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    : \ HE DAILY BEE.
Saturday Morning , October 2.
SupjKMtclsyV.s own socially selected cojrcdy
ojmi.m , unaer the management of E roots
& Dickinson , in Mark Twain's
greatest EUCCCTS
"OOI .
Col Sellers , - Mr. John T. Raymond
at llax Mej tl'e & BroV.
1 Fatcrson Eel's ' coal-
Fine perfumes at Ssxe's.
I7tc Lewis'dry hop yeast.
t "Itathbuo has night school. "
Creamery Butter at Buffctl's.
i For the teeth , Kuhn's Dcntrificc.
' Butterick's patterns at CruickshankY ,
0" Potter is running the Omaha ferrj.
Head catalogue of Books on first page.
Imported acd Key AVest cigars , at
Soidenberg & Co.'s Key AVest cigarr ,
at Saxe's.
CoL Fellers will appear at the Acadc-
my to-night.
Creamery Butter at BulTett'8.
It is naid that Mary And-.rson is mndi
prettier this beason than last.
Pipe-laying will he begun this month
l > y the Omaha Water Works company.
Seats arc soiOg'ofT like hot cakes fir
t IE John T. llayinondjmtertainmcnr.
Bath & White , opposite the post-
olicerecei\e fresh fibh every Tlmrsday.
-The 27th of October has been fixed
upon as the date for the annual jwlice ball
of 1SSO.
Creamery Butter at Buffett's.
"Millions iu It" at the Academy
Saturday night. Secure your seats caily
and avoid the jam at the doer.
The Industrial School of Trinity
Cathedral , on Cass street , will be from this
out at 2 p. m. on Saturday , instead of 9 = 50
a. m.
It is doubtfal whether the new wing
to the state house will Iwresdy for the ne t
legislature or not , though Mr. Stout is
rushing the work as fast as possible.
The members of Trinity Mission Guild
are making extensive preparations fora
grand musical and literary entertainment
at Mwonic ball , on the evening of Thanks
giving day.
A post of the G. A. II. will be organ
ized at Slromhburg on October 2 , and one
nt Harvard October 4. A. A. G. Wood
will iiiftpcct Post No. 13 , at Hastings , on
thjr > lh.
Council Bluffs { indulged in n walking
match laRtTevenSng , between a noted fe
male ] > cdestrian acd a Ited Oak man , the
former agreeing to RIVO the latter 15 milea
and beat him hi fifty hours.
T. S. Fleming , of Blair , a brakcman
n the S. C. S : I * , railroad , was caught be
tween the draw-heads while coupling earn
At West JVnt Tlmrsday , and BO injured
that ho ha-1 to bo cmasculattd by phyhic-
- ians.
The casa of Wnu'IL ThomsBVB. John
Simpion , inwhich the foimcr accuses the
latter of breaking his jaw , came up befoie
Judge fllawoi yesterday morniug and the ,
do oailaut waa discharged.
* Jmttes llcndcreon , who was shot ui e
week ago last night , was able to bo up and
ahjut to-day , and looks as little like a
corpse as any one. Hi * habeas corpus case
will be tried before Judfje Hawes.
Saturday n'ght will be presented the
sidj-flplilting "C * > 1. Sellers , " with Mr. J.
T. lUymond as "Sellers. " There is only
one "CtiL Sellers" in the country"and thtt
is llayniond. We expect to see the Acs-
cljniy of Music packed to-morrow night.
Under our coqw-ilution no foreigner
can vote at the general election in Nbvein-
bert\m'e s he takes out his naturalization
Pipers thirty days previous to the eleclior.
.This is the last day on which papers
can be taken out in time for the Nb\ ember
A. CAIH > Having engaged at my Sixteenth -
teonth htore\Mr. W. S.Eyer , a graduated
and thorough Pharmaceutist ol long exper
ience , I am better prepared than ever , at
this point , to serve my customers with accuracy -
curacy and dispatch. Prescriptions a cjie-
cialty. [ Wt ] J. A. UOEUEII.
CapU J. S. Wood left for Stromsburg
. J , H. FBonJ is recovcrinc from a
Col. Wilson , of Lincoln , la in the cily
Cn loite cast.
Dr. Harvey Link , of Millard , was in
the city yc&terday.
Will Ncligh , an old Omaha boy , is vis-
Stilly in the city.
Church Howe came in from Grand Is
land Thursday.
Hon. B. I. Hinman , of Noith Plattr ,
vent west yesterday.
Hon. O. T. Abbott , of Grand Island ,
Vas in the city Tlmrsday.
" Rev. "Dr. McKamara , fof Fremont , left
Thnwday > ight for New York.
Gov. Nance wat in the city yesterday ,
left for North Bend at noon.
Ex-Mayor Silver , of JLincoln , with his
vn returned home yesterday morning.
llav. M. /Sorenson and wife , of Col-
vrado , left for New York Thursday night.
Deputy U. S. Marshal Bloody , came in
northern Kebrasia Thursday.
Engineer Cook , of the Omaha Water
"Works , will return from Toledo Sunday.
C. J. Green left Friday to address the
t-itizcus of Korth Bend on the i > olitical
i -sues of the day.
Mr. John A. Kuekols returned from
3 cavcnworth this morning to take his
1 rmcr position in the grocery firm of
ICuckols & Collins.
II. N. Smith , of the ticket auditor's
i nnrtmcnt U. P. railwaj- , has resigned
J isjK > sition to goto Kansas City , hero
"i o Vill cngag > grain buying on hi own
) ctmt.
Be'Mlquarturs lor Joe Schlils's
11 ilwnukce l eor nt MERCHXSIT ? ' Ex-
C UMin. N. r Cor. JOili si.d Dod e.
KC. . , St. Jo A C. B. . R. ticket
cffice will occupy ou and after Septum-
t Jr 25th , room 1020 , Farnam etreet ,
JI x Mejer's now buildins.
f 3 lOt Ticket Ageat.
Save money by buying a sack of
Eagle Mm. Flour.
Cox , Fashionable Dress
, S17 Fifteenth street ,
Davenport and Chiwgo.
The Crimson-Covered Con
veyance of the B. & M.
in Nebraska.
TheJWatchword of that Road."y
The finest thing in tbe Ehapo of a
desd that % vas ever filed in the county
clerk's office of Douglas coun was
handed in to Hon. J. R. Manchester [
Thursday afternoon to be filed and
recorded. It was the "Deed of Conveyance -
veyance from the Burlington and Missouri -
souri River Railroad Co. in Nebraskar
to the Chicago , Burlington and Quincy -
cy Railroad Co. " Such was the in
scription in gold letters upon the back
of a heavy red Turkish morocco bcok ,
about six by twelve inches in pize and
a quarter of an inch in thickness ,
whose covers closed together with a
substantial flap , or tongue , which
made it almost air-tijrht. The leaves
of the book are of unruled parch
ment , and the deed and acknowledgements -
ments , covering thirty pages , are
closely written in old English script.
It is the tomcat kind of a document ,
and bears date of July 2Gth , 1880. It
conveys to the C. , B. & Q. railroad
company , "for the purpose of more
completely carrying into effect the ar-
tides cf consolidation executed be-1
tween the parties , January 1,1880 , "
for the consideration of $1 , all the real'
estate and lands , contracts and choscs
ia action , railroads and branches and
the equipment thereof , all revenues
to be derived th'erefroin , rights of way
and structures thereon , and other
property pertaining I hereto , all leases
of railroads and other property , all
ferries and bridges and the approaches
thereto and revenues therefrom , and
all the other property the B. & M.
bad , or has since acquired , at the time
of the execution of the articles of con
"On to Denver , " is now the watch
word with the B. & M. folks. Should
the weather prove favorable this win
ter , they will close much of the space
between Indianola and the beautiful
city on the plains. The work will be
done almost entirely by homesteaders
along the line of road ; the company
deeming it adrieablc to give the poor
homesteaders a chance to keep the
wolf from their doors this winter.
[ Lincoln Journal.
ThcB. & M. railroad company paid
inlo the comity treasury of Seward [
county last Friday the sum of ? 8255.
The B. & M. round-house at Lin
coln is approaching completion.
A rumor from tcmi-ouicial sources
IB that some tiuia next month a morn
ing train will bo placed on the B. and
M. railroad. Ii is to start from
Lincoln at about C o'clock and run to
Omaha , for the convenience of persona
intending to ntt-ko connection with
the C. B. it Q. railroad for Chicgo ,
and for those desiring to do business
in Omaha. It will bo an important
addition to the facilities for travel on
this road.
Through the kindness of J. T.
Clirk , general western agent of the
Northwestern railroad , wo are in re
ceipt of a beautiful circular printed in
colors , which shows n map covering
3,000 miles of that calnbrafcd road , : i
Maltese cross and a cut of the hand
some depot now beim : erected in Chicago
cage , corner of Kineie and Wells
streets. From its appearance the dh-
pot will bo one or the finest buildings
of its kind in the country. '
One hundred and fourteen cars of
stock came in over the U. P. to-day.
The annual rental of pewa take
place in the Presbyterian church this
Approaching First Term of the
Nebraska School of
The announcement is mido of the
firut course of instruction at Hie Ne
braska School of Medicine , prepara
lory , to open on the 18th instant in
this city and continue twenty weeks.
The nature of this new enterprise
may best be gleaned from
their catalogue which says that :
"It is the mature judgment of many
of our leading physicians as well as
prominent citizens of other business
pursuits that the time has arrived for
the establishment of a medical school
in pur mate. After deliberate consul
tation as to the demands and the
available means of conducting such r.n
enterprise , the school has been orga
nized under the name and title of
"Tho Nebraska School of Medicine , "
and located at Omaha , a city of up
wards of thirty thousand inhabitants ,
and growing rapidly , supported by a'
state wAh five
hundred thousand people
ple , and with well established com-
coiumercial relations existing between
the city and adjoining states and ter
The school for the present will bo
preparatory simply , but the instruc
tiou given will bo thorough iu all the
branches. Eict chair will be
sented by men of experience and abil I- 5I
ity In their respective departments. !
Students will be brought into clone
relation willi the ins traders , thus
affording ov ry possible means for
thorough instruction.
A number of eastern- schools of
medicine have established graded
courses and allow students who are
far enough advanced to enter higher
classes ; hence students in the west
can attend our scJwol for ono or two
terms and then bu admitted to ad
vanced classes of other schools when
their proficiency will warrant snch ad
vancement. "
The faculty is as follows : R. R.
Livingston , M. D. , president , lecturer
tin principles and practice of surgery ,
riattsmouth ; Samuel D. Mercer , M.
D. , lecturer on surgical anatomy and
clinical surgery , Omaha ; A. S. V
Mansfeldo , M. D. , lecturer on pathology
elegy and practice of medicine ; Ash
land ; George B. Ayres , M. D. ,
aecrotarr , lecturer on anatomy ,
Omaha ; J. 0. Denise , M. D. , lecturer
on phyelology and cliuicsl lecturer on
diseases of eye and oar , Omaha ; P. S.
Lcisenrit'g M. .
, D. , lecturer on
obstrotrjca and diseases of women
and children , Omaha ; Richard C.
Moore , MD. . , lecturer on roaterja
racdica and therapeutic ? , Omaha ;
( chair to be Sited
soon ) , lecturer on
chemestry ; W. S. Gibbs , M. D. ,
demonstrator of anatomy , Omaha.
i'o Si. Louis and return 12.85 , to
Exposition. Tickets on sale from
October 2nd to llth , inclusive at
Omaha and St , Louie through. line
ticket office , 1020 Farnham street.
TT. C. Seachrist ,
sep30-2t Ticket Agent , j
Judge Hawes Takes His Vic
tims Through a Course
of Sprouts.
Business was light at police court
yesterday morning.
Two men who had a misunderstandIng -
Ing over a bill presented by one for
payment were fined § 3 and costs each ,
which they paid.
W. H. Turnurn , a colored man , was
arraigned for cutting with intent to
, .
kill , but his case was postponed until
4 o'clock this afternoon. Turnum .
waa ' arrested about midnight last
night by Officers Black and Bnllamy ,
at hia lodgings on Seventeenth street.
, .
It appears that about 0 o'clock in the
evening he , in company with a white
woman of easy virtue , entered a gilt
edge house on Tenth street , between
Douglas and Dodge , kept by a white
woman. . It is claimed that both weren
intoxicated , and Turman being ordered -
od away by the woman of
the house , Josie McGregor , suddenly -
denly drew a razor and struck at
her , cutting an ugly gash on the left
side of her face , the blade cutting In
to the jaw bone. The wound was
dressed by Dr. Ayera , of the Surgical
Institute , and was pronounced not
dangerous. Turnum is a hard citizen
I and ! has already served a term in the
' penitentiary for cutting Scott Jack
. son. He may go up for another year
for this.
The curtain rose at 9 o'clock Thur *
day morning , displaying to t ! e
audience a fine array cf talent ,
artists of acknowledged ability ,
twith Pat 0. Howes as interlocutorj
and Fred West and Chag. Worrentz
acting as end men. Several original 1
conundrums were proposed , to which
satisfactory answers could not be
Both end men dancsd off jail to
the tune of 83.00 and costs , they
having been adjudged guilty of
intoxication , contrary to the rules of
the management.
Adolf Hammotts , aged CO , was in
terviewed on the same subject , but b
being of lawful ago , lie was let down
easy. The management discharged I
him , however.
Mollie Kcrnan favored the audl-
i once with an old song , "I was not
j drunk r.or disturbing the peace. "
"Three dollars and costs" was effect *
Ively rendered in response by Pat tt
BeVeral other members of the
troupe were charged by the manage1
mcnt with a violation of the rules ;
but the investigations wcro postponed
until afternoon.
Mr. Ed. Haskell , of Chicago , the
celobra'cd Finder Billinrdist , will
give an exhibition of ! ii > j skill at
Brunswick J > 1 % .rd Hall , this evon-
imj.nnJ play a tbonsiriS points , or ao
counl. After the game h over ho will
an exhibition of Fancy Shots ,
including hats , rail , triangles , bottles
and gLua shots , and many others too
numerous to mention. Also Fancy
shots with cue. All gentlemen in
Iranoral of iiud Davis.
The fnneal of thn late Robert E.
Davis tcck places1 12:30 : p. m. yester *
_ da } ' , from his fathor's residence , South1
j west of this city , ftov John William
of St. Barnabas , elli
The renulnc wcm sent by the aster-
noon train to Alton , Ulinoisj for in
Pursuant to a Call published in TUB
BEE a meeting of young men of this
city , with whom he had been inti
mately associate * was held
Wednesday evening , to oxprera their
sorrow at the inroad made upon their
ranks by the Common Enemy of all ,
and before whoso mandate each and
every ono must bow. The Bon. C.
Y. Gallagher was called to the chair ,
and a committee of five , consisting
of R. T. Berlin , Fred Gor
don , John Hash , J. F. McCart
ney , and C. M. Koator , was ap1
pointed to represent the young men
at the funeral. On motion it was de
cided that all young men who can pos
sible do so would be present at the
I ceremonies , to pay their last respects
to his sterling character as one of our
representative young men , and to ex-
prtss their paraonil sympathy for the
bereavement which has overtaken his
Mary O'Brian , wife xjf John 0'-
Brisn , on Sept. 28th , at 11:30 : a. m.
Funeral on Sunday , Oct. 3rd , from
her residence , California Etreet , be
tween 12 and 13.
Hamburg Figs 2uc a box
Everybody Says So.
I ' All the boys who go lo Schuyler are
happy to find Harry Ackloy back
again at the Upton house , and in bet
ter shape than ever before , having
renovated , refitted , enlarged , etc.
Harry as a host is a success , while his
better half , who presides over the
cuisine , cares for the inner man in an
eminently satisfactory manner. Their
many old friends among the traveling
public will nleaso take notice and gov
ern themselves accordingly.
Meteorological Summary.
For the month of September , 1880 , sta
tion , Omaha , Nebraska :
Highest barometer , 30.808.
1/owest barometer , 29.500 ,
Mpntnly rang ? of barometer , 0.7-18.
Highest temperature , 85 ° .
1/ttrcst temparature , 4t ° .
Greatest daily range of teinperature,26 °
Least daily range of temperature , 6 ° .
MM.U of maximum temperatures , 72,6.
Mean of minimum temperature * , 55.1.
Mean daily range of temperature , 17. ? ,
Prevailing direction of the wind , south.
Total movement of wind , 6,721 miles.
Hibe t valocity of wind and direction ,
2o miles north.
Xumter of foggy days , none.
Number ol clear days , 11.
Number of fair days , 14.
Xumber of cloudy days on which no rain
or snow fell , 1.
Xumber of cloudr days on which rain or
snow fell , 4.
Total number of days on which rain or
sniw fell , 10.
Dates of lunar halps , 14th.
Dates of frosts 20th.
S. .
J. JiL. ULl.
Sergeant Signal Corps , U , S , A.
NVhy dose . 'ourselves with nauseat
lui > _ medicines , when a purely fruit
cathartic will care voa at once Ham
bur Fijja. Try them.
The Entire Democratic Patty
of Nebraska Assemble
at Fastings ,
And Hie , Hie , Hurrah for Han
. cock , Livingston and
Mother Tipton.
A Motley Array of Moss-Backe.
Correspondence of The Dee.
_ HASTINGS , Neb. , Sept. 29,1880.
To-day on the way hither the train wts
well laden with delegates to the dem
ocratic state convention , and republi
can orators who to-night take the
stump in the opening of the campaign
in the different towns along the line
of the B. and H. and branches. The
railway eating houses in Lincoln was
unable to feed the immense crowd
who were ushered from ono part of
, .
the state to another to-day. As in all
such crowds , many pleasant and amusing
ing little incidents occurred , by which
the day will ever be remembered-
Gen. Cowin , Qen. Mandereon , Gen.
Crounse , J. L. Webster , C. J.
Greene , ot al. were abroad , and as the
train drew up at Sutton , whefo
Greene is to speak to-night , Greene
stepped off , and as his foot struck the
platform , the Sutton band began to
play a lively air , and most of the
people on the train thought it was in
honor of him as a greeting.
His friends quickly gathered
orpund him , and commenced com
plimenting him upon so magnificent
an ovation , when the band quit play
ing , and Lehew , ono of the delegates
from Sutton to the democratic state
conventionsteppedoutand exclaimed ,
' . 'llurrah for Hancock. " Greene's hat
dropped arl inch lower on his head ,
and the band boarded the train to at-
I tend the state convention.
There are present 233 membersand
the gallery , which was reserved for
. .ladies , is respectably filled.
The convention was called to order
at 8 o'clock by J. Sterling Morton ,
whb nominated Frank P. Ireland , of
Otoe county , for temporary chairman
and Nat. W. Smcihof , Dodge county j
for temporary secretary , and they were
unanimously electtd.
After a preliminary speech by F.
Irelandj an address of wnlcome was
inado by Saul L. Brass , of Juiliata
Adams county.
This was followed by seri 3 from the
glee club.
Motion was then made that a coin
mittee of seven be appointed on ere
dontlalg , when the chairman almos
immediately road the following names
to the convention : Harmon , of Frank
lin ; B yd. of Douglas ; Abbott } of Sa-
lihej White , of Class ; Buttch , of Snr
ny ; " Reynolds , , of Butler , and Flynn
-C 1 -
ui uiay.
\ \ Idle the committee on credentials
were otlt a nibtibn was inado thnt wo
listen to Morton. Morton announced
himself a Methodist , and utterly op-
pceed to Ingersoll both in theology
and politics , and ho was always glad
to see siuncrs come forward to the
mourner's bench , and he was awnre
that there [ was one present who Was
formerly a rcpublicaii , but now re-
nuuiicod ids' , ra t sins , and was ready
to work for Hanbock.
"Abbott ! Abbott ! " was called by
the crowd vociferously. A bbott then
came forward and made a short
speech. Four years ago John Abbott
was candidate for the. able , Senate
from this senatorial district.
He had most of the delega
tion sJid , but Mclntyre , who
was alio a candidate , went to Abbott
and told him that his chances were
gone for the senate , but if ho would
come out for the legislature he know
when ) there were endtliarli yol&i to
elect him , that he could lay his hands
on. He thtn tried in the convention
for the IwieMiive
hoHiinationj and re
cciVt-d eipnt votes out of forty-eight.
Entirely discomfited , he made a
stnmp speech , before the nominations
wet e cold , ami Heuhuhbed the n8mi-
nee ? , swearing vengeance against the
regular nominee , who was elected by
an increased majority. Two years
ago he was candidate for republican
nominee from the same senatorial dj
trict. A largo number of men in tno
county were lately from the east , and
being strangers to him , by hard work
he secured almost a majority of
the delegates , but whan they came in
to convention and his record was ven
tilated , hia friends dropped on him ,
and the convention did not take him
up. Now that he is a democrat tbo
republicans do not consider that they
have lost anything worth keeping.
Eartigan , of Casa county , was then
called as a candidate for the mourners
bbiich. Hartigan stepped forward and
said : "It was not that ho loved the
republican party less .but that he
loved his country more. " An exph-
nation of his course is found in the
fact that he served in the army under
Hancock and fofmed peradnal friend-
snip for him.
Saxton , of Haatfnga , was then
called , who caid ho had been all his
life a democrat , and did not know it.
Saxlon was a candidate before repub
lican conventions almost constantly
eight years ago , but they did net rec
ognize hia ability , and ho took the
greenback whirl , and now he becomes
a democrat.
Hambil , of Jefferson county , was
then called , and said ho used to bo a
democrat , but when he cime to Ne
braska he thought if a man wa ? ta
prosper in his business in Jefferson
county , ho must try to bo a republi
can.A moss-back then spoke and waa
followed by a song by the Glee club ,
and a spech by J. S. Morton , of Ne
braska , in which he took occasion to
arraign the rings and cappers who have
long been opposed , by the better ele
ments of the republican party. Ho
also referred to the non-appearance of
Gen. Thayer in
Hastings to night as
was published by the republican com
mittee. Gen. Thayer'a appointment
was withdrawn by the committee in
charge of Lincoln hall , for the sole
and generous purpose of allowing tho.
democrats to USD this , the only hall
hero with capacity to accommodate
BO great a convocation. The persons
who would attend the republican rally
live here , with the exception of the
speaker , and could attend any other
The committee on credentials
divided on the Gage county contest ,
and brcught in two reports. Motion
carried reqniring the convention to
act separately on the G go county
contestTen minutes each were
allowed the contesting sides in which
to present the case before the con
vention. The members of the com
mittee representing Ihe minority
report were Oapt. S. S. Reynolds and
F. A. Harmon , and they asked the
admittance of Hazelett and bis fol
lowers ; while the remaining five
members of the committee asked the
reception of G. P. Marvin , editor of
the "Beatrice Democrat" and hia fol
lowers. On motion before the con
vention the majority report was
The temporary organization was
then made permanent.
Jas. . Boyd of Omaha , Beach L
Hinman of North Platte , and Victor
Vifquin of Lincoln , were nominated
as presidential electors , with ( S. J.
Jontgomery of Lincoln , " ? . J. Demp-
-ter of Republican City , and W. C.
Connor of Fairmont , as alternates.
The committee on platform repotted
a set of resolnions that take hold of
corporations with ungloved hands.
They declare that corporate property
ihould be subject to taxation , the same
is individual property ; favor "free
: rade or tariff for revenue only ; " and
also ask for the refunding of our state
debt at a lower rate of interest , and
legal resistance of void and fraudu
lent lands. They rejected attaching
l.o tickets a clause by which to get an
ixpresaion on the prohibition ques-
.ton. '
The following ticket was chosen :
For congressman , R. R- Living
ston , of Cass county ; for governor , T.
W. Tipton , of Noroaha ; lieutenant-
governor , S. H. Calhoun , of Otoe ;
secretary of state , G. W. Johnson , of
Filmore ; auditor , T. C. Patterson , of
Wayne ; treasurer , Frank Folda , of
Jolfaxj attorney-general , George E.
Pritchett , of Douglas ; land commis-
lioner , E. H. Andrus , of Buffalo ;
iuperintondent of public instruction ,
Dr. A. Bear , of Madison.
The convention has now completed
its work , and the members will leave
by the trains in the morning. JAY.
How the Democratic Party
Fought Two Foreign
Wars ,
And Choked Down a Double
The democracy of this eity held a
grand ratification meeting liisl eve
ning , preceded by an imposing torch
light procession. The various ward
clubs composing the central club as
sembled at Creighton hall at 8 o'clock ,
and , headed by the Unicn Pacific
i band j , marched in uniform and with
' biasing torches through the principal
streets , finally concentrating at the
stand on Fourteenth , near Farnam.
The procession numbered about 225
torches and carried numerous flags
and transparencies , the latter baaring
such legends as "Trial by jury and
habeas corptiS ilreScrtedj" "Hancock
and English the embodiments of hon
or ; " "Hancock the soldier and states
man ; " "Garfield's vote stole the pres
idency ; " "Rights of persons and prop
erty must be preserved , " etc. , etc.
A large flig polo was yesterday af
fernoon erected nOir the democratic
stand and from this the national cdl *
era floated to t he breeza in approved
ttjle. The meeting was called to or
der by Hon. C. V. G illagher , and
presided over by Hn. James E.
Boyd , candidate for elector and chair
man of the county democratic central
committee. The latter made brief re
marks expressing hia belief tliat the
election of November wou'd place the
democratic candidate in the presiden
tial chair , and thus giving us peace
lasting nud universal. Gen Hancock
was a manwLotu , time of watybelioved
in the sword and in time of peace 111
the supremacy of the law. Alluding
to local iasues Mr. Boyd said that the
subject of taxation most interested
the people of llebrftskai The sum of
200,000 is paid annua'ly to aupimrt
our state goycrilmtJnt when half that
amount would Uo aufiicta'nt ; If the
people of the state knew how their
money was being stolen and wasted
they would rise in their might and
hurl the party in power out of the
positions they disgrace. Mr. Boyd
said rhUcli morn tc thfe Wme effect
and then introduced aa the spoalcr of
the evening , Hon. Geo. E. Pritchett ,
democratic candidate for attorney-
generalwho made an extended speech. '
Mr. Pritchett sa4 .tbo while the
republicans had run the government
since IBdi , the democrats had from
1800 to 1(50 ( novt * failed to
elect ; , their president , except
In 1840. That they had managed
thb coimtry'i ! affairs will could not be
d.-nied. They had broog'ht It niifely
through _ tw6 foreign wars , and at
length , when Linco'n ' was elected by
an unknown iind unorganized section
al party , i * had found itself attacked
on both flanks , on the one by armed
rebellion , on the other by the Uncon
stitutional party in control of the
goVernmenl. T.iey paid to themselves ,
"Wo will first put down this rebellion
and then attend to the demolition of
the obnoxious party in power. " The
democrats , therefore , waiving all their
sensitive feelings , pitched in and
made a success of the war , putting
down both armed and Unarmed rebel
lion. The war1 , being ended , the
speaker admitted thattho republicans
had elected their second pregiddnt , by
a small majority , which Had each suc
ceeding year decreased , until in 1876 ,
when a majority .of a quarter of a
million of ttio popular vote wa § given
for the candidate of this party , which
had licked bo'th dragons. While con
gress had declared the sole object of
thewar tobe'the preservation of the
Uhloiij thb roctiblican party had acted
tnbat perfidiously , and , passing' recon
struction laws , which were not worth ,
in the speaker's opinion , the paper
they were written on , had divided the
south up into military districts , over
which were placed petty despots. The
old , old story of Hancock and his or
der No. 40 was repeated , after which
the alleged frauds of 187G came in for
a good ahare of time. Toe rest of the
speech was in the usual order of dem
ocratic speeches.
Mr. Pritchett was followed by one
or two other speakers and the meet
ing adjourned.
Army Orders.
The following changes of stations of
companies of the Ninth U. S. infantry -
fantry are announced , viz :
Company A , .from Fort McKinney ,
W. T. , to Fort Sidney , NeK V- .
Company D , from Fort McKinney ,
W. T. , to Fort Omaha , Nob.
Company H , from Fort Omaha ,
to Fort McKinney , W. T.
Company ! , from Fort Sidney , Nob. ,
to Fort McKinney ; W , T.
Co. H , Lieut. Hofman command-
in L' , and Lieut. Robertson second ,
( Major Burt the commander , having
been assigned to recruiting service at
Chicago ) , leaves Fort Omaha next
week , to take station on the frontier
at Fort McKinney.
Co. D , Capt. Leo , Lieutenant }
Pease and Baldwin , leave Fort McKinney -
Kinney urJon being relieved by H and
come to Omaha.
Major Isaac D. Do Russy , Fourth
infantry , is relieved from duty at Fort
Fetterman , W. T. and will pro
ceed to Fort Saunderg , W. T. , and
there take post.
Upon the recommendation of the
commanding officer Fort Douglas , U.
T , three months of the confine-nsnt
awarded Private Georga R.
battery L , Fourth artillery , by sau-
tenceof geueralcourt-martial , promul
gated in general court-martial orders
No. 55 , series of 1879 , from these
headquirterd * re remitted.
Leave of absence for one month is
granted Capt. Leonard Hay , Ninth in
fantry , Fort Onwha , Neb.
Liave of absence for one month is
granted Maj. J. W. Wham , pay de
partment t
Upon the recommendation of the
chief paymaster ot " the depart
ment Major A. S. _ Tower , pay
department will proceed to Fort
D. A. Russell , W. T. , and there take
post.Upon the recommendation of the
chief paymaster of the department ,
Major J. W. Wham , pay department ,
will proceed to Fort Sanders , W. T. ,
and there take post.
FBANK HUGHES Communicate at
once by telegraph to Woodruff ; ev
erything is arranged satisfactorily.
Mother wants you at home. P. G. H.
- yr. A case ot constipation by
us'lns naoiburii Figa.
NOTICE Artvortlnemcntg To Lot For Bile'
Lost , Found , Want * . fiordlnir Ac. , will be In
serted In thaw columns once tor TEN CENTS
per line ; each subeoquentlnscrtion.FIYE CENTS
per line. The diet Insertion never less than
01IZT ' 10 TXUH-C&ll * t Law Offlea
M' D. L. mOUAB. Koom 8. Creighton Block
ONKY TO LOAN 1109 Farnhim street.
M1 Dr. Edwards Loan Agency. nov-22-tl
TBO carpenters. Inquire of
WANTED , at A. T. Larso'a architect
offlce. 5S4-2
i Girl ; southeast comer Twelfth
and Harne , } . 673-2
ICO yourg shcats. Address Dr.
WANTED , Omslia. S74-1
WANTED A dining room girl at the Emmet
house. 575-4
WANTED Middle-aped lady as hiuseLceper
by a nldoncr. Apply at 1513 Dodjo et
WANT2D A coed cirl for general hou'ie-
work at 110 Howard street , bet 8th and
Oth. . 577-1
TXr'AJfTED-snrjt-cliKa carpenter * , by E U
YV _ . Slitw. Applf n. w. cur. Uth and Web-
A 1. - - - STTrt O
tersticets. 57D-2
WANTED Corrcs poudenco. A joane Ren-
tleman of cecil moral standing i thea to
op n a correspondence with a Totinirlady of aim'
liar reputation nith a view to matrimony AI
lottcra proTptly answered. The best < f refer-
ei.ces given and reqnlrtd. Addiesj "C. L. , "
TTTANTED To purchase a peed second
YY hand cylinder otfica desk. Apply at
room 5 Union block , cor. 15th and > ' rnham
ttre l . 5S3-4
\T7 ANTED Two plrls at the Hudson Uirci
> \ IH.USC , Harnestre t JIcsi cnmo uel
recommended. EOO-1
A rood cook , nt TizardV , Vain
WANTED . , bet. 13th and 14th. CS7-tf
WANTED Girl for general housework , at
If3l9lh < rcct. 6S2-1
PUNTER WANTED J w-Jnt a printer im
medial ly. L. F. HILTON , Ptlb'r Pilot ,
Blair , Nob. 630-1
Tailors , tno coat and one pants
WANTED dill at C. F. Hamann , 421 South
T nth St , Omaha. 563-6
AJ < fED Cjila , at the Amcricrn House
W good aces' . 670-t
' A glrl.atiforrllt'ijBestaur'
nutso . '
flo. > l maeMi.0 handat th <
Omaha Shiit Factory , 1207 Farnham St
WANTED Girl for general housework. Ap-
plfforj 18th ami OricoSts , Smith' ; ) an
dltion 560
A ciat nuVcr. Ajiply at 12 ;
Farnham , rcirlSih St. 657-4
ANTED Beard and rooms , No. S05 C > pl
to ! avenue , between ICth and 17th ats.
-Vpo AGENTS IVAD-JIefi thai wish a
jL\ business of tnt ir own , a prpntaulo ftranen
in chemistry , and uch th.itu'hc gome fiinrainc * ,
can learn in a hour's time. Gallon the'.Chemis
Albrccht.'Noak1 ! ) Hoto , from Fi iday till Monfoy
from 8 till 12 a. in. 6690
'ANTED A good farm team for c-si.
6 2 BOOOS i UlLL.
WBNTED A first class baktf , a tno Cmarr
Bakery , 10th St. , near Mctz * Hall. Non
but first-class ncod apply. 645- (
WANTED Sflrat-clasilarbors , at J. II CuY
ry , corner IDth and Faruham. 603-1
pdAKD CANTED AChisiRO ladv ( Brat-tlasi
JO mntic tcach'r ) * i/l / sire piino lessons In ex
chance for board. Private lamitv t-nferred
No objections lo tountry neferenc Jj giJti'an
fequlr.a AdJresa "B. " Bee office. 55112
A eood pastry cook : St. Ch-ules
Hotel. . 492-f
T710B RENT A salt of rooms , or singly. fur >
JD nlshcd for sleeping upartmeit ? . IK'WB'I
residence , comer ol fftti and Harney. Fnrnhnr <
aftl narpetimr nuw and of coed style. Gentle
men frota the nt II. and U , P. licailipiartcr
preferred. JiiICJ C. Morton , at Bcdick
Ko'lick'a , or on prcmi'o * . 68B-7
TJ OR RENT House on 5th and Pine ; flow
JJ on 23J and Cass. Jnmnro 307 a. 12th st.
PjANO FOR RENT Inquire st J626 Ca 3 gt.
T71OR RENT Nicely furnish'd front room.
1 ; , Irqiflre 1016 Califoin'a street , between 10th
andl/Ui. 6OCO :
IOR RENT Tiuely furnfshtt ! icnmn at 131
P Davenport street , bet 13th and 14th St.
RENT 2 furnished rooms o\cr Mer
FOR Exchange , N. E. Cor. Kith an
Dodge streets. iSO-tt
port House. lylflti
FLOWER STANU3-At prices rang
FANCY frpni ? 1.CO ao5.EO. Window flower
shelves at 75 cents a sot , at Win. EverUt'o , next
iu Tfih BKK office. 683-7
I OTEL FOR SAtE-F6st focatkm in the
L city. Inquire at this ofBcd. 639-8
"TTIOR SALE OR RENT Honsc , six rooms and
J' lot , Pierce S t. , Shull's addition. 630-8
FR SALE Cottonwood lumber of all sizes , * i
REDMOND'S. SLttsonth.-st. 610-tt
PECIAL NOTICE Ot-o Prison ! , veterinary
O surgeon , graduate of Ihe veterinary college
of S
T OST Ranch of kcjs. Finder -111 be reward-
I 1 ed by leaving- same at Bee Office. 665-BO
TJtOtlND A bunch of keys ; ouner cm have
C the same by callirlg at this office and paying
for this advert'sement. ' 65'Jtf
mAKENUP On Creightcn'a place , a black
J _ cow , with while back , about 10 years old.
Absolutely Pure ,
Made from Gra | > e Cretm Tartar. No othe
preparation makes such lizht , flaky hot bread ? ,
or luxurious piatry. Can be eaten by dypettici
without fear of the ills resulting from heavy i
digestible food.
Sold only In cans , by all Groctra.
Korib Biuao PcnrozK Co. . Nrtv Toik
2000 RECIPE EOOK. Stilt at
Sight. You doubts your money. Addresi Dr.
Cmui'4 Printing House , Ann Arbor , Hick.
GgnUias the Latest Home and Tele *
graphic News of the Day.
S. P. MORSE & GO. ,
ST. ,
Beg Leave to Announce that the Sale of the
For the henefit of visitors and strangers now in u1 City , ive once more
give some facts concerning this Gorgeous StotKIt is one of the
Largest in the West. Its c'ondifion as regards iicirne S is all that CA\T
he desired. As we Purchased the entire Stock , ahout 43,000 in value ,
at a Discount of $20,000 , we are selling Goods at Prices which CAN
NOT BE COMPETED WITH , and it is not necessary to mention in de
tail the Bargains heing offered. Oiir Magniiicent Stock of
Is worthy of inspection , not only as articles of usefulness but as works of Art.
At Prices Below the Cost of Importation.
At Prices { very gratifying to the Purchasers. Underwear for Ladies ,
Gentlemen , and Children at Prices simply Unapproachable.
s. . IMIOIRSIE : & oo.3
EICUTTER ! of Fall and Winter Clothing for Men's Youths' Boys' and'
Children's Wear.
1001 Farnham Street.
the requirements of Everybody.
Poppleton Block. the most varied and elegant ever displayed in the
our large display of Dress nd Business Suits , Fall *
Grand Weight Overcoats , Novelties' in Furnishing Goods ,
Stylish Hats and Caps , Trunks , Valises , Califorfornia
Blankets and Overalls , &c. . &o.
buy one dollar's worth of Clothing until he has seen our
immense Stock and learned our Prices.
Cm CLBBS'S Omcs , 1
OHAIIA , c'ept. 2Dtb , 1830. f
Scaled proposals I1I be received by the under
signed until Tnesdar evening1 , October 5tb , at 7 }
0 clock p. m. , ( or the construction and repairing
oteiuennlka In front of and ail joining the follow
ing dm-iibed premises , to-wit :
West 60 feet of the cast 138 feet of lot 2.
Cpitol add. , eouth tida of Dodge St. , c feet wltie.
West 70 fett of tbeeast 63 feet of lots. Capitol
add. , south aMa of Dodzo St. , 6 feet wide.
Lot 2 , south side of Chicago St. , blk 7 , 6 fett
Lots 1 and 8 , * cst side of 10th street , blk 261 ,
permanent grade , 6 feet wide.
Lot 8. west fj'le of 9thstreet , blk 93 , temporary
irride , 0 feet wide.
Lot 1 , south side of Capitol Avc. , blk 83 , torn-
pcrary jrwui" 6 festwlde.
Lot 1 , west side Cl Bto strc-.t. blk93tempor ry
grading , 6 feet wli .
Lit 8 , west Hde of Bth street , Zlf'O , temporary
trading. 6 feet wide.
Lots 7 and S , north side of Capitol Are. , b'k '
70 , temporary grading. 6 feet wide.
4 cant side of 9th blk "D "
Lot , street , , tjm-
porarr grading , fl feet Ida.
Eist Jot lot 10 , north side Cammlns : street ,
blk 191 $ , temporary griding , 6 feet wide.
Lot 5 , cast side of 22nd street , blk 15 , tem
porary gracing , 6 feet wide.
LntS , cast side Cf 22nd street , bit : 15 , e feet
w'dd.Lot 5 , north side ct California street , blk 15 , "
G feet wide.
East I of lot 10 , north eidc of Camming street ,
blk ink , B feet wide. V
Lota 4 and f , east aide of 9th street , lite "D , "
fl feet wide.
Lots 7 and 8 , north side of Capitol Avenue , blk
70,0 feet ride.
Lot 8 , west sida of 9th street , b'k'.0 , 6 feet
Lois 1 and S , west side of Sth s'rtet , blk 03 ,
Q feet wide
Lot 1 , south side ot Capitol Ave. , blk S3,6 feet
Lot 4 , siuth side of Douglas street , b'k 116 ,
6 feet * ide.
1 ot S , west side of )9th street , blk IU , 6 feet
wide Lots 1,1 , south i of 5 hod 6 , west side of. 19th
street , in Horbach's 2nd add. , blk 6,1 feet wide.
South \ of lets 2,3 , 4 , i. 6 , 7 and 8 , west side
of 19th street , m llorbacb'd 2nd add. , blk 5 , t
feet wide.
Lots 4,5 and 6 , west side 19th street , In Hor-
1 adi'g 2nd add. , blk 4. 4 feet wide
Lots 2 and 3 , west tide of 19ih street , E. V
Emlth add. , bik 3 , i tect wide.
Lot south 3 of 8 , west tide of 16th street , blk
201 } , 10 feet wide
Lots 1 and 2. south side of Howard street ,
[ Kountze & Ruth's addition ] blkl. 0 feet wide
Lot 8 , west side of llth street , blk 18 , 6 feet
wide.Lots 3 and 4. south side of Davenport street ,
blk 78,6 feet wide.
Uorth i of 8 , west siJo cf 16th street , bli 193 } ,
6 feet
South ? of 3. west side of 18th street , blk 201 } ,
6 feet wide.
Such sidewalks to be constricted and repilr-
ed of 2 Inch pine plank , first quality , and to be
be Iu width as abore spedfieo.
To be pjld for in warrants drawn upon a
special food to be leried upon the In.
front of and adjoining which ( aid sidewalks are
to be conttructel or repaired
Each bid must be accompanied with a band
In the ram of Five Hundred Dollars , asagtur.
anUe that the bidder will acc'ptthe contract
and perform tbe work in case the stme I * let to
him. Bids to be opened at the flnt regular
meeting of tbe dty ccund' ,
All bids to be sddreMed to tbe undersigned
ana endorsed , "Proposas for constructing * nd
repairing sidewilks. ' * Tbe right is reserved to
reject aiiyand all bids.
By order of tha City Council.
City Clerk.
Oval Brand
The aalea of this "brand" cf Ojfteti hare now ont tilrP J U other . * Yon got . more . OjrtCTi 1M
WEIfill T AMD HEASUBE In cms ol this brand th n n any oth r. Ii. B. UEEMER. . .
BcplJlm General Western Azent. Omaha.
Propose for the next ninety (90) ( ) days to sell then ,
entire stock of
Diamonds , Watches ,
Jewelry , Clocks ,
Silver-Ware ,
\ \
Pianos & Organ /
At Manufacturing Prices , Which is from 15 to 20 per
cent , helow any Eastern Wholesale House ,
preparatory to moving into their
weN Store , Cor. Nth & Farnham
We Meaij Business , Come and be Convinced ,