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Saturday Morning , Sept , 4.3
. . . . - . . ' ' ' -
ii.-.i - ' ' n = fct
crvud to lulbcribcra by carrier to any partlo
the clty.ocrr d yfcumiayiCXWpW < l6t Bttecn
c nU per week
Any complaints shout irregular
proper delivery ot the paper , U rul CWod
this offlc * will receive prompt attention.
TBI OUlHi DULY 1 ! will be mailed to ( Ub
icribcreaUhe tollowtag rate * , payable Invar
ably in advance : $ S.OO per * nnum ; M.OO six
month * . Tn OMIIU WKttt Eti $2.00 per
rear .
TUB Oumi DAILT Bn bu br artbelarpcst
Urcnlatlon both in Omaha and abroad , and litho
the best and cheapest advertising
IntrreOing Hucellanu.LcttettM
tary and Commercial Report * , /lailrMa aiw
ime-Tablet , third vaa
Saturday , September 4th ,
Paleraon sells coal.
Fine porfnmea at Saxe's.
Use Lewis' dry hop yeast.
For the tcsth , Kuhn's Dentrifice ,
- IJuttenck's patterns at CruickBhank ,
Porter is running the Omaha ferry
Imported and Key West CJRaw ,
at Kulm'a.
Ninety-seven cars cf cattle came
in yesterday from the wett.
- President Hayes says Omaha ha ?
ai fine mud na he over taw in Oh'o.
Max Meyer & Co. have moved I
. War hBir new store-room alongside
tlio telegraph office
There were three sections of
tr tin No. 3 vest ytfiterday , the second
being the regular train and the third
the tpecidl , bearing President Hayes
< md party.
J. U. Gridley , Jr. , rchirncd from
Cleveland , Ohio , yesterday , brinj
iut * four car Ica B of high grades , as
fine ai wera ever seen in thia state.
They were taken up to Norfolk and
put on the ranch Tor breeding pur
We acknowledge the receipt of a
season ticket to the inter state exposi
tion ot Nebraska , Mm < juri and Iowa ,
4iUkt place at Hamburg , Iowa , Sep
tember 13th to 18th , inclusive.
A freight train coming south on
lh j O. & N. N. railway from Oakland
on Wednesday morning struck a bull
na it was running upon a bridge , and
seven cars were ditched.
These Omaha songsters whoso
fine singing helped along the sessions
of the late convention deserve credit
for the manner in which they "got ia
their work. " Thera were certainly
some of the finest voices in the club
that wo have heard in a long time.
[ State Journal.
Drs. Diusmoore and Gifford
Homoeopathic Pliysic'ans and Sur-
Keens , Williams Block , cor. 15th and
Djdge streets. ood-tf
Seats for "Nip and Tuck in Pri
vate Life , " are soiling rapidly. Re-
nerve your eeais at 31 x Mover's.
The eower contractors for the ex *
toutiua of the South Omaha sewer
eastward from Thirteenth street to a
point twenty feet east of Ninth , a dis
tance of 1,500 feet , will commence
tlio work in a few days and complete
It before cold weather sets in. They
have made atrAn ementB for the brick :
and labor , arid would have begun work
a week ngo had the weather permitted *
Budd Doble's spacial car weiitout
t > -j the noon train Friday , containing
seven fine colts for ex-Gov. Iceland
Stinford , ot California , iu charge of
PJiil. Short. They are all from Ken
tucky Prince , nnl are as follows :
I3y filly , dam Lidy llyedik ; brown
tilly , dam Lady Bolmonl ; bay filly ,
dam Cjmillo ; black filly , dam Fairy ;
fioirel fitly , dam Ballo of lliclunond ;
Itrown filly , dam Kate ; bay colt , dam
Indy Dexter. They will all bo put on
Guv. Stanford's ranch.
The moat beautiful and notrfcst de-
Bigns of Jewelry always on hand at
The Jewclere.
Now Stock
of LaJlcs' , GenU1 , Boye , Misse * ' and
Children boots , shoos and slippers
xocolvod daily , llopsiring done free
of char o. Please look for price list
'i ' another column.
IlkjritY DOUI.E & Co.
scj'(3 ( 3t Leading Shoe Store.
H vens' Uiwt SnownaLo Flour only
53 I. . " ) per 100 pounds.
A re illy good gontJcmans silk um-
nt 82.50.
ueptS 2t A. CBUICKBUANK & Co.
"B.'st Sel clod Stock of Roger Bros.
a id Rainc Silver ware in the city at
1 10 very lowest'prices , at
Card or Thanks.
Mr. Julius Hanson hereby wishes
to return his sincere thanks to Mr
B. P. Matthewaon , superintendent of
the Nebraska Insane Asylum , and also
to Mr. Thlele , for the manner in
v lich they assisted him iu the case of
thj body of Mrs. O. T. Rosengren , died at the asylum.
_ CX T. RO.SEKC BE > .
Go to McShauo's. 23d and Cumin g
Btreet , for first-clue * groceries. 2tl ?
Emibcrg FUs 25 : a
* \s \ Lovottins.tqoncr ; old
t c'tablishedageucy in this state. I
nplS-1 ,
Election oft lasers
Thur.-diy eveuitij ? TT 'in < -upany
No. 2 elected the ft > " * -g i = :
William Ryan , f < mn.
"Williim Clark ,
jttr. Snyder , STCK.J
TF J. Methane , president
CJaorgoVindheim , secret * ] ,
. /ohn / McShaae , treasurer. _
'Owen Slavenpeorge Coulter , Johnl
B.i.ns , trustees
After the election the mcniVers jt of EI
thf company presented a very haud-
ouog.ild watch lo Mr. A. B , Frarr ,
th relirin ; ; foreman.
3'cr Real My home , on Sherman
avenue aud Grace st. 0. S. WoOP ,
Hutbrford RUM Through tha
Village Without PisQoyeiv
ing its Whereabouts.
The Bucolic Band and Burke's
Cannon Mired on the
Banks of the Lousy.
The Presidential Party Arrive
in Omaha , Take in the
Town , and Leave
for the Woat. I
At 8.30 yesterday the specia'
train of the C. , B. & Q , with Pieii-
dent Hsyes and pary on board , ar
rived at the Tenth street depot in
iliit ci y , having at the request of Mr.
Cla'k b-'en run over the bridge. It wil
ba remembered that the 0. , B. & Q ,
train which took Gen. Grant east WJB
brought to Omaha to atatt on its trip ,
which shows that in rcahfy Omaha is
considered as the terminus proper of
every one of the pool lines as well of
the U. P. The train consisted of a
baggage car , special coach No. 60 ,
special coach No. 99 , fcr Gen. Sher
man and party.the directors car forthe
president aad family and thaC , B. &
Q. dining car St. Charles , in charge
of Conductor L. A. Kittridge. Each
coach was thoroughly equipped snd
supplied with , every convenience for
the comfort of the distinguished [
[ guests. The dining car was elegantly r
decorated vith fruits rnd flowers.
At Council Bluffs tr.o train halted I
a moment at the station in the
I south end of town , where the party
was met by the delegation from
Omabu , consisting of Mayor Chsso ,
| Gin. Williams , GJ ! . Ludington , M j.
Furay , Gin. King , Senator Saunders ,
Congressman Valentine , Gen. Charles
F. Maaderson aud Gen. J. C. Co win ,
who boarded the train and tendered
the party the pirty the freedom of the
city cf Omaha at its gateway. There
were a few citizens at the Council
Bluffs depot , but there was no cheer
ing and the twin pulled out as quietly
as if the passage through of the
"Lords or the Land" was an every day
affair to the Bluffers. On the way to ;
the transfer , however , GUI. Sherman
plucked the president by the sleeve
and said "Look ! L ok ! " They
all looked of course , and there was a
i crowd with a cannon mounted on
wheels which they were dragging
down to Spoon Lake to salute Pres
ident Hayes with. The last seen of
I the cannon it was still sticking in Iowa
' mud. At the transfer a small crowd
had assembled and preparations
were made to give tha
party a grand reception with speech
and brass band accompaniment , but
by order of Mr. D. W. Hitchcock ,
j who was in charge of the train , it was
run around the Trauslcr house and
across to 0naha without stopping.
Half an hour liter the ora-
tots , braes baud and reception
ooiumttteo arrived with the cily editor
of the Nonpareil , and a cloud of blue
smoke and flime , emitting a sulphur
. ous odor , has hovered over that local-
ily , and ttill the blasphemy gooa on.
At this side a number of army am
bulance ? and 'carriages were iu wait -
ing , into which the party stepped itat
once and drove out to Fort Omaha.
The president took a seat with a.he
driver in frjut , carrying an umbrella
to prutGut himself frem the rainwhile
Gun. Sherman and diughter , Mra.
Hayes and sister , roda inside the same
General Hiyeais , it wi'l be remem
bered , quite a propetty owner hi this
city. Ho Cune out to Nebraska firat
iu 1SGC with an excursion party , the
Union Pacific road having juSt been )
completed to North 1'litto at that
time. Ho cillod on Byron Reed and
inverted In some city lots. He
still owna those. TJyfon Reed
acting as his ? g < ! nt , and says
he will not sell them at present. He
has great faith iu the fu'uro of Omaha
and expects to make a little epec * on
his property which is located on Tenth
street , bark of the B. & M. liead-
tjiisrlcrs and on Sixteenth streetnorth
of Jefferson Square. The drive to
the Fort was by way of Sher
man avenue. After visiting
the fort he parly was driven to the
Echool tousc , the new government
corrzl , t'jc ' custom house and else
where about the city , and about 1
o'clock ri turned to the depot , where a
new special tiuin was made up and in
waiting firtbem. They weto also join
ed hcrj by Secretaray of War Ramsey ,
ot Minnesota , who arrived on the
Northwestern at 9 o'clock.
The party as it left hero consisted
cf President Hayes and wife ; Ruther
ford B. Hayes , Jr. , Borchard Hayes ,
Sec'etary Ramsey , J. W. Herron and
wife of Cincinnati , Mr ? . Mit
chell , of Columbus , Dr.
Huntington , of the Soldier's
Home , Washington ; Gen. W. T.
Sherman ; Mies Rachael Sherman ;
Mra. Hunt of Oaklmd , Oil ; Mrs.
Audenrcsd , of Washington ; Gea. Mc-
Cook , of Sherman's staff ; Mr. Jame-
son , P. 0. D. ; C..1. Bwr , Sscretary
Rimsey's private secretary and wife ' ,
and Mr. Fttrness , the secretary's aon-
From Omaha they go to Ogdcn ,
dawn to Salt Lake , back to Ogden ,
thence to Sacramento , where they
will attend the state fair September
29th and SOih. From there different
plices of interest on the Pacific coast
ba visited , even to a trip to the
end of ( he Southern Pacific railroad ,
arriving back in Washington about
0tobur 25 , covering in all a distance
of over 8000 miles.
Their train over the Union Pacific
to Og Icn consists cf a w. y car and
one baggage car , special C. , B. & Q.
jars No. 50 and 99 , the dining csr
St. Charles , which is to accompany
the party through oa its trip , and the
Union PAC'IDC directors' car.
Tfce train runs us third section of
No. 3 , and will make only tha regular
time of 22 miles per hour.
There -was no excitement whatever
over the visit of the chief magistrate
of the nation visible on the streets or
. Aufc
pot twonty-fivfl peraans drawn thee
froh ) ctirJc&Uy , ai dh&d tfco
not announced hia cominn tha
dei ; might have come and gona anr }
Rene been the wiser of ttt
fne President at F-t Omaha.
Special CorretpODdenco.
FoBTOiiAHi ] , Nob. , September 3.
The arrival of the Pre-ident of the
United B ates at the post caused a
scene of bcsuty and gayety that WCB
pleasant to look upon. I > was posi
tively the greate honor ever wit
nessed by a military past. Notwith *
landing the rain , the first call for par
ade was sounded at the proper time ,
and at the appearance of President
Hayes the trcops were farmed in line
and a salute of twenty-cue guns was
fired by the artillery of the post. Ow
ing to the rain the troops were dis
missed immediately after parade , but
this action was not taken on the un
fortunate bind musicians. They took
their places in front of the commsnd-
ing officer's quarters , rendering selec
tions under the leadership of Ft of.
Shuab and his right and left hand
supporter * , principal musicians , Sims
and Reichl. It was Indeed a surprise
10 the post to listen to the beautiful
melody from the band , while its mem
bers wera inquiring whether it was
a bath they were taking or au honcr
rendered to the president. Immedi
ately after the rain , and upon the de
parture of President Hayes , the band
was dismissed , leaving to the post a
i memoiable day. The president left
I the past at 10:30 a m , KIT.
A Really coed G-sntlemana silk um-
brelk at & 2.50.
sep'.C-2w A. CUUICKSIIANK & Co.
If you vanl a gold or silver watch of
any kind , come in and sae our stock.
We will guaran'oi we have the largest
and B t selected Stock in the city.
You will acViiOvsledge it to be a fact
by an Inspection of our Stock. We
also have the litest stjles of gold and
silver bracelets. We will Guarantee
the Prices lo bo as low as good Goods
can be sold for.
15th and Dooge Sts. , opp. Postolfice.
Hon. Church Howe ia in the city.
D. G. Hull , of Lincoln , is in the
J. R. Manchester returned from
Lincoln yesterday.
W. M. Robertson , t f Madison , left
for home yesterday ,
Law Martin , she. iff of Adams
county , is iu the city.
A. H. McConnul and wife went to
North P.'attb ytBtei-d&y.
County Clerk Peters , of Boone
co inly , weal west yesterJay.
Dr. Gcorga L. Miller left for the
out Thursday afternoon.
E. LIJ , U. 4,1 . britfgd fiupsrinJcn-
tleut , lett for Ogdcn yesterday.
Mr. Bittenbeuderj formerly of The
Oieola Tlicord , IB In Iho city.
Hon. C. P. Matthcwaou , of Nor-
f * lk , lef : for homo at noon yvsttrasy. A
Charley Williams , of The Grand
IjlandTiiusB. wi iu the city Friday. $
E. 0. L. Sdla-im ) the immigration
agjut , left for Chicago yesterday.
Col. S. W. Hajs , of the "tale celi-
trl commiH'js wa& ia the cityFr da\ .
J. C. Moore , who has been visiting
Gen. Wilson , in tluVr.ity ) returned to
Wuehsiigluil ThursJr.y.
H. C. D wson , warden of the Ne
braska s'ate penitentiary , came up flit
noon-yesterday Irom Lincoln.
Clem Chase returned Friday from
Lincoln , ft here he reported the atalb
, convention fet The jisrald.
Misj Fhra Bltckburn , of New :
York , is vifciting her brother , T. W.
Blackburn , at 180 ? Famhom street t ;
Cap't , John S. VVood organized Post
No. 50 , at Milford , on the 1st instant.
J. H. Culver was elected post com
Judge Stephen J. Field , of Wash !
ington , D. C. , passed through the city
Thursday efturncou en route to Cali-
Lewis Lay , of Stanton , came up
from Wahoo on the 0. & R. V. Friday
morning and there took the U. P.
train for home.
Senator Saundera and hia son , Chas.
Sauudcrs , left yesterday for Colorado.
They traveltd a portion of the dis-
tinca on the special train with Mr.
Uayoi > .
* Miss Carrie I jams and Miss Anna
Giacomim , left Thursday for Balti i-
more , Md. , where they begin another
year's studies. They wont via the
FROM THE swtiscs. Foreign
and American Mineral Water , Hun-
pidi , Janes , Hathorn , Friodrichshall
Bitter Water , Vichy , Congress and
Empire. For sale by Ish & McMahon ,
1321 Farnham street. aSO Ini
Attention , Mreraen.
There will be a business meeting of
the Omaha lire department Friday
evening. September 3 , at Firemen's
hall. All members are requested to
bo present at 8 o'clock sharp. By or
der cf the president ,
JAS DoNSEiiiY , JE.Sec'y.
Notice is hereby giren tint 1 will
sit at the office of the Street Railway
company on Monday , September Gth ,
1830 , to register the qtulifiol voters
of said ward , aud to prepare a list of
Lvoters for the apccisl city elcc'ion , to
beheld September 14 , 1S80.
\V. C. B. ALLEN ,
RogisSrar Sixth ward.
OMAHA , An ; . 31,1880. aGltG
First Ward KosjistratJon.
Notice is hereby givan that I will
til at my offiso on IClh street , be-
twoeii Famhatn and Harney , on
Monday. September Cth , and Satur
day , Sept. 111860 , for the purpose of
making corrections aad registering
qualified voters of the First ward for
the special election lo be held Sep
tember 14th , 1830. Witness my hftnd
this 2d day of September.
Sopt24t Registrar First Waid. I
ip the Olioiqa of the Bipdl
And Its Oldest and Most
ficient Officer. |
Bogardins .tho
Successor cf Gen. Myer.
The Herald , in a recent issue , took
occasion to attack Captain HowROto ,
acting chief signal officer , and at the
8 ne time published with great flourish - '
ish a private letter sent to parties in
this city , and obtained in a discredit
able manner from Mr. Alphabet Al
len , secretary of the board of trade.
As a matter of fact The Herald did
not know Capt. Howgate , and did
not care a cent for him or his
plane , the attack being instigated by
outside parties who wore interested
in seeing Howgate defeated. The
second article wag evidently written
outside the office and the instigators
of the attack took the pains to send
the news to The Chicago Times and
New York Herald in order , as they
expressed it , "to head him off"
To those who know the efficient
"first assistant" to the late General
Myer , the attack seems particularly
unjust and even contemptible. Capt.
Howgate is an oflicer of no mean
ability , and is known all over the
country as the origina'or of the only
practical and feasible plan over sug
gested for penetrating the froz-n
regions of the .Arctic. He
is the oldest officer in
the service and has been identilhd
with it from is ! inception to tha pres
ent diy. Ho is the only man thor
oughly competent , perhaps , to suc
ceed Gen. M yor , and his nppoint-
ment is considered by many of the
officers of the service to bo necets ry
for the good of the service , his ability
to conduct its interests being unnucs-
tioned. The following circu
lar , received to-day by Sergeant
L M. Day , of the Omaha signal office
willsb.ow'whaFthe fealing of the signal
corps is rugarding a successor to their
late chief :
In answer to a call from the Mili
tary Telegraph employes of this city ,
a meeting of the operators of the Sig
nal Corps employed on the Texas Di-
i vision , was held to day. W. T.
Blythe , of Denia n , was chosen chair
Ulan ; Mcfars. Jas. A. Gleason , of
Bracketville , and Harry Marsh , 5fr"
Jacksboro , secretaries. The chair
man read from The St. Louis Globe-
Democrat , the following dispttch , and
stated tha object of the meeting to bate
to diacuas.aud adopt resolutions ex-
presaiVo of views ot enlisted men of
signal corps regarding matters treated
of in the special dispatch :
WASHINGTON , D. C. , August 25.
The friends of First-Lieut. Howijuto
are making gr'it Bffbrts to Secure his
promotion lo the post of chief signal
officer of the army , with the rank of
brigadier-general , t There ia no probi-
bilitfy however , of hia euccin' ) as the
president , secretary of war and adju
tant-general stated to-day thar , admit
ting that Lieutenant Howgato pos
sesrod all tha requisite ability and
g-neral fitness , such fttl act would be
manifest injustice to Bnicers of higher
rank ahd ability. Adjt. ( Jon. Drum
\Vill remain in charge until ti.c
president determines upon the propo
Bed division of thb ? ervkrj , placing ihe
signal service proper under the Engi
neer Corps and the meteorooglc ! l
branch under the trdasijry OK Hgncul departments , with Cleveland > 2 , tha real projector and head of
thij service from the beginning , in
charge. It w.-s stated in military cir
cles tofty tlut JRiifrgatb'a duly has
beenb : tiio simplest administration ,
Abbe suggested and carried out iho
whole system of observations , prepar
ing circulars , locAting ptatii-lis a'.id deVising -
Vising barts.
After an animated but harmonious
discmsion and interchange of views
carried ou by telegwpb. and pirticl'
pated in by Messrs. Winland , of Rio
Orandfl tiity ; Jfcteiiry ; of Saii Antonio ;
MbCarlhy ; of Stockton ; Marsh , of
Jacksboro ; Fr.y , of Mason ; Bulford j ,
of Laredo ; Gleason , of Brackotville ;
Strombergcr < & Williams , of Donison BJ5 ;
Bradley , of Griflin , aud others , the
fullowini ; resolutions were unanimbus
1 adopted }
? F7ie/eas , Wo learn by dis
patch to thoSt. Louis Gluba-Democrat
from Washington , that it is proposed
to remove the signal service from the
control of the war department , plac
ing the meteorological branch under
the jurisdiction of the agricultural
department ) with one Cleveland Abbe
at its hrad , and
Wktttat , The same special dispatch
moko use of the following langua :
* * * * * *
"It has been stated in military
cit cles to-day that Howgate'o ' duty has
been of simplest administration while
Abbe suggested and carried out the
whole system of observation preparing
circulars , locating stations and dc-
" hf charts , " and
iJ'/tcrcas / We know
, from yean ex
perience that it ia almost impossible to
control an organization circumstanced ,
as is said corps , by any system of dis
cipline prevailing in any ether depart
ment of national government } and
Wicrea * , The personnel of the
coips io likely to be subverted to po
litical uses in any other than the war
department , and by this means grejit-
ly cripple if not totally extinguish its
efficiency for the purpose for ivhich it
wns designed ; therefore , be it
He olvcd , By the detachment of en ,
listed men serving in the Texas divia ,
ion of the United States military tel
egraph lines of the signal corps , that |
the honorable secretary of war be-
and ! is hewby earnestly requested
to recommend to his excellency , the
president of the United 10r
States , in or
der that the status of the signal corps
bo continued as at present , leaving
the field meteorological and telsgcaph
services combined , and in fact , to alter
nothing of the scheme devised and put
into operation by its late lamented ,
chief , and
Scsohvd , That the secretary of war
be , and u hereby
requested to recom
mend eonio of the 1P3
ono sigoal officers
now on duty in ihe signal service P3h
bo appointed chief signal officer with
all the duties -and privileges of the
late chief signal officer ; and ,
Jtcsolrtd , That a copy of these reso
lutions be forwarded by mail to the
secretary of war.
W. T. BLTTHE , Chairman.
JAS. A. GlEAhON , ) .
HAKBY MARSH , [ Secretaries.
A telegram received from Cincin
nati gyesftrday says that a meet 1t .
ing of the Chambar of Commerce was ' i
held in that city and took cction endowing I
dewing Capt. Howgate to succeed the
late chief.
Beat watch work is done at
The"Jewelers , Opposite the Postofficet
ThjS l w makfii U obligatory ou ibe
parti of KoRlatyarg to sit tb
fn SeplMlef ccaah y , ir , for l a
Rogiitration of voters ,
1 do therefore giro notice that X
will sit at the store of B. P , Bn'ggt ,
aouthweat corner of 13th aad Chicago
streets , on Fijday and Saturday ,
September 3rd nd4th , for correcting
the voting lut of thia ward , for tbo
city election to be held September I
next and also for the state and' '
national election to be hold Novem
Registrar Fifth Ward.
Omaha , Douglas County , Nebraska ,
Aug. 28ih , 1880. a30-10t
tteglattvuion Notice Fourth Ward.
Douglas County. ss.
Notice is hereby given to the eleo
tors of the Fourth ward , that I will
sit In the ttore cf E. Wyman , Fif
teenth street , three doors south of the
postcffice , on Monday , September Qtb ,
to make the annual list of voters of
said ward ; also to prepare a liat of vo
ters for special cl y election , to be
held September 14tb , 1880.
In witness whereof I hereunto set
ray hand this 25h : day of August , A.
D , 1880. JOHN WOOD , Registrar.
Second Ward ReginrationNotice.
State of Nebraska , Douglas
Notice is hereby given-toUie elect'
era of the Second ward lhV-1 will sit
at No. 3 Engine Hbusa on Tuesday ,
Wednesday , Thursday aud Friday ,
7tb , 8th , 9lh and 10th days cf Sep
tember , from 0 o'clock to 11 o'clock a. ,
m. and from 1 o'clock to 5 o'clock p.
m. , for the purpose of making the
several lists of legal voters of said
ward. This will be a new list for the
ensuing year. Voters will be expect
ed to bo present on sail days.
In witness whereof I hereunto set my
hand this 1st day of September ,
Bepllf R"glstrar.
Newly fuinished , everything the
best , Astor House , New York.
KealEbtate Tranafoia.
John H Kullom and wife to Simeon
T. Jo3selyn : w. d , parcel in lot 3 ,
Capitol addition , Omaha $1300.
Augustus Kountzo and wife to
Fr-inkHofet : w. d. , lot 18 , b'ock ' 4 ,
Kouutiw's 3rd addition , city of Oina-
Wenzel Neatel and wife to John L. '
McCague : flr. d. part nw n * ] , sec. 8 ,
t. Jo , r. ] 3o. § 050.
Joseph Fhhcner and wifoto Charles
B , Evit's ' : w. d. part ne nwjt , sec. 3 ,
t. 14 , T. 13 e. 31050.
Resolutions of Respect.
The following is reproduced from
Thb Engineers' Journal and is of lo
cal Interest :
At a regular meeting of Omaha Di
vision No. 183 , held August 14,1880 ,
the following reio'.utions were unan
imously adopted :
WUEUCAS , It has pleased Almighty
God , ill His infinite wisdom , toreniove
from our midst , by accident , our high-
. iy esteemed brother , Michael Egan ,
' thus reminding us that life ia uncer
tain and that we , should so live as lo
Iu prepared for death ; and ,
Whcrcss , In the death of Brother
Egnn thif. divsion has Jest one cf its
Lost and oldest members , hia wife aad
ch'hhen a kind husband and in
dulgent father } and the B. & M. B ;
It. oHc of its mbst tried and trtuted
engineers ; therefore ;
hedj Tint we ; xtend to. the bo-
raiiiily of our dtcoased B.other
our most heariftU4Bympithytin : this
their hour of ? oirowj and may God e
able them , to bjar their , h 83 iVit. .
Christian tortilmio , and may they feel
that thtfir 1-ss is his gain.
Resolved , Ti atas a mark of respect
to our deceasnd JtrptlUr , o 1r hall bo
J c Cd In ihoiirniug , tor the spa e of
thirty dij-s , und that a copy of these
resolutions bo published in The En
gineers' Journal , and also a copy fur
nished ths family.
Why auBg ourselves with nanseat-
Ins mudicmoa , v.iioii a ptirbly fruit
cathartic will cure you at once Ham-
bnra Vi'j * . Trv them
1 Bo it rciohcxl by the City Council of the Citr ct
I Onuha :
That a ficlciralk bo within fifteen chyg from
tiiis tl ite , const -led nd hit ! to the p rnunoat
cnde n fa il c'ly. In front of nj adjoiniog tto
f.lloninz scribed premises v z :
Wc 7S feet of cst 210 feet of north 140 3-20
fjont lot 3 , Cajiitol tdiltion , tenth Btla cf
Uodga trcit 6 f fet lilo.
West CO f aet of cast 270 ot north 14d 3-20 of 1 > t
- , G p'.til sdditlon , couth side of Uodee street
G frc * . ride :
Wfst 72J feet < lf north 1104-20 feet of lot 'j
C p".lot addition , south sidj of Dcdgo street
C feet n-Mc.
Dst CO feet of westlS'J feet of north 140 S 20
feet ( f lot 2 , ' apiti'l edditidn.-ollth side of L'odgG
Street 0 feet
Lot ? , soul II aide of Chicago street in block 5 ?
Cfeet wide.
T.i be repaired toi 8 , west side of 10th street
in Hock 4 < I C feet wide.
Such Eklevralk to li constructed ot 2-inrh
plank , an I to bo in nidili as aliovj siicciflol , and
th8 respective ofi nor or emi r of the * lofe de
Eeribcd premises arcliertby required to coslrut
tlio sain ; ,
Omiha , Auiust SStl ) , 80.
_ Crlilltv Clerfei
t VMIA , August 27th , 18SO.
There will be a incc'liif of iho Slocliholders f
tl'c Mechanic's Mining and Emeltlnt ; Co. , ( expir
ed l > y limitation ) t the Duraut tnp'no Louse ,
Stptcmbcr 14th , 1S80 , at 730 p. m , for the pur
pose ot reorganization > td formitionof anew
. . .
17CfcO4 ! ' " * v * * * " " * uv Wi * iei .ivu. t. i\ .
LOAO , Timtee. au27-5cp4&H
Sta'crf Nebr-sVu. Di trit Court , In and for
, yon-rinsi-cunTy. - * .
. .Yo"arel > : byno'ififd.lhit ' the plaintiff in
the i aboie ent.tle.J cau.e.will takeths d-poeitloa
01 Joseph Tomck , a witness in g ld iinse noVr
rendlnj _ in said court , before 6'hipetent author.
fj'aAlno o'hce ' of A. B. CWirttk , Notary Pub-
1 , Ta'lor , 8treet. ln hfl city of ChicaRO ,
t-ounty of Cook , and itate of Jllinois , commenc-
IE * " tea 29tn day ol September. A. U. 18 0 , at
the hour if lOo'cLwlt a.m. , w'lh uthotity to
I'll"1 f"-ndivto , day , iintll mch deposition
. ? i iecn l raid t.'ken' wid dspcsition to bcuwd
* " ciU'c
Dated thU Cdd"y of September , , A _ . D. 18SO. "
OMAIU , NEB. , AujfUit 4 , 1830. )
_ KeiUd p-opoMl , , in dap ' 'a'5. subject to the
nnfi , ' 008' wil1 * * cet d t this office ,
SM..I . , it " * j noon on Scpt nib2r8th , 1S80 , at
rre .n mMndJp ? ace they * U' ' bo opened in the
blJdersfor farnls'ilns and delivery
at the '
Subs'ttsa-o TV.reh-usj Ui this cl j of
stronr r , t3ousald cotion ( ,000) nacka ) pound. Flour Innew ,
t ' or Odes $ - - To be e ' t ' J be
. To be hijh
e ' f fl ) ur to bs sent In with prV
. . to be < Je'l7Cred on or before
_ - . - - . - TheOoTeremontrtierrcslho
, -h. , ;
° wjcct any orsll proposih.
nn 1f ? l' ? ? obulocd .1 this office.
i elopes
C. S. . U. S. A.
Contains the Litest Home and Tele-
Sophie Nemjofho \ Day.
P. It. 7HOMA8. RoomS.CrBithton
OJJKY'TO LOAH nM Farnha itreat
Dr. Sdvudp Loan Agency. noT-22-t !
I for generi > ! housework , N ,
W E or.Cap. Av " " '
WANTED-Tly apood gill , a P' e to cook ,
or otliflr hnuiework ; p-lvate fimilv pre-
fcre-J. AdJtog Mlgt''Haliy , 'teeQfflc * , 4C66
, ,
WANTKD Oocd girl for ga.ieralhiraiework.
MK8. JOHNO. HEOioK. 402.1
WANTED Good tlrl coo < c preferred , At F.
Lanze , cor. 13th and JackronSt. 3SS-tf
An experienced gilcsman , ono
WANTED wi'liiwtowork ' ; U. C. | no old ,
18tb and CaMorn'a. - K.3
WAJJTEP AtoMbcron tanjo and guitar.
Ad. rcs "OX B3.Ciiy | _ S9M
A TKD First-c as * ma hine hind , at
w Onuhi.Shirt Fartii"- . S9'- >
AHTKl > fir > t and fecund cook at th * St
W " " * *
Charle < llotol.
A go'd shop man or
maker. Address Maple Meat Market ,
Clarinda , Ioa. . S70-4
A Rood girl for genoril hou e-
work , Apply to R , Tross'n. Itll.Douclas
Ittcet. 372-3
TT7"A TEr > Chamber maid and cook. Wtges
YV SaudirioIl-W. Apply 2/OS Hurt ft.327tf
A competent pirl. Enqntre at
WASTED cor ISth nd Capitol Ave. 807-tf
\ \ / ANTKP , A Oltl to do hou-e work , 1109
VT Farnham StrfCt. nn St lr 14J-U
OT WANTED .V actl e l y. The
B Brat's icet fo.
CUTUATlf'N WAS1 ED Tyamin jusl niriv-
Odf rom New York , a * ' clirk"ori 'tspiclty
whtrjs'o dy Mton ion tu oii'l jvoi Intcro U
will e hpp o'iVed ; go-31 r < .fureue : Al x. T ) .
Hamilton , PiS'.Otn- * . 400-8
TTTANTED Foreman at hrlcU-yard. T. MUR-
T710II RPNT Tea ores Iri new bri k blocV ,
P wner Farn'i i n and 10 n l reo'8 , possesel m
TT10R HFNT- larce two-3torr boirdin ?
JP hou-e nith'lxbfd-iooms , on cor. DouEl 5
andEl'hth streets a" $30 perm nth ; tUi ttru-
Ktory , se Piur > > omcd h use , adjoi , irie bove , at
$1S ier month. Enquire if IJarker Brig. . Gag
office , orBogrsfc thll's. VS-4
- Roomi with or without board ,
FUaNI-HED . 201-tf
Tinclyfurnl8h d lonrni at 1310
Davenport street , bet. 13ih and Nth St.35Mf
Strrarrom In brick bloekcomer
170RRENT d Di u.laa Sto. , with or with nt cel
lar. App'y to American Jlouee. 290-lf
J70HRKNT A finely-furnished front room.
L Enquire at 1616 Dodge ti. S.83tf
RENT 2 fnruiahed rooms oier Mer-
FOR ' E > changc , N. E. Cor. 16th and
Podce ctree'8. 2S9-tt
FOnSlSl'ED . i > 18tt
RENT IToxi'e with B'IX roomn , well , ct -
tem and c lhr. On Capitol Ava , hot 15th
and 16th. routh Mde J 3. McCO tMTCK 181.U
TT OR SALE The Lot pij ing hutthar business
P and rie t location ia t"ecilydo'njahlrtrade. ;
For | articular ! tnq lire or ad IITES the Fee office.
T7I R SALE Cottonword lumber of all
C RKOMOND'S. SltlMnth.gL
T OST-On Saturday otehinsr , a set of pl'ns
I 1 fordwcM'i ? Tie flnJer IU be liheiallf
fOH-ardedln'lc inelhemat Fouler & Sc tts
rihltects , Un.on Blrck. 8SO-3
On corner 14th and Farnham St. a
FOUNT dc-.ti r can hare lit : came by calling
at tbisoillce , and J'aylng f or thid advertisement.
ctt-book contiiilinir affidavits
- lK > - ;
J snd other \alUabc patitr * . Flhdcr wilt
tilcasa Ictwo at tl li office acu rccjivc rctt.mli
FOUND A while and 1 rown pointer ,
POG lalt' . Owner ran have the same
tilling itt 1716 Cell o na ! street A. O.
A b-neh of leyj , no r l"lh nd F rn-
LOST Finder will be tu'tab'y rewarded by
IctTing t e raine at the Ctc i lllc . 407-3
, . , . ,
Pirtnos , and Organs "First Class
dn Ifoiijr Monthly Payniepts ;
Sheet Music and Musi
cal Instruments.
, 3TT :
Ol' ' ra'ntiflgs , Enfaili { ; > s fqlFrimB8 ; at great'
I ly r.'iiiicctl piicco.
8x10 Frames , 1 Inch , Walnut 15c
I 10x12 ' t ' 20
lOxli ' 1 " 20
12x16 ' 11" H )
12x8 ! 1\ \ " C5
20)10X20 ) 11" 75
I K'H'ic S\10 Crime 15
Cliromos frireed , EtnVl , 2ic ,
Clirortos framed , fatfe , 1
Engr vingj from 50c lij
I'liotoprapn frames ffoi _ _ _
1 r
Windo * tor Jcca 75c a Wndow and upi arda
I mbrcqUirj B 00 rli-r wimton andupwaHs ,
Cornice I'ole3260pr window anduroatb ] ,
Velvet fnmes 25c eirh to5 00
Vlolin Strihs lib ,
Vie i is 1 76,2 60 , 3 and uirrt-inls ,
Onilars 5 CO , 0 CO , 7 00 and upwards.
Banjos 1 00. 3 00,5 00 , and upward * ,
Accurdeois from 1 00 up , cheapest in city
Send for samples and catalogue of mouldings
and sheet music. A. HOSPE. JR. ,
IB'g DoJgo St. . Omaha , Neh.
FALL 1880.
Men's Calf Boots 2 SO to $6 CO
i u'HfO-rvi'i ' Button Shbeg . . 1 BO t 6 00
B..ysOalfloots 1 ? S " 2 CO
Mi fC3'0atButtoi 1 IB ' 2 EO
Ch'id'sOoat Button 75 1 25
Men a Calf Shoes 1 50 3 00
Ladirs' Side Law Kids I 60 4 CO
toy's Alrxla , 1 25 5 W
Mists'Sldotiace Kid : 12 * 3fg
Men's Ba'lcs 1 W ) 260
Chii-Jrcn'g Polish 7S 1 CO
Lid rs Kid Slippers 75 175
Children B lace Shoes 21 75
Mcu'eSawcJ Boots 3 W 7 CO
Ladies' Kid Ticj 1 59 2 OJ
Jlcn'a Brogans 1 01 1 60
Miwiei'BlippeM W 1 00
LsilleV Serge ShccS (0 897
Dot'a Button Shoes 1 80 2 CO
Youth's .Button Shoes 1 25 1 75
New Goods re ;
ceiVed daily. We
eell for cash only.
Money refunded if
the goods don't wear
la represented ! We
keep in stock all
sizes and widths and
guarantee a good n't
m every respect.
Boots and Shoes Made to Order
The Only Complete Stoct in me City.
Kcpalrlig done Frco of Charge.
Leading Shoe Store.
can find a good uaortmczt cl
At a LOWER FIGURE than at
any other shoe boose In the city ,
d a perfect fit gnsfjjitetd. Trice * vrrieagon
- - . -
We decU-ly
- <
. -
Is Now Fully Inaugurated ,
By order of the District Judge the Assignee has sold to us this" Gigantic stock containing - w
ing the choicest and most staple products of the world's Factories. Our duty
is a simple one to sell tin goods.
The fame of this sale has extended far and wide , but it will be gratifying to the public
to know the following facts :
FIRST : The stock cost in New York over $43,000.
SECOND : We .bought it for cash and obtained a discount of over
THIRD : We have marked everything , regardless of original cost , in
plain figures.
FOURTH : Tbe stock is very choice in selection , Mr. Stephens being
well known as ah excellent buyer.
FIFTH : The stock is absolutely free from old goods and bad styles
Messrs , Stephens & Wilcox having made it a semi-annual
custom to send to Iowa any accumulation of undesirable
goods to be sold for what they would bring ,
SIXTH : The goods have been marked at prices that will sell them , it
being our desire to close everything quickly. While we
know this sale will ATTRACT THE RICH , ever on the alert
to save a dollar , we wish it to be distinctly understood that
this is a sale for the people , and the
are alike welcome at our counters. We intend making our
Are Not Half as Interest
ing to the General Eead-
er as the Following Price
List :
10 Ibs of AKSgirof. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . tl 00
lOJlba extra Cougar for 1 00
11 Ibs Canary 0. Sugar for 1 00
V Ibs Granulated Sugar for 1 00
8 } Iba Cut Loaf Sojarfuf 1 00
6 Its o > "l Flo Coffee fc'r 1 Co
6 lb brat Kio Coffee lor 1 00
t Iba choice Java Coffee for 1 00
3 Jibs best Mocha Coffee for 100
Young Hyson Tea per Ib , 30 to 4t
Oolong Tea pe rib , 80 to 40
J pah TW per lbi"tn. ; ) . . . . 5
finest Gunpowder Tea per Ib u. 75
BcetO K Flour per sack. . . . . . . . . 3 25
Snow Flake winter wheat flour 3 65
Havensjbert flour . 4 60
20 bva Wlilte Rusahn Soup for 1 00
10 bars ClhfWi Soap for. 1 OU
4 bars Laundry Soap fof > . . . 1 00
18 bars Linen Soap for 1 00
Pure llnpleSjrnppor gallon 1 16
GoldenBj-rap per gallon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 }
New Orleans Syrup per gallon 70
New Orleans Molasses per gallon 45
Sncar itotuo Molwseg per gallon. . . . . . . . . . 40
1 Ibs St. Louis Soda Crac&rra for 1 00
nibsSt. Louis Oyster Crackers for 1 00
11 Ihs Boston Butter Crackera for , 1 00
lllbsQincer Snansfor 1 00
IslwNWCprptnt 1 00
Sins New Blackberries : ? ! . . . , . , 1 CO
I Iba Fitted Cherries for 109
10 Ibs Dried Peaches ( halves ) for 1 00
10 Iba Choice Dried Apples for 1 00
10 Ibs best new Prunes for 1 CO
lOlbi. best Valencia Raisins 1 00
fibs , new layer Baisini 1 00
Fenced. 2lb cans. . . . . . l5
Peaches.3 Ib curia ( ttndilrdi , 22 }
Pie Peaches. 8 Ib cans , . , , u..t 26
PeacheaCal)3 ( ) Ibou.s 20
Blackberries , 2 Ib can 15
Apples , ( York State ) gel can 85
Blueberries 3 Ib can 15
Cherries Zlb can 12) )
Damson Plums 2Ib cans 16
fiaspbcrrics i Ib can 16
Straberri ,2 Ibcail _ . 20
StHriff Beafl9,2 Ib CarW 12J
Baked Beads , 3 Ib cad 20
Libia Beans , 2 Ib catlS 124
Su af corrl , 21b cad 12V
Yarrhouth cota , ft can 17J ,
Tomatoes , Slbcttn. . . . . . . ! , . . . . . . . . . . . . . 151
Succotash , 21bcan 12 }
Pumpkins , Sib can , , , . , So
SUbs bean * 1 00
9 IbJdrlIlmn ! bcana 1 CO
SSlba hominy m. . 1 00
II Iba Carolina-rice < , , 1 0
25Ibaoatmcal7 1 09
Fat family mackerel , per hit 09
Fatfamily whllofl3lit > er Kit 90
Codfish , whole , iWflb , 8
CodOah.bonelcfs , psrlb. , . . . , . , . . 10
& .imhuieerlty.- . . , . . . . . . , . 12 }
28ardhCfSagfc6w1 ! ( per Stfjo. . . . * . < . . . 1 2i
Tobacco ( BUckwell's Durham fjrib. . . , , , , 0
Tobuxo ( , merP alpla2ir rlb M
Tobacco ( Old S'.jle ) per Ib 85
Tobacco ( Meerschaum ) perlb. . . . . *
llama. otij.-lr-cdrc-Jj'firli' 11
K < ; m , 11 doz for 1 00
Batter , frcah roll , per Ib V )
Complete price Ihts furnished on appllutl
Country otdera Will receive prompt and cars
attention , rtsllivelr nt > eoods sold on credit.
J. B. FRENCH & GO , ,
The Original Reliable Grocers ,
No. 1119 Farnham Street ,
Absolutely Pure ,
Made from Grape Crei Tartir.
preparation makes such light , fltky hot bre < J > t
or luxurious p [ try. C&n be eaten by djrjHFu. ,
witbont fear of the ilk resoltinff from heavy jp
digestible food.
gold only in cans , by all Grocers.
Rom Buna POTBW CO. , New TciK
I have secured the agency of the irell-known COLUMBIA Steel Spokes and
Kubber Tires Bicycle from the Pope Manufacturing Co. ; Also the Otto Hand
Made. Samples can ba Been at my store , at Manufacturers Prices , rcight
added. Send for price liat.
liat.INT. . I. 3D. SOILOJ COIET. ,
No. 1204 Farnham Street , Omaha. Nebraska.
Having Taken the Above for Our Motto , "We are
Determined to Offer
Our Entire Summer Stock of
Regardless of Cost.
In Order to Make Room for Our Fall and Winter Goods ,
IVc Will Not Be Undersold.
Dealers in
House Furnishing Hoods- Shelf Hardware ,
Nails and Etc.
Farnham Street , lac Door East First National Bank. _
Dealer in \
The Cheapest Place in the City for
I Manufacture my own Pieced
That will last you a. lifetime , at the Lowest Price in the city ,
and deal in no factory-made truck that ia almost universally
dealt in now-a-dayp. . ,
I also manufacture alt kinds of Cans.
LWM. F. STOETZEL , - - - Tenth & Jackson Sts.