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Established 1871. MORNING EDITION. Price Five Cents
.Ml New and Jn t arrived at the
111C r'arulmiu Street.
( Opposite Dcwuy A Stone' * , )
Omaha , - -i Nebr.
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Store his met with , since he inaugurattd the"
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takea treat iilecgurc in annonncine thai he has
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cent ; $50 00 or oxer , fifteen per ce t.
NOTE Parties ordeilne br mail enclose lOc
lor 12ino , * nd 20c for fc 6. hooka to co\er
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cation of James II , 103 ? . C * ol , Urge
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rim ran
* cither In cash or in excharee.
Adddrcss :
1U6 Tamham Stree
OMAHAi i * / ' NBB. ; ;
* va f - * * * * w 3 5
, 1
Maine * FusionistrModer-1
ately GJaim Only 300
.Majority ,
Continued- Bowing Over the
Credit of the Victory The
Greecljackers Justly
- fCJa'rn ' Their .Qwn.
Elaine's Failure toSecure'the
Presidency Causes. Fatal
Apathy Among His
' Friends. ,
Kalloch Caught Conniving at
Adding 5,000 Fraudulent
Names to the Regis
Bright Outlook in the South
Tidal Waves in North
Carolina and Florida.
Conventions in Massachusetts ,
Missouri and New Hamp-
Bpocltl Diipateh to The Bee I
POP.TLAND , Me. , September 15 4 j
p , m. Returns from 324 towns Rive
Davis 03,440 , Planted 01,087 , scattering -
tering 310. Davis majority 204 ? .
One hundred and eighty towns have
yet to report. These are remote vil
lages and plantations throwing small
votes. Some of the fusion
towns heard from shovr eomu
amall republican gains , The
returns eo far received are not suffi
cient to give the. exact standing of
both branches of the legislature.
Enough have been reported to insure
a republican majority in both houses ,
probably six in the senate and twenty-
nine iu the house , unless the towns to
bo heard from make decided gains or
either vide cannot be decided winner
at the official count. The returns re
ceived are necessarily subject to some
correction. The legislative committee
and state officials' tabulations may
differ sufficiently to change the result ,
so close arc the returns. It Is therefore - i
fore premature to predict the result
even at this hour. .
Special Dispatch to The Bee
POKTLAMD , Me. ) September 16 , 3 a.
m. The most reliable information in
dicates very small republican gaini in
four of the thirty-two towns In Knox
and Oxford counties , but little is Tot
known from Aroostook oJUlity , upon
which hangs the result , and the gains
predicted by the fusionists , A few
towns from Aroostook show no sJjn |
from last year's count. There still re
mains ninety towns , mostly from
Aroostook , to hear from , and should
they follow in line with those report
ed , it will leave a fusion majority of
309. Thcso are tbe facts as near as
can bo learned from the most reliable
sources , and no further returns are
looked for until late to-day. Outside
of this anything advanced as news ii
pure speculation. Heed , republican
congressman , Firat district , has a ma
jority of 147 ; Fryo , republican ,
Second , has 1,500 majority ; Lindsy ,
republican , Third , 500 to 700 major
ity ; Lidd , greenback , Fourth , 1,500
majority ; and .Jlurcb , greenback , tf'ifth ,
800 majority. The houno is republi
can by nineteen majority and the
senate stands twenty republicans to
eleven fusionists and perhaps one bet
ter , for the chances are that S. S.
Brown , of Garcelon's council , who
ran for senator in Somerset , is defeat
ed. The republicans claim that if vic
tory there bo for the antis , it is a
greenback victory , and if the democrats >
crats can stand it they ought to. Be
fore joining the greeubackorsPlaisted ,
the fusion candidate for governor , was
the most radical of republicans ; no
one man was so bitter against demo
crats in the state of Maine as he.
gpecUl Dispatch to The liee
WASHINGTON , September 1C , 1 a. m.
The following teas sent from the
headquarters of the national commit
tee of the national greenback labor
party to Senator Wallace , chairman of j
the democratic congressional commit
tee : "In behalf of the n tional grecn-
back-labor party , permit me to express !
my gratification at tha unsolicited and | _
magnanimous act of the democrats oi "
this city in celebrating the victory
which our party gained over the hard
money oligarchy of the state of Maine ,
and to nuy that it should ever remain
engraved on our memories as one of
the most gracious acts of the gallant
but unfortunately retiring democratic
party. "
Gen. Plaisted , in an interview last
evening , said : "I am confident of
having at least 2,000 majority over all.
Aroostook count > alone will give me
from 1,000 to 1,5CO majority. I re
gard the result a glorious triumph for
the plain people. While I was always
confident of victory by a small major
ity , at least , I did not expect such &
magnificent victory as wo have ob
tained. We have received congratu
lations from all parts of the country.
I consider the contest the hardest over
fought in this state. "
In regard to the future of the two
parties , Gen. Plaisted declined to be
interviewed , but said he had always
considered that union and victory In
September meant union and victory in
CONCORD , N. H. , September 16 1
. m. The democratic state conven
tion met at 11 o'clock yesterday.
There was a large attendance of dele
gates and spectators. CoL John H.
George was chosen temporary chair
man , and mode a brief speech. Hon.
Frank Jones , of Portsmouth
, was
unanimously nominated for governor ,
receiving the 601 votes cast. Jones Is
a man of amall abilities , whohas le
att immense fortune in making beer.
He bought his election to congress for
two termrln a republican district , and
now hopes to gratify his ambition fprJ |
ecuringithe governorship in the same ]
"way. HeJsaWendqf Tilden's , |
Ms availability-is his readiness-to im ! .as1
t te fata friena by tapping a "buT lib-
- -S' * , *
erally. The ticket was completed by
the < nomination of Gordwin , Cochran
and Dodge for railroad commissioners
and G. B. Chandler and John 0.
Jlut J electors at large. The reso
lutions adopted were very short and
mostly a confirmation of the Cincin
nati platform.
ST. Louis , September 16 1 a. m.
The republican state convention met
hero ; yesterday and placed a full tickut
IDwb the field. The state is so over
whelmingly democratic that it is
ca expected that any person
no ; will bo elected. The gub
ernatorial nominee is Col. D. P. Dyer ,
al lawyer of this city , of high stand
lllhe and popularity. He has already
held ! several Important offices in the
state , and VM prosecuting attorney
during the progress of the whisky
ring trials , it. T. Yan Horn , of the
Kansas City Journal , was Col. DyerVi
opponent. The others on the ticket
are Llilo D. Blair , of Sedalia , lieuten
ant governor ; James 0. Broad well , St.
Louis , secretary of slate ; L. A.
Thompson , Montgomery county , au
ditor ; H. H. Harding , Jaappr county ,
attorney general ; Howard Barnes , a
colored man of Cole , railroad commis
sioner ; J V. 0. Games , Kansas City ,
judge of the supreme court , and Goo.
B.tei Herenden , Audrian county , regis-
- -
r t i " I
tei of lands.
Special ( liajKOch to Tim BUR ,
NEW YORK , September 10 , i a. m.
Thomas B. Keogh , of North Carolina
lina ek getrotary t f the national re
publican Committee , hi an interview ,
said the republican campai h in North
Carolina was advancing very prosper-
oliily , and he believed that with a fair
count the result in that state will be
as much of a surprise to both parties
uwn the election in Maine on Monday
VIM , but the shoo will be on the oth
er foot. Mr. Keogh has just returned
from Florida , the vote of which nlate ,
he thinks ) will bo RiVen for Garfield
and Arthur. Ho doea not think the
remit : in Maine will have any effect
upon the republicans in the south , for
Iti cannot bo regarded as a democratic
victory when two-thirds of the votrs
ware cast by g'resnbackers.
At a meeting of republicans at the
Academy of Music on Friday ex-Sec
retary of State Hamilton Fih will
fntroduco Senator Conkling , who will
deliver his great speech.
Special Dispatch to The ficc.
SAN FRANCISCO , September 16,1 a.
m. The nomination of Kallocli by
the Ward presidents of the working-
men's party is aiarcely considered a
newa item. No election has been or
dered and none likely to bo. A proc
lamation will not be issued by Kallach
unless rtrdered by the supreme court ,
and ii ft itnderatood that the court
will hold that the present officials
continue in office till next year. Dem
ocratic manipulators have cQuctoJ a
eoit of fusion with the Kalloch branch
of the workingrnon to divide up the
offices and put a joint ticket in the
field , in case of an election , or perhaps
whether there i a proclamation or
ntit , anil take the slim chance of a de
cision iii their ftVorby the supreme
court after the election.
The republicans will not call a con
vention to nominate citv officers , but
if obliged to put a ticket in the field [ '
to prevent the election going by de
fault , will renominate the republicans
tit present holding office and have the
county committee select candidates
for the other offices.
The Kearney branch of the work-
inumen will be governed by the action
of the supreme court in the case now
Kalloch says that the nomination
before was equivalent to election and
the nomination now is paramount to
election. Tint it was siid that ho was
shot into office before , but somebody
else has been shot since. ,
Election Commiesioner Tillson , in
the meeting yesterday , charged that
there was a plan on foot , by Kalloch
aud his colleagues , to pu ( live thou-
scnd fraudulent names on the poll
lists. Kalloch and Dunn denounced
the charge as an infamous calumny.
Massachusetts Bepublicans.
Special Dixpttch to The Bee.
WORCESTER , September 1C , 1 a. m.
The republican state convention as
sembled at Mechanics' hall &tvll
o'clock yesterday. About one thou
sand delegates were present. The
convention was called to order by
Hon. E. F. Stone , who was chosen
temporary chairman. Ho alluded to
the unwelcome nowa from Maine ,
'but , " said he , "it did not discourage
but only served to move anew the
party for a vigorous fight. "
Hon. Paul A. Chedbourne , president -
dent of Williams college , was chosen
permanent chairman the conven
tion aud proceeded to deliver hia ad
dress. President Chadbournc said
the mission of the republican party
was to secure for the people -of the
whole country the blessings which
Massachusetts enjoys. The voice of
his state must strive with all earnestness -
ness to sustain the national suprema
cy of the republican parly the party
whose glorious past , present and fu
ture was represented by Abraham
Lincoln , II. B. Hayes and Jas. A.
Garfield. [ Loud applause. ] The history -
tory and'present composition of the
two parties were next contrasted. The
democratic party ehould be judged by
the acts of the democratic congress.
The republican party is the first polit
ical which has tr
party successfully car
ried out the principles of the declara
tion of independence the personal
freedom and absolute equality of all
man before the law. It has settled
forever that this government is a Na
tion , never to be dissolved. It de
sires to dissipate forever all traces of
Boetlonal feeling. It has sustained
tbe credit of the country , reduced the
interest bearing debt nearly § 500,000-
000.- restored the country to a specie
basis and brought the
country to i a
time of and
peace unexcelled prosper
ity. It believes in reform within the
ptrty and has no policy to announce. :
To give the government to the demo
cratic party a to give it to those men
who , fifteen yean ago , were fighting
to destroy this Union. We forgive
them the treasonwe vem
, we welcome them
io the blessings they vainly tried to
destroy , we will kill the fatted calf for
them , but we are not ready to give [
them the old homestead. [ Applause. ]
We will forget the war but jiot the
principlesfor _ _ which the war was
orjfpughfc The solid north must contin
ue the central union , to benefit all
parU of it , until the solid south and
solid north are entirely lo t in a solid I
union , * ' - J
-i y. . -.a 3
On motion of ex-Governor Claflin
Hon. John D. Long was nominated
by acclamation for governor ; Senator
Dwes nominated Byron Weston , of
D.ilton , for lieutenant-governor. .Car
ried. The other nominations wuro as
follows. For secretary of state , Henry
1) ) . Pierce ; treasurer , Danwl A. Glea-
eon ; auditor , Chas. H. Ladd ; attor
oral Geo. R. Marston
ney-fjen , ; presi
dential electors , Paul A. Chadbourne ,
J. M Forbes.
GeneralDevens was introduced and
waa received with loud cheers.
The resolutions , of which the fol
lowing is an abstract , declare contin
ued allegiance to the republican party
by which the nation has been saved
and the state ; we hold that the party
must be judged by acts.
We have earned out the principles
which brought the war to a successful
Wo heartily desire cordial friend
ship between the states and citizens of
the Union.
Wo rejoice that the nation has made
progress , in mntorial wealth and hope
that ! the poll'"l ; ii ! > htof all classes
will Le there ir-'intained , but wo declare -
clare , so long as colored or other citi
zens are deprived of their rights by
intimidation < or falsa count , our voice
shall be heard in indignant protest.
\\ro call on the national government
tO takyall the tntney anil means to secure -
cure peaceful elections ror national
representatives a free ballot and an
ho-jcst count.
The resumption of specie payment
is due to the republican party in spile
of ilornocratic opposition. The continued -
tinued co'nasjo of e'lver dollars we dc-
nounco as likely to drive f.old from
the country and ou ht to bo suspend-
cd until the relations of the two are
established by a uniform agreement
of all the mercantile nations of the
3.i < iafaction is expressed with the
na of the national convention
anil civil service reform , which should
bb put on a sound bash.
The resolutions were adopted.
General Joseph 1 { . Hawley , of Con
necticut , nude a speech of about half
an hour , at the conclusion of which
the convention adjourned.
Special Dispatch to Tfls tire ,
NK\V YORK , Sopt. 1C , 3 a. m. The
Herald priiita an interview with an in
timate friend of Elaine's in Phnd ,
who says ihat the success of lie fu-
siontats waj hi part ) dub t < . U Apa
thy of leading republicans , wlio were
disappointed that Blaiht dm not re
ceive the presidential nomination. , ,
Another reason was thb free use of
money in the state by democrats.
Ttlden alone contributed § 20,000 to
defeat Heed for congress in the First
district and the vote for Plaisted
gained in consequence.
The question to be settled now is
whether the greenbackers and demo-
crits will fuse on the electoral ticket.
The Solon Chase wine of the green
back party will undoubtedly advocate
the nomination of a straight out elec
toral ticket.
Chicago Citizens Turn in and
Destroy a Railway Ex
p'cial Plaiialch to The Bee.
CHICAGO , September 1C 1 a. m.
By a recent court decision the Wes
tern Indiana railroad is granted the
right of way into this city to Van Bur-
en strcot. Tuesday night the Illinois
Central company placed a string of lo
comotives on their track at Sixteenth
and Clark streets whcra it was cxpect-
ed the Western Indiana would under-
take to eroes with their track laying
doting the night. Trouble was antici
pated aud a gu : > ; of police was on
hand. The track layers managed to
unhitch and icmovo the locomotivej.
One of thu engineers , Peter Whalen ,
beins enraged , t * > rew the throttle open
and attempted to run down the eaug
of workmen , which he would have
dune had not the police aticcoedod in
stopping the engine and saving their
lives. Whalon was arrested and fined
§ 100.
Open hostilities between the Wes
tern Indiana railway and the city au -
thorities were begun Init evening. 1I 1i
The railway people , apprehending in
terference on the part of the city in
laying its tracks aoroas the streets
from Twelfth to Van Buren , it ap >
plied to thu court for an injunction re
straining such interference by the
people , but a counter application for )
writ to restrain the railway lo
from proceeding with track laying is
mads. The railway obtained a United
Staiea wtit but the city did not.
Thu railway men then mEguanimously
invited the city authorities to attend
the track laying and see that it was
done right. Superintendent of-stroet t ?
Fogarty was on hand last night , but
Biid ho did not know whether the
work was being properly done or not.
He asked that it ba stopped till a
more seasonable time , when the city
engineer could bo present. The company
pany declined to wiit and went ahead
with the work. Thereupon Fogarty |
called upon the police and citizens in
the vicinity to prevent further work.
A scoiio of riot immediately followed.
It is not said J.a
whether anyone was injured -
jured , but the citizens completely
overpowered the workmen , piled up
the railroad ties and burned them ,
placed raila iu the fire and bent or
broke tliam , All the track that had
been hid was torn up and the materi :
al , as far as possible , destroyed.
Work was completely stopped for the
night and the laborers dispersed.
What the next rnovo will bo remains
to be seen. The railway company
will probably sue the city for damages.
Pranamgr Campaign Thunder.
Special Dispatch to The Bee
CHICAGO , September 16 1 a. m
Baports are being publifhed that
large quantities of camptmn docu
ments are sent out from Waab.i < > i > ton
under the franks of Congressmen Gee
R. Davis , Jay A. Hubbell , Godlove *
S. Orth and others affixed by rubber
stamp instead of being as required by
the franking law. Mr. Davi was in
terviewed hero and said that he didn't
consider it unlawful to affix his frank
with the stamp or to direct anyone to
write it for him.
Base Ball ;
Special Dispatch to The Bee
The following games of base ball
wore played September 15th :
BUFFALO Cleveland * 3 , Buffalos 14.
CINCDTN-AXI Oinciawtis3i' <
goa 5.
Another Gunpowder Plot
frustrated in Season ,
Liverpool Police Arrest Three
Suspicious Men With a
Large Amount of-
The Dynamite Plot to Blow Up
the Edinburgh Express Not
a Political Affair ,
England to Have HeV Hands
Full in South Africa
Special dispatch to The Ike.
LC.N'tOtf , September 15 1 p. m.
Iu connection with the dynamite at'
fair . suspicion points to thrpo or
four discharged railway servants ,
Nobody has yet been arrested.
Coercing1 the Tune.
ROME , September 15 The Dirilto
says that latest note drawn up by thij
British ] Cabinet aud now communica
ted to the six lowers demands the
cession ( of Dulcigno without further
delay. Admiral Loymc.n has been
invested with full power to take up
whatever position ho consider mcsi
advantageous for the purposes of the
demonstration. ,
ST. PETKU3BUKO , September 15,4 p.
m. The revelations of the political
prisoner , who committed suicide ,
ascribe the winter palace explosion tea
a man already in custody.
Special Dispatch to Ilio Bee.
, September 10,1 a. m.
1'he ' police who were on duty Tues
day night at Brkonhead , near the
Woodside ferry , w Iiich connects Birkenhead -
kenhoad with Liverpool , had their at
tention attracted to the auspicious
movements of three men , who wore
carrying sacks towards the magnificent
docka aUrrUundinjf tlie Wootlside ba-
nin. The men Ecumecl anxious to ca
cape observation , and proceeded fur
tively from point to point , keeping as
milch aa pcbsibld within tile shadows
of the building or vessels. Apprc *
hendingsome crooked proceeding , tbe
police made a descent iipon and arrest
ed the men. They at first attempted
I to escape , but seeing themselves aur
rounded , surrendered to the officers ,
An examination of ono of the men. .
| who appeared to be the spokesman for
the party , gave the name of Fernan
dez , and said he was a Spaniard and
ofierrd the police a sovereign to be released -
leased 1 , saying that the c/icks contained
1t revolvers to be shipped to Spam , and
that he and his companions wore en
tirely innocent of any intention to
commit any crime whatever. Not sat
isfied with tbe explanation , the police
dotainud thu men ami opened the Backs ,
which were found to contain six hun-
flred weight of gunpowder packed in
canisters. The most searching ques-
' tufna failed to elicit from the men any
further account of themselves , and
they wove held for judicial cxaniina-
ation. It is believed by sotnu that tbe
mon were the same who undertook to
blow up the Ediuburg & London ex
press at Buiby on Monday , and that
when detected and arrested , they were
about carrying out some infernal
scheme ! , either to blow up a pirt of
the docks at Liverpool or Birkenhcad ,
| or to arrange an explosive apparatus
on i board some outgoing ship , for a
reason i which hag not yet tr.itiapired.
The affair has created much excite
ment , and the authorities will spare
no efforts to ferret out the facts. The
prisoners were arraigned in the police
court and Fernandez continued to
stick to his story that the powder was
for sale on the Spanish coast. The
others said nothing , Furnandtz stating
that they were iu his employ and
know nothing of the nature of what
they carried. Fernandez waa fined
10 and the others discharged. Fur
ther developments are expected , Fer
nandez's story not being generally
Scotland Yard detect ivea now be
lieve that the recent attempt to de
stroy the train .which wassupposod to
have on board the Grand Duke Constantine
stantino and Admiral Popoll' , was not
instigated by political motives , hut by
a uesiro on the pirt of certain desper
adoes to plunder the train.
A number of riiies consigned to a
dealer in Loughera , Ireland , have
been seized by the polico.
Scotch iron masters Inve decided io
relight one-half of their furnaces
nhich were extinguished during the
recent strike.
Henry Perry was yesterday sentenced -
tenced to twenty years' imprisonment
and thirty 1sties of the cat-'o-nino-
tails for an assault and robber7 of od
bank messenger in the undrground
railway. The judge ordered him to
receive the laahes before his imprison
ment began , "in order , " as he said ,
"that coward as you are , you may
feel the pain and know what yit
means. "
A dispatch from Capo Town states
that the troubles in Basutoland have
broken out afresh , and it is not easy
to foresee to what tney may extend.
The leader of one of the strongest !
tribes , opposed to the policy of yield
ing to the government in the matter
of disarming the native a , with a strong
force attacked a detachment of the
mounted rifles at Moefitin ? , recently ,
but-were repulsed after a sharp skir 1
mish. It is apprehended that a com
bination amouglhe "disaffected chiefs
will bo formed sufficient to more than
hold their own. against all the military
now at the command of thn govern
ment in that region.
Spedal Dfcpatch to The BM.
- BERLIN , September 16,1 a. m.
Prince Bismarck has taken upon
himself the duties of minister ionoi
commerce and industry , hitherto held
by Herr KarL Hoffmann , who took
thu post in July , 1879. This step on
.the part Of the chancellor has caused
much surprise.
LONDON , September 15. Atameet-
log of tha representatives of five mil-
lion spindles at Oldham yesterday , it
waa reeolved lo work on short time bv
running four diya weekly for one
Special Dispatcrcsto the uc * .
ST. PETKusBUHoSopt. 15. llerold
the Russian political prisoner haa
confessed the names of the
leadera in the Nihilist conspiracy ,
and lias also named ( he perpetrators
of the attempt to blow up tha Winter
Palace. He afterwards committed
VIENNA , September 15.Sis thou
sand Montenegrins are marching on
Dulcigno , where they are expected on
THE HAGUE , September 15. The
statue of Spinoza was unveiled hero
I yesterday.
PAKIS , September 15. It is report
ed that \Vaddmgton'lias challeng
ed Herr Varnbutlcr to a duel.
GEKEVA , September 15. Two dis
tinct " shocks of earthquake occurred at
in the canton of Vales , in
Switzerland , on Friday.
MADRID , September 15. The bap
tism of tho.princcsa took place yester
day in the chapel in the palace. Shu
was named Maria Mercedes Isabella.
ST. PETERSBURG , September 15.
The Marquis Tzng haa failed to pro
cure a resumption of the negotiations
betwenn Russia and China.
COPENHAGEN , September 15. It is
reported here that the Car ia serious
ly ill.
LONDON , September 15. Athens
advices state that the minister of war 1
ha-i opened a new credit of 1,800,000
francs fcr war material and the minis
ter of marine has ordered ten Krnpp
cannons-fir gun-boots.
, September 15. The court
of appeals has rejected Court Von Ar-
nim's request for a suspension of his
sentence for alleged treason.
Camp Fires Burning Brightly on
the Plains at Central City.
The Rank and File of ,
Grand Army on Dress
Parade. |
The Militia Gathered in Great |
Numbers The Banner and
Brass Band Contest.
Special Dispatch to The Beet
CENTRAL CITY , Neb. , September 15
12 m. Camp Btiford , half a mile
from this point , is the centre of great
bustle. Two thousand veterans of the
Union army and about five hundred
f j Nebraska militia , are encamped here |
j | as participants in the reunion of Ne
braska soldiers and Bailers The cimp
presents a picturesque appearance
three hundred tetjts covering ground
about a half-mile square placed in six
lines racking three streets , with the
centre forming a rqtiaro tor military
evolutions. General \Vagner , com- ,
. mander-in-chief , of the Grand Array of j
* he Republic arrived with . i
J , on escort ( I
' from Omaha last niabt Secretary I
Alexander , with the Lincoln militia ;
company , and Capital Citv band
a'so ' arrived last night. Governor
Nance will be here to-ni ht. Colonel [ j
Wilbur , of Omaha , in the abienco of f j
Col. Savage , department commander
of the grand army in Nebraska , form
ally turned the camp over to General
Manderson last night. Col Wilbur
read an address written by Col Savage ,
which was responded to in I1
extempore speech by General Min-
deraon , who gave some humorous Ini i
cidenta of hia army life. The camp
fire was opened by Paul Vandervoorf.
Songs of the late war and short anec
dotes were the chief features of this
entertainment. At 9 o'clock this
morning the company and regimental
drill for the prize bariner drew a very
large concourse of spectators from the
surrounding country. This afternoon
the brass band ? will contest for the
§ 100 prize. It is almost certain that
the Omaha Union Pacific band will
carry off the laurels. E. R.
Chicago Opium Den Raided.
SpccUl Dispatch to The Eee. |
CHICAGO , September 10 1 a. ra.
The police made a raid yesterday upon
a Chinese opium den in the basement
of No. 280 Clark street and arrested
two women and four men. The place
was run us a laundry , and a China
man , who hangs out the sign of a Chi
nese doctor , runs the opium smoking
part of the institution. An unclean
crowd of men and women was found ,
more or less , under the influence of
the drug , scattered around in the dark
and filthy den on chairs , sofas or on
the floor. The police lighted candles
and carefully ecirchcd the nooks and
corners of the den , arresting several
who would otherwise have escaped.
Chicago's Show ,
Special Dispatch to Tha Bee.
CHICAGO , September 1C 1 a. m. .
The great exposition of the northwest i
entered on its second week lost night | J
and is now in full In many
respects it is better than in former
years and the attendance and interest
were never bettor. One feature , : he
extensive aquirium , wan much marred
by some vill.iin putting poison in the
fish tanks , causing largo quantities of
the finny tribe to die. Their places
are bsing supplied by others
Bad Tea.
SpecUi Difpatch to The Bee.
CniCAO.g. September 10,1 a. m.
dDr. . R. SliBbl , chumist of the Chi- ,
cage hean MVpartinent , hasjuit com
pleted an analysts of eighteen camples
ol tea most ucd in Chicago. He
found all more or k-ai adulterated and
all but two were decidedly objectiona
Moro Pedostnauiatn.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
flCmuAGn , September 1C , 1 a. m.
The second contest for the O'Lsary
seventy-five hour heel and tee cham
pion belt of the world , br an st nIT'S
o'clock last evening , in Havurly's
pavilion. The contestants were .John
Dobler , Gus 01 mat cad , John Sherry ,
and John Banks. Tney walked stead
ily around the track in the order
named , and at midnight had made
20 miles each.
ClNCINKATl , O. , September 16
Rev. Richard Gray , who has served
the Episcopal church aa city missio
nary fqr thjrty year * , died this morn
ing ,
A Flood ol Wrath Poured Upon
An Editor by the Pugna
cious Brother of
Gathering of Republican Club
Koprcsentatives at Indianapolis
Tennessee Vigilantes Make
A'way With Six Dark De
mons at Midnight.
.Revealed Rcquory iu the Manu
facture of Butter in
the West.
A Variety of Items.
Gotnam Notes.
Special ilUpatch to The Bco
YOUK , September 15 , 4 p. m.
General JfcClellan haa approved
Engineer Merr's plans for the under
ground railroad of this city , of which
General McClulLm 13 president , and
they have been adopted.
Superintendent of Police Walling
has declined to send for Joe Goss ,
who has been arrested for prize fight
ing in West Virginia.
A meeting in the interest of cooperation
eration has just been held here , to
promote the organization and devel
opment of co-opcrativo societies in
New York and elsewhere. Several
co-operativo societies have boon al
ready established in New York and
A public reception will bo given to
Thomas Hughes upon his return from
Tennessee to this city by many indus
trial and benevolent societies of New
York and vicinity.
Bogus Butter.
Special dispatch to The Bee.
NEW YoRKSeptember 15,12 m. A
morning paper says dealers in this
city who handle a largo amount of
western butter have noticed of late
that the fifty pound tubs which gener
ally weigh fifty-two pounds each whcu
full , now frequently weigh from fitty-
six to sixty pounds. This increase of
six or eight pounds in the same bulk
has : occurred , it was noticed , on west
ern packages , but even experienced
butter buyer * detected no foreign
substance in this heavy weight article.
Recently a prominent butter and
cheo33 u52ler in this city in a western
clit Hp discovered InO fraud firm in Cin
cinnati , knowhca the CincinnatlFncing
company , engaged in rn'anufrtcturing
powdered soap-sone , which finds
ready market in supply'n legitimate
demands , but now the farmers and
butter pickers use it to adultarato
butter. A reporter ascertained the
names of certain butter packinjffirnw
in Cincinnati which use soap-atone in
this way.
N. R. CConvention. .
Special ' D'upatch to The Bee
INDIANAPOLIS , September 15 4 pj
m. ; The n itional republican club con-
vention , at the wigwam , met this
morning at 10 o'clock , and was called
to order by John 0. Hardesty , presi-
dent of the Indiana club" , with Chas.
F. Itobin ons secretary , pending
the organization. There were present
representatives from about twenty
states. Nothing in addition to an or
ganization will bo accomplished at ]
the wigwam to day , but at two o'clock
a. mass meeting fill bo held in Circle
park , to be addrrssed by Hon Wm.
P. Fiero , Hmi. F. Douglass and Gen.
Stephen Hurlbut.
An Angry Flood.
Special Dispatch to The lor. ;
SAN FRANCISCO , Stptember 15.
J. C. Flood Jr. , son of the bonanza
King met the editor of a pictorial sen
sational : weekly paper on the street
yesterday and gave him a good thrash-
iia ? for publishing a highly sensation
al account of the alleged breaking
off of the match between his
sister : Jennie and Ulysses Grant Jr.
The paper in question stated that the
facts on which the arliclo was based
wore furnished by an army oflicer.
Young Flood demanded to know the
name of this oflicar and the editor re
fused to furnish it. Hence the pugi
listic punishment. There is no deni
al , authoritative or otherwise , of the
statement that the match has been
terminated , and it is generally accept
ed as a fact.
Consolidation of the Elevated Roadg
Spedal dtenatch to TIIK Bss.
NEW YOIIK , September 15 4 p m.
The arbitrators appointed by the di
rectors of the rival elevated road com
panies , to decide upon prices to be al-
Iwed each company for its stock ,
rendered its decision this forenoon ,
that the amalgamation bo made on the
basia of 110 for the New York Elevat
ed and 90 for the Metropolitan.
White Frost.
CIIICAOO 15. White frost is re
ported both last , and the night be
fore , generally throughout the sec
tion of the west , but damage is slight.
Corn and most other vegetation be
ing out of danger.
Six Negroes Lynched.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
NASHVILLE , Teun. , September 15.
At midnight last night "a mob of one
hundred masked men rode swiftly tote
to the jail in Springfield , Tcnn. , and
battered down the outside door. Jack
BellandArch Jamison , the two ne
groes who murdered old man Seprad
were taken out by the mob , and Joe
Kamsey , who shot Bliss Holt , left
dead on the floor , riddled with bullets.
The mob with the two negroes about
two o'clock this morning were joined
by another section of the gang that
had gone to Sadillersville and captured
four others implicated in the same
murder , who were under guard await
ing preliminary examination with the
six negroes. The mob left in the di
rection of the scene of the murder ,
and all were probably hanged by day
Spccii Dispatch to The Bee.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , September 16
The mob that rode into Springfield ,
Tenn. , last night and took from the
jail Jack Bell and Arch Jamison , the
negro murderers , placed the black
brutes on horses and dashed out of
iiotown. . They seemed , to have started
rnout with the intention of reaching
Sadlenville , there to hang Bell and
Is : ) By
Wholesale and Retail Itlnmifncturiii ! ;
Largest Stock of ( 'old autl Silver Watuhci and Jewelry in
the City.
Come in and See Our Stock as We Will Be Pleased to
Show Goods.
15th and Dodyc , Opposite Postoflicc.
Gives universal Satisfaction and that it is stead
ily and rapidly increasing in public lavor.
The White Machine jnstly claims to be the
best made , the easiest running , the simplest in
construction and tha most perfect Machine in
the market.
The White Co. employ as agents men of in
tegrity , and purchasers are always satisfied ,
because they find everything just as repres
Everybody should use this Machine. The
sales so far this year are more than double
the corresponding time last year.
All orders addressed to the Omaha Office ,
will be promptly filled.
CJoi * . Davenport and 15th Sts. Om.-iliu.
Jamison with the other five pri'onera
accused ot complicity ID the Seprad
murder , but were deterred from their
purpose by the resistance given at the
jail by Ramsay , who , two months ago ,
shot Miss Holt because ahedccline-1 to
marry him. AVhen the mob entered
the jail he waa behind the door nnd
it waa almost impossible to obtain ac-
cesi to him. Bern ? armed with the
leg of a choir he struck at every per
son who tried to reach him. Finding
that they could not easily break into
the cell and thereby get the prisoner
a member of the mob threw pieces of
burning paper into the cell and aided
by the light obtained therefrom fired
at the trembling and desperate mmi.
Two bullets struck him in the leg
severing an artery and rendering him
so weak that he soon fell to the floor
and was dragged through to the outside -
side , where ono or two more shots
finished him.
Ramsey fought the mob for an hour
and a half , but it appears that the
approaching daylight warned them
that they OJuld not reach Sadlersvillo
in time , so they determined to lynch
the supposed murderers without fur
ther delay , which WAS done. Con
trary to the usual custom no shots
were fired while the victims were be
ing elevates , and after concluding
their work , the crowd went quietly
homo. Bell and James have widows
and families , the families sharing with
them an unsavory reputation. There
la strong belief that they were guilty
of the crime for which they suffered
Saloon Koepora'Vlctory.
Special dlapatch to The Bee.
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , September 1C.
1 a. m. The Sunday law cases , which
have been before the courts here for
six months , and which involved the
right of COO or 700 saloons and fonr
beer gardens to keep open on Sunday ,
were decided in favor of the saloon
keepers , the point being that the city
and not the state governs the matter.
Special dispatcher to the Bco
NEW YORK , September 1C. The
committee of the army and navy club
appointed to draft resolutions in mem
ory of the gallant services of the late
General Torbcrt , have reported to the
board of managers. The resolutions i
have been adopted and a copy of them
transmitted to the family of the de
ceased. Members of the club unite
in expressing sorrow at Torbert'a
death and their recognition of his gal
lant and distinguished service in the
field aa well as of his ability as a civi 1
officer. 1e
CHICAGO , September 16. A largi e
excursion will leave Chicago thi a
morning via the Grand Trunk for the
conclave of the Soveieign Grand
Lodge of Odd Fellows at Toronto. )
Tno train will carry over two hundred
LOUISVILLE , September 16. Rob
ert Dudley was shot and instantly
killed last night by Jim Coffee , 3fr.
New Albany , Ind. , a cigar maker.
They were quarreling over a prosti i3. r.i
tute who waa with Coffee at the time.
ST. LODIS , September 16. A fire
yesterday afternoon destroyed tha
the cooper shop of Henry Spring-
zaeyer & Co. , corner of Six
teenth and Cnambers streets ; also a
small lumberyard , 'hreo frame hous-
ea and stable ; three brick honsei ad'
joining were bidly damnged. Loss ,
§ 20,000 ; nearly covered by insurance.
BuooKLTJf , N. Y. , September 1C.
Another Idiotic fellow la now endur
ing thusufferFng.- fasting for glory.
Hia face is sallow and his eyes glazud ,
and he hna borne this sort of thing
for eight of the taik of forty-two daya
that he has set for himself.
CONCOKU , N. H. , Sopt. 10. John
E. Sanborn , A. W. Sulloway , and
George A. Gingham will be nominated
for congress by the democrats to-day.
It is understood that Stilaon Hutch
ing , of the Washington ( D. C. ) Post
and Manchester Union could have secured -
cured the nomination had ho chosen
to run in the First cistrlct , but ho de
clined. The republicans of the Second
end district have re-nominated Jamea
F. Briggs for congress.
Tuesday night seven persons at
tempted to cross the river in a boar ,
but when in the middle they began to
sink and before help could reach them
a woman namt'd Joly , from Montreal ,
her babe and two little girls , 5 and 8
years old , wore drowned. Two men
and Mas. ' sister-ln-lavr
Joly'a - - wcro
CIIICAOO. September 1C. Thoracts
were podtponcd yesterday on account
of rain. This will corry them over
ono day into next week.
COLUMBUS , 0. , September 1C. The
state fair netted 810,300 profits , which
are added to the fund of the state
board of agriculture.
Seymour Woaringf Out.
Special Dispatch to The Ceo.
UTIUA , N. Y. , September 1C 1 B.
m. The democrats opened the cam
paign last night by a rousing meeting ,
which waa addressed by Governor Sey
mour , Senator Kernan and others.
The enthusiasm over Maine was in
tense. Horatio Seymour received
the customary ovation. It waa no
ticeable that ho haa lost much of his
old fire , and that ago is telling on him
fast. His speech of little leia than
an hour completely exhausted him.
German Socialist's Visit.
Special dispatch to Tbe Beo.
NEW YOEK , September 16 1 a. m.
E. Haselman , formerly a member
of the German parliament , arrived
here yesterday. He Is known as one
of the moat prominent German social
ists and his speeches in parliament
have been widely published. The ob
ject of hia visit is unknown. It is un
derstood he Is here to encourage the
socialist movement In tha country.
President on the Coast.
Special dltpatcb to Ilia Bee.
SAN FRANCISCO , September 16 1
a. m. Iho president and party arrived - .
rived at Monterey yesterday , passing
thronsh San Yose , Gilray and other
places on the route where an en
thusiastic welcomes were given. They
will retaru to tha city Saturday andi
will review the school children
In tha afternoon and hold
a public levee In the evening- They
leave for Sacramento , Tuesday , stopping - -
ping a day and go thence to Chico ,
ea route to Oregon ,