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TuesdajMorning , Oct. 19.
Paterson sells coal-
Frederick , Leading Hatter. *
Saxes for fine bath tponges.
Yesterday was a winterbh day.
For the teeth , Kuhn's Dentrifice.
Winter caps cheap at Frederick's.
Try Saxe's new Five Cent Cigar.
Isaac Kickols , American remedy.
Porter is running the Omaha Ferry.
Bead catalogue of Books on firet page.
Butterick'e patterns at Cruickshank * * .
Lubin'sbulk perfume at Kuhn's only.
Bemember Blotter's Mummoth
Clothing House , 10th and Famain streets.
The best of meats at Bath & White's
market , opt > osite the postoffice. 23-tf
The western mail train arrived fou
hanrs lateyesterday.
Thirty thr < care of stock and 11
an of tea came in from the west yesterday.
The Rock Island train was four hours
late to-day. It is rumored that it wa Ioff
the track over in Iowa some place. The
west bound U. P. train was delayed two
hours in consequence.
The forty employes of A. Cruickehanls
and Co. , in another column publish u card
of thanks to theiremployere , for their kind
ness in allowing the never ! lady and
gentlemen clerks the evenings of the com
ing winter for thenwel veb. This act on th <
part of this liberal and enterprising fira
in and lioulJ be followed by others
We hoi > e the public will encourage thi
action of this generou firm Ity a libera
daylight patronage
The crimina docket being taken uj
by Judge avag yesterday , the lal/on
of the court were made lighter by three o
the prisonercliangmc their plea. Thi
trio were , Tins. Uryant , who btoleCjru
Mor on'u horse , the n-ght of Barnuiu'
show h re , chiller , for grand larceny , am
Frank Wil.on , iliowa * thliero ofth
ICth B reet sensation , iu v hie i Be man"
till Txa , * tapi > edTollow - d by a skinnis !
wish pistols and flight on a stolen horse
Sentence was re-ervetl until the close o
the term of court , as is customary. Th
case of Trnum , the negr > win cut i
woman recently in a drunken row is 01
trial -day , and that of Fletcher Mitchell
indicted for murder in the second de-jree
ii set for Wednesday.
In the police court yesterday Join
Ston . forlnealcing a window in Hurriscn'
hirt factory was sentenced to pay for th
window and pay cash. M. Keilinj ; wa
fined $ 0 tnd costs for taking a watch ou
of companions pocket in a jok * . He u
turned the watch before he was arrested
A plasterer complainel of for gettin ;
drunk and abusing his family -was ilia
ch-srged nt tlfs Bolicitution of the princir a
afferer , hia wife. Mike Gilligan , charge
with assault will lie tried this evening
He plead not guilty. Several warrant
have bean issued by .TtHge Huwes for me : with stea ing fcidewal-s fences am
10 forth from the site of the n w r < t. Pal
and Omaha de > t. The trouble all grow
out of deficient dee 'B .in'l titUs of sale.
A Wedalm ? Outfit.
One of the fiuuat wedding dreasei
ever turned out in the west was the
one made by A ra. Cox , the fashion
able dressmaker nt No. 317 North
Fifteenth street. It was of nluin col
ored silk and velvet , princess style ,
elaborately made and trimmed. With
this was an tlegaut black silk ulreet
uit , and a handsome traveling suit of
myrtle groan TMs ortonslvn and
fashionable establishment is under the
immediate management of Mrs. Cox ,
who has been in business hero for the
last six years. Previous to that time
this lady managed one of the largest
establishments of the kind in
St. Louis. She now emuloya
twelve of the most experienced
dressmakers in the country , and if the
business increases for the next year
AS it has during the one just rwet , it
will require more thvi three times as
njauy nriats as are now employed.
Mrs , Oor is always up with the times ,
and procure * the latest styles from the
modistes who set the fashions in Chicago
cage and New York , and exercises her
own talent iu designing as occasion
demands , the result bcinjj that some
of toe most exquis'te dresses worn in
the west are turned out of her estab
lishment. Her orders this year are
much larger than over before , nni la
diet having orders for droasos will do
well to hand them in soon , aa there
promises to be quite a rush within the
next few weeks.
Beit Caramels and Taffies at Tiz-
' 15-tf
rd's. -
10,000 Ladies and children to see our
toek of Hoods , Nubias , Hosiery ,
Cloaks nd Fancy GoodsKurtz's
Store , Crfilgbton Block. m-w
The Omaha Fur Manufacturer ,
Henry G. Richter , Fifteenth street ,
opposite the postoffice , calls the at
tention of the Ladies of Omaha and
vicinity to visit his superb stock of
Furs : and , also , to look ovtr their old
furs for repairing , before the season
advances. Satisfaction guaranteed.
_ _
That the fine cigara of W. F.
Lorenzen , the Tenth street manufac
turer , are now conceded to be the best
ia the market ? Smoke them and be
convinced. Factory one door south
of Metz's Hall. oc4-gat-mon-tf
Mrs. M. Cox , Fashionable Dress
Maker , S17 Fifteenth street , between
Davenport aud Chicago.
Oysters in every style at Tizard's.
Ladies' Hoods at Kurtz' . m&w
Tenth Street Industrial School Din
Ladies preparing articles for the
fancy table will please send in their
contributions by Wednesday after
noon or Thursday morning to any of
the ladies of the school ; and will they
kindly mark the price on each article ?
Telephone to Joe & Sam's for a box
of those Famous Caramels and Bon
Reduction in prices , superiority
maintained , Astor House , N. Y.
WAKTED 3 good blacksmiths on
14th street between Harnoy and Ho-
Child' . Hoods at Kurtz. .m&vr '
* > ! * - _
Menlera celebrated Fine Gtiocolate ,
t Joe & Sara's. tf
They Bush by Thousands to
Have the Gospel Tnrh
Fired at Them
By the Two Big Guns Train
ed on Satan's Strong
The Churches Not Large
Enough to Hold Their
They came , they were seen , thej
conquered , they departed. Such ia it
brief the story of tha visit to this citj
of D. L. Moody and Ira Sankey , the
reatestevtngelisl since St. John anc
the sweetest singer since David's volc <
gladdened the hearts of the childrouo
The famous laymen came in Satur
day evening on the Northwester :
train and were met at the Union Pa
cific transfer by a committee of th
Y. M. C. A. Arriving in this cit ;
they were driven at one
to the residence of Mr. P. L Pel
rine , whoso guests they were to b
while in this city. It htd been hope
that the weather would moderate bf
fore Sunday.s services began , bi
the day dawned wiuterish anddisagrei
able. A cold wind blew which ii
creased in coldness throughout tli
day , and made the air very unpleatar
for pede-trians. The first servh
was announced to be ht-ld i
8:30 in the morning at the Bipti
church , hut as the audience room wi
large and not easily or quick'
'warmed , the meeting was held in tl
Presbyterian church , at whic
despite the early hour and tl
state of the atmosphere , not less thi
three hundred and fifty persons we
present. Mr. Moody's discourse w
on the subject of "Christian Grace
Another service was held in the sar
house at 10:30 : a. in. The real intc
ests of the day began with t
afternoon meeting , which was held
the Biptist church at 4:30. : An ho
previous to this time crowds were
be seen pouring in the direction of t
church from every quarter of the cit
and before the service began the va
audience room vas packed almost
suffocation , the aisles filled and t
veati ule crowded with an eag
throng. In the gallery several ro'
of improvised benches were occ
pied , all the standing roc
taken , and upon a long laddc
which had been left leaning again
the wall , several small boys held poi
tious envied by their elders. Ti
singing was led by Mr. Sankey ai
participated in by the audisnce gene
ally. Mr. Moody followed
mon from the text , or rather on tl
subject , "What Christ is to me. "
is the Savior , the Redeemer , the Wa ;
the Truth , the Light , etc. Th
speaker's delivery is so rapid that or
can scarcely keep up with him and i
at times so rapid as to make his wore
indistinguishable. His voice howevc
in ol ar and jJoaouiit and OVer r WOT
easily heard in the most remote coiner
nor , except under the circumstance
mentioned. While not exactly el <
ouent he is forcible and convincing i
hia talks and gives them all an air c
personality , which ia very fascins
ting. He told some stories whic
affected those two teats , who are , w
venture seldom guilty of giving wa ;
to their feelings. At the close Mr
Sankey sang "Nearer iny God t
Thee , " and the mooting closed wit ]
the doxology. A few remainei
standing about the door after th
crowd had departed , anxious to get ;
closer look at the great evangelist
and as he passed out , . Mr Moody , ai
if understanding their wishes , stoppei
to shake hands and speak u pleasan
word to every one , not confining thi
favor to these closest to him , bu
passing around.
At the same hour , at the Presbyterian
rian church , Mr. M. L. Hallenbecl
gave an interesting gospel temporanci
Meetings were announced both foi
the Presbyterian and Baptist churchei
In the evening at 7:30. : Taking i
hint from the afternoon , our reportei
thought to go one hour ahead of time
and secure a frout seat. Between five
hundred and a thousand others hap
pened to have identically the same
thought , and on arriving at the corner
of Davenport and Fifteenth , about
6:30 : , the sidewalks and street were
found black with people. The church
doors were locked and not a gleam of
light shone from the windows , but
it having cleared off about
sunset , the full moon shone with daz
zling effulgence upon a scene more
curious than any ever before witnessed
in Omaha. Shades of our pioneer
predecessors ! Imagine the people of
the wicked city you founded rising on
maeee to attend church ; Socking to
the portals of the sanctuary by hun
dreds and impatiently knocking
for admittance ; crowding and
pushing and laughing aud some swear
ing in the vain attempt to all get
against tbe door and be thn first to
get in. Instead of saying to his
neighbor , "Come , let us go into tb.9
house of the Lord , " our suddenly
transformed citizen , catching his wife
by the arm and taking his olive
branches with the other hand , strug
gled with his neighbor and his neigh
bor's neighbor and snid , "Come , Itt
at catch on to a front seat
iear the stove. " At one time a wo-
nan shrieked out that she was being
; illed , and the crowd was pressed
lack for an instant , but no longer.
Che terribly chilly night air told on
.he patience of many , and occasional-
y a half-frozen party would hia to the
learest fire on the dead run and return
he same way. If such eagerness
stated permanently to hoar the goi-
> el preached and to learn the way to
icavon , the milleuium would dawn
Deforo the next Fourth of July and
labriel'a trumpet bo heard in the
> lace of the Union Pacific band. The
act wns , however , that curlouty and
tot a sudden desire t ? wear a golden
Town and evoke harmony from a gol-
len harp was what -was the matter.
Lbout a quarter after seven the
doors were opened and inside
of three minntei twelve hundred
people had precluded all possibility of
the'remainder getting even a glimpse
of the interior , and a large congre
gation remained at the foot of the
stairs , disappointed and no * , knowing
what to do until * it was reported that
Mr. Sankey was going to sing at the
Presbyterian church , and then every
body struck out tor that edifice , as
though there were a house on fire ,
rushing by each other and cutting
across lots , and by 7:30 the church
was filled as compactly as a sardine
box.Those who had remained at the
Baptist church listened to an excellent
sermon from Mr. Moody on the text
"As a man soweth , so also shall he
reap , " and also to some fine singing
from Mr. Sankey. At the Presbyter
ian church Mr. W. L. Hallenbeck ,
who accompanies the evangelists in
the interests of the temperance cause ,
doing much the same work that Mr.
Sawyer did in Chicago , talked an hour
to the audience in a style that held
the attention of every listener from
first to last , aud touched the
hearts of the hardened aud indiffer
ent as well as the susceptible.
H-s text was the parable of
the prodigal son.Luke 15th , which he
said exemplified his own life and ex
perience , and as he read one paragraph
after another he related the corresponding
pending paragraph's of his life , until
at length he too said "I will arise and
go to my father. " The story of hia
return home , finding his mother had
died of a broken heart , and of the
manner of his reform and the struggle
with the power to which he had be
come a slave , was affecting in the ex <
treme and when at the close , Mr. San
key , who had come over from th <
other meeting , sang , "Where ii
my boy to-night , " the stereotyped
phra e , 'there was not a dry eyi
in the houau' was literally true.
Mr. Hallenbeck , whose first namei
Martin Luther } is a remarkablp efiect
ive temperance "worker. There 5
none of the old aggressive style abou
his talks , and his story is so simple
true and natural that nine out of ov
cry ten young men who have ( Irani
sav , "That fits me exactly. " He wil
accomplis-h more in one hour's tal
than the best temperance lecturer th
has ever came to Omaha will do in
month's work , and without half th
At the close of the meeting a
"inquirers meeting" of 15 minute
length was held , to which man
stajed. In response to an invitatio
many in the audience held up ihe
hands to be prayed for , and there :
no doubt but that a few nigh's ' wor
by the three men who came and wet
so quickly , would bring about a tte
meudoUH revival. In fact , Mr. Mood
thought so , too , and expressed a r
gret that ho cculd not remain longe
He said this morning that he shoul
like to rermin in Omaha two montl
89 he thought it would take about th :
long to complete th work to be dor
here. He will probably return In th
course of a few months and hold
series of meetings.
Mr. Sankey was also greatly please
with the city , its broad streets an
substantial , prosperous appearance
"You have a great future before you ,
said he to a reporter. Some one BUI
geated that Omaha had the reputatio
of being a very wicked city. "Oh , nc
it can't be a very wicked city , " ws
tbe response ; "that will come , pei
haps , as you grow older , but not fo
years yet. "
The party left on the noon train fo
Salt Lake City and the Pacific coasl
A Letter of Tnanics.
.To A. Cruickshanlc & Co. ; Dry Goods and Mil
llnerj- :
GENTLEMEN We , the underaignei
employe ) of your firm , appreciating
the fact that during the winter soasoi
you ar. olnainjj your store at the earl ;
hour of 6:30 p. m. , in order to giv
us the evenings to ourselves for rest
recreation , social enjoyment and inu
tnal improvement , desire iu this wa ;
to acknowledge this voluntary kind
ness on your part and to heartily ihanl
you for the same. We feel onfiden
that you will not ba the losers , foi
during our hours of employment we
perform our work with more spirit and
vigor and looking forward to the
evenings which are now our own , and
our work has become a pleasure in
stead of a weariiomi ) t\3k. : We hope
your customers will also appreciate
yourenterpriso in this now departure
for the benefit of your employers.
John Guild Sirs. II. L. O'Jlrilly
A McKeuzio Miss Libbio Webb
TMCurtin " Sahwal nherg
A Mclnnis " P rcie Pike
NT Anderson " Delia Sheldon
J C Patterson " Al Lyons
Jas Mitchell " Lizzie Boulter
Fred Fusdjke " Emma Rogers
John Jappin " A nie Southard
EDBussey " Ada Webb
Jacob Kummer " EmmaLewi
George A. Wilcox , " L Eld ridge ,
Ed Peterson " N. Peck ham
Nathan Hubbird , " Kate Myers
Dave Doty " M. Dunn ,
Drake O'Beilley " E. Melkoff
WmDyer " J. Larson
W J Barnes " A Samson
John Grtllicher " Mary Junes
Miss Msggie Reed " A Johnson
Ladies' Cloaks at Kurtz' , m&w
MBS. SPEUBI , Masouio block , it now
pieparcd to furnish oysters in every
style , Hot Coffee , Tea and Chocolate ,
Cold Lunch , Pies and Cakes. Espe-
pial attention given to parties and balls
held in the building. ol3-w&m
Wool yarn at Kurtz * . m&w
The Garland Parlor Stove stands at
the front ; leads any in the market.
Messrs. Lang it Foitick will be pleased
to show you all the latest improve
ments , and convince you at once thai
there is no better slova in the market.
1221 tarnham street , next to Firs
National Bank. s33-eod-tf
Do your shopping at Kurtz' , m&w
H. BOLLK & Co. , the Sixteenth
street grocers , are now manufacturers
agents for the celebrated "SAXTON'S
BEST" Winter Wheat Flour , which is
at sale at the following grocers : F.
Lang , Geo. Heimrod , Geo. Schmidt ,
Julius Treitchke , William Gentleman ,
Henry Ditzn , F. A. McShane , Z.
Stevens and William Sexauer.
- - -
It pays to trade at Kurtz' , rc&w
The question is settled and the pee
pie no longer dispute the fact that
"Kalish The Tailor" has the best line
of fall and winter goods just received
fromLonden by the last steamr. Pants
of imported goods $3.00 and upwards ,
suits S35.GO and upward. Best fits ,
Litest etylcs and lowest prices. One
door west of Cruickshank. It
Ladies' Underwear at Kurtz * , m&w
Joe & Sam's Oyster Parlors open
iay and night. tf
A Hearty Welcome Into the
Pale of Our Profession.
And an Inkling of the Art and
Science of Medicine
and Surgery.
Tha introductory lecture of the
first year of the Omaha Medical
School was delivered at 10:30 : yester
day morning by Dr. H. B , . Livingston ,
of Plattsmonth , who fills the chair on
Surgery. At the appointed hour our
reporter dropped in upon the faculty
and students at their quarters in
Hullinan's building , whicn hare been
neatly and comfortably titled with
desk , etove , chairs , etc. Beside the
faulty there wore a dozen or fifteen
matriculants , including one lady. The
s will be joined by another lady at
ts next meeting The visiting mem-
Bra of the faculty from abroad , were
Dr. Livingston and Dr L. A. Abbott ,
, he latter froni Fremont. The school
ipens under favorable auspices and
with every promise of success that
larnestness and a spirit of dotcrmiua-
ion can give. _ The introductory por-
ion of Lr. Livingston's lecture ia
worthy of reproduction and is as fol
ows :
GENTLEMEN : In addressing you
for the first time upon topics connect
ed with the noble profession you ovl
dently desire to prepare yuurcolvei
for , 1 am reminded that my voice her
aids the first step in the irmrch of pro
ureas which our young state is inakitu
towards a better acquaintance with th <
Science and the Arc of Medicine am
Surgery. The cry is quite universa
throughout the country thai we havi
too m ny medical schools , so-called
and that imperfect teaching produce
imperfect results and coneequi'ii ly mi
perfect followers of the healing art.V
shall not attempt to prove the con
verse of this proposition , but morel ,
s y that for the present the faculty o
this school does not propose to fuia
young men uprm the public as accotn
pliahed physicians and surgeons i
merely proposes to impart inatructin :
here that will place its papils high 1 :
the scale of professional knoivlodg
when examined by the faculties c
any graded medical school in th
Should the patronage which thi
enterprise deserves be bestowed upo
it by the young gentlemen of Nebras
ka and immediate vicinity , it wil
then ba time enough to dutcrmin
whether or not your faculty aha'
grant diplomas and I may say hen
tor your encouragement , that in an
such event full credit will bo give
for the knowledge obtained by al
teudents on the courses of this a heel
Gentlemen , I trust that the benche
that you occupy may grow in num
ber and that your rec Hection trill re
vert to this first address in this th
first school of medicine in Ntbrntk
with all the pleasure and profit whic'
an alma mater earns from her chil
dren , 1 bid you welcome , thrice we !
come and in behalf of the faculty be ;
to assure you that on our part noth
ing shall be left undone to brinjj abou
a feeling < f pride in you , based on ;
love for your lectures and filial devc
tion to this institution. I ferventl ;
hopa gentlemen that our urited ef
forts in behalf of sound medical edu
cation , may earn an enviable reputa
tion , at no distant day , for the Omahi
Medical School.
Hunters ana Tnelr Spoils.
W. R. Hitchcock killed eighty-tivi
nllard duoltajrcotcrd'vy , ull wllldl 111
had a feast to-day.
George Lee , who is a bad man witl
a gun , killed two good sized deer or
Saturday a few miles from the citj
and sold them on his way home foi
§ 2.50 each.
On Saturday and yesterday large
gangs of wild ducks were aeon flying
southward and a covey of chickens
flew over city hail within gun shot d a-
Notwithstanding the disagreeable
weather Saturday evening , the Acade
my of Music was fairly filled with an
mdience eager to see Rosho'.Ie ' , the
slented and bctntiful young trage
dienne , in the role of P-irtlicnm , in
Sheridan Knowlcs' famous drama ,
'Ingomar , the Barbarian. " 1'he
Character of this play was much bet-
er calculated to show the artiste at her
lest than that of "Love , " although in
ither there ia evidences of phonom-
nal talent that are remarkable.
The lovely woman who ia known
inly as Roshello is not only a phen-
menon , but ia a mysterious person-
go , her name and history being
nknown even to the critics of St.
Louis , before whom she made her
rat appearance five weeks ago. Supr
ported by an admirable and
well balanced company , in
cluding M * . H. W. Mitchell , who
appeared hew a * Huon the Serf and
as Ingomar the barbarian , she played
a weeks engagement at Sedalia , Mo.
a week at Lawrence , Kas. , and sue
cessively thereafter at St. Joseph
Nebraska City , Lincoln and Omaha
everywhere winning the unqualified
admiration of all who saw her , and re
ceiving from the press assurances o
the moit flattering character , of a bril
liant career.
.Roshelle has come before the pub
lie us the new star appeared in the
east , a wonderful apparition. We are
permitted to know that during her
whole life she never saw twelve
dramas played , that up to the age of
17 she WM novel- inside a theatre , that
up to eleven month : ago she had never
looked inside a play book , and that
within ten months past 'she was
with her remarkable memory mastered
eleven of the heaviest standard Eng
Hah drama * . She is a close student ,
devoted to her profession , to which
she seems to have been called , and to
succeed in her ambition to reach the
nimmit of perfection , she ia gifted
by nature with health , strength , high
intelligeneeraro beauty and that talent
which falls to the lot of but a score of
[ tenons in a century. Her represen
tation of womanly tenderness and of
passion are alike faithful , and
throughout the play she is constantly
jiving to the audience that strongest
vidence of true genlous , that cornea
n the quicker pulsations of the blood
, nd swelling heart throbs.
Roshelle creates her characters , sha
toea not copy them , and there la a
trength and originality in them
rhih give abundant promise of fu-
ure fame and fortune.
Hickory , Chestnuts and Black Wai-
uts at Tizard'a. 16-tf
Having Become Oracked in the
Indiana Contest
Emits Only a Few Discordant
Notes to the Nebraska
The democratic rally at the Acad-
emv of Music laat evening was not an
unqualified success. The weather was
bad , the streets more muddy and
democratic skies were cloudy too.
The earthquake in Indiana had shaken
he great unwashed even in this re
mote region and democratic enthusi
asm was of a rather low ebb. The
band hired for the occasion played
.Urough all the principal itreets yes
terday afternoon and played in front
of the Academy for an hour before
time for services to begin , but at 8
o'clock the auditorium was not over
half full and among those who did
turn out wore many prominent repub-
leans , including the old colleagues
and successors ot Mr. Tipton in the
United States Senate , ex-Senators
Thayer and Hitchcock and Senator
Mr. Tiptou was introduced by Hon.
James E. Boyd , who that thir
teen years ago , as a member of the
s'ute legislature , he had dona all ho
could to prevent the election of the
speaker of the .evening to the United
States senate , but that it now gave1
him more pleasure to try and help
elect him governor of Nebraska than
it fight him in 1867. Then they
were at variance in their political
opinions , but both perhaps equally
sincere. Mr. Tipton had stood by
the republican pariy until the war wai
ended and the cause removed wh cli
made that party a necessity. When
the party degenerated and became EC
corrupt that he couldn't stand it at ) }
longer , he had left it. He took im
inenso ploiitu-e in introducitg the
honest and incorrnotable man anc
statesman , Thomas W. Tip on , demo
cratic candidate for governor of Nebraska
braska :
Mr. Tipton begin by "apprehend
ing" that the audience had "aacer
tained" that this was a "rather in
clement" evening , at least he hac
found it so , and probably it was ;
continuation of the atmosphere he liac
experienced in Indiana. It was pain
ful to him to have to say what he hac
to say in the presence of his forinui
comrades in the senate , for whom hi
had the profonndest regaid and re
spect. He was , as they knew , :
candidate for the suffrages of the ra
publicans , and would , of course , bi
obliged to say a few words to them
and he did.
Beginning with the hhtory of tin
contest over the extension < > f slaver )
into the territories , Mr. Ti t n ttlktc
from that down to the present time.
The original republican party had hac
some good planks in their platform
but when that'platform was carried of
by the democrats ho was obliged ti
follow it. Then , too , Chase anc
Sumner , and Trumbull , and Lincalr
passed uway , and our modi at demo
cratic speaker "felt lonesome , " he
said. It was only recently that hi ;
Christian faith had been strengthened
by the conduct of Hayas' administra ]
tion and the action of the recent
Chicago convention His consolatitn
in these matters was doubtless in the
admonition that whom the Lord lov-
eth he chriateneth
The speaker rehearsed the old story
of reconstruction ; claimed that Lin-
coltt nuo iiiu fiitiier or trie state rights
doctrine as interpreted by the demo
crats ; howled about United States in
terference in elections ; bayonet rule ;
tha use of supervisors and marshals
and troops at the polls ; centralization
and the declaration of the republican
party that this was a sovereign nation
with a big N. A very lame and tame
attack was also made on Gen. Gar-
field's recorddespite the contrary tes
timony of democra'a , the latchet of
whoso sheas no renegade republican is
worthy to unlatch , with much more
nonsense , which was vociferously applauded -
plaudod by the small boys in the gal-
ery and a few eld moss-backs in the
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Morr 1 sonB ogera.
On Thursday evening last Mr. J.
W. Morrison , formerly foreman of
Tun BIE : pross-rooin , but now in an
independent business of his own ,
was joined in marriage with Miss An
na M. Rogers , daughter of Dr. Sam
uel E. Rogers , 01 ihia city. The cere
mony was performed by Rev. J. B.
Maxfiold , of the First M. E. ohurch.
Our congratulations are not the lea *
hearty for coming at this late day , and
we hope the happy couple will live to
celebrate their golden wedding day.
A box of Pure Fresh and Delicious
candies from Joe & Sam's , delights
the hearts of young and old. tf
Ladies' Mitts at Kurtz * . m&w
Notice Is hereby given that I will
sit at my office , 317 South Twelfth
street , between Farnham and Harnoy ,
on Wednesday , Thursday , Friday and
Saturday , October 27th , 28th , 2ith )
and 30th ; also MI M jnday , November
1st , 1880 , for the purpose of regis
tering the electors of the First Ward.
In witness whereof , ! have hereunto
set my hand , thi * 18th day of Octob
er , A. D. , 1880.
08 12fc Registrar First Ward.
To he Voters of tbe Sl tft Ward.
Notice ia hereby given , that I will
alt at my office , 908 north 16th street ,
from Tuesday , October 19th , to Saturday -
urday , October 23rd , and every even
ing thereafter to November 1st , 1880 ,
for the purpose of making a new com
plete registrar Hat.
o8-6t JIM N. MCBPHY , Registrar.
For Delicious CARAMELS , the
finest in America , Go to Jce & Sam's ,
next to Postoftice. tf
E. Maurer has opened his new
laloon and lunch room 1214 Farnham
itreet , late Elgntter'a store. 1m
Tenth Street Industrial School.
Will the ladies of the industrial
chool please meet at Mr * . Gratton's ,
: orner Seventeenth and Davenport
treets on Tuesday at 4 o'clock to
aake final arrangements for the MN-
TEB , which cornea off on Thursday ,
he 21st instant. Respectfully ,
MBS. J. BUDD , Ssec.
Remember the wedding at the
'hristian ' Church , at 7:30 to-morrow
Tuesday ) evening.
Elegant lunch served at GRAND CEK
OAL BILLIABD HALL : mornings 9 to
2 ; evenings , 8 to. 12. . m.w.f
NOTICE Advertisements To L t For Sla'
Loat , Found , Wants , Bordin ; Ac. , will bo In *
sorted In these columns ones lor TEN CENTS
per lln ; each gnbaeqnentIngcrtlonFrVE CENTS
per Una. The flist Insertion never less than
' 01lZT XO MAK-Call at Iw Office
M'01lZT . THOHAS.RoomS.Crelghton Block
, i ONKT TO LOAH 1103 Farnhtm street.
M Dr. EdffsrJp Loan Agency. DOT-22-tf
TT ? ANTEB-A shoemaker , at D. C. Ehler" *
YV 15th bt. , opposite postofflce ? 703-20
" \T7 ANTED A 'girl for general housework.
YV Enquire of Mrs J. U. Creighton , Cass
street , bet. 17th and ISth. 702-tf
A girl for general
WANTED at S. W. corner 15th and Chicago
streets. C97-18
\T7ASTEO-Oirl for eencral housework , at S.
VV 1' . Moree , Jackson St. , between 17th and
18th. soath eide 700.2C
TT Immediately , a good cook , at
YV Tlzurd's restaurant. 691t
-A fitrl for general housework ,
WANTED St. . between 21st and 2'nd
SU. C95-1S
- good girls for general house
work , and 0110 to cook , at Slaien'a hotel.
South 10th street. CSS-18
Cook at the O'Connall House on
WASTED , near Dodge. 91-21
A smart , active boy ; steady em-
WANTED . "The Dradstrcet Co " (533-17 (
ANTED A ijood house-keeper , at 1109
W Furnham street , up stairs. GS4 tf
WANTED-Oirl ; "cook" preferred , at F.
Lane , cur 13th and JaiLsou. CS3-tf
ANTED 2 men lo work i i marked garden ,
W north , att1io nd vt 18th St. II..W. BAIL.
Girl at 1S13 CM a-street ,
family , wants good cook , washer and
Iroua- . 602-tf
u RENT Lar c front room , upstairs suit
F able ( or 'wo gcnt.einen , 23d and Cass Sin.
Inquire at tbia office , or address "A. " postofflce.
REST CoUa e , c.n 5th and Pine Sts ,
new house , cigtis rooins.on 23d acd CassSU.
Enquire J. i. Koe , ! > . E. Uor. lithand Faru
ham. 69C-t
HEST Room , furnished or unfurnished
EOH . iSth , let California and Webstei
street. 675-1 !
] .1011 KENT House , and lot in i-hull's 2nt
i ; add. , near new U. S. corrAll. Enquire al
Room G , Creighton Block. CtU-t :
FOU RTNT Lanto house , 7 rooms , 20th St. ,
nearCasastree' . C. T. TAYLOR ,
031If Office Mill and D < u
IOU RENT Vinely furnished rooms at 13H
F Davenport street , ret. 13th and nth St.
350 1
KENT 2 fnrniilied rooms over Sler
FOR Exchange , N. E. Cor. 16th am
Dodge streets.
Q IIOTJSE < And corner half of lot , soutbeas
ni corner 14th and Caw Sts. , 7 roomin each
rrnt for $20 Hnd $25 ie mo. ah I'KUIS' I KA :
ESTATE QEycT. ISth and Dougl.yi Sta. fc79-t
BUHNS Has a Fire Proof Safe fo
SAMUEL . ; cheap. 698.1 !
T7ILOWKR SHELVES With Brackets for win
Jj dowj randuj from 05c to SOc. Paintei
wood ao4 'ire flower stan Js r&n'ln , from 81 ( M Wm Everitt , next to Bee Office
_ _ 673-11
FOR SALS Mixed paints , at A Holmes,16tl
and California Sts. C15-t
FOtl SALE A new , elegant , first-olass 7j
oct wo piano , direct fem manufacturer , a
less than manufacturer' * Klce , will toll at a bar
Kain and give time if Je.ireJV. . J. CONNE L
_ 606-t
yriLK Twenty to twenty-lour quarts or oni
t I dollar hy John T. Paulson.
I , ' R SALK Cottonwool Inuihcr of all
' RKDMOND'S. Sixteeiith-gt. 516-t-
I710UND JlireJ , in a slough about one mile
JJ north of U. 1' . R K shopj , and nearly dead
trom exposure etc. , a" sorrel homo iih white
strip in furcluad and collar marked. Owner can
have same liy apr > l injf at the Ou'aba Steam
Laundiv ind uavm ? chances C93-18
. HOTIOE 01 o rnsom. ve'ennary
eurgrnit i > r.ulunte of the veterinary college
of and Zurich. Hospital 1149Sherman
avenue 5SS 1m
Absolutely Pure.
Made from Grape Cream Tartar. No othe
preparation makes such luht , flaky hot breads ,
or luxurious pastry. Can be eaten by dypeptlct
without fear ot the 11s resultlnz from heavy i
digestible food.
hold only In cans , by all Grocers.
. , . ,
Pianos and Organs First Class
on Easy Monthly Payments ,
Sheet Music and Musi
cal Instruments.
Oil Paintings , Enpranngs an > l Frames at great
ly reduced prices.
3x10 Frames , 1 inch. Walnut. l c
" 1 " "
10x12 20
10x11 " 1 " " 20
,2x16 , " " "
1J 60
" 1 " " ,
12x18 } 65
16x20 ' Ii " " 75
Huatic 8.\10 frame 15
liromos frimtd , enitll , 25c ,
rinooiOtliamcd , lar e , 1 25 ,
-'ng ving from 50c upwards ,
liotocraph frames from 15c upwards ,
iVindo * Cor icea 75c a window and upwards
.aiubrequif J d 00 per window and upwards ,
torniie roles 2 SO per wtndott and upwards ,
'civet fnmes 25c each to5 00
'lolin Strinzs Uc ,
rioiiu 1 75 , 2 50 , 3 and upwards ,
luilara 5 CO , 6 00 7 00 and upwards ,
ianjoa 1 00. 3 00 , 5 00 , ind upwards ,
iccorrlcois from 1 00 up , cheapest In city
Send for tzmples and utaloeue of mouldings
nd sheet music. A. HOSPK , JR. .
1576 Dodira St. . Omaua Neb.
Successors to J. H TITIELE ,
No. 1220 Douglas Street ,
( " ) "ivr A t t A ICTIEIB.
1CR week In yonr own town , 'terms ind
) UU outfit free. Address D. llillett & Co-
rtUnd , U
S. P. MORSE & CO. ,
ST. , f
We have Many Goods , bought last year , that
have since advanced from Thirty to Fifty *
per cent , yet WE OFFER THEM AT BANK
50 Pairs 104 White Blankets at $2.00 , Worth $3.00
50 Pairs 104 White Blankels at - - $2.75 , Worth 4.00
25 Pairs 104 White Blankets at $5.00 , Worth 7.00
25 Pairs 114 White Blankets at - - $0.00 , Wonh 9.00
20 Pairs California White Blankets at $10,00 , Worth 20.00
400 Pairs Western Grey Blankets at $5 , $6 and $7.50
All to-day worth from $2 to $5 a pair more.
Passmcnteries , Beaded Trimmings , Kte.
Is very Elegant , and Certainly tfie Knest ever Shown In Omaha.
of Fall and Winter Clothing for Men'i Yonths' Boys' and
Children's Wear.
1001 Farnham Street.
the requirements of Everybody.
POppletOn BlOCk. the most varied and elegant ever displayed in the
our large display of Dress and Business Suits , Pall
Grand "Weight Overcoats , Novelties in Furnishing Goods ,
Stylish Hats and Caps , Trunks , Valises. Califorfornia
Blankets uud Overalls , &c..4c.
buy one dollar's worth of Clothing until he has seen our
immense Stock and learned our Prices.
Are Not Half as Interest
ing to the General Eead-
er as the Following Price
List :
ilbsol Asngar ( or . H COle
lo lb extra Ceusmr for . „ . . „ . . 1 00
luj tbe Canary 0. Supir for. . . 1 00
8 } Ibs Granulated Sugarfor . 1 00
8 Ib8 Cut Loaf Smrarfor . 1 0 (
6 Iba tcood Rio Coffee for . 1 00
5 Ibs best Rio Coffee for . 1 00
4 Ibs choice Java Coffee for . . . 1 00
3 i Ibs beit Mocha Coffee for . 1 00
Young Hyson Tea per Ib , 30 to . 40
OolongTeaperlb , SO to . 10
Japan Tea per Ib , 30 to . 60
Finest Gunpowder Tc * per Ib . 76
Beat O K Flour per Back . . . . Z 0
Snow Flake winter wheat flour . 8 76
Harenabestfloiuv. . . . _ . . . . _ . . i 00
12 bars Climax Soap for . 1 CO
21 bars Laundry Soap for . . . . . . . . 1 00
18 ban Linen Soap tor . 1 00
Pure Maple Syrup In gal. cans . 1 QO
Golden Syrup pergallon . _ to
New Orleans Syrup per gallon . 60
New Orleans Motives per gallon . . . . . 70
Sugar House Molasses per gallon. . . . . . . . . . 45
18 Ibs St. Louis soda Crackera for . 1 00
IBlbsSt. Louis Oyster Crackers tot . 1 CO
12 Ibs Boston Butter Crackers for _ . 1 V.
12 HmGIngcr Snaps for . 1 00
13 Ibs Kew Currants for . l 00
9 Ibs New Blackberries for . _ l 00
1 Ibs Pitted Cherries for . j 00
12 Iba Dried Peaches ( halves ) for . l 00
14 Ibs Choice Dried Apples for . 1 00
12 Ibs best new Prunes for . l CO
I Olbj. best Valencia Rollins . 100
3 Ibs. now layer Batons . l oO
Peaches. 2 Ib cans . 20
Peaches. 3 Ib can > ( jUnd rd ) . . . . . . . H
Pie Peaches. 0 Ib cans . . „ . . . . . „ SO
PeachesCal)3 ( ) Ibcaus . , . 25
Blackberries , 2 Ib can . 12 }
apples , ( York State ) > , al can . jo
lueberriesSlbcan . 2J
Cherries 21b can . 11
Damson Mums 2 Ib cans . 2 }
Raspberries I Ib can
Strawberries , 2 Ibcan . _ . 15
String Beanj,2 Ib cans . . . 122J
3aked Beans , 3 Ib can .
: , lma Beans , 2 Ib cans. . 12 ;
intercom , 2 Ib can . H ,
farmonth corn , per can . 17 ,
romatoes , 3 Ibcan . 12.
luccotash , 2 Ibcan . ij > ;
'nmpkins , 3 Ibcan . jj
5 Ibs beans . l QQ
01 bsdried Lima beam . j oo
5 Iba hominy . . . j oo
1 Ibi Cirolini'rlce . . . . . j 0
5Ibgoatm al . , . . . j 00
Utfamllr mackerel , per kit . . . as
atfamlly white flshfer kit. . „ M
'odfUh ' , whole , perlb . 7
odfijb , boneless , per Ib . , IQ
Talllhut , per Ib . 121
[ olUnd herring ( newj per kejf. . . . . . . . . i 25
' '
'obuccoJBlackwell'sDurhamJi-jrlb . 60
'obu.-co ' ( .llverPealplugperlb ) . 60
'ol ' > acco < 01d Style ) perlb . 35
blcicco ( Mcencnaum ) perlb . 40
Urns , an jar-cured , perlb . . . . . " i t
Utter , fresh roll , perlb . $0
Complete pricu lists fornbhed on application.
ountry orders will receite prompt and cartful
Itci.tlon. Positively no eoods sold on credit.
J. B. FRENCH & CO. ,
Hie Orleinal Keliable roccrs ,
No. 1119 Farnham Street ,
Jacob's Block , corner Capitol Ave. snd
IStb St. , Omaha , Deb.
Oval Brand
The sales of this "brand" of O bare all . .
nowTootstrlnjwd others. Yon ret moro ( Vnt r. IM
WEIGHT AND MEASURE In ca of thU brand thin I any otkar. 5 ? RBEEMtB
m General Western Agent , Omah * .
50,000 IDOLL.AJBS :
Propose for the next ninety (90) ( ) days to sell then
entire stock of
Diamonds , Watches ,
Jewelry , Clocks
SilverWare ,
Pianos & Organ
. llth & Farnham
weN Store ,
Business. Come and be Convinced.
We Mean