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Thurseday Morning , Sept. 2 ,
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the city , every day.Suudayeexceptedat fifteen
eeuts per week
Any complaints about Irregular
proper delivery of the paper , if ad es * 1
this office will receive prompt attention.
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Interesting Jti ceUan'jI < ateUAt
"osteKce Timt-Tall't. M thi
Patereon sells coal.
Fine perfumes at Saxe's.
For the teeth , Kuhn'e Dentrifice.
-Butterick's patterns at Cruickshank.
Porter is running the Omaha ferry.
Imported and Key West cigars ,
at Kuhn's.
The overland train Tuesday was
half au hour late.
There were four Pullman coaches
Thirteen cars of stock came in
yesterday from the west.
The case against 0. H. Williams
is set for trial at 7 o'clock p. m. to
President Hayes and party will
.arrive in Omaha at an early hour Fri
day morning.
Nearly all the politicians in town
have gone to Lincoln to attend the
state convention.
It Has rained oftener during I he
v past four days than during the pre
vious two years.
Reserved seats are now on sale at
Max Meyer & Bros. ' music store for
"Nip and Tuck in Private Life"
Trinity Cathedral Sunday school
picnic has been postponed indefinitely.
In the police court yesterday
three drunks were fined $3 and coats
each. One paid and two stayed in
Thu reported suicide on Leaven-
worth proved to be not a suicide but
an over dose of medicine taken by the
"Nip and Tuck in Private Life , "
Saturday matinee and evening. Se
cure your seats at Max Meyer &
Bros. ' music store.
Mr. Hall , the well-known miller ,
left this afternoon for Cincinnati ,
Baltimore and Washington. He went
by way of St. Louis and the Wabash.
The Garfield and Arthur glee
club went down to the state conven
tion yesterday in La body. They
will astonish the na tives of that rural
village , or we miss our guess.
Fred Wilson , the man who made
the bold raid on Rodman's store last
Saturday , is said to have been walking
the streets of Council Bluffs for the
past two days. Officer Ford went
over yesterday morning to biing him
bick to answer for his crime.
The new steam whistle of the
smelting works , blown for the first
time at noon last Sunday , is as yet
stranee to thn ? ? pusr ! s = r , anil is
taken by many to be one of the
steamers of the Omaha and St. Louis
packet line.
Harry Lucas had his case con
tinued until Oct. 1st to procure the
"Buffalo Beef" man , who recently
passed down tne river , as a witnesa.
The latter slept at his house thrao
weeks , he says , with $1500 or § 2000
about him and was never robbed.
Co. E , N. S M. , * ho are to do
police duty in this city , state fair week ,
at the fair grounds , will arrive in
Omaha , Saturday , September 23d.
There are fifty members and three of
ficers , Capt. Keller and Lieutenants
Lahew and Young. They will appear
in full uniform.
City Attorney Manderson is ab
sent at the Soldiers' Reunion , Canton ,
Ohio , and City Marshal Westerdahl is
attending a national meeting of city
marshals in New York. In the mean
time Mayor Chase is performing
treble duty. The police judge Is ! > ! <
absent and one or two other city offi
clals in the notion of going.
Mr. Harry "Webber , the popular
comedian , appears at the Academy of
Music Saturday afternoon and evening
with an entirely new comedy , which
ia a continuation of the popular char
acters of "Nip and Tuck. " This com
edy is "Nip and Tuck in Private Life"
and Mr. Webber's rendition of "Nich
olas Nip , ex-detective , " is one of his
greatest delineations. Reserved seats
for Saturday matinee and evening
were placed on sale this morning at
9 o'clock at Max Meyer & Bros' , mu
sic store.
A. Hospe , Jr.
Pearl of the Tropic' , waltz ; Bryant ,
waltzes ; Knights Templar , march ;
Just for My Dead Loyes S ke , song ;
Eyes That Stole My Uesrt Away ,
sonp ; Still My Heart is Only Thine ,
song ; Down Amoup thoFio\.urs , song.
For Sale nt Hospe Art and Music
House , See New Molding. a30 3t
Wanted A first-class photogruph
printer and toner at the Bee Hive
Photograph Studi < _ , 213 Siiteeiith
street , O-naha , Neb. hlS'f
Notice is hereby given t at I will
not pay any debts contracted ty my
wife , I. La Chapelle.
28 3t K. LA CUAPJSLU : .
Newly fuiuished , everything the
Astor ,
best , HouseJNTew
Best Minnesota Flour.
Geo. P. Plant's , St. Louis , Flour.
Golden Eagle Mills Flour.
Havens' Snow-flake Flour.
Jack Frost , P. , St. Louis , Flour.
Wheat Flour.
Jubilee Spring
0 K Spring Wheat Flour.
Premium Winter Wheat Flour.
these different brands
1 am selling
of flour at the lowest CASH figures.
His Career at the Black Hills
That of a Deep-Dyed
His Escape Said to Have
Been Connived at by
the Authorities.
How He Saved Himself Prom
Earlier Punishment.
Dick Adams , late postmaster at
Deadwood , who was conviced of em
bezzling government mouey and who
on the morning on which he was to
have been sentenced was found to
have made hia escape , is satd to have
been confident up to the last moment
that he would be released ekher by
acquittal or the disagreement of the
jury. The ease with which criminals
had been enabled to escape a just and
proper verdict at the hands of a petit
jury , had led him to believe that
criminal trials were a mockery and a
farce and the more reprehensible and
aggravating the crime , especially in
cases of official embezzlement and
peculation the more certain the es
cape of the guilty party at the hands
of a petit jury.
The Dead wood Enterprise said after
his conviction and previous to his es
cape : "His case was a clear and posi
tive one and his defense trivial and
false. It was as clear a case of post-
office defalcation as was ever perpe
trated , and there was no excuse or
semblance of an excuse for bis taking
the money. And even now the poor
idiot thinks he can escape the punish
ment of the law and avoid imprison
ment. But in this he is deceiving
himself , and we are confident he will
be sent to Detroit. If through any
mistaken clemency he should be par
doned , then it is the duty of the gov
ernment to open the prison doors and
let every government thief go free. "
The same paper says of his subse
quent escape : "That his escape was
connived at by the United States mar
shal and his deputies is very generally
believed in Deadwood , and in this be
lief we concur. He has been in the
custody of the marshal , and instead of
being locked up as other criminals are
he was allowed to run around on the
public streets and practically given his
liberty. Of course the marshal's
deputies wtuld not connive at bis es
cape purely from friendly or charit
able motives , and the inference , there
fore , is a reasonable one that his es
cape was paid for with a money con
sideration. "
Of his career in the Black Hills ,
The Enterprise declares that it has
been an extraordinary one and those
acquainted with his history for the
past ten years havebeou surprised that
he was not consignee the peniten
tiary long ago. To avoid the penalty
of the law f < r his crimes and misdeeds
he resorted to extraordinary measures
to protect and shield himself meas
ures whereby he secured the influence
of weilth and powerful individuals to
aid and protect him with-tbsir BOaey
und ( heir influence. He subsidized the
social circle and the church and used
both as a lever to sustain and strength
en liis waning and uncertain fortunes.
To do a thing of this kind requires a
certain kind of ability a low cunning
with a kind of unprincipled courage to
put in execution his plans , but the
man that is possessed of such a nature
is devoid of all moral convictions or
sense of honur , and under other cir
cumstances would not hesitate to cut
a human throat or burn down city ,
if iS would redound to his gain pod he
thought he could do it without liabi
lity of detection. In Adams' convic
tion the law has achieved a triumph
that it is justly entitled to , and
society is relieved of the presence of a
thief who had become an incubus up
on it and a bloodsucker upon his
friends. "
The man that sells the most flour
gives the best satisfaction , because
his flour is always the freshest.
E. Rose water left for Lincoln Tues
day evening.
Hon. Thomas P. Hall has returned
from the cast.
E. M. Morseman returned from
Kansas City Tuesday.
Robert S. Oberfelder , of Sidney ,
went west at noon yesterday.
Hon. 0. A. Abbott , of Grand
Island , was in. town yesterday.
C. C. Peck , of Belle Creek , was in
the city yesterday en route to Lin
John D. Howe , esq , has returned
from a five weeks' trip through the
Leo Hart , of the U. P. nine , left
yesterday for his old home in the
J. W. Summerhayes and family ,
U. S. A , were west-bound passengers
Gal. C. Valentine , olticial steno
grapher of the Yanktun district , is in
the city.
Dr. J. K. Ish was down at his store
yesterday for the first time since his
serious accident.
Col. Snyder , of the Iliff cat tie es
tate , was among the west-bound pas
sengers yesterday.
Dr. Dinsmcor returned Tuesday
from Soda Springs , Idaho , whither he
had accompanied Mr. S. H. H. Clark.
C. J. Lawton , the telegraph operat
or , has left the Western Union office
to take a position with the American
A. A. Bradford , the popular passen
ger conductor of the Lincoln branch ,
U. P. has
railway , returned from a
trip to Utah.
Mrs. Jesse Lowe and her two sons
left for Philadelphia yesterday via
the Wabash. Mrs. Lowe will remain
east all winter and the boys will go to
A Little Four-Tear Old Girl Falls
From the Train ,
And is Found Sitting Up in
the Centre of the Track ,
With Both Arms Cut Off.
An accident so sad as to be perfectly
heart-rending occurred Tuesday on
the west bound emigrant train , which
loft this city at G:10 o'clock p. m.
Among the passengers was a family
from Ohio , consisting of a woman and
( her three children , the youngest a lit
tle g.rl four and a half years of age.
The woman's name was Rogers , but
whether her husband was with the
family or not is not certainly known.
It is probable that she was on her way
west to join him some place where he
had preceded her to prepare
a home. As the train , which
is a mixed one of freight
and ppssenger can , pulled out of
Elkhorn on the down grade , the little
girl left her mother and walked to the
rear end ot the car , it is believed to
get a drink. It was of course long
after dark and the woman may have
been too sleepy to notice the child.
At any rate she did not see her when
the little thing walked out in cm the
platform between the cars and in some
manner fell between the platforms
upon the track and beneath the relent
less wheels. She was not missed
until the train had run nearly a mile
and then the train was backed up
slowly all expecting to find the
mangled remains of the child. At
length however , she was discovered
sitting upright on the track , be
tween the rails , all alone in the
darkness of the night , and only the
bleeding stumps of her arms left hang
ing to her shoulders. How both her
arms could have been cut off above
the elbow and the child hare es
caped death is a mystery , but the work
of car wheels is always full of strange
freaks. The poor victim was taken
up and fast time made to Fremont ,
eighteen miles distant , where Dr.
Abbott had been telegraphed for and
met the train. Tne woman and her
children , including the unfortunate
baby , were left at that point and re
ceived every attention. Both the
child's arms , that is what little was left
of them , had to be amputated , and at
P. headquarters stated that she was
doing very well and would
probably recover. Two cirs passed
over her when she fell and her escape
from death was miraculous , and may
to her at some distant day seem as
cruel as does her maiming aooni now
to others.
Beginning to Look Like an
Established Fact.
The time fixed for opening the bids
for the furnishing of material and
supplies for the construction of the
Omaha Water Works , was neon to
day and'at that hour a large crowd as
sembled at the company's offijeg in
CreiKtUon block.
Mr. S. A. Locke , president , was
there with other members of the
company , and between fifty and one
hundred bidders or other interested
parties. Sixty bids were put in representing -
resenting capitalists in every part of
the United Statesand in almost every
instance the bidders were present in
person. A few bids were sent in by
All the bids received were opened
and read in the presence of the assem
bled company , after which it was an
nounced that they would be taken into
consideration and the decision made
public to-day.
This looks like business , and in a
few days we shall see the work boom
ing along.
Hamburg Fi s 25c a box.
September , with its golden autumn
days , is at hand. Already nature be.
gins to paint the emerald leaves in
yellow and scarlet hues.
The long , hot daya are shortening
up , while the sultry nights grow cool ,
fanned by the wingi of the north
These signs portend the succession
of the season the advance of the
frost king from his frozen realms.
And now cornea the jovial oyster ,
"freah , " from the briny depths of old
ocean , to farther remind us that again
the season is at hand , when manfaint
and sore from battling with the ele *
men's ' , or with the winds of adversi
ty , may turn to Aim and find wre so
can always bo relied upon in such an
emergency. All retailers sell them ,
for customers insist on having that
brand and Jio other. Country dealers
can obtain the u through D. B.
Flour diiect from the mill is sweet
er and more nutritious than that kept
in a store room several weeks.
Danish Veterans.
The committee of the Danish Vet
eran society , in charge of the excur
sion to Plattsraouth on Sunday last ,
desire to express , in a fitting manner ,
their sincere thanks for the many fa
vors extended to them by Stelnhaus-
ur's orchestra and other friends of the
enterprise , and particularly to the B
& M. railroad company for the liberal
manner in which they did their share.
The delightfully clean coaches they
furnished and the system with which
everything waa done , is evidence of a
desire on their part to conduct the ex
cursion in a manner most pleasing to
the many people who took advantage
of the occasion to view the new iron
bridge and other sights at Platta-
P. H. Johnson , Henry Hage ,
K. Jensen , C. Lenhardt ,
Lara Rasmuisen , Ohaa. Hanson ,
P. Boyson , Committee.
Preliminary Soundings of Repub
lican Delegates Gathered
at Lincoln.
Present State OfflcersNominat-
ee , With Only One Ex
Leidtke Compelled to Disgorge
Leldtke Laid Oat
SpetUI Dlf ! > Uh : to Tbs liw
LINCOLN , Neb. , September 1 , 4 p.
m. The supreme court this morning
rendered a decision against Auditor
Leidtke , who will now be compelled to
pay § 7,600 into the treasury.
The present outlook indicates a com
bination between the political attor
neys of the U. P. and B. & M. , with
Valentine and a number of state
officers. Fulton , of Richardson ,
will be substituted for Liedtke ;
Glen Kendall , of Howard , for land
commissioner , in place of Davis. Oth
er state officers , including Carnea , are
to be renominated. Carnes would
have been beaten by Collins , of Paw
nee , but the latter has withdrrwn ,
and will be made an elector. A ma
jority of the convention appear oppo
sed to tne monopoly programme , bnt
being unorganized and without active
candidates the chances favor the slate.
E. R.
Nebraska Republicans.
Special Dispatch to Tbo Bee
LINCOLN , Neb. , September 1 12
m. The republican state convention
begins at 3 o'clock and a large number
of delegates and politicians are al
ready on the ground. The convention
will pass smoothly as it la generally
understood that the present state
officials , except F. W. Leidtke , audi
tor , will be renominated together
with Congressman Valentine , whose
constituents believn in a second term.
Judge Thnrston , of Omaha , delivered
a lengthy address at a large republican
rally last night.
Herald Special.
LINCOLN , September 1. The con
vention was called to order by Dawes ,
chairman of the state central commit *
tee , with a full attendance of delegates.
Charles H. Holmes , of Jefferson , was
made temporary chairman , Arthur
Gibson , of Dodge , temporary secre
tary , and A. E. Cady , of Colfax , as
sistant temporary secretary. Per
manent organization was afterwards
made. A motion to appoint a com
mittee of fifteen on platform was car
ried. Convention adjourned at G
o'clock till 8 to.night.
After supper the convention pro
ceeded to make nominations. Weaver ,
of Richardson , nominated as presi
dential electors George W. Collins , of
Pawnee ; SohnSL Thurston , of Doug
las , and James Liird , of Adams , who
were nominated by acclamation , with
C. F. Eialey , of Dodge ; W. L. Wil
son , of Otoe , and Gov. Garber , as al
Brown , of Lancaster , nominated E.
K. Valentine as congressman , and he
was nominated by acclamation. Lam-
bertaon , of Lancaster , nominated
Thos. Majors , of Nemaba , as con
tingent congressman , nominated by
acclamation. McAllister , of Platte ,
moved to proceed to nominate * a
United States senator in accordance
with the state constitution.
On the motion to nominate a seua-
* QT-the . .vote tras taken by counties.
On motion to table the whole business
it was agreed to by a vote of 204 to 77.
Drtwos , of Saline , nominated Gov.
Albinus Nance as Governor. Nomi
nation made unanimous.
Laird , of Adams , nominatad Gov.
Carnes for re-election. Made unani
Barnes , of Dixon , nominated S. J.
Alexander as secretary of state. Made
McBride , of Lancaster , nominated
Geo. M. Bartlett as state treasurer ,
which was made unanimous.
Vandervoort , of Douglas , nominat
ed C. J. Ditworlh , of Phelps , as at
For auditor , F. W. Leidtke , of
York , John Wallich , of Hale , John
A. Murphy , of Cass , Herman Westo-
men , of Knox , Frederick Forcht , of
Adams , were placed in nomination.
Weaver , of Richardson , nominated
S. A. Eulton , of Richardson. Vote
taken by ballot. Leidtke and Fulton
were withdrawn and Wallace received
the nomination.
For land commissioner , A. G. Ken
dall , of Howard , L. B. Palmer , of
Adams , Sol Mails , of FranklinFrank
Davis , ot Clay , Geo. P. Hall , of Burt ,
Niles Anderson , of Filmore , John H.
Hilms , of Hamilton , and 0. J. Ernst ,
of Lancaster , were named.
met at 7 o'clock to nominate a prose
cuting attorney. Jesse D vis , of
Washington county , is chairman
and A. M. Chadwick secretary.
N. C. Burnham , of Douglas , Watson
Parish of Burt and A. M. Robins of
Sarpy were proposed. Bnrnham got
17 votes , Parish 14 , Robins 4. In
sixty-three consecutive ballots the tie
was not broken. Adjourned until 11
o'clock this evening.
Second Ward Registration Notice.
State of Nebraska , Douglas Co.
Notice is hereby given t.of the elect
ors of the Second ward tha * I will sit
at No. 3 Engine House on Tuesday ,
Wednesday , Thursday and Friday ,
7th , 8th , 9th and 10th days of Sep
tember , from 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock a.
m. and from 1 o'clock to 5 o'clock p.
m. , for the purpose of making tno
several lists of legal voters of said
ward. This will be a new list for the
ensuing year. Voters will be expect
ed to be present on said days.
In witness whereof I hereunto set my
hand this 1st day of September ,
1880. A. R , OECHABD ,
eepltf Registrar.
Notice is hereby giren that 1 will
sit at the office of the Street Railway
company on Monday , September 6th ,
1880 , to register the qualified voters
of laid ward , and to prepare a list of
voters for the epecial city election , to
bo held September 14 , 1880.
W. C. B. ALLEN ,
Registrar Sixth ward.
OMAHA , Aug. 31,1880. a31t6
Headquarters tor Joe Schlitz'e
Milwaukee beer at MCP.CHANT ? ' EX
CHANGE , N. E. Cor. 16th and Dodge ,
A , F. & A. M.
There will be a regular communica-
eion of St. John's lodge , No. 26 , A.
F. and A. M. , this ( Thurs
day ) evening. A fnll attendance o
the members is urged , as business of
importance will come before the lodge.
A Young Man Dragged Down
in a Whirl Pool ,
Or Sucked Into a Bed of Quick
Coroner Jacobs waa Lite Tuesday
afternoon notified by telephone that
his services were needed in the vicin
ity of Boyd's packing house , where a
young man named Frank Dopita , a
Bohemian , had drowned. Ho at once
repaired to the spot , but a vigorous
search of several hours for the body
failed to discover it. It appears that
Dopita who is but twenty years of
age , started out with several compan
Ions to gather grapes along the banks
of the river below the packinghouse ,
but while on their way there it was
concluded to take a swim , and thiy
accordingly went in bithiin ; in the
treacherous stream. Young Fmtik
Dopita either got beyond hia
depth , and was drawn downwards in
one of the many eddies or whirlpools ,
or else he was attacked with cramps.
He ftaappeared from the view of his
companions in the water and was
Yesterday the search was contin
ued , Mr. James Murphy , the fisher
man , and his step son , Ira .Joues , be
ing particularly active in the work.
It ia believed that the exact location
of the body is known and that it will
be recovered to-day or to
morrow. This morning Mr. Murphy
who was grappling with irons , had
hold of the body once , but lost the
grip. It is lying in about four feet
depth of water. Mr. Murphy has al
so had all his "trot lines" taken up ,
put heavy weighto on them and
strung them across the stream
below the spot to catch the
body should it drift any. Mrs. Do
pita , the mother of the drowned boy ,
has offered § 25 for the recovery of his
Frank was a bright , intelligent and
steady young man , and up to Monday
last was engaged in a grocery store ,
corner of Thirteenth and Leavenworth
streets. His death was uut'inely.
A Cow Undertakes to Kill a
Little Son of Barney
A Brave "Woman Saves His
A little son of Sir. Barney Shan
non , hia youngest , was seriously hurt
yesterday and came near being
killed by a cow. The boy vlio is
called "Cooney" and is but four years
old , wai playing in front of hia
father's place and was stooping over
with his back to the cow , when she
deliberately went up to him and
lowering her horns caught him
and tossed him high up in air. Dia
cries brought several to the spot : uid
aa the animal was about to send him
up a second time , having actually goue
for him , the little fellow was rescued *
by Mrs. Burns , n neighbor. The
child was found to be quite severely
injured , but it is hoped that
the wounds will noi prove seiii'ua. Hia
left cheek , and in fact , thvh. . > ! o si lo
of hia face , was torn and : ni'sjtl diid
swollen so that ho was actrooly recog
n'zablo. We hope , however , tha-
"Cooney" will live to be able to take
the cow by the horn ? and return her
own with usury.
The beat flour at the lowest cash
figures a specialty.
Tne Firemtn.
The firemen met last uicuing to
perfect preparations for their parade ,
taking place this mouth
The committee nn invitations re
ported that they had invited the
mayor and council of Council Bluff' ,
all of the city officers and the press.
Chief Galligan was empowered to 'tdd
to the list.
The finance committee reported
that 600 ball tickets had been left in
the hands of members of the depart
ment for sale.
The music committee reported that
they had engaged the Union Pacific
and Stetnhauser bands.
Creighton Hall is secured for the
to keep plcMes , pioml and tried.
Wm. Fleming < Co.
and American Mineral Water , Hun-
padi , Janos , Hathorn , Friedrichshall
Bitter Water , Vichy , Conuresa and
Empire. For sale by Ish & McMuhon ,
1321 Farnham street. a30 1m
Styliah suita made * t low prices ,
Fllegel & Co. , 1220 Douijlaa street ,
successors to J. H. Thiele. a30-3t
For Diseases of the Throat and
Lungs , suoh as Coughs , Colds ,
Whooping Cough , Bron
chitis , Asthma and
Consumption ,
The few compos !
tions , which have won
the confidence of
mankind and become
household words ,
Mnon- not onlv one
but nuny nations ,
must have extraor
dinary virtues. 1'er-
haps no one ever u-
cureil so wide a repu
tation or maintained
it to Ion ? as ATER'H
has been known to
the public about forty years , by a long continued
series of marvelous cures , that have won for
it a confidence in Its virtues , never eiuallcd Itv
ny other medicine. It still makes the moat cfl'
ectual cures for Cought , Coldi , Consumption ,
that can be made by medical skill. Indeed , the
COTRM PICTORAL has reilly robbed these dan
gerous fliscases of the/r terrors to a great extent
nd Riving a feeling of immunity from their fat
al effects , that is well founded If the remedy be
taktn in season. Every family should have it
In their closet for the ready and p rompt relief of
its members. Sickness , suffering and even life
is saved by this timely protection. The prudent
should not neglect it , and the wise will not.
Keep it by yon for the protection it affords by
itfl timely use in sudden attacks.
Practical ana Analytical Cbemists
NOTICE A'lisrtl < .i'ir.rnU To Tx > t Kor SaV
! n i .in- . . ! -t , ti 'joiniiii : Ac , III ho In-
Miter ' . . T.--- , i'T TBN CENTS
? ! ? : ! -u--euiin.'iTlionVI VK CENTS
p" r till' . Th.'isi ti. * rtlnn never lca than
TtvKNTY-VF ! 'BMT& .
Ml at Law Ofleo
na.flrc : ? ' ' on
' , C9 f'.irnhani street.
-'ency. nov-22-t !
' . : - = -ACTED
ASTrlP - \ s i 1 to Jn
at N.V. . tori > r22d anu Webster streets
\T \ 1 > -'In first-chsstailor ? , ore co't-
' . inik . .nl ! iu pirre-tmkcr. for nhi n
tlic best iiriec ill e pii.l , at Frank CHrk's oM
Stand , at. J .iib | , o. J. M. HAUI-OV. 3SC-2
W r ANTED Fiwt and second cook at the St.
W Ch.iro ! < Hotel. 379 aS.Hf
P Girl t > ilo hou-e work in sma !
family. Kefcrcncs require J , 22:23 : Talifor.ih
street. 373-lt
WASTKD A cord shop innn or
maker. * , ddrc--3 Maple Meat Market ,
C'larinda , Iowa i 0-4
NiE * A iood , eirl for general hou-e-
wor * . Apply to K. Trossin. I'll Ponir'as
slit et 372--1
\5r ANTE ! ' Chimber maid ni.d cook
V * 5 anil 4 ell , A' ; ' > ply 2 8 Hint ! t.327tf
YTTANTED A competent cirl. Eiicni re at
VV S K. cor 19th Mid Capitol Ave 307-tf
\\r A'-TKi , A Oirl to d'- lieu e work , 1109
\j ' ami am Street , t > Stairs m-tf
"W7ANTE lle.i t > put up hay Inqiiiro it
VV Godfrey & Dis' , 117 E. 14th St. 392-1
aril pleasant nonn fnr2ecnt8in
BOARD Uo family , Enquire at il'9 Ca ! . , bet.
2ls- aid 22il. 3SS-2
To t-ade an imprmtd farm hi
WANTED In-xi , for city prnicrtv. | Will piy
pirt cash. C. A. MOKIULL , 1102 Farnham St.
ANTED rorcnun at brick-y.irl. T. JU R-
' , \Y. K5-tf !
- ; . ! ; S.'ri ) SCl'SEt ! S
UK.T f.t < nt rouse , six rooms , modern
imiTMvm nts , conveii'ent to street cars ,
on SO'.h awl Cuinin { f-tn et . Enquire on pre-
mi ce. 3sO-1
UK ! ' I'.oonn with or without board ,
FUKNl I uro , r.i ttcstaurant. 2GI-tf
KhSf "iuelj fnriiislicil towns at 1310
EOlt \ ' . : * 'r it t ct 13th and 14th St.351tf
? rl'lll8rIT ' Pt rf OO.H In brick Iilpelccottier
% If.tli i il 1) u-las Sts. , with or with nt cel
lar , 'pp'y ' to American Mouse. 2W-tf
( | i' - v linely-funmhod front room.
Fi INqilireat jU5 : D'ogKO ct. 283lf
KiXT ; 2 furnUlicd roomn mer Mer
er ai < tj I'xcliange , N" . E. Cor. 10th and
PoJio Erects. -JSO-tt
riURtfiM'ED uoovs FOU RENT AID.vcn-
i r i House. iylOtf
"OOK unT House with § ix rcom < ; , ucil , els-
{ tern it ild illOn Capitol A\v . lict 15th
aiul ifth. tm'h ide .1 S AlcfO ivtrK
GI-EATSAflUFI ' ' ! A small piiminir oilice ,
e iit'i'ttu ' for all comnierciul , job or small i.a-
pcruojk , al nun , at It&d than half co f. Kor
specImLiH of work aiid particulars , apply toV. .
W. lUrilelt , C'ciihtontlock 351-1
TT'Oll .v\f.K- T'.elc-t ' piyinsbutchcf business
J * and I o- 1 ii.ition i > i t. ccitydoin'.fabijjtrad8.
For i ar ! iuil tr.11:1 : ] lie > r address the Kceolllce.
371-oSolf BOTCH EK.
.lK , ' t lie t < lwentour qnarw or one
.i.i- ; > r ! . ' VnT T i-jkon.
< ? ' ta'-mon-wedt
. . 1.11 l . .ttouv. . > ( l lumber f aUalzv9at
lictwc n t' e Lorner of DoJue and Fit
LOST and Hurt and Tivcntic h , per > ais
l i street car , pair go'd frames spevticles The
finder \ul : please 'e io them t B. F. Troxcll &
Co. , at 313 South Hth ntree\ ! 'S3 1
On Saturday evcniiifr , a set of pi113
LOST Tne finder ill li * libcially
/cwarJed by leivini ; them at Fouler & Scjtta
architects , Un on D ! ck. _ 3S7-1
Pianos and Organs Fhv-t Class
on Ensy Monthly Payments ,
Sheet Music and Musical
calInstruments. .
Oil iainTii ! s , EnKra\hi p an * Frames at creat-
ly reduced prices.
SxlO Frames , 1 inch , Walnut . Ice
IPxlJ " I ' " . 20
10\11 ' 1 " " . 20
12vlO " 1J " " . 60
1-JxlS ' 1 } " " . 65
1GV20 iX " " . 75
Rustic SxlO f rime . 15
Chromes fwr cil , einill , 2oc ,
Chromes framed , lar , 1 5 ,
Engriung * from 50c ujiwarili ,
I'hotoirraph frames from 15c upwards ,
Windo.v Corices 75e a window and j
Lambrequir a h 00 per window and upw..rtla ,
Cornice t'olesSSOpcr windoA and upnardd ,
Velvet framcB 25c each to5 00
Violin Strings 15c ,
Vioii is I 75 , 2 60 , 3 and upwards ,
Guitars 5 00 , C CO , 7 00 and upwards.
Banjos 1 00 , 3 00 , 5 00 , and upwards ,
Acconleons from 1 00 up , cheapest in city
Send for samnlta anil catalcaue of mouldings
and sheet tnujic. A. IIOSI'IJ , JK. ,
1570 nn.'u-n St. . Omaha , Nib.
Brandt's Turner Hall ,
_ Tenth and Howard Streets.
This celel.r.ted Musjnra wi 1 he open every
day f rnm 10 o'clock a m. nntil 10 o clock p m ,
the Rime contains a ) are collection of 200U
artifl ial anil nUunl turiositc * of Geology ,
Ktlmoliiiry , Anatomic anil llithnlocy
The ado-wion fee hat liven reu'uccii to SO cents.
ONUIU , NKB. , August 4 , 18SO. )
Sea'ed ' proptmt' , in duplicate , subject to the
usual conditions , will be recened at this office ,
unt 112 o'clncK noon on tfcptember Sth , 1S80 , at
* hkh time and piace they will be opened in the
pre cnce f bidders tor furnis 'inir and deliverv
at the Sul's'ttence W.rcti use in this ci'.j of
tcntj thousand (20,030) ( ) pound. Flour innew ,
strong , Pintle cottt.ii puck .
To bi made from No. 1 spring whent , half
hard , hilt soft , or Odessa. To to swaiteJ be
fore Riicdiu. ; and mixed in milling. To he high
ground. San pie if Hour to be sent In with pro-
= Js , and a'l t > be de'K , red on or before
BiptemDer 2Sth. Tde Omerr.meut raencs the
right to rr jeet any r all p-opoujls.
lllank propo a 3 c-n be 'ibtair.ed t this office.
Pi0p.3 l3 n.uit bf en laaed in soiled envelupca
rrarked "Piojf a-Ie f ir Flour , " andaddre'seil to
the undersigned. ' THOMAS W1L-ON .
390-3 C. S. , U S. A.
Saturday , September 4th ,
MM PI'V IWtllllfU * n ' 3 New and
U1J Ittllllll Laughable three-
act Comedv Dranu , "iSip an Tuck in Private
Life. " Matinea Saturday Afternoon ga4t
4 LI.EN RUTHERFORD ( late Third Audlto
jtl. U. S. Treasury ) , Attorney and Counsel
at LavrM20 Grant Place , Washington , D.
Havin ; been Third Auditor of the United Stat
Treasury for six years , I am thorouihly fami
w ith the course of business before the Oover
ment Departments. Special attention given
the settlement of accounts of all Govemmen
Officers , Postmaster * , Marshals , Mail Contracto
and others. Vi'ill practice bifore the Snprcm
Court of the U. S .Court of ClaimsPatent OSk
General Land Office , &c. , kc. Refers to lion
SamT F. Phillips , Solicitor General U. S. ; lion
Jag. Gilfillan. Treasurer of the U. S. ; Hon.jJ. M ,
McOrew , iixth Auditor U.B Treasury
S. P. MORSE & 00.
OX *
Is Now Fully Inaugurated.
By order of the District Judge the Assignee has sold to us this"Gigantic stock contain
ing the choicest and most staple products of the world's Factories. Our duty
is a simple one to sell the goods.
The fame of this sale has extended far and wide , but it will be gratifying to the public.
to know the following facts :
FIRST : The stock cost in New York over $43,000.
SECOND : We bought it for cash and obtained a discount of over
THIRD : We have marked everything , regardless of original cost , in
plain figures.
FOURTH : The stock is very choice in selection , Mi * . Stephens being
well known as an excellent buyer.
FIFTH : The stockis absolutely free from old goods and bad styles
Messrs , Stephens & Wilcox having made it a semi-annual
custom to send to Iowa any accumulation of undesirable
goods to be sold for what they would bring.
SIXTH : The goods haye been marked at prices that will sell them , it
being our desire to close everything quickly. While we
know this sale will ATTRACTTHE BloE , ever on the alert
to save a dollar , we wish it to be distinctly understood that
this is a sale for the people , and the
are alike welcome at our counters. We intend making our
store"A SiOEE FOR THE TEOPLE. " . . . . . .
s. P : HORSE- .
Are Not Half as Interest
ing to the General Bead-
er as the Following Price
List :
10 Ibs ot A sugar fir $100
10J Ibs extra Csui ; r for I 00
11 iba Canar > O. Suifar for I 00
9lPsGrsnutitedSu.jacfor 1 Q.J
8 } Ibs Cut Iioa * Sucarf r 1 fo
6 ibs , uod KIo Uo2co for 1 Ofl
5 Ibs best Rio Coffee for ICO
4 Iba choice Ja > a Coffee for 1 00
3llbslicr.t JloehaCoaco for 1 00
Youne ; HjeonTcapcrlb , 30 to IL-
OoloiijrTea pcrlb , 3J to 40
Japin Tea per Ib , 30 to fi
Finest HiinpowderTcaporlb 76
BcstO K Flour per Kick 3 2i
Snow Flake winter wheat flour 3 65
Havenejiiestflour - 4 50
20 litre Wltito Rug-dan Soap for 1 00
.U iiir.4 Climax Soap for l uo ;
J bars Laundry Suap for 7 00 !
18 bars Linen Soap tor I r-J
Pure Maple SjrapX'KiU" " I 15
GuIJen bynip per gallon g >
New Orleans Syrup pit gaiton 7'
New Orleans Molasc8 per gallon 45
Sugar House Molacs t-r srai'on < (
t IbaSt. Louis Sod Cnyi.r3 ! for 1 00
ITlbsSt. Louis OyaU. > 'a. kersfoi 1 00
11 Ibs Boston Butter Crackers for. . 1 00
lllluGinccr Sna/ia for 1 00
13 Ibs New Currant * for l OC
3 Ibs Uew Blackhcrrics for l nt
4 Ibs Fitted Cherries for l 00
10 Ibs Dried Peaches ( halves ) for 1 00
10 Ib3 Choice Dried Apples for 1 Ot
1011)9 beat new Prunes for l CC
J Olbs. best Valencia Raisins l fX
7 Ibs. new layer Raisins I 00
Peaches 21b cans j5
Peaches. 3 Ib cans ( standard ) 22) )
Pie Peaches. 6 Ib cans 2 !
I'cachc3Cal)3 ( ) Ib cai.3 ' . . 3C
Blackberries , 2 lo can 15
Apples , ( York State.ol ) can 35
Blueberries 3 Ibcan 15
Cherries 2 Ib can 12j
Damson Plums 2 Ib cans 1
Raspberries i Ib can 15
Strawberries,2 Ibcan _ . 20
String Bijan8,2 Ib cans ;
Baked Beans , S Ib can 20
Lima Beans , 2 Ib cans 12j
Suearcorn , 21b can 12j
Yarmouth corn , per cin I7j
Tomatoes , 3Ibcan H
Succotash , 2 Ibcan 12j
Pumpkins , Sib can 2C
24 Ibs beans 100
9 Itadrled Lima beans 1 00
35 Ibs hominy 1 00
11 Ibs CaroIimiVicc 1 0
25 lha oat meal 1 00
Fdt family mackerel , r > erkit 80
Fat family nhiteQahf > er kit 90
Codfish , whole , perlb 8
Codfuh , boneless , per Ib 10
H.illibut , per Ib 12 }
Holland herrinft ( new ) per keff 1 25
Tobucco ( Blackwell'g Durham ) | -jrlb 60
Tobuxo ( , llverialplurperlb ( ) GO
Toliacco ( Old Style ) per Ib SS
Tobacco ( Meerschaum ) pcrlb 4
llama , sutpir-cured , pcrlb 11
tsjgg , 11 dozfor 1 00
Butter , fresh roll , perlb 20
Complete price lints furnished on appUuttl
Country ordera will receive prompt and car *
attention. Positively no icoods sold on credit.
. . & CO , ,
The Original Reliable Grocer.s.
No. 1119 Farnham Street ,
Academy for
Young Ladies.
ISthand Cass Sta.Omaha , Neb.
The course of BtU'lies at this Institution , be
sides the usual branches cf an English education ,
embraces French , German , Musi * . Drauin. %
Paintin ? , Plain and Fan y Needle Work , Wax
Fl iwers , etc.
Thestsdion comm i.ces the lint Mo day in
S-ptember and the fi st Monday in February.
Boys fnm five to ten years of air wll bead-
For further particulars app'y to
Directress of St. Catherine's
31. K.
General Insurance Agent ,
P1I ( XIX ASdUKAVCB CO. , of Lou-
don , Cosh Assets . . * 5.107,127
> ES1CHE3TEK , X. T , Capital 1,000,00)
TIIE MKKCIIAM-S , ot erk.N. . J. , 1,000,001
GIKARIl FIUEPhiI dUiiiiiCapital. ! . 1,000,000
Hal PfX,000
FIREMEX'3 FUND , California. . ww.COO
NEW A tK FIRE ISS. CO. , Assets. . . . S&O.OCO
AUERICAF CENTRAL , Assets 300,000
Southeast Cor. ot Fifteenth k DougUs St. .
I have secured the agency of the Trail-known COLUMBIA Steel Spokes and
Eubber Tires Bicycle from the Pope Manufacturing Co. ; Also the Otto Hand
Made. Samples can be seen at my store , at Manufacturers Prices , reight
added. Send for price list.
list.1ST. . I. 3D. SOLO3VEOIT ,
No. 1204 Farnham Street , Omaha , Nebra k _
Having Taken tb - Above for Our Motto , Wa are
D < confined to Offer
Our Entire Sftcn k of. *
Regardless of Cost.
In Order to Make Boom for Our Fall and Winter O Ma.
We Will Not Be Undersold.
Dealers m
House Furnishing Uoods , Shell' liiirdivare , ,
Nulls and Etc.
i''amham Street , 1st Door East First National Bank ;
Successors to Jas. K. Ish ,
Dealers in Fine Imported
Extracts. Toilet Waters , Colognes , Soaps , Toilet Powders. &c.
A full line of Surzical Instrument * . Pocket Cades , Truss-a and Supporters. Absolutely Pur *
Drugs and ChemlcaU used In Dispensing. Prescription * filled at any hour of the night.
Jus. K. Ish. Lawrence McMahon.