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Thursday Morning , Sept. 23.
"Will appear in his new , elegant and laugh
able comedy of
"Which is a trarslation ami an adaptation
Jrom the German by J. E.Runuions.Esq. ,
and is replete with comedy and laughable
The play will be
With new scenery , pn > i > erties and magnifi
cent furniture.
Rcscrt ed seats now on sale without extra
charge at ilax Meyer & Bro'e. Family
matinee Saturday afternoon. 22-4t
There were three trains of stock in
K -Join DUloa in "Electric Lieut" to
See Uemis' bargains in real estate on
second page.
Why not put the street gang at work
to els an the crossings.
Pools were told for the rac a last night
at Clark's Billiard HalL
Seats for John Dillon's play were pu
on eale yesterday morning at 9 o'clock.
TheLincoln train upafroon yesterday
liruught five coach b loaded down tvith pas.
Five or six plain drunks were fined § 2
and costs each , yesterday morning by
Judje Hawes.
"Visitors to the state lair buy a good hat
of Freder ck , Leading Hatter , 1400 Farn-
l > am street.
The attendance at the State Fair
Tuesday was placed , by the tieket seller , at
5000 pertocE.
The foot-ball club now numbers thirty
members and a match is coatemp ated on
Saturday of next week.
Wait for the big show , ATKINSON'S
Grand Semi-Annual Millinery Dixtfay ,
September 23rd , 24th and 25th.
A goodly batch of suspicious charac.
lera are kept in jail until after theSUte
Pair to keep them out of mischief.
There will bo quite a military display
at the Fair grounds to-day. Both our
military companies will go out ia full uni
The rain which began Tuesday
and continued through yesterday uaa un
pleasant , but did not prevent the crowd
from thronging the streets and \isiting
every part of the city.
Two colored men who came over the
rher Tuesday were arrested on suspicion
ot being after plunder. They had three
new hats and seeral other articles \ \ ith
them , httpposed to have been stolen. They
arc locked up for sirfe keeping.
The board of dinctoraof the Omaha
lioard of Trade tcqucht that all stores and
otherplaccs of Imsincts be closed to-day
( Thursday } between the hours of Ip. in.
and C p. nu , to enable their employees to
attend the State Fair.
\ The members of Engine Company No.
3 dei-ire Id offer their acknowledgments to
The ladies > Uiu kindly contributed flcnvers
fjr decorating the apparatus Tuesday ,
and to Mra. Clark Woodman , particularly ,
for rare and beautiful boqucts.
It is generally understood among rail
road men that the B , & M. wall push their
road west from Indianola this fall and
winter , should the weather prove favora
ble. The large piles of- iron and lies that
Ime beeu accumulating at Lincoln for
in > ntli3 will I-OOQ begin to mot e.
Notwithstanding the threatening
weather yesterday the attendance
at ihcFairgiouuds wajquitelarge. E\ery
train in from the iuteiiur baa biouglit
crowds of people who were neither sugar
nor salt to be beared out by a little raiu or
mud. The hole's are ull crowded to over
The firemen's ball at Creighton hall
Tuesday was a grand affair. t The atten-
tUuce was good , the music excellent and
dancing continued until late in the night.
A sreat many of the Council B'uffs fire
men remained until yesterday. Th ; hall was
IwAUtifulIy decorated with flags and para
phernalia peculiar to the department.
A couple of tlick thieves went through
the safe at th harness tto.e of G. H. and
tl. 8. Collins , during the firemen's parade
ITuesday morning , getting about § 30 and
n lot of drifts. Tues about 10 o'clock
to young men were "arrested on tuspicion
> f lieing the guilty parties but on appear
ing in police court yesterday they \ierc
ilibcharged for want of identification.
A hack-driver was arrested yesterday
< > u complaint of Clinton 1' . Kico ,
< barged luth stealing a silver watch and
W. The two slept in the same room at the
Hud-on ( River hou e Tuesday , and the
o.-ivergot up before his companion and
loft , and the litter afterwards missed his
I operty. The accused was searched , but
n thing answering the dcscripcion of the
B jJun goods was found. Officer Black was
detailed to investigate the matter.
Herman Cromwell was sent to jail
yesterday by Judge Ha es forfneda3-s
for disturbing the peace. He threw a
biickbat thronph a neighbor's window ,
dressed himrelf up in female attire and was
a , ; eneral nuisance. It appears that Croni-
wi it utul his wife have had a good deal of
truble , a div. rce suit brought by th
Vfi ni a now pending. The wife has a so :
19 years of age and her husband a brothc :
of about the same ripeness in years. Th
co ? pis both drink and the boys are said t
kefpnpthe unpleasantness between th
tw- > . The woman was at the neighbjr'i
ho.ucwhcn the brick was thrown.
< io to M. W. Kennedy's and try hii
celts Crated brands of McBryer hand
xnr lo Sour Mash Whisky , 0. F. C
So.jr Mash Whisky , Thoma Morris1
fine old Rye Whisky and fine old
Bo.-bon. All the leading brands o
Kentucky on hand ; Bass's Ale and
Dulin Fortor ; fine wines of ull the
lea -ng brands and a choice assort-
in -tiof domestic and Key West ci-
jfftr , , 312 south Thirtoanth street ,
Om lu , Neb. _ 622 5t
Pfno kid shoos in button , tide lace
an3 jront lace , at
H. DoHtEifc.Co.'s ,
Leading Shoe Store ,
Central Block .
) V HATS in every ehape at Mrs
Wood's Parlor EasarCrcghton block ,
15th street. sat tu-th-st
BL-ang visit Kurtz's etora. tuwed
Fl i U FttOU THK SPuIKGS.Foreign
and American Mineral 'Water , Hun-
padl , Janes , Hathorn , Friedrichshall
Bitter Water , Vichy , Congress and
Emptiv. For sale by lah & McMahon ,
1821 Farnham str-seL 30 1m
Do you want Bed Comfortables at :
1,00 , 5150 , SL75 , § 2.00 and up ?
SOB them at BUSHMAN'S. It will
pay you- .
Eoctcoal oil 15 cent ? , at Solomon's-
I. !
John Waddell , of the Gover
nor's Guard , Dies
at His Work.
Remains Lying in State at
Coroner Jacobs' Booms ,
A serious accident occurred at the
Fair grounds early Tuesday morning
which resulted yesterday in the
death of the victim. John Waddell
was a private in Company E , of Sat-
ton , which is , as all know , assigned to
do special polica duty on the grounds
during the Fair. He is a young man
23 years of age , the son of a well-to-
do farmer living seven miles north cf
Tuesday morning Waddell was put
on guird , his duty being to watch the
fence along the east side of the driving
park , to see that no intruders got into
the grounds by climbing over. Be
tween 9 and 10 o'clock he was sitting
on the front gate , in order to com
mand the view all along the line of
fence , and while BO doing was
encaged in talking to a companion.
Several Tvere talking and joking
around , and he was also laughing
heartily with the rest At length one
of the number who was behind Wad
dell started to move away , when the
htler turned his head to watch him
and being rather careless bo turned
his head too far , lost his balance and
fell off the fence backward ,
striking with heavy force on the
back of his neck jnat at the head of
the spinal column. Ho was picked up
and it was found that his entire body
from the neck down was paralyzed ,
although he retained his conscious
ness and could convene as well.
With the reaction from the shock this
morning , convulsions set in and at 9
o'clock Jie expired. His body was
taken to undertaker Jacobs where it
will remain probably until Monday.
His parents and brothers have been
telegraphed the sad news and are ex
pected here by the first train.
and most desirable stock we hare ev
er bought , is now arriving and we
ara pleased to inform our patrons and
friends that we know they willbe agree
ably surprised to see the many novel
ties we shall present at prices that
cannot help but be satisfactory to all.
Velvets , Plain , Brocaded Striped ,
Black and all the new desirable Ehadeo.
Silks , Plain , Brocaded , Striped. Sat
ins in all colors. Drees Goods ! Dress
Goods , you must see them to get a
fair idea in short
, we extend a cor
dial invitation to the public io visit
and Inspect our stock whether you
want to buy or not.
S. E. ccr. loth and Doujlts strode.
Momoiial Eeaolutions , I. O. O. F.
WHEREAS , It has pleased an All-
wise Providence in His dispensation
to summon "Trom our midst by the
agency of death our late brother Jam ee
Smith , be it
liesolvcd , That we , as Odd Fellowp ,
profoundly regret the severance of the
tics that bound us to our late
Uesohtdf That in the death of Jas.
Smith our late brother the Inue'
pendent Older Odd
Fellows loses er
esteemed and worthy member , his
family a loving husbind and fithei
and the community a just and upright
licsylved , That we sincerely sj-mpa'
lliize with tha family of the deceased
in their bereavement and tender their
a copy of these resolutions expressive
of our sorrows for their less ,
' .1 lie Plearant Hours.
At a meeting of the Pleasant
Hours club , the following oflicen
were electing for the ensuing year :
President C. D. Squires.
Treasurer J. M. I loss.
Secretary P. S. Eimis.
Executive Committee Mr. J. V.
Furey , Gao. Patterson , L * . Foote ,
Lewi : S. Reed.
CHOKIN Sentember 21st , near Fort
Oaiaha , John F. Cronin. Funeral
took place this morning from Jacob's
undertaking rooms. The remains
were interred in the Holy Sepulchre
Calico Suits and Wrappers at § 1.00
and § 1.50 at the Parlor Bazar Crclgh-
ton Block. tt&sat
everything in the
LINE , and will promise you that wo
are WiapprozdiaMc cither in quantity
of goods , quality of goods , style in
trimming or reasonablena&s in prices.
Our Jlnc goods are nearly as low as
goodi of au inferior grade , as sold by
aome other houses.
Call and see us , and then go
around to the other stores and judge
Tor yourself.H.
Millinery at Wholesale and Retail.
John Dillon.
Of the pcrformenco of this famous
commedian and his new plsy , supported
ted by the Gulick-Blaisdell Guaran
teed Attraction "No. 1 , " the Burling
ton Hawkeye says :
"Union Hall was packed last night
to welcome Mr. John Dillon ia 'his
new piece , the "Electric Light. " The
comedy is all they claim for it. John
Dillon was in his happiest rein. The
company supporting him was fully
armed , aud the fun produced by the
star and his troupe was of a kind to
make to make old men and women
scream , while the younger people
laughed until they forgot their ap
pointments next Sunday evening. "
Mr. Dillon appears hero on Thurs
day , Friday and Saturday , with Sat
urday matinee.
On Thursday and Friday afternoons
between the hours of one and six
3'dock our store will ba closed'to en-
ible ourselves and employes to attend
ho stale fair.
nap22t2 J. B. FRENCH & Co.
Go to the European Restaurant for
neils served in first class etjlc.
A Tour of Mechanics' Hall ,
and the Wares Therein.
The Large and Small Alike
Taken In.
The weather this morning was ao
cold and wet that people were reluct
ant to leave the comfortable retreats
of the city for the Fair grounds except
clad iu. overcoats and wraps. Toward
noon the clouds that had darkened the
iky cleared away and people began to
flock in by thousands. Especial at-
ention was given to that part of the
ixhibition within the various halls.
The wisdom and foresight of the
gentlemen who planned the fair
buildings Is nowhere more- conspicu
ously displayed than in dividing the
various exhibits and placing some at
tractions in all corners , thus prevent-
ng a crush at any point , and scatter-
ng the vast crowd over the entire
grounds. While the main building is
filled with multifarious articles , both
useful and ornamental , it does not
comprise mora than one-fourth of the
expssition. Oil the north end of the
grounds monster bulh and cows of
royal descent peacefully browse.
Here , also , pens of graded
ewes and vicious-looking rams ;
hogs by the hundreds , and thorough
bred horses in well kept stalls.
If the vhitora tire of animal sights ,
the poultry house is close at hand , and
a careful examination will prove both
instructive and amusing. Next comes
the machinery department with its
thousands of agricultural implements
of every shape and purpose. The
next building is called
hut any other name would fiound as
sweet and be equally appropriate , for
the title only burlesques the contents.
Hera the large business houses
of Omaha are located , " with extensive
exhibits of their goodi. Conspicuous
Hmont ; these Is the exhibjt of Dewey
& Stone , consisting of magniGcent
rosewood chamber set , ailk cushioned
parlor set , center tables , card tables
and book case ? , each art'clo in design
and finish , are elegant specimens of
the wood carver's art.
Brown & 131ias display a largo
variety of articles in the crockery
Mr. Wm. Fleming is content with
a display of Plants' flour , believing
that he whogcatera directly to the
stomach tends to mit-gate the Buffer
ings and increase the happiness of
Flanking .tho flour comes its mate
in household joys , heating and cook
stores , exhibited by the Chicago &
Erie manufacturing Co. , makers of
the well-known' Invincible" base Dur-
ner.The foundry of Andreen & Valien ,
safe maker ? , exhibit a large fire and
burglar proof safe made for the Kan
sas division of the Union Pacific and
also vault doora for Steele & John
son's new building.
Mr. A. B. Hubermann has a large
and elegant display in the jewelry
Next comes the extensive
in atoves and tinware , consisting of
cooking and heating stoves and ranges.
Mr. Piercy enters warmly in the fall and
winter trade race , prepared to make it
hot for any dealer aud house-keeper in
the town. First aud foremost in his
line of heating stoves stinds the New
liecla , manufactured by the Hansom
Stove Works , of Albany , N. Y. ,
and Chicago , III. The most im
portant feature of those stoves
is the combination duplex grate for
removing ashes and clinkers from
the fire pot withoutdlsturbingthe fire ,
and in euch a manner as to prevent
ashes falling on the carpet. The fire
pot is sectional , of the most approved
construction , any section or the whole
of which can bo removed and replaced
without dismounting any prt of the
stove. The ornaments are of a most
elaborate character , embracing an
urn , entirely nicklo-plated ; a mckln
plated drum section ; elegant plaltd
name plttca and foot rail , and a fancy
baee , which , while adding greatly to"
th.o beauty of the stove , still retains
.ill the strength of the dove-tailed
leg. The pantls of the drum section
are protected by currents of air pass
ing underneath them , from discolor
ation by heat , and , being fastened
without 1 oils or scraws , can be re
moved and replaced with tha great-
eat ease. There arc four sizes of
these stoves , with or without ovens ,
suitable for large or small pirlors.
Mr. Piercy also displayed the West
minster and Astral heaters ,
guaranteed to give twenty-
tivo per cent more heat in.
proportion to the fuel burned , than
any other stoves of corresponding sl/c
ill the market. There arc four eizes
of each , with or without ovens. An
other great feature of the display is
the "Baltimore Mantle Heater" for
fire places ; also the "Windsor" wood-
burning heater , with automatic dam
per , and the tile-lined parlor stove ,
beautiful in design , strong in con
struction , and economical in fuel.
In the way of cook stoves and
ranges Mr. Piercy carries a full assortment -
ment , varied in size , style and
quality. Buck's Brilliant stoves ,
tor wood and jsoal , or both ,
combined , take the lead , and the
large number already sold in Omaha
proves their popularity. Thtre are
eleven sizp ? , with numerous attach
ments to lighten the labors of kitchen
queens. Next , but not least , comes
the "Acorn" cooks , manufactured by
Rathburno , Lord & | Co. These stoves
possess superior qualities as bakers ,
are economical in fuel , either
coal or wood ; treble lined
oven backs and flue ? , portable
reservoirs and large double closers.
The "Prize Acorn" is a beauty , in
finish , strength and durability equal
to any in the market. The sizes and
styles are numerous and suitable for
all classes. The Acorn and Bismarck
ranges were also exhibited , together
with a largo variety of granite ware
and Tiunera' stock. Tne display was
effectively arranged and won a full
share of attention.
The Queally soap works displayed a
largo quantity and quality o its goods.
Mr. D. T. Mount exhibited a large
variety of harness and saddlers goods ,
arranged attractively.
The crockery house of Samuel
Burns was represented by a large and
eg' nt assortment of goods.
Whitney. Clark & Co. , has a largo
variety of teas and spices of their
own manufacture.
Sprout & Power , of Omaha , ex
hibit patent firkins of their own make.
Harris & Fisher and J. F. Sheeley
it Ctt. ! display a large variety of can
ned and canvassed meats.
The extreme northern end of the
hall is occupied by the house of Mil
ton llojers & Son , with an immense
display of Etoves , ranges and tinware.
Ajitther Omaha institution , the
Whi'e Lead Works , has erected a
large monument of b ireled lead to
show their energy and enterprise.
Philip Gottheimer exhibits -Bpjci- -
men of his handiwork in the shape of
a patent shirt ironer and drying
The Omaha Barb Fence Wire Work
displays a Urge quantity of their wire
work , proving a great attraction to
The 99 cent man is not behind his
neighbors in the display of his ware ! .
Chas. H. Averill , of Wisner , Eeb. ,
exhibits several sizes of Ferguson's
Bureau Creiuerv and Caucassian
The Novelty Works of Godfrey &
Davis exhibit a large number of dye
stamps and stencil goods.
The boot and shoe house of A. F.
Fullreide ia well represented ; like
wise the drug house of 0. F. Good
man , principally surgical instruments.
Several sets of beautiful harnesses
and saddles are displayed by G. H. &
J. S. Colling.
Metz Bros , display an elegint
walnut pyramid casa filled with
bottled beer and buck.
One of the finest displays in Me
chanics hall is that of solid silverware -
ware by Whippla & McMillan , of | (
Omaha. The goods , numbering some
two hundred pieces of useful and or
namental table toilet and drawing
room furnishings , are mostly of their
own manufacture.
They have the Hampdon Chron
ometer movement watches , in gold
and silver and of every style. Tiis
is a new kind of watch and is fast
becoming popular. They exhibit a
very handsome line of opera glas'es ,
inlaid pearl and black enamel , and
neck chains of which one in pariicular
worthy of especial notice , is a neck
chain and locket of gold with cameo
An elegant silver cigar sland
called Pinafore , is attracting much at-
tentiun , resembling a bottle neck
down with the bottom knocked out
and mounted on a square block in a
leaning position. They have new
styles cf ladies jewelry in sets and
ear-rings and breast-pins , both novel
and handsome.
Among the specialties wo noticed
illuminated clocks for druggists and
physicians. They are adapted for
placing immediately over the sas iet.
A larga line oE bracelets , eolid gold
pearl rimmed and enamel inlaid , in
all the various styles ; breast pins of
elegant models ; tobacco boxes orna
mented ; and sets of tableware , also
grace their cases.
The various goods in Mechanics
Hall are attractively arranged , and
are far more valuable and interesting
than any collection on the ground.
Visitors should spend an hour or two
in close inspection.
A great crowd gathered at the race
track In the afternoon yesterday to
seethe races. The track being wet
and heavy was declared five seconds
slow. In the 2:30 : race three entries
were made.Nettie : Ward , entered by
W. A. Marlow ; Gray Granger ,
entered by J. 11. Creighton ; Chailie
Douglaa , entered by J W Jacobs.
The first heat wr.s made in 2:31 : ,
with the hprsoa in the Tnllowin-r or
der : Charlie Douglas , Nettie Ward ,
and Gray Grangrr. In tlis heat
Nettie Ward lamed herself eo tba
the was unable to take the traCk. .In
the second heat Charlie Douglas took
the lead to the time of 2:36 : | ; and also
lead in the third heat ; time , 2:30. :
The colt race for two-year-olds was
postponed till to-day.
The other races of to-day will be
the colt race for thres year old col's ,
and the 81,000 free-for-all race. Thia
ia expected to be the beat race of the
The fast pacing race will also fur
nish amusement for Friday.
The pioneer farmers of Kearney
county have brought and placed on
exhibition in the west wing of the
main building , a vast collection of the
products of that county , consisting of
twenty varieties of wheat , thirty of
corn , husked and on the stalk , two of
barlay , one of rye , live of oats , two
of millet , all of which are of fair
quality , full and round , showing the
remarkable productiveness of the
soil. Kearney county vns in the
vortex of the slimmer drought , wh'ch
tended to retard thegrowth and reduce
the size and grade of grain , but the
goil retunod mois'ure to a wonderful
degree , and saved the fft'lnera from
what , al onU time threatened ruin to
many a pioneer. In the vegetable
line there are fine potatoes , huge
squishes , pumpkin * , water inclone
and cidi r melons , turnip ? , tomuto p ,
citron" , peanut stalks , and sever. 1
specimens of Egyptian corn rico ,
recently introduced iu this stale
There are also several varieties of
sugar cane , some of the stalks mess
uring twelve feet in height , and five
varieties of sorghum cane. These
articles have been out of the ground
two weeks , havins ; been exhibited at
rhe district fair at Hastings , and are
remarkably fresh and attractive.
came promptly on hand with a large
aud varied collection of its products ,
conspicuously displayed in the center
of the northwest win ? , fl-mked by the
Union Pacific and Kt-arney county
exhibits. It consists of specimens of
every conceivable variety of grain and
vegetables raised in the county. It
stands unrivalled in extent and
quality , and will undjubtedly take
the ribbon and some cash.
Mr. J. D. Smith , the Sixteenth
ntreet gardener , exhibits eeveral var
ieties of vegetable beauties and
mammoth cabbage heads.
Mr. Tousley also displays his garden
fruit and flue specimens of tobacco.
The Oimha Trunk Factory has
several huge Saratogas on the ground.
Dewey & Stone exhibit in the main
hall a chamber set of carved rose
wood , grand in design and finish.
The variety , extent and number of
articles that fill the main building ,
combining the aits of man and na
ture , have been pretty thoroughly re
viewed in recent numbers of THE
BEE , so that few remain worthy of ex
tended notice. Conspicuous among
these is the display of millinery goods
of A. Atkinson , unrivaled in exten' ,
quality and cosilincaa. There ve
bonnets and hats of plush , brocadt d
velvets , satin silk and otter , efejjantly
trimmed , fit to adorn the head of a
queen. Here also ara a large num
ber and variety of nntrimiued hats ,
doll bonnets , feathers , ribbons , trim
mings and ornaments. Three 1-uge
cases are filled , surmounted with a
trea of ostrich plumes , the most beau
tiful in color , length and breadth ever
seen in the west The entire display
overshadows in every respect all coin
l5ctitora , sustaining Mr. Atkinson's
claim to the "Acknowledged loading
illinery establishment of Omaha and
Nebraska. " The house not only
leads in the millinery trade , but is
likewise the oldes *
, having been es
tablished in 1867 , and has a repnta-
ticn for fine goods and low prices sx-
tending beyond the limits of the
state. Every lady should examine
this display to get an insight to the
tine goods to be unveiled at the oppn-
ing to-night at the southeast corner of
Douglas and Thirteenth streets.
Next Mr. Atkinson's exhibit , and
equally conspicuous in Its line , ia the
display of ladies' suits , dolmans ,
laces , ruchings , gloves , etc. The ra-
cent trip of Mr. Chas. McDonald to
the faehion capitals of Europe , was
not altogether of a recreative nature ,
and already large quantities of beau
tiful suits and dolmans have arrived
from Paris and London , a few speci
mens of which are exhibited. The
first of these is a dark brown brocaded
Turkey satin dress , with dark plush
trimmings , ball fringe , made up iu
ihft latest style. A dolman of cam
el's hair cloth , with trimmings to
match , covers the figure , jresenting a
most fascinating appearance. Next
to this is a dolman of black m&tteluse
cloth with imperial cord and bead
trimmings , very handsome and styl
ish. A suit of London blue silk , with
plush and cheneille ball
fringe to match , enchanathe eye aud
vies with its fascinating neighbors. Anew
now and attractive feature In im
ported goods is a new style jacket
made of French diagonal , with fur
and plush trimmicgs and brilliant
buttons. It is exceedingly nobby and
novel. Surpassing all is an elegant
black Sicilian silk cloak with silver
fox fur trimmings. THE BEE man
did not obtain the price , but it must
urn np Into the hundreds.
The adjourned race , for two year
olds , half mile dash will be run to
day. Also , the trolting race for three
year olds , half mile heats , _ best three
in five will be sandwiched in.
The management gives notice that
during the remainder of the fa < r the
trotting rules will be strictly observed
and all horses will bo put on their
metal and obliged to do their beat.
There will be no jockeying and the
consequence will be expected. . This
will be especially g uifying in view of
the entries for the great free-for-all
race , as some of the horses entered
have a record of 2:10 and with a good
track at least 2:18 : time ought to be
made. The entries for the free-for-
all race are Will Cody , Charlie Doug
las , Nettie Ward and Loafer. The
race is for a purse of § 1,000 , best
three In live.
Early yesterday afternoon Judge
James W. Savage was introduced in
Agricultural Hall by Col. E F.
Smythe and delivered an excellent ad-
draS , which he styled ' 'A plea for the
Boys and Girls. " His address showed
HU intimate knowledge with all the
vicisitudes and enjoyments of farm
life and a high appreciation of thopro-
duetion of the productive lab r , whote
results we assemble to exhibit , view
and compare. At the close of the ad
dress , 0. A. Baldwin offered a resolu
tion of thanks in the nntr.e of the Ag
ricultural society , who aho requested
a copy of the address for publication.
Goernor Nance is hi the city.
J. C. Blackmail , of Fremont , is in the
Prof. Samuel Atlghcyj was in the city to
B. Ei Strahorn left for the mountains
Jiiu Norton left for Grceley , Colorado ,
JD.V. . Hitchcock , of the C. , B. & Q. , ia
iii the thy.
Church lion e , of Kemah.i county , M aa
iu the city yesterday.
Lieut.-Gov. Cams and wife are here at
tending the state fair.
lion. Gtorgd H. Jewett and wife , ol
Sidney , are in the city.
CV-t. Lovejoy , of Oakdale , is attending
the Nebraska exposition.
C. J.i'helps , the well-known attorney ol
Schurler , is in the city.
iilmer D. Frank , of Lincoln , came up
Tuesday to tha fair. Suinuer Clark , of The Council
Bluffs JSouparcil , MAS over with the fire-
Mrs. J. Sterling Moiton and family , ci
Nebraska City , are at the WitbnclL
W. It. Bacon , of Graud Island , was in
tae city tj-dayandleftf or horns yesterday ;
Owen Sloven aud a patty of friends left
to-day for a trip tu New Mexico via Den-
er ami Pueblo.
lion. 11. C. Dav.'bon , the general super
intendent of the fair , arrived Tuesday
h.ivuibeen detained until tins late hout
by sickness.
Arthur C. WnkUy left Wednesday tc
losuiue hi3 studies in Coluinuia Law
school , of jNew York city , where he will
be joined Liter by W. C. Atoms , Charles
yiumdtns and ItoLert i'.Uiiek.
Jlon. John Wullichs , of Grand Island ,
republican candidate lur auditor of state ,
is HI ihe city yesterday , and called at THE
ULE oilice in comp.iay with Hon. Wm.
Auy.ii ! , iecei\er of the land office at that
Wo have juat received a largo num-
atid other FURNITURE which the pub
lic are invited to itspect.
1203 and 1210 Farnhdm St.
if you want good aud stylish goods
for a little money , go to the Parlor
Bazar , Croighton Block. tt&3at
It pays to trade at Kurtz's , tuwed
Fresh Oysters in every style. Meals
at all hours at the European Res
taurant and Hotel. * 21-2t
Postofflce Cnanges
in Nebraska during the week ending
September 18,18SO , furnished by Wm.
Yau Vleck , of the Postoffico Depart
ment :
Established Algernon , CuaterOo. ,
Cha ? . S. Eliaon , postmaster ; Erlna ,
Wheeler Co. , Andrew Phillips , post
Headquarters for Joe Schlitz'e
Milwaukee beer at MenciiANTs' Ex-
N. E. Oor. Kith and Dodge.
For Lands , Lota , Houses and
Farms , look overBemis' new column
on 1st p.ige. Bargains.
Lots , Farms , Houses and Lands ,
r ook over Bcmis' new column of bar
gains on first pi ge.
Dcvlins Fall styles are now ready
for inspection at the Boston Clothing
House , 1-J12 Farnham St. a20eodlm
A Card of Thanks.
We dcaire through the columns of
the BEE to return our heartfelt and
sincere thanks to Gen. John HKinjr ,
Lieutenant Regan , Lieutenant Thorn-
as , and the post generally , for the
many kindnesses andsinceresympathy
shown us in our late bereavement.
FORT OMAHA , Neb. , Sept. 22 , 1880.
600 men wanted to take a look at
Solomon's 24x30 chromes , framed ,
only 05 cents. sep22t2
Hand-sewed shoes , Button , Balmoral ,
Alexis , Congress and Dom Pedro.
HENRY DOHLE < fc Co. ,
Leading Shoe Store ,
Central Block.
Peschen's Beer . Vault , corner of
13th and Farnham. "Warm Lunch end
concert by military band every night
sept 21-6t
MILLINERY DISPLAY will take place
September 23d , 24th and 25th. All
are most cordially invited.
New lot of eolid gold bracelets
don't fail to call and see them at *
WlIIPPLE , McMlLLEN & Co.'s.
NOTICE Advertisements To Lot For Sale *
Lost , Found , Wants , Boirdlnz &c. , will be In
serted In thcuo coltunna once for TKN CENTS
per lln ; each sut-requeatlnstertlon.FIVE CENTS
per line. The flist Insertion never less than
* 0 LOAN At 8 per cent Inter
eat , In < < uma ol 82000and up
wards for t to 6 years' time on first clasalmpror
edcitvand farm property. Apnljat BE1IJS
Real Eetite and Loan Agency , 15th and Douztas
St3. 278-codtf
OHIT XO LOAN C ll at IAW Office
D. L. 7HOIIAS. RoumS.Crefehton Block
OVEY TO LOAN 1109 Farnhim strwt.
Dr. Edwards Lo n Agency. nov-22-tf
OY WANTED A aiurt and acth e bov , at
B The BradstMct Co. " 527-21
WANTED-2or3 unfurnHied rooms within
8 block § of tlio Bee office , for lulU botue
keepirg. Addrejs U , Bee Ollkc. 62Mf
WANTUD-Sit'iation as Inker.Apply Cali
fornia Ilouec , corner Douglas and llth > tg.
WANTED A tinner. Uxdyjnb , liieh wazcs.
Ap'ly at lo J. W.'Ho mes , Wlttinel
inc , or write toMcl'ahoa & Holmes Brothers.
Corning , Ion- 524 22
WANTED A fitu'tlon a ] so'mstre-s or
nurse in a prhnte fan ily. A < Wre f M. I ) . ,
1411 Doujlas St..between 14th and 15th. 52G-22
WA TED In a private fsmMy two unfumish.
rooms nd board for a family of three Ap
ply at Bee Office. 529U
WANTEH Til'orc ; two co-it and one naiita
rnilcer Call at C F. Himinn , 421 South
Tenth St. , Crmha. 521-27
WANTED Oond tfrl for kitchen work ; food
wacs xi'lbcraid ' , SCGlCth St. , Mison'c
Bloclt 619 22
WANTKr > Oirl for cerefvl h'ns'worlr in
smVl family. * pp'y No. 332 Donglid * * . ,
between ' 7th .mill 8th 513-23
"TTTANTED CfBco boy. App'y at the Emmctt
VV Uoue 517-2J
ANTFD A yonnf msn to write In nn
W cfllce. AddrcsiBox 1C. 513-22
A fi s'-chs nicit cook.also til 12
WANTED , ? . App'yatlhiaoffica. 514 22
A cllnine room gM at the Doran
Hocsn , opposltths Bee Olllco. 515-22
WAN1F.D Oirl for general ho"SPirotk in a
email family Apply 312 s Utli 18th
STcct 615.2J
TED-2flnt clwbarb r . t J. U Cur
WA ry , torrer 15th and Furuham. 603 if
TTl A > fED-Tvro cftrpert'ere. MI'Iard Stafoii :
\V eojdVKeS ill be paid. WM. VAN
DOEREN' . Inquire Eiglc Iltl s : < CTO-22
Tw good bl cksmitris tn tfo west.
WANTED D O rr " "
- 50per day. T. MURRAY.
MENWANTED-81 602-tf
A eood pastry cook ; St. Ch 'Ica
WAMED 402-tJ
An CKpeHenc-H drveood" , cloth-
WANEED aid CHOPS tal-nmau ; no o'her
need applj : references required. Address G
Adlcf , b * 'tl. Neb 491-29
A peed sirl to < fo aenefal hou c-
WANTED Apply corner 12th and Pacific.
490 tl
\\f ANTEF--A Girl to do hotT
\ \ farnbam Strc-et. np Stairs
LJ 01 er BKMIa' new column of bargains on 1st
FOR RENT A furnlfhed room App'y at
No. 1811 , bet. 3Sth and 19th , Caes ttrcet.
FjlOR BENT A well-funmhcd house , 10
P rooms , with well m-d c stern in the ccnt-r
rf Iho 'ity ; suitable f r private bosr'ins ' house ,
or furnished rooms alnn" , fum'ture ' nearly new ,
at cheap figures. Kent $53 per rronlh. Inquire
atlhljoflloe. f 01-25
T71URNI-HED Uoomi with or without board ,
1 } at > uropcan Restaurant. CGl-tf
! OU RENT -Incly furnishd rooms at 1310
Datenport street , fcct. 33tli and 14th St.
350 tf
FOR RENT 2 furnished rooms otcr Mer
chants Exchange , N. E. Cor. 16th and
Dodge streets. 2b3-tf
ro t House. fjlttf
FUR A FINz. MtunuEinun ( font , Doors ,
counter , Mantle , Store fittini ; , veneered
work co to 1310 Dodco street , A. F. KAFERT *
CO. , Buililcrc HD2l > evfl.i-lfir
BRICK FOR SALE Inquire at sewer , Otti and
Junes bireets. ft 11-2"
HOFEL FOll SALE Beit Ijcatlcn In the
/'i y. Iniju'rcat IhUoffice 503-24"
it ILK Twenty to twcnty-nnir quirtg or one
iVj dollar by John T. Paulson.
flh/g i'.mnti-wodt
01 tr liEMIS * new column of barpilns on lat
Terrains in Houses , Lota , Farms and
Lands , in his new column on 1st page.
T71 " R SALE Coltonwood lumber of all sizeaat
REDMOND'S. .Slxtcenth-Ht. filfi-t
WANTED To rent House , located in t more
than four blocks from postofll''e ; four to
six rooms Address C , Bco Office. 523-lf
OTRAYED On Sept. llth , ono dark brown
ij mule about 10 j cars , 10 bands high Any
one returning the Bamo to the Fanners' Ho'i-c
iv H lie lihrrally paid for his trouble HENRY
IIExMNGS. 622-20
SSTHAYE 0 OR STOLEN From Fair Grounds
eptc l er 2Ut , dm pony , 3 white feet ,
s ar on furchfad and branded 01 rl lit hip.
Leave nformation wKh J. T. Swift , 1420 , Chica
go nd 15th streets 63'-'f
The Pioneer In the Gralcd sj stem , and Also in
3 j ears' course of Instruct on artarted by Ameri
can vcdical College Association , begins ita next
Session Sept * 8tli. Pliisiological Lahontoiy
LIMITED ABU.VDANCK. Sea a number ' , and
secured in order of appHcat'on. Profef sors' Frc = ,
375 ; Practit'oncrs'Course through April , Fee ,
S3 } For Announcement or inforrna'hn , address
Dr. J. II HOI.LIbTER , 70 Monroe St. . Chieaeo.
. , . ,
Pianos and Organs First Class
on Easy Monthly Payments ,
Sheet Music and Musi
cal Instruments.
: M : o TT L ID z isr C3s .
Oil Paintings , Eograviiigs an" Frames at great
ly reduced prices.
ixlO Frames , 1 inch , Walnut. . ISe
0x12 ' 1 ' . 20
lOxli ' 1 ' . 20
.2x16 . ' U ' ' . 0
12x18 ' 1J ' ' . 65
1&E20 1 } ' . 75
Bustio SxlO f rime . 15
ChromoB fran ed , small , 2cc ,
Chron.of framed , large , 1S ,
Ecgmlngs from 50c upwards ,
Photograph frames from 15c upwards ,
WiadoA.-Cor.ice375c a window and upwards
Lambrequir.8 d 00 per window and upwards ,
Cornice CUes2 50 per window and upwari'7 ,
Velvet frames 25c each U > 5 00
Tlolm Strings lie ,
Violin 1 75 , 2 50 , 3 and upward ] ,
Guitars 5 CO , 6 00 , 7 00 and upwards.
Banjos 1 CO. 3 00 , 5 00 , and upwards ,
Accordeois f rorn 1 00 up. in city
Send for iimples and citalorne of mouldings
and ghost muiic. A. HOSPE , JR. ,
1578 Seize St. . Omaha , Neb.
. .
ST. ,
IJcg Leave to Announce flint flic Saleof ] flic
For flic benefit of visitors und strangers
now in the
City , we once more
give some facts concerning this Gorgeous Stock. It is ono of the
Largest in the West , Its condition as regards newness is all that CAX
be desired. As wcPnrchased the entire Stock , about § 43,000 in vaf ne ,
at a Discount of $30,000.
we are sciliiur Goods at Prices nliicli CAY
KOT BE COMPETED WITH , and it is not necessary to mcSi in dc-
tail the Bargains being offered , Our Magnificent Stock of
Is worthy of inspection , not only as articles of usefulness but as works of Art
At Prices Below the Cost of Importation.
At Prices very gratifying to the Purchasers. Underwear for Ladies ,
Gentlemen , and Children at Prices simply rnannroacliablc.
Are Not Half as Interest
ing to the General Read
er as the Following Price
List :
9lbsof ABUgar for | j on
lo Ihs extra Csucur for 1 03
1 * Ibs Canary C. Sugar for 1 113
8lbs Granulated SuRar for 1 oj
8 Ibs Cut Loaf Suearfor i QO
6 Iba good Hio Coffee for 1 CO
5 Iba best Bio Coffee for , 1 ( Q
4 Ibs choice Java Codco for 1 0
SJ Iba best Mocha Coffee for j"CO
YourjR ilyeon Tea per Ib , 30 to 40
OolongTea per Ib , 30 to 40
Japan Tea per Ib , 30 to . . . . . . . .Ill 0
Finest Clunpowdcr Tea per Ib ; B
BcstO KFlour pereick . _ 2 tn ,
Snow Flake winter wheat flour 3 75
JIo.vcn3.bc3tflour _ _ _ „ „ 4 00
22 baa Climax Soap for i fjg
21 bars Laundry Soap for 1 OJ
13 bars Linen Soap ( or 1 CO
Pure Maple Syrup in gal. cans 1 CO
OolJcnBjrap pcrgallon. . . . _ . . . _ 411
New ' Orleans Syrup per gtllon . , , . eo
N'cw Orleans Mulassca per gallon ' 0
SumrHouseMola&iesper gallon. . . . , , . . . . 15
18 Ibs St. Louis Soda Crackers for 1 00
ISlbsSt. Louis Oyster Crackers for 1 eo
1211)3 Boston Butter Crackers for. . _ 1 0'
121bsOnter ! Snaps for ? 00
Hlbs New Currants for , j Oi
9 Iba New Blackberries for i 06
4 Ibs Pitted Cherries for Of
12 Ibs Dried Peaches ( halves ) for. Ofeo
U Ilia Choice Dried Apples for. . . , 0"
12 His best new Prunes for. . , CO
10 Ibg. best Valencia Raising. , _ , 00
8 Ibs. now layer Raisins 1 QO
Teaches. 2 lo cans * siO
Peaches. 3 Ib cans ( standard ) . . . . . 16
Pie Peaches , 6 Ib cans „ SO
Peaches ( Cal)3 ) Ib cai.3 2 >
Blackberries , 2 Ib can j2j
Apples , ( York State ) can 3D
Blueberries 3 Ib can ? J
Cherries 2 Ib can _ 2lj
Djnison Plums 2Ib cans i2J
Raspberries L Ib can 15
Strawberries,2 Ibcan . . . . . _ . 16
String Beans,2 Ib cans 2j
Baked Beans , Ib tan
Lima Beans , 2 Ib cans 121
Suipircorn , 21b can 121
Yarmouth corn , per can 174
Tomatoes , 3 Ib can 12J
Succotash , 2 Ibcan 12 }
Pumpkins , 3Ibcan Ib
251b3 beans 1 00
10 Ib dried Lima beans 1 CO
S5 Iba hominy 1 00
11 Ibs Carollnatlco 1 CO
23 Iba oat meal _ 1 00
Fat family mackerel , per kit S5
Fat family while fishier kit. SO
Codfish , whole , perlb. . . 7
Codfish , bonelesd , pcrlb 10
Hallibut. perlb 12J
Holland herring ( new ) per keg . . 1 So
Tobacco ( BlackweD't Durham ) r Jt Ib. . . . . . . 60
ToIiCCO ( ilverF < fal plumper Ib CO
Tobacco ( Old Style ) per Ib 85
Tobacco ( Meerschaum ) perlb. . . . . 10
Hams , sugar-cured , per Ib 12J
Butter , fresh roll , pcrlb 0
Complete price lists fnrnlabcd on application.
Country order * will receive prompt and cartful
atter.tion. Poaith elr no coeds gold on credit.
J. B. FRENCH & GO , ,
The Original Reliable Urocurs ,
No. 1119 Farnham Street ,
Monday , Tuesday & 'Wednesday ,
SKHEMBER 20tb , 21st and 22d ,
Oulick-BIaisdcll Guaranteed Attraction No. 3.
The New Musical and SpecUIty Oddity.
A Roiling FarcicM Comedy ' pciatta In three
actt. Rendered by the Gullck-BlalsdclI Operatic
and Srecjl'y Company , utMed by full Oper
atic Orch etra and Brass Band.
Reserved seat * now on ga'e , without tra
charge , at Max Mejer & Bro.'s Jewelry Store.
Price aa eual. 18-4i
U. P. Block. l tli St.
Freah anj Salt ileata o all kinds constant
oa hand , prices reasonable. Vegetables la teat
on. i'c < cl delivered to ny part of the dty.
A. F. RAFERT & . CO. ,
Contractors and Builders ,
tine Woodwork a Specialty.
Agents for the Encaustic Tiling
ST. , OilAHA
Dealers in
House Furnishing tioods , Shclfllardivare ,
Niiiis and Etc.
i'A(2Farnham \ Street. Isr. Door East First National Bnnk.
Propose for the next ninety (90) ( ) days to sell then
entire stock of
Diamonds , Watches ,
Jewelry , Clocks ,
SilverWare ,
Pianos & Organ
At Manufacturing Prices , Which is from 15 to 20 per
cent , helow any Eastern Wholesale House ,
preparatory to moving into their
weN Store , Cor. llth & Farnham
We Mean Business , Come and foe Convinced ,
- * *