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    TOL. X. OMAHA , N EBRASKA , MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 6 , 1880. . 6fi.
Established 1871 , MORNING EDITION. Price Five Gent 3
IB : m
15th and Douglas Street ,
Over 8,000 residence lots for ra'e by this tscn
y t pilcetr anrinc Irom 826 to 82,500 each , and
ocatedln e'ery part ol ihedto , and Sn every
ircction from the ToaloffiK , nuith. ett , oulh
r west , and varjlng In distance from one
lock to one or t * o miles from eimc. Call and
lamlne our 1 ela
Several choice lots in GrltSn k Inucs' suJ'H
tlon , west of convent , Iwtwscn St. Mary" * iten
tie und Ilaraey gtrect $503 to JSOO.
80 acres lust cast of bai racks on Saunders Bt ,
this IE choice land and * III be eold very cheap.
for cash in 6 , 10 or 21) ) acre lots ; now is > our time-
to secure a barj-&ln.
Choice lot at end of street car tracks on Sann-
dcrg street f or S5T5.
Choice lot , Farnhun and 21th strceU , 93xl 2
leet for 81,500 will dlvldo It.
Cheap lot * In Credit Funiiar addition , south cf
siJ. P. depot $100 to SSOO.
Forty lots on Park Avenue and Goorpia ft root ,
on road to park , and nrar head of bt. lUry'e
avenue , at frcm $125 to 8300 cioa. Seven years
time at eight j r cent Interest to those * ho ill
put up peed BuUuiitiil buJJdjiJKS. K r further
particulars apply to ,
0. P. BEU1S , Accnt ,
Fifteenth and Oouglaa Streets.
A frWs.Iot - on Ilarnoy and Twcntjfirst gtreott.
Two choice > < a on JOth. near St. Mary's aven
ue , tOxlGS feet ua-Ji , for $860 and $900.
Two choice lots n\ar 2M and Clark street * , in
R. V. Smlth'g addition S300 and ? SH > .
Fifty lots tn Shinn's fir econ ftndUiInKJ-
dltlont for JllO to 300 e
Lot near 15th and Pierce , ? UO.
2 lota on Uarnev near 21th Et. , 4503 each. 1
lot on Slth near Howard ttrvet , S7oO.
{ 3 lots In Grand View addition , south of U. P
bridge and depot , frum $15 to $ 00 each *
One acre , 117x370 feet , on lth street , aonth
of Poppleton s new reaidcnco , for (2,000 , or ulll
dinde fnto olty slici lots a : from * S50 to $600
Large number of boiutllul residence lots , lo
cated in this new Addition on Capitol Hill , be
twecn 2U ! > ttrett on the rast , 26th on the viett
Dodire etrett on the north and Farnham street
on the couth formerly o lied by C. H Dawns
and more recentl v known as the Perkins 15 acres.
Only 2 lots lia\e thus far been platted 14 on
Farnham and 8 on Douglas gtrcct. Tbwa lots
nre 50 to 56 feet invidti andlSOindepth. 1 1,000
for the choice. D yeim Umr , at 8 per cent in
terest to thopo who x ill build rood subitantlal
h OUHCH therein. Call and examine plat and get
{ nil infornmlnn at
15th tnd Douglas Stre .U.
Over 800 houses and lotsa'o offered for sale
by this offic They are scattered all over the
city. Any location you desire. Prices varying
iram 8JOO to glB.OOO each.
2 good lota and 2 cheap houses near Jackson
and 12th rtreets at a treat sacrifice. Here Is a
-trcat bircam f = r some one. Thmldperty mcrt
be sold immediately. Co vcn just a quarter ot a
block. Call and examine this without any dclv
OEO P. BEM1S , Aircnt.
IBth and Douglas Sts
A desirable lot near Cuminr and Saundcra
Streets , 11,100.
The cheapest acre lota In the city of Omaha ,
mre those ufferrd for sile by this aeoncy in Pail
Place and LoncVacRinid addition , on Coming ,
Bart and California strecN ; you can make IK
mistake in pic Unp up thcso bargains while jou
have the chance Tlicsc lots are more than coua
In * Ue to 4 full-sized city lots or a h lf block
and it will ho hut a very short time before ne-
flfth pirt of one .f thcee acre Iota will sell for as
much as c offer afu.l . acre to-day. Tlicy are
located a very fhotl diB'vnoe west of Cr ij-liton
College. Pricw ranpns from $150 o 4300 per
aero lot. Call immediately , and don't lose your
dunce , and get plat and full particulars of
GKO. P BEM1S , Aecnt ,
„ . 16th and Douslas. Streets.
Kice lot on Sherman Aenue north of Nicholas
etreet , S1.400.
Half lot on Cus.bctween 13th and Uth atreeta
2 nice lota in nartman's addition , $400 to f6CO.
Larjre namher of xcrc lots in Glee's addition in
I ortli Omaha , SlsS to $300 < ach.
Choice corner lot near 22od and California
tracts , $1,500.
Several good lota in NeUon'a adoltlon , 150 to
9850 each.
Choice lot In Thorncll's addition $750
Several large lota in Birtletfs addition , 13
rods and2J acres each , IMces $700 to $2,000
. lots ln Reed's nrst addition
f-275 to SS50 each.
Acre lot on Sherman aycruo , ( ICth street ) .
Bouth of Poppl ton's new reeMcn.-c.f or ? 1,100
- Mot"W ! "Mrlsth n.lCla-k streets , 6Cj
330 feet Corner , ? leoO ; inMe , 81,000.
slargtilotsonSheim n avenue , ( ICth alreet )
nearCUrkStiectKKKra.b )
22 nice and cheap lots , very near to the bna
nc s part of the city. Incited a % cry few steps
outh of the Convent and St Marj > a cnaeam
ust noutn cf and adjo ni'iir tne cr.nind of James
M. Woolaorth a"d WJ. . Comic' ' ! three are
cheap and very dorirabtc , bcms s l.andr to bus
Iness part of city , to iicv c < nin > itf t depot , nai
' works , whlt lead Morl.s , U. ' .Icpot , stock
yaids , j.acklngh.Htsca. tie Call nd cet plat
and full rwrSiru.are. P. Ice 75 to gao and easy
terms to iboec nho Miild
GKO r BEM1S , Agent , Iki-i lag Sts.
S choice residence lot * on 24th stint , lictAccn
Douglas and DodfcMreelB.Sl.lO ) t < i l,2t0cicl
and long time to thro who vnll lJn I
S choice comer lois near S th an I rainliam
BtrcaU , 65x124 feet , § 1,150 an-l Sl.CO ? . and \crj
cisy term * to purcha > ord bo wi I iimiriH c.
Also 4 lota on 21th , bcUoo. ! Parnham and
Douglas B'reeU.fOSO to SlAW i = uh and long
Omo. b
43250 of the bent bnsincw lot i in v of
,1ha ? ! ? r 8Ie < 'ocated ' on ever } ' b i u n c street ,
? 500 to 50.000 each.
i2TAlso very valuable store ' ( riles in al
most each c\ery business block t50uO to $15,000
lOchoico residence lots in above addition , im
taelialcly north of and adjoining Popplctous
beautiful residence snd grounds , and located o :
ISth 19th and 20t b streets , S300 to JJ50 each ant
very ca y Urms to those vho lll build. Call am
examine pl t and get full particular * .
. GEO. P. DEMIS. Agent.
Beautiful building rite un Sherman a\-enue ,
\6th strectbct ) cen Poppleton and the Dudley
I jams proreity ; 2C3 feet caet frontace on the
a\enue , by SS9 feet in depth. Will divide ltmak
ingl3 feetby339. Call and get full pirUculars
An acre n IBth street , lOifect cast frontage
by 378 feet deep. This ia just couth of the Kllza
both ( Popplcton place. This is gilt-eace , call ant
get price and terms of BEM1S , Aircnt.
IS good Iota , just north of and adjoining E V.
Smith's addition , and located bclwwm 2Cth nu
Saunden stre t , at reasonable prices and Ion
ti mo to bu > er who Improve. BEilis , Agent.
5S lota in llorbach's first and second add 'i.
O n 16th , ISth , 19th and 20th street * , letnc < n
N IchoIiS , PAUI , SheTiiau and Clark ati cets , verj
handy to U. P. Shops , smelting works , ctu
ranging in prices rom from SS09 to f 1:100 cadi ,
requiring ouly fm ll ) > ymcnt down and ions
time at 7 prr cent interest to those who will im
prove. GEO. P. BEUIS.
15th and Douglas Street.
SS nice loti In Parker's addition , between
Baundera nd Pierce. King and Campbell's SU. ,
n Blon-.o strert ; 19 lots with south fronts and
0 with north frontage , only G blocks north of
the turn-table ( end street-car track ) on S nnders
street. Very lew prices ; $175 cash , or $200 on
1 oar time nd 8 percent interest to faose who
will build.
0150 good farms for sale In Doogla : , Sarpy ,
Wuhington. Hurt , Dodge , Saunden and fulcra
tlerot counties.
2T3'O.OOO acres best selected lands in the
Btale tor silo by thU agency. Cill and get maps ,
circulars and full puticulara. /
XSTBemh. " . lie * imp of Omaha , 60c and $1.50.
tZTBml ? new pamphlet ( ind map of the
State ) cntitlsd "tho outlook cl KebraSka" lor
free distnbuliOE
Geo. P. Bern is'
loth & Douglas St. ,
Qtf AHA , .
Ayoob's ' Army Vigorously
Pursued by the British
Cavalry ,
Shattered and Demoralized , the
Afghans Take to the
Special dispatch to The Bee.
LOXDOS , September 5 , 10 p. m.
iol. St. John telegraphs from Canda *
ar tittt the second cavalry under
Gen. Gough , who joined Gen , Rub
crte about twenty miles out of the
: ity , when the latter waa marching ,
ailed three hundred fugitives from
Ayoob's army , a = d that the Bombay
cavalry under Gen. Muthrall killed
ono hundred more. The Kdarkly
tvobuli infantry , which seems to have
fled without takjng any part in the
engigeruont , has retired up the
Drpan Jsl valley , ia thu direction of
sbul. These men were among the
ieading malcontents in Aycob's at mv ,
and it is supposed they were plad of
chance to break away and go home.
The Heratia made straight for the
Helmuud river. A vicorous pursuit
is being kept up and the result will un
doubtedly be the fljonugh demoral
ization aud Bcat'cringof the Afghans ,
a th t a rporgamastion , at least this
ueison , will not be possible.
Col. Shel well has died of wounds
received in the sortia at which Lieut.
MacLaino was made prisoner.
Special UUcatch to The Be ?
LONDON , September 5 10 p. m. -
[ t appe r by the last dUpitohes that
Seneral Hobortg' commenced hia at
tack upon Ayoub Khan's forces at 9
o'clock on the morning of
Wednesday at Babwali Katal village ,
200 yards from ihe Eiglish position * ,
which had first to be taken. This
s done gallantly by tha ninety-first
Highlanders and the second Ghoorgas.
covered by artillery , with now screw
gun 1 attery. Ten brigndea advanced
through orchards until Porpumil was
reached , where the Afghans were in
force , bat the enemy could not resist
the British advance. Shortly after
wards Ayoob Khan's camp became
visible aud by noon ths English vic
tory was complete and the camp was
in British possession. Two hundred
and ten British Eoldiors were wound *
ed , eleven natives killed and seventy
two wounded. The cavalry are march
ing to Kokeran and the Bombay cav
alry have started to Ajen , in connec
tion with Gen. Phayre. Gen. Rob
erta requested Phayre not to push
on too many troops , but to utilize the
transport conveyance for stores and
Spttlal Dispatch to The Dor
ST. PETERSBURG , September 6,1 a.
m. During the journey of the czar
to Livadia 40,000 soldiers and police
guarded the railways.
Carl and the Crows.
Special ( lixiialch to The lice.
FT. KEOOU , M. T. September 5 , 10
p. m. Secretary Schurz and party
have arrived and held several councils
with the Cr ws u the reservations.
They express a desire to go to farm
ing and become permanently settled.
The secretary is in consultation with
Gen. Miles and Inspector Pollock con
cerning theilisiumlioi ! to be made of
the Sitting Bull Sioux. They will re
turn by the next steamer down'
Special dlapatchc } to the Bee.
NEW YOUK , September 5. Edward
Haitian , accompanied by his train-
01 , Ira Hawthorne , sailed yesterday
in the City of Eichmond for Liver
NEW YORE , September 5. The
heat has ng.iin made its appearance in
this vicinity and yesterday was one
of the hottest this season , scarcely a
breath of air.
NEW YOUK , Sjptember 5. Charles
Livingston is to commence a fast of
42 days in Brooklyn to-morrow.
HALIFAX , N. S. , September 5
Joseph Thebeau the supposed mur
derer of the girl found near Annapo
lis , nai captured at his residence and
brought to Annapolis. Hundreds of
people had gathered at the railway
station , and there were threats of
lynching. There was much excite
BKOWSTOWX , Ind. , September 5.
Yesterday evening at Browning , three
iniici from here , Lafo Morgan was
knocked down with a club aud then
unmercifully pounded by Dick Barr ,
a youne strippling not yet twenty-
one. In a few hours Morgan died.
NEW YORK , September 5. The
weather is hot to-day and many cases
of sunstroke ara reported. The ther
mometer at 3 o'clock a. m. registered
7U ° , at 8 a. ro. 70 ° , at noon 82 ° ,
aud at 3 p. m. it touched 90 ° .
Bier German Demonstration.
Specpl Dispatch to The Bee
Sr. Louis , 3Io. , September G , 1 a.
m. The demonstration by the united
German societies of this city yester
day was one of the largcsc since the
opening of the bridge. Besides the
social and sesret and singing societies
in line , most of the prominent trades
were represented , accompanying each
of which were wagons containing ap
propriate allegorical figures. The
streets through which the procession
passed were thronged with people ,
many of them being from a distance.
The affair was concluded with a pic
nic in the afternoon and an entertain
ment in the evening.
Shipping News.
rcial dispatch to Tnr EEK.
NEW YORK , Septembers , 10p.m.
Arrived : Helveta. New York ; Utopia ,
London. Sailed : City of Richmond ,
Abyssinia and Erin , for Liverpool ;
"Victoria , for London ; Devonia , for
Glasgow ; Rnine , for Bremen ; Tyaone , "
for Barrow ; Belijen , for Antwerp ;
and Moss , for Rotterdam.
Special Dijpitch to The Bee
LIVERPOOL , September 5 , 0 a.m.
Arrived : Palestine , from Boston , and
Blogdon , from Montreal.
Illinois Railroads.
Spedil Dispatch to The Bee.
SPEIKGFIELD , HI. , September 6 , 10
p. m. The tables prepared for the
sta'e board of equalzition : for the as
sessment of railroad property show a
total of railroad tracks in Illinois as
follows : Main track , 6,833 miles ; eec-
end main , 3,070 miles ; side track ,
1,101 miles ; total , 8,241 miles. Ocok
county alone hu 600 miles of track ,
Lieut. Egwgate Laid Low
by the War Depart
ment ,
Myers' ' Wooldrbe Successor Sus
pended , Pending Court-
Special Dispatch to The Bes ,
WASHINGTON , September 6 Owing
to numorouB mplaints filed at the
war depar rnent of certain alleged
speculations of Lieut. Howgite , who
hsa been inspector and disbursing of
ficer of the signal corps , he has been
suspended. A gnneral crder on the
subject wsa issued to-day staling , by
direction of the secretary of war , that
First Lieut. A VY" . Greeley , fifth cav
airy , ia appointed to act ai inspector
of such uiuorviceable quartermaster's
prooerty and ordinance stoics as may
be properly proiented to him for in
spection , and for which First Lieut.
H. W. HowgRte , twentieth infantry ,
acting signal officer , is responsible ,
It has alee been decided to transfer
disbursements of tha corps from
Lieut , Howgato to Lient.Craig , fourth
artillery. It is proponed to inquire
into certain real estate transactions
of Lieut. Howgito , which are said to
be vtry large. It ia also intimated
that the late General Meyer , late
chiot signal offioor , was much morti
fied bsfora his rteath to ascertain that
Howgate had been using the name of
the corps to collect money from com-
menral organizations throughout the
country for his polar expeditions.
How much was cnll cted and the use
made of the funds , except in the pur
chase of the ship , which was unfavor
ably reported upon , but has since
started for the Arctic region , is not
known. As soon as he discovered the
conne of Lieut. Howgato Gen. Meyer
bitterly opposed the scheme , and to
him was largely due the withholding
of the government's co-operation.
Special Dispatch to Ton IBB. ;
WASHINGTON , September G la. in.
The statement that Capt. Howgate
had been suspended and charges preferred
ferred against him is ascertained to be
iuccrrect. Capt. Hewgato has simply
been discharged from the duty of
property and disbursing officer and
assigned to hia regular duty in charge
os the telegraph and signal stations
aud enlisted men. Gen. Drum s.iyo
theie are no charges against C.ipt.
Official advices from Havana state
thftt the American" schooner , Emma
J. Lawia , cleared for Washington Au
gutt 24/atd is reported a suspected
vessel , one of her crew having died of
yellow jack at the hospital after ra
moval from the vessel. A letter has
alao been received by the beiHh offi
cer from the deputy collector of cus
toms at Georgetown statin ? that sev
eral vessels arc expected hero ftom
Cuba shortly and oho had cleared
from Havana for this place on the
24th of August.
Chicago Produce.
CHICAGO , September 5.
Wheat No. 2 spring , 87i.@S8c for
cash or September ; SSgeSS c for Oc
tober ; 89g(589a ( for November.
Corn 3'Jjjc for cash or September
40jj@40ic for October ; 40ge 'for No
Otts Clrsed at 28a for cash ; 28c
for September 2S c for October ; 28gi
for November.
Rye 78c for cash ; 78ic ! for Sep
tamber ; 79Jc for October.
Barley No. 2 , 757Cc for October
closed at 75c.
Chicago-Live ! Stock.
CHICAGO , September 5.
Hogs Leaa active and ewer , there
being a decline of oglOc per 1.0 (
pounds on heavy shipping grades.
Sales were at § 5 20 5 30 for light
packing and shipping ; $4 50@5 25 for
rousjh to choice heavy packing § 5 00 ®
5 75 for good to choice heavy ship
ping lots.
Cattle The market ruled modcr
ately active aud prices were steady
owing to light receipts. Sales ranged
at S3 00 for stockers ; $2 00@3 40
for Texan ateera ; § 3 75@4 40 for light
grass fed and good steers ; § 4 75 for
choice smooth shipping ttccrs ; the
market was tolerably active on ship
ping account , with a prospect that the
pens will be well cleared at the close.
The freah receipts were 1,7150 head.
Kew York Produce Market ; .
NEW YORK , September 5.
Flour Round Imop Ohio , St 00
@ 4 50 ; choice doS4 C05 75 ; super
fine western , S3 25@4 00 ; common to
good extra do , ? 3 704 15 ; choice do ,
do , S4 20@G 25 ; choice white wheat ,
do , S415@4CO.
Wheat Sales of No. 1 whit ? , Octo
ber , at § 1 05&@l 05j ; No. 2 red ,
SetemberSl G4 | ; do October , 81 00
@ 1 OGJ ; November , SI 07 § .
Corn Mixed western spot , 50i@
51Jc ; do future , 51@33c.
IJats Unchanged ; western , 39 ®
Provisions Beef , now plain mess ,
S9 50.
Pork New messSlG 00.
Lard A shade stronger ; steam
rendered , S3 37 $ .
Butter Good demand and very full
prices ; Ohio 15@28c.
tit. lioula Produce.
ST. Louis , Septembers.
Wheat No. 2 red , 89i@89c for
cash ; 89g < flS9c for September ; 902 ©
91@90lc for October ; 919191s
for No. 4.
Cora Higher ; 3n@3GJc for cash ;
36 3 bid ; Sitember , 37c ; Octo
ber , 37337ic.
Oats Easier at 2928Jc for
cash ; 28c for September ; 28s for
Rye 79@80c.
Barley Prime to choice northern
Lead Lower at S4 62J.
Whisky Steady at SI 13.
Provisions Pork firmer at S15 85
asked ; dry salt meats quiet car lots
clear ribs at S8 50.
St. ixrals Live Stock.
ST. Louis , September 5.
Hogs Steady ; Yorkers and Balti-
raorec , $5 00@5 20 ; mixed packing ,
S3 20g5 ( 25 ; butchers to fancy , So 25
40. Receipts , 52,000 head ;
000 head ,
S. P O. A. Anniversary.
The c mmittee appointed to make
arrangements for the anniversary
meeting of the Society for the Pre
vention of Cruelly to Animals met
Thursday evening at the residence of
the chairman , Mr. James Stephenson.
Th y decided to invite J. Sterling
Morton , Judge J. F. Kinney and ex-
Gov. Furnas to address the society on
that occasion , and those gentlemen
were notified of the fact yesterday.
lira. Savage , Mrs Doohttlo and Mrs.
Jardine were nnpointed a subcommittee -
tee to wait upon the chairs of "the
Congregational and Presbyterian
churches , and secure their services , if
possible , to add the attractions of the
Either the 221 or 23d of September
wijl probably be selected for the anni
versary meeting , and the court house
will bo secured W the occasion. The
indications are that it will be a success
in every particular. The committee
m > -et * ajam next Thursday night at
Mr. Stephenaon's.
Real Estate transfers.
Ixabl W. C Cumings et al. to A.
. Frampton , w. d. sf | , secj 30 , t.
1C , r. 12 o § 1200.
Albert Daily and wife to John B'g- '
jy , % v d. part of sec. 3t , t. 15 , r. 13
( Jmn G. Dodge to Byron , w. d. w
t lot G , block 40 and undivided i lot
5 , block 37 , city of O.iiaha § 2.
Byron Reed to Annie J Dodge : w.
il. , w i lot 0 , blk. 40 , and und. i lot
5 , hlk. 37 , ci'y of Omaha-82.
David S. Mount and wife to John
S Pri gi : w. d. , lot 30 , Nelson's ad
dition , city of Omaha § 1800.
D.ivid T. Mount and wife toTheron
. Parker , w. d , aw nw i see 8 ,
tplo , r 13 ; also p rt sec 8 , tp 15 , r
13. in nw . .Jof said sec § 3,500.
David T. Mount and wife to Theron
X. P.irker , q. c. d. , part nw BW , EOO
8 , tplo. r 13e § 2.
Y. M. C. A. Wora for August ,
The general secretary of the Young
Men's Christian Association makes
the following report for the paat
month :
Attendance at rooms , 1,144
Weekly ineetiiifjB 20
Young men's meetings 24 ! )
Snug services ; , 54
Helpers at jail 31
Extm meeting 21
Total 123 ?
VNitH to sick 17
Watchers with sick 21
Arrangements are being raado for a
course of popular lectures for the
ssaaon , and R ! = O a course fur the young
men especially. There will bo , as
last fall and winter , classes for intel
lect nal improvement. The work of
theY. M. 0. A. grows brighter tcach
month , a"nd prospects for its future
usefulness are gocd.
Morrality Report.
The report of the city physician ,
Dr. J. S. Lcucnring , for the month
of August , shows a totjl of fifty-uiuo
Of this number , 8 occurred in the
1st ward , 2J ( in the 2d ward , 4 in the
3dv.ud , 2 in the 4th ward , 5 in the
5th ward , 11 in the Cth ward , o in the
There w.ia ona death from suicide , c
scarlet fever , 7 ( liplhotiii , 10 typhoic
fever , 12 diairlical causes , 3 mara
smus , 3 convulsions , 3 enteritis , 2 con
gestion of she lunjs ; , 2 accidental , and
the remainder from various causes.
There were 17 under 1 year of age
11 between 1 and 2 ; 2 and 3 , 3 ; 3 am
4 , 3 ; 4 and 5 , 1 ; 5 and 10 , 4 ; 10 and
15 , 2 ; 15 and 20,1 : 20 and 25 , 3 ; 25
and 30 , 5 : 30 and 33 , 2 ; 35 and 40,1
40 and 45 , 1 ; 53 and GO , 2 ; over 70
1 ; aso not civen. 2.
- Males , 30 ; females , 29.
Married , 11 ; single , 47 ; widowed , 1
Burials : Prospect Hill 19 , Cassidy'a
12 , Holy Sepulchre 9 , County 8
S-mther'a 3 , removed from city 3 ,
German Catholic 2 , Jewish 1 , private
lots 1 , not reported 1.
Death rate 23.0G per 1000.
Births reported 72. White 4.
colored 1 , maid 44 , female 28 , stil
born 4.
Armv Orders.
The following are the latest Specia
Orders issued from Headquarters Do
partmeut of the Plalto , Fort Omaha ,
( Neb. ) September 2nd , 1880 :
A general court martial is hereby
appointed-to meet at Fork Robinson
Nebraska , on the ! ) th day of Septem
ber , 18fO , or as soon thereafter as
practicable , for the trial of such pris
oners as may ba brought before it.
Detail for the court : Major Erwin
V. Sumner , Fifth cavalry ; Captain
John M. Hamilton , Fifth cavalry
Captain Alfred Morton , Ninth infan
try ; First-Lieut. Charles D. Park-
hurst , Fifth cavalry ; First-Lieut. Wm.
B. Brcwater , medical department ,
Second-Lieut. Christopher C. Miner ,
Ninth infantry.
No other oflicora than those namec
can be assembled without manifest in
jury to the service.
D. L. Mocdy came in from. Fre
mont last night.
Mies Nora O'Connor wont west yes
terday to North Platto.
A. D. Clarke , of the U. P. , came in
from the west yesterdry
S. S. Stavens , of the Rjck Island
has returned from Chicago.
C. H. Dewey lefi yesterday for Den
ver a id a trip through Montana.
Mrs. M. E. Litey will not return
from Leadville for about two weeks
Col. Stanton , of the engineer
corps , U. S. A. has gone to Boston.
Mrs. A. P. Nicholas , who hac been
dangerously ill , is reported convales
J. C. Sharpe , of the Omaha Na
tional bank , -went out to Ogalalla'ycs
TJ. S. Grant , Jr. , passed throng'
the city yesterday , en routa to San
Gen. Marcy , U. S. A. , was among
the San Francisco passengers west
bound yesterday.
PI J , Jfigholsj dvision.
tend nv' of the U. P R.-R. , came in
from the west yesterday.
Mr. J ohn Timmons , of the edito
rial corps of the'Sin Francisco (7/iron-
is'e , paasad eaat last night.
Col. Hog ? and Capb. Campbell , U ,
S.A , , loft yesterday , th ' former for
San Francisoi , the iatterTfor Arizona ,
G. R. Chipman , treasurer of Bald
win's theatre , San Francisco , passed
through tha city night , east
bound ,
' Li-3ut. John Newton , ofTthe 16th
' infantry , came in last evening from
< *
Rawlins , to moel a p r f. friends
rom the oist. x V -
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gibson , ao- .
ompinicd by Mrs. ( i. A. Croffutt ,
ort on the train Saturday for a trip
hrough Colorado.
George D D-wis , who represents
lie housoof Archer , Bernard & Co , ,
rtiticial flowora , of Chicago , spent
eatorday in the city.
Hon. W.-W. Morrow , chairman of
ho republican atato central commit
ee of California , passed east last
night with his family.
H. C. Towruend , general passenger
gent of the Wabash route , and Geo.
f. Clayton , general western passenger
gent , wore in the city yesterday.
M. H. Judd , of the U. P. land de
nrtment , left last evening by the
Wabish , to return with his wife , who
,1 been visiting friends at Ashland.
Law May , of the Nebraska Board ol
? ish commissioners , came in yester
lay from the east and left at noon for
iYamont. He has been absent aboul
ihree weeks.
R. H. Ransloy , secretary of the
democratic atato central committee
of Pennsylvania , was among the east
jound passengers yesterday returninz
'rom a trip to California to stump his
state for Hancock.
A , J. Stephens , master mechanic o
; he Central Pacific railroad , went easl
: ist night to Chicago on business fo
his road , after completing which ho
will inako a tour through the
Thomas L. Kimball , general passenger
songer and ticket agent U. P. Ry.
came in with his family on the over
land train last evening from For
Bridger , in special car No. 100.
John Alexander , a retired San
Francisco merchant , was among the
east bound passengers yesterday , en
.route , , with hi.vjprgfe ; . , . ti Pnri' ,
France , where one af nis daughters is
to be married shortly.
Capt. 0. J. Nobos , late deputy
warden of the Nebraska penitentiary ,
has been commissioned warden by
Gov. Nance , Hon. H. 0. Dawson ,
the late warden having resigned to at
tend to his important private inter
Hon. J. M. Cheabroush , formerly
chief pssaanger clerk of the Union
Pacific , in this city , has been appoint
ed assistant general passenger agent
of the Vandalia , with headquar
ters in St. Louis. Ho Arrived in
Omaha yesterday on a short visit.
C. W. Mead has gone east.
Mrs. J. A. Leo went west Saturday
on a visit.
T. H. Cotter left on a trip to the
oist Friday.
Truman Buck came-in from the
east Saturday.
Ezra Millard and daughter returned
from the east Saturday.
W. A. Paxton and wife returned
from the west Friday afternoon.
Judge Dundy arrived from the west
Friday and left for Falls Oily Satur
A. E. Touzilin , nnnager of
the B. & SI. , is at homo.
Wm. F. Stoetzal has left for Chicago
cage to select his stock of heating
Prof. E. A. O'Brien , of Creightor.
college , came in from Chicago Satur
day morning.
Superintendent J. T. Clark , of
the Union Pacific , came in from the
west Friday.
H. G. Thurman , of the law firm of
Nanco & Thurman , Oaccola , Nob. ,
was in the city Friday.
Capt. Maybcrry , the Texas cattle
man passed through Friday en
route to St. Paul , Minnesota.
Deputy Sheriff Wise , of Denver ,
passed through the city Friday af
ternoon on his way tc Milwaukee.
Chief Engineer J. J. Galligan
left yesterday afternoon to attend 1
the national convention of the heads
of fire departments.
F. E. Wainright , formerly an Am
erican Union operator , left Friday
for Brainer-d , on the Omaha and Re
publican * Valley railroad , to take
charge of that station.
Col. T. McKisaock , general superin
tendent of the W. , St. L. & P. road ,
was at this end of the line Friday.
He returned to St. Louis that night.
Hon. Michael Davitt is still in the
city , and stopping at the Crelghton
house. He has been quite sick , and
missing his Denver engagement will
return to the east from this point.
Rev. Dr. John Cairns , an eminent
divine of Edinburgh , Scotland , who
came to this country to attend the gen
eral assembly , Is in Omaha , the guest
of 0. F. Davis , Esq.
John McNevin , one of the finest
operators in the United States , has
resigned his position with the West-
era Union company , and will probably
enter the service of thu
ion at lojna other point.
! I
That Which Struck the
Vei a Gruz and Hurled
Her to the Bottom.
Sixty-Eight Persons Report
ed Lost and Thirteen
The Tearful Fury of the Hur
ricane Described by Sur
vivors *
Mountainous Waves Sweep
and Riddle the Steamer
Ere She Sinks ,
Heroic Work of Officers and
Crow , Most of Whom
The Disaster.
Special Dispatch to The Leo
NEW YORK , September 4 12 m.
The reports published yesterday con-
the " of Vera "
earning "City Cruz ,
of the Alexander line , are sadly veri
fied by telegrams to-day. Thus far
only thirteen of the seventy people
who left this port on board the ill
starred ship are accounted for , and de
tails of the terrible hurricane In which
the "City of Vera Cruz" went down
leave but nail hopes of any more
being heard from. Only three of the
twenty-eight passengers are account
ed for , and eight of the crow of fifty
are alivo. Major General Torbort ia
nmong the drowned. None of the
women survive. The officers ol the
ship were most heroic , and
The names of only two of the snr
vivors arc as yet known , James Kelly
seaman , of New York , and Mason
Talbot , teaman , of E gland. Thoae
known to be lest nreEd ward Van Sice
captain ; Frank M. Harris , first mate
S. E. Whitney , second mate. Pas
seniors G TI. A. T. Torbet , Mrs.
Ames , Miss E. Burks , Miss A. Clark
Miss Sadie Fay , Mrs. J. A. Garcia
Mrs. F. Hernandez , Mrs. M. Welsh
Wehh and child.
foundered at half-past five Sundaj
morning in the midst of a hurricane
having labored painfully for hour
In a heavy sea. There is very little
hope of any addition being made to
lite'list of survivors.
On Saturday afternoon the steamer
encountered a heavy gale which soon
increased in fury and at ono o'clock
Sunday morning it was found neces
sary to throw out a drag to help her
head about. This sacured the desired
result for the time beiug , but the gale
had now '
and immense wavps bcuan breaking
over the doomed ship. E ch succeed
ing wave toro away pieces of her upper
work until her deck w.ia finally swept
clean , even the rigging being
torn and shattered. The drag
ceased to fulfill its function * ,
and as the Boas nse over her bows and
deluged her decks they soon reached
the furnaces and extinguished the
fires. The hatches having been
torn from their fastenings by the bil
lows and the fires bein ; * out , a stop was
put to the engines and the "City of
Vera Orua"
The donkey pump couldnot bo worked
to relieve the vessel of the water she
was rapidly making In her hold. In
this extremity , Captain VanSice or
dered his men to throw overboard the
deck load , but the sea was too heavy
to permit the crew to carry out his or
ders , for while thus engaged several of
the men were carried off their feet by
the incoming sea , .ind many of them
were washed overboard. Capt. Van
Sice and his officers acted most cour
ageously in the performance of their
several duties , but were ono by one
washed overboard from their stations.
As near as can bo ascertained the cap
tain perished nearly an hour before thu
vessel really succumbed , and as
nearly all the hands were lost tha
few remaining alive on board now saw
no hope , BO they took to the life-pro-
aervers. Every life-boat and raft had
disappeared , having been steve in
when the top hamper went by the
board. The sailors and passengers
then seized fragments of spars , state
room doors , or any other movable ar
ticle that would float , and
which all knew to be at hand. The
surviving sailors state that the vessel
was about 30 milea off shore at the
time , the hurricane being one of
terrible fury. By the time the ship
was wrecked , the men and women
had equipped themselves with
their impromptu buoys. The final
castastropho occurred with an
the eteamcr suddenly sank in the
ocean , the swirl carrying down many
of the living of the seventy souls on
board before the storm began. Only
thirteen have reached hnd alive.
These thirteen are all men , three
of them passengers , eight deck
hands , one engineer and one
oiler. They were all in the water
from 2-1 to 20 hours and there ia no
doubt but for this ordefil many moro
would have been paved , as several
persons perished after the foundering
of the vessel throrgh exhaustation.
One of the passengers paved was a
young man who does not wish his
name published , but it ia learned he
was a companion of Gen. Torbert.
came on shote fifty miles south of St.
Augustine ; among them waa the body
of Gen. Torbert. The bodies of two
of the steerage passengers , tlirea fe
males and four men , have also been
found and all have been buried. One
of th"e bodies was that of a gray-haired
man , and mar his body one of a
woman was found , that of n young
girl. So far it has been impossible to
identify any of these bodies except
that of Gen. Torbert. The masts
and portions of the gunwales of the
steamer are scattered on the beach
where the bodies were discovered.
The trunk found contained a quantity
of children's clothing and some play
thing * . One account ray * that thir
teen ladle ? were vaoog the
of the "Vera Cruz , " and that there
were seventy-nine persona on board
before the storm commenced.
Special Dispatch to The & > o.
ST. AuausTixE , FLA. , September
5 , 10 p. m. Almost all hope of any
furtner saving of life from the ill *
fated steamer "City of Vera Cruz"
has been abandoned , anil bet little
doubt remains that of the seventy-
five persona on board at the time of
ho divster but nina persons have es
caped Of thcso oio ; was a passenger
named A. KOwen. . The other
ii hfc belonged to the ship's crow.
Three of them refused to gtvo their
mmes ; the others are 3&s. H. Kelt
oy , CK-19. Smith , Thomas Drnmgold ,
John Graoufiuld und Chas. Braudet-
lave bson recovered n the ooaat near
icro and buried. Ono was that of a
young m n. another an old man with
white whiskers , and a third tint of a
raid'lle nyod man. The other two
bodias wen ? thoao of females , one old
in.I the other young. Parties are
stll searching along the shore for
dead bodies and for wreckage. The
Igure-hoad of the lost vessel has been
washed aahore.
Special Dispatch io the Bsn.
NEW YORK , September G , 1 a. m.
The leas of the steamship "City of
Vera Cruz" ia fully confirmed by spe
cial dispatches. The story of the
terrors preceding the foundering of
: ho vessel , which WOT wrecked and
; wisted aparE by the terrible aeas ,
lava been forwarded from St. Angus-
tine. Mr. Talbot , a seaman , gives a
most thrilling narrative of the steam
ship's battle with the hurricane , the
crushing of the large hosts and the
maiming and drowning of their load ,
and his own struggle for life , for
twenty-six hours , before reaching
land. All officers except the quarter
master and etmatant and tbo fourth
and aecond assistant engineers , and
the rest of the oh'p'a company forty-
two in all , have perished ; the loss of
life , therefore , ia sixty-eight or sixty
The following account ia i 5von by
Talbot. He says : About thirty milea
otf shore we bean to ship heavy sea ? ,
and water was found in the hold. As
fast as we could clear her she fi'led '
again by another heavy sen. This
state of things soon made the fires
burn low , and wo could not mike
steim enough to keep head on the
wind. Wo then put out a heavy drag
forward , and managed to keep her
into the wind. Everj thing was in a
panic ; the life boats were cut loose
rea y for action , and att hands wore
supplied with life preservers. At day
light on Sunday boats wore lowered
and manned. They no sooner got
their cargo than they wore overturned
and smashed to atoms against the
steamer , all hands being swept away
or their lives dashed out against the
vessel's sides. Boat after boat was
clashed to pieces in the same manner ]
until only a few of the passen
gers would venture to leave the
steamer. The captain and officers
lost their lives in one of the boats.
At half past 5 in the morning a heavy
sea struck the steamer "forward ant
crushed her fore and aft. All firts
and lights were put out and every-
thklg V.MS in a perfect bedlam ; people
screaming and screeching for help on
all sidea. The steamer was broken
in two , and after a few surges she
carrying with her all who were on
board. When I arose to the surface I
could see , now and then , pieces of
drift stutf , ami sometimes ono or
two men. The women made
no effort to siva themselves and
were drowned. lu my sfcht , a mother
and d ughter were clasped to each
other during the gale , and they came
ashore that way drowned. From that
time , till 4 in tha afternoon , I could
occasionally see ono or two men as
thi-y rrso upon the ciest of a wavo. It
was useless to try to hold onto any
thing , as the sea would tear it from
your grasp and ilraw you two or three
fathoms under thu surface , and when
requiring it , you would hiivo to grasp
someth'iig else I was compelled to
dive Jor dodge many pieces of drift
stuff , which would have killed mo if I
were hit bv them. After 4 o'clock , I
saw none. I camenshoro on the Flora -
a coast about 7:30 : on Alnnday morn
ing , hiving beun about twenty-six
hours in the water. I soon found my
other companion ? , as we all came
aahoro about the sanv time , although
some distance apart. One of our
number swam from the wreck without
the aid of a lift ) preserver. Ho was
entirely nude and came ashore first.
Wo are all moro or less bruised from
the striking and buffeting of the seas
aud driftwood.
Sir. A K. Owen , a passenger , tclla
a story from notes made since landing
which does not differ materially from
that of Talbot. The deck load , con
sisting of cars for Mexico , cans of oils ,
etc. , were cast overboard It was
very difficult to move about without
clinging to some support. Everything
In the = abin was thrown from port to
starboard. During the evening , water
poured through the windows and main
saloon and state rooms wore filled
with water. Passengers cheered and
encouraged each other and
all manifested great coolness.
At 2 a. m. a heavy sea extinguished
the fires and stopped the engine. The
dummy engine was put to work and
continued until the steamer went
down. A person came down and
said the captain wanted assistance and
all hands went up and passed buck
ets of water for au hour or more. It
was of no use , as the sea was con
stantly coming in. All hopes were
now abandoned and passengers be
gan to put on life preserveis. At
4:12 : n. m. a tremendous set swept
over us throwing passengers and furn
iture into one mass. Soon after the
port side waa carried away by another
wave and the passengers then all
gathered in the hall , exchanging last
farewells and words of encourage
ment and adjusting life preservers.
All wera wonderfully cool under the
circumstances. I advised them to
stay until the ship sank. Juat before
12 a. m. the captain was seen. I do
not know whether he was washed
overboard or left the ship. The second
end mate and one or two seamen were
killed while attempting to lower a
boat. The first engineer and his as *
siatanta remained at their posts till
the ehip sank. The quartermaster
and a sailor remained at the wheel
till the last. At G a. m. the ship
parted amidships , and in an inatant
she was filled with debris of all de
scriptions ; dashing together and
mangling and killing unfortunate aail-
< nt , Men , wpmen and children acd
32 3u. S .a. 3S 2u 33
Cor. Douglas and I3th Sts.
" " . . . ,
* t iC .i.v. * IL - - - ,
Gives ( jreatVBargainsJin Ladies' and Gents'
All Kinds Of
We Guarantee The Best Goods For The Least Money ,
io es wore all fbating together ami3
wavea fifty feet high.
and not coining in1 rldgea but in ,
peaks , breaking together like aurf.
When we rose on the top of one it was
not to fall down a declivity bat to be
toned from peak to peak , to be
dashed backwetd and forward like
corks. After two or threa hours the
wavea changed and catno in swelling
The force of the wind was so terrific
that heavy planks were raised out of
the water and fell on drowning people ,
killing and mangling them. lu fif ten
minutes more than halt the people
wore dead or dying. It wa a fearful
and appaling sight to witneai. Wo
men , who had behaved so bravely ,
wera struggling helplessly in the
water. Drumgood and I got on a
large pleca of the dining < tloon , and
were In the water twenty-two hours
before wo reached the shore , both
beingblsnded at night from alt water
in our eyes. At 4 a m. on Monday ,
the raft reached the breakern and went
to pieces. We landed twelve milea
north of Mopquito Lagoon , having
drifted fifty miles. Three others KOI
ashore within three miles of us ; two
moro came in eight miies further
south ; aud two of the crow and two
pissengers reached the shore south of
the inlet. Eight seamen and threu
passongera were all the survivors I
have heard of for fifty miles on each
srido of where I landed.
The Ntaaara Safe.
SpecUl Dispatch to The IJeo.
NEW YOUK , September 4 4 p. m.
James E. Ward & Co. , ownora of the
steamship "Niagara , " which left for
Hivana the day after the "Vora
Cruz" and which it was feared had
shared the latters fate , received the
following cable moisaga to-day , show-
ini ; the vo ssl rodethe otorm io safety :
"Niagara" arrived at Havana at mid
night , all on board are well. "
Mormondom Snubbed by the
President Hence this
8polal dispatch to The Kee.
SALT LAKE CITY , September' ! , 12
m. President Hayes and party were
given a reception at Cheyenne to day ,
and will reach hero to-morrow. The
mayor and city council appointed com
mittees and leanred a special train for
Ogden , and made the necessary ar
rangements for the reception , ad-
viaing the president by tele
graph on the 25th of August.
Gov. Murray alao took the matter in
hand and appointed committees of re
caption and arrangements but in
cluded no Mormons. Last evening
the mayor received a telegram from
the president saying he would bo the
guest of the governor not of the
city. The result is that the municipal
authorities are very indignant and have
concluded to pay no attention to
the Hayes party , not oven to the extent -
tent of calling on the president. As
the news spread through the city that
the president declined the hospitality
and civilities of the municipality the
Mormons assumed that they
were snubbed and insulted , and
now say they will stay at
homo or attend to their ordinary bus
iness during the visit , showing the
president no respect. The Gentiles are
jubilant , though they fear they can
not get up a very imposing demonstra
tion if the Mormons refuse to partici
pate. The president will , on Monday ,
viait Fort Douglas where a banquet ia
being prepared , and hold a reception
in this city on Monday afternoon , and
in the evening will leave for San
_ _
Base Ball.
Special Dispatch to The Bee.
BUFFALO , September 5 10 p. m.
Chicagos 8 , ButFalos 5.
TKOY , N. Y. Bostons 4 , Tr yu 3.
PuovinExcE. Providence 5 , Ro-
cheaters 3.
CLEVELAND No game on account
of rain.
WASHISGTOK. No game , the Na
tionals refusing to give the guarantee.
Vandcrbilt In Canada ,
Special dlipatch to Til Bus.
MONTREAL , September 4 10p.m.
Conaiderable excitement exists hero
over rumored sale or leaao of the
Quebec Government railway , which is
completed and running from Ottawa
to Quebec , where it connects with
the Colonial railway for Halifax and
St. Johns and the maritime provinces.
M. Gooderkam , president of the To
ronto & Mejisalng railway , who also
controls the charter of the Toronto &
Ottoway railway , yesterday inspected
the road from Quebec to Ottawa
with a view to ita purchase. It is
said ho w acting for the Vanderbilts ,
one of whom is soon expected at Ot
tawa. The control of the Govern
ment road , with the construction ol
the Toronto & Ottawa railway , would
give the shortest route from Georgian
Bay to the ocean , snd would for years
largely control the trade of Manitoba
when theiectionof tha Cinada Pacifii
railway between Lake Superior anc
Winnipeg { . c mphtaL Tja
5 , pj
y i :
a ?
of Manitoba will , during the
of navigation , find Ita natural outlet
jy the Georgian Bay and thii no'.r
Coney Island Races.
Special Dispatch to tha Bee.
NKW YOEK , September t 10 p. rn.
The autumn mooting of Coney Lv
Land Jockey club opened under rncit
favorable circumstances yesterday af
ternoon at Sheepshead Bay courca.
Five races were on the card , the first
of which waa a dash of five f urlon ; a
for a parse of 2500 foe all agps , aid
was won by Bramballuta , with Jlifla
second. Time , 1:02 : } .
In the second race , a ran of a m.Ia
and a qusrtor for a purse of $5CO ,
Warfield came in first , with Navr
York Weekly second. Time , 2-11 $ .
Third raca , the greatest of the d ; > y ,
a dash of three-quarters of a mile for
Bouquat stakes , waa won by Spuia-
way , with Barrett second. Time ,
Fourth race was a run or ono m la-
and-a-half , and was won by Luke
Blackburn , Monitor second. Time ,
2:38- :
2:38Tho racing for the day ended with
a handicap steeple cbaao over tha
long course for a pnrsa of § (550 ( , and
was won by Bertha , Dandy seconi' '
G. A. B.
Eegnlar meeting of Geo. A. Cutter
Post , No. 7 , department of N bnwka ,
G , A. H. , will be held on Monday ,
September 6 , at 8 p. ni,7 sharp. All
officers are requested ts IPcct
ut 7 p. m.