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    ' IpTSAlLY KEE.
Friday Morning , Oct. 29.
. 'Eel's coal-
Freda ick Leading Hatter. o23-lf
K w
SeoiPolaik's advertisement. >
Isakc < p vicko * , American - remedy.
lfr < the teulh , KulnTa Dcntrifice.
Porter is running the Omaha Ferry.
iJnbin'Bbulk perfume at Kuhn's only.
J 'Widow W * Bedrtt at the Academy to-
Jiyht. .
The mail train from the west yester
day wab three hours' late.
Eighty-four cars of Blcclc came in today
. 1 * .
day o\er theTJ.
! , McM lian & Co. , the jewe !
Superintendent I'ierce is laying out :
new cemetery on the "poor farm. ' '
Herman Tiels , an ininal ; rf the ix > or
liuase. died this morning , of coasumption.
' the PALACE
-V'ienna Sauces ,
MAltKET , 314 South Pifteenth Street.
dove filling Patterns at UnsbmanV.
-The best of meats at Bath & White's
m irlcel , opposite the postoffice. 22-tf
Hath & White , opposite the ] pos
oTicc , rtceivolfresh fish every Thursday.
Lota , Parma , Houses and Lands. I/wlc
' of bargain-foil 1M ,
> vi rleiuik' n ° w
Annual election and banquet of En
glue Co. No.'l to-night. 15 s time , yci
ft >
count their game thin
: 2iB ? bjHMtsmen
afternoon and will eit it to-night nt
1'Vir 1 .inils , Iiol * , Houses an 1 Fann ,
loik over licimH'jieW column on first pa
Ouitc-8 direct from Baltimore ;
4 > eeutTjKtan laid , 35. Cluice apples , S2
pef lr5S at Gladstone" * . o28t3
far r "
-Juit received nt William Gentleman" *
2 car-loads - i.f beautiful Wh ta IWKC pota
toes : also apples and onions in large < pun-
2 -3t
Tlierc was cnly one case before Judge
Hawcsthii morning , ! < n ajcd Missouri ,
uliojiad drank too deeply from the flo-
ug boaL He was nlliAtixl to go on proai
iseto leave forhnmc instantr.
Much to the diiappointmetit of our
c itizeus Mary VudersouV agent has written
to Manager Griffin , of the Academy ,
chauging the date of her apjwarance here
4o ICovPuiber 12th , iiiktcid of November
JsC Oli , cruel one !
i-Quite a cariosity , conhi tins of more
Ui nT rMhundredfold and tilvcr watch-
ft which hn e been left for repairs , can
b ; iecuat Edholm Krickbou , the popn
la ] oelcriB , opjioblte the postolfice. Thi
collection'is.-ariare one and is veil worth
. * --"i"
Tlie\i\ . A. il. ocietyof llie 1'iret
ISL E. churJli , will give an cnterU nment
Hits cxeuingat the residence of Mr. M. G ,
MSlvoon , on Chicago , between Twenty
tiret aadTueuty-sccond streets. A good
t'me is expected aud all are iuv ited to at
-The Omaha Zither club will g'vcn
caacert and ball on Sunday , "Cove Jjber 7
at MoljTti hilL This first concert of th
organized club , "which nuuiberB tin
.xil'bo . looked forward to with
luucli intcrcHt.
tf-The IntMnc n cut of DMI and Xora
MI i is , Mr. Jol ii Ohrj'sler , is In the citj
making arraugcmenlB for their appeaianc
in thu city the last thiec Jiig'oti of r
week in Sullivan's Mirrorof Ireland. Tli
iwpultt' piii.e < of 2i , tO and T cents wil
with the popularity of the company , fi' '
th'e Aca Jomy.
Tin Ci/uncil Bluff if TConnareil , whic
saw fit to l > e BO facetious over tlie fact tha
Itiy. r Clnsc eent copies of h's admirabl
me < agc nil o\er the country , and a bcttc
ntUertise.mont Ouiaha could not obtain
will plc-tfa read the following from Tli
Cheyenne Suu , of October 23d , and ECO if
the same could be wiid of the financia' '
htandiug of the city of magnificent tsll : :
"HJoI. OhampionS. Cliawi , mayor cf Oua
ha , has complimented The Suu ollice Mtli
a \ M\vf of his la t annual mess.ige to th
< ity council < if that city. Mayor Chase 5
au enterprising and exceedingly patriot : '
cjtb-en of Omaha , and has the welfare a ! <
progref s of the place very much at heart
His iicssaRe i" < an able paper nndphougth
fcatjsfactory fact to the people there ths
the citjis financially tolid and has no out'
r warrants on which in'crest is ac
T. J. Cummings has gone
. L. Webster has gone to Hast
Got. J.M. Wolfe returned home "Wednes
' " r
1 , of Fort Calhoui- ,
* ( ) . * T' . Daxis has returned from a north
c u ttip.
.1 tulgj JF. . Kinney , of Nebraska City ,
in in the city.
G. W f E. DorHayaud wita , of Fremont
went huufo yesterday.
layIvj-eolPremcnt ! , came in yesterday
ti : \VidowBedott. . "
Wm. Culla , of toe "Uniim Pacific uliDj K ,
I'tnrteilAVedjcsday forLix eit > oolEnglaid !
W. JJ. Hastings , poj. trader of Tort
A\-u.hiVie\V. \ T. , was in the city Wcdncs
ilay cvcninjj.
l.ymiu McCarty , traveling agent of the
B.iUiinoro and Ohio railroad , WM in the
ity Wednesday.
fof the London
i in the city Wednesday
ig route to Denver.
General Passenger Agcut Johnson , of of
1l o LaVe Shore and Michigan Southern
aajhvay , was in Omalia Wednesday.
; Army Orders.
< Tfco latest orders iisued Jrom the
hea-Iquiriors of the department of the
riatte , ' Fort Om&hn , arc as follows :
jLcavo of nbscnco for ono mouth ,
xlth pcrmlss wn to apply for an exten
sion of ono month , is granted Second
Lieutenant James A.Liyden , Fourth
jnfautry , Fort Saundora . T.
tDpou ih recommojidafion of his '
i-omiany'ajp3 post commanders , so
jnuch of th'c unixccuUd jor' > n of the
Miitonca ' , KB ulxtos to .eoi.iiuenient , T
jiwar'dol'Private Wm. itcOIj , compa- \
1 y D , Fifth cavalry , by a general court
cur-mi , proraulpr.tud in general court
nurluil'brden Kb. 54 , current f criw ,
-om'theso headquarters , is remitted. F.
A board of survey , to conriet of
Frederick B Trotter , 14th in-
mA > > iit .
- -A j r -i - - -
pFmtLieut. Albert Aus-
convene at Ft
B itofofVf T. , on the 9th day of Kb !
-mb-r ,1880 , or as soon theresftef a8
p actual , to inquire into and deter-
n me the responsibility for del-y in
e transportation of public property '
b .1 ames Oallahan , contr ctar , on cer'
t.n routes in the department of Tex-
a . cSuring the fiscil year ending June
ow , iStG , for which CapL Wm T '
SioweU , , A. Q. M. , U. § . A. , Was re'
Shottingthe Republican Guns
With Grape and
Cannister ,
To Route the Enemies of Free
dom and Equal Rights.
Tne political pot is beginning to
boil with considerable vehemence , the
fire f.f enthusiasm being pretty much
rom the republican Bide , the demo
crats baring lost nil heart in their
work and hope in the lost cause.
Three republican meetings are fixed
to ba held at the Academy of Music ,
bauveea now and next Tuesday. The
tint of ihoEo is announced to take
place ihi evening , ' and tl a
ipcakers of the evening will bo"Judge
Uriggs , Mayor Chase , General Cowin ,
eneral Maudercon and Colonel
The second is expected to take
plaeo Saturday night , Hon. James
Liird , of Hastings , to address the
The following correspondcnco will
explain itself : ,
OIIAUA , Oct. 26,1880.
lion J. L. "Webster , Omaha :
The undersigned and many otfccr *
like to hoar you up jn the poi -
i ues of the day , at the Acado-
ay of Munie , aoine evening suited to
your convenienca. Wo presume your
laborii ; republican caimas chair
man of the Garfiuld and Arthur club
have prevented you from being heard
fully upon the issues.
Tery respectfully ,
AnSimpon J PPe-k
E L Bierbou-cr P B Kennard
WaUon U Smith John B Daiwder
George A rmstroag C E Ycfct
A D Morri4 1 < W Nye
Lewis S Heed . O X = cy
Clinton Brifigs L \ViIliam3
JoJm S WooJl G Stevenson
J Evans James Xcville
OMAUA , Oct. 27,1880.
A. J. Himpson , J. P. Peck and olherst
GENTLEMEN I highly appreciate
your request to address the people on
the political questions of the day , and
designate next Monday night , at the
Academy of Music , for such meeting
Your obedient servant.
Our justly famous Garfield and
Arthur glee club , which has during
the present campaign done EO much to
excite enthusiasm everywhere they
have gone , will go to Council Bluffs
Saturday night , in response to the
earnest solicitations of a committee I
nppointod to make the arrangement
with them , to eing at a grand republi
can rally to be held there on that eve
ning. The Nbnpaieil of to-day says :
The Omaha glee club , which has
now a wide reputation for excellent
singing at political meetings in our
neighboiing ttato of Nebraska and
in Onmlia , have signiOed the intention
to be present at the grand republican
rally in Council Bluffs
Saturday night. Some fine and soulsi
stirring music may theref ore be expecn
od by tbe hundreds who will partialQ
pite in that grand extensive affa'r.
The members of the committee which
icsuod the invitations to this club are
under obligations to J. H. Manchcs
ter , county clerk of Donclw conntr ,
and a pronrneiit member of the club ,
for the interest he manifested in get
ting the members to agree to be pros
eiu. Hn. . J. L Webster , president
i'f the Garfuld and Arthur club of
Omiha , will also be present.
From Uie Herald of Oclobtr 2Sth. '
I aUted in Tuesday morning's Her
ald that lion. C. TC. CouUntsenator
from Douglas county , introduced ,
chairman on fiiiMire , the now rotenue
lav , the pa's'ga < f which has resulted
in gross injury fo all of his constilu
ents except a citizen of Massachusetts
named the Union Pacific company ;
that ho had it under consideration for
weeks ; thatho uniformly advocated its
passage and finally voted for the &ame.
All of this ho openly confesses in
his card in your yesterday's is uennd ,
t.ivrein he denies one of my in
ferences , viz : that ho knew of the ob
jectionable clause which has taken
thousands of dollars out of the Oma
ha city treasury and Douglas county
treasury and put them into the Union
Pacific treasury , each and every year
for all time to come , unless this law is
repealed , which is not at all probable.
And in denying this ho resorts to tlie
most humiliating confession a reprc-
rentativo of the people ever made in
thia or any other country.
He says : "Tho first I know that
the bill contained the provision coin-
plained of was SOME WEEKS AFTER. THK
TON. "
Tax-payers of Douglas county jii't
give this excusa and statement a mo-
mont'o reflection.
A lawyer is elected to the senate ,
made chairman of the loading cpin-
mittco in all legislative bodies the
ways and moani has a printed blil
placed in his hands on the 7th nf the
month , and after a week's investiga
tion of its provisions introduces
iL la a few days moro it is re
ferred back to him for further in-
vebtiijation. Then ho reports it back
to the s nato and recommends its pas
sago. Then hears it read in full , as
the constitution requires , on th'ep
different ; dayr , and finally on the 21st
of the mouth votcj for its final pas
sage , aud yet never finds cut that the
law lie has so earnestly pushed
through contains provisions grossly V
detrimental to the pecuniary interests
of every one of his constituents , ex b
cept one , until informed of it by some J
citizen weeks after the adjournment
the legislature. VIa
If all thia bo true , does it not prove a
meat conclusively that Mr. Coutant is b.
totally unfit to again represent Doug-
"as county in the legislature ? inki inw
At a meeting of the board of county tr
commissioners hold Wednesday , thejfol-
lowing were appointed judges and
clerks of election to fill vacancies :
First ward E. M. Stenburc , Dam-
nick Cogan nnd Alex. Daemon
'udges ; M. Parr and Charles Brandos
Third ward Will H. Riley , Pat.
' '
lligher and L H. Wrigbt'j'udges ;
\Vm. F. Flynn and Alex. Atkinson
Second ward L S. Hasctll , Edward
Hannririn and M Dunham judges ;
K. Darling and Henry Browning
clerk ? .
Fourth ward J. V. Taylor aad
Samuel Dornall clerics.
Fifth ward Schuyler Wakefiold ,
judge ; Charles Wilkius and Tcrrance
Boyle , clerks.
Sixth ward J. N. Murohy , Joseph . . *
Redman and Patrick ilaley , judges ;
Deles Beard and Cbas. H. Picketr ,
clerks. i ,
Florence Jacob W ober , Samuel
Forgey and Wm. Reeves , judges ;
Frank Smith and J. F. Ransom ,
Union John Timperly , Henry S.'saj
Ludington and Louis Thomas , judges ; str
Wm. P. Stoddard and P. C. Kragskow ,
clerk * . ' _
Jefferson Herman Timme , judge ;
Glaus Oft and Wm. Johnson , clerks.
JElkhorn Geo. Frost , William R.
Turner ? ud Goo. W. Gelston , judges ;
Omar Whitney and M. S. Wilcox ,
Platte Valley John H. Logan , V.
H. Thomas and S. A. Kopp , judges ;
Jasper R. Watts and M. T. Sweet ,
Chicago Thos. Dcnahue , John
Roblfa and Wm. Donnellv , judges ;
John Quinn , Jr. , and Chas. Wilte ,
Millard John Hallenbeck and
Henry Karaten , judges ; Fred Stabrci
and Saml. Cotner , clerks.
McArdlo James Mitchell and
Richard Westgate , judges ; Frederick
Robinson and James'Hughej , clerks.
Douplas John T. 1'aulson nnd
Jamrs Qualey , judges Tfaos. Ryan ,
clerk.Wet Omaba C.J. Ryan , Leopold
Dolt and & . hton Clt-menr , judges ;
Frank Fox , cUrk.
E. Rosewater , C. A. Baldwin and
Walter Bennett , left for Waterloo on
tie noon train yesterdayto address the
o'tizcns of that locality last night.
C. J. Green and D. A. Giiffin , have
gone to Fremont on political business.
It is the duty of every voter to per
sonally see tint his name is properly
rogi-tercd , so that he can vote next
Tues3ey. See registration notices
elsewhere in yesterdaj 'a BEE.
Last evening the coloted voters hold
at enthusiast ! : meeting at Eureka
hall. Captain J. S. Wood , chairman
of the Douglas county republican
committee , presided. The meeting
vas addressed by J. 11fvyner , Dr.
S-ophouton , E. R Overall and J. 0.
Adam * .
The republican voters of the Second '
-rard will meet Thursday , October 28 ,
nt 7oO o'clock p. nt. . at Charles F.
Fluiko'a saloon , on 14th street , be
tween Howard and Hatney , for the
purpose of nominating a ward ticket
to be voted for at tlio next coming
election. ,
Reff stratlon Notice.
Stite of Nebraska , Douglas Couuty.-ss
Notice is hereby niven that I will
shin the aforocf E. W. Wyman's ,
15th street , three doors south of Pos-
Office , on M.onday , Wednesday and
Saturday , October 25th , 27th and
30th , also on Monday , Kovember 1st ,
1880 , for the purpose of registering '
the elector * of the fourth ward , City
of Omaha , Douglas County.
lu witness whereof , I hereunto set
my hand this 15th day of October , A.
D. , 1880.
ollCt Registrar of said ward"
TO the Sixth Ward Votora
List chance to register , ( near Hod
man's store. ) I will sit at my office , .
No. 1)10 ) north Sixteenth street , every
evening from C to 0 p. m. , commenc
ing Monday , October 25th to Satur
day , October 30th , and A'onday , No
vemberlst , from 9 a. m. to D p , m. to
complete nrw list. Everybody come.
o25 fit Reciatiar Oth Ward. .
Rpplstration ttotlce |
S'ato of Nebraska Douglas Co.
Notice ia heo1 y given that I will
sit in the store of liHvn-d Lucv , cor
ner of Thirteenth und Chicago streets ,
October 25lh , 2G'h and GOth , for the
purpoao of correcting the \oting list
of the Fifth ward. ,
Registrar of the F rth ward , Omaha ,
Douglas county , Neb.
Third Ward Votora Registration
I will sit at my rliia northeast cor-
nerof Fourteenth an. ; Doughs streets ,
( over Cumi" 's a'ictiiin store ) on
bured-iy , Saturday and Monday.
[ Tburrday 28 li and Saturday SCth
Octobrr , and Novnnbcr Monday Ist.J
for tli3 j'urpnso uf ivgistering the
electors of the Third wnrd.
In witness whereof I have hereunto
set niy hand this 20th day of Octo
ber , 1SSO. WILL H. RILEY ,
o20-10t Registrar Third Ward.
We have received two barrels of
Quinces on consignment , which must
bo sold , and will offer them at 50c a
pock. Now is an opportunity.
23-5t Fr.Kuivrs .t Co. , Grocers.
Silver Moustache Cups at
EDUOIM & EmcKsoif ,
Opposite PostofBce.
All work in Jewelry and watch re
pairing warranted in every particular ,
o28 3t
STOP AND .LOOK IN , Eiton has the f
most corrploto assortment of Steel
Engravings ever brought to Omaha ,
and at New York prices. tf.
Bonner's Stoves much tlic finest
in the Market. Call and see. 1410
Douglas street. o22-tf
F/oiccr / Pot , Hanging Basket and
Bird Gage BRACKETS , in now designs
at Evans' , 14th and Dodge. 27-St
New fine goods in large variety
just received , including now dried
fruits , Citron Peel , Nuts , Jellies ,
Snoot CiderBuckwheat , Maple Syrup
Fruit Butters , etc. , etc.
25-51 FLEMING & Co. , Grocers.
Will open in Kennedy's now brick
building on Tenth street , between
Jackson and Jones , on Monday , No
vember 1st , with a now , fresh , well
assorted stock of goods , which have
been . purchased at recent trade sales
Boston and New York for cash , and
will bo offered at prices heretofore un
known in Omaha. Our aim shall
always be to cater , 'for the popular 1
trade , aud leave others to look after
the high toned.
Remember November 1st ,
Boston Ono Price Store ,
10th St. , bet. Jackson and Jones ,
California Pears , Plums , Grapes ,
etc. , at Tiatrd's Palaca o21-tf
XcwEngravings at Hospe's.
FURS ! FURS ! ! FURS ! ! !
The Omaha Fur Manufacturer ,
Henry G. Richter , is to be found op
posite the poetoffice. o2G-tf
* lal
Sirs. M. Cox , Fashionable Dress
Maker , 317 Fifteenth street , between
Davenport and Chicago.
Come in and see the new music
boxes at EDHOLM & EHICKSON , I the S
Opposite Poatoffice.
E. Maurer has opened his new f
saloon and lunch room 1214Farnham _
street , late ElgnriaiV atom. jjp
The Safe Gang Bangs Away
With the Greatest of
JonaEeDRobbed5by | Broad Day
And still the mueic goeson.Wcdces-
Id y , about throe o'clock , the wife bf
Mr. Gehrint ; , proprietor of the Euro
pean Hotel , saw , from a back win
dow , three men entsr the court to the
rear of Barker's buildings nnd pass
cautiously and quietly around out of
her sight. They were talking earnestly
ly together , but abe thought nothing
particular ' of their actions until this
morning , when it was discovered that
an ! attempt had been made to rob the
his eafe in tha office of Mr. Julias
TrdiUeWe'd grocery stor.\
The man who Bleeps in the es'ab- '
lishmcm at night and tends bar in the
sample roams attached , went to the
policemen's ball last night with a
friend aud did not return until after
3 o'clock this morning. To this fortu
nate circumstance it is duo that the
attempt on Mr. T.'a treasure box was
not successful. On entering the bar
room thp man heard a noise but sup
posed it was outside the building aud
wont rijht to bed. When ho got up
this morning , he fuund the back door
open and a hole half tin inca deep
drilled Into the door of the massive
safe , just beneath the combination
lock. Near by lay a brace which had
neld . the drill and except that the
heavy iron bar was broken off the door
post ? , nothing else had been dis
turbed. Tt is evident that the three
men seen by Mrs. ( jehrinR weni right
to workonthedoor , which they forced
open with a jimmy , after nine ineffec
tual trials , each of which lett ita mark
on the wood work. They then begun
work on the safe and were frightened
away by the entranpe of the bartend
er , juht iu time.
Wednesdaj , nbout noon , whi'eMn
Jonascn , the 13th street jeweller ,
was at his dinner some one
opened a case of flnb meerschaum
pipes and cigar holders , which atood
at the front door , aud selecting three
of each , valued at 823 50 made off
with them. Tlio rdbbery was discov
ered soon after , and as John Maxwell ,
who was suspected of having robbed
this atoro some months ago , had been
seen a few days before iiitently exam
ining the case aud its contents , Mr.
Jonascn had him arrested on suspicion
and lodged in th- ; city jail to-day. i
About 11 o'clock Tuesday night the
residence of P. E. Her was entered
and his Vest and pants carried off , the
latter containing Mr. Iler's koysj pa
pers and about SCO in cash. Mrs.
Ilor'a jewel case and a large amount
of money which she had in a half-
open drawer in the room had not been
disturbed. The gtrments , keys and
papers were found lying in a yard on
Harney street , near Seventeenth , yes
terday morning. It is thought that
the thief , af er leaving Mr. ller'a
house , attempted to enter Major JJar-
riger's residence , and failed.
Three suspicious looking men with
a bulla-oye lantern , were seen prowling
around the house of Auditor Gannett ,
of the U. P. , night before last , but
were frightened away before they be
gun work. They had previously
aroused bin neighbors by trying the
doors and windons of an adjoining
house. They nero no doubt the same
tria who tried Trcitachkoa safe last
I have a lot of heating stoves suit-
aVe for stores and offices , also a largo
wrought iron range and c < wt iron
cooking stoves for hotel use , which - .
will close out at much loss thnn cost ,
also tiuwaro and house furnishing
goods cheap. Enquire at Octd Fol-
lows blojk. E. F. COOK. '
Silver Watches at all prices and to
suit , all at EDHOLM & ERICKSON ,
Opposite Postofiico.
Real Estate Transfers.
Geo. H. Guy , sheriff , to Peter Gees
R. d. , part of lot 4 , Roger's addition ,
Omaha § 211.
Rebecca J. Livesey and husband , to
John Carrigan and wife : w. d. , uj lot
4 , block 38 , Omahi § 1,550.
Lucinda Mo n ell and husbtnd , to
James Jc J Hngehs : q , c.-d.ei nej , sec. 8
and swi nwi- and nwi swi , sec. 9 , T.
15 , R. 12 E § 1.
Chas. W. Hamilton , trustee , to Jos
eph B rker : w. d. , lots 4 and 5 , block
1 , and lot 3 block 2 , Lake's addition ,
Omaha § 1.
Joseph Barker to Miria C. Beech-1
or , w. d. , lots 4 and 5 , block 1 > , lots 10
and 11 , block 1 , and lot 3 , block 2
Lake's add. , Omaha-2,300.
Maria C. Beecher nd husband to .
Joseph Barker , w. d. , e J , lot 1 , block
135 , Gmahr. § 8,000. i
Henry JtJarricklow and wife to Hen
ry Wilko , w. d. , sw J sec. 25 , tp. 15 ,
range 11 o § 1,280.
Wm. Pitt Kellogg and wife to Jacob
R. Hendrlx : w. d. , lots 11 and 12 ,
blk. 2 , Capitol Hill add. , Omaha ,
§ 1700.
Levi Carter to Goo. W. and John
K. G Iman : q. c. d. , e. J nw. | sw. 4 ,
sec. 20 , tp. 15 , r. 13 , e.-3000. |
Silver Moustache Cups at
Opposite Postoflice.
BTcw Ensrravlnsrs at Hnspc '
Commlssionera * .rt-oceedlngs.
TUESDAY , October 2Gth , 1880.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
Present Commissioner ! ] Corliss ,
Knight and Drexel.
The minutes of the last meeting
were rend and approved.
The following accounts were al-
iowed from the general fund :
Alex. H.B ker.scrvices as apprais
er with team . § 2J 00
Jas. H. Gridley , services as ap-
prissr . 12 00
K. N. Smith , services as appraiser 12 00
J. G. Spencer , damages for right of
way . 4503
A. W.lbo. . witness ftes . 7 10
Chri . Treckel , witness fees . 14. CO
John Latt n , witness fees . 6 50
County roads Nos. 1G4 , 1GG and
1G7 were after due consideration ap
proved by the bo rd
Adjourned to 27th i
County Clerk.
WEDNESDAY , October 27,1880.
Boara met pursuant to adjourn
Present Commhsionera Corliss and pl
Minutes of last meeting read and
approver ; .
The following was allowed from the
general fund :
Nelson Brown , work on road , $9.
The following named persons were
appointed judgea and clerks of election
fill vacancies : ( Tha list be found in
Doliiical column. )
The Timperly road was submitted
and approved by the board.
Adjourned to the 30th inst.
County Clerk. !
i i . - . - - - -VfcMauvW . .HWapiH > k i.l
To Nominate an Independent'
Anti-Monopoly Legislative
Ticket ,
Which is Demanded in the in
terest of the TaxPayers -
Payers ,
And for the Welfare of all
Classes of Citizens.
At the urgent request of a largo
number of tax-payers and citizens of
this county , a mass meeting is hereby
called for Saturday , Octobsr 30lh , at
2 p. m. , sharp , at Clark's Hali , to put
in nomination a legislative ticket for
Douglas county that will bo composed
of men whom the psoplo can truat
with their vital interests in the next
This is cell made in response to the
overwhelming sentiment in this com'
raunity that Improper influence
has been exerted by corporation
managers in the packing of primaries
and conventions and nomination of
canditates who either have no. inter
est in common with our people , or by J
their employment and business rela-
tidas are under the control of corpo
rate monopolies.
such persons as are in native
sympathy with this movement are in-
rited , and only such will bo admitkd
to participate ui tht5 deliberations of
the mass convention.
A Bold Prediction for the
Future of Omaha.
A Fion that Has Contributed
Lai-gely to the City's
A round among the wholesale merchants
chants of our city thia morning , and
reports directly obtained from them ,
make a most favorable allowing of not
only the unprecedented growth of the
jobbing trade in Oum'ia ' , but great
and unusml promptness on tha part
of retail dealers and buyers in meet
ing their obligations. The fvorablo
reports of collections generally
indicate a healty condition of the
business interests in Omaha and the
vast country tributary to it , and encourage -
courage us in making the apparently
extravagant , though well founded pro
dtolioii ) that at the end of the next
decade Omaha will have one hundred
thousand inhabitants , and bo the larg
est distributing rriarket west of Chica
go and St. Louis.
It is a pleasing circUmstanct ) ( o
reflect upon in the midst of a
heated presidential canvass , the cool
indifference manifested as to which
political party will succeed , by the
safe calculating minds in our mercan
tile counting aooras md compare it
with the twaddle we hear from every
politic il rcstrum in thu cou > y. It
conclusivdy points to ' tuo mucli
politics , " and "too much law making , "
as the disturbing and dang , rous clements
monts of our time.
Dry gioda merchants report in
creasoi sales. Collections sood. Boot
and shce houses report very largely in-
crujsod salu ? , in face the increase
is beyond their expectations , being
compelled to work day and night to keep
up the work of filling and ( hipping
orders. Pricea steady , collections
satisfactory Hardware
dealers re
port trade good and seem happy. Tne
grocery houses are simply booming.
All too busy to give our reporter
much cbnnco for making inquiries. A
few moments pause on the corner of
Fifteenth and Farnham streets to wit
ness nearly a dozen largo trucks or
wagons delivering incoming freight on
Fifteenth street and about the s.imo
number loading for shipment at the
Farnliara street entrance of the mam
moth grccsry house of Paxton & Gal-
hgher , with a small army of ahipping
nnd receiving clerks , porter ? , team-
st < T3 , etc. , hurrying backward and
forward j , made up a scene worthy of a
commercial metropolis.
The growth of this young Hercules
in the grocery business is not only a
matter of wonder , but pride to all in
terested in the mercantile prcstage of
Omaha. Paxton & Gallagher , as a
firm are only about fourteen montbi
n existence and from present indica
tions , their sales will in 1881 reach
two million dollar ? , a figure larger
than the combined wholesale grocery
sales of Omaht and Council Bluffs two
years ago. The success of this firm is
, attributed to their wisdom
in J seeing a great opportunity
and their ability to grasp it :
buying only from first hands
in quantte3 to secure the larg
est . cash discounts and the
lowest rates of freight , extending
every possible inducement that could
bo ! offered by first-class eastern houses ,
both as to price and terms , thus not
only inuring to their own benefit but
inaugurating a new era in the grocery
business in Omaha , that will soon
drive Chicago away from the Missouri
river region as a competitor. Already
Chicago . travelera who have been sell
ing goods in Iowa and Nebraska , are
seeking positions in Omaba nouses ,
being longer unable to restrain the
tide of trade Oaiahaward.
Just received twenty loads of apples
and pt tat oca. Bring in your orders to
Julius Troitschke , 308 , 310 and 312 ,
South-Fifteenth street or 412 , 414 and
41C , Thirteenth street , between Jack
son and Ls-tvenworth. o26 ta-th-s
If yoq have tried everything else ,
without receiving any benefit , call at
230 Dodge street , north side , between
13th and 14tb , and see the agent for
Isaac Nichols' American Kemedy.
Mrs. S. A. Smith , gioceries and
produce , has adopted the cash system. .
Call and get prices ; 7th and Pierce
streets. 3t-t-oct7. , or „
. d
Wire Fioicer Stands and Wire Mou
Hanging Baskets , at Evans' , 14th and
Dodge. - " 27-3t
KUSSLER Wednesday night , Frede
rick , the infant sonof , Mr. J. Keisler.
Funeral will take placa from the
residence of the parents to-morrow <
afternoon at 2 o'clock.
( Douglas Uoun 'y District"Court. . '
Proceedings had on Wednesday , the
' Hon. James W. Savage , presiding :
Barker vs. White otal. ; report of
' referee confirmed.
Buckbart va , Bachtel ; verdict for
I defendant.
McVay vs. Cunningham ; dismissed.
Wallace vs. Poipen et al. ; answer
and appearance of defendant Peipen
withdrawn. DafendanJDeitzen leave
to answer in * 30 day * , and default
against defendant Peipen.
I Louis M. Paschen and Andrew
. Neihon wore admitted to citizenship.
Court adjourned until this morning
at 9:30 : o'clock.
Silver Moustache Cups at
Oppoute Postofiice.
A. P. & A. M.
There will bo a special communica
tion of St. Jnhira Lodso , No. 25 ,
this ( Thursday ) evening , for work
in the M. M. degree. Viaitiug breth
ren are cordially invifed.
, Master.
iOTICK AJvortticluects To Let For fl l '
Lost , Foun t , Wantr , bo rdln ; &c. , will lie lu
sorted In tlieoo columra uncd for TEN CENTS
per Sbc ; t ch jnl > loentiu artloni'lVE CENTS
par line. Hie fiit luvrtlon never leas than
TO LOAN At 8 per cent Intoi
. cat , n sums of * 2MOand u p-
\tards for 1 to 6 yc. rs' time on first class improv
odc'tTsii.l farm property. Ap > Iy at BKMIS
Real EsUtc nuJ Loan a.i-jy , 15th ami Douzlu
orrar TO TX > AN cm t Law 0 ca
M D. L. TUOUAij. IUxim8.Creghton ! Itlock
TO IiOAH 1109 Farnhim
MONET EJwsnin Loan Agnwy , nmvj.2.1
' A child l > y a wet hn * . r hnnco
WAN'ThD Ii.ijuirc al Dr. Dcnni c ? 1 H'
7 ANTKD-A ktri , . 0 or 17 j < VK . I j , to a -
VV IftintakinccarflplAJili fanlai Uu i house
work m a family " . Ktfcrcr.css inulrcil. |
Apply to 1116 Farnfiaffl Sf. 7 * ' - ! >
_ . _
- -j-"rtLiJjnr > "i riHm f
* TKD-A good jjiil to da KCLeral | i
WA . Iri h prtlercd. Apply piTB
to C. A. Austin , B. ft M. headquartero. No re
ferenda r.jnlr d < 7i6.8
" ANTED FCT more bcarderj , at 10(4 cor.
10th and Dodge SU. 768-- m
'ANTFD ti.oJglr ) , second door tram IfJ ,
on Dimglaa. 753 23
WANTED tilrl for jjtueral hrnscwork , at
tlioC'Connell Housf , on 10 > ti tt , near
Dodge. 760 28
Iramcdia'clj ' , to rent adnclllnp
liousa r of rooms ; mu-t bo in toed
localitygood ; tcntaiis prompt pal. Inquire nt
this offlco. 741-tf
W 'ANTED A coed lioiiffe-kucjur. at 11U9
Karnham street , up stairs. 634 tf
F OK ' KENT One dwbllins on Sherman ava. ,
'three blocks north fr n Kith ttreot bridge ,
Broom , lar o barn , lucjuireat ; 07 a. 13'.h btrtt t ,
or on the premises 753 tf
TJ10R 1IENT And furniture for eate , ahcaj ; a
JD house , intbe busineca part of city , R rooms ,
cll anil cistt-r/i , suitable for boarding house.
Kent cheap. lHUJre | at this olHce. 752-1
EtR KKAT A furnished room , suitable for
.one or two gentlemen , S.V. . cor. 16th and
ljO ard Sts. 731-tf
IOR UENTi-Tivo unfurnlahcJ rooms , at 614
South 14th St. 723-28
FOIt REST tottage , on 5th and Pine Sts. .
new house , eight rooms.on 23d ad I'aia Sta
Enquire J. K Hoc , f. E. Cor. Ifth and Farn-
h" ? 096-tf
FOB RENT Home and lot In Shnll's 2nd
add. , near new U. S. coimll. Enquire at
Room C , freighter ! Block. 664-tf
[ T10R RFNT Large hou e , 7 room ? , 2ath at. ,
U ncarCassBtrco' C' . T. TAVLoR ,
031-If OfficeJill 211(1 ( DjUn'1.13.
F iOR RENT riilely furnished roonn at 1310
Divenport street , bet. 13th and Utb St.
350 tf
FOR RENT 2 furnished r&oma oTet Her-
cl.ants Exchange , N. E. Cor. 18th and
Dodce streets. 239 ( f
HAY FORSAtE-60 toni of choice hav in
s'ack. In mojunv near Foit Omaba. App'y
to J. II. I'ra Kir. Omaha. 7tii 30
< > Hr liHMl.i new column of bargains on let
QtAMLEti liin > S Ilaaa
good delir.ry wa on
j for sale ; chenji. 7J4-28
I710U SALE-Tho clieipoit anl most des jahle
JJ jirc > l > rty of ills kiriiliu tli W § t. A ro.d
lmuc "ct Emillfnt tfarm ; one mile fromOun-
cil liiuffs. AJdrs83 fXiXStf. Omali't , Nch. 766-2
BALFD HAY A car-load of b.ight b.Icd hay
just rrceiveJ , a' Cha'Iton Croi , cor. Davcn-
pjrt and 16th hti. 720-tf
O HOUSES Anil cornar half of lot , southeast
fy corner 14th and Cajs Sts. , 7 room * in each ;
itnt for $2J xnci S.5 ; er mo'itb LKMIS' 1 KAL
ESTATE AUI.SCY , 15th and Dougla * Sts. 670-tf
1"5:1"8 ln IIousfB. Lots-Farma and
Lan'13 , In big new column on 1st jiage
T710R SALS Mixed A. Homes,16th ]
Jj nd California : jts. 015-tf
It SALE Coiiomvo"d lumber of all
RhDMON'D'S. Slxlce.ilh-st. 510-t
Oct. 1st , cno bay mare , one bay
J cjlt , three months old , wbite btur in fore
head , and one bay 01 cr jeirold with star in
forehead Owner can h-resamcry callii.ffand
tiajini ; chanrns. \VOLESU > SKY , JmileN.
E. of ittncr'3 brick jarJ , North Ouiaha.
_ 637-ethPt
T7'O3ND ' Pocket-book. Inquire at the United
JU ovir BEMIS' now column of barmina on Is
fTlAKES OP 2cowB , ons red cow with crlp-
JL pltdhorn ? , and one white cow , red on necr ,
with c ippled horns. or. 8thand Dorcis St.
"VTOTICE Jfy wife left our home without any
_ irc l cau eand ft her own free will , tiere-
fvio I shall not piy anydoot she may Incur or
bo responsible for her do ng. J. AVUNDKT.
STRAYKD AWAV One 'argo ' red Durham
cow , cars cut off so : u to bo perceivable.
Larire hums , abjut ten jeaia ol I Finder nil )
to rewarded by retuininij the abivo described
to Ircdcnck. i/cllon , cor. Capitol a\c. and 13th.
QPhCIALKOTICE OHo iTnsnm. veicnnary
O survcon. gradnate of the veterinary college
of Stuttgart and Zurich. Hospital 1149 blierraan
aciiuo 5SJ ( 1m
Absolutely Pure ,
Uade from Grape Cream Tartar. No otbe
preparation makes such lizht , flaky hot breads ,
luxurious pastry. Can be eaten by tlypeptia
without fear of the Ib resulting from he-ivy i
digestible food ,
bold only in can' , by all Grocers.
KQTIL RiKita POWDIR Co. . N t York
Successors to J. II TIIIELE ,
No. 1220 Douglas Street ,
> cldy
PCC * week m 7 ° nr own town , 'lerms acd
> 00 ontflt free. AdtUtsa H. EUeU .4 0
$2 TO $5 PER ACRE.
20,000 Acres
6 to 12 Miles from Omaha ,
$6 to $10 per Acre , on
Long Time and
Low Interest.
Large tracts suitable fcr
Colonies in all the best
Counties in the State ,
80,000 acres scattered
through Iowa.
A large number of Improved
Farms in Nebraska , many 01
tliom near Omaha , $12 to g-40
per acre ,
An Immense List of
Consisting of Elegant Resi
dences from $3,000 to $20-
000. Many vacant lots in
the additions to Omaha.
Hundreds of lots scattered
through the City. Houses and
Lots , Business Houses and
Lots , and all kinds of CUy
Heal Estpte.
We also have
on Improved Farms in Doug
las County , on 5 years time , at
10 percent , interest to all who
can show good titles.
maps for Ionglas aud Sarpy
Comities for sale ,
4 beautiful Iota fronting south in Isaac &
SUden's via. for $1CO half caali.
House and lot , U and D > die ; 3 3000
UoU'O and lot near Brnrnell Hall 2,100
Two new houses and full lot , rents for
SJiOperjcar 4 00
New brick house , 21x25,1 } etory , with 3
lots 2,000
Hem-caul lot WebsUr et 1,600
Lar ehou c anil comer lot 6,000
Large house full lot , California at 4,000
Ittnidcnce and4 full lotaSt. Mar > 'a are. . 5COO
Houc anil small lot , south of depot 050
House and smill lot , soatn of depot 035
Resilience propeity , Kountzo anil Kuth'e
add 6,600
Fine residence property 10,000
House and lot , 22J and llarney 1600
House and lot , Nelson's addition 2,700
Housoand IntSMnn's addition 1,600
Kesidtnce and corner lot. 3,003
Bc-iilcncc ( cash ) 7.COO
Resldedco 6,000
Residence 6tOO
House and one-half lot l.CSC
Three hou ca and corner lot. . 7.EOO
Eeiiilence and co-ncr lot 7,500
House and 60 feet front , I6th strc , 3,700
Lar ehouse ndcorner lot 6,500
Rotideuce 3nd three lota 6,500
Two house and corner tvro-thirda of cor
ner lot 1,100
House and small lot , Cass street 2,100
HaiKCandlot , 27th near Farnham l.OOT
Brick houic nnd corner lot 1,300
Small houi e and full lot , Comings at 2,360
H- use and lot , 23d street 3,200
House and full lot , worth 94,000 for 5,500 reiidcnca 1,500
Brick residence 6Cf,0
House and corner lot 1,550
New two-story house and corner lot 4,200
Residence and full lot , Farnhtm at 5 00
House and ono acre , 18th street 3,000
Hnusn and half lot , ISthstrect 2,200
House and lot , Shinn's addlt'on , . . 1 COO
House and half lot , Ciss strfet 1,100
House and naif lot , Casi Street 1,450
Residence and two lots , Capitol Hill 7,000
Elegant brick residence 2 full lots 15.JOO
Finest residence In the city 16,000
Resdence property 17,000
Reaiden e property 17,500
Residence 6,500
House and lot , Shinn's addition 1,200
House ana lot , i-hinn'fl Addition 1,500
Home and lot , 2"th and Farnham 1,400
ilouso and lot. 27th and Dongba 9375
House and full lot , Izardst l,7rO
New house and 1 } lot 2,200
Residence property 7,500
Residence proper > y , vcrv fine 13,500
Houwand lot , Horbach's tddltion 1,500
Residence , Firnham st 6,000
Honse and 4 lot 1 Voek from Court
House and i lot 1 block from Court
lloase 2,250
House and corner lot 2 blocks from Court
House 2,400
House and I t , Nicholas street 1.000
House and 1 acre , Cises' addition NO
House and lot , lllh street 900
Lar e building and six lots 1 mile out. . . 4,000
Hcuso and lot on Davenport 3,600
Home and } lot , near depot 1,500
House and j lot , $ ear depot 900
House and ! < > t. South Avenn ; . . . . 1,000
lieu eand lot , Sbinn'aaddition l.&OO
Residence , Kountze and Ruth's add 2,600
Residence property. Koumie rd Ruth's
addition. . . . 6.000
Retldence prcperty , south part f town. . 2,5f 0
Houseand J lot , Webster it V * "
Horse and 5 acres at barracks 7CO
House and lot , Armstrong's additn 1,000
House and lot , South 1 ? st 650
Hou'eandlot , Kountze and Ruth's ad
dition 3.500
Residence and t lot 2.700
Housa and lot , 16th it 3,500
Boggs & Hill ,
1408 Farn , St , , Omaha ,
Immense Stock for
Fine GnstoiuOIadc
Men's Suits ,
Boys' Suits
Children's Suits.
For Men ,
Boys , and
Undcr-Wcar , Hats and Caps *
Trunks and Valises , at
Prices to Suit All.
Farnham Street , Near Fourteenth
Oval Brand
S BV flav Aw3
The sales of this "brand" of O hare nonfnntattipreil Mt others. You cet rnoro Ojtten IIP
WKI&HT AND iSCASDRE In ca of tlib brand than any other. V. B. BEEilER. .
m Uercral IVotcrn Acent , Omaha.
And Wholesale Dealers in CIGARS and CONFECTIONERY. During the
Fall and Winter we will handle COUNSELMEN'S FRESEl OYSTERS , which
are now the best in the marUt A hrgo assortment of CANDY and SUGAR ,
TOYS for the Holiday twde
ATZ & FRKfiiHAX , 510 llth St Onialia.
Has th s exclusive sale of the
The Gold Coin is thia sea = on the favorite of Chicago , is prefer-
od above all other Stoves , comes both plain and hiJghly orna
mented , haa the new patent grate and fire-potThat will out-wear
half dozen of any other. The Gold Coin weighs more by fifty Ibs.
than any other Stove of its size in the market , and is , therefore ,
more durable than any other Stove , is strictly warranted in every
respect , requires no salesman to sail it , as city reference sells it
without trouble. Cor. lOthand Jackson.
Cigars from § 15.00 per 1000 upwards.
Tobacco , 25 cents per pound upwards.
Pipes from 25 cents per dozen upwards.
Send for Price List , \
mw' 3IAX MEYER & CO. , Omaha , Neb.
Fishing Tackle , Base Balls and a full line of