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Saturday Morning , Sept. 18. |
The jury ia the case of Fred
of "not guilty
"Wirth returned a verdict
the fire
of violating
ty , " on the charge
Patcraon sells coal.
Fine perfumes at Saxe's.
Use Lewis' dry hop yeast.
R ad Book Catalogue , 3rd page.
' DentriBcc.
For the teeth , Kuhn's
SUuttcrick's patterns atCruickshanl- .
Porter is running the Omaha ferry.
Imported and Key West cigarr ,
at Kuhn'e.
Seidenbcrg & CO.'E Key West Ci
gars at Saio's.
Fifty-four cars ol stock and thir
ty cara of tea went east yesterday.
Services will T > o resumed at the
Umtcrian church to-morrow morn
ing at ll.o'clock. I
There were twelve loads of hay
on the market yesterday at noon which
met with a ready sale before 1:30 p.
m. at gG , S8 and $10 per ton accord
ing to quality.
Persons having rooms to let and
persons wishing to engage rooms dur-
ing the Elate fair , will plcaso call on
. jr. , board of
or address J. U. Gridley ,
trade rooms.
The river continues to fall steadi
ly at the rate of something less than
\ half an inch daily. The stage of wat-
i J cr , however , Is fair , and above Bis-
' nmck moro water is reported than is
usual at this season.
A train of ten emigrant wagons ,
occupied by foreignorBpasscd through
the city yesterday , going eastward.
They came from Ouster county , where
they report the farming outlook this
seaton not very bright.
The St. Paul passenger train ran
into Lake Station yesterday as an
independent train , for the first time.
It was behind time at Missouri Val
ley , where the Northwestern train us-
nally takes up its passengers , and the
Utter not waiting for it , the extra run
of forty miles was made to make the
through connections.
Several hundred feet of platform
and a-Email ticket office have been
built at the Tenth street crossing of
tneUi1 ! ' . shop track. This is to be
the starting point for the state fair
trains. . 'Thursday some wag inscribed
over the door of the ticket oflica the
words "Caseyville , Kerry Co. , " nam
ing tlio station after Mr. Tom Casey ,
the watchman at that crossing.
Saturday evening last a pleasant
affair took place at the St. Elmo. Mr.
Tom Dalton , who for some time past
has been stage manager In addition to
aclingfas character delineator , was
about 4,0 leave for St Joe to fill an
engagement , and a number of his
friends clubbed together and pur-
chaictt an elegant gold-headed cane '
wiilcn waa appropriately engraved
nu.1 tu , . , „ _ , ' '
„ oYening's.
performance it was presented to him
on Ihe atago , giving him a complete
Thecity marahalyesterday received
r. notice to bo on the look out for and ,
arrest if found , John G. Kay , a salesman
man and bookkeeper of the Cash Stove
company , Cleveland , Ohio , on charge
of embezzlement. Ho is a Scotch
man , about 34 years of ago , 5 feet S or
9 inches high , dark complexion , dark
hair , , dark brown moustache , grey
uycs , and of medium build hone
wears A ring with rod etcno
and Scotch thistle engraved thereon.
He loft that city on Monday , Aug. 30
1880 , and has not been hoard of since.
A liberal reword is offered for his Wild
Thursday afternoon the Uarfield
and Arthur glee club wont up in the
O. & N. N. train to Tekamah , where )
Gen. Cowin was to speak in the jur
ing. There was a grand rally , the
general made an excellent address
tha Tekamah brass band tnrnod out
and did their part and the glee club
fairly carried things by storm. The '
utmost enthusiasm was evinced by the ;
largo audience and the boys got &
splendid send off. The speaker and
gleot. club came home by the early
rain yesterday morning.
What's the use of travelling if
you don't keep your eyes open. Mar
shal Westerdahl , during his recent
trip east , picked up & good many new
ideas , some very useful , others purely >
ornamental. Among the latter ac
quirements was the knowledge that
the chief of police of JNew York city
carried an ivory "billy" tipped with
gold knobs and adorned with gold tas-
pels. .Not to be outdone by Now York
otlisiala , or any ono else , the marshal
has had made a beautiful imitation of
this instrument of warfare peculiar to
t'io order , and on the annual parade
titirt Tuesday ho will carry a gold
mounted , gold tassellcd club of ivory >
whiteness. Look out for it
Real Kstate iTansrera.
"Jonathan 0.
Shepird to Matthew
A , McNaraora , w. d. , E. 100 feet owof
lot1 11 , block G , Kountzo and lluth'a
addition , city of Omaha SG07.S4
Evert V. Smith and wife to John
B. Krenzer , w. d. , lot 4 , block 18 ,
E.V. Smith's addition , city of Omaha
OmshaNebraska , Sept. ICth , 1880.
To citizens generally : Everybody
i hereby cautioned against pickpocket
pocket * , burglars and hotel thieves
w h which the town is M. present in
fested. Every train brings in new
additions to the crowd. The police
force is insufTHcat t > jrtiarJ the city
It"fperly " , and a warning ia hereby
given to all to be on the lookout-
- C. J. Westerdahl ,
City Marshal
HATS in every shape at
"VVood's Parlor Bas , Crelghlon block ,
15lh * trccL wt-ru-th-sat
.t *
\ .t3bcKEY CAPS at Mr * . Wood's tk.
lot Bazar , 16th St. , Crelghton block.
Tsat-tn-lh'sat - _ _
The fineU oysters it" Joe & -Sam's.
11 6t
The Son of a New York
Chief of Police in
He is Charged With Robbing
His Uncle ,
And is Now in the Douglas
County Jail. 1
The arrest in St. Joseph , Missouri ,
and confinement in the county jail of
George Cornish , makes a pretext for a
record of his brief career in Omaha.
Ho is a young man , whoso father is a
c ief of police in New York , in nigh
standing. He is a nephew of cur
fellow-townsman Cornish , and has
other relatives in the city , with whom
he has been visiting for the past few
months. A cultured mind and the
pleasant address which ho possesses
haa won a good many friends for him
taught a class of youths in the Saun-
dcr's Btreot miesion sunday schooh
Mr. Joseph Hensmanwith his aged
mother , lives with Mr. Cornish , being
related to him. They had saved about
8300 and kept it at the house , expect
ing to invest it soon. About six weeks
ago ho discovered that the money had
been taken , and supposed of course ,
that the house had been burglarized.
But others who thought they knew a
thing or two , pointed the finger of SUB.
p'.cion toward young Cornish. Mr.
Hcnsman became more than usually
friendly to him , notwithstanding ,
with a view of ascertaining all he cculd
towards satisfying himself that Cornish
did the "work. " List Monday the
latter started for St. Joe , Mo. , where
ho has an uncle. The day following Mr.
Kensman and Mr. Joe Dohcrly start
ed after him. They found him in a
hotel , on the third floor. They locked
the door and made a thorough search
of Cornish and the room. All they
found was § 35 in his wallet. They
told him that they wanted him back
in Omaha , and that he must consider
himself under arrest. As they were
leaving the hotel , Cornish went
out to the water closet
accompanied by Mr. Hensman. "While
there the former put his hand down
in an old paint keg , which eat on the
floor , and pulled out a S25 gold vest
.chain and a diamond ring , which be
claimed to have bought of Edholm &
Erickeon of this city. He eaid that ho
had bought them with the money
which his pal in New York had sent
him , and said the posloffico books in
Omaha would show that ho received
money through it Edholm & Erick-
aon say that when ho piid for the
jewelry ho displayed a largo roll of
bills which must have cilled for fully
Cornish declares his innocence of
tbo chsrgo of burglary , and agrees to :
pay the whole amount to free himself ,
we presume , from the mortifying or
, deal of a suit bv relatives.
, .
\ Cornish is rather boyish in appear-
. irall.
I of stature. His relatives are awe-
Btrickon at the developments in his (
case , nud hesitate between pushing
I the ciso and having nothing moro to
do with the matter. Mr. n
particularly , is all "broken up"
the outcome of the a flair.
I have decided to fill a long felt
want in this city , and atn resolved to
make suits to order , equal in equality
and style to any merchant tailor , at
prices that will allow any man to be
dressed equal to the richest in fash
, ionable first-class fitting suits , and no
more Beady Made clothes need dis
figure shape any longer , if you only
call on Mr. BypSmski , Merchant
Tailor , 219 , 12th street , northeast
corner of Farnham.
Tbo firm of Honzi & Kavan is dis
, solved by mutual consent. Mr. Kavan
assumes the liabilities of tlio firm and
will continue the business under his
own name. JOHN HOKZA ,
Michigan readies , Freestone , ( to-day
rcccipif ) IScls to 'Mctsa IxsJxt ,
Just what yon want ,
No. 1 Ci-mcBsmackcrcl iu tin and wood
No. 1 Peerless Codfish ,
New Salmon ,
scpl7-3t at LITTLE & WILLIAMS' .
Universally acknowledged the best ,
Astor House , Now York. s7-lm
Hamburg Figs 25c a box.
The most fragrant coffee at Joe &
Sam's. 11-Gb 3b
Ono of the reasons why they keep
the best Oysters at "Alstcd'e , " 1420
Douglas street , is that they stopped
the restaurant business , and , there
fore they can pay much more attention
to the oyster business. sepl 7-3t
ueatn Record.
The funeral of the late James Smith
will take phco at 3 P. M. , Sunday ,
from his late residence , 1,316 South
Fifth street. Friends of the family
are invited.
Emily Lindgren , who for the "past
two yeara has lived with the family of
. W.J.Connoll , Esq. , died of perolonitis
Thursday afternoon at the residence
, - of Mr. Connoll. She had but recently
- returned from Marshalltown , Iowa ,
where she had been visiting friends
for several weeks past , and had been
sick but a few days. She was well
known among her nationality , the
Swedes , and WES a great favorite with
all her acquaintances. Tlio funeral :
took place this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
DAVIS September 16 , at 11:20 p.
m. , Clarkson Davis , aged 21 months ,
only child of Frederick H. and Nellie
Davis. Eastern papers will please
At Ackly , Iowa , Sept. 16th ,
Augusta May , infant daughter of
John M. Byers , of this city , ngcd 15
-.Inrphy tiovettlna. .agency ; old
it established agency in thin state.
A Colored Man Nurses aW |
Grudge Against An
other ,
And Gets His Jaw Broken
The only party to appear before his
honor the police judge , yesterday
wa a badly battered up individual ,
whoso head and face were so com
pletely wrapped in bandages aa to
niako his features unrecognizable.
The legal documents , however , showed
that the enshrouded person was Wm.
M. Thomas , a colored man , and that
ho was the prosecuting witness in the
case of the State va. John Simpson ,
the latter being charged with assault
with intent to kill.
Our reporter interviewed Mr.
Simpson on the subject of the charge ,
the victim of the affair being unable
to speak owing to tbo fact that his
jaw is broken , and he readily stated
his side of the case , in a plain and
straightforward manner. He stated
that last evening ho was coming up
from the shops with Gas Hall and
Sam Robinson , two colored porters in
tha employ of the1 Pullman Pacific
company , in whose city office Simpson
has served for some time past. Being
heated and dry from the walk , they
stopped in at Grucnig's place , corner
Tenth and Capitol evenue , to get a
glass of beer. Thomas was standing in
thedoor at the time and followed them
into the saloon where Simpson says
ho proceeded to pick up a quarrel
with him by walking by him several
times and bushing agaiusthim roughly.
Simpson warned him to desist , sajing
that if he had any grudge against him
ho should say so like a man. After some
words Thomas , he says , went for him
savagely , at the same time putting his
hand back as if to draw a weapon from
his hip pocket. With a judicious re
gard for his own safety , Simpson let
him have it straight from the
elbow and the result was
.that Mr. Thomas retired from
the brief but decisive con
test with a broken jaw. A physician
dressed the injured bone and the case
came into the police court to bo adju
dicated , the accused voluntarily re-
partlngThuraday niuht at police head
It appears that the trouble ori
ginated from an incident
which transpired during the re
cent state convention of colored
men. Of that convention Simpson
was marshal , and he Bays Thomas
came in one evening in an intoxicated
condition and interrupted the pro
ceedings , whereupon the marshal , at
the request of the president , summarily
rily ejected the offender from the hall.
The injured man would scorn to have
nursed his wrath for a future occas
ion , and the result was rather disas
trous to him.
Tubiu's genuine psrfumes in bulk
- are eomowhat now and very fine , quite
. equal to his atnall botttaa , yet costing
- TJUTOnrttjirai-mr much At Kutm's &
Go's. , Fifteenth and Doudag. jon.can
aeo an original package as exported
from T. Vance. el7 fmtw
, Mrs M. Cor , Fashionable Dress
Maker , 317 loth street bctwpcn Dav
enport and Chicago.
T. B. Ringar has opened merchant
tailoring at 560 , loth street , Jacobs
Block. Ho has a fine selection of
cloth Cithnierea. Call and see.him.
For an elegant breakfast , dinner or
supper , go to Joe & Sam's. 11-Ct
The railway mail servica haa been
agreeably surprised by the marriage of
John H. Klinker , ono of the most
efficient and popular postal clerks on
the Omaha and Ogden route. John's
last trip to Ogden was strictly on pri-
isvato business. When ho returned _
Thursday ho was accompanied by a
lady who bears the title of Mrs.
Klinker , and will officiate over his
household with the grace for which
the Buckeye girls are so noted. Mra.
Klinker , formerly Miss Cora B , Ste-
I phcnx , is a native of Cincinnati where
she was raised and educated. Her [
father having received the appointment
of postmaster at Ogden , from
President Hayes , three years ago , she
, removed with him to that place and
there incidentally formed the attachment
ment which terminated last week so
auspiciously. The newly married
couple wore among the Pullman pas
sengers from the west lest evening
and at once proceeded to the residence
owned by Mr. Klinker , on Capitol
Hill , which is to be their future homo.
Mr. Klinkor is a young man who be
gan his career in cultivating a farm 1 in
this vicinity , and since his advent in
the postal service hai achieved n good
reputation in the service in which ho
is now engaged. Our best wishes are
tendered the young couplo.
A Tribute.
She haa gone. She baa taken the
wings of angels and flown to tint far
belter land than this , where all her
pain and sickness has ended. Yea
she has taken her abode with those
that have slept the same sweet sleep
and awoke in the arms of Oao who is
In the movements of life her
friends , who are many , were shock
ed at the sad announcement
of the death of Mrs. Sarah
Ann Humphreys , though she was sick
some few weeks. The regard she had
for these who met her in her daily do
mestic duties won for her the undying
love of all who were favored with her
acquaintance. Siio was B true and
loving wife , an affectionate and de
voted mother and grandmother , and
her loss to kindred and friends will
long leave a shade of Borrow in rillm
pry's halla. The writer , in these try
ing moments , tenders his sympathy
to the bereaved family. Wo all know
that iu life the deceased was peaceful
and truthful , and the scripture says
"Blessed are the peace makers for
they ahall see God. " When that day
cotnua for us to follow her to the
t mb may wo have prepared ourselves
for death by a good life aa she has
done , and have similar earthly as-
Buraucea of eternal bliss.
Work of the Officials To-Day
General Items of Interest
to Visitors ana Ex
The superintendents of the differ
ent departments of the coming state
fair and several members of the board
ofjmanagera were busily engaged yestei ;
day in allotting space to the different
exhibitors. As a result quite a crowd
visited the grounds , where the general
preparations going on make the scene
lively indeed. Buildings for stock j
and machinery are receiving their fin
ishing touches , and stands for the sale
of all variety of articles are springing
up everywhere around. Tne three ,
different telegraph companies have
extended their wires to the grounds ,
and the telephone company is arrang
ing uccessarr accommodations in the
grand stand. The Union PaciGc
railway company has erected a tem
porary platform und ticket office on
the branch to the shops just where it
mako3 the Tenth street crossing.
Trains will be run from this point to
the fair 'grounds each day of the fair
every hour , commencing at nine
o'clock bound north and ending at six
o'clock bound south. The last train
will cross the bridge to Council Bluffs
arriving there at seven. Tickets for the
round trip h.ivo boon placed at twenty-
five cents and for a single trip fifteen
cents. If tickets are not purchased
before entering the cars twenty cents
each way will be charged.
Capt. Marsh , of the street railroad
company , will run transfer carriages
in connection with the etrcet cars on
their arrival at the northern terminus.
The board of trade has made a care
ful estimate of the capabilities of the
city in the eating line , and the officers
feel confident that 20,000 persons can
bo feed each day during
the fair. The accommodations in the
majtter of lodging are also ample so no
one need fear that ho will be loft out
in thn cold during fair week. The
Button military company , Captain
Keller and forty men , will arrive to
morrow and immediately repair to
the fair grounds for guard duty. It
should bo remembered by our homo
exhibitors that the last day mid ahalf 3f f
to wit : Monday and Tuesday , until
noon , of next wcuk , will bo especially
reserved forforeign exhibitors who will
be preferred iu their applications for
It is now settled that President
Burke , of the Lancaster county agri
cultural association , will exhibit the
large and complete collection of agri
cultural products from that county ,
which is said to be the finest over sien
in Nebraska.
The following entries were filed thia
morning :
Exhibition of marcs and geldhjgsto
harness , William Hagadorn , E. L.
Elton , Willie Erwin Her , Otto H.
Myor , William Marham Samuel Her
man , Frank Allison and S. F. Winch ,
j all of Omaha.
Joachim Bolfa , Otto Frisoni and
John 0. Franco will make displays of
In tlie display of blooded cattle en
tries have been laadc by Swan &Bro. ,
Indianola , Iowa ; Henry E. Palmer ,
Cass county , Neb. ; Fred Christian-
Ben , Omaha ; Taylor Bros. , DoWitt
county , III. , cheep and swino.
A. C. Hart , Omaha , enters a largo
Collection of Brahma , Cochin-China
' and other fowl. ,
- GrahanxP. JBrown , oLWest Onuy-
ha , makes 32 entiles o poultry.
Mra. Will Brown enters ft largo col
lection of farm products.
R. M. Floyd , Chicago precinct t
farm products.
J. F. Lirhner , of Omaha , exhibits
spring bcdp , etc.
Myron GolcUimlh , Omaha , patent
Brown , B.'iss ' & Co. , Omaha , glasi-
cs , pottery , ete.
. C. it B. Hubermnnn , Omalu >
clocks , watches , jewelry and precious
Henry S. Budd , Omaha , cabinet of
fossils and petrified wood.
U. P. railroad Company , cabinet
minerology and r.Iso different speci
mens of Nebraska wood and mountain
| evergreens
Mrs. Jessie E. Allen , cabinet illus
trating botany.
Tlio McCormick harvesting machine
company , improved reapers , mowers
- M. J. JFeenan , Omaha , display of
marble mantles , grates , marble letter-
in ? , etc.
. Mrs. 0. H. Kyner , Omaha , jellies.
Whitney , Clark & Co. , Omaha ,
flavoring extracts , baking powder ,
ground coffee , etc ,
The entries are increasing hourly
- i I and articles for exhibition are arriving
by every train , particularly these in
the stock and machinery classes.
Most of the different officers of ho
fair previously appointed have ar
rived in the city , prepared for work ,
and all preliminary arrangements are
moving along most encouragingly.
Ladies , C. A. Ringer makes now
fall styles out of old straws or felts.
Victorious Omaha.
Omaha talent has been pretty suc
cessful in tbo various contests at the :
Soldiers' Reunion at Central City.
. The Union Pacific band carried off
the § 100 prize on Wednesday and a
special telegram received to-day
brings the intelligence ) that company
G , cornmandedby Capt.Geo. | H. Cra-
gor , has taken the magnificent pr'ae
banner in the competitive prize drill
between militia companies. The U.
P. band returned Thursday and ,
marched up the street to the Union
Pacific headquarters , where they ser
enaded the officers and employes.
They bore the broom , manufactured
from broom-corn raUed in Merrick
I county.and ornamented with numerous
small flags. Company G will return
to-morrow , and it is proposed to give
them a grand reception on their ar
rival. Let their friends turn out ftr.jn
full force and take the U. P. baud ,
down to escort them to their armory.
They deierre , Hith tbo boss band ty.of
the Northwest , the honors of the city.
Wo have just received a largo num
and other FuiiNrrcnu which the pub
lic are invited to inspect.
1208 and 1210 Farnham St.
Michigan Peaches , cJtoiee , received
I daily , at LITTLE & WILLIAMS' .
Headquarters tor Joe Schlitz'a
Milwaukee beer ot MJUCIU : TS' Ex-
CHAXUI : , N. E. Cor. 10th and Dodge.
: rr. A case ot constipation by
using Hamburg Figs ,
State Convention of Nebraska
Dentists Dating State
Fair Week.
The fourth annual meeting of the
Nebraska state dental society will
convene at Omaha , Tuesday , Septem4i
ber 21st , at 7.30 P.M. All those who
were present will recollect the pleasant
and profitable meeting had last year ,
and it will bo the earnest endeavor io
make this ono still more so. The
members of the society are requested |
to _ have essays , or bo prepared for oral
discussion of the different subjects
which will come up. The meeting
occurring during the state fair , and
the invitation being extended to the
profession generally to attend , whether
members or not , a largo attendance ia
The order of business is :
1. Meeting of members ac the office
ot Dr. A. W. Nason , for payment of
dues and general greeting. 2. Organ
ization and roll call. 3. Reading min
utes. 4. Treasurer's report. 5. Ap
plications for membership. G. Report
of executive. 7. Election of new
members. 8. Reports of special com
mittees. 9. Unfinished businesi. 10.
Selection of phce for next meeting.
11. Election of officers. 12. Retiring
president's address , and introduction
of now members.13. . Essays and
discussions. 14. Miscellaneous buci-
nesa. 15. Adjourn.
. The following subjects will come up
for discussion : 1 , relation of dent
ists to their patients ; 2 , devitalized
teeth and their management. 3 , prep
aration of proximal cavities in bicus
pids and molars , and filling the same
with different kinds of foil4treatment ;
of sensitive dentine and pulp expos
ures ; 5 , treatment of diseased gums ;
. G , 'celluloid aa a base for artificial
I tcoth , 7 , merits of plastic filling8 ; ,
i clinics ; 0 , discussion of clinics.
Thosa wishing to become members
of the society will report themselves
to tlio executive committee as early as
J. 0. Slatter/tho Sixteenth street
grocer , has returned from a trip to
the mountains , where ho haa been
spending a few weeks for the benefit
of his hosllh.
Mr. John Honza , the popular Bo
hemian clerk of Jchn H. F. Lehman
| & Co. , haa resumed his former posl-
| This will doubtless please the numer
i ous , patrons of that nationality , who
liivo missed Mr. Honza for aomo
month ? .
Judge Hay ward , of Nebraska City ,
1 ia in town.
Senator Saunders has returned from
the west.
Col. J. J. Dickey returned from the
east Thursday.
Geo. P. Hall , of the Tekamah
Burlonian , is in the city.
J. R. Manchester and wife returned
from Central City Thursday night.
H. M. agent of the
B. & M. R. R. , at Atchison , ia in the
Capt. G. M. Gray , general ticket
agent of the Pullman palace company
, ia in the city ,
Jxldge Wm. L. Peabody has re-
turned from a Uirco months' absence
* -11 f
* - * f
F. R. McConnell , general western
, agent of the Union Pacific , with headquarters
quarters at Salt Lake , ia in town on
Mauler Mechanic Gongdou , Master
I Car-Builder Stavens and Stock Inspector
- specter Nouman , have returned from
' * ' > auPorintendent of
the Bradntreet company in this city
left yesterday to be avsoat about thre :
weoksduring which time his assistant
Mr. F. B. Woodrow , will have charge
of the office.
Calvin C. Woolworth , of .Now York
City , accompanied by Mr.McPheraon
a nephew of Mrs. Bishop Clarkson
nre iu the city , visiting Hon. J. M.
, Woolworth , a brother of the former
gentleman ,
Add Tkroo to Three
and Have
Three Remain.
j The marriage of Abraham Biack to
Miss Georgia Saunders , was colebrat
ed Thursday , and thua another couple
of Omaha's favorite young people
commenced the voyage of life togeth
er. The groom is oho of our most
faithful and best knownpolice officers
over prompt and affable in the per
formance of duty and highly esteemed
by his superiors and all to whom he is
acquainted. Aleck has certainly made
the best capture * of his life in securing
Miss SiWHidera for a helpmeet , for A
more excellent young l dy does not
reside in this community. The police
were present in a body to congratu
late their brother officer on his good
Mr. JCESO Newman ana Bliss Hattie (
tie Cowden were united in marriage
Thursday by Rev. Mr. Millspaugh.
They were attended by Frank Bella
my as groomsman and Misa Maggie !
Cowden as bridesmaid. A large and
select company were present to wish
the fair bride joy and tender their
congratulations to the groom. The
contracting parties are well known in
the city and esteemed and respected
by a host of friends. A large number
of elegant presents were received by
the bride.
Thursday Rev. A. F. Sherrell performed
formed OHO of the moat pleasing du
ties of his clerical calling by uniting
in the holy bonds of matrimony Wil -
liam J. Taylor , the well known gen
eral western superintendent of Brad-
street's agency , and Misa Fannie
McConnell , daughter of Master Me
chanic McConnell , of the U. P. shops.
The knot was tied at the residence of
thebride'a parents onCass street , and
the ceremony was witnessed by a few
chosen friends. No young couple ever
set out on the journey of matrimonial
life from this city with brighter pros
pects for future welfare and happi
ness. May the happiness of theit
wedding [ day be but the forecast ; ol
many years.of unalloyed pleasure.
NOTICE Advertisements To Let For Sale *
Lost , Found , Wants , Bo rdlnj Ac. , will bo In
serted in these columns once ( or TEN CENTS
per Una ; each subSBquont Inficrtlon.FlVE CENTS
per line. The first Insertion never lead than
, DUST TO LOAN-Cill at law Office
4i D. L. T1IOUAH.JUxunS.Crclghton Hlcck
'ONKY TO I.OAW 11C9 Funhun street.
M Dr. Edwards Loan Agency , nov.2-U
A peed tinner. No. 1111 DOUR ! S
WANTED 433-17
] \ |
A good pastry cook ; St. Clinics
WANTED 492-tf
WANEED An cxpcrlonccil dry coed , cloth.
ing , boots and eho'S gMtsnun ; na other
nce < l apply ; references required. Address O.
Adler , Sewatd , Neb 431-20
- filnlnsr Hall. cor.
16th and Dodge , a pastry co k and ccn-
eral helper in kitchen. ale ono waiter ; wnnien
prefercd. Good watc ? . " ' 49 M7
ANTED A peed girl to do general hou c-
work. Apply comer 12th and Pacific.
496 U
"ITITANTED First-claw machine hand , at
YV Omaha Shirt Fjctory. 478-16
\\fANTRP , A Olrl to do house work , 1109
VV Farnhim Street , UP SUir 14 .tt
WANTED Situation , aa house keeper , by'a
rcspcc'ahlc m'iMlc-ajrcil I.'dr , in Council
Hinffj cr Gmtha. Addrcs ] Bex 310 Columbm ,
N < b. 433-17
) Y WANTED A nnart , active boy ; Tlia
Bradatroot Co. 4S9-18
Two flrst-clasi coat and one vest
WANTED ( or Cheyenne , Wy. Inquire tM.
IKllnun&Co. , everyotlicnJayforSdaya. 47G8
TTIOUHEYT Three unfurnished room" , with
I1 liall and rlnroti : terms moderate , lit IMS
CassSt J.B BRONEtl. 500-18
HENT A well-furnished house , 10
rooms , with well und c'stctn in the centnr
rf the 'Hy ; suitable for private botrJin ? house ,
or furnished rooms alone , furn'turo ' nearly new ,
at cheap lUuros. Rent 850 per month. Inquire
at Ihh office. 601-25
TTlORflENT 2 furnished rooms ; ono suitable
J ? for urofesslonal gentleman , S. W cor. 18th
and Capltnl Av enue. 181-21
KENT V larco two-stiry hoarding
FOR with six bed-rooms , on cor. Doughs
and Eighth streets , also tuo-story. aevcn-room-
ed homo. aJjo'nin above Enqui e of Parker
Frog. , Gag office , or Itnggg & Iltlls , and J.
Trcitchhe , 15th and Farnham. 403-18
TfTlOU 11EST Tn small cottages , on corner
I1 ofllarney and 22d strcc's. Inquire 203
Howard St 431-tt
TJ10R RENT Nicely "rntehcd front room ,
P for two single gcn'Uniin , 235 Du'curnrt
St. . nc-ir 16th. 4CM7
"TJIURNI IIED Rooms with or without hoarJi
Jj at Furopcan Restaurant. 301-tf
TjlOR REST Tinely furnished roomi at 1310
C Davenport street , bet. 13th and 14th St.
I \ 36Q.
RENT 2 furlliahcd rooms over Mer
chants Exchange , N. U. Cot. ICtli and
Doilce streets. 09-tt
R0011S FORREST AtDaven-
FURNISHED . tviotf
TTIOR SALE A fine Kciitl * horse , B\tc for rtny
C ladv to drive. Aiwa line now milch cow
by L F. Maslim , Creight-n lilock , City. 483-18
Tjl H SALE Coltonwcod lumber of all
RKllMOND'S. Sixtcentli-gt
| IvrOTtCETO COAL DEALERS Sca'cd ' pio-
ilosVs ( will he tccelvcd by tha undersigned
until batonlay , - cptcmlio : IS , iSS9 > at 3 o'cloct
p. in , for iuruishini ; such n-ncunt ot h.iid n < (
seat c al aa may bo reiioi-cd { or ii3cin tlio roun-
ty conna , offirca , jail ami roor house , and for
supplying cotinty poor for the ensuing jcif.
I ThBnuhtisrcscrTdu to reject any or all bKte.
I By order of the Board of t om-nissioncrS.
483-17 JOHN K. MASClIEbTEU , Co. Clerk.
Asorrel marc , while fact ) and little
LOST on cido had harness on. J. S. III [ > L.
rn..KEN UP ry James t'oi o and turlied ovsr
L tome tj bolieMfor the owi er , cnO dark
bay Kcidinff , black points , saddle m rk d ,
creased neck , about 16J hands li'sh and 11 years
old. PATRICK O. 1IAWES. r'olflco Judge.
, . , . ,
. Pianos and Organs Pirst Class
on Easy Monthly Payments ,
Sheet Mnsic and Musi
cal Instruments ,
O TT L 3D 13ST G-S -
Oil Paintings , Engravings and Frames at great
ly reduced prices.
8x10 Frames , 1 inch , Walnut 1E
10x12 1 < " 20
10U 1 ' " 20
12X10 n " BO
* 12x18 1J ' " .n. 65
10x20 1 } ' " 76
Hustle 8x10 fnmc 15
Chromes framed , f mall , 25c ,
Cliromo strained , large , 1 6 ,
Kngrat Ing ? from SOc upwards ,
; Photograph frames from 16c upward ? ,
Wlndo * ' Cor-iccs 76c a window and upwards
Lambrcquir.8 8 00 per window and upwards.
, Cornice Coles 2 60 per window and upwards ,
Velvet frames 25c c ch to5 00
Vlolin Strings 15c ,
Violiis 1 76,2 50 , 3 and upwards ,
Guitars 5 00 , 0 00 , 7 00 and upwards ,
Banjds 1 00. 3 00,6 00 , altd upwards ,
Acconleons from 1 00 up , cheapest in city
Send for samples and catalogue of mouldings
and sheet music. A. HOSPE , jit. ,
1D76 DcK-Vo St. . Omaha , Neb.
FALL 1880.
Men's C&1I Beott ? 2 60 to SO 00
Ladies'Kid Button Stoea 1 50 " 5 00
Boy's CalfBoota 1 75 " 3 00
Mivca' Coat Button 1 26 " 2 0
- Child's Oiiat Button 75 " 1 25
Mpn's Calf Shoes 160 " SjOO
Ladlei' Side taeo Kids 1 50 " 400
. Boya Alexis 1 25 " 2 00
Misses'Side Lace Kid 1 15 " 2 03
Mens BaUcs 1 EO " 2 50
Children' * Polish 75 " 1 50
Lades'Kid Sllpptrs 76 " 175
Children s Lace fchoes 25 " 75
Men'sSewed Boots 3 50 " 7 00
Ladles'Kid Ties 150 ' 200
Men's Brogans 1 00 ' 1 W
MiascY SlippcrJ 0 ' 100
Ladles'Serge Shoes 0 ' 2 0" >
Boj's Button Shoes 1 50 ' 2 60
Youth's Button Shoes 1 25 ' 1 75
New Goods re
ceived daily. Vfo
sell for cash only.
Money refunded if
tliegoods don't wear
aa represented. We
- keep in stock all
sizes and widths and
guarantee a good fit
in every respect.
Boots and Shoes Made to Order
The Only Complete scoot in the City
Leading Shoe Store.
kiniiEBFORD ( iite'TnlnJ AUOlto
ALLEN - ) , Attorney and Counsel
at Law , 26 Grant Place , Washinzton , D.
Having been Third Auditor of the United Stat
Treuury for six years , I am thoroughly faml
ith the course of business before the Cover
ment Departments. Special attention given
the settlement of accounts of allOovernmen
- OScers , Poetcuaters , lUrsbilj , Mill Contracto
and others. Will practice before the Euprcm
Court of the U. 8.Court of Claims , Patent O35
General Land Offica , tc. , &c. Refers to Hon
Saml F. Phillips , Solicitor Central U. S.Hon
I Ja * . OHflllan , 'treasurer of tht U. 3. ; Hon.iJ.
I UcOrew. Sixth Auditor U. 8. Treasury
ST. ,
gee AWCTt - - - "
- - tJ."gfT ? i
OLOTieiS ,
Purchased of the well-known cloth house of John
B. Allison & Co. ; and now offered at prices
far below the first cost of importations.
Call the attention of gentlemen to the fact that
by bnying their goods at this sale , and
having their tailors make them up in
any desired style , a positive sav
ing of from
Farnliam Street.
Are Not Half as Interest
ing to the General Eead-
er as the Following Price
9 } ibsof Aeugar for > n > t..fl 00
10 Iba extraCeurarfor 1 00
KJ IbaCanary 0. Sucar for. . . . . 1 00
6 } Iba Granulated Sugar for 1 00
B Ibs Cut Loaf Sugarfor 1 00
6 Iba Rood Rio Coflco for 1 00
Slhabcstllio Coffee fur 1 00
4 Itnclicicc.JavaCoffee for. * „ 1 00
3j Ibs best JtodmCcflea for. . . . . . . . . 1 CO
Young Hyson Tea per Ib , SO to 40
OoIongTcapcrlb , 30 to 40
Japan Tea per Ib , 30 to 50
Finest QunpowderTca porlb 76
Best O K Flour per Back 2 75
Snow Flake winter wheat flour 3 SO
Havcns.bcatfiour t 00
2 bare Climax Soap for. . 1 CO
21 bars Laundry Soap for. . . . . 1 0)
18 bars Linen Soap for 1 CO
Pure Unpie Sjrup in call cans 1 00
Golden Byrop per gallon. . . . . - 49
New Orleans Syrup per gallon 60
Now Orleans Molasses per gallon . , , * 70
Sugar House Molassca per gallon 45
IS Its St. Louis Sod * Crackers for. . . . 1 00
ISlbsSt. Louis Oyster Crackers for 1 oO
12Ibs Boston Butter Crackers for _ 1 00
12 HisGinRcr Snaps for 1 00
13 Ibs New Currants for. . . . . 1 0)
9 Ib8 Hew filackberries for „ 1 00
4 Ibs Pitted Clicrrks for 1 00
12 Ibs Dried Peaches ( halves ) for 1 00
14 Ibs Choice Dried Apples for 1 03
12 Iba best new Prunes for 100
! 01b3. best Valencia Raisins 1 00
Slb&nsw later Raisins 1 00
Peaches. 2Ib cdna.i 0
Peaches. 3 Ib cans ( Standard ) . . . . . . 15
Pie Peaches , fl Ib cans „ 10
PcachesCal)3 ( ) lbcai.3 2 >
Blackberries. 2 Ib can 1 i
Apples , ( York State ) fal can , . 30
Blueberries 3 Ib can ! }
Cherries 2 Ib can _ 21 }
Damson Plums 2Ib cans. . . . 12 }
Raspberries2Ib can 15
Strawberries,2 Ibcan 15
Striflg Beang,2 Ib cans 12J
Baked Beans , 3 Ib can 20
LimaEcana , 2 Ib cans 13
Sucarcorn , 2 Ib can 12
Yarmouth corn , per can 17.
Tomatoes , 31bcan 12.
Succotash , 2 Ibcan 12
Pumpkins , 31b n , 16
eslhs beans 1 00
10 lbdried Lima beans 1 00
35 Iba hominy 1 00
11 ttw CarollruSrico 1 to
25 Ibs oat meal - 1 00
Fat family mackerel , pctkit 85
Fat family white fisbf > cr kit 90
CodQsh , whole , per Ib 7
Codfish , boneless , per Ib 10
nalllbut.perlb 12 }
Holland herring ( n w ) per kc . . . . . . . . - . 1 25
Tobucco ( BIackwel > ' Durham ) fit Ib _ 60
Tobicco&flverP < alplncperlb ) 0
Tobacco ( Old Style ) perlb 85
ToUiccoMeerschaum ) perlb 40
Ham0 , sagar-curcd , pcrlb. . . 12 }
Butter , freeh roll , per Ib 2u
Complete price lists furnished on application.
Country orders will receive prompt and cartful
attention. Positively no eooda Bold on credit.
J. B. FRENCH & CO. ,
The Original Reliable Grocers ,
No. 1119 Farnham Street ,
Absolutely Pure ,
Mad from Grape Cream Tartir. No othe
preparation cukes such light , fliky hot bread * ,
or luxurious putry. Can be eaten by dypcEtid
without fear of the ills resulting from hp Ty 1
bold only in cans , by an Orocen.
i l KOIAI. BiWSO ProiM CO , Hew.Toik
* - ' -
Having Taken the Above for Our Motto , Weare
Determined to Offer
Our Entire Summer Stock of
Regardless of Cost.
In Order to Make Boom for Our Fall and Winter Goods.
We Will Not Be Undersold.
Oval Brand
The salcsof this "braml" of Ojetera . have row ontstrippcd all others. You Ret moro OjElcra IN
WEIGHT AND MEASURE In cai.3 of thia brand than uanyolher. 1 > . R. BEEMEK.
Bepldlra General Western Accnt , Omaha.
Dealers m
CHouse !
House Furiifehing Moods , Shelf Hardware ,
.Vans and Etc.
Fambam Strpt ' . Isr. Door East First National Bank. _
Cigars from § 15.00 per 1000 upwards.
Tobacco , 25 cents per pound upwards.
Pipes from 25 cents per dozen upwards.
Send for Price List ,
mwf MAX MEYEU & CO. , Omaha , Neb.
' * tA
Fishing Tackle , Base Balls and a full line of
Eaving just opened . an . entirely new line of . f i
- M m m m m m * % h M. |
We would ask the Merchants of Nebraska to inspect our Stock ,
feeling confident we can meet the wants of all in good Goods and
Low Prices
Cor. I4th and Dodge Sts.