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Established 1871 , MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
> I1 P > KW anJ retail , Jurt arrived at the
111K Farttliam Street *
( Oppo lVa Dcwey 4 Stone's , )
Omaha , - - Nebr.
ItgrPurcaMsrs f om this dialogue auuunling
to T5 00 or over , will be M owrd an additional
dtscoant of Eve per cent ; 815.00 or over , ten per
cent ; 8JO.OO or over , Wtecn percent.
jf ITK Parties orderlos bv mill will cnclnee
lOc lor 12mo , and 20c foro. . books to cover
History and Biography.
Hume's Illrtory ot Enland. . From the
] nrutcnof Ju If" Cvnr to the Abdlct-
tiou of JKUCS U , 1G3S. 0 vol * , large
I2mo . . . $ 4 00
O'bbou'slliE'ury ' it tbe Decline and Fall
o' the RomanEmpire. . 0 vols. larffu
12mo . i 00
MicauliyV History ol England. From
the Ascension if Janice , II. 6 volg.
arr ? ISrao . . . . . . . . . 3 00
1 Aul. fr"o fliccp . . . . .4 . . 2 SO
Kniirtt e IVpu'ar llisory { ut E"i.jatid. 8
volf. c'o'Ji ' llastr. . . 8 60
Mirtl.cau1 * History otF jfiand. 4 vole. . 360
Gutto * . ' . * Hls'ory ol Pjgjard From th ?
Euic illm * _ ,4the jjoi-rn oT Queen
Schmlti Orient " .History. Complete In
" volume. 12mo. cloth 1 00
TalPVg History of Enili h Literature.
Tximplcten ! 1 volume. 12m . ceth I 2S
"Bancroft's Blst ry of tbe United States.
Centenary Ealtion , 6 vols. ISmo. cloJi
extra. . . . . 10 00
Kol'iu's ' Ancient Historv. l < ew Largo
Type Editions. 4 vol * . ISmo cloth 4 BO
Svnls 4to cloth . . . . . . . . * 00
PJuUrch'n Lives of Illud'-ri uiMcn. With
I ife of Plutarch. S x ls.ltao. cloth gilt
and Kilt tons SOO
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Jojcnbau' Complete Works , 8vc. cloth. . . 1 S5
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History f the Cnmdn , With 150 lllos .ra
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Science , MythuUey , History , Indians.
Land Titles , CoustitutioTis , Laws , Cities.
Colleges , Army anil Navy. Debts , Rate
ot 11 < ruilty. Growth ot CIt cs , Rates of
Interest , Insolvent ani Assignment
Lau-s , ete. , etc. , cloth , over 100 page * . . 75
And thousands ot other volume * , too numer-
f > a to mention , both new and ttcond-band.
either In cub. or In excharre.
Adddres * :
1118 Funham street ,
Trouble Anticipated at a
Big Demonstration
Over Garibaldi.
France Alone Responsible for
the European Naial Demon
stration Turning Out
a Failure.
Texan Cattle Fever Breaks
Out in England.
Special Dispatch to The Bes.
LONDON , October 1t p. m.Il is
stated on high authority that England
adheres to Lcr original programme on
the Turkish question. She proposes
to compel Turkey to submit com
pletely the'prbvisioTris'bf the Berlin
treaty. In this position she is fully
sustained by the other powers , who ,
while not desiring or contemplating a
war , are yet Considering the amplifi
cation o ! the eastern programme ,
which , BO far as can be understood ,
E pears to be ouo of extraordinary
isticity. Sir Charles Dilke will pro
bably cuter the cabinet as first com
missioner of works. In that event
Laonard Courtney , a member of par
liament and also au editorial writer
on The Times , will succeed Dilke , as
under foreign secretary. These ap
pointments of advanced radicals fore ,
shadow that the policy of Gladatone j
will be entirely of an anti-Turkish |
character. j
Several officers of the late southern
confederacy and others are about leav-
"ng London for the purpose of taking
service with Gen. Tehernaiffwhois or
ganizing a force in cast Roumelia to
fight the Turks.
Special Dispatch to the Iteo
ROME , October 2 , 1 a. m. Gen. i
Garibaldi will land at Genoa , Sunday ,
and will bo the recipient of a public
receptionfor which great preparations
are being made. The uoverumont
fears a turmoil , as Gnribahii threatens
to publicly proceed to the prison where
his son-in-lpw is imprisoned.
Special Dispatch to The Bco.
PARIS , October 2. 1 a. m. It is
now evident that the refusal of
France to co-operate with the othur
powers at Dulciguohas had much to do
with the ridiculous result of the na
val demonstration. M. Jules Ferry ,
in conversation with the correspond
ent of a German paper , declared
plainly that France would not fire a
shot to force the Albanians into sub
mission. A telegram published in the
Figaro , purporting to come from Ra-
gneaposilively states that the demon
stration has been abandoned in defer
ence to the wish of the French cabinet.
According to the Figaro , the Russian
men-of-war will leave Gravo5a to-day.
There IB to bo a meeting at the Oir-
cui Arnando on Sunday to protest
against intervention ; Rocheforte
is one of the chief organizers of the
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , October 2 1 a. m.
Nine hundred weavers of the Victoria
mills at Wigan have struck against a
redaction of five per cent in wages.
This throws 500 more hands out of
employment. Should the strike con-
tiuue , a large portion of the spinning
department will be stopped.
Lord Lyons has returned to Paris.
Another meeting of the cabinet it
appointed for Monday. It is under
stood that no conclusion has as yet
been reached on the eastern question.
The Texas cattle fever hcs made its
appearance in Essex.
A dispatch from Constantlple says
anarchy and desolation in Eptrus and
Tneisaly are increasing. Four vil
lages in the neighborhood of Seagor
have been pillaged by musselmen and
Chrhtian marauders , whom the Turk
ish troops are pursuing.
Special Digpatch to The Bee.
ROME , October 2 1 a. m. The
dirotto of this city denies an alliance
between England and Italy.
Special Dispatch in The Bee.
LONDON , October 2 1 a. m. The
queen has telegraphed her congratula
tions to the goveruor-geneial of Aus
tralia , on the successful opening f
the industrial exhibition at Melborne.
BERLIN , October 2. Prince Bis
marck on behalf of Oldenberg , Bre
men and Hamburg , parties to the
commercial treaty with Belgium in
18G2 , declined to sanction the new
shipping tariff at Antwerp proposed by
the Belgium government.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
DUBLIN , October 2. Earl Oowper ,
lord lieutenant of Ireland , has caused
to be posted throughout the county i f
Galway ofiering u reward of 1000
nd a free pardon to any accomplice
Riving evidence to convict the mur
derers of Lord Mountcmorres.
Special Dispatch to THE Bn.
PARIS , October 2. The extreme
left have called a public meeting , to
bo held on Sunday , to protest against
France's participation in the naval
demonstrations arjainst Dulciguo.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , October " 2 1 a. m. Mr.
Goschen , the British ambassador to
Constantinople , will return to Eng
land early tn November and will
probably accept the chancellorship of
the exchequer.
Special Dispatches to Th Uee
CONSTANTINOPLE , Oct. 2. Negotia
tions are proceeding here , the powers
accepting the sulton's appeal fo the
emperior ct Germany as the initiatave
by the Porte.
Special Dl patches to TBS BII.
LONDON , October L Pegram , the
colored pedestrian from Boston , bis
trainer and hii backer , have arrived at
Southampton ; also Harry Ho ward , of
Mt. Clair , N. J. Both pedestrians
will content for the Astley belt next
LONDON , October 1 A dispatch
from Melbourne states that the inter
national exhibition has been opened
under favorable auspices.
Schurz and tbe Germans.
Special Dispatch to Thi Bef ,
CLEVELAND , 0. , October 2,1 a. m.
Secretary Schurz addressed a large
audience in German at the Cleveland
arro.Ory la t evening' . His speech was
mainly ona of finance and ho furn-
tibed some elaborate arguments from
a republican standpoint. He stated
that any change in the administration
of the government ferjnltl not but be
de iroying tti all business and manu
facturing Interests of the country , for
a'l the dangerous elements in politics
were In the democratic party , and
nationalists wore attracted to that
party , feeling that'by its means was
the 'onlychance ' of accomplishing their
designs. The democratic assaults on
national banks bould not be resisted
by the executive , for he would be pre
vented from directing the policy of
the party if he desired it different
from the leaders. Regarding the con- of the south , Secretary
Sjjhurz was one of the first to favo'r
that policy , and it was a foolish asser
tlon to say that the south wai abused
in any way. Hancock had done good
war service and was a gentleman , but
he would be a tool , in conclusion
the secietary paid a handome compli
ment to Garfield.
Uonklinc's Great Audience
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
CINCINNATI , October 2 1 c. m.
One of the largest political meetings
that ever took place in Cincinnati ,
assembled at tbe Highland House last
evening , to listen to Senator Conk-
ling. Over ten thousand seats had
been prepared , but thousands were
obliged'to stand and thousands were
turned away unable to get within hear-
lng _ distance. The spnafcor begin by
denying the published statement that
he had opposed every means intro
duced into congress in the interest of
the Ohio valley. New York , ha
claimed , was interested financially in
the property of Ihe Ohio valley , and
he desired it as much as anybody and
Iho same was true of the south. He
next referred to the new Cincinnati
Southern railway , and stated in sub
stance , that because Cincinnati waa
on good business terms with the
south , that they Were friends at heart.
The largo internal revenue that Cin
cinnati paid , and tbe two candidates
for congress were also referred to , but
the remainder of his spech , which oc
cupied only about an hour in delivery , '
had reference to topics .dwelt upon in
his former speeches. He * will remain
in the city to-day t nd attend the
The Western Union Still Holds
U. P. "Wires.
Special Dispatch to The Beet
ST. Louis , October 2,1 a m. Jus
tice Miller , of the United States
court , rendered an opinion yesterday
in the celebrated telegraph case. The
suit was originally brought in the
state court of Kansas on the prayer of
the Western Union telegrapn com
pany to restrain the American Union
from interfering with their wires.
The allegation was that the defendant ,
the Kansas Pacific road , was about to
sell the wire of its line to the Ameri
can Union , connect them with the
Union Pacific railway line , and de
stroy the facilities of the Western
Union for transmitting of its messa
ges to the Pacific coast. An injunc
tion to restrain the Kansas Pacific
was granted some time ago , and the
case removed here , where a motion to
dissolve was argued lengthily some
days ago. The contract between the
Kansas Pacific road and the Western
Union , as given by the judge in sub
stance , was that one line of wires waste
to be erected , maintained and worked
by the railroad company. Thcsa
wires were to be erected for the use of
the telegraph compauy and paid for
jointly. The tplegraph compauy had
the exclusive privilege of commercial
business. The purpose of the con
tract was to give the Western Union
the exclusive right to the business of
the line , and it was to enforce this
right that the injunction was laid.
The Western Union worked a line so
long from the Missouri river to the
Pacific that , if the injunction were
dissolved , they would be compelled to
erect 600 miles of new wire. This
wou'd be a great expense , and the
hands of each party to the contro
versy should be so tied that the pub
lic would not suffer. The railroad
company had the exclusive right of
one wire , and might use it for com
mercial purposes and their own busi
ness , but they had no right to inter
fere with tbe other three wires used
by the Western Union. The motion
to dismiss the injunction was denied ,
Judge McCrary assenting.
Presidential "Party.
Special diepatchcs to The Bee.
PORTLAND , Or. , October 2. The
presidential party left Roseburg on a
special train yesterday forenoon. At
Eugene City , Junction City and
Albany , the people gathered at the
stations and gave the president a
hearty reception. At.Salem the party
was received by members of the
legislature and prominent citizens ,
escorted to the capitol and presented
to the legislature , and after a short
delay the train moved on for Port
land. Tbe party received ovations at
Aurora , Oregon City and other points
on the road. In this city the president
was met at the depot by Mayor
Thompson , who welcomed him to the
city. A procession was formed and
marched through the principal streets
to the hotel , where apartments were
provided. The bells of the city were
runs , steam whistles were blown ,
salutes fired and the streets handsome
ly decorated and lined with cheering
crowds. Aiterxreturning to his room
for a few moments' rest , he appeared
on the balcony and briefly thanked
the citizens for the honor shown him.
Gen. Sherman and Secretary Ramsey
followed. Mrs. Hayes wan presented
and bowed her acknowledgents amid
enthusiastic cheers.
NEW YORE , October 2 Tammany
and anti Tammany failed to unite on
a county ticket , and will have another
conference on Tuesday.
Weaver Charged With
Campaigning on Re
publican Money.
Meeting of ft League for the
Furtherance of Peaceful
Measures-Agitating fo ?
International Ar
A Marine Hospital Service to
be Proud of.
Special Dispatch to The Bte.
WASHINGTON , October 1,10 pm.
The payments made from tbe treasury
department by Warrauts during the
month of September , 1880 , were as
follows : On account of civil and mia-
celIaneous$4GOG,7156GwarS3,628- ;
915.95 ; navy , 81,785,824.41 } ; in
terior ( Indians ) , S7SO.U48 37 ;
37 ; interior ( pension * ) , $4,134,000.
Total , 814,931,10434. The above
does not include payments made on
account of the interest or principal of
the public department of the United
In connection with the commercial
interests of the cb'untry , that branch
of the public service known as the
marno hospital service has , of late
yeaw , earned an enviable reputation
for activity , economical administration
and the practical enforcement of the
beat ideai of civil service reform.
The average coat of taking care of its
patients , of whom 28,8GOwere treated
during the last fiscal year , has gradu
ally diminished , udtil in 1880 , more
than double the number of sick in
1809 were actually 'cared for at a less
total expenditure. The annual report
for 1880 shows that , while the , num
ber of patients in 1869 was only 11-
365 , which were treated at a cost of
S4JGC8tf ( , the 24,800 aick seamen ta
ken euro of by the service last year
required an expenditure of only
$402,105. The relation of the total
cost to the number of patients is shown
by the average per capita cost which
has been reduced by degrees from
§ 38 41 in 1870 to § 16.18 in 1880.
fllAt fcoMEt ,
The Smithsonian Institute has 're
ceived from Prof. Harrington , of Ann
Arbor , the discovery by himself , on
September 30 , 1880 , of a comet in 14
hra. 38 min , , right ascension ; 29 dei ; .
20 min. north declination , with a
hnad 10 min. in diameter and a tail
50 min. long.
The commissioner of internal revenue
enuo this morning received n dispatch
from Collector Olark , at Atlanta , Ga. ,
stating that a force of twenty depu
ties sent to Red Oak , Campbell coun
ty , seized six largo illicit distilleries.
This is the came notorious locality
wbera the officers inet.such obstinate
resistance a few months ago , and op
position to the revenue laws is still so
bitter that a large force is necessary to
make seizures in this locality.
Special Dispatch to The Bee. \
WASHINGTON , October 2 , 1 a. m.
The national anti war league last
night had their second meeting , at
which a form of organization waa re
ported by the committeeand adopted.
The object of the association is to co
operate with kindred organizations in
this and other nations for the discon
tinuance of national wars and the set
tlement of international difficulties
by means of peaceful arbitration , and
for the dissemination of facts with a
view to create public opinion every
where in favor of tbe great and good
object of ameliorating and elevating
the condition of humanity. Hon.
Frederick P. Stanton was elected
president of the league ; Gen. John
Tyler , vice president ; Hon. L S.
fowler , ex-senator from Tennessee ,
corresponding secretary ; Sampson P.
Moses , recording secretary , and Hon ;
John Pool , -we senator from North
Carolina , treasurer. Dr. John H.
Peebbles was accredited as the repre
sentative of the league in bis visit to
foreign parts. Eloquent speeches
were made by several of the member ? . league then adjourned to the
first Monday in November.
Dyer D. Lum , assistant secretary
of the national greenback-labor par
ty , has resigned his position. He
conveys this intelligence to the chair
man tn a lengthy letter , which is dys
peptic in the extreme. Among other
charges of treachery of the party
leaders , ho says that Gen. Weaver's
expenses for campaigning is borne by
the republican national committee ,
and he threatens mysteriously to tell
all he knows , which one would mis
trust him as having done in his letter.
Special Dispatches to The Bee.
CHICAGO , October 1. A News dis
patch from Mansfield , 0. , says J. D.
Burgh , the Hancock pedestrian , had a
fine impromptu reception there. He
paraded the streets withnfie and knap
sack , led by a band and followed by a
procession , X.
IVNOWLESVILLE , N. Y. , October 1.
The women's suffrage a'ate commit *
ttee opened their canvass of Albany
county by a crowded meeting. Mist
A. L. Forbes presided , and several
clergymen and leading citizens were
praeent. The women present express
ed their intention to vote.
TRKNTONN. J. , October 1 Short
ly before 1 o'clock this morning a fire
broke out in Merchant street , thia
city , which resulted very disastrously.
It originated in the firing of a quanti
ty of straw in an old crockery crate in
the shed belonging to the Merchants' '
Transportation company. The flames
communicated tb tev ral barrels ol
petroleum , one of which bursted ,
scattering burning oil in all directions.
which flowed in streams to surround
ing buildings and running in the gut
ters. Total losses , § 80,000.
MILWAUKEE , October 1. Archblsh
op Henni is lying at the point o
ceath. He ha § been sinking gradual
ly for a fortnight.
October 1. The sal
of subscription ticket * for the Bern
harlt season at Booth's baan thi
morning at that theatre. Tnero wa
a rash of applicants. Tbe price o
sea ion tickets is § 60 , and in less thai
an hour 400 of tbe choicest orchestr
chairs had been taken representing
§ 24,000. i
CHICAGO , October 1 Gen. Stewart
Woodford , of Neir'York , wid Judge
Tourgee , ofJforth Oarolina apote tea
a large republican meeting at McCormick -
mick hall last night. HbnKirk
Hawes and others addressed ; an over
flowing meeting in Turner hall.
NfeW Yost , September Im-iTbe
hew Seventh regiment armory was
thrown open from 10 a. m.till 11 p.
m. yesterday , fdr thd inspection of
the public , : in remembrance bl the
generous contributions to the. atniory
fund. At one time in the'eV ning , it
is estimated , 40,000 people were in
the building.
' ' ! . The
WAfiHiNOlofT , October , -
journeymen coopers' strike'in George *
own ends to-days , their employers
creeiiig to Increase wages'from 10 to
12J cents per barrel.
Ncw'YoRK , October 2Thocourt
jf inquiry into the batlle bfTije
Forks re-convened esteHay.JThc
te5tiniony developsd nothing newand
the principal witness exi-minpi was
Brig. ' Gen.'Ri S. McKenzie , who
iommanded a do'achment of cavalry
tn that occasion.
YORK , October 2. JudglD6
f'Om present indioatibni the horse dla-
emper is gradually spreading and
remises to be as serious in its results
s the epidemic of 1872. The pro-
iortion of railroad and stage horses
fleeted is about one-third of the total
umber in the stables of the various
NEW ToBK , October 1 1 p. 111.
MONEY At 2 pet cent ; exchange stead ;
.Steid" . . ,
I.S. 6'881 . 1 0 U.S.4'B . 1 07 }
J.S. 6's . 1 02J Currency 64. . 1 24
J.S.4i's . 109J
Active and advanced JQllc , reacting J@5c ,
wu o g & 10 . 18
NTC Lackaw nni _ 90
Erie HUdsonCatul . 84j
llil DftB 0 . 71.
> ike3hore.r . 10SJ Cen Pac . 73J
Northwcaterp . 10JS N , J C . : . . 7S8
orthweBtem M&E . . . .Ill
1 M . ) < 9j Heading. . 29 }
hio. . 34 I. H . 61
'hiopfd ' . 73 NP . 28 }
it. Paul . 91J N P pfd . 62 }
t. PaulpU. . lll > L&N . 55
It Joe . 89 } N &C . 60
; t. Joopfd . 81 AUTel . 60'
IVahish 87 CBiQ 13tJ
IVabash pfd 691 CanadaS 5J
"nuna 42 : A&P 40
) m h pfd fi2 K& T 36 ;
MO 06 : Alton , . . . 51
U. P. 89 ;
( Jhlcago Produce Market !
OuiCAOO | October 1.
"Wheat Quiet and -J@lc lower ;
No. 2 spring , closing at 93c for cash ;
92Jc for October ; 03cfor November ;
92c for the year.
Corn Steady for cash , but J@ cower
ewer for futuredeliveryNo. ; 2 closing
> t39J < g39gc for cash ; 39o for Octo
ber ; 40jc for November ; 44 c for
Oats 3c lower for present , but un
changed for future delivery ; No. 2 ,
3030gc for cash , closing at 30c ;
On'ober closing at 30c ; November at
llye Steady and firm at 82c for
cash or October ; 84Jo for December.
Barley Firm at 74c forNo. 2 , cash ,
October or November
Whisky 81 11.
Pork Closed at § 18 25@18 60 for
cash ; 818 2018 25 for October ;
$12 6712 70 for November ; § 12 15
© 1220 for the year.
Lird Closed at 7 80for cash , Oc-
, obor , November or January.
Chicago Live Stock.
CHICAGO , October 1.
Hogs Large supply and dull at a
decline of 5c per 100 pounds ; sales at
§ 4 905 05 'for light shipping and
packing ; § 4 60@4 90 f orheavy packing ;
§ 5 005 ( 35 for heavy shipping lota.
Receipts , 19,580.
Cattle The continued large receipts
of medium grades and the excessive
receipts of Texan cattle , with but
few desirable shipping steers among
the arrivals , caused buyers to hold off ,
and at the hour our reporter left the
yards there was but ltttle disposition
to operate , the only sale being forty
head of Colorado and Texan steers at
§ 2 95 ; 131 head of good steera sold * at
§ 4 55. At the present writing pens
are filled with stock , and but little
disposition on the part of buyers to
purchase at present figures. Fresh
receipts , 6,756'
UtILGUlaiFroauce. .
ST. Louis , October 1.
Flour Unchanged
Wheat Lower and weak ; No.2 red ,
94jc for cash ; 94c for October ; 96t
® 9Gka96i@96Jc for November ; 97j
@ 974@97ofor December ; 94J@94gc
"or the year ; No. 3 , 89jc.
Corn Dull and lower at 38fo for
sash ; 38gc for October ; 39Jc for
November ; 38jc for December ; SSjc
for the year.
Oats Lower at 29 © 29 c for cash ;
291c for October.
Eye Dnll at 82 c.
Barley Quiet ; choice to fancy ,
Lead Quiet at 8462 $ .
Butter Unchanged.
Eggs Unchanged.
Whisky Steady at $1 10.
Pork Nominal for cash ; October
settlements at $19 00.
Dry Salt Jleats Dull ; uncnred
meats , $5 10@5 20@8 10@8 20@8 40 ®
Lower fat § 5 75587 * @
9 25. "
Lard Qqlet at § 7 75.
Receipts Flour 30,000 brla , wheat
46.000 bn , corn 18,000 bn , oats 11-
000 , bu , rye 4,000 , barley 24,000.
Shipments Flour 11,000 brls ,
wheat 17,000 bu , corn 7,000 bu ,
oats 6,000 bn.
St. ijoula Live Stock.
ST. Louis , October 1.
Hcgs Active ; Yorkers and Bal-
timores , § 4 804 90 ; mixed pack
ing , $4 75@5 00 ; butchers to fancy ,
85 00@5 30. Receipts , 4,000 ; ship
ments , 1,000.
Ne > w York Produce Market.
NEW YORK. Oa'.ober 1.
Flour Receipts , 13,884 ; sales , 17 ,
000 ; market steady and active ; round
hoop Ohio , $4 50@4 95 ; choice , do
§ 5 OOQ6 00 ; superfine western , § 3 5 (
@ 4 05.
Wheat Active ; sales , 72,000 bn.
No. 2 red winter , § 1 08J@1 08 ? ; No
2 , Chicago , § 1 07i@107 | .
Corn Qaiet ; No. 2 , olfc.
PJOafs Easier ; white No. 1 , 43c ; No
2 , 42 @ 42jc ; No. 3 , 40@41c ; mixec
No. 1 , 42Jc ; No. 2 do , 42c.
Pork § 17 50 for October ; § 18 9i
for November ; § 14 00 for December
§ 13 50@14 50 for the year. *
Lard § 8 30@8 35 for October
f3 25@8 30 for November ; § 8 20 < ;
8 27 | for December ; $8 208 27 $ for
January ; § 8 208 25 for the year.
llortnern Wheat Crop.
Speslsl Dlibatch to The.Bes.
MINNEAPOLIS , Minn. , October 2 , 1
ai m. In the aggregate the wheat in
thia state and in Dakota has turned
out better than was expected three
weeks ago , when the harvesters were
overtaken by frequent heavy rains.
The crop of Minnesota is but li tie
short of an average , and , in Dakota ,
it is fully Up to the average and tnrn-
liij ; out'r0nl twenty to thirty bush
els to the acre , and moat of it grnd *
ing No. 1. In some localities , the
yield is thirty-five bushels to the acre.
The Northern Pacific railroad is em
ploying its entire freighting capacity
to move the grain to Duluth. Here
the rcCeipt& bf wheat afe large ,
amounting to 193,600 bushels last
week. Prices rule at 880 for No. 1 ,
SSisfor No. 2 , and 77c forNo. 3. The
millers pay as high as 91c for No.
.1 wh n delivered at fche mills in wa
gons. At Duluth th'o wheat reCeip4 &
now approximate 300,000'bushels per
weokr and it ii shipped at oncefor the
lower lakes and the seaboard. Prices
there rule as high as 98c for No. 1
hard and 94c fur No. 1 , which are fair
prices :
i- *
Kariaaa Uur'der.
Special Dhpalch 15 Th Bel .
CHICAGO , October 2 1 d. mi An
interesting murdei case came to light
here yesterday. Win. H. Fairchild ,
known at different times and in differ
ent places uuder thu aliases of Wm.
H. Burton , H. M. Clark , Robert
Howell and H. Schumaker , waa sen
tenced shortly after the war to the
Michigan penitentiary for highway
Jobbery. After fiofviiig his term , he
went to Toledo and married a girl
named Lillie , by whom ho had one
child , a little aid. In course of time
Fairchild , or Howellas he was known
there , was sentenced for atlother three
years in the Ohio penitentiary for
horse stealing. When his term ex
pired , he found his wife keeping a
House of ill-repute. They resolved to
go -rest and re/Orril / , and Mr ? , Fair-
child's ftep-father , Richard French ,
who had money , was taken along , and
purchased a farm for them on the con
dition that they would take care of
him the remainder of his days. They
settled In Harper county , Kansas.
Old man French disappeared myater-
louBly some time during August ,
1878 , but the country being sparsely
'populated ' , little was thought as to
what had become of him. Fairchild ,
wife and little girl then returned to
Toledo , ho having converted the farm
into ready caeli. They lived in a
house with a detective named Horace
Kerlzler , and one day Kerlzlar over
heard the little girl saying her pa had
killed grandpa , and knowing of
French's disappearance , the detective
charged Mrs. Fairchild with the crime.
She finally acknowledged that Fairchild -
child had brained him with a club
and bitried the body. KertzW wrote
.o . the officers in Harper county and
, hey found the body where the wo
man had designated , with the skull
Vactured. Kortzler was commission-
id to arrest Fairchild , but the latter
had flown to Michigan. There he
committed a forgery of § 500 and
loped with the wife of David A.Can-
ield. They came to Chicago as H. .
Schnmaker and wifeand Mr. Canfield
wrote here for their arrest. This the
hicago police succeeded in doing last
Saturday night. Unluckily for Fairchild -
child , they had one of Kertzler's cir-
cularsdescribing thei murderer of Rich
ard French , and Fairchild was readily
dentified. Kertzler , and alto the
Kansas authorities , were communica-
ed with and came on , and yesterday
Fairchild was taken on a requisition
iack to Kansas , the scene of his
murder over two years ago. .
Iowa Hallway Building :
ipocial dispatch to TUB BBS.
DBS MOINES , la .October 2,1 a. m.
At a meeting of the directors of the
Dos Moines and Kansas City railroad
: ompany Wednesday , the president
was directed to proceed at once with
he survey of the road , and accord
ingly an engineer corps will be put in
he field within ten days.
Exporting Grease foa Butter
Special diapatcb to The Bee.
NEW YORK , October 1 4 p. m.
Joseph Nimm , Jr. , chief of the bureau
statistic of the treasury department ,
has just sent a reply to a complaint
by a produce exchange , that mach of
the export product reported as butter
was really oleomargarine. He says
returns are made , not from examination
of the merchandise , but from sworn
manifesto furnished by shippers , and
that the difficulty lies in fraudulent
descriptions of oleomargarine asbutter
by these papers. He suggests a con
ference with the collector of the port
on the subject , if he does not himself
come to New York.
Heavenly Show.
Special Dispatch to The Uee.
ROCAESTER , N. Y. , October 2,1 a.
m. Prol. Swift had a sight last even
ing of the comet described by Prof.
Harrington , of Ann Arbor. Prof.
Swift gays it is barely possible that it
is a return of the great cqmat of 1812.
Its tail to-night wll be 'five degrees
long and plainly visible to the naked
eye. It is the finest comet ever seen
for apectroacopic analysis.
K. K. K. Revived.
Special Dispitch to The Bee.
BOWLING GREENE , Ky. , October 2 ,
1 a. m. Butler county seems to be in
bad condition ; the Ku Klux and anti-
Klu Klux are now on the war path in
the northern part of the county.
There are a r.umberbf women ped
dling whisky of the moonshiners , and
Monday the courthouse was thronged
with witnesses ready and willing to
go before the grand jury. The Klu
Klu whipped about seventy-five
men and women only a few days since
for bad conduct and some of the
tabooed at once formed an anti-Ku
Klux and retaliated , treating about
forty of the K. K. to the same fare ,
and one at a time. The end is not
yet Both sides are determined ,
armed and equipped.
Another Comet.
Special DIjpitch to The Bee.
DETROIT. Octobdr 1 4 p. m. Prof.
Mark W. Harrington , director pf the
Ann Arbor observatory , discovered a
large comet near Epsilon , Bootes la t
night , tail nearly a degree long. Hu
has not yet reported its motion and
exact position to Detroit observers.
Bow We Grow.
Special Dispatch to The Ke
NEW YOEK , October 2 , 1 a. m.
The number of emigrants that arrived
at this port for the month of Septem
ber was 26,942. The entire number
that arrived since January is 254-
" ' "
A Pair of Republican Lead
ers Confident of Vic
tory in Indiana.
The Solid Men of Boston
Looking to Mexico for
a Subsidy.
The Rebel Legacy Reduced
Kine Millions of Dollars
During September.
The Oil War.
Spoc'al ' Dispatch to Tlie.Bjc.
NEW YOKE , October J , 4 p. m.
The employees of the Standard Oil
company , who have guarded the Pipe
line at the Geutreville , New Jersey
bridge , against the New Jersey Cen
tral railroad , have been withdrawn
and one hundred special policemen
of Cehtrevillohave been mustered out ,
the railroad conlpany having prom
ised not to attack the bridge as long
as ihd oil traffic is dot given to the
Erie & Pennsylvania railroad. Pipes
have been laid across the Hickensack
river , in spite of the opposition of the
Pennsylvania uallroad company.
Kxportlng Wheat
Special Dlip-itch ta The Kee.
NEW YORK , October 1 4 p. m.
Th < 3ro has been an unusually l\r o
business In freights to Europe lately.
The agreements reported here and nt
the out.ports for wheat alone within
the past twenty-four hours , agnrogate
1,750,000 bushels , which more than a
hundred thousand are in berth hero ,
and upwards of 900,000 on charter
contracts in New York.
Death From Politics ,
tioecial Dispatch ta Tns UBB.
NASHVILLE , Tenn. , October 1. 4 p.
m. S. F. Wilson , republican ( iaridi-
date for governor , spoke here yester
day afternoon. After the speaking
laat night , a fight occurred over pol-
itlca between Geo. R. C. Wilson and
ono Thompson. The former was
Indiana Safe.
Special Dispatch tn The Uee
CHICAOO , October 1 4 p. m.
Judge Tourgee and Gen. Woodford
were interviewed as to the situation in
Indiana. The Judao ; eatd ho had met
a great many people who could tell all
all about an election before it came
off , but he never could. He knew of
no state , however , where the young
men were as largely republican ns in
Indiana. Gen. Woodford said he hrd
formed a comparison between the
campaign in Indiana in 1876 and the
present one. Then ho found the general -
oral drift to be away from the
republican party. In the present
campaign he had not found one man
who waa leaving the republican p.irty ,
but many were coming to it from the
greenback and democratic parties.
Ho.hoiiovcd the state would be re
publican and thought the republicans
ought tohavo nerve and good sense
enough to prevent illegal votingabout
which , rumor is BO prevalent.
August Statement.
Sperhl Dispatches to Tun Bra.
Washington , D. C. , Oct. 1. 4
p. m. The following is a synopsis of
the public debt for Snptomber : De
crease of debt , $8,974,891 C8 ; gold
certificates , $7,511,500 ; silver certifi
cates , 818,521,960 ; currency certifi-
catesS9.'J65,000refimdiijf ; ; certificates
$1,083,850 ; tenders , § 346,681-
016 ; fractional currency.$71S,194,037 ;
cash in treasury , § 199,945,200.49 ;
decrease since June 30th , 1880 ,
Tne Kentucky Lottery.
SpocUl Dispatch to Tan Bis.
WASHINGTON , October 1 , 4 p. rn.
Congressman Carlilso , of Ky. , and
Judge Lochrano of Ga. , attorneys , and
Mr. Dickinson , the manager of the
Kentucky lottery company , visited
Postmaster-General fllaynard to-day ,
aJd at some length , presented a re
quest that his recent ordur withholding
from delivery that companies miil
now in the poatoffice at Louisville ,
Kortucky , bo temporarily suspended.
They argued that a3 a question in
volving the same Issue on which the
order mentioned , is baaed , now pct.d-
ing in the United States supreme
court , it would be justice to suspend
the action of the department until
that question is decided. Poat-mas-
ter-Geoeral Maynard had the matter
under advisement and promised to
give his answer to-morrow.
A Mexican Subsidy.
Scecial Dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YOEK , Oct. 1. Rudolph Fink ,
a brother of the Trunk Nine
railroad commissioner Fink , has juit
sailed for Mexico , where he goes in
the interest of a company recenty or
ganized in Boston for the purpose o
building a railroad from the City o
Mexico to El Paso , Texas. The
length of the proposed road Is 1,100
miles , of which more than two hun
dred miles have been surveyed and
about fifteen miles graded. All thi
money required for the enterprise ha :
been subscribed , principally in Bos
ton. A aubaidy of 900 dollars a mile
has been secured from the Mexican
government. Rudolph Fink , who is
to be general manager and chief en
gineer of the road , has hod a krg
railroad expetienca in the south am
A Second Bender.
Spatial dispatch to The Bee.
CHICAGO. October 1 , 4 D. m. A
man named William H. Fdirchild ,
who murdered his stepfather-in-law ,
Richard French , in August 1878. in
Harper county , Kansas , and for whom
detectives have been searching ever
since , was arrested here last Saturday ,
anil was to-day taken back to Kaneas
on a requisition from Gov. St. John.
Fairchild has travelled through the
country and ia known in different
places under the aliases of Wm. H.
Burton , H. M. Clark , Robert Howell ,
Schnmaker , etc. Other murders and
forgeries are charged to him , and
when all the facie come out , it is said
hia will be a second Bender caae.
Undoubtedly the best shirt In the
United State * ia manufactured at the
Omaha Shirt Factory. The superiority
of Material and workmanship , com
bined with their great improvements ,
that Is Reinforced fronts , Reinforced
backs and Reinforced sleevea , makes
their shirt the , moat durable and best
fitting garment of the kind , ever
Wholesale and Retail Jfnnn
factnrinp :
Gold and Silver Watches
and Jewelry in the
Come and See Our Stock
as We Will Be Pleased
to Show Goods.
15th & Dodge , Opposite Postoffico.
Gives universal Satisfaction and that it ia stead
ily and rapidly increasing in public tavor.
The White Machine justly claims to be the
best made , the easiest running , the simplest'in
construction and the most perfect Machine in
the market.
The White Co. employ as agents men of in
tegrity , and purchasers are always satisfied ,
because they find everything just as repres
Everybody should use this Machine. The
sales so far thia year are more than double
the corresponding1 time last year.
AUorders * addressed to the Omaha Office ,
be promptly filled.
or. Davenport and 15th Sts. Omaha.
Raving just opened an entirely new line of
We would ask the Merchants of Nebraska to inspect our Stock ,
feeling confident we can meet the wants of all in good Goods and
Low Prices
Cor. 14th and Dodge Sts ,
manufactured at the moderate price of
31.50. Every shirt of our make is
guaranteed first-class and will refund
the money if found otherwise.
We make a specialty of all wool ,
Shaker , and Canton flannel , also
chemois underwear , made up with a
view to comfort , warmth and durabil
ity. To invalids and weak-lnnged
persons wo offer special inducements
in the manner these goods are made
for their protection.
1207 Farnam street.
[ , Safe , Certain , Sure and Speedy.
The only article knownthatWill
General Agents ,
To Nervous Sufferers The Great
European Remedy Dr. J.
B. Simpson's Specific
It U aposl tire cure forSpermatorrbea , Seminal
Weaknns , Impotency , and ail diaeuM fegnltlnp
from Self-Abate , a * Mental Anxiety loot
Memnrv. Pilnn In the B clt or Sldn. and dlmies
that lev ! to
Com umpl inn
Iniahlty and
The ypcdflo
tfedldno la
being u J
with wonder
ful raccem.
I Pamphlet *
eout free to alU Write- for thtm ami Ret. ( ult
particulars. *
Price , Specifier , II.00 per picked , or ilx packages -
ages for $5.00. AcMress all orders to
Nos. 104and 103 Main St. , Buffalo , N. Y.
Sold ii Cnnha hy C. F. Goodman , J. W. BtH ,
J. K. lab and alt drnzgiira eveiywberu.
Default bavlnc been made in tbe conditions of
a certain ChatUl Mor'gage , contained a powtr
ot Btle glvin by J. M. Anderson to H. A. Worley ,
und assTitned IT U. A. VTorley to E. W. SlmerU.
aid txabeinit dated Slay 21rt. 1379 , ami
no suit or proceedings raving been Instituted
at law to recover the debt gecaied by said
mortgage or iny part thereof ; and cold mort
gage having teen duly filed for i ord In th < >
clerk'4 office , of Dongas Connly. tchnmia , on
ihe'ilst day of Hay , Ia1 , at3J Votk ! n. m. ,
by the county clerk tnereof , on l > ch there i *
now due the sum ot t305 50. 1 n i ) , thertf ire ,
ell at pnbllcauction on the 23rd d ynf cto ) < r ,
litO. at 10 $ o'clock a. m. , at the auction hoim
of J Bonner.Xol 16 Douglissttectt" th-CI y ot
Omaba , In Don. las County , Hebr * fc . tlio fo-
lowing described goods and chatte R. thrj btll > c
the cune covdrtd br § a d n > ort , > . fu-wli : i
bedit ads , 2 bureau * , 7 nut rc-i * , 11 comforti
SbnukeU. 5carpe t,2 o-rl ia > k , 17 ct ! . !
Til Us , 2 mirrors 3 tatle * 1 w is'-rUfd , 2 bid *
springs , 8 feather illtwi. waai pilch r , _ t
wash bowl , 1 OD | > dish and cup , 1 slop pall 3
lamps. 19 pictures , 1 cabinet urzan , 1 whatupt.
1 mtiroi bracket , 1 sewing machine , 1 extens'on
table , 1 lounge , 1 feather bed. 1 clock , S Ubl
cloths , 1 cooking 8to < e and all utensils. 1 lot ( f
nans and kitchen stuff , 1 c othea basket , 1 tin
bu-ket , 30 pUtea 2 pbtt r , 3 China bowls 1
China pitcher , :8c'ipi and saacarr , 1 trar of
knlreo and forks. 23 pie ea glara ware 1 cuter ,
6 salt cel'arj ' 1 lot books 1 dinner basket.
A ) sign to of Bald llortgigo.
K tlce Is beraby plren that , t > n Ibe 17th < " T
ot January , 1379. on C. I * . Stafford pu ehas > .
at 'ha Dougia * ccunty treasurer * * offlie. at prl
vitc id ; , for tne delinquent taxes of 1'7/ then >
on. let four ( t ) In block three hundr d
and forty-five ( 46 } In the ci y of Omaha , Di n
Ia county , tfebraaka , taxed Ia tbe name ot n B.
Gardnerand that the time rf the rrdimpt
thereof will expire January 17th. 1 = 3"
ocW Assignee ot C. I. aufl ncl
The Bonanza for Book Agents
l re'lln ' ? our two splendidly. Illtuuat U boot s.
PCU UflUPnPI rrUtn by hblHe
Utn. HMnbUbrX Ion.- friend , HON.
J. W. fOR EY.tautboruf na 1 nalfame ) hijth
N endorsed by OLN. HAS * OK , th : pally
learfera. and PRB Sal > T I-Eof
Iriend. URN.J.f. 'RISBiN ( inauth rrfwid *
C I > > rlty ) , ataoattonuly endontd. BOTH OK
FICIAL immrcsely popular , ielllnff OVER V ,
COOAWEEKf Ajeett m bin $11) d > y ! Ou'-
flUiOc.each. For oeat BOOKS and Urii'.id-
dreaa OUIcK. TH03. PEOTHEIiOrV r
City , Jlo. ; . 7t