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VOL. X. OMAHA , NEBEASKA , T ESDffiY. SEPTEMBER 21 , 1880. NO. 79.
istabiished 1871 , MORNING -EDITION. Price Five Cents
aood Until the 1st of October.
Having secured the most elegant
injd 'commiodioQs building in the
-Hy of Omaha ,
Cor. 10th and Farnliani ,
\nd wishing to lay in an entirely
lew and immense stock of goods
or wholesale and retail trade.
AMOVING our entire mammoth
jStock of
We mean just what we say , and invite everybody to
call at our present place of business ,
Xo. 1214 Faniliani. between 12fli ami ISfli Sis. ,
Avid satisfy themselves. The Goods must be sold for Cash.
They will be marked in plain figures. The prices will be
absolutely at Cost. No deviations will be made.
This unpara'elied offer is open only until October 1st , when
we shall occupy the finest quarters in the city ,
C- ° 2 CO-
Ji'n , 1 I.T - -
V V ' tVi"lllK > WVts-85c.Sl SO.
to ,
C H ren busts 82 < Hi and upwards.
\ , , u _ < 7/i / and tpwartg.
II 04' 53 oO , to S * . 00.
Overalls 45e. SO. ; sjc. Toe.
Ue j California $1 00 , $1 15.
Socks , p r doz. SOcand upwards.
Cn"icr hirt aml I'rawc'a 25cardupwards ,
JSEJJ'.i > ress hirta = ; ic.5yiiCtx. I..2j. . . , , . . ,
Blue Flannel " a5c. $1 DOteS 5o.
AU-Wiwl " 750 to 82 00.
Workiui " S05Wilui rard ? .
Men's Suspenders 20c , i5c , > c , anil upwards.
BHUCIC ! * to TUE lsn.
DELATOR , III. , Sept. 21. A most
ous murder was committed in
llou < > oucry county hy two men
_ m jd Anderson and Roberts , upon a
man named Joe Bradley , who walked
oti n B atiklcion account of a rualfor-
mail * a of his feet at birth. Ho was
takou fifty feoi in from the highway
aud ahot to death. The murderers , ra old. residents of that county ,
hive fled.
ISWANAFOLIS , Septombtr 21. The
rouu .mi .ma fctatc cncampinont of the
G > - A. IL b"iua to-day aud continues
'jiuil Thursday. The diflfcrunt hotels
&aJ busuiues notifies picstmt quite a
' " "V * " IVeariiiCfl , a large amount of
< l lug beuij ; displayed.
, y\v YOKK , September 21 There
Jb lull tnqetmg uf -sub-corn -
ttees vif the Irving U..11 and Tam-
mauy djouucracy on S lurduy after
noon , m fiudlly arraiigd Cor a division
of c iuiily ollicea. lV.ain < nf is mak
ing great preuat'at for a grand pt-
rjdo uiid ratification muuliug to be
h d Thursday nijjlit.
BOS-IMN , Seytombar 21. Diniel
Lenahou , Mhrj killed Iris wife in East
l > osu n , Ju.y 5tli , last , vrflteidty plead
guil y to manslaughter u.l was sent -
t .c < to six years iu tliC BUitu prison.
t.\v Youu , September 20 During
11 r w last evening m * tenement
h msa m Williamsburg , Owen Dunn
w as hot by Anthony Biigtdid , from
the ullusts uf which hediii tliis morn *
CITY , N. J. , September 20.
E rly this murniug Louu Shau -
n Rsya notorious ruftianwas , shot and
i utanrly killed by officer ISivch Per
ry. Stmughueasy , the tilliccr states ,
had t ken a club from him and wag
c u "b.m ; lum , when ho shot him in
aclt defense. ,
- - - , * 4
tpeclal Dispttchei to TIIH Bin.
LONDON , September t'O. It is once
in w report d that the Auglo aud the
Prench cable compimea ha'-'o arrauged
a working asrcoraont.
Sr. PBTEKSBHKO , September 20. It
is elte oJ that Gen. Krijanooski will
r-c Licts Gen Skobeloff in command of
the iurcuman ox.edition. {
L XD.-K , Septooiber 21.- The In-
niuu btcauiEbip "City of Chester , "
which leftKew York September 9 , has
in arrived * t Quoeiwtown jet. The
"Celtic , " of the White Star line ,
vhi-h tUrcud two days laier , arrived
at Queeustown at 1 o'clock yesterday
LoSDON , September 21. Laycojk
aud Trickott , the Australian ecullers ,
uud Edward ll.\nl.iu , the Canadian
owsuinnj am pricticmg on the Tyne
f r the crrft icatoli. Haulan says he
i cicr pleased himself BO well with his
tculliug as during the last three days.
Another Cry of Fraud.
EpachJ luiuicb to The Bc .
NKW YORK , September 21 , 1 a. m.
The Eipre , Boss Kelly's organ ,
publ.shea a sprclal from the editor of
the Au-uslaMe. ! ) Standard , detailing
the claim * of the men , spoken of in
yesterday s douche * , who utato that
they were bribed by amenta of Elaine ,
having boon paid § 10 each for their
votes givan for the republican ticket.
The affidavits were sworn out , in ona
cf which it is stated that the agent told
them that he re-eived the mon.ey from
the postmaster at Augusts.
Scandal and Murder.
Spcdit Distwtch to The Bee.
DAYTON , O. , September 21,1 a. m.
Lee Drumbaugh , a well known at
torney residing at Miamiasburg , was
yesterday ntIornoon shot and killed by
George Ware , a railway postal clerk ,
at the residence of the latter in this
city. Ware surpscted his wife and
Brumbaugh of improper intimacy , and
his suspicions were confirmed yester
day , when ho saw the latter enter his
wife's apartments , and bursting in
upon the guilty pair , ho fired two
shots at Brumbaugh , one of them pass
ing through his body and producing
death in a few minutes.Vare sur
rendered himsrlf to the authorities.
Brumbaugh leaves a wife and three
Brotherly Butchering.
Special Dispatch to The ice.
INDIAN APOLIS , September 21,1 a. m.
A shooting all ray occurred yesterday
in this city , between brolhera-in law ,
both c jlor < < i. * The wnnld be assassin
was Jack Jlevcls , and O. Scott the vic
tim of the tragedy. Revels loaded an
old musknfc with a heavy charge of
shot and meeting Sc > tt Uncharged the
loid irto his breast and abdomen.
After firine he ran into house.closa-
ly followed hy Wade Scott , brother of
the wounded insn , whom ho turned
upon with an axe , neirly severing an
arm from the shoulder. Ho then
made his escape from the presence of
half a dozen witnesses of the deed.
The condition of 0. Scott is quite
Weaver Wind.
Special Dlspjtch to Tl'c Bee.
NEW YOUK , September 21 1 a. m.
The Gr pliic publishes a opecial
from Waslni'gtjn uivini ; an interview
with Gen.Wcavcrgreenback candidate
for prcsidentjiu which Weaver fays ho
'ias delivered fuurtepn speeches in
.iKb'mc , twelve m Arkansa , nine 'u
Maine and other ? , aggregating more
than one a day fcr the campaicn so
far. Ho will make three in 'West
Virginia , three in Indiana , two in
Michigan and Illinois , and winds up
in Iowa. He pfedicts that the ijreen-
backers will have a much largpr vote
than ever befora in Maine ; will nom
inate the straight electoral ticket , and
that the proposition framed for the
fusion electoral ticket by the green
back and dem critic state committees
will be rejected by the greanback con
vention to-mor onThe only chance
for the democrats to defeat Garfield
in Maine is to vote for greenback elec
tors. He considers the prospect in In
diana good. Ho says they will vote
the 40,000 votes they did in 1878.
Immense Gram Receipts.
SpecW Di-r tei to Tl.e Ucc.
KEtvYor.K , September21-la. m.
The largest receipts of wheat and
corn ever reported in the ew York
produce exchange was announced yes |
terday as follows : \VheU , 517,000
bushels ; corn , 808,400 ; the total of
corn , oats , barley , malt and rye was
1,438,403 bushels.
Death of Judge Sennoc.
SpecUl Dispatch to Tni Ban.
NEW YOEK , September 21 , 10 p. m.
James P. Sennot , judge of the ma
rine court , died to-day of heart dis
ease at his residence. Hewas born
In Ireland , came hero at an early day ,
became an office boy for Samuel J.
Tilden , and studied law. GOT. Tilden
appointed him judie of the marine
oaurt , to fill a vacancy , and he was
afterward ! elected for the full term ,
The Ex-Premier of France Be
comes Europe's Hero.
He Dares to Act Honestly
and Cut Off from Gam-
betta's Strings.
Growing Impression that Gam-
betta is Striving for the
Rule or Ruin of France.
The Naval Demonstration
Against Dulcigno to
, - - - Prove
* -a
SpecUl Dispatch to The Bee.
PARIS , September 20.1. p. m. SI.
JulesFerry has lost no time in carrying
intoeffecttho mandates of theprcsldent
to form a now Cabinet. M. Fdtrv
takes to himself oftice of premier o
foreign affairs ad interim. M. Dapre
becomes minister of marine , t nd M.
Sadicarnot of public works. The
resignation of SL Freycinet , and the
breaking of his cabinet , while deeply
regroted by the moderates , is not felt
to be eo aerious a calamity OR was fear
ed when rumors of hie fill first bsgan
to be circulated. It is not doubted
that MtFreycinet in taking the position
he did in respect of the enforcement
of decrees against relicious orders ,
stooJ tqaarely upon the letter of the
hw ; ho did not oppcso dissolution of
the Jesuits for the law oxpreaaly pro-
videdod for that but took the ground
that only a portion of the other or
ders were att'ected by it. The notable
exception beingthe Christain Brothers
the Sisters of Chanty , the Boncdic
uoas. the Carthusaus and the Trap-
pibts. He refused to proceed againet
these , saying that to do so would bu an-
ct of pure despotism , an abuse of
power , not justified by the law and
inconsistent with any sense of honor
and conscience iu assuming this at
titude and consenting to fall from his
place rather than compromise his per
sonal aud ofiicial honor. M Freyct-
net has shown a spirit which would
hive been more commendable had it
been earlier manifested. The under
current , which resulted in the over
throw of the ministry vigorously and
subtle ? manipulated by M. Gambct-
ta , proved too strong for M. Froyci-
net's power of resistance with all the
balance of the cabinet against him. Ic
is believed tha new radical cabinet will
have everything but an easy and plain
course bet ere them. The country is
not in a mood for a series of cruis ,
such as the arbitrary Jacobin style of
proceednre against the religions coii-
duce , Bltd tho-radicals , by their pres <
ent triumph , will , it 13 believed , haz
ard their success In the next elections
when tha moderates may return to
power with all the advantage of legal
ity on their aide. In the present state
of Europe France needs nothing so
much aa stable and trustworthy admin
istration , in which the majority seem
to feel can't be obtained if law ID to
be sacrificed to a reactionary pro
gram. The composition of the non-
cabinet , beyond the names given , in
not decided upon , bat it is understood
that the chamber will be convoked aa
socn aa the portfolios are all taken.
Sepclil Dispatch to the Cto.
PARIS , September 21,1 a. m. The
Republique Franc we , M. Gambotta's
organ , in an article on the ministerial
crisis , accuses in terms of emphasis ,
M ? Freycinet , of having demonstrated
to the enemies of the republic his un-
fitncs for the position. M. Ferry's
appointment to the presidency of the
new cabinet has created surpri o
throughout France , and severe com
ments are made on it in all quarters.
The ministerial crisis is the offspring
of Gambotta's political ideas and influ
ence , and it is no secret than the new
premier will remain in office just as
long as ho proves obedient to the man
who placed him there.
Special Dispatch to Tne Be *
LONDON September , 21. 1. a. m.
Tno warship Druid has been order
ed to join another ship in protecting
English fishermen in American waters.
A Ragnfa dispatch says an
archy reigns in Dulcigno , and the
prince of Montenegro hss issued a
stirring proclamation to his troops.
Special Dispatch to Tbe Dee.
LONDON , September 2L 1. a. m.
A dispatch from Capetotni says 1.2C3
Baautoa again successfully attacked
the colonial troops. Ono lieuten
ant and two men were killed ; the
Baautoa lost heavily in killed and
wounded. Reinforcements tire en
route to the scene of the battle. Dis
turbances have also occurred iu Dar-
Special Disjutch to the EKE.
BERLIN , September 21,1 a. m. It
is believed that Bismarck aims at a
new commercial policy sgainatFrance.
Emperor William is slightly indis
Special Dispatch to Tni Bit.
BERLIN , September 21,1 a. m. Tbe
press of this city in their comments
upon the French ministerial crisis ex
press their suspicions of Gambetta.
PARIS , September 21 , 1 p. m.
Gambetta will shortly make a pacific
Special Dispatch to The Bos.
HOME , September 21 , 1 a. in. A
grand demonstration tiok place yester
day in honor of the celebration of the
events of 1870.
Special dispatch to the Bee
LONDON , September 21 , 1 a. m.
A St. Petersburg dispatch says Russia
will immediately commence building a
railway connecting the Caspian Sea
with theKizel Devat.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
LONDON , September 20 , 1 a m. A
telegram from Dulcigno reports that
a foreign man-of-war has been taking
soundings off the coast. This is sup
posed to be a preparation for the bom
DE raETCKfcr's TALI.
Special Ditpatcb. to The Bee.
LOJJDOX , September 20,1 , & , m , A
correspondent writes Da Ereycinct
falls because in his Montanbank speech
he declared that the government
would pursue a policy without blus
tering , which was a reply to Gambet
ta's Cherbourg speech , and to the
blustsring policy therein contained.
Ho W.s because he publicly ventured
to throw off Gambetta'a leading
A Constantinople dispatch says Lin
Goshen , the British ambassador to
Turkey had a stormy interview with
the sultan yesterday.
Spoclal .Hsoatcli to The Ue
Lox est September 20 , 10 p. m.
A Ili usa dispatch says there are con
flicting rumors there concerning the
prospects of a naval demonstration by
the powers before Dulcigno. It is
decided that the vesael of war 1'fcpro-
"ttmlirfg Germany will'reniliiir only " "as
lung as the potrera are united as to
what action shall be taken , but the
cornniatiders of the French vessels
were pisitively instructed to withdraw
the moment hostilities are begun , if
once begun at all , against the Albani
ans. It thus becomes evident that no
joint-aj'ires3ive action can bo entered
upon under nhy circumstances. In
other words , when hostilities begin
European concert is broken and the
demonstration becomes a fiasco. What
is dene must be done quickly , AS the
autumn storms are cxpbcted soon , and
tlun the harbor of Dulcigno is fully
expired to the violence. The proba
bilities are the whole performance will
prove a farce.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
PAJU8Septembor21,1 a. m. Yea-
terday nearly all the papers applaud
ed the resignation of M. De Freycinct.
TheEventment sajs : In the midst
of thu compromise , of which wo are
the spectators , wo re glad to EGO a
man of M. De Freycinet's worth ,
briug to the support of his opinions
an integrity and firmness of charac
ter , winch threatens to become ex
tinct among us. The new ministry ,
should it prove retrograde or station-
nary , will not lait a month ; should it
bo progressive , it will open the new
The Republique Fraucaise is a nota
ble exception of the journals offering
tributes of esteem to the fallen minis
ter. It says that De Freycinet's pol
icy , instead of being parliamentary
had become , at once , personal and
occultLo Mot D'Ordre maliciously
observes that the resignation of the
miaistr- advances , when , in spite of
his reaistanco nd finesse LI. Gambet-
U must resign himself , to assume
Special Dispitch'to The Bee.
LONDON , September 21 , 1 a , m. "A
dispatch from Vienna saya the eleva
tion of Roumania to a kingdom is disapproved -
approved of hero and it is ftlao objected
1o by the Hungarian government. *
Wh'ich Relatives Tried to
Draw Between a Negro -
and His White Wife.
Another Coachman Romance.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
GALESUCKG , 111. , September 21 , 1
a. m. In these dispatches last week
were given the particulars of the
elopement of Miss Nellie Chase , a re
fined and educated lady , daughter of
the late Rev. Dr. Chase , of the Epis
copal church , with Sam Monroe , her
mother's colored coachman. They
were married at the house of a negro
named Payne , ton miles from here ,
but the same day Monroe was arrested
on a charge of larceny for carrying off
a s-uchel of clothing belonging 'to a
young lady. He was placed in jail ,
where ho remained until Saturday ,
wbeii be was released on bail. Ho has
had no opportunity of stetng his wife
since their marriage , as she was spir
ited away to relatives at Konosha.
Another startling account connected
with the atfjiir tuok place yesterday
morning at the depot here , filisa
Chase , accompanied by her two broth
ers and brother in-latr Rev. G. H.
iigina , were aboard the 7 o'clock
pissenger train for Peoria , where Hon.
H raca Chase resides. Miss Chasa
hid scarcely been seated in the car ,
Yliin ? , to the surprise of all her colored
lover and husband put in an appear
ance and insisted on seeing hiawifo.
An altercation at once took
pie co between him and the
young , lady's relatives , during
wtn'ch' blows were exchanged.
Horace Chase drew a revolver and shot
at the retreating negro , but the ba'l
mused its rrark und struck Mr. Geo.
Crocker , a well known merchant in
the shoulder , but his wound is not
ser-ous. This brought together a
great crowd , and a regular rough and
tumble fight took place upon the plat
form in which Monroe , the Chase
brothers and policemen wore participa
ting. Monroe escaped unharmed ,
Horace Chase was taken before the
police courtand gave bonds for his ap
pearance next Monday morning. Monroe -
roe was discharged , no one appeal
ing against him. Miss Chase and her
relations went to Peoria on the next
tra.n. Excitement was high , and it
is difficult to see what course affairs
may lake. No one appears to know
the sentiments of the young lady
about the affiir , but her friends claim
tlii-t she was out of her mind when
she married the negro. Sam says ,
however , ho is bound to have his
Treasury Topics
' \\TASuiNGTONSeptember 20th , 10 p.
m. Governments
receipts to-day ag
gregates 150,000. The demand for
standard silver dollar is steadily in-
crnasing. Amount issued by the
treasury for the weekending the 18th ,
aggregated 822,000 as against 300,000
for week previous , in anticipation of
an increased demand for silver certifi
cates under late notice of the Sec'y
'of Treasury , orders being issued for
WASHINGTON , .September 21 , 1 a.
m. For the upper lake regions , south
erly to westerly vinds , rising barome
ter , partly cloudy weather , and light
cluuges in temperature. For the
npt-er Mississippi aud lower Missouri
val eys , clear or fair weather , westerly
to somberly winds , slight rising fol
lowed by falling barometer , gejirly
Paymaster Nelson , iMS , A ,
Caught While Escaping Af
ter a
The European Sciuadron.
Speclal Dispatch to Ta * Bra. ,
O , 10 p.
m. Rear Admiral Howeljjcommand-
Btationjfin ? la'
ing the European
patch to the BecrotcryjjfpHfle navy ,
dated Yillo , Iranco , September 7tbj
lays ) ' ' 1 havb Uie hofiot to" report
the arrival to-day of thej Trenton , "
in this port. The pas332pw s made
in eighteen hours , Including a stop
page of two hours for tdrgSff'practice.
As soon as provisions cac.vba taken
on board fl'fim the sto ' lK:4-o ; it
, - * * * " " S-X"T X ii * * MH"T' /v1 * * - '
purposa to go.ona cruise " ra t Jfiuw
reference to the department's telegram
of the 31st ult. , I would state that the
"Nipsic" has arrived at this port and
is now taking on coal and provisions
AVith all dispatch prior to going east
and carrying out the instructions of
the Aipgricail missionary. The
"Quenneborg" sailed from Havre on
the 27th .inst. , and arrived at Bor
deaux on the Oth. Commander. Far-
quhar ia ordered to proceed to Ville ,
Franco to provision for service in the
eist. The "Wyoming'1 arrived at
Villa , France , August 22d , aud , after
taking on stores , sailed for Leghorn ,
August 2(5th ( , where she is now making
necessary repairs. Commander Casey
reports the vessel will bo available for
service at an early date. The health
of the squadron remains excellent.
The admiral will shortly proceed to
the neighborhood of Constantinople
with a portion of his fleet to look out
for American interests in that quarter.
The "Quenneborg" will bo the first
vessel sent on this duty. The Amer
ican ilcot will , of course , take no pait
in the demonstration against Turkey ,
but will cruise outside of the ephore of
this demonstration.
WASHINGTON , September21 , la. m.
Parties who have bought vessels in
Canada and are using them as barges ,
under the ruling of the treasury de
partment , which exempts them from
enrollment and permits them to en
gage in trade on tbo lakes and rivers
of the United States , have protested
against the recent decision of the act
ing attorney general , reversing the
ruling of the department. Protests ,
numerously signcdtare being received
daily , the bargemen claiming that the
law is on their side , andthat the opin
ion of the acting attorney general ia
erroneous. They propose to respect
it , however , and appeal the matter.
The Cheyenne and Arapahoe delega
tion of Indiana are in the city , and
had a formal talk with Secretary
Schurz yesterday , with reference to
the perfection of tho.title oLthe JAnda
now occupied by them.
Paymaster Nelson , U. S. A. , was
arrested on Sunday , in Kansas City ,
on the charge of being a defaulter in
a sum supposed to range from § 8,000
to $10,000. He is now under guard
bound for New York , where ho will
coon be tried by court-trfartial. He
was ordered from Fort Le venworth
to Now York by telegraphic
orders , some days ago , and as he had
only progressed such a short distance ,
it i * supposed that he was trying to
Fusionists Still Claim Maine ,
ButGov. Davis' Hopes Far
the Best ,
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
WASHINGTON , September 21. , 1. a.
m. The Post this morning publishes
the following : Over a month ago
Stilson Hutchins , editor of tha Wash-
inghton Post , published in his p iper ,
and communicated to the Springlield
Republican an article parporilngto be
an authorizsd denial by Wade Hamp
ton of the Stannton Virginian's report
of the senator's much quoted speech.
In a letter shortly following from Sen
ator Hampton to the editor of the
Staunton paper , Mr. Yost , Senator
Hampton denied having written to
the editor of the Post , or to the paper.
The parties being far fromcach other ;
correspondence has been difficult ;
yesterday , however , Mr. Hutchina re
ceived the following letter from
Senator Hampton which will be pub
lished to-day.
My dear Sir : A few days ago , a
friend ( in Washington informed mo
that a private letter of mine in which
reference was made to the representa
tion of my remarks in Staunton , had
been shown to you with a request , by
my correspondent , that you would
correct in your paper the false im
pression sought to bo made of my
utterance. I was not only unaware
of these facts , when I replied to Mr.
Yost , but did not even know you had
written anything relating to this sub
ject. My correspondent having author
ized you to use the substance of my
letter , it is only an act of justice , on
my part , to state this fact , which I do
cheerf nlly expressing at the same time ,
my regret that your kind effort to sat
me right has subjected you to any
annoyance. Yours truly ,
Special Dispatch to The Bee
BOSTON , September 21 , 1 a. m.
Tha Globe's Augusta correspondent
visited the state house and made an
examination of the returns there and
found that Plaisted has a clear plur
ality of GG with four towns to hear
from. If the ? votft aa they did last
year it will swell his plurality to 114
The republican deputy secretary of
state concedes Plaisted's election ;
republicans generally give up the
plurality. The amendment to the
constitution Is adopted by 20,000 ma
jority. Nye's vote amounts to only
313 and scattering 107 ; total rote in
the state , 147,800.
Gov. Davis telegraphed from Au-
gnsta the tallowing : "I shall be elect ,
ed by 300 or 400 plurality without
doubt. "
Special Dispatcnes to The Be ? .
STUART , Guthrie Co. , Iowa , Sep
tember 21 , 1 a. m. Democrats here
tbai dialler ? will withdraw
* f . .
* * t i.- i. * t * -
from the congressional hcrht , leavirg
wthe field to Gillette , grconbacker , at d
Hon. John A. Kasson , minister to
Austria , addressed a Urge audience
in tlia opera house in this place last
night. Hundreds were unable to ob
tain admission.
Miners * War.
Special Dispatch to The B e.
COLUMBUS , 0 , September 20 , 10 p.
M. Siipt. Lernort just telegraphed as
follows ;
CORNING , 0. , Sept. 20.
To Samuel Thomas :
Miners to the number of 800 are
holding a ffieotiiijj at the. Ian yard.
The work ? have stepped atSawneepnd
Straitjyille. The latest report 13 * that
they will attack us this afteruoon or
to-night. There was firing from the
west at 2 o'clock this morning.
rriore troop's will be sent as it ii
thought the situation can bs held by
the troops on the ground.
3awed Out.
8peil ! dispatch to The Bee.
NASHVILLE , September 20 , 10 p. m.
\Ym. and Georpe Taylor and John
Smithey , all indicted for murder ,
sawed out of jail at Murfreesboro ,
last night. It ia not known how they
Obtained thesavr.
Chic IKO Produce Market.
CHICAGO , September 20.
Wheat LowNo. 2 sprinsj jsold at
922@93 , September ; 93@93jOctober ;
closing at OS igOy ; cash or September
923@925,0ctober93933 ; November ;
92 } September.
Com Lower | © § ; No. 2 sold 40
40ic cash or September ; 40i@41cOct-
ober ; closing at 40 cash or September
40i@403,0ctober4iy@41i ; November ;
45 | May.
Oats LowerNo.2sellin : ; at 302@30c
September ; 29g@29c Octobor29c ; 29c
Novembor34s33 ; May.
Rye Lower aold at 83c for Sep
tember ; 84c October.
Barley Quiet and uunchanged. No.
2 sold at 74i@7oc cash ; 7G tor Sep
Mess , Pork Hog produce a shatlo
higher but quiet. Mess pork sold at § 17
85@17 87 SeptomberS17 ; 70 ® 817 71 ,
OctobercicsingatS17 ; 75@1787Acash ;
or September ; § 17 70@S1 7 75 ; October
§ 12 95@12 97i November ; 12 45 for
Lard Sold at 87 83 , October ; 87 85
© 7 93V. November closing at § 7 90
cash September.
Live Stock.
CHICAGO , September 20.
Hogs Fairly active and shades
higher. Sales at $5@5 15 for li ht
packing and shipping $4 90 © § 5 20
for heavy packing § 6@ $5 05 for
smooth hedvyshippinggrades.Receipts
10 840.
Cattle Offing to the overstocked
condition of the New York market
'oud tUu UUButlBfaclK'r r icpoita quoting
a heavy decline , the buyers have
held off and nothing whateverwas done
in the way of purchasing , consequently
quently the market was nominal for
tha grades up to the hour our reporter
left the yards. At th'e present writing
tha pens are well filled with stock
with but few desirable lots among
fresh arrivals ; receipts 4 000.
New York Produce Marker
NEW YOKK , September 20.
New York Flour receipts 1 598
sales 12,000. Market quiet and
prices no change ; choice do 84 G5@
$515superior weternS3 2o84 lOcorn
to good extra § 3 85@425 , choice § 4 30
@SG 25 : { choice white wheat § 4 15 ©
Oats Shade lower western 4850c
salect No. 2 October38 ; do No. 4 38
Ueef Steady and quiet ; now plain
mess § 9 50 now extra do 10 pork firm
and quiet new mesa , § 15 50.
Lard Higher and strong : steamer
? 830.
Butter -Quietand firm ia fair de
mand. Ohio 15\cl2c@32c.
Eggs Firm at"l7ic @ 20for fair to
Wheat Closed Chicago § 10G@107 :
Milwaukee , 81 07@1 08 ; No. 2 red
winter , S10GA@1 00 ] ; October § 107
© 1071 No. 4" SI 08i@Sl 08cash ;
§ 1 OG | September § 1 OGi < § 81 OOJ ;
saiea 30,000.
Corn Quiet ; No. 2 , 50ic , sai'ea
tit. Louia iToauce.
ST. Looia , September 20.
Flour unchanged.
Wheat Shade better for cash ; op
tions , uneottled and closing lo.wer ;
No. 2 red , 92 @ 92g@92gc for cash ;
933@91i@92jjc tor October ; 9fi@95i@
9495 for November ; OGSffGjGOGc
for the year ; No. 3 do , 8788c
for November : No. 4 do , 84 (0 ( 85.
Corn Better for cash ; op > ened at
382(339@38gc ( for October ; -3838-
for November ; 38g@38J@38 { or the
year.Oafs Steady at28cfor cash orSep-
tember ; 28gc for Oct9bec7 29@28fc
© 28g for the year.
Rye Firm at 85j@85Jc.
Barley Better ; mod fun i to prime ,
80 < 390c ; choice to fancy , 92ic@l ! 00.
Eggs Lower at liiOlGc1.
Wnisky Steady at"l 13 .
Pork None offering.
Dry Salt Meats Firm at § 5 40 ®
840.Uacon Firmer at ? G 12J@0 25 ®
9 G5@5 75.
Lard Firm at $7 78& .
Receipts Flour 10,000 brls , wheat
12,000 tu , corn 2G,000 bo , oats 47,000
bu , rye 0,000 , barley 2,000.
Shipments Flour 13,000 brla ,
wheat 30,000 bu , corn 12,000 bu ,
oats 24,000 b-3.
St.lioul3 Live Stock.
Sr. LociS , September 20.
Hogs Active and higher ; Yorkers
and Baltimores , $4 95@5 05 ; mixed
packing , S5 00@5 15 ; butchora * to fan
cy , § 5 35. Receipts , 6GOO , ; ship-
ents , 8,800.
Real Estate Transfers.
P. 0. Rolado to C. L. Lund , vr. d. ,
e i nw J sec. 18 , t. 10 , r. 10 § 540 ;
also G acres from a. end lot 9 , in sec.
32 , t. 17 , r. 10 SCO.
John G. Jacobs to Elias P. Drories ,
w. d. , lot 5 , Jacob's addition , Omaha
Sidney Dillon , trustee to Christian
Kaelber , w. d. , lots 1 , 2 , 3 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10.
11 , 12 , 13 and 14 , block 13 , Millard-
§ 2GO.
COLUMBUS , 0. , Sapt. 20. The coal
strikers at Cornin ? are quiet , militarj
on the ground preventing the intended
assault on the negro miners. It is be
lieved that if the troops had not baen
on tha ground mugh DloocUbQd
Spechl Dispatches to The Bcc. '
MILWAUKEE , Sept. 20,4 p.m. Goo.
Weehler , from Chicago , went to the
residence of his divorced wife , in this
city last ninht , and after a short alter
cation , shot her in the neck. Sup
posing she was dead , he went into the
back yard , shot himself in the mouth ,
and was dead when found.
ST. PAUL , September 20 Mrs. S
S. Hnrri" . cHiiiting to ! > - the author
C33 of lego and other navels , died
here Saturday.
TOLEDOSeptember 20. Thcsociety
of the army of the Cumberland meets
hero Wednesday.
CHICAGO , Sciplembcr L'O The cigsr
makers' national convention meets
here to-morrovr. Fifty delugates will
be present. " *
NEW YORK , September 20. ' hree
deaths from diptheria , which occurred
aPTutctfoligp ? 'LdrTtf-rslflnd inVthe j ?
family of Baldwin Gordon , originated
in the bite of a diptlieric cat.
NEW YORK , September 1C Lieut ,
commander Gorringo has received
many mementos and records from
Washington to bo pi ced underneath
the base of the oboliak. A call will
bo made on tha Knights Templar of
Now York and Brooklyn to attend the
laying of the corner rtono on Octo
ber 3rd.
Politics and Murdor.
TOLEDO , Sept 20. 4 p. m. John
King , a democrat , had an altercation
with Jacob Uakve ? , a republican , in a
Dorr street salmon , Saturday ni ht ,
the result of which was that ILikvcs
oat his temper and fired four shots a *
King , one of which took effect. King
was removed to hia homo where ho
di-ad at 5 o'clock yesterday morning.
Hakves is in jail.
A Wife Boater Killed.
Special Disiateh to Ths Bee.
ROCHESTJIK , Minn. , September 20
A farmer named John Nevins ,
wlnlo drunk was brutally assaulting
his wife on Saturday evening , when
Lis two hired men Burke smlBulen
interfered. Nevins attacked them
and was shot dead by Bulcn who ia in
New York Money and Stock.
N w YOUK , September 0 130 p. m.
JIOXET At 2J per cent ; exchange steady
atvl S-211S1J.
Stead" .
U S. CV31 . 1015 U.S.4-S . 1 10J
U.S. 5'3 . 1 C23 Currency 6's . 1 25
U.S. l.'d . 1 10J
Active nd sdnnccd i to le sines oiiening- ,
with the exception if L & J , nhich ntUanctd
from SI15 t > ( I oS14SJ. A feature of the imr-
kct is tlic s.iles of Western Union at a difference
of 1 par cent bctuean co-t and ic nbr , ctst sell-
inz Iper cent higher than rcsiilir.
WU . If3 HtSt Joe . 33J
NYC . 131 St Joe r'd . > 1
Erin . 39 I.M . 603
Eriu rrcrd . 63 NP . 3 J
111. , . . . JIT Ii I > pl < l . E&
LakcSboro . 10SJ K&f . 31 $
Northwestern . 103J L&N . 14aJ
N'orthtttstcrn i > M.12i N&C . . . . .ft )
I'M . 40 } 1C . IW
Ohio . 3H A&PT . 41
OMopfd . 7C. BQ . 125J
St.P. andOmahi. . 12 } Lackaannat W. . IK-j
St.1'AOmiha. . . . 82 | Hudson CatuI . fCi
U. P . ! )2i ) N J C . TCi
CC&1C . 18 M J . 91 }
U. P. .Bund.
The U. P. Band was Friday eve
ning made the recip ent-of a very
handsome compliment by the mem
bers of No. 1 engine comp ny. About
8 o'clock a score or more firemen met
at the hall , provided abandantly with
edibles nnd refreshments , and took up
their march to the band hoaso , at the
foot of Webstar strett. The band
boys were at practice , and were taken
completely by surprise. President
Nichols arose and said that tbo object
of this gathering was to faintly show
the appreciation No. J had of the post
favors uf the band , and the company
had unanimously voted to impress
this eenso of appreciation upon the
baud by visiting them and enjoying
themselves together. The band yave
three cheers for No. 1. After every
body had found Boats , the refresh
ments wcro served , consisting of ham
sandwiches , grapes , poaches , apples ,
cake , ice cream , cigars and not too
much of the Teuton's favorite. bever
age. The evening was devoted to
songa , declamations and a few special
ties. Ono of these specialties was a
jig by Messrs. Horuberger and Hill ,
called the "Aldermanie. Reel. " Mr.
Hornberger , as a member of the coun
cil committee on fire , waa invited
and brought t'j this scene of festivi
ties. This exhibition brought down
the house. l > rof. Toozsr told of the
band's trip to Camp Buford , and
what odds were against them in
competing for the prize , which made
their victory the much more trium
phant. He closed by thanking No. 1
company for the substantial evidence
of their good will , and stated that
whenever and wherever the band
could do them honor it would most
gladly do so. The festivities closed
at eleven o'clock
and everybody en
joyed himself highly.
A. P. & A. M.
There will be a special communica
tion of St. John's Lodge , No. 25 , thij
( Saturday ) evenina , for work the in
F. 0. degree. Visiting brothers are
cordially invited.
Undoubtedly the beat shirt Jn the
United States is manufactured at the
Omaha Shirt Factory. The superiority
of Material and
workmanship , com
bined with their great improvements ,
that is Reinforced fronts , Reinforced
backs and Reinforced sleeve ? , makes
their shirt the most durable and best
fitting garment of the kind , 'ever
manufactured at the moderate price of
§ 1.50. Every shirt of our make is
guaranteed first-class and will refund
the money if found otherwise.
We make a specialty of all wool ,
Shaker , and Canton flannel , also
chemois underwear , made up with a
view to comfort , warmth and durabil
ity. To invalids and weak-lunged
persons wfj offer ipecial inducements
in the manner these goods are made
fgr their protection.
1207 Farnam streat.
Wholesale and Kctnil Ulauu
Gold ami Silver Watches
and JcwcTry in the
Come and See Our Stock
as We Will Be Pleased
to Show Goods-
loth & Dodge , Opposite Postoffice.
Always in the lead with
Every day will add to present large aud thorough as
sortments of
All the New Pall Fabrics in
Silks , Satins , Velvets & Plushes.
Novelty and Plaid Dress Goods , Momies ,
Cashmeres , and the Popular
in the Newly Introduced Shades of
And the Various Shades of Bronze that are to be so Popular this. .
In this Department we are Offering ome Special Bargai n
Ladies' full regular Balbriggan , with Silk Clocked Ankle ,
Strangers Visiting : the City are Respectfull Invited to Examine
the Finest Display of Rich Goods Ever Shown
in the West ,
The Leading Eetailers ,
15th and Douglas StS.
State of Nebraska , Doaglaa County , s :
At a County Court held at the County Conrt-
Room.In and for 8ai < lCounty , Sept. 13th. A.
D. . 1SSO. Present , WJI. 0. BARTHOLOMEW ,
County Judge.
In the matter of tbe estate cf Crectutia ThieTo ,
dcc'igcd :
On reading ami filing ttic petition of Henry
P/ohle , praying that an Instrument this nay
filed , and purporting to be the last will and
testament uf the said Cizcectla hie e. deceas
ed iray be tllow-d , pro fatal and recorded ,
aa auch I st will and testament in the Stata cf
Kebra-ka , and that adminUtration tnereof may
be granted to petit ! cer aa txecutor.
ORDERED , that Ccto&er 7.h , A. D. , 1SSO , at
9 o'clock , a. m. . be aesijfneU 'or hearing said pe-
titlon , when all persons Interested in slid mat
ter may apncar at a County Court to be held , In
andforiaid County , and show cause hy the
prayerof petitioner should not be granted ; and notice of the pendency ot Bald petition and
the heann ? thereof , be ( rfren to all persons In
terested In gaid mpttcr , by publishing a copy of
this order in the OiuriA W'ZEKLT DBS , n news-
pnpcr printed ia ( aid County , forthrte succes
sive weeks , prior to sold day of hearinr.
[ A true copy. ] W3I. O.BAETHOLOMEW ,
eep5-3t County Jndsre.
The Pioneer In fie Graded Sjgttnj , and also In
3 years' nrseof Instructionaaop'edbyAmeri-
can Med cal Co leze ABfoda4.i < m , be taa its next
W-3 on Scot. 28th PhrMoIozfcul I aborarory
ElHlTEDABaNlMNCrf. Seatsnumltred , and
s ecur l In order of application. Prof Mor *
Fee * . $75Pnctitlon ra Cource through April ,
Kfr > 330- For Announcement or Information ,
afdrsii Dr. J , H. POLLUTES. 70 Monroe ht ,
- - -
To Ruben Roes , Jr. , A. S. Paddock , Belinda Cur-
tiA. . B. Moore , Motej. K Clarke.
Take notice that tha Sioux City & Nebraska
railroad company baa located Ita tncka and aide
track * through and acrorg the soathweat quar
ter of S. H. J of section un (10) ) , and northwest
I of N E. J Cf section fifteen (15) ( township No.
15. north of ran < e No. thir'ecn ( Ir ) east of 6th
principal meridian , also through and a roti lots
in city of Omaha , fo-wit : Lot one ( I ) * nd lot
ci ht(8)in ( ) bl ckNo 335 All said p-emUes be
ingin Douzlas County , Nebraska , and unions
you anf Ijto the County Judge of the County
Conn of said Conntv. on or before the "th diy
of August , 1880 , to have your damages swse < i
in mode prescribed by the laws ot > 'ebnska , the
sa-d company will proceed to tare raid damage *
assessed a by Uw piovldc.1.
ByJ-o. D HOWE , Attorney.
Omaha. Jolr 6th. 1830 dlt-w3
! '
In the matter of the estate of Mary Wbelan
deceased :
Notice Li hereby given , that tbe creditors
did deceased , will meet the administrator *
said dtate. before ma. County Judge of Doala
Coantr.Nebnuka , at tha County Court Room In
said County , on tbe 20th day of October , ISbO.ou
tha ! ! 0tb day cf Dtcembor , IgfcO , andon the 20th
dav of February , 1381 , at 10 o'clocka. nx.each
day , for the rnrpose of presenting their claims
for examination , adjustment and allowance.
Six months are allowed fer creditors to preeii
their claim ? , and one year for the admintstrato
to settle salt ! citato , from tbe 20th day o
Aa-ii.t , 1830. this notice will be published In th /It
OMAHA WZZKLT Cu. for four weeks successively /
nrlor to tha 20th day ot Oatober. 1830.
nUwit . -