory. riiM
Another dispatch just received 13
vo a losi hopeful view of affairs at \ < fl
ie capo , and says that at Capo Town flWt
is regarded as a mere question of a
3ok or so before the colonial author-
island matters are bscoming worse
cry day. Several magistrates have bc
sen murdered , and the natives are bcBi
n ing vengeance on all who t-upport Bio
e government. Ono by one , the : o
ilcfs are joining the insurrectionists ,
ie last being Undatchswas , who has
nubinad his force with that of Um-
nuls , and the two are raiding the
iuntry within sight of Untala. From
lowborry , the report comes that CS !
ev. D. E. Davis has been murdered , kV
id other outrages committed. A thh
rce of 200 burghers has beau called h
it by the Cape authorities , and vol- n
iteers are being also enrolled and wiTi .
rwarded to the Trapsky. Rein- Ti
rcements for the north will bo sunt ra
7 the atcamer "Melrose , " which raa :
aves the Cape to-morrow.
ttclal Dif patches to TIIK Bi .
The excitement over the approach- Sjv
ig prosecution of members of the SjvY.
nd league increases. Mr. T. D. Y. .
ullivan , membar of parliament for Y.M Y.G
10 west and north , has been retained M
> defend Mr. Healy in his approach- di
ig trial.
The Spring Hill cotton mill , at
Idham was destroyed by fire yoster-
ay. A large fire also occurred to- pait
ay at Wigan , in the Swan Meadow itY
atton mill which were almost totally tr
estroyed. * trPi
The Prussian diet have elected Piv <
[ err Keolter , a conservative , presi- 01
out ; Herr Bend , a national liberal , il !
rst vice president ; and Hnrr Stengal , ai
co conservative , second vice prcsi-
The Italia urges the Italian govern-
lent to cease acting with England.
A dispatch from Constantinople
ijs that lUza Pasha has declined to
anew negotiations , alleging that hois
rithout instruction ] . The porto , on
be contraryassorts that Rz Pasha
i fully instructed to act.
An enormous and enthuiinstic mcet-
lg of Orangemen was held a Belfast ,
reland , last night. Hesolutions were
assed condemning the lawless utter- .
ncoa and deeds of the land leaguers ,
nd nr.ed ; the necessity of repressive ' l <
leasuros , and assured the loyalists of >
ho south and west of their active
upport. Lard Arthur Hill presided
t the meeting.
A dispatch from Scutari says that a
'urkish ironclad has lauded GOO
roops there.
A ISt Petersburg dispitch says that
t is reported that the establishment
f a great administrative council Is
Disastrous floods have occurred in
The Irish constabulary is to b3 in-
reased to. 2,000 men.
A hurricane in the Baltic last week
[ estroyed 100 Danish fishing vo-sels.
Mr. John Bright , in writing to Mr.
fill ers Stuart , siya he hopes for a
jreat and permanent improvement in
he Irish land laws unless the cgita-
.lon creates a temper and a condition
) f things which will make an amend *
nent impossible.
The North German Gazette protests
i aifist an increase of the British
Mediterranean fleet to eighteen ves-
leh , on an assertion of unfair ascen
dancy strongly at variance with Eng
land's previoui assurance to the der-
rish of Scutari.
The czar has ordered the discontin
uance of mourning for iho late czarina.
The Franciscans were expelled yes
terday from Rennes and Avignon ,
France. At the htter place the police
demolished thebarricade that had been
erected inside the monastery. There
was much excitement and disorder ,
and fourteen arrests were made.
Drjuus , October 29 Tlu raagis-
trates have forbidden the land meet
ing which was announced to taka
pl&co at Dungannon , Ireland , onMon-
day next.
BURLIN. Oslober 20. The s ! to of
seige in Hamburg , AUcnu , Wando-
back , Pinnoberg and Lavenberg is to
last ono year.
BRUSSELS , October 29.An accl-
do-it occurred yes'orday ' near Ileista1 ,
Belgium , and toven parsons were kill
ed and many injured.
PARIS , Oct. 29. Tne cabinet has
decided to prosecute Gen. Charette
for his Epeech at thelegitimate bsn-
quent , on the sentiments being calcu
lated to provoke civil war. There are
persistent rumors of dissensions in
the cabinet.
LQSDOJT , October 29. The recent
storm occasioned an unusually largo
number of shipping casualties , end
' '
entirely interrupted.
LOKIION , October 29 The presi
dent of the American company has ap
pointed a very distinguished regalia
committee of sixteen , of which Lord
Linderbugh ia president.
Causes Widespread Con *
tempt in Cunding
I'tiest ( Republicans Made to
Give Way to Friends of
tha Capper Chief ,
orreapondonco of Tha Uce.
WKsr PoiHT , October 15. West
: oiut and Ctiming county is all ablaze
ith pol ticjl excitement. Spaakeirs
xbr iftd li the order of the day.
[ onday night Allen llvot epoko to a
umbcrof people in the no mi house ,
hile Mr. lavs ! laid the law down to
ie unterrified in Kraus' hall.
The republicans in Cuining county
a not over enthUsiaBtid , owing to
ie job put up at the convention held 0
Wisner on the 21st inst. The lead- bicl 0bi
g lights in the parly were at sea. cl
liere were as many things to consider |
d so many factions to conciliate ,
it paramount to everything elae was I at
r. Valentines interest. No man Iv/
ust bo nominated whom ho could f
it control in the senatorial fight this
liter. The convention was at a
uid still until Mr. Valentine ar- feN
. "od , when everything was clear ,
r. Bruner was not to bo thought N
a candidate , BO ha was shelved
thout ceremony. It. A. Thompson 98
> Ud ! not do , ai he had got his eye
; tli cut last season , and an obscure
irk in a store was taken in hh an
unty , "Uut then that makes no dif-
enco. If elected he will do the
iding of the paities who nominates Oc
n , and that is all they ask. Mr. S7
irke , a prominent farmer in the
untryvai also asked to take a back
it. as he was too outspoken in hia
ntitnents in regard to picked con-
ntions. Mr. Zahrung was nomi-
ted for senator , a fitting tribute to pe
3 fidelity to Mr. Valentino's intor- fo :
te , and A. M. Peterson , a Scandin- ©
lan , WAS put on the ticket to pull he
o chestnuts out of the fire. Heuco to
e apathy of the the repnblican party re
this county. Tiio national ticket
.11 undoubtedly get a large majority , th
lero is no disposition among the thce
nk and file to go it straight , bat in
thor to select the beat man tu repro- fr
ut the county at Lincoln next fall. tl
B. L. tlat
oclal OUpatchca to TUB EBK.
At republican headquarters in Now ctfc
nrk yesterday , Gov. Smith said Gen. fc
arfield's deposition regarding the
ioroy-Chineso letter would ba pro-
i oi ia court.
Milton 0. Dent , a nephew of Gen.
raut , and a clerk in the interior de-
irtment at Washington , was arraign-
I bafore Polica Justice Dufty in New
ork , on the charge of Illegal regis-
ation and hold in § 400 bail. Ho ex-
aincd that ho had no intention of
} ting illegally , that he had his room
i one street and his wife was lying
1 at a friends house in another street ,
id ho remained with her.
A house at Melton , in Lltchficld
ninty , Ct. , burned last night. The
ily occupant , Noah W. Beaeh , was
lund burned to ashes.
A dispatch from the Uncompaghro
intonment , Colorado , from Col.
lotchor to Gen. Pops , says that
gent Berry loft there yesterday morn-
ig ver the mountain trail for Don-
ar. lie says tha't the crisis is over
ad that no further trouble with the
ndians is anticipated.
Fred Kcstor , was sentenced to be
anged for the murder of his wifeyea-
jrdiiy. The crime was committed in
uckley county , this state , on the 22d
ay of August , 1879.
Goo. Moody , who killed his brother
b 11 chmond , Va. , some months ago ,
iid tied tao country , returned last
eak and surrendered himself.
Gen. Garfield received a uumber of
illers yesterday at his Mentor farm ,
nd made sonio arrangements for the
aception of large delegations from
'ittaburg and various towns in this
cction that are expected to-day. He
as received no subrojna to be in
idir York , to attend the Philp trial.
Giv. St. John , of Kansas , who has
oen niakirg an extensive canvass cf
be stata , gives it as his opin'on that
Canaan will give Garfield a majority
f 50,000 , and that the republican
indidatcsfor congress will be elected.
Dnyer , who interfered with Elec-
ion Supervisor Geisler in registration
natters , In Chicigo Tuesday , and Po-
iceman Murphy , who arrested Gies-
er when the latter attempted to ar-
est Dwycr , were arrested yesterday
m tha charge of interfering with
reisler in the performance of his da
les. They were admitted to $500
jail each.
The Chicago exposition this year was
ittendea by 400,000 people , and the
eceipts were sufficient to pay all ex-
senses , including § 30,000 worth of
mprovjraents on the building , and
eave $3,000 in the treosury.
Dr. J. D. Kaiue , editor-in-chief of
Ehe Milwaukee Sentinel , resignedyea-
terday by reason of a difficulty with
the proprietors , which was the out
growth from yesterday's publication of
in attack upon Caaoer M. Sanger , the
republican nominee for congress. Dr.
Eaine has taken a position in tbo cus
toms office. His successor on The
Sentinel has not been named.
CINCINNATI , O. , October 29 The
Cincinnati chamber of commerce to
day voted to adjourn over olcctun
WASHINGTON , October 29. Govern
ment receipts to dsy.apgregato § 1,100-
NEW YoBK.Ojtoter 29 A business
mans" msss meeting was held ycaler-
day afternoon , 'tl'O ' speakers being lo
cated on tha slept of the sub-treasnrj
building , Wall -and Nassau streets.
Representative' "bodies were present
from the Produce exchange. Bankers'
and Brokers' nnion , Young Mena' Re
publican club , and .other organizations.
Letters o , re rotjvere read from.Sec-
rotary _ J3berhl3lrpccntary : Sctinrz ,
and others. Col. 11. G. Ingersoll
made the principal address.
Now Tort Money and Stocks.
WALL Snugr October 23.
IlJoncy3cxchnnjo ; st.udy at 54 Sijal 81 >
Steady ,
U. S O's'31 . 104 ? U.S. 4'it . 1 CM
U. S. b'3 . 1 021 CunoncyG's . l 25
U. tr. 41'd . 1 HS ;
Active and declined } to Jc ; recovered i to IK
V U . 101 } Uiclriuiu ] Central. .1C9
f. Y.C . IS6J Lackiwanna . C3
: rio . 41 Hudson Canal . 874 76j 3 J C . 77J
5:1 . 1211 U4 E . 117
116 UrvllDK .
forthwretem . 115 I M . 51
P/cfcrrcd . 123 } NaslittllC . 163
'M . . . . .
I'llO ' . 83 } N& T . il :
Preferred . 79 J Prc'errcd . 5 ? .
t.Paul . 1041 0W . 24
Preterrcd . 120 K. AT . S3
t. Jon . 43 } 111. Central . 110
Preferred . 83 B&y . 145
r/ibish . 43 UAltio 0 . 74 <
Prcfcrcd . 70 Alti.n . 132
nuhl . 45 C. C. &I.C . IP. .
Preferred . 85. C P , . 74 |
'nlon Pacific . S2 A i. Tel . 41 :
i.&T . 77"CC C&I . 82
&N . 171
Chicnpro Produce MaFket.
OniCAGo , October 29.
Breadatuffs and ling products are
ighor , due to the increased demand
: om shorts. .
Wheat No. 2 spting advanced 1 ®
Jc ; sales wore at § 1 OOJ@1 OOJ for
ctober ; SI 001 Oic for Novem-
erj SI 021 03i for December ;
osing at § 108 for cash ; 81 OOg for
ctober ; gl 01 J@l Olf for November }
L 03gl 03i for December.
Corn Improved $ @Ac ; No. 2 Bold
39@39c for October ; 39c for No
smber ; 40.4@40c for Debembef ,
osin at 39jc for October ; 39ic
r November ; 4545 Jo for May.
Oils go higher and closed at 29Jo
r cash ; 29Jo for October ; 29Jc for
ovetnber ; 30c for December.
Rye Stationary at 82c for cwh or
ovember ; Decembfir sold at 83c.
Baby Wanted by shorts ; No. 2 ,
lo bid for October.
1'ork Mess advanced 65o per bb ) .
d closed at § 18 JJff fnw * fh ; $19 00
Lard Advanced 12i@loc per 100 b (
s and closed at § 8 05 for csh or wJ.
itober ; § 7 95@7 97J for November ; .
90 for the year. tlbi
Chicago Live S'ock Market. siir
CHICAGO , October 29. 01
Hogs In Rood demand and 510c ectc
ir 100 Ibs higher ; sales at4 45@4 60 tc
r li'iht ' packing and shipping ; § 4 25
i 70 for rough to extra smooth
savy packing ; § 4 35@4 80 for fair
extra smooth heavy shipping lots ;
celpts , 18,933.
Cattle There was a quiet feeling in
10 market for cattle to-day ; the re-
ip'.s ' were again liberal , with a large
imberof common grades left over
om yesterday end previous days of
ie week ; the pens are filled with
ock , the only sale being 51 head
rer ging 1,341 Ibs , at § 4 80 , local
ayers not purchasing up to 11 o'clock ;
10 market for common grades was
itiroly nominal up to 11 o'clock ;
esh receipts 5,210 head.
New York Produce Market.
NEW YORK , October 29.
Flour Steady and moderato exert -
ort and jobbing trade inquiry ;
iceipts 19,789 ; round hoop Ohio ,
J 70@5 00 ; choice do , § 5 105 50 ,
iperfino western $3 804 25 ; common
i good extra do , § 4 254 70 ; choice
odo$4 [ 75@650 ; choice white wheat
D , § 465@485.
Wheat Irregular ; Chicago , SI 15
116 ; Milwaukee , 8116@117 ; No. 2
sd winter , gl 16.i@l 10J ; sales 500-
00 bu.
Corn Qnlet ; No. 2,55-j@55c ; sales
Oats Quiet.
Whisky Nominal.
Pork 812 00013 25 for seller for
ho year.
Lird S9 00 asked for cosh ; § 9 52J
jr November ; S9 42i for December ;
9 409 45 for January ; $9 45@9 50
? r February ; ? 9 3749 45 for seller
3r the year ; § 9 55@9 70 for buyer for
ho year.
Butter Firm and fair demand ;
Ihio , 15@31c.
Eggs Unchanged at 21@23o for
Etir to choice.
St. Louis Produce Maraot.
ST. Loi"s , October 29.
Flour About 5c lower.
Wheat Higher and unsettled ;
fo. 2 red , at SI 00@1 00 | for
ash ; 1 00jj@l 00 | for November ;
1 041 03J@1 04J for December ;
1 OCJ@1 05@l 06- for January :
fo. 3 , do , 93 @ 93 * ; No. 4 , do , 87 |
Corn Slow and better at 39jc for
xish ; 3939Jc | for November ; 39J ®
19c for December ; 39c for the year ;
14@44Jc for May.
Oata Higher at 2829 Jo for cash ;
! 9j@29gc for November ; 30c bid for
Rye Higher at 83 ] 83cjj
Barley- Quiet at GU(595c. (
Levl Lower at § 4 37 * .
Butter Quiet ; dairy , 20@26c.
E gs .Bieher at 19c.
Whisky-Steady at SI 10.
Provisions Dull at S15 25.
Dry Salt Meats Quiet at § 490 ®
r 60@7 80.
Bacon Scarce and higher at $5 25
§ 8 75@9 00.
Lard Nominally higher at 87 87 $ .
- flecdpta Flour , 9,000 bbls ;
irheat , 99,000 ba ; corn , 60,000 ba ;
sats , 17,000 bu ; rye , 2,000 ; barley ,
19,000 bu.
Shipments Flour , 12,000 bbls ;
wheat,45,000bn ; corn,4,000bu ; oats ,
2,000 bur rye , 1,000 ; barley ,
St. Louis Live StocK Market.
, ST. Louis , October 29.
Hogs Fairly active and- higher ;
Yorkers and Baltimore- - 50@4 60 ;
mued packins , S4 40@4 50 ; butchers'
to fancy , 84 55&4 65 ; receipts 2j9,00 ;
Bhipmepts , 2,009.
A Huge Variety of'Well
Spiced Items from the
East and West.
Progress of the Trial of Philps :
the Filthy Forger , in
New York.
An Eastern Plug Road Plays
.Havoc with the Pool.
Lively Kows with the Tramps
and Cow BOJ s Wiscon
sin's Taxable Wealth
lombstono Thumpers
Special dlapateb to Tim Bed.
SAN FRANCISCO , October 29. A
party of dvo cow boj ? , nnisely parad
ing the streets of Tombstone and
threatening to extorniina'otho ' ollicers
tvho sh" Uld interfere with them , wore
irrestod by Sheriff Ford , and while
ilruggling with one of the gangj called
Jurlyi the shoriOf ivas shot in the
; rein , Inflictinjr probably a fatal
round. The prisoners were hurried
o Tucson to prevent lynching.
Death ot Dr. Se'quin.
pedal dispatch to The B e.
NEW YORK , October 28 , 4 p. ra.
) r. EJward Sequin , the celebrated >
pecinljat in ihe treatment of idiocy
nd allied nervous diseases , died yen-
arday in sixty-ninth year of his age.
Ie was born in Clamecy ; France.
Determined to Rebuild.
Dispatch to The Bco
NRW YORK , Oct. 29.-.The Ansonla I
Ibck dfccltted ' Pie
cioffipaujr ha3 to rebuild
ie factory in Brooklyn , which was
urned Wednesday morning. Pofsi-
ly temporary quarters will be hired
i the meantime , to give employment
i many of the people thrown out of
ork by the fire ,
Wringer Rulers ,
edal Dispatch to The Bee.
CINCINNATI , October 29. The asao-
ation of cloth wringera mannfactur-
s are in session at the Grand hotel
ith the following officers : President ,
harles M. Hewlett , AuburnN. , Y. ;
ce-president , F. F. Adams , Erie ,
B. ; treasurer , R. P. Smith , Woon ;
cket , R. Lsecretary ; , R.\V. Strong , c.
ewark , N. J. ; attorney , F. G. Gift-
in , Providence , R. I. The commit-
es reported everything smooth in .
ie wringer world. Tliii Is the first
aaion of the association held in the
Desperate Trampe.
tcUl Dispatch to the Bee. ' _ j $
iund train on the Pennsylvania rail-
iy , on Hackenaack meadows , near
srsoy City. They hurled stones at
e windows and several panes were
oken , and a few passengers suffered
ight bruises. The tramps were mov-
g In the direction of Jewey City , nnd
i the arrival of the train at the depot
ime of the employees were selected
go out on a train then leaving and
eet the tramps. The tramps
ere met near Marion. They
ere armed with stones and
her missiles. The railroad men at-
cked the tramp3 , and a lively fight
as kept up , , for several minutes. The
amps were'beaten and they retreated ,
nly one person was arrested. Ho
as knocked insensibln by a blow on
ie head. Ho waa lodged in the police
ation , where he was registered aa
eorgo Baxter , of Chester , Pa.
Editorial Privilege ,
xxi&l Dlsp&tch to The Bee.
CINCINNATI , October 29 4 p. m.
the committee to
n change to-day ,
iquiro of The Louisville Courier-
ournal as to the authorship of the
liter signed "Cincinnati Merchant , "
jported a letter from Mr. Waterson ,
i which he said that if the letter had
een seen by him it would not have
oen cubliehed , and that ho regretted
ie use of his paper for such a pur-
ese as mall' ninn a community , but
e declined to give the name of the :
Tne Forger's Trial.
pcclal rispitch to The Boa
NEW YORK , October 29. The trial
f Konward Philps for criminal libel
n General Garfield was resumed this
aorning in the supreme court , which .
ras densely packed. Joe Hart pro-
uced the envelope and was purged
rom contempt. Two experts wore
hen put on the stand , who swore that
a their judgment , the Moroy letter
ras a forgery and Kenward Philp ,
ho forger. The trial Ia still in pro-
Teas ,
Arrested for Robbery ,
pedal Dispatch to The Bco.
CHICAGO , October 29 , 4 p. m.
'ratt & Co.'s jewelry sere on Wa-
lash avenue was robbed of § 1,2GO
rorth of goods a week ago last Sun
lay night. The detectivea have ar
ested Robert Riley Remain in St.
jouis , and two men named Boyle and
) ingwell in Chicago. Part of the
tolon property was fqnnd in a pawn
hop hero , and the remainder in Ro-
nsin's room in S' . Louis.
Punishing tbo Pool.
[ pedal Dispatch to Tbo Bee.
CHICAGO , October 29. 4 p. m.
The Lake Erie and Western rail-
oad running from Fremont , Ohio , to
Blooraington , 111. , connecting east-
rardly with the Lake Shore , and
ffestwsrdly with the Chicago and Al-
, on , is carrying disturbance into the
; orritory embraced in the projected
ireslern pool. This crossline la said
; o have stocked scalping offices in
Foledo with tickets , which are sold aa
follows : Kansas City , § 13 ; round
trip , § 16 ; Toledo to St. Louts , S6 ;
round trip , $11 50 ; Toledo to Spring
field , S6 bO ; and Jacksonville , S7 00 ;
with corresponding schedule to other
'Wtaconin'd 'Wealth.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , October 29,4 p. m.
The statistical report of the wealth ,
debt and taxation of the state of Wis
consin , issued by the census bureau to
day , makes the following exhibits :
Assessed valuation nf real estate in
Wisconsin , 5344,788,721 ; awsied val-
nlation of personal property $94,183-
030. Total assessed valuation of pro
perty , real and personal ; $438,971-
Big Demonstration.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , October 30 1 a. m.
In pursuance of the order of Gen.
Grant , as connnBrider of the "Boys in '
Blue" of the United States , that a
trand ; parade should ba held through
out the country last niuht , the various
cwipaniea in this city turned out with
t irehes and uniforms. They were
jjined by thoboird of trade march
ing club , the union veterans and all
republic in clubs in the city. The re
publicans embraced the opportunity to
make the Goal big demonstration of
the campaign , nnd in spite of bad
weather tlio dnpliy wai very credit-
nbl-1. The city in every quarter ap
peared i i a ll.vne w th torches. It is
oitimatcd that 100,000 nun were in
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
FRANKFORT , Ky. , October 30 , 1 a.
ro. Wednesday Mia Kirby , living in
Jvibbilavillt' , n acittering village a mile
and a Iia'f from this town , died of
hydrophobia , after four days' excruci
ating BulRjnm ' , , usually tUtendan
upon thii mysterious malady. Las
/all a pnopy belonging to the family
was in the homo , and in playing with
It a bile waa made on the hand of Mrs.
Kirby. Ifc was fuur days over three
months ainco the bit , when Mrs.
Kirby was attacked with signs of hy-
lirophobi i , which resulted in doath.
The principal cause of nearly all
lickncaa at this timu of the year has
ts origin In a disordered Liver , , the
Tjjestornan in the body , which if not
tabulated in time , great sufierimg ,
rrstchednflss nnd DKATH will ensue.
V little precaution taken in the shape
f a reliable and eilicaclouu Liver
legulator will in most cases prevent
lliiesa and fatal consequences. No
icdicine in modern times has gained
wider reputation than Simmons'
< irer Regulator manufactured by J.
I. ZEIL1N & Co. This justly cele-
rated medicine Regulates the Liver ,
romotoj digestion , and fortifies the
Astern against malarial diseases.
Real Estate Transfers.
Byron Reed to Fred. Kumpf , lot
S , I'rospect Hill Cemetery fo.
Catherine Parker to liav. John F.
luinn , trustee , w. d. , lot 7 , block G ,
torbsch's 2d add. , Omaha $900.
Wm. F. Heins , county treasurer , to
. A. Baldwin , t. d. , 280 by 132 feet
i no so aee. 12 , tp. 15 , r. 10 e
C. A. Baldwin to.T. M. Phillips , q.
d. , part no se J sec. 12 , tp. 15 , r.
3 c SI.
Jas. G. Meseath to J. M. Phillips :
c. d. part r.e. , HO. J , BOJ. 12,1.15 ,
10 o. 51.
Charles H. Foster to B. R. and J.
i. Folsam : q. c. d. lot 5 , block 107 ,
nd lot B , M--V. ifV7i r
125 53. _ , olock 8 ,
lotnitze & Ruth's addition , Omaha
Third Ward Voters Registration
I will sit at my oftica northeast cor-
cr of Fourteenth and Douglas streets ,
) ver Cumirig'a auction store ) on
hursd y , Saturday and Monday.
Chursday 28h ( and Saturday 3Cth
Ictobcr , and November Monday Ist.J
ar the purpose of registering the
lectors of the Third ward.
In witness whereof I have hereunto
at my hand this 20th day of Octo-
or , 1880. WILL H. RILEY ,
o20-10t Resistrar Third Ward.
ully exemplified in the demonstration
hat RO common a pasture weed as
mart-weed , or water-pepper possesses
ledicinal properties which , when com-
lined with essence of Jamaica ginger
nd other efficacious vegetable ox-
racta , as in Dr. Piorco's Cora-
lounil Extract of Smart Weed , it con.
titutea a most potent remedy for
towel affections as diarrhccadysentry ,
lux , etc. It is aho an eflicacioua
ncdlcino for colds and to breakup
overs and inflammatory attacks , and
or the alleviation of pain. Every
araily should keep a supply of it. 50
outa by druggists. |
Undoubtedly tiio best shirt In the
Jnitccl Stales is manufactured at the
Jmaha Shirt Factory. The superiority
) f Material and workmanship , com- '
jincd with their great Improvements ,
.hat la Reinforced fronts , Reinforced
jacks and Reinforced sleeves , makes
heir shirt the most durable aud best
itting garment of the kind , over
Manufactured at the moderate price of
Jl.oO. Every shirt of our make is
guaranteed first-class and will refund
the money if found otherwise.
We make a specialty of all wool ,
Shaker , and Canton flannel , also
: hemois underwear , inado up with a
dew to comfort , warmth and durabil
ity. To invalids and weak-lunged
persons wo offer special inducements
in the manner these goods are made
Cor their protection.
" street.
Eucsion'a Arnica Salve
The BE.HT SALVK in the world for
Outfl , Bruises , Sores , Ulcers , Salt
Rheum , Fever Sores , Tetter , Chopp
ed Hands , Chilblains , Corns , and all
kinds of Skin Eruptions. This Salve
la guaranteed to give perfect aatlafac-
tlod In every case or money re landed.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
8dly J. K. ISH Omaha.
Oct. 28th , 29th and 30th , 1880.
AdTUEs'nn 95 centi ; Season Tickets 81.00 ; Each
BASON TICKET is Entitled to a PRIZE. Some !
the Piizia arc to be Ken if De Ofo-a &Co' & . Hat
Store , Fambam St. oct9-wta6t
Machine Works ,
J. Hammond , Prop. & Manager.
The mint thorcmsb appoints i and complete
Machine Shops and Foundry In the stile.
Caitln a of every description manufacted.
Ecurlnca , Pomp * and ereiy class of machinery
made to order.
order.pecial attcnttan glren to
Well Augurs , Pulleys , Hangers ,
SliartinsTfBridge IronsGeer
batting , etc
Plinslornsw lUehJnery.Heachanlcal Drawtht- I
Dg , Models , etc. , neatly executed.
56 Home ? at. , Bet. J4ta and 15th.
> ,
. - < J
Wholesale an l Kctnil Ulaim
Cold and Silver Watches
and JcivcJry in the
Gome and See Our Stock
as We Will Be Pleased
to Show Goods.
1 tDodtrp. . Opposite Po nffice.
Iron and Wagon Stock ,
It Chicago Prices.
and 1211 Barney Street , Omaha ,
We are now in da'ly receipt
fhr e shipments of
Jl of which are be'ng opened UD
nd marked as rapidly as they
omein , and placed on sale in
he depirtmenls to which they
lelong. "We will show in all
ines o ! Goocfs more extensive
ind varied assortments than at
my time'in the past. Purchas-
irs will find at the beginning of
; he season , as well as during its
progress , the choicest styles , as
yell as the most abundant sup-
jly from which to make theii
selections , and at prices that can
not fail to be satisfactory to the
jlosesfc buyer. Itemized adver
tisements will appear through
out the season giviog definite in
formation in reference to the ar
rival of new things and the
Special Bargains that will ba of
fered in certain line of Goods ir
every department of our estab
1422 and 1424 Dodge St. ,
Cor. 15th.
Ear Diseases.
The well known Atral Sarjteon , of Readlnjf. P *
* hihub enia the Meclicil profeni never2
ytaragives all bU time 'JcdosiTely t > the treal
ment of deafnen and dl < eaac3 nl the ear an
catarrh , lie tends a vilaiilo little book ot t
pages on the treat men t'of thete dntues , fn
to all. This book pirra references and Us :
menials t > ut will ( atisfy the most ikeptlcU H
1 * also author ct a wore of 375 pa es.ixUro , o
thue dkea efland , tteir proper treatment ; pr.c
2 by null , Ko fiinily should be without ihUrilr
ah'c book. It will save roffcrinsr. Io of hearln
and doctor's feet. Dr. Sho.inaker'a Remedy fo
tha core of Rurmlnjf Ear , lit univer IIy tnrrw
ed o t by phjs'cians and the pub ic in gcaer ;
M tbeonly trn'y relialle Rezcd/ for th enre <
this oatheaome dlceue. It U harmleM , pleauc
and rel able , and wi'I cure almost any CA-O ft
of forty yean * standing1 , all ! > ad emell nd ni
pleavntnera of the diseaae Instantly reaiove
and bearing In most casCT greatly Impr Tt
permanently Price Sold by Jas. K. Isl
wholesa'eaiid retail deal- tin dnus and med and surgical ingtraa entU21 Karnhim Si
Omaha ep27den l.l' '
OTCC a w el : in your on town , lerma ad
lJDD outntfre * . M&tv * a. Hallett & C
crJiad. u - - - '
Pianos and Organs First Class
on Easy Monthly Payments ,
Sheet Music and Musical - *
cal Instruments.
OI Painting , Enpravlnpi anil Frames at great
ly reiUced prices.
8x10 Frames. 1 Inch , Walnut. . . . . . Ho
10x12 " 1 20
lOxli 1 20
" M
12x16 1J
1-JxlS " 1 * 85
10x20 1J 75
Rustic 8x10 fnme 15
Cliromos framed , small , 25c ,
Chromosfiamed. large. 1 16.
rings from 60c npwanll ,
Photoirraph frame * from 16c upward * , .
Wlndo * Cor Jcea75c a window and npw rd
Lonihrcqulrji 8 00 per window and upwards ,
Cnmlco Pica2 GO per window and upward ! .
Velvet frames 2fic cich to5 00
Violin Strings lie ,
Violins 1 76.2 60 , 3 ml upw rd ,
Guitars S 00 , OiOO. 7 00 ami upwaiJs.
Banjos 1 00. 3JOO. S 00 , ami upwards ,
Acconleons from 1 00 up , cheapest In city
Send forumplti and catalogue of moulding *
and abe t music. A. HOSPE. JR. .
1176 Doc'ira St. . Omaha Hob.
Safe , Certain , Sure and SpeedyJ
The only article known IhatWiU
eradoafe\\\\s \ \ disease
permanentfyfromVnt system
General Agents ,